Goodbye to All That (2014) Movie Script

Where's daddy?
I love it.
Are we going to
the mountains tomorrow, daddy?
Are we? Are we? Are we?
I love you. - I love you too.
Goodnight. - Goodnight.
Oh, my God!
I always do it.
What? - Huh?
Wife! - Yeah!
Wife-hoo! - wife!
That was awesome.
Alright, my turn.
This is fun.
- Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa!
Are you okay, daddy?
- Yeah! Yeah!
Freddie, watch it. - Oh, God!
Oh, shit! - Freddie!
Oh, my God!
Oh! Shit!
That was kind of fun.
Hi. I'm looking for Wall.
For Otto Wall.
I... I never should've
let Freddie drive so fast.
That was so... so dumb of me.
What are you thinking?
What are you thinking?
What if you lose your foot?
- My foot?
The doctor said
that there was a chance.
No. No way. No chance.
Why did you have
to do this now?
Hey, come here.
- What are we gonna do?
Come here.
Come here. Listen. - Otto...
Come over here. Come over here.
Listen, I'm telling you,
we're gonna get through this.
Okay. We're gonna be just fine.
This is nothing.
It's a nick, it's a scratch.
We'll be fine.
Come here. Give me a hug.
You don't believe me?
Mama, why did this happen
to daddy?
Why do these things
always happen to daddy?
He doesn't pay attention.
What are we going
to do with you?
- You saw the caller I.D.
It's Ginny Summerson.
Your senior counselor
from Camp Mishancominga.
How are you? - Goo...
- And guess what?
Liz, Collie and I
are organizing
a 20th anniversary
camp reunion.
Great. - Isn't that great?
And Russell
and Randall Kendriff will come.
And Lara Cuff.
Lara Cuff.
Ha ha. I thought
that would get you.
Now listen, Otto, I'm gonna send
you the e-vite and you come, okay?
Bye. - Goodbye. Bye.
I wanna pray for daddy.
Pray? - Yes.
I want God to be nice to him.
I need you to come to
my therapist this afternoon
at 3 o'clock. Can you make it?
Um... you have a therapist?
So Otto.
How is your foot?
Are you comfortable there?
Oh, yes, thanks. It's fine.
Thank you.
Yes. Annie thinks that
you're almost healed.
I'm so glad you've been...
Had quite a time of it,
haven't you?
Oh, it's, you know...
it's not such a big deal.
Well, you're lucky in a way.
Oh, I know. I am.
It's nice to put a face
to your name finally.
I... I... I need to...
I think...
I'm sorry.
It's alright.
Your marriage is over.
Excuse me.
Your marriage. It's over.
No. What?
And Annie would like
for you to get
your own place
as soon as possible.
And arrangements
will be made, of course
for your daughter.
Uh, responsibilities
that have to be shared.
You both work.
So Annie needs for you
to be flexible...
Annie, Annie, what is this?
I have a lawyer.
Gus Menzies.
The guy from TV? - I know Gus.
The "Gotta Call Gus" guy?
He's very good.
- Wait a minute. Wait.
You have a lawyer?
Now, hold on.
Annie, are you serious?
I mean this is... this is crazy.
It's always hard to hear.
Don't you think that
we should discuss this?
No, no, it's not open
to discussion.
No. I want you to leave.
Why? What's happened?
It's better for everybody.
Why? I mean, don't you think
we should try and find
someone to... to talk to
about this or some kind of
I mean, if you're... We
could get counseling.
I mean if you really want to...
I don't want to.
- If you're serious.
I don't understand.
Are you that unhappy?
You know we don't need
to get into that right now.
Now is not the time.
Now is not the time?
You know this session really
is just to notify you
of Annie's intention.
Will you please... Please.
Why are you unhappy?
Is... is it something...
What am I not doing? - Otto.
What happened?
How did I not know?
Is it... is because
of my accident?
No, it's not. - No.
Because I know it was stupid
and it's all my fault
but I'm gonna be up
completely soon.
I really am. And I'll be able to
help out more with Ede.
Otto. Otto.
- And at home, I'll be...
Otto, honey, this, it's...
It's over.
Will you stop it, please.
God damn it.
Please tell me
why you would do this?
Like this? Just... just
blind side me like this
without any warning or anything?
It just seems crazy.
It's hard to take in, you know.
It's trauma. Trauma is...
Will you shut the fuck up.
- You know, you need to...
You gotta shut the fuck up.
Okay? I don't wanna do this.
I do.
We don't even fight.
- I know. Exactly.
Can you...
What about Ede?
She'll be fine.
She knows.
She knows something isn't right.
And she's resilient.
Thank you.
And she won't...
- No, no. It's over.
Done. Case closed. Bam.
They filed electronically,
so you couldn't stop
even if you wanted too.
A fait accompli.
I don't understand.
Uh... fait accompli. Uh...
That... that means it's over.
I mean, apparently she's been
working on that for a while.
Gosh, what... what happened?
I mean, you didn't...
You didn't try to murder her
or something, did ya?
We were fine.
And I thought I...
Maybe 3 years ago,
there was some suggestion of
going to counseling,
but I don't even remember
what be... became of that.
I can't do anything?
Well, you can move on.
Listen, I can't...
Well, again, I can't tell you
how sorry I am, but we'll see
things are fair and square
you know, property wise.
Now, uh, I need your e-sig...
Oh, gee-whiz.
I need your e-signature
on this thing.
So this is the last one
that I thought of.
Uh... maybe this will suit
what you're looking for.
Did I, uh, mention wantin'
a large backyard?
You could've gotten someone
to help you.
You could...
What time does Ede get dropped?
I can do it in time. It just took longer
with, you know, one foot and I...
Ede. - Ede.
I'm fine. Leave me alone.
Ede, hi. What are you doin'?
Ooh. That sounds cool.
I didn't break it.
I fell over...
It's so hard to get it on.
Oh, no, it's supposed
to be a skirt.
Yeah, like right there,
that would look better.
No, I don't wanna wear this.
I don't wanna be the princess.
I wanna be the queen,
or the king.
Ede, maybe I can pick
you up after that
and you can come see what
I have done just for you.
I think you're gonna like...
No, I can't do Wednesday.
Can you do Thursday?
Tumblin'? You do tumblin'?
Uh, do you have any time open
on Friday?
Don't do it. Don't do it.
Don't do it. This is...
Oh, divorced.
Oh, my God,
and Stephanie Giljames
you are still so hot!
Oh, Lara.
Look at this. Look.
Did you see?
And then look. And look at this.
Look at this thing!
Do you think it's pretty?
I love it.
Come over here.
Oh, my gosh!
Garlic toast.
And then we started running
on the jungle gym
and then we started going
on the top and going down.
Then we were pretending that one of
the other clans was discovering us.
We had to run and hide.
'Cause it'll be dangerous if one of the
other clans discovered another clan.
'Cause they'd kill 'em.
And then, Lilly's mom gave us
fresh roadkill, which was muffins.
What's fresh... of what?
- Fresh roadkill.
She gave us what she said
was fresh roadkill.
Even though it was
pumpkin muffins.
Oh, she was joking? - Yeah.
You're boiling over. Watch out!
So anyway, Lilly has
a big house, so last Saturday
I went over and she has a garden
with these cool, old stonewalls
and we played like
it was a castle.
Like it was a castle?
Have you seen my backyard?
Have you seen how big it is?
Come on. Come on.
I'll show you the backyard.
Come on.
Can we have a garden? I wanna
make, like, a secret garden
with walls and gates
and flowers.
Uh... walls? Okay.
Like over here.
You can do that, couldn't you?
And then maybe Lilly
could come over.
Um... sure. Yeah.
Let's ask her for a date.
Or um... you know, play date.
Yeah. Except, you know,
her mother doesn't know you.
You'd have to make that okay.
How do we do that?
Goodnight, Edith.
Ow! You shocked me.
Daddy, you're so funny.
I love you.
I love you too.
And, um, I'm really sorry
this all had to happen.
I know.
Mama says now she can breathe.
Can you breathe? Are you okay?
I'm okay.
That's not work, is it?
Oh, it's, um...
Mm-hmm. Come on.
I heard some news.
I wanna talk to you. Follow me.
Is it the audit? Are you...
You're not firing people,
are you?
Don't tell me
that I'm gonna lose my job.
You're getting divorced?
How... how did you hear that?
I haven't even told anyone.
Oh, that's horrible! Horrible!
Oh, I bet you're
just stunned, right?
I mean... listen, we don't have
to talk about it.
I mean, I am your boss,
it's private.
Yeah. Well, I...
Well, you just think of yourself
as the biggest loser ever, right?
Well... I really don't know
what's happening.
I just sort of... I just sort of
muddle through my days,
you know.
And I'm... I'm stunned
like you said.
Yeah, well, I don't wanna
scare you too badly
but divorce is hands down the worst thing
I ever went through my entire life.
Really? - Mm-hmm.
'Cause no matter how horrible
the marriage was...
I don't even think
it was that bad.
Yeah, well, you know what? It's
not as bad as what's ahead of you
because at one time you thought
there was love there, right
in your life?
Well, you were wrong.
Listen to me, okay?
It's been 5 years, and I still don't have
a clue why it all went wrong, really.
I mean, you're never going
to really understand.
How did you get through it?
Oh, Otto, I was suicidal
for like a year.
And I didn't even know it. I was
just drifting along, right?
Took me forever to find
a reason to live.
And what was it?
- I'm just so sorry for you.
I can't tell you how sorry I am.
Tell me you'll be okay.
- I'll be okay.
Yeah? You're gonna be alright?
Sure. - Oh, God! It's awful.
Thanks for your concern, Holly.
I've got 8 cats.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
Dick Conner!
Annie! Annie! Fuck!
You know, if this
hematoma doesn't go down
we might have to go back in
and change the bolts.
Uh, go back in? - Uh-huh.
And let me tell you this.
You start feeling
a knobby hard place up here?
And you find your toes
are turning purple?
We will be chopping it off.
The foot.
Um, uh...
No? - Oh, yeah.
You know, I've set a goal of...
You know, there's this 10K
that I'd like to be ready for.
You know, I'm trying
to scare you.
Oh, you're doing a good job.
So be smart.
How are you doing otherwise?
- I'm great.
How are your girls?
Annie's running?
We're separated.
Well, no wonder you're pushing.
Yeah. I'm just trying
to get healthy.
I got... I got what you need.
Generic Ativan.
Just for when the blues
come on.
Mellows things out.
I pop 'em like candy.
I'm kiddin'.
But we all need some way
to get through the night.
Try and find
some other activity
that keeps you off your feet.
Okay. - Know what I mean?
Huh? - Alright.
Keep using the cane.
" time. What's your
favorite restaurant?"
Oh, my God. Otto!
Aah. - I gotta go.
Have the Hammersmark
transferred to Chicago
and don't bother me
with it again.
Oh, my God! You look fantastic.
Thank you.
Wow! - Ha ha!
I'm always early. - Good.
Oh! You're so hot!
You're handsome!
You're... you're smokin'!
Do you not hear that
all the time?
No. I'm married.
Or... - Okay.
Um, sit down.
I got this Pinot Gris.
Okay. - wife.
And you're like
still so beautiful.
You still talk so softly.
I was so thrilled
to find you again.
I mean, how long has it been
since we dated? Like, 15 years?
Uh, more actually.
Ow! - Jesus!
Whoa! It's alright.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
Life, huh? - Just not myself.
Um, uh, yeah!
I saw on the, um...
I saw on the, um...
You've got big sons.
I just...
- Can you believe it?
I mean, they're both
at McCallie Prep.
And, um, you've a little girl.
I do.
Uh, uh, Ede. She's 9.
Hmm. - She's great.
Who did you marry, Otto Wall?
Mick Williams.
I don't think you know her.
Um, and... and we're not
Is she beautiful?
Uh, um...
My sons are gonna be studs.
- No kidding. Come on.
Grayson was a stud. - Yeah.
You never met Grayson, did you?
No, I don't think so.
Not face to face.
- He was a fucking asshole!
He cheated on me four times.
I mean, how stupid am I?
What about you? - Um...
Um, no. You know, no I...
No cheating.
Are you recent?
We divorced last fall.
Well, we're... we're...
We're not actually
divorced yet.
Wow! I've never said
that word before.
Get used to it.
It's a fucking great word.
It's a great place to be.
No fucking strings!
I have never had so much fun.
I should tell you straight out
I'm not around a lot.
In and out.
No strings.
Thank you for driving up
from Charlotte.
No problem.
I think
this wine's too fruity. Um...
Let me order something else?
Do you want something, or...
What do you want?
Now get up.
I like to be at my desk by 8.
If I go 90 on the freeway,
I'll make it.
I have a power bar in the car.
It was so fun to see you, Otto.
You should think about
boarding school for your kid.
Stay in touch
when you can, alright?
It's so easy now.
Don't get up, okay?
You are shitting me.
We had a really hot time.
This is an old girlfriend
who found you on Facebook?
You know,
it's... it's kind of exciting.
It's like a new world.
I mean, I don't know if
it'll even ever happen again
but I think it was
just maybe 'cause...
I'm available?
- This isn't dating.
Ladies have needs.
Daddy? - Yeah.
I wanna go to church.
Otto? You there?
Um... what was that
the other night?
Uh, last week.
That cursing,
that message you left?
What was that?
I had... I had just...
And I've just been so pleased
with how civil this has all been.
So maybe just don't...
do it again, okay?
You know what,
maybe we can work something out?
Uh, so we aren't both here
at the same time too?
'Cause you know, this is...
this is my time.
This is your time?
Ede has tae kwon do.
I have 50 minutes.
You know that, Otto.
I know this is hard for you
and I'm sorry about that.
Do you think
Ede's fine with this?
It's all for the good.
All for the good?
Listen. It's nobody's fault.
It's both of our fault.
That's the way life is.
No. Not always.
Annie, you and I... Hey.
You and I,
we have got to just...
Doing this here?
That's really fair.
Fair? I...
I'm only gonna get,
like, 20 minutes to swim now.
Well, I can pick Ede up
after tae kwon do
and then I can... I can bring
her over to you later.
No, because we have
an arrangement.
Annie, I wanna...
If you wanna
communicate with me
do it through your lawyer.
That's what
we're supposed to do.
Wait. Just wait.
Let's just get on with things.
Okay? Because...
I am.
I have.
Goodbye, Otto. - Just...
God damn it!
Okay, um...
Let me think.
I liked the picture
of you in your kayak.
Um... I liked your name.
Oh, God! Mildred?
Yeah. Are you kidding me?
It's old fashioned and cool.
Then what about me?
Well, I like your face.
And your, really,
your beautiful breasts.
And your booty.
You like my sweet little
cooty cat?
'Cause I like
your cock in my pussy.
That's what I think is sexy.
I like your hands on my flesh.
I like that you have calluses
on the palms of your hands.
So that it's rough when you
touch the inside of my thighs.
What's your last name?
Wall. That's kind of funny.
It's Anglo-Saxon.
Oh, yeah. Of course.
are you...
Do me right, Mr. Wall.
And then pull out really slowly
until I scream.
Can you do that?
Can you do that for me?
Well, I can give it a shot?
can I kiss your little...
cooty cat? And...
Blow softly on it?
And maybe just, like, flick it?
And... and have my rough...
have my calluses...
Yeah, your calluses.
On your nipples?
Yeah. Lightly.
Mildred, I... I wanna
turn you over...
wife. - Mm-hmm.
And I wanna kiss you...
and your breasts...
and then that place
where you're neck
and your shoulder meet...
Yes. Clavicle.
Kiss my clavicle.
Oh, God.
Oh, it's so good.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
That was good.
That was amazing.
Thank you.
Oh, the pleasure was mine.
Believe me I don't like to
have to call you either
but you don't answer my emails.
All I do is chauffeur
her around.
You know we need time
to do things together.
And... and... and I know
she wants to
because she texted me.
I can take her this weekend.
Well, can't she... can't she
spend the night at Molly's
another time? Huh?
Can we make this work?
I can pick her up at 3.
You wanna try it again?
- Yeah.
Come here. Let me see that. You
moved your snot to your cheek.
You can't... Comes out of your
nose, you gotta flick it off
out of... out of the pool.
That's what the pros do.
Daddy, you lost
your screw-in tooth.
It was permanent I thought.
Oh, my gosh!
Um... come on,
let's see if we can find it.
Thank you very much.
What did he say?
He said I've got an appointment
for next Wednesday.
And that these things happen.
Yeah. They do.
Hello. - Hey, there.
Hi, I'm Ede. - Hello, Ede.
Have y'all been
to our church before?
No, but my daddy needs it.
Well... we are all glad
that you're here today.
Miss Ede. - Miz Ede.
We hope y'all keep comin'.
We all need to find
what sustains us.
Thank you.
Such a nice guy
and then bam he hurts himself...
Good singing though.
Did you like the singing?
What the...
What is it? What happened?
I think we've been robbed.
Oh, shit.
They took my old CD player.
Who did?
- No, no, no. Hey, hey, hey.
Don't step on the glass.
Just stand back, Ede.
Don't touch anything, honey.
Just hold on.
We're gonna call the police
right now, okay?
Shh. Just stand still.
It's okay.
You can go. I'm fine.
Why do you look so familiar?
Daddy, have you double checked
all the doors and windows
like I asked?
You are a nurse.
I'm the night supervisor
at Heritage Village
retirement community.
I hear that's nice. - It is.
Where's your daughter
this weekend?
Is she with
your soon-to-be ex-wife?
Yeah. Yeah.
She's really, really cute.
- What does she like to do?
She's actually really excited
right now because I'm building
a stonewall around this garden
that she's planned.
Although I don't know
if I'll ever finish it, but...
This is really great.
- Do you think so?
Yeah, I do. That sounds like
completely cool and I'm excited.
I'm glad you could come.
Oh. I love it.
It's so cute. Oh, my God.
Ah. It's great, so great.
What is this?
Can we go for a ride?
Um... let's just hike.
Are there trails?
- We'll bushwhack.
I like how adventurous you are.
I'm Debbie Spangler!
No echo.
Oh, I feel like
I'm getting good at this.
- Uh, do you like fish tacos?
I never had them.
Really? - Yeah.
Well, do you like fish?
I do like fish.
I think you're gonna
like this sauce.
And I really don't wanna
burn this fish.
Let me just, uh, turn it off...
Oh, my goodness.
Fuck! Fuck!
Again. Yeah.
I'm Debbie Spangler!
I'm Debbie Spangler!
I wanna read my Bible.
You shouldn't have done that.
What's that?
We shouldn't have.
Done what?
Last night?
I don't like myself right now
and I really wish that
I hadn't come.
Oh. Uh...
That's too bad, you know,
because I really enjoyed myself.
Well, I feel terrible.
I feel so terrible.
I feel so bad,
and it's all your fault.
You are a terrible person
for doing this to me!
Hold on a second. You know, I...
I'm sorry if you feel like
you did something
that you didn't wanna do
but I would never have forced
you to do anything.
And really,
we didn't do anything wrong
you know. It's okay.
- Yes, we did.
No. - Yes, we did.
What are you...
- Yes, we did, Otto!
No. - You're someone's father.
Oh, my God, this is the worst
thing in the world.
No. Debbie, no, it's not.
- I don't even know you.
We don't even know each other.
Who are you? Who are you?
I'm Otto Wall.
- You are a crazy person.
I'm not crazy. - Yes, you are.
You're a crazy person. How did I
even end up going with you at all?
What did you say to me?
What did you do?
You wrote to me and...
- Well, I was out of my mind!
- I wasn't thinking. Stop it!
Why was it me?
Why was it Debbie Spangler?
Wait, your... wait, your bag,
your bag, your bag.
And what is this?
Oh, my goodness!
Okay, can I have that, please?
That is a toy.
And it's for adults.
How do you use it?
It... It's...
It's for adults.
How's school, Ede?
Man, don't laugh.
It was terrible!
You know, when she was holding
it in her little hand.
It's funny though.
You can't see that?
Am I screwing her up?
Oh, that Debbie
sounds like a maniac.
No, she's a nice person.
Kinda unstable but you know.
Jeez, you know, what could I do?
I... I can't handle that.
These women...
You don't, you don't promise
them anything, do you?
I like them.
I... I want them to be happy.
No, sex.
That's what you all want.
It was not like this
when I was single.
And after 11 years
of Annie not...
You know,
the last two years, we never...
There wasn't any love. So...
And maybe I should take some
responsibility there too.
You know,
she was always secretive
and... and... distant.
You know, I... I guess, I...
I guess I just gave up
trying to reach her.
I did not know
what was going on with her.
And I don't... I don't...
I don't...
I don't know if I ever did.
God, that is so sad.
But now, you know, just...
Just to make someone else feel
good, it's... it's
you know, it's given m... me
my confidence back.
You know, as a man.
Freddie, are you still there?
Uh, yeah.
You sound like a girl.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Listen, go for a run.
It'll all feel better.
I gotta save some kids' lives
here, buddy.
You're okay. Bye-bye.
Oh, God!
Maybe we sh...
Listen, listen, listen.
- What?
This is so important.
This is so important.
- We've to be quiet, okay?
- My daughter's sleeping.
Okay. We'll be kinda quiet.
Are you okay?
No, I think I swallowed
my tooth.
You did what?
- I think I swallowed my tooth.
Your tooth? - Mm-hmm.
I did. I swallowed my
fake tooth. Shh. Shh. Shh.
You swallowed your tooth!
- Hmm.
It's not funny. It's not.
- It is funny.
- No, it's not.
- Maybe we should get
Oh, it's fine. - Aah.
Hey, do you maybe
wanna go on a date?
Well, I was thinking, Mildred
maybe we could go to a movie.
I'm sorry, um, but are you,
like, wanting more?
'Cause I don't... I don't think
that that's what I want.
Yeah, I mean, and this...
this thing that we have
that's awesome for me,
you know?
Is that okay with you?
I mean, what do you... what do
you think that you want?
Alright, goodnight, Otto.
Goodnight, Mildred.
I'm in.
You know, you are
kind of a disaster.
Really? - Yeah.
But you're a crazy fun fuck.
And you make me feel pretty.
- Daddy!
Oh, hey, what is it?
What is it?
What is it?
You can't leave me.
I'm not gonna leave you.
Shh. Hey, hey, shh.
Listen, listen, listen,
I'm right here.
Okay? I love you more than
anything in the world.
Come here. Come here.
Otto! Otto! Otto Wall is here.
Hey. Hey, Otto.
You remember me?
You don't, do you?
Liz! Liz! Liz, Otto came.
Liz's mother's here.
Remember her?
There she is!
You look killer, man.
Hey, Liz.
And Lara said
she's coming from Raleigh.
Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.
I thought I was gonna...
How many kids do you have?
Uh, I just have one. Ede.
She's nine.
And I, uh... I'm separated.
From her?
No, no. From, from my wife.
We're getting a divorce.
Well, you're young.
Lots more fish out there.
So he's tearing down the hill
and leaps into the water...
I knew you'd be late. Oh-ho.
Yes, this looks awesome.
You did a great job...
- Well, thank you.
Well, you know, it wouldn't be
the same without you.
I'm so glad you came.
And then he starts just swimming
around with this pitiful...
This is Rosie. - How are you?
Hooray up she rises
Hooray up she rises
Hooray up she rises
Early in the morning
Put him in the rain
till he gets sober
You still don't remember me?
Just one second.
Early in the morning
Hooray up she rises
Hooray up she rises
Hooray up she rises
Early in the morning
That's what we do
with a drunken sailor
That's what we do
with a drunken sailor
That's what we do
with a drunken sailor
Early in the morning
Lara, where are you going?
- Oh, no.
Oh, my God, Otto!
- Where were you going?
Wow! You're not here.
You can't leave right now.
Come on.
I have to.
I'm... I'm getting...
I'm driving back to Raleigh.
I'm... I'm getting scuba...
sort of vacation.
You can't go. We didn't even
get a chance to...
I know, I know.
It's... but it's my last class.
First saw you and I didn't...
I didn't even think
that I could, you know
I didn't even think I could come
here tonight at all.
Oh, my God.
Yeah. So...
You rascal!
I'm not a rascal.
Can I, you know, can I give
you my, um...
Can I give you my e-mail, and, uh,
figure out how this... - Here, let me.
I can. - Okay.
Otto, I'm planning a trip.
You are. - How are you?
What have you done
with your life?
I, um... - Thanks.
My husband gave me this thing.
Um, it's a really nice present.
I got one for my daughter.
Ginny said
you have a little girl. Wow!
I do.
Does she have your eyelashes?
Remember when we put
mascara on you
because we thought
you are so... pretty?
No, I have no memory
of that at all.
Do you think I could still block
you at the rim?
Can you still jump?
- Of course.
At least you're
a little taller than me now.
Come on, you guys. Come on.
I... I've gotta go.
- No. No, you don't.
Oh, this was so wonderful.
Thank you so much.
See you, bye. Bye.
Okay, thank you, Ginny,
it was really wonderful.
Oh. Typical.
Always flying away.
Well, come on,
you don't have to go.
But keep the old
Make new friends
but keep the old
One is silver
and the other's gold
A circle is round
and has no end
That's how long
I want to be your friend
Make new friends
but keep the old
Richard Watts.
His name was Richard Watts.
Nothing. Shh.
Daddy. - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I don't wanna
spend the night here anymore.
Why not?
I don't feel safe.
It's not safe.
Yes. Yes, it is.
- No, it's not.
There are robbers here.
And accidents.
And I think you'd have more fun
if I wasn't around at night too.
Say, go to sleep. I love you.
I love you too, daddy.
What? Sorry. Hello.
Hey, it's Otto. Uh...
Who? - Otto. Otto Wall.
Uh... oh, I'm sorry.
I'm... I'm...
My mind's on... on other things.
Hi, Otto Wall.
So you got home alright.
Are you... are you
certified now?
Oh, yes.
I'm so...
I'm so spacing. Sorry.
I have done some divin'
um... er, well,
snorkeling really.
Yeah? Oh, well, we used
to take the kids snorkeling
when they were...
when they were little.
Hey, how many kids
did you, um...
Grant had two
when we got married
and now Carter is 22
and Elaina is 19.
So I am done... completely.
I'm free. Yahoo!
Yeah. Ginny said that you...
That I'm getting divorced.
Yep. Just filed last week.
You too, she said. Sorry.
It's okay.
The whole thing's kind
of a mystery, isn't it?
Oh, I hear ya.
Um, I'm packing right now.
You're moving?
Well, I found this
this surfing school
in Costa Rica.
So I'm... I'm gonna go there
for six weeks and do this
like, total immersion
Spanish thing. So...
And then, I'm doing a...
a building project
in Papua New Guinea for a year.
My God.
That sounds just like you.
When you got the chance,
jump off the cliff, remember?
- What... what about you?
How are you getting through?
How am I, what... how what?
- Yeah.
I mean, did she break
your heart or... or did you
you know, did you break hers?
Oh, I... I... I don't know.
She was seeing someone.
Oh, uh-huh.
Hey, did you and your
husband, did you fight?
God, yeah.
Um... yes.
Mark, my... my first husband...
he tried to, uh,
kill me more than once.
And I have a restraining
order against him.
I mean, I still... I still do.
God, Lara, how did you...
Well, uh, well, what...
what can I tell you?
Uh, I don't know
what... what Ginny said.
Um... Mark and I had a son
that drowned, Otto.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah. Thanks.
You know, I... I have no idea
how I, you know, how I did it,
and I have no answers.
You just, you,
you know, you take
all this stuff,
all this life stuff
and... and... and you can,
you know, collapse
or you can not.
And I... I chose...
I chose not to.
But I'll, I'll tell you, Otto.
I... I think ab... I think
about him all the time.
And that's...
that's... you know, I guess
I... I do it for him.
I just continue... for Paul.
That was his name.
You, you know,
you make a choice
and you live your life,
and that's it.
So deep.
Anyway, I'm looking
to have an adventure...
you know, of my own design.
I'm thinking of,
like, starting a blog.
Shall I put you on my list?
Would you...
Uh... yes. Sure. Please do.
God, Otto. It's so weird!
What is? - You and me.
I feel like, I feel like
I...we just spoke...
I know. And it's been,
like... like 20 years.
Isn't that crazy?
Yeah. - That's a lifetime.
It's a riot.
Oh, good.
I'm so glad to get you.
Listen, Lara, I was, uh...
Is there any way I can
come see you some time?
Just drive over and...
This is Otto.
Yeah, no, no, no.
No, nothing's wrong.
I just, uh, I would
I would really like
to talk to you some time or...
You're in town now?
I mean, well, if you get
the chance before you go back
you know, that would...
that would be great.
No, no, I know. Just... just
see if it works out.
It's no big deal.
Oh, shit.
I'm back here.
You have something I want.
I also, I really
want to apologize, Otto.
I thought about things and...
I was just freaking out
or something in the mountains.
I run a little hot and cold.
Yeah, just a little.
Um... you know, it's...
It was no big deal.
We didn't know
each other very well
and, you know,
maybe we shouldn't have...
No, I do that
sometimes when I'm overwhelmed.
Really? - Yeah.
But I prayed
about it... and, um...
I really enjoyed myself...
in the mountains with you.
Good. I... I did too
for the most part.
And I think that we should...
get to know each other.
'Cause I think that
you are a really good father.
Do you really think so?
Mm-hmm. - Oh.
- Do, um... you forgive me?
Sure. Sure I do.
Oh, goodness.
I don't know if, um...
Are you sure this
is a good... idea
Debbie... Spangler?
Oh, my God.
I think that's Ede.
- No, no, no.
Come on. No.
Don't, don't, don't.
Aren't you early? Where's Ede?
We need to talk.
There's been a change of plans.
What? Oh, so, you get to
change plans just like that?
God. - She cried, Otto.
She really doesn't
want to come over here.
What are you talking about?
Well, when I finally
got her to speak...
she said...
that you have
girls here all the time.
Uh, I...
I've never had women
here when Ede's been here.
Really? She's says
she hears you fucking.
She says that
you have sex toys.
Is she lying to me?
She's lying to me.
Listen, there was a, um...
There was a woman, a friend...
- Mm-hmm.
A woman who had been
in the car... not with Ede.
She dropped her
sex toy in your car.
Annie... - No!
I'm not exposing
my daughter to that.
Come on.
She wasn't exposed to anything.
And I...
I'm sorry to have to tell you...
that I'm going
to talk to my lawyer
about the joint custody.
I am.
I...I never thought that you
were this kind of man. I didn't.
I guess, I just... never really
knew you very well, ever.
I thought that you cared
about the welfare of your child.
I do!
Children come first, Otto.
Parents have to set an example.
Oh, really? - Yes.
You mean like having an affair?
You mean, like fucking somebody
when you're still married.
Like... like never
touching your husband?
Is that the kind of example you
thought was healthy for Ede?
Otto. I... - Yeah?
I know about it.
I... I know what you did.
I saw it on the...
I know about it.
What about that?
And he looks like a real
upstanding citizen too, is he?
Is he?
And does Ede not know
what her mother's doing
in the bedroom next to hers?
In my bed!
Don't you yell at me.
You've never spoken
to me like this.
I know! It's about time.
You don't have
any room to judge me.
My life... is my own.
Richard is a wonderful man...
and father.
You don't fucking
know him... okay?
When we started texting, I...
Oh, my God.
And what... what I did...
What, yeah? - What I did...
Justify it. - I did it.
I needed it. - Okay.
To survive! - Okay.
You're an asshole!
Fuck it!
- Excuse me. I'm so sorry.
I just... I have to get
to the nursing home
to bathe Mr. Peterson by 6:00.
I'm Debbie Spangler.
And she's crazy.
You are a very sweet man.
Bless you.
I try to teach Ede...
that a woman has
the right to be loved...
and to be known.
Yoo-hoo. Anybody home?
I was kinda worried
about you from your call.
You okay, old friend?
Can I go to Costa Rica with you
and learn how to surf
and Spanish?
Do you wanna come
with me to Raleigh
and have dinner with my kids?
If I had left 15 minutes ago,
I'd still be late.
I see you have some
half-finished projects.
Oh, yeah.
- That's familiar.
Where'd you get these?
Uh, they're river stones
from the mountains.
I love 'em.
So... hard day?
I mean, do you wanna... do you
wanna tell me about it?
I don't know what I'm doing.
I haven't, um...
I mean, I really, uh...
I should've been
a better parent.
Yeah, I mean,
everybody feels that way.
It's... it's normal.
Yeah, I want you to meet Ede.
Oh, is she... is she here?
No, she won't come here.
Well, do you have a picture?
Oh, wow.
Wow, she's wonderful.
I can see you.
I don't want to lose her.
I'd show you, um...
I'd show you my two if I could,
you know, figure out...
how this thing works.
Oh, um, they're yelling at me...
'cause I'm not on the road.
Are you coming with me?
Can I stay?
The night? Of course.
Can we play around?
For a few days?
Nope. - Why not?
I'm on a plane
at 6:45 tomorrow morning.
You're leaving tomorrow?
Didn't I tell you that?
I'm gonna miss you too, Otto...
now that we've reconnected.
Why don't you come with me?
What? - Seriously.
Why not?
A week or so. That's not hard.
Drop everything.
Could I? - Yes. Yes. You can.
You can.
Follow me.
Ede. Oh, Ede,
I'm so glad you picked up.
No. No. No. That's okay.
Your mom told me
that you had other plans.
Hey, what are you doing?
Oh, that sounds like fun.
Well, I'm building
the walls of your castle.
Yes. Yes, I am.
Would you, um...
Maybe you'd wanna come over?
I need to know
exactly how you want it.
Sure. Sure there can be.
We can do that.
Yes. Yes. A moat?