Goodnight, Charlene (2017) Movie Script

NARRATOR: His name
was Charlie Potter.
Sometimes the name fits the man.
Sometimes it doesn't.
Charlie's name fit.
It was ordinary.
It was like he was ordinary.
But still waters run deep.
The Irish have a proverb.
Shake hands with the devil,
sometimes you don't
get your hand back.
I've got a proverb.
The law's a bad enemy to make.
Charlie worked as a
mechanic at Three Sands
Auto and Tires.
Humble and honest.
If you looked up
ordinary, you'd find
a picture of Charlie.
He was usual.
The only thing
unusual about Charlie
was his wife.
The beautiful Charlene Potter.
Beautiful, that's
what was unusual.
Charlie was a lot of things.
A lot of good things, but
beautiful wasn't one of them.
His marriage was a mystery
that kept Three Sands guessing.
Charlene had shown
up at Three Sands
some years earlier.
Not much was known about
where she came from
and for certain nobody
could have guessed
where she was going.
Charlene definitely had a
reason for marrying Charlie.
Folks just didn't know it.
At least not yet.
No doubt about it.
Charlene was a killer.
And she didn't need
a gun to do it.
Went down there with my sons
And boy you better
take your gun
You're not the only one
To taste the sun
Upon her tongue
Oh me and oh my
The way you sing those lines
Like lullabies, alibis
World in her eyes
CHARLENE: I want out.
From what?
From Charlie.
You want him dead?
I just want out.
I know what you mean.
Your wife's not that bad.
Neither is Charlie.
I just wanna start
my life with you.
Is that what you told Charlie?
I'm serious.
Why can't we leave tonight?
And go where?
And do what, like for money?
No, my wife'll hunt us both down
and sue me for child support.
Or just kill me.
Or just shoot me.
Just tell me
that you wanna try.
You need to get
that tail light fixed.
Always looking out for me.
Somebody has to.
Guess I'm lucky I
could see it's you.
Don't you have
somewhere you need to be?
I'll get there soon enough.
Least you're on
time for this one.
You need to get that
tail light fixed.
was your day, love?
It was good.
Rumor is I got a raise coming.
Mr. Flynn needs a floor manager.
Well that's good news.
I promised to get
you out of this town.
And I will.
REPORTER: Idea cars
embodying the latest
in automotive styling are
previewed in New York.
MAN: She asleep?
WOMAN: Yeah.
Supper's in the kitchen
if you want any.
This TV's a little
loud, don't you think?
You can turn it down.
REPORTER: Production
this year or ever.
But this and its
companion idea cars
sound even more futuristic,
will guide engineers of
America's major companies
who spent millions
on their development.
Can't listen to
that TV so loud
when you're putting her to bed.
You're gonna wake her up.
Can I ask you a question?
Why'd you marry me?
I'm serious.
I don't know what
you want from me.
The truth.
Go put her to bed.
I want a gun.
What are you
gonna do with a gun?
You're never here.
I don't feel safe.
I'm never here?
I'm always here.
Not until late.
You want a gun,
I'll get you a gun.
From where?
Oh, from Santa.
I know a guy, owes me a favor.
Don't worry about it.
How are things, Charlie?
Very good, sir, you?
Well, I'll cut right to it.
Charlie, you're
the best man I got.
If I had 10 more Charlie
Potters, it wouldn't be enough.
I want you to be my
new floor manager,
to be my right hand
man and my left.
I appreciate that
sir, but a lot of guys
would be better for
that job than me.
Pete would be great for it.
You really feel that way?
Yes sir, I do.
It's because you feel that way
that you're the man for the job.
Now, I won't take
no for an answer.
Pays an extra 400 a month.
Cents wouldn't do
you much good, boy.
Good day now.
You Chino?
That is me.
I hear you need some documents.
I have three employees
coming in from the border.
25 dollars a piece.
When and where?
Pistol Pete's tonight.
My father brought that
back to me from the war.
An American soldier gave it
to him for saving his life.
You were in that war, no?
In another lifetime.
You must have stories.
We all have stories.
Of course.
You desire to go
straight to business.
Very American.
You are an
American too, I hear.
Half of me, yes.
My father was a Spaniard.
My mother?
A dark eyed Mexican.
Really I think she was a Gypsy.
She was very beautiful though.
Very beautiful.
You believe there's only
one right love for us all?
Very well.
What kind of documents
your workers require?
The usual, birth certificates,
social security card,
driver's license.
100 dollars.
But I need them in three days.
Oh and don't even think about
trying to strong arm me.
I know this town like
the back of my hand.
Every dirty little
nook and cranny.
Oh and Chino.
Next time we talk, get
your boots off the desk.
Out west, that could
get a man injured.
I loved your dad, darling.
From the ground to the top.
Anytime I can help
my niece out, I'm in.
My father adored you, Sam.
I wasn't always
the best brother.
Yeah you was never
the best brother.
So is there a way?
There's always a way.
Son would you allow me a
private moment with my niece?
Sure, Sam.
Be back in a shake.
Can we trust him?
I love him.
I know you do, darling.
But when you're gonna do
what we're gonna get into,
love don't matter.
Can I trust him?
I can trust him.
Sam, we can trust him.
I can trust his
remember to himself.
And actually in the end,
that's all that matters.
BILLY: What'd I miss?
Old Charlie's got a
dangerous job, don't he?
Crawling under all
those old heavy cars.
What if one was to slip?
Oh I think it'd kill him.
(CHUCKLING) Most likely.
Well that takes care of Charlie.
What about the money?
Aye, if proper pressure is
applied to in the right places,
old Flynn'll spew forth
settlement money like pus.
Yeah but who's Flynn?
Flynn's the rich
old crank that owns
the Three Sands Auto and Tires.
Okay, why'll he pay up?
Stay out of court, stay
out of jail, to stay alive.
The law's a bad enemy to make.
How much?
Uh, hundred thousand.
Hundred thousand?
- You serious?
- Yeah.
You think he has
that much money?
Oh yeah he's got it.
So how much do you get?
20 percent sounds right.
I'll drink to that.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
And leave your wife up to me.
In the meantime, you
two keep a low profile.
By all means, don't
be seen together.
I'll talk to Max Steiner,
at the Desert Air Inn,
he'll fix you up
with a room, 42C.
He owes me a favor.
He'll keep his mouth shut.
I get the feeling you've
done this before, Sam.
To your reelection.
CHINO: Masterson.
Heard there may be
some illegal activity
taking place in
this establishment.
Not so long as you're here.
Why'd you park in the front?
What difference does it make?
FBI, my friend.
I don't see any FBI.
You don't.
Till it's too late.
Come on, meter's running.
What's the haul today?
Only four.
Well that's 400 bucks.
Of course you know
if I find out you're bringing
in more than you're claiming.
I understand.
But I'm not so stupid.
Good to know.
Keep it that way.
Hello, love?
CHARLIE: Is everything okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
what's going on?
You know me too well, Charlie.
There's been a
death in the family.
My great aunt.
Uncle Sam needs help with
the funeral arrangements, so,
afraid I might not
even be home tonight.
CHARLIE: Wow, take as
much time as you need.
You're too good to me.
Dinner'll be in the oven.
Don't wait up.
CHARLIE: Bye bye.
Do you need me to do my...
MAN: Beg your pardon?
You can speak English.
You know who I am?
Yes sir.
You know Hector?
Yeah, I know him.
Hector told me that
you know Charlie,
is that right?
You could say that.
Now Charlie's sort
of like my family.
He's married to my
niece, Charlene and,
I wanna do something
special for him.
Kind of surprise.
And I need some information
that'll help me pull this off.
I'd like to know his
workstation number,
what time he comes to
work, what time he leaves.
They're kind of on hard
times, that's the surprise.
I got a little something here
that I would like to
show my appreciation
if you wanna give
me that information.
It'll really be good
for Charlie, you know.
I wanna help him out,
things like that.
So would you be willing to
give me that information?
It'd be good for
Charlie, you know, so.
REPORTER: Freak accident.
There was near disaster
for those within range
of the TNT that is
the bomb's trigger.
Six were injured.
The home of Walt Drake
was turned into a shamble.
I did some checking around.
Charlie spends his entire day
under 5,000 pounds of steel.
That dump hadn't been
up to date in years.
Kind of funny nobody hadn't
died in there legitimately.
Charlie's workstation
is number three.
All we gotta do is
file the cross bolt
on the car jack that he's under.
And he's on his way home.
Sound right?
It's not gonna
happen right away.
You're not gonna know
until I give you a signal.
What's the signal?
Who checks your
post office box?
I do.
The day of, there'll
be a joker card
in your box face up.
The least you know, the better.
Got it?
Do I get a signal?
When it comes to
settling your score,
you'll be the first to know.
How long will all this take?
I mean once it goes down?
I'd expect no
more than a week.
Two tops.
Ice cones.
Hey old Sam, I wouldn't
let it plague me none.
I gotta get that bill through.
That's a done deal.
What else you got?
I got a family matter.
I may need the work on.
What kind of matter?
Ah, personal. (LAUGHING)
Hell, there's no such
word for somebody
in public office.
I guess we ought to know.
Well, I do owe you a favor
so you just let me know.
Oh I will.
And you, any favors?
Well now that you mention it,
I got the FBI looking
in my department.
Kind of a big hassle, but,
I don't know how we
caught their attention
way down here.
Well I got a few
ideas. (LAUGHING)
Well, I'll look into it.
Those Mexicans.
They a superstitious
bunch, ain't they?
It's the day of the dead.
Let them be.
of damn heathens.
You know, I believe
I'm drunk enough.
I'm gonna participate this year.
You're not serious.
Sure, you know I
may even paint my face
like a skeleton.
Oh, that'll go big for
my Latino constituency.
Damn are you
ever off the clock?
Opportunity comes only once
and I'm like a fit woman.
No man, she waits for no man.
SHERIFF: Heavy is the
head that wears the crown,
as they say.
Did you get everything
straightened out?
For now.
How's your uncle?
Shattered, Charlie.
You all right?
Yeah, yeah, just a
little distracted, I think.
You don't wanna be late.
Cleaning day.
What are you doing?
Charlie's gonna be home
for lunch any minute.
It's fine, I
parked a block away.
Oh, Billy.
You got any coffee or anything?
You don't have
time for a coffee.
How's your day been so far?
How's my day been so far?
With Warden Jim Cleaver?
I hate small talk.
I told you that.
Yeah you did.
So why are you boring me?
Because I don't like
what you have to say.
That's what I like about you.
Ah, sure you do.
I do.
Did you get the card?
Uh, no.
You nervous?
I just keep
thinking of that jet
pushing us back in our seats
as we leave here tens of
thousands of dollars richer.
That's right, baby.
CHINO: Is Flynn around?
I have some documents for him.
Yeah, he's in his office.
You always walk around
with a loaded gun?
This one's special.
A rancher brought this in today
to pay for his gambling.
That's too bad.
People make their decisions.
I merely follow their choices.
Won't that still
make you guilty?
I suppose.
But we're all guilty of
something, my friend.
Yeah, but why add to it?
Model 94 Winchester.
You know rifles?
Well not particularly,
but that one's a classic.
He made a poor trade.
What is funny?
Ah just reminds me
of a story my grandad
used to tell me.
I love stories.
About a guy they called
the Texas Sharpshooter.
He was down on the
border near Terlingua.
Anyway he said he was the
best shot in the state
and one day a man
asked him to prove it.
So he said all right.
Went outside, went to his barn
and took a bucket
of white paint and
I guess it was a corral
from the old days
and lit it up with
his 94 Winchester,
sprayed bullets
all over the side.
And he said just a minute.
Went and got a
bucket of white paint
and painted all over
the side of that barn
where he'd shot
those bullet holes
and said see?
Every shot's on target.
I've known many men like that.
But you don't look
like one of them.
Why is enough not enough?
For life there's food,
clothing, shelter.
That's all that is needed.
Anything more is excess,
anything less is not sufficient.
But in America,
enough is not enough.
There must always be
more, and then more.
I think this is a sickness.
A hole in the heart
that Americans
haven't yet learned to fill.
So they fill it with objects.
In Mexico, this hole is
filled with violence.
I tell you this because
you're an American
yet you're sleeping here.
This tells me you'll understand.
You usually keep
your guns loaded?
I may have to shoot
some coyotes later.
I'll see you around, my friend.
MAN: Hey Charlie.
CHARLIE: Hey Pete.
PETE: Hey man, I just
did a fresh pot of coffee.
CHARLIE: Cool, thanks.
Hey, can you hand
me that oil pan?
PETE: Hey how's the wife?
CHARLIE: She's all right.
Mr. Flynn, get over here!
Show me.
See this, Charlie?
This has been filed.
No, it's just wear.
It's wear and it's been filed.
Who would do that?
Anything unusual happen today?
Anything out of the ordinary?
I found a joker card
in my post office box.
Joker card?
It's probably a mixup.
I've gotta get cleaned up.
Meet me in my office
in 10 minutes.
Who knew you'd be
at work on Saturday?
CHARLIE: Just my wife.
Made anybody mad?
Any bad blood in town?
Uh, no sir.
I wouldn't think so.
You think someone
tried to kill me?
Someone tried to kill you.
I just don't know who or why.
So what do we do?
Can I offer you a drink?
No sir, I don't drink.
Well, might be a
good time to start.
Doesn't bring
out the best in me.
I however have no
such compunction.
When will your wife
expect you back?
Maybe not till morning.
She knows I pull my all
nighters on Saturday night.
Good, good.
Now I understand how grave
the situation is, do you?
Yeah it's
beginning to sink in.
You're a good man,
I hope you know that.
I want you to know that
that's why I'm helping you.
If I threw a man like
you to the wolves,
I wouldn't be able
to look into my soul.
Well, more than I can now.
I trust you, Charlie.
Through and through.
Do you trust me?
Yes sir, I do.
Because without trust, we
won't be able to get in
to what we're about
to, you and I.
What are we about to get into?
Now comes the death
of Charlie Potter.
First thing we gotta do
is call Sheriff Rose.
I'll kick him a little
cash, he'll filter it
to his crooked cops.
Probably Masterson.
People will see the flashing
lights, the commotion.
Soon the gossip wheels will
be spinning in our direction.
A report will be written
and filed, all official.
We'll need crime scene
photographs, graphic ones
with your head pinned
under the Cadillac
and blood seeping
into your boots.
Take a little makeup
and stage blood.
We'll need a death certificate.
Of course we can't
get one legally issued
without an autopsy since you
didn't die in a hospital.
But I know of a
medical examiner,
he'll be game for a little cash.
Last thing will be the
funerary arrangements.
People gotta see the
body get planted.
At least a coffin.
I know the Three Sands
Funeral Director.
He's been after me
to die for years.
Really slimy character.
Still, as long as
the plot's bought
and the custom
coffin is ordered,
one of those waterproof
ones that are guaranteed
for at least 20
years, he won't care
who's stuck in the ground.
That's it.
Once you're dead,
you can start over.
Someplace better than this.
This is it.
I got the card this morning.
Charlie hasn't called all day.
Okay listen to me.
Nothing's official
until it's official.
His death.
This is it, Billy.
Why wouldn't it be official?
Who's that?
Let me call you back.
Who are you again?
I'm deputy Sheriff Masterson.
What's happened?
As I said at the door,
there's been an accident.
Where's my Uncle?
He's been notified.
Here's the skinny.
Your husband's dead.
It's an accident at work.
A car fell on his head.
Just an accident?
Yes, ma'am.
That's what we think right now.
Did Charlie have a beef
with anybody around town?
No, everyone loves Charlie.
Has he been...
Yes ma'am.
By who?
Old man Flynn,
he owns the garage.
Yeah I know him.
Is that who found him?
That's right.
I have some papers
I need you to sign.
Do I need to go
down to the station?
No ma'am.
We'll take care
of it right here.
It's a copy of the
death certificate,
then a form that states
I've given you information
on the case.
Would you rather
wait for your Uncle?
No, that's not
necessary, I'll sign.
So there are no suspects?
No ma'am.
Not right now.
Can I talk to Flynn?
What's this concerning?
Personal matter.
You're in a public office.
I'm entrusted
with public secrets.
Well I didn't vote for you.
SAM: I bet you will now.
Send him in.
So, to what do I owe the honor?
You got a nice
operation here, Flynn.
Been a pillar of
Three Sands for years.
I'd hate to see all
that you've worked for
tied up in court for negligence.
Now look, if this has to
do with Charlie's death,
that was an accident.
The police report ruled
it was an accident.
Maybe it was a mixture of
bad luck and negligence.
What matters, is what
the court will say.
And the court will
say what I say.
You haven't had a safety
inspection for years.
Either way let's say the
court sides with you,
it's gonna cost a thousand
dollars to feed the machine.
A thousand of your
dollars, Flynn.
And months of headache.
Not to mention the black
eye it'll leave this place.
A lot more than it is now.
Where are you taking this?
To a solution.
A solution for you?
I have the
satisfaction of knowing
that I kept it simple.
I assume that the
solution involves money.
Charlie's widow
lost her breadwinner.
Plus the death of her husband.
I think you owe
her a settlement.
After all, your
garage killed Charlie.
How much?
Hundred thousand.
(SCOFFING) I don't
have that kind of money.
Oh, you got it,
and you'll use it.
And if I don't?
If you know
what's good for you,
and if you don't, I
got all kinds of friends
in all kinds of places.
And if I pay you?
You're not gonna pay me.
You're paying the Potters wife.
You go away, like
we never talked?
That's right.
How do you wanna do this?
100,000 in a plain
black briefcase.
Here's the place.
I want you to make
the drop, Flynn.
Nobody else.
Keep it simple.
Anyone else brings
that briefcase,
well, it better be you.
This part's just
between me and you.
Lay it on me, Sam.
I need a shot first.
Figured you would.
So now you wanna trade in
your current model for Charlene.
But you got a kid.
And you're afraid of
dodging prison time
for not paying child support.
Sound right?
Yeah sounds right.
But the only way to achieve
that freedom is death.
You saying you're
gonna kill me?
We're gonna kill you.
You're gonna have a car
crash two days hence.
You won't survive.
That's only on paper.
Then with death
certificate in hand,
you and Charlene are going
to leave the dim lights
of Three Sands far far behind.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
What are you doing?
I'm waiting up for you.
Is there a problem?
I don't know, you tell me.
I don't know, I
don't have a problem.
Billy, I wanna know where
you're going at night.
Who are you seeing?
I go to work and I come home.
I just have no idea
why you hate me so much.
'Cause you make it so easy.
We done?
Am I done?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You're gone all the
time, you're completely,
who's this person
you've turned into?
Baby this is your warning.
You need to be a
father and a husband.
What's gotten into you?
You finally grow a spine
or something, jeez.
Baby, you have no idea.
Maybe I don't.
You wanna inform me?
I just did.
That beach, that's
where I wanna be.
On the sand under
the palm trees.
Just grow old there.
Maybe even start a family.
Yeah, yeah, man, if
that's what you want.
It is, baby.
But what would I do for a job?
Oh, we'd have the
settlement money.
Oh yeah but I mean
I gotta get a job.
I can't just show up to
Hawaii with a bag of money.
I gotta launder the money.
Well you could be an artist.
Whatever you want, baby.
I have to make the
arrangements tomorrow.
For Charlie's funeral.
Gotta admit, I
feel kind of funny
being in Charlie's
house in Charlie's chair
watching Charlie's TV
with Charlie's wife.
Do you really feel that way?
Yeah I'll just try
not to think about it.
Think it'll pass.
How are you?
Well, been better.
Been better.
Been thinking.
About right, wrong.
Far as I can tell, I've
done right all my life.
Here I am.
Right or wrong, I
guess in the end
it don't matter much.
I guess not.
I've been doing some digging
and I know who tried to kill you
and who's been trying to
shake me down for hush money.
Several people,
three to be exact.
One is Billy Barlow,
you know him?
I heard of him.
Works as a bartender
at the Starlight.
Down on his luck vet, really
a lowlife, wife and kid.
Who else?
Mayor Sam.
That's Charlene's uncle.
He wouldn't be mixed
up in all this.
As soon as he
thought you were dead
he showed up at the shop
and threatened to sabotage
me and the business if
I didn't pay out to him.
And to Charlene.
So who's the third man?
wife's the third man?
You can't prove that.
I wish I couldn't.
Sam's shaking me
down for hush money
and giving a cut of it to
Charlene is proof enough.
And she's been seen
at the Desert Air Inn
with Sam and with Billy Barlow.
Most of the time she's
just been in there
with Barlow at the Desert Air.
I am sorry, Charlie, I truly am.
Hey Sheriff, good to see you.
What's your plan, Sam?
Well, I'm gonna
stage a car accident.
And it's got to look real.
And you know, you know
where Cherry lane is.
Out there, the hill goes
into that big curve down there?
It's a good spot, there's
been lots of accidents there.
There have, that's
why we picked it.
Now, the plan is we're
gonna take this car,
put it in drive, start
it down that hill
and let it build up speed
and overturn right there in
front of that big oak tree.
In that clearing,
that big oak tree.
And it's at night, I assume?
Less people, less
traffic at night.
The later you do
would be better.
The only thing you ever
have out there at night is
teenagers parking or something.
Well if that happens, you
maybe make a swipe by there
and just like checking the area.
Go through there
and hit them lights,
then they'll scatter like mice.
And now see I told
Billy to tell his wife.
And by the way it's supposed
to be raining I think.
I checked the weather report.
Now I told Billy
to tell his wife
that he had to run an errand.
Setting this up, see.
And it had to be a good errand,
not some phony deal.
So that's how we're gonna
get him out of his house
but I wanna make sure
the wife knows it, see?
Well let's keep as
few people as we can
on this inner circle.
Less people we have
involved in it,
the better off we're gonna be.
I don't want a bunch of people
coming around asking questions.
Now I can get the pictures done
if you can get to the press.
- I got them.
- Get the paperwork and,
all right now what
are you gonna do?
You're not just gonna
go send an empty car
down through there.
What do you think?
What's your idea?
Well you want to
have a body, I'd say.
Can you get a body?
I got lots of bodies.
Okay good.
See that, that's now look.
I think that's the best.
If we could rig a fire somehow
and have the car burnt up
and then the body charred
then I think that'd be the best.
Get rid of a multitude of
sin with a big enough fire,
that's for sure.
Look, I'll handle the press.
You don't have to
worry about the press.
Yeah I don't
wanna talk to them.
You need to take care
of the newspaper, radio.
I don't wanna talk to
any of them reporters.
I'll get the accident
report filled out.
I can get the coroner
to sign off on it.
Of course now you're gonna have
to send something his
way, but he'll cooperate.
Well yeah, we can do that.
You know I can do that.
So, we can take care of it.
The main thing is we
get that paperwork
from the state saying
that he was declared dead.
Don't worry about
the paperwork.
I'll handle that.
You're gonna tell your wife
that you passed a stray
dog on the crossing
near Cherry Lane.
The highway that the oak's on.
Then you say you're worried
about it being in the rain.
The dog?
That's not gonna work.
SAM: Why?
She's not gonna buy that.
See I don't worry about
a dog a day in my life.
Well what do you worry about?
BOTH: Money.
I could tell her
that I had to drive
a drunk customer home
because he didn't wanna wait
for a taxi.
And he's gonna pay me to do it.
That is better.
Hey thanks for
coming in so early
on such short notice.
No problem.
So what's the skinny?
There's something
going down tonight.
Something similar to
the Charlie situation.
Could even be related.
On what?
Flynn, don't ask
too much of me.
I'm only telling you
this 'cause I think
you need to know.
You need to keep your eyes open.
I understand.
Ah, morning.
How you doing?
I guess I always knew
it was true, I mean.
I don't know, I knew
something was up.
Why would a woman like
that even marry me
in the first place?
going down tonight.
I don't know what.
But we better keep our heads up.
Then it's over?
After tonight?
I think so.
Can't wait to get
out of this town.
Given any thought to where
you'd like to relocate?
Yeah Mr. Flynn,
I considered it.
Big news, baby.
Tonight's the night.
What's gonna happen?
I'll be killed
in a car accident.
So after tonight, whole town's
gonna think that I'm dead.
And once Sam gets the
death certificate signed
we are home free
from this place.
Tomorrow's Charlie's funeral.
I know.
It's twisted, isn't it?
Isn't that a little soon?
For what?
Die tonight, get
buried tomorrow.
Sam's got it all
figured out, okay?
Just don't worry about a thing.
But it's too soon, it
looks suspicious, Billy.
If you just listen to
what I tell you to do
everything is gonna be fine.
This isn't gonna work.
I need you to go to Dallas.
I'm gonna meet you there the
day after with the money.
Then you and me, on the first
flight out of DFW to Honolulu.
Now listen.
After tonight, we can't
see each other anymore.
So don't call me.
We're so close to being done.
Blue skies, palm trees.
I told you we can't
talk on the phone, okay?
So I won't talk
to you for two days?
I'll see you in Dallas.
Hey, baby.
What are you doing?
WIFE: What are you doing?
I forgot my wallet.
You wanna tell what you did?
Now tell him what you did today.
I made dinner.
You made dinner?
- Yeah, she helped.
- Yeah.
I bet it's really good.
I wish I could eat with you guys
but I gotta go.
Back to work.
Why do you always
have to go to work?
I got a customer in the truck.
He's drunk, he said he'll
pay me to take him home, so.
But I'm gonna be back.
It's cool?
We're not gonna be waiting up.
I'm coming back.
You do whatever you gotta do.
I'll be back.
You sure you wanna do this?
Yeah, I gotta face him.
I guess you do.
But if something goes
left, you might get killed,
I won't be able to help you.
Yeah I understand.
Well if you're gonna do this,
you're gonna need
what's in that case.
If you're gonna shoot a man,
use a gun that already
has blood on it.
Are you gonna
shoot him, Charlie?
You are being played, Sam.
I'm being played?
How much is it worth to you?
Are you strong arming me?
In my own town?
Are you playing me
in my police station?
Well who bought
this station for you?
How much?
But don't ever ask
for any more favors.
Now who's playing me?
Your boy Charlie,
he ain't dead.
Flynn took him under his wing,
got him hid out in
the desert somewhere.
He faked his death, he
faked the whole thing.
So Flynn's got
something planned
for the dropoff tonight.
I'm gonna need an escort.
I think we can
arrange something.
Charlie ain't dead.
I mean, he ain't dead.
You're certain?
To a certainty.
Flynn's been backing
Charlie all the way.
I bet he spent a fortune on him.
So what does that mean for us?
I mean Charlene's already
in Dallas by now probably.
It means that Charlie's
out there somewhere
looking to put a
bullet in both of us
and maybe Charlene!
Did you think there
wouldn't be a consequence?
I could kill you right here
and nothing will change for me.
Are you gonna settle back
and maybe we can figure
a way out of this.
Look, Flynn doesn't
know we know.
So the drop's still
on for tonight.
In that briefcase
is either the money
or it's a ringer.
Either way, I got a cop escort.
Act normally.
Whoever shows up, we'll take
him to Flynn or the money.
And we still get paid.
You still meet
Charlene in Dallas.
And you two still fly
away from DFW to Hawaii.
You in?
Yeah, I'm in.
Masterson is
gonna meet us there.
The place you got killed.
Shotgun's mine.
Take your pick.
You sure you can handle that?
Our escorts will
be here in a few.
You might wanna get some rest.
Now where is that crooked cop?
Is that them?
No, it's the wrong direction.
Yeah that's more like it.
Well I was gonna call the cops.
REPORTER: And in local
news, William Barlow,
local Three Sands
bartender was killed
in a one vehicle accident
yesterday on Cherry Lane
when he lost control
of his vehicle
and collided with a large oak.
No words yet on the
condition of the oak.
He wasn't there
The sun come flying
He wasn't there
Fool lying
He wasn't there
Man out of your luck
And I took all
When I walked into the diner
She was standing in the note
She smiled and said
the name's Mariola
And she sat, had lunch
and a cherry cola
And I will be serving you
Could I bring you lemon pie
It wasn't there
Sunk on fire
He wasn't there
You liar
He wasn't there
And Mariola
And I turn cold
I settle in,
where's your man
She touched her face
said I don't know Sam
I'm off at a quarter five
Can I come with you
I'll make you so alive
When I came back
her bags were packed
She had a flower in her hair
Go to sleep
In my car
I got the wheel
As we ride
Into the sun
We can wait
Til the summer
Nose into the ground
Till my ground
So it's been three days
and you hadn't found the
bartender or the briefcase?
The bartender
doesn't have the money.
Charlie does.
So where's Charlie?
I'll find him.
Yeah I know you'll find him.
Because if you don't,
you'll no longer be
under my protection.
Now is there anything
else I can do?
Just so you know,
I'm going independent.
So you need to pay
me for the work I did
on faking Charlie's death.
I know you got a
whole lot more money
out of old man Flynn than
what you're letting on.
Well if that's
what you really want.
Charlie, it's been
three days, I was worried.
I had some loose
ends to tie up.
I took Billy and dropped him off
with his wife where he belongs.
Buried the money in my grave.
Well, it's supposed
to be my grave.
Nice touch.
Sam's dead.
I heard, it's
all over the radio.
Who did it?
Sheriff Rose was found dead
in his office this morning.
Bullet in his head.
Apparently he has a
safe behind the desk
where he keeps his
shakedown money.
Who did it?
Same one that took out Sam.
Masterson's gone rogue.
FBI's gonna be
down here for sure.
Ain't our problem.
Except it is.
How's that?
Did you see
Masterson kill Sam?
Well no, not directly.
I rolled up right
after the deed.
Did he see you?
It's possible.
Charlie, there are good
cops and there are bad cops.
He's one of the worst.
Guys like Masterson don't
have a jurisdiction.
Wherever you go,
he will find you
and he will kill you.
So what am I supposed
to do, kill him?
Why I ain't no cop killer.
I know you aren't.
But this cop is a killer
and he will kill you.
And you can bet that
he knows you've got the money.
We need to find a
new place to hold up,
figure this whole thing out.
Well, Charlie.
You have led him right to me.
You cut through the
garage, pick up the cash
and get out of this town.
Charlie, it's Chino.
Don't shoot, I'm coming in.
Takes a cop to kill one.
Don't look so
surprised, Charlie.
It's a border town.
Got FBI crawling
all over the place.
I'll pull my truck around.
You can help me load him up.
I got a hole in the desert
going straight to hell
waiting for him.
Where's the accent?
Show's over.
I knew it was fake.
What's your real name?
What's yours?
Charlie Potter.
He's dead.
It's all in there.
Birth certificate, Social
Security card, driver's license.
So what's your name?
Randall Stevens.
I'll have my people slip
you across the border tonight.
After that, you don't know us.
That's a good looking suit.
This is harder than I thought.
Death and goodbyes are
best handled the same way.
Just ride on and pull
into the next station.
And Charlie, make
yours a good station.
Charlene was never seen
or heard from again.
Course nobody really
looked much either.
Chino gathered all the
evidence the FBI needed
for a corruption case.
All the dirty deeds,
illegal arrests and murders.
They all pointed to one place.
No one would be opening
the Starlight today.
Billy and his wife
stayed in Mexico.
Word is his wife
had family in Acuna.
They never turned up
north of the border again.
Turns out that Three Sands
had an opening for mayor
and I decided to step in.
Why not?
It was the only
legitimate election
folks in Three Sands
could remember.
No fuss was kicked up over Sam.
Folks figured his past
had finally caught up
to his future.
Either way, Sam was gone.
Chino's smuggling
operation had done well.
Too well.
He played both sides of
the law like a Mozart.
Trouble is he made
himself at home
in the desert, but
he was just a guest.
Or else he had too
many irons in the fire.
Or too many fires.
Either way, as the man said,
live by the sword.
Heard Charlie took
Sam's shakedown money
and with my blessing
turned it into a loan
to buy his own garage.
First of every month
Charlie mailed me a check
from his new operation.
Had the debt paid off in a year.
I sure hope Charlie
found somewhere green.
Hey Charlie
where will you go
Said I don't know
Maybe somewhere
south of Mexico
Hey yo
Hey Charlie they
want you dead
Hey Charlie their
hands are red
Hey Charlie I wish
they let you be
'Cause now you're a fugitive
Hey Charlie when
will they know
Blood just wasn't
meant to be
Hey Charlie they
want you dead
Hey Charlie their
hands are red