Goodnight, Mister Tom (1998) Movie Script

( birds singing,
church bells pealing )
( radio tuning through
stations and static )
Radio announcer:
...Seeds, wait until the fruit
is nearly...
( crowd laughs )
Sorry about that.
BBC announcer:
This is London.
You will now hear a statement
by the prime minister.
I am speaking to you
From the Cabinet Room
at 10 Downing Street.
This morning the British
ambassador in Berlin
Handed the German government
a final note
Stating that unless we heard
from them by 11:00
That they were prepared at once
to withdraw their troops
From Poland, a state of war
would exist between us.
I have to tell you now
that no such undertaking
Has been received
And that consequently
This country is at war
with Germany.
( crowd gasps )
Give them an inch,
they take a yard.
Excuse me.
Oh, um, Mr. Oakley...
I thought I spotted you
sitting at the back there.
You've heard that our
choirmaster, Walter Wingate
Has just been called up...
Which does rather present us
with a bit of a problem.
Only I have it
on good authority
That you're something
of a musician yourself?
I used to play
the organ a bit, if
that's what you mean.
Doesn't mean
I know anything
about choirs--
Or would want to.
We all have to do our bit,
you know-- it's your duty.
And when I need you
to tell me
What my duty is, Mrs.
Ford, I'll let you know.
At least tell me you'll think
about it, Mr. Oakley.
I'll think about it.
( stationmaster blows whistle,
train chugs off )
Now wait here...
You realize that I am the
billeting officer for this area?
What's that to do with me?
His name is William beech,
and his mother says
She'll only let him be evacuated
if he's put with someone
Who's either religious
or lives near a church.
And the home office says
it is obligatory to take one.
So I'm sorry,
Mr. Oakley
But he just has to go somewhere.
You'd best come in then.
Come on.
Well, take your mac off.
If you've had
enough, leave it.
So, where you from?
( clears throat )
( chair scrapes )
Look, uh, I have to go out.
You'll be all right for a bit
on your own, will you?
Have a look outside
if you want.
( door opens, then bangs shut )
I'm not having him
and that's that.
What do I know
about kids of that age?
Excuse me, Mr. Oakley,
you have got him
Whether you like it or not.
And if you don't--
Well, you're just going to have
to lump it, aren't you?
For what it's worth,
I wasn't happy
About leaving the child
with you either
But I'm afraid it's a case
of needs must, Mr. Oakley.
There's not another
spare bedroom going
In the entire village.
Then try another village.
That is out of the ques... No!
We all have
to put our shoulders
To the wheel,
Mr. Oakley--
Even you.
There is a war on, you know.
You're one of the
London lot, aren't you?
Yes, miss.
And a regular wild bunch,
too, I've heard.
What's your name, then?
William beech.
Well, William beech
I expect I'll be seeing you
in my class shortly.
And it's not "miss,"
it's "missus."
Mrs. Hartridge,
all right?
So who are you
billeted with, then?
He lives there.
Oh, you mean Tom.
Well, good-bye, William.
( dog barks )
Get away! Get away
or I'll kill you!
Now, we'll have no talk
about killing, all right?
Because I reckon we've got
about enough of that already.
Now, as far as
the dog's concerned
It's my dog there.
His name's Sammy, and he's
soft as me pocket really.
So don't you go taking
no more sticks to him.
Do you hear?
( poker sizzling )
Well, now what?
( Sam barking )
( Sam continues barking )
( birds chirping outside )
( church bell rings )
Dear sir or madam
I asked if Willie
could go and stay
With God-fearing people
So I hope he has.
Like most boys,
he's full of sin
But he has promised
to be good.
But just in case,
I've put the belt in.
( belt buckle clanks softly )
Good night, then.
Good night, mister.
You can...
Call me Tom.
( from bedroom ):
Good night, Mr. Tom.
Sorry, mister.
Get them wet things off.
And the jacket.
Now, here's
the post office.
If you just
get a stamp
And post
this for me
While I have
a quick word
with the doctor.
Your mum won't be able
to read that.
Yes, she will.
She's got
one of these, too.
And this way,
you see
You get twice
as much on.
Thank you.
You see, when I got
him up this morning
I found he'd wet the bed.
A not uncommon occurrence, Tom.
With a child who's been
ripped out of his home
Practically by the roots
And dumped
in some alien place.
But what am I supposed
to do about it?
What we're all having
to do these days, Tom.
The best we can
Under the circumstances.
So, what's your name?
William beech.
What's yours?
Zacharias wrench--
My parents' idea
of a joke, I think.
But you can
call me Zach.
Who've they
put you with?
Mr. Tom.
I'm here with the doctor
and his wife--
Friends of my mum
and dad's.
It'll come in handy,
I suppose...
If I'm ever ill.
You all right?
Come on, then.
See you around.
Good lads.
Have you got
your Anderson up yet?
It's been
I'll send the lads round
if you like--
Give you a hand.
I can manage,
Who said you couldn't?
You still a member
of that knitting circle
Round at the church?
Of course.
Only, um... You'll have heard
I've been landed
With one of
these evacuees.
Talk of the village.
I'll bet.
Only the only
clothes he's got
Are what he's standing up in,
you see.
You haven't got
to clothe them, you know.
I wasn't planning to.
I was wondering if...
Between you
you could, like
Rustle him up
a couple of things.
I'll think about it.
For me?
Well, who else?
Well, come on,
let's see if they fit.
Never mind.
Come on, then.
( Sam whimpering )
Now, I thought
You were supposed
to be helping.
Me new shirt
will get dirty.
Then take it off.
Go and change it, then.
Aren't you roasting
In that jumper,
He's got a temperature,
hasn't he?
Trying to sweat it
out of himself
If you must know.
Well, come on, then, chop-chop.
Want this finishing by tonight.
I'm going over
To the church
for a bit.
Back in
about an hour.
All right?
All right.
( organ playing )
%% and did those feet
in ancient times... %%
No, just a minute,
just a minute.
I mean... Have I been wasting
my time these last months
Or what?
It's uplifting people want,
not burying!
Now, start again!
Let's put a bit of beef
into it this time!
Some sort of problem,
is there, Mr. Oakley?
Nothing I can't sort out...
If left to get on with it.
Now, this time
I want to hear you.
All right?!
( plays first chord )
%% bring me my bow
of burning gold %%
%% bring me my arrows of desire %%
( joining in ):
%% bring me my spear:
O clouds unfold %%
%% bring my chariot of fire %%
Choir ( alone ):
%% I will not cease
from mental fight %%
%% nor shall my sword
sleep in my hand %%
%% till we have built Jerusalem %%
%% in England's
green and pleasant land. %%
( William groans )
( organ plays end of hymn tune )
Have you no more sense
Than to be out here
at this time of night?!
Do you want
to catch your death?!
You said we had
to finish it tonight.
All right, come inside, then.
Come on.
( sighs )
( William pounding on organ )
Don't you ever touch
that instrument again
Without my permission.
Is that clear?
I'm... Going fishing this
afternoon if you want to come.
Need any help?
I think I can just
about manage, thanks.
Is will about?
We were just off out, actually.
somewhere nice?
Really? Can I come?
( plane flying low )
Well, cheer up.
It's only school
you're going off to,
you know
Not your own hanging.
Got everything,
have you?
Off you go, then.
( children laughing
and shouting )
( young children
singing in distance )
I'm sorry, William.
It's the door
just across the hall.
Now, what's the matter?
They put me with the babies.
Can we have a word?
Of course,
Mr. Oakley.
William tells me
You've put him
in the babies' class.
That's right,
Mr. Oakley.
Well, would you mind
telling me why
When you've got
all his friends
in your class?
Because they can read and write.
Now, join up the dots
And see what
you end up with.
Never mind.
Now... Try again
Only this time,
take your time.
Don't try stabbing
it to death.
Here you are.
Have another go.
It's bad, isn't it?
No, it isn't!
Not bad at all.
Now, just get on
with the next one.
That's it.
There you are,
you see.
You've written
your own name.
Oh, Mr. Tom!
Now... Draw a line
under that
And get it copied.
And before you do,
just you draw me
another line.
Them's straighter than
I can do with a ruler.
Wherever did you learn
To do that?
Just did it.
Go on, then,
get it copied.
Won't I go to hell?
Only you go to hell
if you copy, don't you?
It's cheating.
Well, whatever lunatic
told you that?
Never mind, just do it...
And if a chap with horns
And a pitchfork
comes looking
for you
We'll blame me, all right?
"the tinder box."
"a soldier was marching
along the high road
Right-left, right-left..."
"everybody used to mock
him and make fun of him.
The eldest son wanted
to go and cut wood..."
"the kingdom was
cer... Cer...
Cert... Certainly
very small."
( rooster crowing )
What's it say, Mr. Tom?
"in loving memory
of Rachel Oakley
"aged 27 years
"a dearly beloved wife.
"also John Oakley,
aged five years
A dear son, now with God."
And did they
just die?
No... They caught
What's Scarlatina?
A disease-- a killer.
At least in them days.
Two weeks,
it was all over...
Or so I'm told.
Why didn't you catch it?
Because I wasn't here, was I?
No, I was on a ship
on convoy duty
Fighting for king and country,
as they say.
What was he like-- John?
Oh, he was bright as a button,
sharp as sixpence.
Bit naughty sometimes
Full of life...
To the brim.
In fact, very much
like her, really.
Anyway, what's this?
Out here in your 'jamas
and not even dressed yet.
I wanted to show
you something.
Come on.
Come on.
( William panting )
Dry, Mr. Tom, it's dry.
That's great, William,
that's really great!
Two and six?
This is quality
stuff, Mr. Oakley.
( thunder rumbling )
So this is
Where you've been
hiding yourself.
You do realize your
tea's been on the table
For nearly half an hour
Do you?
Sorry, Mr. Tom.
I should think you are.
%% happy birthday to you %%
%% happy birthday
to you %%
%% happy birthday, dear William %%
%% happy birthday to you. %%
( all clapping and cheering )
Go on, then, blow.
If you manage
To blow
them all out
You get to make a wish.
( all talking at once )
Anybody want the last rock cake?
( kids laughing )
So didn't she even
send him a card, then?
Shame on her.
Now, come on,
let's have a tune
out of you.
Come on, Alice,
you know better
than to ask that.
Look, Rachel wouldn't
have thanked you
For letting it rot
away in the corner
Just because
she's not here
to play it anymore.
You can't grieve
forever, Tom.
( kids laughing
and tooting noisemakers )
Pop it--
pop the balloon.
( balloon pops )
( kids laughing )
( kids talking and laughing
in background )
( tones begin to emerge )
( playing "it's a long way
to Tipperary" )
%% ...It's a long way to go %%
%% it's a long way to Tipperary %%
%% to the sweetest girl I know %%
%% good-bye, Piccadilly %%
%% farewell, Leicester square %%
%% it's a long, long way
to Tipperary %%
%% but my heart's right there. %%
Well done, Tom.
( all clapping )
( all calling good-bye )
Night, William.
Oh, and, uh... This is
for you as well, by the way.
Nearly forgot
to give it to you.
Happy birthday.
Thanks, Mr. Tom.
This has been the best time
I've had in me whole life.
( retching )
Come in.
Mrs. Black said
I were to see you
Before I went home.
That's right,
I've got a bit
of news for you.
Mr. Tom, I've been moved up
to Mrs. Hartridge's class!
She says I can read and write
good enough now.
It's from your mum,
Seems she's not
been very well.
Wants you back.
Where have they
come from, Mr. Tom?
Place called Dunkirk...
And lucky to get
out alive, I heard.
Walk on.
( steam engine whistles )
Now, don't
forget to write.
And, um, if you do
change your mind
About them paintings
of yours
You just let me know
And I'll post them
to you, all right?
They belong here with you
And anyway,
they'll still be here
When I get back,
won't they?
Course they will.
I will be coming back
Won't I?
Course you will.
Now, you just take
good care of yourself
Do you hear?
You just take
your time.
You haven't seen your
mother for a few months
So... It's bound to be
a bit awkward at first.
I'll miss you.
You'll, uh,
make sure he
gets off all right?
Don't worry.
( train whistle blows )
Here you are,
then, son.
Rise and shine.
Station announcer:
...On platform four.
You look different.
Put weight on.
See, I'll take...
( slaps )
I'll say
What to take
And not to take.
So, how are you
feeling now?
Fine... I'm fine.
Only they said
you was ill.
Did they?
So... What you got
in the bag, then?
Just me things
And a present
for you from Mr. Tom.
Mr. Tom?
Mr. Oakley, the man
I stays with
down there.
Well, I don't need
charity, thank you.
It's just
some bed socks.
And Mrs. Little-- that's
the doctor's wife--
She sent you a bottle
of tonic wine.
Haven't I told you
about the evils of drink?!
It ain't
a real drink, mum
Like you get in a pub.
It's got iron in it
To help you get
your strength back.
And what
would you know
About what
you get in a pub?
When we get home
I want no noise
from you, all right?
Because nobody
has to know
That you're here,
that's why.
And when
we get inside
I've got
a surprise for you.
( unlatching door )
What's that smell?
What smell?
Doesn't matter.
Not a dog, is it,
this surprise?
What surprise?
This surprise
you've got for me.
It's over there...
In the box.
( crying )
It's a baby.
It's a present
from Jesus.
Don't you dare!
A bit of discipline,
that's all she needs.
( crying continues )
She's just a baby, mum.
Sit down!
My God, but isn't my life
bad enough as it is?
Stuck here on me own
in this house
Night after night
Frightened half
out of me head
half the time
Without you starting?
What are you
frightened of, mum?
The air raids, is it?
The air raids...
Look, if we're killed,
we're killed
And that's God's will, right?
So what are you
frightened of, then?
By what's going on
out there, of course.
Oh, Willie,
if you knew...
If you only knew
what's going on out there--
The filth...
( grimly ):
The rising tide of filth.
Perhaps you should
see somebody, mum.
Like who?
Like an head doctor,
That's what
you think, is it?
That perhaps
I'm off my head
Just because I know
what's going on
out there?
You just keep a civil tongue
in your head, my lad
Or else.
You have brought it back,
haven't you-- the belt?
I forgot.
You left it behind
on purpose, didn't you?
No, mum, honest!
But I can get another.
I know a shop
Where they sell
lots of them.
Now, get upstairs
Out of my sight!
( baby crying )
And you can shut up and all!
( crying continues )
( pans clattering )
( cats yowling )
( baby fussing )
Your favorite.
Certainly got
your appetite
back, anyway.
Must be all that
fresh air, I expect.
Such a beautiful baby
you were, though.
Proud as punch
I was, wheeling you
out in your pram--
Sun shining,
people stopping
Just stopping
just to look at you.
"where do you get
him from, then,
missus, Heaven?"
Happiest days of
my entire life
then, Willie.
What's this?
My present to you.
It was Mr. Tom's idea.
Mr. Tom?
I told you, the man
I stay with down there.
Well, go on, open it.
It's where
I live down there.
Did you steal this?
I did it meself.
I did, mum,
honest I did.
And these?
Where did these
come from then, eh?!
Did you steal these as well?!
They were presents
from Ginnie and Carrie.
You've been mixing
with girls down there?
But they're nice, mum
And they all
go to church--
Well, except
Zach, of course.
He's me best friend.
And why doesn't
he go to church, then?
Because they ain't
got one down there--
A synagogue, I mean.
A synagogue?
That's what they
call their church,
the synagogue.
He's Jewish?
You're telling me
That you've been consorting
with Jews down there?
But what's wrong
with Jews, mum?
Like Zach says,
Jesus was a Jew,
wasn't he?
You know what we do
with blasphemers
in this house?!
No, mum!
Not there!
Please, mum, not there!
( baby crying )
( playing "it's a long way
to Tipperary" slowly )
Radio announcer:
The German raiders are leaving
blazing and destroyed buildings.
Overhead I can hear the pulsing
drone of the circling bombers.
Below ground in the shelters,
men, women and children listen
To the muffled sounds of bombs
and antiaircraft fire.
Mr. Oakley?
Still no news, then?
Afraid not.
Contact him, Mr. Oakley?
Only I thought I'd have heard
from him by now, you see.
It's been
over a month.
It does tend to happen
like that, you know
Once they get back
into the home
( Sam whimpering )
( air raid siren
begins blaring )
Everybody, down in shelter!
Lost are we, sir?
Looks like it?
Never mind
about that now.
Let's get
down the shelter.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, hurry up!
I'm sorry, mate,
no dogs allowed
in the shelter.
So what am I supposed
to do with him, eh?
Leave him out here
to be blown to bits?
Oh, come on, then.
And he definitely
didn't run away,
you say?
Only it's happening
all the time--
Kids just taking off,
coming back to London.
No question of that.
Look, I just want
to make sure
He's all right,
that's all.
And you've got
an address for him
round here, have you?
Well, come
tomorrow morning,
God willing
We'll see if
we can find him
for you, shall we?
( bomb exploding )
( whimpering )
( baby crying )
( all-clear siren blowing )
Young couple,
just married.
He was home
on embarkation leave.
And are they...
Are they both?
Oh, yeah.
Bloody, bloody war.
Well, I suppose you'll
be wanting to find
This kid
of yours, right?
If it's not...
Just give me
ten minutes, will you?
Of course.
( knocking on door )
If it's Mrs. Beech you're
wanting, she's not here.
Do you know
where she's gone?
To the coast,
she said.
What about the boy?
Did he go with her?
Can't remember
ever seeing any boy.
Little lad,
ten years old.
Oh, young Willie, you mean.
Evacuated to the country,
last I heard.
just as well--
Quiet boy, no friends
as such, bullied a lot.
Sitting target, really.
I mean, this house--
real house of mystery, you know.
You don't half hear
some funny things sometimes.
What sort of things?
Well, whimpers
sometimes, bumps.
Like somebody humping
furniture about.
Well, people do
move furniture about.
Huh, at 3:00
in the morning?
So when did you
last see her?
About a week ago.
In fact, I nearly
dropped dead with shock
When she condescended
to speak to me.
Talk about la-di-da.
( Sam whimpering )
There's nobody
in there, Rover.
Not like him
to make a fuss
over nothing, though.
Smell something,
do you?
Uh, look, I'll see
if I can find a copper.
Oi, hang on a minute.
Cor, what died
in here, then?
( Sam whining )
Quiet, Sam.
Here, let me.
( groans )
God almighty
What the hell's
been going on here?
All right, let me
have the baby, son.
Get away.
Let me.
What's his name,
then, William?
It's an her.
I call her Trudy.
a nice name.
Are you going to let me
have a hold, then?
( sniffling ):
Why didn't you come?
I kept calling for you,
but you didn't come.
( moaning and mumbling )
( shrieks )
( shrieking continues )
( Sam whining )
Keep an eye on him,
will you?
( Sam whining )
He's in deep shock,
Mr. Oakley.
We've had to keep him
well sedated, I'm afraid.
Saves combing,
I suppose.
How are you
feeling now?
I had a nightmare.
They stuck
this needle in me.
Can't I come home
with you, Mr. Tom?
I'm afraid
You have to
leave now.
Don't go.
Stay a bit more.
Now, you just
On getting
yourself better.
All right?
Not something
I have a lot of Faith
in myself, mind you--
Drugging them.
You'll be
Mr. Tom, then?
Tom Oakley.
My name's Stelton.
I'm a psychiatrist.
I work in conjunction
with the children's home.
Our feeling is
That he'd benefit
from treatment there.
What sort
of treatment?
Psychiatric treatment.
I'd like him to come
back home with me.
As I understand it
You aren't actually
related to him, Mr. Oakley.
So, are there any
other relatives
Who'd take him in?
Well, that's,
of course, something
That we would
have to go into.
And if there aren't?
As I said, there is
the children's home.
( Sam barks and whimpers )
( door closes )
( horse snorts )
Mr. Tom?
How did I get here?
I kidnapped you.
That's what I did, boy,
I kidnapped you.
I kidnapped you.
( chuckles heartily )
( loudly ):
I kidnapped you!
Well, they seem
to have patched you up
Pretty well at
the hospital, William.
Now, you just
settle down
And I'll call in to see
you again tomorrow.
All right?
The sores will soon
heal, of course.
It's the wounds inside
That we need
to worry about.
And you do realize,
don't you, Tom
That sooner or later
They're bound to
come looking for him.
No, they're far too busy
to go chasing evacuees.
Besides, they didn't even
know he was in London.
She saw to that.
Good night, then, Tom.
Night, doctor.
Oh, and, uh
You will let young Zach
know he's back?
You mean he hasn't
been round here yet?
( chuckles )
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no!
Get away!
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, now, come on.
It's him, Mr. Tom.
It's him.
( panting )
Don't you ever knock?
So, can I see him
today, Mr. Oakley?
When he's had
his breakfast you can.
But he takes ages.
You know
what he's like.
He chews everything.
I thought we all did.
Not everybody.
I just give mine
a quick bite and
swallow it.
Mr. Tom?
Is that Zach
down there?
Go on, then.
Take that up.
Thanks, Mr. Oakley.
So, what's been happening
while I've been away?
Not a lot.
Been dead boring,
Oh, except Mrs. Hartridge's
husband got shot down
And killed.
Least they never
found him.
But she still had the baby okay.
You did know
she was having
a baby?
But you must have noticed
how big she'd got.
You do know about sex and stuff
Don't you?
Only it's something dirty
and you go to hell for it.
That's rubbish, will.
My dad says
sex is
Just a man and
a woman's way
Of showing how
much they love
each other.
We wouldn't
be here
If it wasn't
for sex--
any of us.
But can't a lady have
a baby on her own?
( laughs )
Of course not.
There has to be
a man involved.
Right, Zach, home time
for you, I think.
Don't want William
overdoing it.
But I can come
And see him tomorrow,
Mr. Oakley?
Course you can.
In that case
I'll see you
tomorrow, then, will.
So, what was
all that about, then?
Zach says a lady
can't have a baby
Without a man.
Oh, yeah?
Is that right?
Trudy's dead, isn't she?
I think you knew that already,
didn't you?
And I killed her.
You killed her?
I should have got out--
I did try.
Honest, I did.
Well, of course you did.
Only you were tied up-- right?
Only what you have
to remember is
That the way
she treated you
and the baby
Was because
your mum was
sick, William.
In fact, very sick, I'd say,
to do what she did.
The trouble was
With this war on
People so busy
surviving themselves
to even notice
So there was no one to help.
What are you doing here?
I've come to see
Mrs. Hartridge.
She's round the back.
( gurgles )
Hello, William.
This is my Peggy...
Who looks just like her dad,
they reckon.
( baby cooing )
So, how are you feeling now?
I'm all right.
Oh, well, at least you're back
safe and sound anyway, eh?
So, how about a glass
of lemonade, then?
Yeah, please.
Then you just hold on
to my Peggy for me, will you
While I get it?
( baby cooing )
That's where
my dad's based--
In the east end.
He'll be all right.
Course he will.
I'm afraid we
have some bad news
for you, William.
It's about
your mother.
She don't want me back again,
does she?
She's dead, William.
I'm afraid
she drowned
herself, son.
Now, Dr. Stelton's here
from a children's home
In Sussex.
Lovely place
from what
I'm told.
Right out in
the country.
I'm sure you're going
to like it there, William.
I want to stay here
with Mr. Tom.
Tell them, Mr. Tom.
I want to stay
here with you.
Now, then,
that's enough
of that, my lad.
Mr. Oakley
is in trouble
enough as it is.
It's a serious
offense, is
I weren't kidnapped;
I were rescued.
Why doesn't William
wait upstairs?
Go on, then, up you go.
The man in your dream--
Is that him, the one
with the moustache?
This, uh,
children's home
You're on about
taking him to.
Oh, yes?
You're in charge
there, are you?
That's right.
Only... He's been having
these nightmares, you see
Ever since I got
him back here.
It's hardly surprising,
Mr. Oakley
After all he's...
About you, apparently.
Me, Mr. Oakley?
That you're going to come
and take him away again.
In fact,
he wakes up
about it.
All of which bears out
What I've just been
saying, I think:
What the lad needs
is specialist
medical treatment.
What the lad needs is love
Dr. Stelton
Something he hadn't seen
a lot of, apparently
Before he came to me.
Now, are you people
Really trying
to tell me
That he's going
to get more of that
Where you're
on about
taking him to
Than he is here?
Because if you are,
I'm telling you
You're talking
a right load of rubbish.
Mr. Oakley
Dr. Stelton is
One of the very best
people in his field
And you can
take it from me
That along with
the rest of us
His one and only
concern here
Is for the boy's
own welfare.
Let's get a spot
of fresh air
Shall we,
Mr. Oakley?
( door opens and closes )
But then it isn't
the boy's welfare
This is all about
Really, is it, Mr. Oakley?
Isn't it?
No, it's about
you, I'd say...
Your welfare.
A lonely and,
from what I hear,
embittered old man
Facing a lonely
and bitter old age.
You really think
That's the only reason
I want him back?
Just to be company for me
when I'm past it?
Well, isn't it?
It bloody well isn't!
And I resent the implication!
Doesn't it bother you
at all that when you're 70
He's still going
to be in his teens?
Course it bothers me.
I'm not stupid, you know.
There's not a lot we can
do about that, is there?
Look, I know it's not
an ideal situation--
Anything but, but...
Well, put it this way:
It's got to be
a damn sight more ideal
Than your
Dr. Stelton in there
Turning him
into some sort of
human guinea pig.
Just tell me one
thing, Mr. Oakley.
Why is the boy
suddenly so
important to you?
He's an evacuee,
for God's sake.
And one at that,
as I understand it
You took
violent exception
To having foisted on you
in the first place.
Isn't it obvious?
Not to me, no.
Nor to Dr. Stelton.
Because I love him,
of course...
As if he was my own
flesh and blood, I do.
And for what it's worth,
I think he loves me as well.
And is that really
enough, do you think
In this day and age?
Well, I suppose
it has to be
Hasn't it,
Mr. Greenway?
In this day and age
or any other
Because if it isn't...
What else is there, eh?
( door opens and closes )
I won't go with them, Mr. Tom.
I won't go with them!
( sternly ):
Oh, won't you?
No, I won't!
Just as well,
then, isn't it?
Because nobody's
asking you to.
Come here.
You see that one
in the dark suit?
Well, he's from
something called
the home office
And he reckons
That after all
the trouble
you've caused
He don't want
you back anymore,
thanks, so...
As long as
I adopt you
All legal
and proper like
Looks like I'm stuck
with you, doesn't it?
Oh, Mr. Tom!
( car driving away )
Mrs. Little,
can I see Zach?
Only I've got some
really great news
to tell him.
Of course you can,
( breathlessly ):
Thank you.
He's upstairs...
Yes... You see
He's just had
some news himself--
Not very good news
in his case,
I'm afraid.
I got a phone call
from my mum.
They bombed the docks.
My dad was there.
I'm sure he'll be
all right, of course.
Take more than
a German bomb to stop him.
Only I have to go and see him...
Just in case he's...
( airplanes roaring )
Are they going
to bomb us, Mr. Tom?
They're saving them
for London, I expect.
( airplanes roaring overhead )
( Sam whimpering )
Radio announcer:
This is the BBC home service.
Here is the news.
Last night's mass air raid on
London is estimated to have been
The heaviest of the war so far.
At least 400 people
have been killed
And 1,400 seriously injured.
Fires are still burning
all over the city
And many homes in the east end
have been razed to the ground.
The fire and the rescue ser...
( clicks radio off )
Stop pushing.
Come along,
that's it.
I wasn't
( train whistle blows )
Oh... William.
Has anybody any idea
where William is today?
No, Mrs. Hartridge.
( bicycle bell rings )
( door opens )
Where have
you been?
Are you all right?
Up you go and wash, then.
Tea will be
on the table
in five minutes.
I'm not hungry.
Dr. Little sent it round
for you.
Thought you
might like
To learn to ride it.
I'm sure Zach would have
wanted you to have it.
Now, you just
come with me
for a minute.
Come on!
You think you're
the only person
Who ever
lost anybody?
It's happening
to people all over.
This very minute.
And all because
some maniac wants
To rule the world.
And how do you
think I felt, eh
When it happened to me?
Not just my wife
I lost, you know.
She was my best pal
as well... My very best.
And my lad.
Except I didn't lose them
You see...
Not really...
Because they're still here...
Inside here
And always will be...
Just like Zach will be for you
In every
little thing
You'll ever
remember about him.
And that is something
That nobody can ever
take away from you...
Nobody... Ever.
( bicycle bell rings )
What's wrong, Mrs. Hartridge?
Nothing's wrong,
It's just... Well,
I had to tell somebody.
See, I've just
had this telegram
About my David, and he
isn't dead after all.
He's alive... A prisoner of war.
Isn't that
Isn't that absolutely wonderful?
Yes, Mrs. Hartridge
Really wonderful!
( baby crying )
( bicycle bell rings )
I can ride, dad.
I can really ride!
---the end---