Goran (2016) Movie Script

How are we gonna do it?
- It's heavy as hell, we'll do it together.
Do you have gloves?
- I have them. -It's sharp on top.
Come on. -Wait for me.
Wait, watch out...
It's not very light!
Check out the path! Hold on, wait...
Wait, I need a second. Put it down...
Just for a second...
This is sharp.
Come on...
OK, OK, truce!
Let's get the stove.
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Look at him! -Hey, Goran.
What are you doing here?
Goran. -Dragan.
- Nice to meet you, Dragan.
Lina didn't mention you were
coming. Both of you, I mean...
What are you doing here?
- I needed some fresh air, so...
We could go bowling tomorrow...
Invite Slavko. -indeed.
I didn't know you bowl. -We all
bowl here. -Oh? Him, too? -Yes.
I have to rush,
Slavko is waiting for me,
but make sure to give me
a call when you unpack. -We will.
Bye then. -Bye...
Can we finish it today? -Sure. If we
keep going, we'll be done by dark.
You think? -I don't think, I know.
Lets work a little longer,
then we'll have a couple of beers.
I got a bunch of movies from Borko.
Yeah, but I have to go home. -Why?
Yes, but Niko is visiting you...
Bowling? Yes, we arranged that at
the station. Yes, OK... Great!
Yes, yes, we'll make it.
Don't worry, we won't be late.
Bye then.
Sorted! We're staying.
Nikds here. -Really?
He invited us bowling.
- Shall we go?
- Sure...
Wait... -Come on. -Wait.
Hold on...
Do it. Wait, hold on...
We are now in my little brother's bed.
This is my little brother.
He is very famous in Delnice
because he fucks...
- Where is it?
A panda.
Isn't that right, little brother?
Borko said you could
take all of these tapes?
Hey, sunshine... Wake up!
That stove of yours...
I told you it was too powerful.
Oh well... We'll son it out.
We just have to widen the spout.
No worries, it's highland skin.
Good day folks, have you cleared the snow?
If not, grab a shovel, because
a new blizzard has been forecast for later this evening
and it should last until the early morning.
Buddy... There's
nothing better than this.
Throughout next week!
What is it with the winter this year, ha folks?
I don't know what to tell you
but light up your fireplaces,
Just enjoy the music, until the
12 oTmclock news in a few minutes!
Fuck... We're late.
- Late for what?
Let's go for a beer. We're
getting a beer upstairs. Join us.
It's great you came. -Sorry...
We stayed up late last night.
- I can smell it on you.
You said it was OK if I stayed.
But we finished the sauna.
- I didn't say it was OK,
I said you can do what you
want, and that's not the same.
Well, maybe I needed one night
with just us guys. -Oh, please!
I'm sure it wasn't your idea. Slavko
talked you into it. -He didn't.
You'll have to
become more responsible.
You can't keep running to the
cabin whenever you feel like it.
We don't even go that often.
We'll do it like this... You convince
Niko to come to dad's for dinner,
and I won't be angry anymore.
Slavkds mum said:
Get away from me, kids,
or I'll smash that
camera against a wall.
When I realized
where this was going,
I quickly gave
the camera to Borko.
Give me a beer. -Sure!
Oh, yes! Both of you
are coming for dinner, right?
Why not. We'll be there. -Cheers!
Wait, Borko is who?
- Slavko's brother.
The dinner is at Luke's, by the way.
About time!
You are late.
What are you standing
there for? Come on in.
Good evening.
Dad... Could you pass the salad?
- Of course, sweetie, here...
What happened to your hand?
- Oh, this? It's nothing.
It's from the sauna.
The stove... It's a bit too strong.
For 100 square meters.
It's nothing.
I should have been more careful with water.
But, anyway... This is really nice.
You did a great job on the house.
Mom did all the decorations.
Dragan, huh?
Niko's friend?
Yes? -From the army?
You don't look like
you served in the military.
I'm not from the army...
I'm an architect.
Right now I'm working on a...
- I know what an architect does.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Well... -A girl! Do you have one?
No. -How come'? Young
and handsome, but nothing?
I don't know. I guess I haven't
found the right one yet. Maybe.
- Maybe
Well... I'm glad we've
all come together tonight.
Cheers. -I have some news...
I'm pregnant.
At least someone
has balls in this family!
Hold on, wait! Rakija!
For mummy...
Take one, mr. architect.
Here, son.
Well done, son in law!
This is the most wonderful
news in a long time...
No... It's the most
wonderful news ever.
You'll be uncle Niko now.
And dad will be grandpa Luka.
Dad will be a grandpa...
I just remembered dad was wrong
when he said no one here has balls.
You've brought him for
dinner at dad's house!
That's brilliant!
Anyway... I wanted to tell you,
it's time you started
working at my lumber yard.
As Borko's assistant...
To start with.
Borko is dumb as fuck,
but he is an excellent boss.
You can learn a lot from him.
You'll finally have decent wages,
and you won't have
to do the taxi bullshit.
Do we have a deal?
I have to go take a piss.
What, you don't like my rakija?
No, it's fine. -Listen to me...
When we celebrate
something at my house,
we drink up our rakija.
Especially when my
daughter is with child!
Come on, drink up.
Let's go.
What is it?
Where are you going?
You have just arrived.
What is it? -Nothing!
- Why are you going then?
Come on, enough foolishness,
come back in the house and...
What? Are you angry with me?
Because I want a minimum
of decency and respect in my house!
We still observe traditions
and customs here, you know?
And we know very well what
is normal and what isn't!
Hey, don't...
What is it?
Don't turn your back
on me while I'm talking to you!
I won't buy a new car.
And I won't work at the lumber yard.
Why are you telling me this?
You could have told him that,
couldn't you? -Why should I have?
You're not a small child that
needs his hand held at all times.
I'm going to bed.
If you intend to get
drunk, stay on the couch.
Look at the sight of him.
You stud! Congratulations, daddy,
come here... -OK, OK, come on!
Want coffee?
What are you doing here?
- He came to fix the oven.
I told you I'd fix it.
- You did? When?
Where are you going? -To work.
You're home'? -I am.
About tomorrow...
Dad says I have to go to Split
to meet with those clients again.
I'll have to stay the night again.
We can go to the cabin whenever
you want. -It's not the same.
I dropped by Slavkds
office today. -You did?
He wasn't there.
- Maybe he had work to do.
You know him. -Yes... I know.
Happy birthday.
I love you.
I'm going.
Have a nice time
today, OK'? -Will do.
Hey, buddy... -Hey
Where are you'? -Happy birthday.
Shall we go to town?
Or drop by my place if you feel
like it, I have a couple of beers.
Aren't you going to the
cabin with Lina tonight?
No, she had to go to
Split for a business meeting.
I'm taking some Swiss
tourists Nordic walking.
But we'll definitely meet
up tomorrow. -I guess.
Yes, that would be nice. -I'm glad
you called, I was gonna call you...
To ask you
to go to the cabin tonight.
They've announced snow and
we've left the tools outside.
Is that a problem?
- No problem. -Kisses, dear,
my guests have just arrived,
I have to go. -Go then. -Talk soon...
Hello. -Hello.
Where are you
travelling to? -Fuzine.
It's sunny in Fuzine.
It's snowing here in Delnice,
and it's sunny over there.
That's Gorski Kotar for you.
The weather always changes,
a bit of this, a bit of that...
I'll take you there. The train
is arriving in 15 minutes.
The car is faster.
Thanks, but I really
don't mind waiting.
I have something to do there
anyway. -Really? -Yes, indeed.
Come... I'll take your things.
- OK. Thank you.
How about you?
Why are you going to Fuzine?
Because I'm driving you there.
OK, but you said you have
something to do there. -Oh, that...
I think I didn't want to
be alone on my birthday...
It's your birthday today? -It is.
- Well, happy birthday. -Thanks.
Why are you alone today, then?
Don't you have a wife or
a girlfriend? -I have a wife,
but she had to go for a trip.
And all of my friends work, so...
How about children?
You have none?
No, but she's pregnant... My wife.
- How nice! Congratulations.
But not with me.
Here you go. -Thanks.
Bye. -Good bye.
Goran? -You're coming with me!
- What are you doing here?
You're coming with me.
Wait... You shouldn't
be here. -Get in!
Get in! -Wait...
So, you're going
with him? -Looks like it.
Buddy, come outside for a minute.
Oh well, buddy... What is it?
Buddy, what happened?
Don't be angry. What is it?
It really turned out stupid.
You're crying?
Look... Let's try not to
ruin everything, OK? -OK...
I don't know.
Let's go home, please...
Let's just go home. -Home?
We're not going home!
We're going to the cabin!
Happy birthday!
What? -Don't tell
me we scared you?
Happy birthday!
He jumped out of his skin!
- He didn't, Slavko told him.
Slavko is such a twat. Where is he?
He didn't come with you?
Oh, well... Shall we have a toast?
To our birthday boy...
And for my dear sister Lina,
and for her new baby. Also,
of course, for uncle Niko!
Cheers!!! -Cheers! -Bot!oms up!
Weren't you coming with Slavko?
I was, but Goran caught us at
the gas station. -Happy birthday.
I just need a second.
Goran! Are you OK?
What is it?
Nothing, why?
What are you doing?
Leaving? -No... I'm not.
Let's go inside, come on...
Let's go...
Wohoo... Lets go. Cmon.
It's nothing special,
but I think you'll like it.
Thanks. -Well, open it first.
I don't deserve her.
- Hey, don't... -Niko!
I am grateful I can be by her side
every day, and take care of her.
Niko, I love enough for
the both of us. -Goran...
You are a wonderful person.
My sister is very happy to have you.
And now you'll have a child loo.
Don't ever think like this again.
I am infertile.
No, Niko... Everything is OK.
Today I realized it does
not matter, understand?
She is all that matters.
Who? -It does not
matter, understand?
Don't be a smartass, what do
you do? You dance ballet?
I don't dance ballet, I just said I
like the movie, what's the problem?
It's your movie anyway.
- What are you trying to say?
I don't know. Don't get
me wrong. -I got it right.
What do you mean
by "it's my movie"?
Can we stop this?
- Are you above me?
I'm not, but you're
acting like an asshole.
What? -You are.
- I'm acting like an asshole?
What is it'? ls everything OK with
Lina'? -Yes, everything is OK.
I just wanted to thank you
for offering me the job,
and for being willing to
help me buy a new car.
We'll be a family now...
And one must take
care of their family.
Isn't that so?
It is.
When do you want me
to be at the lumber yard?
You have fun, party and enjoy
yourself, so tomorrows out.
It would be best if you came the
day after tomorrow at 7.30 am.
That's that. Hey, wait...
Happy birthday. -Thank you.
That's where happiness lies!
- What are you doing?
I am kissing you!
- You are so naughty... I never!
Tonight, my dear, I will whisper
gentle words into your ear...
I must tell you tonight,
just how much I love you...
What will you think of me?
Li's nice that someone is thinking
of me. -This is no life for you!
You are a sophisticated soul. -You
understand me. I am suffering a lot.
I forgot to ask you...
What shoe size do you wear?
43. Why'?
You'll get work boots
with steel toe caps.
So the logs don't crush your toes.
Hey, I know a great
game we can play.
That's how you have fun in Zagreb?
You play games and
listen to electric shit?
Yes, but its electronic,
not electric, genius!
And Niko? Is he with you?
He is.
He is?
I wanted to ask you a favour...
Could you tell him I said hi?
Of course.
What kind of queer haircut is that?
- What about it'? -It's a bit queer!
At least I'm not a primitive hillbilly.
Well said, my friend.
To hillbillies and queers!
Hey... -Hi.
You're wet!
I'm really cold. - Come to me.
I don't understand.
Where is Slavko?
He organized all of this.
I fucking had it with him.
Get out of the way! -I'm not in
the mood for this shit, get out!
Get out! -Move, you idiot! -Get out,
fuckhead! -I'll run you over, fool!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get out! -What are you doing?
I'm going home! -I can't hear
you. If you could just...
I've had enough of you! -OK,
but this is the only car we have...
I don't give a fuck! -So you can't
just do whatever you please.
I don't fucking care, give me
back the key! -Take it easy!
You fucking ape!
What has gotten into you? -I won't
let a primitive fool fuck with me.
What did he say to you? That you
have a gay haircut? So? -It's not...
I'm tired.
I think I'll go to bed.
I'll go with you.
- No, stay.
Did he leave? -Yes. -Did he really
leave? Perica, tell me. -He did.
Get up.
How can you, a married woman,
let him feel you up in my house?
I was resisting. -I didn't
notice you resisting very hard.
Mother fucker! What a dumb-ass.
For fuck's sake!
- Are you insane?
I'm fucking fed up with all of you.
What is it, faggots'? Come on!
It's Goran's birthday.
So... -Just go for it.
Use your finger... Close one nostril.
Hey, come on! It's not your birthday.
Do it...
Now we could play that
fucking game of yours!
I could never live here. Never.
Good morning.
How are you?
Take it slow.
I'm thirsty. -Here's some
water and coffee... A whole set.
This thing here is the bomb.
The bomb.
You know what... I have an
urgent offload to take care of.
Be back in a sec.
What are you doing?
What's that sound?
- What sound? It's nothing.
Who's my baby? -Teddybear!
Go on, teddybear... -No!!!
Give it to me, harder! -Yeah'? -Yes!
Who loves cock? -I do! Piggy!
Bad piggy! -Yes! -We'll punish her!
I... I'm sorry.
And the entire time
I thought it was Slavko.
Oh my god! Slavko...
Mom? -Borko! -Mom, what is it?
Please, tell me what happened?
I'm sow!
Let me out! -Get back inside!
Let me go!
Let go of me!!!
Let me go!
You know what would be nice?
If Niko, you and
I went to the seaside today.
Like back in the day,
just the three of us.
Dragan and Borko
wouldn't mind, right?