Gorenos (2016) Movie Script

Oh, my.
Can we discuss that?
Because I'm like
very upset.
Is there like a writer's guide
to horror films that says,
"bitch must fall down!"
Because that
is the most
unrealistic fucking
tumble I've ever seen.
And I've seen a lot
of fucking horror films.
And then,
she just
stays there.
It's like, she's waiting for
clown face to catch up to her.
a manifesto
for how to make
good horror films.
Cause this genre
has just gone to shit!
What are you
talking about?
We got
the scream movies.
Nothing beats
the original.
Man, those shits came out
like 20 years ago!
Okay, well,
we got
the conjuring
and the insidious movies.
That's not
the point.
That is the point.
You just said
that there were
no good horror movies.
Okay, fine, there's
some good horror movies
that have came out.
But, the shitty one's
outnumber the good one's.
the problem.
All right, so,
according to Parker,
what makes
a good horror movie?
I don't know,
the essentials,
good dialog,
that I actually
care about.
Characters that are able
to use their better judgment.
Like, if you are
home alone
and you hear
weird noises,
don't just yell,
Get the fuck
out of there, man.
I see you're very
serious about this.
Yes, you gotta be.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, pause that.
Pause it!
Am I going crazy
or do you hear that?
You're going crazy.
I'm being serious!
I don't
hear anything.
Cause you're
not listening.
Can you stop?
Cause you're
not funny.
I'm not trying
to be funny,
i hear noises.
Yeah, right,
we're sitting here
watching a horror movie,
talking about
horror movies
and all of a sudden
you start hearing
weird noises.
Stop playing,
I agree
that this
is bad timing, but,
I... really do
hear something,
I'm not joking.
It sounds like
it's coming
from downstairs.
If you tell me
you didn't hear that,
I will bop you.
Okay, fine,
i heard that.
But, your mom's working
the night shift right?
So, we're
the only
one's here.
Park, I don't think
that's my mom
down there.
So, what do you
wanna do?
Check it out,
i guess.
Are you...?
Didn't we just have
a conversation about that?
And now you wanna
go do the same thing
that those
dumb motherfuckers
do in the movies.
First off,
it's two of us,
we're more
of a threat.
And b, this isn't
a horror movie,
this is life!
In life,
run away.
What are you
talking about?
how do
you know
there's not a group
of intruders down there.
with guns,
or equally harmful
sharp ass objects
or an assortment of both.
I'm not running out
of my own house.
It's about
the principles.
Fuck principles,
principles don't
keep you alive.
I'll grab
the bat,
you grab
the broom.
What you want me to do?
Swoop the shit out of them?
Come on.
Nah, nah, nah.
I'm not going
down there, man.
I don't care
what you say,
or how you say it,
I'm not going
down there.
I'm not doing it.
One, two, three.
What the fuck are
you doing here?
You're ready?
I know that,
I live here.
But, I thought
that you were
at Nia's house.
We were,
and now we're here.
Y'all sounding like
some fucking pussies.
You know what,
i think
you're voices
might be
a little higher
than mine.
And you
were like...
it's funny now.
But, you almost
got fucked up.
By who?
Me and Parker,
Oh, I mean,
not, not quite.
Not quite.
If those were
really intruders,
they would've
got fucked up
with our quickness.
No doubt.
Can we take
a little break
from the horror movies?
I mean,
I'm just saying.
No, come on.
I'm just saying.
Okay, so, aside from
the other components,
good dialogs,
smart characters,
that kinda thing,
what is
the one ingredient
needed to make
a solid horror film?
The 'o.S.'
I don't know.
The "oh, shit"
The what?
and what's the
'o.S.' Factor?
I was thinking about
the movies you named.
Scream, insidious,
the conjuring,
they all have
that 'o.S.' Factor.
You know, something fresh,
something that throws you off
and makes you say,
"oh, shit"
the 'o.S.'
I just feel
like nowadays,
horror movies
abide by the same
And in
my opinion,
it really
belittles us
as audience
I shouldn't have
to turn my brain off
to enjoy
a horror movie.
You see
what I'm
I wanna
be surprised.
I wanna care about
what's going on.
I want
an experience.
Yo, one more week.
To what?
To, to what?
To your fucking
you dum-dum.
Being legal
and shit like me.
Yo, I was
about this.
We should go
to a strip club.
Are you
for real?
Yeah, man!
Please, don't toy
with my emotions.
I'm serious, man.
Let's hit
that shit up.
How am I the only
one here again?
It's just pitiful, man!
Mr. Roland?
Mr. Roland?
Mr. Roland!
Notice me!
What does
the board say,
I'm not asking for an apology,
I'm asking to tell me
what the board says.
"If you have a question,
raise your hand"
"exclamation point."
He can read.
I had my doubts.
But, you came through.
Why I gotta raise
my hand, now?
I'm the only one here.
It's not like you have
hands to choose from.
The rules
don't change.
Rules are
for the majority.
I'm above
the law,
Mr. Roland.
If you were
above the law,
you wouldn't be in
detention now,
would you?
Mr. Roland coming
with the fire!
Miles, I'm losing
my Patience with you.
Is it okay if I go
to the bathroom?
Didn't you have
10 free minutes
before you got here?
Yeah, but, I didn't
have to go then.
As much as
I'd like to,
I can't control
the actions of my
bladder, Mr. Roland.
You have
three minutes,
starting now.
Say I never came back,
what would you do?
Now, you have
two and a half minutes.
You wanna continue?
I could make it
go down to 30 seconds.
I leave now.
Aidan hit me in the face
with a fucking rock!
It was an accident,
dudeski, I said I was sorry.
I was trying to hit
chase with the rock,
but Kurt got in the way.
Why the fuck you trying to hit
me in the face with a rock?
It wasn't a big rock.
You would've been fine.
Kurt's fine.
No, I'm not.
Aidan, you're clearly missing
the larger issue at hand,
you don't throw
rocks at people.
Dudeski, you totally
had it coming,
you were
being an asshole.
How's that
being an asshole?
Nic, give me one
example of assholery
that would work in smash
in the face of fucking rock.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
is a bit excessive.
I didn't wanna smash you.
I just chucked it in the air
with the hopes that it would
hit you in the temple.
I didn't wanna hit you hard
enough to do any serious damage.
But, I did wanna
hit you hard enough
to get my point across
that you can't keep being
an asshole to people.
Ah, well, you still haven't
told me what I did.
You know
what you do,
Okay, yeah,
sure I do.
Well, seeing as how I got hit
like two seconds ago,
yeah, Aidan,
I'm still in pain,
but thanks.
Yeah, that's what
I'm here for, dudeski.
Not to throw
rocks at you,
but to ask if you're okay in the
event you do get hit by a rock.
So, there's
kitty's coalition
and Sloan's salon.
Which kinda sounds
like a brothel.
Both place
are downtown,
so, that's like
a 15 minute
walk from here.
I think you gotta be
21 and over for Sloan's
because they
serve alcohol.
Kitty's coalition is...
18 and over.
Listen, yo!
Today, I was
washing my hands
in the bathroom,
and this urinal
flushed by itself.
I was the only one
in the bathroom.
And the urinal that flushed
wasn't the one I was using.
And I wasn't
even close to it.
I'm serious.
And this
Yeah, it actually
happened, man.
I can't tell
if you're
messing with me.
I'm not.
Weird shit
is happening.
Ah, don't touch it, man.
Does, does it hurt?
Yeah, this shit hurts.
And I know it wasn't
here last night.
What do you
think it is?
I don't
know man,
i mean,
maybe you
scratched yourself
in the sleep?
How can you say
no for sure?
If you did
in your sleep,
you wouldn't know.
I didn't do it in my
fucking sleep, park.
This falls into
the category of
'weird shit'
and I need you
to acknowledge that.
What do you know
about your house?
Were there any crimes
committed here?
Not that i
know of, why?
I'm just thinking about how
it goes in the movies, man,
you know, weird stuff
starts happening.
And then you find out
the house that you living in
contains a secret
portal to hell.
Or I don't know,
the last family
that lived here
was all murdered
under mysterious
that kinda thing.
you remember
nightmare on elm street?
What if you're mom
killed someone
and now their evil ghost
has come back to haunt you
as a form
of retribution
for her sins?
You wanna turn
the TV back on?
The fuck?
Kenan, I need to know what you
know about this house.
What? Miles?
What do you think
I'd know that you don't?
I don't know,
do you know
anything about
any secret
portals or
or vengeful spirits?
Give me something.
Look, before
you mock
my suffering,
look at
this shit.
How did
you get that?
Looks like you scratched
yourself or something.
My nails are
not that sharp.
I'm telling you this has
something to do with the house.
Kenan, has anything weird
been happening to you?
Nope, not to
my knowledge.
Seems like you're
the prime target, miles.
Why is that?
And the mocking
I had to.
Yeah, okay.
It's all fun and games until
a motherfucker gets possessed.
Boy has lost
his fucking mind.
You remember,
when we went
into the kitchen,
because we thought
someone had broken
into the house,
but it was really,
just kenan and Nia?
for a split second,
not even,
I thought...
I saw something
else in the kitchen.
What do you
mean something else?
It was so quick,
I don't even
know how to,
I felt like I caught glimpse
of something that was...
I thought I was
going crazy,
that's why
i didn't say
anything about it.
But, now...
Hey, ma?
Hey, miles?
What do you know
about this house?
Like, did you get
one of those deals,
that was too good
to be true,
cause something really
bad happened here?
Oh, boy!
No, I don't know what you're
expecting to hear, miles.
The house
is fairly new.
It's in a good
The crimes rates
are lower than low.
That's why we
moved here,
Bop, leave
a message please,
I promise I won't
get back to you.
No, I know that...
things have been kosher,
but what about before?
The worst thing
that happened
here that I know of,
believe it or not,
it's Mr. huntly's cat
going missing.
And they found
it the same day.
So, I...
Why are you
asking me this,
You ever kill
anybody before, ma?
No, why would you
even ask me that?
- No.
- Cause he's mental.
Cause I think I'm being haunted
by something in this house.
I'm sorry,
did you say haunted?
Don't listen
to him, ma.
I'm telling
the truth.
Things have
been happening
to me at school,
then I woke up
with this.
It looks like you
scratched yourself.
That's what
i said.
No, you know
what it could be?
I used a different
detergent to wash
your clothes.
Why you still doing
this boy's laundry, ma?
He's about
to be 18.
And you're
about to be 23
yet you still
live at home
with your mom.
to me.
You graduated
from college,
you have a job,
why are you
still here?
Go home, Roger?
Nia and I are
in a process of
getting our own spot.
And you...
Know this.
So, leap
off my testicle.
So, apparently,
I'm not sitting here.
Sorry, ma.
Well, back
to what matters.
Ma, I don't think this
is an allergic reaction.
I'm gonna give you something
to put on it after dinner.
It really doesn't
look that bad.
Er, this is just...
I gotta say
this is delightful.
I'm being neglected
by my own family.
I just want the both
of you to know,
if anything happens to me,
you're gonna be like,
"oh, man,
maybe we should've
taken miles's concerns
more seriously.
If only we
can go back."
Well, by then it
will be too late,
and you have to live
with your mistake.
Pass the gravy,
Two words,
here it is,
Um... actually
that's one word.
But, thanks
for playing.
My bad.
You can't be doing
stuff like that, man.
My bad,
i thought
you heard me.
Pop tart?
No, I'm not
really hungry.
What are
you doing?
Yeah, but,
why are you
chewing like that?
Like what?
You sound like
a fucking giraffe.
I didn't realize I was
chewing that loud.
Well, if you
don't know,
now you know.
I'm over here
in my zone and
you messing
up the flow.
Damn, my bad.
I'm mad you called
me a giraffe though.
you find
anything yet?
Nope, there hasn't
been a murder
here in over 30 years.
30 years?
30 years.
And even then,
it wasn't really
a murder.
It was a vehicular
manslaughter case.
So, we got nothing
to work with?
I just asked...
There's no reason
this shit should be
happening to me.
don't get mad.
I know that I said
before about possibly
seeing something
in the kitchen.
But, I was thinking,
what if this was
just my mind
playing tricks on me?
You a flip flopping
you just said...
I know, I know.
But, what am I supposed
to make of everything?
I mean this is
a good house.
This is
a good neighborhood.
I don't know
what's going on, miles.
Me either.
Okay, so...
Why don't you try and enjoy
the next couple of days?
You got your
birthday coming up,
the strip club,
fun shit!
maybe there
is no haunting.
I don't get
you at all, park.
Now, every thing's
a hallucination?
I just want you
to enjoy your birthday.
You wanna make
some more pop tarts?
I know you want to.
Happy birthday, baby.
Make a wish.
He still here.
When you have time
to make me a cake?
Don't worry
about it.
This looks good.
Eat it.
For breakfast?
of mine,
embrace me.
I love it!
Imma wear
on my gq tee.
You the "ma", ma.
Yes, miles.
You got
me something?
You never give
me anything for
my birthday.
How cheap was it?
Just open it.
I do enjoy
dunkin' donuts.
But, 10 dollars,
that's it?
That's it?
Man, that's
a good deal.
You get
a dozen
You get
a box of
You got
High value.
not welcome.
Oh, I forgot
to ask you,
Any supernatural
last night?
That's surprising,
i expected a full on
possession by now.
Kenan, stop.
Argh! No!
Sorry, ma.
Not even
about it.
All right,
let's take
a trip downstairs.
There's lots
of cards, you know
what that means.
A lot
of mullah,
So, any more
weird stuff?
Nope, for
the last two days,
Happy day of birth,
we got tobacco,
scratch offs
and titties.
And boom.
What the fuck is this?
strong shit,
All I did was
sniff the stuff
and I'm buzzed.
I had you doing
the Harlem shake.
Come on, dudeski,
glug, glug, glug.
Don't be
a little whore,
chug that shit.
Oh, man, uh!
whose ready
for some Booty's
on some Booty's
on some Booty?
What you
asking again?
Would you rather
drink pee flavored
or lemonade
flavored pee?
I mean either
way I lose.
but it's about
how you lose.
I don't know man,
i mean,
all right, so,
if I drink
pee flavored
but it
still tastes
like pee, so,
there's really no
difference from
drinking actual pee.
But, if I drink
flavored pee,
yeah, it tastes
like lemonade,
but it's still pee.
You gotta
make a choice.
Either way,
you look at it,
urine is gonna
be involved.
That's just
a given.
But, it's up
to you
to do decide
whether or not
you actually want
to taste it.
I guess, I'll do
it with the lemonade
flavored pee.
Ah, good, man.
What's this?
Did you get this
from the strip club?
Whoa, whoa,
but how?
Don't question
my ways, brosiff.
That's kind
of insanitary.
Mm, smells like
fucking butterflies.
What do butterflies
smell like?
fuck bitches
get money.
Does that mean,
fuck bitches like
have sex with bitches
and get money?
Or is it like
forget bitches,
we don't need 'em,
and get money.
I, I see, I always
thought it was like,
fuck bitches,
like we don't
want 'em,
just focus on
the cash flow.
What, what, what?
Wait, wait.
What I think,
It's like,
I hit a baby
with a chair.
Did you hear
the baby using
the chair as a weapon?
Or, did you
hear the baby,
that just so happen
to have a chair.
I saw a
woman with
Did you see the woman
with your binoculars?
Or did you see
that the woman
had binoculars?
That's good,
that's good.
Mind fuck,
Yo, you know what
i could go for right now?
A Patti LaBelle,
sweet potato pie.
Yo, nobody's sleeping
too late tomorrow
cause we're all going
out to lunch for little
post birthday repast.
Say, uh,
12:30 in front
of the park?
Plan? Plan.
Yo, tonight
was dope.
Yeah, yep.
My son is legal now.
But, you know what,
I still don't get
why'd it all
just stop like that.
Miles, let it go.
I can't. Oh, Parker, can you
please tell me how the fuck
you go from
being just as
convinced as I am
to now downplaying
the whole situation?
I don't wanna keep talking
about this, all right?
Look, the weird
shit is over,
if there was ever
any weird shit
to begin with.
You're fine,
you had
a good night,
it's donzo, man.
Yo, all t
he horror movies
you watch
and you still
not into the game.
Er, you tryna
brush everything off
and that's when
shit gets serious.
Parker, come on.
I'll see you
But, you gotta let me
borrow 10 dollars.
I don't gotta do
anything, Aidan,
you already
owe me 10 dollars.
I'll pay
you back.
Yeah, you can't ask
me for more money
when you haven't paid
me back from before.
No, look at
it like this,
if I borrow
another 10 dollars,
I'll owe 20 dollars.
So, you'll get
back even more money.
No, I'll loose
more money
because you're not
gonna pay me back.
Aidan, you still owe
me five dollars.
Well, loan me
another 5 and then you'll
be even with Kurt.
Man, chase
is on some
Still not
picking up?
This was his idea, how he gonna
invite somebody somewhere
and then not
answer his phone?
Yo, what is
this guy doing?
I was waiting
in that park
for two hours,
cold as shit,
my boy.
Man, I give up!
One of y'all call him.
Not it.
Look at this.
Oh, shit!
Yeah, but
real, right?
A fucking brand.
And listen
to this.
I got this
last night.
Happy birthday, miles.
Who is this?
I don't know.
But, I know
it wasn't
any of them.
I got
the voice mail
at 10:42 P.M.
We were all
walking at kitty's
at that time.
I would've seen
them do it.
Okay, look,
I believe
you all right.
I'm sorry.
I believe you.
She's at work.
Did you tell
your mom?
He's at
Nia's place.
Let's get some food
in our systems
and then back
to the drawing board.
I'm done
with this shit!
Let's just go kick down
dudeski's door.
This is simply
I gotta tell
y'all something.
- No, seriously.
- Here we go.
Hold on,
wait a minute.
Isn't that
chase's house?
We were
just with him,
Did you catch what
those detectives
were saying?
They said he
was ripped open.
From what I heard,
his parents came home
and they found
him stuffed
in the closet.
No sign of a break in,
nothing like that, so,
they're calling
it a freak accident,
which makes
absolutely no sense.
This is crazy.
I don't
like this,
I got that
voice mail,
I don't know
who it's from.
I got this...
Whatever this is on
the back of my neck
and now chase is...
I knew
this wasn't
fucking done,
we've got
to figure
this out.
But, we can't
do shit
by ourselves.
Here, listen to it now.
What's this?
The thing that's
been following you,
It disguised as voice
to send you that message.
You see, those look like regular
headphones, but they're not.
They were designed
to identify
demonic pitch.
That is what
it sounds like
in its real form.
Some scary shit, right?
So, we're dealing
with a demon?
You say you have a mark
on your neck, right?
That's the mark
of the gorenos.
Nothing but evil.
It's a demon
from the unseen.
The unseen?
See there's heaven
and there's hell
and in between
there is purgatory.
But, just above purgatory,
is the world
of the unseen.
These evil entities,
they have their
own sort of
agency if you will.
We're talking
about evil that
has separated itself
from the constraints
of hell
and purgatory.
What does it
want with me?
You're 18 now.
Your soul is
in its prime.
Its ready.
Ready for what?
And a lot
of people
turn 18,
why does it want me?
Unlike other
evil forces,
the gorenos
needs to be summoned.
But, I didn't summon it.
Yes, you didn't.
But, somebody did.
Somebody made
a deal with
this thing.
And the reward
was your soul
when you turn 18.
Now, what's so appealing
about the gorenos?
It can Grant
you one wish,
in return...
For a soul.
So, why hasn't
it already
taken it?
Cause it needs you.
This is a process.
The gorenos has it's own
way of doing things.
it stalks you.
You won't even
know it's there.
That's probably
what it did
for those weeks leading
up to your birthday.
And then it makes
its presence known,
it haunts you.
That would explain the strange
stuff that's been going down.
And finally,
it leaves a mark on you.
It owns you.
But, it's already left
its mark on me.
So, what does that mean?
The good news,
well not good news.
But, the upside,
if you wanna
call it a upside,
is that its gonna
let you live
for a while.
So, it can feed
off your soul.
Did the gorenos
kill chase?
Almost definitely.
But, how?
It uses
your body
as a host.
And it feeds on your
soul at night,
which gives it strength
to go out and kill.
This thing gets
off on carnage.
That's what the people who
call for it don't realize.
The only reason
that it needs a soul,
is to have
to feed on.
When it kills,
it uses so much
of its energy,
that it has
to replenish.
And that's where
you come in.
Basically, you are
a nutritious meal.
And it's gonna
keep on doing
what its doing
until it has nothing
left to feed on.
And by that point...
I'll be dead.
How is it
its victims?
It has dibs on anyone that
miles come in contact with.
Not so much, it prefer
the younger flesh.
if you're virgin,
you will live, unless,
you have been
offered directly
to the gorenos.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, wait.
Virgins are
really spared?
That's like
an actual thing?
So, I'm good then.
Sorry, uh,
that was really
So, how do
we stop it?
Give me some time.
A pact with the
gorenos is strong,
but I'm going to see
what I can find out.
What am I supposed
to do in the mean time?
Here's a suggestion,
find out who fucked
you over and why.
We'll be in touch.
You guys got my information,
thanks for reaching out.
Thank you for being
who you said you were.
I really do wanna
help you, all right?
And listen,
you still have time.
That's the part
you cannot
lose sight of.
The gorenos
feeds at night,
when you are sleeping.
That's when you're
at your weakest.
So, don't go to sleep.
the voice mail
is gone.
It was on here
and now it's
not on here!
Fuck, man!
Yo, who would give me
up to a fucking demon?
Ugh, that's
the golden question!
I'm a nice guy, right?
I don't have
beef with nobody.
You don't.
Was it you?
Yes, miles,
it was me.
i didn't
summon no demon!
Are you fucking
cross faded?
Oh, shit!
No, "oh, shit!",
the 'o.S.' Factor.
the 'o.S.'
That's what separates
the good horror movies
That moment, that makes
you go, "oh, shit"?
And what about
the 'o.S.' Factor?
This is the real life case
of the 'o.S.' Factor.
I think I know
who set you up.
What makes
you say kenan?
Now, I could
be totally off,
but if my observational skills
are as good as I think they are,
all signs point
to kenan.
I mean, when he is not
minimizing your turmoil,
he is blatantly
ignoring it.
And he refuses
to let anyone else
to believe you either.
Guilt disguised
as contempt!
Open the fucking
door, kenan.
Yo, you got
a fucking problem?
Did you summon
the gorenos?
I'm gonna take
that long pause
as a yes.
What do you know
about the gorenos?
What do you know
about the gorenos?
How'd you find out?
You're good actor,
You're good at shit.
Why would you make
a deal with that?
It's complex, man.
Nah, it seems pretty
cut and dry to me.
I know we've had our
discrepancies, but,
goddamn, kenan,
I'm still
your brother.
Why'd you do it?
I didn't think
it would work.
That's not what
i asked you.
Why did you do it?
Sorry is not gonna protect
my fucking soul, kenan.
I was 16, man.
You remember when Nia and i
got in that accident?
One of my biking got
hit by the pickup truck.
Nia was
a fucking
I just messed
up my wrist and...
She slammed her head
in the sidewalk.
They declared
her brain dead.
I got to go home
that night, man.
She didn't.
Her parent's wanted
to keep her
on life support,
but there is no
recovering from that.
I had to bring
her back.
I remember,
they did all those
stories on her.
She just woke up one day,
and she was fine, right?
I always wondered
about that.
Now, you know
what happened.
But, kenan,
here's the part
that you
death is inevitable.
Everyone has
their time to die,
and Nia's time was
at that hospital!
You fucked with that
and you shouldn't have.
You don't have
the right to decide
who lives
and who doesn't.
I was 16...
You were 16!
You were old enough
to understand what
you were doing.
How did you
even know how
to summon the gorenos?
I found
That's just
It came
into our room
one night.
It was this...
But, I asked
it to bring
Nia back to life.
All the friends you have,
all the people you know,
I didn't choose
you per se.
And you choose me?
The gorenos
saw you sleeping
and it...
Implied that
it would be interested
in you when you got older.
And I said okay.
All right,
cause that makes
it so much better!
Also, why would you bring
it in to our room?
Why would you put
me at risk like that?
i wasn't concerned
with logistics, okay,
I wanted to act fast.
Anyway, the next day,
Nia was fine.
And everyone was saying
it was a medical miracle.
I... I'm sorry, miles.
You sacrificed me
in order to bring
back your girlfriend?
And then you didn't even
give me a heads up,
even after I told you
what was going on.
You trivialized
the entire thing.
You think I wasn't
gonna catch on?
Look, I don't expect
you to help me.
Actually, even if you
offered to help,
I'd tell you to go
fuck yourself.
Just so you know,
the gorenos has big plans.
You know why
it wants me?
It wants
to feed on me
because my soul
is a source
of nourishment.
This thing is a killer.
And after it kills,
it needs me
to refill itself back up.
It already
killed chase,
it's gonna
kill again.
And I don't even
know how to stop it.
Are you gonna tell
mom about this?
So, did you
tell your mom?
She's working
late tonight.
Did you call her?
I've been trying,
but her phone's off.
And honestly,
she's not gonna
believe me anyway.
What about the mark?
What about chase?
Kenan has her convinced
that I'm crazy, man.
He knows how
to absorb himself.
Just like
the fucking
movies, yo.
Either the adults
are Mia,
or they refuse the accept the
existence of supernatural.
So, no news on how
to break the pact?
We can't just
have an exorcism?
this isn't really
a possession,
it's more of
a bodily draining.
So, what do we do?
I know what
we don't do,
we don't go
to sleep.
What's that shit nas said?
"I never sleep coz sleep
is the cousin of death."
If I'm asleep,
I'm weak.
And if I'm weak,
it's snack time.
So, we just
gotta stay up.
Well, technically
i could go to sleep.
But, I won't.
Thank you.
And actually
of snack time,
I think we need
a little incentive
for pulling
an all nighter.
What time is it?
In the
Guess that sugar
was a bit much.
I don't
even know.
How do you feel?
I was sleeping,
it got me.
It fed?What
it feels like.
And if it fed,
then it's out
there again.
And you remember
what Haywood said,
anyone who comes in contact
with me is up for grabs.
It already got chase.
Whose next?
I'm assuming
it's going after
our friend group.
I know Kurt's
still a virgin.
But, reg isn't.
And I'm pretty sure
Aidan isn't either.
Since you're
more positive
about reg,
let's start with him.
what up,
Where are you right now?
I went on a walk.
I'm at the park.
What are you going
on a walk for?
It's almost two
in the morning.
I ain't been sleeping, man.
I try to block
it out, but,
I keep thinking about chase.
I just been going
on these walks
trying to clear
my head,
then I go home.
Reg, I tried to tell
you guys sooner,
but you gotta come
over my house.
Listen, I know
what killed chase.
And I know
that it's after you
and potentially Aidan.
What are you
talking about?
I'm talking
about the gorenos.
Thats what it's called.
It's a demon from the
world of the unseen.
Look, it's a really
long story,
but, the shorter version
is that it's feeding on my
soul and going out
and killing my friends
cause that's what it does
and it's fucking evil!
Sounds like you haven't been
getting no sleep either.
Reg, I'm serious.
Miles, my boy,
there's no demon
trying to kill me,
all right?
And even if there was
a demon out here,
why would it be after me?
I ain't do nothing.
Cause that's
what demons do.
They got an appetite
for mutilation.
They'll kill anybody,
fuck the motive.
try to get some rest,
all right?
I think you need it
more than I do.
Regs, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
Well, where is he?
He thinks I'm crazy.
Let's go.
He's at
the park.
Oh, no! What's going on?
Miles, wake up!
Miles, wake up!
What the hell
are you doing?
You passed out.
I feel weak.
Want me to get
you some water?
No, we gotta save regs.
Stay here,
take it easy,
I'll go.
It's not gonna do
anything to me.
You said you feel weak,
just stay here and relax.
Don't go
to sleep,
but relax.
If he is not
at the park,
check his house.
That's the imprint.
Listen, I don't care what the
news report say, it's all wrong.
Chase didn't die
in a freak accident,
and reg wasn't killed
in an animal attack.
I believe you, okay.
Every thing is just
too close together
to be written off
as tragic coincidence.
No, Kurt,
you should be safe
since you're a virgin.
Aidan, I knew you had
a little thing with Nicky,
but I didn't know
if you guys actually
did it or not.
Yeah, we did.
I'm not
a virgin either,
Since when?
Since I got together
with malerey.
Are you...
Kurt, I asked
you about that,
you said you guys
didn't do anything.
But, we got together
again and it happened.
And you're both
targets now.
Why is it only
after people
who had sex?
sex out of wedlock
is a sin.
your souls
are impure,
which is very appealing
to a murderous demon.
So, what now?
Now, we stick together.
Yeah, you guys should stay
at my place tonight.
By the way,
I'm sure you
know this already,
but that was a really
really sick thing...
What your
brother did.
Bringing the gorenos
here and everything.
Yeah, that...
Yeah, what a dick move.
Are y'all
gonna cook?
For real?
Hmm mm.
Hey baby,
you want some lasagna?
Kenan and Nia are cooking.
No, thanks, but I would like
to talk to you about something.
I want you
to know,
your elder son,
your first
born child,
kenan Lamar Grant
is a demon worshiper.
Oh, boy!
a what?
oh, boy!
When kenan and Nia
got into that accident,
Nia, was brain dead.
of regaining brain
function after that?
They're not very high.
Which means,
Nia was basically dead.
But, what happened?
She came back to life
and you know why?
It wasn't some
miraculous event,
kenan summoned
the demon
called the gorenos.
And it gave him Nia back
in return for my soul.
What is he talking about?
You're not supposed
to be here, Nia.
That's what
I'm talking about.
No, it's true.
Ma, didn't I tell you
he was gonna do this?
Anything to make
it believable.
This is real!
It left its symbol on me.
It's right there!
You think I'm
making this up?
It's all online.
The stuff about
the gorenos is fake.
Just like slender man.
Just some stuff
to scare kids.
Miles, you're taking
this too far.
No, I'm not, kenan. You need
to own up to what you did.
Nia should be dead!
Okay, look that
is the second
time you said that,
you don't even
stop it! Wanna believe!
Cause listen to you, demons?
In what world am I supposed
to believe any of that?
You need
to stop.
You need
to wake up.
Things are happening
that defy logic, all right?
Every thing
I'm telling you
is true.
But, if you're still gonna
take kenan's side,
you're fucking stupid!
Don't you ever in your life
talk to me like that!
Unclench your jaw.
Ma, I'm sorry
for cursing at you,
I'm sorry
for yelling.
But I'm not sorry
for what I said.
Oh, really?
Look, everything happens
for a reason.
We might not have
all the answers.
But, we don't need them
and that's the part
you need to remember.
Kenan and Nia
were hurt
real bad.
But, by the grace of god,
they are both here.
They're both well and we're not
gonna talk about this any more.
I'm sorry about
chase and reg,
I am. I don't even know
what to say, it's terrible.
You are angry
and rightfully so,
all right?
But, you do not have a right
to take that out on all of us,
especially Nia!
You owe her an apology.
I knew this
was gonna happen.
To be clear this
is not optional.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry kenan did this.
Cursing at me like that.
Nia, I'm sorry.
You didn't
do anything.
I can't fall asleep.
If I go to sleep,
we're all at risk.
Um, not all of us.
Yes, Parker, your virginity
has made you untouchable, yes.
I'm all in
for the group
bonding sesh,
really, I'm truly,
I'm lovin' it, but,
you do realize we
can't stay attached
to wieners forever, right?
Whoa, obviously, but,
for right now, it's united we
stay and divided we die.
If anything happens,
at least we got
each other's backs.
Yo, miles,
you wanna get something
to eat from downstairs?
We should stay here.
It's just
going downstairs.
We'd be right back.
You know you're hungry.
You were
in the bathroom
this whole time?
Oh, no.
It's locked.
Aidan? Kurt?
If you can hear me,
say something.
Parker, where you going?
Aidan? Kurt?
You all right, man?
Whoa, what happened?
You passed out, man.
Where's Kurt?
He's down the hallway,
he's about to call 911.
Kurt, we're good,
he's awake.
I feel like nobody's parents
are ever home for this shit.
Right? What the fuck?
This is gotta
be child neglect.
No! I still feel weak, man.
Then, that thing
is probably
getting stronger.
can you dream when
you're unconscious?
I don't know.
I don't think so.
it shuts off
the part of your brain
needed for sleep.
I'm educated.
Did you have a dream?
I don't even want
to get into it, okay.
But, just know, it was
very unpleasant.
And Parker, you
were fucking pussy.
I'm sorry?
I'm just glad
that shit wasn't real.
You know, excluding
my being a pussy,
this dream can mean
one or two things.
Either you just had a
a final destination moment,
where you envisioned
the inevitable,
the gorenos is on that
Freddy krueger shit.
using your nightmares
to fuck with you, man.
It can't do that,
can it?
I don't know.
All right, it's...
You guys gotta make your exit
before my mom gets here.
Which gives us until
And by then
the sun will be up,
and the gorenos
can't do shit
during the day time.
So, for these
next few hours,
we gotta tough it out.
And please...
Don't let me
fall asleep
or faint.
I don't think we can
stop you from fainting, miles.
We'll just be alert.
And if you can't
the act itself,
try and wake me up
as soon as possible.
Uh, you see, it's still
not that easy.
Kurt! Just go
with it.
When a person...
Yes and okay.
Connect four tournament?
I know what
you're trying to do.
But, you and I both know
I'm not your type, all right.
You can't touch this.
So, personally, I think you're
wasting your time and mine.
You know what I mean?
Cut this shit.
You ain't finished
scaring me off?
And I hate to let you down,
but you ain't the first demon
that's been after me,
you old fuckface.
This weather
is bipolar.
I know how
to stop the gorenos.
Are you serious?
What do I have to do?
It is easier said than done.
But, you have
to kill the person
that summoned it
in the first place
and you have
to re-kill the soul
that was brought to life.
They don't tell
you this online.
But, it took seven trips
to seven different
to find this book.
So, I have to kill
kenan and Nia?
Well, it's a little more
intense than that.
You have to use a knife
and you have to stab
them in the heart.
That's the only way
this would work.
Why does it have
to be in the heart?
The only way to guarantee
that kenan and Nia
can't be brought back,
it has to be in the heart.
I kinda feel bad though.
Nia didn't even
do anything.
you didn't do anything,
neither did your friends.
But, y'all
had to suffer,
am I right?
I am acutely
aware of that.
This is
a shitty situation.
But, at the same time,
I don't know if I'm capable
of killing someone.
Even if it's the person
who had no regard
for my own life.
Miles, I understand where
you're coming from completely.
This is some heavy stuff.
But, killing those two
is the only way
to end this.
If there's no kenan,
there's no gorenos.
He's the only reason
why it's here.
And you're sure this
is the way to do it?
It says it right here,
doesn't it?
I can't do it.
I can't do
something like that.
That's my brother.
"Violence begets violence."
That was Dr. king.
And some times,
"you have to pick the gun up
to put the gun down."
That was Malcolm X.
Haywood, look,
I'm beyond grateful
for all your help.
But, I can't do it.
Uh, maybe there is
another way to stop it.
And if not?
I don't know.
But, I'm not
a murderer.
Miles, I'm going to give
it to you straight.
This is not
the right time
to become
morally afflicted,
all right?
That thing is feeding
on your soul.
You understand
what I'm saying?
You are getting weaker,
but it's getting stronger.
You said you've
been fainting, right?
And that's only the tip
of the pencil, believe me.
your friends are dying.
You are dying.
It's not gonna
stop unless
you do something
about it.
Miles, look.
I know I'm not your
favorite person right now.
I get it, but...
Have you tried
to empathize?
Nia is my
fucking everything!
I've been in love with
that girl since I was 10.
Why would I let her die
when there's an opportunity,
a clear opportunity
for me to prevent it?
You gonna sit there
and tell me you
wouldn't have done
the same thing
if it happened
to someone
that you loved.
I don't think
you realize this,
but the more you
defend yourself,
the more fucked up
you sound.
What more can I say?
I'm sorry
that your friends are...
I'm sorry
the gorenos wanted you.
It is what it is.
Just try not
to think about it.
Try not to...
you're a fucking dick,
Are you gonna
be home tonight?
Wait. No.
Nia's coming over.
I know what's done is done.
But, if I could go back--
if you could go back,
you'd do the same shit.
Not really sure
where I was
going with that.
Where the fuck
have you been?
I've been calling
you all day.
My phone was acting up,
what's wrong?
Kurt's dead.
You hear about it?
It was on the news.
Kurt's neighbors said they found
a scalp in his backyard.
Turns out the scalp was Kurt's
and that's all they found.
That thing
is getting stronger.
It can kill
in the daytime now.
People on the news
so fucking retarded.
They're saying
a wild animal
is roaming the streets.
Why can't they
understand the fact
that this is not
a worldly matter?
Where's Aidan?
He's fine,
i called him like
10 minutes ago.
But, who knows how long
that's gonna last?
I saw Haywood today.
What happened?
I know how
to stop the gorenos.
What happened?
There's some stuff that hasn't
been sitting well with me.
And what stuff
would that be?
This whole thing
with miles.
Babe, I told you, he's in
a bad place right now,
he just needs,
needs some time
to get it
together, yeah,
that's what you said before
and I went along with it.
But, in the back
of my head,
I couldn't help but think
that maybe there's more to it.
And what does that mean?
It means,
i did some research,
okay, and I think
miles is telling
the truth.
No, he's not.
Kenan, I was brain dead.
Do you know
what that means?
The complete
and irreversible loss
of brain function.
Now, for years
i thought
i was this
because I was able
to recover
from something like that.
And no one knew
how I did it,
not even the doctors.
Everyone just
it called a miracle.
And I mean
the publicity
was awesome.
Yeah, it was,
but then I guess
you could...
Say that I became...
How is that
in a matter of days,
not even,
I'm back to normal?
It was like you said,
it was a miracle.
It was bullshit, okay?
It was a lie.
And you know
it was a lie.
No one can recover
from something like that.
And if they can,
they were never
brain dead to begin with.
Kenan, you're caught.
The gorenos grants
people one wish
in return for a soul.
I'm back to life
and everything
is all good.
And then miles turns 18
and it all goes downhill, why?
You sacrificed your own
brother, for what?
For you, Nia,
i love you.
Did you think I could
function without you?
Maybe not at first,
but you'd have to,
all right?
You don't have a choice.
That's how it goes,
we die.
Some of us die
sooner than others.
But, it happens.
Of course,
it's sad,
of course,
it sucks, but,
you find ways
to deal with it.
This was the only way
that I could deal with it.
And no one seems
to understand that,
not even you.
Kenan, this was,
not only was this selfish,
but it was just really
fucked up thing to do,
i mean honestly,
who does that
and thinks it's okay?
And you continued
to lie about it.
Look at how you're acting!
Nia, yeah, I was selfish,
but that is the point.
You're such
a big part
of my life.
That I...
Miles was right.
Fuck miles!
I shouldn't
be here.
Don't open the door.
Why? Cause you
know who it is?
Let me go, kenan.
I'm sure, we all know
what this is about.
What the fuck is that?
It's called a knife.
this was not how
i wanted things
to play out.
But, then I saw how...
Remorseless you are.
Just, empty.
And I guess
that prompted
a change of heart.
So, you gonna stab us?
I have to.
Miles, I want you to know that
i believe you about the gorenos.
Did kenan
finally admit it?
About fucking time!
So, I now know how
to stop the gorenos.
I have to kill you.
And I have to kill Nia.
Which I feel
terrible about,
this wasn't even
your fault, Nia.
But, I gotta stab
you guys in the heart.
So, you think we're just
gonna let you stab us?
Are you
fucking retarded?
What you balling up
your fist for, kenan?
I mean, let's use
our heads here.
Versus knife.
Not really
a fair fight.
Kenan! Kenan, stop!
Nia, let's go.
- Nia, let's go.
- I'm not going.
Kenan, I love you, okay?
Nia, I love you too,
but we need to leave.
I think
we should stay.
Because I'm not
supposed to be here.
Yet, here
you are.
Yes, here I am.
And as long as I'm here,
people are gonna die.
Miles is gonna die.
Kenan, I love you so much.
But, you brought some
really evil shit here.
And I cannot
get behind it.
I know a way that we can rid
of it and still be together.
Look, I can't force
you to do anything.
But, I know what I'm doing.
Nia, please listen to me,
i don't wanna be without you.
Then don't.
No, no...!
found both kenan and Nia's
fingerprints on the knife.
So, they inferred that it was
either a joint suicide
or murder suicide.
And as far
as I was concerned,
I was at Parker's
when it happened.
So, I don't know shit.
My mom thought the easiest
thing to do was move out,
and I don't really blame her.
We got an apartment downtown.
That worked out better
for my mom anyway
since it was closer
to the hospital.
And with me going
to college soon,
it didn't make sense
for her to live
by herself especially
after what happened.