Gorgo (1961) Movie Script

It's looking terribly ugly.
The men...the men
are getting edgy.
Yeah, so am I.
Come on, Joe! Make
it snappy, will ya!
- Come on, let's get out of here.
- Wait a minute, Sam.
There's thousands
of dollars worth of stuff
on that old rust bucket.
I'm not gettin' out
of here without it.
Are you kiddin'?
Stop worrying.
Let's take it out and be
back up in 10 minutes.
He's been down half an hour.
I know these waters well, Sam.
I've never seen the
like of this before.
Get me a lung, I'm
going down to get him.
He's come up!
Prepare sea anchor!
Secure forward derrick!
Steady, men!
I got you!
Not as bad as I thought, Joe.
How long to get her into shape?
The rudder stock's bent,
a couple of sprung plates.
- Uh-huh.
- That mess on deck.
Three, four days.
And we're out of fresh water.
Let's go ashore and see
what they've got. Eh, Sam?
Look there.
I've never seen
anything like that before.
The whole ocean bottom
must've been torn up.
Looks like they
were pretty hard hit.
Is there a harbor
master we can talk to?
Gaelic, huh?
Doesn't sound like
'welcome' in any language.
Hey, kid, is your
father at home?
I don't have a father.
Oh. Does the harbor
master live here?
It's the right place
you've come to, then.
Come in.
You say the harbor
master lives here?
Yes, but it's a city man, he is.
A government man.
- Who is he? What's he do?
- McCartin's his name.
Calls himself an
arc... Archaeologist.
What's your name?
Sean. I work for him.
Doing what?
Well, bits o' this,
and bits o' that.
Cleanin' up the things he finds.
What things?
You want to see them, then?
Yeah, sure.
Well, what do you know?
That's been under the sea
for a thousand years, they say.
Viking, looks like.
That's it.
There was a great sea battle
right off the bay here.
And we Irish drove them
off and sank their ships.
What's that?
That's Ogra.
The sea spirit.
Just grand wreck
he did that day.
Sounds like St.
Patrick and the snakes.
What are you doing here?
You get out.
I'm Joe Ryan.
And my partner, Sam Slade.
How are you?
McCartin's the name.
Salvage vessel, aren't you?
I thought so.
Did the boy tell
you about all this?
Yeah, a little.
This stuff has no real value
except to us eggheads.
But since it turned up,
no ships allowed at
Nara Island for more than
24 hours without a permit.
Look, friend, we're
not seaworthy.
We won't be for 3 or 4 days.
I don't make the orders.
That's the way it is.
Anyway, we're
afloat. Come on, Sam.
Hey, how about fresh water?
We'll give you that.
No hard feelings now.
Oh, no.
You believe him?
About this permit?
Well, something's eating him.
I wonder what.
I don't know.
Come on.
Maybe, we'll swing a little more
weight around
here if we find out.
Hey, Joe, look.
Stagger off, Harry.
Are you having any luck?
You know, Joe,
they can talk English
every bit as good
as you and I can.
They just don't
want to, that's all.
You try 'em, Harry.
He said there's no time
for talkin' with strangers.
And McCartin's does all
the talkin' on the island.
Two of the divers
didn't come up, Joe.
They think they're gone.
There's one.
So that's what's
worrying McCartin.
He's dead.
Dead, how?
You saw him come up.
If you ask me,
he died of fright.
This is crazy.
There was a man
lost down there today,
not even a trace.
Another one saw something
that scared him to death.
Look, Sam, you don't
wanna go? Don't go.
I'm going, all right.
Just to make sure
that you get back.
With a hat full of gold.
Get set.
Yeah, okay.
What did you see, Sam?
I don't know.
But whatever it was,
I never want to see it again.
How goes it, Sam?
These are the last few barrels
coming on board now.
Look, get back, kid. Will ya.
McCartin wants to see ya.
It's a fine rage he's in.
Oh, it is, is it?
Look, kid, get down
off there, will you?
About the permit.
What about the permit?
It's a heathen lie.
Maybe we better see
what this joker's got in mind.
Where is he?
Come on, then.
What's going on here?
They think a shark got
the man who was lost.
Mr. McCartin, I hear
you've got a beef.
You were snoopin'
around out there.
My divers told me.
Yeah, and I
suppose they told you
to give us all that
jazz about a permit.
Are you doubtin' my word?
You're right,
Mr. McCartin. I am.
After you load with
water, you leave.
The sooner, the better.
It's Ogra!
No! No!
- No! No!
- Let go.
Now, there's a
man who looks like
he's got a real problem.
And I bet he'd pay through the
nose if we could solve it for him.
Quiet all of you! Will
you be quiet now!
Hey, Mister!
We'll be wanting a passage
on your ship just as soon as
his nibs here gets
around to givin' us our pay.
Now, hold on.
You'll get your pay if you like.
But there'll be no taking
a passage on any ship.
Why not?
Yeah, why not?
Hear me out for a minute.
Now for God's sake, let's
go inside and talk about it.
If they all leave now,
my boatmen, my divers,
the lot of them, the whole
thing will go to smash.
Me, I kinda see their point.
Got any other reason for
not wanting them to leave?
What do you mean?
Oh, like uh, maybe
they talk too much.
Where did you get those?
Same place as you.
Supposing we got rid
of that thing for you?
The beast?
Do you think you can?
Lets' take a another
look in there first, huh?
Open the safe.
You've done all
right for yourself!
How about this for
a down payment?
Do you like this one, Sam?
You must be out of your mind.
A thing like that's priceless.
And how do you think
you're going to dispose of it?
Oh, you must've
figured out a way.
I bet we can.
- Dirty blackmailer.
- Shut up!
You're getting off easy, friend.
Could've grabbed the lot.
When will you start?
Why not?
Mr. Ryan!
Mr. Ryan!
What is it, kid?
You'll be tryin' to
catch him, Ogra?
Yeah, maybe.
Not afraid, are you?
But it's a bad
thing you're doin'.
A terrible bad thing, Mr. Ryan.
Why don't you call me Joe?
Okay, Joe.
Okay, Sean.
We might be able to
catch him in the nets.
But how are you supposed
to kill a thing like that?
Oh, I don't know,
uh... dynamite maybe.
Ever stop to think what a
thing like that might
be worth alive?
You really think you'll
catch him with that?
Sure, why not?
I figure that the lights
will act as a sort of lure.
If that doesn't work,
we'll try something else.
- Okay, Harry, come on.
- Okay.
Johnny, hut!
Ready when you are, Joe.
Take her up!
Bring her out!
Lower away!
Uh, Sam?
Can you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear ya.
Uh, give me about 15 fathoms.
Ten fathoms. How's that?
Okay, that'll do.
Give me four to five knots.
Yeah, slow engine.
Head her down the bay.
Slow engine!
Sam, can you hear me?
Stop engines!
Stop engines!
Send me up, Sam.
Not too fast, I don't
wanna lose him.
Slow up.
Up, up.
Sam, pull up!
Up! Quick, quick!
Pull up! Up!
Sam! Sam, pull up!
Pull up! Up!
Sam! Sam!
Pull up!
Sam, quick!
Pull up!
She won't take anymore!
She'll snap the cable!
Drop your nets! Drop the nets!
Drop the nets!
All hands on nets!
Hurry up. Winch
it on. Take her out.
Sam, the nets!
Drop it.
Drop it!
Steady on the winch!
Bring her in!
Lower away!
Tighten up those shackles!
The headlines
of the entire world
are being monopolized
by the news of the capture
of a fantastic monster
seemingly of prehistoric origin
off the coast of Ireland.
Puzzled scientists
are already speculating
that the monster may have
been released from some
vast suboceanic cavern
far beneath the Earth's crust
by unprecedented
volcanic eruptions
which occurred in
the area last week.
Some scientific
authorities are suggesting
that the whole thing is
merely an elaborate Irish hoax.
Nevertheless, the
Irish government
are sending two of
their top paleontologists
to claim the
creature for Ireland
if it does exist.
There's your friend, Professor.
I'll tell my partner
you're here.
Radio, skipper.
Those two professors from
Dublin have just come on board.
Show 'em up.
It's amazing!
I wonder if you
realize, Captain Ryan,
the enormous scientific
value of this discovery.
I think we do, Professor.
Well, then, I shall wireless
the University of Dublin
once to make preparations
to receive the animal.
I see.
You'll proceed to Dublin and...
Oh, you'll be properly
compensated for your services.
Oh, sure, sure.
Well, we'll... We'll meet there.
Unless you'd like one
of us to go with you.
Oh, that won't be
necessary, Professor.
Oh, there's one thing...
The animal skin
should be kept wet
with a continuous
stream of water.
I see.
This is most important.
I'll take care of it.
When do you intend
sailing, Captain?
Tonight, if that's okay by you.
Sooner the better.
See you in Dublin.
University of Dublin.
Properly compensated.
Big deal.
Take a look at this, Sam.
It's from Dorkin's
Circus in London.
They offer 30 thousand
against 50 percent of the gross.
Set a course for London, Sam.
I came to let you
go back to the sea.
You little nuthead!
What do you think you're doing?
Hey, take it easy.
I came to let him go back
to the sea where he belongs.
Maybe to save your
silly skins for you.
I have a guttin' notion
to toss you over the side.
Will you be sending me back now?
- Harry!
- Yeah?
Better get our little
stowaway into a bunk.
And wash his face.
Harry, put a guard on that thing
24 hours and give him a rifle.
Right now, Joe.
I could be watchin'
him for you now.
Yeah, you. You'd be
great, wouldn't you?
If it so much as moves,
start shootin' and then
run like the devil.
Tell us something, kid.
Anyone ever see
that thing before?
And why should
anybody have to see it
to know it's there?
Go back to sleep, kid.
It's just phosphorus, Sam.
But it's coming
from the scuppers.
It's the water off the animal.
So, it's still saltwater.
You seeing spirits too?
The ropes! The ropes! Quick!
Come on!
Get him ready for burial, Sam.
Kid, I told you to stay below.
Swing clear!
Keep her clear!
All right, lower it a bit!
A creature unique in
evolutionary biology
and you turn it
into a circus freak.
Quite apart from the
fact that you stole it!
Look, that's a
matter of opinion.
What's the row about?
You know absolutely
nothing about this animal.
It's extremely dangerous.
We've managed to
handle it all right so far.
It may carry
disease-bearing parasites,
or unknown bacteria.
And you bring it into
the heart of a great city.
Look, what do you want?
First, the opportunity to
make a complete study.
Okay. If it doesn't
interfere with business.
Believe me, gentlemen,
once the animal's
installed in Battersea Park,
you'll be given every facility.
I presume you'd
thought of the need
of giving the animal
a tranquilizing
drug before you transport it.
'Cause if you
haven't, you'd better.
Well, I'll lay that on, then.
Good day.
In our most unusual
telecast to date,
we bring you the
arrival of Gorgo.
This creature,
which should have been extinct
10 million years ago,
is truly an awesome sight
as it is transported through
the streets of modern London
on its way to Battersea Park.
Of course, Londoners
are notoriously skeptical.
And a good many we've spoken to
still seem to think it's all
some sort of circus stunt.
But this animal is real.
Take my word for it.
The police have cleared all
unauthorized traffic along the route
as a precautionary measure.
Although, we're assured
there's no danger,
the creature has been given
massive doses of tranquilizer.
Much closer to this thing,
and I could do with a bit of
tranquilizer myself.
Actually, it's no joke.
There are rumors
that the animal has killed
a number of persons already
in the process of its capture.
Now, you see the circus crowds
at Battersea Park and
the festival gardens
where Gorgo, as he is called,
we don't know why,
will be exhibited to the public.
Here, we can see the
intrepid Captain Ryan,
the one with the cap,
getting out of the car
with his partner, Mr. Slade.
They are the men who
captured the animal.
And I don't envy them the job.
And our own Mr. Dorkin
of Dorkin's Circus
in the checkered suit.
And, by the way,
we'll be interviewing Mr. Dorkin
shortly at Battersea Park.
So, stay with us.
And of course,
ladies and gentlemen,
I realized at once
that this was the
most shattering
scientific discovery
of the 20th century.
And so, I contracted for
the exhibition of the animal.
We've uh, we've built
a special enclosure.
You'll see it later on.
We rushed the job through
just so everyone in London
will have an opportunity
of seeing Gorgo for themselves.
I have a report from Dublin
that the Irish government are
gonna take legal proceedings
to recover the animal.
Yes, I believe that to be true.
Of course, the
matter will have to
go through the courts
in the usual way.
And since I have
no way of knowing
how quickly they'll
reach their decision,
I suggest that anyone
who wants to see Gorgo
does so soon at Battersea Park.
That name Gorgo,
does it have any
special significance?
My dear sir, of course!
The monster of Greek
mythology, the Gorgon!
A creature so terrifying
that the mere sight of it
would turn a man
into stone. Excuse me.
And how much money do
you expect to make out of it?
I'll answer that
question later on.
Lower away.
Lower away.
Okay, Sam.
Easy does it!
The tranquilizer
seems to be working.
So far.
Wire cutters.
Wire cutters, quick.
Cut the net, boys.
That's a hell of a
dumb thing to do!
Over here!
Come on, this way.
We'll take the other side.
Give it another blast!
More in!
Force it toward the enclosure!
I want some cotton candy!
Gorgo the 8th
wonder of the world!
Everybody in the world
is talking about Gorgo
but only you can see him!
Only here at Dorkins!
Cueing both sides.
Five shillings, ladies
and gentlemen!
Bring the children
very instructive.
This way! Hurry, hurry,
hurry to see Gorgo!
The last remaining link
from prehistoric times.
Only five shillings,
ladies and gentlemen!
Five shillings to see Gorgo!
There are still a few
remaining places.
Cueing both sides. Bring
the children very instructive.
What's that madam?
Looks like your husband?
Go inside and find out.
65-foot-high Gorgo!
And heavier than six elephants!
Ice cream here.
Get your ice cream.
Peanuts. Popcorn.
You take popcorn.
Peanuts here.
Cold drinks! Ice cold
drinks! Coca Cola!
Peanuts. Popcorn. Chocolate.
Looks like a full house.
Not bad.
Hi, Sam.
I was driving into town.
Have fun.
I thought you might
wanna come along.
Have a couple of drinks.
I'm having a couple of drinks.
How's business?
Great. Great.
Why don't you get out
of this dump? Live a little.
I've got a suite of rooms
at the best hotel in town.
This suits us.
Look, Joe, these
animals are going crazy.
Something's gonna
happen. I can feel it.
Mike's already been
killed. Who's gonna be next?
I'm as sorry about
Mike as you are.
It was a tough
break. That's all.
But he's got a
wife and two kids.
Okay, well, we'll
send her some money.
But he's dead.
And there's gonna be a lot more
tough breaks
before this is over.
You've been listening to
your new partner too much.
No. I've been
listening to myself.
Yeah, just a moment.
It's the professor.
Says they've been
trying to find you.
This time of night?
Yeah, if you say so.
He's found something
out. You coming along?
Yeah, sure.
Come in, gentlemen.
Captain Ryan.
The creature you have
captured is not an adult specimen.
You mean it isn't fully grown?
No. In fact, we believe it
is in rather early infancy.
Are you trying to say
there may be a fully grown
one of these things
around somewhere?
It's a fair assumption.
Where there are offspring,
there are generally parents.
How big would a
full-grown one be?
An approximate guess...
The infant.
The adult.
That would make it
nearly 200 feet tall!
At the very least.
Obviously, the proper authorities
must be notified at once.
What are you trying to do?
Stir up a whole hornet's nest
because of a few calculations
made on a piece of paper?
Nuts to that.
I'm afraid Captain Ryan, the
decision is no longer in your hands.
Admiral Brooks,
I realize the situation
is fantastic, but...
One expects the fantastic
from you scientists these days.
Tell me, Admiral,
have you ever seen
the animal that was captured?
I'm afraid I haven't
had the time.
Then perhaps you
should take the time.
And when you do, remember
it first appeared at Nara Island.
Monitor reports there's
been no communication
with Nara Island
for three days, sir.
Three days?
Her Majesty's aircraft
carrier, Royal Oak.
From the Admiralty Whitehall.
Proceed to area N-3-4
and report any unusual
sightings or conditions
in vicinity of Nara Island.
This is priority A.
Repeat, this is priority A.
Reconnaissance to corvette.
Alter course to 3-1-0.
Repeat. Course 3-1-0.
They've sighted something, sir.
Port. Four points.
- Port. Four points.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Fire number one turret.
Reconnaissance to corvette.
Observation negative.
Repeat. Negative.
Admiral Brooks.
You've been asked to come here
to supply us with
any information
in your possession
which might be helpful.
Nara Island has been destroyed.
Reconnaissance aircraft
have sighted the creature
in this area here.
Excuse me, sir, that looks as
though the thing's headed for England.
Quite. And that in itself
calls for an explanation.
Do you have one?
Well, we were spraying a stream
of water on it during the passage.
It was Professor
Flaherty's instructions.
Maybe it left
some sort of track.
I see.
Is that possible?
Yes, it's possible.
The Royal Oak for
Admiral Brooks, please.
Royal Oak, coming
in for Admiral Brooks.
They report at
least two direct hits.
You've killed it?
It's disappeared
beneath the sea.
They've saturated the
area with depth charges.
No living thing could escape.
It's certainly been killed.
With every man aboard.
This is terrible.
Well, all right. Now what?
What will you do?
Turn that thing at the festival
gardens loose, what else?
Take it back to the sea
while we still got a chance.
What the hell's the matter with
you? This is the 20th century.
There must be some way of
handling an overgrown animal!
There's no doubt that
we can stop the creature.
We'll call you if
we need you again.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Stop! He'll kill you!
- Turn him loose.
- Stop it, Sam!
- He'll kill you!
- Only chance.
- Let him go!
- Sam!
Don't do it, Sam!
He'll kill you!
Sam, don't...
Stop it, Sam. You're crazy!
Are you all right? Sam!
Are you all right?
He'll be all right, kid.
Following the disaster
of this afternoon,
the loss of the
destroyer with all hands,
The Admiralty has deployed
major forces of the NATO
fleet off the mouth of the estuary.
In an attempt to locate
and destroy the monster
even before it reaches
the coastal defenses.
Tracking west 2-5.
Still tracking west 2-5.
Back to task fall.
Search 20 degrees west.
Dive, dive, dive!
Hatch secure, sir.
Steady as you go
for torpedo attack.
Course 2-7-5. Range 1500.
Course 2-7-5, sir. Firing depth.
Ready to open fire, sir.
Fire one.
Fire two.
Attacking targeted search area.
Attack broken. Targeted
moving toward the estuary.
Too fast to follow.
Give me submarine
control, sector 2-8.
We're just closing the last of
the submarine nets now, sir.
Yes, sir.
One moment.
The nets are being torn.
And the connection was gone.
I see.
No, there's nothing
further you can do now.
The creature's gone through.
Smashed the nets.
Get me river patrol.
I'm just off the embankment.
About a hundred yards away.
I can see the huge
beast still advancing.
Second line of defense has
been organized, greatly reinforced.
Ready the boarding party.
Look lively now.
Man your stations!
Petrol lines ready, sir.
Open the valves!
Abandon ship!
Come on, hop to it!
Tell them to get ready.
Up here, behind those sandbags.
Get me army headquarters.
No, atomic weapons
are out of the question.
In any built-up area.
Tanks, of course.
Roll out, roll out!
Off you go.
This is a special bulletin.
Civil defense authorities
have declared a
state of emergency
for all London areas
within 3 miles of
the River Thames.
The streets must be kept clear
for military and defense personnel.
If you are without shelter,
go to the nearest
Underground and stay there.
The streets must be kept clear
for military and defense personnel.
All right, sergeant, get
your men up there in front.
On the double!
Come on!
Get off the streets.
Go to your homes.
Don't panic.
You will be notified when
the emergency is over.
Get off the streets
and go to your homes.
This way.
Come on!
Get a move on!
Up the ramp, there.
Move it, move it!
Take your positions!
Firing positions!
It's advancing upriver
directly towards us.
Very good, sir.
Although the army
indicates full confidence,
they report growing
casualties among their forces.
We are told that Downing Street
is in constant communication
with other world capitals where
grave concern is expressed.
Call headquarters.
Shoot the flares!
Open side fire.
Stand by!
Commence... Fire!
The bridge is gone!
One of London's oldest
landmarks smashed like matchwood.
Nothing has got this
beast so far. Nothing!
Not even point
blank cannon fire.
Yes, the Tower Bridge's out.
The power of this
thing is fantastic!
- Check the missile units.
- Yes, sir!
Back, back, come back!
All set, sergeant?
Yes, sir.
Phone, please.
I'm moving into
position now, sir.
Any estimate as
to time of alert, sir?
No, but stand by.
Zeroing in now, sir.
Yes, sir, I will.
40 degrees, 6-2-1 out.
What's that?
Come on.
Burned out our connection.
Where's Sean?
Come on!
All homes in this area
must be evacuated at once.
Do not delay.
You have no time to
remove your belongings.
Get out of the area.
Proceed in a westerly direction.
Run that way, Sam.
We'll meet back at Battersea.
No pushing!
Take it easy!
It's all right, Sean.
We'll be all right.
Come on, Sean.
This is Piccadilly.
The heart of London.
Words can't describe it.
There's been nothing like it.
Not even the worst, the Blitz.
This section is
complete shambles.
People running mad with fear.
Broken gas mains,
fires everywhere.
I...I can't see anything now.
There's too much smoke.
Piccadilly Circus?
There's no way of telling
where this thing will turn next.
I don't care how important
it is, you must interrupt.
It's imperative that I speak
to the Minister at once.
All repent! Repent!
I can't endure much longer!
Your sins have visited us!
Repent while you still can!
I see.
Well, let me know
the moment you are.
Thanks for coming.
It's undoubtedly heading
for Battersea Park, sir.
That's the place to stop it.
How much voltage do you estimate
would be required for
electrocuting this animal?
Two million,
Three million volts.
It's only a guess.
There's not much
precedent to go on, sir.
Get me Battersea power station.
Is he okay?
He'll be all right.
Switch on, full power.
We're waiting at Battersea.
Waiting. Hoping.
Praying for a miracle.
The entire electricity
of all industrial London
has been diverted to the wire
surrounding the small
animal's enclosure.
Will it be enough?
Will it be enough to
stop the huge beast?
Will the miracle be granted?
Or will it be yet
another of man's
puny efforts to oppose this
irresistible force
of ancient nature?
Hey, Sam.
So, I was wrong.
Power circuit has just
been completed, sir.
What's the reading?
Four million pounds
and full amperage, sir.
The wires won't take anymore.
She's hurt!
She's going down!
No, she's turning the wires!
What will stop her now? Nothing!
We prayed for a miracle.
Maybe our prayers
have been answered.
A great city
overwhelmed, exhausted
lies helpless under the
immeasurable power
and ferocity of this
towering apparition
from before the dawn of history.
And yet, as though
disdaining the
pygmies under her feet,
she turns back.
Turns with her young.
Leaving the prostrate city.
Leaving the haunts of man.
And leaving man himself
to ponder the proud boast
that he alone is
lord of all creation.
You're going back now.
Back to the sea.