Gorilla (2019) Movie Script

'Spending time at grandma's during vacation
isn't a condition but a tradition!'
'And so three guys set out on a vacation'
'On their way they see a
new route, a left turn'
'Well, they decide to
take that turn and...'
'they find themselves in a forest
like Amazon with huge trees...'
'and unexplored places around'
'They come with a plan to
pitch a tent over there'
'They got curious wondering
from where the sound came'
'They walked towards that direction'
'To their surprise...'
'...the found an extraordinary
video game'
'environment like set up
in middle of the forest'
'What's the deal with this
environment in this forest?'
'They took the new route to explore and
this sound made it more interesting'
'They made their way
into that building'
'Over there, they
saw three doctors'
'The doctors were doing
some research on a monkey'
'Towards the end of their
research, the monkey passed away'
'As the doctors left the lab, they were
heard discussing about their next research'
'And they were planning to do
it using that monkey's kid'
'The guys were shocked to hear this'
'Behind them, they saw baby
monkey was standing helpless'
'As the poor baby monkey
gave an innocent look...'
'our hero rescues the baby
monkey and escapes from there'
'When left in the forest, instead
of jumping from tree to tree...'
'the poor baby monkey, saddened
by its mother's death'
'considered our
hero as it's mother'
'It clung on to his leg'
'Hero's friends warned
him "Dude, baby monkey..."'
"...will invite trouble,
better leave it here!"
"No matter what, I'll
take care of it" said'
'the hero and so he took
it along to his home'
'And so the baby monkey
found a new life'
'Watching LCD TV sitting in
an air conditioned room...'
'eating pizza! It was having
the time of its life'
'The monkey got used to the
lifestyle of human beings'
'The most important of all...'
'You all must watch it drive a car!'
'All that is remaining is to get the monkey
driver's license and a citizenship card!'
'So, one fine day with this pet monkey...'
'the guys set out on one hell
of an incredible mission!'
"Watch out, we are coming for you"
Mr.Shell-face, get lost!
Stop giving me that look
or I'll lay one punch!
That was a punch
in the wrong part!
I predicted that this doofus is capable
of such things. Which is why...
Don't tell me about this doofus
- That's mine
- That's ok
- The size is different
- That's ok. Our sizes match
"Watch out, we are coming for you"
"You, won't even know who we are
why hit you"
Kong! Behave yourself until
the mission is complete
Please be quiet.
He keeps nagging around
I've warned you from
pressing red buttons
Keep quiet! Go, sit on the
back seat you doofus!
Dare you speak ill of him!
Police! Police!
- Police?
- Uh-oh!
It's indeed the police!
Dude, guess they are coming to nab us.
We are done for!
Kong, come here!
- Come here
- Sit quietly
Hide him under the seat
Fold your 'X' shaped legs!
- Hide under the seat! Go!
- Silence! Silence!
Game over! If they find out our
guns and masks, we'll be doomed!
Forget the gun.
- What will they think about me?
- They'll think you are a retard
The thing that keeps
us going in life is hope,
It can be felt but never seen
And the fear that threatens
to break our hopes...
is what we must get rid of
Or else...
we must divert that fear
I didn't understand a zilch
Watch me now!
Sadhik, drive slow
Guess he rang your bell
Look at the sky and
it'll ease the pain
Sir, looks like your
bike's got a flat tyre
Or I think there is low air
pressure in tyre. Please check it
- Is it?
- Now, go! Go! Go!
Sir, halt aside.
Let's check
Doesn't look like a flat tyre
How do you keep it so simple?
You don't have to teach him that.
He is an expert!
Why do you sound like Ms. Doubtfire?
Where exactly did the monkey hit you?
Thank you darling.
Sit down
Look here, eat on time and stay indoors.
Don't mess up the home
Most important, do not mingle
with those doofus guys! Ok?
Give me five
Eww! Kisses me with
a stinky mouth
Tickets! Tickets!
Please buy the tickets!
Buy it now or you'll get caught when
the checking inspector comes in
Mr. Green shirt, pass that on
- Where to?
- Two tickets to Alwarpet
- Do I have to keep shouting?
- Two tickets to Lucas please
- Lucas?
- Yes. Two
Passengers in the front pass the money
- To tickets to Lucas please
- Pass it. Pass it
Excuse me
Sir, I didn't get my ticket
I didn't get my ticket
It's coming.
Hold on
Please buy your tickets
- Give me change
- I didn't get change
Is it?
Get it when you unboard
Excuse me, I passed 500 rupees.
Neither did I get the ticket nor
the change. Where is he?
- Two ticket to Egmore please
- Buy your tickets!
- One baby hospital
- Please, give it to me
One ticket to baby
hospital and two to Egmore
7 to 9 peak hours done!
Anybody in the shop?
Tell me
I have a headache
My hands and legs are paining
And stomach is bloated
Go to a doctor
You prescribe better
medicine than the doctor
I'll be back
- See you
- Right
One Gelusil, PSR,
Dolo 650 two boxes
And Dolo 250 cough syrup
Send that one
Excuse me?
Which brand?
Bro, I need two
packets of 'Moods'
Aren't you Ms. Tamilisai's son?
Please don't tell anyone.
Please, I beg you
We think of buying booze
when we are home alone
But you? You guys think
of getting laid?
Fine, that would be Rs. 500/-
Rs 500/- ?
That's for one packet. Two
would cost you Rs. 1000/-
Do you have the money with you or
should I collect it from your mom?
Bro! Please, no! No!
I got only Rs 500/- with me
Fine, take one
But the other one
when you need it
I won't come to
your pharmacy again
Hey, you'll need it. Hey!
At least put that cover
in this one and take
I have been trying to reach you. Don't
you know I gotta leave at 4 pm sharp
Sorry, I'm late today.
Kindly adjust
The collection is in the cash register.
You can tally it
Fine. Ok
I promise him extra pay to
work after 4 pm but then...
I wonder where he goes after 4?
Have a seat
Tell me, what's your problem?
I gasping for breath after walking
I feel dizzy very often, doctor
- I also have a chest pain, doctor
- Sir! Sir!
I treat only headache, cold, flu,
stomach ache and such petty diseases
I guess you have something serious
- Go consult a better doctor
- I can't afford that
I'm unable to do any work.
My wife keeps abusing me
If you're unable to do any work then
obviously your wife will abuse you
Turn around
Take a deep breath
What shall I prescribe him?
Take this tablet everyday
And go for a walk daily.
Everything will be fine
Keep it in your pocket
You're such a young doctor but
you are very down to earth
There are few fraud doctors...
They talk as if they
are father of medicine
Fine, don't abuse
them unnecessarily
Take the tablet on time
and do step out and walk
We're already late for office
Well cabs are on strike but why
are the buses running late?
Our buses have never been punctual
Show me the time
Hey, there's the bus
- Will it go to Thiruvanmiyur?
- Yes, get in
Ticket! Ticket!
Please buy your tickets
Please pass change
- Aiy-aiyo
- What is it?
Did someone dash you?
Nope. I don't have change.
All I have is Rs 2000/- currency
Do you have change?
Even I don't have change
They'll ask us to unboard
if we don't have change
What do we do now? Give that.
Let's try with it
Two tickets to Thiruvanmiyur
Two tickets to Thiruvanmiyur
Look away or else the
conductor will yell at us
Why hasn't our ticket arrived yet?
Patience. It'll come
Hey you! My money!
Return my 2000 rupees!
- Catch him!
- Catch him! Stop the bus!
Catch him!
- Stop the bus
- Driver! Stop the bus!
Catch him!
Hey you!
- Stop!
- Stop!
- Thief! Thief! Catch him!
- Catch him!
Look at her chase me
for a mere 2000 rupees
Return my money!
Rascal! He escaped
Get up
Forget him
You're bleeding. Come,
let's go to hospital
No need. Forget it
We're late for office.
We'll go in the evening
Fine, come on
Sir, it's an empty paper
and 300 rupees for this?
Bargaining with a doctor?
Give me that
Take that tablet thrice a day
and step out and walk daily
What tablet does he mean?
Who's that? Next!
Hey, he looks exactly like that
rascal who stole my money. Isn't it?
You doubt everyone you see
Just keep quiet and come
- No, he looks exactly like him
- Please come in
Have a seat
Who's the patient?
Please sit down
What happened?
Today morning, a rascal in the bus...
Well, she slipped and
fell of the bus, doctor
Show me your hand
Don't worry. A Tetanus shot
and dressing will be enough
Show me your hand
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine
Place your hand here...
It's ok. Place it over here.
Ah! Very nice
Looks like you had a good fall
Come in and change the dressing for
a week or else it'll become septic
It doesn't look like you
are applying medicine
Seems like you'll
rip her hand off
You could've been a doctor
- Show me your hip
- What?
I need to give you a shot. Where else?
That's ok. I'll
take it in my arm
Your hand is hurt that
is why I suggested hip
- Name?
- Jhansi
- Age?
- 26
- Phone number?
- For what?
I follow up my patient and check if
they are following my instructions
Patient won't follow properly but
it's a doctor's duty to follow up
Hence, I follow up all my patients
Very nice doctor
- Note my number down
- Tell me
- 9424...
- 9424...
- 54...
- 54...
- 7366
- Are you there on WhatsApp?
You must change the
dressing for next four days
So do turn up without fail
Preferably you come alone
Doctor, your fee
Rs. 5/-
Rs. 5/-?
Good, you have exact change.
Thank you
So, do turn up without fail
See that? Only Rs. 5/- is the fee
He usually grabs Rs 200 for headache
But he took just Rs 5 as if it is a girl
"Ask me and I'll tell the world
that you are the epitome of beauty!"
"Oh! My dear!"
"You shine like that crystal droplets!
You are like the moon"
"Oh! My dear!"
"My day doesn't start until
I get a glimpse of you"
"Baby! Hold my hands
forever, I need you"
"Please don't distance
yourself away from me..."
"...because my heart breaks
when you're far away"
"All I want is us to fall in
love and be together forever"
"You're the light, that
leads me in the dark"
"All we need is our eyes to
meet and create that spark"
"You're my world, I'm
already in your heart"
"Will you be mine forever?"
"I live in a fantasy but
you can make it real"
"I be the vision;
you be the feel"
"You're the soul to my life,
our love is the perfect deal"
"So, will you be mine forever?"
What's wrong with him? He is liking
all my pictures in Facebook
He even clicks like on
my grandparents' photos
"I'm experiencing
a whole new life"
"I can't thank you enough,
it's all because of you"
"Before you came into my life, it
neither had a reason nor any purpose"
"Every since I laid my eyes on
you; you are all I wanna pursue"
"From this moment onwards
my heart beats only for you"
"So open your heart for me and
let's make this dream come true!"
"You're the light, that
leads me in the dark"
"All we need is our eyes to
meet and create that spark"
"You're my world, I'm
already in your heart"
"Will you be mine forever?"
"I live in a fantasy but
you can make it real"
"I be the vision;
you be the feel"
"You're the soul to my life,
our love is the perfect deal"
"So, will you be mine forever?"
"All I want is us to fall in
love and be together forever"
- Don't be too late
- Ok dear
- Reach as soon as possible
- I'll be there, dear
What's up, buddy? You
appear to be in a good mood
Of course. That's what happens
when one falls in love
- It's turning my world topsy turvy
- Are you sure it's not the booze talking?
I feel like listening
to her voice forever
Well, it'll be good now
But when she finds out that you're
not a doctor but a fraud...
every word that comes out of
her mouth will hurt your ears
By the time she finds it out...
I'll be a in better and bigger position
Hey Kong!
How do I introduce myself?
I'm a farmer
Hope you understood
Did you get the money?
Everyone here is a farmer like me
None of them have money with them
A farmer feeds the world...
but cannot feed good food to his daughter
Then how will he repay his loan?
We do not have any other
option than committing suicide
Committing suicide is
against our religion...
but Lord Allah made me a farmer
But when I think of her...
If we die...
our daughter will have to beg
in the streets. Instead...
with the pride of being a
farmer's daughter, let her...
Do you have money on you?
What do you need it for, Sadhik?
To purchase poison
What do you mean?
Isn't that the final
judgment of all farmers?
I too have made the same decision
Stop being foolish
We live in a nation where a
farmer's death is just another news
We must fight our own war
I suggest you go to Chennai. Few
of my friends are working in banks
Try and I'm sure you'll get loan
- Are you sure?
- I'm confident!
Start at once
Kong, the signal is about to be red.
Do not jump out and run to press it
Fold your hands and keep mum
Not my hands! Yours!
Uh-oh! Why is she
calling at this hour?
Hey, it's me. Jhansi
Tell me
Where are you?
Myself? I got an important
work and I'm on my way
Had your food?
- Arrgh! This girl...
- Why aren't you replying?
I ate. Where are you?
I'm out with my MD regarding
an important loan matter
Arrgh! Kong's all over me. Hello
Hello. Ok, see you
Fine ok. Carry on
Who is it, buddy? Jhansi?
This fellow! He is torturing me!
Venkat! Venkat! Control him
- Why is this Monkey calling me?
- Whom did he call a Monkey?
I'm getting married next week.
Aren't you jobless? Come down
How dare you call me up and
invite me for your wedding?
Who is that bride, who
agreed to marry you?
Why are you getting upset?
I just stated the fact
that you are jobless
Your wife will elope with
that burger faced Trump!
You will fail on your First
night after wedding!
You'll die at the hands of
your mother-in-law and wife
Idiot! Stop cursing
- You're an anti-Indian!
- Dude, I have a doubt
I can't clear it. Get lost!
I have heard of modern Indian.
What's with Antique India?
Shut up you potato!
I'm already pissed off!
Come on.
Don't get upset
Sunny Leone new video
Is she looking at me?
Oh yeah!
Whoa! She is coming towards me
Are you single?
Yes. It's been long time now
Ok, then I'm taking this chair
Was all that romantic
look for a chair? Damn!
- Hi
- Hi
Hope youre doing fine
Please be seated
Dude, the manager is calling us.
Come, let's go
He calls me more often
than he calls his girlfriend
Come on
I'll be back in a minute
Sir, were you looking for me?
Yes Sathish. Our company
is running out of projects
As you know this is
a recession period
Yes sir
We are going to fire
more people this time
And this time it's
going to be 70
Awesome, sir
Give me two days time and I'll
have the list ready with 70 names
Sathish, you are one among the 70
- Sir!
- I'm sorry, Sathish
You! Where do we go if you
fire us all of sudden?
Sathish, mind your words!
Sorry, sir
I hope you know that it was with
great difficulty I found this job
My whole family is
dependent on me
Nothing is in my control
I just obey the orders from Super boss
I'm sorry
God, please ensure I don't hurt my hands,
legs, body and head when I hit the ground
Ensure I die at once I hit the floor
Instead of studying engineering I
could have done some petty business
Hey, what are you doing?
If I survive, please admit
me in Oppolo hospitals
Please don't save me, at all...
Oh my God!
Let go of me!
What happened?
Hey Venkat!
What happened?
Come here!
Come on. Help me
Who is it, hanging from here?
What are you doing instead
of giving me a helping hand?
Call Sathish too
Pull! Pull! Pull!
Let go of me and I'll land safely
on my foot! Just leave me!
- Call Sathish immediately!
- It's Sathish who is hanging!
- Bhai, help him. Catch him!
- Catch hold of him!
Bhai, please! Help him!
Look at him leave!
Sathish, why did you do this?
- Leave me, at least I'll land safely!
- Hold it! Don't let him fall!
Dude, pull him up!
- Catch it!
- Pull it! Pull!
- Pull it, buddy! Keep pulling
- Hey Kong!
- Pull
- Pull! Pull!
Kong, try harder! Pull!
- Pull
- Hold it!
- Sathish, don't let go of the cloth
- See my monkey?
Pull! Come on!
That's it!
Hey Kong!
Well done Kong!
Hey Kong, watch out!
Don't you fall down
- Are you nuts, you nut!
- Why did you guys save me?
Why did you cover your face and hang?
Are you feeling shy?
Are you nuts?
- What's your problem?
- Everything!
And suicide is the answer
to all the problems?
Are you going to give advice?
I prefer suicide!
Damn it!
Let that be. Who was the one who put
the knot on my neck with the cloth?
Well buddy, I hurled the cloth to save you
Like in English movies, I expected
it to hook on to your waist
But a slight miss
Yeah that would've
made us miss him forever
Why did you guys save me?
We can't let alone. We better get him
some costly booze and get him sloshed
Or else he'll again do something
like this in the night
Come on, buy some booze
I got the job hence I paid for the booze
- Should I buy the booze even for losing my job?
- Of course
- Come on!
- Don't forget the side dish
How are you?
Ask me why am I still alive?
I tired everywhere possible
I couldn't get a loan
All the efforts are a complete waste
Don't lose hope
- Let's try somewhere else
- Oh, come on now
Why do you sound like
you've given up?
When a bank can trust a
liquor factory business man...
Why can't they trust a farmer
who feeds the whole nation?
Sadhik, forget it.
We'll find a way
Can you do me a favor?
If I die, collect the compensation from the
government and hand it over to my family
Come on!
Hey! Sadhik?
- Why should we die?
- Why should we live?
Dude, if you die then we
don't have a reason to live
Do you want more booze?
- Take it
- Thanks
Come on, suicide isn't the
solution for every problem
I already lost my job
I'm completely broke
The education loan that I
took is choking my wallet
On top of that I need money
to marry off my sister
I hate this life
- Order some side dish
- Give me your slippers!
He is already feeling suicidal!
Stop asking him to order side dish
Indeed buddy. Even the fraud I do in the
buses, medical shop and in clinic...
makes me feel too cheap about myself
Guess what happened today
Hey, ask me what happened
Will you leave us otherwise?
Just spit it out
Today, when I was at the clinic...
- Aiyo! Doctor!
- Doctor! Doctor!
- What is it?
- Doctor, please attend to this patient
Look, such serious issues cannot be treat
here. Take him to a bigger hospital
- What happened exactly?
- He set himself ablaze
- Please save him
- But I don't know to handle such cases
But why did he do this?
Because he couldn't
repay his loan, doctor
Aiyo! No! How can you leave us?
Please come back!
How will I take care and raise
our daughter all by myself
Look, you left your
family to struggle!
Told you forget about agriculture and
farming. Why didn't pay heed to my words?
I feel so cheap about playing
doctor and fooling people
Looks like today's booze is
giving us a new kind of high
Correct! Good at least
you changed now
When one can take such a risk to die,
imagine how much we must risk to live?
- Hence, I have made up my mind
- Stop it!
Now, I have made up my mind
You guys saved me today.
What about tomorrow?
I can't live.
I wanna die
- Look at him
- Look!
Why do you always think of dying?
Think about living
You lost your job, he wants to
become a star and I wanna make money
In a way all our problems
have the same solution
I have a master plan
to make that money!
What's the plan, dude?
Why don't we indulge in robbery?
- Thank you
- One hell of a plan!
We can indulge in pottery
but no way robbery!
Come up with a robbery plan
I can come up with ideas for suicide
You come up with ideas for robbery
There is a businessman in our area
If we rob his house,
we can make a fortune
Dude, I need at least 30 million
What about print and publicity?
Then make it 50 million
So your problem is the number.
You're ready to rob?
Get lost!
- Dude, where is the side dish
- Police will snatch half of the money
And then will frame us in all
the cases that has no culprits
- Shut up you chicken
- Are you here to take orders?
Welcome bhai. It's been a
month since you're here
- Why don't you talk to us?
- Say why?
- Why don't you talk to us?
- Say why?
- Why don't you talk to us?
- Say why?
How will he talk if you guys
don't give a break! Let him talk
Please let me join your team
Like we have an IPL team and
you want to be a part of it
He is not even in our age group.
Reject him
Forget it
I overheard your discussion
I'm ready to join you
guys in the robbery
See that? He was eavesdropping.
I'm telling you he is danger
Shut up!
We must plan in a way that
we settle for once and good!
We must rob a bank in
order to achieve that
Rob a bank?
Whoa! That is one hell of an idea
Rob a bank and you
can get millions
We can settle down for good
This is why there must
be a senior in the gang
Pour a drink for the senior
Stop blabbing. Robbing a individual
house; now that sounds do-able
A bank will have CCTV cameras,
securities and around 20-30 staffs
Then we'll rob on a Sunday
Step out to rob with this criminal and
this doofus, trust me we'll end up in jail
To settle down with a huge
sum, bank sounds perfect
Raise your hands who are in for this one
I'm in
You also raise your hand
It's your idea then what's with the
slow motion? Raise your hands!
Super plan
I wanted to die alone
But now all of you are gonna
die along with me. Go ahead
Come to the rough top
err..roof top tomorrow
We'll make a perfect plan
According to plan all of you
come to the rough top tomorrow
Fine! That was a nice performance.
Get up
- Hello
- Look the phone is ringing. Attend it
Sorry buddy, I thought
it was the door bell
Hello. Would like to borrow
some coffee powder or sugar?
You had asked me to come
We usually never ask men to visit us
Anyway, come in
Please, come in and
lied down, sir
Dude, his face ain't that
bad to make you wanna puke
What's the matter?
Did you forget what you said
at the bar, last night?
How can I forget?
After all I was the one who ordered
Two double larges, one double large,
one chips packets , 2 omelet and...
half boil
Yes, one half boil
Look at my best friend, sir!
He named all the liquors
we had yesterday!
Stop talking like a fool
Last night at bar, didn't
we decide to rob a bank?
What? Rob a bank?
Are you still high
from last night?
Why are you asking us to join?
Get out or else I'll
order Kong to bite you
We all come from good families..
We eat only at hospitals
- But last night you guys where showing off..
- You! What's your problem?
You look soft and innocent...I won't
break but I'll rip you apart!
Ask him to get lost
Get out!
Sir, please leave
Dude, from where did he come up
with robbing idea out of the blue?
I guess he got the wrong mixing
last night for his booze
We must also keep a check on
the water we pour on the booze
Promise me!
- Promise
- Promise
That oldie is torturing us again and again.
Watch me break his head
It's JonC
- You could have gone through with the blow
- Yeah right!
Do you have any idea how many
times I called you last night?
You didn't pick my calls
and it got me worried
- That he'll ditch you?
- Get lost!
That doofus tried to commit
suicide for losing his job
Why did you stop him? After
all he is a burden on earth
Excuse me! I am God's child!
Death will never find me!
Hey, I wanna tell you something.
- What is it?
- Come on
Hey, let me at least refresh myself
- Why did you bring me to the terrace?
- Come, I'll tell you
What's the matter?
My parents are seriously
finding a groom for me
I'm confused
Please, try to postpone the
groom hunt a bit for my sake
I'll wait forever for you
But my family is putting lot of pressure
Fine, sit down
I shall manage as much as I could
If it reaches the break point
then I'll come here to you
You have waited so many days
Just a few more days
Kong! Son of a...
I missed a kiss because of you!
After all he is your friend!
He is just like you
Yeah right!
- So?
- I'm leaving. Bye
- My kiss?
- Bye Kong
Listen, I've brushed my teeth
Listen to me. Kisses are
really good for the heart
- Hey Kong, what happened?
- Hey, where's my kiss?
- You want me to sit. Sit. Sit
- Jhansi!
What? What is it?
Shouldn't have made you
watch 'King Kong' movie
You're just an ordinary Chimpanzee.
Got it?
Don't try to imitate King Kong and fall in
love. She isn't the lady love of your movie
Can't you hear me? Stop feeling yourself
as someone from Hollywood...Aiyo!
Hits in the wrong place
every single time
What happened?
I was climbing the terrace since
there was no range. Tell me now
I asked you for some money for your sister's
wedding. Why can't you act responsible?
Behave like an
elder brother...
I'm elder, still single and she
is bothered about sister's wedding!
- Catch hold of him!
- Let go off me! I'm gonna suicide
- Dare you stop me!
- Come on! Aren't you God's child?
Leave me!
I'm the son of the demon!
Catch hold of him.
Pull him back!
- Catch hold of him!
- It's putting his hand inside my mouth!
- Why should we die?
- Why should we live?
Listen, I have decided
That robbery is the only option to solve
all our problems. What do you say to that?
Order a couple of half boil
Shut up, you football!
Look, It's our bhai brother
He seems to be lonely, Lets go
check on him. Hello brother!
Didnt he promised to show up yesterday.
Hey, brother why are you sitting all alone
Why didn't you show up
yesterday as promised?
You planned everything, why weren't
you there for executing the same?
Why didnt you come dude?
I am extremely mad
at you people!
You guys better leave!
Your funny face does tell us
that you are mad. Lets face it
Why have you brought your
medications to a wine shop?
I have seen people take
medications after their meal
First time someone's take
medication after boozing!
It is Viagara, I guess
Sit down brother. Please sit
You planned everything for us,
but you dint turn up at the time
His majesty got scared, I guess
What's there to worry about?
We'll make a perfect plan and
execute it in the gorilla style
We'll loot the money...
and live happily forever. Sounds good?
Dude, on one condition!
- What's that?
- Only stealing money should be our motto
We should not harm women
or children at any cost
Don't worry.
They don't touch your shadow.
Of course, I'm a hero and
that's how I should talk
- Cheers buddy
- Cheers!
Of course, that's
how a hero must be!
Bye brother! Bye!
Don't forget to show up tomorrow morning
We'll plan and loot
Don't forget, brother
Sathish, get the door!
Look at him! He thinks
he is in a salon
Now, who's that disturbance
at this late hour?
Bathroom cleaning?
You had asked me to come
But you're not the one who
comes in toilet cleaner ad!
Hello! Excuse me!
Where are the
cleaning equipments?
Brother, didn't we make it clear yesterday
morning. Why are you disturbing us repeatedly?
Hey Kong, move aside
I'm not here to waste time
We are going to rob
as per your plan
Who's this crazy fellow? Why does he
keep saying 'your' plan repeatedly?
Leave or else...
shall I call the police?
- Tell him
- He must have heard you. Leave!
We'll make a perfect plan and
execute it in the gorilla style
We'll loot the money...
I look so smart in the video
Shut up, you doofus!
Boss, we keep blabbing and
making up stuff when we are high
Last month we blabbed a
plan to kidnap Nayantara
Doesn't mean you must
take it seriously
Sir, we were drunk and making jokes.
You seem to have taken it seriously
Ask him to leave
Please leave, sir
- Hello, leave!
- Look!
- Stop it
- He's furious
I'm anyway gonna rob
according to your plan
If I get caught, I will
take you guys with me
Even if I don't get caught, I'll forward this
video and frame your guys for the robbery
Come with me and you
will get your share
You will get caught
even if you don't come
Why are you so serious about this?
We were just blabbering
after the booze
Dude, I am leaving. Will meet
you guys for next holiday
Hey! Stay!
Sir, I came to the town
to spend my holidays
I got news that my grandmother
passed away this morning
Sir, I got to go
- My grandma will miss me, sir
- You act really well
Look he acknowledged
my acting skills
He started blabbering again
I'll be back in the evening
Better make a good
decision by then
Hand me the video before
you leave, please
- Video please!
- Will send it through WhatsApp!
What do we do now?
How come he is saying no to booze?
He is checking the time
Buddy, we are not going
to rob anything right?
When are we going for the loot?
Dude, go with him to the bank for
depositing money and still we'll be caught
Setting out to rob with him,
we'll be busted for sure!
Trust me, its a risky job
I have made up my mind
If we don't get what
we want in life...
why shouldn't we choose the
life that's presented before us?
Not the time for philosophies
It is not that easy to rob a bank
Who knows, we might get killed
Do not think about losing before playing
Play so that you don't lose!
Dude, this is not angry birds.
It's Blue whale!
We will definitely die
There is nothing to be afraid of.
If the plan is flawless...
- .. you do not worry about anything.
- Shall I come in?
Here comes the curse!
Here comes the agent
to the Lord of death
So, what have you decided?
Won't you drink until we give an answer?
So, when do we rob the bank?
Forget the police,
team up with him...
and the security
guy will nab us!
I agree
Let's watch all the bank robbery movies
We will analyze all the ideas
and will apply the same here
Does it seem fair to you?
If we start judging what's
fair and what's not
we can't live an honest life
There is something common in all the
movies that we watched. Guess what?
Indeed buddy.
All the heroines were hot!
They use gun to execute a robbery
we need a gun, first
I can arrange that
I knew it!
You're here well prepared
We'll need Rs. 25,000 to buy a gun
If we pile up all the
money that we got...
we can buy only one gun
- Give it to me
- For what? So that you
can take it and escape?
Dude, his plan is not to
rob a bank but rob us
- Then come along with me
- No. I have a 'hairache'
- Have some Parotta
- You think Parotta will cure my 'Hairache?'
- Make sense while you talk
- You do that first!
Shut up!
What do we do for the remaining amount?
Don't look at me.
I have no money with me
There not even a single penny in there
Card number
How do you guys even find it out?
Are you behind all this?
You disloyal mongrel!
Acts smart and look what it's doing now!
Don't end up hurting yourself!
Hello Boss!
Why so late?
Sir, please help me
If I manage to cut his hair, I could
earn my weekly income in a day
Please sit down.
Kindly wait
- Let me clean the place
- Make it fast
Help yourselves with
the latest news...
while I finish my
morning prayers
- Make it fast
- You have big heart; just like your head!
Dear Lord...
I don't mind the growth
of crops this season
But please make sure the hair growth
of people does not fail at any cost
Please come
What do you prefer, a hair
cut or a clean shave?
I am not here for either
The liquor shop nearby opens only a noon.
I needed a place to rest until then
Also a place where I
can entertain myself...
in some air conditioned
place, reading a magazine
or even watching TV
- So, you are not here for a hair cut
- Of course
You're here to while away your time?
I'll rip you apart if I
see you around my salon!
Get lost!
Mr. Landlord, how come you
are calling me this early?
I called to check upon your
special client Sunny Leone
Kidding me, are you?
It's been six months
since you paid any rent
I can't wait anymore!
Vacate the shop today
There will be a soup
shop in the same place
- They even paid the advance for the shop.
- Sir, please give me some more time
He disconnected the call
My dear daddy
Oh my dear son!
You seem to be in a good
mood, early in the morning
Don't get on my nerves dear. The
landlord called this morning
He said there will be a soup
shop in this place tomorrow
Is it?
What shall we do,
I am not a good chef!
You're not a good stylist either
The landlord has rented this place to the
soup shop guy as we have not paid the rent
He also asked us to vacate
the place right away
What a coincidence daddy
The landlord of our house called too
He asked us to vacate the place as
we have not paid the rent there too
- It is an insult to us!
- What shall we do now, dad?
I have a great plan to overcome
these financial hurdles
Come here
What if we rob the nearby bank?
Superb idea!
I love you daddy
Get the weapons ready my son
- I saw it first
- I took it first. Leave it
You touched with left but
I touched it with right
- Stop fighting like kids
- He won't let go of it
Choose anyone
Leave it. This is mine
Guns are here. What about bullets?
These are shooting gun
Of course guns are
used for shooting
He wants to know
where are the bullets
Where are the bullets?
- By shooting I meant cinema shooting
- Cinema shooting?
Who's the hero?
You retard!
One of my friend is a stunt man in Cinema.
I got it from him
So this is a dummy gun?
Is this for what we paid Rs. 25,000
Told you. He is not here
to rob the bank but us
For the money you gave me, only
one original gun can be bought
So, which is the original gun?
The one that everyone didn't like...
This is the original gun
How will we rob with dummy guns?
That's why I said don't
believe this guy
Only we'll know that
these guns are dummy
The onlookers won't know
No way.
Hand me the small gun
Do you think we are the police
to shoot as per our wish
Robbing the bank is our only motto
- Fine
- Buddy...
Why don't we do a
rehearsal before robbing?
- Awesome idea
- This is too much
Remember that movie in which they abduct
the vehicle going to the bank and rob it?
Similarly, let's rob a van
that's carrying money to the ATM
Watch out for my performance
Show me a sample
Once more
Listen to me, we don't need him.
- Sathish!
- Shut up
We'll get caught if
we try this in city
Hence, we'll abduct an ATM
van on the outskirts...
and rob it!
In order to finish
this successfully...
what we need in the
first place is a mask
This is a gorilla attack
This is way too out in the outskirts.
Lower the window
I have inquired all the details
The van with the money will pass this
route to deposit the money in ATM
Kong! Any sign of any ATM vehicle?
Hey Kong has given us the signal
Wear your mask, everyone!
- Wear it! Wear it!
- Quick! Wear it!
- Did you wear it? Oh my God!
- Aiyo! Gorilla!
He has stopped it.
Come on, now! Quick!
Step out! Out!
Sir! Please! Don't shoot me
I'll take care here, buddy.
You carry on
- Open the door!
- Superb!
- Go! Open the door
- Stop day dreaming and open it
Make it fast! Quick!
Get in!
- Buddy! It's me
- Whoa! Rascal!
Guys, quick take all the money
- Hey!
- What is it?
Where's the money?
Sir, we are returning from
loading the ATM with money
- What?
- Damn it!
Why did you remove the mask?
- Why did you?
- There is no money
My nose was itching
No money?
Why are you spitting on me?
At least give us 50
rupees if you have
Are we here to beg for money?
It was this way. Right?
I wonder how will I manage
with you guys...Move!
- Police! Police!
- Wear the mask! Wear it!
We'll get caught if we speak in our own
voice. Try to mimic some celebrity
- Aiy-aiyo!
- I'll hurl things at you, doofus!
Why is he running away from us?
Thank God! My deity saved me
It was not God but gun that saved you
Didn't you notice?
What were you doing?
Sorry buddy
I expected there would be money
but the idea flopped. Forget it
Failure is the first step to success
Wait and watch, you'll be thrashed
Do you want some?
Did you guys notice?
Since we had gun,
no one dared to near us
- That too on a broad daylight
- There is nobody in there
There are two primary
issues with our people
One being bystanders when there is an issues
and another being ignorant towards it
That is why people murder in
broad daylight and rob any place
And people like us are able
to plan a bank robbery
- You!
- What else are we doing?
Even though the first planned flopped,
it has given me some courage
the best thing is to
rob the bank next
We must get in, rob the bank
within 20 -30 minutes and escape
You talk as if we are going to
withdraw money from our account
How will we get into the bank?
Tell us that
Then bank we select must be three to
five kilometers away from police station
Only then when they get the information and
by the time they reach it'll take 30 minutes
Someone's is going to press the alarm for
sure, before we enter the locker room
Superb! Then we'll
get caught and die!
How do we hide and take
the guns inside the bank?
You don't miss your
focus, do you?
- This time I'm thinking we'll use Burqa
- Burqa?
No, burqa will be in black colour
and will take in lot of heat
Face will get tanned
He speaks as though he's been born in
Switzerland and brought up in New Zealand
- Hey I am an actor dude!
- You are mad!
We need to identify which bank is far
from the reach of a police station
I know the details
Yes, he knows everything. He
has already planned everything
I have come across several
while trying to apply for loan
I know a little about
how banks function
You were planning to rob a bank all
along and not to apply for loan
There is a bank which is five km far
from Vandalur police station
Bank of Hindustan
Fake guns are alright! What about
the fake bombs I asked for?
They have called me today.
I will go
Kong, please stay with me!
This accused ain't resting
until he gets us all killed
More than this gun...
It is Kong, that will
really scare everyone!
So we are definitely
taking him along
You too will soon be dead
- Hey
- Sir?
- Can't you hear me?
- Sorry sir, I didn't hear
- Venkat will be coming
- Ok sir
- There are three dummy bombs on the table
- Ok
and another one will be on the right
side cupboard...
- hand those over to him
- Ok, sir
- Will you do it?
- Yes sir, I will
It's been a long time and you guys
are not even responding properly
The boss has just left
Talk to him once he is back
- Don't you delay further
- I'm here to meet Sait
My name is Venkat, he
has asked me to come
Boss has left the place. Please
wait here, I will bring it
Which one is the
right side cupboard
This should be the one
Take this
What about the bill?
- I will speak to your boss about that.
- Ok sir
This is the bank we are gonna rob
- Don't hit me, sir
- Go! Get lost!
Dude, it's the police.
Take a U turn
Shut up!
- Why are you so scared?
- It's confirmed that we are dying today!
Stop being a chicken!
Let's do one thing
First, let two of us get in
and analyze the situation
Nice idea, dude. You both do that.
We'll wait here
You and me, we'll get
inside the bank first
Then both of you come in
later along with Kong
- Ok?
- Instead...
The three of you go inside and check.
I'll take care of the car
Shut up!
Why the mask if we are
already wearing the Parda?
Stop yapping away!
What if the Parda flies off
and our face is exposed?
Now, shut up and step out
They appoint employees
from north...
they don't understand me and
I don't understand them
This goes on then Tamilian
will end up begging!
That too you must beg in Hindi
Don't cry, my baby.
What happened?
Don't cry
Wear the parda
Cover your face!
- Excuse me, watch out!
- You shut out!
Close the door!
Don't cry, my baby
Where are you barging in? Move!
Save him Lord Allah!
Here, have a Samosa
Of course. You eat the Samosa
first and then drink tea!
Look at them, they are drinking the
tea and then having the Samosa!
To hell with you and your....
What's your problem?
Eating Samosa and then drinking
tea is the right way to eat
Hey! Look the police is getting
inside the bank. Call Jiiva
Call him!
(Song from Tamil movie 'Viswasam')
Where is he running to?
Aiy-aiyo! Police!
Madam, was that 1.5 million
credited in my account?
- Please wait, I'll check
- Greetings madam
- It is underway
- Uh-oh! Police again!
All hail the Lord
Jesus Saranamallah!
Please save me!
Whoa! She is as tall as actress Anushka!
This is gents toilet. Ladies
toilet is right next to this
If it's too urgent. Go ahead.
I'll guard this place for you
Go ahead. I'll keep an eye
Keep an eye on me?
I'll slap you! Get lost!
Slap me?
Excuse me, madam.
You misunderstood me.
I'll turn around and guard
"It has to be you, I'm sure
Knocking at my heart's door"
Hasn't she left yet?
Uh-oh! Why is he approaching me?
Madam, is this your pen?
This is not mine!
Guess she must be pissed
off with her husband
Allah will bless you
They are coming out
Good, we saved them somehow
Your game starts inside the bank.
For now, stay inside the bag
- Step out!
- Who are you?
What the hell?
You're showing a gun!
Please follow the queue
Oh! Ok. Ok
Mr. Blue Shirt, stand properly
Hey! What are you doing?
He asked me to follow the queue
Will you fill the receipt to rob a bank?
Use the gun, doofus!
At him! Idiot!
Be clear!
I wonder how am I gonna
escape from here with her!
You want me to follow queue?
Uh-oh! Jhan...si!
Hit him! Get up, all of you!
Move! Move!
Do you think this is a dummy gun?
Move, I say!
Move! Move!
Why is your hand shivering?
Look there and your
hands will also shiver
Come here
I said, come in
Hands off me!
Get inside!
- Stop! Stop! Move!
- Move! Move!
- This way
- Don't dash others
Stand one after the other
"Watch out, we are coming for you"
"You, won't even know who we are
why hit you"
"Lock, cover your money inside
Run along, won't let you hide"
Look here
Whatever we rob from this bank...
can be claimed by this
bank through insurance
So, if anyone tries to save the bank
and become a hero, lives will be lost
People who value their life, sit down!
- Sit down!
- Get everyone's mobile
Hey, come on
- All of you, take out your phone
- You, in green Saree. Give me your phone
What about Jhansi? She is alone inside
Nothing to worry. We'll rob and be out
from here in ten minutes. Got it?
I appreciate your dedication.
Work before love?
Who is that doofus, who
didn't hand us the phone?
- That's my phone!
- Jiiva, I got ten rupees
- Sorry
- It's mine
- I snatched it from that white shirt
- Don't lift your dress like that! Ewww!
Jhansi's calling me
They are quiet.
You, go ahead and talk
Hey! Mind you guys.
Don't you make any noise
Tell me, baby
Jiiva, I came to BOH bank,
at Vandalur for a work
Few robbers broke into the bank
- They locked me up in the toilet
- Relax. Relax, baby
Don't you worry.
I'll come there in ten minutes
Don't you inform the police at any cost
Because it'll put your
life in jeopardy. Ok?
- Dude...
- Tell me
Jhansi has a phone!
I know. Just saw her FB post
stating "I'm in trouble"
I disliked it
Whom was I saying it to? Damn!
Wait, I'll come back and deal you
Dude, I disliked the status
- Here
- Give it to me
Looks like you got her phone
You are better than a professional thief
Did you delete that post?
Where is my Jhansi?
Bloody fools!
This is too much!
Enough of this!
You have no idea who I am!
None of you will leave
alive from here!
Got it?
Hold this
Lay two slaps right
on his cheek!
Son of a...
How dare you?
Hit him
You! Where's the locker?
Over there
You, take her
Dude, keep eye on everyone.
I'll go and empty the locker
Dude, are you taking her to the room?
Shall I join?
If not for the mask, I would have
spat right on your face! Get lost!
- Dude, catch it
- That was a close call
Hope they'll return
with the money
Indeed. Once money is here.
We'll split it and settle down
Will you use your share
and produce my movie?
Why would I produce
a flop movie?
Aren't you gonna die? Then
why do you need money?
So you agree that if I produce a
movie with you in it, I'll die
- Hey! Hey!
- Sit down! Down!
There comes my hero!
He will take care of
things here after!
Excuse me, what's all this?
It's all adult movies in here
Then pirated DVDs
Who stored all these here?
Looks like Vishal is being a big trouble
Hence the pirate DVD dealers got
the master copy and hid it here
People are senseless!
Open the next locker!
CCTV and hard disk?
All these are hospital footage
It'll come handy
Let's not drag unnecessary
issues into our life. Keep it back
Is it?
Madam, open a locker
containing money!
Open! Open!
Take it out! Take all out
Please don't harm me!
Oh Lord Hanuman!
I'm so scared
Please don't harm me!
May I come in?
Are you here to deposit or withdraw?
- To deposit
- Please come in
- Go, sit over there
- Don't touch me
I like only Kurta. No, Parda!
Your joke sucks!
No! Is this how you
treat a NRI customer?
Wait and watch how I treat you
Now, go!
Looks like a huddle of Gorillas
Hail Lord Hanuman
You too have an account in Swiss bank?
I guess that is why
Switzerland is so rich!
We want the overall collection
not just today's collection
Excuse me, this ain't just today's collection.
This is indeed the overall collection
There will be hardly 10 million in this
Is this why we too
such a huge risk?
Let's scoot with
whatever we have
Why is it so light? Wads of 5000?
The bank doesn't have
as much as we expected
There's hardly 10 million in it
Raid an ordinary councilor's
house and they get a billion!
And you say all this
bank has is 10 million?
Let's leave with whatever we got
Dude, the police has
rounded up the place
Yes dude.
Game over!
Any information yet?
Sir, not yet
What's running in your mind?
I'll handle this
What happened?
- Why are you stepping out?
- No! Please don't go out!
"Watch out, we are coming for you"
"You, won't even know who we are
why hit you"
"Lock, cover your money inside
Run along, won't let you hide"
Take one step and a person
dies inside the bank
Who are you?
What do you want?
Nothing should happen to
any of the hostages inside
We'll present our demands
after deciding on it
But if you guys try to
beak in before that...
then you'll only
find corpses inside
What did you just do?
There are so many police and
yet you pointed gun at them?
That too a dummy one
Guys, come here
What's with the football huddle?
Look, Plan A didn't workout
So, Plan B
What's Plan B?
Remember we watched an
English movie the other day?
When robbers did find money, they
placed the hostages life on line...
and demanded money
from government
- That is what we are gonna do
- Ok
But if the police break
in, we'll be doomed!
I feel giddy. I feel my sugar levels
are dropping. I'm about to faint
Even you have a stroke,
you can't leave here!
So what I said is the plan!
I think he is right
You will obviously think so.
You're the reason we are here
No use talking
I already feel like Lord
of the death is calling us
Excuse me, ladies
Cover your face! Cover it!
Who is this?
Looks like a big piglet
Audience won't
laugh at this joke
I'm also a thief like you all
I steal the pension money of the elders
during the first week of every month
My bad luck, I got stuck with you
It's ok. If you don't mind can
you take me in your team?
Damn it! We are high tech robbers! We
learnt robbery from Hollywood movies!
You steal from the elders
and you wanna join us?
Sir, you're Hollywood thief
and me, Kollywood thief.
Both are thieves then why the gap?
You have to threaten
people to scare them
But me? People get
scared looking at me
Isn't this qualification enough?
Look at his dress color.
He is a Telugu actor!
I'll be sitting over there.
Call me, if you need me
Get lost!
Forget about him
How much should we demand?
Hold on!
Shooting, posters, cut-out and a pay
for the reviewers, I need 50 million
So, 50 million per head
90 million in total
Doofus! How does 50 million per
head add up to 90 million?
- 225 million! Isn't it?
- Then 225 million!
So, ready with you demands?
Go ahead, ask!
There are 18 lives inside
If they must make
it out safe then...
pay us 200 million and we'll leave
without creating any issues
200 million?
Any idea how many zeros it has?
Err...no...we don't know
If you don't meet our
demand and pay us up...
then every half an hour a
person dies inside the bank
One, two, three...
Sir he is counting down...
What if he goes in
and shoots anybody?
Please don't harm anyone
- Eight zeros!
- What?
Eight zeros?
20 million has eight zeros in it
This ain't a game, dear
And that is why don't
take us lightly
So stop acting smart and
instead go, arrange the money
I'm going back in, now
- What's wrong with him?
- Sir?
He bids good bye as if we
are here to see him off!
They don't seem to be
professional thieves
How about we break in
and gun them down?
No! No! No!
We can even follow what the
professionals are up to
but such amateurs are
very difficult to handle
What if they do something crazy in fear?
Remember, there are hostages inside
Yes sir. Tell me
Have you brought the bank
surroundings under your control?
Yes sir
We don't know how
many are there inside
Their demand is 200 million
We are waiting for
you to make a decision
I'll let you know after consulting
with the higher officials
Ok sir
Their demand is 200 million
It's election time
Sir, there is not even a clue about
them in the intelligence report
But at Home Secretariat it'll go
down as a miss from our side
Do one thing. Collect all the details of the
robberies involving Parda, mask and guns
This usage of Parda; could it be a
strategy to ignite a religion riots?
May be
First thing...
Ensure the media doesn't
make a big issue out of it
- Please move, sir! Move!
- Please move!
Robbers who broke into the
bank at Vandalur in Chennai...
threatened the bank staffs at gun point and
now the police have rounded the bank up
Robbers broke into BOH bank...
when they realized there
was no money in bank...
they took the bank staffs and the bank
customers present over there, as hostages
Now, they have demanded
a sum of 200 million rupees
Holy guacamole! If this is the case, how
will people deposit money in the bank?
Robbers have broke inside a
bank in the broad daylight
Bank is place where we think our money
is safe but the bank itself isn't safe!
Come here buddy! Come here!
Come on, buddy!
What are you doing
with these robbers?
- It's all because of him
- Hey, look at this
Lets buy a bungalow in Anna Nagar once
we start our pickpocketing business
I will build a house along
with a tree in the garden
The tree is for you
to play all day long
- Do you remember this scene?
- Which one?
The movies where the lost
brothers unite during climax
This is exactly that
No Kong, everyone is watching
Hey Kong, Come here
If he were a girl, we could
have got Kong married to him
That's enough, come here
Kong, please!
Don't leave me
Stop singing and go,
sit over there!
Don't touch!
I am coming from India, I have
come to deposit 2 billion
- Show me the money!
- What?!
- Did you say 2 billion?
- Yes!
2 Billion!
He reminds me of Vijay Antony
from Pichaikkaran movie
Don't get on my nerves.
Go and sit there!
He is mentally unstable, sir
I had a doubt after seeing
this peculiar hairstyle!
- Hey! He meant that guy!
- His also mentally unstable?
I doubt if this is a
bank or a mental asylum
Sir, he often comes here in the
name of depositing a billion or two
He won't leave until the bank accepts
his challan and gives a receipt
He will leave once
he gets the receipt
Hey, what are you both
retards discussing?
Wait, he is doing the calculations.
The sum has gone more than 5 billion
According to him, he is a
successful politician from India
And thinks that his job is to deposit
the looted money in Swiss bank
- For him, this is his Swiss bank
- Swiss bank?
I got to board my flight to
India and its getting late
Once I reach India, call
me from Switzerland
Why should I call you?
Only then will I know
that I have reached India
I agree that you are mentally unstable.
Do not confirm it time and again
I have come across many mentally
unstable people but he is peculiar
This is how most of the
rich people in India are!
These robbers escaped after their
robbery in Kolkata 2 years before
They seem to have killed 8 of their hostages
as the demanded ransom was delayed
Who is this?
This robbery happened
in Mumbai, last year
During the shootout, 3 of them were shot and
one of them is spending his time in jail
Do you think we can
escape from this place?
- I am scared!!
- Hey!!!
Hands up!
- I surrender!!
- Fool!
Why are you surrendering
despite being armed?
He's got the original
gun unlike ours
- Only we know the truth. He doesn't know
- Come on, my hero!
What's up? Closing in, is it?
Son of Venghai has
arrived all by himself!
If you have guts, all of you go face him!
- How dare you tease our superstar?
- Hit him!
I think you are from the Viswaroopam
team and that's why you are mad at me
Shut up you 'Nest-Head'
Ask the security to put down his gun
Security!! Drop your gun
Are we playing heist game?
Let me be the cop
The gun is loaded
Snatch the gun
from that retard!
Hands up! I am going to
shoot each one of you
She has got hold of my gun!
Let go of the gun!
Hey! Let me go!
He is shooting like crazy!
- Catch him!
- Sir, I am the driver for your airplane
Run driver or else my bullet
will get you, you Bull !
Hey! Let me go!
Let go of the gun!
Allow me to do my duty!
Please do not hurt
any of the hostages
We shall oblige to your demands
Jhansi, come on
This way
(Song from Tamil Movie 'New')
Hey! Hey! Watch out!
What's happening here?
Excuse me! Having a
sandwich massage?
What is Jhansi doing over there?
If you take my place,
the lady underneath will die!
At least give me some
space on the side
Give me the gun!
Give me the gun!
Dude, he isn't listening
to me in the first place!
I have been wanting this for long.
Get lost!
Let go of me! I'm the cop here!
Stop it with such activities. Even
I lost my control. Go, sit there
- Dude, how did she get out?
- Hope our teammates are fine
Yes. Look, he seems
to have doubts
Why are you guys talking
in a woman's voice?
Uh-oh! He found it out!
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Why are you lying like this?
- Dude, don't press in the wrong places
- Wake up! Venkat!
- Dude, get up!
- Wake up!
- What happened to him?
- What happened?
- Dude! Dude!
- Buddy?
What happened to you?
Wake up, man!
Hey, Venkat!
I thought, one share less but
looks like you are back alive
This guard saved me
See that? It's the guard
that saved him now!
Indeed dude. The guard saved you.
You have a good life line
Thanks to the guard
Uh-oh Jhansi!
Do you want the guard?
Your face is exposed, then what's
with the woman's voice? You're busted
Why did you remove the mask?
Fine, at least let
me hide my face
Hope you know what a big
blunder you're committing
What made you take
such an extreme step?
And I trusted you!
Do you know what?
He isn't a doctor too!
Don't you have a heart?
How could you cheat me?
Whom are you calling a fraud?
You claim to love me but roam around
with another guy! You're fraud!
I need to hear this from you
for sincerely loving you
Shut up!
Girls like you have made a
habit of cheating guys like me
Because I'm poor and he is rich!
Of course! You eat but
he fills his stomach!
- Get lost!
- Aiyo!
Dare you or else
I'll break you jaws!
Jhansi you have such cheap friends?
Do you know who I am?
Who in the hell is he?
Keeps repeating the same question!
Get lost!
Move! Get lost!
- Come here
- Sit down
Dude, why were you so mean to her?
React even worse when you
know a girl is about to react
Sounds like a good idea!
Let that be...
Why did you tell her I'm not a doctor?
Now you won't have another
issue to deal with her, right?
Thank me. I've helped you!
What happened? Did he slap you?
Those two, one in green Parda and
the other in red Parda, they hit me
How about we bash them
up together, as a team?
Listen, I'm one of them
You guys are messing with
me without knowing who I am
Didn't they beat for
saying the same thing?
Shut up!
Listen, baby...
How tall are you?
Around 3 feet 4 inches?
I'll remove my slippers and slap you!
Remove it and you'll
be on 2 feet 2 inches
- Driver! What is this?
- What?
It's a sweet bowl.
Keep it safe with you
Pack it in my luggage that
I'll be carrying in the flight
Here! Take it!
- Dude! Dude! Come here
- What is it?
He is hurt.
let's help him.
What happened to him?
- Lift him
- No, I won't come! Leave me!
Come on, now!
- Come on! You're shot!
- Leave me!
- You're hurt so bad! Come on!
- Leave me!
I don't care, even if it's
at the cost of my life...
I won't let you take
a penny from here!
This right here is the difference
between the poor and the rich!
Show the gun and the manager
let's us loot all the money
But the poor...
The poor will remain poor forever
Not the time, dude. He is bleeding.
He might die
He might die and then
this will become an issue
What shall we do now?
- He is stepping out!
- That too without the mask!
So you are the culprit!
He looks familiar
People call him the 'Lucky charm' doctor
That's him
I heard a gunshot inside
Whom did you shoot?
One of them was showing
off too much...
hence, we shot him
There is no risk to his life
Please bring in some doctor
So, isn't he a doctor?
He is robbing the bank. Isn't that
enough to prove that he is a fraud
What are you guys up to?
Bring out the one who is hurt
First ensure you meet our demand
Delay more and this is what will happen
- Get lost!
- How dare you?
- Take a hike!
- What? How dare...
Sir, he just insulted you!
- Call up the ambulance first!
- Sure sir
Bank robbery update: Since there is a
delay in meeting the robber's demand...
the information is that a
person was shot inside
And we're expecting him
not to be dead, so far
Why are you all standing as if
the national anthem is played?
It's lunch time
Come to office at your own timing but
maintain punctuality for such breaks!
You're working in a bank right?
Why do you dress like you're
working in a massage parlour?
What's that on your back? Dirt?
Don't you take bath?
- That's a tattoo
- Show me
- I already saw it. It's an eagle tattoo
- Let me also check it out
All of lives are on the cliffhanger...
and you want to have lunch?
I'll shoot all of you down!
Staffs, step forward. Come on
Kneel down! Kneel down!
You guys make our life hell that
starts right from filling up a challan
Blame Digital India...
they ask Aadhar ID proof
even at the rest rooms!
Let's make in India
You've been talking alone for a long time.
I'll break your jaws
Toy face!
Whom are you staring at?
Arrogance of being a bank employee.
Isn't it?
They are the staffs.
Don't insult them
We're insulting them?
You don't believe customers to an extent where
you even tie the glass tumbler with a chain
5 rupees pen and you tie
it down with a thread
And those who owe you millions of billion?
You let them escape to foreign!
They even make the elder's, who are
here for pension, wait for a long time
Don't drag your problems into this
You don't know how long I wait
outside to snatch it from them!
Not just that.
We come to city so that we can
make a new address for ourselves
When we come to open an account, you guys
pester us asking for I proof and address proof
What if you take loan
and run away to foreign?
Didn't you get address
proof from Vijay Mallaya?
Answer him Mr. Sharp Nose
You think smoothly you can
become one of us? Go, sit down
Well, no...
Come on.
Let's sit together
She'll sit later.
You go, sit there
Hey! Where's Kong?
That monkey must be here somewhere
Dare you call it a monkey!
Why did you call it a monkey?
Then how else do you
address a monkey?
If anyone triggers a gun shot...
I'll finish you off!
Bro! Are you safe?
Who are you?
Can't you see? Look we are already friends.
I'm one of you
Bro, come let's go chat with
the manager lady. She is alone
Look, he is carrying it
like he is his mother
Situation becomes intense in Vandalur
Since, there is a delay
in paying the ransom...
the robbers shot one of the hostages
Daring robber who stepped
out without the mask
The police has now closed the
file, looking for the robbers
Let's find our more from our reporter
Dressed as a doctor, a police...
See that, we are the
headlines in all the channel
I bet there will be a channel
that will play 'Kumki' even now
Try that!
I've watched some thousand times
They're playing this movie
for the millionth time!
Look here comes an ape
They earn all their ratings either playing this
movie or with the shows with this anchor DD
But I like this anchor very much
Drunken drive, isn't it?
How do you know that she got
caught in a Drunken drive case
I meant you dude
- This guy's the best !!!
- He is having the time of his life!
No comments!
- Why?
- I'm a diehard fan of his
- Hes lying
- Shut up, guys!
- Aiy-aiyo! Police! Police is here!
- That's the ambulance
Note that a government doctor is making his
way in to the bank. This is a bit strange
Sir, ambulance arrived
Over sir.
Please, go check
Open it
- Vincent
- Sir?
- Find out who are these two
- Ok sir
Can you hear me, Rajesh?
You have the advantage of the situation
Use it correctly
Ramalingam, get both their footage
From where did the monkey
come inside the bank?
Dude, you handle the stunts!
Come on!
Move! How dare you attack us?
Kong, you carry on
Keep moving!
Watch out.
Send him here
Sir, one second.
I'll get back to you
Sir, move!
How dare you send in a police?
Do we look like jokers to you?
You guys play tricks thinking we can't
do anything about it. Isn't it?
Wait and watch, we'll
show our true power now
- Step back!
- Look, it's a bomb!
- Run! Let's back off
- He is wired!
Look at him...he is wired!
This is five kilos.
There are three more inside
In total, 20 kilos.
If it explodes...
everything will burnt down to ashes
in a radius of half a kilometer
How dare you send in a police!
Let me also remove it
It's so stuffy!
Time to fly down to India
Oh shame!
- What's the time?
- 7:30
Kong, what are your eyes fixed on?
You wanna press the red button?
It's a dummy bomb. Doesn't matter
who presses the button. Come on
Come, press it
It's so hot outside. You
also removed the attire?
How did you find out
he was not a doctor?
He was dressing the wound
like I used to do it
Look at that! You found it out
because you were also a fraud doctor
Yes, dude
Why is the counter running
only in your timer?
Because my good time has started
Ok, go stand there!
Come, let's go
Everyone where terrified
at the sight of the bomb
Jealous guys!
Sir, the situation is getting worse here
All the four robbers have
strapped a bomb to their bodies
Before anything bad happens...
we must meet their demands!
Please discuss with the higher authorities
and come to an amicable conclusion
I think it would be better if we consult
the Chief Minister before moving further
Yes, sir
Sir, they are demanding
a ransom of 200 million
There are suicide bombers
inside who threaten to blow up
The special task force would
be very helpful right now
What's the hurry?
Don't wield that weapon now
It'll be the government
and not you in danger
Let's settle the ransom for now
Later, we can finish them off
Yes, sir
Will do that, sir
Dude, when will the money come?
Good, Only now are you involved in the job
I was wondering if we could
order dinner, if it gets late
- Food is all he thinks about. Glutton!
- I'm hungry!
- Yes sir?
- Thalappakatti Biriyani hotel?
- Yes sir
- Is the biriyani fresh and hot?
Pack hot lunch for 30 people
Add some appetizers and desserts too
Delivery address?
This place is the talk of
the town at current hour!
Hindustan bank is the place to deliver.
Pack for 30 people and come soon
May I know who is speaking?
Whose name shall I use?
- Quick tell me?
- Use Assistant Commissioner's name
I'm the AC, Shanmugam.
Come soon.
- Ask for extra Curd Onion?
- Curd Onion is it?
He has disconnected the call
There is no shame when
somebody is paying the bill
Food is on the way dude!
- Hey wait!
- What now?
The count is only 20 here
Why did you order for 30 people
Sorry, but extra 10 is for me
That doesn't seem fair
Three for me and seven for you
No way. Three for you
and seven for me
That's what I said
I am the one who ordered, I
should be the one who orders
Forget that. Do you want
'Beeda' for dessert?
I know a guy from Thiruvanmiyur
who makes excellent Beedas
Its so tasty that you'll
spit it back on his face
- Hey!
- What?
- We are not here for a feast
- Then?
Go and grab the lunch first
Show this
He was working in an I.T company
Later, he was fired
He is a fraud doctor.
His name is Jiiva
Sir, he is Venkat
His dream is to become a movie star
But for now he is jobless
We haven't found much
details about him yet
- Find if there is any link between them
- Ok sir
- Make way please! Make way!
- Hey who is that?
- Hey, where are you going?
- Hey! Hey!
- Sir, I got to deliver the Biriyani
- No way
It was Assistant Commissioner
who ordered these!
Biriyanis for you
Who ordered?
I was told that you are
the one who called
Stop kidding and get away
- Get lost idiot!
- Sorry sir!
Get lost man!
- Hello!
- Hello sir!
- Have you reached the place?
- I am near the barricade sir
The deliver guy has come. Go and fetch
the lunch from him
A dude with bomb attached to his chest
will come. Hand over the lunch to him
- Go outside and fetch the lunch.
- Hey!
- I said, go!
- Listen to me
Test the lunch for poison
before giving it to us
I will be dead if its poisoned
- I don't think poison can kill you
- Says a poisonous fellow
- What is the thermocol for?
- To save myself from the bullets.
Looks like he is from Sellur
At least I stopped with
a demonstration, you
named the person, you
are a dead meat now
Thermocol again?
AC sir, I'm about to reveal myself
Biriyani is for us. Send it in
Come here
Look, how arrogant he is
- Come here
- Wait, sir
He look strange.
Resembles gorilla a lot
A thermocol is enough to scare you guys.
Which is why they are having fun inside
Hello, sir
It was just a thermocol
Give it to me
- Did you pack the appetizers?
- Sir, the bill
- Sir will pay along with the tax
- Who? Me?
- Hey!
- Sorry sir
You have been standing
here since morning
Here, you both share this
Sit by the jeep and eat
- You!
- What is it?
I can only spare one. There
are many people inside
Catch him
Uh-oh! There are 30 of them here already
- Sir...
- Look...
All other robbers have
removed their monkey masks!
Why haven't you removed it yet?
Sir, this is not a mask
- This is my original face!
- Remove your mask!
I swear! This is my face
- I said, remove it
- Sir, please listen to me
- I said, remove it
- Cut your nails, sir!
He just poked my eyes!
I spared a biriyani for you and is
this how you thank me in return?
You better get retired
Sir, he just asked you to get retired!
Are you on their side or mine?
A police fires gun but this guy
seems to like ripping faces
Alas, he has come!
- What took you so long?
- Gone!
Gone? Who? You? Then how
come you are alive?
I meant a pack of biriyani is gone.
They flicked it
How bad of them!
- Six for you and three for me!
- Ok
Ten farmers suicide on the same day
Tragedy at Thiruvalluvar
Including Murugan, a total of ten farmers
from Thiruvalluvar committed suicide today
The whole state is saddened by this
Hey! You!
What do you think you're doing?
Stop this foolishness
Everything's falling in place
You retard!
My friend is the
reason I'm alive today
He pacified me and sent me to
Chennai to look out for loan
But today, he committed
suicide due to loan shark!
- I don't deserve to live!
- Hey! Stop!
Suicide, that is all you know!
You think your death
will change everything
Just like this, when
I was working...
A farmer died and quit that profession
Do farmer's think committing
suicide is a fashion statement?
My dad died because of debts
Which is why I became
a fraud like this
Die and your children
will turn into frauds
Can't you take up any other
profession if not agriculture?
We have many profession to take up
What about your food?
Farmers are the only generous
people in this world!
But we aren't allowed to fix a price
on the products that we give away
You guys think that farmers are protesting
and fighting for their own rights
But they are fighting for you
and everyone in this world
Why don't you guys
understand this fact?
No honest farmer will be
as selfish as any of you
We fight till our last breath...
We are sacrificing our
lives to save agriculture!
But we unable to do it
I stepped apart and became selfish
And here I'm with you
guys, robbing a bank!
I am ashamed of myself!
Fine. Forget it
What is that you want?
Can I make a demand?
That's it? Just come out and
demand whatever you want
Instead stop crying like a kid
Come on
The government will
accept all our demands
Just demand what you want
- Jiiva, listen to me
- Jhansi!
You don't need this
You're committing a blunder
Please, you don't need this!
I'll knock you down dead! Get lost!
How dare you abuse
Jhansi in front of me?
Do you have any idea who I am?
Are you actor Sarath Babu's son?
You'll tremble in fear if
you find out who my dad is
I have been meaning
to ask from long back
Tell me, who is your father?
He is our company MD's son
We were here regarding signing up a loan
Not just that
His father is central minister Ramaiah
- So, you have two fathers?
- Can't you understand Tamil?
- Greetings sir
- Minister's son?
Now watch how you
demand will be met!
Darling, come here
Sir, please go
Jiiva, what are you gonna do?
Jhansi, I'll take care
Why didn't you mention
it before, dear?
Like you guys let me speak!
Every time I spoke you guys
hit me right on my face!
Fine, I'm leaving.
Come on, Jhansi
Where are you off to? You
part is yet to begin
Give me the bomb jacket
I won't give mine.
Use yours
Jiiva, what are you gonna do?
Jiiva, please no!
- What's your plan?
- Take her away
- Listen, you go sit there
- Jiiva, please listen to me
Why are you removing your shirt?
- Jhansi, go sit there. Go!
- Jiiva!
Jiiva, please don't do this! Jiiva!
- Can't you hear me?
- Jiiva!
Remember darling, the
remote is in my pocket
Act smart, I'll press it
and it will be game over!
Sir! Greetings!
What's up, sir?
Look! That's our son!
Aiy-aiyo! Please do something!
I am really worried
Just go to your room! Go!
Mic! I need a mic
- Come, let's go with our mics
- Stop! Step back!
Bring that one
Mr. Farmer, make sure you
demand a huge ransom
Just place your mics and come back. Go!
Ok sir
- Sir, please state all details
- Please state all your demands
Sir, the guy in the middle
looks quite familiar
I have seen him frequently around
You guys set police on us even after
there are 18 hostages' lives in danger
You're delaying to pay us up
All because none of those
lives matter to you
That's the respect you
have for ordinary people's life
You won't question the mystery behind the
hundreds of fishermen die in Rameshwaram
But two people die inside the Taj
hotel and you make it a global headlines
Because causalities aren't
a big deal to you...
the real deal is who
are the causalities!
So, now we have a hostage whose
life will matter to you!
Darling, step forward
He is...
central minister, Ramaiah's son
There's the twist in the plot!
- Your dad must be watching this
- Ok, I'll speak
Say 'Hi' to him
Dad, they bashed me up inside
Didn't you bash me?
Sir, he is my colleague.
Looks like he has a demand
Come on
Why is he acting strange?
I didn't get a chance to speak
Please forgive us all. There is no other
option for us other than committing suicide
He has turned on the bomb man
- What are you doing?
- Getting ready to die!
What is your problem?
Just say it!
We don't need the 200 million
that we demanded earlier
Move aside
Hey Mr. Farmer, what happened?
Instead of that, please waive off
all the farmers' loan in the state
Let the farmers live
If you let the farmers die, the very
backbone of the country will be shaken
I plead you!
If you do that, we will
surrender ourselves
Waive off the farmers' loan
Is it possible for the
government to do that?
It doesn't matter how, but
please waive off the loans
Do you think it is possible
for our government to do that?
Please hear me out! Let me speak!
Hey! Don't shout!
- Sir, shall I take leave!
- Save the farmers
- Hey, come inside
- Please let me go
- Hey!
- Give me a minute, sir!
- List your demands first
- Why the soft corner towards farmers?
Sir, you better demand some
money, this seems unrealistic
Cut it out!
What is the police doing?
A bank is being robbed and my
son is held as a hostage too
Make sure that he doesn't get hurt
Okay, sir
Get in!
What did I ask you to do
and what have you done?
I saw it coming!
I told you, don't trust this guy.
You shouldn't have taken him along
- Please forgive me
- He is a rebel
I thought you would ask for more
ransom but you screwed up everything
I'm sure we can save all the
farmers if you cooperate with me
I will meet them again and
clarify that money is our demand
- Sir, please don't do that
- Hey, leave him
- Please save the farmers, sir
- Hey, take him away from me
Please don't give us up. Please
save the farmers from dying
Please! I am begging you! Save the farmers!
Hey hero, that was awesome
What's all this?
The public seem to enjoy this
Hail our heroes!
That was an awesome demand!
Awesome demand! You
guys are the rockstars!
You rock! You rock!
- Superb!
- Awesome!
If they had wavered the loans earlier,
my father would have been alive today
Oh God!
Look, what debt has done to you.
You left your family to struggle!
Told you forget about agriculture and
farming. Why didn't pay heed to my words?
Dear lord, if they do waiver the
loans, it would be very helpful for us
You will live long my dear
'Waive off farmer loan '
Look here!
This particular demand
cannot be met at all
The ransom you asked earlier is on its way
Take the ransom amount
and get away from here
I give you two hours
Waive off all the farmers' loan
Or else the bomb will go off!
What did you do to convince him?
Waiving them off is not so easy
If the government can waive off a whopping
36K billion of the corporate loans
In comparison the farmers'
loan is only 12K billion
Can't waive off that?
Each year, the government
spends a lot on our army
Why cant we do the same
for agriculture too?
Both do the job of saving lives
Only if agriculture flourishes,
the nation will flourish
No matter which country it is
What are you looking at?
The demand should be met
Can you translate the
same in English?
I will give 2 hours time
Ban farmers' loan
or else bomb blast
Sir, can you tell it in Hindi
She couldn't understand
Tamil, so I spoke in English
Now you want me to
speak in Hindi too
Speaking a language should be
a pleasure not forced upon
- Got it?
- Sorry sir
Waive off! Waive off!
Waive off! Waive off!
Waive off farmers' loan!
Waive off farmers' loan!
There goes my dream
of becoming a hero
Is he mad, he has
changed the plan
- Brother, you rock
- That was awesome!
Sir, see the support?
We call it 'Mass!'
I'll skin you alive if
I lay my hands on you
Robbers who demanded 200
million as ransom...
are now demanding the waiving off
the farmers loan from the state
Robbers who demanded 200
million as ransom...
are now demanding the waiving off
the farmers loan from the state
The incident has shocked
the people of the state
Do you think the demands of
the youngsters could be met?
An act of rebel is how I see it
Why would you join him
and screw it up further?
Neither will they give us the money
nor will they waive off
the farmers' loans
If you decide to fight for the people...
they will shoot you down
and name you a rebel
And he wants to do
- Will they do it?
- Yes they will
But I know what's your idea?
Aren't you planning to try
your hand at politics?
You will go out and
blame the system
Am I right?
Forget it, every convict will
have an opportunity to redeem
This is one such occasion
Who will blame the system then?
Be careful. Don't let anybody
burn your hair during the rebel!
They'll cut my hair?
Hey, they got the minister's son man!
Things are going to run smoothly now
The boys have rocked
Hey, look at this
Isn't it nice?
This is not their fight, it is ours
They have underestimated the youth
Divert all the vans to the bank
Call our boys, we will join the troop too
They are taking things very lightly
It is impossible to
waive off farmers' loan
The government will not abide
even if they give their best shot
The people are not like earlier.
They are quite smart
Is this the way to fight?
They have held minister's son as hostage.
Do you know what you are speaking?
They protested in a silent way but
their voices fell on deaf ears
That's why they took
things into their hands!
It will never happen,
no matter what
Wait a minute...
Why are you talking in their favor?
Are you on their side?
I was just suggesting sir
Suggestion is it?
Let me get hold of them
Why are you upset?
What happened?
I would have committed suicide
You promised me a life and
this was all about it, right?
Then why did you say
refuse the money?
Did you think about my family?
Did you think about me at least?
I understand both of yours problems
(TV News)
Look how people are
uniting for this cause
They should definitely
cancel the farmers' loan
Farmers loan should be canceled
They should cancel the
loans of every farmer
The government better
cancel the farmers' loans
Don't you think about the food you eat?
Agriculture is the backbone of the country
Their fight is right. They should
cancel the farmers' loans
Please ban
We cannot listen to everybody and take
decision, the economy will collapse
The farmers' loan should
definitely be canceled
Please cancel the farmers' loans
We are nothing without farmers
Their welfare is our welfare
Remember the protest at Marina?
Why do you think it happened?
It's all about emotions
Money was the ultimatum for me
but even I changed
If you still think money
is important to you
Take the bag over there
and leave the place
Forget it
It would be more respectful if I died
for the farmers, rather than my family
- What do you say?
- True
Hey, hero
You are not the reel hero
anymore, you are a real hero
Why is he destroying
those buttons?
What is he looking for? Wait!
What are you doing here?
Malayalam art?
You're here to rob instead look what
kind of movie are you watching?
Look at those brothers having fun.
Stop it!
That's the same guy from
that movie. Go grab him!
Kong, why don't you get better ideas
from the Hollywood movies I showed you?
Go and grab him instead
I said, leave me!
Lusty gorilla!
Yes, sir!
Yes, sir!
I will take care sir!
The commissioner is sitting calm in his
AC room and making my life a hell!
He wants me to save the hostages
quickly but no one must be hurt
And on top of that he wants us to show
extra care on that minister's son
Hey, who is that distributing
water bottles around?
Distributing biscuit packets too.
Who's that ?
Sir, someone named "People's
Superstar" it seems
"People's superstar?" No one understands
the difficulty of police officers
These guys are a pain in the head!
Even Kamal Haasan...
Yeah, I know that he is a great actor.
He has also started a party of late
He has tweeted 5 long pages
of message in support of them
We have lost the count of
political parties now
It would take decades to decode his
single tweet and now five pages?
How did you finish this level?
How did you cross so many levels?
What a horrible scene to watch?
You wanted to die few days back
What's so funny now?
At least, I was hoping to
die before I came here
you on the other hand planned
for a luxurious life after this
It's so funny that you guys are
also going to die along with me
Don't you still keep trying to be a hero
on the other side after death. Got it?
Hey Venkat, where are you?
Why do you care? Just
tell me what is it?
One of the bombs that I gave
you is actually a real one
The timer on that one works fine.
Don't set it on
What do you mean?
If it goes off, it will kill
everybody along with the bomber
Listen! Hello!
Hey Venkat!
Dude,a situation has come up!
Tell me
Remember how Sathish always
wants to commit suicide?
He is going to die for real now!
- Let him die!
- Dude!!!
The Bomb guy just called
One of the four bombs
he gave is original
Stop kidding!
No, I swear! He called just
now to inform me that!
Maybe that's the reason behind the
beep sound that comes from his bomb
Hey! What is the secret that
you are trying to hide?
- You tell him!
- No, you tell him!
Please let him know!
Somebody say it
Promise me you won't
panic, if I say something
I won't. Tell me
The bomb that you are
is an original one
You are jealous because the
timer is working in only mine
Dude! Please explain to him!
Dude, he is telling the truth! Whatever
he said about the bomb is true
The bomb is what makes
the timer to work!
The bomb guy has misplaced one
You are telling as though he
has flipped coffee for tea!
Forget him! Why did you turn
it on in the first place!
It was not me! It was that ape
who plays with red buttons!
Dude, what shall we do?
Wait! let us think about it!
About what, my funeral isn't it?
Promise me that you will do as I say
I promise!
Please, don't reveal
this matter to Sadhik
Why is he going towards Sadhik?
Hey! How are you?
This bomb suit doesn't fit my size
They made a mistake it seems.
Is it okay if we swap these!
Get Lost!
I think this design will suit you!
I asked you to get lost!
He is coming back here
Why is he not
accepting to swap the suit?
- Damn it!
- Dude...
It was all your mistake!
Doesn't matter! The bomb blast
will kill you and the people!
Are you fixing the time for the blast?
Help me please, I won't
be able to bear the heat
Damn it!
- A bomb blast?
- Yes man
Who is this joker?
I feel bomb blast will be
better that his torture
I am really scared,
please help me!
- Listen to us! Control yourselves!
- No, you aren't allowed there
Listen to us!
Please stay where you are!
Here, take it
Then you take it
Didn't I promised to
fulfill what you asked for?
You guys are doing grieve
mistake over and again
Don't behave like kids
I said, we'll fulfill your needs!
You guys don't get the seriousness
Which is why I got this
This bomb will set off and blast
after one and half hours
There are three such bombs inside
Once it blasts, the whole
area will turn into ashes
If the farmer's loan aren't
canceled at once...
the whole area will burn down to ashes!
Listen! Excuse me!
Long live our future
Chief minister!
Long live our future
chief minister!
Back! Step back!
- Get down!
- Control the crowd!
Talking about the bank heist, the people are
in full support for the robbers' demands
Facebook, Twitter etc., support
is pouring is from all over
It has now become people's protest. No
big shot can do anything about it now
So, now that you saw the
tweets in twitter...
The tweets are also in support
to cancel the farmer's loan
- I hope at least you understand now
- Please, switch it off
This channel is making the wrong
use of media to prove wrong points
More than talking about the youths...
what we must focus
is on their demands!
Hey Kong! Come on, nothing to worry.
Nothing to worry
- Awesome buddy
- Thanks dude
- Why are you crying?
- Look, he became emotional!
- Come on, won't I even do this for you
- Crying doesn't suit you
- What's wrong with him?
- Don't tease me too much
Had the bomb set off,
even you would've died
Fine! Shut up!
What kind of explosives?
It's a very rare material, sir
That bomb is a plastic
explosive type
Had it set off, the aftermath
would've been very bad
If those three bombs inside set off then
then the after math will be even worse
Chief, already people
are abusing our party
On top of that they are torturing us by
staging protests one after the other
Indeed chief, before opposite party takes
advantage of this issue before election...
let's take advantage of it
and it'll be very useful
- Secretary
- Sir
There might be 1000s of complications
in solving the farmer's loan crisis
Yes sir
But can we solve it
according to the law?
Chief, it's would be embarrassing
if we budge to some four silly guys
Then everyone will
start doing the same
You carry on
Order us and it'll be done
Then bank won't cancel the loan
Instead we can announce that
the government will pay it
Look here...
The next election is in three months
We won the previous election only when we
promised to cancel farmers loans but we didn't
All the loans can be paid off if we all stop
accepting bribes for the next three months
- What do you all say?
- Awesome chief!
Chief, I would like to say that...
Please continue eating the mixture
Tell me
Mr Chief minister!
What games are you guys playing?
The bank is being robbed...
...and they even
abducted my son
Do you even care about it?
Please be patient
Soon we'll arrive
at a good decision
I don't care about your decision
but for me my son matters!
The chief minister will address
the press media shortly
We request people not to indulge
in any kind of violent activities
This government is for the people and
will always work for people's welfare
Well, we agree there has been a
delay in the farmers' loan issue
To those guys who reminded
us about it on time...
we convey our heartfelt thanks
All the farmers, loan are
canceled from this moment
Tamil Nadu government
cancels farmers loan
People celebrate the youths
for placing this demand
Farmers all over Tamil Nadu
celebrates with firecrackers
The government has announced that
it will cancel the farmers' loan
Didn't expect that these
jokers will turn it around!
What are you guys doing?
They have tortured us one whole day!
We must not spare them so easy!
Once we retrieve the
hostages safely...
We shall takes these guys in and...
Encounter them somewhere
in the outskirts
Only then the people
will stop protesting
Ok, go ahead.
Shoot them!
Yes sir!
Will the robbers get caught?
More forces pour in as the police strengthen
their forces under the leadership of AC
They are surrounded by police.
Do you think they can escape?
I'll be happy if those youth escape
If anything happens to any of those
guy then we must not keep quiet!
We are in danger from this moment
We are in danger ever
since you joined us
Dude, they'll finish us for sure
Only if we surrender
Nothing very complex
I'm sure he's gotta simple idea
Friends, everyone of you
cooperated really well
Thanks for your cooperation
Get up, everyone.
Thank you
Great escape
- We can't escape
- Why?
The police has
surrounded the place
We are done for!
- Stop saying the same thing again and again
- There are many of them!
Listen, make them
all stand in a queue
You, where is that Parda?
Wait, I'll get it
- Quick! Stand in a queue
- Form a queue. Make it fast
Be quiet and stand in a line
- Remember, you don't know about the minister.
You're doing a blunder
- Shut up and move!
Come on, Jhansi
- Catch it
- I said move! Move!
Go and stand in
front of the queue
Your demands have been met
Release the hostages at once!
Excuse me, get me that blower
What are you up to?
Get the queue ready
- Here
- Give it to me. Go
What are you doing?
Give me two wads of cash
Here you go
- Keep it inside
- Give it to me
Kong! Come here
Come on, Kong
Take this bag and go upstairs
Why are you making me wear a Parda?
You face is disgusting!
Cover it!
Move! Move!
- Jhansi
- Come here
Tell me, sir
Sir, as per your orders I have arranged a
separate vehicle to escort the accused guys
Ensure the path way is cleared up
- Are the vehicles ready?
- Yes sir. Sure
- Ready?
- Yes, dude!
Look! A monkey!
Look! The monkey has a gun!
It's their weapon that
monkey is now having
"Watch out, we are coming for you"
"You, won't even know who we are
why hit you"
"Lock, cover your money inside
Run along, won't let you hide"
Sir, it's carrying money
in the other hand
- Come on! Come on!
- Let's collect the money
Officers stop them
Stop them! Guards!
Stop everyone!
Sir, this is uncontrollable
Hey! Stop them all!
Sir! Sir, people are
coming out of the bank!
- It's me! The minister's son
- Put him in the jeep
- I'm minister's son, sir
- Put him in the jeep! Now!
Be careful
Daddy! Couldn't you have
drilled a bigger hole?
Aiyo! Jormungand!
- Who are you?
- Sorry. I got the wrong route
- Forgive me. Son, back!
- No, you are on the right route
Ok daddy
- Let's drill under the next room
- Buddy! Dude!
Dude, come here! Look, a stranger
has dug a tunnel for us to escape
Remove all that crap and come on!
Make it fast!
Make it fast!
Why is he walking as if he is
out on the beach for a walk?
Where are you going?
Come with us
I'll get stuck if I
enter that tunnel
I'll escape claiming
to be an undercover cop
Yes. Only a subway
will suit him
- Quick! Come on!
- Get down! Move!
You came last when we entered
but you want to escape first?
Dare you turn up again
at our doorstep!
Everyone's gone
Time to get mixed up in
the crowd and escape
"Watch out, we are coming for you"
"You, won't even know who we are
why hit you"
Hey look! A bomb!
Run! Quick!
Pick how much ever you want but dare
you lay hands on my collection!
- You!
- Yes sir?
- Give the money that you took
- I grabbed all this with great difficulty
- You grab some if you want
- Come to the police station!
When so many are grabbing money
all over why arrest me alone?
- Get in! Quick!
- Start! Drive!
"Watch out, we are coming for you"
"You, won't even know who we are
why hit you"
Whoa! Money!
- My dear son!
- Yes daddy!
One door closed but look
another one has opened!
- Wow!
- Come on!
Quick! Let's collect it and settle down
before they declare the currencies invalid!
- Can your foot reach the accelerator?
- Shut up!
Help her with the gears, please
I don't see anybody following us!
Drive faster anyway
Let's clear the place
as soon as possible
Hey! Where is Kong?
Yes, where is he?
Is he stuck there?
Let's go back and look for him
Don't listen to them! The cops
recognizes us now, its risky to go back
They will shoot us
down if they catch us
- No, turn around the car
- If you want to save him, go alone
Look out! There is a
police car approaching!!!
That's it!!
You predicted we will be free for two
days, we didn't even last two minutes
Hey!! Its Kong in the car!
Look there is some bag inside
Its pretty heavy
The bag seems to be
filled with money
This is the 200 million
ransom amount we asked for!
Yes, it is! Lets spend this before
they declare it to be invalid!
- Sir, Let go off my face! Its paining sir!
- Hey! Remove the mask!
That's not mask,
that's my face sir!
Let go off me, sir! Arrgh!
It is his original face after all!!
Thanks man
He has fixed the gorilla's face
on to his through surgery!
He is human for sure!
The movie is over then
what are you looking at?
You are caught red handed
with all evidences
Tell me where are they?
Do not lie to me!
Yes, like that! Shut it!
How about a story, sir?