Gorillas in the Mist (1988) Movie Script

There are, I feel, only
two major frontiers left.
One is the exploration
of space,
carried out in a visual way in
your country by Colonel Glenn.
The other is the
exploration of the past,
a whole background of geography,
climate, and animal life
which accompanied man's change
from a prehuman to a Homo sapiens.
The earliest evidence of man is the
work of nameless human artists
on the walls of caves.
Before this,
there is no recorded history.
One part of our search has
led us to the study of apes.
The existence of the gorilla and
the chimpanzee in Central Africa
led us to believe our early
ancestors lived on this continent.
These two animals...
...and rarest of all the apes
is the mountain gorilla.
It inhabits the lush, tropical
highlands of Central Africa,
so remote that our last researcher
suffered an attack of appendicitis
and would have died
if not for Roz Carr,
an American friend living in
Rwanda who got him to hospital.
These animals
greatly outrank monkeys
in intelligence.
But the study of the mountain
gorilla has virtually ceased.
George Schaller's
pioneering study in 1960
told us that this, the
largest of all the primates,
is in danger of extinction.
His census showed there
were fewer than 500 left.
God knows how many we've lost since then
to the poachers who invade the forests.
I'm always being asked,
"Why do you do this?
"Why have you spent your life
looking for something
"buried in the past
for almost two million years?"
I suppose that the only answer I
can give either you or myself
is simply this,
I want to know who I am and what
it was that made me that way.
Thank you.
Dr. Leakey.
Dr. Leakey, my name
is Howard Dowd.
I'd like you to meet my wife Lucille.
Lucille's a real fan of yours.
We made a contribution to
this wildlife fund of yours.
We were real pleased...
Excuse me.
You're doing one fine job.
Well, thank you.
We need all the
contributions we can get.
I'm Dian Fossey.
I wrote to you.
Thank you, Miss...
We appreciate
every contribution.
No, no, I wrote to you
about working in Africa.
Forgive me,
but I get many letters...
I wrote six times.
Dr. Leakey!
- About the gorillas.
- Sir!
You're the physical therapist.
I'm the physical therapist.
Hello, hello.
Excuse me, we're having a...
Dr. Leakey, I work with
handicapped children.
I spend a lot of time
trying to get...
Excuse me.
Do you mind?
Go ahead.
Thank you.
I spend time trying to get close to
people who don't like anyone around them.
Thank you.
I know I have no formal
training, but I love animals,
and I've spent two years
in preveterinary training.
I know you're sincere, but
liking animals isn't enough.
You just said in there that
you need someone right now
to take a census
of the mountain gorillas.
What about me? I can count.
One, two, three?
Do you really think you can do it,
roughing it in Africa for six months?
I tell you what.
Let me think about it.
How long will you think about it?
Until all the gorillas are gone?
Dr. Leakey, you need me,
and I want this job.
Give me this chance.
I made it.
You sure did.
It's so exciting.
Do you have your
inoculations certificate?
Yeah. It's right here,
Good trip?
Very interesting.
Thank you. Okay.
There are a lot of soldiers around.
Is something special going on?
Soldiers? Oh, yes,
I don't know.
I suppose it's because they've been
having some sort of civil war.
Civil war? There's a civil
war going on here now?
We have to find porters and a tracker,
then stock you up with provisions.
Come on.
This is the weekly market.
You'll be able to find
everything you need here.
First, let's find the chaps
who'll be your porters.
There they are.
There they are.
No bonbon.
I've got no bonbon.
What is it?
Some believe a woman living
alone up there has to be mad.
Choose your man.
Your top man.
Your tracker.
Jesus Christ.
Bad hand, good feet.
You speak English?
The priest.
St. Christopher.
Patron saint of
travelers and me, too.
What's your name?
Sembagare. I am
the finest tracker.
This man is not good as me.
Him is a great liar.
Me, I'm the best.
Okay. Okay,
Sembagare, you're on.
Thank you.
Can you help me buy groceries?
Food. Food?
Oh, food.
Okay, good.
Are you coming?
Come along.
Maybe you'll get lucky.
Do you want this?
Oh, candles.
I've got five of those.
All right.
Yours. Part of the package.
You'll need to get around
when you're off the mountain.
Now, look here.
We're here.
The base of Mount Makoua
is a four-hour drive.
Leave the jeep here.
It'll be quite safe.
Pick up some local porters, climb
here, up to here, then finish here.
Kabara Meadow. George
Schaller's cabin's there.
Quite comfortable.
You mean we go now?
Yes, to make it by sundown.
I just spent 35 hours
on four different airplanes.
I think I should
at least take a shower.
No one will mind, dear. I put a
little something in there for you.
Thank you.
That's very nice of you.
You forgot the rest
of my luggage.
There's no room. They'll
be sent in a fortnight.
Now wait just a damn minute.
I just quit my job, left my fianc,
to say nothing of my appendix,
and flew halfway
around the world.
Now, those cases contain
my hair dryer,
my makeup, my underwear,
and my brassieres.
If they don't go,
Dr. Leakey, I don't go.
Now for the car.
Thank you.
What we have here is a Land
Rover with four-wheel drive.
It's very simple, my dear,
once you get the hang of it.
Red is low, yellow is two to fourth
wheel, but just use the black.
That's the clutch, clutch in, first
gear, clutch out, second gear.
Good luck, Dian. I have to go.
You're not coming with us?
Of course not. My work's in Tanzania.
I like weekly reports, typed.
You'll be expected to contribute
material to the National Geographic.
I mustn't miss my plane.
Good luck.
If you have any problems,
get in touch with Roz Carr.
Dr. Leakey.
Have fun.
Is it true there's
a civil war going on here?
Not where we are going.
You must stop.
I'm fine.
Buffalo take four days
to cross the plain.
They stop and start
and stop and start.
I said I'm fine.
Mademoiselle, I have more tea.
Oh, great.
Thank you. That's
just what I needed.
Come on in.
I'm trying to cram more
of George Schaller's gorilla
book into my fat head.
Come in. Shut the door.
It's freezing.
Is that George Schaller?
George Schaller?
That's David. He's my fianc.
My future husband.
That's good,
woman, man, children.
Do you have a family,
Once, and no more.
My tribe were killed
while I was tracking.
I'm so sorry.
Me, too. Good night.
Good night.
How big are these night nests?
I don't know.
You mean you've forgotten.
How can I forget?
I never knew.
Night nests, Sembagare.
You know,
George Schaller's book says,
"We count the gorilla's night
nests to get the census."
I don't know about gorillas.
Of course you know about gorillas.
You're a tracker.
Yes, of buffalo,
antelope and elephant.
Hey! Hey!
That's great.
That's just great.
What the hell have you been
doing for the last five hours?
I've been waiting
for you to show me.
Oh, shit.
"March 23, 1967.
"Dear Dr. Leakey,
"Sembagare and I are doing our
best to track the gorillas.
"We're covering a lot of ground,
but making very little progress.
"The only guide we've got
is Schaller's book.
"So far, we haven't
had any luck.
"I'm not discouraged,
but I'm starting to think
"I'll spend my six months in
Africa without ever seeing any."
April 22nd.
Dear Miss Fossey,
surely you didn't expect the
beggars to come out and line up
so you could count them.
These animals are being methodically
wiped off the face of the Earth.
They hold a clue to the way man
adapted to his environment.
That's why it's
essential we discover...
I know that.
I'm not an imbecile.
I know you're not an imbecile,
but we must remember
the elementary steps
one overlooks
in situations like this.
Maybe I'm just no good at this.
Six weeks.
Six whole weeks,
and not a single gorilla...
Shit. I sat in shit.
Oh, my God.
It's gorilla spoor.
And it's fresh.
It most certainly is.
Go on.
Just you wait, Louis Leakey.
Just you wait.
So beautiful.
No, mademoiselle, no.
Run, run, mademoiselle!
Oh, God!
Are you all right?
What does Schaller's book say
when a gorilla charges?
It says, "Never run."
God, he was big. How much
do you think he weighed?
Maybe two or three men.
I'm sorry. It was my fault.
I did not do my job.
So fast. I didn't think
he could move that fast.
Oh, mademoiselle.
No, mademoiselle, no!
Stop it! Stop it!
What the hell are you doing?
Get your hands off! That's my property!
That's my work!
Stop it! Damn it!
Sembagare! Tell them,
Sembagare! Tell them!
What's he saying?
What's he saying?
Here in Kivu, there's problem.
They don't want white people.
It's okay. I have
work permit. Work permit.
I have permission.
I have permission.
Tell him. Tell him, Sembagare.
No, no. No!
I'm not leaving!
British people out!
I'm not British!
Look! I'm American!
From now on, I'll shoot!
Are you in charge here?
Are you in charge?
Are you in charge?
Get your filthy hands
off me! Get off me!
Find Roz Carr! American woman.
Across the border!
Sembagare, run! Run!
I will get Roz Carr.
Out, out!
Thanks for the lift!
We don't want any foreign
spies in our country.
Arar, Tanga! Let her through!
Don't touch me!
"Dr. Leakey, we have been
thrown out of the Congo,
"all my research destroyed.
"This place is a disaster.
Some 'little' civil war.
"For two days now, I've been trying
to reach Roz Carr's plantation..."
Do you know Roz Carr?
"...and I'm afraid I'll
never see Sembagare again."
I told you. I told you.
Sembagare's a good tracker.
The best.
I won't ask how you got here.
I'm not sure
how I got here. Thanks.
Good God!
What happened to you, child?
Oh, here. You look exhausted.
Come inside.
Oh, what happened?
Come in.
Mrs. Carr.
I'm just writing to my
dear patron, Dr. Leakey,
letting him know that things
have hit a small snag.
Pleased to see you're looking better.
Would you like some breakfast?
I'd like to wrap Louis
Leakey's cane around his neck.
Thank you.
My resignation.
You're leaving?
What else can I do?
Don't look at me like that.
I can't offer you a job
when I don't have one myself.
Can I?
Now he can't speak English.
Sembagare, it's not like
I'm giving up.
I was kicked out.
I didn't have a choice.
I'm going to go home.
I'm going to buy the
sexiest dress I can find,
I'm going to marry David,
and he's never going to hear
another peep out of me.
There's always war
and poverty here,
but I love these people, and I
cannot bear their suffering.
Sometimes it seems so hopeless
that I think I will leave.
I never really decided to stay,
but each time
I came up for air,
it was spring,
and I was planting again.
The truth is, I love it here.
This is my home.
You've really made
a life for yourself here.
How far away are those
mountains from Kabara?
Oh, not far, really, but Kabara
is on the Congolese side,
and the border's closed.
But gorillas don't know borders.
They don't need passports.
Whatever are you talking about?
Oh, God, that letter!
I've got to stop
that awful letter!
Wait! Dian!
"Dr. Leakey, we are
starting up again,
"this time from the Rwandan side,
where there is no civil war.
"Sembagare has put together a new team,
and we begin at daybreak tomorrow.
"This time,
I have bought a gun.
"If any civil war comes my way,
it had better watch its ass.
"I'll write again once we've
established base camp.
"P.S. I'm enclosing bills
for necessities..."
Miss Fossey, if you expect
the National Geographic
to pay for a hair dryer
and nail polish,
you have another thing coming.
Now, the first item on the
agenda is a new census.
This time when you begin,
I suggest you follow Schaller.
Try counting night nests as a
guide to how many there might be.
Mount Karissimbi.
Mount Visoke.
Karisoke Research Centre!
"We have established our new base
in excellent gorilla country,
"dense vegetation,
steep slopes.
"I have been in contact with
gorilla groups almost daily.
"The most complete counts
we've been able to make
"is half of what it was
seven years ago."
The number of gorillas that you
report is appallingly low.
At this rate, the poachers will
have wiped out the entire species
within the next five years.
That makes it
even more urgent that we...
"For some time now,
"I have been following
one particular gorilla group,
"which I shall call
'group four'."
"I have been able to get progressively
closer to the females and the young,
"but the silverback
remains aloof.
"He keeps his distance, but watches
everything very carefully.
"I'm moving to within 30 to 60 feet
of them, and they do not seem afraid.
"I'm hoping to get closer..."
the great George Schaller,
who spent his life
studying animals in the wild,
was wise enough to keep his distance.
Please be careful.
"For the first time, last week, a
couple of them actually approached me.
"They were boisterous
and high-spirited.
"The silverback watched
with great interest."
Dian, I urge you for once in
your life to be cautious.
George Schaller himself
was never able
to make actual physical
contact with a gorilla group,
and the male silverback
can be dangerous.
"Last week several young gorillas
played around me for over an hour.
"There aren't words
to describe my emotions.
"It's made everything
we've been through worthwhile.
"I suppose my only regret
is that, except for Sembagare,
"I have no one
to share this with.
"To be perfectly frank,
"I think they're quite
confused as to my species.
"I've gotten them accustomed
to me by mimicking them,
"and they're fascinated
by my grimaces and actions
"that I wouldn't be caught
dead doing in front of anyone.
"I feel like a complete fool, but
this technique seems to be working,
"and because of
the increased proximity,
"I've been able to observe a
lot never recorded before."
Miss Fossey,
that was undoubtedly
the most foolhardy,
the most harebrained, lunatic
thing I've ever heard of.
However, since you seem
to have been successful,
It is an amazing accomplishment,
and I'm quite proud of you.
The National Geographic
has approved new funding
and extended your work permit.
I cannot tell you how pleased I am
that you're staying on with us.
I am, of course, sorry for your
young man back in the States,
but if you pointed out how much he was
saving on candy bars and cigarettes,
not to mention
lipstick and shampoo,
I'm certain his disappointment
would be tempered.
Hey! Don't you dare
cook Moosey.
No further.
What is it?
Black magic.
Black magic?
What is all this?
Batwa cemetery.
No! Put it back!
The stones around the grave keep
the soul in the ground at peace.
The circle joins two souls
and makes them one forever.
Batwa. We have disturbed
their burial place.
Oh, shit.
They want you to kneel down.
Do it!
He wants to touch
your hair. Let him.
What was that all about?
Your hair is color of fire.
They think you are a witch.
Oh, yeah?
They wouldn't be the first.
I got it!
I got my work permit renewed, after
four hours of batting my eyelashes.
I need a treat,
so I'll be back.
Where did you get this?
Mama, Mama.
I just want to ask you...
I just want to talk to you!
They say this park
is protected.
These Batwa spring
traps everywhere.
Some protection. No animal
is safe around here.
That's what it's all about.
Oh, no!
His back is broken from the fall.
He'll be dead soon.
In 30 minutes,
it will be all over.
That's too long.
The Batwa did this!
And their fathers
and their fathers before them.
And their sons and their
grandsons after them.
I don't think so.
If they want a witch,
I'll give them a witch.
Fourth and fifth digits webbed.
Hello, Digit.
This here is her house.
Great to be your helper.
Good night.
Good night, sir.
What the hell's
going on in there?
What is that?
That's pretty good.
Had me fooled.
Hi. I'm Bob Campbell.
Rotten lousy weather you have up here.
Sorry I'm a day-and-a-half late.
I sent a message from Kigali.
That's Africa for you.
What was the message?
I'm here to photograph
your apes.
They're mountain gorillas.
You can't take photographs.
Who the hell did you
say you were?
Bob Campbell,
National Geographic.
I've got to get warm.
This might explain
things for you.
Cold enough in here
to hang meat.
Here you go.
I'll save you the eyestrain.
National Geographic
want pictures.
It's a matter of not biting
the hand that feeds you.
Do you have any experience
with animals, Mr. Campbell?
In 1950, I was bitten by
a snake in the outback.
There you go. I was 20.
In '58, a Bengal tiger,
Shivpuri, India.
Gee, they don't seem
to like you very much.
No, they don't.
In '64, I went through the ice in Alaska.
I had to tread 48-degree water.
I've had a pathological fear
of the cold ever since.
You can bunk with Rushemba,
first tent on the right.
Good night.
Bloody woman and her monkeys.
What is this stuff?
Good morning,
Mr. Campbell.
Are you having trouble?
Nettles aren't nearly
as dramatic as Bengal tigers.
They bloody hurt.
Oh, if you think they hurt
now, wait a few hours.
You can come with us,
but no pictures,
and you have to stay
at least 30 feet back,
so put those away.
Yes, ma'am.
Gorillas get caught
in these traps.
Sembagare and I went through
four days ago.
We cut 11 traps.
So, imagine a carefree animal.
Damn Batwa!
You can't put all the
blame on the Batwa.
They've been feeding their families
like this for generations.
If you're going to blame anyone,
blame the doctor in Miami.
He hires the bloke
that hires the Batwa.
The Batwa get to feed their kids,
the middleman gets a silk shirt,
and the doctor gets a gorilla-hand
ashtray for his coffee table
and a big gorilla head
for his wall.
I can't get to
the doctor in Miami.
You ever been to a doctor's office that
didn't have a copy of National Geographic?
Have you?
When you photograph,
no sudden movements, stay low,
no pointing or waving,
that frightens them,
and not too much direct eye contact,
or the silverback may charge.
If he does, stand your ground.
Never, ever run from a gorilla.
And don't scratch.
You have any calamine lotion?
Better than that, my own brew.
Is it true you're a witch?
That's what the Batwa say.
It just looks like guacamole.
The latest in modern medicine.
good night.
Good night.
Thanks for the lesson
in gorilla etiquette.
It means
"brightness and light."
Sembagare, really.
Obviously they know I'm not a gorilla,
but the sound reassures them.
So, what do you want?
The gorillas.
You with the gorillas.
I'll go...
I'll go over there.
All right.
They don't know you.
They've never seen a tripod,
so move very slowly.
Hello, Tiger. Hello.
Break off one of those
stems and pretend to eat.
Act submissive.
I've never been
so submissive in my life.
Where is he?
Losing interest.
Could you go over to him?
Is it all right?
I'm starting to be able to tell
the difference between them now.
Yeah. They...
As you can see,
they're all very different,
and they all have
very different characters.
No two have the same
noseprint, right?
Effie and Marquesa, they're...
Marquesa has...
The bridge of her nose
has a curve.
She has a curve.
She has a line.
A beautiful line.
A beautiful shape.
A beautiful curve.
I was amazed when
he came so close to you.
Digit and I have
a strange connection.
He has no peers in his group.
He's alone. I understand that.
Why is that?
It's nice to see
a married man who can sew.
How'd you know I was married?
The night you arrived,
you shook the rain off your
parka outside the door
so you wouldn't
get the floor wet.
Does it matter?
Apparently not.
How'd you go? Get
everything on your list?
Eight more Halloween masks.
Only red ones,
or ones with red hair.
I won't even ask why, but I'll try
to get some for you in Nairobi.
Look what you've got.
Oh, look what I did.
Oh, sorry.
What else are you going to
do in Nairobi?
What do you mean?
Nothing. Never mind.
Looks bad for flying.
It'll pass.
I don't think so.
Those puddle-jumpers
can fly through anything.
I know these storms.
High winds and heavy rainfall.
You shouldn't be flying.
I'm right about this.
Yes, you are right.
I will be seeing my wife.
I know.
I love you.
Oh, no!
Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
Daveed, I believe
you're a good boy.
And I have lovely goodies here
for such a good boy.
You can have it if you tell
me where they took her.
Tie him.
Turn him around.
Bring him to me!
You tell me!
Tell me! Tell me, damn it!
The man who buys the animals...
He wanted the baby gorilla.
He stays at hotel.
At Ruhengeri.
Good boy.
Wait here.
Usheppe, get the tire iron.
Come on.
Oh, shit.
Come here.
How could they do this?
Claude Van Vecten!
Which one of you
is Claude Van Vecten?
Are you responsible
for kidnapping this animal?
How dare you break into...
If I ever see you
or your meat wagon again,
you might end up
in a wooden box!
Bill of sale, madam, from the
Minister of the Interior.
I am going to
have you arrested.
You try it. Just try it.
You piece of shit!
Mukara, wait! Wait!
I'm Dian Fossey.
I have to talk to you.
I know who you are.
You live with the gorillas.
I don't live with them.
I study them. I count them.
And today there's
six less than yesterday.
I don't understand.
Give her to me.
This baby gorilla's
been sold to a zoo broker.
Yes, I know.
I sold it. Just...
Money. Lots of it.
Five gorillas were killed in the
bargain protecting this baby.
They were murdered by poachers.
The gorilla population is half
what it was 10 years ago.
Your problem is decreasing gorillas.
Mine is increasing people.
We're on opposite sides
of the same problem.
Can I have this water?
That kind of money provides people
with food, clothing, shoes, medicine.
Do you want to compare
priorities, Miss Fossey?
No, I don't.
The Virungas are supposed
to be protected parks land.
Where's the protection?
Protection is expensive.
Make new laws, raise taxes,
but give my gorillas
the protection they deserve.
Your gorillas?
As I recall, Miss Fossey,
you're a visitor on a yearly
renewable work permit.
Now, I don't believe that status
entitles you to make government policy.
What about this poor baby?
This animal's going
to die in 24 hours.
You'll be giving back
all that money
because Van Vecten doesn't look like
the kind of guy to buy dead property.
I could try to make her well
enough to make that journey if...
If you give me five men to train
as rangers, antipoaching rangers.
Four men, and you pay
half their salary.
Three men, and you pay
all their salary.
Got to eat something, you know.
I know you're hungry.
Just try. Just try a little.
Just a little bit, no?
It's got lots
of vitamins in it.
Taste it?
What about this? This is good.
Smell familiar?
Does this smell like home?
Pucker, don't do this to me.
Look at this.
Very tasty.
You don't want any,
though, do you?
Do you want some?
Come on. That a girl.
That a girl.
That's pretty good.
Now you can sleep.
Dian Fossey!
Pucker, look who's here!
Pucker, meet Bob.
Hey, it's my turn!
The tub's for me.
A daily scalding might just
make this climate bearable.
You were meant to
be a surprise.
That's a girl.
Oh, she's adorable.
And this is for you.
Beautiful. Look at you.
You like her?
Oh, she's so beautiful.
Break these strips up
and burn them.
They're new.
I've hired
antipoaching patrols.
My woman's the only woman in the
world with her own private army.
I have so much to tell you.
Pucker was kidnapped. I had...
I know all about it,
and so does most of Rwanda,
Nairobi, London and New York.
You, my beautiful,
are becoming a legend.
Would you like to
go to the movies?
Can I have a bath first?
You can have a bath second.
Why am I in this movie so much?
'Cause you're the story. You're
what people are interested in.
The gorilla girl.
Makes me look like
some real weirdo.
Well, crawling around the mud in this
climate after a bunch of gorillas
might just be
perceived as weird.
Do you think I'm weird?
Yes, I do. Absolutely.
Without question.
I also think you are wonderful.
Which comes first,
weird or wonderful?
The gorillas look great.
Look at that.
See anyone you know?
I've asked my wife
for a divorce.
Did you hear me?
I'm scared.
You're scared?
I'm about to marry a girl who may
have gorillas for bridesmaids,
and you're scared?
You should be scared.
You know what I want?
I want to get this film
finished, be well paid for it,
go to a warm climate,
and be around to make love to
you on your 64th birthday.
Good dog. Yes.
Good dog.
Well, he's got the shape of the
face, but he missed on the nose.
That's not funny.
Where'd they get your hair?
I haven't seen
my hairbrush for a while...
You've got
these Batwa very upset.
I'm not running
for Miss Congeniality.
That a good girl.
Be a minute.
We've got to go now. Van
Vecten's men are ready to leave.
Come on. Come on.
Yes, look at this yummy drink.
Come on. Let's go.
Up you go. Yes.
That's a good girl.
What a good girl you are. Yes.
Yes, that's it.
Here's some nice cabbage.
Okay, Pucker,
in we go. That's a girl.
Come on.
There's a nest inside
here and lots of water.
It's going to be fine. Really.
Be brave. Be brave.
Off you go.
I'm sorry.
Go on.
I'm sorry!
You know, if you could mix
up a shrinking potion,
Witch Fossey,
we could sit on this twig, float
down this stream, into the Nile,
go through the Sudan,
past Cairo,
pop out into the Mediterranean
somewhere near Alexandria,
where I'd buy
a bottle of red vino,
and I would toast your beauty.
Dian, we can't stay
on this mountain forever.
Sure, we can.
The pictures are selling very well.
Job offers are coming.
But the gorillas are here.
I'm here.
We'll get someone to manage
the center part of the year,
one of those researchers
who writes to you.
I don't want a lot of snotty little scientists
with slide rules up their back pockets
peering at my gorillas.
Now, hold on.
I'm talking about six months.
Six months here.
Six months out of here.
That's all.
You know, I just can't imagine not
being out with them every day,
seeing their faces, hearing
them and smelling them.
Every time I think I know everything
there is to know about a gorilla,
the next day something
completely new happens.
I'm hooked.
How can I give that up?
This is from the Geographic.
I've been offered
a job in Borneo.
They want you to come, too.
Studying primates.
Your field.
Is the projector
That's both the tripods
there, is it?
Look, I got to go, all right?
It's a job.
I can't go the rest of
my life without working.
I'm sorry.
I'm not like you. I can't spend
the rest of my life up here.
I wish I could.
I'm sorry.
I'll write to you soon,
but in the meantime,
can you please get a two-way radio
so I can at least talk to you?
If you go,
don't write.
Please don't come back.
Let's go.
You're our very first research
students, actually, guinea pigs.
It's a long road. Here.
What's in here, rocks?
What did Van Vecten want?
It seems the Cologne Zoo
wants another gorilla.
But don't worry,
I told him that's all over.
One gorilla wasn't enough?
Pucker died a year
after delivery.
Good for Pucker.
When Leakey died, I almost
chucked it all and went home.
Then I thought of my gorillas.
I haven't lost one to
poachers in over 10 months.
That's a record.
What does "toto nyoka" mean?
Who called you that?
It means, affectionately,
"the worm boy."
Look around you. This is as
close to God as you get.
Let's go.
Get down!
I don't know this one.
No, don't move.
Oh, it's just a bluff.
Kim? Good morning.
Lovely weather. Better put your hood on.
You'll go with Sembagare and me today.
Good morning, Brendan.
Larry, you're late again.
It is not my job to get you up in the morning.
Be on time, please.
Brendan and Larry,
you go with the rangers.
Dominique, show them
how to cut traps.
In fact, all of you need to be
much better with the panga.
Dian, may I have
a word, please?
What is it?
I know how important
it is to cut traps,
but I am so close to getting my
data for the birth frequency graph.
Brendan, you know the rule.
You cannot research them
unless you put in the time
to protect them, all right?
Now, no more of that
"me-itis." Let's go.
Simba's much bigger.
She's due in about
two weeks now.
Check out the proud father
over there, Digit.
Is the infant quailing?
That's right. You've been
doing your homework.
In your book, you mention a
great lobelia fern near here.
Could I see it?
Giant lobelia.
Giant lobelia.
Could I see it today with you?
Digit's group.
Go on.
No, mademoiselle.
What about the rest
of the group?
They got away.
Tell him he no longer
has his courage or his men.
Ruhengeri Police.
How could you do that?
I don't care what that man did.
This isn't your private kingdom.
That was sick.
You think I'm sick?
Am I a murderer?
Did I do this?
This won't stop until those
butchers are stopped!
What are you crying about? I have
been wasting my time with you.
I found these.
Leave them.
Mademoiselle. Mademoiselle!
No, mademoiselle.
No. Get out of there!
Stop it!
I mean it! Stay out.
No. No. No, mademoiselle!
Stay out of there.
Kim, I'd like to
talk to you, please.
May I come in?
Oh, God.
This isn't a summer camp.
If you want to crawl into each other's beds,
you can do it somewhere else, all right?
You're fired!
You can't fire us! We work
for the Leakey Foundation!
Get off my mountain!
What are you staring at,
you stupid, lazy wogs?
If you'd done your job, none
of this would've happened.
Please don't speak
to them that way.
I pay them. I can talk to
them the way I want to.
You don't pay them that much.
I pay them plenty.
Sembagare, whose side
are you on?
I'm on your side.
I'm always on your side,
But you have made me
ashamed of you.
They took his head
and his hands.
They took his head.
I heard Digit's group
last night,
near the west ravine.
Oh, get on with it, Sembagare.
Hi, Maggie. I'm back. Hello.
How are you?
Oh, yes.
I don't see Simba.
Simba's not here.
Oh, no.
No. Nothing.
Hello. Hello.
Fourth and fifth digits
webbed. I know you.
Nice ring, Van Vecten.
Zoo sale profits?
Miss Fossey, where did you
see your first wild animal?
The zoo, wasn't it?
You like this ring? You want to
keep the hand this ring is on?
If I see or hear or smell you
anywhere near my gorillas,
you'll be writing with your other hand,
and I'll have a new ashtray, understand?
You are mad.
Yes, I am mad. I am crazy.
You go too far.
Don't push me.
I'll push you off the Earth,
you murderer!
Mukara was here this afternoon.
He is very angry with you.
He says you're telling people there's
typhoid here on the mountain.
Mademoiselle, the government
needs money from the tourists.
They get very mad if you
scare these people away.
Mukara also said last week you
shot a tourist in the meadow.
Now, that is not true.
I shot way over their heads.
They are not going to turn this
mountain into a big damn zoo.
They're not.
Mademoiselle, Mukara told me
to tell you
if you continue to do this, they
will not give you a new work permit.
Did he, now?
A three-year work permit
issued 10 days ago.
They can't touch me now.
That's a beauty.
You're beautiful.
"For as much as it hath
pleased almighty God
"with His great mercy
to take unto himself
"the soul of our dear sister
here departed.
"Almighty God,
"who did send so far
Thine only son
"to seek and to save
that which was lost,
"look down in mercy."
Oh, I wish you'd leave Karisoke
for good before it kills you.
I always thought I'd go back
to the States sooner or later.
I really expected
to get married, have children.
Instead, you've got
a mountain full of gorillas
who wouldn't be alive
if it weren't for you.