Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer (2018) Movie Script

Come on!
ED: And step all through.
There you go.
Good catch.
Did you get it?
Woody, that's
not the right one!
Oh, did you mean this one?
This one?
Not funny.
Go put this on, go.
Stop peeking, Woody!
Any last piece of advice, Dad?
The way I see it, you
got a couple choices here.
Who gives this woman to
be joined in holy matrimony?
Her mother and I.
You can be seated.
No, no, I'm good, baby.
No, it's on, yeah.
MAN: Congratulations, Woody.
Old boy's supposed to pay
me Friday but he jagged me.
I got the Benjis
now, so it's on.
MAN: Good luck, man.
I get paid, I buy from
you, know what I'm saying?
Are we good?
The Thrifty, 27th and 2nd.
I'll be there, baby.
Case 714, December
13th, 6:37 p.m.
Detective Woods in combo
with suspect Cindy Jones,
arranging buy meeting.
Here's Cindy.
STARK: Pretty nice ride
for a girl from the hood.
Man, I can't believe she fell
for your Jello pudding jive.
WOODY: I learned
it all from you.
STARK: That's what I do.
I do it all day.
All right, man, you ready?
Testing, testing.
It's good.
So remember, you're
gonna keep her in view
the whole time,
make sure you stay...
Hey, it's not my
first rodeo, Sherlock.
Check you out, mixed metaphor.
- Here we go.
- Go.
All right, man, there's Cindy.
Got her.
STARK: Looks like she can
stick that whole pharmacy
in that big old coat.
It looks like she's
packing up, buddy.
All right, man, here
we go, here we go.
Cindy Jones, Philadelphia PD.
Oh shit, you
gotta be kidding me!
Now, now, kitty, be nice.
How you doing, Cindy?
It's nice to finally
meet you face to face.
That was you?
Okay, so the way I see it,
you got a couple choices here.
All right, you can give
us the name of the doctor
who wrote the scripts
or we can ruin your night.
Philadelphia PD.
This is a local bust.
Don't worry your pretty
little head about it.
No, no, no, no.
We built this collar.
Ooh, looks like a
formal investigation.
You going to the prom?
This is an interstate
drug situation, my friend.
You are in second place.
WOODY: No, no, if she
doesn't give us what we need,
she's going to city jail.
ROY: She's a federal suspect!
Dr. Gosnell!
The woman I get the scripts
from works for Dr. Gosnell.
I promise I'm only doing
drugs a few more months.
Oh, I've heard that before.
You'll start with the drugs
and then you'll
go back to murder.
I'm sick of looking at
autopsies and murder weapons.
I just want a normal life.
Take the job at the
governor's office.
We'll move to Harrisburg.
If we move, can we get a dog?
If we have a bigger yard
and someone does the
dishes, we might.
It's not my turn, it's his.
ED: And a hot tub.
LEXI: Mmm.
- Ew!
- Mom!
Oh, I gotta take this.
I gotta go.
Just take him for one second.
You're not done yet.
Woody, I'm not
back 'til tomorrow.
WOODY: There's that
voice I long to hear!
Thought you were back today.
I'll call Dan.
Well, now I'm
curious, what's up?
Well, we found our Oxy source.
It's a Dr. Kermit Gosnell.
He runs a clinic at
3801 Lancaster Avenue.
Wanted to get a
warrant so we can take
a hidden camera in there.
I'll follow up
with Dan tomorrow.
I'm always happy to help you
with these drug cases, Woody.
ED: Bye, kids!
- Bye, Daddy.
- Bye.
LEXI: Okay, go
get your backpack.
Is Mom the police?
No, Mom's the
boss of the police.
And don't you forget it.
STARK: Now, don't
you speak all that
in one place either.
What have we got?
We have surveillance
footage from Gosnell's clinic.
All in one place, do you?
STARK: (mumbles) This
ain't my rookie season, okay?
I hear ya.
Money changing hands.
You got jokes.
STARK: I'll try to make...
Okay, let's pick her up.
WOMAN: That never
went so fast in my life.
I got there at quarter to,
that's before my (MUMBLES).
Hey, hey, beautiful.
You going for a ride today.
Hold up!
You a cop?
Yes, ma'am, I am
a police officer.
KESHAWNA: Man, this is
some entrapment bullshit.
You poor thing, I
feel so sorry for you.
Please watch your head.
Keshawna, the way I see it,
you got a couple choices here.
Look, most of the pharmacists,
you know, they legit.
You can't be going in
with the same names
on the script all the time.
So, Doc Gosnell, he
has us pay junkies
50 bucks for their IDs and
writes the scripts for 'em.
ROY: Is he the only
one writing scripts?
only doctor there.
They got girls that
been to high school
doing the procedures.
WOODY: Procedures?
Yeah, the abortions.
ROY: So you
send in the Smurfs.
That's right.
Seekers pay 84 and 80.
That mean $3200 for a script.
ROY: Seekers?
Yeah, see, we got three...
He got three kind of
customers at the clinic.
The seekers, they the ones
come in for the drugs.
Oxy, sometimes Xanax, Percocet.
And you got the procedures,
and they gotta
get they pain meds
to get ready for the abortions
when the doctor comes in.
'Cause see, he don't
even get there most days
'til like 7:00 at night or so.
So you use the
Smurfs to get the IDs
for the scripts, right?
And then the seekers...
Wait, who's giving the
abortion patients their meds?
What's that got
to do with anything?
Well, if there's
no doctor there,
who's doling out the pain meds?
Any of us.
Alison, Lydia, Betty, sometimes.
Excuse me.
Can we finish the conversation
about the narcotics operation?
And Lydia was there
when that one woman died.
Wait, a woman died?
This doesn't make
sense to me here.
Healthy woman goes
into a clinic,
comes out dead and
there's no police report?
How does that that happen?
I thought you were
working narcotics.
Woody, you back at homicide?
WOODY: Can't a
guy have hobbies.
CORONER: The death certificate
said accidental death.
Fentanyl and
Demerol don't sound
like accidental drugs to me.
They sound like doctor drugs.
Yeah, fine, but if a
doctor administered 'em,
it's not a crime,
it's an accident.
Malpractice, maybe.
What if the doctor
didn't administer those?
What do the Feds say?
They're saying
it's a drug case.
It is a drug case.
Woman goes into a clinic,
gets drugged to death
by some untrained teen and
that's just a drug case?
That's a lot of
assumptions, Woody.
We don't know that
any of that's true.
Karnamaya Mongar, okay.
41 years old.
Her husband and her and her
kid get chased out of Bhutan
for some ethnic cleansing
bullshit, I don't know what it is.
They spend 20 years in a
straw hut in a refugee camp
in Nepal, only to
finally, finally make it
to the good ol' USA.
Four months later, she goes in
for a procedure with Dr. Oxy.
Now she's dead and no
one seems to give a damn?
You seem to give a damn.
I do.
Okay, all right, what
kind of procedure was it?
I thought you were pro-choice.
What does that have
to do with anything?
I don't know, what
does that have to do
with anything, Dan?
It complicates things.
Am I in the right place here?
This is homicide, right?
Because this is homicide, Dan.
It's homicide.
LEXI: Is she your girlfriend?
- Exactly.
- Thank you, Dad.
ED: Thank, Buddy, thank
you for being an adult.
GIRL: Cannot deny.
GIRL: Is that the police?
I'll just be a minute.
ED: They're
coming to get you.
GIRL: Let's hope so.
Woody, it's dinner time.
WOODY: Why didn't
you back me up in there?
That poor woman lost her
life because some moron
pumped her full of drugs and
you're just gonna ignore it?
LEXI: Woody, you
got your warrant.
You got your warrant.
You're going with the FBI, stay
out of their way, all right?
Okay, yeah.
Now, is there anything
else you'd like to say to me?
You like the Eagles or
the Giants with spread?
STARK: Okay, guys, we're set.
Yo, who's Nurse
Ratchet over there?
Mmm, Department of Health.
She's gotta be there
because the clinic's
gonna be open when we go in.
Mmm hmm.
Good slice?
You know you guys got this
warrant in the Mongar case.
Look for what you need, don't
screw up our evidence, got it?
Got it.
All right, listen up.
We move through the
clinic fast, get everyone
in separate rooms so
they can't compare notes.
We're not expecting any
weapons, but you never know,
so be prepared.
This is Nurse Sandra Rose,
Department of Health.
She's coming along to
ensure the well-being
of any patients we
might encounter.
We are looking for
scripts, pills,
anything that looks like
drugs or paraphernalia.
Don't touch anything else.
They'll have copies of the
warrant, know why we're here.
Let's move.
WOMAN: Officer,
what's going on?
Good evening.
We have a warrant to
search the premises.
WOODY: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- We need to talk to you!
- Lets spread out.
- Stop, stop!
- Got your instructions.
OFFICER: Roger that.
Gentlemen, do not
disturb the patients.
You take the upstairs.
AGENT: Yes sir.
All right, come on.
Hey, let's get
that nurse in here!
WOMAN: Who's out there?
WOMAN: No, no.
WOODY: What is that smell?
AGENT: Yeah, we're gonna
need more guys up here.
Man, it smells like
a dead fish up in here.
WOMAN: You write these down.
The police, okay,
just stay where you are.
Hey, let's get these
girls in separate rooms!
You two, come with me.
ROY: You want me
to hold 'em here?
Keep 'em separate, whew.
AGENT: Hey, Ken.
KEN: I got it, I got it.
Man, I think I
stepped in something.
It's probably cat shit.
Oh man, it is cat shit!
AGENT: That over there.
STARK: Oh my God.
AGENT: Don't touch that.
What is this, the lunch room?
STARK: Lunch room?
No, I'm good, no lunch for me.
AGENT: Keep those
ladies in the back.
We'll interview 'em
later, all right?
AGENT: I think I
got some blood spatter
over here or something.
Hey, uh, Woody.
Hey man, you gotta see this.
Hold it up, little higher.
Hey man, is this normal?
I don't know, I've never been
in an abortion clinic before.
AGENT: You all right?
got eyes on Gosnell.
He's coming in the
north entrance.
AGENT: Roger that.
be there in a minute.
KERMIT: Hello, hello!
How y'all doing this evening?
Dr. Gosnell.
We are the DEA, the FBI,
and the Philadelphia Police.
Well, goodness, my goodness.
Did we have a break in?
No sir, we have a warrant
to search these premises.
Am I under arrest?
Not at this juncture.
Well, just give me a moment
if you would to put these down.
Ah, thank you.
I have some special patients
I have to attend to.
You gentlemen can come
watch if you like.
Ooh, just a minute, guys.
Ah, there you are.
Hey, hey, hey!
Oh yes, you're
hungry, aren't you?
Here we go.
Ah, come get it, come get
it, come on, come get it.
Come, there you come.
Oh yeah.
Ah, yes.
Ah, yes.
They bring my patients such
joy at a very difficult time.
Doctor, we have a
patient in distress.
Oh, oh dear!
Pardon me, I have to see
about this right away.
MAN: I'm hoping
they arrested somebody.
Excuse me, officer, have
there been any arrests?
Can you tell me why the police
are raiding an abortion clinic?
Why are the DEA and
the FBI involved?
What's the matter, you
don't like tattoos?
We're gonna,
scripts, on the fraud,
- on the false IDs.
- Let's go after the money.
You build the money
on top of my case.
Hey, are you just
gonna let him run around
and treat these women?
ROY: You know how to do it?
Well, call in an
ambulance or something,
this place is crazy!
Look, that's not
what we're here for.
I'm sorry for
all the extra mess.
You might have noticed, um,
we've been having a dispute
with our medical
disposal company.
Yeah, you see that
little rascal over there?
He's killed over 100
mice in this clinic.
LEXI: Woody?
You are not gonna believe
what I saw last night.
The stench was unbelievable.
Is this the lunch room?
He had all these
bags everywhere.
He said they were medical waste.
We opened up some of them,
there were little bodies inside.
What do you mean, fetuses?
They looked like babies to me.
How many?
So far, we found
over 30 of them.
Stuffed inside jugs, inside
bags, in the refrigerator,
the freezer, everywhere.
Oh, oh, the jars.
This guy put baby's
feet in jars.
What, what do
you mean, in jars?
No, wait, look,
right over here.
Look at that.
I mean, is that normal?
He had dozens of 'em.
And then they let him
go work on this woman
while we were there.
I'm telling you,
this woman was bigger
than Joan was when
she had Charlie.
And, that's got to
be illegal, right?
I don't know.
WOODY: A woman that big?
I mean, there has to
be some kind of a limit
on when you can
have an abortion.
Yeah, but I don't
know what that is.
I thought you were a lawyer?
Woody, I have five kids.
What do I know about abortion?
No person shall perform
or induce an abortion
upon another person
when the gestational age
of the unborn child
is 24 or more weeks.
That's six months.
Six months?
How big is a baby at six months?
Pretty big.
Big enough that the
fetuses that you saw
could have been perfectly legal.
There's something
bad going on there.
I know it.
You got any witnesses?
I got a list of employees.
Let's go talk to 'em.
I made me a color
chart to remember
the different drugs and
how much to give them.
They would tell me a color
and I'd know what to do.
So, Gosnell trained
you to give anesthesia?
How much training did you get?
About 20 minutes.
When did you start
working at the clinic?
'Bout five years ago, I guess.
LEXI: When you were 15.
Mama worked there.
She'd bring me in after
school for extra credit
and Doc liked me,
so he hired me.
And you would use this
chart to help you know
what drugs to give the women
who came into the clinic?
The Demerol and the Cytotec.
That's the one that
makes them precipitate.
That's Doc's word for
when the babies come out.
When the babies come out?
What would happen then,
after the babies came out?
Doc or somebody'd snip it?
Snip it?
He would take scissors and
cut the back of their necks.
He taught everybody how to do it
so that it could be
done if he wasn't there.
He did it to all of them, even
the ones that wasn't moving.
Some of the
babies were moving?
Betty, how many times
did you see that happen?
Babies moving?
I don't know.
Got any plans for
the next few years?
Can you just call DA McGuire
and ask if she'll see me?
I mean...
OFFICER: I really
can't, ma'am, I'm sorry.
I mean, I know I don't
have an appointment,
but since I'm
already down here...
OFFICER: I know.
You really need to
have an appointment.
I even know the extension
if you can just like
like 432, like hello,
can DA McGuire see me?
OFFICER: Hey Woody.
Oh, Detective Woods, hi, can
I talk to you for a second?
Do I know you?
Mollie Mullaney,
Mullaney Report.
I just had a couple
questions about the...
The press, no,
I hate the press.
It's nothing personal,
it's just because you guys
lie all the time and stuff.
I'm not from the press.
I'm an investigative blogger.
I just want a few...
Forget it, kid, I don't
even talk to real reporters.
Ah, no bloggers allowed.
That's jammed up
pretty good, huh?
Let's take the whole unit.
Detective Stark?
There are a bunch of
file boxes on the list
that seem to have been moved.
We can't find 'em.
Show me.
It was a cat, there
were cats everywhere
in the whole place,
cat's running around.
And we've been clearing
stuff out of this clinic
for almost 24 hours.
We found envelopes
with cash in 'em
and one of which was
labeled with, uh...
Karnamaya Mongar.
Thank you.
She paid for her own death.
We also found these
plastic medical waste bags.
Some of them contained fetuses.
And then we have these
files that Gosnell
kept on 'em and some of them
corresponded with the fetuses.
How did you match the
files to the bodies?
He labeled them.
He wrote names on a little
piece of masking tape.
The guy must not think
he did anything wrong.
But he was moving the files
and he was moving the bags
in the meantime.
Well, how could he do that?
There were cops
all over the place.
I mean, that's like
a maze up in there.
It's like three houses connected
by secret corridors and stuff.
I got lost in there
a couple times.
But he's not under arrest, so
he could have moved that stuff
at any time under our noses.
I guess he does think
he's doing something wrong.
Yeah, but the question is,
where's he moving the stuff to?
Didn't know you were
gonna party with us today.
(GRUNTS) Well, I can't let
you boys have all the fun.
You look good in Kevlar.
You should wear it more often.
Dr. Gosnell?
Police, open up.
We've got a search warrant.
Dr. Gosnell, it's the police
with a search warrant, open up.
All right.
STARK: Rule number one in
a door breach, try the handle.
Thank you.
Dr. Gosnell, Philadelphia
Police Department.
We have a search
warrant for this house.
Dr. Gosnell?
Dr. Gosnell?
Police Department.
LEXI: I guess their
cleaning lady took a week off.
WOODY: Sorry to bother you.
Is your father at home?
Dr. Gosnell, Philadelphia
Police Department.
We have a search warrant
for your house, sir.
course, of course.
Just let me know if there's
anything I can do to help.
I assume you've met my daughter.
Is your wife here?
No, she's not.
She's shopping.
Make yourselves at
home (CHUCKLES).
Deeds to houses.
He's got real estate
all over the place.
That's not all he's got.
Look at this.
KERMIT: May I fix you
some breakfast, detective?
No thank you.
Dr. Gosnell, we need
the keys that you have
to a padlocked door
in the hallway.
Do you really need to do that?
It's the cellar.
I'm almost ashamed to
let you go down there.
It's a bit messy.
Files have been
moved recently.
Definitely moving stuff around.
STARK: Yeah?
What is this?
Oh God!
Oh, hell no, come on!
Let's go!
Open up!
- Hey!
- Open up!
on, help me with it.
Open up.
OFFICER: We got it, here.
Here, gimme your hand.
WOODY: Come on, get 'em out.
Get your suits off!
Get it off of me.
WOODY: Get 'em
off, get 'em off!
Oh shit.
WOODY: Get this off.
It's disgusting!
What the...
Did someone turn on the radio?
Hey, what's going on in here?
This is a crime scene, people.
I warned you about the mess.
Yes, I'm holding
for Dr. North.
Well, do you know
when she will be in?
This is the third
time I've called.
Yes, please.
ADA Alexis McGuire.
You have my number?
Yeah, okay, thank you.
Hey, Doctor Ray,
I got a man down.
Do you mind taking a look?
It's just a little
ear infection.
I'll call in a prescription
for you, he'll be fine.
Thanks, Doc.
You're the best.
By the way, have you
ever heard of a doctor
cutting an aborted fetus's
neck to ensure fetal demise?
I've never heard of that.
Is this the Gosnell case?
LEXI: Can I put you
on the witness stand?
(CHUCKLES) Wouldn't testify
in that case about anything.
Doubt you'll find
a doctor who will.
Tell me about it.
My own obstetrician who
just delivered this guy
told me to pound sand.
Well, they all knew
him as a colleague.
Some of them probably even
referred patients to him.
That doesn't make them culpable.
Lexi, it's abortion,
nobody wants to touch that.
Listen, if he's not better
in a couple days, holler.
BARISTA: Here you go.
One medium skinny late.
Name's Lexi.
Excuse me, Ms. McGuire.
Are you gonna be the first
prosecutor in American history
to charge an abortion
doctor with murder?
I'm sorry, who are you?
Mollie Mullaney,
Mullaney Report.
Shouldn't you be at home
in your pajamas or something?
It's free Wi-Fi, so it's
actually reason enough
to get out of bed.
Now, in the past, you've
said that you're pro-choice.
Why are you pursuing this case?
Young lady, I appreciate
your enthusiasm,
but I don't speak about
ongoing investigations.
Hmm, have you ever heard
the name Samika Shaw?
No, I haven't.
Well, she died in 2000 after
being treated by Dr. Gosnell.
Ever heard of the Mother's
Day Massacre in 1972?
Gosnell flew to the Bahamas
for 12 years right after that.
Curious about why?
Well, you can read
about it on my blog,
the links are on the card.
Wait, hold on.
Where are you getting
your information?
Sorry, I don't speak about
ongoing investigations.
Ah kee kee, kee, I
got your toes here.
Chh, chh, clap, clap, clap.
We rehydrated all 47 of the
bodies taken from the fridges.
I think you'll wanna
concentrate on the five largest.
During a legal abortion,
a doctor would definitely
have to empty the skulls to get
'em through the birth canal.
So if we could prove the
skulls weren't emptied...
That would mean they were
probably delivered alive.
How do we know if the
skulls were emptied?
We look.
You just had a baby, Lex.
What's going on?
Mother's Day, 1972, Gosnell
and this psychologist,
they bused in 15 pregnant
women from Chicago.
Second trimester.
They were doing
this big experiment,
a demonstration, you know.
They filmed it and everything.
They were testing
this new device
to make abortion easier.
This ball of blades.
They put it inside the woman
and the blades rolled open.
Cut the girls up bad.
Infections, hemorrhages,
one poor girl
had to have a hysterectomy.
You know what
happened to Gosnell?
He hid out in the Bahamas
for a while, came back here,
opened another clinic,
and since then, he's,
he's been, killing babies, Ed.
He's been delivering
babies alive,
and then snipping their
necks with scissors.
Hundreds of them,
thousands maybe,
I don't know, for 30 years.
Because nobody wanted
to say anything.
Nobody wanted to know.
I'm gonna get that bastard.
LEXI: You didn't pass out.
No, but close.
So, these are the files
that'll go with the other ones.
Yeah, that would
be great, thank you.
Okay, what have we got?
We have written
statements from a number
of untrained staff who saw
Gosnell snip the spinal cords
of the babies after
they were born.
He also directed his unlicensed
staff to administer drugs
to Karnamaya Mongar,
resulting in her death.
And we've gotten
statements to the tune
of over 200 violations of
existing abortion limits,
from the 24-hour rule
to the 24-week rule.
Physical evidence?
The bodies of six
fetuses, babies, whose heads
were not emptied, indicating
they were born intact.
Anything else?
We also have a suspicion
that he was using medical waste
from his clinics and he
was using that as bait
for his crab pots
at his beach house.
Well, that's sick and shocking,
but it's a lesser charge,
abuse of corpse.
It's not murder.
What about that
garbage disposal?
I mean, that thing was clogged
with God only knows what.
There were
probably baby parts...
Again, that does not
speak to a murder charge.
Now listen.
I heard Gosnell put
Mike Cohan on retainer.
He's tough.
If I was in this trouble, I'd
want him representing me too.
You have to
understand completely
what it is you're doing here.
You are prosecuting an
abortion doctor for murder.
That man took babies
that he medically induced
to be born alive...
Yes, yes, but you know
how Cohan will play it.
And you know how it
will play in the media.
If you try this case
and lose, you can kiss
any sort of political position
with the governor goodbye.
You'll be the prosecutor who
went after reproductive rights.
An activist ADA and you'll
be a racist to boot.
There is nothing that man
did illegally for 30 years
that protects women or children
and you don't have to be a
pro-life activist to see that.
All right.
But you better win.
Your Honor, we believe
there is sufficient evidence
to prove that Karnamaya Mongar
was murdered by Dr. Gosnell
and that he murdered a number
of infants born alive...
All right, stop right there.
This is not a case
about abortion.
You hear me?
I hear you.
You bring this
to my grand jury,
I'm the one who signs
off on the report,
and that report
will not, will not
bring a woman's right
to chose into question.
In this state, you've got
a lot of conservative folk
who'd like to see
abortion outlawed
and this is not
going to be the case
that gives them an excuse.
That's the way you're
going to try it,
because that's the only
way I'll sign off on it.
LEXI: As an intern, you saw
the conditions of the clinic.
Oh yeah.
There was dirt everywhere.
Instruments being reused
without sterilization.
Sometimes the patients
would have to urinate
in the halls because
the bathrooms were busy.
No one even cleaned it up.
LEXI: As a nursing student,
why didn't you
report any of this?
I just thought that's
the way they did things
in an inner city clinic.
I was referring
patients to Gosnell
and they were returning with
sexually transmitted diseases.
I got suspicious.
I asked a social worker
to check the place out.
She found appallingly dirty
conditions, untrained personnel,
single use instruments
being used repeatedly.
LEXI: So you
filed a complaint
with the State
Department of Health?
I hand delivered that
complaint to the DOH personally.
LEXI: And their response?
They never got back to me.
When I said I wanted
to stop, he yelled at me.
He slapped my leg real hard.
LEXI: Do you remember
exactly what he said to you?
He told me, "Stop
acting like a baby."
All of the nurses did.
And then I passed out.
And when I woke back up, I
knew I wasn't pregnant no more.
I asked Dr.
Gosnell what happened
to the babies afterwards.
He said, "We burn 'em."
So I told him I changed my mind.
He got really mad at me,
told me it was too late.
Said the procedure
couldn't be reversed.
LEXI: But the laminaria
had already been placed
in your cervix, right?
So what did you do?
I went to Children's
Hospital instead.
And were they able
to help you out?
Oh yes.
I had my baby.
The prosecution
has offered you
a plea bargain, Dr. Gosnell.
Your wife and daughter
would keep the house,
your wife would
avoid prosecution,
and you would avoid
the death penalty.
But, I would have to admit
I was guilty (CHUCKLES).
MIKE: That is correct.
Why on Earth would
I wanna do that?
I'm not guilty.
In that case, let me
ask you some questions
that the prosecution
might ask you
in the event we go to trial.
I look forward to the
opportunity to tell my story.
Well, the DA alleges that
you performed abortions
past the legal limit.
I was a close friend of
George Tiller, you know.
I'm sorry?
He was a sweet, gentle man.
A martyr, really.
But they said that he
performed late abortions too,
and for that, he was struck
down by an assassin's bullet.
Well, to get back
on point, Dr. Gosnell,
let's say a woman came
to you, desperate,
past the 24-week limit.
Would you be inclined
to give her an abortion?
I've asked myself what
if your own daughter
were in this situation?
Would you want her to have
access to an abortion?
To not have her life
changed forever by a baby?
I looked at all
the women I treated
as if they were my own daughter.
Many of the files
in your office
you had written 24.5 weeks.
Are you aware that 24.5 weeks
is past the legal
limit for abortion?
(CHUCKLES) I suppose I
assumed as in mathematics,
that the number would be
rounded down to 24 (LAUGHS).
(CHUCKLES) Well, actually,
in mathematics that number
would be rounded up,
but are you saying
that that number
was an estimation
and not a scientifically
deduced fact?
If you read the law, it states
that the measure of viability
is up to the physician.
So, if I assessed that it is
of a lower gestational age,
then that's what rules today.
So your interpretation
of the law
is that whatever you
decide to write down
should be accepted.
You kept the feet of
aborted babies in jars.
It's often necessary
to preserve the DNA
for later identification.
It's customary for
physicians to preserve
a small sample, but
not a whole foot.
See, these are
scientific matters.
I can't expect a
layman to understand
the complex nature
of my research.
Is it true that you
allowed your unlicensed
and untrained staff to
administer anesthesia
and even to perform medical
procedures in your absence?
They were properly trained.
I trained 'em myself.
But you are aware
that there are laws
governing the licensing and
training of medical personnel?
These laws.
They've always struck me
as being politically motivated.
The enemies of
abortion erected them
to create barriers between
women and my services.
I have no respect for
these laws whatsoever.
These poor women who need me
have nowhere else to go.
You are an inspector
for the Department
of Health, correct?
SANDRA: Correct.
And when was the
last time your division
inspected Dr. Gosnell's clinic?
And then when the
FBI raided the place.
17 years between inspections.
We were told not
to do any inspections
unless we received complaints.
And you received no
complaints about Gosnell?
Can you tell me what these are?
I'll tell you what they are.
They're complaints.
Why didn't you do an inspection?
We had instructions directly
from Governor Ridge's office
not to inspect abortion clinics.
It would hamper
women from exercising
their reproductive rights.
Are you aware that a
woman, Karnamaya Mongar,
died of complications from an
abortion at Gosnell's clinic?
I believe so, yes.
Is it true the DOH
requires nail salons
to be inspected at
least once a year?
If someone had
died at a nail salon,
would you have
inspected it then?
Accidents happen during
medical procedures.
People die.
So this is what happens
when you try to help people?
JUDGE: Dr. Kermit Gosnell.
You are charged with
eight counts of murder
in the first degree,
24 counts of illegal abortion,
and 227 misdemeanor violations
of the 24-hour
abortion consent law.
How do you plead?
My client pleads not
guilty, Your Honor.
JUDGE: I order you remanded
to custody to await trial.
Your Honor, I'm
prepared to pay bail.
This is a capital
murder case, Dr. Gosnell.
Bail is not a possibility.
Do you have anything
else you'd like to say
before this indictment
is handed down?
Oh my.
Yes, Your Honor.
I'm quite concerned about
the turtles in my clinic.
They're an endangered species
and I've filed several
requests for them to be moved.
Counselor, you will
have to deal with this.
Your Honor, this is a
very complicated case.
I think we have
higher priorities
than worrying about Dr. Gosnell's
illegally obtained pets.
I take the Endangered
Species Act very seriously.
You are going to
have to figure out
how to deal with these
vulnerable creatures.
MIKE: Thank you, Your Honor.
Not an animal
lover, Ms. McGuire?
All right, you guys have
never handled a case like this.
You need to be ready.
Kermit Gosnell is perhaps the
most prolific serial killer
in American history,
but he is also an
abortion doctor,
a major hot button issue.
That makes him big news.
Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury,
this is gonna be a long trial.
When you get to
the courthouse,
you are going to be swarmed
by reporters, swamped by them.
They are gonna be
shouting questions at you,
snapping pictures, sticking
microphones in your faces.
The courtroom is going to
be packed to overflowing.
You won't be able
to use the toilet
without one of them
sticking their heads out
to ask you for an interview.
So, remember, take
a breath, stay calm,
say the case will
be tried in court
and decided by the
jury and that's all.
When we get there,
I want you to head
right into the courtroom.
I'll stop and
speak to the press.
You ready for this, counselor?
I'll be damned.
WOODY: Where is everybody?
Well, how pretty you look today.
Don't tell me you know how
to work that contraption.
Hello, counselor.
My, what a lovely blouse.
This is not a
case about abortion.
This is a case about murder.
The murder of Karnamaya Mongar
and the murder of seven infants
born alive and then killed.
That's what I want
you to focus on.
The murder of those babies.
Not that they were
there to be aborted,
not whatever their
mothers had in mind,
but what happened to those
babies after they were born alive
into this world.
They've come up with one
tragic death, Karnamaya Mongar.
One death in 31 years and
they think that one case
makes this man a monster.
I mean, to hear the
Commonwealth talk,
you'd think people
were just dropping dead
right in front of
that clinic every day,
the corpses just piling
up on the sidewalk,
right there in front of
3801 Lancaster Avenue.
But no, this man's clinic has
been in operation for years,
in '78, '79, '80, '81,
'82, '83, '84.
Year after year after
year of this man
successfully treating his
patients and giving them
the services they requested.
Some of them even coming back
for a third or fourth procedure.
Why would they come back if
this man was such a monster?
The Commonwealth
wants to tell you
that this is not a
case about abortion.
This absolutely is a
case about abortion,
ladies and gentlemen.
And if you stay true to your
oath and you look at the facts,
you will see what I see.
An overly zealous
Catholic investigator
in a police department
dominated by Catholicism
and a targeted, racist,
prosecutorial lynching
of a man who has done nothing
but serve the citizens
of West Philadelphia for
decades in neighborhoods
they wouldn't even set foot in.
Hey man, I think
he convinced me.
Really, Cohan?
That's how you're
gonna play this?
We're a bunch of racists?
Woody, get a hold of yourself.
You gonna bring my
religion into this, really?
- Woody, back off!
- Is that you
wanna make this about,
- you asshole?
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Do you?
- Stop it!
Woody, hey, calm
down, all right?
Hey, keep your mouth
quiet, all right?
That outburst, it needs to stop.
That could cost us a mistrial.
In this interview
conducted before
he was arrested,
Dr. Gosnell told
News 11 he believes
he will be fully vindicated.
I hadn't been aware
of how hard I'd been
working until I got
a couple of days off.
My feeling is that if
you're not making mistakes,
then you're not really attempting
to do anything of value.
So I think my patients are aware
that I'm doing my
very best by them.
I provide the standard of care
for them that I would
want for my own daughter.
NEWS REPORTER: Dr. Gosnell's
considered by authorities
to be a flight risk.
Currently, he's being
held without bail
in the Philadelphia County Jail.
Dr. North, can
you tell the jury
why you decided
to testify today?
I didn't want anyone to
think that Dr. Gosnell's clinic
represents what women's
clinics are really like.
Do you ever
perform non-emergency
pregnancy terminations
after 24 weeks?
No, never.
Always we stop at 20 weeks.
Do you reuse instruments
on different patients
that haven't been sterilized?
No, never.
Do you ever allow
untrained personnel
to say, administer anesthesia?
Everyone in our office
is a registered nurse
and I administer the
anesthesia myself.
Dr. North, have you ever cut
a baby's spine with scissors?
No, we would not do that.
Do you know any
doctor that would?
No, I do not.
Thank you, no
further questions.
MIKE: Dr. North,
how many abortions
would you say you've
performed in your career?
I have performed
over 30,000 abortions.
In the second trimester, what
method of abortion do you use?
Mostly D&E, dilation
and evacuation.
Dilation is where you soften
and widen the woman's
cervix, correct?
That is correct.
Once the fetus grows
larger, it's very important
that we do that to
prevent the cervix
from tearing as the
fetus is removed.
And then you
evacuate the fetus.
You remove it from the womb.
But first, we have to make sure
that it's not a live birth.
Oh, of course, of
course, how do you do that?
Well, we inject
potassium chloride
into the heart of the fetus.
With one of these, correct?
Your Honor, I'd like to
introduce defense exhibit 1A
on the screen.
May I publish?
You may publish.
Now, this is a sonogram
of a 23-week-old fetus.
And so when you
inject the fetus,
do you put the needle here?
Right there.
And that stops the heart.
That's correct.
And then you use forceps.
You use these and
you reach up in there
and you grab ahold
of an arm or a leg
or whatever and you pull on it
until it comes out or
comes off, correct?
That's correct.
But with larger fetuses,
they remain intact.
Of course, because
the head's bigger.
Makes it more difficult.
What do you do then?
We use a machine to
suction out the gray matter.
The gray matter, the brains.
So, you suction out the
brains and then what happens?
Then the skull collapses
and the fetus can be removed.
Now, isn't it true
that sometimes,
in order to get the suction
machine into the fetus,
you have to use a
pair of scissors
to make a hole in
the back of the neck?
Sometimes this happens, yes.
So before, when you said
that you'd never cut the neck
of a fetus...
I was referring
to a live birth.
Oh, okay, yeah, I get it now.
Have you ever had a live birth
during an abortion
attempt, doctor?
No, I have not,
because we listen
to the sonogram to ensure that
the fetal heart has stopped.
Well, what if
you made a mistake?
We don't.
Well, what if you did?
hypothetical, Your Honor.
Your Honor, she's
a medical expert.
I'd like to have her opinion.
I'm going to allow the question,
but stay on point, counselor.
What would you do
if the baby was out
and it was breathing?
We would issue comfort care.
Comfort care.
Can you define that for us?
That's keeping the fetus
warm and comfortable.
Eventually, it will pass.
Eventually, it would pass.
So basically, you'd,
you'd let it die.
Seems like it'd be more humane
to just take a
pair of scissors...
Withdraw the
question, Your Honor.
Yashoda, you were there
on the night your mother,
Karnamaya Mongar died.
I went with her to clinic
and I walked down hall
with her to see doctor.
No, no, no, no!
LYDIA: Just put
her on the table.
KARNAMAYA: Doctor, doctor!
- No, no.
- Just take these.
- Please, Mama.
- You need to take
- these right now.
- You're gonna have to
wait in the other room.
Call doctor.
I called doctor 'cause
I didn't think Lydia
knew what she was doing,
and Ms. Mongar was putting up
- such a fuss.
- Oh ladies.
Well, med her up.
When he said "med her up,"
did you know what he meant?
He liked using Demerol
'cause it was cheap
and it worked fast.
Give her some intravenously
until she calms down.
I'll be there presently.
I seen doctor come in
and I knew he was
there for Mama,
but he stop at the
desk a long time.
Finally, he went
downstairs and I thought
I was supposed to
wait, so I did.
(SIGHS) Well,
that ought to do it.
Let's get her into recovery.
Doctor, she
don't look so good.
She's a funny color.
Oh my.
Doctor went and
got the crash cart
from up on the third floor.
We tried to use the paddles
but they were broke.
Then he just sort of stopped.
I'm just thrilled that we
kept this cart up to date.
I couldn't wait anymore,
so I ran down there,
make them let me in.
Lydia, plug in that
oximeter in there.
That oximeter don't work.
Plug it in anyway!
And throw all that
expired medicine away.
LYDIA: Okay.
And make sure we clean
up the floor there.
We only get one chance to
make a first impression.
LEXI: And when you got
in, how was your mother?
She, she, she was out.
She never woke up again.
We took her to the hospital,
but she died the next day.
To your best recollection,
how long was it
from the time you saw your
mother was unconscious
until she was put
in the ambulance?
I think maybe one,
maybe one and a half hour.
No more questions, Your Honor.
Ms. Mongar, I cannot
imagine what a painful time
that must have been for
you and your family.
I'm deeply sorry for your loss.
Can you tell us why your
mother was seeking an abortion?
We just moved to America.
We had refugee food
stamps running out
and my mother saying
no work with baby.
Did you want your mother
to have an abortion?
Did you tell your mother
that you didn't want her
to have an abortion?
Did your mother go
to any other clinics
before she came to Dr. Gosnell?
And what did they say?
Why didn't she
have it done there?
The first say too
late, past 14 weeks,
others say too risky.
Too risky.
They said it was too risky?
Ms. Mongar, do
you recall a letter
that Dr. Gosnell
wrote your family?
Yes, my uncle read it to me.
Do you remember this section?
One moment I feel confident
that I did everything possible.
In the next, I'm very down.
I'm not a wealthy individual.
My lower fees are a reflection
of what my neighbors
can afford, but
please let me know
if there is any way that I
can compensate for your loss.
Do you remember that?
Does that sorrowful letter
sound like it was written
by a murderer?
Nothing further, Your Honor.
You guys are getting
killed in there.
You're a ray of sunshine.
Ever interview a girl
named Betty Goodwin?
I told you, I don't
talk to reporters.
Have you checked
out her photo blog?
Her what?
Betty's a bit of a shutterbug.
She takes pictures
of everything.
I guarantee you she'd have
some shots inside the clinic.
I'll send you the link, maybe
your kid can open it for you.
Don't you need
my email address?
No, I have it, Detective.
Before we resume testimony,
let's do a little housekeeping.
Is tomorrow the day when
the jury is scheduled
to visit the women's
clinic, Mrs. McGuire?
Your Honor, it has
come to our attention
that there has been an
incident at the clinic.
Apparently a pipe burst
and the conditions
are not safe for
the jury to visit.
We'll remove that
from the schedule.
Also, the court has reached a
decision regarding the motion
by the defense to
dismiss charges regarding
to Baby B, Baby F, and Baby G
for insufficient
physical evidence.
The court grants this motion.
Jury is instructed to
disregard any evidence
heretofore presented
regarding those matters.
Cohan's got the jury
thinking that Gosnell's
just an ordinary abortion
doctor who cut some corners
to provide services
to poor black women.
Now we can't even bring
the jury to that hellhole.
Well, we're gonna bring
that hellhole to them.
Your Honor, may it please
the court, the prosecution
would like permission to
publish previously admitted
exhibits six, seven,
eight, and nine.
These are items salvaged
from the Gosnell clinic
after the damage caused
by the broken pipe.
Exhibit six is a
gynecological chair
taken from the second
procedure room.
Exhibit seven is the waste
disposal unit from the kitchen.
Exhibit eight is a
broken pulse oximeter.
Exhibit nine...
Excuse me.
You're welcome.
quote you on that?
What happened?
We made the papers.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Be seated.
The jury will notice there is
an increased media presence
in the room today.
They are instructed
not to let that affect
their sense of the
case before them.
When a white woman would come,
she would get the room upstairs.
It was cleaner and more private.
Did you ever have a
conversation with Dr. Gosnell
about why his white patients
had a separate room?
He said that's just
the way of the world.
Who's a racist now?
Did you ever see
or hear a baby cry?
This one time, me and
Betty was in the hallway.
LEXI: Did you
tell the doctor?
He said not to worry about it.
That it happened all the time.
But about half the time, with
all the Cytotec we was giving,
the women would deliver before
the doctor could arrive.
You told us earlier
about the baby that you saw
swimming in the toilet.
Were there any other
babies that you can recall
that were moving or breathing?
Lydia had called
me over and told me,
"Come look at this one baby."
And I seen the baby's
chest going up and down.
Was anything else
on that baby moving?
Lydia had pulled the baby hand
and the baby pulled
his hand back.
No further questions.
Miss Strawberry.
So, you were there for the baby
that was swimming in the toilet.
You were there the
night you heard the whine
you thought was a baby's cry.
And you were there
when the baby breathed
and moved its arm?
Yes, I was.
Did you ever see the
movie Forrest Gump?
I'll allow it.
Yeah, I saw it.
You remember how he was
at the JFK assassination,
he was at the I
Have a Dream speech.
Almost every event in American
history, he was there, right?
I don't know.
You're just like
Forrest Gump, aren't you?
You're just everywhere.
- Objection, Your Honor,
this is ridiculous.
Over time, didn't your
personal relationship
with Dr. Gosnell
begin to deteriorate?
It was never personal.
Did you say in your
grand jury testimony,
"He started hollering at
me like he was my dad.
"I didn't like it."
Did you say that?
Then why did you
continue to work there?
Because I had a
family to take care of.
Or because Dr. Gosnell
was paying you good money,
or maybe because you
had a little something
going on the side.
A lot of the employees at
that clinic have been arrested
on drug trafficking
charges, why haven't you?
Isn't it true that you
made a deal with the DA
to avoid prosecution?
Given your personal
animosity for Dr. Gosnell,
why should we believe
anything you have to say
- in this courtroom today?
- Your Honor, please!
Mr. Cohan!
Mr. Cohan, I warn you, further
outbursts of that nature
will result in a formal
admonition by the court.
You do not have the right to
continue to shout questions
before I have ruled
on an objection.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
And, I know you think
she gonna talk to me
just 'cause I'm black.
I'm still police though.
I think she's gonna talk to
you because you're Mr. Smooth,
Mr. Handsome, you
got that deep voice.
Yeah, man, I'm sure that
gets you excited and everything
but I don't know if
it's gonna work on her.
Hey, hey, Betty,
how you doing?
My mom said I'm not
supposed to talk to you.
You trying to put
us all in jail.
No, no, Betty, we're
not even after you.
The thing is that you're
gonna testify tomorrow...
There's a thing called
obstruction of justice
so if there's
information you have...
Would you shut up
for five seconds?
Look, I told you everything.
I can't talk to you.
That went well.
I thought you wanted the
black guy to do all the talking.
This is the baby I saw moving.
Lex, I need to talk to you.
Are you kidding me?
I'm sorry.
Our daughter is playing.
I'm really sorry.
Just one second.
I'll be right back.
WOODY: I'm sorry.
Woody, my daughter is next.
Got it.
You need to see this.
Betty took that picture
inside the clinic.
Baby Boy A was alive.
This is what we wanted.
Everything all right?
LEXI: Ms. Goodwin, how
many times did you see babies
that were breathing,
crying, chest moving,
anything like that?
How many times would you
say you personally saw that?
More than 10 times.
And what, if anything,
did Dr. Gosnell
do to those babies?
He would take scissors
and snip the neck.
Do you remember a specific
baby that he did this to?
For the record,
this is Baby Boy A.
And were you there on
the night that Baby Boy A
was born alive?
Me and Allison.
Well, well.
This baby is big enough to
walk me to the bus stop.
He put the baby in a tray.
But when the baby was in
the tray, the baby moved.
It kind of curled up.
After Dr. Gosnell put the
baby in the surgical tray,
what did he do next?
He put the tray back on the
shelf with the other ones.
The other ones?
There were other
babies on the shelf?
Yes, ma'am.
JUDGE: Counselor?
Betty, you like to
take pictures, don't you?
Yes, ma'am.
You take a lot
of pictures, right?
Pictures of your meals,
pictures of things you see
on the street, pictures
of your friends?
Did you ever take a picture
inside Dr. Gosnell's clinic?
On that particular night, do
you remember taking a picture
of Baby Boy A, the baby
you saw Dr. Gosnell
put up on that shelf?
The witness may answer.
Yes, ma'am.
Your Honor, in light
of this new evidence,
we would like to be
granted the opportunity
to publish this photograph...
Objection, Your Honor,
- this is outrageous!
- People's exhibit C...
This was not presented
in discovery!
LEXY: Exhibit C-5 (drowned
out by gavel thudding).
Order, this come
will come to order!
I declare a short recess.
I wanna see both counsels
in my chambers now!
LEXI: Your Honor,
may the Commonwealth
publish the exhibit to the jury?
JUDGE: You may publish.
Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury,
this is the photograph
that Betty Goodwin
took of Baby Boy A on
the night of July 12th.
Betty, is this the
photograph that you took?
I just have one
last question for you.
Why did you decide
to take a photograph
of this particular baby?
He was so big.
He looked like he could have
been somebody's little brother.
I just thought that there
should be a picture of him,
to show that he was
here for a little while.
The Commonwealth
wants you to look
at a hole in a dirty chair
and say that means that
that man is a monster.
It wants you to believe
somebody who says,
"Oh, I think that
baby moved its arm,"
and that means that
that man is a killer.
It's laughable,
ladies and gentlemen.
You are not here to
decide whether or not
Dr. Gosnell ran the cleanest
clinic in Pennsylvania.
He did not.
We are not here to
determine whether or not
abortion is a horrible,
terrible thing
to have to look at, it is.
We are here to
determine whether or not
the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania has proved
that this fine man, who
has served his community
for 30 years,
providing services...
Ladies and gentlemen, Kermit
Gosnell snipped the spine
of this baby
and hundreds, maybe
even thousands
of other babies just like him,
born alive and then killed.
Yes, he did some
legal abortions.
Yes, his clinic was filthy.
Yes, he had separate rooms for
white women and black women.
But, this case is
not about that.
This case is about
Karnamaya Mongar.
This case is about that baby
and countless other babies
that Dr. Gosnell murdered
after they were born.
This baby would be
four years old today.
Okay, thanks.
Will the defendant and
the attorneys please rise?
Mr. Foreman, have the
jurors reached a verdict?
Yes, Your Honor, we have.
To the charge of
criminal homicide
in the death of
Baby E, how say you?
Not guilty.
- What?
On the charge of murder
in the third degree,
victim Mongar, how say you?
Not guilty.
To the charge of
first degree murder,
Baby A, how say you?
To the charge of first degree
murder, Baby C, how say you?
To the charge of first degree
murder, Baby D, how say you?
JUDGE: Order!
(inspirational music)
Order in the court.
REPORTER: But this was
not a case about abortion.
In the end, this was
not a case about abortion,
this was a case about a doctor...
What did I tell you?
This is not a case
about abortion.
Now I'm gonna do you a solid.
Anyone from the media
that would like to speak
to the DA's office,
please gather round.
The Commonwealth would
like to thank the jury
for their hard work.
Oh, I hate to admit this,
but we could not have
done this without you.
It's true.
Why did you help?
I didn't help, I'm a reporter.
I'm just interested
in the truth.
If the truth doesn't
match what I believe,
I don't change the truth.
See you around.
LEXI: Well, fellas, I
have five kids to feed.
See you tomorrow.
There we go.
You ready to ride
off into the sunset?
(SIGHS) Yeah, right.
Excuse me!
Ms. McGuire.
You remember me?
Of course, Ms. Brown,
from the grand jury.
I have somebody
I'd like you to meet.
This is Gracie.
My baby started
kindergarten today.
Hi, Gracie!
I'm Lexi!
It's so nice to meet you.
Who is that calling out
Who's that crying
Do you wonder
Where do the guiltless go
Do end is no mother, father
I have no gun
Sweet guardian
Where should I go
Where should I go
We are the innocents
We are the innocents
The righteous
unimpeachable ho
We are the innocents
We are the innocents
We are you
Who is that watching us
Who's the hero do you wonder
Where do the guilty go
Do devils know
mother, father
I have no gun
Sweet guardian
Where should I go
Tell me you know
We are the innocents
We are the innocents
The righteous
unimpeachable ho
We are the innocents
We are the innocents
And we are you
We are the innocents
We are the innocents
The righteous
unimpeachable ho
We are the innocents
We are the innocents
And we are
We are