Gotcha! (1985) Movie Script

Hey, watch it, man!
Watch it! Get down.
- What's the matter?
- You're not gonna
shoot me, are you?
Oh, don't worry.
I didn't... I didn't
really shoot him.
It's just a paint pellet.
It's just a game.
- Shit!
- Gotcha.
- I'm this close
to gettin' away.
- Right.
- "Are you out of your mind?"
- Oh, no, really, it's just...
It's a bunch of us.
We play. We hunt each
other around campus.
You stained me,
ya jerk!
You just stained
my sweater.
I'm sorry. Where?
Would you get away
from me, okay?
Look, l-I'm sorry.
I'll pay for the cleaning.
How can I make it up
to you? I'll take you
to dinner tonight.
I don't believe you.
You run around here
playing Cowboys and Indians.
You smashed into me
like a complete creep.
You destroy my $60 sweater.
- And you've got the balls
to ask me to go out with you?
- Yeah.
You are without a doubt
the biggest asshole...
I have ever seen
in my entire life.
Does that mean no?
Don't worry about it.
Tonight's no good
for me either.
Take aim
Be smart
With games
Of the heart
Ah, shit.
Oh, just be aware
Not everyone
Plays fair
And love can come
From anywhere
Aw, damn!
- Gotcha.
- Yeah, man.
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha got me
- "Oh, gotcha"
- Aah!
- "Gotcha where I want ya"
It's too late
- Gotcha.
To turn back now
And you
getcha, getcha got me
Oh, just be aware
Not everyone plays fair
And love can come
From anywhere
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
To turn back now
And you
getcha, getcha got me
Oh, gotcha
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha got me
A- ha, gotcha
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha got me
Who are you?
Jonathan Moore.
I'm in Professor
Webster's class.
Oh, yeah, hi!
I was... Hi!
I was just, uh, wondering
if you were doing anything
Saturday night.
Uh, no,
I don't think so.
Well, would you like
to go out with me?
But you just said
you weren't doing anything.
You mean
you'd rather do nothing
than go out with me?
Jonathan, wait up!
Hey, Manolo.
You didn't wash the dishes
this morning, again.
I didn't?
We're supposed to share
housework, remember?
Jesus, Manolo,
are you my roommate
or my mother?
Hi, Manolo.
Who was that?
I don't know.
You don't know?
I almost got nailed
this morning.
By who?
Reilly's a puss.
He ambushed me
outside of Haines Hall.
I didn't even have my gun.
So what did you do?
Hid in a bush, and
he walked right by me.
You're a regular
James Bond, man.
Yeah, exceptJames Bond
had Pussy Galore.
I can't even get a date.
"Ordinarily, we don't"... "we don't"
get this type of specimen
in an undergraduate class,
but I wanted to give you
something to remember
over Spring Break.
Now, when we have
a sick cat like Tony here,
He's gotta be
in order
to do the examination.
Now, the name
of the tranquilizer
solution is...
which I understand
is very popular at your parties.
That's why we keep it
locked up here.
She told me...
she would rather sit
at home and do nothing
than go out with me.
What's wrong
with me, man?
You're too negative, man.
What's negative about,
"Will you go out
with me?"
The way you say something
is just as important
as "what" you say.
Now, this is where
the tranquilizer gun...
And darts...
come into play.
You gotta control the situation.
You can't say,
"Uh, will you go out with me?
Huh? Please?"
Like you've never
gone out in your life.
You just look 'em
in the eye and you say,
"What time should
I pick ya up?"
...insert a dart...
When we go to Paris,
you gotta let
those Frenchwomen know that
you've got your act together.
Always point the gun
away from the head
and towards the lower flank.
Go ahead. Make my day.
I don't know, Manolo,
I think it's hopeless.
I'm never gonna
get laid!
Although that thought
may be of great comfort...
to the women of the world,
Mr. Moore,
as a future veterinarian,
you should know that...
every dog eventually
has his day.
I mean, you just walk up to her
and say, "I would kill or die
to make love to you"?
No. Geez, no.
You gotta have
eye contact first.
You look, she looks,
then you say it.
Don't say it
like it's dirty.
Say it
from the heart.
Then it ain't dirty,
it's passion.
You goin' back
to the apartment?
Nah, I gotta go
to my folks' house.
Your dad still givin'
you a hard time
about goin' to Europe?
You kidding?
He "loves" the idea.
- It's out of the question.
- Why?
We've been through this
a hundred times.!
Europe costs a fortune.
Dad, I'm getting
a special deal
through school.
Oh, thanks,
You're welcome,
Look, it's part of
my education. You want me
to get an eduction, don't you?
When school's in session,
you get an education.
When it's not in session,
you get a job!
- Mom...
- Don't say "Mom."
Don't say "Al."
He says "Mom," you say "Al,"
and the whole thing
comes out of my pocket.
You're gonna learn
a hell of a lot more
workin' in the real world...
than you will chasin' skirts
around Pomona.
"Pamplona, Pomona"...
I don't care if it's Cleveland.
You're not goin'.
It's out of the question!
Why does it have to be
either/or with you two?
You want to go to Europe,
you want him to go to work.
- Why can't you do both?
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Fine? It's not fine.
Why is it fine?
Because it is.
It'll give him a chance
to pull up his grades
next quarter.
And just think. A week
in "Paree" and he'll come back
sounding just like, um...
Marcel Marceau.
Dad, can I borrow
your camera?
It's not a camera, it's a Nikon.
And it's out of the question.
- Mom?
- Al.
Everybody is
speaking French.
It's like
a second language
to these people.
E-Excuse me.
You are American "boys-eh"?
You want a taxi
to Paris?
No, thank you.
It's too expensive.
No, no.
We're gonna take
the, uh, bus here.
No, no, no, no.
I make special price for you
because you are American "boys-eh."
It's cheaper, faster,
and much, much safer, hmm?
Come with me.
Shall we go?
Why not?
It's cheaper and faster...
And much, much safer!
- Jesus.
- "You boys are in a hurry?"
Hurry? No, it's okay,
you can take your time.
- " Oh, man"...
- " Bastard.!"
Get out of my way.!
Where'd you learn how to drive?
East L.A.?
Safer, huh?
Man, let me
out of here.
- ""
How much do we owe you?
- Uh, 400 francs.
Four... Wh...
I'm sorry, but
the-the meter says 200.
Oh, yes. Two hundred for you,
and two hundred for him.
That's four hundred.
Thank you.
Wh-What's that for?
Uh, "le service." The tip.
Merci, au revoir.
Service the tip?
You can't want a tip
for that ride!
I think we just
got ripped off, amigo.
It's because
we're American "boys-eh."
This is
the Champs-Elysee, man. Biggest
shopping street in the world.
The Arc de Triomphe's
up there. This is Paris.
Look at those Eiffel Towers.
We're talkin' "eyeful"here.
What you doin'?
Excuse me, madam,
I'd like to talk to you.
I want you
to meet my friend.
His name is Jonathan.
Jonathan, this is madam.
Voulez-vous couchez
avec moi ce soir?
Voulez-vous couchez
avec moi ce soir?
Oh, you asshole.
She likes you.
What'd she do that for?
I just asked her out for dinner.
No, no, no. You asked her
if she would like to go
to bed with you tonight.
- I did?
- "I thought you took French."
I did take French.
I mean, I can say,
"This is my pencil,
my pencil is big,"
that kind of stuff.
Under the right circumstances,
that could be useful.
We gotta find those
circumstances, Manolo.
Thank you.
This is all in French, man.
I can't understand this.
Ah, wait a minute,
wait a minute,
wait a minute.
Can you
understand that?
Manolo, look at this place.
It's incredible!
It says here there are
over 208,000 works of art.
And that's like Roman,
Ancient Greek,
the Mona Lisa.
- "Venus de Milo's here."
- Yeah, you mean the chick
with no arms?
Yeah, that's the one.
I mean, this is the palace
where the French kings
lived before Versailles.
And then Napoleon turned
it into the biggest museum
in the world.
What is your name?
I am Carlos, from Algeria.
Have you heard of me?
Isn't there a terrorist
named Carlos?
I need your help.
I need you to walk
with me to my hotel.
I cannot walk
the streets of Paris alone.
Will you help me?
I don't know...
Say no more.
I shall return.
What's goin' on?
I'm in!
You're in.
Her name is Heidi.
She's Swedish. We're goin'
back to the hotel.
Manolo, how'd you
do that so quickly?
Told her my name
was Carlos, man, and
I just got back from Algeria.
She thinks I'm a terrorist.
Swedish chicks
go crazy for that shit.
So, give me two hours
before you head back
to the hotel.
Well, wait a second.
Maybe she's got a girlfriend
or something.
Hey, no offense, but uh...
I'm a terrorist.
I can't be seen
with somebody
who looks like Bambi.
I don't look like Bambi.
Okay, so you don't
look like Bambi.
Why don't you go check out
the Eiffel Tower?
I already saw it.
See it again.
Come on, gimme a break!
She's Swedish.
Happy hunting, amigo.
Uh, do you "parlez-vous"
Un peu.
Uh, "donnez-moi"
"s'il vous plait," um,
Du grand vin?
"s'il vous plait"...
I understand "donnez-moi,"
and "s'il vous plait."
I don't know what is,
Here. See.
Ah, "Pair-noh."
- "Pair-noh."
- "Monsieur" wishes
un Pernod.
"Yes." Monsieur "does wish"...
Do you take
Travelers Cheques?
- "Avec de I'eau?"
- Victor who?
- With water?
- Please!
- "Per-nodd."
- "Avec de I'eau.!"
Mon crayon est large.
Mon crayon est large,
et bon crayon estjaune.
Your pencil is
big and yellow?
- "Oui.!"
- Oh. Nice for you.
What a jerk.
What the hell.
Excusez-moi, madame.
I speak English.
Yeah? So do I.
- Yes?
- Can I buy you a drink?
I'm drinking coffee.
Drinking coffee. Yeah.
- You know, you are
very beautiful.
- I know.
Right, I just didn't
want you to forget.
Excusez-moi, monsieur.
- I speak English.
- May I sit with you?
Yeah. Please.
I was sitting
over there, and...
suddenly you looked like
cute little boy to me.
Little boy. Great.
Oh, I like boys.
You do?
You are a... student?
Yeah, yeah,
I'm a student.
Excuse me.
I am
graduate student.
Oh, yeah? Where?
In the film school.
Oh, you, uh, you want
to be a writer or director
or something?
Or something.
You don't sound, uh,
French. I mean you...
Where are you from?
Originally, I am from
Czechoslovakia. Then Berlin.
And now, uh, America.
Oh, yeah?
My name's Sasha Banicek.
Um, Sasha,
this is boy's name.
But it is like,
how do you say?
Nickname? Yes.
Yeah. Nickname.
My real name Alexis.
What is your name?
I'm Jonathan.
Jonathan Moore.
I am, uh, 24.
How old are you?
I'm, uh, 23.
Oh, I would have thought
you were about... 18.
Oh, no. No, I'm...
I'm 23.
I like boys
who are 17, 18.
I do not like
hairy chests.
I like, uh, smooth skin.
And tight,
18-year-old bodies.
I'm 18.
But you just said...
No, l-I know,
I'm sorry. I lied.
Look, I got a passport here.
It says I'm... I'm 18.
Like, I can prove it.
I got...
It is not necessary
to show papers.
I believe you.
Stupid, huh?
You are
a "weer-gin," yes?
"Weer-gin"? L...
A "weer-gin."
You are not yet
being with woman?
No. Geez.
No, God, l...
I've been with, you know,
30, 40, ya kinda lose track.
I like, um, "virgins."
It is so exciting
to me, to touch boy...
the way no woman
ever touch him before.
It is
a feeling of power.
I gotta be honest with you.
I am a "weer-gin."
L... I, uh,
I've been close
a couple times, but
l-I've never actually...
Then, um, that is
second lie, Jonathan.
Do not let
there be a third.
I would kill or die
to make love to you.
- That's not a lie.
- I know.
Hotel La Splendide,
Uh, yes.
Don't take it
I'll just, uh, check to see...
Remember Manolo, the guy
I told you about?
He's here.
So l... I'll just go
talk to him, f...
Relax, okay?
Do not be too long.
Right. All right.
Hey, where's Heidi?
- It's over.
What happened?
Chemistry wasn't there.
She wasn't Swedish!
She was Swiss.
Could you help me out?
You have to take off
for a little while.
You got a girl?
Girl? I got a woman.
Her name is Sasha,
and she's Czechoslovakian.
Come on.
Hey, wait a minute.
Don't rush.
Does she have a friend?
Hey, no offense, amigo,
but she likes guys
who look like Bambi.
I mean, I can't be seen
with Carlos the Terrorist.
Oh, man...
Why don't you check out
the Eiffel Tower or something?
I saw it already.
See it again.
You must be Manolo.
You must be Sasha.
You must be going.
Mon crayon
est large.
This crayon?
That crayon, that's right.
Mm. You are
beautiful lover.
Was I, uh...
okay for you?
Mm, you were okay.
Oh, you were great.
'Cause I didn't really
know what... I mean,
what I was doing.
Yes, I noticed.
You noticed.
Would you like me
to teach you?
Well, if you've
got the time...
We are so different,
you and I.
You are so...
And you are so...
So. I will
teach you Europe.
And I will
teach you America.
And I will
teach you love.
I've been searchin'
through my life
For the sun
to shine my way
This is "Chateau Margaux."
It's very old.
Very smooth.
You sip it slowly.
That is Europe.
And only through my words
Could you ever hear me say
This is a root beer float.
It's cold and sweet.
It's smooth,
yet effervescent.
You slurp it quickly.
That is America.
You "slurp"?
What is "slurp"?
You suck it.
And it's never too late
To leave the light on
No, it's never too late
Never to leave
the light on
Tomorrow new beginnings
And yesterday will fade
Wrong or right on, baby
There's just you and me
to say
How we found each other
Wejust found the open door
And it's never too late
Never too late at all
No, no, it's never too late
Never too late at all
All over the world,
I have been accused...
of many terrible,
terrible things.
But I am innocent,
I tell you. Innocent.
In my country,
I am considered a hero.
A hero?
A hero.
There has been
a change of plans.
We must go
to your hotel.
To my hotel?
Shh! Please.
Say no more.
This is great.
I wish it did not
have to end so quickly.
What do you mean?
I am leaving tomorrow.
Where are you going?
Berlin, why?
I told you this
was working vacation.
I have business there.
What kind of business?
Nothing very exciting.
Maybe you would
go with me.
To Berlin?
Yes, why not?
I'm supposed to go
to Spain with Manolo.
I mean, we got
tickets and reservations
and stuff.
No, l-I understand you.
Have to stay
with your friend.
No, it-it's not
just my friend,
it's Spain.
I've been wanting
to go there
since I was a kid.
The Pyrenees
and the Picasso
Museum and...
and Pamplona.
I mean, that's where
Hemingway wrote
his best stuff.
Jonathan, you do not
have to explain to me.
You do not want to go,
you do not want to go.
I didn't say
I didn't want to go.
Did I say
I didn't want to go?
I want to go.
I'm going.
We're go...
We're gone.
We're outta here.
Oh, "gut, gut."
How's Paris, dear?
Paris is great, Ma.
You don't have to yell.
- Are you learning French?
- Yeah, yeah. Learning a lot.
I just wanted to tell you that
there's been a change in plans.
I'm not going to Spain.
I met this real nice girl.
And we're going
to Berlin.
I don't think you want
to go there, dear.
Oh, I'll be
fine, Mom.
I just wanted
to call and tell you
what I was doing, okay?
I love you a lot.
Okay, good-bye now.
What have
you been doing here?
Uh, learning about
la grande passion,
le grand amour.
What's that?
- How would you feel about goin'
on to Spain without me?
- What do you mean?
Sasha. She has to go
to Berlin on business, and
she wants me to go with her.
You're kidding me.
No, what's wrong
with Berlin?
If you like machine guns
and barbed wire.
I thought you were all
psyched on this Spain deal.
Yeah, I was,
"but, uh"...
- I just want to spend
more time with her.
- I don't know, man.
I think you're losing
your perspective.
There are millions
of girls in Spain.
I know there are millions
of girls there, but, uh,
Sasha's special.
She's special.
They're all special.
- I think I'm in love with her.
- You're in love with her.
I don't know if
it's actually love, but...
whatever it is, it's-it's
the most incredible thing
I've ever felt.
Jonathan, you don't
even know this girl.
You're gonna do fine in Spain
without me. You don't want
Bambi hangin' around.
I still think you're lettin'
the little head do the thinkin'
for the big head.
But hey, man.
Go for it.
You love this car?
I love this car.
Oh, what is it?
It's a...
I haven't seen one
like this.
It's a German
Yes, Banicek.
Mr. And Mrs. Banicek?
Banicek, Banicek.
Yes, one double room
With a big bed,
With a big bed.
you're getting very good.
I had
a good teacher.
Yes, I know that.
So why don't we go
to Spain?
No, when you're done
with your business.
When's that
gonna be, anyway?
Then we go
to East Berlin.
East "Berlin?"
Wait a second.
We're going
to East Berlin?
I tell you that,
No, no, no, no.
You didn't tell
me that.
Oh, yes.
Oh, no.
Mm. Well,
I'm sorry, but...
that is where
my business is.
Who has business
in East Berlin?
What are you,
a spy or something?
Yes, I am spy.
No, I am like
a messenger boy.
A courier.
A courier.
Well, what
do you "couri"?
They do not tell me.
Who's "they"?
They do not tell me.
I pick things up.
I bring them across.
I give to man.
He pay me.
I thought you were
a graduate student.
Yes, I am,
but with this job,
I make money
to pay tuition.
I'm not having
a rich father, you know.
So you've done
this a lot?
Many times.
You want me
to go with you?
How long is it
gonna take?
Only one day.
We can even
leave bags here.
I don't know.
You are afraid to go?
No, I'm not "afraid"
to go.
It just seems kinda
dangerous to...
bring stuff across
that you don't know
what it is.
But you tell me
you like danger.
Is that not what
your game is all about?
Yeah, but that's
just a game.
You will see.
This will be
like game too.
"You are leaving
the American sector. "
And entering
the twilight zone.
Everything will be okay.
Yeah, yeah.
There's only
one entrance, huh?
Nice gun.
- Why is that guy
taking our pictures?
- " It's not unusual."
I mean, we didn't even
do anything.
Hey, look what you did
to the car!
I don't "sprechen sie,"
L-I was lookin' at
the guy with the camera,
and l-I didn't see.
- L... Jesus Christ!
- What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
- Did you say a curse
on me, maybe?
- No, no. L-I didn't.
Show me your passport.
Will you look at me,
What is your purpose
to visit the D.D.R.?
- Nothin'.
- Nothin'?
- Nothin'. Tourists.
- Tourists?
Well, then...
welcome to the D.D.R.
Is he gonna
give 'em back?
So what's all this "D.D.R."
Stuff? I thought
we were in East Berlin.
D.D.R. "is" East Berlin.
It's East Germany.
Means, "Deutsche"
Demokratische Republik. "
Doesn't seem very
"democratisch" to me.
I mean, that guard
at the checkpoint.
What an asshole!
Jonathan, these are not
campus policemen here.
You do not talk back
to them.
They are very suspicious
of people from the West.
- Especially couriers?
Especially couriers.
So, when are you going
to do your business?
Then we're out of here?
Then we're "out of here."
Then we're gonna go
to Spain, right?
What do you mean,
It's only fair.
I came to East Berlin
with you.
You oughta come
to Spain with me.
I would love to go.
I think you're a very...
uh, amazing person.
"I mean this"...
"This last week"...
Oh, it's been...
It's been very
special to me.
Has been special
for me too.
Well, what I'm really
tryin' to say is...
that I love you.
Pretty dumb, huh?
No. Is not dumb.
Look at her.
The other one's
gonna beat her.!
I want to try.
- Okay. Break it.
- Yippee!
- You make smile.
- Ha!
There is something
I have to tell you.
If you ever get message
from me saying...
to meet me at the
Cafe Friedrichstrasse,
I want you to leave
East Berlin immediately.
Do not check out
of hotel and do not try
to find me.
Just go to checkpoint
and back across.
Cafe Friedrichstrasse?
You are hungry?
Yeah, I'm kind
of hungry.
There is cafeteria inside.
You wait for me?
What are you doin'?
It's 12:00.
Oh, this is it,
Be right back.
Bitte schon.
What you are eating?
I'm not sure,
but I wish
it was a hamburger.
So, did you do it?
Put this in your bag.
You want me
to carry it?
What is it?
What's inside
the strudel?
Apples, nuts, raisins...
Strudel. Right.
It's hot in here.
Go back to the hotel?
Um, there is one more
thing I have to do.
You know butcher shop
near hotel?
Uh, yeah.
You can meet me there
in one hour.
The name is Moore.
Jonathan Moore.
How's it goin'?
Uh, no "sprechen sie."
What are you doing here?
You have great interest
in butcher shop?
Yeah, it's a
nice knockwurst.
I'm just,
uh, you know, waitin'
for-for a friend.
Should be here
anytime now.
Jonathan Moore.
You don't need
my name, do you?
I mean, I just...
waiting for
a girlfriend.
Uh, "meine fraulin"...
"fraulein." Right?
Deutsches fraulein.
American "fraulein."
"Name." l...
What is the girl's name?
Sasha Banicek.
That's not American!
The name's
but she's American.
she's kinda both.
She's both?
So. You will wait
for a girlfriend.
I also wait.
Oh, no, look.
I appreciate it, but you
don't have to do that.
I mean, uh, you know,
she's late already.
She probably won't even
show up. So, uh...
You know how women are.
Think I'm just gonna
get goin' myself.
Be talkin' to ya later.
It's been good talkin'
to ya. Keep in touch.
Excuse me.
Jonathan? Listen to me.
Where are you?
Go to "S- Bahn"
and take the train...
to Leninallee Station.
And I will
meet you there.
Leninallee Station. When?
You okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
Well, what's goin' on?
Where have you been?
I was being followed.
But, um, I lost him.
You were being
followed? By who?
I do not know.
He's a Russian, I think.
Oh, shit, 'cause when
I was waitin' at that
butcher shop for ya,
this policeman came up
and started hassling me.
I gave him your name.
It does not matter.
We have what we came for.
So we can get out of here?
Soon. I want you
to go back to the hotel,
and I will meet you there
in 45 minutes.
No, no, no.
I don't want to leave you.
Jonathan, please.
I know what I am doing.
Go back to hotel.
Soon we will be
in Spain, you will see.
Forty-five minutes?
Meet me at
the Cafe Friedrichstrasse.
Meet me at
the Cafe Friedrichstrasse.
Come on. Come on.
What? I'm sorry,
I don't "sprechen sie."
What's wrong?
Why are you running?
Oh, uh, nothing.
Just a little exercise.
Go inside to customs.
Auf Wiedersehen.
Jonathan Moore?
Jon-Jonathan. Yeah.
What was the purpose of
your visit to East Berlin?
N-No purpose.
Uh, just to see it.
Yeah. Yeah. "Ja."
Do you always travel
at such unusual hours
of the night?
I just hate crowds.
You make a joke.
Well... not a good one.
Come with me.
Take off your rucksack.
Put it on here.
Open it up.
Take off your clothes.
Go in there and take off
your clothes.
Uh, th-that's all I got, really,
so can I get dressed now?
Do you know
that you are guilty
of serious crime?
are you talking about?
This is what
I'm talking about.
It's forbidden to bring
pornographic material
into the D.D.R.
- That's not pornography.
- Of course it is.
This pornographic material
will be confiscated.
Get dressed.
Your passport, please.
You have no visa
for the D.D.R.
What do you mean?
Your visa expired
four hours ago.
You have paid
for only one day.
But I'm leaving the D.D.R. Now.
But you are in the D.D.R.
You must have a visa
for the additional day.
Where do I get
this visa?
Window two.
What do you want?
L-I want a visa,
For how long?
For one day.
- Why are you in such a hurry
to leave the D.D.R.?
- What do you mean?
Your change...
from your visa.
Come on. Come on.
Hey. How you doin'?
Am I in West Berlin now?
You sure are.
Fuck you!
Good night.
I've been wantin' to do that
for the last six months.
Now we're talkin'.
God bless America.
Bitte schon?
How 'bout a Whopper?
No, make that a Double Whopper
with American cheese.
And large
American french fries,
and a great big
American chocolate shake.
No sauerkraut.
No schnitzel.
Moore residence.
Rosario, it's Jonathan.
Uh, Jonathan
no home.
No, no.
This is Jonathan.
Uh, Jonathan no home.
He's in, um... in Germany.
it's me, Jonathan.
Ah, Jonathan.
You sound so far away.
That's because I'm in Germany.
Are my parents home?
Uh, no, your parents no home.
Uh, they in Palm Springs.
Could you give 'em a message?
Could you tell 'em
I'm gonna be home soon?
your parents no home.
Yeah. Okay.
Good talkin' to ya, Rosario.
Take care. Adios.
Sorry. She hasn't checked in.
Do I have any messages?
For Mr. Banicek?
Uh, no.
Actually, Mr. Moore.
Mr. Moore?
Yeah. Jonathan Moore.
"Message toJonathan Moore.
"Meet me at the Zitadelle
Spandau on the tower
at 10:00 tomorrow morning.
Love, Sasha."
Uh, what's the Zitadelle
de Spandau?
It's an old fortress
outside of Berlin
on the road to Hamburg.
I can take the bus there?
Yes, Mr. Banicek.
Okay. Thank you.
Holy shit.
Somebody broke
into my room.
Did you lock the door?
Yes, of course.
Well, I'm sorry.
You see the sign?
- Yeah, I see it,
but I don't understand it.
- The hotel is not responsible.
But they got everything.
All I've got is my passport,
camera and plane ticket.
They took my Travelers Cheques.
- You cannot pay for the room?
- I've got ten
East German marks.
D.D.R. Money is no good here.
You cannot pay, you cannot stay.
- You're kidding.
- I'm not kidding.
Come on.
I don't know
what you're sayin'.
You American?
Come on. See beautiful girls.
Stage show, live. Video.
No, no thank you.
For ten deutsche marks,
you can see the most beautiful
girls in the world.
Let go of me!
Come on. Move along.
No sleeping
on public benches.
Jonathan Moore?
You know me?
I'm a friend
of Sasha's.
Where is she?
She's supposed to be here.
I'm afraid she's in trouble.
What do you mean?
What happened to her?
Look, if she's in trouble,
you'd better tell me about it.
I think she will be all right,
but you could help me
make sure of it.
She gave you something
in East Berlin.
No, she didn't.
You don't have
to lie to me, Jonathan.
I know she gave you something,
and it's very important
that you give it to me.
Why should I trust you?
Because I'm the only one
who can help Sasha.
What is this?
What's wrong?
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
What are you doing?
Holy shit.
Oh, shit.
Do you guys
speak English?
You bet your ass, man.
Can you give me a ride
to the airport?
We're going to Hamburg.
- Is there an airport there?
- Why are you so wet?
- I just jumped into the moat
at the Citadel.
- Oh, yeah?
Yeah, these Russians,
they were chasin' me
and they were shootin' at me.
They're tryin' to kill me.
Can you help me out?
- Russians?
- Far out.
So let's go.
Come on.
Go in.
Thank you.
Danke schon.
Gotcha, babe
What's that game
you're playin'
What's your name, baby
Little girl
- What's your name?
- Uh, Jonathan.
And where are you from?
Los Angeles? L.A.?
L. A...!
We love it!
We love it!
We love it!
L.A. That's really far out.
Hey, you know Bo Derek?
Uh, no.
We watch "Dallas"all the time.
ThatJ.R. Is one bad dude.
Well, look, there are
a couple of bad dudes
that are chasing us right now.
Could we go faster?
I want your body
What aboutJoan Collins?
You ever see her?
- Uh, no. Sorry.
- Hey, Jonathan.
Got your papers ready?
- Papers? What for?
- D.D.R. Checkpoint
in about ten kilometers.
- I don't wanna go to the D.D.R.
- We're going to Hamburg, so we
have to go through the D.D.R.
What if they're waiting
for me at the checkpoint?
Be cool, Jonathan.
Don't sweat it.
Relax, don't do it
when you wanna go to it
Relax, don't do it
when you wanna come
Relax, don't do it
when you wanna suck to it
Relax, don't do it
When you wanna come
Thanks a lot, guys.
You saved my life.
You want these back?
Keep it.
It looks good on you.
Victory Boulevard?
We love it!
Santa Monica Boulevard?
We love it!
Sixth Street?
We love it!
Good afternoon.
Welcome to L.A.
International Airport.
Passengers from Flight 497, Hamburg,
please proceed to immigration...
then to baggage claim area,
thank you.
Moore residence.
- Hi, Rosario.
It's Jonathan.
- Uh, Jonathan no home.
No, Rosario.
It's me, Jonathan.
Are my parents there?
Uh, no, they no home.
Uh, your mother...
she play bridge.
Your father play golf.
Can you tell them
that I'm home now
and to give me a call?
- In Germany?
- No. My apartment.
You sound so close.
The white zone is for immediate
loading and unloading...
of passengers only.
No parking.
Come on. Come on.
Nice and easy.
Wouldn't it be good
to live in your shoes
Even if it was
forjust one day
The white zone
"is for immediate loading"...
Time, most curious
I feel it driftin'away
Now I'm searchin'for words
For somethin'to say
Oh, ho, oh-oh-oh
"We love it!"
Oh, ho, oh-oh-oh
Say it ain't true
Say it ain't true
Say it ain't true
"Say it ain't"...
You ran around
like a hotshot
- Sorry about the window, man.
Send the bill to the Betas.
- "Can we have the football?"
Hello, darling.
It's Mom.
Hi, Mom.
How was Europe?
I'll never forget it.
Could I come over
for dinner tonight?
Of course.
We wanna hear everything.
Dinner's same time as usual,
Jonathan, you're home!
Can't fool you,
can I, Rosario?
Mrs. Moore,
Jonathan is home.
Oh, darling.
Welcome home.
Hi, Mom.
We're so glad
you're back.
Oh, so am I.
But you look
a little tired, dear.
I am a little.
Hey, Johnny boy!
Good to see you.
You look great.
How was the trip?
Where's my camera?
It's good
to see you too, Dad.
Oh, great. I thought
for sure you lost it.
Oh, Al.
You know
he's only kidding.
Oh, God, this is great.
You wanna talk
about this?
Ah, Dad, I'm sorry.
It was in my backpack
when I jumped into the moat.
You jumped into a moat?
You jumped into a moat
with my Nikon?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
I had to. L...
This is kind
of a long story.
I've got all night.
Can I come in?
'Course, dear.
Don't tell me.
This has to do
with that girl, right?
Yeah, it does.
You knocked her up,
didn't you?
Oh, Jonathan!
Leave it to you to find the one
girl who isn't on the pill.
- No, no, no.
You guys are totally wrong.
- You didn't knock her up?
- No.
- You're flunking
out of school?
- No, I'm not flunking out.
- What is it? Drugs?
You're involved with drugs?
No, Dad.
I'm not involved with drugs.
Please just listen.
I told you about the girl
I met in Paris, Sasha.
Everything was going along okay.
We were having a great time.
I'll bet.
Will you
let him finish?
- Finish.
- She told me she was a courier
and had to pick something up.
- So we went to East Berlin.
- "East" Berlin?
- Oh, my God.
- No. Everything was okay
there too.
Sasha made her pickup,
and she gave me the strudel.
Then this Russian guy
started following her,
so she called
and told me to meet her
at the Cafe Friedrichstrasse,
which really meant
that I was supposed
to get out of East Berlin.
So I go to the checkpoint
with the strudel,
and I get strip-searched.
- It's okay. I made it through.
But then I go back to the hotel,
and somebody'd stolen
all my stuff,
so I had to stay out all night.
The next morning at the Citadel,
Sasha wasn't there.
This lady showed up,
and she wanted the strudel.
Why did the lady
want the strudel?
She didn't,
but I didn't know that.
So I gave it to her,
and they shot her.
- They shot her?
- Who shot her?
I don't know, but they almost
got me too. That's why I jumped
into the moat.
They shot her
for a strudel?
No, not for the strudel.
For this.
What's that?
It's a roll of film.
What's on it?
- I don't know.
- Why don't you
get it developed?
Dad, are you kidding? I can't
just take this down to Fotomat.
It's got spy shit on it.
"Spy shit"?
Okay, he's on drugs.
- I am not.
- Sweetheart, it's all right.
We have counseling programs.
Whatever it costs,
we don't care.
- You guys don't believe me.
- This is not a game, son.
This is your life.
You're right. I'm on drugs.
I'm a junkie.
I mainline. I freebase.
I put cocaine
on my Corn Flakes.
As a matter of fact,
I gotta go meet
my connection.
You get back here.
"You" had to let him go
to Europe!
Yeah, I wanna report
a following.
I beg your pardon?
A following.
I'm being followed
by a Russian.
Oh, is this a joke?
I smuggled a roll of film
out of East Berlin.
I still have it,
and I want to get rid of it.
This guy just chased me
down Pico Boulevard.
He's in a gray Mercedes.
He's a K.G.B. Agent.
And you are a spy
of some sort?
Do I sound like a spy?
I didn't know I was
smuggling the film out.
My girlfriend...
She planted it on me.
I'm sorry, sir,
but the Bureau
is precluded by law...
from becoming involved
in cases of foreign espionage.
I have a roll of film
that somebody was shot for,
now what should I do?
Perhaps the C.I.A.
Can help you.
Do you have
the C.I.A.'s number?
It's in the book.
I don't have a book.
I'm in a phone booth.
Then I suggest
you call information.
Thank you.
You're welc...
Good evening,
Central Intelligence Agency.
May I help you?
Yeah, I need to come
down there right away.
What's your address?
Langley, Virginia.
No, no. I mean, in L.A.
I'm sorry, sir.
We cannot give out
that information.
We cannot give out
our address, sir.
I don't believe this.
Is there at least somebody there
I can talk to?
One moment, please.
Duty officer.
Yeah, my name
is Jonathan Moore.
I'm not drunk, I'm not stoned
and this isn't a crank call.
I gotta come down there
right away, but your operator...
She won't give me your address.
What did you say
your name was, again?
Jonathan Moore.
And what's your problem?
Put the phone down. Hurry!
Let me see your hands.
Step outside the booth.
Hands behind your head.
What's going on?
- Shut up.
- That's him. I'll kill him!
That son of a bitch tried
to wreck my car!
Relax. We'll handle this.
You have the right
to remain silent.
If you give up
the right to remain silent,
anything you say...
can and will
be used against you
in a court of law.
Dad, you gotta
listen to me.
No, you gotta listen.
You know what you put
your mother and me through?
I'm at a police station at 4:00
in the morning, and she's
popping Valiums like M & M's.
That guy Bronski?
He's gonna sue you.
No, he's gonna sue me.
I'm responsible. You know
what your insurance rates
are gonna be?
You know how much money
this is gonna cost me?
I thought
he was chasin' me.
He was chasing you.
You ran him off the road.
He wanted to kick your ass.
"I" want to kick your ass.
I thought he was
a K.G.B. From Russia.
I thought he was
K.G.B. From Russia.
He's a C.P.A. From Encino.
What are you, crazy?
Yeah, maybe I am.
I know
you're a good kid.
Just get yourself
into a drug program, okay?
Yeah. Okay.
- What you got?
- Nothin'.
- Johnson?
- Nothin'.
Shit. Let's go.
The kid must have it
on him.
Duty officer.
This is Jonathan Moore.
I talked to you last night,
but we got cut off.
I really need
your help.
I got this roll of film
from this girl in East Berlin.
I think it has
spy stuff on it.
This morning, some guys
trashed my apartment
looking for it.
Did they get it?
No, they didn't find it.
You should see this place.
They went through everything.
- We believe you.
- You do?
The agency is going to help you.
Just stay where you are, and
we'll send someone to get you.
No, I can't do that.
I don't know who anybody is.
Anybody could come here
and say they're the C.I.A.
I gotta come to you.
All right. Calm down.
Our address is
444 Flower Street, suite 700.
Do you have the film,
or is it hidden?
No, I have it.
But there's something else.
My girlfriend...
Her name's Sasha Banicek...
She's in trouble.
She's still in East Berlin.
Don't worry about her.
We'll take care of everything.
You're bringing the film
with you, right?
Yeah, I'm on my way.
- "All right."
We'll see you.
He's coming in.
I'm Jonathan Moore.
I'm supposed
to see somebody.
I'll be with you
in a moment.
Jonathan, dear,
it's Mother.
I got the number
of the Brentwood Drug
Rehabilitation Center.
It's 555-4731.
Please call them, darling.
Remember: It's your life.
This is Sasha.
I'm at "Bonawenture"Hotel.
Call me there
as soon as you can.
What the hell's goin'on
in here?
What happened?
You're not gonna believe this.
It's happening to me,
and I don't believe it.
I'm listening.
After I left you in Paris,
Sasha and I went to Berlin.
I know.
Yeah. Then we went
to East Berlin.
East Berlin?
For what?
For this.
They don't sell film
in West Berlin?
- We didn't buy it.
We picked it up.
- What's on it?
It's got some
spy information or something.
Whatever it is, it's important.
"Spy information"?
Sasha picked up the film.
She must've planted it on me,
because I didn't know I had it
until I got here.
- These Russians have been
following me from East Berlin...
- The Russians did this?
No, the C.I.A. Did this.
The C.I.A.?
Yeah. I think
Sasha's one of'em.
I went down
to the C.I.A. Office,
and there she was sittin'
in this room drinkin' coffee...
with the same guys
that trashed this place.
I hate to say it,
but I knew something like this
was gonna happen.
- Hi, Sasha.
- "Jonathan, you are okay?"
I was so worried about you.
Y... Worried about me?
Wh-Why would you be worried
about me?
Did you get my message?
And you will come
to hotel?
I don't think so.
I have to see you.
I don't know what kind of game
you're playing, but we're
gonna start using my rules.
Hold on.
You still a homeboy?
You still a white boy?
Yeah. You're in a gang,
you're in a gang for life.
You think the homeboys
could do me a little favor?
There's a flower shop
across the street
from the Bonaventure.
Be there in an hour.
Jonathan, l...
Hey, Sasha. If you wanna see
Jonathan, go to Olvera Street,
in front of the cross.
Olvera Street.
That's three blocks.
Is your name Sasha?
This is for you.
Are you "Shasa"?
Message for you.
El Mercado.
- Who's this asshole?
- Get in.
Get in.
What's she doing?
When two tribes go to war
a point is all that
you can score
Let's go to war
Let's go to war
When two tribes go to war
a point is all that
you can score
Working on the black gas
All right.
Move those cars.
This is the C.I.A.
- You've got no juice here, man.
- Yeah, well, this is
government juice, pachuco.
Show me your badges.
We don't know nothing
about no stinking badges.
We're not playing games
here, greaseball.
Neither are we, amigo.
You son of a bitch.
Remember the Alamo?
you are making mistake.
Those men are on our side.
Our side. Their side.
I don't know
about that shit,
but I got a friend
who's in trouble,
and I'm on his side.
Whose side are you on?
He's by the sculpture garden
near the statues.
He thinks
he's in love with you.
Be straight with him.
You are okay?
I know you're upset,
but now I can explain
You think I'm upset?
You drag me to East Berlin.
A lady gets shot in my arms.
I'm getting chased by people
who kill people.
My parents think I'm a junkie.
And you're hanging out
with the C.I.A.
Why should I be upset?
you do not understand.
No shit.
Let me explain.
Good idea.
Why don't you tell me
what's goin' on?
I tell you I was a courier.
That's a lie.
I am operative.
A agent.
For the C.I.A.?
I'm very impressed.
That's a good job.
I did not mean for you
to carry that film.
That's lie number two.
Don't let there be a third.
No, I only wanted
to use you for a cover.
Why? Because I look stupid?
No, be... Innocent.
You look so innocent.
Goddamn it,
I'm telling you the truth.
You don't know what truth is.
Jonathan, I didn't want
to use you.
Wait a second.
What... What just happened
to your accent? Huh?
Who the fuck are you?
Is there
anything about you
that isn't phony?
What's your name?
What's your real name?
Cheryl. Cheryl what?
Cheryl Brewster.
From Prague?
Cheryl Brewster.
The spy from Pittsburgh.
That's good.
Oh, Jonathan.
I didn't even know
what was on the film
until we got to East Berlin.
They never used me
for anything so important.
They told me somebody
was following me and...
and I would never make it
across the border.
They told me I had to use you.
I didn't have a choice.
Everybody has a choice.
I thought we had something
really good goin',
I really thought
you cared about me.
I did.
I do.
In here.
Where are we going?
They're on my turf now.
- What are you doing?
- Tranquilizer gun.
Come on.
There's a phone
at the bottom of the hill.
Go call your friends.
I'm at the bottom of the steps
near the Student Union.
So nice to see you again.
Come on. Let's wait
for your boyfriend.
Did you call 'em?
Jonathan, don't!
Put the gun down
or I shoot the girl.
- "Put it down.!"
- ""
Where's the film?
- Thanks.
- Gotcha.
Take it easy.
I got it.
Thank you.
The agency
owes you one.
I'll let you know when I need
my apartment redecorated.
Can I talk to you?
What for?
This job's over.
You can go on
to the next one.
Is that the way
you think I feel?
I don't know how you feel.
All I know is I trusted you,
and you set me up.
I'm sorry.
No, I really am.
There's nothing
to be sorry about.
I learned a lot from you.
I should be grateful.
I don't want you
to be grateful.
What do you want?
Right now?
You don't want me.
I'm not your type.
Not a "weer-gin."
Not a little boy anymore.
I know.
Your eyes
Pierce my heart
Let's play spies
In the dark
Hi. How's your sweater?
Get lost, you creep.
"Get lost, you creep"?
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha, got me
Take aim
Be smart
With games
Of the heart
Oh, just be aware
Not everyone plays fair
And love can come
from anywhere
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha got me
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha, got me
Oh, just be aware
Not everyone plays fair
And love can come
from anywhere
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha got me
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha got me
Gotcha where I want ya
It's too late
to turn back now
Gotcha, and you
getcha, getcha, got me
G- G-G-Gotcha
G- G-G-Gotcha
G- G-G-Gotcha
G- G-G-Gotcha
G- G-G-Gotcha