Gotcher (2015) Movie Script

- Well, if you run across anything new,
we're posting those on
the group Facebook page.
Don't worry, it's private.
before we wrap up,
I think we all noticed
a new recruit.
Do you want to tell us
anything about yourself?
- Oh yeah,
I'm Andrew.
- [Group] Hi Andrew.
- For me, well, I was five.
Same story I heard from you all.
Of course, my father
wasn't there that day,
so he, you know, he felt responsible.
But not like I was neglected or nothing.
I mean,
it's just that
I shouldn't have opened the door.
I shouldn't have opened the door.
(dramatic music)
- You're in a safe place.
- Thanks.
- We are so glad that you
decided to join us tonight.
Everyone, let's thank Andrew for sharing.
- [Group] Thanks Andrew.
- Thanks Andrew.
Does anyone else have anything to share?
(evil giggle)
(radio static)
(rock music)
Well well.
- [Announcer] Of the hour.
And then in our next hour,
actress Jo Beth Williams will
come to Real Sunday Dinner,
and runners Greta White
and Bill Rogers ...
on the eve of the ...
- Hey Jenny, could you get that?
It's probably just Uncle Roger.
- You're not Uncle Roger.
- No cutie, but can your uncle do this?
- No you didn't.
- I've got it.
(evil giggle)
- Yes.
- Oh, what did you do?
What did you do Jenny?
- [Crowd] Except for
the thing he did to us.
The wisdom to track him down, and find him
wherever he may be.
And the courage to take from him
what he has taken from us.
(dramatic music)
- And I'm gonna kill him.
(dramatic music)
(evil laugh)