Gothic Harvest (2018) Movie Script

Nature calls.
Don't go anywhere.
Well, that was
kind of fucked up.
Nature doesn't only call men.
Shots of her pussy, right?
You're not a pussy, are you?
Hold up.
I'm seeing two of you
right now, and I just
hope to God I nail
the right one.
Close your eyes
for the surprise.
OK, yeah.
My girlfriend is
going to be jealous.
Of you or me?
You ready to die for me, lover?
I think you are.
I knew you'd like this.
You like Mardi Gras beads, huh?
You like making girls
show you their tits, huh?
Well, I hate these beads.
Another college kids
ODs on Mardi Gras.
Typical guy.
Just when things heat up,
he's dead to the world.
Did you really dose him?
He'll be fine.
He'll sleep it off and
hate himself tomorrow.
It was our first Mardi Gras.
We wanted to...
You wanted to what?
Well, that probably shouldn't
happen in a shitty motel,
should it?
Run if you dare.
You wont' get away.
I got you in my sights.
Fight if you want to.
You can't resist my
calculating mind.
And you know what it
takes to free your soul.
Distracted by
sacrificing you.
You know, you know, will
you go through the deepest
hell in you?
Will you wallow in the
deepest darkest you?
Will you to
the deepest hell in you?
Will you go through the
deepest hell in you?
Salt air on
the windows of life.
Lay your evening as
the sun starts to rise.
Blue skies on the.
Little to remember,
but I like to forget.
Hey, ladies.
I got what you need.
I'm sure you think you do.
Very nice.
You keep it.
Do you need it?
Do you seek?
Take a picture, dude.
It'll last longer.
How do you know I
will seek something?
I see things right out in front
of me, in front of my cock.
You dig?
You can see the future.
Of course.
$25 please.
Then you must be able
to see that I don't
have $25 for a chicken foot.
A rabbit foot, maybe.
How about this?
Got $0.25.
Are we good?
Can I get that back?
because I
love for my sleeve.
Don't leave.
I'll paint it bad
You have.
Hope, show them your boobs.
To Hope, who starts her new
job at Hooters on Tuesday.
Very funny, Benay.
It's a coffeehouse, and I'm
a barista, not a bar maid.
Tragic underuse of assets.
Best job on campus,
and you know it.
Took me a year to get it.
Here, here ladies.
1, 2, 3.
Ah, Benay!
My nomination who gets
to buy our next round
goes to those that want to
be macho men over there.
I think the blue shirt
has a superpower.
It's sucking golf balls
through a garden hose.
Ladies, ladies, listen.
We're in a weird place, so
remember the 60-second rule.
If anyone is out of sight
for more than a minute, even
in the bathroom, we go get her.
The bathroom?
But that's Hope's
favorite place to do it.
That was only once, and
I was certainly wasted.
OK, twice.
But the second time doesn't
count, because that lifeguard
was too drunk to get it up.
Look, I'm dead serious.
Girls going missing at
Mardi Gras all the time.
We need to watch
out for one another.
That's all I'm saying.
We need to get
this chick an easy.
That will happen about two...
oh yeah, never.
Game on, ladies.
Get ready for our
next free round.
Oh, he looks like a
total douche to me.
They all look like
total douches to you.
Tina, I'll give you the rebound
if there is one, but don't
hold your breath.
Well, are you going to buy me
a drink or just stare at me?
Well, I was hoping I could do
both, if that's OK with you.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
That's for amateurs.
Sazerac, two.
I don't get it.
She always gets the hot ones.
It's an ancient
college secret, Katie.
Hope's a slut.
So what kind of
name is Gar, anyway?
Well it's sure for Gargol.
See, my family's
originally from Normandy,
but we've been here
in royal New Orleans
for a very long, long time.
New Orleans doesn't look very
royal to me, at least not
what I've seen of it.
Well, you just haven't
seen the right parts.
Well, maybe you should
show me the right parts.
Excuse me.
Hey, back at the hotel, I have
a three-story five-alarm beer
bong that's trashed, like,
a half dozen chicks, like,
completely laid waste.
You interested?
That sounds tempting.
Look, I'm not, like,
steaming on you or anything.
What's steaming?
Never mind.
Just, where are you girls from?
We were talking before
you came and sat here.
I know, but I made a bet
with my buddy over there,
the monster tard with
the football jersey
that I could get your number.
You want my number?
My number's 7...
He seems dumb enough
to believe that.
Yeah, funny.
That's actually my number
for intermural basketball.
I think this is meant to be.
Look, it seems like
the polite let-down
isn't getting to your head.
Fuck off, OK?
You should be fucking honored
that I would give a rat's
ass about hitting your shit.
Hold that thought.
I'll be right back.
What a fucking...
Oh, oh!
Ah, yeah.
My apologies for that asshole.
What exactly did you tell
him to make him go away?
I told him we Cajuns are
inbred, and I was going
to make him squeal like a pig.
There really are gentleman
here in the French Quarter.
Now, if you don't mind,
I'm going to go back
to seducing your friend.
With our blessing.
Sorry about that.
SO where were we?
Maybe you can get
rid of that guy.
That pervert's been
staring at me all night.
What do you say we get out
of here, go for a ride?
I'll show you the town.
you want to keep on dancing.
Don't you
want to get the show.
Come dance with me.
You want to keep on dancing.
She would.
She asked huh?
Ready for
the hit and run.
She's got roaming shoes,
ready for the muse
because girls just
want to have fun.
Well, I should've gotten
your door, shouldn't I?
I'm sorry.
It's a loaner.
I love you so much.
How old did you say you were?
I just turned 23.
Oh, pretty flask.
Don't mind if I do.
That's some real shit.
But it's empty.
Can we get more?
Oh, it's an old family recipe,
but I got some more at home.
Oh, well let's go
home then, son.
Where the hell is Hope?
I checked the bathrooms.
She's not there.
Oh my god.
I'm going to call her.
We'll see you at home.
Why isn't she answering?
Guys, this is serious.
It's not that serious.
Don't say another word.
Get the fuck...
What the fuck is this, huh?
Get out of here.
You come back here again,
I'm going to arrest you.
Wait, where are you going.
Are you a real cop?
I mean, undercover.
I thought you were a ZZ Top fan.
No, no, no, no.
Sir, we actually have a
dumb question to ask you.
In the big easy, there are
no dumb questions, just
a lot of dumb people.
Do you handle bar situations?
Depends on who's buying.
Well, we just left a bar
where we were with a friend,
and she got really
drunk and disappeared.
And now, she's not
answering her phone.
You know, boy,
that's the first time
I heard that during Mardi Gras.
And let me guess, she left
with a really cute guy,
and you guys are
going home alone?
That's a sexist concept.
Well, I am a New Orleans cop,
so just how evolved can I be?
Pretty evolved.
What I'm saying is even
if she wasn't that type...
Wait, you just said wasn't.
You mean isn't.
Girls, it's Mardi
Gras, you know?
Why don't you just have some
fun, give her a couple of days?
No, but she knows that
we're leaving tomorrow.
If you don't find your
friend by tomorrow,
why don't you look me up?
I don't know about that.
Beard is real.
We should look him up.
He's a profession.
That's right.
He doesn't look
like a professional.
All right.
Let me ask you,
where was the bar
you guys were
drinking in tonight?
Where was it?
It was on the corner
of Dophine and Lessops.
Why don't I meet you there
tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clock?
And as they say,
or something
like that.
I don't know whether to be
concerned or jealous as shit.
How many times has Hope
ditched us for some guy, Benay?
As many times as
she's blown some guy.
Besides, she just texted us.
Phone's about to die.
Well, her charger is right here,
so that's not very reassuring.
Guys, I have a serious question.
Are there any beers
led in the honor bar,
or did we drink them all?
Why do they call
it an honor bar?
Because it's an honor to
drink at 4:00 in the morning.
I get drunker when I drink.
I swear I lose IQ points
every time I hang out
with you idiots.
Can you open this?
Thanks, mom.
Right here, little darling.
Let me get that for you.
Meet Hope.
That's really her name.
So we welcome a new guest
to our family table.
So you're the family?
Say, Gar, you promised more
of that family recipe stuff?
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
You like to drink, do you?
Who doesn't like to
drink here and there?
I don't.
Why not?
Alcohol dulls the senses.
She's a girl of slightly
elevated acumen,
I should think.
You sure don't any
more, do you, dear?
This is your party, too.
Back off.
Drink up.
Well, here we go again.
It's the show-off.
Whatever turns you on.
Bring it up.
Who in the hell wants
to be good here?
Not me.
I want you to really
feel this, Bri.
This is my gift to you
after all this time.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Sorry, mom.
Time to feed the baby.
Decaf for me and two
black jacks for you two
pale imitations of who
you were last night.
Oh, I always thought
a decaf was kind of
like a virgin Margarita.
It's meant to trick your body.
I like the taste of coffee.
I don't need it
for a sweep-me-up.
What's up with you and
all the old guys, anyway?
I just like to flirt.
Thomas is kind of cute, Benay.
And funny, and not.
Cute or not cute, he is a cop,
and he is the only resource
that we have at this point, so
you need to make him like you.
That's one thing Tina is
good at, men liking her.
Well, don't be jealous.
I'll do my best to
keep him hooked.
You want to try
to call her again?
Straight to voicemail.
Oh, our host is awake finally.
God damn it, mom.
I'm not your mom.
She kept struggling,
waking up and whatnot.
You know they have to
be comfortable to last.
Well then, tell her
not to fight with me.
She is not fighting you.
She's scared.
Are you sobered up yet, honey?
I'll come by with some
food a little later.
You could eat a
horse, couldn't you?
Don't you be making me
look bad with Justice.
I may be in this damn chair,
but I got all kinds of ways
to make you obey my will.
Lucky little thing, living
life mobile, walking places,
attracting the young bucks
by swinging your derriere.
That damn curse had
happened one week earlier,
I'd be sashaying
around just like you,
wagging my little derriere,
instead of sitting
in this damn chair for eternity
with an ass flat as a pancake.
One week earlier.
That's when Justice
punched me in the face
and threw me down the stairs.
He still loves me, though.
My family moved to
America in the 1830s.
My youngest daughter Blanche,
she was the star then.
She graduated from the Sorbonne.
That's in Paris with honors,
and was absolutely stunning.
So when do I get to show
you off to my parents?
I need you to meet mine first.
My family is very particular
about who I spend my time with,
but you understand.
Well, hopefully
they'll approve me.
I don't know.
How large is your ranch?
Oh, it's about 60 acres, plenty
of room for us and our rugrats.
You really expect me to spoil
this figure with children?
But my parents...
I'll have this figure forever.
We put Blanche on the hunt
to find the perfect family
to marry into, but she made
a mistake, a tragic mistake.
My whore of a daughter
had an affair that
cost our family everything.
I told you, I'm not
holding out, as you put it.
I'm just not that kind of girl.
You're so beautiful.
What could that be?
Just a little token
of my love for you.
But before we do this, I
have one question for you.
What's that?
About your visitor
the other day.
A colored fellow.
Oh, that was your visitor,
actually, I think.
A delivery boy.
What about him?
Is there anything you
want to tell me about it?
Nothing to tell.
That's not what I hear.
A slave told me he
saw you guys together,
heard you moaning and such.
Well, your slave heard wrong.
Even slaves know that sound.
Nine months later, our lives
would never be the same.
I take that back, dear.
They became the same forever.
Because of that
hellish curse, we
were doomed to live the same
day over and over for eternity.
What's wrong, Sally?
I am what is wrong.
You can't wait to get
rid of it, can you?
I hate the man who
did this to me.
You can have it.
I can have it.
I can have it.
You would give me what's
already rightfully mine?
It is I who is here just to
do the giving, little whore.
Who could hate a baby?
It's done nothing wrong.
Can't help but be
born, can't help it.
But its mother is a
semen-stealing wench.
Perfect payback,
wouldn't you say?
I curse you to be bound to
your bastard baby for eternity.
And if you or yours
should ever end this bind,
your whole family
line shall end.
You will all perish.
Sever the cord.
Sever the line.
But if you keep your
pact, your whole family
will be frozen in time at their
present ages for eternity,
never to age.
What about me, mistress?
Will I age?
You will age, but
you will never die.
You will live for eternity,
you little harlot.
Sever the cord!
So, here I sit for eternity.
Every year, same show
over and over and over.
You know, it's like
having eternal deja vu.
You go, oh, that feels
like it's just happened,
because it just did.
And here I sit again, with
another one of you again
in this contraption again.
All right.
Well, let's get started.
Oh, we're going to get
this tube right here.
And here's what I do.
I take a little bit
of this, and I top it
right off here into here.
What it does is it makes your
joints catch on hell fire,
and it makes your blood
just roast a little.
But don't worry,
because you won't die.
But I get a little
bit of variety,
because everybody suffers
just a little bit different.
OK, here we go.
Go on.
Go on.
Shake that little derriere.
Shake it.
Shake it.
Shake it.
Shake it.
Oh, Justice, she's
ready for her food.
We got a forklift
on the driveway, a big ass
on the way.
Like hell going to find
some backup because
we've away.
Don't have 16 professional
dancers or laser lights
on display.
But if you come
to the show, we're
going to let you
know we're going...
What can I get you, officer?
Dude, if I'd known
it was your chopper,
I never would've
let them boot it.
Who boots a chopper, anyway?
So, I guess a blow job's
out of the question?
A comp light beer is out
of the question, bro.
Did you work last night?
Of course.
Those girls back at
my table, did you
see the guy that was with them?
Not with them, but
the fine little nugget
that was with them.
How did he pay?
Cash, big tip, so I'm inclined
to cover for him, if you say he
killed the bitch or something.
But I take it you're asking
because she's missing?
Well, if I was him, I wouldn't
be done with her, neither.
But like I said, I don't
really know who he is.
I may have seen him around.
Thanks for your help.
Thanks for your help.
No wheels for two weeks
was great for my love life.
Good for your upper thighs, too.
Yeah, yeah.
Thanks so much.
Hey, walking's the best.
Fuck you very much.
I've seen a few slaves stretched
out on the road before them
to question, and learned that
a very devout Christian man is
his master.
Hearing this, Candy admits
to himself, I'm through.
I must give up paying loss.
Optimism, after
all, it is a mania
for saying things are
well when one is in hell.
But when is one not so
much in hell, dear father?
When one is with the one they're
meant to be with, I guess.
It's all so bittersweet.
You don't know what
fate means, do you?
Fate means death.
So to answer your question,
I don't guess anymore.
I just sit and read.
Look, she'd check
in by now, officer.
But there's nothing
I can do officially
unless we have more evidence.
Man, you keep
fucking saying that.
Look, I'll be frank.
A lot of people come
here just to disappear.
Hope didn't come
here to disappear.
But what can we do?
I'm not just going to sit here.
Kris Kringle mother fucker.
I'll go talk to her.
Your friend is in real trouble.
Who are you?
I just got about 500
likes on my picture.
I'm kinda Insta famous.
I really like your beard.
Thank you.
Do you want to
come sit over here?
Look, I know you're trying.
Benay's just really
uptight, you know?
And you're not?
No, I'm very relaxed.
I was here last night.
I saw her leave with him.
You know the guy?
We have a cop inside.
That cop, he doesn't like
me, and I don't regard him.
But you know the
guy with my friend?
He's a local guy,
comes to town once
a year during the festival,
so you don't have much hope.
And I know Hope's having a
great time with that local guy.
I mean, he's almost
old enough for me.
Does that mean you
like older bad boys?
Well, I prefer men over boys.
I see.
Am I in trouble, officer?
I think we're both in trouble.
Come here.
Let's get out of here.
My truck is parked around back.
We'll have more room to
get to know each other.
Hello, YouTube.
Oh, great.
He knows where Hope is.
I said no such thing.
You just missed...
This guy is a con man.
Why don't you go peddle
your racket somewhere else
across town, man?
When you get through wasting
your time with this cop,
use your to find me.
What did he say?
Nothing, a bunch of gibberish.
Why are you so hostile, man?
We're just trying
to find a friend.
Look, you're not going to
find her by hanging out
with the homeless.
What did he say?
Kool-Aid Griffith's
chicken feet.
The claw.
She is on a mission and
cannot be reasoned with.
I'm sorry.
Well, what about my truck?
Can we follow them
and hide close by.
Yeah, that's what
undercover cops do best.
I fancy the brown
gravy on the meat.
What do you think son?
Oh, I love meat.
That's why I eat these.
Oh, we got a vegetarian now.
You have a problem with that?
If the good Lord did not
want you dead animals,
he wouldn't have made them
out of delicious meat.
What does this little skinny
bitch know about food, anyway?
I'm just saying, when's
the last time you actually
killed something?
Gar provides plenty
for this family.
He's pretty.
I'll give him that.
I'll fucking kill you right now.
Come on, then.
That'll with
something, at least.
Stop, stop.
Look what you did.
Dolly, Dolly, Dolly, Dolly,
sweetheart, look at mama.
Oh, Dolly, when are you
going to get your new dolly?
Look at mama.
Look at me right now, right now.
Are you looking?
OK, you take a deep breath.
Dolly, Dolly,
Dolly, Dolly, Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
And when is Dolly going
to get a new dolly?
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Are you looking forward to it?
Dolly for Dolly.
Good girl.
Gar, when is it going to be
ready to put in her room?
Soon, mom.
I'm going to an after hours.
I want to be lean.
That's pretty soon after
this day, don't you think?
We have this
conversation every year.
This is the best time of
the year to be invisible,
and I want to go out.
And every time you go out, you
put the entire family at risk.
At risk of losing what?
Only everything.
That's all.
I understand the stakes, mama.
You carry this entire family
on your back every time
you go out there.
You eat your fucking egg.
Shut the fuck up.
Eat some meat.
Well, this is it.
You think he beat us here?
That's not possible.
It doesn't make any sense.
I know you met the chicken man.
This says he's dead.
Who said he isn't?
Follow me.
With all due respect, I
don't believe in any of this.
Everything you are
experiencing and everything
you will experience here
relates back to your quest.
Did you bring the chicken foot?
Place it on the table.
This is part of the
answer you're looking for.
It's him.
We've been here in
rural New Orleans
for a very long, long time.
The picture says 1838,
Burgundy, France.
I told you I faded in that.
What, no smile?
You must be starving.
No, silly.
I'm not going to
feed your mouth.
Packed full of
sugar and nutrients.
You're not just eating
for yourself now.
Sever the line.
Your friend is the
only hope the family
has to live in.
She is connected to
Blanche, now an old woman.
And her bastard baby.
They must keep the baby
nourished with youthful blood
in order to survive themselves.
She's slurping again,
the filthy whore.
The good news for you is
we require your services
for a full year, and then get
your party, just like Brianna.
You remember Brianna's
party, don't you?
I want you to really
feel this, Bri.
This is my gift to you
after all this time.
My family is the only thing
that stands between you
and the end of your life.
Is that clear?
We are everything to you.
And remember, we didn't
ask for anything,
so we won't feel guilty
about any of it, either.
Isn't that right, sugar pie?
That's right.
A good girl cannot be seduced
by another woman's man.
Only a rank,
condemnable, coquette
can commit such a heresy, a
girl with a heart of a whore.
And that will be the girl
required to complete the bond.
My friend is no whore.
They're all whores now, sleeping
around, wearing flashy clothes.
Where the hell is she?
That's right.
She's in hell.
Look, I'll believe in all
this if it gets Hope back.
You expect us to believe
that you are the 200-year-old
Wait, wait.
I think I should explain my
ulterior motive at this point.
No, don't.
We just want our friend back.
We don't need all this shit.
I don't care who or
what you think you are.
Consider the facts.
You met with him, you
sat down with the guy,
you let him buy your drinks
while he gained your trust
and seduced your friend.
And you both know that
ain't no voodoo mumbo jumbo.
But all of this is just fucked.
Well, you don't have to
pretend to believe any of this.
We both want to find Hope
for very different reasons.
OK, then, magic man.
You seem to know this town
like the back your hand.
Look, it's not as
simple as that.
Of course it's not.
Oh, but let me
guess, you want money
from us for your
voodoo mumbo jumbo.
It's not that simple.
Since the family
has what they have,
they don't have to
hunt for another year.
Now, unless you can get
the New Orleans Police
Department to go house
to house, your friend
is about to experience
a year of unholy hell.
We're going to find
our friend, OK?
We're going to go
on the internet,
tell the whole
world if we have to.
You know, I've danced this
dance for a very long time
that I know all of your moves.
Before the internet,
they tried TV and radio.
Before that, the newspaper.
And before that, they posted
signs and the family held
Well, if it's that hopeless,
then why are you telling us?
Because we have one shot,
the daughter, and they
call her Amelia.
She's a vile sadist, and
she thinks sex is violence,
and she'll be out tonight.
And how do you know that?
Because it's the last
night of Mardi Gras,
and it's the last night that
she can be out yet be invisible.
Why don't we show the
picture to the cop?
He seems to want to help.
In this town, the cops
are a bigger menace
than the bad guys.
Are you Cinderella?
Because I definitely see that
dress coming off at midnight.
Your father must be a baker,
because you've got great buns.
Shouldn't we be going
to some clubs looking
for that guy, something?
You look like my mother.
It worked like it
worked for my daughter.
It worked for my daughter.
That's not funny.
No, no.
No, no.
I mean, I ran them by her,
and she, she approved.
I know you're looking at
some weird pickup line
website on your phone.
I'm not, really.
Well, I mean, I'm not.
I can literally
see it right there.
Well, let's see here.
Your daddy must be a drug
dealer, because you're dope.
I want to try that one.
Oh my god.
That's my wife texting.
I need to find my friends now.
Your ass is so nice that it's
a shame you have to sit on it.
All right, all right, all right.
Start the car.
We need to find the sister
tonight before the family goes
in for another year.
And there are three after-hour
joints we need to hit tonight.
I think your friend
just rolled up.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
MacDonald had a farm.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
And on his farm, he had a Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
I knew you'd be awake, Dolly.
I just knew it.
Look at them eyes.
Ain't she pretty, Dolly?
Dolly for Dolly.
I knew you'd like her, Dolly.
I just knew it.
Hey, Dolly.
Mr. Dolly.
You got to stop
doing that, Dolly.
So what's the plan?
The plan is to find
the sister tonight
in one of the after-hours
club and follow her back home.
And are you thinking
Red Stamp, homeboy?
Yeah, or Johnny's, or Absinthe.
If we find her, I can't take her
into custody on a voodoo whim.
Her custody don't get
that girl, anyway.
When we find her, we have to
let her lead us to her home.
That's no good.
I mean, then, I'm in a
home without a warrant.
I hit Absinthe.
These ladies will hit
the Stamp, and you
can hang at Johnny's with her.
We can do that.
We can be good?
We can be great.
All right.
You want a drink?
How about one of
those energy drinks?
I am beat.
Two White Ladies, please.
Why they got to be white?
It's so 1990s.
Get over it.
I think that's all there
is in here is ladies.
In which case.
Thanks Lafitte for
choosing this bar for us.
We're the right
demographic, aren't we?
Speak for yourself.
This place is dead.
We can go somewhere else.
Well, we're on a stakeout.
Maybe we should drink
and see if she shows up.
Oh, that's a good idea.
Hey, let's drink heavily
and smoke some weed.
Don't say that so loud.
I'm a cop.
Come on.
So his band plays what?
Cowboy punk.
Never heard of that.
What makes cowboy
punk so unique is
the juxtaposition of brevity,
and core construction,
and horses.
That's actually a joke.
Maybe in Idaho.
Great news.
You're up to Wayne's completely
unjustified skinny rocker
ego-inflated standards.
Very unjustified, I'd say.
What's it like, living
in this dark crazy place?
It's like black
magic all the time,
like living in a
dream for 200 years.
Wayne and I are really
into the occult.
I know.
Do what thou wilt, the
most hated man in England.
Love him.
Life without
apologies, or judgment,
or holding back.
I knew you were into Crowley.
I actually bought him that
t-shirt at a flea market.
In Boise?
Do you know about Annie Ringler?
She was a beautiful
young Hungarian girl
Crawley met while
touring Moscow.
He wrote in his journal she had
passed beyond the region where
pleasure had meaning for her.
She could only
feel through pain.
My own means of making her happy
was to inflict physical cruelty
as she directed.
As she directed?
I doubt pleasure has much
meaning to you anymore.
Pleasure's a half a dozen
1:00 AM gut-busting sliders
after her night of
rum and Coke and blow.
Time to go?
Meet me outside.
Oh, men.
What's this?
It's absinthe.
Is that real, Wormwood?
Blended it morphine,
family recipe.
Yes, it's real, from
back in the day.
I always wanted
to try this shit.
I'd like to meet your family.
So you're a madam?
A lifestyle dominatrix.
They have those
where you're from?
Cowboys can be very naughty.
Well, at least you already
have saddles and straps around.
You know, you could be a
good one if you wanted.
You've got the look.
I've never thought
much of dominatrix.
No offense, I just
don't like play acting.
It can seem real.
I wonder if you
could handle real.
Fuck, I can handle real.
Let's go.
That's the girl from the photo.
To remind you, until we find
anything, I'm just a driver.
Let's go.
Like I'm floating, dude.
Keep it down.
Werewolf's Guide to Life, The
Necromaniac Ritual Rulebook,
The Intro to
Civil-Borne Spirits?
My family has always been open
to different ways of thinking.
Fucking a, always love models.
This one come in a box?
This is a hand replica of the
greatest cathedral in Russia.
I got some good
things around here.
Now, you've done it.
Well, I can fix it.
The second we confirm that
Hope is here, we call the cops.
We have a cop here.
Yeah, well he seems to be
a little bit more concerned
with some other
constitutional issues.
Hey, guys, come on.
Keep up.
I'm not kidding around, OK?
What if we get cursed?
Are you serious?
Fuck it, let's go.
Let's go.
You know, it really
doesn't seem right
that we're not out
there searching
with them.
What do you mean?
It's called the
division of labor.
Didn't you learn
that in college?
We're literally just
sitting here, though.
You know, I have kind
of a crick in my neck.
Is there a way you could,
like, rub it a little bit?
Just a little, just right here?
No, that comes with old age.
What do you mean it
comes with old age?
You know, this is part
of my undercover outfit.
This is just a prop.
It's a costume,
not a real beard.
Seems pretty real to me.
Well, it was prematurely
gray when I was 17.
Hey, want to see
a real dominatrix?
Missy, I need to prepare you
for what's about to happen.
What's about to happen?
Sit down.
You know, the dark
arts are all based
on real acts, cruel
ones from long ago,
updated into games and play.
Like the cat o' nine.
Now, it's made out of
velvet or whatever.
The real cat o' nine, would
strip skin off the sinner
until he confessed a full
measure of his transgressions.
Who's this guy, the butler?
The butler.
The door's locked.
I think you can get
into that room up there.
That we can get into?
You're the most athletic.
It would be easy.
I can get you onto
the top of this porch.
The window's right over it.
All you do is climb in, but
don't do anything..
Just come to this back
door and let us in.
Don't worry about that.
It shouldn't be too hard.
Just a bunch of century-old
vampires in there sleeping.
Not vampires.
They're that old.
Why does it matter if
they're vampires or not?
It doesn't matter.
Which they're not.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'll help you up.
Go on.
More absinthe?
What are you doing with
that fucking loser?
He got me out of the
sticks, didn't he?
You need to know that
you can handle this.
Pretending to be a dominatrix
won't cut it in this house.
What do you mean?
I'm going to destroy your guy.
I don't think he'd like that.
You'll have to see for yourself.
You can handle this.
I can handle anything.
In 10 minutes, Justice
will come for you.
There's fucking dead people.
My Dolly!
My Dolly!
Oh my God, Katie.
Why don't you call
the cops??
My Dolly!
You know, we never
agreed on a safe word.
A what?
God damn, that's an outfit.
A safe word, like globule.
That means stop.
Why would I want to do that?
Well, it's actually more for
me than you, to be honest.
For you, of course,
playing games.
This thing's kind
of uncomfortable.
Kind of uncomfortable?
Well, that's no good.
It's supposed to be
terribly uncomfortable.
Oh, now meet my favorite knife.
Wait, wait, wait.
This is like theater, right?
So the fat people in
Japan, they had this sport,
and it's got, like soap...
There's something out there.
Right over there, right there.
I don't see anything.
At least there was.
I don't know.
All right.
I will go out and check.
And if you see something
just, I don't know,
flash the headlights, all right?
Yeah, OK.
How about a kiss for luck?
Maybe when you get back.
All right, cool.
Where are the keys?
Dolly for dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
Dolly for Dolly.
It's going to be OK.
Everything's going to be fine.
Tina, answer the phone.
You have to answer the phone.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's real.
Something's not right.
The left ear.
Very nice.
Come on.
I know you.
It's been a while.
You're the one who did this.
I'm the one who can free you.
How can you stop it?
When I reclaim what is mine,
the thing ends, and then you
can finally sleep, grandma.
Now, wouldn't that be nice?
And the baby, the baby
will be all right?
You wouldn't have
to let anybody know.
Just let me finish.
All right.
All right.
All right.
You must be Hope.
It's almost over now, Hope.
The unholy trinity, I can't
leave any witnesses, can I?
What's your name?
Oh, Lafitte.
You always hated this baby,
but it was always mine.
And with my blood, it
will continue to live.
But that, that's great
news for you, my dear,
because we don't
need you anymore.
So when I sever this connection,
I sever my connection
with this wretched family.
Sever the cord.
Finally, finally,
after all these years.
Took a long time.
I hear.
I hear you.
I'm going to come
get you right now.
My sweet son Gar left me a
little present in the barn,
knowing my 65th birthday was
right around the corner again.
I liked her.
This one was perky and
smart, full of drive
and determination,
not glazed over
by drunkenness like the others.
Our family needed a
replacement, and I
felt she may actually
be good company.
Don't worry, honey.
Get some beauty sleep.
It's going to be a
long year for you.
Welcome to the family.
Run if you want.
You won't get away
from me this time.
Don't be afraid
if what you want.
I know your deepest
darkest side.
And you know what it
takes to free your soul.
Distracted by
sacrificing you, you know.
Who you go through the
deepest hell
Will you wallow through
the deepest darkest hue?
Will you latch on to through
the deepest hell in you?
Will you go through the
deepest hell in you?
Burning alive.
Friends all gone.
Friends all gone.
Caught in self-destruction.
I was drawn.
I was drawn but the demon
inside is burning alive.
Burning alive.
Burning alive.
Burning alive.
Can you see through
my disguise of mine?
I'm coming undone.
Feel the anger deep inside
as this hell
has begun.
Burning alive.
Burning alive.
We complain.
We complain.
Fate has brought us down again.
Who's to blame?
Who's to blame?
Only what I can't
find is burning alive!
I'm burning alive.
Burning alive.
I'm burning alive.
Can you see through
my disguise of mine?
I'm coming undone.
Feel the anger deep inside
as this hell
has begun.
Hollow in my self-destruction,
I have only one life to give.
Make it through just one more
day if I can hold on to it.
I'm burning alive.
Burning alive.
Can you see through
my disguise of mine?
I'm coming undone.
Coming undone.
Feel the anger deep inside.