Gotta Kick It Up (2002) Movie Script

[Dance Music Playing]
[Woman Bailando En
La Ciudad In Spanish]
[Kids Chattering]
Hi. Can I Have
A Notebook, Pen, Ruler,
And Peanut Butter Cups?
Here You Go.
Thank You.
You're Welcome.
Is This Part
Of Your Diet?
Hey, Beat It.
She's Not Bothering You.
Ooh, She's Scared.
Let's Go.
Hey, You.
What's Up, Chica?
Nada. Just Kickin' It.
You Know,
First-Day-Back Blues.
Oh, I Am So Sorry.
Are You Ok?
It's Fine.
It's My Fault.
I Just Got
So Involved
In The Book,
I Forgot To Watch
Where I'm Going.
Could You Be So Kind
As To Point Me Towards
The Administration Building?
Sure. Um, Yeah,
You Follow Along
These Buildings Here,
Past The Jock Trophies,
Up The Stairs.
If You Pass
The Faculty Room,
You Went Too Far.
Thank You. Thanks.
I'm Sorry.
[Hip-Hop Music Playing]
Ooh, Yeah, Girl,
You're Dustin' Me!
All Right, Who's Got
The Next Cut?
Um, I Got It.
Where Are You Going
With That Dumb,
Girly Music, Esmeralda?
Who Named You
The Queen Of Music?
As Long As I Got The Moves,
I'll Be The One Pickin'
The Tunes.
Are We On The Same Page?
And, Segura, Please Come
To School With Your
Pants Pulled Up.
Nobody Cares What Color
Your Underwear Is.
Go To Class.
Gomez, Gomez,
Gomez, Gomez.
If You Put
As Much Energy
Into Your Schoolwork
As You Do
Into Goofing Off,
You Will Be
On The Honor Roll,
My Friend.
Yes, Sir.
Direct Me To The Front,
Colonel Zavala.
I Will Sacrifice Myself
For The Good
Of The School.
I Take It Principal Zavala
Had A Previous Life
In The Military.
Don't Think The Kids
Will Ever Let Him
Forget It For A Minute.
Good Morning,
Ms. Bartlett.
I'm Delighted To See
You Actually
Showed Up.
You Had Doubts?
Well, You Wouldn't Be
My First New Recruit
To Go Awol.
These Kids Can Be
Pretty Intimidating.
After Watching
A Dot-Com Company
Crash And Burn,
This Should Be Easy
In Comparison.
Don't Count On It.
For The Reassurance.
[Bell Rings]
Ms. Bartlett,
The First Day Is Usually
The Most Trying.
Good Luck.
[Kids Chattering Loudly]
So, Who's In Charge Here?
Who Knows?
Maybe No One.
Oughta Learn More
Than We Usually Do, Then.
Ha Ha!
Oh, Oh!
Yo, That's Tight.
You Better Quit It,
You Want To Land Us
All In Detention?
Ooh, You Wouldn't Want
That To Go
On Your Permanent
Record, Would You?
Yeah! Go, Yoli!
Oh, Oh, Go, Yoli!
Oh, Oh, Go, Yoli!
Go, Yoli! Go, Yoli!
[Banging Stops]
Good Morning.
[Boy Wolf-Whistles]
My Name Is Ms. Bartlett,
I'm Your New Biology Teacher.
Nice Suit!
Good Luck!
Can Anybody Tell Me
What Biology Is?
A Royal Pain.
A Total Waste
Of Time?
[Kids Laugh]
Biology Is The Science
Of Living Organisms
And Vital Processes.
It's An Exploration Between
Plant And Animal Life,
The Laws And The Phenomena
Govern The...
Varied Species
On The Planet.
Am I Going Too Fast?
Do You Have
Any Questions?
Why Should We Care?
Yeah, And How Does It
Matter To Us
If Some Dumb Animal Goes
And Gets Itself Extinct?
We'd Be Better Off
Busting Some Beats.
Yeah, Bump It!
Oh, Oh!
Go, Daisy!
Come On, Daisy!
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!
Kids: Go, Daisy! Go, Daisy!
Go, Daisy!
Go, Daisy! Go, Daisy!
Go, Daisy!
Uh! Uh! Uh!
Go, Daisy! Go, Daisy...
Zavala: Attention!
[Kids Stop Yelling]
That's Automatic Detention
For 2 Weeks, Starting Today.
[Sighs] Gosh,
That's Wack, Colonel.
I'm Adding 2 More Weeks
For Insubordination,
Miss Salinas.
She Wasn't
The Only One
Would You Care
To Join Her, Miss Vargas?
Anybody Else?
An Effective Leader Seizes
Control Of Her Troops
[Kids Chatting Indistinctly]
Hey, Did You Hear
Ms. Renee Retired?
She Can't!
What About
Dance Team?
It Ain't Gonna Happen
This Year.
But I Need It
For College.
It's The Perfect
Ay, Pobrecita.
Poor Thing? Not Me.
Esmeralda's The One
Who's Been Preparing
For This
Since Second Grade.
Yeah. She's Gonna Freak.
[Moonlight Sonata Playing]
Boy: Es Mo.
Junior, Give That Back!
Junior! Junior!
What Are You Doing?!
Junior, That's Not Funny!
Can I Have My Box
Back Please?
What Are You Doing
On The Floor?
Mom, He's
At It Again.
[Spanish Report
On Television]
Did You Give Your Brother
His Breakfast?
Mocoso, Give That Music Box
Back To Your Sister.
You'd Think That Silly Thing
Was Made Of Gold.
[Moonlight Sonata Playing]
[Rap Music Playing]
Hey. How You Doin'?
School Is Such A Drag.
Man, Do You Know
How Lucky You Are
Your Parents Let You Drop Out?
Hey, I Tried
Sticking It Out.
Just Couldn't Hack It.
Not That Working's
So Much Better.
Boss Always On My Case.
Customers To Deal With.
The Second I Can,
I'm Gonna Be Right Out Here
In The World With You.
Yeah, Well,
Don't Let Tu Madre
Hear You Sing That Tune.
She Already Thinks
I'm A Bad Influence.
Hey, You Wanna
Kick Back After School?
Watch Some Tube?
[Laughs] I Wish.
That Jerk Zavala
Gave Me Detention
For A Whole Month.
That's Harsh.
But It Doesn't
Come Close
To My Record.
When I Was
In Ninth Grade,
He Tried Keeping Me
After School
For 4 Months...
Till I
Weaseled Out Of It.
How'd You Manage That,
Oh, Put On My Best
"So Sorry" Face,
And Traded Detention
For An Extracurricular
Kinda Like You.
Ok, Ms. Kim,
I Made My Corrections.
Would You Please
Type That Up?
No Problem.
Thank You.
Uh, Mr. Zavala,
It Says Ms. Bartlett
Went To Juilliard--
You Know,
That Amazing Performing
School In New York--
On A Dance Scholarship.
Are You Filing The Resumes
Or Reading The Resumes,
Miss Reyna?
I Didn't Mean To, Sir,
But It Just Jumped
Right Out.
I Mean, I've Been
Really Stressed
Since I Found Out
We Had No Dance Coach.
Do You Even Know
If Ms. Bartlett
Would Be Interested?
Well, Can't You
Force Her To Do It?
Well, Contrary
To What I Try To Make
You Students Believe,
I Really Don't Have
That Kind Of Power.
All After-School Coaches
Are Volunteers.
But You'll Talk To Her,
I'll See What I Can Do.
De Nada.
Good Morning,
Ms. Bartlett.
Ooh, This Can't Be Good.
I Have A Favor
To Ask.
It's Been Brought
To My Attention
That You Have
A Background In Dance.
That Was A Long Time Ago.
It's Not Something
I've Kept Up With.
Did You Know
We Have A Ninth-Grade
Dance Here At Marshall?
And Our Squad's Been
A Bit, Uh...
How Do I Say This?
Ok, We Have
A Statewide Reputation
For Being
A Perennial Disaster,
But These Girls
Are Counting On It.
They Have
The Enthusiasm.
All They're Lacking
Is A Coach.
I Don't Mean
To Be Rude, Sir,
But If You're Angling
To Get Me Involved,
Let Me Save You
The Breath.
A Part Of My Past.
All Right,
Then Let Me Try
This Approach.
Studies Show
That Participating
In Extracurricular
Help Keep These Kids
Out Of Gangs
And Give Them
A Sense Of Self-Respect.
I Understand.
I'm Sure That's True,
But Considering The Way
Things Have Gone So Far,
I Think It's Gonna Take
All My Time And Energy
Just To Focus On Reaching
The Students In My Classroom.
Well, Do Me A Favor.
Please...Think About It.
Yes, Esmeralda?
I Was Just Wondering
If Mr. Zavala
Talked To You About
Our Dance Team?
He Did.
So...Are You
Gonna Do It?
Are You
Gonna Coach Us?
Oh, Well...
I Really Think I Should
Become More Proficient
In What I Was
Actually Hired To Do
Before I Take
Anything Else On.
Well, If You Want,
I Can Tell You How
Some Of The Really
Popular Teachers
Around Here Do It.
I'd Like That.
Will You Coach
The Dance Team?
Oh, Was That The Condition
Under Which You're
Going To Give Me
Your Advice?
Well, Yeah.
You Help Us,
I Help You.
Why Not Make It
So Everybody Wins.
May I Have Your Attention,
The Chess Club Will Meet
In The Library
Thursday At 3:30.
Bring Your Own Board.
Ninth-Grade Dance Team Tryouts
Will Be Tomorrow At 3:30
In The Gym.
Be Sure To Bring
Your Own Music.
Any Questions,
Please See Ms. Bartlett.
Yes! Good Job, Esme.
You Did It.
Hey...What's The Deal
With This Dance Team?
Oh, You Hate
The Whole Idea,
Every Time I Ever
Brought It Up, It Was,
"Oh, That's Right.
Losers R Us."
Yeah, But Now I'm Thinkin'
It Could Have Its Upside.
Maybe Along The Way Develop
Some Ol' School Pride.
Check This Out.
Whoa, You Feelin' Ok,
Principal Zavala...
I Was Out Of Line
Dancing In Class, Sir.
Don't You Think
My Detention Time
Would Be Better Served
In A School-Sponsored
That's Very Mature,
Miss Salinas.
Since You've
Been Spearheading
This Whole Endeavor,
Let Me Ask You.
Do You Think
That Daisy Would Make
A Positive Addition
To The Dance Squad?
Well, You Definitely
Gotta Give Her Props
On Her Dancing.
First Word
Of Any Disrespect
Or Lack Of Commitment
That I Hear
From Ms. Bartlett...
Back In Detention.
Slam Dunk.
Assist: Esmeralda.
[Bell Clangs]
You're Welcome, Daisy.
"Dance Team Try-Outs"?
"Tomorrow 3:30
In The Gymnasium."
That's The Same
In Any Language.
I'll See You There.
Man, Where Is She?
Like I Don't Have
Better Things To Be Doing.
I Knew This Was
Too Good To Be True.
She Can Bail,
So Can I.
Chuy's Waiting.
Heading Back
To Detention,
Miss Salinas?
Then Please Sit Down.
All Of You,
Take A Seat.
I Cannot Dance
Sitting Down.
Rules First.
Then You'll Dance.
Every Team Member
Is Required To Wear
Her Gym Uniform,
White Socks,
And Clean Tennis Shoes.
Like I'm Really Gonna Be
Scrubbing My Sneaks.
Thanks For Dropping By.
Laces Tied,
Shirts Tucked In,
Hair Pulled Back
Into A Ponytail Or A Bun.
She's Worse
Than Zavala.
Is This Dance Or Boot Camp?
Girls Must Attend
Every Practice,
And You Must Be On Time.
Sorry. I'm Sorry.
I Had To
Drop Off My Brother
At My Aunt's House.
Tardiness Is Unacceptable.
No Excuses.
No Team Member Is Allowed
To Have A Failing Grade.
A "D" Will Put You
On Probation.
That Leaves Us Out.
Come On, Joanna.
Let's Get Out Of Here.
No Jewelry.
No Dark Lipstick.
No Long Painted Fingernails.
Anybody Else Wanna Leave?
Ok, When I Call Your Name,
Come On Down
And Play Your Music.
Try And Keep Your Choreography
To Under A Minute.
She Means Show Us
Your Best Moves,
And Don't Hold Back,
Got It?
[Guys Yelling]
All Right, Let's Go!
Excuse Me, Mr. Zavala,
Do You Mind?
We're Having
Our Tryouts.
We Practice In Here
Every Tuesday And Thursday.
The Basketball Coach?
Somebody Had To Be.
As I Was Trying To Tell You
The Other Day,
If We Don't Have
A Little Faith In These Kids,
How Can We Expect Them
To Believe In Themselves?
You Can Save
The Lecture, Sir.
I'm Here, Aren't I?
And I Couldn't Be Happier.
Good. So You'll
Take Your Boys
Where Do You Suggest We Go?
Well, I Don't--Sir,
It Was Your Office
That Scheduled Me
To Be Here.
Well, Obviously,
Ms. Kim Made A Mistake.
Ok, Sorry, Ladies.
Dance Team's
Been Canceled.
I Don't Believe It!
No. Hold On.
Wait A Minute.
I'm Not Gonna Make It
That Easy For You To Quit.
So You'll Let Me
Have The Gym?
You Can Have Half Of It.
We'll Take The North End.
You Can Have The South End,
And The Half-Court Line
Will Be Our Divider,
All Right?
Ok, Guys!
This Is Just Something
I Came Up With On My Own.
So Here It Goes.
Player: Sorry!
Second Player: Whoops.
This Isn't Gonna Work.
You Were Here First.
We'll Leave.
You Need The Baskets.
Good Point.
And We Can't
Get Much Done
Without Music.
[Mariachi Music Playing]
[Hip-Hop Music Playing]
Come On
Come On
Ai Yah
Come On
Come On
Come On
Ai Yi
Come On
Come On
Come On
Ai Yah
Come On
Come On
Come On
Ai Yi
[Swing Music Playing]
[R & B Music Playing]
Candy Lover
You're So Sweet
Candy Lover
You're The One
For Me
Ok, Esmeralda,
Thank You.
Thank You. That Was Great.
Nice Work.
That's It For Today.
What About Me?
Well, I Already Know
You Can Dance, Miss Salinas...
In My Classroom, Remember?
What I Don't Know
Is Whether Or Not
You Can Be Part Of A Team.
What's That
Supposed To Mean?
It Means No One On My Squad
Gets To Be The Diva.
You All Have To Work Together,
Help Each Other To Improve.
Oh, And One More Thing...
If I'm Gonna Give Up
All My Time To Be Here,
I Expect You To Be
As Serious And As Dedicated
As I Intend To Be.
I Don't Compete
Unless I Plan To Win,
And That Can't Happen
Until You Girls
Get Into Shape.
So Tomorrow We'll Meet
On The Track.
3:30 Sharp.
If You're Gonna Be Late,
Don't Bother To Come At All.
Ok, What Now?
One More Lap.
Oh, Wait. I'm Sorry.
I Forgot. Did We
Join The Track Or The Dance Team?
It's Important To Build Up
Your Stamina, Daisy.
Oh, Ms. Bartlett,
I Seriously Don't Mean
Any Disrespect,
But Our First Dance Competition
Is In 2 1/2 Weeks.
Don't We Kind Of
Have To Get Started
On A Dance Routine?
Well, Considering
I Haven't Been Around
This Kind Of Meet
Since I Was In School,
I Was Sort Of Hoping
We Could Figure That Out
When The Time Comes.
Well, I Know The Routine
They Used 2 Years Ago.
My Sister Taught It To Me.
It Goes Like This.
Daisy, Chanting:
Go, Yoli.
Go, Yoli.
Go, Yoli.
Go, Yoli.
Go, Yoli.
Go, Yoli.
That's So Tired.
I Mean, Why Don't We
Invent Something
Totally New?
Want More Flash!
Yeah, With More Flesh!
Sorry, Don't Think So.
What If We Start Out
With Something Like,
Uh...Like, Up!
You Have
A Comment There,
Miss Salinas?
No, No, No.
It's Fine,
You Know, If You're
Entering An Old Granny
Maybe You'd Like
To Show Us Some
Of Your Ideas?
No Problema.
Ooh, Yeah, Daisy!
You Go, Girl!
Yeah, Girl.
Go On, Daisy!
Let's Try It.
Daisy, I'll Never Be Able
To Move Like That.
If I Do
That Many Turns,
I'm Gonna Puke.
Guys, She's Just Showing Off
To Make The Rest Of Us
Look Stupid.
Oh, Yeah?
I Don't Have
To Dance To Do That.
Well, You Know What?
I've Got An Idea.
Why Don't You Pack Up
Your Attitude And Get Lost.
Why Don't You Back Off
Before I Make You
Back Off.
[All Yelling At Once]
You Guys, Hey!
Excuse Me!
You Made Your Point.
Thank You.
So, Look, I'll Stay Here
And I'll Think About
Our Routine
While You Girls
Give Me Another Lap.
[Muttering In Spanish]
Are These The Pompoms?
God, Who Was
The Last Person
To Use These? Cleopatra?
Well, It's Better
Than Nothing, No?
Speaking Of Nothing,
What Happened To Our
Old Team Uniforms?
Mr. Zavala's
Looking For Them.
But Until Then,
You Guys Will Wear
Your Gym Uniforms
This Weekend.
Ms. Bartlett--
What? I Hear
A Lot Of Schools Do That.
Lots Of Poor Schools.
You'll Be Judged
On Your Dancing,
Not Your Outfits.
Either Way,
We're Toast.
What Are You Talking About?
I Think Our Routine's
Pretty Good.
Our Routine Is
Safe And Boring.
Excuse Me,
But It Makes More Sense
To Start Out Modestly
Than It Does To Get In
Over Our Heads.
You're The Coach.
Look At Them.
They're Like Pretzels!
Start Stretching.
Ms. Bartlett?
I'd Like To Introduce You
To My Parents.
Hi. We Figured Our Girls
Deserved To Have Someone
Here To Cheer Them On.
I Hope We Don't
Disappoint You.
This Has Been So Good
For Alyssa.
With Our High Hopes
For College,
Every Little
Activity Helps.
P.A.: Rolling Hills
Junior High School
Dance Team Onstage.
Marshall Middle School,
On Deck.
What Is "Deck"?
It Means We're Next.
What's With Them?
I Don't Know.
We'll Find Out.
Girl: Let's Go, Girls!
Squad: G-O-O-D L-U-C-K,
Good Luck!
Rolling Hills Wishes You
A Lot Of Luck!
[Dance Music Playing]
Computer Voice: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Squad: Ha!
Ms. Bartlett.
Esmeralda's Sick.
Hey. Hey, What's Wrong?
I Can't Do This.
I'm Gonna Throw Up.
Oh, It Was A Long Trip.
Do You Think You're Bus-Sick?
P.A.: Marshall
Middle School,
Up Next!
Ok, No Time.
I Want You To Breathe
Through Your Nose
And Try And Fill Your Lungs.
It's Probably Just Nerves.
You'll Be Fine.
You All Will Be.
P.A.: The Marshall Middle
School Dance Team Onstage!
You Think You Can Do This?
Um, Yeah,
I'll--I'll Do It.
Here's Your Poms.
Here. Go, Go, Go.
Good Luck!
Focus, Everybody.
I'm Ok.
It's The Second Track.
Buenos Das.
Ahh, Mr. Zavala,
What Are You Doing Here?
Moral Support.
Mm. Hmm.
[Techno Music Playing]
2, 3, 4, 5!
Daisy: And 5, 6, 7, And--
All: Marshall!
Daisy: Come On!
Give It Up!
[Music Stops]
[Light Applause]
We Stunk!
You Think?!
It Could Not
Have Been Worse.
You Know What?!
Save It. I Quit.
I Would Have Rather
Been In Detention.
This Is The Most
Embarrassing Day
Of My Life,
And My Parents
Are Here!
You Girls
Did Fine.
This Is All New.
You Had First-Time
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day.
You'll Get 'Em Next Time!
It'll Be All Right. Ok?
Disappointing Day, Huh?
We'll Keep Working.
You Know, Ms. Bartlett,
I Know This Whole
Coaching Thing
Was Sort Of, You Know--
Well, Everybody Really
Pressured You Into It,
But, I Mean,
If You Really,
Totally Hate It...
I Don't Hate It,
Is That How It Seems?
Yeah, Sorta.
Well, Me And
The Other Girls
Were Talking,
And Don't Take This
The Wrong Way
Or Anything,
But It Feels Like
There's A Whole Lot More
You Could Teach Us,
And For Some Reason...
You're Holding Back.
This Won't Take Long.
I Just Need
To Get My Backpack.
Man, Even Being Here
When I Don't Have To Be
Makes Me Start
To Sweat.
Yeah, I Know
What You Mean.
Come On.
It's Still Here.
Well, Since I Drove,
Does It Mean
You'll Treat
For Burgers?
You're The Big
Working Man.
Yeah. The One
Who's Always Hurting
When The Bills Are Due,
Shh! Shh!
Do You Hear That?
Hear What?
Who Would Be
In The Gym
On A Saturday?
Who Cares?!
[Music Playing]
Can Make It If You Try
Wondering What
He Has Got To Think Of Me
There's Nowhere To Go
But As I Don't Doubt
Your Fears Are Missing
I Think You Should Know
It Won't Be Long, Baby,
For You To Discover
You're A Step Away
Hey, Hey!
Hey! You Know
That Lady?
That's Her.
Who Her?
That's My Dancing Coach,
Ms. Bartlett.
That's Her!
Oh, She's Hot.
I Meant Her Dancing.
She's Really Good.
Yeah, Not That She Ever
Gave Us The Slightest Clue.
Your Dancing Coach,
And You've
Never Seen Her
Dance Before?
Not Like That!
[Slams Car Door]
Don't Give Up,
Don't Give Up
You Will Make It Through
[Music Ends]
Hey, Yolanda.
Daisy, May I
Have A Moment?
I Already Turned In
My Lab Assignment.
It's About
Dance Team.
I Quit.
Can We Talk?
I'd Really Like You
To Rejoin Us.
Why? So I Can Make
A Total Idiot
Out Of Myself
In Front Of 5 Or 6
More Schools?
You Have The Potential
To Be Great, Daisy.
Do You Know That?
Look, I Only Joined
This Dance So I Could Get
Out Of Detention.
Now That's Done.
Well, What About
The Other Girls?
They Deserve
To Have Somebody
With Your Talent,
Your Strengths.
Isn't That What
They Have You For?
Oh. No, Wait,
I Forgot.
You Only Dance
When Nobody's Looking.
I Saw You In The Gym
On Saturday.
I Hadn't Danced
For A Really Long Time.
It Kind Of Stinks
That You've Been
Holding Out On Us.
There's A Lot
About This
You Don't Know
Or Understand.
And Whose Fault Is That?
You're Right.
But Everyone Deserves
A Second Chance, Huh?
[School Bell Rings]
I Gotta Get To Class.
Ok, Ladies,
Rolling Hills...
Is Gone.
Today, We're Gonna
Start From Scratch.
Are We Actually
Gonna Dance Today?
Yeah, We Are
Gonna Dance Today,
But Rhythm Is First.
I'm Gonna Break
This Down Into
What's Called An 8-Count.
And 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6--
I Can't Hear You.
And, 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8.
Good. Everybody Up!
Off The Bleachers!
We've Got A Lot
Of Ground To Cover.
We're Gonna Isolate
Different Parts
Of Our Body,
Starting With The Head.
And 1, 2, 3, 4...
Chin Down...
And Up Again...
Good, Esmeralda, Good.
Alyssa, Try And Keep
That 8-Count In Your Head.
I Know This Is
Gonna Feel Awkward,
But Don't Worry About It,
Just Go With It.
Let's Go With The Hips.
And Side, 2, 3, 4...
And Circle...
And Circle...
And 1, 2, 3, 4...
And Circle...
And Circle...
And Side, 2, 3, 4...
And Circle...
And Circle--Good!
Now, Let's Stretch. Ready?
And Stretch Side...
2, 3, 4...
Circle Around...
Come On Up...
And Side, 2, 3, 4...
Circle Around...
Come On Up.
Good Job.
Shake It Out.
Loosen It Up.
Miss Salinas.
I'm Really Glad
You Decided
To Rejoin Us.
[Starts Cassette Player]
[Music Starts]
All Right, Yolanda,
You Want To Dance Today?
Let's Go.
Then We're Gonna Dance.
5, 6, 7, 8.
Now Turn Around.
Can Make It If You Try
5, 6, 7, 8!
[Music Playing]
5, 6, 7, 8!
Good Job.
[School Bell Rings]
Ms. Bartlett?
Yoli And I Were Wondering
If You Thought Any More
About The Meet
At Hamilton
Next Saturday?
But Why? We've Been
Working Like Maniacs.
And You've Been
Performing Really Well,
All Of You.
So Why Can't
We Go?
I Need You
To Be Patient.
We Don't Want
To Be Patient.
We Want To Compete.
We Want To Win.
I Know. I--
I Just Don't Think
It Would Be Fair Of Me
To Get Your Hopes Up
Before I Thought
We Could Really,
Really Deliver.
The Next Competition
We Go Into,
I Want Us To Be
The Absolute Best.
She Said No Way.
She Doesn't Think
We're Ready.
I Knew It.
We're Totally Ready.
You Know,
I Think We Should
Just Go On Our Own.
I Know Where They Keep
The Registration Forms
In The Office.
But How Do
We Get There?
We'd Never Get
A Bus Without
Ms. Bartlett.
We Can Have Chuy
And His Boys Drive Us.
Oh, Yeah.
Like My Parents
Would Ever Go
For That.
The Point Is
That We Don't
Have To Tell Them.
Wouldn't It
Just Be Easier
To Try To Convince
Ms. Bartlett
That We Really
Are Ready
To Compete Again?
Hold On.
I've Got An Idea.
[Telephone Rings]
Mrs. Kim?
Hi. I Have A Note
For Ms. Bartlett.
Can You Please
Show Me Which Box
Is Hers?
Sure. This Way.
Alyssa: Thank You.
Is This The Only
Bartlett We Have
At Our School?
Thank You.
Dance Team: Whoo!
[P.A. Playing Dance Music]
Daisy: And 5, 6, 7, 8!
Daisy: Go, Ladies!
Ms. Kim,
Who Put On
That Music?
I Have No Idea.
Ms. Bartlett,
What's Going On?
I Don't Remember
Any Performance
For This Afternoon.
I Think The Girls
Are Trying To Prove
That They're Ready
To Compete Again.
Drop It...
Say What?
[Music Ends And Applause]
So, What's Your Opinion?
I Don't Think They Can
Be Considered Ready
For Anything
Until They Learn
To Respect Their Coach.
Locking Up
The P.A. System?
Taking Over
The Lunch Area?
How Do You Think
That Makes Me Look?
It Makes You Look Good!
Didn't You Check Out
The Way Those Kids
Were Looking At Us?
A Team Is Supposed
To Work Together
With Every Single
One Of Its Members,
Including Its Coach.
Does That Mean
Hamilton's Out Now?
Hamilton Was
Always Out, Yolanda!
You Girls Absolutely
Refuse To Listen To Me!
What Are You
So Afraid Of?
The Only Explanation
I Owe You, Miss Salinas,
Is That We Are Not
Going To Hamilton
Because I Say We're Not!
By The Way,
Mr. Zavala Finally
Found The Old Uniforms.
I Have A Feeling
They May Need Some Work.
[School Bell Rings]
My Mom Had All This
Left From A Job.
She Said Anything
We Can Use,
We're Welcome To.
I Hope Somebody's Good
At Alterations.
Well, I Think
We Definitely Need
To Spice These Up
A Little.
Put Some Sparkle!
Make Them Look--
Right, So That
We're All Dressed Up
With Nowhere To Go.
Yeah. What's
Ms. Bartlett's Problem?
I Think The Whole Idea
Of Performing Poorly
Really Freaks Her Out.
Well, If She's Waiting
For Us To Be Perfect,
She Shouldn't
Hold Her Breath.
Want To Hear
What I Have To Say?
You Sent In
The Registration
Forms, Right?
So, Who Needs
A Coach?
Let's Just
Get Ourselves
To Hamilton
And Kick It Up!
If We're Going,
We'd Better Get Going.
Do You Think
There's Any Way
Ms. Bartlett
Might Just, Like,
Show Up There?
Why? You Guys Didn't Say
Anything To Her, Did You?
Are You Kidding?
She'd Flip
If She Knew
We Went Behind
Her Back Again.
You Guys,
Can We Seriously
Pull This Off?
Come On! It's Like
My Grandmother Always Says,
Si, Se Puede.
Yes, She's Right,
You Guys.
We'll Just Chant
"Yes, I Can."
Si, Se Puede.
Si, Se Puede.
Si, Se Puede.
Si, Se Puede.
Come On, We're Late.
This Is Crazy.
We're Gonna Get
So Busted.
Relax, Chica.
Piece Of Cake.
Welcome, Ladies.
What School
Are You From?
Marshall Middle School.
Oh, Terrific.
Your Coach Has
To Sign In.
Our Coach?
She Is Here With You,
Isn't She?
Um, Yeah! Sure!
Why Wouldn't She Be?
Right. Um...
We--We're Really Late
Getting Here.
Um, We Got Lost
Along The Way,
And Our Coach,
Ms. Bartlett,
She, Um...
She Went To
The Little Girl's
Room And...
She Wanted Me
To Sign Us In.
We Thought
You Were A No-Show.
You Were Supposed
To Be Here
An Hour Ago.
We're Here Now.
Follow Me.
There's A Ahead Of You Onstage.
You're On In 5.
Who's Gonna Start Our Music?
Remember, There's Gotta Be
Someone There To Hit Play.
Give Me The Cd.
See The Console
Over There?
When It's Our Turn,
You Hand Him The Cd,
You Tell Him
It's Cut Number 3, Ok?
And When We're Ready,
I'm Gonna Nod To You
From The Stage,
And You Hit Play.
Cut Number What?
3, Chuy, 3!
I Know, I Know,
I Know.
I'm Just Messing
With Your Head,
That's All.
No, Please, Don't!
Come On!
I'm Under Enough Pressure
As It Is, Ok?
Peninsula On Stage,
Marshall Dance Team On Deck!
5, 6, 7, And--
Lots Of Luck!
Come On!
[Music Starts]
1, 2, 3, 4
It's Petroleum Jelly.
Do It, Girls!
Let's Go, Peninsula!
Here We Go
Come On, Girls!
Work It!
Open Up.
Yuck! What Are
You Trying To Do,
Poison Me?
It Helps
Remind You To Smile.
I'm Smiling.
All: Together!
[Music Stops]
Let Me Help You.
Thank You...
For Handing In
The Registration Form.
You Know,
For Getting Us Here.
Ok! Let's Huddle Up!
Ms. Bartlett
Taught Us The Moves
And Got Us Acting
Like A Team.
Now, We Can Do This!
All Right?
Si, Se Puede.
Si, Se Puede.
Si, Se Puede.
Si, Se Puede.
P.A.: Marshall Middle School
Dance Team, Onstage!
Go, Marshall!
Ready? Ready?
[Music Starts]
[New Song Starts]
Go On!
[New Song Starts]
Let's Go!
Excuse Me?
May I Have
A Word With You?
Look, If It's
About Our Coach--
Actually, Dear,
It's About You.
That Was An Incredibly
Impressive Performance.
Thank You.
You Can't Possibly Imagine
How Hard Our Team's
Been Practicing.
It Most Definitely
You Can Trust Me
On This.
I'm One
Of The Judges.
No Lie?
I'm Lynell Elliot,
Dean Of The High School
Of Performing Arts.
Daisy Salinas.
Pleasure To Meet You.
Daisy, You Are
Very Talented.
You Have An Ease
And Charisma
Oh, It's True.
I See A Lot Of Girls
At These Competitions.
Is There Any Chance
You'd Be Interested
In Attending
Our Academy Next Year?
You Know, My Mom Would
Never Be Able To Afford
Something Like This.
We Have Scholarships.
There Are A Hundred
Paths To Working It Out
If It's Something
You Truly Want.
[Girls Cheering]
26 Schools.
Third Place.
Not Too Shabby.
My Turn To Hold It!
I'd Like To See
Ms. Bartlett Tell Us
We're Not Ready
To Compete Now.
Alyssa's Father:
Excuse Me, Girls?
Why Weren't You Girls
On A School Bus?
Where's Your Coach?
Do You Have Any Idea
How Out Of Our Minds
We've Been?
How Could You Lie
To Us Like This,
Mom, I Didn't Lie.
Well, You Certainly
Didn't Tell Us
The Truth.
Do You Even Know
These Boys?
They Hardly Look Old Enough
To Have Their Licenses!
Mom, Look At Us.
We're All Fine.
And What Do You Think
Mr. Zavala's Gonna Say
When He Hears About This?
Dad, You Can't!
I Can, And I Will.
Now, Let's Go!
Come On, Ladies!
You Guys Just Won
Third Place!
[Car Drives Off]
Ya Le Vo.
Como Estabas?
[Door Closes]
Where Have You Been?
We Won A Trophy!
We Came In Third.
We Had To Stay
For The Award Ceremony.
You Know, Your Mother
And I Are Due
At The Acarmens
For Dinner.
You Agreed
To Baby-Sit For Us.
Ok, Well,
I'm Here Now,
Aren't I?
But You Still
Have To Cook
Your Brother's Dinner.
You Haven't Cleaned
Your Room In A Week.
Maybe This Dance Is
Not A Good Idea.
Mommy, It's A Great Idea!
Whenever You Have
To Be At Work, I Cook,
I Clean, I--I Wash,
I Do Everything
For Everybody.
Why Can't I Just Have
One Thing For Me?
Do Not Speak
To Your Mother
In That Tone.
I'm Sorry.
But I Was
Really Happy Today.
And Nothing You Do
Can Take That Away From Me.
She Did Win.
I'm Sorry
To Bother You
At Home,
But I Really Need
To Talk To You.
Mm, Well,
After The Phone Call
I Got From Alyssa's Parents,
I'd Say The Feeling's
I Don't Think You Girls
Have The Slightest Idea
Of The Terrible Position
You Have Put Me Into.
You Went
Against My Wishes.
You Defied
My Authority--
Do You Know
That Alyssa's Parents
Think I Am Completely
We're Sorry.
We Messed Up.
We Just Had To Get Back
In The Competition.
Even If I Wasn't Sure
You Were Ready
To Compete Again?
Then How Come We Got
Third Place Today, Huh?
I Mean, Doesn't That
Count For Anything?
That Is Beside
The Point, Daisy!
I Can't Be
Your Coach
If I Don't Have
Your Respect
And Your Trust!
Nobody Feels
Like You Believe In Us!
My Whole Life...
From The Time I Was 4,
All I Wanted
To Do Was Dance.
I Took Lessons,
I Got A Lot
Of Positive Feedback,
But Every Time I'd Perform
In A Recital,
Even At Home,
My Parents Would Say
The Same Things.
"That Was Good,
But You Can Do Better."
"Don't Settle For Good.
Be Great."
"We Expect You
To Be The Very Best."
So, I Worked Harder,
Kept Practicing,
Kept Taking Lessons.
And Was Kicking Enough
To Get Into Juilliard.
Want To Hear
A Little Secret?
2 Weeks.
But Esme Told Me
That You Graduated?
She Read My Resume,
Which Says
I Attended Juilliard.
Daisy: Why?
I Don't Get It.
Why Would You Quit?
I Was Good.
But Not Great.
I Went To Those
First Couple
Of Weeks Of Classes,
And I Saw
The Other Students...
Their Passion...
And Their
Incredible Technique,
And I Thought--
I Freaked Out.
I Thought
I Don't Belong Here,
I Can't Compete With This.
I Felt Like Such A Fraud.
So, I Packed My Bags
And Flew Home,
Went To College, And...
Got An Internet Job.
How'd You End Up
At Marshall?
Oh, Well, Yeah.
Last Summer,
My Dot-Com Company
I Saw This Ad
Begging For Teachers.
When We Were
At Rolling Hills,
Every Cold-Sweat Nightmare
I Had Ever Had
Came Flooding Back To Me.
When Everything
Fell Apart,
I Knew I'd Failed
You Guys.
I Didn't Want You
To Compete Again,
Because I Couldn't
Handle It.
This Isn't At All
About Not Believing In You.
I Hate That You
Thought That.
This Is Me.
It's My Stuff,
My Fears.
Whose Routine Do You Think
Got Us That Trophy Today?
We're Not So Dumb
To Think We Can
Do This Without You.
We Want
To Keep On Going.
I Don't Know
About That.
If We Pull Through
In The Next 3 Or 4 Weeks,
We Have A Chance
To Make It To Regionals.
I Realize That.
Ms. Bartlett,
Si, Se Puede.
What's That?
It's Our Team Chant.
Marisol Taught It To Us
From Her Granny.
Si, Se Puede.
It Means "Yes, I Can."
Si, Se Puede.
Si, Se Puede.
The Truth,
Mr. And Mrs. Cortez,
Is That The Girls
Made Some Definite
Errors In Judgment.
But I Made
An Even Bigger One.
I Didn't Show
Nearly As Much
Faith In Them
As They Deserve.
Well, We Appreciate
You Coming To Talk
To Us Like This.
Well, Alyssa's
A Terrific Girl.
And I Think
The Dance Team's
Been Really Good
For Her.
For The First Time,
She Not Only Has Books,
She Has Friends.
Oh, That's Great.
So, How Do You
Think We Should
Tell Mr. Zavala
About This
Little Incident?
He's A Busy Man.
He Has Enough
To Be Worried About.
Thank You.
I Promise
From Here On Out,
I Will Be With The Girls
Every Step Of The Way.
Every School Rule
Will Be Followed.
Gracias, Ms. Bartlett.
No, Really,
Thank You.
So We're Still On?
We Can Compete Again?
Step Into The Party
Look Across The Room
Chillin' With
Your Friends
Couldn't Help
But Notice You
Checkin' The Time...
So, I Need You To Choose
3 Numbers
From Your Tribes
And Send Them Down Front.
The Winning Team Has
No Homework Tonight.
All: Yeah! Whoo!
Run My Fingers
Through My Hair
Slowly Walk
Right Over There
I'm Shakin' My Hips...
Get Ready...
Get Set...
[All Talking At Once]
Shake, Shake
Move To The Rhythm
Dance To The Beat
The Feeling Is
Right Tonight
Gotta Get On Your Feet
Shake, Shake
Move To The Groove Now
Dance Up Ahead
I Just Want
To Dance With You
Gotta Get On Your Feet
Tell Me Your Name
Let's Talk For A While
Just Can't Resist
That Beautiful Smile
My Wish For Tonight
Is Dancing With You
With You
Baby, Take My Hand
My Hand
And Make It Come True
Shake, Shake
Move To The Rhythm,
Dance To The Beat
The Feeling
Is Right Tonight
Gotta Get On Your Feet
Let's Go!
1, 2, 3, 4!
Don't Look Now,
But You Might Actually
Be Getting Good At This.
Well, I Found
It Works Better
If You Let Them Be
A Little Hands-On.
So How's
The Dance Practice Going?
Great! The Girls Are
Really Working Hard.
Ms. Bartlett:
Ok. That's It
For Today.
Hey, You Wanted
To See Me?
How Come You Didn't
Tell Me You Had An Offer
From Lynell Elliot?
Oh, Come On!
The High School
Of The Performing Arts.
That's The Most
Incredible Place!
Yeah. It's Also
A Zillion Miles
Across Town.
So, It's Probably
A Bunch Of Stuck-Up
Rich Kids
With Mommies
And Daddies
In Show Business.
How Am I Supposed
To Fit In?
What Happened
To "Si, Se Puede"?
Chuy Thinks
It's A Stupid Idea.
Is He The Boyfriend?
Plus, He's Bent
At Me Enough
For Spending
So Much Time
With Dance,
You Know?
And He Thinks
I'm Being Set Up
For Something
I Can Never
What Grade
Is This Chuy In?
He Dropped Out.
He's A Mechanic
Over At Escobar's.
Which Pretty Much Means
His Future's Been
Decided For Him.
Is That What You Want?
Listen, Take It
From Somebody
Who Has Been There.
This Is The Time
In Your Life
When You Should Be
Seizing Every Opportunity,
Following Your Dream.
Don't Make
The Same Mistake
I Did, Ok?
[Screaming Joyfully]
We Did It!
We Did It!
We Came In Second!
We're Going
To Regionals!
We're Going All The Way
To San Diego!
All Praise
Ms. Bartlett!
Ms. Bartlett!
Thank You, Ladies.
I Will See You On Monday,
And Then--We Are On
To Regionals!
All: Yay!
Does That Mean
This Thing Isn't
Over Yet?
It Would Have Been
If We Hadn't
Placed Today.
But You Did.
Don't Sound
So Excited For Us.
I'm Gettin'
Really Sick
Of This, Girl.
Oh, Yeah?
You Never Have
Any Time For Me
You're Always Dancing
Or Practicing
Or Too Busy
Or Too Tired!
Chuy, Why Can't
You Understand?
Dance Is Finally
Giving Me A Chance
To Do Something
With My Life!
What About Our Life?
What About
All Our Plans?
I'm Just A Kid!
I Don't Wanna
Be All Settled!
You Know, Who Knows
What's Gonna Happen?
I Know!
You're Gonna Go
To That Snotnose
Actors School.
They're Gonna
Chew You Up
And Spit You Out,
And You're Gonna
Come Limping Back
Expecting Me
To Be Waitin'
Here For You?
Well, You Know What?
Bag That,
'Cause I Have
A Life, Too,
And If You Don't
Wanna Be A Part Of It,
Then You're
Out Of It!
Chuy, Wait!
You Know What
Ms. Bartlett Told Me?
She Said That Ever Since
She Quit Juilliard,
She Wondered Every Day
What Would've Happened
If She Stuck It Out.
Every Day,
She Wonders, Chuy!
I Don't Wanna Wonder!
I Wanna Know!
Well, Good For You.
Buena Suerte,
Chica. Eh?
Chuy, Don't Do This!
[Tires Screech]
Answering Machine:
This Is Lynell Elliot.
Please Leave A Message
After The Beep.
Miss Elliot?
This Is Daisy Salinas
From Marshall Middle School.
I Met You At
The Hamilton Dance Meet.
I'm Calling
Because I Would
Very Much Appreciate It
If You Would Send Me
An Application
To Your School.
What Do You Mean
We Can't Go?
I Mean, This Is
Everything Those Girls
Have Worked For.
I Understand,
But There's Not
A Single Dime
Left In The Budget.
Well, What Are We
Talking About, A Bus?
One Bus For One Day?
How Much Could That
Possibly Cost?
Because We'd Be Going
To San Diego,
Which Is Outside
Our District,
I Have To Get
A Liability Rider.
Then There's The Cost
Of The Driver, The Gas,
The Bus Itself--
But This Isn't
The First Year
You've Had A Dance Team.
Why Wasn't This Put
In The Budget
From The Start?
But This Is
The First Year
We've Had A Dance That's Even
Come Close To Being
In The Regionals.
Sir, What Am
I Supposed To Do?
Punish These Girls
For Their Success,
Tell Them If They'd
Only Gone And Failed,
Would Be Fine?
I'm Very Sorry,
Ms. Bartlett,
But I Don't Know
Where I'm Gonna Get
My Hands On $1,200.
Ohh. [Sighs]
What If We Raise
The Money Ourselves?
Yeah. Maybe We Could
Even Raise Enough
To Get New Uniforms.
We Could
Have A Car Wash.
Yeah. And We Can Sell
Food And Stuff.
Like A Block Party!
Guys, We Have To Do
Whatever It Takes
To Get To Regionals.
We Have A Lot To Do
In The Next 2 Weeks.
Like Come Up With
A Whole New Routine.
Actually, You Guys,
I Was Thinking About That.
How Would You Feel
If We Did Something
Really Innovative
By Taking Advantage
Of Your Background?
You Mean,
Something Like This?
I Did It Since I Was
Old Enough To Walk.
My Mother Call It
La Lavadora.
The Washing Machine.
Yeah! A-And How
'Bout The Merengue,
Like This?
That's Perfect!
That's It!
That's It!
Who Else?
Anybody Else
Have Something?
My Parents Do
The Cha-Cha.
It's Like...
Ms. Bartlett:
Ok, Watch Daisy.
Do You See How
She Makes It Her Own?
She's Going From Cha-Cha
To Hip-Hop, Back To Salsa...
Cool. Now, How Do We
Turn It Into A Routine?
Yeah, And How Are We Ever
Gonna Learn It On Time?
Well, Let's
Figure That Out.
What Do You Think?
We Start Up Here,
Bring It Down...
And Hip,
Come On, Girls,
Try This With Us.
And Do What You Were
Doing Before, Ok?
And Cross Over.
Ok, Perfect.
Spin Around, And...
Shake, Shake, Shake!
From The Top--Up!
Arms Up, Bring It Down,
And Pop
The Head--Salsa...
Oh! Alex!
What Are You Doing Here?
I Have To Tell You,
You Are Not
The Easiest Person
In The World
To Track Down.
Ohh! Come Here!
Let's Go Inside.
Get Some Tea.
Are The Rumors True?
Are You Teaching Now?
Ninth-Grade Biology.
And You're
Digging It?
Yeah. It Definitely
Has Its Challenges.
Well, You Know,
The Reason I'm Here--
I Was, Uh, Talking
To Bob Humphrey.
From Medico?
He's Now One
Of The Hotshots
On The Web.
His Web Site--
It's Huge!
It's Gossip, Advice,
Fashion Tips--
You Know, All The Stuff
For Preteen Girls
With Links To
The Best Clothes,
And Music Sites.
It's Unreal!
And They're
Looking For A Head
Of Customer Relations
And Marketing...
And I Told Them
About You.
Well, Alex, That's
Really Flattering, But...
I Think I'm Starting
To Hit My Stride
With This Teaching Thing.
How Much You Making?
If I Never Wanna
Take Another
Decent Vacation Again.
Hey, Whatever
You're Pulling In,
Double It--At Least!
I Mean, He's Had
A Hundred Applicants,
But No One
With Your Skills
Or Experience.
Now With This
Teaching Thing
On Top Of It...
Your Students Are
His Core Demographic.
I Don't Know, Alex.
I Don't Know.
Give Him A Call.
They Even Have
An Office In London.
Ahh, You'd Love
Give Him A Call.
Take An Interview.
What Can It Hurt?
I Guess There's
No Reason Not
To Just Meet The Guy.
Give Him A Call.
Alyssa: How Can You
Be Failing Math?
It's Only The Term
Progress Report,
Not An Actual
Report Card.
Look, Mr. Zavala
Is Totally Crazy
About This Stuff.
Any Failing Grade
Means You Can't Be On
An After-School Team.
Yeah, But Even
He Wouldn't
Kick Her Off
Right Before
Wanna Bet?
Stupid Math!
It's Always
Been A Pain!
What Are
We Gonna Do?
Well, Let's
Just Talk To
Ms. Bartlett.
I Mean, Maybe
She Can Pull
Some Strings.
Chicas! Listen Up.
Bad News.
What's Going On,
I Hear Ms. Bartlett
On Her Cell Phone
About A New Job.
That's Not Possible.
Marisol, Are You
Sure You Heard That?
S! I Know
My English Will Not
Be So Perfect,
But My Ears,
They Are Fine.
She Never Wanted
To Be Here In
The First Place!
We Were Just
A Paycheck
Between Real Jobs!
Daisy, That's
Not True, Ok?
I Don't Believe It!
Look, We Never
Should Have
Trusted Her!
You're Wrong!
Ms. Bartlett
Cares About Us--
A Lot!
Yeah, Right.
She's Staying
Here, Ok?
I'll Bet
This Can't
Be Happening!
It's Over!
No, It Isn't!
Uh, Ladies?
So, Have You
Come To Make
Your Farewell Address
To The Troops?
I'm Sorry?
Once A Quitter,
Always A Quitter.
We Know You Had
A Job Interview.
Marisol Heard You
Confirm It.
Is It True?
Are You Leaving?
You Can't!
What About Regionals?
So, Did They Offer
You A Lot Of Money
And Tell You That
You Were The Best?
Actually, It Was
An Extremely
Generous Offer,
And They Asked Me
To Start On Monday.
Bye. We're Really
Gonna Miss You.
How Could You
Do This To Us?
I Thought
We Mattered
To You.
Mr. Zavala Won't
Let Us Go Anywhere
Near Regionals
Without A Coach!
After All
Our Hard Work!
This Is No Fair!
Can I Get A Word In?
Why Bother?
Actually, The Truth Is,
I Turned Them Down.
You Really Did?
So, You're Staying?
We're A Team.
Ms. Bartlett: So...
Are You Ready?
Are We Gonna Practice?
Um, Actually?
We've Got Another
Problem To Figure Out.
Well, What If
We Considered This One,
Big Extra-Credit Project?
Yolanda Can Collect
All The Money Tomorrow
At The Car Wash,
And I'll Check
Her Calculations.
If She Gets It Right,
Then You Can Talk
To Her Math Teacher,
See If He'll Raise
Her Grade To A "D."
That Could Work.
But You Have To Get Her
To Take It Very Seriously.
If Yolanda
Doesn't Deliver
An Accurate Tabulation,
She's Off
The Dance Team.
You Got It.
Ms. Bartlett...
I Like Your Optimism.
Boy: Give Me A Piece
Of That Chicken.
Thank You.
I Washed
So Many Cars,
I'm Gonna Have
Pruned Hands
For A Month.
So How Are We Doing?
Collecting's Easy.
It's The Counting
And Adding That'll
Be The Tricky Part.
Let's See.
Oh, Wow!
So, Are We There?
Did We Do It?
Close, But...
No Cigar.
Well, We Have
Enough For The Bus
And The Insurance,
But We Still Need
Another $100
To Get The Uniforms.
[Car Horn Honks]
With All This?
Somebody Told Me You Were
Having A Little Trouble
Reaching Your Goal.
Yeah, Well,
Where Did You Get
All These Cars From?
Escobar's Garage.
The Old Man Has The Repairs
Washed Every Time
He Turns Them Out.
I, Uh...
Talked Him Into
Throwing The Job
Your Way.
So, What's The Damage
Gonna Be For 9 Cars
And A Van?
Well, That Still
Leaves Us Short
15 And Some Change.
You Owe Me A Wash
And Wax, Girl.
Ms. Bartlett:
Congratulations, Team.
We're All Going
To Regionals!
Whoo! We're All Gonna
Look So Fine
In Our New Uniforms!
All: Whoo!
Here You Are,
Daisy Salinas.
I've Been
Looking Everywhere.
I Cannot Tell You
How Delighted I Was
To Receive
Your Application,
And I'm Looking
Forward To Seeing You
Dance Today.
Ah, Great.
No Pressure.
Oh, This Is My Coach
Ms. Bartlett.
This Is
Lynell Elliot.
Oh! It's Really Nice
To Meet You.
A Pleasure.
Well, I Won't
Keep You.
I Know You're
Busy Preparing.
I Just Wanted
To Say Hello,
Wish You Good Luck,
And Let You Know
I'll Be Watching.
You Guys,
I Cannot Believe
We're Actually Here.
I'm Gonna Faint.
I'm Gonna Fall
Right Over
Into A Dead Faint.
Not Before
We Compete.
Dance First,
Faint Later.
P.A.: Los Alamitos
Dance Team On Deck.
Marshall Middle School
Up Next.
[All Talking At Once]
P.A.: Good Afternoon,
Ladies And Gentlemen.
Welcome To
The Southern California
Regional Dance Finals!
First Up, The Los Alamitos
Red Devils!
Girls: Whoo!
Woman: Y'all Ready?
Girls: Yeah, Yeah!
[Music Increases Tempo]
Girls: Dance, Dance!
Girls: Yeah!
[Applause And Cheering]
Esmeralda: You Guys?
You Guys, I Can't
Find Our Pompoms.
Where Are
Our Pompoms?
I'll Go Look
Over There.
Ok, You Go That Way.
I'll Go This Way.
Go. Yeah.
I Can't Do This.
Mmm, Of Course
You Can.
No, I--I Can't.
Lynell Elliot
Is Out There.
You Know How Good
You Are,
And, Uh,
I Know You Know
What Today Could
Mean For You, But...
Let Me Tell You
Something You
May Not Know.
It Certainly
Took Me Long Enough
To Figure This Out.
There Is
A Big Difference
Between Being The Best
And Being Your Best.
Aiming To Be
The Best Is--
It's Fruitless.
It's A Matter
Of Opinion.
But To Be Your Best?
That's Where
You Find Your Spirit.
Look, The Best,
My Best--
The Difference?
I Can't Do Any Of It!
Sure You Can.
You Have Done This
50 Times In Rehearsal.
Do You Know
The First Time
I Saw You Dance--
In My Classroom--
You Had Such Joy.
You Danced Straight
From Your Heart.
And Do You Know
There Is More Value
And That's
More Contagious
Than Having
A Thousand Trophies.
So, Today I Want You
To Forget About Winning
And Forget
About Lynell Elliot.
Forget Everything...
Except Why It Is
You Want To Dance.
Remember, Sweetie,
Follow Your Heart.
Si, Se Puede!
Hey, Girls!
Good Luck, Ok?
Hang In There.
P.A.: Please Welcome
The Marshall Middle School
Dance Team!
[Applause And Cheering]
Go, Marshall!
1, 2, 3, 4...
Girls: 5, 6, 7, 8!
[Music Starts]
Come On, Daisy...
Let's Go!
Girls: Go, Go, Go!
[Applause And Cheering]
Girls: Come On!
Let's Go!
Step Into The Party
Look Across The Room
Baby, Take My Hand
And Make It Come True
Shake, Shake,
Move To The Rhythm
Dance To The Beat
The Feeling Is
Right Tonight
Gotta Get On Your Feet
Shake, Shake
Move To The Rhythm
Dance To The Beat
The Feeling Is
Right Tonight
Gotta Get On Your Feet
Shake, Shake
Move To The Rhythm
Dance To The Beat
I Just Want
To Dance With You
Gotta Get On Your Feet
[Applause And Cheering]
[Applause And Cheering]
All Right!
[All Laughing And Talking]
Daisy, We Were
So Awesome!
Doesn't That Mean
We're Gonna Go To
State Championships?
And Then
Maybe Nationals!
And Then
No Matter What Happens
After Today,
You Girls Are Amazing!
Well, Maybe
'Cause We've Got
An Amazing Coach.
To Ms. Bartlett.
No. To Us.
All: To Us!
[All Laughing And Talking]
Can't Believe You Drove
All The Way Down Here.
Oh, You Thought
I'd Miss This?
I Thought
You Hated Everything
About My Dancing.
No, Chica.
You Know What I Hated?
Feelin' Like I Was
Gettin' Left Behind.
Feelin' Like You Were
Gonna Get Out
And Go For The Gold,
And I Was Gonna Be
Toolin' Cars
Till I'm Toothless.
But Guess What?
This Dropout's
Droppin' Back In.
Chuy, Are You Serious?
Well, I At Least
Gotta See If I Can Do It.
I Am So Proud Of You!
Right Back At Ya.
I'll See You Up Front,
All Right?
You Were Great.
Shake, Shake
Move To The Rhythm,
Dance To The Beat
Shake It!
The Feeling
Is Right Tonight
Gotta Get On Your Feet
All: Whoo!
Hey, Hey, Everybody,
Look Over Here!
All: Si, Se Puede!
[All Cheering]
Tell Me Your Name
Let's Talk For A While
Just Can't Resist
That Beautiful Smile
My Wish For Tonight
Is Dancing With You
With You
Baby, Take My Hand
My Hand
And Make It Come True
Shake, Shake
Move To The Rhythm,
Dance To The Beat
The Feeling
Is Right Tonight
Gotta Get On Your Feet
Shake, Shake
Move To The Groove Now,
Dance Up Ahead
I Just Want
To Dance With You
Gotta Get On Your Feet
Shake, Shake
Move To The Rhythm
Dance To The Beat
The Feeling
Is Right Tonight
Gotta Get On Your Feet
Shake, Shake
Move To The Rhythm,
Dance To The Beat
The Feeling Is
Right Tonight
Gotta Get On Your Feet