Govind Govinda (2021) Movie Script

Why did you turn it off, boss?
You know that it's
my dad's favorite song, right?
Damn your sentiments!
People can tell that we're
leading a miserable life
just by looking at the
damn food you are eating!
I want a prosperous life!
And I will definitely get it.
Welcome back to Dharmamaargadarshana.
Mr. Thirupati from Bengaluru
-has a question for Guruji.
-"Greetings, Guruji.
-Don't say a word.
My name is Thirupati.
I'm having a terrible time.
I'm failing at everything I try to do."
He has also stated that
the failures depress him.
Do you have a solution, Guruji?
Mr. Thirupati, Mercury is in retrograde.
Lord Shani will have a huge
impact on your horoscope.
Wearing black clothes might help you.
Black is his favorite color.
Come on!
You had told me the same
thing last week as well.
What do I do next?
You should carry turmeric and
vermilion with you all the time.
It will bring you luck as well as wealth.
Turmeric and vermilion?
Thank you, Guruji.
It's time to listen to a devotional song.
What is it?
-Where the hell are you?
-I'm working. What do you want?
Go to hell and don't come back!
I had asked you to buy a school bag.
The old bag is damaged.
She says she won't go to school
till you get her a new one.
-I'll get it.
-When will you get it?
You barely come home.
And when you do you come,
we have no clue
if you're gonna stay or leave!
You're always loafing around the city
-with that useless Thirupati!
I had warned you, right?
Why are you hanging out with that loser?
I can hear her, you idiot!
Can you hear me, you idiot?
Ask her to shut up
or turn the volume down!
You're not worried about your family!
-Are you gonna get the bag?
-Yes! I'll get it! Hang up!
You better get it or you'll pay for it.
Your wife really respects me.
Finish your damn food!
Guruji has suggested a solution.
I hope it works this time.
I hope the client is worthy
and not a cheapskate.
Turmeric and vermilion?
I'm sure this is what Guruji meant by
"carrying turmeric and vermilion".
-Come on! Step on it! Go!
-Let's go!
-Govinda Govinda!
-Govinda Govinda!
-Govinda! Govinda!
-Govinda! Govinda!
-Govinda! Govinda!
-Govinda! Govinda!
"Govinda Govinda" is a nice title.
I have loved your short film as well.
-Thank you, sir.
-And I loved the interval block as well.
I like to encourage young talent.
We're definitely gonna
work on this project.
Who do you have in mind
for the female lead?
I haven't thought about it, sir.
The lead actress from
your short film was pretty.
-Who is she?
-She is my cousin, sir.
Why don't you cast her?
No, sir, I think we should cast
a mainstream actress.
We can try someone from Bombay?
No, sir.
I think we should cast an actress
from the Kannada industry.
We should cast Ms. Padmavati.
I think she will fit
the character really well.
Padmavati is a great option.
Get in touch with her.
We can proceed if she's available.
Okay, sir.
We are definitely taking this
project forward. Good luck.
Thank you so much, sir.
Manju sir has loved the script.
If we can get Ms. Padmavati's,
we will be set.
It's hard to meet Ms. Padmavati!
She doesn't even have a manager.
Can we try some other options?
-Hello, brother.
-Yes, dear.
You had told me you'd try
and get in touch with Padmavati.
Yeah, I'm trying.
Let's meet and discuss it.
Okay, brother.
I'll give you her number once I get it.
You're directing your first movie.
Don't be stubborn.
You're never going to make a
movie if you don't compromise.
Yeah, Srinivas?
Sir, Padmavati
Have you managed to contact Padmavati?
Talk to her about the project
and let me know.
-I'll be waiting.
-Okay, sir.
I've got her email address.
Will she check her email?
Of course, she will.
-Hello, Ms. Padmavati?
-Yes, who is this?
Yeah, this is Srinivas.
Oh! Yes, Srinivas?
-Hello, ma'am.
-Hi, sit, sit.
Would you like to have something?
-No, ma'am.
-I've read your script.
I feel that your script doesn't
offer a lot of room for performance.
So, I don't think I'll be doing it.
Sorry, please convey
my regards to the producer.
Don't be disheartened.
Okay, ma'am.
Anyway, thank you so much for the offer.
-Okay, ma'am.
-All the best.
Hello, ma'am,
you had asked us to wait here.
-Where are you?
-I'm right here!
-Oh! One second.
-Are you Mr. Srinivas?
-Yes, ma'am.
Give me two minutes.
I'll be back.
I'm so sorry.
I had scheduled a discussion
for another movie as well.
I thought you were the
executive producer of that movie.
Sorry about that.
It's okay, ma'am.
I've loved the script
that you had emailed.
Your short film is really good as well.
Thanks a lot, ma'am.
I loved it.
Who's the actress?
She is my sister.
Well, my cousin. Her name is Meena.
Oh! She's really good.
Why don't you cast her?
Yes, she's good. But
-I am commercially viable?
-No, no, ma'am.
I think you are perfect for the character.
The script is ready.
But I'm working on improving it.
It's okay.
You can narrate whatever you have.
You can imagine your cousin, Meena,
as the lead actress for this narration.
This is a rough version.
The scene opens with
Your mother ruined
her life chasing her dancing dreams.
And she has taught you the same.
I've gotten you enrolled in a
decent college. I did it for you!
You're the principal's daughter.
You must study well.
You must do it for both of us.
What's wrong with you?
Can't you bowl?
-Are you ready?
Come on, bowl in the right areas.
Go, get it!
Faster! We're gonna win this!
Catch it!
Throw it!
-How's that?
-What the hell, Venki!
No one has ever gotten out
like this in the history of cricket!
He has lost his phone again.
How many times will you lose your phone?
This must the seventh
or the eighth time, right?
Don't worry.
If he loses another couple of phones
the number of phones he's
lost will be in double digits!
Losing phones is his passion.
-Hey, Keshva!
We were at the tea shop
this morning, right?
Did I lose it there?
Well, if you have lost it there,
I think you should forget about it.
The tea vendor must have grabbed it
and hidden it in his secret pockets.
Well, if we call him,
he's gonna have a lot
of fun when it vibrates!
Old boys are sitting in a row.
Let's ask them.
-Are you listening to me?
-Uncle, have you seen my phone?
Can you hear me?
Uncle, my phone?
Please lift your leg--
Uncle, my phone?
-I'm looking for my phone under the table.
-Which phone?
-Get lost!
-Hey, stop!
-Kaka, my phone?
-Can you hear me?
Uncle, can you step aside?
-Why can't you wear some underwear?
-Get lost.
Uncle, my phone!
Alright, we'll go watch a movie
with the kids.
How dare you break my bottle!
-Oh, God!
-Oh, God! My back! It hurts!
-Go! Go!
Step on it, man! Run!
Shut up, man!
My bike's maxed out!
Hey! Stop it!
How dare you urinate
in front of my house?
You dirty idiots, get lost.
Why don't you let
me urinate peacefully?
We'll look for the phone later.
There are girls walking around!
Don't you guys have manners?
I'm talking to you!
How dare you ignore me!
What's wrong with you?
Don't you have a family?
You brutes are spoiled brats!
-Okay, Grandma! Please shut up.
-You are shameless!
How dare you ask me to shut up!
Where did we go before
we went to the tea shop?
You donkey, go and pee
in front of your house!
-We were watching a movie!
-Correct, let's go there.
How would you feel if
I peed in front of your house?
Go ahead, Grandma!
You can have your revenge.
But please send
your granddaughter to do it.
Get lost, you idiots!
You will all go to hell.
I've heard that your
daughter is a good dancer.
I think we should enroll her in
the inter-college competition?
Let her concentrate on her studies.
You can go to the class if you're done.
You're playing cricket?
You were supposed to protect the phone!
You're playing cricket?
-I've got my phone with me.
-Oh, really?
-Venki-- Stop!
-How dare you push me?
-Venki, let him go.
-Hey! Stop!
Stop it!
-Hey, stop!
-What the hell are you doing?
-Protect your phones!
-Get lost!
Cricket's not important. Your phone is.
Do you even know how to hold a bat?
-Fly's open, dumbass.
-Hey! Let's go.
Have you lost it?
He lost his phone.
Why the hell did he thrash you?
He's frustrated. He wanted to hit himself.
But he vented his frustration on you.
What the hell have you achieved?
Why the hell are you dancing?
I've just finished my finals, Dad.
How was the physics test?
It was better than chemistry, Dad.
And chemistry?
It was better than mathematics, Dad.
And math must have been
better than physics, right?
Obviously, Dad.
You idiot!
If you keep roaming around all the time
you'll always score a zero!
Your peers have finished
college and become engineers!
But you're struggling in the 12th grade!
Oh, God! What the hell is this?
Your scores look like my phone number.
You aren't even scoring 35
if I add all your scores!
Why are you getting worked up
for these silly things?
You've heard Actor Darshan's
dialogue, right?
"Do your duty but don't
expect anything in return!"
Go to hell!
Lord Krishna had said it
in the Bhagavad Gita.
Really? Whatever.
I'll score a perfect 100
on the next physics test.
But the physics test
is for 70 marks, right?
Whatever, Dad.
I was trying to simplify it for you.
You are spoiling your friends as well!
There you go.
Speak of the devil
Oh, God!
His dad has answered the call, dude.
This is a great chance to nail him.
Hey, Venkatesh!
Don't tell your father
that you have lost your phone.
You have already failed the test!
Your father might
thrash you if he finds out!
Be careful.
His father is definitely gonna thrash him.
Where's your phone?
My phone, Dad?
-Dad, please, please
-Did you lose your phone again?
Oh, my shoes.
I got them.
Dear students
our college is known
for its ideology and discipline.
I will not tolerate transgressions,
illegal activities, and indiscipline.
You should follow his words
rather than copying his lines.
You should focus on your
studies and your home.
Your aim must be to protect
our college and its rules.
Children, it's your duty
to follow these rules.
You have finished your tests recently.
Your lecturers will tell you your scores.
Why is she staring at us?
Oh, God!
Hey, control yourself!
She's the Principal's daughter.
Oh, my God!
He has a pretty daughter.
When did she join our college?
You would've known it if you
wouldve bothered coming to college.
But youre really busy, right?
Why would you come to college?
She is in our class as well.
Ive never noticed her in our class.
Hey, stupid!
We havent attended class for a week.
Oh! Correct, correct
Move, go to your classes.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Come on! My Dad has already
thrashed me for losing the phone.
Why are you
staring at me, stupid?
Get the bloody test.
Let's go.
Why is she staring at us?
-Let's go.
-Did she see these tests?
-Oh, God! No way!
She'll definitely tell her father
if she has seen them.
-Oh, God!
-He'll expel us.
Why are you scared of her?
I'll go to her
-and apologize right away!
-Oh, God!
You idiots are gonna lower my standards!
Hold this and wait here!
I'll deal with her.
Hi, I'm Venki.
Our professor is a psychopath.
She embarrasses us
in front of the whole class.
She sends our scorecards home
if we miss her class.
You're a newcomer.
You might not know this.
Is this the "standard"
he was talking about?
Wait for it.
He's gonna get a "standard" beating.
Hide it! She's coming.
What happened?
All is well.
Thank God!
She is staring at us!
Of course, she is.
She must've loved my style.
-Good morning, ma'am.
-Good morning, ma'am.
Here are your results.
I'm gonna grill every single one of you!
It's going to be fun!
That's a great start.
Is there another Venkatesh in the class?
-Hey, Venkatesh!
-I don't think it's mine.
It is, son. Come here.
It cannot be mine, ma'am.
No way!
You are the one who drew a
skull in the chemistry test, right?
-Did she have a photocopy of my test?
-Come on.
I'm coming, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am?
You've scored two marks!
Does this look like a chemistry test?
It looks like a postmortem report!
Why did you draw skulls
and bones all over the place?
It's not a skull, ma'am.
It's a chemical jar.
I've taken some creative liberties, ma'am.
Oh, really?
Do you think this is funny?
Useless fellow.
"I've taken some creative liberties!"
Get lost!
Thank you, ma'am.
-Next, Pritvi.
-What the hell!
How did she get my test?
Well, she'd suspect us if
all three tests went missing, right?
That's the reason
I put your test back in.
Meet me outside!
You are going to pay for this.
Keshva Karade.
Come here right now
or I'll be forced to drag you out!
I'm coming, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am?
I don't understand anything
in this test, except your name.
-How much do you think you've scored?
-About 1.5?
-You have got that right!
-The test was really tough.
Your brain is the same as
that of a dead person!
Your scolding is a blessing
for students like me.
Take it.
Go back to your seat.
-How dare he trick you?
He thinks he is really smart.
I know his
techniques really well.
I put his test back in the fold.
So cute! God bless you!
Hari Doddakunde.
Sorry, dude, we are all friends, right?
-Absent, ma'am.
He is right here, ma'am.
He is lying.
Fix your shirt!
You look like a pickpocket.
You have scored three marks.
Your names are a great coincidence.
Venkatesh, Hari, and Keshva
These are all names of one God!
Govinda! Govinda!
Ma'am, I didn't get my test.
-Me too, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am!
Ma'am, I didn't get my test, either.
Why are so many tests missing?
Hey, we didn't take her test, right?
Are you sure?
Oh, my God! Look!
She has stolen her test as well.
Are you sure that she's
the Principal's daughter?
Show me your score
or I'll tell her you've stolen it.
Just two?
Hey, she has scored two marks as well.
What's your score in math?
Just four?
Don't you study well?
I'm better than you.
I'm just kidding.
I'll help you with math, okay?
Hey, brother!
-Can you spell "mathemastick"?
What do you mean by "stick"?
It's "mathemasticks"!
-Shut up, fools.
How much did you score in chemistry?
Alamelu, come here.
I was waiting for you, you know.
Did she yell at you?
What is it?
She remembers my score.
Oh, my God!
She has a great memory!
I think she remembers your
score because you're a newcomer!
But what about us?
We should change the plan.
What is this?
Question paper.
She has asked me
to solve it five times.
How did she find your tests?
Yeah, exactly!
It was fate.
An act of Lord Shani!
She embarrassed us in front of the class.
Why did you get the special treatment?
Hey, I'm asking you.
I'm the Principal's daughter.
Oh, no!
I know.
Why did you act surprised if you knew it?
I know everything except the syllabus.
I have a secret.
Come here.
Children of teachers are troublemakers
and children of cops are thieves.
Oh, God!
You can smile!
Why are they giggling
like they're straight A students?
He is acting as if he's scored 90 marks!
Look at me!
I had scored less than one last year!
But I've scored more than one this year.
You can do that as well
if you work hard with me.
Or we could write the answers at home
and stick them on our test papers.
Or we could steal the question papers!
You are good at stealing anyway.
I have many tricks up my sleeve.
But I have a give and take policy.
We need to help each other.
-I know.
I heard it when the teacher said it.
But you didn't hear it from me, right?
-Hi, Venki.
Hey! Come here, guys!
Meet my friends.
He is Hari Doddakunde.
And he is Keshva Karade.
Swinging here and there!
Floating here and there!
Swinging here and there!
Floating here and there!
They have developed a friendship
That can melt even the sky and the earth!
Who are these guys?
Who are they?
Who are they?
Who are they?
Who are they?
Friendship is a relationship that is
Beyond every other relationship
Friendship outlasts joys and sorrows
Friendship outlasts life and death
Traveling with friends
Feels like heaven!
Who are they?
Who are they?
Who are they?
So, that was it.
One sec, that's my father.
What are you doing here?
Dad she's struggling with physics.
I'm helping her out.
You're helping her out? Stop kidding!
Hey, come on.
Do you know what velocity is?
At least, "E = mc"?
Dr. Rajkumar had once said,
"What we know is a drop.
What we don't know is an ocean!"
When did Dr. Rajkumar speak in English?
You wouldn't get it anyway.
Be nice, say hi, and go back home.
If you flirt with the aunt next door,
you'll pay for it.
Who are they?
Who are they?
I gave you the question paper
before the test!
Why didn't you write anything?
Getting the question paper doesn't help!
One must be interested in
writing the test as well, right?
Doesn't your dad get mad at you?
Well, he does.
He tries his best to get me to study.
But I am not interested.
There's a lot more to life.
You can do so many different things!
What do you like?
I love dancing.
So, you're a bathroom dancer?
Oh, sorry.
I have represented the state
in Bharatanatyam.
I hold a record in
the Limca Book of Records.
Dance is my life.
Everything was fine till my mom was alive.
All my father cares about
is his work and his stature.
Prestige issue!
What happened?
Where is your mom now?
It's been six months.
She had a brain tumor.
She passed away.
I had no other option
but to return to my father.
I've tried really hard to study,
but I can't do it!
And he's not getting my point!
Education doesn't have to
be the ultimate goal, right?
you must achieve more fame
as a dancer than I did.
That is my goal.
What is it?
I need to pay the fees for AITT.
Is this a new scheme?
No, it's a bloody game--
You won't get it, Dad.
I need to pay the fees today.
You had asked me to pay for
some other exam as well, right?
Yes, Dad! These are two different exams!
Exam one and exam two, okay?
Listen to me.
Shut up and apply for CET.
Dad, we need to pay for this exam!
Have I asked you to give me money
for cigarettes or alcohol?
Have I asked you to give me money
to buy gifts for girls?
I'm asking you to give me money to study!
-The money is in the wallet. Go!
I'll come to your college tomorrow
and check if you have paid the fees.
My college doesn't offer this course.
It's a different course.
Tell me who's offering it.
I'll come and see it with my own eyes.
Come on! Are you serious?
Don't you trust your son?
Okay, I don't want your money!
I don't need education either!
Alright, take it.
-So cute! Thank you.
-Go on.
Hey, here you go.
I'm sure you already have these.
But I couldn't find
a better gift for a dancer.
Okay? Don't thank me.
I feel uncomfortable.
I need to go, okay?
Okay, take care, bye.
-Venki, listen to me.
-No, don't thank me!
I told you I feel uncomfortable, right?
You've given me just one anklet.
Oh, shit!
I'm sorry.
Here you go.
I am a dumbass!
How could I forget!
Friendship is the temple for the mind
It is the ocean for the dreams
Friendship is a compeer
In the waves of memories
And in the shrine of the aim!
Friendship is the reincarnation
Of old memories
It's true that friendship gives you
Many new experiences!
Who are they?
Who are they?
Where are you coming from?
That's exactly
where I was right now.
What's your Chemistry score?
We haven't received the results yet.
What's this?
I'm warning you for the last time.
Don't repeat this.
Are you getting me?
I don't want to attend tuition.
I don't want to attend tuition.
He slapped you?
He didn't even care about
the fact that it was your birthday?
He didn't know that it was my birthday.
Is he really your father?
He's a bloody brute.
I cursed because I was really upset.
Sorry, please.
It's okay. Go on.
I can't rebuke him.
But I can hear you cuss.
Sure? Okay!
Idiot, scoundrel, bloody rascal
Oh, God! I'm done.
My friends would have cussed him to bits.
I love the girl's character.
It's very nice.
-I'll definitely follow the script.
-Thank you.
Listening to a narration
develop step-by-step
This process is really good.
I'll be back with an update in two days.
Okay, no problem.
By the way,
I wanted to ask you something.
Didn't your family oppose your decision
to be a filmmaker?
They had given me three years.
They want me to get a "safe" job
if this doesn't work out.
So, is your time up?
No. I have a year.
Did you ever feel like getting a job?
Did you feel like you wanted to quit?
Sometimes, when I noticed
my friends' lifestyles,
I'd worry about my future.
But I don't worry about that anymore.
I destroyed all my certificates.
This is stupid.
What if this doesn't work out?
Well, if I don't have my certificates,
I wouldn't have a Plan B.
Filmmaking would be my life
or my death.
And having multiple options
doesn't mean that they will work out.
I just have one option.
I have to make it work.
See you.
-Bye, see you.
A new path has
opened towards you
That has fallen from the eyes
All my dreams conveyed
That you are the gift I want hundred times
Most splendid time
The breeze which brought cold
Shall I give you my heart full of love
In a bowl of flair?
You are the smile on my lips
Like a lamp in the evening
You are the smile on my lips
Like a lamp in the evening
I forget myself after I see you
It's an implied conversation after all
The conspiracy of love is ravishing!
You are the head of this journey
A step ahead of friendship
That I hesitate to take
A step ahead of friendship
That I hesitate to take
We are not friends yet
But you've become as important
As the air I breathe
There is no doubt
That I've become your follower
You have become my shade
A new path has
opened towards you
That has fallen from the eyes
All my dreams conveyed
That you are the gift I want hundred times
Is everything alright?
Yeah, sort of.
You've got a parcel.
It's on the table. Take it.
-Did you get the book, son?
-Yes, Dad.
But I didn't ask for it.
Did I get you things only
when you asked for them?
I'd find out what you needed
and get it for you.
You should be my dialogue writer, Dad.
Open the book.
-Just open it.
You didn't have to do this, Dad.
You might need it.
I would have asked you if needed it.
It's okay, keep it.
How did the meeting go?
It went well, Dad.
I have a really positive
feeling about this one.
-Yes, dad.
She has loved the story.
How does she look?
Does she really look like
she does in the movies?
Yeah, almost, Dad.
Okay. I've got to go.
Talk to Mom.
Okay, Dad.
Hello, Seenu?
How are you?
Did Dad leave?
He's going camping as usual.
How's your work coming along?
-Mom, I'll call you right back.
-Hi, Good evening, sir.
-Good evening.
How did the meeting go?
It went well, sir.
She loved the story.
How's the script coming along?
It's almost done, sir.
I'm going abroad for a week.
I'll give Padmavati
the advance when I return.
-We can start the shoot after it's done.
You be ready with your team.
-We won't have time once we get started.
-Okay, sir.
-Are you getting me?
-Okay, sure, sir.
-Bye, sir.
Why are you crying?
What happened?
Tell me what's wrong!
Did you solve the problem?
Let me check.
You are improving.
What the hell!
What were you doing there
after tuition hours?
My dad
We have exams coming up.
He had asked the tutor to keep me
there for a few extra hours.
Your dad, right?
Bloody hell!
Doesn't he know whom to trust?
Go tell him what his
bloody friend did to you.
I told him.
I had no one when I was in trouble.
Not even your mother.
He was the only one who supported me.
I know him really well.
How can you lie about stuff
like this to skip tuition?
Aren't you ashamed?
More than the tutor's behavior
it's my dad's response that has hurt me.
I don't want to stay here.
I just want to go away.
I'm serious.
Where can I go?
Who'll take care of me?
Who will support me?
Why do you think I'm here?
I'll take care of you.
-Have you lost your mind?
Do you know what you are saying?
Running your mouth is really easy.
Where will you take her?
Her grandma lives in Bangalore.
She's coming back to
Bangalore in two months.
She can live with her.
-Where is her grandma now?
-She's in America.
Let's call her grandmother.
Let her handle it.
If her sadist dad finds out,
it will be a mess.
Let's not send her to
Bangalore right now.
We'll send her once her grandma returns.
You want her to go to that
tutor till her grandma returns?
That bloody rascal
will keep harassing her!
-Will that be okay?
We need to find a place in
Bangalore for two months, right?
-What about the expenses?
I'm thinking about it.
We need to manage it.
-If I ask Dad--
If you ask him, he will
beat the hell out of you!
What if we sell your dad's bike?
Why? What's wrong with your dad's bike?
-It's an old bike, man.
-And mine's new, eh?
Stop this nonsense.
I feel we're overreacting
and taking it to another level.
Whatever, I feel this
is the right thing to do.
Hey! Hey!
How about selling our college bus?
-What if we sell the train?
-No, it'll be heavier.
Can you please shut up?
Listen, it's a "No".
What if we blackmail someone?
What are we gonna say?
-You know, some people have secrets.
We could blackmail people
who have extramarital affairs.
Where do we find them?
Hey! I've told you that
Auntie and my dad are just friends!
What did I say, man?
I was just looking.
Okay, leave it.
It's your family's internal matter!
-Internal matter, my foot!
-What the hell is wrong with you?
-What do you mean?
-Stop it, guys.
Stop yelling.
We need money.
And we need to get it
without taking any risks.
No one can find out
that we're doing this.
Think about it.
Kidnap me.
What is she saying, man?
Do you want us to go to jail?
Why are you overreacting?
It's simple!
kidnap me and ask my dad to pay you.
Are you crazy?
We'll have to write exams in jail
if he files a police complaint.
He won't tell anyone.
He wouldn't complain because he'd be
embarrassed if my grandma finds out.
I think you're the first girl
who's planning her own kidnapping.
-We need a car, man.
We could borrow it from Rafik.
Lord Venkataramana
We'll visit your temple
If we crack this deal
I promise I'll offer you money
And shave my head off
It's a promise and I'll not postpone it
You think your dad is a fool?
He is clever!
-He is cleaver--
Hey, pronounce it properly.
C-L-E-V-E-R, clever.
Yeah. Next time.
I'll bring my maid with me.
It's better to kidnap me
in her presence.
She'll exaggerate the whole scene.
let's go to the temple.
Why do you need me, ma'am?
What will she do at the temple?
What do you mean--
Kamakshi, let's go to the market?
What will you do at the market, ma'am?
She isn't dumb.
She's logical.
Kamakshi is right.
Kamakshi, can we go out
casually and have ice cream?
Lord Venkataramana
We will visit your temple
If we crack this deal
I promise I'll offer you money
And shave my head off
It's a promise and I'll not postpone it
Small mistake.
Lord Venkataramana
We will visit your temple
If we crack this deal
I promise I'll offer you money
And shave my head off
It's a promise and I'll not postpone it
When Planet Venus
Passes on to eight chamber
Anyone can be the boss
And have lots of money
Sheshachala's daughter Shri Alamelu
Is a flop student but a top planner
She will sketch the plan
With her criminal mind
Thank God our boys managed to escape
Despite her bad ideas!
A distinct personality
Hidden behind the innocent face!
Govinda Govinda Shri Venkatesha!
Govinda Govinda Shri Venkatesha!
What's the next step?
Should we call him?
Not now.
He'll be in a meeting right now.
He won't answer the call.
We shouldn't call him unnecessarily.
Most importantly, call him from my phone.
You sound really professional!
-Have you done this before?
Okay, okay.
Hello, Sheshachala.
We have kidnapped your daughter.
Add some weight to your voice.
It sounds weak.
-Make sure you sound tough.
Hello, Sheshachala.
What's the ransom amount?
I just need five lakh rupees.
How much do you need?
One lakh rupees each.
That's fine, right?
Five plus three equals
Yes, it's eight!
Hey, we should ask for more money,
so that we can recover the
fees that we have paid.
No way!
We are ethical kidnappers.
Eight is a good number.
Okay, guys?
Hello, Sheshachala.
If you want your daughter back
pay us eight lakh rupees!
Eight lakh rupees?
Do I look like a fool?
How would I know?
We're not on a video call.
Lower your voice!
-We are not your students.
We might get caught if you say that.
-Should I avoid it?
Venki, call him now.
-Hello, Sheshachala.
-Who's this?
-Listen to me carefully
I hate repeating myself.
We have kidnapped your daughter.
-We have kidnapped your daughter.
Who is this?
Do you want an answer or your daughter?
Please! Let me go! please!
Help me!
Dad, help me!
Help me, Dad!
Dad, please! Dad!
What do you want?
Eight lakh rupees.
You have an hour.
If you try going to the cops
your daughter will be at your doorstep!
She will be red, she will be dead.
-The rhyming was great, right?
Get the money.
I'll call you back in half an hour.
Hello-- Hello--
-We did it.
Sir, someone has
kidnapped Alamelu ma'am.
Hey! It's him!
Why is he calling us back?
You were blabbering nonsense!
That's the reason he is calling again.
One second.
He has the money at home.
Hey, I sense trouble.
Hey, Doddakunde!
You were born senseless!
Just wait a second.
Are you sure that
he has the money at home?
Of course! Answer the call.
-Where should I bring the money?
Have you reached the spot?
He is right there.
-Where's the bag?
It's here.
Hey, why did you ask him
to bring it in a school bag?
Why do you think?
Keshva, do you know the difference
between files and piles?
It's simple, you can
sit when you have a file.
But you can't sit if you have piles.
You are funny.
Hey, don't you have any manners?
Is this how students behave in college?
-Shrishyla, come here.
Yes, sir?
Look at him.
This is what a student should look like.
a neatly tucked-in shirt,
and a clean uniform.
Where are your bags?
How can you attend your class
with just a book in hand?
You are not allowed to enter the college
if you don't have bags anymore!
Okay, sir.
-Okay, sir.
-You can go, Shrishyla.
-Thank you, sir.
-Don't forget to get your bags.
He used to torture us for not
bringing bags to college, right?
I wanted to see him carry a school bag!
Put the bag on.
-Put the bag on.
Hurry up, you don't have time.
I can't do it.
You're not a student.
You're an oversized pig!
Just do it!
-What next?
-Walk forward.
Go right.
Stop right there.
Turn around.
-Walk straight.
Keep walking.
What happened?
-Are you sure?
If you are hurt
I can call the ambulance.
They'll be here soon.
Where should I go?
Look down and walk forward carefully.
Place the bag on the small hillock.
Climb the staircase and
you'll find your daughter.
Take her and leave.
-That's a huge amount!
-Hurry! Hurry!
Sheshu, you look more worried than she is.
-What do you mean by "Cool"?
Cool, cool.
can you recognize their faces?
No, Uncle, they were wearing masks.
You don't have to panic at all.
Have you seen them before?
Do you think they could be
someone you know?
Someone familiar?
You might have seen them before.
-Yes, Uncle!
Tell me.
One of them looked like
Have you seen the climax fight
of the movie KGF?
There was a guy with a beard
who holding an ax in the third row.
He would look exactly like
the kidnapper if he shaved.
The second guy
-Have you seen the movie Kurukshetra?
Nikhil Kumaraswamy played
the character of Abhimanyu?
There is a person holding a spear
in the war scene.
-Yeah, he was in the fifth row.
The second kidnapper
looked just like him.
Alright, I get it.
The other one
Take the names of new movies like
Tagaru, Pailwan, Pogaru, etc.
You would have scored straight A's
if you would've studied so carefully!
Sheshu, cool!
What do you mean--
Alamelu, you may go inside.
Get some rest.
Uncle, the third guy looked like--
Hey, hello
I guess she's really stressed.
Thankfully, she's safe.
Calm down.
How can I?
Why, man?
She cooked up stories when
I ask her to take tuition.
People at college are asking me to
get married again if I can't manage her.
They give me this crappy advice.
How do you think I feel?
And she's always roaming around
with those three idiots.
Three guys?
Kamakshi, How many guys did you see?
I'm not sure, sir.
It was really dark.
They kidnapped her
in the afternoon, right?
Yes, I was wearing
my shades when it happened.
Is she alright?
But I saw them when I took it off, sir.
There were three men
Osama, Robin Hood, and Veerappan!
These three have kidnapped her.
Three guys.
Three friends. Three kidnappers.
Something is fishy.
There is something wrong.
Okay, Sheshu, what should we do?
I'll be out of town for two days.
We'll talk about this later.
I'll take care of everything.
Don't worry, be cool.
Cool! Cool!
There he is.
-What took you so long, man?
-Hold this.
Alamelu, money is in the secret pocket.
-What about you guys?
-We'll sort it out later.
Give me the bag.
My friend Vinod will meet
you in Bengaluru.
I've made arrangements
for you to stay there.
Take this.
Here is some cash for your expenses.
Don't use the money from the bag.
No one should know that
you're carrying cash, okay?
Why don't you guys come with me?
Do you have another scheme?
Hey, shut up.
We'll join you in a couple of days.
We can't draw any attention.
Okay, move. Come on.
Come on. Get in.
Driver, move.
Take care, okay?
Take care.
Hey, where is he?
Wait, he'll be here.
Hey, Keshva, what are you doing here?
I'm begging you. Please be quiet.
Hey! Get lost!
Hey! Why are you wearing a mask?
Hey! Get lost!
Get lost, you idiot.
You are up to something!
Carry on.
How did he recognize you despite the mask?
Yeah, I don't get it.
Do you think it's the
color and design of my shirt?
-I am famous for wearing these shirts.
-Did you have to wear it today?
-You want me to take it off?
What if he tells someone?
-Hey! he is harmless.
-Bloody idiot!
-Damn you!
-Is the creep here?
-I'm coming, sir.
Take this.
didn't Alamelu come with you?
She's home, right?
No, sir!
I thought she was with you!
Why would she be with me?
Are you sure?
Yes, she is not here.
Sir, she is definitely not here!
-Oh, my God!
Oh, God!
She's not here, sir.
I was traveling on my bike, sir.
Someone attacked me out of the blue!
What do you mean by "attack"?
Did they snatch your ornaments
after beating you up?
I don't think they wanted to rob me.
They attacked me like
they held an old grudge.
They thrashed me passionately.
They beat the crap out of me.
They enjoyed beating me up!
I definitely think they're from our town.
Our town?
How can you be so sure?
Have you been thrashed by
someone from the town before?
Just give us the information.
We'll do the interrogation.
-Hello, Sheshu?
-Hello, Nani
-Alamelu is missing!
She's missing again?
Are you sure?
What do you mean by that?
Do you think I'm stupid?
She's not here.
No, no, you relax. I'm coming.
-What did he say, sir?
Why didn't you call me?
She's been missing for two days!
-What the hell were you doing?
How many guys attacked you?
Sir, three guys.
Noted. Three guys.
Sir, these three are her college friends.
She's always roaming around
with those three idiots.
Three guys!
Sir, three guys.
What happened, sir?
Something is fishy.
Bangalore! Bangalore!
Brother, give us three tickets.
Hello, Venki?
Did you guys leave?
Yeah, we did.
I'll be done with my dance class
before you get here.
-Where should we meet?
-I'll call you when we get there.
Why don't you come to
the dance class directly?
-Yeah, okay.
-Do you have a power bank?
Go to hell!
Stop! Let me go!
What are you doing?
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Hail, Lord Shani.
Did you find anything?
Nothing at all?
Just some clothes and anklets.
That's it.
Hey! No! Don't cry!
Don't be scared.
I won't hurt you.
Dear, what's your dad's phone number?
Your dad!
Give me his phone number, dear.
Give me your dad's phone number.
Hail, Lord Shani.
Shani? Hey, who are you?
What's the name?
-Why do you care?
Right. Alamelu. Alamelu.
Yes, dear.
She's with us right now.
We don't know if you're related to her.
We want ten lakh rupees.
Hey! We've done crazy stuff like this.
Who the hell are you?
What does it matter?
Get the money.
Who was it?
What happened?
The number you've called is switched off.
-Please try later.
-What's wrong?
Alamelu's phone is switched off!
Hey! Who are you?
You need proof, right?
You don't trust me.
Alright, son.
Chop a few of her fingers
and send them to him.
Where do you live?
Give me your address.
Hey! Hello, hello, please, please!
Listen to me, dear.
I'm not someone who makes
empty threats, alright?
I've already got a deal for her.
If you mess up, I'll sell her!
Hail, Lord Shani.
Please, don't do that.
What do you want me to do?
Please, bro, don't hurt her.
I'm glad that you care about her.
Give me ten lakh rupees.
Hello? Hello?
What happened?
Who was it?
-Alamelu! Alamelu!
-Alamelu! Alamelu!
-Alamelu! Alamelu!
-Alamelu! Alamelu!
-Alamelu! Hello!
-Alamelu! Alamelu!
-Alamelu! Alamelu!
-Alamelu! Alamelu!
Hey! Who the hell are you?
Why are you screaming?
This is Vinod and Alamelu's house, right?
There is no Vinod or Alamelu here!
-Do you want me to call the cops?
-No, ma'am.
-No, ma'am.
-Sorry, ma'am.
-Who let them in?
Vinod, do you have the
keys to her apartment?
No. What happened?
Okay, never mind.
Do you think someone is toying with us?
Eight lakh rupees!
You left her alone!
One of us should've been here with her!
We should've kept the bag at least.
-Why did you give her the bag?
How would I know?
I thought it would be dangerous
to keep that bag with us.
-Should we inform her father?
-No, that's a bigger risk.
Hello, dude!
We need some cash.
It's urgent.
Can you do it?
We'll sell the bloody ATM machine.
Come on.
Are you out of your mind?
There are CCTV cameras all around.
They will shoot us alive.
You're insane. Get back here.
-Hail, Guruji.
-Best of luck.
I've been trying to call you.
But you are not answering my calls!
I can't answer your calls all the time.
I need to follow my routine.
Bring the money to
Antony Church in 30 minutes.
Time is really important.
Bro, that's a huge amount.
We don't have it. Please.
We have ten thousand rupees.
We are students, bro!
Hello? Hello?
Please give us a day.
She's a really innocent girl!
-Please, bro.
I'll call you at 10:00 p.m.
I'll tell you the time and the place.
Hail, Lord Shani!
Hello, hello! Bro, please!
Damn you!
Give me some.
I love these twists!
That's the end of the
lead character's scene.
We'll reveal all the characters
as we go along.
It's okay. Answer it.
Sorry. Hello, Mom?
I'm in the middle of a narration.
I'll call you back in ten minutes.
-Hello, Seenu!
What happened?
I need to take this call.
-Yeah sure.
-Your Dad had an accident.
We got a call this morning.
He has a head injury.
We are at the hospital right now.
How is he now?
I don't know!
I'm not sure what's going on.
He's in the ICU.
They said he needs an operation.
They're not giving me any information.
I don't know what to do!
Please come here as soon as possible!
Subbu, where are you?
-Shall I drive?
-What's your father's name?
-Ram Mohan, ma'am.
-Which hospital?
-Unity Hospital
Hello, Dr. Kiran?
This is Padma.
Okay, thank you.
He says it's just a small clot.
He'll be okay.
Don't worry.
-Hello. Yeah, Mani?
-Hello, ma'am.
-I need some money urgently.
-Okay, ma'am.
I'll get it.
-Hello, ma'am.
You look really worried.
Don't worry.
He'll be fine.
Nowadays, these
surgeries are quite common.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you so much.
You stopped the narration midway.
Please continue.
It's very interesting.
It's kind of
hard to narrate right now.
Don't think about it for a while.
Everything will be alright.
Come on.
Hey, grab it.
-Oh, God!
-Get it!
Let it go!
Hey! Give it to us.
Give me the bag!
Got it!
Oh, God!
Go away.
Who am I?
-Go away.
-Go away?
-Go away?
-Get lost.
Are you sure?
I feel what we are doing is wrong.
We'll have ten lakh rupees if you
shut your mouth for ten minutes.
How do you know that
they have ten lakh rupees?
You said the ATM was risky, right?
I went to a bank that was nearby
to look for someone who would
withdraw a huge amount!
Everyone used to withdraw in thousands.
No one showed up
to withdraw a huge amount.
I was worried.
When I was about to leave
a man walked in.
Yes, ma'am, I'm in the bank.
You need ten lakh rupees, right?
Okay, ma'am.
-Sir, can I have your pen?
-Yeah, sure.
He borrowed a pen from me and
filled a form to withdraw ten lakh rupees.
Here you go.
Thank you, sir.
He was our knight in shining armor!
I followed him to grab it.
-But he
-Yes, ma'am, I'm outside the bank.
He gave the bag to someone in a car.
He left.
They went to a fuel station nearby.
That's when I called you.
What if they didn't take this route?
This is the only route.
This is the only route
from the fuel station!
What if we face any problem?
Shut up, we have to face it!
There they are.
-Sir, this way
-Move! Move!
-Okay, everybody, please!
-Get out of my way!
Please clear the way!
You'll be briefed later.
Please, everybody.
-Keep them out here!
-Yes, sir.
-Come, sir.
Why the hell is the media here?
-How's the girl?
-She's fine, sir.
She's in shock due to a head injury.
Out of danger, sir.
Not a problem.
-Get her statement.
-Okay, sir.
Did you take her statement?
Doctor's checking on her, sir.
They've asked us to wait for 15 minutes.
You said she's okay, right?
Why the hell are they making a fuss?
She's a celebrity, sir.
They're just showing off.
Okay, go talk to the media.
What do I tell them, sir?
Ask them to bring blades for
my tonsuring ceremony.
Don't you know what to tell the media?
-I know, sir.
-Couldn't they find a better hospital?
This was the closest hospital, sir.
Who is he?
What has he been writing?
He was in the car with Padmavati.
We're taking his statement.
Let me get some water.
They'll blame me if he dies.
I wanna stay out of it.
-Have some water.
I can't have water after 9:00 p.m.
You are being too superstitious.
Thank God, these are just hiccups!
What if it was something more dangerous?
What the hell!
Be careful!
Stop running! Be careful!
I have seen the girl in the car before.
Where have you seen her?
I can't remember!
But I can recognize her
if I see her again.
If you see her again,
forget about you,
she will recognize us, idiot!
I've seen her somewhere.
I know her face!
Everything is on track.
Just stay calm.
Don't worry too much.
Aren't you guys done yet?
Everyone is staring at us.
-Hey, have you called Vinod?
-Yes, he is on the way.
Come, let's go.
What do we do now?
Did you talk to Mom?
Do you have any other
way of getting the money?
I've called everyone I know,
but nothing worked!
Should we call the producer?
No, he isn't in the country.
What should we do?
How's our college, guys?
Nothing much. Same old stuff.
How's our beautiful chemistry professor?
-She's the same.
So, did you meet Alamelu?
You said you had lost the keys.
Did you find them?
Why didn't you come to my place first?
We're in a hurry.
It's urgent.
I know everything!
Where's the rest of your luggage?
We left it in the cloakroom.
Cloakroom? What's that?
The rooms at railways and bus
stations are called cloakrooms.
Have you guys been somewhere already?
You went to the movies?
I would've joined you, guys.
You wouldn't have enjoyed it, man.
Shut up! I love watching movies!
Do you wanna see my collection?
Hey, I know everything.
I know the truth!
Do you want me to say it? Do you?
I knew it when you asked me
to pick up Alamelu for the first time.
You and Alamelu eloped and came here.
You want to get married to her.
Have you seen the movie Cheluvina chitara
starring Amulya and Ganesh?
It has the same story!
Am I right?
-Am I right?
You need someone reliable.
That's the reason you chose me, right?
You guys are my friends.
I understand everything even
if you don't tell me about it.
I loved your selection.
her selection is a bit weird.
A major accident has occurred
on the outskirts of the city.
Three thieves attacked Actress Padmavati
in a movie-style attack
and robbed ten lakh rupees!
Reports suggest that
they were wearing masks.
The actress seems to be
in critical condition!
Doctors say that
the next 48 hours are critical.
What the hell!
What's this "48 hours" nonsense?
The police have stated that they
will arrest the culprits soon.
What did you tell the media?
Sir, I said we'd catch
the thieves in 48 hours.
But they assumed that the actress
will be in a critical condition
for the next 48 hours.
Who the hell asked you
to give them a time frame?
That's what we usually
tell the media, right?
Shame on you!
How is your father?
When is the operation scheduled?
Seenu, one minute.
-One second.
Hey, I asked Ullas for money.
He said he'll help for sure.
We have to be at his place by ten o'clock.
You go to the village.
I'll get the money.
No, Mom will be worried
if she sees me like this.
We'll collect the amount and leave.
One second.
-Where are you, Seenu?
I'm getting the money.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
But I'm going to be late.
How's Dad doing?
The doctor says we need to
conduct the surgery tomorrow.
Do you have some cash?
Your uncle is helping me right now!
Okay, Mom.
Is Meera there?
Hello. Tell me, bro.
Is there a TV nearby?
There's one on the ground floor, why?
I was in an accident.
-Don't yell!
Are you alright?
I'm absolutely fine.
Don't worry.
I'll be there by morning.
The news is on TV.
Mom might be worried if she sees it.
-Make sure she's fine.
-Okay, bro.
Call me if you need anything.
Here you go, Auntie.
-What did he say?
You didn't tell him anything, did you?
He might be worried.
I didn't say anything.
Don't worry.
Mr. Ram Mohan's family
Auntie, wait. I'll go.
Why didn't you tell him the truth?
This wasn't an accident, right?
He tried to stop a fight when
someone was fighting on the road.
I've warned him several
times to stay out of it.
But he just didn't listen!
Don't waste your time.
He said it's ten lakh rupees, right?
Call him immediately.
Give me the phone.
Here you go.
Give me my phone!
Why would I have your phone?
I gave it to you in the auto.
I gave it back!
No, you didn't. Check your pockets!
I don't have a phone, man!
Check your pockets!
No, I can't see it in here.
I gave it to you in the auto, remember?
You didn't give it to me.
Check again!
I don't have it.
Wait, I'll try calling his phone.
Is it ringing?
Yes, but no one is answering.
Venki? Hari?
Hey, Keshva?
Venki? Venki?
What the hell is it?
What dinner should I get
for the love birds?
Should I get biryani or special pav bhaji?
You said it's special, right?
Get it.
No, I'll bring kushka and kebab!
My mind's screwed up.
Get anything you want!
You might not enjoy kebabs for dinner.
I'll get some pav bhaji instead.
-Special pav bhaji.
-Hey! Hey!
Shall I squeeze lemon on the top?
It tastes really good.
Okay, squeeze. squeeze it hard.
Sure, I'll squeeze it hard!
I'll get it.
How many lemons should I squeeze?
Why don't you decide for yourself?
Great! I'll get it for you!
I'll get it.
Check your bags as well!
-Give me the bag.
-How are we gonna call the kidnapper?
Do you remember his number?
Can't you handle your phone?
-Get lost.
-Shut up!
Don't irritate me,
I remember giving you the phone.
You always blame others!
I'm really pissed right now!
-I know I gave it to you!
-Yeah, right.
I lose your phone all the time.
I was the one who lost your phones in
the classroom, canteen, and theater.
-Hey! Hey!
-Don't try to frame me.
-Hey! Hey!
Keep the money in the bag.
Open the door, Keshva!
What is it?
-Is everything okay?
-Yes, everything is fine.
Don't spill it!
I have a surprise!
I have got movie tickets!
We are not in a situation to watch movies.
Hey, it's not for us.
It's for Venki and his girlfriend.
Did you like the surprise?
Superb! Go ahead.
Book the tickets for the corner seats.
Corner seats?
Just the two of them!
They're gonna have fun!
I'll book it right away!
Don't plan any surprises next time.
-Even if you do, don't knock on the door.
They are talking over the phone.
You might disturb them.
Oh, shit!
-Venki, sorry.
-It's okay, leave.
-I beg you, please don't yell.
-Yeah, why don't you tell him!
-He's talking about being responsible!
-How dare you--
Shut up!
He tries to be a hero all time
and you support his nonsense!
The damsel is in trouble!
The knight in shining
armor is out to save her!
I had asked two to not do this!
But you ignored me!
Every household has these problems.
Is everyone running away from home?
If that was the solution, half of the
population would be on the streets.
Do you have any idea of what we have done?
You'll regret this if she's
sold to some brothel.
You'll learn your lesson if
something wrong happens to her!
-Hey! stop it.
-She's gonna be alright!
Three thieves attacked Actress Padmavati
in a movie-style attack
and robbed ten lakh rupees!
Reports suggest that
they were wearing masks.
It is reported that the
actress is in critical condition!
Doctors say that
the next 48 hours are critical.
The police have announced
high alert all over the town.
An actress?
How couldn't we recognize her?
I've figured it all out.
-It's crystal clear.
-What is it?
Tell him what you saw.
Sir, I saw three boys hitting
the professor.
-They were wearing masks.
One of them was Keshva.
My maid told us that three
guys had kidnapped her.
He has witnessed three
guys attacking the professor.
So, three guys in masks
kidnapped my daughter,
took my money,
and helped her in running away!
They left after a couple of days
to avoid suspicion.
It's crystal clear.
This is a perfectly laid out plan.
Maybe not.
I don't think they did it.
But there is something fishy.
Stop saying that, man!
Anyone can tell that it was those three!
You just keep saying something is fishy!
Cool! Cool!
Hey, how could you recognize
them if they were wearing masks?
He was wearing a fancy shirt, sir.
He's the only one in town
who owns that weird shirt.
-Did you hear that?
Tell me
which of these pens did I pick up first?
I don't know, sir.
Okay, have you ever
seen this watch before?
I'm just doing my job.
Have you ever seen this watch before?
Yes, I have.
Huccha Venkat was wearing
this watch at Madikeri.
This is the same watch, right?
Was that him or was it me?
You are insane!
Be quiet! Calm down.
There are identical pens.
There are identical watches.
Don't you think there can
be identical shirts as well?
Maybe, sir.
But he responded
when I called him Keshva!
That's it.
What did he say?
He said, "Get lost!"
-He said, "Get lost!"
He said, "Get lost!"
Were there people standing behind you?
Hey, that day
-Were there--
Maybe, sir.
He must have said it to them, right?
Am I right?
-Yes, sir.
-So, what did you realize?
Correct, sir, it was not him.
It was someone else.
I didn't see anyone there, sir.
I'll take your leave, sir.
-I don't want to get involved, sir.
I don't understand one thing.
Even if they confess the crime to you,
you'd say, "It's not you. Not at all."
You will say someone else did it
and let them go!
I don't get why you're
trying to protect them!
Are you my friend or their friend?
Sheshu, I get it.
I just saw the news on TV.
Someone attacked
Actress Padmavati and robbed her.
They were three guys as well.
They were wearing masks as well!
Would you say
these three did that as well?
No, right?
-But there is something
-Hey, get lost.
Did you like the food, sister?
Don't be scared.
I'm not cruel like him.
I have a seven-year-old daughter.
Sister, may I ask you something
if you don't mind?
Do you have a father?
I don't have my father either.
He passed away eight years ago.
I liked my father a lot.
That's the reason
even though I had a daughter,
I named her Subba Rao.
It's my dad's name.
Are you a dancer, sister?
I found anklets in your bag.
Why is the bag so heavy?
I mean
the bag
is a very costly bag.
It's a costly bag?
I've been telling
you to get her a new bag!
She won't go to school
till you get her a new one!
What are you saying?
Why would my son kidnap your daughter?
Sir, we're a very decent family.
He won't steal ten bucks from my pocket.
How can I believe that he kidnapped her?
No way!
I'm not here because I want your
son's character certificate, alright?
Where's your son?
Call him!
He's attending his friend's
brother's marriage in Bengaluru.
Call him, sir.
Call him.
Call him and talk to him.
Ask him where he is?
Take this and call him.
The person you're
calling is not answering.
Sir, he isn't answering his phone.
Don't you get it?
He's definitely the one who kidnapped her!
That's absurd!
How does not answering his phone
make him a kidnapper?
They're kids, sir.
They attacked the professor.
He's in the hospital.
You think they're kids?
A guy in our area had a heart attack.
He's been admitted as well.
A driver in the neighborhood has piles.
Has that happened
because of my son as well?
How can you say that everything
that is happening is because of my son?
Why are you staring?
I'll try calling him once again.
Okay, call him.
Hey! Your dad's calling me.
-Yes, Uncle?
-Hello, Keshva.
Where are you guys?
We just got off the stage at the wedding.
Did you have dinner?
Yes, Uncle.
Let me talk to Venkatesh.
He isn't answering my calls.
Yes, Uncle. I'll give him the phone.
Put him on speakerphone.
-Yes, I will.
-Do it.
Why aren't you answering my calls?
What happened to your phone?
-I lost it.
I lost it, Dad. I lost it.
I have already paid
20 thousand rupees for that phone!
I'm still paying the EMIs for it!
I would have enjoyed a Bangkok trip
with the money
I have spent on your phones!
If you ever ask me to buy
you a phone, I'll smack you!
And you always buy expensive phones--
The principal's daughter is missing.
They think someone has kidnapped her.
Do you know anything about it?
Do you know anything or not?
He is an idiot.
Why are you asking me about that moron?
He used to torture her!
She must've eloped!
Tell him to look at you and
learn how to be a good father!
I'll smack him once I return.
Why are you talking about him?
Hang up!
Sir, we're a really decent family.
But my son is a rebel.
He loses his mind sometimes.
he must've lost it.
Hello, Nani.
-They are in Bengaluru.
-I don't need an explanation.
Come with me
and I'll show you
that they are frauds!
-I'm leaving, that's it. Bye.
-Listen to me--
I'm feeling really itchy!
I haven't had a bath since last Ugadi.
Why isn't he answering the phone?
The person you're calling
What is this, Lord Shani?
You had told me that
the auspicious time begins at 9:00 p.m.
29th, Wednesday,
the tenth lunar fortnight.
It is auspicious.
He should have answered my call!
Why isn't he answering it?
Okay, sorry.
I shouldn't have yelled at you.
-Come. Let's look for the phone.
-Come on, man.
-Come on.
-Come on, dude.
What will we do if he
doesn't answer the phone?
Let's sell her.
We'll ship her off to Mumbai.
It's done!
Ullas! Ullas!
Auntie, Ullas has
called us here to meet him.
But he's not answering his phone.
Is he home?
How could he be home?
He must be high right now.
-I have no idea when he's coming home.
-Okay, Auntie.
Shall we wait?
-We will wait here.
-Okay, I hope you meet him!
The number you're calling
is not answering.
Please try later.
Okay, let's assume that they did it.
Don't assume it. They did it.
Okay, let me finish.
Alright, they were the ones who kidnapped
her and attacked the professor, okay?
Yes, it was them.
But what I don't get is
why didn't Alamelu
want to go to the professor?
She was making some silly excuses.
And what were those "excuses"?
She said that the professor
behaved inappropriately with her.
That's the reason she
wanted to skip his classes.
Well, if they really
attacked the professor,
Alamelu must have told you the truth.
And if Alamelu was lying
they wouldn't have
attacked the professor, right?
They attacked the professor
because he misbehaved with Alamelu.
Why else would they attack him?
They were not even his students!
Okay, ignore it.
What did you do when she told you
about the professor?
You said, "He's my friend.
He'd never do that.
I trust him more than I trust you!"
You just ignored her.
Why would a girl lie
about stuff like this?
Especially to her father?
If Alamelu was right,
you have no idea how wrong you were!
You always say that they took her away.
It could've been her decision, right?
She could've run away, right?
Do you know what your problem is?
You can't differentiate between
home and college.
You think it's the same.
You're obsessed with the
idea of controlling her.
Just talk to her for some time.
Spend some time with her.
I know that you are
doing this to protect her.
But she doesn't know that!
She'll know it only if you tell her.
To be frank
I am being honest with you.
Her friends are being
more responsible than you are!
Brother, I've lost my phone in an auto.
Have you seen it?
Oh, God!
-Sir, have you found a phone?
-Have you found a phone?
There are three of you, right?
I have beautiful teenage girls for you.
It would cost you 1,800 rupees!
Wanna come with me?
Venki, let's go.
Try hard till you reach your goal
Teach your opponent a lesson
Do you think he will sell her?
Endure the pain
Conquer yourself
Dear Victory, welcome me!
Dear Mind, rejoice!
"Dear Victory welcome me"
Dear Mind, rejoice!
Convey that love is the ultimate victory
Defeat the vicious
Let the stream of blood flow
Dear God of Courage
Please guide me
We've been waiting for an hour!
I think he's fooling us.
Let's try our luck somewhere else.
Dear Mind, rejoice!
Grace my life for once
Dear Love, please accept me
10,000 rupees!
Seenu, I might have a solution.
Forget about Ullas.
-Let's ask Padmavati!
Are you out of your mind?
She ended up in the hospital
because she tried to help me.
She has already lost
ten lakh rupees because of me.
How can I ask her again?
Do you have a better option?
We've been struggling all night!
And all we have is 30,000 rupees.
Where were you guys all night?
Answer me!
We had gone out.
We were busy!
We'll return her money soon.
Keep your ego out of it.
Alright, stay here and keep crying.
No one can help you.
You guys didn't call me!
You could've at least answered my call!
Alright, pav bhaji wasn't that good.
But I'd gotten a decent
dinner for everyone!
But you didn't show up!
Look at this
I called you at 9:00 p.m.
You didn't answer!
I called you at 10:00 p.m.
You didn't answer that either.
I called you again at 12:00 a.m.
You didn't bother to answer!
I called you again at 2:30 a.m.
But you didn't answer my call!
Irresponsible fellows.
When was the last time
I answered your call?
5:20 p.m.
5:20 p.m.
Where were we at 5:20 p.m.?
-Grab it.
-Don't let it go!
Hey, are you blind?
Come on!
Yes! Come on.
-What happened?
-Venki, where are you guys going?
Hey! Seenu! What happened?
Where are you going?
-Who are you guys?
-Please start, bro.
-Where do you wanna go.
-Just drive, bro.
Drive! Hurry up!
Seenu, what happened?
We can use the phone to find them!
Which phone?
One of the thugs dropped his phone.
You think you dropped your phone there?
I think the cops must've found it.
We're screwed!
The cops didn't find it!
They would've easily tracked us
if they had found the phone.
The fact that they haven't caught
us means that they don't have it.
Step on it, bro.
Step on it, bro.
Hey, he's the same guy, right?
Oh, my God!
Drive faster, bro.
Hey! Stop! Stop!
Stop here.
He has stopped his auto as well.
Stop! stop!
He must've dropped it here!
He's looking for something.
Is he looking for the phone?
Hey! Hang up, you idiot!
I'm getting a call from your number.
I think it's him!
What should we do?
No, we didn't find a cellphone.
Trust me, we have combed through the site.
No, sir. He definitely
dropped his phone here.
We can trace them
if we find that phone.
Let me check.
But I'm sure,
we didn't find anything there.
-Okay, sir.
-What did he say?
He said they didn't find anything here.
I'm getting a call
from your phone again.
But he doesn't have
a phone in his hand!
I called the ambulance and
stayed here till the cops arrived.
But they say they didn't find it.
No one could've taken the phone.
I was right here.
He was the one
who was calling us, right?
If he has the phone,
what is he looking for?
Who's calling us right now?
Hey! let me answer!
Hello, who the hell are you, man?
Yeah, I don't know who I am!
Wait, I'll ask someone!
Hey! Who the hell is he?
Hey! I think it's the crazy guy!
Yeah. It must be the crazy guy.
-I'm sure it's him!
-Come with me.
-What are you talking about?
He was the only one who could've taken it.
I'm sure he has the phone.
Let's go, bro.
Please tell us where you are.
Oh, God! Please?
Can you guess what's in my hand?
Please tell me.
That's my phone, brother.
Whose phone is it?
It's my phone! Please!
Where's mine?
Oh, my God!
Brother, the phone you're
holding right now is mine.
How would we know about your phone?
If I have your phone,
whose phone are you using?
-Oh, God!
-Answer me!
This is my friend's phone.
This is my friend's phone as well.
That's the reason I have it!
Wait, I'll throw it under an auto!
Hey! no! no!
Please keep the phone safe.
Don't tell me what to do!
I'll break your damn phone.
I'm not scolding you, brother.
Please keep it safe!
-You bloody--
-Hey! Give it to me.
Hello, keep the phone with you.
Can you please tell me the
first number from the call history?
Yeah, I'll tell you.
-Note it!
Idiot! There are just ten digits
in a phone number!
What should we do?
-I've got two more!
What the hell is he saying?
These are the scores of a
student from Chaitanya college!
We had asked you for the phone number.
You don't want these numbers?
Why would they print these numbers?
Stay on the line.
I'll ask them right now!
I'll ask someone.
-Hey! hey!
-No! no!
-Come on. Let's find him.
-Yes, come on.
How can I find the phone number?
Where's the phone number?
Phone number!
You're the one who's crazy!
We don't know where he is.
We don't know if he has the phone!
How can we find him?
Your dad's operation
is scheduled at 6:00 p.m.
It's ten lakh rupees!
We can't give up.
He's our last hope!
It doesn't matter if we
don't find the crazy guy.
We'll at least have the
satisfaction of trying our best.
If it doesn't work
I'll ask Padmavati to help me.
You'll see my dead body if
you don't come home right now!
Die, bloody woman!
I'll cry for a while and get over it.
Just pick her up from school
and watch a movie after you're done!
No, I can't.
I won't get her.
Do I have to do everything?
Yes! You must get her today.
Okay! Go to hell.
I'll do it myself.
Hey! Hey!
What is she saying?
-She's trying to say something.
-It's nothing, bro.
Take her. Take her.
What? Aren't you coming?
-No, bro.
I need to pick my daughter up from school.
I mean, my wife wants
to watch a movie today.
So, I'll have to pick the child up.
Shut up!
Stop this nonsense!
Go to hell!
Hey, start the van.
Sister, don't worry.
Your bag's safe with me!
Don't make my boss angry.
Yeah, sure, sister!
You are the one who's making me angry!
-Get lost.
-Okay, boss.
-Let's go!
-Okay, boss.
The person you're calling
is not answering.
Idiot! He isn't answering the phone!
Where do you wanna go, bro?
Brother, take us to a garbage bin near
a park where we can find some beggars.
The person you're calling--
Please, step on it, brother.
Hey! Why are you stopping here?
I need to pick up some school kids.
-We are in hurry.
-Please, hurry!
Uncle, can we drop Subba Rao home as well?
Okay, ask her to get in.
Come, Subba.
Faster, bro!
That's our bag.
Why isn't he answering the phone?
What's your name, dear?
Subba Rao.
Subba Rao?
Yeah. It's my grandpa's name.
He was a really good man.
Who bought you this bag?
My dad bought it from Thirupati.
It's a really expensive bag.
-Can I take a look?
-Yeah, sure.
Thanks. So cute.
Can you get me a bag just like this one?
Yeah, I can.
So sweet.
Where is your father right now?
He's home.
Stop! Stop! Come on!
There he is.
Hey! Where's the phone?
Give me the phone.
Hey! Hey!
Stop! give me the phone!
Hey! Stop!
That's my house.
That's your house?
Why are you covering your face?
We're allergic to dust.
Really? I'll wear a mask as well.
Come on. Follow me.
Hey! Stop!
-Hey! Give me the phone.
-Give me the phone!
That's my dad.
-Where's Alamelu? Tell me!
-Speak up.
Hey! He's running!
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
It feels like the sky
Has fallen on our heads
The earth is laughing at us
Fate's flirting with us on roads
Leading to unknown destinations
Fate's flirting with us on roads
Leading to unknown destinations
The fury has touched the sky
And made its home in you
It has raised a tornado
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Oh, my Lord Srinivasa!
Oh, my Lord Venkatesha!
Lord Srinivasa! Venkatesha!
Narayana! Govinda!
Hail Lord Govinda!
We can only see the people
Who run after money!
Where there's money, there's ego
Even Lord Thimmappa is in debt!
How can my father have no debt?
When a sluggard starts working hard
He looks like a vulture ready to hunt
We are the puppets in our own show
But Lord Govinda holds the reins
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
He isn't answering!
What the hell!
-Who's that?
-How dare you spit on me!
-Shut up!
-Can't you see?
-Shut up or I'll kill you.
-Who do you think you are?
-Hey, you start the van.
Go! Go!
Come back!
-What are you doing?
-What the hell!
-Drive! Drive!
-Hey, stop!
-Get him!
-Go! Go!
Hey! Stop!
Give me the phone.
Where is it?
Where is it?
Hurry up!
Give me the phone!
Lord Srinivasa! Venkatesha!
Lord Srinivasa! Venkatesha!
Narayana! Govinda!
Hail Lord Govinda
The one we thought was good
Has turned out to be bad
Everyone is fake in this world
It's true that
Heaven is where the money is!
If not, it's a hell
When all the lost dreams
Well up in your eyes
Every game has appeared to have ended
Lord Govinda, is the one
Who's gonna win the show!
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
Everything belongs to Lord Govinda
-Hey! Stop the car!
-Stop the car!
-Get out of the car!
-Get out!
Where did he go?
-Hey! What the hell were you thinking?
-Get out of the car!
Hey! Drive!
Don't open the door!
Oh, God!
Give me my phone!
-Let's go!
-Come on.
Hey, stop
Thank God, I'm safe.
Oh, God!
Please don't hit me!
What's going on?
Hey! Let him go! Stop!
Hey! What's wrong?
I'll arrest all of you!
Where are they?
They got away.
I'm coming, Mom.
Dad's operation is over.
They have moved him to the ward.
Doctors said we need not worry.
What about the money?
Someone brought the amount.
They said you had sent it.
Alright. I'm coming.
What happened?
Dad's operation is over.
Someone has paid the bill!
Did Padmavati do it?
Let's go.
Hi, ma'am.
All okay, right?
Yeah, I'm alright.
How are you?
Well, I haven't lost my memory.
I remember everything.
I don't know how to thank you!
You just did.
That's enough.
Let's finish the narration.
You know
I need to tell you something
after you complete the narration.
-It's okay. Tell me.
-Don't get me wrong.
-I'll return the money in a week.
It's not about money.
I know this is weird at this time
being in the hospital.
I know
And I know it's too early!
But love doesn't happen over time, right?
It happens in a moment.
I think
this is that moment.
You're not obligated to say yes
just because I helped you out.
One more thing.
I won't reject the movie
if you say no either.
That's professional.
This is personal.
will you marry me?
-Talk to her.
-Yes, sir.
Tell her to call her parents.
Okay, sir.
Call your dad.
Take it.
Where are you?
Why are you crying?
lost the bag!
Forget it.
Where are you right now?
They were taking me somewhere
I tried to escape.
Cops and the crowd saved me.
I'm at a police station right now.
Police station?
I don't know what to do.
Can you
come here?
Can you come here?
Call your dad.
Go home with him.
You were brave enough to live alone.
And you got yourself out of a huge mess.
Why can't you talk to your father
about your problems?
We shouldn't have come to Bangalore.
The world is really ugly!
Our home is the safest
place in this world, Alamelu.
Coming to Bangalore is not a big deal.
But it's not the solution to our problems.
Are you getting my point?
Are you listening?
You will call your dad, right?
We shouldn't have come here.
Take care.
You'll call me once you get home, right?
the money?
We should've clicked a selfie.
-We missed the opportunity.
-Shut up!
Hello, Inspector.
I had told you, right?
There were three guys.
But they were different!
A cop's intuition is always right!
Something is good!
-Hi, brother.
This is for you.
Thank you!
So cute!
-Okay, bye.
What do you think about me?
I think that you're a good girl.
A good dancer.
Oh, God!
Tell me something I don't know.
How can I know something about you
that you don't know yourself?
You fool!
Tell me the things that I know
but you don't.
Oh, God! Please!
I've flunked the twelfth grade thrice!
Please ask me some simple questions.
How can I tell you something about
yourself that you know but I don't?
So, you have no clue, right?
No! I'm gonna go!
-Please, let me go. Bye!
-Venki, listen to me.
Padma, ready?
Clap in!
Roll camera!