Goya's Ghosts (2006) Movie Script

And these are actually for sale
in the bookshops?
And in the streets as well,
- And in Toledo?
- In Toledo. In Salamanca,
And in the Port of Cdiz.
So these prints
are sent abroad?
These are sold in Rome.
Even as far as Mexico.
This is how the world sees us.
this is how the world is seeing us.
What is the name of the artist?
Francisco Goya.
Isn't he the man you commissioned
to paint your portrait?
He is, Father.
Why did you choose him?
In all humility, Father,
I chose him for the same reason
our King and the Queen
have appointed him
to be the Court painter.
They consider him the greatest
painter in Spain.
These prints are quite disturbing,
I must say.
Yes, yes, of course they are.
But, Father, these prints
show us
the true face of our world.
Maybe your world,
Brother Lorenzo.
How can you call
these hideous images
"the true face of our world"?
There is but one world, Brother,
and it is neither yours, nor mine.
It is the Lord's.
Have you lost your sight,
Do you not see what demonic filth
and degradation
this Goya is selling?
He's an agent
of the darkest powers!
Granted that he's decorated
He's painted angels, yes,
but when your mother raises her
eyes to pray to God
whom do you think she sees?
Whom do you think Goya
is using as models
for his angels?
Those are whores smiling down
at your mother from the ceiling!
I assert
before all of you
that Goya is a valuable
member of the Church.
How so?
Father, I have met women
who cannot recite
a single prayer.
It's them...
We have to seek them out,
but what is our response?
Condemn this great
Spanish artist instead?
Or do you think,
by burning Goya's canvases
the evil this artist
has depicted
will go up in flames?
Why don't we look at ourselves?
What have we accomplished
in the last 50 years?
How many heretics
have we sent to the stake?
I will tell you exactly how many,
Father. Eight.
Eight burned at the stake.
Are you proposing we show
greater severity?
Yes, Father, yes.
We have to return to the old ways.
I'm talking about the God- fearing
ways of the past.
Are you prepared
to join this battle?
Never mind join,
grant me the wisdom to lead it,
Why doesn't that painting
have a face?
Because he's a ghost.
No, he is not!
Have you ever seen a ghost?
But I have seen a witch.
- Oh, did you?
- Yes, but she had a face.
What did she look like?
She was all bent and creepy,
and she stank... Phew!
That's interesting.
Because the witch that I know
she's young, very lovely,
and she smells of jasmine.
- She does?
- She does.
And I'm working on her portrait
right now.
I'm no witch!
How do you know?
Am I allowed to say something?
- Please.
- I know that face.
She would not be
one of your angels
in the Florida chapel, would she?
Yes, she is.
You're dangerously perceptive.
This is probably a very naive
but I am a man of the cloth.
Do you...?
Do you painters not become very
intimate with your models?
It must be very...
when you spend hours
and hours alone with,
not only beautiful,
but young girl.
Would you like me to include
your hands in the portrait?
- I'll leave that up to you.
- No, it's up to you to decide.
Hands are not easy to paint
and not everybody will spend
the extra money.
Well, what is the difference?
One hand, two thousand reales.
Two hands, three thousand.
Why did you agree to paint
my portrait?
Why not?
You have the reputation of mocking
the men of cloth in your work.
And harshly, I must say.
Do I?
Are you aware of how many powerful
enemies you have, Goya?
Fortunately, I also have
a few very powerful friends.
How have you been, dear Goya?
- As always, Your Majesty
- So don't complain.
I endeavor not to, Your Majesty.
Is this the wild steed
that I am to conquer today?
Oh, dear!
So how do you want me to ride?
How do you want history to perceive
you, madam?
The way I am,
young and beautiful.
Which one do you wish for supper,
my dear?
the vulture.
May I stay
and watch you work for a while?
Why, if I may have any say
in the matter, Your Majesty,
I'd prefer no- one see the work
before it's finished.
Am I intruding?
you are, my dear.
Oh, I see.
As you wish,
as you will,
whatever is your pleasure.
How long do I have to sit up here?
For as long as I may need you there,
Your Majesty.
See what I am carrying?
I must be a pious man, right?
But look at what
is really inside this.
The Dark Prince
of the darkest principles!
Devious. Devious.
Be vigilant, use your ears.
People talk.
You might hear somebody
claiming that matter
consists of very small elements,
called atoms.
Get his name.
He's a heretic
spreading these diabolical ideas
to poison the souls
of God- fearing people.
If you hear somebody talking
about 'The Temple',
instead of 'The Church',
he is either a Judaiser,
or, even worse, a Protestant.
Get his name.
If you are in a public place
and see a man
hiding his penis with his hand
while urinating
the man is probably circumcised.
And he's a Judaiser!
I am giving you
just a few examples
of what to look for,
whom to identify.
Bring their names to the attention
of Holy Office.
Your eyes, your ears,
your brain.
They are the servants of God.
Come on, Ins.
Taste it, it's good.
Come on.
- Hey, where are you going?
- Oh, she's going to the dwarf.
What did you do?
- Ins, wipe your mouth.
- No.
You have received a summons
from the Holy Office.
Do you have any idea
what it might be about?
Where did you go with your brothers
last night?
The Tavern.
Did you say something sacrilegious?
Was there an incident
they could hold against her?
She kissed the feet of a dwarf.
- You did?
- She did.
- Everyone did!
- You know, they can summon her
just to testify
against someone else?
Someone else?
Is there someone you know
they might be interested in?
I don't know.
Do not worry, my child.
My child.
In the name of the Father, and
of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Sit down, please.
Are you Ins Bilbatua,
begat by one
Toms Pio Bilbatua
and his wife Mara Isabel?
- Yes, I am.
- We have only a few questions
and we expect you
to answer truthfully.
I will.
Is it true that on Wednesday,
the 16th of this month
you dined at the inn
of Dona Julia?
Yes, it is.
What were you served that evening?
- For dinner?
- Oh, yes.
You actually want to know
what we ate?
For dinner.
I had chicken.
Green peppers.
Were you served pork?
Yes, but I didn't have any.
- Why not?
- I don't like the taste.
Are you prepared to swear
on the Holy Cross
that you're telling the truth?
About the pork?
Are you?
I swear on Jesus's sacred wounds,
I'm telling you the truth.
And I suppose
that you would not object
if we gave you an opportunity
to prove it?
No, I would be grateful.
How would you like me to prove it?
Did you tell us the truth?
Yes! Yes, I did!
We have reason
to suspect otherwise.
We suspect the reason you avoid pork
is because you are secret Judaiser.
- Are you?
- What is that?
You practice Jewish rituals.
No, I do not!
You have something to confess.
Do it now.
But I...
What do you want me to confess?
The truth.
But I did!
Tell me what the truth is!
Tell me what the truth is!
Hey, Toms, how wonderful
to see you, my friend.
- How are you, Francisco?
- Come in, come in.
- Can I offer you anything?
- No, nothing, thank you.
Are we alone?
I need to speak with this man,
My daughter Ins has been summoned
by the Holy Office.
- Ins?
- Yes.
That's preposterous.
She went in this morning
and she hasn't come out yet.
And we haven't heard
a word, either.
Do you know why they
wanted to talk to her?
No. That's why I would like
to speak with this man.
Francisco, I'm very sorry
to have to ask you this,
but is there any way
you can arrange it?
But I'm in no position to curry
favors from the Inquisition...
No, no favors.
I'm simply trying to learn
if there is anything at all
I can do to help my daughter.
I wish I...
No! I cannot talk
to the Holy Office
about any matter
that does not pertain directly
to me.
I'm sorry.
I beg you, Francisco.
Father Lorenzo.
Come in.
This way.
If I were to meet this man
on the street,
I would never recognize myself
in him.
One has such a different idea
of oneself.
You think you might like him?
I know I like the painting of him.
Yes, yes...
I'm very pleased
with it, Francisco.
- Shall I choose a frame for it?
- Yes, please, do.
- And there's no need to send money.
- What do you mean?
- Somebody's paying for it.
- Who's paying for it?
His name is Toms Bilbatua.
He's a very rich merchant.
He also intends to underwrite
the reconstruction of the Convent
of Saint Toms.
He's also asked me to paint
frescos throughout the Convent,
which is a very welcome
commission, I must admit.
- What is his name?
- Bilbatua.
What does Senor Bilbatua want
from me?
He's the father of...
You recall seeing her face on the
ceiling in the Florida chapel?
She's been arrested
by the Holy Office.
I know him quite well.
He's a very honorable man.
Don't be afraid.
- Ins Bilbatua?
- Yes.
I am hereto see if I can...
possibly be of some assistance.
May I go home now?
I don't have the power
to decide that, Ins.
I wanna go home.
Do not fear, my child.
I can deliver a message
to your family...
Do you want me to?
Will you tell them
that I love them?
I love them so much.
And please,
tell them that always,
when I shut my eyes
and I pray to God
I beseech Him
to let me see my mother
and my father
and my brothers,
when I open my eyes...
- Do you want me to pray with you?
- Yes, please.
Glory to God on high.
And on earth peace
to men of good will.
We praise You, we bless You,
we adore You, we glorify You.
We give You thanks
for Your great Glory.
O Lord God, heavenly King,
God the Father Almighty.
O Lord Jesus Christ,
the only- begotten Son.
O Lord Jesus Christ, Lord God,
Lamb of God...
Very good, Ins.
I'll take care of you.
It's all right, it's all right.
- Hello! Welcome.
- Toms!
- Gracias, Padre.
- Thank you, Jose.
- How are you, Francisco?
- I'm very well, thank you.
Father Lorenzo.
It's a great honor for me to welcome
you in my house, Father Lorenzo.
This way, please.
These are my sons.
ngel... and lvaro.
Hello, ngel.
And this is my dear wife...
Mara Isabel.
Father Lorenzo,
welcome to our house.
- Thank you.
- Please.
Francisco, thank you.
The time has come for me
to repay
the Lord
for all his kindness
by restoring the Convent
of Saint Toms.
You know,
Toms being my own name,
I'm very sorry that my daughter
cannot dine with us tonight.
A most...
a most marvelous work indeed,
Thank you.
As I was saying,
the time has come for me to repay
the Lord for all His kindness
by restoring the Convent
of Saint Toms.
Bless us, o Lord,
and your gifts,
which from your bounty we are about
to receive through Christ our Lord.
To the successful restoration
of the Convent of Saint Toms.
This wine is excellent.
It was aged on a ship that has gone
twice around the world.
It takes constant motion
to bring out the flavor
in this particular wine.
I didn't know that.
And these are anchovies
from Santoa.
I presume that you're anxious
to have some news of your daughter.
Oh, yes,
extremely so.
She has never ever been away.
Did you see her?
Yes, I did.
How is she?
She's in fine spirits
and sends her love
to all of you.
When can we expect her home?
I couldn't say.
She must first stand trial.
Stand trial?
For what she has confessed.
What did she confess?
That she had secretly practiced
the Jewish rituals
of her forbears.
But that's impossible.
We are an old Christian family.
Correct me if I'm wrong
but the Brothers in charge
of the archives...
informed me that your
grandmother's great- grandfather
converted from Judaism to
Christianity when he came to Spain
from Amsterdam in 1624.
Is that true?
But I am the only person
in the family who knows that.
Then why has your daughter
confessed to it?
Ins couldn't possibly confess to
something she has no knowledge of.
Excuse me,
was my sister put
to 'The Question'?
Yes, she was.
My daughter was tortured?
She was put to 'The Question'.
I thought that kind
of 'investigation'
had been abandoned years ago.
Yes, it was,
but now
in these troubled times,
in its quest for the truth,
the Church is bringing it back.
you maintain that a confession
obtained by the means of
as you call it 'The Question'
is valid proof of anything?
This is not an opinion
of one simple monk, sir.
It is a tenet of Church
teaching that a confession
attained by 'The Question'
constitutes ultimate proof.
I'm sorry, Lorenzo,
but how can this sort
of confession be an ultimate proof?
If I were tortured, I'd confess
to anything.
I'd confess
I was the Turkish sultan.
No, you wouldn't.
I would confess to anything
to avoid pain.
No, you wouldn't.
You're a God- fearing man, Goya,
aren't you?
Of course I am.
So, your fear of God would prevent
you from making a false confession.
But what ifthe pain obscured
my senses?
What if my fear of pain
became bigger
than my fear of God?
If you are innocent of the charge,
God will give you the strength
to withstand the pain.
- Are you sure of that?
- Yes.
Forgive me, Father Lorenzo,
but have you ever been
put to the...
to 'The Question' yourself?
- Have I ever been?
- Yes.
Have you ever been subjected
to 'The Question'?
Of course not.
Do you think that if you were
and they asked you to confess
something grotesquely absurd,
say you were told to confess that
you are really a monke...
are you sure that God
would grant you the fortitude
to deny it?
Or would you rather confess
to being a monkey
to avoid the pain?
I know I would.
I know you would.
So would I.
Would you?
What is this? Are you playing some
sort of silly game with your guest?
Nobody would ever ask Father Lorenzo
to confess something so absurd.
I would.
- Is he serious?
- Oh, I'm sure he's not.
lvaro, go get your father.
Sometimes I don't understand
his humor.
Nobody does.
Because my father doesn't have
a sense of humor.
Oh, yes, he does.
- More wine?
- No, thank you.
"I, Lorenzo Casamares,
hereby confess that, contrary
to my human appearance,
am, in fact,
the bastard son of a chimpanzee
and an orangutan
and I have schemed
to join the Church in order
to do harm to the Holy Office."
Sign it.
This is a joke, Toms, right?
Sign it.
ngel, block the door.
Francisco, escort me out
of this house.
Stop Senor Goya.
- Are you crazy?
- Francisco, please stay out of this.
- Let us go.
- You can go.
What do you mean I can go?
And Father Lorenzo?
Did he let my daughter go?
Did you let my innocent daughter
Did he?
Keep him here.
Let Senor Goya go.
Release him!
Escort Seor Goya out.
Take your hands off me!
This is outrageous.
Are you ready to sign
the confession?
Mara Isabel.
Bring him here.
Sign it.
Tie his hands.
Will you sign?
All right.
Let's find out if God will give
you the strength
to resist 'The Question'.
Lift him up.
I will burn this paper
the moment
my daughter returns home.
But I won't wait forever.
You must understand that.
All right, you are free to go now.
Father Lorenzo?
You're forgetting something.
This might be of great help
to both of us.
This is a very generous
contribution, indeed.
We are grateful for your efforts,
Brother Lorenzo.
There is a request, Father.
There usually is.
Let us hear the particulars.
The merchant
would like
to have his daughter back.
- Is she with us?
- Yes, Father. Yes.
- What is her status?
- A Judaiser.
How did you respond
to this request?
I promised
to plead for her release.
- On what grounds?
- I took into consideration...
the size of the endowment as well
as the fact
that she is very young.
Did she confess?
Yes, Father.
She was put to 'The Question'.
We shall accept
this magnanimous gift
with humble gratitude.
We shall also carve the name
of the donor
in the Convent in stone
to commemorate
his generosity forever.
As for the daughter,
I will pray to the Lord He may
bestow His mercy on her.
Of course, releasing her would
the basic principles
of our faith,
because it would suggest
that the Church
doubts the power
of 'The Question'.
We are concluded.
- Did you see my parents?
Yes, I did, I did.
They are doing everything
they can to get you out.
they love you very much, Ins.
Shall we pray together, Ins?
I can't believe it.
"I am, in fact,
the bastard son
of a chimpanzee
and an orangutan...
Can you believe this idiot?
He's crazy.
Your Majesty,
I am a desperate father
and this was done only to prove
that, if put to 'The Question'
even the most innocent man
of cloth
will confess to the most
preposterous absurdities.
We beg you, Your Majesty,
please use your authority
to restore our daughter to us.
I will see what I can do for her.
I had a good look at the signature.
- There can be no mistake?
- It is Lorenzo's.
Where is Brother Lorenzo?
All the brothers are looking
for him, Father).
- Yes?
- Francisco Goya y Lucientes?
At your service.
We have been told
that you are painting
a portrait
of Lorenzo Casamares.
Yes, please come in.
It's already finished.
This way.
I hope Father Lorenzo
is pleased with the frame
we've chosen for it.
Lorenzo Casamares
disgraced himself
and he is now a fugitive.
A fugitive?
I see.
We're here to confiscate
the portrait.
Yes, of course.
If he were to contact you,
we would like
to be notified immediately.
Well, certainly.
Oh, incidentally,
I have not yet been paid
for the painting.
If we find him,
we'll remind him.
As the image of the man
vanishes into thin air...
may his name forever vanish
from all memory.
Whosoever pronounces his name
may he burn in the fires
of eternal damnation.
She will like this frame.
You've done beautiful work.
I've never been this close
to our Queen.
But... is she really that ugly?
What's your point?
It's a beautiful painting.
Yes, but that does not make
a Queen beautiful.
Don Francisco,
Her Majesty wishes for you
to go to His Majesty's chamber.
Please, sit.
Sit, please.
Please, sit
How did you like it?
Very much, Your Majesty.
Very much.
- Are you telling me the truth?
- I am, I am. I was very...
moved, Your Majesty.
Not now.
Do you know
who composed that piece?
No, not really, sire.
Mozart, maybe? No.
- I did.
- Really?
Congratulations, Your Majesty.
Excellent and beautifully
performed. performed.
- So much for art.
- Now, sire,
I wonder if I could have
your opinion on my...
All right, come in.
Your Majesty...
I have come from Paris.
The French rabble
has decapitated the King
of France.
The King of France?
Yes, Your Majesty.
King Louis.
He was guillotined
in a public execution
six days ago.
My cousin Louis?
Yes, sire.
Our soldiers must comprehend
the noble purpose of their mission.
They carry a personal message
from me, Napoleon Bonaparte,
that I will not stand by
and watch our Spanish neighbors
continue to suffer the tyranny
of corrupt and decadent kings,
repressive clergy
and foreign imposters.
Yes, the King of Spain
is not even Spanish.
He is French.
And the Queen of Spain...
She is Italian!
No wonder the Spanish people
hate the Royal Family
as much as they hate
the Inquisition.
You have never fought
an easier campaign, soldiers!
The common folk will greet you
with flowers and kisses
on the streets of Madrid!
The Spaniard cannot wait
to break his chains
and become a free man.
Long live Napoleon.
I can see these explosions
but I can't hear them.
I'm deaf.
I am completely deaf now,
but every morning
I thank the Lord that
He hasn't taken my sight away
that I've been able to witness
and record
what has been happening here.
These are French soldiers.
The Mamelukes.
Special cavalry recruited
from Egypt by Napoleon
to help liberate Spain.
To bring us the noble ideas
of the French Revolution.
Then to defend the ideas
of the Revolution
Napoleon, this scourge of royalty,
made his own brother,
Joseph, the King of Spain.
But to my fellow Spaniard,
Napoleon's armies are nothing
but foreign invaders,
Who is in command
of this place?
is in command of this
and every other place
on this earth, my son.
- In the name of Emperor Napoleon...
- Continue.
...and by the letter
of the Rights...
Brother? Brother?
Brothers, give him air,
let him breathe here.
In the name of Emperor Napoleon
and by the letter
of the Declaration of the Rights
of Man and of the Citizen,
we hereby proclaim
the Spanish Inquisition abolished.
All of its properties confiscated
and all of its prisoners
will be freed forthwith.
Now, go away.
I'm deaf.
I'm deaf!
Sit down. Sit down.
You have to write,
write everything down.
Write what happened,
I can't hear.
Are you hungry?
Are you hungry?
I confessed,
and they said I would be tried,
but there was never a trial.
My father is dead now.
My whole family is dead.
The only thing I can think
about is my child.
You had a child?
In prison?
My daughter, my little girl.
I need to see her.
I need to take care of her.
Can you help me find her?
Ins, look at me.
Swear to God Almighty
you're telling the truth.
I need to talk to somebody
from the Holy Office.
But the Holy Office is long gone.
- But they're not all dead, are they?
- They might as well be.
They're either all in prison
or on the run.
- Who's running the prison?
- The French.
And Napoleon has sent
a special prosecutor along
with his army.
Will he receive me?
Where would I find him?
Stay here. Watch her.
I am here
to serve the ideas of the
great French Revolution!
They opened my eyes,
as they are opening the eyes
of the blind all over the world,
because they are irresistible.
They are logical, they are just.
All men, all men are born free.
All possess the same rights,
and those...
...those who refuse
to see the light of liberty
shall receive no mercy.
There will be...
there will be no liberty
for the enemies of liberty!
Father Gregorio...
do not take this personally
However you are
the very incarnation
of blind fanaticism and nepotism.
You are the tool by the means
of which few
have kept the many in chains.
You exemplify the very worst aspect
of Spain
and so you will be judged
for your deeds.
By... By the unanimous decision
of the judges...
and by the power vested in them
by the Declaration
of the Rights of Man
and of the Citizen,
this court
sentences you...
to death.
Do you remember
that rich merchant
that made you confess that you...
- You remember.
- S. What was his name?
Toms Bilbatua.
Yes, of course. How is he?
Oh, he's dead.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- No, it's his daughter.
She needs help.
Of course. She can come
to see me any time she wants.
Well, she's here.
She's in my carriage outside.
Bring her in.
I owe everything...
- I owe everything to...
- No, you don't have to shout.
You can just speak slowly
and articulate
and I can read your lips.
I owe everything to that man.
Because of him I had
to run to France.
And there suddenly,
saw in one bright flash
how terribly wrong I had been
all my life.
Reading Voltaire, Rousseau...
Meeting Danton. Look,
I was baptized again.
I shed blood
for the Revolution.
- A nasty wound.
- And I even got married there.
Yes, Henrietta, my wife.
I love her...
And I have three children.
Yes, I who took the vows
of celibacy.
So you will have to paint
my portrait
with the whole family.
That's ten hands to paint.
And I can afford them all now.
Come in.
- This is Lorenzo...
- Casamares.
Lorenzo Casamares.
What can I do for you, miss?
Don't, no, no, please, stop this,
Stop, please.
Sit down.
Just tell me
what do you need?
What can I do for you?
What happened to our child?
- I beg your pardon?
- Is she...?
Is she with you?
How long did they keep you
in that prison?
I don't know.
you think you had a child
in there?
A little girl.
- Our daughter
- "Our" daughter?
Why do you believe that I am
the father of your little girl?
Because you're
the only man I've ever known.
Please, sit down,
sit down, please.
What happened to the child?
I don't know.
They took her from me
she even tasted my milk.
Ins, my dear, come here.
Come, come.
you will go
with this nice young man
and he will take you
to your daughter.
All right?
You just go with him.
Go on.
Everything will be fine.
I feel...
such pity for these poor souls.
How barbaric we were...
Where are you sending her?
She has obviously taken leave
of her senses in jail.
However, I will not fail her.
I promise you.
- Will she be all right?
- She will be well provided for.
You think she invented the story
about her child?
I'm afraid so.
I'm sure she did.
Tell me...
if a prisoner gave birth
in the dungeons
of the Holy Office,
what would have happened
to the child?
Might it concern
your child?
respond to my question.
If I do,
will you spare whatever remains
of my life?
Will you kindly let me die
in peace?
Can I trust a... a monkey?
There are no girls here born in '93
and brought from Madrid?
Are there?
There was one who would answer
that description.
1793, Madrid,
sent here
by the Holy Office.
Which one is she?
She's not here.
She ran away from us
when she was only 11.
Where is she now?
Only God can answer
that question.
She was a little tiger.
Is it known
who her parents were?
Not really.
Did they mention their names?
Oh, no. They never do.
- Did you baptize her?
- Oh, immediately.
What was her baptismal name?
Come on.
Come on.
- Who was that girl there?
- Her name is Alicia. She's sweet...
- What's her name?
- Alicia.
Write it down.
All right. Alicia.
- Will she be back?
- Oh, no, no, not today. Tomorrow.
- What?
- You can have her tomorrow.
My God, what is this?
This is by the Flemish painter
Hieronymous Bosch...
El Bosco, sire.
It's called
'The Garden of Earthly Delights'.
- Do you like this?
- Well,
it is very bizarre, you are right,
but of course it's Flemish.
And it is very well painted.
This is neither my kind of a garden
nor my kind of delights.
I would never send this
to Napoleon.
This is not my brother's taste...
You can keep this thing right
here in Madrid.
Ah, now this looks promising.
This is Carlos the Fourth.
I met him... and his wife.
Although I don't recall her being
that ugly.
How did she manage
to have so many lovers?
She was the Queen, sire.
This... is a masterpiece.
- Indeed it is, sire.
- My brother would appreciate this.
And he can just do that?
Take paintings from the Royal gallery
and pack them off to Paris?
We have to express our gratitude
for what Napoleon did for freedom
in Spain somehow darling. Yes?
Senor Francisco de Goya
is here to see you, sir.
- Bring him in.
- Wait!
Show Senor Goya to my study
and kindly ask him to wait.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, Francisco.
At lunch I'm a family man.
- May I offer you something to drink?
- No, thank you, no.
I just want to get in touch
with Ins Bilbatua.
Well, she was telling the truth.
She does have a daughter.
How do you know?
- I saw her.
- You saw her?
Did you talk to her?
No, no, I just saw her.
How do you know that the girl
you saw is Ins's daughter?
She looked exactly
like her mother did
when I painted her 16 years ago.
- She was, it was a perfect replica.
- Where did you see her?
In the Pardo Gardens.
- In the Gardens?
- Yes.
She is a...?
Yes, she is.
Do you know her name?
- Alicia.
- Alicia.
Do you think you could bring Ins
to my house?
I want the mother
to meet her daughter.
Of course.
Come on.
- Is your name Alicia?
- Yes.
Where were you born, Alicia?
In an orphanage.
Do you know
who your parents were?
My mother was a heretic.
So, where do you wanna do it?
Right here?
I just want to talk to you.
You're not the police, are you?
I would like to make you
a proposition.
- All right.
- Leave Spain.
- Leave Spain?
- Yes.
- And go where?
- America.
With you?
No, but...
if you leave Spain,
I will provide you with enough money
that you will never want for...
No, no, please let me out of the...
- Now, please, stop this...!
- Wait, calm down. Let me speak.
I'm not gonna end up
in some brothel or harem?
Let me speak.
- Let go of me, or I'll scream.
- Wait, stay here.
Wait... Quiet, quiet.
Quiet, quiet. Let me speak.
Quiet! Wait!
Alicia, come back!
Even if this Alicia actually
were Ins's daughter,
which I doubt, which I doubt...
If she were,
I would never want to bring
those two together.
Why not?
For me,
the idea of telling a mother:
"I found your daughter
and she's a whore"
is unthinkable and cruel.
I could never bring myself
to do it.
But they're the same flesh
and blood.
Plus, Francisco,
Ins is not in control
of her senses.
- Where is she?
- She's in very good hands.
I need to talk to her.
Why is she so important to you?
You are completely obsessed
with her.
You yourself noticed her.
That face is...
engraved on my mind.
She's the angel descending
from heaven in 'La Florida'.
I see her in taverns, I see her
in the streets, in my dreams.
I saw her face when I thought
I was dying in Cdiz.
And I didn't do anything for her
when she needed it.
I'm not going
to abandon her again!
Can you understand that?
Where is she?
that poor woman
has lost her mind.
I said where is she?
- I don't care who you are.
- I'm painter to the King!
To which King? Do you know how
many kings I have in here?
I even have two Napoleons.
And one of them is an Arab.
The other one is seven foot,
two inches tall.
- Is he deaf?
- Yeah.
Painter to the King.
He could be blind.
So, who is this woman anyway?
Ins Bilbatua.
How much is she worth to you?
- How much is she worth to you?
- One thousand reales.
1,000? 100!
You must be crazy! And take it
as a professional opinion!
There are revolutions everywhere,
the world is going to hell.
The British have landed
in Portugal
and I am responsible
for this hospital.
And you have the audacity
to offer me 100?
500. 500.
- 200.
- All right.
Is there anybody else here
that he wants?
Oh, no... Not again.
You cannot carry a baby
all your life. No woman can.
No, Mara, no!
- Stop it!
- Ins!
Hold her.
Get her! Stop it!
Stop it. Let her go!
- Ins, calm down.
- Ins!
Don't you remember me?
You can go home now.
I found your daughter, Ins.
you have to go.
He has found your daughter.
- My daughter?
- Yes.
My baby?
What's happening here?
Why can't we go through?
You can't go there.
Ins, wait in the carriage.
You keep an eye on her.
Miss Alicia?
I'm Francisco Goya.
I'm painter to the King.
Is that your child?
I want you to come
with me and meet somebody.
Another man?
I understand.
No, I'm not talking about...
I want you to meet somebody
to whom you are very important.
you've never met your mother,
have you?
Alicia, run!
No, don't touch her!
- Where is she?
- She went that way.
But didn't I tell you...!
Go find her!
I said Don Francisco wants you
to stay here.
Bring her home! Bring her home!
Bring him in.
- Did you decree that deportation?
- Yes.
So you're sending all these girls
to America
just to get your poor harlot
daughter out of the way?
This is the best thing for those
women, it's the best thing.
What are you saying?
Say it again.
It is a new life for them.
It is a new life.
A new life? To be sold
as slaves in America?
It is better than living
in this whorehouse called Spain.
- What are you saying?
- Wake up, Francisco.
The Spanish people couldn't care
less about ideals.
Spain today
is one big whorehouse.
Are you calling me a whore?
You have the audacity
to call me a whore?
And what are you? Look at you!
Look what you are today.
But do you remember
what you were yesterday?
Who's the whore here?
Don't lecture me, Francisco.
Do not lecture me.
At least I tried to do something
- and believed in what I was doing.
- Wait.
- I am a believer, Francisco.
- Wait.
I am a believer...! But you?
Look at you.
You work for anyone
who pays.
Yesterday the King of Spain.
Today the French.
Probably that bastard Wellington!
- No!
- Yes, Francisco.
You only believe in money.
You are the whore.
What is it?
The King has just received news
that the British have crossed
the border from Portugal to Spain
and are advancing.
According to a reliable source,
they are not meeting any resistance
and the Spanish are joining them
in their assault on our outposts.
What are the King's orders?
The King and his family left
for Madrid half an hour ago.
- And Madrid?
- News hasn't reached the city yet.
I want her to sleep.
Her father has not seen her yet.
Oh, I don't want her to be crying
when she sees him.
Back to France, you cowards!
Brother Lorenzo,
I hope you will understand there
is nothing personal
in our judgment.
you became
the living embodiment
of diabolical ideas.
You proclaimed that Man
is higher than God
and that the words of the Gospels
are nothing but lies and poison.
You must never
never be allowed
to repeat your crimes.
the Church declares you guilty,
and your punishment
will be death.
But if you repent publicly,
the merciful hand
of the Church
will spare your life.
Your body will be saved,
and even your soul,
if you join us again
in the ever- loving arms
of God.
my son,
will you repent?
No, I'm sure.
- In the name of the Father...
- God will forgive your sins.
You have lost your sight, Brother.
Open your eyes.
Lorenzo! Over here!
Well, what do you think's going
to happen to him now?
Brother, repent. You still have
time to plead for God's mercy.
Repent. Repent.
Come back to us, and God
will receive you into His arms.
Open your eyes!
God will forgive your sins
if you repent now! Repent...
Oh God.
Or you'll be damned
for all eternity.
God will forgive your sins.
You have lost your sight, Brother.
You still have time to plead
for God's mercy.
For God is all merciful.