Goyo (2024) Movie Script

Great. Well done, Augusto.
Nice job. Make sure you breathe.
- Breathe as you swim.
- There's someone under the water.
Goyo, you'll end up drowning one day.
- Get out of the pool.
- Okay, coach.
Goyo! You'll end up drowning one day!
Shut up, Augusto!
Heading out?
This isn't tea.
I've got four concerts in two weeks.
Cut me some slack.
Have a nice day, sis.
You too.
This damn thing!
Piece of shit!
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight...
...27, 28, 29, 30...
Buona giornata, Goyo.
You too, Miranda.
- Miranda.
- Buongiorno, hon.
Morning, Goyo. How are you doing?
I'm well. How are you, Momo?
I hardly slept.
Cata came over last night.
We had dinner and stayed up
binging a series, so I'm dead.
That's not correct.
If you were actually dead,
you wouldn't be here right now.
You know what I mean.
The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
is Latin America's most important museum.
In its more than 120 years,
it has acquired an extensive collection,
with more than 12,000 works
from different periods in art history.
Let's move on.
- You changed the lock?
- Yeah.
I know I messed up, but we're good, right?
No, we're not.
- Miguel, you landed in jail!
- What do you mean, jail?
I was held at the precinct for 72 hours.
It was no big deal.
I miss you and the boys.
You were out all day,
and the kid wouldn't open the door.
For his own father. Is he nuts?
Where were you?
I told the kids not to let you in.
Answer me. Where were you?
I started working at a museum downtown.
- What are you doing?
- Let's go inside.
Come on, Miguel. Get the hell out of here.
Where am I supposed to go?
What's come over you?
You expect me to leave?
This is my house too. My kids live here.
Now I'm supposed to leave
just because you want to screw me over?
No, you screwed up, Miguel.
This is on you.
Quit acting like a child and just go.
Get out of here.
Is he gone?
Yeah. It's okay.
Is your brother back?
- No.
- No? All right.
Hi, honey.
Goyo, dinner's ready.
Can I come in?
Would you look at that!
You're painting again.
That's great.
It's been ages.
How long has it been, three years?
Four years and seven months.
I always forget about the pandemic.
How beautiful. Is it a person?
- A woman, by the looks of it.
- Yes.
- Is she imaginary?
- She works at the museum.
- She's real.
- Yes, she's real.
What does she do there?
She's a security guard.
What was it about her
that inspired you to paint again?
Her beauty.
And something I can't quite describe.
Want to come eat?
I'll see you in the kitchen.
What's the matter? You miss your dad?
He won't be mad at you.
He loves you so much. He's your dad.
He loves Cuti more.
Who told you that? No way.
No, it might just be that
they understand each other
because they're similar.
Where were you?
With Romi and my friends.
Did you take money from the can?
- Cuti, what's up with you?
- What do you mean?
I started my new job today.
I asked you to watch your brother,
and you just disappeared.
What's going on?
Listen, Cuti.
If you're not pulling your own weight
and you don't want to help out,
then go move in with your dad,
your girlfriend, or whoever.
Oh, so you want to kick me out like dad?
You better watch your mouth, you brat!
Don't start acting like your dad now.
You're too smart for that.
Don't you break my pan, damn it!
Nicely done, Goyo. You went all out.
That's all for today.
- Augusto!
- Sorry, coach.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
This museum features
a wide variety of Argentine art,
with works by Cndido Lpez,
Prilidiano Pueyrredn,
Emilio Pettoruti, Xul Solar,
Antonio Segu,
Marta Minujn,
Antonio Berni,
and Len Ferrari.
I still need to go buy groceries.
- I've only got a yogurt in my fridge.
- My doctor says I can't eat dairy.
Really? See you tomorrow.
- Ciao, Goyo.
- See you tomorrow, Momo and Miranda.
I'm on my way there.
Yeah, it'll take me about an hour.
I'll take the subway,
so I should be about 40 minutes.
All right? Okay. Bye.
Due to renovations, this train
will not stop at Las Heras Station.
Next station, Santa Fe.
Ten, 11, 13... 12...
Four... five, six,
17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22...
Next station, Santa Fe.
Transfer available to line D.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hey. It's all right.
It'll start back up soon.
He got home and took a shower.
He never showers before eating.
He's holed up in his room.
He told me he was fine,
but I know he wasn't.
He was really nervous. Panicky, even.
Is he taking his meds?
Maybe something happened to him.
Yeah, maybe.
And he was doing so well.
He's painting again.
He's doing a portrait of a woman who works
as a security guard at the museum.
Can I come in?
I'm making rigatoni
with pesto alla Genovese.
You okay?
What's wrong?
I scared a woman.
What do you mean?
She's special.
She started working at the museum Tuesday.
She's a security guard.
So you saw each other
Tuesday, yesterday, and today.
I saw her, but she didn't see me.
Every time I saw her,
she never looked my way.
Until today.
And she got scared.
I followed her to the subway.
You went into the subway?
The lights went out, and the train
stopped in the middle of a tunnel.
I got really anxious and nervous.
I couldn't breathe.
Right. And she got scared
when she saw you like that.
I ruined my chance
to make a good first impression
and get to know her.
Hey, wait a minute.
Lots of people have phobias.
The train got stuck, the lights went out...
I'd say your reaction was normal.
You can still turn this around.
I've won tougher uphill battles.
Why did you have to fight
up a hill, Matute?
I mean I've overcome problems
even when it seemed impossible.
Hi, honey.
- Hi.
- I went to see Aunt Marce.
How are you, sweetheart?
What are you doing?
What's that? Math?
It's geometry, Ma.
Of course. You okay?
- Where's your brother?
- He grabbed his stuff and left.
Yeah. He took his clothes
and his PlayStation.
Hey, girls. I won't be able to make it.
I can't go out
before the Paraguay concert on the 12th.
Hey, Goyo.
I'll get you tickets to the concert
in Buenos Aires on the 14th. Bye.
Why do you keep lying to them?
You never get them tickets.
They lie to me too.
They ask for tickets and never show up.
They aren't into music at all.
- Friends and hypocrites.
- Hey.
They're still my friends.
Don't be "vulga."
- You're using a non-rhotic accent again.
- What?
Saula's not pronouncing her Rs right.
She said "vulga."
A deletion of the rhotic R
caused by the effects of alcohol.
He's calling me an alcoholic again.
But I've always kind of dropped my Rs.
Like a British accent.
Mom talked like this too sometimes, right?
Probably when she drank.
Oh, "fo" heaven's sake.
Come on. Cut it out.
Eva? That's a Peronist name.
- Biblical too.
- No.
Evas born after 1950
are named after Evita, not Eve.
- How old is she?
- I estimate between 47 and 50 years old.
Wow! An older woman.
She's a MILF.
Aged like fine wine?
- I mean, is she pretty?
- Yes, really pretty.
Has she got an ass?
- Everybody does, Matute.
- I know that.
I'm asking if she's got a nice ass.
It's harmonious.
Harmonious too.
And robust.
So she's stacked. Nice.
Why do you think
she hasn't been noticing you?
Maybe because she was focused
on her own issues.
She has problems at home, apparently.
- Is she married?
- I don't know.
I think she has kids.
When was the last time you had a crush?
Four years and six months ago.
Guadalupe Bazterrica.
That girl was so boring.
She only talked about bugs and spiders.
That's her job, Matute.
She's an entomologist.
Yeah, I know.
I should've gotten lemon.
Okay, we need a game plan.
You see Eva every day, right?
Approach her first thing tomorrow
and apologize for what happened today.
"Hello, Eva."
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean
to scare you yesterday on the subway."
"I tried to talk with you several times."
It's important you tell her
you tried several times.
"But I couldn't do it.
I followed you, and that was wrong."
It's also important to tell her
that you know it was wrong.
"But I meant well."
"I'm so sorry."
"I'm Goyo Villanueva.
Pleased to meet you."
No beating around the bush.
What bush?
I mean, be direct with her, Goyo.
No, Matute. I already gave you some.
I should've gotten lemon.
This doesn't fit.
These uniforms keep getting tighter.
- It's horrible.
- Hurry up, ladies.
- We don't want to upset Garca.
- We're coming, Charly.
- See you later.
- Okay, bye.
What was that about?
What? It's nothing.
He just flirts with me.
- Really?
- He says sweet things.
I know he looks serious,
but there's a fire inside him.
Speaking of fire,
I can't stand these hot flashes.
- Do you get them?
- No.
- I take vitamins.
- Right.
- It must be Garca.
- Yeah.
- Oh, Goyo.
- Good morning.
- What's he doing here?!
- What?
He's the creep I told you about!
There's been a misunderstanding.
That's why I came to see you.
He's Goyo. He works here.
He's one of the guides.
- Haven't you seen him around?
- No.
No, she hasn't.
Which explains the subway incident.
What happened?
- Eva Montero...
- He knows my name!
Eva Montero saw me
on the subway yesterday.
She got scared because I stared at her
because I know her from the museum.
But she doesn't know me.
Well, then...
So she might have thought
I was a stranger trying to harass her.
That explains the rude gesture
she made when I got off the train.
I didn't mean to scare you, Eva Montero.
I just wanted to say hello.
So now I've come to apologize
and introduce myself properly.
I'm Gregorio Villanueva, museum guide.
Nice to meet you.
Sure, hi. How do you do?
Nice to meet you.
All right, that's it, then.
You've explained yourself.
Thanks, Goyo.
If you'll excuse me.
I can't believe it.
Poor guy. This is awful.
- What did he mean, you made a gesture?
- I flipped him off.
- What a bitch.
- No. What do you mean?
- He's kind of weird, right?
- Okay, look.
He's a sweetheart, and he's really smart.
Sure. He might be smart,
but you didn't see how he looked at me.
His eyes were bugging out.
He was all sweaty.
I thought, "He's gonna murder me!"
Poor guy.
Relax, okay? It's water under the bridge.
The next time you see him,
just smile and be nice.
All right. Hurry up.
It's time. Garca's gonna kill us.
This tapestry,
woven in 1660, features scenes
with the composition and lines
characteristic of Renaissance art.
The Baroque trim
is adorned with plants, weapons,
birds, and musical instruments,
and we can see the Marquis of Caracena's
coat of arms at the bottom.
Let's move on.
Hi there!
Hello, Eva Montero.
- How are you doing?
- I'm well.
The subway's closed until 8:00,
and the buses are packed.
It's going to take me forever to get home.
I could keep you company
until eight o'clock.
We can go for a drink.
No, don't worry.
This sort of thing happens all the time.
I live close by, and I have no plans.
You won't get bored.
I'm an engaging conversationalist.
I studied fine arts here in Buenos Aires,
and I did my PhD
at the Complutense University of Madrid.
Wow, that's great.
How long have you been working
at the museum?
Since Monday, June 24, 2013.
Are you okay?
How about you?
Did you always want to work in security?
Not at all.
I wanted to be a doctor.
But I barely finished high school.
- Then, well, my dad died.
- I'm sorry.
It's okay. It was a long time ago.
Then I had to get a job
to help support my family.
And life brought me here.
So you don't like your job?
Yeah... I like it. I don't know.
It depends on where I'm working.
I like the museum.
But it's kind of boring at times.
But, oh well.
A job's a job.
There's something special
about the way the sun shines on your face.
It's just like the yellow Vincent used.
- Who?
- Vincent van Gogh.
He's a very well-known Dutch painter.
Oh, right.
The one who chopped off his ear?
Yeah, him. Of course.
Vincent is my favorite artist.
He had a brother who looked after him.
His name was Theo.
My brother's name is Matas,
but we call him Matute.
Theo died six months after Vincent.
Matute is still alive.
That's good.
Chrome yellow is the color
I'm seeing on your face.
It was created
thanks to the Industrial Revolution.
You sure know a lot of things, Goyo.
You know a ton.
You are...
very special.
Oh, look. It's almost 8:00.
- All right. Let's go. Excuse me!
- Yeah.
Well, thanks for keeping me company
and for the lemonade.
I owe you one.
No, you don't owe me any lemonade.
It was a pleasure
chatting with you, ma'am.
Just call me Eva, Goyo. Please.
I can't. It takes me some time
to get comfortable with people.
Except for kids or teenagers.
But with adults,
I need to ease into things.
All right.
You live around here, right?
So what were you doing on the subway?
I wanted to talk with you,
like we are doing now.
I wasn't able to at the museum.
So I followed you, hoping you'd notice me,
but all I managed to do was scare you.
All right.
See you tomorrow.
Nobody's ever told me I'm special.
Maybe she thinks I'm a weirdo.
A handsome weirdo. Are you happy?
Yes, very happy.
Thanks for the advice, Matute.
No need to thank me. I'm your brother.
I need to get back to work.
- We'll talk later, okay?
- All right.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
Is she that pretty in person?
- You came in without knocking.
- The door was open.
Were you listening
to me talking with Matute?
I just heard you thanking him
for his advice.
I'm going out to the restaurant
with Julia.
- Could this be the one?
- Not sure. I haven't finished painting it.
I meant the model, Goyo.
Have you spoken to her? Do you two talk?
Yes. We went out for lemonade today.
Well... I'd like to meet her.
Maybe we could all go out for lemonade.
Julia's waiting for me downstairs.
All right.
I left some food for you, okay?
See you later?
- We need to warn that woman.
- Don't even think about it.
But she needs to know
about Goyo's condition.
I'm sure she's figured it out.
She's old enough.
"Old enough"? How old is she?
About our age.
Sorry to interrupt.
Thanks. Everything was great.
- Thanks, Marquito. See you.
- Good night.
He's not a kid anymore.
Let him live a little.
- It's okay if he crashes and burns.
- How is that okay?
- Have you never been hurt?
- I'm not the one with autism.
No, but you have other issues.
Come on, let him live a little.
There's no harm in it.
This again?
Now you're going to say
I'm controlling, overprotective...
No, manipulative. Or that I smother him.
No, that I'm treating him
like the son I never had.
Go on. Say it.
Matute, I love the pattern
of the blue and white tiles.
- Say it. You're dying to tell her.
- It was Goyo's idea.
I have a Cabernet from 2016
that you'll love.
Hold on. So, she's about our age.
But how old, exactly?
How old are you, Saula?
Old enough.
I'll be right back.
Again, Goyo? You're going to drown.
I've told you a million times.
- Out of the pool, please.
- Okay, coach.
Hello, kid.
- Do I have to leave?
- No.
I was bored, so I decided to walk around.
You picked a great place to do that.
Have you been to the museum before?
- Did you come by yourself?
- No, I'm with my mom. She works here.
What's your mom's name? I work here too.
Eva Montero.
She told me not to go wanderin' off,
but I got bored.
- "Wandering."
- What?
You should say "wandering,"
not "wanderin'."
Don't drop the G.
I'm Gregorio Villanueva.
You can call me Goyo.
I'm a guide at this museum.
I know your mother, Eva Montero.
I'm Martn Aguirre. You can call me Tato.
- Nice to meet you, Tato.
- Nice to meet you too, Goyo.
My sister's taking care of him tomorrow.
And, yeah...
I don't know
what the hell I'm going to do, honestly.
My life's falling apart.
- One day at a time, hon.
- Yeah.
One day at a time.
Whoa! What is that?
He asked me out for coffee.
- Nice.
- I said not today, though.
I told him tomorrow
or maybe the day after.
- All right.
- I don't know.
I like getting to know someone.
You know? The chitchat, the smiles,
the flowers, playing hard to get.
I love it.
Well, I also like what comes after.
But I don't like what comes after that.
That's when it all goes to shit.
They looted chalices
and incense burners from a church.
There are severed heads
attached to their saddles. See?
What about the naked lady?
She's a white captive.
She's semi-conscious.
- So, they kidnapped her.
- Yes.
It's a very interesting piece.
It's the first time a large canvas
featured Indigenous subject matter.
I'm going to be president in 2051.
That's wonderful.
You'll have to spend
a lot of time preparing.
You'll need to study
and learn about people's problems
and what they need.
Eva Montero!
I was discussing The Return of the Maln
with your son,
the future president of Argentina.
- Oh, yeah.
- Mom.
Goyo knows a ton
about every single painting in the museum.
Not every single one,
but I do know about many of them.
Well, let's go. We don't want to be late.
All right. Thanks, Goyo.
- Have a good weekend.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hell yeah!
Get up! Goal!
What a great goal!
No fucking way!
Let's go!
I don't think I'll be able to have sex
the first time I kiss her.
Don't rush into it. Go at your own pace.
Hey! Watch it!
I started researching sexuality,
and I saw a lot of things.
Really? You've been watching porn?
Yes, that too.
But not too much.
I visited a site,
but then I closed the tab.
What I did notice is
that everything is organized by category.
Anal, bondage, ethnicities,
big tits, small tits...
- You saw a bit of everything, then.
- Yeah, a bit.
Masturbation, MILF, bisexual,
gay, orgies, and missionary.
Nothing to do
with the Misiones province or religion.
- Missionary is a position.
- Yeah, I know what it is.
Do you watch porn, Matute?
Everybody does, Goyo.
Did you see anything interesting?
A few things, sure.
But I also saw things
that I can't imagine Eva Montero doing.
Well, you don't really know her yet.
You'd be surprised
what people do behind closed doors.
What do you think she wouldn't be into?
Fisting, golden showers,
facials, scat play...
You watched a lot.
Still, you shouldn't start
with that the first time.
The important thing
is knowing what you like. Do you?
I like what goes on down there.
When you get a boner.
The feeling on the tip of my penis.
The glans.
Yeah, the glans
is our most important erogenous zone.
For women, it's the clitoris.
For us, it's the glans.
Last night I dreamt
Eva Montero was kissing my glans.
- What?
- Last night I dreamt...
I don't want to shout it.
Eva Montero was kissing my glans.
What a great dream, huh?
She must have
more experience than I do. Right?
Yeah, Goyo. I think you're right.
Eat. It's getting cold.
- Ask her over for dinner.
- Isn't it a bit soon?
No. Not for this century.
Listen to me.
Invite her over.
She'll definitely say yes.
Hey! Watch out! He's right here!
Yeah, I'm right here!
This is what I was telling you
about Los dioses de la Pampa.
Svori illustrated Godofredo Daireaux's
books on two occasions.
In 1902, Los dioses de la Pampa...
See you tomorrow.
Eva Montero.
- Sorry. I scared you again.
- Don't worry about it.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
Did you know this museum
houses a Van Gogh?
No, I didn't.
An original.
This is one of the first pieces
Vincent painted in Paris.
In a letter to his brother Theo,
he wrote, "There is but one Paris."
"And however hard living may be there,
the French air clears up the brain
and does good."
Would you like to come for dinner?
Yes, you.
Why me and not one of the other women?
There's nothing about them that makes me
want to invite them to dinner.
You and I are very different.
I'm older than you. By a lot.
you know much more than I do.
You might find me boring.
And you know a lot of things that I don't.
Being different is something you
and I have in common, Eva Montero.
This museum hasn't been the same
since you started working here.
This Saturday could work.
It could be at my house.
Do you live by yourself?
No, with my sister, Saula.
She won't be there.
She has a concert in Paraguay.
- She's a concert pianist.
- I see.
- Saula Villanueva. Maybe you know her.
- No. I don't.
All right, you don't know her.
We'll be alone.
She won't be home.
If you accept my invitation.
I see.
Did somebody die?
No. Why?
You only wear that dress
when someone dies.
No, I wear it when I go out.
You wore it
to Chichi Galarza's mother's funeral.
Oh, right.
Are you going out?
Yeah. I might
on Saturday with a girlfriend.
We'll see. I don't know yet.
I'll ask Aunt Marce to watch you
and make gnocchi. Okay?
Sure. Oh, we're out of shampoo.
I'll pick some up tomorrow.
This way, you'll be able
to dive deep into the water.
- Understand?
- Yes.
Okay? Now we're all
going to have a go, okay?
Good. Great attitude, Goyo.
Great attitude, Goyo!
Our Goyo?
You're the worst.
You almost called the cops on him,
and now you're dating the kid.
It's just dinner.
Oh, okay.
So where are you having dinner?
At his place.
- Really! His place? Wow!
- What?
- What?
- That's a date.
- Nah.
- It is!
You do know
that the kid is a bit odd, right?
He has some issues.
Have you ever dated a guy who can't lie?
Who speaks his mind.
Who is polite, incredibly smart...
incapable of hurting you,
and on top of all that, handsome?
Never in my life.
Me neither.
I'll lend you my lucky necklace.
- It'll help you get laid...
- Hey!
- What? It's the truth.
- No, come on.
Prepare three conversation topics
in case there is a long silence.
Avoid talking about politics
because it can really ruin the night.
The environment is a good topic.
It'll make you seem sensitive and caring.
And of course, art. Your thing.
Without going too into detail.
It can be boring.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Hi, Goyo.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
What a house.
It's 20th century
French neoclassical style.
Vincent incorporated fluid turbulence
into his technique.
If you look closely,
it seems like the sky is moving.
It really does.
You're right.
These artists sure were geniuses, huh?
People also say they were a little crazy.
They must have been
to make that kind of artwork.
That's a simplistic
and uninformed conclusion.
There is no such thing
as an objective reality.
Vincent had a beautiful
and tempestuous way of seeing things.
What some call "madness"
is just another way of living, thinking,
feeling, and being in this world.
Don't you think
that everything's advancing backwards?
That's an oxymoron.
It's a figure of speech
with a contradictory meaning.
- "Advancing backwards," as you said.
- I see.
"Living dead."
"Everlasting moment."
Hmm, right.
"Deafening silence."
- There are many more examples.
- Yeah. Of course.
What I mean is that all of this progress
isn't helping us advance, you know?
For example, everyone has
a cell phone now.
And yet, people are growing further apart.
- Did you like the food?
- It was delicious.
- Ready for dessert?
- I'll help you.
No. It's all right. You're my guest.
Okay. Sure.
All right. Here.
- Pass me the knife?
- Sure.
- Mind if I put on some music?
- Sure.
- There's a speaker in the living room.
- Okay.
You can connect your phone.
Okay. Great.
- This way?
- No. Over there.
You didn't drink any wine.
Do I have to drink
this champagne by myself too?
The truth is,
alcohol doesn't agree with me.
What's this?
- What is this?
- Chocolate mousse with orange.
- Did your brother make this too?
- Yes.
How yummy.
- You must think I'm a pig, right?
- No. You're a woman.
Well, I know you're a brainiac.
And you have
a brother whose cooking is divine.
Am I right?
And a sister who's a famous pianist.
That's her, right?
- Yes.
- She's beautiful.
- And that must be your brother.
- Matute.
Are your parents still around?
Only my mother. My father died in Vietnam.
He's the one in that photo.
Carlos Villanueva.
Wow. He died in the Vietnam War?
No. The war lasted from November 1, 1955,
until April 30, 1975.
My father died in a traffic accident
on an island called Ph Quc
in the early morning of October 2, 2005.
I see. I'm sorry.
My mother was driving drunk.
My father also drank a lot,
just like my sister, Saula.
Matute drinks in moderation.
Okay. I see.
- Is that your mom?
- No, that's Elena.
She's my siblings' mother.
She died when they were teenagers.
From a massive myocardial infarction.
It happened at the table
where we had dinner tonight.
She died there.
I am the son of my father's second wife.
I see.
- Don't you have a photo of your mom?
- No.
Is she still living?
Yes. With her new partner,
Flix Ruiz Allende.
In Tierra del Fuego.
My mother's name is Magdalena.
I see. And what does she do?
Well, she's the wife of Luis Allende.
I mean, Ruiz Allende.
- And she's a mother too.
- She's a wife but not a mother.
She struggles with motherhood.
Not everyone is cut out
for having children.
- May I ask you a question now?
- Sure.
All right.
I know you have at least one son.
- Yes.
- Because I met the future president.
I have another son who's older.
We call him Cuti, but his name's Cristian.
He's 16.
He's not sure what he wants to do yet,
but he loves playing soccer.
He plays well, like his dad,
Miguel, who used to play back in the day.
But it didn't work out for him.
Miguel. So you have a husband.
I don't know.
- You don't know if you have one?
- No...
I have one.
But at the moment, we're separated.
It's me who wanted the separation.
Were you ever happy with Miguel?
Yes. In the beginning, I was.
Then, well, things changed.
You know? He changed. I changed.
Actually, he doesn't understand
what's going on with me.
Even I don't understand it.
But that makes him anxious,
and he screws up.
You know? That's the thing.
Can we talk about something else?
Yes, of course.
It's estimated that Earth's temperature
increased by 1.2 degrees this year.
With a six-degree increase,
life on Earth as we know it would perish.
You know, I've never had luck with men.
Not even once. Not with a single one.
I read a statistic that said most humans
don't surpass 60% happiness.
But some Inuit people, spiritual gurus,
and Amazonian tribes achieve up to 80%.
- Then you have to be weird to be happy.
- According to statistics, yes.
Come here.
Oh, Goyo.
You're so different from other men.
You're so...
I don't know. I love the way you are.
I have Asperger's. Maybe that's it.
Yeah, maybe.
Does that bother you?
No. It doesn't bother me.
I wouldn't be here if it did.
But it worries me a little because...
I don't know. I...
I've never been with someone like you.
I've gotta pee.
- Oh, sure.
- Okay?
- The bathroom's over there.
- Okay.
- There, on the right.
- Thanks.
She likes eating with her hands.
She stuck her finger
in the mousse and licked it.
Yes, it was disconcerting.
But then I stopped looking,
and I felt better.
She's having fun. She's in the bathroom.
I'm calling from the upstairs one.
Yes. Everything's going great.
She felt like changing topics,
but I followed your advice.
No politics.
I talked about the environment.
- Eva Montero.
- Oh, Goyo.
I came upstairs because I couldn't find...
Is that me?
It's not finished yet.
How did you paint me?
From memory.
It was the day I met you.
The day you started working at the museum.
It was raining.
You were having trouble
with your umbrella.
If you like the finished painting,
I can give it to you.
Did you decorate the room?
Yes. With help
from my sister Saula's friend.
Julia di Pietro. Maybe you know her?
No. I don't know anyone.
You don't know her either? All right.
Come here.
Come here.
Come, lie down.
Hold me.
"Wherever Eve was, there was paradise."
In a book by Mark Twain,
that's what Adam wrote as an epitaph
for Eve, his Eva.
We're kissing, Eva Montero.
Should I keep going?
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Are you leaving?
Yes, I need to go because...
my sister is watching the president.
Do you want some breakfast first?
No, I'm fine. Thanks.
- Should I call you a cab?
- No. It's fine. I'll take the subway.
It's a few blocks away.
I can call you a cab.
You'll get home faster
and be more comfortable.
I'll get the phone.
- Did you have a good time?
- Yes, I had a wonderful time.
Yes, and the painting... it was beautiful.
Well, Goyo. Bye.
- Thanks.
- Text me when you get home.
Good morning, sir.
See, the ones here,
they symbolize glory,
protection, and triumph...
- Mom's home. It's about time.
- Why are you here?
I'm here to see my kids. Well, kid.
The other one's with his girlfriend.
I ran into him yesterday,
and he told me about it. It's crazy.
Where's Aunt Marce?
She left.
I told her to go home.
If I'm here, why should she stay?
She had things to do,
so I told her to go home.
Guess what. I got a job at a car wash.
That's great. I'm glad.
You're glad? Does she look glad to you?
If you're glad, you should say,
"That's wonderful, Miguel! I'm so happy."
"You got a job.
Now we can get back together."
No. That's not happening.
What do you mean?
- What do you mean? I can't come back home?
- What are you doing?
- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing.
- You were busting my balls about a job!
- Dad, just leave.
Now you say I can't come back.
I'm helping the kid with his homework.
I got a job.
I did everything you asked,
and you're telling me to get lost.
What the hell is your problem?
- Tell me what's wrong!
- No, Dad.
- What do you want?
- I want you to leave.
Where am I supposed to go?
I'm not leaving.
This is my house. These are my kids.
You were out with someone, right?
- Don't be ridiculous.
- You're with someone!
Dad, leave!
- Tell the truth!
- Just leave, Dad!
Stop! Quit it!
- I'm doing the right thing!
- Let him go!
Show me some respect!
No. Wait.
Eva, I'm sorry.
Wait, forgive me. I didn't...
- Get out of here!
- No! Wait!
It was an accident!
- Just leave!
- But I...
- Son!
- Get out!
- Fine. I'm leaving.
- Just go!
It's okay, son! It's all right, honey.
- It's okay.
- God damn it!
What else do I have to do?
It's okay, sweetie. It's okay.
Listen. Don't let him in anymore.
- He got in when I was coming home.
- It's okay, sweetheart.
It's over now, honey.
There, there.
Do me a favor. Bring me some ice, okay?
Did you take the lead, or did she?
She did, mostly.
I think I did my part well.
- Did you like it?
- Yes. A lot.
Now play it cool, okay?
Don't get too excited.
The day after is key.
She might wake up happy,
or she might want to jump off a bridge.
- Why would she do that?
- It's a way of saying she might regret it.
She said she had a great time.
Then she had a great time, period.
Yes. She smiled 17 times
and laughed eight times.
That's a lot.
Okay, now relax.
Wait for her to reach out
so we know where we stand.
- Matute!
- What?
I asked her to text me
when she got home, but she hasn't yet.
I sent a message at 12:42.
But it looks like she didn't get it.
There's only one checkmark. See?
Yes, I see. Put the phone away.
Let's focus on the game. Come on.
Come on. Four! I'd curse you out,
but I don't know your name!
- It's weird she hasn't responded. Right?
- Run!
He's 20 years old. Move it!
Do you think she's okay?
- Go! Over there!
- Matute!
For fuck's sake!
- Where are you going? To take a leak?
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- Hey, Goyo!
Hey. Get his attention?
- Goyo!
- He's calling you.
Where are you going?
- You're not listening to me.
- I am listening!
Trouble in paradise!
- He's my brother, bitch.
- Your brother's your bitch?
Gregorio, can you wait up?
What the hell is wrong with you?
- You don't seem to care!
- You've been talking nonstop.
I've been listening.
Or did I miss something?
You know what?
You're a selfish prick.
I planned it all,
came here to spend time with you...
Where people called us gay!
They called you my bitch, which is worse.
Because you made a scene
in front of everyone.
It wasn't my fault!
- It was.
- No, it wasn't.
- Yes, it was your...
- No!
I know what's wrong.
You had sex one time,
and now you think you're love.
And you're scared because you think
she's ignoring you, right?
You've been on your phone this whole time.
"The checkmark!"
You ruined the plan.
It's not my fault, man.
You know what?
Get lost. I've had enough of your shit.
Jesus. Look what he did to you.
- It's no big deal.
- You want to go to the ER?
- Come on. Let's go.
- I'm fine.
- No?
- Don't worry. I'm fine.
Are you staying at Romi's?
How long are her folks
going to let you stay?
Come on, Cuti.
You need to do something with your life.
- You need a change.
- Yeah.
I know.
Maybe they'lltake me on at the bar.
They're looking
for someone to wash dishes.
Do you want me to come back?
So this doesn't happen again.
Three for 1,000! One for 500!
Want a kite? I have mouths to feed.
- Three for 1,000!
- Call him over, please.
Three for 1,000.
One for 500! Want one?
Hello. I'm looking for Eva Montero.
Who's asking?
Hi, kid.
He's Mom's friend Goyo.
- Come in. I'll tell her you're here.
- Okay.
You must be Cuti.
Excuse me, Mr. Cuti.
- Mom.
- Yes?
- Goyo is here.
- Who?
Hi, Eva Montero.
What are you doing here, Goyo?
I asked you to text me
when you got home, but you never did.
I sent you a message,
and you didn't reply.
It didn't go through.
So I got worried and came over.
My mom's cell phone broke.
- Yeah.
- That explains everything.
This is for you, kid.
Goyo, how did you know my address?
It was saved on my phone when I ordered
the car for you this morning at my place.
Look! A flag kite.
That's nice.
I also brought this little plant,
which can be for you or for Cuti.
No. I'll take it.
For you, then.
It's pretty.
Really pretty.
- You have a bruise there.
- Yeah. I fell down in the street.
I'll make some mate. Want some?
- No.
- How about tea instead?
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Want some help with that, kid?
- Yeah.
Who is this weirdo?
Where did you find him?
Hey, don't say that.
He works with me at the museum.
Are you banging this guy?
Watch your mouth. I'm your mother.
Yes or no?
He said you were at his place.
Please, Cuti.
Don't make me regret
letting you move back in.
Come on.
I'll go get my stuff from Romi's.
All right.
- Your turn, Eva.
- Really?
- It's really high up, huh?
- It is.
I'll call you, and if it's not too late,
I'll swing by, okay?
He's back. Bye.
Goyo, I called you 40 times.
What happened? Was your phone stolen?
No. I ran out of battery.
Where did you go?
How was your concert in Paraguay, Saula?
Fine, but I wasn't happy with it.
I need to practice. But people loved it.
Are you still mad at me? Where were you?
I went to Parque Patricios.
- What for?
- Did you go see Eva?
- She lives in Parque Patricios?
- Yes.
Did you have sex with her?
Yes, I did.
Today? In Parque Patricios?
- No, yesterday. Here.
- They had dinner here.
So you knew about this?
Eva Montero's phone broke.
That's why she wasn't answering.
And her face is bruised.
She says she fell in the street,
but I know that's not true
because it was a hematoma, not a scrape.
This could get messy.
Every couple is different.
Sometimes people aren't really separated.
She's married?
You can't see that woman again, Goyo.
Why? Why not, Saula?
It's dangerous.
If her husband is violent,
he could hurt you too. You don't know.
How do you know
it was her husband who hit her?
I don't know for sure, but it's obvious.
All right. Go rest for a bit,
and we can have dinner together later.
I'm going to see Eva Montero again.
We need to stop this now.
That woman is manipulating him.
She weaseled her way into our house.
She sweet-talked him and slept with him,
and now he's in love.
And she'll go back to her husband.
She's a con artist.
I can't believe
the things you come up with.
She's a good person.
- What's this?
- You're just as bad as Goyo.
I bet that woman
thinks she's hit the jackpot.
I'll talk to her at the museum.
No, don't. You'll ruin this for him.
He's a grown man.
- He has Asperger's.
- He's happy. We should support him.
Support him?
Support him?
And let him crash and burn. Really crash.
That's it.
- The car wash?
- Yes.
Wait here, please.
Mr. Miguel!
Mr. Miguel Aguirre!
Someone's looking for you.
Good morning, Mr. Miguel Aguirre.
Sorry. This will only take a minute.
I'm here to talk about Eva Montero.
And who are you?
Gregorio Villanueva. I work
with her at the Museo de Bellas Artes.
Eva is a great woman,
and she deserves a good man by her side.
Someone who knows how to take care of her
and love her responsibly.
She has a bruise on her face.
I don't believe it happened
on the street like she says.
So if you were the one who hit her,
I'm here to ask you not to hurt her more.
- Stop!
- What's your deal?
- Stop, man!
- You idiot!
- Stop!
- What's wrong with you?
- Why are you telling me what to do, huh?!
- Stop, man!
Out of the way! Move!
What's wrong with this dumbass?
- Go!
- Stupid!
- Who does your hair? Your mom?
- Quit it!
- Stop.
- Cut it out. That's enough.
Let's go.
You know that yesterday a guy yawned
in front of the Rembrandt?
You have to be a real idiot
to yawn in Rembrandt's face.
There you go.
I've got to get back to my tour.
The Italians are waiting for me.
- Hello, Miranda. Good morning.
- Hello. Morning.
Sorry. Goyo, can I talk to you
for a second?
I need to go to the bathroom.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Is it true?
You went to my husband's workplace?
Goyo, why?
He hurts you, Eva Montero.
But why get involved?!
I don't need your help.
Things are worse now!
Because he's thinking
I don't want to be with him
because I'm into another guy,
and you go and confirm it!
No, Goyo. No!
I don't need you to protect me.
Who are you to protect me?
We made love, you and I,
on Saturday night.
Do you think that makes us a couple?
No, Goyo. No.
It's not like that. It was wrong.
But it's not your fault.
It's my fault
because I let myself get carried away.
It's not wrong to get carried away.
Yes, it is wrong!
It's very wrong! It was all wrong!
I needed to be with you.
To chat like we chat.
To be treated like you treated me.
I wasn't thinking about you.
Don't you get it?
No, I don't understand.
Look at me for a second, please.
Goyo, what happened was wrong
because you want
something that I can't give you.
Do you understand now?
No! I don't get it.
I don't understand.
Twenty, 18, 16...
...at the door...
- Eva, right?
- Yeah.
Don't get up.
I'm Saula.
- Gregorio's sister.
- Yes. How are you?
Nice to meet you. How's Goyo?
He's sedated now.
What happened is very serious.
- It could have been a tragedy.
- Yes.
Yes, I know.
Oh, you know?
So you knew about my brother's condition?
- Yeah.
- But you didn't think it was important.
- Or did you just not give a shit?
- No, I care about Goyo.
I don't understand you.
When we were together,
I thought about his condition.
then, I don't know, I... stopped thinking.
It was very beautiful for both of us.
I understand that it was wrong. I know.
But at the same time, it wasn't.
It's confusing.
I've never met anyone like Goyo.
Being with him was good for me.
But you're not good for him.
That's something you need
to think about after what happened.
I didn't mean to hurt him.
But you hurt him anyway.
What are you doing?
- You can't smoke anywhere here.
- Yeah, because it's a hospital.
He tried to kill himself. Okay?
No. He got really upset.
He got overwhelmed and lost control.
Oh, come on, Matute.
Don't deny it.
He was in the middle of the street.
He's never done this.
He fell into the hands
of someone we can't trust.
She's not a dumb kid
who doesn't know what she's doing.
It's over. He won't see her again.
What did you do? Talk to her?
- Of course.
- No way.
You know what?
I don't care if you tell me he's an adult,
that I should let him be,
or that he can handle it.
He can't. Look where he is now.
What are you doing?
It slipped.
Welcome, Magdalena.
Thank you.
- Is Gregorio in his room?
- Yes. I'll let him know.
No, it's okay.
Saula, relax.
He knows who I am. Don't worry.
Your siblings told me everything.
Can you hear me?
Time takes its toll, you know?
We grow old.
But there's a positive.
Everything that seemed important,
so important to us...
becomes a story...
or is forgotten.
I will never forget Eva Montero.
I won't touch you.
I won't touch you.
- Let's go, guys! Let's go! Goal!
- Cuti! Yes, son! Bravo!
Look how nice this is.
Let's see. May I?
This looks great on you.
Any girl would fall for you.
I'm serious, okay?
I also got you something classic
because I know that's your style.
Let's see.
Do you like it?
Do you want to try it on?
I'll try it on later.
Whenever you want.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Have you heard anything about Goyo?
He's still on leave.
Ah. Until when?
Do you know?
- No.
- No.
- No.
- It's okay.
- See you.
- Okay. See you later.
Are you calling me old?
No, a sexist.
A sexist.
Goyo won't come down.
I'm going out for a bit.
Magdalena, it's not good
that you're encouraging him
to be a ladies' man right now.
Sorry. I don't understand.
This is about the shirts I bought him?
But Gregorio and I were alone
when I showed him those.
Where were you?
I don't agree with you, Saula.
Goyo's no longer a child.
We all know that.
He's a man.
He's a man who got rejected.
He's behaving like one.
Like a man who got rejected, right?
No, because he's obsessed with that woman.
You're pushing him to see her.
What do you want?
For the same or worse to happen again?
Saula, stop it.
You shut up. "Let's support him."
He'll go through whatever he needs
to go through, without you interfering.
And he'll be fine.
That's what you want.
For everything to always be fine.
- Don't you want him to be okay?
- Don't start.
You want it to be okay,
but for yourself. Not for him.
You want to go back home,
carefree, as quickly as possible.
- You're suffocating here, right?
- Enough.
- I didn't come here for this.
- Why did you come, then?
To see my son.
You think I don't love him, right?
That I never loved him?
Loving someone is quite complex.
Let's calm down, okay?
It's not the time for this.
We need to think about Goyo. Please.
You want me to feel guilty, don't you?
I don't need your help.
I already feel guilty.
Because I gave birth to him.
He came out of my body,
and he came out like this.
Magda, that's nobody's fault.
It's unbelievable.
Do you know
that I tried time and time again?
But I don't get him.
And he doesn't get me.
It's very frustrating and very painful,
not being able to bond with your own son.
I could never give him what he needed
since I don't know what he needs!
But it seems like you two do, don't you?
I'm the only one with a handicap here.
Goyo is not handicapped.
Don't you even get that?
Get off my back for once, damn it!
Stop with the hate!
I never fit into this family.
I know.
Not as a wife.
Not as a mother.
Not as a stepmom.
I heard that you two were saying
that I killed your father
on that stupid Vietnam vacation, right?
He wasn't wearing his seat belt.
We got rear-ended.
- You were driving drunk, Magdalena.
- Do you remember your father?
Obviously, he was drunker than I was.
Someone had to drive.
And he died.
Everything fell apart.
I didn't know what to do.
So I ran far away.
I met Flix.
And he understood me.
He had also run far away.
The countryside is a good place to hide.
And... I was selfish.
I was irresponsible.
I was useless.
I was guilty.
I was a bad mother.
I was what I could be.
Or what I couldn't be.
Until I was nothing.
I'm going to Julia's for a bit.
I don't deserve this.
I don't know
if my son tried to kill himself.
I don't understand.
It's very difficult for me.
I have to learn.
I have to learn to understand.
I'm fine. Sorry.
Next station, Las Heras.
What are you doing here, Saula?
- You have to forget about that woman.
- No!
She's completely different from you.
She has a completely different life, Goyo.
You don't know Eva Montero, Saula!
No, but I see
what she's putting you through.
What I'm going through
is not Eva Montero's fault!
Don't shout.
No! Eva Montero is not to blame!
She's not to blame for what happens to me!
She's going through a lot
that you don't know about, Saula!
What Eva Montero needs to be happy is
something she hasn't experienced yet.
Because what she knows
hasn't worked for her!
She's scared,
and fear won't let her think.
When we were together, she was happy,
but then she started thinking again!
I love you, and I worry for you.
That's all.
If you're not going
to accept Eva Montero, then
I can't accept you worrying
about me, Saula.
Good morning.
Good morning, ma'am.
Do you want to take it to him?
No. You take it.
Would you like some coffee? It's fresh.
Yes. Thank you. Yeah.
Can I come in?
You look so handsome.
You look great in the tuxedo.
It's for special occasions.
Of course.
What a beautiful painting.
Is she your muse?
Of course.
Like the muses of the Renaissance.
Like... Simonetta Vespucci.
You know who I'm talking about?
Of course. You know a lot about art.
The muses came
into the lives of artists to...
inspire them,
to enlighten them.
And that's very positive.
Even if it's just a little,
even if it's only just that...
Which is a lot. Which is wonderful.
Good morning.
Good morning, ma'am.
Well, I'm leaving.
Have a good trip.
Send my regards to Flix.
I will, of course.
Are you heading out?
You need to buy a new umbrella,
Eva Montero.
Did you finish it?
Do you still think it was a mistake being
with me on October 27?
I hurt you, Goyo. I did.
I told you
I was terrible at relationships.
We're all a little flawed.
But you have a more serious problem.
You've lost faith in yourself.
You're lost looking
for something you already have.
You're a strong woman,
but you think you're weak.
You have two healthy boys who love you.
- One is going to be president.
- Yes.
And you have me
who's very different
from the men you've been with,
but I wants to love you...
just the way you are.
Lost and imperfect.
Subtitle translation by: Meredith Cannella