Grad (1963) Movie Script

You're crazy, y'know?
You want me lika dog on a leash?
I hate you! I hate you!
- I love you.
Love me?
What did I promise to you so
you'd have the right to choke me?
To torture me? Leave me,
I'm dying!
Leave me!
Leave me alone, d'you hear me?
Leave me!
You're liar!
You lie!
I'd so want to change everything.
Whatever happened, even the worst.
I just want to dig myself out from
boredom and deadness.
I can't do this anymore.
Listen to me Marija.
You can't get out of your skin.
I can, at least for a moment.
That means I could for ever.
You're wrong Marija.
We always remain what we are.
Rain pleases me.
It's so warm and soothing.
I feel like it's undressing me,
like I'm standing naked under
the warm shower. Don't laugh please.
Everything looks obsolete.
It makes me moan often.
I'd scream in the middle of street
if I could.
You're not brave enough.
It's not a question of courage.
What then?
Is there any sense to it?
I don't know.
You feel better now?
I don't understand you.
How do you manage to be so peaceful?
I don't know.
It's a question of patience and habit.
Excuse me for a moment, please.
Everything goes wrong for me.
I'm trying to get myself out of that
circle, to live as I want to.
How would you like to live?
I don't know.
I remembered something, I have to leave.
When will I see you again?
We'll meet somewhere.
I thought...
That you wouldn't come today.
I came.
I didn't have time to call you.
I thought you'd surely call today.
Just so, I thought.
You're wet.
Rain caught me.
How's it outside?
Almost pleasent.
A drop of rain here and there,
just to spray you.
I don't like mud.
Lousy afternoon like always.
we used to go there occasionally?
To the bistro.
The two of us?
That's the small bistro at the corner
of Marija's street.
You said you wouldn't forget.
I don't remember.
It must've been long time ago.
We met then.
I told you, it was long time ago.
We often sat on high chairs.
I like them very much.
How's it there now?
As always.
Just there are no high chairs anymore.
It's hot in here.
That's not by chance.
If it hadn't started raining, Marija and
me wouldn't go there.
And it happened today.
- What happened today?
You forgot.
Guess again.
It's not Saturday?
I don't want to guess anymore, say it.
Today a year has passed since we met.
How come?
That much has passed?
Today is the 21st of August.
We talk a lot.
That's why I thought you'd call today.
I forgot.
I'm sorry.
I knew you forgot.
I forgot too.
It's alright then.
It's hot.
I would've fallen asleep
if you didn't come.
I can't believe so long has passed.
A year.
I feel older.
What about you?
Like I already died.
A year of love.
Have you turned off the waterpipe?
I have.
Dripping annoys me.
I turned it off for sure.
Be good now.
Am I not?
You are.
You are.
You tired me out.
You're always tired.
My mouth feel bitter, I'd drink
a glass of beer.
Let's go out together.
It's late, where we'd go?
It's always late for you.
I think I understand Marija just now.
She told me today,
that rain washed everything off her.
That's how I felt just now.
My skin starts to tighten when I stand
under the shower for long.
It becomes smooth, untouched.
I wanted to call you to come.
I was scared.
Why don't we evet talk about each other?
I'd like to tell out loud you what I want.
And you to me.
You ask me?
It's hot, open the window.
Don't be angry.
a man with rotten heart
like I am.
Mr. Slavko.
When will we see each other?
I'll call you.
wash yourself.
HEAR You again.
How do you like my new sweater?
Imported from Italy.
How are you little one?
What world is this?
A drink?
Cognac Courvoisier.
- I don't drink.
- No.
So you're guy without vice.
I have one.
Which one?
I'm lying.
What is it Slavko?
- Don't you know?
I forgot.
Myocardial infarction.
Arrhythmia cordis decompensata.
Dame of hearts of course.
You'll die on it one day.
It'll be beautiful death.
In other words,
I crawl on dirty backyards and radiators
like scumbag.
Listen Green,
do you know why I came?
I've no idea, of course.
Where are the new pictures?
You already saw them all.
- You must have something new.
Left, under the encycolpaedia.
How are you?
Never better.
I have to call her.
You know my girl.
- The new one I don't.
I know her.
God knows where she is.
How old is she?
Why aren't we on the beach today?
If you only knew what she knows...
Does she know how old are you?
I don't mind at all.
Why aren't we on the beach today?
Tarmac is melting from the heat.
There are a lot of people there,
one is peaceful here.
Peaceful how?
Not because of you.
D'you know how is she like?
That child knows everything.
She guesses what I want even before
I think of it.
The kid knows how to lie.
She didn't answer on purpose.
Shut it.
I'm not talking to you.
She must've went to the beach
with her friends.
Woman in love is like death.
She comes uninvited and when you
call her she doesn't come.
She's not home.
I know she's faithful to me.
I give her everything.
Turn it to my face.
D'you see Green what the guy's doing?
Why don't you examine him doctor?
He's got a diagnosis.
Every man has one. Why did your
wife left you?
Why do only whores want you?
And the rotten heart of comrade director
lover of Verica who went to beach with friends?
Lets not mention inordinate kidneys
and occasional buzz in the head.
Water please.
Call ambulance to send a car right away.
Please send a car urgently.
Send a car right away, our friend
has heart attack.
Go wet the towel.
- Should I drain it?
Drain it.
I'll give you something.
You'll feel better now.
We called the ambulance.
I'll give you stotantin.
Don't be scared.
They are here.
We're putting you on the stretcher,
it'll pass quickly.
We're on the way.
We're going.
You made it.
It's like I have...
another's heart in chest.
You loved too much.
Weather is changing.
- Hi!
It's been long, hasn't it?
What is it? You don't remember?
I know exactly.
7 years.
Where's my brandy?
It's like it was yesteday.
One more please.
Where are you? I don't see you around.
We lost yesterday.
I'm not going anymore.
How come?
Who are you rooting for now?
Nothing of that excitement, eh?
Remember how we used to root?
It was as loud as explosion.
Do you remember breaks through
the left wing?
But they aren't playing like they used to.
But I'm theirs still. When they play
I watch every single one, single one.
I have money.
Brandy for the lady!
Come around at least once. Bye!
Old goat doesn't have change.
- That one.
I just need to the phone.
What is it? Why the dour face?
You'd do the same.
I need to have an abortion.
How long d'you think?
Say. - What to do when I'm temperamental?
You're like rabbit. I'd buy a furcoat
to my sister for that money.