Granada Nights (2021) Movie Script

You're missing the view.
First time in Spain?
Yeah, you look like a tourist.
And you're not?
I'm a traveler, babe.
There's a difference?
Tourists follow other tourists.
You don't need some hack writer
who spent five minutes in a
place to tell you where to go.
I actually have someone-
The best way to learn about
a new place is to
get lost.
I know this one place, the gypsy
where they play real authentic
and the Mirador
Mirror door?
No, Mirador is Spanish for
There's one overlooking the
I can show you if you want?
My girlfriend loves the
Your girlfriend?
She's in Granada doing Erasmus.
It's a one-year study abroad
One year?
Long distance relationships
kinda suck, right?
You have someone?
Yeah, I did.
What happened?
We were supposed to
travel to Europe together
He bailed out last minute.
So you're traveling by yourself?
Shock horror, a girl traveling
No, it's not that.
Don't you get lonely?
Well, you meet people
everywhere you go.
You end up doing things
that you never would have done
What if you find the perfect
Wouldn't you want to settle
Well, places are kind of like
The perfect one doesn't exist.
Berlin was
It kept me up all night.
Amsterdam was
kinda of boring.
And Sicily
it was romantic!
But you know it's
it's all kind of bright
and new in the beginning,
until that bubble bursts
and you fall into a routine
and no matter how hard you
try to keep things together,
it just doesn't last.
Nothing's permanent.
Sometimes you just gotta know
when to pack up and move on.
So, your girl's not picking you
It's a surprise actually.
- That's romantic.
- Yeah.
Can't wait to see her face
when she opens the door.
It's gonna be funny.
Well, I'm about
to walk to the Plaza
to try to find a place
to crash for tonight.
You haven't made a reservation?
Hostels always have empty beds,
anyways so
But what if you get put
with a psycho or a weirdo?
I'm being serious!
Okay, so if you're
that concerned, then
Meet me for a beer tonight.
That is, if I'm still alive!
It's my first night here and
Yeah I know, you need to get
So do you have a cell phone?
- A mobile?
- Yeah.
Yeah, but it's dead.
Okay, then give me a pen.
Do you have some paper?
You do realize that's a
permanent marker?
Nothing is permanent.
See you in another life.
Helen, is that you?
- Who's this?
- It's me.
Who's me?
It's Ben, I'm in Spain!
This is Helen's room?
Was, yes.
It's 300 a month with all bills
and there are four of us.
Sorry, I came to see Helen.
To see Helen?
Okay, thank you for coming.
I'm Ben.
She must have told you about me?
No, she told me that
someone was coming
to see the room but you are
very early and I have class.
No, I'm Ben, her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend?
Do you have her Spanish number?
Are you sure
you're her boyfriend?
Yes. Now please, can you just
call her?
I told her I don't want
to be involved in her drama.
Who's this?
Helen, is that you?
Ben, you're in Spain?
- Who's that guy?
- What the hell are you doing here?
I came to surprise you.
Why didn't you tell me you moved
Ben, I have a life here.
What's that supposed to mean?
How long are you staying?
I don't know.
I didn't buy a return ticket.
What? What about work?
I quit last week.
Well that's smart.
I missed you.
So you're just
gonna bum around here?
I can get a job.
This isn't the Costa
del Sol, Ben.
You need to know Spanish here.
If you want me to learn
Spanish, I'll learn Spanish.
Yeah, sure.
You'll learn Spanish.
Whatever it takes, okay?
The most important thing is
that we're together finally.
Ben, this study
abroad thing, it's my thing.
I'm not here to ruin it for you.
Well, I never
asked you to come here.
Where are you?
Let's just meet?
We agreed on a break.
Yeah, because of the distance.
I know, I get it.
I don't want a Skype
relationship either.
That's why I came here.
To be with you.
It wasn't
because of the distance.
It's because
I don't love you anymore.
So that's it?
I come all this way and
you just end it with me.
I had time to think about it.
You can't just throw
away three years, Helen.
It's not working.
So why did you call me
last week?
I was drunk.
You were crying.
I was trying to say goodbye.
Helen, please.
Goodbye, Ben.
Don't mind me.
- I can leave.
- No, it's okay.
So the guys from the hostel were
about going to the procession
if you wanna come?
I don't know them.
Yeah, that's the point
of going out with them.
Yeah, well
I've got stuff to do.
Yeah? Like what?
Well, you haven't been
to the Alhambra yet,
so maybe you should go
before tomorrow morning.
I saw it in a documentary once.
Well, seeing it in person is
than seeing it on the
Yeah, well, reality is crap
It's just noisy tourists taking
and pushing and shoving you
with their screaming kids
whilst you wait in a
never-ending queue
for an overpriced tourist
Just so you can say, "Oh yeah,
I took a picture there once."
No, thanks.
Wow, I really got it wrong.
You're not a tourist at all.
Okay, so make sure you pack
your bag for tomorrow morning.
- Yeah, about that-
- The bus leaves really early.
I don't think I can go.
Well, of course you can.
I didn't come all this way
to just run at the first hurdle.
- It's not a hurdle, it's a brick wall.
- But if I can just find her...
Even if you did find her,
it's not gonna change her
opinion about anything.
So what? You're saying I
should just give up on her?
No, give her space.
I have, it's been two weeks.
Okay, perfect.
Then come to Cadiz with me.
- What am I gonna do there?
- Have fun.
It's better than just
spending your time here
doing nothing, pining for her
phone call.
So you're saying I should
I'm having a good time in Spain
so that, when she calls,
she'll think I've forgotten
about her?
No, it's usually the opposite.
What'd you mean?
Well, first you have to pretend
like you've forgotten her.
Make yourself busy, distract
yourself with meeting people,
going to different places and
having a little bit of fun.
And eventually, you're
gonna forget about her.
Unless she calls first.
Well, see that's the thing.
They usually don't come back
you truly have forgotten about
Speaking from experience?
Yeah, something like that.
Okay, I'm gonna go to the
Mirador for a drink
if you wanna come?
I don't know where that is.
Use your guidebook.
I think that places like here
just have a more full acceptance
of different kinds of people
Yeah, I speak English.
Are you Australian?
No, I'm from England.
I love the British accent.
Oh hello, may I have some tea?
Roll out the red carpet.
That's great.
Thanks. I'm about to go
and I was wondering if you-
Oh, no I think you've
got the wrong idea.
- Huh?
- I'm sorry.
I mean, you seem really
interesting and all
but I have a girlfriend.
I'm not gonna give you my
I don't want your number.
I want you to take a picture of
It's a camera phone.
You have these in Britain,
Take one from high up.
Make sure you're getting
everything in.
- Hi, man.
- Bro.
How are you?
- Great team.
- Thanks, man.
Erasmus party, Thursday night.
Too much for you, tourist?
Please, we can drink you
Spanish under the table
any day of the week!
He says he can drink more than
Prove it, let's have a chupito
What's a chupito?
A shot.
Yeah, well, shots are for
kids and it's nearly 2:00 a.m.
- Yeah, blah, blah.
You're a pussy, all right.
Okay, fine.
You wanna drink? Let's drink.
Man, you won't last the night
with us!
We'll see.
What's a Chupiteria?
One more, one more.
So you lot all speak more
than one language?
Most of the world speaks
more than one language.
Yeah, he speaks five languages.
Yeah, I came here to
teach French for six months.
That was 12 years ago.
And you just work here?
Look around you, man.
Every semester, I get a new
batch of young, hot girls
that come to my bar just to get
I'm living the dream, brother.
It's a joke, come on!
You should learn the Spanish.
No, studying isn't for me,
I'd rather work.
I hear you, man.
I can't wait to go home and
start working.
13-hour work days in freezing
It's the financial business,
You gotta work hard.
You can't just take siestas
like you, lazy monkey.
Silvia, can you take photos of
Do you know a girl called
Helen Thompson?
You know how many students are
The study abroad program
is a very popular program.
Because it's not a study abroad
it's the shag abroad program.
I'd sign up for that.
Guys, let's get a
table at the club, yeah?
- Yeah.
- What? Now?
It's like 4:00 a.m.
You got a choice
Blue shot or the red shot.
If you take the blue
shot, the game ends here.
It's a draw.
You pay up, leave.
Wake up tomorrow in your
hostel with a bad hangover.
If you take the red shot,
you stay up all night,
we show you how deep this
rabbit hole really goes.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
The last guy who did
this, he was Canadian.
His name was Mike
and he collapsed in the
street right outside.
We had to take him to
hospital and they gave him
a B12 injection in the ass!
And he only had six shots that
night, so
My girlfriend.
Well, ex-girlfriend.
It's over.
What date is it today?
- 25th.
- Whatever.
This day today doesn't come
Don't waste it on some chick
who's not even worth it.
She's worth it.
Bro, you have to move on.
People breakup. Shit happens.
Yeah, well, I can't
stay here any longer.
So you're flying back home?
I think I'm gonna go to Cadiz
with Amelia.
Who is Amelia?
Some American girl at my hostel.
Is she hot?
You're rebounding.
No, no, it's not like that.
She's a friend.
Ah, c'mon.
I just gotta get away from here.
You know, what is it?
Duende is a mysterious gypsy
It's hard to understand
and it's very impossible to
Lorca said it's about
Yeah I feel it.
So if you feel it, you have to
stay here
and you have to embrace
it before you can move on.
Why can't you embrace Amelia
in a hotel room in Cadiz?
Guys he needs closure.
He needs to get laid.
Granada has something.
Granada has duende.
And this energy will nourish
Gypsy talk.
No, no, it's not gypsy talk.
It's in our history.
Think about it.
1492, the fall of Granada.
The expulsion of the Jews and
the Muslims.
Columbus expedition.
Everything changed in the
Western Europe culture,
and everything start here.
Yeah, but, every city
in Europe has history.
It's true.
Every city has its moment,
like Venice in the Renaissance
or San Francisco in the '60s,
but not Granada.
Granada has an eternal moments.
It grows, oppressed and
free in the same time.
You know, this city has duende
Now you have duende
That struggle is like energy.
You don't know what is
it, but it's something.
Something that keep you
awake, keep you alive.
Keeps you alive.
Look who showed up.
You know you almost missed me,
Give me ten minutes.
You're coming?
Yeah, you're right.
I need to stop sitting around
feeling sorry for myself.
And Cadiz is the perfect
thing for me right now.
All right, well, you need to be
because Mike's waiting outside.
The Canadian guy from the
You just met him.
I know, it's crazy.
We talked for hours last night
and it just feels like
he's a reflection of me.
Come on, don't be like that.
I don't wanna be a third wheel.
You won't.
It's fine.
I've gotta do my own thing,
You sure?
It's fine.
I met some really cool people
last night?
Some students and an old gypsy.
That's cool.
I usually have trouble
connecting to the locals.
I don't know.
Because we're constantly
and they just stay in one place.
Maybe they just don't wanna
to someone who's only here for
the day.
Yeah, but that's the
beauty of being a traveler.
We're just ships passing by in
the night.
Yeah, well, this ship should
have stayed in the harbor.
That's not what they built for.
See you in another life.
So, see you tonight.
All right, take care, bye.
Here you go.
Shouldn't you be in Cadiz?
If you want, I can hand some
of those out at my hostel.
No, it's a student thing.
No tourists.
So do you still have
a spare room available?
Here you go.
Like I said in the text,
it's a room not a hostel.
Yeah, well, I was thinking,
maybe I could stay a bit longer,
like a couple of weeks
or even a month maybe?
Yeah, but you know
it's a really small room.
Yeah, but it's gonna be better
than sharing a hostel room,
All right, 300 a month
plus deposit all up front, yeah?
300 a month?
That's nothing!
Do you have any idea how
expensive rent is in London?
This isn't about
your girlfriend, is it?
We don't want any drama.
No. No drama.
But I like it here.
I wanna stay.
Yeah, and when we went
out the other night,
it was,
a lot of fun.
It was just a Wednesday night.
Nothing special.
- Exactly. That's my point.
It was the first time in
It feels like, I've just been
able to let go and have fun.
And I know it sounds cheesy, but
I just really missed that
All right. All right.
But you need to ask Silvia,
Not possible.
Why not?
He needs to be a student
and preferably learning Spanish.
But you both speak English.
That's the problem.
But just for beginner's
course or something.
When I was in school,
I was trying to learn French,
but I was just shit at it.
Helen always said
I'm not linguistic.
Who cares what she thinks?
Ben, stop giving excuses.
We're not all here for a
We are here to study, right?
Yeah, you're right.
I mean, you can't just
bum around the apartment
for no reason.
It was really nice
to see you again.
We have to go to class.
Good luck!
Seriously, man.
I'm shit at stuff like this.
All right, so be shit.
I mean, at least you're trying.
What does that mean?
It will look better once you
I can give you some photos if
you like?
No, it's perfect.
Thank you.
- Okay.
We have a cleaning timetable on
the fridge.
Please try to stick to it, okay?
You're not our mother, Silvia!
Oh, I might as well be.
I pick up after you all the
My mother never did that.
Oh really?
That was the maid's job!
Please, he's not even joking.
Hey, do you guys want
anything from the shop?
It's still siesta.
Oh yeah.
I didn't think siesta was a real
thing until I got here.
It's crazy how you guys
just close everything
halfway through the afternoon.
It's Franco's fault.
He changed Spain's time zone to
with its fascist friend,
Spain sits squarely below
And Greenwich and Valencia,
they're almost in a direct
vertical line.
So Spain is in the wrong time
So you're saying we should
all be an hour behind?
It this why I feel
permanently jet lagged?
Don't you mean permanently
Well, Spanish official time
doesn't match the solar time.
And that's why they have
late lunch, late dinner.
And yeah, everything in between
is done at a really slow pace.
Yeah, no wonder the
economy here is so fucked.
Actually, that's why the
they work harder, longer and
later than the rest of Europe.
And that's the same in Portugal.
That's bullshit.
You know, Swedes work the
My brother and sisters, for
they do like 18 hour work days.
Typical capitalist attitude!
Well, we can't all be
tree-huggers, can we?
To have
to want.
What do you have?
And what do you want?
Hi, man.
You all right?
Oscar, what's wrong with the
I know, I know!
Just like Sweden, fucking hell!
It's crazy.
Coming to the pregame tonight?
I can't. I have a big test
What? No, tonight's big.
Tonight's gonna be huge!
But I can't risk
doing summer school.
Have you been here during the
It's the shit.
I mean, this sucks, but the
- Yeah?
But you know, it's important.
I need to pass.
Yeah, but you don't
understand what summer is here.
Summer here is thousands
of hot girls everywhere.
Everywhere! I mean, I don't even
leave my apartment in the summer
Because it's too much.
It hurts me.
It's painful to see all of them.
It hurts!
Whatever, man. I can't waste any
So you'd rather waste your whole
and become just another boring
It's depressing.
Well, not as depressing
working in the student pub
in your 30s, is it?
Go study, kid. Go study.
And then one day when you're
working in your glass tower
and you're looking down
and everyone's having fun,
everyone but you, you'll think,
what if?
When you're doing your job,
mopping up sick from the floor,
you know, do you ever go out,
you look at this big tower and
you think,
what if I get out of here?
Apply myself, get a real job?
Go study.
What if, what if, what if
What if.
Another game. - Are you sure?
- Another game
or I won't talk to you again.
I'm serious.
Buenos dias bitches!
Not another Erasmus party?
No, no, no.
This one is French. French
Every Erasmus party is the same.
Just a bunch of drunken kids
dancing to cheesy music.
Bro, I'm not even an Erasmus
and I'm going to this.
Guys, it will be epic!
I've got a test tomorrow.
You're not even revising.
Maybe you should go.
Meet a nice French girl?
French hate the English.
What are you talking about?
Everyone loves the British
You know, last time I
spent half the night chatting
to some drunken American girl,
who tells me
she can't even understand
me because of my accent,
when in reality, she's
not even listening to me.
She's just looking around the
for someone else more exotic to
talk to.
It was depressing enough
that I'm trying to impress a
that's not even in the
same league as Helen.
Yeah, you finished?
All right, you come.
See you both there.
- I'm not going.
- Of course, you are.
Man, you really need to get
this girl out of your head.
Maybe go for one?
When is it ever one drink!
She's right.
I need a break, and
drinking isn't helping.
Yeah, there's something else.
Something more cultural.
Like what? Yoga?
Why not?
There's a lot to do here without
This is Spain.
You do everything with a
glass of wine in one hand
and a cigarette in the other!
Then you have to leave Spain.
This place is amazing.
Yeah, it's not what I expected.
So romantic.
Helen would love this.
So you always wanted to be
an international trader?
It was kind of expected of me
to follow my brothers into
which is fine, because it's not
I want to do anything else
At least it pays well.
Yeah, yeah.
I just wish it was my own
It doesn't matter if you're
Funny seeing you here!
Is it cold?
Not if you come in!
Which one do you want?
- We should go, okay? You've got a test tomorrow.
They're so into us.
You mean they're so into you.
No, the blonde is checking you
Her name's Katrin.
I don't care if she's named Bob.
Do you really want to go home
It's beautiful, isn't it?
Yeah, it's great.
You need to look into my eyes.
Seven years bad sex if you
Great. That's what I need!
So, you're from Amsterdam?
Oh, nice place.
You have been?
No, but I've heard great things.
Really? Like what?
Like it's a nice
and friendly place.
So why are you studying Spanish?
You sound like our teacher.
Am I asking too many questions?
I'm so sorry, I
It's okay.
No. I
That was a massive mistake.
I shouldn't have done that.
It's okay, don't apologize.
You just surprised me, that's
It's okay.
Just you remind me of her.
I remind you of who?
My ex
kind of
Just go away.
No, Katrin. Wait, please.
I'm sorry.
You're great,
but I've just come out
of a relationship-
It's okay.
What about your test?
I'll kill it. Easy.
Sorry if I messed things
up with you and Paca.
No, I just wanted you to have
That's all.
Paca was really hot.
Not really my type.
What about your girl?
She didn't really like me.
Yeah, they both did.
I don't know. Maybe I'm just not
Bullshit, man.
I mean,
remember the first time I met
You were miserable.
Don't remind me.
Yeah, but look at you now.
You're going out, having
fun, making friends.
You're speaking Spanish.
Tourist level Spanish.
No, man. It's better than
But you just have a low self
after what happened
between you and your ex.
It's not easy.
Just don't give up, man.
I mean, look around you.
We own this city!
It's ours, yeah?
So fucking consume it!
Get involved and I bet
you find a new girl.
You think it's that easy?
Man, there's like 2000
international students
in this romantic city.
You're telling me you won't
with anyone else other than your
I guess.
Man, everyone falls in love in
this city.
Even you?
Every night!
But you just gotta go out there
and try.
I mean, it's just like learning
And if you don't...
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
I'll try. I'll try!
They're so nice
Yeah, he passed away a long time
It'a Arabic
To Allah we belong and
to him we shall return.
You speak English?
Of course.
I have to, for my customers.
To sell roses?
I have a teteria in Albayzin
Let me invite you,
Thank you, but I actually
have to head off to the Mirador
Heard the viewpoint is amazing.
Mirador is not going anywhere.
Come. Let's have some tea.
What are you doing?
Sit down. Have some.
I know you got a D.
D plus, and we should celebrate.
You do not care about your
Let's have a house party or
Oscar, come on.
Look, this isn't a game.
Your father is going to force
you to do summer school.
I thought you'd be happy.
Happy about what?
About you just throwing
opportunities away
because you just want to get
and chase girls all summer?
No, that's not the reason.
Oh yeah, because that would be
I'm staying because of you guys.
- Oh, we are not that important.
Yes, you are.
You're family. This is
And for once, I'm doing what I
want to do.
If you can't see that
what we have is special,
then you're blind.
What about that house party?
So, how long have you been here?
In Granada
Six weeks.
Do you like it here?
Yeah, I mean, it was
quite lonely at first
but I don't know.
This place, it just has an
So interesting.
Hey, my teteria.
I was on a busy train last week.
I saw a seat free next
to a Muslim brother.
He was dressed in traditional
Beautiful long beard.
At every station stop, many
people boarded
but not one person sat next to
Even when full, people would
rather stand
than sit next to him.
I don't think everyone's racist.
I think people are just
with all the terrorism
on TV and in the news.
Evil comes in all
colors and nationalities.
Media says terrorism looks like
Fear them. No, it's wrong.
But the man was happy
you sat next to him.
I didn't sit next to him.
You didn't?
I was next to a beautiful
woman two rows away.
So do you feel at home here?
Look, I do my best.
I learn the language, I get the
but it's not important.
You look like Pakistani,
you stay Pakistani.
You are Pakistani.
Well, that's our identity.
Yeah, yeah.
But Europe
Okay, they want us to
Forget your language, forget
your culture.
But it's important we live
I respect you. I hope
you can respect me also.
Simple, that's it.
But Europe wants to make all the
think the same thing.
I'm a Muslim and he's
Christian, she's Jewish.
It's fine.
We are all human beings.
We're all immigrants.
I'm British.
I was born in the UK.
But sometimes just
because of the way I look,
people call me a Paki.
When I was a kid and I
used to go to Pakistan,
my Urdu was so bad,
they used to call me
a white person.
So I'm a foreigner there,
I'm a foreigner in England,
I'm a foreigner here.
I'm basically a foreigner
Here, we're all foreigners.
Students, tourists, immigrants,
even the Spanish feel foreign
in their city
full of Moorish architecture.
But you asked about home.
It's not where you were born,
or the color of your skin.
a feeling,
a connection,
a sense of belonging.
Hey, that's mine!
Yes, from Italy.
It's an aperitif.
You mix it in a cocktail.
Yeah, it's great
Here, let me make you one.
Oh, thanks.
I could learn Arabic
or just go on a safari.
How cool would a night safari
I think we met before?
- Yes.
- Well, we do go out a lot.
Maybe at a party?
No, no, somewhere else.
Well, Granada is a small place.
You came hear for a girl?
No, you got me mistaken for
Helen. You came here for
You know Helen?
I met you at my place,
when you first arrived.
Do you remember?
Oh yeah.
That was you.
- Yes.
- Oh, how funny?
It was such a long time ago.
Two months.
Wow. Really?
- God.
- Yes.
Wow. A lot's changed since then.
I mean
I moved on.
I'm a different person now. So
Yes, cool.
So anyway, I better go find my
friends but
thank you so much for the drink.
It was so nice to meet you,
Yes. Tatianna.
Yes. Sorry.
What are you doing out here?
What happened with the girl?
Let's just get out of here,
She knows Helen.
She knows why I came here.
She knows everything.
So she thinks I'm a fucking
You're romantic, man.
How many guys do you think
half across Europe for a girl?
No. Can we just get out of
here, please?
No, listen to me.
She likes you.
She wants you,
but you're making it hard for
You're too polite.
You're too British!
So go in there, be direct, be
Act like, I don't know,
James fucking Bond.
Show her you're a man
who knows what you want.
Because you want her, right?
This is your room?
You like it?
I like it.
How long are you going to stay
in Granada?
I don't know yet.
Do you
maybe want a drink?
No. I'm okay.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
It's okay. She won't know.
You're still in contact?
No. I think she's in Madrid
or something.
I don't know.
And you?
You never gave me her number,
Yes, because I thought
you were some sort of
All right, okay.
Do you wanna go for some tapas?
You want to go for tapas now?
I mean, not now.
Yes, we can go.
But what do you want to do now?
I think
maybe we should
head back to the party.
Back to the party?
Okay. Okay.
Wait, wait!
Could you give me Helen's
He got a ticket for tomorrow.
- What?
- Yeah.
Oh fuck!
Ben I gotta talk to you.
Not now.
But we have the party inside.
Not now, all right?
So, I gotta tell you-
- I fucked it up.
Guys. Guys.
I think she's a lesbian.
- Lucas!
- Lucas.
Lucas, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
What the fuck are you doing,
What are you doing here?
Hold on Oscar.
Have you had sex,
since you've been here?
Have you fuck at all, Ben?
No. No, you haven't.
Because all you do is cry about
some bitch
who left you months ago!
We are all here to have fun,
So why are you even here?
- Shut up, man.
- No.
He's right.
Fucking right.
He was pissing me off.
Great friends.
- But I just was just-
- Shut the fuck up!
Hey, Helen.
It's me, Ben.
I bumped into one of your
friends earlier
and she said you might still be
which is crazy, because well,
I'm still here and I haven't
seen you.
I'm sorry to
be calling you so late.
It's just, I wanted to talk-
Hey, I got cut off there.
They don't really give you much
time with these things, do they?
Anyway, I was just
calling to see how you are
and if you ever wanted to meet
or talk,
that'd be cool.
Hope you're well.
Take care.
Hey, it's me, Ben again.
Look, when I was talking
about meeting up or whatever,
I was kind of...
I meant we can meet his
friends or anything.
I'm super chilled.
So, I wouldn't wanna come across
as some weird stalker or
Anyway, no pressure.
Take care.
Hey, if you could call me back
when you get this message,
that would be great.
My number's six, four, one-
641895, if you could just
call me back, that'd be great
because I'm actually
thinking of going to-
What's up, Benny boy?
You're closed too?
Yeah, man. It's dead tonight.
Where are your friends?
Where's everyone?
You okay, man?
I just need a drink.
Come on.
Do you wanna talk about it?
What's the point?
How was the party?
Oh, that good, huh!
I'm thinking of heading back.
What? You too?
Yeah, well, all the students
leave eventually, don't they?
They do, but you're not a
See, I didn't come here
to study or to live here.
I came here
for the wrong reasons.
This is stupid.
Why is it stupid?
Because you have a
good thing going on here.
What have I got going on here?
Work in a pub
just bumming around.
Look, you're 24. you're supposed
to be just bumming around.
All this, it's just
been a waste of time.
Well, at least you're
not getting deported.
I'm fucked, man.
I'm getting kicked out of my own
of my business.
I'm fucked.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
I have no idea.
Go back to Tunisia, maybe try
I don't have a clue.
I'm sorry, man.
See if your life is bad,
then mine must be really shit.
I don't get it.
You're doing something.
You go to school, you have a
you have friends.
You see people always look
at what they don't have
instead of what they have.
Everybody loves you here.
Not everyone.
Hey, fuck her.
Okay? Fuck her.
You need to get a hold of your
You need to get some closure.
- You're right.
- Yeah.
That's why I need to leave.
You don't get it, do ya?
Hey, Ben.
About what happened last night.
Look, just forget it, man.
I was so drunk.
You need to apologize to Silvia.
Yeah, I already apologized to
But the things that I said to
I needed to hear that.
I feel like shit.
You were right.
What are you doing?
You did all this?
We all did.
Oscar's gone!
It was like this when I arrived.
We're all just ships
passing in the night.
I thought the whole point
of failing was to stay longer.
He didn't even leave a note.
No, but he left that.
He didn't wanna leave.
Eventually we all go back.
Except me.
I'm stuck here.
It's always the same for me.
Students come, drink up,
make one friend then another,
fuck around,
have the time of their lives,
but then they're gone.
Then after a few months
of total emptiness,
there's a new semester.
And new students,
you start over again.
Make new friends,
meet the one that means
something to you.
Until they're gone as well.
He'll be in touch.
I've been there before.
He will send a few online
plan a reunion,
but slowly, we'll think of each
other less and less
until we forget about
each other completely.
I hate to say
this, but he's probably right.
What's the date?
3rd May, Fiesta de las Cruces
I don't want to go out.
Oscar would say,
this moment,
right here, right now,
this is all we got.
We're never gonna be here again.
We're never gonna be in this
us together.
So let's make the most of it,
because this is it.
Carpe fucking diem
and all that bullshit.
So what do you want to do?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Do you have a light?
It's beautiful, isn't it?
I heard this story once.
That Napoleon's men set bombs
to destroy the entire complex,
but they'd left a soldier
He was crippled.
And he thought the
place was so mesmerizing
that he diffused the bombs
and saved the Alhambra.
Wow. That's a cool story.
Is it true or do you just
tell that to all the girls?
Usually don't get this far.
They just take my cigarettes and
With your British accent!
We are the aliens.
She's the alien.
Just think about it.
Technology is moving so fast.
We're discovering new things
every day
and we didn't even have
internet 30 years ago, right?
So with this technological
it's not unfeasible to predict
that one day in the future,
we will be able to time-travel.
UFOs are time machines
from the future, right?
It stays up there,
looking at our younger selves.
So you think it's the
people rather than the city?
Well, if it was any other city,
I wouldn't have met the
friends I've made here.
People that are close to me.
Now, I just couldn't imagine
this place without them.
I know that feeling.
I did Erasmus last year.
- Really?
- In Manchester?
It was an amazing experience,
but I don't know.
I don't think I could ever go
back there.
It would be to...
- Melancholy?
- Yeah.
I was so upset when I left,
'cause the connections you
make there are so temporary,
so short term, you know?
You really think that?
I hate to think this is just it.
Time here is so intense, so
I really wish I was here for
But that's what makes the
time we have here so special.
I mean, we know it's not forever
and I think that's why
we make that extra effort
to just connect to someone.
Because you know all we
have are just these moments.
I think that's a line
guys use to get laid!
Baby, I'm only here for the
so let's make it special.
Yeah, well, I'm here for
more than just one night.
Good to know.
It was very nice meeting you.
Don't say it like that.
Like what?
Like I'm never gonna see you
Granada is a small city.
I'm sure I will see you around.
I want to see you again.
Give me your mobile.
So this is me.
And now I have yours.
I wish I could stay longer.
Me too.
See you around.
That's my boy!
Let's go. Let's go.
What a gentleman.
She was so hot!
Yeah, she was really pretty,
Bro, she wants to fuck you!
You could have gone back with
I don't need to, okay?
I actually really liked her.
And she definitely likes you.
- Yeah, you think so?
- Yes, I've seen that.
Now listen to me, okay?
Now you have to play cool.
So Spanish girls expect guys
to call first, but don't.
You wait a few days,
if she didn't text you-
- No, you should take her-
- No!
Sh! You should take her to
have dinner.
- Really?
- No, no, no, no.
Yes, of course.
Okay, guys, guys, guys, relax.
I got this.
I know what I'm doing.
You know what you're doing?
He doesn't need us anymore.
He's grown up.
He's a big boy now!
Guys, stop it.
Where to now?
Let's go, let's go.
Hey guys, we need a taxi.
Okay, we can walk.
No, No it's too far
It's faster, we can walk.
How are you?
I'm good.
It's good to see you.
You too.
Do you wanna get a cab together?
It's okay. We see you later.
What are you wearing?
Don't you like it?
So not your style.
Yeah, well, some things change.
Some things don't.
I miss you.
Three years are not so easy to
You never called.
I thought you'd be gone by now.
Then I got all those voice mails.
You cut me off.
I know.
It was a confusing time for me.
Yeah, sure it was.
Look, I'm tired of Spain
and this whole Erasmus thing.
You're just homesick.
It's more than that.
I'm going back to England.
You are?
Come back with me.
- Helen-
- No!
I know that we can make this
You really think so?
I had time to think about it.
Oh, sorry.
Let me get rid of this.
Ben? Are you busy?
- Hi.
- I can call back.
Yeah, no, no, it's fine,
Can I call you back, real quick?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
You were about to say something.
Ben, I'm trying to talk to you.
I know.
We should meet up some time.
But I'm leaving this weekend.
It was really good to see you,
Take care.
I still love-
- Hi.
- I know we just said goodbye,
but I'm with my friend who is
very crazy
and she wants to go to the
So we're heading out there in
the morning
and I was wondering
do you wanna come to the beach,
with me?
Look at this.
What a view.