Graphic Desires (2022) Movie Script

[no audio]
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[somber music continues]
I want you. Do you want me?
[somber music continues]
Now your turn, Frankie.
-[clothing rustling]
Yeah, just like that.
Could you turn around for me?
Whatever you want, baby.
[somber music continues]
That's it. Hold it right there.
I've almost got it.
[door opens]
-Oh shit.
-What's going on, baby?
You still have 20 minutes left.
[mellow music]
What are you doing
sat here in the dark?
Oh, you know, just
glued to the screen.
Didn't expect you back so soon.
Yeah, after-work
drinks were canceled.
You know, I think Penny
from Fairfield Capital
is pregnant again.
So, no more Prosecco lunches
for me for nine months.
Speaking of which, do
you fancy a G&T?
Yeah, sure. Why not?
So, I take it Futuracom
are still giving you grief
over their new logo.
Absolute nightmare, so
many different departments
and none of them know
what the rest are doing.
They want to
future-proof their design
whilst keeping it contemporary,
and yet reassuringly retro.
Haven't you talked to
Brandon about it?
I'm still not sure what he
actually does there, you know?
Still, the money's good,
which is the main
thing, I suppose,
and I get to play with
some pretty cool beta apps
before the general public do.
Oh yeah? Anything I'd be into?
No, just geeky shit.
Well, happy hump day.
Hump day?
Yeah, it's what the
kids call Wednesday.
I swear, you are like
two years older than me,
and it feels like a
century some days.
Still, it's because you
don't speak to many teenagers
in your line of work.
In fact, you don't speak to
many people at all, do you?
Don't suppose you've thought
any more about going permanent.
Garamond and Baskerville are
always looking for designers.
Come on, it's a
great place to work.
You know, they just got
rid of all the chairs
and replaced them
with exercise bikes,
so you can tighten your
glutes whilst you're at it.
Sounds fucking awful.
Yeah, well, it can't
be good for you,
being stuck in the apartment
by yourself all day.
I'm just someone who
works from home, okay?
Not a recluse.
One day, we'll
all be doing this.
We'll be looking back
at the nine to five
and going, what the
fuck were we thinking?
That's not what I was--
Well, hey, look, you think
I don't go out enough,
that's fine, I'll go out more.
In fact, I'll give
Brandon a call right now
to see if he fancies a pint.
[glasses clinking]
It is a rare evening
when I'm not working late,
or at the gym,
or having drinks
with a client.
[phone buzzing]
Oh shit, it's Brandon.
I really do need to talk
to him about this logo.
Look, we can, you know,
when I get back, all right?
I won't be late, I promise.
I won't wait up.
[Franklin] Hey Brando,
what's going on? Yeah!
[somber music]
That question again,
what is the largest
landlocked country in Africa?
She's still giving me grief
about the whole freelance
thing, keeps trying to get me
to get a proper job with
some ex-boyfriend of hers.
Is it Chad?
No, this posh twat's name
is Garamond, apparently.
The landlocked African
country, you bell end.
How do you cope working in
an office nine to five, huh?
Easy, I don't. I work 11 to 4.
Yeah, but still, you're
in an office, right?
With, you know,
a boss and a desk
and, I don't know,
a water cooler.
And talent. Don't
forget the talent.
Not that you can even so
much as look at a woman
inside work nowadays.
Hash tag MeToo and all that.
But outside work?
Outside work is all good.
So you're still
working your way
through Tinder then, are you?
Tinder? Completed, dude.
No, I'm all over
this new app Smasher.
It's the future, and
as a futurologist,
I am the motherfucking
Nostradamus of apps.
It's basically
Uber meets Tinder.
You rate people on their
chat, sexual performance.
Early buzz is, people are
calling it Dickadvisor.
This is just a reminder
that cheating on
your mobile device
will result in instant
So they're the chicks
I've been with,
and the stars I've given them.
All right, so what,
can you see what rating
they've given you?
Not technically,
but if I switch
to one of my female
catfish accounts.
It's not five out of
five because, well,
there was this one
drunk chick who...
She tried to steal
one of my limited addition
Lord of the Rings Funkos.
She gave me zero stars, but
trust me, that was reciprocated.
You should, you know, get
yourself on there, mate.
Don't worry about Candida.
Get yourself on there
with a fake name,
and she'll never know.
I don't think it's for
me. Thanks, though.
It's sex on tap.
Who isn't that for?
Come on, monogamy
is about as obsolete
as an iPod or a fax machine.
Think of it as
freelancing your dick
to a new client each night.
I would never cheat
on Candida, okay?
I'm happy with her, and
she's happy with me.
So why are you in here
trying to remember
the capitol of Panama
and not home with her?
Next question, and indeed,
the penultimate question.
What is the second
rule of Fight Club?
I don't want to
talk about it, okay?
[Blogger] What Futuracom is
going to do
with this here digital DNA
is they're creating
a whole bunch
of cyber zombie techno
clones and spreading them
all throughout the internet,
and that is the godawful truth
about Futuracom
and 5G technology!
Right, better go
get this flight.
I'll be back in
a couple of days,
and there's an Ocado
shop arriving tomorrow,
so don't worry,
you won't starve.
-Okay, I'll see you soon.
Behave yourself.
You're the one going to
Berlin. I'm stuck here.
Well, if I end up in any
late night techno clubs
where people piss
on each other,
I'll be sure to drink sensibly.
[door thuds]
-[mellow music]
-[keyboard clacking]
[car whooshing]
[keyboard clacking]
[phone dings]
[phone dings]
[mellow music continues]
[bottle clinking]
[mellow music continues]
[mellow music continues]
[Franklin groaning]
[somber music]
[phone dings]
[phone dings]
[Franklin sniffs]
[phone dings]
[chill party music]
[chill music continues]
Worried she won't come?
Worried she won't be
as hot as her picture?
Or that she doesn't actually
exist and it's all a catfish?
We've all been there, buddy.
Just waiting for a
friend, actually.
Yeah, right. Look,
there you go.
On the house, while
you wait for your date.
-That should be six quid!
I'd be bloody grateful
if I was you. Be lucky.
[Franklin crunching]
[glass thuds]
[Atlanta] Franklin?
Very British, I like it.
I'm Atlanta.
So shall we get a drink?
Yeah, sure, sorry. It's
table service here, so.
All right, go on then.
So what's your favorite
thing about London?
[Atlanta laughing] Oh my God,
I don't know.
I love the whole vibe.
You know, the multiculturalism
and the history.
Like, oh my God, the fact
that Harry fucking Potter
and Sherlock Holmes,
like, lived here?
Oh, the all-night bagel
place on Brick Lane,
and the fact that you can
get coke delivered like 24/7.
Okay, when you put it that way,
it sounds like a pretty good
place to live, actually.
You know, I've only been
here, like, six months,
so there's a lot
more to explore,
and I'm not in Kansas anymore.
Wait, you're not actually
from Kansas, are you?
Born and bred. And one day,
I will click my ruby slippers
and go back home, but not yet.
I still need to find a man.
One with a brain, a
heart, and courage.
-Tall order.
-[Atlanta laughing]
So, what made you click
on my profile in the app?
Like, what made you choose me?
-I don't know.
-You said it was because
you imagined I smelled like
cigarettes and avocados.
Okay, so maybe I was a
bit more poetic online
than I am in person.
Aren't we all, sugar?
So, I've got to use
the little girls' room,
so you better still be
here when I get back.
[chill music continues]
[phone dings]
Oh shit.
Is something wrong?
No, no, just work.
For a second there,
I thought you were making
an excuse to ditch me.
No way. No, no.
How about we
change the scenery?
We could hit the all night
bagel place on Brick Lane
and pick up a bottle from
one of the local stores.
We could drink it
back at my place.
Yeah, sure.
-[melancholy music]
-[unintelligible dialogue]
[melancholy music continues]
[Atlanta laughing]
[Franklin] Oh shit.
The fuck is this?
[Atlanta] Oh, God. I'm
Sorry about the mess.
It's all right, no, you
should see my place, really.
Be quiet, some of my
flatmates are, like, assholes.
-You all right? You okay?
So much much for
being quiet, God.
Did you know
that how you die
in your past life
explains your phobias
in the next one?
So, like, if you drown, when
you're next reincarnated
you're, like, scared of water.
So if I'd have died falling
down the stairs then,
then I'd be scared of,
like, I don't know, stairs.
Or drunk English guys.
I could never be scared of you.
[melancholy music]
I don't normally do
this on a first date.
Me either. We can
stop if you want.
[melancholy music continues]
That's my room there.
Make yourself at home.
I'll go and get some
glasses for this wine.
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
I'm sorry, these were
all I could find.
It's fine, really.
So do you want the
glass or the mug?
I'll have the mug. I insist.
[wine sloshing]
I don't mean to sound like
a goddamn broken record,
but I'm so sorry about the mess.
Honestly, it's fine.
[Atlanta] Talking of records,
shall we have some music?
Sure, yeah.
So what type of
music do you like?
You like old music? No offense.
I've only got like four records,
so this is gonna
have to do, yeah?
Silence makes me feel,
like, uncomfortable.
[romantic music]
You don't have any
coke on you, do you?
No. I could call someone,
if you really want.
No, I'm good.
I love this tune, don't you?
Yeah, I mean...
All right, I'm
going to be honest,
I have no idea who
the hell this is.
I think you just took
me to my paradise
You look so good in red
that I just died inside
Call you my valentine
Though my heart ain't
I'm willing to sacrifice
Oh, I don't know where I'm
going, let your curves decide
Listen, do you mind if I...
Okay, this is going to
sound kind of weird,
but I really want
to remember tonight.
I want to prove to myself
this actually happened.
A bullet with my name on it
Let's give you something
worth recording.
You got a bullet
with my name on it
A bullet with my
name on it, my name
And I bet that you won't
miss me when I'm gone
And I bet that you're
gonna leave and carry on
And if I make it baby,
I'll put it all on red
Couple mill in cash, I'll
burn it all like we said
And I know I'm wasted, so
I'm probably on my bullshit
But I fell in love when you
passed 80 in that fast lane
Can't get it out of my head
And if I can't rest, I guess
I'll sleep when I'm dead
Oh, I think you just
took me to my paradise
You look so good in red
that I just died inside
Call you my valentine
Though my heart
ain't something
I'm willing to sacrifice
Oh, I don't know where I'm
going, let your curves decide
Hated and most wanted
when our hearts collide
And I bet when you bite
it stings like cyanide
And that's why I bet
you got a bullet with my
A bullet with my
You got a bullet
with my name on it
A bullet with my name on it
And that's why I bet
you got a bullet with my
A bullet with my
Those things you said you
were going to do to me
in those texts last night.
Did you mean them?
I mean, assuming you
still want me to.
You got a bullet
with my name on it
A bullet with my name on it
I consent to everything.
And anything.
And you have that on video now.
[sensual music]
[belt jingling]
[sensual music continues]
-[Franklin moaning]
[sensual music continues]
[sensual music continues]
[Atlanta moaning]
[moaning continues]
[moaning continues]
[moaning continues]
[bed frame thudding]
[sensual music continues]
[sensual music continues]
[sensual music continues]
[sensual music continues]
[sensual music continues]
[sensual music continues]
[sensual music continues]
-[shower hissing]
-[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[phone dings]
[somber music continues]
[bottles clinking]
[bottles clinking]
[phone dings]
[phone dings]
It's okay, Franklin is alive.
Don't take the piss.
If I don't check if he's eaten,
he'll starve to death
by the time I'm back.
Don't be mean. He's
your bloody friend.
So what's the excuse for
not replying last night?
He says he fell asleep
watching Netflix.
It's boring enough
to be true, as well.
He should be out boning
while you're not there.
Hey! He's a good person.
He's not like you.
Or you.
Yeah, well, that is exactly
why this has to stop.
Come on. Didn't you
say that last time?
And the time before that.
Yeah, and I mean it this time.
I mean, honestly, what
are you even doing
flying all the way to bloody
Berlin just because I'm here?
I actually came to check out
this new street
art installation.
You were just a bonus.
Yeah, well, I'm going
to get in the shower.
My flight is in a few hours.
I'll join you.
No way.
-[melancholy music]
-[shower hissing]
[melancholy music continues]
So, my flight was delayed.
There were about a million
stag dos at Berlin Airport.
Oh, and my Uber driver
tried to convert me
to Scientology on the way home.
Open some fucking
wine, won't you?
Noir or Grigio?
Let's go noir.
[wine sloshing]
Thanks, babe.
So, how was Berlin?
Oh, you know, exhausting.
And ever since Brexit, I swear,
I cannot cope with that
look that Europeans give us.
You know, that kind of
pitying, patronizing one,
like we're all children
who've done something stupid.
Anyway, what have you been up
to whilst the cat's been away?
You know, the usual.
Not a lot.
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[Atlanta moaning]
[keyboard clacking]
[somber music continues]
[upbeat music]
If this couldn't wait for a pint
at the Dog and Defibrillator,
it must be important.
All right, fine, but
look, before I tell you,
you have to promise, not
a word of this to anyone.
And by anyone, I mean Candida.
Come on, it's not like
me and your missus
are best gal pals, is it?
All right, what does it
mean when it says this?
Have you been using Smasher?
And now some
chick's ghosted you?
Yeah, when, you know,
someone stops responding
to your texts,
blocks you off their profiles,
vanishes off the
face of the planet.
Come on then, who was she?
Nobody, just someone I
was chatting to online.
It's no big deal.
Just chatting to online, eh?
See, the secret is the
angle you hold the phone at.
-Adds an extra inch.
-Come on!
Come on, then. You
got her details?
I'll check her out from
my super user account,
see if she's blocked you or
deleted her account for good.
Age? Location?
All right, okay, so...
So she's in the
18 to 20 bracket.
[laughing] Fucking legend.
She's local, lives
in East London.
She's not from London,
though. She's American.
Her name's Atlanta, but
she's not from Atlanta.
She's from Kansas.
Steady on, mate. Don't
need her star sign as well.
I've got an Amber, an Amanda,
an Annunziata, but no Atlantas.
Chalk it up to experience, mate.
She could've been
a catfish or a bot.
No way, man. She was...
She was real.
Come on, there are
literally plenty more fish
in this particular sea.
You know what they say about
fish. They're always wet.
Couldn't you...
I don't know, couldn't you,
like, get the tech guys
at Futuracom to look up
her details or something?
Dude, unethical.
But what if something's
happened to her?
Wouldn't you then have,
like, a duty to investigate?
[Brandon] Like what?
I don't know, something...
Something bad.
It's just really
out of character
for her to delete her
profile like that.
Are you going to tell me
what this is really about?
Why this girl in
particular is so special?
I've got to go.
Remember, not a word of
this to Candida, right?
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[somber music continues]
[phone dings]
[keyboard clacking]
[phone dings]
[phone dings]
[somber music continues]
[door creaking]
Hey, babe.
You been anywhere exciting?
Just to meet Brandon.
Did you talk about
anything interesting?
Continuity errors in the
Marvel Extended Universe.
So that's a no, then.
You look tired, Frankie.
How about you and
I get into bed?
Come on, I've only just got in.
Come on, Frankie.
[pensive music]
[both breathing heavily]
[melancholy music]
[melancholy music continues]
[siren wailing]
[melancholy music continues]
[Brandon sniffles]
[melancholy music continues]
[Atlanta and Franklin
moaning on phone video]
Now it really does feel
like we're having an affair.
Should we be wearing disguises?
Since when do you vape?
It's blueberry and avocado.
It's practically a superfood.
I want you do tell me everything
you know about... her.
The girl that
Franklin is fucking.
Whoa! He just said
they'd been messaging.
Yeah, well, there was
a video on his phone.
[Brandon laughs]
The absolute boy.
It's not funny,
Brandon. I love him.
We're probably going to get
married and have kids someday.
And what, you're taking the
moral high ground suddenly?
Oh God, I know.
You know that I
regret everything
that happened between
us, though, don't you?
And now I've somehow gone
and pushed Franklin
away in the process.
I don't have to listen to this.
No, wait!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I just...
You and me, what did
you want it to be?
I mean, you were just a
semi-decent bone, that's all.
Posh girl with daddy issues
and a high sex drive.
But it's not like
they're hard to find
in West London, is it?
Who is she?
In the video, he
calls her Atlanta.
Is that her name?
That was her
username on Smasher
before she deactivated
her account.
It's the only reason
he told me anything.
Hoped that I would get the
office nerds to dox her for him.
Can you do that?
It would be unethical.
And illegal.
So what, you want to find
her as well? And do what?
I don't know, just find her,
figure out why he cheated on me,
and tell her to stay
the fuck away from him
so we can all just
move on with our lives.
No way.
We're over, they're over.
She stays a ghost.
-[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[door knocking]
-Who the fuck are you?
I'm just looking for Atlanta,
your flatmate, all right?
[Woman] There's no one
called Atlanta here.
Get the fuck out or I'm
going to call the police.
No, no. Please don't do that.
[Man] Hey, amigo! Get out
before I make you.
I don't want any trouble.
I just want to talk
to Atlanta, please.
No, mate, you cannot.
[door thuds]
[phone line ringing]
[phone buzzing]
Yo, I got you on
hands free. What's up?
It's Atlanta. I think
she's in trouble.
The girl who ghosted you?
Yeah, look, I found the house,
but the people there said
they'd never heard of her.
Or maybe it's just
not her house?
Maybe, but maybe it's worse.
Maybe they've got her locked
in the basement or something.
And there's something
weird with this couple.
Dude, we've all come up
with some crazy reasons
for why a girl won't text back,
but the idea that
she's been Fritzled
is a new one, even for me.
Just forget this girl,
dude. She's not worth it.
No, look, something's
wrong. I've got to find her.
Why don't you come over?
-We'll sink a few fruity IPAs.
-[phone beeps]
[phone clattering]
[Brandon sighs]
-[ominous music]
-[phone ringing]
[Brandon] You got a copy
of that video, right?
What? I'm not going
to send you that.
That's private.
You don't want to share
a video of your boyfriend
fucking around, in case
it violates his privacy?
It's not that.
It's just, I don't know,
you seeing it somehow makes
it more real, you know?
Look, do you want my help
finding this chick or not?
Yeah. When we find her,
you delete it, okay?
I'm hardly going to stick
it on PornHub, am I?
This is just between us, right?
Of course.
[phone ringing]
There he is.
Right, so this is
the cum dumpster
we run through every
database we have.
Try to ignore the dweeby bloke
that sounds like
he's got asthma.
She's riding him like
Spider-Man rides Seabiscuit.
She's smashing it like the
Uruk-hai at Helm's Deep.
Taking Picard into warp drive!
-Steady on, number one!
Oh man, her body is
kicking it like Hitmonlee.
-This is the best bit.
-[Man] Whoa!
Let me drive, will you?
On her shoulder. That tattoo.
I can run it
through Needle Drop.
What's Needle Drop?
Something Chaucer and
I have been working on.
It's like facial
recognition but for tattoos.
Sounds good.
[Atlanta moaning]
[Franklin groans]
God, yeah.
What time is it?
It's late. What time did
you get in last night?
I don't remember.
It's was a big one with Brandon.
You know what he's like.
Yeah, well, I've got
to get to the office,
but I won't be
home late tonight.
What do you fancy for dinner?
We could get Thai or Eritrean.
I might have to go
out. Client thing.
Really? Futuracom?
How's the logo coming along?
It's good, yeah.
I think we're really
getting there, you know?
Okay, well, have fun.
Thanks. I'll try not to
wake you up when I come in.
Thanks. Always thinking of me.
[melancholy music]
[Franklin sighs]
[upbeat dance music]
[Cooper coughs]
Busy as usual?
Got to keep up with those
online trends, you know?
Yeah, right. Anyway,
the facial boys.
Stop snickering. They've
got a bunch of matches.
They're sending them over now.
Nice work.
Completely unethical and
illegal work. But yeah, nice.
Meanwhile, I ran that
tattoo through Needle Drop.
-Now, bear in mind,
we're still in beta and the
database is not as populated
as I'd like, but we got a match.
Not for the subject,
but we got the artist.
He posted this pic on his
Insta a few months ago.
No mention of who the
subject is, but he's local.
Goes by the name of
The Bleeding Cowboy.
Sweet. Has he got a shop?
No, he's one of those operate
out of a squat type of guys,
so he gives his deets on
a need to know basis only.
Okay. Leave it with me.
So, you want to tell me
what this is actually about?
Maybe over dinner and drinks?
There's this great
new vegan steak place.
Dude, I think I'm getting an STI
just being in this
office with you.
Oh, can you forward
me the whole video?
There's something
I want to check.
Maybe I'm not too comfortable
with you wanking to my good
friend's private sex tape.
Just send me the
video, dick face.
[muffled upbeat rock music]
[phone dings]
[phone dings]
[doorbell buzzes]
[rock music continues]
Are you the Cowboy's five
o'clock? You're early.
Or are you the new girl
who booked room six?
Yeah. That's me.
-What's your name?
Candy? [scoffs] Original.
You're in room six.
[pensive music]
You've done this before, right?
-Yeah, sure.
-Sit down.
You're making me nervous.
You're logged in
and set up as Candy.
We take 15%, and if you want
to keep using the facilities,
all we ask is you earn at
least 700 tokens per sesh.
There's some outfits in the box.
You might want to...
But I'm sure there's a
market for "business MILF"?
I wanted to ask,
there's this girl,
and she's got this tattoo.
Might want to narrow
it down a bit, babe.
It's a sort of bullet,
and it's got these--
Look, the cam's live
now. You're on the clock.
We can spill the
tea after, yeah?
[door thuds]
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[doors thud]
-[door thuds]
-[engine revving]
[keys jingling]
[lock clicking]
[door thuds]
[door opens]
[door thuds shut]
[Korinna] Your housemate
won't mind if we use her bed?
No, she moved out.
[pensive music]
[computer beeping]
[computer beeping]
[keyboard clacking]
[pensive music continues]
-[computer beeping]
-[cash register ringing]
[pensive music continues]
-[computer beeping]
-[cash register ringing]
[pensive music continues]
[pensive music continues]
[computer beeping]
[computer beeping]
[pensive music continues]
[computer beeping]
[computer beeping]
[computer beeping]
[computer beeping]
-[computer beeping]
-[cash register ringing]
-[computer beeping]
-[cash register ringing]
You like what you see?
You want me to lose the bra?
[computer beeping]
[computer beeping]
200 tokens...from each of you.
[Georgia moaning]
[moaning continues]
[moaning continues]
[moaning continues]
[Candida moaning]
[knocking on door]
Hey Candy, your
three hours is up.
I need you to log
off for the next girl
and, you know, clean up a bit.
Yeah, just give me some
privacy, would you?
[pensive music continues]
[pensive music continues]
I can't believe you
guys started without me.
[pensive music continues]
[distorted voice]
You did good, Candy.
[Candida] Thanks.
Cash be okay, or would
you rather invoice?
Cash is fine.
There's something
I wanted to ask.
I'm looking for this girl,
and she has this tattoo,
like a bullet, with a butterfly.
I remain anonymous. My
clients remain anonymous.
That's kind of my USP.
Well, is she someone
that works here?
When you come back later,
you can maybe make
some more dollars.
Maybe you'll find what
you're looking for.
[pensive music continues]
[somber music]
[door thuds]
Rough day?
Just the usual.
What about you?
Yeah, same.
Just stuck in front of a
computer screen all day.
[somber music continues]
Are you really doing this?
Right, I am off. Uber's outside.
I don't want to lose my five
star rating by making him wait.
I heard this theory,
that what we're afraid
of, right, our phobias,
they're just things that we
died from in a previous life.
Franklin, we only get one life.
We can't spend it being afraid.
[door thuds]
[phone line ringing]
Look, I've found the evidence.
Some evidence. It's something.
Steady on, mate. Great,
hand it over to the police.
I need more. Could you track
her phone or something?
Despite what the 5G
conspiracy theorists say,
we are not the FBI.
We make apps.
You make apps for the FBI.
Fine, look, if you're
not going to help me,
I'm just going to
have to confront them,
get them to tell
me where she is.
Just suppose you are right,
and these people are
evil sex traffickers.
You're hardly Liam
fucking Neeson.
Yeah, all right, good point.
Look, buddy, I've got to go.
Just don't do anything stupid.
Okay, Coops, this
had better be good.
I don't think I've ever stayed
this late at work, ever.
Not even when one of the
cleaners gave me a hand job.
So, tell me, what's
wrong with this picture?
It's not our sex tape?
Okay, it's my best
mate having sex
with someone who
isn't his girlfriend.
That's what's wrong with it.
And now the girl's gone missing.
Which girl?
What do you mean, which girl?
Grab me another beer, will you?
I'm going to go through
this step by step.
[sensual music]
[rope slapping]
I didn't think you'd come.
[sensual music continues]
[Candida sniffing]
So you see,
this girl and this girl
are two different girls.
This one here doesn't even
have a tattoo on her shoulder,
and this POV shot
is a composite.
That face, that's
our mystery girl's.
That body, those
tits, someone else's.
This whole thing
is a deepfake.
A deepfake uses AI to
construct an artificial image.
The possibilities
for espionage,
cyber crime, and political
misuse are endless.
Most people just use it
to put celebs into porn.
So, whose cock is it?
We don't have cock recognition
tech yet. Give me time.
Okay, so the girl
whose face it is...
Who is that?
Insta keeps banning sex workers,
so they have, like, 100
profiles under different names,
but I think this is her.
So Atlanta's a camgirl.
Well, whoever she is, your
buddy didn't bang her.
He's done a pretty good job,
but this whole
video is fake news.
[phone line ringing]
[sensual music continues]
[distorted voice]
Safe word's "Toto".
You're in good hands now.
Do you want the
black or the blonde?
Or I could go
redhead, if you like.
We'll go red, shall we?
[sensual music continues]
Hi, sugar.
[sensual music continues]
[train rumbling]
Oh, God.
You Franklin?
Is that your real name?
Absolute amateur waste, man.
I'm assuming you're
the Jokerman, right?
Let's just say some people
call me the Jokerman.
You got the cash?
I fucking love gentrification.
You love it too, right? Say yes.
Listen, dumb fuck,
don't open it here.
The fuck's wrong with you, boy?
[ominous music continues]
You okay?
Yeah, I think so. That was--
Intense? Yeah, that's
kind of the Cowboy's vibe
I'm Lucinda, by the way.
Can we get a selfie
for Instagram?
I'm just starting
out and I need likes.
Are you okay, bro?
You look like you
haven't slept in a week.
Here, get this down you.
You said it was urgent.
I was just on the way
to the house, her house.
This better be
fucking important.
I know.
I know, dude.
About the video.
The video?
How? How?
It doesn't matter,
but I checked out
Atlanta's Smashed
profile and yours.
Same IP address.
Okay, so what does that mean?
It means it's either
some massive prank
you're playing on me, or
you need help, serious help.
This is fucking crazy.
Look, she has be real.
There's a video,
for Christ's sake.
The video's a deepfake,
dude. There is no Atlanta.
[phone buzzing]
You almost had me
for a second there.
[Brandon] What?
So, who else knows about this?
Is it just you,
or is the whole of fucking
Futuracom in on it?
And Candida? How did
you get her involved?
I don't know what's going on.
Tell me where she is.
I don't know where she is.
What the fuck? Is that real?
I have no idea, but I
just paid 500 pounds
to some guy off the
dark web for it.
Want me to find out?
All right, just put the gun down
and we'll call Candy
and we'll sort it out.
Don't try and stop me.
Stop you doing what?
Rescuing Atlanta.
No, no, you stay there.
Finish your drink, bro.
So what's your story, then?
No story.
I just need a bit of money
to get through uni, you know?
As far as the gig economy goes,
it's a pretty stable job, so.
And you're just totally fine
with it? Selling your body?
No, selling my time,
just like any other job.
I mean, until we get fully
automated luxury communism,
it's what we've
got to do, innit?
Now you, I bet
you've got a story.
What is it? Daddy issues?
Boarding school girl gone bad?
Well, why don't we get a
drink and I'll tell you?
Alright, listen, uh...
Like the thrush
medication? Sure.
I'm not here to make friends.
Especially not with a tourist.
I don't mean to be a
bitch but, you know,
I'm sure the other girls
would be up for hanging out
if you've got a bit of
coke on you or something.
So no drink, no drugs.
Do you vape?
So, Lucinda.
Is that your real name?
-How about Atlanta?
Yeah, not that either.
Though I am fond
of that one, sugar.
No, each name, it's like
a different character,
like an avatar for a game
that you play online.
Don't you ever get lost
Lose track of who
you really are?
It's an occupational
hazard, but I don't know.
I bet you have, like, a
different persona for your Insta
than you do your LinkedIn.
You can't have the
mums on Mumsnet
finding out about this, can you?
I have nothing to hide.
Are you sure about that?
Anyway, it was nice meeting
you and eating your ass,
but I've got to go,
got uni in the morning.
I want you to
explain this to me.
If you can't work your apps,
why don't you just
stick with a Nokia?
No, this.
-[Atlanta moaning]
-[Lucinda laughing]
What the fuck is this?
Who's the guy?
That's Franklin. My boyfriend.
And that's you, isn't it?
With his cock in your mouth.
It looks like me but no, I've
never had sex with this guy.
It's on fucking video.
Yeah, I don't know what
you want me to say to you.
It's not me. I've never seen
that guy in my fucking life.
I'm going to say this
once. This ends now!
You go near my boyfriend again,
and I will fucking kill you!
Don't you ever
fucking touch me.
[Man] You heard her.
Leave her alone.
It's okay, Atlanta.
You're safe.
I'm here to protect you.
Does your boyfriend
know how to fire a gun?
[Lucinda's footsteps
running away]
[Franklin] Atlanta!
You really don't
remember me, do you?
Mate, I don't know you.
Our night together. We
had a real connection.
We talked about past lives.
Look, Franklin.
Can I call you Frankie? Yeah?
Maybe we had a few
cam sessions together,
and you, like, subbed to
my private Snapchat, yeah?
You probably, like, bought my
panties off eBay or something.
But what we had or did,
it was purely transactional.
We didn't talk about past lives,
and we certainly
didn't have sex.
I've got a video
that says otherwise.
You're not fucking
helping here.
I always knew Brandon
was weak, but you?
I never thought you'd betray me.
And now you.
Well, I guess Futuracom
got to you all.
What the fuck is Futuracom?
They own the apps.
They own the devices
you play the apps on.
They own you, and you
don't even know their name.
You're really not
Atlanta, are you?
Not my Atlanta.
Not real Atlanta.
You're just a digital copy.
A ghost.
Already dead.
Tell me where the
real Atlanta is.
Franklin, stop, this is crazy.
Oh god, I wish I was.
But for the first time in my
life, I can see everything--
[Cowboy] Why don't
we take this outside?
Who the fuck are you?
All you need to know
is you're in my house,
and these girls are my family.
[gun firing]
Fuck me. That's a real gun.
Somebody call an
ambulance! Call the police!
Not the police.
Get me that diazepam
and that gin.
You, run!
[knocking frantically]
[knocking frantically]
[Viewer] Oh yeah, what
do you think of these, love?
Oh yeah, suck on
these pumpkins.
There's a mad cunt
with a gun downstairs
that just shot the
Bleeding Cowboy.
-What the fuck?
-Shh! Listen.
[Viewer] I want to give you a
great big pumpkin pie!
Hello? The Great Pumpkin's
paid a lot of money for this!
He's in room four.
You need to leave.
Hurry up!
-Are you coming?
-Get the fuck out! Just go!
[computer beeping]
Hello Futuracom. I
guess it's come to this.
I know you're watching.
So, you know what I want.
Just tell me where she is.
Please don't do
this. This isn't you.
[Candida] Atlanta, Lucinda,
whatever her name is,
she's just some internet slut!
She doesn't matter!
Do you want me to just
let you fucking die?
I'm going to count from 10.
Nine. Eight.
-Don't do this.
-Seven. Six.
-[computer beeping]
Hey, sugar.
I knew you were real.
I'm real. How're you holding up?
You know, I've been
better, but can't complain.
Where are you?
I'm close.
But first, you need
to put down that gun.
Put down the gun,
Frankie. Give it to Candy.
Put down the gun, baby, and
then we can be together.
I've done it.
Where are you?
Room 10, at the end
of the corridor.
[ominous music]
-[Lucinda grunting]
[ominous music continues]
What did you do to him?
He tried to kill you.
He wouldn't hurt
me, not my Frankie!
He shot the Cowboy! He had
a gun to your fucking head!
Let me see him.
Let me see him!
Candida, put the
gun down, okay?
It's over. Trust
me, it's over.
He can't hurt us anymore, okay?
[gun firing]
Where the fuck did you learn
how to shoot like that?
I'm from a very posh family.
I wasn't sure you'd come.
[somber music]
It's Franklin's Transformers
comic collection.
He'd have wanted you to have it.
More than meets the eye.
That's Franklin, all right.
Yeah, well, that's the last
of his stuff from his office.
What are you going to
use that office for?
It'd make a great gaming room.
I'm sure I'll
think of something.
Probably storage.
Somewhere to keep my shoes.
Did you ever hear from
that girl, Atlanta?
Or whatever her name was.
No, her and the
Cowboy cleared out
before the police arrived,
vanished like ghosts.
Don't suppose you fancy going
for a drink or something?
No pressure, just as friends.
Maybe sometime, but not now.
I just need some time, you know?
Figure out what I'm
doing with my life.
You and me both.
Apparently using Futuracom
resources for personal use
is both unethical and illegal.
Yeah, sorry about that.
It's fine. Work was interfering
with my video games.
Plus, Futuracom are a
bunch of bastards anyway.
[somber music]
[door thuds]
We're getting some
impressive results back
from the 5G nanotech department.
What's the latest on
Project Doppelganger?
It's performing
better than expected.
Engagement is tracking above
key performance indicators
in all quadrants.
One test subject used
the app to place himself
in a pornographic video
with an online sex worker.
Standard. Has anyone used
it for anything else yet?
Yeah, yeah. But
get this, right?
The deepfake was so good that
even he believed it was real.
Completely messed
with his head.
Totally fooled his
girlfriend, too.
Impressive, and what were
the key outcomes
from this scenario?
He's dead.
She shot him in the head.
Less than optimal.
He was an off-books
beta tester, though,
so no paper trail, don't worry.
Okay, well, let's get ready
to roll the app
out to the public.
If people thought faking
news was a game changer,
wait until they
get a load of this.
We are going to make an
obscene amount of money.
[somber music continues]
[somber music continues]