Grass (2018) Movie Script

Jeonwonsa Film Co. Production
Kim Minhee
Jung Jinyoung
Ki Joobong
Seo Younghwa
Kim Saebyuk
Ahn Jaehong
Shin Seokho
Gong Minjeung
Ahn Sunyoung
Kim Myungsu
Lee Youyoung
Cinematography - Kim Hyungkoo
Recording - Seo Jihoon
Technical Manager - Lee Jeahan
Production Manager - Jo Heeyoung
Written and Directed by
Hong Sangsoo
You going somewhere?
Yeah. Europe.
Here and there.
With a friend.
Someone I know?
Someone I don't know?
Things are good?
What's good?
You're busy.
I am.
You must make a lot of money.
A little,
more than before.
Good for you.
How have you been?
I've been drinking.
Me too.
You look good.
You really do.
I'm not doing so well.
I was fine before...
What is it?
It's the same with me.
I think of Seunghee.
Do you?
Do you think of her?
Of course I do.
Do you?
Do you really?
- You really think of her?
- I told you I do.
I feel so bad for her.
I think you caused it.
What do you mean?
You're the reason she died!
You're crazy.
You shouldn't say that to me.
- Why not?
- You of all people!
Why shouldn't I?
- You're insane.
- Hey.
I know how much she suffered.
Do you know how she suffered?
Don't talk nonsense.
I feel so bad for her.
You don't care, do you?
You live a good life.
All by yourself!
Putting a curse on me?
- You're cursing me?
- No, just be happy.
You shouldn't talk like that.
You know?
But I feel so sorry for her.
It's so terrible.
I think you're to blame.
It's your fault!
Unlike his image on TV,
he looks hot-tempered.
He must have a reason.
Who doesn't?
Who can understand his feelings?
Who can know their relationship?
Now only the dead woman
is of no consequence.
The woman torments him,
seeking the meaning of that death.
And he is scared.
That if he looks inside himself,
he'll find some awful truth.
The woman must've
killed herself,
probably not long ago.
People who watch
that actor on TV
won't see those shadows
on his face.
How will he go on?
After such a mistake,
can he ever pass the days
without hanging his head?
Can he ever fall in love
with an innocent heart?
Can one who killed another
ever feel free,
without paying for his sin?
How will he go on?
Are you okay?
So what happened?
I tried to kill myself.
I was in the hospital
for a week.
I loved a woman.
There was nothing I could do.
All I could think of was dying.
Where do you live now?
How can you do this?
Are you okay?
No, I'm not.
But I mean to do better.
I should start over, right?
I moved.
To Gyeonggi Province.
I've had enough of living
in apartments.
I don't mean some kind
of country house.
It's a two-story building.
It's not bad.
There's a mountain view.
How many rooms?
You live alone?
No, I have a roommate.
Then one room must be free.
Not really.
I've nowhere to go.
Could I use one of those rooms?
I think it would help me.
If you don't mind,
that'd be great.
I'm sorry...
I'm really sorry.
I know, I'm sorry.
- For saying that.
- No, forgive me.
I tend...
to be sensitive
about such things.
No, it's fine.
So, then...
- Your friend is paying rent?
- Yes.
My friend pays
for food and such.
I could pay rent, too.
- I think that would help me.
- I'm sorry.
There are some things
that I just can't do.
I know.
Sorry for asking.
I've nowhere to go,
so I just thought I'd ask.
How is work these days?
I fought with
the head of the troupe.
I quit.
I just didn't want to
see him anymore.
The Tongyoung Theater Troupe?
I quit a while ago,
You're so talented.
You're an amazing actor.
I think it's time for me
to wrap things up.
I'm old now...
that's how life is.
Need to end it sometime.
So he was an actor, too.
How wretched!
Life is so wretched.
You get crushed over and over.
No money, nowhere to go,
no work.
And no friends, maybe?
He probably always
tried his best.
Now he doesn't even
have a place to stay.
He said he'd pay rent,
but probably has no money.
He wants to live off her,
rely on someone younger.
How nice it'd be to
live off his pretty friend,
eating the food she makes,
hiking on the mountain
by her house,
he must wish for all that.
Too desperate to discriminate,
this old man just speaks
his thoughts aloud.
Why couldn't you find love?
There you are.
- They play classical music here?
- Yeah, the owner likes it.
- He looks nice.
- This place is great.
How many screenplays
did you write?
Two, but they're not finished.
- What about acting?
- I'll still act.
Once an actor, always an actor.
But you're a writer.
I have my limits as a writer,
like I can't break free
from myself?
I keep using the same material.
It's hard.
I can't move forward.
So you want to write
with me?
We could rent a place
in Jeju Island for a month,
and try writing together.
That was my idea.
I thought of it yesterday.
It's hard enough to do
my own writing.
Just write yourself.
Writing should be done alone.
Combining thoughts
with someone else isn't so easy.
It's not out of ambition?
No, it's not that.
I just love having
something to do each day.
Having something to
concentrate on is so nice.
I like that, too.
Just write.
I really enjoy it.
How is your family?
They're all fine.
With our kid in university,
we can relax now.
My wife seems to be
doing okay with her own work.
That's good.
Now I need something to
inspire me.
Not just waiting around
for acting roles,
I want to live differently.
You look good.
- You look good, too.
- Do I?
You've gotten prettier.
I'm dating someone.
That's great.
Love is the best!
Nothing else can compare.
Right, it's true.
Want to have dinner?
I need to go.
I have an appointment.
But I can come back later.
It's nearby.
Will you wait for me?
- You're meeting nearby?
- Just over there.
Sure, I'll wait.
- Let's have dinner.
- Yeah.
Can I disturb you
for a moment?
Should I...
I'll take it.
Excuse me.
You seemed to be staring,
so I got curious.
Oh, I see.
Were you staring at me?
If I'm correct, I saw you
on stage a long time ago.
You did?
That's right.
So it's true.
- Nice to meet you.
- Me, too.
- I enjoyed that play.
- Thanks.
Which one was it?
"Amusement Park?"
Yeah, I figured.
Are you writing?
Yes, I am.
- Are you a writer?
- No, I'm not.
I'm just writing.
I'm curious what you're writing.
I write, too.
I thought so.
What are you writing?
It's just...
sort of a diary...
But not a diary.
It's something unusual,
for now.
I'm intrigued.
Can I read it?
It's not meant
for others to read.
You seem remarkable.
What are you writing?
I'm writing a screenplay.
A screenplay...
- What about acting?
- I won't give up acting.
But my dream as a child
was to direct films.
By any chance...
This just occurred to me.
Would you be able to work
with me for about 10 days?
What kind of work?
While I write...
it'd be good to observe
someone up close.
Someone as remarkable as you,
would be good material
for my writing.
For three days,
I want to observe you at home.
- Three days?
- Yes.
To see how you live,
in great detail.
What food you eat,
how you decorate your room.
What shampoo you use,
I want to observe
all of this in detail.
And then go to some public place
for the next three days...
I think
that would be difficult.
I've got a boyfriend.
So your boyfriend
wouldn't like that?
No, and me neither.
can I talk to your boyfriend
about it?
I'm not some kind of
strange guy.
He and I both,
we're quite shy people.
It shouldn't be a problem.
You seem quite self-absorbed.
Self- absorbed?
You're right,
making such a crazy request...
I'll go out.
Excuse me.
- Sorry to bother you.
- Yes.
How'd you find
such a hidden cafe?
Must have no customers.
Someone I knew
used to come here.
- Really?
- Just a sec.
One, two, three.
What's with the hanbok?
- What?
- They rent out traditional clothes.
You're right!
They rent out hanbok?
That's odd.
That's delicious.
Isn't it?
This place is famous.
- This'd go great with alcohol.
- Wouldn't it?
- With makkoli.
- Yeah.
Should we have a drink?
You were in the same department,
so you're an acting major?
So you must have acted a lot?
No, just a little.
What's it like
being a stewardess?
It doesn't really suit me,
so I want to switch
to ground duty.
She decided.
It'll happen soon.
- That's good.
- Yes.
To be honest I was surprised
he asked to meet like this.
He's not the type
to fall for women.
I wondered if he even
liked women at all.
But now I understand.
You're so beautiful.
No, you're much more beautiful.
Thank you.
- I mean it.
- Thanks.
What do you like
about him anyway?
Why ask that?
What do you mean?
I'm really curious.
Why you'd date a guy like this.
He's trustworthy.
- Trustworthy?
- Yes, he is.
You trust him?
He's nice.
Jinho's nice.
He's a good person.
So you're older than him?
A bit... two years older.
I already told you that.
I'm just asking.
Then at your age,
are you thinking of marriage?
Are you considering
marrying each other?
I am thinking of it.
Jinho too.
But you don't even
know who he is,
and you're thinking
of marriage?
I'm just asking.
How can you know everything
before marriage?
Did Mom and Dad?
You don't know anything about
how hard a time they had!
It's better to marry
someone who suits you.
I think I know
the most important things.
Oh really, you do?
That's not so easy.
Stop it,
this is embarrassing.
If you're thinking
of marriage,
as with love,
you need to be honest.
You really need
to know each other.
We're in love.
And so we want to marry,
what else is there?
How could we know
That's irresponsible,
you know?
It's so irresponsible!
Marrying without knowing
each other,
and then just living.
How many people mess up
their lives like that?
You're right.
You shouldn't marry
without knowing.
Even if you marry,
you'll fail.
Don't be a burden
on others.
Loving each other?
What bullshit.
So, Yeonju.
What do you think of men?
Men in general.
This is a different question.
I think they're cowards.
Not Jinho, men in general.
- They're cowards?
- Yes.
They call themselves men,
but in dealing with pain,
or when ending things,
they act like cowards.
You think so?
I see...
You're not a coward?
- Of course not.
- Right.
Just before, some guy
made a pass at me.
Wanted to spend
10 days with me.
- 10 days?
- 10 days.
I'd never seen him before.
I don't know what
the hell he was thinking.
What was his thought process?
- He just charged right in!
- At the cafe?
Is he crazy or something?
It's because you're so pretty!
- Please enjoy.
- Thank you.
Will you have more?
We're drinking a lot.
Shall we stop?
No, we should drink.
We're reckless, after all.
If not now,
when should we drink?
You look tired.
Did you drink so much
that day, too?
He drank like normal.
Is that true?
Oh, I see.
Then why did he still
stink of booze?
The smell from his body
was so strong.
I don't know.
He must have had more
after leaving me.
I don't think so.
He finished drinking
at your place, I know.
How can you be sure?
He sent me a text message.
That he'd just arrived
from your place.
He could have drunk
more at the office.
No booze in his office.
I checked.
I went the day after
he killed himself.
Why did he drink so much?
He's a weak drinker.
Nobody knows,
if you don't.
Nobody knows he drank
with you.
- Don't worry.
- Nobody should know!
Of course.
Prof. Choi got drunk with a woman,
and killed himself.
How could we say that?
I agree.
there's no one
like him anymore.
No one as noble as him.
There was only one,
and now he's dead.
You remember his face?
Such a good-natured
and beautiful face.
Such a kind and
pure-hearted man,
throwing himself off the roof
over a department scandal?
Would he throw his life away
for such a trivial reason?
It's outrageous!
Keep your voice down.
Why, are you scared?
Why should I be scared?
He died because of you.
He was our last hope.
Why'd you let him
drink so much?
At his age?
Why'd you drive him crazy?
Were you out of your mind?
You know what it was!
We were in love.
Love, my ass.
Did you really love him?
Tell me!
Of course I did...
He really did die
because of you.
You toyed with him.
You never once
left him in peace.
You think that's
how we were?
Who knows?
You let him drink
to death.
He'd never kill himself
over some department scandal.
He never cared about such things.
How could he die over it?
Control yourself.
He had no equal.
There never will be!
You killed him.
Control yourself, please!
How can it be love
to kill someone?
We only loved each other,
you know that!
Stop it, please.
For our sake.
He was such a noble man.
You have no idea.
You'll never know.
We only...
loved each other.
Is that so?
Let's go!
- Jinho!
- What?
Get over here.
You think I'm your servant?
- Am I your servant?
- What are you talking about?
You walk out while I'm paying,
and then leave?
I pay the bill,
and you two take off?
What do you mean,
you came behind us!
You fool,
wrapped around her finger.
What's with you today?
Is it fun,
tagging along behind her?
I don't get you.
I don't get you either.
Do you really know her,
- What?
- Do you?
Is that why
you date her?
I'm leaving.
- Sis!
- Shut up!
She's got a difficult side.
Her relationships
often fail in the end.
Same with me.
All our family's like that.
You're not that way.
Not at all.
I don't even try.
Anyway, today was pretty bad.
Not sure what's up
with her.
Will things be okay?
Don't worry,
it's her problem.
Think of it as
a spinster's hysteria.
No, she was right.
You think so?
Want to get a drink?
- You want to?
- Yeah, shall we?
It's still afternoon.
The sun's almost down.
All right.
We walk down the
street as always.
My step matching
with yours.
Hand in hand with
fingers locked and
placed inside my
coat pocket.
Why is your hand so warm
inside mine?
My heart is cold
You make me feel sorry.
Your temperature
is drifting between us.
- I bought it.
- You did?
I got tuna, too.
- Really?
- Yes.
That's great.
Will it be okay?
I'm sure it's fine.
- See you inside.
- You go in first.
Where did you buy it?
At the market.
There's a market nearby?
- I didn't know that.
- Neither did I.
Have a drink.
That's nice.
But how could you
not recognize me?
Well, you know...
But drinking like this,
it tastes great.
The owner is
so understanding.
This place is great.
He's a real gentleman.
When the autumn wind blows,
there's nothing like
the taste of soju.
It's really true.
On an autumn night,
there's nothing like soju.
That's good.
Is it?
Do you drink a lot
these days?
Right after my suicide,
I couldn't drink much.
But these days
I drink like before.
Since things are hard.
So you've split completely
with the troupe leader?
No point in
seeing him anymore.
And you don't go down to
Tongyoung anymore?
- You have a house there.
- No.
I spent all the deposit money.
That's how it goes.
Can you work in Seoul?
- I agreed to do one play.
- Really?
But they're struggling too.
It's enough for me
to pay rent.
But just 2- 3 months at most.
It's so hard to hear this.
Don't worry about me.
You're one of the greats.
For a true artist to go through
something like this...
Would you like more?
It's good.
If you really have
nowhere to go,
I'll see what I can do.
Do what?
Our home isn't large,
but I have an office there.
You can stay there.
How about it?
At your home?
Yes, it'll be fine to sleep in.
I don't use the office much.
I can work in the living room.
But still...
Is it really okay?
I'll just talk to my wife.
- I don't think she'll mind.
- No, that won't be easy.
It'll be awkward with
your wife.
If it's okay with you,
it's okay with me.
You need a place to live,
this is ridiculous!
But you've got a family,
it's not an easy thing.
Thanks anyway.
You don't need to say that.
Thank you.
No, please don't say that!
I'll smoke a cigarette.
I'll smoke, too.
Were you two close?
We used to be.
We did some plays together.
He was nice then, too.
I'm so sorry.
You are?
What are you sorry for?
It's fine.
Thank you.
Have some.
And so people gather together...
Their emotions combine,
and give each other strength.
Their lives become intertwined
and now they stand
side by side.
Why does that smuggled soju
look so good?
I'd like to steal a sip too.
When will my chance come?
Why do they act
so intimate?
Want to walk over there?
Is it real?
It'd be so nice if it were.
In the end,
people are emotions.
Emotions are
gullible and forceful,
precious, cheap,
and alluring.
And I long for them now.
Are you okay?
Are they allowed
to drink like that?
Don't you wish
you could have some?
Soju on an autumn night,
it looks great.
Should we drink?
Where do you live
these days?
Can you drink?
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?
It must be hard for you too.
It is.
It's really hard.
I believe you.
We won't be able to forget her.
We'll keep thinking of her,
until we die.
There's no way around it.
It's true.
So you think so, too!
- We did her wrong.
- Yes!
You're right.
I was wrong.
No, let's not think about it.
That's too much to bear.
It's so sad,
isn't it?
Why is your bag so big?
I feel anxious,
so I carry it around.
What about your trip?
Did I mention a trip?
You told me, before.
You're not going?
It was all for show.
Just for show.
Just for show?
Stay with me tonight?
Shall we?
Shall we?
Will you?
I can be with you, sure.
We can be together.
We need to drink.
- Where do you live again?
- Hapjeong.
Oh, we can't go there.
- Why not?
- My roommate.
Do you like acting?
Must be nice for you now.
I just keep at it.
I made up my mind now.
- I think so.
- Good for you.
You're so talented.
Really talented.
I wish the best for you.
I know.
I love you.
I love you, too.
They have much
to tell each other.
So much!
Do you know I hear
everything you say?
I have good hearing,
you know?
Trying to be happy
at the expense of a dead person?
While maintaining
your dignity...
How impressive.
Sure, the living must go on.
The present is so precious.
I envy you two.
You insignificant things.
You'll die someday.
Even with a dead friend beside you,
you don't think of your own death.
That's why you're
so well composed.
Pretty and composed.
Amuse yourselves.
- What took you so long?
- We walked along the alleys.
And we bought another bottle.
We should drink outside,
this is a cafe.
I got the owner's permission.
Let's have just
one more bottle.
- He seems gentle.
- Yes, he's a good person.
Excuse me.
What are you writing there?
Would you like to sit here?
Have a drink?
It just feels like
we're being observed.
Aren't you listening
to what we're saying?
She must be a writer.
She's a writer, too.
Say hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm not a writer.
- You're not?
- No.
She's a bit remarkable,
I saw her before.
Why don't you come
over here?
I like it here.
I like eavesdropping
from here.
- Do you?
- Yes.
Remarkable, right?
I think so.
Excuse me a moment.
How can you write
so late?
- All alone?
- What?
You've been writing
here all day.
Do you write here
every day?
Staying at home
makes my head hurt.
I see.
Yes, my head hurts
at home.
Excuse me.
I'll take a picture.
Areum - Kim Minhee
Kyungsoo - Jung Jinyoung
Changsoo - Ki Joobong
Sunghwa - Seo Younghwa
Hongsoo - Ahn Jaehong
Jiyoung - Kim Saebyuk
Mina - Gong Minjeung
Yeonju - Ahn Sunyoung
Jinho - Shin Seokho
Jaemyung - Kim Myungsu
Soonyoung - Lee Youyoung
Cinematography - Kim Hyungkoo
Recording - Seo Jihoon
Technical Manager - Lee Jeahan
Production Manager - Jo Heeyoung
Editing - Son Yeonji
Sound - Kim Mir
Color Correction - Kim Hyunghee
Produced by Jeonwonsa
World Sales by Finecut
Written and Directed by
Hong Sangsoo