Grasshopper (2015) Movie Script

Happy Halloween!
I will trick you if you don't give me candies.
That would be a trouble, huh?
Thank you.
Eh? Where is your mother?
And your father?
Oh, don't tell me you got lost.
Then, why don't you come with me to the police box?
Excuse me.
Is everything ready?
Then, crush down all those insects springing out.
You are the savior.
Get down! Come on, get down!
It's me!
Don't take pictures at such a time!
-Wow! The Scramble is a sea of blood!
-The major event of the century!
-What is it?
-To a "I'm God" level, probably. How is this? It's a real corpse! XD Let's spread it!
The real culprit is another person.
Investigate "Fraulein"'s Terahara parent and son
First day
Are you interested in medicines to lose weight?
I'm not a suspicious person,
if you could listen to me for a short while...
Excuse me, are you interested in medicines to lose weight?
It's nothing suspicious, if you could listen to me for a bit...
Exactly~! You can't catch anybody!
It's been a while, sensei!
You're Suzuki, aren't you?
I studied science at Nishi-chuu.
Why are you trying to grab people's attention at such a place?
Ah! You did something bad and got fired from the school?
Are you Suzuki's acquaintance?
No, rather than an acquaintance...
What? Don't tell me you've forgotten the faces of your students?!
He taught me science in middle school.
What was this again?
Ah! Fleming's Law?
You know, Suzuki, this isn't useful at all.
Oh, I had no idea.
No wonder you are such a useless newbie.
So hot!
For real, it's stupidly hot here.
The air-con is broken.
Were you really my student?
Say, say, say!
As expected, you ended up doing something bad?
That's not it.
The reason why I'm here...
Sensei! It's fine!
You know, I'm stupid, but I understand about adults' circumstances.
You should better not take our product.
This collagen juice works quite well, right?
It's really good for the skin.
I will introduce you our popular products.
This is our diet drink, and this is our beauty cream.
Also Korean stars use it,
and we have the monopoly for it here in Japan.
But I don't have money...
It will be enough if you use it and enjoy it.
So is it?
Will I become beautiful as you if I drink this?
Of course.
Wait... Eh?
- Of course not, you idiot.
A-are you okay?
I just did some little work with the drink.
A former teacher, huh?
Even you somehow realized, right?
Ours is not a decent company.
Make women to buy it,
Do you know what kind of thing this medicine is?
It makes you lose weight....
Yes, a huuuuuge lot.
However, it's strongly addictive.
Once you try it, you won't stop until you crumble.
Are you scared?
But you know,
after getting to know our real business,
you won't be able to run away anymore.
What will you do with her?
Who knows.
Shouldn't we give her to Junior as a toy?
Yeah. Wait, you haven't met him yet?
The son of president Terahara.
Are you concerned about your student?
Wait, wait! Wait a moment.
Why? Why me?
Is it about that article of the link with the nuclear plant?
That was just a put-up job to divert the public opinion.
Is it the article about the ministers? That one hasn't been published yet.
Or if you want, I can re-write it.
Don't kill me.
I won't kill you.
You will die on your own.
Look at my eyes.
Remember all the sins you hold inside.
In that intersection,
do you remember the incident during that Halloween night?
A man high on drugs ran over many people, killing them.
But there was something else behind that incident.
There was somebody manipulating that man.
Those guys aim,
was to make control more strict using that incident as reason.
To derail the market balance, to get the monopoly of the synthetic drugs market.
A man called Terahara made his son order it.
Terahara is a big-shot, reigning in the underground society.
I got scared,
so I took the money and shut my mouth.
If you die, your crimes will disappear.
What's wrong with you, bastard?
Why did you came for?
This is no place for a brat like you.
Leave while you are still unharmed.
Can you hear us, dwarf?
Say something, you fucking brat!
You, mother fucker!
This bastard!
Don't run, man.
Let's fight till the end.
Terahara-san asked you to do this, right?
Terahara? Don't know that dude.
I just came to kill you, mother fuckers.
Please, tell this to Terahara-san.
I will get out the drugs business. So please, save me.
You're too boring.
Hello, sorry for the wait.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
What's this?
Half of the money for your next job.
As expected, you surely know the way to use subcontractors.
You two share the same profession.
He's called "Kujira".
Ah, this guy...
Indeed, he's the one specialized in suicides, right?
He's in the middle of a job up there.
The rumor has it that he does a clean job, is there something you're displeased with?
I'm not the displeased one, it's my old man.
The president?
Seems like with making them commit suicide, he ends up knowing a lot of stuff unintentionally.
So he told me to seal his lips.
What a terrible character.
Even when his body is battered, his head is still in shape.
My father is short tempered.
So the time limit is tomorrow.
You can't do it?
No, no, no. Don't do this to me.
Let me do it, without seeing anything, hearing or saying anything.
We seized a young woman.
For now, I will send her there.
Eh? Are you coming now?
Yes, I understand.
I will send a car to the scramble intersection.
Excuse me.
Hurry up, move her to the car.
Junior hates to be left waiting.
Sorry, I will think of something, okay?
You don't have sins?
Shouldn't you better die yourself?
The ones carrying sins worth of death,
aren't men like Terahara?
The one you should rather kill is Terahara.
Let's not cross dangerously.
He's here.
That tall man over there is Junior.
What are you doing?
You too get down, come to greet him.
A pusher?
You saw that just now, right?
What are you doing?! Hurry up and chase that guy!
Hurry up and go!
Sorry! Sorry!
Don't take pictures! What are you doing?!
Go that way.
What happened with that man?
I'm following him now.
That man is a professional killer, "Pusher" is called.
If you don't pay attention, he will kill you too.
Don't let him get out of your sight.
Jack Crispin says,
"The key to success, is dropped at the turn of the corner."
Eh? What!?
This way, come on.
What a stupid woman.
What should I do with this woman?
This is not the time for that.
Who cares about such a stupid woman, just tie her somewhere.
No! Please, help me! Please!
Hurry up!
What's the situation?
You are at Yokohama Station, aren't you?
Saw it with the GPS.
You aren't trying to run away by any chance, are you?
Reply! Suzuki!
Isn't this such a modest residence?
Your guests increased in one more member once again, huh?
You know why these guys keep on increasing, huh?
This is the interior of your heart,
These people suffer from their sins, and your heart produces them.
You say quite often that you have no sins, huh?
Good evening, err...
I'm from the neighborhood,
I'm looking for a cat.
It's a black cat, called Tama.
I wonder where has that guy go. Really..
If you see him, could you contact us here?
Then, please.
Now that I remember,
When you were still a brat,
you had a cat, right?
What was of that cat?
You made me throw him into the river.
Welcome back.
Let's definitely play soccer tomorrow, okay?
You didn't play with me today.
He will play with you.
He has a family...
Don't give me crap.
Don't make me wait.
I'm sorry.
Looking for a cat takes some time, you know?
Look for a cat?
Yeah, a black cat. I couldn't find him.
But well, that's another topic. We have many things here after all.
Here, good work.
That's something fixed on the day you finish a job.
You like shijimi's miso soup that much?
They are not just limited to miso soup.
There are ways to use the shijimi besides miso soup.
What to do with them is up to me.
Don't stick your nose in my privacy.
Shijimi's miso soup is your privacy?
Shut up. Our only relation is work.
How can you say such self-important things?
Just killing somebody won't give you money.
The important part is the negotiation and the preparation.
Be careful before rushing out of the tunnel.
Jack Crispin said so, huh?
You sure know it, huh?
All of your quotes come from him anyway.
Jack Crispin over-passed the world of music.
The moment the words left his mouth!
They become rock! Like for example...
Ah, I'm tired of hearing that quote.
You are not, so listen to it once again--
What kind of man is that Terahara?
Why do you know that name?
That guy...
He wanted to beg for his life to that Terahara.
It was me the one in front of him though, right?
That's your complaint?
Yes, that is.
Isn't the relationship between killer and victim earnest?
Killing those guys wasn't amusing at all.
In that case, the next one is one just as you desire.
That's Kujira, he's in the profession.
In the profession?
Seems like he kills his targets in the guise of a suicide.
What a wicked way.
Jack Crispin says,
"Those that have gone off the path, feed them to the dogs."
He lives in a camping car instead of a house, I've located it.
Do it before tomorrow.
I just came from doing a job.
What do you think I am?
You're my hard worker pal.
Aren't you getting too full of yourself?
I'm going home for today and sleep.
Brush your teeth before sleep!
Fuck off.
Ah, hello, hello. Excuse me.
Dead? Who?
Good work.
It's about time.
I had intended to hand over the organization to that guy.
And yet...
And he suffered such atrocity...
Do you understand my sorrow?
Please accept my deepest sympathy.
In that case, hurry up and bring me that pusher!
Now, one of my subordinates is tracing him.
It's a matter of time.
Seems like you were just besides him, huh?
You helplessly watched as my son was killed?
I'm deeply sorry.
Did you get those guys that run over him?
Yes, they are here now.
Shoot their hands.
Shoot their legs.
Please, stop!
Help me! Please, help me!
Kill them.
Save me!
How much do you think this was!?
You're there just bubbling and bubbling.
How good must it be to know you are alive, huh?
Sensei, what are you doing grinning like that?
You were thinking about your girlfriend again, huh?
It's fine, don't touch it, don't touch it!
Wait for me here later.
Wait for me here.
Happy birthday.
Please, accept this.
Won't you marry me?
Say, since it's Halloween,
it may be fine to decide the answer with a cake.
You know, they eat this for Halloween in Iceland.
It's a cake called barmbrack.
We'll predict next year's future with this.
If it's the coin, it will be a year without money troubles.
The piece of cloth is the opposite.
If it's the button, we won't get married next year.
If it's the ring, we'll get married next year.
What was this again?
You'll be troubled with money.
with us two working, we'll manage something.
Maybe I got the size wrong!
It's fine.
I will go get it fix it on the way home.
I'm really sorry.
Does it mean he got killed in my place?
Is it still turned off?
That Suzuki is seriously useless.
It's from the president, I will pass it there.
A man called Suzuki,
was he your subordinate?
Where is he now?
About that...
Why can't you answer?
Don't tell me he escaped.
We got some information.
That bastard of Suzuki,
joined the organization to get revenge.
Seems like the pusher that killed my son, was requested by him.
Can't be.
That guy....
Hurry up and go look for Suzuki!
I kill him. I'm so killing him.
I'll crush him down!
I wonder if that girl's safe.
What should I do?
Welcome in! Hello.
Look for something that could tell us where he is.
Give me the tablet.
Suzuki's smartphone was turned on.
You got lost?
If it's about the money, wait a bit more.
Somehow, there were some problems.
My client, Terahara is dead.
Seems it was the work of a pusher.
This guy has been wandering around me.
It's an agent called Iwanishi.
He has a young knife called Semi working for him.
Does that mean they'll try to kill me?
Seems so.
You are being aimed at by a killed, huh?
How does that feel?
Are you scared?
Even though you have killed numerous people so far..
Could it be...
You can see it?
In the past, there was a man that worked with me.
That guy could see the people he'd killed.
His job became awful.
In the end, he shot himself in the head.
You can't run away from the past.
Give me information about that Iwanishi.
Hey, Iwanishi!
Why the hell are you calmly drinking?
Your job was found out.
Aren't you looking ahead before getting out of the tunnel?
It's not "looking ahead".
It's "taking care before rushing out of the tunnel."
What? You went to the place?
I had to walk all the way there for no reason.
It's as if I went there to report on a stray cat.
Ah, was the black cat there?
Who cares about that!?
What are we doing?
That's the matter...
The requester is dead.
Then the job is canceled.
But even if Junior is dead, the job was ordered by the president.
And we accepted it. Those guys are dangerous.
At this point, we can't act as if we don't see nor hear anything.
Then don't stay there calmly drinking.
Hurry up and go search for Kujira.
You talk quite impertinently to your employer, huh?
Aren't we pals?
I don't intend to let you use me as you please.
The past you can't run away from...
It's that thing, right?
An irony.
Thanks to that, you've gotten power.
And you found your place as a suicide professional.
What about putting an end to it?
More than anybody here,
you are suffering being conscious of those sins.
At this rate, if these guys keep increasing,
you will end up having to shoot yourself in the head.
Or will you end up chopped using the knife of that Semi?
Put an end to everything.
We looked for you quite a lot.
Your woman...
Was one of the victims of that incident, right?
President Terahara wants to meet you.
To think you are the one that requested that pusher...
You did well, tricking me...
That's wrong, it wasn't me.
It's too late to play dumb.
Welcome in, hello.
Right now, we are in the middle of the summer thanksgiving festival.
Wait there!
Wait there!
The requester? What's that?
What's going on...
For real!?
You're in the middle! Move!
Day 2
You are being chased by Terahara.
Please, take your family and run away.
You are being chased by Terahara.
Help us!
Hurry up! There is a fire in the house! Help us!
Lend me that!
Thank you very much.
At times like that, it's true you get too scared to even think.
I wasn't even able to figure out how to use the fire extinguisher anymore.
And your husband?
This morning, seems there was some troubles with one of the clients, and had to go.
Even though it was his day off.
What's his job?
He's a systems engineer.
So is it?
And you, Suzuki-san?
What's your job?
I work for a home tutoring company...
Why were you in front of our house?
I had some work in this area...
Ah, what a good timing!
If you are a home tutor, there is something I want to talk with you.
My husband will be back if you stay for a bit longer.
Then, let's play soccer till then!
Sorry, sorry.
You're so bad, Suzuki-san!
By the way...
What kind of person is your dad?
What do you mean?
Like work and so.
Why are you asking me that?
It's hot today again, huh?
Today is specially hot.
Actually, I followed you--
Do you know what color are the migratory locust?
Aren't they green?
Normally yes.
But when they grow up in a crowded place,
there is a mutation, it's called "swarming phase".
Their color becomes darker, their wings grow up,
They become destructive.
In order to get food, when there is not enough for all...
People are the same.
In this world with an excess of information,
humans, in order to satisfy their desires,
go through a mutation.
The same way than the swarming locusts,
they become destructive.
I'm sorry about last night.
We are pals.
Don't we work well together?
You're getting carried away.
Don't make that mistake again.
I know. "Be careful before rushing out of the..."
You become anxious without Jack Crispin words, right?
It's the same than me liking shijimi.
I've been always wondering something...
What do you think while killing?
When killing somebody, do you think about any excuse or reason for it?
I do it without thinking anything.
I do it because that's my job, that's all.
Whoever it is,
they don't get the meaning of being killed.
The shijimi spit bubbles.
It would be good to be able to say humans are breathing by seeing their bubbles, like with shijimi.
In that case,
the killer and the victim,
may be able to understand the meaning of being alive.
What the hell is that?
You are surely interesting.
Anyway, I'm going to search for Kujira's whereabouts now.
I leave the rest to you.
Kujira-san... Right?
That eliminates the time to look for you.
I would have appreciated if you had knocked.
Who told you to kill me?
President Terahara.
Your employer betrayed you.
They said you ended up knowing too much.
For those guys, we are simply pieces.
Isn't it stupid to kill each other just as they say?
Let's think coldly about it...
I will put an end to everything.
Look into my eyes.
Remember the sins inside of you.
My biggest sin,
It's to have dragged that guy into this business.
My pal, Semi.
He's still a brat, a good one.
He always buys shijimi after any job.
When he sees the bubbles,
he can understand the meaning of living, he says.
Made him become a killer.
Your sins will disappear if you die.
There is a big hollow inside of your eyes.
How are you able to do that?
Ah! Don't do that.
You kill using suicide, a gun is against the rules, right?
It may be Semi.
It's the last time.
Let me pick up the call.
About what we talked before,
it was a bit wrong.
What talk?
You asked it, right?
What do I think when killing.
You think of nothing, right?
I wish the buzzing in my ears would disappear.
I can always hear a sound in my ears.
That sounds disappears,
When I'm swinging a knife, and also,
When looking at the shijimi?
Well, there is also that.
It's when I listen to your useless talk.
Then go to the hospital.
I won't be able to talk to you again.
What do you mean?
Kujira is right in front of me.
I wish the buzzing sound disappears.
Semi! The stray black cat has a bell!
Properly find him!
Hey, Iwanishi!
He's seriously strong.
He will do his very best.
I'm not committing suicide,
I'm jumping off.
Death will come after that.
The next one is Terahara.
Put an end to everything.
Say something...
Here you have. Eat without restraints, please.
Let's talk about the home tutor stuff calmly after this.
I'll eat~!
The guest should eat first, right?
Ah, then...
Don't eat that fast.
You have to eat slowly.
I took the time to make it specially for you, after all.
So eat savoring it more.
I'm savoring it.
It's truly delicious.
As expected, Yuriko'sans cooking has a unique taste.
Do you know what's said to be the best condiment?
Like salt?
The best one,
is to thinking about the person you want to eat it.
I will put the leftovers in the freezer.
Thank you.
Isn't this like a time capsule?
What do you mean?
I mean, when you unfreeze it, it won't be just the flavor,
but also the feelings of when making it will come back, right?
A time capsule, huh?
Are you by any chance... Crying?
Sorry for doing it while eating.
It's fine, don't mind about it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Is it yours, Suzuki-san?
No, mine is turned off.
The call will end if you don't hurry up.
You finally answered, huh?
Is that girl safe?
Ah, your student?
She is.
You will release her if I go back, right?
I will go to the office now.
Seems like this kid turned it on as a prank,
was it a bad call?
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
One.. One moment.
You are being targeted by Terahara.
For the sake of your family...
Why are you telling me that?
Because you killed that man in my place...
So this is my thanks to you.
Then, I'm leaving.
About the talk about the swarming locusts,
if their number increase too much,
there is no option but to burn down every one of them.
Please, stay away. Stay away.
Semi! The stray black cat has a bell!
Find him!
You look scary.
Are you seeing the sins inside of you?
You said your father abused of you when you were a kid, right?
That's why you ended up killing him, huh?
Your own father.
At that time, you became able to do it, huh?
That hollow deep inside your eyes.
Put an end to everything,
and that will disappear.
The target is out of his box.
The president has arrived.
Good work.
This way.
Where is the pusher?
Spit it!
I lost sight of him halfway.
Also, I'm not his employer.
You're making a fool out of me.
How long do you plan to play dumb?!
That girl... Please, free that girl.
Who cares about that stupid woman now?!
The president has come.
You are Suzuki?
Do you know who I am?
I want to chop your body with this hand.
That would be unsatisfactory.
So I thought of the way to cause you the most pain possible.
While tasting the same terror your woman went through,
you will die!
Watch it!
If she would have leave the kid, he wouldn't have died.
What a fool.
Don't laugh.
Don't laugh!!
Bastard, do you know who are you talking to?!
The same than that woman,
you will die frightened.
Yuriko-san wasn't scared!
For saving that kid,
she didn't give up till the end!
Don't laugh at Yuriko-san!
I'll kill you if you don't shut up.
You are not worth enough to laugh at Yuriko-san!
What the hell, bastard?
Why did you came for?! Hey!
Terahara, right?
You son of a bitch!
What? What's with that guy?
I won't forgive that mother fucker!
Wait! Wait! Wait!
I'm sorry for playing the idiot.
I found the stray black cat.
Who is this dude?
Ah, this guy's my employer?
Shamefully dead!
It's not related anymore.
This will be earnest.
Iwanishi's rival...
I will get you for it.
The noise disappeared like this...
Then I don't need this anymore.
What are you thinking now?
You asshole should reply before asking somebody else.
I killed the man I really wanted to kill.
Your last job?
Not a job.
My father.
I pushed him off a building when I was 15.
That's heavy.
What I'm thinking now,
is one single thing.
Iwanishi is there.
Hey, suicide-killer, have you gone insane?
It could be.
Can you see the bubbles I spit?
I can see your bubbles.
Put an end to all.
Good work.
I was a bit touched.
Good work.
Did everything go as planned?
There were two that jumped off, though.
What's with that guy?
Where are you going now?
I haven't decided.
Then, let's go to my house for now.
There is something I want to show you.
What is it?
Shijimi's bubbles.
1 year later
Here you have.
Okay, here.
A balloon, please.
Here you have.
Ah, it flew away!
Thank you.
Those clothes suit you.
Is that sarcasm?
Well, being a clown really suits me, huh?
What were those 2 days I spent as if I had gone crazy?
I still don't get it at all.
Who the hell are you?
Do you want to know?
Actually, I can't tell you.
Then, let's take a ride in that.
To put it simply,
We are the rivals of the organization you slipped into.
But we are not an entity,
we are a team that gathered for this occasion.
Then, your husband...?
I met him for the first time that day.
We also rented that house for two days.
Do you mean you pretended to be a family?
Our goal
was to get the masterminds behind that terrible incident, the Terahara's, and...
That doesn't mean we are on the side of justice.
But we have opposed the malicious ones way too many times.
We are like an underground benefit society.
President Terahara
was protected inside of his heavily protected house,
he didn't seem to have any intention to step out of there.
In order to make him go outside,
a lure was needed.
From when did you start using me?
First, was that girl.
We needed her to get inside first.
Next up was your turn.
You passed the information about me being the employer, right?
That showed results.
That's not it...
I thought I'd get killed.
We took measures so that wouldn't happen.
Wait there!
And that fire too?
Fire! There is a fire in the house!
And turning on my phone, wasn't a prank.
It was a quite elaborated plan, right?
Your set-up started way before that.
The letter telling me the truth about the accident...
That too, right?
Since that day,
I kept thinking about nothing but revenge.
The reason we came to meet you today,
was because he wished for it.
She saved me.
I'm sorry about what happened to her.
You're my time capsule.
The time capsule of what's left from Yuriko-san.
Revenge doesn't suit you.
You couldn't even kill a fly.
A time capsule, huh?
Ah! A cockroach!
No way! No way! No way!
You can't even fight a cockroach?
You're laughing too much.