Grave (2016) Movie Script

Hi. Can I have some
mashed potatoes, please?
No protein?
No thanks. No meat.
What's wrong?
Spit it out.
-Did you bite in it?
-Look. No.
This shit really gets me.
Mom, it's fine.
Forget it.
And if you were allergic?
You want mine?
No, thanks.
My daughter had meat.
It's unacceptable.
We're vegetarians.
Wow, it looks shabbier.
Don't you think?
Is that it?
No, that's the med faculty.
Hospital on the left, morgue next to it.
And the grocery store, look.
I'm already lost.
-You have you phone?
Call your sister.
She may answer for you.
I'm going.
She won't come.
Are you nuts?
We're not leaving Juju on her own!
She said she'd pick her up.
Wait a bit, she may come.
So, brainiac,
show'em what you can do.
OK? See you.
I love you, baby.
-Call me.
Love you too, Mommy.
What's that shit music?
Beat's me. Who are you?
I got here late. Up!
You're not a girl!
I asked for a girl.
They gave you a fag,
same deal for them.
Here, take this.
What's going on?
What's this?
A ski pole.
That's my shit!
Where are you going?
Bed, man!
Bed? Where?
Your bed's downstairs, friend.
Hey! Hey!
Check it.
This one wants out already!
You got in
to please your parents, right?
I thought it was over.
You'll know if it's over, big guy.
Get back in line.
Get in line.
And now, where are we headed?
-To freedom!
-Fuck off.
Speed it up, rookies!
Get up! Move your asses!
Hurry, the boss is waiting.
-Move it!
-Come on, guys!
Faster, rookies!
Move down!
Move your asses!
You! You stay put.
Go, go, move it.
Move it.
Rookies, move it!
Get moving, go, go!
Hey, it's just a game.
What do you think could happen?
I'm Adrien.
Slut it up, girls.
You're the slut.
I'm so wasted.
Where were you?
Mom and Dad will kill you.
It's so cool you're here.
You'll love it.
The first year is the best.
And we'll see each other
all the time, like at home.
Is my thong out of my shorts?
You're fine.
Mom got to you, I see.
Was it hell without me?
What do you mean?
I need some fresh air.
Long time no see!
-Where's the light?
-Don't. We're not allowed in here.
Where are we?
Where do I go now?
Fuck, bumped my eye!
Where are you?
Stop it!
Some heads are cut off.
They refused initiation.
Here it is, come look.
Who's that?
No way.
They wouldn't do that kind of thing.
It's tradition.
You will too, right.
Don't be a wimp.
Even Mom looks happy.
Poor Dad, it's all over him.
You can't see his face.
Are you cold?
I'm going back to dance.
Watch Quicky?
I'm going to bed, I'm dead.
No way!
-Rookies don't go to bed before us.
Shh, my roommate's sleeping.
Come with me.
Let's try it.
Move it up.
OK. Take the brace.
a student for the strut,
a cushion for the head.
Vets, they march ahead
Their dicks up proud in the air
Cuz a vet will fuck you anywhere
They are men - yes sir!
With giant balls, for her
They like a laugh, they like a drink,
they like to screw and we do too!
Oh yes they do, and we do too
You have made it to our great school.
We applaud you.
Your profs will make you
the best vets out there.
Your elders will make you family.
But first you must learn.
Learn to be a team,
to obey, to be good rookies.
From now on, you will call your elders
either 'elders' or 'great ones'.
Repeat after me: Elders.
-Hey! Elders.
Good. And great ones.
Great ones.
What a nice bunch this year.
Where was I?
They'll help you during your rush week,
which will end when you hear this:
For real?
When you hear Yeah.
Then and only then
are you no longer rookies.
In the meantime, we're counting on you.
Make us proud.
We'll show you the way.
Longest wait ever for an open bar.
What is it?
Wait your turn.
Is it meat?
Rabbit kidney.
Better not to know.
I'm a vegetarian, I can't eat that.
Ask my sister,
our family's veggie.
-Who's your sister?
No shit.
-Alex? Come here a sec.
-You vegetarian?
-No. Why?
She your sister?
Call my parents if you don't trust me.
Are you serious?
It's nothing. Everybody does it.
So eat hers, then.
I ate mine last year.
That's why I'm here now.
Go on, eat it.
See? Easy.
Open up.
You'll be happy you did it.
Don't start the year by chickening out.
They're watching.
Maybe not all animals,
but monkeys.
It comes from them.
Do you think a monkey can get AIDS today?
If you treat a monkey
in a zoo or African reserve,
are you as careful as a doctor
doing normal surgery?
No clue.
Why are you thinking about this shit?
Take a guy who wants to fuck a monkey.
The theory is AIDS started that way.
If a guy wants to fuck a monkey today,
should he use a condom?
I'm eating, man!
Don't talk about fucking monkeys.
Did wolves raise you?
What do I care?
Cuz I fuck monkeys or have AIDS?
What the fuck.
OK, sorry.
It was a valid question.
They only ate the monkey.
The rest was made up.
Who'd be so sick
he'd rape an animal?
Lots of people.
Legally, I'm not sure
"monkey rape" exists.
Sure it does.
Animals have rights.
The monkey won't turn
anorexic and see a therapist.
It's not the same.
Monkeys are self-aware.
They see themselves,
in a mirror, right?
I bet a raped monkey suffers like a woman.
So a raped woman,
raped monkey,
same thing.
What I'm saying isn't so crazy.
Why are we at vet school?
It's easy, really.
I expected no less from you.
Let's see if your reputation is earned.
One mistake already.
Off to a bad start.
May I?
No, too late.
-Hey. Are you OK?
-Yeah. Stay out.
Oh, that is bad.
Any allergies?
I don't think so.
Will I get it on my face?
No, no. It won't last long.
It's already peeling.
-Any nausea?
Since when?
At the same time.
OK. Last period?
I'm not sure.
A week or two?
OK. Are you on the pill?
Do you use condoms?
I've never...
And this is your rush week?
OK, I think
it's food poisoning
and you're having a reaction.
Drink lots of liquids.
Water, that is.
Avoid solids.
Fast a whole day, even.
I'll get you a cream.
I am hungry though.
My stomach always feels empty.
What'd they give you?
Raw rabbit kidneys.
Someone tells you to eat
raw rabbit kidney, and you do?
-I said no.
-Did they force you?
OK. Keep it.
-Use it three times a day.
I used to work at the hospital here.
One day, they sent a girl
your age for blood tests.
She was round.
Fat, actually.
A really nice girl, really sweet.
Some freak out over needles,
but not her.
She had a ton of tests to do.
So it goes well.
She gets dressed and bursts into tears.
I ask what's wrong and she says
I'm the first person to not
mention her weight.
Why would I?
The test was totally unrelated.
She said the interns
sent her ward to ward,
saying they couldn't jab her
due to the fat on her arms.
They said to lose weight
and come back.
Can you imagine?
I'd had no trouble finding a vein.
Why didn't she report it?
Why? Don't know.
To not bother anyone, I guess.
She kind of stood out.
She probably wanted to be average.
How do you see yourself?
Find yourself a quiet corner.
Wait it out.
The year always starts out rough.
Eyes to the floor for an elder, rookie!
You wearing that?
You didn't hear today?
Hear what?
The dress code is night club.
Go change.
Girls wear something hot.
Not t-shirts with sequins.
This is all I have.
-Is that a no?
-I'd have to look.
OK. Uniform then.
Can I help you?
Come in. Hurry up.
Here you have the septate uterus,
characterized by its long horns
and gradual narrowing
toward the fallopian tubes.
Too small.
No way you're having that.
If you'd spoken up,
I wouldn't have had to eat it.
Let it go!
It was that or you were a reject.
It's your life!
I shouldn't have helped.
You didn't!
I'm being nice.
You'll stretch them with your big feet.
Come here!
I'm not your slave!
Your handwriting is awful.
Do you write on the washer?
Hands off!
I just fixed a couple things.
Small errors, mostly.
Take what you need and scram.
-Can I try it on?
It's not me.
OK, get out.
-Like this?
You piss me off.
See you.
Fuck this!
Could you help me with...
Don't stop. So good.
-That's pork.
Grab some ketchup.
What's in your pocket?
Your lab coat. There.
Show me.
Problem solved.
I need to see to ring it up.
Stealing a burger's fucked up,
even for me. You need cash?
Did anyone see?
Own it. Why that?
Don't know.
I'm starving.
It'll be awesome.
It's stupid.
It's a first, we need to celebrate.
-It's on me.
What's your sister's problem?
-What problem?
-Let's sit over there.
I don't know,
she's not exactly friendly.
What do you know?
You barely talk to her.
Neither have you, since you arrived.
I can't if you watch.
Say that you kill a guy's hard-on for life.
It's so bullshit to sell booze at rest stops.
Check the bigwigs.
Big rigs, you mean.
Wig's different.
Big wigs are like VIPs or something.
OK. Even with an hour's sleep,
you're still drunk.
Do you think they swap blood
or inject water, like cyclists?
Ask him yourself.
Where you kids off to?
Just having some schwarma.
Then back to campus.
You're at the vet school?
I came down there once with my pig,
he had the flu.
Flu's bad for pigs.
But he's better now.
-You have a pig in your truck?
We all do.
To swap our boozer blood.
Pigs are almost like humans.
Have you learned that yet?
Genetically, or something.
Well kiddos,
enjoy your meal.
Little lady's hungry.
Don't they feed you down there?
School's good. You're lucky.
You're up?
For breakfast.
Putting on a barbecue?
What do you eat?
Cereal's up there.
I'm just getting milk, OK?
So you cheated.
You admit your friend did.
Miss, I don't have a soft spot
for top students,
unlike all my colleagues,
I feel more sympathy
for your friend than you.
School is tough for him.
He has to fight to stay.
But you,
the wonder child,
you ride in and depress my students.
Some would sooner drop out
than compare themselves to you.
You aren't needed here.
Worse, you scare away excellent doctors.
As you can guess,
I'd rather see your ranking drop
than your friend's.
It was him.
Two fingers will make it come up faster.
Can we talk?
Can't hear you!
We have to talk.
One time I made out with a one-armed guy.
No way.
It took me two hours to notice.
You know, he draped a blazer
over his shoulder.
I thought,
OK, country club, must have money.
But no,
he just had one arm.
Do you think I'm weird?
What? No! Why?
You know you're the favorite.
I'm the weirdo in the family.
Always have been.
What are you doing?
What the fuck?
Hips pushed out, see.
And go!
No hands.
How do you do that?
Go on, let's see how far you shoot.
Push hard to get a strong
stream and it works.
I'll go all over myself.
Deep breath...
I'm pissing on myself!
Normal squat! Normal squat!
I'm still peeing.
So gross.
Let's go, it's raining.
Can I sleep over? I don't feel well.
You never feel well, ever.
What? What's wrong?
Stay still.
Looks the same to me.
At your age,
I already gave myself Brazilians.
What's that?
It's scorching.
Will it hurt a lot?
Beauty is pain.
I'm amazing.
No, I can't.
And leave it like that?
It's uneven.
No, this is torture.
Great, now it's worse.
Let me do the other side at least.
Tell me when you're...
No! No!
Come on.
We all do it.
What? Tell me.
-It's stuck?
-I don't know.
-What's Plan B?
This is weird. Wait.
Get away!
No, no!
-You'll circumcise me!
-We have to.
You're shaking.
It's my pussy!
What? What is it?
Hey! Hey!
My sister cut her finger.
With scissors.
Cutting something,
who cares!
15 minutes?
Ice? OK, I know.
-Anyone seen you for the prosthesis?
-Didn't they sew it back on?
Quicky ate my finger.
The doctor will be by soon.
What about her rehab?
When is it?
No nerve damage, no rehab.
There's no point.
You're leaving her like this?
She can't eat!
-I'm not disabled.
-Yes, you are!
-You'd like that!
-Don't say that.
Shit, leave her alone!
Don't talk to your mother that way.
What's wrong?
I'm going to piss.
Me too.
What the hell? Ow.
Apologize to your mother.
I'm not going back in there.
Do you smoke?
Who has Quicky?
He'll be put down, if not already.
Why? He didn't attack her.
That's cruel!
They have to. An animal that has tasted
human flesh isn't safe.
If he likes it, he'll bite again.
Can't he just take a pill?
Medicine's not an exact science.
You'll see.
Don't have two girls, honey.
It's too hard.
Mom and Dad still here?
-Where are you going?
-We. We need to talk.
Here's good.
You wanted to talk?
What about?
-You asked.
-Something to say?
No, you brought me out here.
I've nothing to say.
Stop mind fucking me then!
You're like Mom!
You sound like Mom.
If we're here for deer,
I'll kill you.
You're so aggressive.
No, I'm not.
Anger management issues!
-I'm not angry!
-Stay here.
Are you ok?
What's wrong with you?
Nice, yell at me now.
Don't! What are you doing?
Why are you opening the door?
He won't make it.
Spit it out!
I said, spit!
Fuck! Are you kidding?
I did this for you, idiot!
You need to learn, right?
What did I miss?
Do me up.
It's the gloves.
-Take them off.
-Remove the sheet.
We're starting.
Geez. What a pain.
You may begin.
You have an hour.
Sorry for your sis.
No shit.
I thought you hated her.
It's still fucked.
It's just a finger.
Very nice.
Look, get right in there.
Dive in, don't be afraid.
Tell her. She'll like that.
Rookies, we got lucky
We're here, It's going to get yucky
Watch out, rookie
Don't refuse,
everyone must pay their dues
Help me, help me, the rabbit said
Or the hunter will shoot me dead
Bring it down!
Did you touch it?
Did you?
You're insane, man.
Let's play, come on.
Over here.
Seduction 101
Be a whore with decorum
Laugh at boys
Ride with poise
Blow job queen
Give him what he needs
Citric acid, pheromones
Tick tick tick metronomes
1 2 3 4 STOP!
We're done
I'll treat you good
Hurt you good
Oops goodbye
Ugly dicks with me don't fly
Wedding night
I'll drown you in my pool
Suck ya bones
Lap it up, honey
Go work out
Pretty corpse
I like to bang the dead
Cold and hard
Talk less, 'tard
I like to bang the dead
Bang the dead
I like to bang the dead
Bang the dead
Drugs yes please
Kitten I love you for the grams
Dolly Titty
Nero so girly
Taste the poison
Lucky charms
Bang you pretty boy
My heart ain't dirty
Fun in my sheets
Me + guys = zero
Dom + straw = love me
We don't do porn
But we like strap-ons
I say tongue, you do clit
I say anthrax, you do cash
I like coke in kilograms
Your friend can keep his kiss
Working boy
Tombstone joy
Lord of darkness in my heart
Bat tattoo
Dance for me, oui oui
Chucky oui oui
Fuck 69
Give me 666.
Fuck 69...
Bam! Done.
You play 10 to 9, no wonder.
Got my cocktail dress on.
Off to get deflowered at your prom?
I'm off.
Where to?
Hospital party.
It's hardcore.
They party on call
and barf if someone comes in.
They treat the guy, then go back.
Luckily, you had nothing to sew back on.
It'd be on backwards.
-I'm so lucky.
Wanna beat me?
Hands off.
I thought he was gay.
You want to play?
Did you lose weight?
My dress fits you better.
It's less slutty.
Thank you.
It's not a compliment.
You better not be anorexic. It's gross.
I'm not sick.
You will be if you keep it up.
I know what happens. You won't hold up.
I'm not you.
Do your thing. I don't need that.
No. I just tried it.
You couldn't try something
other than my finger?
Nothing else on the menu looked good?
Was it good at least?
You taste like curry.
Throw the grenade!
No, no, you missed it!
Kill yourself, kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Yeah, that one.
The yellow one.
Wait, forget it.
This'll do.
Let's go.
Don't come out until you're green.
It's OK, we'll go slow.
-Fuck! What's wrong?
-She's fucking insane!
Want a drag?
Come here.
Did he grab you?
Yeah, but still.
-He didn't force you.
You like him?
I don't know.
He turns you on.
I don't know.
-You still turned on now?
-Why do you ask?
To figure out how you work.
How I work?
If you like S&M shit, or worse.
-Are you going to kiss me?
So why stress out?
I'm not.
Should I be?
OK. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
It's bad.
Stop it.
Stop it!
Tell my sister to look at her phone. Alex
Mom says they put Quicky down.
She's so sad. LOL #waytoocute
My sister has your number?
Sure. Ignore me.
Nice way to treat a girl
after deflowering her.
Makes me feel great.
Screw your sister!
It's not about my sister.
Did something happen?
I'm sorry. We...
I shouldn't have done that with you.
What do you mean? Cut the crap.
It's my fault now?
Oh, so, I'm too crazy?
I'm gay, OK?
If I spent 20 years hiding,
it's not to fuck girls now, OK?
Come here, come here.
One shot, please.
-I'm out of glasses, is this OK?
-A small one.
-Yeah, sure.
More. More, more. More, more.
Save me the trip.
Find someone else, bitch!
What's her problem?
What are you doing here?
They're no fun.
Let's split.
Stick around.
We're funny for sure.
Oh yeah, for sure.
Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
We need to talk.
Got something to say?
What is it?
Go fetch!
Go, go, go!
She's so fucked up.
Don't film it, come on!
Hey! Bite.
Go on.
Bite him, Justine!
This is fucked up, stop it.
Where were you?
You let her do that?
Wait. Stop, calm down.
Move. Let me go.
-Calm down now.
-Get out of my way.
-Stop it, fuck.
-Fuck off.
Fuck it, it's your life.
You taste like shit.
-Are you OK?
Adrien! Adrien...
Why didn't you fight back?
Hit me!
Hit me!
You should have hit me.
Finish your veggies.
I'm full.
Don't leave the table until you're done.
Don't take it personally.
I know.
It's not your fault.
I know, Dad.
Or your sister's.
When she was born,
she was our little princess.
We took her everywhere.
Our friends loved her.
She was full tilt from the start.
She should have studied
politics or something.
So, I guess she got used to being...
It's our fault.
We didn't find a solution.
What do you mean?
Your mom was tough at first.
Kept saying I was her
best friend at school.
It drove me nuts.
It's not like she had a boyfriend.
Just me.
And then we had our first kiss.
And I understood.
I'm sure you'll find a solution, honey.