Grave Secrets (1989) Movie Script

Knock lately, Darla?
I finished the exams.
Jamie barely got a D minus.
I swear, the guy thinks
telekinesis is an adaptor
for his VCR.
I see you pulled
another all-nighter.
I got very involved
in my research.
Maybe you'd go home
often if you had someone
to go home to.
Or somebody to go home with.
You know what I mean, professor?
I could elaborate the hell
out of this over dinner.
I'm late!
My briefcase, my notes.
I need the slides.
My place?
Eight o'clock?
Or at your convenience.
Traumatic death,
horrible injustice,
lingering emotional confusion.
These are the hallmarks
of a traumatized spirit,
a spirit hindered from
finding its final destination
due to unfinished business.
In this case, the
spirit was a bride-to-be
who committed suicide the
night before her wedding.
Dr. Carl Farnsworth of the
American Psychic Institute,
a trance medium,
is a pioneer in the
exploration of innocent ghosts.
He was completely convinced
that this woman's spirit
was making trouble in order
to prove her innocence.
We can see Dr. Farnsworth
gradually accepting the spirit
into his own body.
Our seances reveal that
this woman was innocent.
She'd actually been
brutally raped and murdered,
and her death made to
look like a suicide.
Once the spirit was able
to relive this murder
in front of witnesses
she slept peacefully and the
troubles at the house ceased.
Where was I?
I've got some really
intense mail for you.
"I reviewed, and due
to lack of evidence,
unable to secure funding."
My grant!
Hell terminado.
I'm sorry.
Good afternoon, Dean Andrews.
I'd like to know what I have
to do to get some
funding around here.
Please sit down.
I have taught at this
university for 10 years.
I have great rapport
with my students.
I've submitted paper after
paper, thesis after thesis.
Yes, David, you have.
Paper number one,
"Moving toward afterlife:
A case history of Joanna Shaw."
Paper number two,
"Joanna Shaw: Ill-fated
reality, psychic possibilities."
Paper number three,
"Dream communication with
Joanna Shaw, an in-depth study."
Paper number four, "Joanna
Shaw: A retrospective."
you get the idea.
You've given us five
wonderfully written
papers, David.
But five papers
on your dead wife.
Joanna died three years ago.
It's time to put her to rest.
Come in.
I don't believe a word
of what you said in class.
What do you mean?
Well, that ghosts
can be innocent.
I don't even believe in ghosts,
but I know they're evil.
We haven't met.
I'm David Shaw.
Iris Norwood.
I'm afraid I need your help.
First, you
need a cup of coffee.
This is Homestead House.
I run it as a bed and breakfast.
first there were noises.
Somebody breathing,
weird creaks.
And now, now,
almost every night
I hear clunky footsteps in
the hall outside my room.
Has anyone else
witnessed these things?
One of your guests?
Well, it looks like a
haunted house, all right.
You think this is a joke?
No, I think it's a
very convenient ghost.
You open a new bed and breakfast
but you need a gimmick.
Something that'll make your
place stand out from the others.
Why not a ghost?
But how do you prove
you've got one?
Ah, you hire some
jerk to get rid of it.
Then you can update
your brochure.
Well, I don't know why
you're so cynical, Mr. Shaw.
But it's got nothing to
do with me or my problem.
Whatever's happening
at my place is real.
It's strange and it's
scary, but it's real.
If you think it's
easy to come here
and ask someone like
you for help, it's not.
It took all the
courage I've got.
Take it.
All right.
I need to hear the truth.
I try.
Do you know the
history of the house,
past occupants and such?
Not really.
All right, have the
disturbances been increasing
in frequency and intensity?
Well, is that bad?
How do you feel when
these disturbances
are actually happening?
Well, I feel
Do you know who the ghost is?
Watch it.
I'll get you some napkins.
I can do it myself.
Don't be
fooled by the shutters
you see from the outside.
Now, beauty and
protection are yours,
from the Security
Shutter company.
They're exclusive new
clear view Lexan shutters.
Let the great
outdoors come through.
Automatic roll style
for bi-fold doors.
They're the strongest
shutters in the world.
They're shatter-proof
and burglar-proof.
And all the vibe you want.
So to protect and
beautify your home,
call the Security
Shutter hotline.
Anybody here?
Uh, do you know where I can-
Hi, I'm looking for a
bed and breakfast place.
Ain't it little
late for breakfast?
No, I,
I'm talking about an inn.
Well, why didn't you say so?
Welcome to Homer's Spa.
I am Homer.
We got rooms out back and
an indoor bathroom too!
Well, that's very nice,
but I'm looking for a
specific inn, Homestead House.
Listen, you don't want to
stay in that woman's place.
She ain't really hospitable.
I'm not looking
for hospitality.
Good, 'cause she's
about as accommodating
as a whore on Judgment Day.
Thanks for your help.
Anybody here?
What the hell
are you doing here?
Get out of my house.
I'm sorry we got off
to such a bad start.
I'm sorry.
You made the trip for nothing.
Me too.
It's a bitch of a drive.
Guess I'll have to
stay here tonight.
Well, I'm really
not ready for guests,
so I'm afraid you're
just gonna have to go.
Look, I don't know
if you've been hearing
the restless dead
or bad plumbing,
but I'm tired and I'm hungry
and I'll never make
it back tonight.
You can take the
room by the stairs.
One night.
One night at a
time, Miss Norwood.
Darla and Deidre are
out to lunch as usual.
But if you're cute and
available, leave us a hot message
and let's get this
thing up to speed.
Hi, it's me, Darla.
I want you to call the Hall
of Records at Crawford County.
Ask for all the past owners
of a place called
Homestead House.
You know, how long
they lived there,
why they left, et cetera.
comes up
and he gets to see
the grand tour-
- You can send it
to me overnight.
Care of Homer's Spa, Crawford.
I'll tell you what
the hell I'm doing here.
You told
me about my guest.
That's my responsibility, okay?
If I need your help,
I'll come and get it,
so get out of here.
You'll be responsible
for not seeing ol' Zack again,
you don't play your
cards right, missy.
Just leave, okay?
And take your beer.
Smells good.
I had an extra steak.
Does this mean
you've called a truce?
like the water pump.
I'll check it out.
If you really want to help
you can get me some wood.
I can't ever get this
place warm enough.
Wood pile is up the path a ways.
The steak is delicious.
Well, I'm glad you think so.
Not everybody likes deer meat.
I bought it from, um,
from one of the locals.
Everybody's pretty
self-sufficient around here.
You want to play a game?
It's called Quarters.
You bounce the coin on the table
and then you try to
get it into the glass.
If you miss-
- You drink it.
I think you're
an expert at this.
So let's even up the odds.
If you make a bull's-eye,
you don't have to drink a beer,
but you have to
answer a question.
A personal question, right?
Well, it's not fair.
It's very fair.
I get drunk,
and you get honest.
You first.
I'll make the first one easy.
How did you afford this place?
Savings from my real
estate job in the city.
No co-signer?
No free questions.
Your turn.
It's harder than it looks.
It's a lot harder than it looks.
Good shot!
Here goes.
How come you're not married?
Well, uh,
I was married, that is.
she's gone.
In an accident.
Well, it wasn't an accident.
I've been telling myself
that for a long time.
She killed herself.
Sleeping pills.
See, we had a still-born child.
And she couldn't get over it.
And I didn't know
how to help her.
I'm sorry.
I am a lot more comfortable
when I'm the one
asking the questions.
But right now, I,
I think I'll just crash.
What the hell are you doing?
Making a floor plan
and taking measurements.
One night, David,
you promised.
It's a fullboard disturbance.
It's palpable.
You can measure it.
You can film it.
I don't want to film it.
I don't want to talk to it-
- It won't go away
unless we intervene.
What the hell was that?
Come on!
All's quiet since
the ax-throwing.
The weapon seemed
directed at Iris,
but I can't leave
out the possibility
of her creating
the energy herself.
I'm afraid to ask
what you're thinking.
I was just wondering
what drew you
to such a solitary place.
It's the kind of
place people go to
when they're running
away from something.
I'm not supposed
to be here alone.
I'm supposed to have guests.
For a day or two,
then they leave.
Maybe that's why you like it.
No one gets to know
each other too well.
I loved it here before
the trouble started.
The woods, the hills.
It was friendly
even without people.
Every lunch was a picnic.
When I moved here, for the
first time in my life I felt-
- Safe.
You were going to
say safe weren't you?
That's right.
It's begun.
We're taping.
What's that?
I think it's a man.
Don't move!
Are you all right?
I think I'm in his chair.
What was that?
He's going up.
I suppose you like doing this.
It's very hard to get funding.
Lack of evidence.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
What are you doing?
He might be trying
to make contact.
Is someone with us?
Iris, come and look at this.
We didn't get all of it
but he might be back later.
He won't be.
You see?
It's over.
Who was he?
I don't know.
You don't know or
you don't remember?
Which is it?
If I ever knew I
don't remember now.
If you've blocked it
out we can unlock it.
I have to go out.
No, you don't.
You have to come with me.
There's something
more important.
When I count to three,
you'll be hypnotized.
When we're finished I'll clap.
And you'll wake up refreshed.
You won't be frightened.
And you won't remember
what we've discussed.
Do you understand?
One, two, three.
Close your eyes.
I want to go back to the night
the spirit first appeared.
Is that okay?
That night,
how did he make you
aware of his presence?
What did he do?
He called my name.
He knew you?
Did you recognize him?
You knew him, Iris.
Who was it?
I can't say.
You can't say
or you won't say?
I won't.
Why won't you?
Why won't you?
It's too much.
There's too much pain.
Open your eyes and
look at the pain.
Describe what you see.
Trust me.
Get away from me!
I'm bringing you back!
- No!
- Wake up!
- What do you want?
- Wake up!
- Get away!
- Snap out of it, Iris.
Stay away from me!
- Snap out of it!
- Get away!
It's me.
It's only David.
I'm expecting an
overnight express package.
Just hold on to
your BVDs, pal.
Professor David Shaw.
Got some ID?
Just kidding you.
No, we're small town folks here.
We trust everybody.
But if you don't
mind my saying so,
I think you're barking up
the wrong Dogwood, pal.
Those old deeds and
papers you got there,
they ain't gonna help you none.
The original owners were
two spinster sisters.
Innocent old dives,
they built the place,
they lived in it,
they died in it.
Uneventful, you might say.
The real trouble
started with the arrival
of Ms. Iris Norwood.
What trouble?
She'd been here a year
and already some guy
has lost his head
over that woman,
and I ain't talking
romance, pal.
Last year, some guy crashes
his car into that big tree
down by Miller's Bridge.
The same car
that Zack saw come screeching
out of Iris Norwood's driveway
not 10 minutes previous.
Who was it?
Nobody knows.
No IDs, no license plates.
And no head.
People figure it got cut
clean off in the crash.
Right in the river.
I just can't see him out there,
driving around
without it, can you?
You blame Iris for this?
Well, yeah, we think
she was involved,
but of course she denied ever
knowing the headless fellow.
Yeah, well, maybe
she didn't know him.
Maybe he just stopped
for directions.
Kind of like you, huh?
Thanks for the warning.
Yeah, don't you
need something?
How about a little garlic
to tie around your neck?
Actually, I do need something.
A plumber's snake.
To fix a water pump.
Water pump?
Yeah, in Iris Norwood's house.
I didn't think so.
Thanks anyway.
You must remember him.
He was seen driving
away from your house.
Maybe he came
up after I turned around.
No more guessing.
I want to bring in
a trance medium.
I don't want anybody
else involved in this.
I have to bring in somebody
who can contact the spirit.
No one else must know.
Must know what?
No one must know.
No one must know what?
Crawford County adoption agency.
Baby Norwood.
No one must-
How is she?
We pumped out
two dozen Diazepam.
She'll have a monstrous headache
in the morning but
she'll be fine.
Thank God!
She's tough as nails.
Doctor, um, Thorpe.
You treated Iris
before, didn't you?
I remember your name
from a prescription bottle.
Um, last year after the rape.
I thought you were a relative.
Oh, no, not actually.
I'm from the adoption agency.
At the time of the
birth she refused
to give us the
name of the father.
That's understandable.
Yes, but we were hoping
she would change her mind
after she put the
ordeal behind her.
Well, you won't weedle
his name out of me
because I don't know
who the bastard is.
Darla, I want you
to call the Crawford
County adoption center.
Do whatever you have to do to
get information on an infant
put up for adoption
by Iris Norwood.
Birth date, adopting parents,
the name of the father.
Oh, and, Darla,
one other thing.
I want you
to go away for a while.
I'm not leaving
until I find out who raped me.
We'll get her for this.
We'll get her real bad.
Son, don't talk that way.
Yeah, why shouldn't I?
Peckerhead's moving
in on my territory.
Forget him, he'll be
moving on soon enough.
Next you'll be telling me
he ain't screwing her neither.
Oh, God!
Son, if I was behind the
wheel of your Peterbilt,
I'd quit all that
crazy speculating
and I'd work my way
back into her life.
Fix that water pump she's
been belly aching about.
Hell, show a girl
that you're a good sport
can sometimes get
you the season pass.
Yeah, you know what, pa?
That's the best idea
you ever gave me.
Get her over here for dinner,
I'll give you a better one.
You're going to
fix that thing now?
Takes me all night long.
Just gotta get me some supplies.
Who is it?
Your ride.
It was too late, he
was already on his way.
Hi, David.
You must be Iris.
I'm Carl.
Carl Farnsworth.
So glad you could make it.
It's hell of a drive
but worth the trip I hope.
Well, I'm afraid not.
You see, I'm not going.
I beg your pardon.
Don't try to convince her,
she insists on staying here.
I really don't understand.
What he means is,
since it's so late,
why doesn't he stay overnight.
You don't want to
spend the night here.
Yes, he does.
Yes, I do.
It's late.
It's nearly dark.
Okay, he can stay tonight.
I'll show you to your room.
He looks very familiar.
It's been a long
time, my friend.
I'm sorry about the
mix-up downstairs.
I'm trying to get her
to go to a safe place.
But she won't leave.
Ah, I don't blame her.
If I had a paranormal
in my house
I wouldn't want to leave either.
When do we begin?
After she's asleep.
I don't want to upset her.
Oh, I see.
And how long have
you been captivated
with this particular woman?
Hey, Iris, you remember
that nasty drip you had?
Go put on your faucet, darling.
You see, Iris,
what happened was,
a real man takes control
of the dang situation.
Mr. Farnsworth, I,
I wouldn't sit there.
I'll get it,
Well, has the fun begun?
And you must be Iris.
I'm Darla.
I'm Professor Shaw's
personal assistant.
The wild woman behind
the man, so to speak.
Dr. Farnsworth,
I'm a major fan.
Honest, I've followed
all of your hauntings.
How utterly charming.
David, explain this.
I'm dying
to work with you.
I was just about to
conjure up a preview
of tonight's subject.
It's gonna be a hell of a night.
What's going on?
Why is she here?
Don't you need a
fourth for seance?
Yeah, you know, the
round table number
where the guy speaks
backwards through his nose.
David's been promising to
take me to one for years.
Get out of my
house, all of you!
Look, you don't
have to participate.
We were going to wait
till you were asleep.
Oh, thanks a lot.
Ah, the geek at
the adoption center
kept putting me on hold,
so I just went over there
and picked it up myself.
I would've mailed it,
but you said ASAP.
My God!
Why won't you people
leave things alone.
This is private
and confidential.
How did you get this?
I said I was you.
Oh, Darla!
You said, do
anything I had to.
This is just a job
to you, isn't it?
Enough of this nonsense.
It's time to begin.
Give me that.
We'll find out whatever
we need to know
by talking directly
to our source.
No matter what you see or hear,
no matter how weird or horrific
it is, you're not to move.
You must not break
If for some reason,
I'm unable to make the
spiritual entity leave me,
you must give me this.
10 cc of Thorazine.
I call to us
the spirit haunting
Iris Norwood.
We are warm living entities,
open to receive you.
Please come forth.
Again, I call the spirit
haunting Iris Norwood.
Giving ourselves to
all that is true,
all that is good-
- Well, he's not good
and he's not true.
Silence, please.
Spirit, are you with us?
He's here.
David, take over.
I call the spirit
haunting Iris Norwood.
Touch me and you've had it.
Stop it.
See what that says.
I don't read devil-talk.
Hold it up to the mirror.
My God!
Spirit, what is your name?
Tell us your name.
Kurt what?
Take down exactly
what he says.
Is it with C or a K?
Spirit, what is
your last name?
Spirit, are you Iris
Norwood's husband?
No, he's not my husband.
He's nothing to me.
That's disgusting.
I am.
You're nothing to me, nothing.
Where is it?
You know where it is.
You Killed it!
Killed what?
Where is it, you bastard?
Iris, don't!
David, look out!
Don't touch my daughter!
- I'm not your daughter!
- Yes, you are.
- For ever and ever.
- Let go of me!
Let go!
I hope I get extra
credit for this.
I feel terrible about this.
Oh, nonsense.
I never take these
things personally.
It's an occupational hazard.
Quite an evening, eh, David?
Yes, thank God it's over.
No, it's not over.
Not by a long shot.
His presence was the
most malevolent force
I've ever encountered.
I could actually feel my veins
starting to burst with rage.
Now we've unlocked its cycle.
No one must stay in that house.
But I can't leave yet.
I can't.
- Iris.
- David.
This demented thing
will stop at nothing.
It will destroy
everything it contacts.
What should I do?
Make sure that she
leaves here tonight.
What if I can't?
Ah, you just pray that
you find Kurt Norwood's
head before his spirit does.
Come on, baby.
Come to ol' Zack.
What is it?
"This is to inform you
that I won't be needing
your placement services.
My expectant son, Brian, died
shortly after birth
two nights ago."
Iris, I'm so sorry.
Was there an accident?
Brian died of natural causes?
No, I'm afraid I-
- You couldn't have
hurt your own baby.
You don't know
what people can do.
You don't know what it's
like being a little girl,
and every night your own
father comes pawing you.
He did that to you?
It started right
after my mom died.
If I resisted...
He did this with
a set of car keys.
I was 11.
And he used a steak
knife this time.
He caught me sneaking
out on a date.
I was 15.
I was old enough.
I ran away.
Along time I was safe
until I moved here.
He came after me.
He was old.
He wanted me to take him in
to be a real family this time.
He said he'd changed.
But I remembered too much.
I told him to go
to hell and he did.
He raped you.
And he left.
I prayed he was gone for good,
but he showed up again.
He must have been
watching me, waiting.
And tonight when I
heard his awful voice,
I suddenly remembered what
happened that horrible night.
Tell me what you remember.
He wanted the baby.
We struggled.
It was horrible.
I fought him, but he
overpowered me and then I,
then I threw myself on top
of the baby to protect it.
Then I blacked out.
When I came to,
the baby was gone.
My father had taken it.
Somehow, I,
I found the strength
to go after him.
Where is he?
Where did you put him?
- I buried it.
- Why?
'Cause you smothered it.
You killed it so
I didn't have to.
I was gonna take him
to the sheriff's station.
But my car skidded
out of control
near Miller's Bridge and I,
I bailed out.
I found my way home
and I slept for days.
When I woke, I,
I didn't remember anything
that had happened.
Except that my baby was dead.
There's no proof
you hurt your baby.
He only said you did.
I can't leave until I
know where Brian is buried.
Your father will show us.
Iris, you got some
explaining to do.
It's alive, David.
You buried him
alive, you bastard!
You can't interrupt the cycle.
He's getting away!
Iris, look at this.
Oh, my God.
I've come for Brian!
Come on.
Let's go.
No, we can't leave
without Brian's remains.
I summon the innocent
spirit of Brian Norwood.
By all that is
good, by all that is true.
Bury it in consecrated ground.
Sleep well, my friend.
Did you hear that?
Mmm, that's the wind.
Go to sleep.
No, I have to be sure.
It's all been resolved.
Everyone is at peace.
There's nothing to worry about.
It's just a dream.
It's a bad dream.
Look under the bed.
It was a dream.
It's all over.
Trust me.