Graves (2022) Movie Script

Mr. Bushati?
What's so important
you called me in here?
What's the matter?
You don't know how to check
the quality of my diamonds?
I hate to tell you, they're no good.
What do you mean no good?
What the fuck is the matter with you?
Why do I pay you?
You don't know what the
fuck you talking about.
Look, the quality of these
diamonds, they're shit.
You know, you're shit.
You're a big piece of shit
that doesn't know shit about diamonds.
What the fuck you talking about?
Don't fucking move.
What the hell is this?
I'm fucking serious.
Listen up.
There's no cause for any alarm.
If you allow us just
a moment of your time,
we'll be in and outta here
and no one will be harmed.
Keep in mind that the diamonds are insured
and there's no need for
anyone to do anything stupid.
In just a few moments,
we'll be on our way.
What fuck?
What the fuck is going on?
He was reaching for his fucking gun.
60 seconds.
60 seconds, let's move.
Move, move, move, move, move.
Company Four, present arms.
Order arms.
Being mentally fit is just as important
as being physically fit.
For some of you,
your life may depend on it.
Officer Brody,
why'd you take this job?
To make a difference, Sir.
Is that all?
No, Sir.
I joined up the hold those
accountable for their crimes
and bringing 'em in to justice, Sir.
Very well.
Recruits, remember,
it's your life out there or theirs.
There is no reset button.
So remember, stay alert,
remain vigilant
at all times,
and remember,
go home alive.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Graves Police Department.
Morning, Graves Police Department.
Ma'am, I understand your frustration.
I'm sorry.
Officer Brody?
May I have a word with you?
At ease.
Take a seat.
Officer Brody, where you from?
North Crenshaw, born and raised, Sir.
You know, I've been doing
this for a long time now
and that look that you have,
that look is different.
I've been doing this for over 23 years
and there's something different about you.
What's your story?
Not to sound cliche,
I've always wanted to protect
and serve the community,
especially in my neighborhood.
And honestly speaking,
people like me and you,
we usually on the other side of the fence,
you know what I mean?
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.
Listen, if there's
anything I can do for you,
just let me know.
I appreciate that, Sir.
You're dismissed.
Officer Tavares.
Yes, Sir.
Do me a favor.
Get me Officer Brody's files.
Right away, Sir.
Sir, the file you requested, Sir.
Thank you.
Family murdered.
See that guy right
there, smoking a cigarette?
Yeah, that's me.
Michael La Forte, born
to an addict of a mother,
November 19th, 1985, to be exact.
That is when I made my
arrival into this sick world.
I take the city subway every
Sunday, like clockwork.
The city is made up of
about 1.9 million people.
Most are either homeless,
living on the streets
or on a hell of a lot of drugs.
The drug epidemic hit the hardest in '94
and the rich's mentality
was basically fuck the poor.
So, me, I make my way to the liquor store.
It's like heaven for an alcoholic,
and yeah, so what if I have an addiction?
Everyone else does.
All that means for me is
I had less time to care
and a hell of a lot more time to drink.
Now back to my fucked up story.
So because of my mother's
heroin addiction,
I was later diagnosed
with a heart condition.
Ironic isn't it?
And I know what you're thinking,
but you can save your pity.
My mother later died
on the delivery table,
giving birth to me.
It's funny,
I never thought I can feel
anything for a complete stranger.
So I guess that heart
condition was my cross to bear.
Here's to you, mom,
and a big fucking cheers
to the city of Graves.
Send the house, send the house.
Send the house.
Oh, shit.
Oreos, Oreos.
Look at this, Oreos.
Yo, yo, yo.
What's up?
Bud Light or Heineken?
Did this nigga just say Heineken?
Get Corona.
That Bud Light is piss water, man.
Don't you know why
Spanish niggas love Coronas?
You are the only nigga that
likes that nasty ass shit.
Cause I'm Hispanic
and I love that stuff.
Puts hair on your ass.
Listen, I got indistinct.
This is on you.
Let's go.
Thanks a lot.
See you manana, Skullos, motherfucker.
All day, all day.
Fuck you.
My Lord.
The time has come to
move forward with our plan.
We will be expanding our
involvement into the drug business
by taking over the city supply.
We'll start by eliminating
Salvi and his mob,
therefore making us the main
distributor in the city.
My Lord, with all due respect,
the Italians have all
the other crime families
working with them.
How do we infiltrate the mob?
Not for nothing, they'll
see this coming a mile away.
You doubt me, Lucifer?
No, Sir.
Say no more.
My Lord, Lucifer is right.
Go then,
let me show you how I deal with dogs
who doubt Lord Mongul.
Let this be a lesson to anyone,
who doubts Lord Mongul.
The time is now.
We will take over the drug trade.
We will take over the city.
Who's with me?
Skull Lords!
Who's with me?
Skull Lords!
Who's with me?
Skull Lords!
Who's with me?
Leave me.
This fucking guy.
How'd you know I'd be here?
How'd I know?
I'm saying you not that hard to find
with this alcohol in the way, man.
You know, Clyde, if I wanted to,
I could vanish just like that.
Who the fuck you
supposed to be, Houdini?
Look, everybody and they
mother knows that you in here.
If I wanted to get the
drop on you, it'll be easy.
Oh yeah?
Why is that?
Because you're too predictable.
You always slacking.
Listen, listen.
You good for tomorrow man?
Yeah, I said we're good.
We're good for tomorrow.
Yo, hold up.
Yo, listen, man, this ain't no 7-11.
This ain't no corner store, all right?
This is the big leagues, all right?
You think you could put
that shit down for a day?
What are you, my fucking sponsor?
I said we're good.
All right, we'll see.
Listen, man, don't fuck
this up, all right?
They got a lot riding on this.
I'll see you tomorrow, asshole.
Just make sure you're there.
Shut the fuck up.
Fucking rat, shut the fuck up.
Get the mask off of me.
I didn't do nothing, I swear.
Shut the fuck up.
Your rumors, Mister, you got it wrong.
It's not me.
I'm not.
What are you gonna do to me?
You know, one thing
I despise about a man
is dishonesty.
You wanna know why I dislike dishonesty?
I don't know anything else.
I swear, man.
I told you, man,
everything I know, please.
I want you to look me in the
eyes and tell me once again,
what did you tell the cops?
I didn't tell him shit, I swear.
I swear, please, I have a family.
I have a family.
You know, when I came to
this country from Italy,
I was just five years old.
And my father told me one
thing that stood out the most.
Wanna know what that is?
He said, "Salvatore,
"loyalty is a lifestyle.
"If you give someone loyalty
"and they be betray that loyalty,
"you reward them with distance."
Well, I replaced the last word distance
with death.
No, no.
No, please.
And I'm not my father.
Get this piece of shit outta here.
Get him outta here.
Fuck, I just lost
3,000 on these bastards.
You still betting on rigged games, man?
Oh, I forgot.
Your only way of getting money
is robbing motherfuckers.
That's right.
Remember, you know the
game, but I perfected it.
I mean, listen, you'll
never catch me slipping,
that's for sure.
You done babysitting that beer?
Yeah, all right.
Listen, I got some business for us.
What, you?
Yes, me.
You got a job for us?
Let me guess,
we're gonna go outside,
we're gonna stick somebody up
and we're gonna go to jail?
We're gonna go outside and
we're gonna fucking get shot?
There you go with that bullshit, man.
You don't fucking think.
You always act off these
dumb ass impulses, man.
A real fucking dumb,
ruthless motherfucker, B.
I mean, pretty much.
Sounds about right, I mean.
All the fucking time, man.
Listen, I'll be in touch with you.
I'm pretty sure you'll be
interested in what I have.
Catch you on the other side, bro.
Fucking bitch.
Yeah, go ahead man.
Don't lose any more money.
Get the fuck outta
here with that bullshit.
Give me a fucking headache, man.
Fucking deal with this motherfucker, man.
This one is gonna be perfect.
I bet you $100 right now, watch.
That's what you're
aiming for, 18, right?
A little better, a little better.
What do you want?
Maybe I should drink more.
Hey, hey.
He's good.
Guy, he okay?
Step up on me.
The infamous Michael La Forte, huh?
I finally get to put a face with a name.
You know, when I initially got word
that the head boss of the
Marchello crime family
wanted to meet with me and my crew,
I gotta admit, I was pretty impressed.
Cut that bullshit, will you?
But you know what?
I'm glad that you were wise enough
that you agreed to meet me.
You see, the last gindaloo
that I invited over to discuss business
stood me up.
And I guess you could say that
he permanently disappeared,
if you know what I mean.
No one turns down a great
business opportunity for me,
I get it.
we're here.
What's the nature of your business?
You see, Michael,
I'm a businessman who loves
to give opportunities.
And let's just say that I done my research
on you and your crew.
I know you were
ex-military, special forces,
with a dishonorable discharge
for punching your Staff
Sergeant in the face, huh?
I like a man with an edge.
I man like me can relate to that.
That's the kind of man
that I want working for me.
You're right, and I can see
you've done your homework.
Which brings me to my proposal.
Have you ever heard of the
famous pink Faberge diamond?
I've heard of it.
It's one of the rarest
diamonds in the world.
What about it?
The Albanians have
it in their possession
and they keep it very heavily guarded.
And want you and your
crew to get it from them.
And how do you propose I do that?
Come on.
You guys are the best.
I'm sure you can figure it out.
You can take it by force,
ambush them,
tell 'em whatever they need.
But you gimme that diamond.
Suppose I tell you to go fuck
yourself for me and my crew.
Which one of you
wants to die first, huh?
You're making a big mistake.
Man, you better put that gun
down before I lay you down.
You're a tough guy, aren't you?
Man, I've been shot
three times, you talking?
I'll do it.
But just this one time, one job.
That's smart,
because no one turns down
a business opportunity
from me, you understand?
When I ask for something,
the answer should be, "Yes, Salvi."
Now get the hell outta here
and get me my diamond.
Get outta here.
Let's go.
Fellas, let's go.
So listen to this funny shit.
I threw the baton and it actually worked.
You should have seen how
I tripped his ass up.
Get the fuck outta here.
Hold on, you really tried that?
TJ Hooker, Action Jackson shit?
Yeah, that shit hit
the car and everything.
Get the fuck outta here.
Busted my TV, bro.
Yo, Mark.
You got the coffee?
You get it right this time?
Man, what kind of question is that?
How long we known each other?
The least I could do is
get the damn coffee right.
Yeah, what's up, brother?
How you do doing?
Everything's everything.
All right.
All right,
I know we normally do
introductions in the office,
but I always like to do it again
when we get out in the field.
This is Special Agent Butler,
Special Agent Davis.
I trust both of these men with my life.
Fellas, this is Special Agent Grello.
I know she's new to the team,
but I think she's got what
it takes to get the job done.
Thank you, Sir,
for having that confidence in me.
Listen, you just do your job
the way you're supposed to,
you won't have no problems
outta me, all right?
Happy to be part of the team.
So, you ready to play
with the big dogs, huh?
Don't mind him.
That's just how he is before breakfast.
Okay, guys, listen up.
I want this to run smooth
and by the numbers.
Yo, I got this, all right.
Just tell your boy, Mr.
Trigger Fingers back here
to take it easy.
What are you talking about?
You know exactly what
he's talking about.
You need to learn to listen.
We do this right,
we'll set this whole thing up perfectly.
Yo, I could taste the
margaritas already, man.
Fellas, keep your head in the game.
All right.
Let's go.
Show time.
Yes, Sir.
Mr. Bucelli, I'm taking
care of it personally.
I promise you the merchandise
will be delivered as planned
and on time.
I have two of my best guys with me.
Why are we stopping?
Keep going, what's the matter with you?
There's a truck
blocking the driveway.
So go around, you idiot.
I can't.
One, one
and one, four, to cover.
All right, fellas, let's go, let's go.
Central, be advised, show
sector Charlie en route.
Shit's about to get real.
Don't even fucking think about it.
That's right, nice and easy.
Oh, shit.
We're good?
Yeah, we good.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
You better pray we never meet again.
Yo, who the fuck is that?
I don't know,
but I'm not gonna stick
around and find out.
Davis, what you got, man?
I'm still working on a possible match
in the DMV's database.
Now we got presidents out
here, robbing motherfuckers.
What the fuck is this, election day?
I don't know,
but I hope these motherfuckers
like prison meatloaf,
'cause their ass is going down.
Not today you getting away.
Fuck that shit.
Dominguez, shoot his fucking ass.
About fucking time.
Oh, man.
This motherfucker's getting on my nerves.
You two, on the door.
Don't worry.
Butler, bro,
we're gonna give Davis cover fire.
Davis, when you get a chance,
see if you can flank 'em.
Where the hell did they go?
I think that was the
plan the whole time.
These motherfuckers,
they keep us busy while
we're sitting around here
with our fucking hands in our ass.
What you got?
I ain't find shit, boss.
Not a trace.
Yeah, we checked everywhere.
Found this, though.
Check it out.
We ain't never seen
cases like that before.
This shit don't feel right, Mark.
I only know two people
that make cases like this,
and one of them is dead.
This shit is starting to
look real fucking familiar.
Those motherfuckers.
This day just keeps
getting better and better.
Come on, let's get
back to that crime scene.
They gotta have it corded off by now.
What do you got?
Two dead, man.
Jesus Christ, not again.
The task force is about to pull in now.
Okay, good.
It's their ball game after that.
Davis, stay in the car.
All right, I want know
everything there is to know.
Get on it.
What do we got?
Looks really bad.
These guys were carrying
something really valuable.
Looks like a local gang here.
Nah, this wasn't some local turf hit.
Look at the way these guys are lined up.
These guys are professionals, man.
Looks like we got some
new players in town.
That the guy?
He hasn't said anything since
the whole thing happened.
Let me talk to him.
What's up, buddy?
You wanna tell me what happened here?
I want you to tell me what
you're gonna do about all this.
Real funny guy.
I'll tell you what.
I'll do that as soon as you tell me
what you guys are doing out
here with automatic weapons.
No smart remarks, no quick comebacks?
Get this guy outta here.
See what you can find out.
So, are you gonna tell me
what was in the briefcase?
You want me to spell it for you?
You got that?
Can you tell me the net worth
that was in the briefcase?
More than you'll ever
make, that's for sure.
Sir, you don't have to be belligerent.
I'm trying to help you.
I'm not being belligerent.
You're an asshole.
All right.
Could you gimme a description
of the guys that robbed you?
Are you serious right now?
You are serious.
What are you, stupid?
Who robbed me?
Okay, you want me to
tell you who robbed me?
Okay, I'll tell you who robbed me.
The fucking presidents of United States,
that's who robbed me.
What else do you want to know?
You want a description?
It was Trump.
Who else was there?
Who else?
Oh, Reagan, which is amazing,
'cause I thought he was dead.
What else do you wanna know?
Oh, yeah?
They all had suits on, just
like when I voted for them.
How's that for a description, stupid?
That's the way you wanna play it?
That's the way you wanna play it?
We can both play it that way.
Let's go, tough guy.
I went through everything.
These guys were professionals.
I was able to tap up to some
of the local camera footage.
You ain't gonna believe this shit.
Try me.
These dudes were just waiting for them.
They knew exactly when and
where they was gonna be at.
This shit is definitely a set up.
All right.
Grello, I want you to find
out everything you can
about these so-called
diamond guys, all right?
Butler, I want you to get
the rest of the camera
footage in the area.
I wanna know who and
what we're dealing with
by the end of the day.
We're good?
Let's get outta here.
I'm not playing, y'all.
By the end of the day.
This shit is fucked up.
Don't worry, he's gonna
pay for what he did.
This shit just,
look at these motherfuckers, man.
This motherfucker.
Mike, chill out.
Can I help you?
The fuck you doing here?
Well, well, well,
if it isn't Michael fucking La Forte.
What a coincidence.
Ain't that a coincidence?
Yeah, real fucking coincidence.
Still wearing fake jewelry, huh, homie?
Man, fuck you.
The fuck you want, man?
Oh, nothing.
Just following up on a
couple of dead assholes.
Friends of yours?
What the fuck you say to me?
You heard what the fuck I said.
As a matter of fact,
where were you on the day in question?
You know, you got a
lot of balls coming here,
you know that?
So if you don't have a warrant,
you're just wasting your fucking time.
You know, that's real funny,
'cause if I had a warrant,
both of you assholes would
be in cuffs right now.
I'm gonna tell you this one time
and one time only.
Stay the fuck outta my way.
Man, fuck all that.
We free to go, right?
Yeah, you're free to go.
For now.
Let 'em go, boys.
It's just a matter of time
before we get you, Mike.
Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, darling.
Come on, let's go.
Breaking news.
The notorious Marchello crime family
and the rival street gang
known as the Skull Lords
have been at war for nearly a decade.
Tensions appear to be increasing
and it's uncertain when another
street war is on the rise.
My Lord.
What is it?
He sent us an invitation.
He wants to set up a meet.
He's either extremely desperate
or he wants to propose a truce.
Assemble the rest of the Skull Lords.
We'll be there and we'll be ready.
Let him through, Cassello.
Lord Mongul, you made it.
But now that you are here,
let's just get the straight to business.
You summoned us here.
You know that we've been at war for years.
You're lucky I came here peacefully.
Don't you ever insult me or
my intelligence ever again.
Do I make myself clear?
Now it seems have two common enemies.
So even though we've
been at war for years,
I'm willing to call a truce momentarily.
My Lord, why the fuck we here?
Tooki, talk less.
I want to hear what he has to say.
Molti grazie.
As I was saying before I
was so rudely interrupted,
we have two problems.
Michael La Forte
and special agent, Mike Brody.
My Lord.
In all due respect,
they've been our enemies for years.
Tooki, relax.
These two guys are destroying the market
and our product distribution.
And if you think they're
affecting our organization,
imagine how much yours, too.
So, what are you proposing?
That we team up and killing 'em both?
But why would I help you?
See, it's a great
opportunity to get rid of them.
Your cuts go up.
Imagine how much more
your profits will be.
I see.
So are we gonna work
for this fucking guy?
That's just crazy.
Don't even fucking try it.
I hate to be fucking interrupted.
Do it.
Well, do it.
You work for me now, understand?
Do it.
Say it, say it.
I work for you now.
That wasn't hard, was it?
Welcome to the family.
Get the fuck outta here.
Hey, Pauly,
go back.
Look at this shit.
What's the matter, Pauly?
Are you fucking crazy?
Talk to me, Pauly.
I'm concerned, Sal.
You're running around
making impulsive decisions
that aren't good for
business or the family.
Fear is power.
And I want everyone to know
that if you cross my organization,
you'll pay with your life.
Yeah, that may be true, but
there's a way to go about it.
You're bringing too much
attention to yourself,
and more importantly, the family.
I don't like what I see, Sal.
This isn't good.
Oh, come on now.
You know I'd never do anything
to disrespect this family.
I drink, I fuck and I kill.
You have your head so far up your ass,
you don't even see what you're doing.
Father would never
approve of your actions.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, he'd be ashamed.
Well, he isn't here now, is he?
I know what I'm doing, Paolo.
I have it under control.
No, he's not.
I miss him every day.
But I'm here and I'm telling you
you need to change the
way you conduct business.
Oh yeah?
There's consequences for
your actions, Salvatore.
Well guess what?
I'm the head of this family.
Fucking car gimme another
fucking problem, man.
I don't know what to do anymore, bro.
Fuck, man.
Fucking motor leaking oil again.
I'm tired of this shit.
Put money, money, money
into this car, man.
I don't know, it's a
waste of fucking money.
It's garbage.
Chingy, what's going on, man?
How you doing, Officer Brody?
how many times do I have to tell you?
It's Special Agent Brody.
I'm sorry, Special Agent Brody.
You know,
word on the street is is
that you know some things.
That true?
Nah, I ain't got shit no more, bro.
I don't know what you talking about.
You really think that I
came all the way down here
on a fucking hunch?
Now there's some going on in
the street that I need to know.
Brody, I don't know shit.
Stop fucking lying to me, Chingy.
All right, all right, I know something.
What do you know?
Something about some
mob groups and diamonds.
I swear to God, that's all I know.
Now we're getting somewhere.
So I'll tell you what.
Why don't you start talking?
Right on time.
I see you boys don't fuck around, huh?
Fuck around?
You better act like you
know who the fuck we are.
We the best in this city.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You better watch your fucking mouth.
And what the fuck do
you plan on doing about it
if he doesn't?
What'd I miss?
You didn't miss anything yet.
The deal didn't go down yet.
Take cover in the other room.
Boys, boys.
Everybody settle down now, huh?
We came here to do business.
Let's do business.
Get your fucking boy in check.
I'm pretty sure your boss
wouldn't appreciate it
if you guys left out here empty handed,
now would he?
So let's do what we came here to do, huh?
And we go on our way.
What do you say?
We got them bastards now.
We just gotta go in
there and take 'em down.
Yo, calm down.
What have we got?
We got La Forte and his team
meeting with a couple low
level goons that ain't shit.
Yeah, so what?
We go on in,
we take the package
and we take down La
Forte and his whole team.
Davis is right.
This isn't who we want.
We want Salvi.
As far as La Forte and his men,
we'll deal with them later.
Right now we need to be concerned about
getting that package away
from Salvi and his guys.
He's setting his trap.
What trap?
You'll see.
Put you fucking guns down.
This is all about the money.
It's just fucking business.
That's it.
That's the smartest thing
you've said since we got here.
Yo, what's up, man?
Put 'em down.
They're not that stupid to fuck us over.
So what's up with this, man?
Give it to 'em.
And have these motherfuckers
pull guns out on us and shit?
I don't trust these motherfuckers, man.
Hope you didn't get slick,
trying to keep anything for yourself.
What the fuck did you say?
Yeah, you heard me.
All right, chill.
That's all for you.
All right.
All right.
Take that back to your boss,
and tell him we'll be back
later to collect our pay, right?
Go on, kick rocks.
Go ahead, homie.
Graves PD, nobody move.
It's a fucking set up.
I knew we couldn't
trust these motherfuckers.
Man, how come every time I turn around,
somebody shooting at us?
Comes with the job.
Now let's get these sons of bitches.
Get the fuck outta here.
Just do it.
Let go.
Move it!
Let 'em go.
We got 'em!
I said let 'em go.
I say we find out what's in this case.
That's how we do it, baby.
That's what I'm talking about.
Looks like we got 'em.
Fucking right.
Call for a bus.
Central, be advised, we
need a bus at 1220 Wilson Ave.
Good job, everyone.
That's how we do it.
It is hot as a motherfucker out here, man.
Stay in shape.
Trying, man.
Trying to keep up with you.
So many donuts.
Hey listen, you wasn't
so busy buying them.
Sal, we got a problem.
whatever the problem is,
you better have my diamond.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
Everything was going perfect.
We met up with La Forte,
we got the package
and just as he left,
some scumbag cops come in
and try to take us out.
Shit went south.
You still haven't told me
when my diamond is, Paolo.
Cassello is dead.
I barely got out.
I'm telling you, boss, it
was a fucking set up, boss.
I'm telling you.
Are you kidding me?
Tell me you're kidding me.
Who don't you understand, boss?
It was a fucking set up.
What did you say?
La Forte and his crew,
they left seconds before
everything went down.
What the fuck you saying?
It was a fucking set up.
I took a bullet for you.
What don't you understand?
Nobody fucking talks to me like that.
Get him outta here, Pauly.
No one talks to me like that.
Get him outta here.
You didn't have to do that.
What's with all this?
You know exactly what this is.
Where's my diamond, huh?
I delivered it to your
men at the meeting point,
like we discussed.
That was an ambush.
What you talking about, ambush?
Oh yeah?
Well, it never got here.
And you know what?
My crew thinks it was a setup.
You know why?
'Cause some special task force
hit 'em right after you left.
Wait, Brody?
Are you talking about
Special Agent Mark Brody?
What the fuck is this, man?
All right.
You know what?
Get your guns down, guys.
This is about Mike Brody.
Get your guns down, come on.
Yo, what's up?
Put it down, Clyde.
That Special Agent Mark Brody,
he's been a pain in my fucking ass
for quite some fucking time.
This guy's got some kind
of fucking death wish.
Yeah, I know the son of a bitch.
We tried to take him out once.
Ended up killing his family.
But you know what?
If that son of a bitch has
my diamond, he's a dead man.
Man, just gimme what we agreed upon
and I'll get outta here.
You want your money, huh?
Clyde, make sure we're good.
We good?
It looks good.
Now that you get your money,
what are you gonna do
about my diamond, huh?
You better not disappoint
me, you understand?
Don't worry,
you'll get your diamond.
We'll set up the time and place to meet.
You better.
Fall back.
What's the plan?
Oh, I'm gonna kill him and Brody.
That way I get my diamond
and I get my money.
Fuck them.
All right, settle down, people.
Settle down.
Shit took my dollar.
Man, we just got that machine.
Machine owes me a dollar.
Settle down, Butler.
All right, people.
I called this emergency meeting
because after some diligent
investigative work,
we now know who the major
players in the city are.
That being said, I'm gonna
give you guys the breakdown.
I'm gonna start with this man right here.
Anthony Funarelli,
This man was killed in a fire fight
that took place a few days ago
thanks to some great marksmanship
from Special Agent Davis.
Great job, Davis.
Next up, Matt Goldberg,
also deceased.
I don't have to remind
you what happened to him.
Now, people,
that leaves three of this
crew still and at large.
So next up, we got Clyde Baxter.
This man is a highly trained sniper
and also La Forte's right hand, man,
That brings us to
a man known only in the
street as Dominguez.
Now, from what I hear, this is a wild one,
so watch your back.
Now these men are working with or for
the Marchello crime family,
headed up by none other
than Salvatore Marchello.
Now you know how I feel about this man
and you know why I want to bring him down.
Now he runs the east side with
his younger brother, Pauly,
so you know where to start.
As usual, I saved the best for last.
I'm sure you remember this gentleman.
Michael La Forte,
former military.
Special ops.
Trained in hand to hand, small
arms and high powered rifles.
The only weakness that this man has
is the drugs and the booze.
I want you out there
searching the local bars
and any of his old hideouts.
If this man takes a shit,
I want to know what fucking color it is.
You understand me?
this dude La Forte is a problem.
If we're gonna catch him,
we're gonna have to bend some rules.
Police outside the box.
You got the green light for that?
Man, you know I'm down for whatever.
You know, I get what you're saying, man.
And normally,
we would be playing by the rules,
but the gloves are coming off, people.
We're gonna get these motherfuckers
by any means necessary.
And one more thing.
Under no circumstances
do you allow these men
to get their hands on automatic weapons.
Is that understood?
Grello, you ready for this?
What, you think because
I'm the only girl on the team
that I'm not?
Just worry about yourself.
She told you, Mr. top of the class.
All right, people.
This is it.
This is what we signed up for
and this is why we're here.
Does everybody understand?
Mark, you coming?
Yeah, actually,
I got something I gotta take care of.
That's cool, I'll run with you.
Actually, I gotta take
care of this on my own,
but I'll catch up with
you later, all right?
I see you got my note.
Don't fucking move.
Easy, killer.
You might wanna listen
to what I have to say.
How the fuck did you get my number?
As a matter of fact,
give me one good reason
why I don't shoot your ass right now?
'Cause I know who murdered your family.
And I know why you spent
your entire fucking existence
trying to catch motherfuckers like him.
What the fuck did you just say?
Salvatore Marchello.
His street name is Salvi.
He's the man who ordered the
hit on you and your family.
And you wanna put that gun down now?
How the fuck do you know this, man?
I have my way of getting information.
I'm listening.
So here's the deal.
Salvi's a real ruthless motherfucker.
He doesn't give a shit
about anyone or anything.
I have rules.
Unfortunately, Salvi has none.
What are you trying to say?
There's still honor among thieves?
Listen, this man is
gonna burn the entire city
down to the fucking ground.
This is bigger than me and you.
you obviously got me out
here with some type of deal
that you're trying to throw at me
or otherwise why the
fuck would you have me
out in the middle of nowhere?
So I'm gonna tell you what's
gonna happen right now.
I'm gonna run with this, all right?
I'm gonna deal with Salvi.
And after that,
I'm gonna deal with you.
Guess we'll cross that
bridge when we get there, huh?
You know where to find me, Brody.
Yo, yo.
What up, Dominguez?
So, talk to me.
What's so important that you
guys have to drag me out here
into the middle of the night?
We got a real problem, boys.
There's this cop, Mark Brody.
He's on to us.
That motherfucker is not gonna stop.
Word on the street is
his family was murdered
by Salvi and his crew.
That motherfucker has
never been the same since.
And honestly, I can't even blame him.
That's crazy.
Damn, that's fucking cold.
Well, you know Salvi don't
play by no fucking rules.
Neither does Brody.
That's why I agreed to
help Brody take down Salvi.
Are you serious?
Yeah, I'm serious, Dominguez.
I'm very serious.
So what's the catch?
By helping Brody take down Salvi,
it eliminates the bigger threat.
So, the only problem is.
Let me guess?
Only problem is now he's coming for us.
Are you fucking serious?
So what's the plan?
We pretend to play nice,
as if we're all on the same fucking team.
Then boom, we hit the Graves Task Force
harder than a speeding fucking bullet
attached to a five ton fucking Mac truck.
Are you fucking insane?
Those guys are highly
trained special ops, man.
It's gonna be an all out fucking war.
Dominguez, war is my middle name.
You guys ready for this shit or what?
Man, listen, listen.
I'm just trying to raise my daughter, man.
I'm retired from this street shit.
Plus, I ain't trying to go
head on with these niggas, man.
It's not happening.
Yo, what are you, fucking scared?
Look, Clyde, when we
were back in the military,
you were all about that gung ho shit, man.
What the fuck happened to you?
What the fuck happened to me
is that I got a fucking family now.
You understand?
Motherfuckers get older.
People grow up, right?
People get families and maybe
you should try one, too.
It might fucking help your dumb ass.
I'm gonna have to agree
with Clyde here, man.
Really, Dominguez?
I suggest we lay low
and we just keep making money.
We don't need this unnecessary heat.
Look, you guys are my fucking brothers
and you know I'll have
your back, no matter what,
even if your ideas are stupid as fuck.
I'll be in touch, Dominguez.
You got this shit upside down.
Yo, Clyde, you need to
fucking get it together, man.
No, you need to get your shit together.
No, no, you really need to
get your shit together, man.
You talking about scared.
I got a family, homie.
You know what I'm saying?
You're either in this or you're not.
All right, you in this shit or not, man?
You know what's at stake here.
I got, I have no choice,
'cause you telling me that
he's coming to get us anyway.
So I mean, it is what it is.
At this point, I got no choice.
But you put me into some bullshit again.
It's the last time you gonna do that shit.
I'm sick of this shit.
We take him out.
That's the fucking plan,
and we stick to it.
That's it.
Yeah, easy for you to say,
you ain't got nothing to lose, nigga.
I got everything to lose.
I ain't dealing with your bullshit, man.
It is what it is, man.
Let's just get this shit over with.
So here's the plan.
We use Brody to help us take down Salvi
while staying three steps
ahead of him at all times.
Remember, Brody's an asset to us.
All right, so?
So we hit him where
he is most vulnerable.
We take down one of his guys
while he helps us take down Salvi.
But you know we gonna be
the two most wanted
motherfuckers in the city, right?
My point, exactly.
But see, in this world,
you're only given two choices.
What's that?
You're either the lion
or the fucking sheep.
People are fucking takers, man.
It all comes down to this.
We attack first, we survive.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
You know what?
I kind of like this Mike.
You know what I'm saying?
You pretty smart when you
got your shit together.
Imagine that?
Listen, I got a snitch to deal with.
I'm gonna get out with you later.
Go ahead and do that.
- All right.
- All right.
Catch you later, Clyde.
All right.
Hey, Mike, what's up, how you been?
Chingy, what's going
on man, what's the word?
I thought you were outta town?
Yeah, you know, I had to
tie up a few loose ends.
How that going?
It's going.
It's actually honest work.
Listen, man, that information you gave me
on that diamond route?
That shit actually paid off, man.
Find the paper Chingy, huh?
Listen, man, step out man.
Have a word with you.
So, anybody come around here
to talk to you about anything?
You sure about that?
Only Special Agent Brody.
Special Agent Brody?
You tell Special Agent Brody anything?
I ain't tell him anything.
All right, Chingy.
Chingy, listen, man.
I like you, you know,
but the problem is you
talk too fucking much.
You know that?
We're friends, right?
That's right, we're boys, right?
You wouldn't go around
telling on me, would you?
- Nah, man.
- Of course not.
Listen, man, I'll catch
you around, all right?
- Take care.
- See you later.
- Take care, Mike.
- Bye, Chingy.
Matter of fact,
I changed my fucking mind.
Fucking snitch.
Just go.
I need some help!
Please, somebody help me.
Somebody help me, please!
Somebody help me, please!
Mark, you good?
Me and the fellas was worried about you.
You've been on edge lately.
Yeah, I'm all right, man.
Just wrapping my head
around what we need to do.
You know how important
this shit is to me, right?
How serious it is?
We do.
These motherfuckers gotta go down.
La Forte,
This shit ends today.
Man, fuck that.
All bets is off.
We gonna take down these sons of bitches.
We with you.
We family.
No doubt.
We've been holding each other down
since we got out the academy.
This just another one of those days.
You mean when I was
at the top of the class?
Again with the top of the class, man.
It's okay for you to brag though, right?
You wouldn't even have
been top of the class
if the instructor wasn't your cousin.
You done having a pissing contest?
Guys, seriously,
this ain't a fucking joke.
I don't wanna see anybody in a
fucking body bag, you got me?
I love each and every one of you, man.
You guys ready for this shit?
We're ready.
Then let's go to work.
You sure you good, man?
Yeah, I'm good.
You just don't do anything
fucking stupid, all right?
Pauly, we're going to war.
Get the rest of the Skull Lords.
Today's the day that La Forte dies.
I have a funny feeling about this, man.
We're two people ready, though.
All right.
All right, fellas, listen up.
Salvi's not gotta let us leave alive.
Luckily for him, I got
something for his ass.
Oh yeah.
Oh, it's show time now.
Do me one favor, though?
Yeah, what's that?
You gotta let me take
the first crack at Brody.
Now we're fucking talking.
Hold on, let's just make
sure we get outta here alive,
all right?
'Cause after this I'm done.
I'm retiring.
I'm fucking going down to that beach, man.
Get the hell up out the game.
Fellas, this is where we
separate the boys from the men.
Just to be clear, everyone
knows what's at stake here.
You take them out.
That's the deal.
And I don't give a fuck what happens,
don't fuck this up.
Let's do this.
Do this shit.
All right, listen.
We don't let none of these motherfuckers
get outta this building
alive, especially Salvi.
Is that understood?
We got you, Mark.
Are we understood?
Trust me, he's not getting out here.
Just gimme the light green
light, this shit is a go.
Let's move.
So, La Forte, do you
have what I came here for?
'Cause I hope you do.
You know what's gonna happen
to you if you don't, right?
Yeah, I got it.
But I need some assurances
that you and your crew
are not gonna do anything
stupid once we leave here.
The truth is
I never made any plans for
you or any of your crew
to walk outta here alive.
I figured you say that shit.
I'm gonna shoot every
motherfucker up in here.
La Forte, you motherfucker.
I shoulda known you'd double cross me.
Don't blame me for indistinct.
There ain't no friends in a gun fight.
Fuck this.
Doing this shit my way.
I've been hit.
Pauly, I've been hit.
Wrong place, wrong time.
No, no, come on.
Malcolm, stay with me, man.
Put some fucking pressure on it.
Are you all right?
Don't fucking move.
Don't fucking move.
Brody, I'm walking outta here.
All right?
I said don't move.
One way or another,
I'm getting outta here.
It's me or your partner's life.
What's it gonna be?
Make your choice.
It can't be both of us.
Your partner needs assistance.
I'll get him.
This shit isn't over, man.
I'm sure it's not.
This shit isn't over.
I'm sure it's not.
Malcolm, stay with me
man, put pressure on it.
Malcolm, Malcolm.
Keep fucking pressure.
Wake the fuck up, man.
Come on, man, wake up.
Malcolm, wake up, man.
Come on, put pressure on it.
Get EMS!
Go get 'em!
Go get 'em now!
Go get 'em.
Get fucking EMS in here.
Hurry the fuck up!
Malcolm, fucking stay with me, man.
Please, fucking stay with me.
I got an officer
down, ten, one, ten, one.
Ten, three, I've got an officer down.
Officer down.
Officer down, male, black.
Ten, one, three.
Everybody stay out of the
area, I've got an officer down.
How you doing, little brother?
How you feeling?
Meh, it's not the first
I've ever been shot.
I know.
Come on, sit down and have
a drink with your big brother.
I think we might need it.
What do you mean?
Oh, man.
Well, the Skull Lords were unsuccessful.
They're all dead.
It's all over the news.
And La Forte?
No word on him yet.
But if he's alive, but.
Then he'll be coming here.
Let him.
I'll be waiting.
I'll kill him myself.
Come on, come on.
Be careful, brother.
Fuck you!
So I see you're a hard man to kill.
You killed my brother, you fuck?
You send your men after me,
you backstabbing son of a bitch?
If anyone out here finds out I'm dead,
you won't survive a day.
My organization will hunt you down.
So choose wisely!
See the only problem with that, Salvi,
is I've already been dead for years.
What's the grim look for?
I'm not dead yet.
Now remember, two weeks, okay?
Actually, I was sitting up here
thinking about if I was
gonna get a ticket or not.
I parked illegally around the corner.
Same old Mark.
Rules never did apply to you, huh?
Come on, man.
The rules don't apply to me.
But seriously,
I'm glad you made that move when you did.
If you didn't,
who knows if I be here right now?
It's just instincts kicking in.
Probably all that training
you taught me back in the day.
I guess you forgot to watch your six.
I wasn't gonna let it go
down like that, though.
Yeah, not to you, bro.
But don't be thinking
I'm gonna be saving your ass all the time.
You know the department
don't pay me enough for that.
Ain't that the truth?
But seriously,
after everything that's
happened to me in my life, man,
you know, it's really just good to know
that I got family out here.
You know I love you like a brother.
I always got your back.
Wait, is this the Mark
Brody getting mushy on me?
Yeah, yeah.
Come on, man, let's get outta here
before you start your bullshit.
Speaking of bullshit.
You know, when I was my way over here,
I was thinking to myself that
I was gonna get over here,
you was gonna be saying
all this bullshit about.
Yeah, bullshit.
Look at me.
Look at you.
Yes, this is what the hero looks like.
The that's not what the hero looks like.
It is what the hero looks like.
I'm the hero.
No, that's what the
side kick looks like.
The sidekick?
Come on man, you took all the bullets.
You always gotta be the hero, don't you?
I am the hero.
In this case, you're the side kick.
How am I the sidekick
if you're the one that
took all the bullets?
That's what I do.
That's what the sidekick does.
What the hero does.
No, the hero looks like this.
We'll see next time
when you try to save me.
I tell you what?
Rock, paper, scissors.
It's getting desperate, but fine.
Well, well, Mr. Bulletproof
back from the dead.
Nah, he think he's Robocop?
Man, you know they can't get rid of me.
Boss, we're lucky we
got here when we did.
That asshole was about
to write you a ticket.
I told you.
You told me?
I just got finished telling
you like five minutes ago.
This is what we do, apparently.
Your team saved your ass.
That's what the team
is for, to watch my back.
You guys do a great job, by the way.
Great, great.
you look like you did
the milk crate challenge.
I feel like I did the
milk crate challenge.
You know, not for nothing,
you really do look like you
did the milk crate challenge.
You just talking shit.
You know, you lucky I got
this phone call to take.
You're lucky.
Let me take this, guys.
What the hell do you want?
Hey, super cop.
I heard the good news.
I saw that your partner is alive.
Looks like you made the
right decision after all.
I don't got time for this, Mike.
You know this shit ain't over between us,
not even by long shot.
You can trust me on that.
Can't say I haven't
heard that one before.
Yo, cut the shit, man.
I'm gonna give you three seconds
to tell me what the fuck you want.
You remember our good friend, Salvi?
What about him?
Let's just say he's not
gonna be a problem for you
or anyone else ever again.
You know, Brody, I'm not
the monster you think I am.
Maybe not.
But as far as you're concerned,
maybe I will take a day off.
Consider us even.
I'll catch you the later, Mike.
You guys ready to get outta here?
Where's my vest?
You don't get a vest.
I do get a vest.
No, you don't get a vest.
You get to go home for two
weeks ago like the doctor said.
You guys need me.
- We don't need you.
- You do need me.