Gray Man, The (2007) Movie Script

Orphanage St John
Your wound is not curable
your injury beyond healing
There is no one to plead your cures
no remedy for your sour
so I ...
i strike you
as an enemy would
then punished you
as would the cruel,
because your guilt is so great,
and your sins so many ...
get back!
I told you.
You gotta get outta here.
I am a man with passion.
You do not know what that means
unless you are like me.
But the orphanage where she placed
Garfield was assassinated just before ...
There were some older boys who
a horse caught in a sloping field.
They had the horse in
driven close to the fence
bottom of the field
and associations it.
An old horse.
They poured kerosene
on its tail,
cease to
Kapten and the rope.
And that old horse was gone,
through the fence to
to the fire escape.
But the fire followed him.
That horse I am.
That is the man with passion.
The fire follows you,
get your address,
and is it in your blood.
And then the fire control
not the man.
Blame the heat of passion
for Albert H. Fish did.
Excuse me ladies,
lived here a lady Karlson?
At the top of the stairs.
- Thank you
Mr Day.
- Hello.
Good Afternoon.
- Bye.
I search the room of Albert Fish.
Of course.
We had a message that you called
but he is already a
few days been.
you can wait in his room.
God knows that he
strange times alive.
Thank you
What are you doing?
I just let the item.
This is my post.
Keep off!
I know,
I tried just ...
I tried, eh ...
to find out if
John wrote me.
He said that ...
- He wrote not.
Oh ...
I was expecting you.
That job was previously
done than expected.
You do not comply?
They have you fired!
- No!
You clumsy useless ...
What should I start with you?
I suppose that
you are looking for shelter, right?
If it is a problem I can
by Anna Gerdy or sleep, but ...
I was hoping you me
a job would help.
I would certainly
one can use.
If excess ballast,
You can stay overnight.
Is that you, Timmy?
How is my favorite kid
today? - Good.
I looked there
out to see you,
because I have you
Favorite sweets along.
Would you like some?
Well, come here, I want the floor
not paint issue.
I ga a break
for a song to learn
about the dangers
shelter in the sea.
Come here, Timmy.
one after dinner.
Good morning, madam.
You provide good work,
Mr Fish,
it looks almost like new.
Thank you
Oh, Mrs. Karlson,
you have been thinking about
what we have discussed,
Timmy that I to the
cinema would bring
somewhere one afternoon this week?
Well ...
I do not know,
Mr Fish.
It's nice of you to
to propose ...
- I'm not nice, Ms Karlson.
It's actually selfishness.
You see, I see so rarely
My own grandchildren,
and I love like children,
understand you?
Thank you.
Is this it, no potatoes?
This is how I like,
you will find the
same food.
It is not even cooked!
And eat your plate empty.
Easter Sunday in a
wicked world.
I am waiting since dawn,
not sure what to do.
A man I knew said
that he was alive because of me,
I had a little credit.
he used his connections
for me to get rehabilitated,
even with a
promotion on top.
How could I reject him,
say that a bureaujob
nothing for me?
Well, I could not.
But I bezwoer that I
not long vastgepind would sit.
Come inside.
Good morning, Captain,
I Will King.
You're early.
Brace yourself.
I would rather have
you should leave.
You need a reputation.
Hard to avoid in our profession, but
you know it, Captain.
You do yourself deficit.
Your file reads like
a book by Dumas.
Dumas is never
been my style.
I prefer
intellectual cost.
I think you might be a
wrong picture of me have.
- I hope so.
You know, I had the power I would not
hesitate to see your work here.
You must understand that I
this section have acquired
and despite what you might
have heard, we deliver
work here, important work,
and I have good forces needed
for it to keep
kuitenbijters, despite order
the never give up anything.
I do not think
you that you have.
You know nothing about me.
- I know you left the police
against a direct order.
You got back with a promotion,
thanks to your senior friends,
and you have succeeded
never anything to term.
I think I know enough.
You know, for what it is worth,
I do not believe
everything I read,
or hear
So I will not wait
to find out whether you
fair and reasonable
if you are claiming.
Get down.
Maybe we should shoot
with each other than I thought.
And he was right, we could
with each other either.
The problem was that we do not
were alone in the department.
Good morning, gentlemen.
This is Will King.
Will your agency.
OK. Guys ...
- Ah, the new school.
We asked us to
if you would show.
Jimmy Callaghar. Nice to
meet. - Similarly.
Well, guys, let us our new
acquisition inaugurate in our business.
Show him how
worked here.
You are you.
I thought you were dead.
Absence makes you so
indeed more popular.
Long ago, Maher,
congratulations on your promotion.
Thank you.
I got it deserved.
Well, listen everybody.
Will has some advanced courses
followed at the university,
in criminology and fingerprint analysis,
and he feels no min
for its acquired knowledge with
us to share. I hang the
schedules to the board.
Meanwhile, Will, you can help Frank
in this case with unknown victim.
Will not be necessary, Captain,
I got it under control.
The evidence gathered
can be used,
we need your help
for printing.
He is a real match.
Is it?
Working during the lunch break
means that I can not eat?
See this anomaly here?
This is identical to that there.
This is your unknown soldier
check it out.
So you claim that this
the future of exploration.
I mean,
they all seem similar.
How can you now see a difference,
they declare us ridiculous.
I have a face,
give me a simple description
and I believe him
or would that be the case.
I am not too unreliable.
The risk of error is too large,
plus people lie,
or forgotten.
Fingerprints do not.
Ma ...
Papa ...
Ma, look at me.
I am Christ.
I was Christ.
Take me in your arms,
they want to crucify me ...
Mama ...
- Hello.
No kiss for your dad?
But look here,
Who can that be.
It is my little Gloria.
My only real granddaughter?
Would you hold her?
Here. I DEUG not small.
Take her mother.
Oh, that's not true.
I almost forgot.
The salary of John is received.
Put it in your handbag.
's $ 25,
that is his entire income.
I can not accept.
I want you get.
- Please
Take half,
's for you.
Small Gloria.
Dear Ms Karlson.
We had an agreement. You promised
I think I'll son Timmy
could bring to the cinema.
Why did you promise?
I should have known that
you are like the rest, you
I hoped not,
but you're a woman,
a useless, unnecessary cunt.
You do not know how
educate your child.
God help him when he realizes
what a bitch his mother is.
A shame, Mr Fish,
a disgrace!
Where is he? He dares him such
shameful things to say about me,
and he calls himself godsvruchtig!
I want him out
you both out!
- Calm, calm,
Ms Karlson, wait, stop,
What happened?
- This ...
dirt that your father wrote me.
- Oh ...
You knew it?
- No ...
- He means nothing only them.
I understand,
he has already done so yet.
It's like a disease.
- Well shame on you!
I have not done anything wrong,
Ms Karlson.
I would never
ordinary letter.
But you do not stop!
Oh, you make me sick.
You both! Get immediate
road or I call the police.
Why in earth
do such things?
You could know that we
again went outside to fly.
I am beginning to think that you
need to have
like normal people
air and water need.
I do not want to be more involved in
gerotzooi you, you'll find me at Gerdy.
Be so kind to this letter
to my daughter Gertrude to give
so they know where
they can find us.
I curse you, silly cow,
I would draw your heart out,
if you had one!
You are cursed to
the end of your days.
Get out, get
immediately, you hear me?
Or I call the police!
Mr Fish?
Will we ever go to the cinema?
In 's earth, Gerdy.
- Help me, will you?
What is all this?
- Thank you.
I thought it would be nice for once
a family meal to have.
Chicken, peas, cream,
Jeez, Gerdy, how
you afford?
Do not worry,
let us just enjoy.
Little darling,
we are going to celebrate tonight!
Too bad your father here
not to enjoy it.
Dad gave you money.
- A little.
He gave us a part of Johns' salary.
- To help us with Gloria, and you.
Me? Yes ...
- Yes, you.
He knows that in our lives,
and that extra mouths
have to feed.
Believe me, Dad gave no
money to help me.
I think rather that he gave
Despite the fact that I live here,
Dad would never do something
for me to help.
Albert, why are you
always some black viewers?
He helped you to work and let
You only stay with him.
You know that I am almost at my
knees were crawling?
I did not even know why I still
tiring, he always me inhuurde
I do all the work
while rondlummelt.
You are so hard for him.
Listen, Gerdy,
I am not evil.
He sticks to you sometimes,
do nice things for you,
you are eyeball.
I am not mad for it.
I understand not only that he
does for Anna, Henry, Edward and John,
and never for me, never.
- Well, Albert,
that is not true.
He loves us all equally.
It is not always
bookmark something that says:
'they see us all as happy?
For something stupid to say.
You can have several people do not even
like, Gerdy, that does not exist.
Mama knew that.
What do you mean?
- I mean, mom knew
somewhere, they knew that pa ...
Why do we always return?
- Say it!
No, we mention it.
Excuse me,
I'm just tired. - Come on,
silence about it and begin eating.
Albert, they left us,
when we were babies!
And Dad raised us all six,
very alone!
Why did you do there
not grateful for?
Because he is ill, Gerdy,
there is something wrong with him!
Of course, after everything that he
process was too.
Jesus, Gerdy, you can not always do everything
change what someone is.
Sometimes you also
once they find
how they behave, what they do!
- What have you done?
You got his heart broken when
you withdrew from ma and that ...
man, after that they left us!
Maybe he
why so hard on you.
Come on!
Is it true?
We have 'm,
I conclude my report aan't.
That's fantastic. Congratulations.
Thank you.
- Hey guys, you know that.
King has just completed our
oldest case solved.
I think primus here
a verzetje earned.
Thanks, but I drink to ...
- No illegal bars for King,
You know that something against the law
is? - No buts, primus,
's long ago that we still
had something to celebrate.
And I know the perfect place.
The pot with the drainage!
No thank you, Jimmy.
- Give it to me, Jimmy.
Are you a wereldverbeteraar become
King? I remember other times.
I know my limits.
What you insinuate?
- Hola hola, this is a celebration.
Guys ...
Our primus,
for good work.
How I resisted me,
primus was a straggler.
After a while, just annoyed
Maher is still there.
There they are, see you.
I must go now,
my friends need me.
Why, you do not know where he went
is, you played the whole afternoon.
I do not know,
I do not know, mama,
Francis told me to return home.
- When?
Ronald when he said that?
He talked to the man ...
- Man? What man?
Against the man talked Francis?
The Frank-man. "
I want no more children lost.
Has anyone a pet?
- Yes, sir.
You keep contact.
Your losses are not
minute from the view while you
friend Francis search.
Where are you?
If this is a single killer is
or a good one.
I mean, look at the incisions,
look at the bruises.
About this atrocity that
boy is killed ...
is strong as an ox. And you
claim that an old man?
He had certainly help.
Can I help you?
Edward Budd,
live here?
It's about his ad.
Oh, yes, he is here now.
I have a proposal that I
would like to discuss.
I live on a farm,
on Long Island.
I am his mother.
And you are?
Frank Howard.
Are you still inside, Mr Howard.
- Thank you
Edward to the neighbors.
Yes mama?
- Go get your brother to Willie.
Your name is Grace? You remind me
think of my granddaughter.
Thank you for such a sweet little girl
to be Grace.
Thank you Mr Howard, Gracy.
- Thank you
Uh, Please, ehm, turn,
and excuse for the mess.
I expected no visitors.
Would you like a glass of lemonade,
Mr Howard?
Yes, thank you, madam.
You are much older than
I expected, my boy.
What did you expect?
It's really not bad, right?
- Oh, no. Neeneenee.
It seems to me even good.
I can use strong hands.
Is it good that my friend
Willy search, he lives next door.
We planned to do this together.
Well, I actually charged
There are two man,
let him come and
we will see.
You must be Willie?
- Yes Sir, pleasant
acquaintance, sir.
Willie, this is Mr Howard.
For example, you both work.
Also nice to know, Willie.
- Mr Howard has a farm,
on the island.
- That's right, that is.
And I can help.
I, I .. I mean, it is also
what we want, of course.
Well ...
You will do good, guys.
What do you think that I
in't weekend you'll get?
Sounds fine.
Sunday, after church.
The icing on the cake.
Note the serrated edge.
This is high quality.
You get anywhere with this saw.
Yes, sir.
I get it for you.
But 3.50,
a bargain.
Thank you.
Have fun.
Is it old?
- No problem.
Or maybe ... Can you keep
for me, an hour or so?
No problem, it will be here.
- Thank you
You are down Mr Budd.
- An honor to provide you with the hand
shaking, sir.
I apologize again
for the delay.
I hope that my
telegram reached you in time.
Oh, yes. It was very exciting,
for Edward.
He never received a telegram,
to him.
Please, Mr Howard,
put u.
The first heavy day of spring,
murderous hot actually.
Was the delay in
telegram your mind?
Only cases. And for you,
I inform the farm.
I assume that you
they can use.
Yes, thank you
Are the boys ready
to leave?
They are all ready a week, I have
they have never seen so excited.
Oh, we hoped that you
would stay for lunch.
Grace, say hello to
Mr Howard,
Edward and Willie go to him
on the farm work.
Nice to see you back,
Mr Howard.
I am so pleased to see you,
Sample but, I told them specifically
brought to you.
Can I, Mama?
- After dinner, Grace.
Are you, Mr Howard?
What do you think, Grace,
can I stay?
Who can say no
at that face.
Show me how
big girl you are,
and count this money for me.
I would be a good accountant
Can you do that for me,
It is friendly to my lunch
to offer, but I have a
appointment this afternoon.
I can not long continue.
I promised to the birthday party
my niece to attend
with my sister. I thought after
the party the boys to pick up.
92 dollars and 50 cents.
Grace, as you look,
would you have me escort them.
Nobody at the party can also
only half as good.
Maybe not a bad idea.
Maybe Grace accompany me.
And, after,
on the road back
when its sales,
I can pick up the boys.
Eh, I know as yet ...
It's friendly to
to propose.
Here ...
take 50 cents and go buy some candy.
For the feestvarken,
and also what you take.
Can it, Mama?
We will see
for the party.
You can still get some candy.
But not relish
for lunch!
Uh, where is that party,
Mr Howard?
At Columbus, number 135.
She has a very nice house.
And my nephews and nieces
are about her age.
I do not know.
We have no gifts,
and I do not know what Grace would
can give to the hostess.
I thought there as a way
to thank you, but ...
Eddy, my boy.
We leave only
later this afternoon.
But you can meanwhile
a film meepikken.
Thank you, Mr Howard.
Why not let Grace go?
It is quite within the week,
they would agree to amuse.
they may go.
Well ...
Let us eat. I'm starving.
- Me too.
Promise me you'll listen
to Mr Howard, Grace.
You do not eat sick, nice
against the other children.
And ... Oh, do not forget the sister
Mr Howard to thank
you should come.
Okay, Mommy.
Bye, Mom.
- OK. Have fun.
See you this afternoon.
Day old man.
The newspaper, Please.
I give you your change.
- Stop it.
Thank you
Thank you, sir.
some nuts for the trip.
Grace ...
- Thank you
- Thank you
Two transfers to
Van Cortland Park in Putnam.
A one-way and a tour
to Worthington
on the headline.
A one-way and a tour
to Worthington? - Yes.
What is my fault?
- 1 dollar 10 in total.
10, 10, 30 and 60.
Your change.
- Thank you
Here, take our tickets.
Oh, Grace.
I thought your search was.
What are they?
These are lilies.
They smell so good.
My sister has so many flowers.
And you so much
choose if you want.
Let's go.
Oh, Mr Howard!
Your packet. Your gift for
the girl. Here.
Oh, Grace,
what would I do without you?
I give this to the feestvarken.
I can not imagine a better gift
proposals were not, Mr Howard?
Certainly, Grace.
Oh Grace!
Not for you I call.
For the surprise.
Hurry up to the top! We hide
us for the feestvarken.
20th Street district, Please?
Did you get a report of an accident,
which involved a young girl
and an older man?
She wears a white dress,
a party dress.
Yes ...
Thank you
Oh, Will.
Well, come inside.
Brace yourself.
A pressing issue for you.
A missing girl.
10 years old, she is called Grace Budd.
Presumably a kidnapping.
This is the address of
the work of the father.
Ga him pick up and
record their statements.
The agents of the West 20th
currently organizing a search.
Why do you think of a kidnapping,
ransom was asked?
No, not yet. They departed with
an older man, a farmer,
that would bring to a party
and 'afternoon return,
they did not return.
Pik Mr Budd in the center,
where he works as a porter.
When we arrived
we were surprised by
the press and disaster tourists.
He reminded me of my
comrade in the war.
Men who thought that if they
minimal struck,
they would not overcome.
Curiously enough, which seemed
always first to die.
Mr Budd would never
more invisible ...
Ga I get my wife.
That's my Grace.
Eh ..
What newspaper are you?
he is a detective.
Detective William King,
Mrs Budd.
Of the missing personencel. Have
you have spoken with the press, madam?
Eh, there were a couple ...
- Good.
Can we sit somewhere?
I must ask you both what
about Frank Howard.
He seemed such a nice man ...
Well. You met him so only
those two occasions, is that correct?
Yes ...
Is this picture of Grace recently?
I need him
to disseminate to
the other districts.
And I also agree that that telegram
view. - We have not.
You say?
- We, uh ... We can not find it.
The last time I saw
I think, was, uh ...
when Mr Howard Grace
away to ....
But you did not
back to him?
- Where is it?
As they said, it was included on the
Howard appeared to chimney,
and then it was gone.
Well ...
And the kettle? You said that what Howard
food brought from his farm.
Here he is.
You have not washed.
And only you and Howard
its been going on?
I have already told you,
yes, I was the only one.
But we told you everything.
All this talk, why are you not
outside looking for my daughter?
Why not go to the
house of Mr Howards sister
and ask
what happened?
Excuse me, Mrs. Budd,
I took that you already knew.
You said that Howard Grace away
135 to Columbus, is that correct?
The last house
on Columbus Avenue is 110.
The number 135 is
not in Columbus.
If you correspondence
received from Howard,
open it.
Let your kids not open.
Give me immediately, or
please me and I will die.
Maybe there will be
fingerprints on it, if we
no finding on this boiler.
You think he
ransom will ask?
Why would he ask us for money,
he knows that we are not well.
Currently do not know what he wants
Mr Budd.
Want a newspaper?
Thank you
But how can I
find no copy,
you still have the original
the manuscript? - Yes,
but the copy shows the
serial number and shipping address,
without that information, I know
not the original.
Where to store the originals then
I would find them.
That is impossible, even
you knew the point of dispatch,
then we speak about
thousands of copies.
We have the manpower not
for. It may take days,
even weeks.
Excuse me.
Let us try something.
I write a message
you send it
the network with the address,
to whether one of the
operators remember such
telegram sent to.
If so ...
- It's highly unlikely.
... if so,
I can try to find the original.
Did you?
- Yes. Here.
State it in?
Here it is.
Oh, Edward, look.
What are you doing,
you can not open the letters?
This looks promising ...
- You can not read
why do they open?
Well, read this for me, Edward.
- Ma, Please.
I need them to
Detective King bring.
You should first
to me to ask.
Detective King, missing persons.
- With Frank, the telegram office.
We found a trail.
- Which branch?
Thank you
'Excuse for delay. Had to
Jersey go. Will you next Sunday
contact us. Frank Howard '
Mea ...
Mea maxima ...
Maxima culpa!
Max ...
Mr. Fish!
Mr. Fish!
Everything okay?
What happened, re-Fish!
Everything OK, Frau Vaughn.
Get out of there,
they can see you!
Oh, oh, excuse me, re-Fish!
Please, you must speak soft,
Please ...
I can go nowhere else ...
- ... In the house.
try to be quiet, Please,
Please. Bitte Schn.
Christ ...
Baptism me your tears,
Christ, leave me not!
What are you doing this?
I plug in my ass.
Disgusting ...
Do you know why you are here,
Mr Fish?
Do you remember when you
this immoral letters
began to write?
And how could you what you did
reconcile with your faith?
Hey doc,
can you help me a cigar,
this week?
We had our first ever
have major breakthrough.
One CortHall. Appeared to be
on the committee for prevention
of atrocities against children.
Corthall appeared interested in
a girl of six years to adopt.
He has a criminal record.
- Looks like a litany.
What are the Budd?
Mrs Budd identified
Corthall an hour ago.
Oh, I never forget a face,
that's him for sure.
For I have a track to the
Midwest. - Start in St Louis,
they have a wave of kidnappings
had, which may be related.
You got it.
'Gerdy, do something for you
poor old father, would you?
Write a letter to doctor
Gregory, in Belview hospital.
Tell him that I do not
will write more letters.
Ask him in the name of God
me under your wing it.
The sooner you do, the faster
I go back home with my family will be.
I can here
no longer harden.
With love for you all,
Daddy. "
Well, I do not think Corthall in
eligible for the Budd-abduction.
He claims the water
excuse them.
Far away,
in Seattle.
In addition to the letters that your father
writes, Mrs. DeMarco,
do you know any other behavior of your father
which may seem odd or unusual?
I do not know what you mean, Doctor.
- Well,
in his letters fantasized your father
the infliction of torture,
not only to third parties
but also to itself.
May I ask how he was a father?
- He was a good father.
He took care of us. We had
always food and shelter.
What more can you ask for?
Palpation it you or one of your brothers
or your sister ever one ...
in a sexual way?
- Of course not.
Doctor, I know that my
father seems strange.
And he writes the letters.
He has always written letters,
as long as I
But that does not mean that he
its content either.
I would like to bring my father
home now, Doctor, if I may.
Another question, Mrs. DeMarco.
Who is Grace?
No idea.
The nurses told me that he
that name sometimes despairingly in his sleep,
awake and terrified shooting,
or tears.
If you say something?
- No.
Well, Mrs. DeMarco, I
place your father in your care.
Please pay attention to any
behavior outside the normal seems.
Will King. - O my God, Detective
King, with Delia Budd.
Mrs Budd? - Yes, yes. Charles Pope,
he murdered my Gracy.
Who? Wait, talk a bit slower.
- Pope. He killed my Gracy ...
- Yes, Charles Edward Pope.
Repeat that.
- Charles Edward Pope.
Edward Pope.
How do you learn?
Is that so?
Well, I come immediately to you.
Budd-weather man?
I Bet that a monthly
complains that they are no longer in the
newspaper, like yesterday.
Not this time, it sounds
as a serious track.
A certain Pope, she is
sure that Howard is.
As Corthall.
Stick your head in that noose.
King, sometimes you default
able to understand you.
Perhaps in the game, Maher,
not in real life. We go.
And so we turned Charles Edward Pope's
farmhouse and barn inside out.
A suspect, or at least to the extent
Lustige revenge that his ex-wife
Mrs Budd convinced
that her ex-husband something with the disappearance
Grace Budd had to make.
Well, Maher was right.
It soon became clear
everyone except the press,
Pope that nothing in
the case was exposed.
This is indeed the sock of Grace.
I have the hole repaired.
So you do not think he did it.
- No,
his fingerprints
nor his handwriting are
consistent with those of Howard.
But we can no longer
do without Delia Budd
its identification
of Pope revokes.
They will not do something, she swears
high and low that he is Howard.
Detective King, you will find that
the judge and the jury by
right had
with Pope's assertion beyond suspicion?
'Good evening, Mr and Mrs
America, let's transfer news. "
In Manhattan, it seems that
an end to hunting
the kidnapper of the
10-year-old Grace Budd. "
'According to the spokesman of the
Police investigation is now closed. "
"The missing personencel
was recently under fire
for geklungel in the investigation. "
"The main suspects Edward Albert
Corthall and Charles Edward Pope
were beyond suspicion. "
"A cold shower
Delia and Albert Budd,
already 4 years their small
Grace should miss. "
Not after the Pope-Corthall and failures.
Two years' work on Corthall only al
You know what we face loss members.
Captain, Please.
You know that when I was young I
worked on homicide, you know?
Difficult, certainly, but
murder was always a corpse.
You knew the 'what, where and how you
had only the 'who and why' find.
A great luxury in comparison
what we do here.
I can find her,
I am sure.
That is the hardest
to work here, Will,
that you do not
certainly can be.
And it is very likely
that nobody will ever know what
happened to Grace Budd,
not her family,
not me and not you.
And it was the
Grace Budd case closed.
I worked in new business, but I
could not really put my heart into.
Watchful and sleeping,
everywhere I saw Grace Budd.
I felt like I
its left in the lurch.
Come on ...
Wake up. Wake up.
You, ga a car.
Wake wo ...
Keep them back.
It was her. I saw her.
She stood there.
Who saw you? Who saw you?
What are you talking about?
She stood there,
and then she was gone.
Perhaps the most malignant and
arrogance writ of the kidnapper,
happened when his attention
directed at St. Louis, at the end of 1929.
The 10-year-old Grace Budd left
her home in Greenwich Village
on June 3, 1928,
Frank Parker with a certain ...
- It's Howard, not Parker.
... was something heard
despite the fact that ...
always bad news.
Do not worry, I'm not crazy.
I talk only with the radio.
You know, I can not open pad
let you pass without saying
"I've warned you."
- Captain,
Thanks for your visit,
you did not have to do.
The boys do you greetings.
O yes, I have some of those beaded
cigarettes which you
everywhere seem to follow.
Jeez, I should be worse
off than I thought.
So, what happened?
The doctor calls it
a nervous breakdown.
He do not know how long
I must continue.
Sounds serious. - It sounds like
something that my mother could have.
You have enormous pressure
put on yourself, Will.
It will not let me go, something that
me once said. - What then?
I can not complete.
Is it over?
Will ...
Will every day you proof
how wrong I had your baby.
Here, I thought that you
might enjoy.
After all these years,
there she is.
It seems that you not forward the
some that are not forgot.
Would you my files to
you can get?
The doctor wrote you still
full rest for?
That does not say that I
not from my bed to work?
You know, I met yet
never a dikkop.
I mean it.
- Me too!
Who would have thought that one annoying
desk job you would arrive.
Create you here
outside touch, eh!
'Dear Mrs. Budd. "
- What is it, Edward?
'On Sunday, June 3, 1928 we ate together. "
- What is wrong with you?
"Grace sat on my lap
and kissed me. "
"I had decided to
her to eat. "
We are not so much
letters as before, right?
"I took her to an old house in
West Chester that I had chosen. "
"When we arrived early
her to wait outside. "
"I went upstairs and
me completely naked. "
I gotta go.
- Where are you going?
What is it, sister?
- Day Detective King.
Sorry to bother you, but the people
missing persons wanted me to help
and your boss said you were here
and that you would like to help me.
Did he?
Well, Edward, I dare
almost sure to ask.
We received today a letter
not with the post but the door.
It is not like the other
letters we received.
I could not read on Mon,
's ...
Anyway, you should read.
I brought it along to
know what you think.
"First I did all
her clothes off. "
'Ha, what kicked, bitten and scratched them.
I wurgde her until she was dead,
and cut her into small pieces
to portions of meat to hit. "
Saturday's letter in this envelope?
- Yes. Do you think he is?
And this return address,
here was so gebarreerd
in ink when you received it?
Yes, just like that.
- Well done, Edward.
So your mother know
not from here?
OK, good.
- What do we do now?
Ga home,
I know you to find.
Detective King,
it can not that he did what
He described the letter, right?
Do you really heard
he me that day to take.
listen to me.
You were right to
to bring me this letter.
You've found Howard,
and now I catch him.
"How sweet and tender
her little ass. "
"I scheduled it in the oven."
"I took nine days to
its all to eat. "
"I had no sex with her
notwithstanding I had
have done had I wanted. "
"She died a virgin."
The panic detailed look into the eyes of the
concierge assured me that I sound Saturday
Detective King,
missing persons.
Oscar Downey.
- You are the head of the company?
What is this about?
I am interested in this change.
Is it for you?
We used this last year,
we use the logo anymore.
Who has usually
Everyone who works here.
The janitor?
- Yes, easy to tilt store.
Can your secretary I
magazine show?
Why not? Hey baby!
- Yes?
Can you call Lee?
- Do not trouble yourself,
I speak to him later. Meanwhile
I would like to review the manuscript
everyone with access
to these covers.
Can you tell me the job application letters
Show all of your employees?
Are you serious, that his
more than four hundred.
Bring me but you
fifty or so at a time.
Lee Sicowski?
- Yes ...
Detective King of
missing persons.
Is this your familiar?
- No ...
Only my poker sizes
bluff like you.
Another chance
otherwise you will go to the office
for a sample of your handwriting.
A sample of my handwriting? But
I have done nothing, I swear.
- Well,
come with me. - OK, OK, but tell
Please not Mr Downey.
I need this job. I took
Indeed some, somewhere last year,
but that was only to my
mother to write, in Albany.
But I take some time no
more, not since I am moved.
What is your last address?
- Eh, 200E on the 52nd.
I will give you a favor
and to find,
but you come here
whole day outside.
You understand me, not Lee? As
you are not here when I get back,
I detect you.
Lee apparently had a
reason to be nervous:
He stole many years
of his employer.
I am here ...
Let me see.
Albert H. Fish. Who is that?
- Someone who stayed.
Lives he still?
- No, he left suddenly.
Did he know his new address?
- No.
But his son works at the
Civilian Conservation Corps,
he sends his salary. Mr Fish
said that he would next meet.
Maimed body Gafney boy
found in vuilniscontainer.
Dear God.
I knew he would return
So I waited.
Almost a month
I waited him.
Voila. I do not know if anything
unlike ham prefer,
but that is what I meeheb.
Jesus, Maher, what are you doing here?
- I'll reimburse you.
I do not have to be repaid.
- Orders of the chief.
We do not want you back
in the hospital side.
Get some salt in
the wound straw?
I mean it, King. Three months
without you it was long enough.
We need you
at the office.
It's been three or four weeks.
Do you really think that
Fish-man show yet?
- You know really not up, right?
Indeed ...
OK, well then.
If I can not repay you,
I can at least
or companion.
Come on,
let us play.
Full House.
- Me and my great been caught ...
Mr Fish! Good day, Mr Fish.
- Is there mail for me?
Oh yes, quite, quite a bit.
Mr Fish, you can wait
when I get it for you?
It will only take a moment ...
- Maher, you are apparently
my rabbits paw.
Albert H. Fish?
- What do you want?
I'm Detective William King,
cell missing persons. This is
Detective Maher.
We have some questions for you
What would you like more of me?
Is it about those ridiculous letters?
Yes, partly. Come join us
and we can talk.
I do not
I stay here.
We go to the Office of the cell
missing persons. Come on.
In Manhattan was Detective
King and his most beautiful Christmas
New gift ever.
The long-sought alleged killer
of small Grace Budd, Albert Fish,
is transferred from
Tomb Dale to White Planes,
where he will stand trial for murder.
Instructions in one of
his former residents,
suggesting that the evil one Fish
mature woman and her son killed,
just before the Budd case. The 6.5-year
has a long search
horrific climax returned,
and a still grieving mother.
- Yes, that's good.
Do we have another one?
The prison doctor found 29 needles,
ingrown in the cross of Fish.
- Remarkable ...
According to Fish healed inserting
needles in his cross he said:
"his illness.
Do you believe him? What he said he did
with the girl after he's ombracht?
All the rest of his confession
in his letter to Mrs. Budd's right.
He drank her blood and ate it
its meat? Only God knows.
Now I know him a little
would not really surprise me.
I suppose you 're right.
What mind could invent something?
He must really love.
The defense is rubbed
probably in the hands.
I can not imagine a jury proposals
let him get away with insanity.
We call people like
are not mentally ill.
Someone does something that is socially
seen perfectly healthy ...
- Someone can, nine days,
eating human flesh, and yet
are not psychotic.
Someone does something that is socially
seen perfectly fine.
What is his social status is concerned
he assumed to be normal.
They are usually very successful
people, not at all crazy.
Ms. DeMarco, New York Daily,
you want to say something about the
arrest of your father
voor de ontvoering en moord van
Grace Budd? - Come on, Gloria.
Can you something personal
say about your father,
, he good for you when you was little?
- Excuse me,
there must be a mistake,
I know not what you have!
are you?
You are probably Detective King.
Anna said here at 3 am would be.
I am sorry
'm not on time.
Journalists ...
- I know.
Excuse me,
Mrs. DeMarco,
but you'll be a while
hard to endure.
They say ...
- Why we do not mind?
No, I want to know.
Why wait for my sister and brothers,
why can we not begin now?
We can start whenever you want,
but you should know that a
this child should not hear.
I ga Gloria with a block.
I put coffee.
Is water good?
- Sure.
I remember things
he said or did.
Lay the pieces of the past
a puzzle, around gestrooid,
who did not make sense.
Now I am back on, it seems
odd enough that they suddenly
fit together.
Everyone will think
that he is a monster.
I know that, and I can
they give no wrong.
But I still remember
that he loved our family together
when she fell apart,
and that he was good for us.
- I understand that.
Before I forget ...
Your father wanted you got.
I can not accept, he
it has more than us.
Take it, Mrs. DeMarco,
you can use.
Albert Fish junior!
- Yes?
Fish, you have something to say about
your father? - Yes,
he is scum! - Impurities? Did you
it all with your sister about it?
Did you have contact with your father
since his arrest? - No,
I have not seen him, I would
nothing to do with him
and I will not undertake
to help him.
How said the girl again?
- Grace Budd!
Are you familiar?
- The name he used
sometimes in his sleep,
I never made the link.
You've told this jury,
that a murder victim,
and that victims in pieces
for the purpose of meat to eat,
is insane?
Because he had a clear vision
received, he was convinced
that the girl would ever raped
, and to prevent it
he had her murder.
When I Mr Fish in detail
bevroeg the murder, he told me:
"What I did should rightly have been
otherwise had an angel stopped me,
like the angel Abraham
was against the Bible.
If it had been wrong,
had an angel stopped me. "
The question is therefore:
he was fully aware of the
nature and scope of his act?
The answer is
undeniably 'no'.
According to your definition, the legal
he is not mentally healthy, no ...
It was clear that nobody
deviation would understand that Fish was.
Whether the size of its
acts wanted to know.
They just wanted
that he disappeared.
The judge sentenced Fish
to death by electro cutie.
'My dear Gerdy. "
"I've thought a lot about how
Albert Junior which treated me. "
"He is not my son,
Nor is he your brother! "
"Call him never
View your brother! "
"I want him out of your
wegsnijdt life, as you would
with a cancer. "
'Teach your children
to despise him. "
"If there is one thing
That for me, please
let it be this. "
'Your loving Daddy. " - Does he
he brings me a birthday gift?
It is still weeks
for your anniversary.
But he missed my birthday,
everyone says that they 'm going roasting.
Is that true, Mom,
they Grandpa Fish roasting,
because he did bad things?
- Gloria, what bad thing to say!
He is still your grandfather!
Stay away from the ordinary children,
you hear me?
Do you hear me?
What he said, he asked to me?
- Albert, give that back!
So I'm a cancer!
And it is the fault of John
that he is in trouble.
"Had John not check me
sent, I would not today
from this cell have written. "
Honey ...
I am sorry
to you have created.
It is the letter from Grandpa.
- Unbelievable.
Always somebody else's fault.
Never his ...
I knew in any case not
where he was doing.
Why are you looking at me?
You think I knew?
So it's my fault!
- That said they do not.
Nobody could know what he able
was. - We need to know!
Please leave me alone.