Greased Lightning (1977) Movie Script

Go get them!
We can go faster!
Let's go!
Let's go.
We're going to win the big race!
We win it!
We did it!
Hang on, Peewee.
What's your name, boy?
Wendell Scott.
Want to race?
Where are we going to race to?
That white fence.
I mean to the end of the fence.
Get ready...
Go, Wendell! You got to win!
You want to know something?
You won!
You won! You won!
You're one crazy nigger!
You won!
You won! You won!
you see the child
Become a man
You know you can't
Forsake it
You know he's got
A dream inside
And he's going to fight
To make it
Make it all come true
The lord gave him
A heavy load
Then gave him dreams
To free it
The dream that he
Can be a king
And he gave him eyes
To see it
See it all come true
All come true
See it all come true
He's got to face
Them good ol' boys
He's going to have to make it
They'll try to stop him
If they can
But he's got the heart
To take it
And make it all come true
All come true
Make it all come true
Ooh oo-ooh ooh ooh
[Band plays 'Dixie']
Oh, there he is.
Oh, Wendell!
Wendell, my baby!
Thank god you're home.
There he is, mama.
How come you done got so thin?
What they been feeding you?
Mama, I gained 20 pounds.
20 pounds!
Y'all look great, mama!
I thought some of my friends
Would be there
To meet me at the station.
They probably thought
we'd like some time alone.
I know, mama,
But Peewee should have been there.
You'll see him later on.
Come in. You're home.
I'll make you a nice dinner.
Surprise! Surprise!
Who's she?
Good to see you.
Hey, how you doing?
How you doing, man?
Mama wrote me you was
going to be a lawyer.
That's right. I'm almost finished.
Hey, Jimmy!
That's great, man.
I don't see any bullet holes.
Let me introduce you
to Mary Jones.
Hello, Wendell. Welcome home.
The nigger ain't changed a bit.
Ignores his old friends
And heads straight for the ladies.
Jeez! Oh!
It's good to see you, Wendell.
I got a good old moonshine
That helps you get
up with your mind.
Y'all, come on, let's party.
Quit standing around here.
Let's party.
Hey, hey!
[Music plays]
That's a nice lady with Russell.
Oh, yeah, but don't
mess around with her.
She's already spoken for.
[Speaking French]
Daddy gave me this...
Number 34.
Something worrying you?
No, ma'am.
I'm just thinking about
What I'm going to do.
Well, the mill isn't
hiring any more people.
I don't want to work at the mill.
I got my mustering-out pay.
I'll buy a taxi.
I'll be my own boss.
That sounds good.
I won a minirace
In the back yard with this.
You were always crazy about cars.
You haven't changed a bit.
You'll go on driving a cab?
I'll open a garage.
This area needs a good mechanic.
Garage? That's nice, son.
Is that what
you always wanted to do?
Pretty much, sir.
Didn't you ever have crazy ideas?
I had a few when I was your age.
I had a few,
But I shouldn't talk about it.
Go ahead.
We all family here.
Well, sir, I wanted to be
A champion race car driver.
That's the craziest one
I ever heard, all right.
You didn't think you'd race
with them white boys?
Yes, sir. It all depended.
Depended on when hell
freezes over.
Ha ha ha ha!
A race car driver.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I imagine it's pretty funny...
A race car driver.
Where are we going, Wendell?
We're going to see
the moonlight, baby.
What moonlight?
You just want to go
somewhere and park, huh?
This is real nice
Where I'm taking you.
Here it is! Hang on!
How do you like that, Mary?
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Whoo! How do you like that?
Huh? How about that?
Ooh! Wendell, you're crazy!
Hang on!
Wendell! Aah!
What do you think of that?
Oh, Wendell, you're crazy.
Ain't that something?
Sure is.
What is this area?
Old race track.
Used to come here
a lot, watch races.
I love you, Mary.
Tomorrow you'll be my wife.
Tonight you're going
to be my lover.
Maybe tomorrow
we'll be strangers
But for tonight,
let me be your love
What good is saving it up
Like some money in a jar
When here we are
I love you now and tomorrow
Well, tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow
you'll grow to forget me
Who knows?
- I may even change my mind
Could be together we'll live
To find us a better life
As man and wife
Maybe tomorrow will bring us
The things
we've been dreaming of
But for tonight
You will be my love
Mrs. Scott.
Mr. Scott.
Wait. What's that?
What's that?
What you got there?
A silver dollar.
What's that for?
For the garage.
Look. You should see the bedroom.
Grandfather and grandmother's bed.
Damn, Mary.
How'd you get it?
How do you like it?
Beats the hell out of
the back of the cab.
I got you something.
I wrapped it myself.
Oh, Wendell.
Oh, it's precious.
Oh, Wendell, we don't have time.
We got guests coming.
I love you, Mary.
Say it again.
I love you.
Taxi, miss?
No, son, thank you.
I don't care for one.
It's half price today.
Money's too hard
to throw away on it.
I'll drive real slow.
I live up the street.
Thank you, ma'am.
You sure?
You going back out tonight?
I got to, baby.
I didn't do nothing today.
Well, they laid off
some more people today
At the mill,
Mostly colored folks.
That figures.
It's going to take me 200 years
To be able to pay for a garage.
Our children won't be able
To make a down payment
on a garage.
Damn, I'm hungry.
You want a biscuit?
Thank you.
I went to the doctor today.
You ain't sick, are you?
No, I'm not sick.
Thank god for that.
We're going to have a baby.
That's good.
You're not mad, are you?
I love you, Mary.
Train station, and hurry!
Take the direct route.
I know the tricks
You people pull on out-of-towners.
Yes, sir!
You know what the problem
is with you people?
No, sir!
You don't know how to get ahead.
Up north, we recognize
opportunity and seize it.
Yes, sir!
Did you see that?
He was hauling ass!
Must have been a bootlegger.
Black bootleggers
Are a disgrace to the negro race.
[Tires screech]
He lost the cop.
Hot damn!
Is that a fact?
What are you doing?
I said... can you slow down?
Stop this car!
Stop this car immediately!
What are you doing?
Take me to the station.
I won't tell anybody!
Come on, please.
Take me to the station.
Hey, man, you crazy?
Who the hell are you?
Scott. Wendell Scott.
What you want?
I can't chat all afternoon.
I want some action.
I drive fast
and can make a car run!
You ever haul liquor?
No, but I know every
back road and cow pasture
In this county.
OK, meet me at the white graveyard
At midnight.
You know it?
The name's slack.
Ha ha!
Scared you to death, Wendell.
Come on. Admit I scared you.
That ain't funny, nigger.
Didn't I scare you?
Come on, didn't I?
You were scared. Tell the truth.
What you doing out here, Peewee?
What you mean? What
you doing out here?
I'm here on a very important
business meeting.
With me.
You ain't the only one
Who knows slack.
You mean...
That's right.
The liquor...
All the time.
The moon...
That's it.
I'll be damned.
We partners?
Damn, man. The car's over there.
Let's go. Come on.
Slow down.
Slow down, slow down, slow down.
I'm slowing down.
Yeah. That's good.
Drive in.
Allen, how you doing?
Hey, Peewee.
Good to see you.
Who's this man you fetched in?
Oh, that's my new driver,
Wendell Scott.
Wendell Scott?
He's a good man.
Come over here, Wendell.
If you're a friend of Peewee's,
You're a friend of mine.
You got it all ready for us?
Oh, yeah.
We come to get it.
OK, boys. Help load out.
Now, don't worry, Wendell.
It's going to be all right.
I'm telling you...
It's foolproof.
Come on.
Wendell, come on!
Come on, Wendell. Hurry up.
Here, here, here.
Move it fast, Wendell.
Come on. Hurry up.
Come on, Wendell. Damn.
Foolproof, huh?
Ain't nobody perfect.
Stay with it.
Well, Wendell...
Beats taxicab driving any old day.
Come on. Let's go home.
Come on, Wendell.
Let's go.
No! Don't run!
They're going to catch us.
Just let me think.
Scoot over this way.
Put your head down.
I thought we had some moonshiners.
Did you see her jump?
Maybe we better check
his driver's license.
Go ahead.
Get us some coon tang.
You mean poon tang.
No, I mean coon tang.
Good evening, officer.
Boy, how old's that girl?
Uh, she 14, sir.
Girl, don't you let
that boy knock you up.
You know how you folks are.
Did you get a look at that face?
I've seen ugly women,
but that's ugly.
I'd rather be with my wife.
Don't be foolish, boy.
This ain't a picnic. Let's go.
What does he know about ugly?
Yeah, baby.
Honey, I've been so worried.
Where have you been?
Making money.
Doing what?
Hauling liquor?
Me and Peewee. I made $65 tonight.
Are you crazy?
Honey, you could get shot
Or get thrown in jail.
Peewee's done it for four years.
I damn well can do it for 30.
You're letting that fool
Lead you around by your nose?
Wait a minute.
I said wait a minute, damn it!
I tried every way I know
to make money legal.
I'll make more in one night
Than in two weeks
driving that damn cab!
People want liquor.
I'll drive it for them.
But you don't know
what you're doing.
What you mean I don't know
what I'm doing?
I don't know nothing else
but I know how to drive!
You're leaving them in the dust.
I won't kill you! Stay there!
Oh, lord!
Oh, shit!
Wendell, they went into the water!
Ha ha!
Wendell, you're
a driving fool, man!
I'll be damned.
Why do you treat me...
Hot damn! That's Wendell!
Lester, we're going
to need some help.
Arlimber Creek
and Mill Road junction.
You missed the turn.
Hold on to the
steering wheel, Wendell.
The police are after us.
[Knock on door]
Open up, it's the sheriff.
Open up, I said,
Or I'll tear it down!
All right, all right. I'm coming.
He ain't here, is he? Is he?!
Don't you wake up my baby.
Search that room.
You can't come in here like that.
You ain't got no right
coming in my house...
I knew it. He ain't here.
Out of my way, lady.
You'd better get out of my house.
You're here.
Didn't my wife tell you
We was taking a bath,
Sheriff Cotton?
I'm sorry. I...
Excuse me.
The engine of his cab
Ain't even warm, sheriff.
He wouldn't use his personal car,
Stupid idiot!
Let's go. Come on.
What are you doing
in my bath water?
I slipped.
Don't you fix your mouth to lie.
You ain't sweet-talking
your way out of this.
Mary, would I lie to you?
Well, I'm trying
to explain to you.
I can explain anything to you.
Now, come here. Come on.
Let me have it right here.
It breaks my heart
That you don't believe me.
Oh! Mary?
Oh, Mary, this is it!
Oh, Wendell!
Maybe tomorrow will
bring us the things
We've been dreaming of
But for tonight,
you will be my love
Oh, Wendell!
Floyd, let me talk to Cotton.
Sheriff, it's for you.
He just went by here doing 90.
All right, everybody!
Let's go. Come on.
Hurry it up.
All right. Get ready.
So long, sheriff!
You sure know your stuff.
They're right behind us.
Pull off the road.
Let's get them. Come on.
All right. Let's go.
Get your ass out of there!
Oh, my god. It's Mayor Dupree.
Oh, shit!
Cotton! Cotton!
I'm sorry, sir. I had no idea...
Sorry! What are you
doing out here?
Let me help you, sir.
Why... why are you here?
I can't understand
why you're here.
You'll never hear the end of this.
You'll never hear the end of this.
I'll have your badge for this!
Your fly's open, sir.
I know my goddamn fly's open!
I'm going to get you,
You bastard!
Five years...
I've been trying
to catch Wendell Scott.
So far we have impounded
one '47 Buick
With no license or registration,
And 13 cases of illegal whiskey.
We have yet to find out
Where he hides his cars.
Nor have we been able
to apprehend this nigra.
I'm not just talking
about moonshine, gentlemen,
No, sir.
I am talking about the course
That your bumbling police work
Has cost the city.
Not to mention
the nine patrol cars
That were completely
demolished in the process.
The mayor is rightfully upset.
The treasury department is upset.
I'm upset.
Been made to look
foolish and incompetent
While this nigra
is running around loose.
Well, maybe I haven't
Made myself clear in the past.
I want his black ass in jail.
I want it legal,
and I want him red-handed.
One more, Mr. Slack.
It's the man!
[Whistle blows]
Cut off that fellow right there!
Well, if it isn't Mr. Slack.
Here comes peter cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Come on, man, get out of the way.
Get out of the way
And let me fix my jars.
Let me use some
of this here, baby.
You're going to break that egg,
Ain't you?
They don't even leave you
alone on Easter.
Slack needs a favor.
I'm going to help him.
Can't it wait until tomorrow?
It can't wait.
I don't like it.
I'll be all right.
I'll use the taxi.
Make it look real straight.
Why do you have
to still moonshine?
Don't we have enough money
for that garage by now?
Not just yet.
It's not the money, is it?
You like the risk, don't you?
Ain't no risk, baby.
I like to ride.
That's what it is.
Ain't that right, Wendell Jr.?
Just the ride.
See you later.
Will you be back for supper?
I'll be back for Easter.
Here come peter cottontail...
Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppin',
Easter's on its way
Bringin' every girl and boy
Baskets full of Easter joy
Things to make your Easter
bright and gay
He's got jellybeans for Tommy
Colored eggs for sister sue
There's an orchid for your mommy
And an Easter bonnet, too
Oh, here comes peter cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppity,
happy Easter day
Happy Easter, Wendell.
Come on out of there!
Come on!
Yes, sir, I caught him.
Yes, sir.
Well, thank you.
Hey, Cotton!
Oh, I appreciate it,
sir. Thank you.
Much obliged, sir. Thank you.
I hear you caught
that nigger, Wendell Scott.
Yeah. Finally got him.
Almost got himself killed
Out there today.
Too bad he didn't.
Cotton, can he drive?
Can he drive?
Can he drive?
Shit! He drove me crazy.
Sheriff, I have got a little
proposition for you.
I want to put
that boy on my track.
Wait just a minute. Hear me out.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about
filling up my stands.
I'm talking about making money.
I'm talking about
putting that boy out,
So the white folks will
come to see him get killed,
And the niggers...
Well, hell, they'll just come out.
Do you know how long it's taken me
To catch that boy?
What good is he doing you in jail?
I'm talking about money.
Let's get that boy out of jail
And make some money
off of his black ass.
Uh... I don't know.
Wendell Scott?
Yeah. Who are you?
Billy Joe Byrnes.
I own the local race track.
I just made a deal for you.
What kind of deal?
You race for me on my track,
And I'll get 12 of the 15 counts
Dropped against you.
You'll get probation
and a small fine.
Course, you know,
You've got to cross
the finish line.
Otherwise, you could pull
Between 10 and 12 years
of hard time.
Why are you doing this for me?
Well, it ain't 'cause I like you.
You're going to put
money in my pocket.
We'll get people out to the track.
Let me tell you something,
That crowd loves
the smell of blood.
I don't know nothing
about no racing.
Ah, hell, you don't have
to know anything.
Just get a car.
I'll give you gasoline money
And a set of tires.
I don't know.
Look, you can be out of
this jail in 30 minutes.
Now you fish or cut bait, boy.
I ain't got much a choice, huh?
That's right.
Then I guess it's a deal.
I went looking for slack,
But they put him on
the bus to Richmond.
I don't care about that.
Slack's in trouble.
He couldn't do nothing
but what he did.
I had a bondsman.
You didn't have to get yourself
Messed up in this crazy deal.
That ain't no crazy deal, Peewee.
I want to race.
You call that racing, Wendell?
You're just black bait.
They're going to try to kill you.
Quiet down. Mary don't know.
It's dangerous out there.
I know it is. Don't...
You got paint all over the floor.
It's all right.
We can clean it up.
You mean I'm going to clean it up.
It doesn't matter, does it?
Here. 34. Hmm...
Well, you know,
Hauling liquor's one thing,
Racing cars is another.
That's right.
I've got to see this.
Look, they got a nigger racing.
Thank you, Cotton. Look at them.
Just look at them.
Ain't it exciting?
Yes, sir.
Money in the bank.
Yes, sir.
Them good ol' boys,
they chew you up
And they spit you like tobacco
Them good ol' boys
Boys, look over yonder.
That's supposed to be
The fastest nigger in Danville.
He'd better be damn fast
If he's going to outrace me.
It ain't going to be no race,
It's going to be a slaughter.
Hang yourself with that, boy.
Hey, get a ticket out of here.
There's a $25 bounty
on who runs this nigger
Into the ground.
Hutch, I need some money.
I don't have any.
How will I feed these kids?
You had money last night.
Get my toolbox.
I've got five minutes
to get ready.
OK, hutch is here.
Almost missed
the fun, grease-ball.
What the hell does this mean?
It's just a black spot.
Ha ha! - Whoa!
See that nigger right over yonder?
Run him in the ground.
As far as I'm concerned,
You're all niggers.
Hey! - Hey!
I was just wondering, uh...
Is that a picture of you?
Is that your face?
Oh, I'm sorry,
I've got it upside-down.
I just thought it
was a good likeness
Of your face, right in through...
Then you might like it
as a souvenir.
Thank you.
Hey, George, look at that nigger.
He ain't going
to make it four laps.
They'll put him in the trees.
See Beau Welles down there?
He'll take care of that nigger.
You'd better get that car ready.
You're holding this race up.
Boy, when they wave
the green flag,
You take off.
It's 25 laps.
One time around is a lap.
One time around, that's a lap.
Anything goes wrong with your car,
You pull it into the pits.
Pull into the pits
if something wrong.
That's the pits, right, captain?
Yellow flag means caution.
You slow down.
Yellow flag, caution. I slow down.
Put on the brakes.
That's it. Black flag means
Get the hell off the track.
Get the hell off the track
on the black flag.
A white flag means
you got one lap left.
One lap left to do
on the white flag.
That's it. You understand?
I believe so, sir.
Tell me about the checkered flag.
I wouldn't worry about
that checkered flag
If I was you, boy.
All right, drivers,
start them engines.
Just hold up, baby.
Just hold up.
What a fine race
coming up today, folks,
Starting with a 10-lap sprint.
We've got a first here today.
We've got a colored boy
in car number 34
Name of Wendell Scott.
Keep your eye on that boy.
Take it easy for a few laps.
It might be a little slick.
Go! Go! Go! - Go! Go! Go!
Go, Wendell, come on. Come on.
He's still in there.
Norton will find him.
That's number four turn.
He made it out, gents.
34, Wendell Scott.
They're getting in
a-knocking and a-banging.
We got a game, folks,
he might make it.
How about that nigger?
On the number two turn,
They're coming through
to number three...
Hey, nigger, don't wreck.
Come on, Wendell.
Hang on, Wendell.
Look out, nigger!
30, Beau Welles and Willy Hutch,
They're trying to block number 34.
Peewee, go down there
and do something!
That colored boy's
hanging in there,
But he's got five
more laps to go, folks.
Why don't you suckers
just leave him alone?
OK, meat-fink, let's race.
Almost got me a nigger.
Go! Go! Go! G...
They're blocking number 34 again.
He's trying to get through.
Get the hell out of my way!
Now go with them. Go to the right.
Bye, nigger.
I think we need a wrecker.
He's gone over the fence.
How about that?
I told you old Beau
would fix him up.
Look at him over
by that fence over there.
Look at him!
Where? Where?
There he comes, number four turn.
Y'all ought to seen him!
Look at that nigger.
Come on, baby, come on.
Whoo, Wendell.
He's still smoking
in the fifth turn.
He's trying to make it.
Can he make it?
Go! Go! Go! - Go! Go! Go!
Come on, baby. Don't stop.
Go! Go! - Go! Go!
I made it!
I knew it!
Did you see? I finished!
What are you doing?
Fixing breakfast.
Why are you working on this car
Instead of the taxi?
You're not going
to moonshine again,
Are you, Wendell?
I'm racing.
That's right, Mary.
It cost us a lot of money
To fix this car up,
damn near 2 jobs.
I figure we ought to get
Our money's worth out of it.
It doesn't matter
what it cost, Wendell.
What matters is you're free.
Not if I ain't doing
what I want to do.
I've wanted to be a race
car driver all my life.
Are you crazy?
Didn't you learn anything
on that track yesterday?
I damn sure did.
They can't kill me,
even if they try.
There ain't no better
driver than I am.
I finished in this car,
and I can win, Mary.
Next time I'll win.
They're going
to kill you, Wendell,
And that's the truth.
The truth is, Mary,
I'm tired of lying to you,
And I'm tired of lying to myself.
I'm going to be a race car driver.
What you looking for, Wendell?
Some of this, some of that.
Some of everything.
A universal joint.
I wouldn't know a universal joint
If it bit me.
There's one about to bite you.
It's an old Plymouth.
Is it any good?
You know what that reminds me of?
Me, you, Bonnie May Booker,
Mary Ellen Smith...
Oh, lord, yeah.
Look at that.
Old sheriff's car, huh?
You know what this is like?
A museum. Walking through here
Looking at all this stuff.
You can't do nothing
with these old wrecks.
That's a good motor...
You Wendell Scott?
You Wendell Scott?
Yes, sir.
Whoa! Wendell Scott.
I think he's having a fit.
This is Wendell Scott.
What's your name?
Them good old boys
Tried to get you off that track.
You was airborne, man.
I ain't never seen
nothing like it.
They was just trying
to get my attention.
Well, man, my name is Woodrow.
Yeah, well, pleased
to meet you, Woodrow.
Save that arm.
This is my friend Peewee.
I'm Mr. Scott's spiritual advisor.
Let me tell you
something, Mr. Scott.
I'd sure like to work for you.
I'm a good motor
and electrical man.
I can't afford no mechanic. Sorry.
Hey, I got weekends, you know,
And I'd sure like to
see you keep running,
Maybe even win one.
You think I can do it?
I sure think you can
If I'm working with you.
Well, Woodrow, welcome aboard.
Now we got a team, Wendell.
What in the hell is that?
Damn. Coons trying
to come in here.
How you do?
When do I put my car on the track?
I'd say never.
What's your name, boy?
I'm Scott.
I entered last week. My pit pass.
Couldn't tell from your
entry form you're colored.
Can't let you race
against these white folks.
I'll give you your money back.
I don't want no damn money.
I want to race.
I got to give you your money back.
Look at that crowd of niggers.
So it won't be for nothing,
I got a boy who can really drive.
Get one to drive your car.
Mister, I built this car.
Damn if I'm gonna let
somebody else drive it.
They ain't going to
never let you run.
They ain't going to
never let you race.
Everyplace I go,
They're going to
try to lock me out.
That's what they going to do, see?
'Cause they own everything.
I got the best damn car,
And I can drive my black ass off.
You the best nigger
race driver I ever seen.
You the only nigger race
driver I ever seen.
A Mr. Carter from Cluster
Springs track called.
He said you could race Saturday.
Mary, you're lying, Mary.
She ain't lying.
I ain't lying.
Peewee, I'm on my way!
I'm going to race!
We're going to race!
There's plenty of action
At cluster springs
track today, friends.
Beau Welles in number 1
is pressing hard on 34.
Hey, you're playing
with the big boys now!
Come on. Come on.
Here he comes.
Come on, Wendell.
Come on, nigger!
They're trying to knock him
Over the wall.
Get out of my way, nigger!
All right, nigger.
Wendell's gone up
and over the bank!
He's going back onto the track!
Look it there!
Oh, what a crash!
What a crash that was!
Roberts over the track!
Yes, I took Jesus
for my savior
Well, we have no report
yet on Roberts.
Now the white flag is flying!
Beau's got it.
Looks like Beau Welles
has himself another win
With G.P. Johnson second,
Arthur James third,
And Wendell Scott
Takes a shortcut
to fourth position.
See what you get for fourth place.
Ain't that something?
Would've had first place,
except for Beau Welles.
Hell with Beau Welles.
I got some plans for his ass.
We're on our way, Woodrow.
Free steak dinner.
I know you're hungry.
I ain't that hungry.
I don't like to eat standing up
And I don't like to eat
in nobody's kitchen.
I got my own food.
Take the car home.
I'm enjoying myself tonight.
Hey, you want to get
your hands off that?
Think you're hot shit, don't you?
What'd you get, fourth?
What'd you get?
I got a busted radiator, ass face.
Peckerhead, I got two tickets
To the colonial restaurant
for dinner.
They don't serve no boogies there.
They're going to serve
this boogie.
Is that right?
That's right.
If you plan on getting
anything to eat,
Better take me along.
For what? I can handle
my own trouble.
Trouble? Shit,
we'll eat that first.
What you going to pull?
I'll probably pull a 5.14.
5.14 kind of light for that track.
Try to run any hotter,
you'll blow an engine.
Go right ahead, honey.
Beau Welles blew hisself up
In Charlotte three weeks ago.
What are you going to pull?
I was thinking about
pulling a 5.38.
I'm sorry.
You'll have to come back
some other time
To fix the ice box.
I'm not fixing no ice box.
We're here to eat.
There must be some mistake.
This the Colonial restaurant?
You are from the race track.
I'm sorry, but my husband
is not here today.
I mean that
- we just don't ordinarily...
I mean don't ever serve colored.
What about those steaks?
It does say free steak dinner.
It says two.
Wendell, how do you
like your steak?
It would have to happen...
When my husband's not here.
He's likes his medium-well.
I'd like mine well-done, please.
I'll get your dinners for you,
But promise to eat very fast.
Your waitress will be right here.
You from around here?
Danville. I been there.
I'm a local boy myself.
Born and raised.
Spent a little time up in Chicago.
You in the service?
No. I busted my leg.
I couldn't join.
How did you bust your leg?
You ever do any time?
Damn near.
I used to run liquor.
Are you still moon-shining?
It's disgraceful letting a nigger
Eat in here with us!
Who in the hell do you
think you are?
Don't mind that drunk.
Don't mind him.
It's disgraceful!
Kind of hard not to.
Pay him no mind.
What cam you running?
Who the hell are you?
Are you deaf?
Something stinks around here.
I don't know if it's the nigger
Or you, white trash.
You ought to be...
I got your back!
Oh, lord! What's happening?
Why don't you sit down, OK?
Don't worry, folks!
I'll bring the plates back.
Sorry to interrupt your eating.
Just come to have dinner.
Good day.
That's the raunchiest
steak I ever had.
I think that may be dog meat.
That's why they gave
it to us free.
Want some coke to wash it down?
No, thank you. It's cool.
Hey, you going by the restaurant?
Yeah. I'll go by.
Do me a favor.
- What's that?
I promised that waitress
I'd give her plate back.
Throw this out as you pass by.
Going to be able
to make the next race?
I think I've got the bottom in.
Maybe you just threw a rod.
I broke my crank.
That's it!
That's it, you old bastard!
I'm done. I'm finished.
Best driver on the track,
And I've got a turd for a car.
Maybe it ain't so bad, man.
Is that right?
You sure you through?
What the hell do you think?
Well, you won't be
needing this then.
That's what I think.
What are you doing?
Well, don't mind me.
Why don't you just
go ahead and help yourself?
Don't let me interfere.
Why don't you take my tires?
You've been wanting
my transmission.
Take that, too, now.
Come on, you vulture.
You said you was through.
What the hell's
the matter with that?
Fuel pump.
Let an expert take a look.
Well, no wonder.
You got a load of dirt
in your filter.
Woodrow, look.
He's got a mound of dirt.
I can't watch everything.
We could use another mechanic.
What's going on here?
Some damn son of a bitch
sliced my tires!
Inside so they'd blow
during the race.
Wonderful. I hate to say
I told you so,
But them damn buggers
on the supreme court
Think they can change
the world overnight,
They got another thing coming.
You're going to have yourself
a whole lot of fun
Out there today.
You don't want me to drive?
Just help me change the tires.
Yessuh, boss!
I's a comin', boss.
See you at your funeral.
What's wrong, boy?
Having tire trouble?
Hey, colored boy,
I'm talking to you.
What you want, Beau?
I got two cars in this race.
When that green flag drops,
I'll drive one right up your ass.
That suits me fine.
'Cause you'll be behind.
I'll be in front.
Boy, there's nothing I hate worse
Than a smart-aleck nigger.
You just watch your mouth.
You know, Beau,
I'm going out there to win today.
I'm crossing
that finish line first.
Drive your two cars
to hell for all I care!
Yeah? We'll see about that.
Let's get that damn thing down.
What'd he want?
Wishing me luck.
Come on, we got a race to win.
Hello, again, everybody.
Welcome to the Middle
Virginia speedway
For the Sunday afternoon
1955 classic race.
We've got one of the most
exciting programs of races
You've ever had
an opportunity to see.
We're ready to go
With our big afternoon
feature event.
You've seen the elimination races.
Your favorite drivers
are in position
For the main event of the day.
They're coming around
for the start lined up.
Think you know how
to drive, nigger?
I bet you think you know
how to drive a car,
That's what I said.
Son of a bitch, you think
you're going to win.
There's the flag!
It's a clean start.
Not too much fender banging.
Turn one. It looks like
they're moving up nicely.
Keep your eye on Beau Welles
And Wendell Scott,
Number 1 and number 34.
These two are going
door handle to door handle.
Go, Wendell!
Come on, honey!
Get that damn nigger out!
Come on, baby!
Come on, Wendell!
Scott's inside and he's really
Laying on the metal now.
Ah, scout's lost it.
Scott's lost it now!
Come on!
The white flag is out
For the last lap
of this exciting race,
But it's still anybody's win.
Moving up, Beau Welles
is making his move.
Beau is driving inside!
They're heading for home!
Look at him! I don't think
he's going to make it!
And the winner is...
Wendell Scott is now...
Hold it. Ignore Scott.
What do you mean?
Beau Welles is the winner!
Let's all have a tremendous hand.
Boo! - Boo!
Beau Welles in number 1
in first position.
Yay! - Yay!
Boo! - Boo!
You red-necked mothers
Boo! - Boo!
Count your sins
Your judgment day is coming
Coming down on you
Coming down on you
You won that, man!
Say, I won that race!
Not according to the flag captain.
Beau Welles didn't win!
No, sir, you didn't.
Look here.
I almost lapped him!
According to this, he won it.
I'll check it out for you.
You lying! He won that race!
How long you been doing this?
Honey, let's go home.
What you mean how long?
20 damn years.
I said I don't want
to talk about it.
Huh! Here comes the word.
Wendell, they chose me
to come out here.
Seems like you were right.
One of our scorers made a mistake.
You did win it.
Where are all the reporters
and the camera?
Where the trophy at?
Beau Welles got that.
Beau Welles!
I beat him fair and square!
I near lapped him once!
I want everybody to know it.
I want the announcer
to announce it.
I want the people to hear it!
I want my trophy!
Don't you worry
about that, Wendell.
I'll get in touch with Beau.
He'll give it back.
You people are playing
your goddamn games.
I'm tired of it!
I won that race!
Calm down.
Let me go.
Calm down now.
Let's just get
the hell out of here.
This place stinks.
Come on.
I beat him!
The man tried to kill me,
and I beat him.
Jump in. I'll drive.
I'll drive.
Let's get in. Let's go.
Mary, get in.
Get in!
Come on. I'm hungry. Let's go.
At least we got the check.
You're just gonna have to race
Them good ol' boys
To get to where you're goin'
Ladies and gentlemen,
It makes me proud,
Grateful, happy,
Overjoyed, humble,
Out of my mind,
Man, come on with it.
To present this trophy
to Wendell Scott
For being the winner and champion
Of the great Middle Virginia
Better late than never race.
Where did you get that, Peewee?
As Beau Welles so aptly put it...
Beau Welles!
Beau Welles. The first
gentleman of color
To win any car race
anywhere, anytime
In this big wide wonderful world.
Let's hear it for Wendell Scott!
Come on now.
Come on!
All right. All right.
Now speech, Wendell.
This is my first first place,
But it ain't my last.
It ain't my last!
Now kiss the queen.
She is a queen, too.
Y'all cut that out now.
We got a lot
of hungry mouths to feed.
Come on. Let's go.
Doreen, come on now.
Let's get the lunch out.
Look at this, Woodrow.
Look what we won.
That's beautiful.
That's beautiful.
Number 1.
That's number 1.
That's what we are as a team.
Number 1.
Hot damn! Look at that!
It's a real party now.
[Plays horse-racing fanfare]
There it is.
It's beautiful.
Well, don't get carried away.
The Johnson brothers
are starting a new team.
Oh, yeah?
I heard that Wednesday.
They looking for a new driver?
That's what I hear.
Why are you telling me this?
You ain't going to
make it as no singer.
Why are you really
telling me this?
[Children shouting]
'Cause you know
that I can't afford
To buy my children no new clothes,
And you certainly can't afford
To pay me any more.
Is that close to the reason?
You're my friend,
and I care for you.
I want to see you do good.
Well, he's still going
He's still strong
10 hard-driving long years later
The dream is still alive
In 1965
Wait a minute.
I better go in first.
Get permission.
Come right this way.
Wendell. Wendell,
Sheriff cotton's here to see you.
Would you care for
something cool to drink?
No, ma'am, I'm running. Thank you.
Wendell, would you
care for something?
We got something here.
I'll leave you two alone.
Thank you, ma'am.
Scott, how are you doing?
I, uh... Heard you were running
In the Virginia championship,
So I stopped over
to wish you good luck.
Thank you, sheriff.
Well, I kind of feel
like I'm responsible
For your racing career.
Yeah, you did, in a way.
You're the biggest thing
that ever hit Danville.
I'm proud of you.
Everybody's proud of you.
Times sure have changed, huh?
You folks getting
to vote and everything.
You running for
mayor and everything.
Apropos, I'd like
to ask you a favor.
For the campaign,
I would like to take
a little picture,
Me and you, and maybe the family?
I think Danville should see
two of its finest together.
What do you say, huh?
You was a tough old
sheriff, Cotton.
You can have your picture.
Wendell's car,
- car number 34, has crashed.
Wendell, it's Mary.
The doctor said
You're going to be
all right this time.
But what about the next time?
Honey, please stop.
You're 42 years old.
You got 15 years on half
the men you race against.
Honey, they got the sponsors.
They got big oil companies
And car companies.
They got the best cars
and the best mechanics.
What you got?
Wendell, I love you.
Here's Beau Welles,
winner of the Daytona 500,
Now getting it together
For the major challenge
of the year,
The 1970 grand national race
To be held at
the International Speedway
In three weeks.
Beau Welles and G.C. Spencer
Are the two favorites.
Unless there's a surprise,
The race will be between
these two contenders.
Yesterday in Memphis, Tennessee,
Thousands of blacks
filled the streets
After Tuesday's violent
battle with police
Which caused thousands
of dollars in damages.
2 people dead and 20 hospitalized.
Army reserves and police
were on hand,
But the crowd was
quiet and orderly.
Members of
- the local NAACP paraded,
Asking for full recognition
of civil rights.
You young boys don't know nothing
About the civil rights movement.
Man, what are you talking about?
I know a man so bad
That he molded civil rights.
Come on.
What are you talking about?
Listen here for a minute.
Back in 19 and 47,
I knew a man so bad
That when he was moon-shining,
He had 10 police cars
chasing after him.
He blew a tire.
They thought they had
the nigger caught.
You know what he did?
He jumped out of the car,
Ran towards the police car,
Jumped over their hoods,
Ran into the fields,
And they ain't
caught up with him since.
Who you talking about,
You lie, man.
If I'm lying, I'm flying.
You must be flying.
He's alive and kicking,
Living here in Danville today.
Who is he?
Wendell Scott.
I know the nigger.
What's he doing now?
I'll tell you what he's doing.
Entered the Grand
National this morning.
He entered the Grand National...
You entered the Grand
National this morning?
Sure did, Peewee.
You lying. You got a car?
You got a crew?
What you got?
You got a partner.
Get Woodrow and tell him
the silver bullet team
Is back in motion again.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is that?
It's Wendell's new race car.
His new race car?
Woodrow just brought over
Your new race car.
It's here already?
I thought you weren't
racing no more.
I was going to tell you
about that, Mary.
Oh, you were.
I entered the Grand Nationals.
Peewee and Woodrow
Want to help me build a winner.
After all you been through?
I can't sit around the house
The rest of my life doing nothing.
You got that garage
out there in back.
You got plenty to do.
I ain't no quitter, Mary.
And I don't want people
to think I am.
If that's what you want to do.
Go on and race
in that grand national.
But I'm not gonna be there.
I got to race, Mary.
I love you,
And I need you,
But I got to race.
I hope you change your mind.
How you doing?
I been meaning to call.
How you doing?
I didn't know you worked here.
Oh, yeah.
I finally made the big time.
Sure have.
What do you think?
I think it's good.
How's your leg?
Better than my back.
Your kids?
Fine. Yours?
My oldest looks me in the eye.
Hutch, how about that screwdriver?
You got it.
I'm here to buy a wedge motor.
Bill Sullin ain't got one.
I heard you're getting ready
for the Grand National.
That's right.
I'm going to win, too.
You got Peewee with you?
Peewee, Woodrow.
Damn near all of
Danville's helping me.
Yeah, well.
Ever get tired of big time,
You always got a job with me.
Take care of yourself.
Good luck.
Goddamn, buddy.
I thought we killed you.
Got metal in my leg
Where there used to be bone.
Other than that, I'm fine.
Thinking about racing again, huh?
That's all I know.
Why push yourself like that for?
Like you, I ain't never changing.
See you at the races.
I'll call you.
If you need anything,
you know where I'm at.
Sure do.
What the hell you gawking at?
Just noticing how pretty
you look this morning, Beau.
There's a hundred boys out there
That would love to have your job.
I don't need me no stand-up comic.
If I took your brain
And shoved it up a gnat's ass,
It would look like
a bee-bee in a boxcar.
Got any more gooduns?
No, I don't, but I tell you,
I need a vacation.
For what?
For the rest of my life.
Give my regards
to Roy Rogers, would you?
Oh, my god.
Hey, Wendell!
Hasta la vista.
I'm telling you,
You put your money
on Wendell Scott,
You can't lose.
I'll take a piece of Wendell.
How much a piece you want?
No money, man,
But I got a midnight auto supply.
You talk to Woodrow at the garage.
I handles the money.
How about some money?
Howard, please, please,
what can I tell you?
Drivers cannot be champions
Unless they have sponsors,
And Danville needs a champion.
Oh, shit...
Hell, I know what color he is.
If we're to continue to
do business together,
You've got to learn to
be color-blind.
Thank you.
I knew you'd see it that way.
Thank you.
Add Howard Verner to the list.
Look what I got for you.
All right!
Genuine Firestone tires.
Don't be standing around
because I'm here.
Get to working.
Don't ask me how
or where I got them.
Just be glad that I got them.
Wendell Jr., check those tires.
How you doing?
I'm doing fine, man.
Somebody ain't going to be
racing Saturday.
I can see that.
That's for sure.
But we know you'll
be racing Saturday.
These boys look like
they're working.
I'm going to check on them
And see if they're
doing a good job.
They're damn good boys, Peewee.
Oh, yes.
Damn good.
Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the
International Speedway
For this afternoon's
Grand National competition.
There are literally
thousands on hand
To see the gigantic field
Of competitive grand
national automobiles.
The big story of the day
is car number 1,
Driven by Beau Welles,
Who drives on the pole.
We welcome back on the circuit
an old rival of Beau Welles,
Wendell Scott
of Danville, Virginia,
In his familiar blue
and white car number 34,
Who's making his first
appearance on the track
After his near-fatal crash
a year ago.
Scott and Welles have been
Door handle to door handle
competitors before,
But the contest
in this Grand National
Will be between car numbers
1 and 49, G.C. Spencer.
Our starting lineup
for this afternoon's event
Will be car number 1, Beau Welles,
Starting on the outside
of row number 1.
On the inside of row 1,
number 4, Bill Michelle.
Get ready.
I'd stop worrying
about it, Wendell.
She ain't coming.
Mom said she can't
stop you from racing,
But she don't have to watch.
Here you go.
Let's get going.
I'm sorry.
I just couldn't stay home.
I had to be with you.
Everything will be all right.
Don't worry.
Go on and win this race.
Go on.
Got to run, dad.
Drivers, in your cars.
OK, boss.
Get it now.
Welcome to
- the International Speedway
For this afternoon's
competitive field
Stock car racing.
And, ladies and gentlemen,
The Grand National
race of 1970 is underway.
Pace car drops down on the apron.
We look for the green
from Johnnie Bruner Jr.
The green flag is out.
Turn number one, it's Beau Welles
Down the number one-two corner.
With him is G.C. Spencer.
Car number 49 pulls up.
They're racing back to the flag.
Off the number four corner,
it's Beau Welles
With G.C. Spencer, Phil Harris.
Wendell Scott begins
to fall below the pace.
What position is he running?
Eighth place,
and he ain't running.
All right, come on.
Come on now.
He's afraid, man.
In the turn number one,
As he cranks it up,
It's Beau Welles, G.C. Spencer.
Wendell Scott begins
moving up in the pack.
He's passing number 31
into the sixth spot.
Wendell Scott has found
that extra burst of power.
He's passed number 82 and
moved into the fifth spot.
This could be the big surprise
Of the afternoon.
All right!
Come on!
We may have a blown engine
in turn number four.
A blown engine in car number 39.
He spins.
The yellow flag being drawn out
Here at the International
Speedway this afternoon.
Welles is going to the pit.
Beau Welles, car number 1,
drops down to pit row.
Wendell Scott comes in behind him.
Wendell Scott could have
been making up valuable time
If he had not had to pit.
However, he's on pit row,
And Wendell Scott is
losing important time.
Come on!
Woodrow, move it!
Beau Welles is back
on the speedway
With only 20 laps to go.
Kick the jack out.
I got to go. Kick it out.
Hey, Wendell!
Where's he going?
Important time on the speedway.
Your wheel.
Where's he going?
Wait a minute.
Scott's crew's
trying to get him back.
There's trouble.
Wendell Scott, one of his wheels
Is missing three lugs.
Scott is ignoring his crew.
He's taking the chance
the wheel will hold.
Wendell Scott has gone around
The Jim Vanbron Mobil
And takes the fourth spot.
Beau Welles has got
the pressure on,
But Wendell Scott is on the move.
His wheel is smoking
with five more laps.
Wendell Scott is taking
a chance of a lifetime.
Beau Welles, G.C. Spencer.
Wendell Scott now moves to third.
He tries a barrel-haired
turn of the wheel.
Scott takes the two spot
And pulls to the rear
bumper of Beau Welles.
It's Beau Welles
and Wendell Scott.
Here comes Scott making his move
Down the inside.
Scott dives down on the apron.
It's Wendell Scott
of Danville, Virginia,
Trying to make the bid
of a lifetime.
Beau Welles still
fighting the pressure
On his rear bumper.
It's still Beau Welles
and Wendell Scott
As they go to turn one.
Welles and Scott continue
to settle the grudge
Of the year.
As Wendell Scott makes a comeback
At the International
Speedway this afternoon.
Scott again dive-bombs,
Beau Welles holds a nose lead
With Wendell Scott alongside.
They're locked in,
door post to door post
As they move down in back stretch.
The field comes down off
the banking in turn four.
Beau Welles has the competition.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Wendell Scott moves up
Into first place.
White flag is out. One lap to go.
The field comes down
Showing Wendell Scott in command.
Beau Welles riding second.
The wheel is wobbling.
If it holds another half lap,
It will be
- the most dramatic finish
In the history of
Grand National racing.
Dramatic action this afternoon
At the International Speedway.
Wendell Scott
going around Beau Welles
Onto the turn four.
It's Wendell Scott winning.
you see
The child
Become a man
You know
You can't
Forsake it
You know
He's got
A dream inside
And he's gonna fight
To make it
Make it all come true
All come true
Make it all come true
Oh, the lord
Gave him
A heavy load
Then gave him dreams to free it
That he
That he
Could be a king
And he gave him eyes
To see it
See it all come true
On that joyous day
On that wondrous day...
Source used: Anonymous