Great Day (2011) Movie Script

I'm very hungry
Oh please dad
Don't speak like Ah Beng,
it's already outdated
Ya, ya, you're very modern
Wow, son, your cooking
skills is getting better
If your mom has not passed
away, she will be very happy
That's for sure
Why don't I have a fried egg?
Dad, it's for your own good,
fried egg contains high cholesterol
As usual
On the count of three, who is the last
to finish will have to wash all the bowls
Ready, One, two, three
Must be Hokkien Mee again who
cuts the newspapers into holes
"Hokkien Mee"
"Hokkien Mee" I've been very
patient with you for a long time!
You thought that these
newspapers are yours?
It's for everyone.
We haven't even read it.
But you have cut holes in it
How are we suppose to read it
I bet you
For sure your children cannot
afford to buy newspapers for you!
Gamble! Gamble! Gamble!
You always like to gamble
Your son doesn't want you anymore
He sends you here.
Yes, I always like to gamble
So what?
My son is very good to me
He is a discipline teacher in a school.
Only show us your name card
My son works in a bank
My daughter-in-law
is a bank manager
My daughter doesn't have to work
She enjoys herself every day
How can you compare with me?
We have talked such a
long time, let's go out
Let's take a picture and show it to them
Do you dare
Why not?
I'm just waiting for chances
This is ridiculous, I've
been here for decades
Every day of this time I watch Wah Lai Toi
At this time I watch
Hua Hee Tai's programme
Hua Lai Toi Hua Hee Tai Hua
Lai Toi Hua Hee Tai Hua Lai Toi
We are Hokkien so we all
watch Hua Hee Tai, right
Who cares
Hua Lai Toi Hua Hee Tai
Hua Lai Toi Hua Hee Tai
Ms. Lee Hua Hee Tai Hua Lai Toi
I tell you
Can both of you the Lim's stop fighting
No, I'm Lam
I'm Lim
You can use PVR
Record first so you all can watch it later
As for now, let's watch Zhi Zun HD
Very clear, very good
Guang fu chao
Come and help
Sleep like the dead log
Guang fu chao
Sleep so soundly
Come come let me tell you, Datin
has brought a lot of good things over
Come out quickly
Uncles and aunties, let's
put on the 3D glasses
Let me tell you, 3D is
the latest technology today
That is why we specially arrange
to show you the 3D technology
So we will not be left out from
the advancement of technology
And not outdated
General, when you're
asked to sleep, you won't
But when you put on the
glasses, you dozed off?
Let me tell you, Datin and
the rest have give us a 3D TV
Which is the best and most high tech
That even "woohoo" jumps
out from the television
Reporters are here, let's take pictures
On the count of one two
three, show your thumbs
Hokkien Mee, what's taking you so long?
Hokkien mee, did you
constipate? Serve you right.
You shut up
Hello uncle, aunty!
My surname is Yang, my first name is
Yang, you can call me Yang Yang (Itchy)
"Itchy", good!
I'm a fashion designer from Kuala Lumpur
"Mondrian" is my favorite designer
That is why I have decorated this
place with all kinds of colours
Just like my shin, so colourful
This shirt is called Unitchy shirt
Not itchy anymore! That's great!
Uncles and aunties
Who would like to demonstrate?
You! You! Uncle, that's you!
Yes you, uncle!
Stop looking everywhere,
come, come on stage!
Uncles and aunties
If you feel itchy
But you can't describe to
the others which pan is itchy
don't worry, look at this menu
This menu can help you
Come on over, uncle
The Malaysia map
For example if is "Kedah" itchy
Then scratch Kedah
If Terengganu itchy
scratch Terengganu
Sabah itchy
Scratch Sabah
If Johor is itchy
scratch Johor
Where do you feel itchy now, uncle?
Ah Hock, there are many
kind headed people who
donated so many things
to the old folks again
Yes, old fan, bicycle,
mattress everything is there
but all are broken
it's okey, it can be
used again after repair
be careful
Meal time, Ah boy
Ok, ok, ok
Ok, ok, ok
What are they doing today?
Of course something good
The objects even come out from the 3D TV
Don't be so exaggerating
Yes, yes, dad, when will grandma be back?
Not so soon
Doctor said
Grandma needs to go for
check up every two days
Oh yes dad will be in Kuala
Lumpur for a period of time
It's your holiday now, do you want to go?
Yes, of course
I've not seen miss school
princess for a while
Can't stand it anymore
They even use Limbo Rock
I tell you, both of you move
those chairs to the back.
Not here, you too, put on the right side
guang fu chao
Called you last night.
Why didn't you wake up
are you afraid of losing
afraid of losing
last night I was too
tiring and unconscious
If you're not afraid,
dare to come with me?
Dare, why not
but must make it later
you can wait, but I can't
Uncle, uncle, I get to go to
Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning
What time
Five in the morning
Tomorrow at 5?
Guang fu chao guang fu chao
Pretending to be asleep again
Still pretending
Wake up, wake up
Stop squishing
Don't let Ms. Lee know
don't be so unenergetic
Okey, quiet
Faster, you won't die
Even if you die I won't die
General, usually when you're told to sleep
early, you are still
watching the television
Be good, it's time for bed
The truck is leaving
You go first, don't bother about me
I can't be bothered with you anymore
Superman, destroy this monster
Dad this is Ultraman
Superman is useless
Only knows how to fly
Yes yes, Engine is heated up
Let's go, let's go
No fun
Now let's go for breakfast at the market
Then buy something and head to KL
Son, there's a weird sound at the back
Dad, don't scare me
Just pulling your legs
You're so mean.
Let's eat breakfast
Have to buy cucumber and sambal later
what else
Stink beans, grandma's favourite
Ah Hock, your mom has
gone to KL for a long time
Why is she not back yet?
Doctor said
my mom's back needs checkups for
another few weeks, then she can come home
Usual illness for old people
You visit her weekly in Kuala Lumpur
Aren't you tired
Not at all
My mom only drinks the water from here
She has been drinking this
water for more than twenty years
she is not used to with the
drinking water in Kuala Lumpur
I'll bring a few barrel of water
for her when I go to Kuala Lumpur
You look chubby
but you're a filial son
Sister Ah Ling
What has fat got to do with filial
No relation
Come on over, give you some onions
Thank you, thank you
Ah Boy, let's go
Do you want to pee
Uncle Lim
Uncle Lim
Are you really going to Kuala Lumpur
Does the authority
of old folks home know?
Why are you asking so much?
Can't I hitch a ride on
your truck to Kuala Lumpur
Why not we return to
the old folks home first?
And let them know
Stop the car Stop the car
I will walk on my own
I... I drive you there
, I'll drive you there
You're going to Kuala Lumpur for?
To see look for you children
Yes my daughter "Lim Feng Jiao"
has married to Kuala Lumpur
This is her address
your daughter "Lim Feng Jiao"
Is she as pretty as Lin Feng Jiao
Of course she is pretty
She was the prettiest girl in her school
My cousin was also the
prettiest girl during her school
My mom is not feeling well now
staying at my cousin's house
you mom is not feeling well
and you left her staying with other people
You're an unfilial son
What if her illness gets worse?
What if it's cancer?
What if she dies?
Uncle Lim are you okey?
Nothing. I just couldn't
control my emotions
Is it that easy to get cancer?
You think it's like striking lottery
I've got it.
What prize is it
I suspect that I have breast cancer
Want to pee! Want to pee!
Go, Go
Uncle Lim what did you say you have?
Breast cancer
On the left or right
or both
must be both
both sides of pork should be applied
with honey so it will taste good
Ah Hook's mom, this is RM4.80
RM 4.80
Pretty, what do you want to eat?
More bean sprouts for me please
Such a sweet talker
okey more bean sprouts for you, its free
Handsome, want to eat some tofu
tofu is very fresh. Get
it yourself if you want
C'mon, handsome
I've cooked your rice. Choose yourself
Aunty, one for RM 1.80
RM1 .80
RM 1.80 change of RM 1.20
You gave me extra change
You're such a nice person
Just like my son Ah Hock so honest
Sorry for the wrong change
Here's your RM1.80 change of RM3.20
Sorry , thank you
Ah Hook's Mom, it's time
Ah hock will be back
wait, let me tidy things away
let's go together
Let's go for a drink Okey Okey
Uncle Lim you daughter "Lim
Qing Xia" stays in Sungai Long
Not "Lim Qing Xia" , it's Lim Feng Jiao
Yes Lim Feng Jiao
Lim Feng Jiao, where are we going later
Hi everyone, now we are
heading to local souvenirs shops
O key
Alright, let me give
you a brief introduction
two most important thing
First, to foster a better
relationship between husband and wife
Chocolate, everybody
feels happy after eating it
If a couple is happy relationship
would be better for sure
The couple will be more loving
even if they were not good before
when relationship is better,
we need to strengthen it
Secondly, it's "Tongkat Ali"
O key
I see someone smiling"
means you know about it
That one, in front
I remember, I remember it now
- Is it here
- I can recognize
This block
This is it, this one
Finally reached
Uncle Lim
Your daughter is very rich
Of course, my son-in-law
is a bank manager
It's just that you all don't believe
Please take a photo for me
I want to show it to Guang Fu Chao
I want one too
Ready, one , two, three, okey
Come, everybody
In the story of "Monkey King"
you have heard of "Shui Lian Cave"
In Malaysia, the most famous is Batu Caves
This is a religious place for the Hindus
Climbing from here
it has 272 stairs
you can reach the caves
by climbing these stairs
You'll have to find out
yourself what's in the caves
this world is full of magic
Come, let's get up there
Yes anything Susanti
Old man? Don't let strangers in
Just take a picture and MMS it to me later
Dear tourist, you have fifteen minutes
We'll gather here fifteen minutes later
Fifteen minutes, Run
Uncle, don't move
Joey don't you recognize grandpa
What are you doing
Aunty told to take pictures
if there are strangers here
Keep it up, keep it UP
Boys and girls
I have taught this before
you have forgotten
Singing Chinese New Year song
Sour face
Stretch your hands...
Smile, smile
Flower blooming, 5 6 7 8
Left side open right side open
Flower bloom, prosperity
bloom, bloom, bloom.
Ouch sprain the back
Okey, you all practice yourselves
I'm going to take a rest
Remember to smile
Up one, down one
the rest come out from behind the pole
Artists, lets give a close up
The one behind
Do this way yes
remember to smile
are you the director or me
you are
Must remember to smile, yes
Let's get ready for other slots
Action Jump, red packet,
more, more red packets
Shredded papers, more papers, more papers
Shredded papers
Red packets, red packets aren't enough
Blossom flowers come in quick
one more blossom flower
Go over there
Where is the God of Fortune
Hello Ah Beng
Still tiger dancing? I'm
making music video already
Okey talk to you later okey
I've said... Ms Lee my dad
has come to Kuala Lumpur
Beauty princess is waiting for you
waiting for you
Duo Hao aunty "Duo Hao"
cousin, handsome boy
Why are you late today
At the old folks home
There's a uncle Lim, he says he wants to
go to Kuala Lumpur to meet his daughter
I fetched him down
Spent an hour
But his daughter is the same as you
She was the school beauty princess
You're so mean, cousin
this is an old story and
yet you still laughing at me
and joke about it
Oh ya, where's my mom?
Your mom is upstairs, faster get up there
Duo Hao next time you
should just look after my mom
Don't have to find a car park
Look, you won't get summoned
even if you park anywhere
You can't park anywhere you like.
Never mind I've reserved a space for you
Wow, Dad, look
Aunty have reserved such
a big parking space for you
even aeroplanes can land on it
not only the airplanes
Aunty can even carry the airplane
Are you talking about me
Where are the stuffs just now?
I brought it up already
Its three storeys. that's fast
yes because I'm the school beauty princess
Faster otherwise she'll be back
And carry us up
Son, walk faster
You're so slow, how can you take
pan in that 1819 competition
Who says that I'm slow
How's my mom's condition
Her back is getting better
Your mom's back is fine now
But her memory is getting deteriorating
I suspect that she's got Alzheimer
You're the one who has Alzheimer
Why are you running so fast
Because there is love motivation
How dare you make fun of your dad
See whether dad can run faster or you
Pretty lady, what are you
looking at, is there fish
I... I don't know which clothes
has been cleaned and which are not
Grandma, the clothes that
you've washed smells so nice
Smell it and you'll know
These are the ones that
have already been cleaned
These are the ones that have not.
Already washed, not yet
There are more inside, I'll go and get it
Grandma's illness is getting worse
What are you saying about me?
Nothing, just saying that you're pretty
She can even hear us whisper
Dad, grandma's situation is getting worse
Ah Hook's brother, not
just she has poor memory
but her Alzheimer is
getting really serious
She's more than seventy
years old so that's normal
Come and drink some herbal tea
The weather is so hot
I've boiled for one whole day
Aunty, sit. Aunty, sit.
Dad, why is it so spicy
What is it, what is it
Not.. Nothing Nothing
Duo Hao you drink
After drinking this cup of tea
Guarantee you will look
prettier than the celebrities
Drink! Drink! It's tasty
Aren't you drinking
Let me
Mom has boiled this the entire
day, must be very tiring.
Is it nice? Yes its nice
Mom, it's very nice
There are a lot left in the
kitchen, I'll go and take it
Dad, why do you come to
Kuala Lumpur yourself?
Your maid doesn't allow me to go in
Go, go, go and sleep
Susanti, don't you recognise grandpa?
He was waiting for a long time outside
Aunty I have worked here for two years
I have never seen grandpa
before, how would I know
Joey, you only play the
computer games all day long
You don't even recognise grandpa anymore
It's okey, kids won't remember much
Isn't Ah Cheng back yet?
He, he is in Hong Kong,
he will be back next week
Dad, what are you doing here?
I just want to tour around
Don't bother about me
Then did you tell Ah Di
Why should I tell him,
I'm not a child anymore
You should give a call before coming
What if we're busy
It doesn't matter if you're busy
I hate bothering people
Why are you using my spoon
Joey, you're being rude
Come over
Don't dry your clothes here
Bring them all to the back
Usually its ok for us to put it
here, now you also want to control this
Do you want me to get bad luck
Joey what are you doing
Are you killing mosquitoes
Killing mosquitoes? No
I'm playing video game
You've been a playing the whole day.
Don't you need to do your school work?
I've finished it in school
You see, I lost
Let's go. Joey you have
been playing since morning.
Dad let's go and eat
Joey be fast or mom will get angry
Bill please
Eat faster Joey
Look at you, there's
so much of noodles left
Later have to send you to school.
Teacher wants to meet me
What did you do in school
You better behave
Take your time in teaching children
Children should be scolded
Ah Di is not free lately?
Why don't we eat together?
Working in bank is busy
Mom, remember we are
performing on sports day
Okey okey, faster eat
Sorry this card cannot get through
Try this
Thank you
Dad eat more if it's delicious
Susanti bring grandpa home later
Ok, ok
Okey okey, I'll come over later
Mom I know you like to eat roasted pork
This is for you
Dad, I know you like roasted pork too
Son , son
Mom, doctor said your back will
recover after one or two more treatments
You can follow us back to Perlis
Very soon you can be back in Perlis
Good Good Good
Son, don't cheat
old rule, losers will wash all the clothes
One, two, three, wash the clothes
I win
Mom you don't have to wash
Why are you eating so fast?
Do you want one more
Come! Come! Come! Aunty, sister,
brother, uncle and everybody
And all the aunties please come over
My name is Ultraman
As I only introduce to you the
best things cannot be competed and
most worthy to buy
You all are lucky today
Because I will introduce to you
The country's most well-known
brand in all television ads
That is the X brand
Isn't X brand among the worst?
This aunty, I haven't even finish talking
Introducing to you today,
super smart drying machine
It dries everything. Drying
hair, drying clothes, drying pants
Dry socks, dry shoes
Can also dry water with it. Come,
I'll give you a demonstration.
Applause please
It can blow dry everything? If it
is so, can it blow away my wrinkles?
Even wrinkles too. Show
it to you right away
Come over and line up
Ultraman Ultraman
Ah Hock, come on over
Promotion is for today.
Everybody one. Come
Uncle. Thank you. Uncle, thank you
Uncle Ultraman, you're so clever
In Kuala Lumpur, you
have to be more creative
I'm sure you have the idea
My mom wants to buy a hearing aid
I want the cheapest and best quality
No problem, I'm ultraman
so what am I best at?
That is, finding the
best and advanced thing.
What is it A hearing aid hearing aid
A hearing aid, no problem!
Your mom asked me to bring this to you
So many things. Sorry to bother you
Don't be.
I just want ask about these things,
this product, will it blow off big belly?
Uncle I am not finished talking yet
Sure, it can blow away your big belly
If it is so, I will buy one
But I'm only left with the demo set
Dad, the radio is broken, aren't
you supposed to change a new one
We'll change it next time. Now the
most important thing is to save up money
Buy a hearing aid for grandma
It's okey if there's no music but
poor grandma cannot hear clearly
Ah Boy, dad is poor
Sitting in old truck, will you blame dad
No, truck is better, bigger than the Benz
Let me sing you a song
O Kay
Singing song
I act as "Ah Beng", you said I'm outdated
You're singing a song that's been
one year old, you're even outdated
Sing a song
Sing a song
Students, I will say for
the this one last time
Everyone have to pay
attention in my class.
I don't want to see students
getting lazy, understand
Both of you sit down. One more time
Mrs. Lau or supposedly
known as Madam Lim, right
Any title will do
You've seen her scores, Joey's
result was never like this before
Children's life shouldn't be
affected by household problem
I think you need to
spend more time with Joey
Sir, everybody knows that parents
need to spare time for their children
But you know, I'm a single mother
I need to work and I am the breadwinner
See, I've just sat down for a
while, the phone hasn't stop ringing
Now it's not that I don't
want to, It's just that I can't
Excuse me
I'll call you back later
We need money to go on with our lives
Everybody knows of this
But you can plan to spare some time
It's better if you can
spare the time for Joey
You should know this very well
Certain things are made for
your needs, not your wants
Okey okey, I will figure a way out
Come Be more sweeter , nearer
Okey Okey, be fast
Again again very good
Yes change a pose
To the side, to the side
Ah Gong, don't let aunty
know that I brought you here
Ah Di
You all keep the pose like
this, closer a little bit ,
Why are you wearing like this
Don't you have to work today
I've stopped working for a long time
Now I'm a pan time photographer
I don't understand what you're
thinking, isn't the bank job good
Now you're dressing loosely
Kind people will be blessed
Is it done, my back is aching
Coming , coming
Put this lamp over there
Then, take both of the
bubble gun out, thank you
Yes, come, keep smiling sweet
Faster, if not I will bumped into you
Your fast, dad! GO.
Little brat, please stay still
Dad, help me cut my hair nicely please.
If not, when I go to Kuala
Lumpur they will laugh at me.
Your just going for a competition
You thought your going for a fashion show?
Yes, that miss Lee said
Uncle Lim's birthday is coming soon
What can we give him
I have an idea
Lam Xiao Sun
Uncle Lam's son.
We can give him a surprise.
Smart boy
Come, let dad help you
trim your hair nicer.
Hi, do you normally do
Breast Self-examination?
But did you know, in our
country, every 14 chinese females
There will be one who will
suffer from this sickness.
It is very easy to check
Press gently using your three fingers
There is no tumor in this.
And for this, there is Atheroma, Uncle
How do you check if there is tumor of not?
Anyway, there will be females at home
It's good to learn to check
Come, I'll show you how
Using these three fingers,
rotate gently from outside in
There is no lumps, this is normal
And this there is Atheroma
And as for this, this has lumps.
If you find this kind of condition,
this means that you might have cancer.
Thanks uncle.
Thank you for involving in this
breast cancer awareness campaign.
Thank you very much
Grandpa, please help
me bring her to school.
I need to get back home and cook
Grandpa, fast, fast.
It's getting late, go..
Grandpa, what is that?
what do you want to eat boss?
We have, wantan noodle. Prawn
noodle, Ban noodle, Ahsam Laksa.
Asam Laksa
What of noodle?
Asam Laksa lah
Two Asam Laksa with bihun,
and one mix bihun and mee
I want green onion, cucumber,
add small chili, and that's it.
Give me more shrimp paste
Grandpa, does it taste bad?
I can cook a hundred better than this
If you don't believe, ask your mom.
Bare with it then...
It's like this in Kuala Lumpur.
Ah Cheng.
Dad. Daddy
Ah Jiao said you went to Hong Kong?
Why are you here?
All of you are lying to me
Mr Lam, there are people looking for you.
You are Mr Lam Xiao Sun?
Yes, I am.
Hi, I'm so happy that I found you
Hi, Hi.
Uncle Lam always praise about you
in front of us, that his smart looking
You are really very smart looking
Which Uncle Lam are you referring to?
Your father, who is living
in an old folks home in Perlis
Next week is his birthday, and we
are planning to give him a surprise
My father has passed away.
Are you the same Lam Xiao
Sun on this name card?
Yes, this is my name card.
But as I said my father had passed away.
He... his still alive.
I know, Uncle Lam has a weird temper.
And he before he likes to gamble
But he is getting older.
His getting older, just
keep him company for awhile
Let me tell you the last time,
my father has passed away.
You are ridiculous
Uncle what are you doing?
Im taking photo of you
as an unfaithful son.
I don't care who you people are
I don't care why you came here for.
But let me tell you the last time,
my father has already passed away.
The exit is over there.
Do forgive Uncle Lam, if he has
done any wrong doings before.
Forgive him, as he is getting older.
Well, I have not seen this kind of
people all these years in my life.
Super invincible, Unrivaled, such
an unfaithful, civilized scum.
Uncle Lam is so unlucky.
Few days back, he feel and hurt his leg.
And I thought if his son goes
back and I can give him a surprise
And seeing his son being like this.
Uncle Lim, you are so lucky.
Your children as so good to
you, and your daughty is so rich
Life is different for everyone
Let me tell you, "face changing" is
actually china's most treasured tradition.
And it is also the most difficult to learn
But, don't worry, today
Me, Yang yang will design
a shirt for everyone.
A face changing shirt
Whoever puts on this shin can get
to do the "face changing" performance.
Come, let's try
Uncle Lam, it's for you
Guang Fu Chao!
Whats the matter?
How is everything? Your still alive?
Even when your dead I will still be alive.
My son treats me very well.
He also bought supplements for my legs
Your son, treating you good, that's great
That's for sure! I've won you.
Yes, you win, you win, you win everything
How? Now you've lost, you
don't dare to come back?
Take a rest..take a rest.
Kakak, teach me how to do this.
Don't want, it's so smelly!
Please Kakak, teach me.
I don't know what is this,
ask grandpa to teach you
He? He doesn't know anything.
Kakak, Please.
I have no time, and I need
to cook. That thing is stinks
Kakak, Please
Your calligraphy is very nice.
It looks like you've
photocopied it. Can you teach me
No problem, come. come.
If I get an A for this, I'll
treat you a bowl of Asam laksa.
Q key
Students, get ready.
One! Two! Three! ENERGY... Four! Five!
Seven! Eight! STOP!
Mr Lam
You all are representing the Federal
Territory, not only for our school!
How are you going to win, when you all
are using this attitude to practice?
If you all want to take pad, be
serious about it. if not, don't.
But, Mr Lam, Sports is about learning
and having fun at the same time.
Wrong, having fun is having
fun, learning is learning.
If you want to learn, be
serious, if not don't take pad.
We will try our best.
Everyone bend down, frog jump 50 times.
Bend down! Bend down!
Mr Lam, how about 5 times?
Okey, 50 times! 50 times!
All of you better listen
to what Mr Lam said
A little punishment is encouragement.
Come let's do the frog jump together
Ready, jump! Jump!
Give me some spirit. Jump!
Ultraman. Coming coming.
Quickly reveal all his bad deeds. Alright.
Aunties, Uncles, brothers and sisters.
Today, I will tell you
all about a person who is
Unbelievebly terrible,
horrible, nasty beast
What is the most important
in our Chinese culture?
I think there's something
happening over there.
Yes, pretty... filial!
That's right! Rather have a slice
of meat, than to have a child.
Roasted pork, Roasted pork
Yes your right! Roasted Pork!
But its too bad!
The father of this roasted pork
gave him the education he need.
But he instead left his
father in an old folk's home.
And that's not all
He will not go back to celebrate
his father's birthday with him.
And still curse that his father is dead
That's bad!
You... Don't you simply talk bad about me.
I can sue you with the law of defamation
Defamation? Did I mention your name?
That's right.
You're just assuming that
we are talking about you.
Coach! Call the security!
Yes yes
Security! Faster, come over.
What are both of you doing?
Come down come down
Don't disturb! Come
down.. come down..come down
We are not disturbing!
He is not a good man!...not good!
We are the good ones.
You can speak to me in
Cantonese, I understand.
Come down come down
You can speak Cantonese,
why didn't you say earlier
I answered so many
questions, do I have any prize?
Sorry, we are not the MyFm Crew
Sis, What happened?
Im currently shooting
an MV, I have no time
Do I have to?
The other day I just got scolding
from him, where will I dare?
Don't you have time to send him?
Can I say no..
Alright than"
Ah Di (little brother), why
are you standing over there?
Come over to help me choose
I don't know how! What is this?
This way
How much is it?
Four ringgit
Dad, mint
Your sister doesn't like it.
Thank you!
You first,
Is it heavy dad?
No, just drive safely
Hold tight...! okey!
Cousin brother
"Duo Hao" I've said so many times,
not to reserve parking space for me!
You can any how park over here.
Cousin, are you in a bad mood?
Why is your temper so bad today?
I have never seen anyone
who is so Unfilial.
However, today I've bought
mom's favorite "rojak"
Your mom will be very happy, faster go up
Pretty! Pretty! Rojak
Pretty. .!
Where is my mom?
Awhile ago, before I went
down, she was still here
My mom has Alzheimer; you
should keep an eye on her.
Why do you have to go down and
reserve parking space for me?
Her shoes are also not
around, she really went out?
I now only have a mother and a son.
Pretty... pretty! mom... mother... mom...
Ah Hock
I've been looking for
you, why are you here?
Im here to pay all your fines!
No one want to help me pay.
Here, they are selling lottery, mom,
this is not the place to pay fines.
If I've won the money, than I will
have money to pay for your fines
"Duo Hao" can be your wife
Ya ya... Let's go home..
Why is there so fines?
You are the one... park all over
the place, got so many parking fines
"Duo Hao" always is
the one who pays for you
Let's go home
Grandpa you can cook so well,
ma'am surely will praise about it
That's for sure, Asam
Laksa is my best dish
Ah Di, is it enough
There's more in the
kitchen, go get some more
Sis, do you want some more
No thanks
I'll help you take
No thanks no thanks
no thanks... I'm already
so fat, if I eat some more I'll get fatter
You go get for yourself
If you like it, than eat
more, why loose weight
Yala, dad knows that you don't like mint
so today's Asam Laksa he didn't add any.
Made my Asam Laksa have tasteless.
Outside food always
adds MSG, and you always
eat out, better eat more home cook food
You are living a... lone
Alone, whats bad with
being alone, I'm also alone
The society is like this...
Able to eat, able to wear, the
most important is to be happy
We are a family; we must share
all the good and bad stories.
More person knows,
more person able to help
Dad, I've asked you to move
over but you don't want.
I'm not use staying here.
Over there, I have many friends;
I can take care of myself.
Dad can't be taking care of both
of you for the rest of my life
I'm old already! Now! I
get all the aches and pains
I think, I have gotten breast cancer.
Please, dad.
Even if sis gets it
won't even pass to you.
Can you not simply curse on me?
It is true
Today you're here to quarrel with me?
Are you free tomorrow?
Dad, Ah di will bring you for a check up
No need.
If not he will be thinking a lot about it.
Better check it properly, if not he
will thought he really got breast cancer.
Dad, better got get some rest,
we will settle things out.
It won't be good if you
cut your fingers later
I'm not that old yet,
why do you care so much
Let the maid do all this
Next time if we say we want to
have abalone, and shark's fin
Will you jump down into
the sea to catch for me
You use to say, we don't know how to
think for ourselves, your just the same
Don't you know that we
will be worried for you
Dad, what are you doing?
Im looking for a string to tie up all
the leftover and keep it in the fridge
This is yours?
I can't accept this
Is that her cloth? Can't she let me use?
It's okey uncle, you don't have to worry
The percentage for man to
get breast cancer is very low
But for precaution. It
is best to do a full check
If there is anything, its best to find out
earlier and it will be
easier to cure.. okey?
Uncle, we are now doing an ultrasound
scan, is a more thorough examination
You don't have to be scared
Uncle, don't worry, it will be fine
It's just for awhile
Dad, after a couple of days, we will
send you back , when sis is free,
Don't have too...
I can get a ride with Ah Hock lorry.
Lady Boss!
Did you bring what I wanted?
Don't worry, your lack of innate,
you have my acquired grants
Thanks a lot..
The next time when you come over to
my stall, I'll give you a discount.
That's for sure
Later tonight, when Ah Hock sees
my dress up he surely will like it.
Where will you go for dinner tonight?
I'm not sure, he said he
will bring me to a fancy meal
Men are very cunning
I think, surely tonight he will
bring you to a five star hotel
So highclass
Have a candle light dinner
So romantic
Then, continue with a bottle of wine
Make you drunk
You are so bad...
Boss, what you want to eat?
What do you have here?
Pancake, Pancake with egg, Pancake with
Sardine, Fried Noodles, Fried Kuah Tiu
Fried rice, Fried egg,
Give me one of everything
Alright, boss
So much, it's a waste of money,
What will be waste
The amount of money that you help me
to pay for my fines is also not little.
Your mom promised me not to tell you.
Why don't you tell me.
You look very pretty today
Not really! I borrowed from my friend
You're the school beauty princess,
you look good in anything.
Don't make fun of me like this"
There are thirty of us in a class,
And im the only girl, for sure
I will be the beauty princess
A person with a kind
head, always looks pretty
Yes, thank you for all these
while for taking care of my mother.
Don't say like that, I also
consider her as my mother
The doctor said my mom's
back has almost recovered.
By next week she can go
back with me to Perlis
Remember, not to give her
to much hot and sour food
When ever you are free, do some
exercise with her, its good for her back
Lets start eating..
Beauty princess
Do you have time next week?
What's going on?
I'd like to ask you to go to Perlis
Go to Perlis for?
It's Uncle Lam's birthday,
and you cook very well
Therefore, I would like you to help out
Okey! No problem.
But, I don't provide gas.
That's not a problem
I might not have everything,
but for gas I have plenty.
Sorry, my car don't have air conditioning
It doesn't matter, it's very cooling
It's more spacious than a sports oar.
Is your radio spoiled?
Too bad I have no other car.
I only have this old lorry to fetch you
Don't be silly
Lorry is good, its bigger
and spacious then Ferrari
This line sounds so familiar
Let me sing a song for you
Don't tell me its?
Surely not!
I like this song!
What happened, Joey.
Why are you unhappy?
Don't be unhappy!
See, grandpa have written you a few Couplet
This, is for this year
This, is for next year
This, is for the year after next
This, is for the after the year after next
Grandpa is going back tomorrow
Grandpa, can you still
write for me in future
Grandpa is getting old, don't know if
I have the chance to come back again
Don't be unhappy
Come, grandpa accompany you
to play video game, alright?
Grandpa play video game with you
After watching the band's
wonderful performance,
1819 National Championship
will soon begin.
There are four teams, coming from the
North East South part of the Malaysia
Will fight for the highest honor today
Red house... GO
Shoulder up
Yellow team kids, You're the best
Remember our goal: champion is ours
who is the best
Team Yellow
Who will win?
Team Yellow
Dear students, Don't be sad
Because, this year we are in second place,
but next year our target
is to get the champion
Nevermind, you all have tried your
best, lets do it again next year.
Before the prize giving ceremony start
We now carry out a show for parents
and children to perform together
Please give your warmest applause to
welcome our guest for today's performance
Joey, Where is your mom?
Mommy has to work today, she can't make it
So do you still want to perform?
You actually don't have to worry
There are many similar cases
and the technology today is so
advance, there will be cure for it
The most important thing is as family,
as children, you have to
spend more time with him!
Lim Feng Jiao, what are you doing?
Hurry up, the whole bus of
passengers are waiting for you
Hi everyone, Hi everyone, our next
destination will be the souvenir shop
Ladies and gentleman, and dear students
Today's sports day is a success
Please give yourselves a round of applause
A sport is combined with moral,
intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic.
Family education take an important part
The performance just now, actually
im very touched after watching it
Because it reminded me about my dad
When I was young, my
father taught me a lot
gave me a lot of love, that's
why I can be a teacher today
When I was still young, I always think
that I want to see my father everyday
But, some things we just can't control.
It is because parents only will take
care of us first half of our lifes
We will only have chance to watch
our parents in our later lifes.
When the times up, we
have to be separated.
Therefore, parents.
Cherish the time with your children.
Dear students do appreciate
and treat your parents well
Don't be like Teacher Lam, when I want be
filial to my father
his already not around.
Your lying
His father is Lam Ah Choi, his
now staying in a home, at Perlis.
Ya, how can you say such a thing
Beware there will be retribution in future
You have high qualification but
you don't even know what is filial.
You brat... Mom
I know you can speak Cantonese
Lets go...
I really can't stand it,
its all because of him
Make me missed Ah Boy's prize giving.
Hope that what we did
could make him realize.
Its not that easy
When is your mom going back?
Just have to visit the doctor a couple of
times than she is ready to go back with me
I will also bring my
cousin sis back together
What a happy family
Uncle Lim, your so
lucky, you have a daughter
is so rich and your
granddaughter is so talented
Things will be better when you
view it from a different angle
Everyday is a good day; even
it's a sunny day or rainy day.
Uncle, beware of your bag.
That motorcycle has been following us.
That is my son
Stop the car, Stop the car.
Ah Di what happen
Wait. .wait..
This is for you.
What is this?
I have bought you this,
and remember to eat
Don't ask so much, and this"
The doctor said your fine
Just remember to exercise
more when you get back alright?
I still can can wear my
old slipper, its still good
Just wear it, I've bought it for you
Be careful when your going back alone.
Okey, I'm going for work now
Be careful... bye..
You too, drive slowly
You too...
Uncle Lim
Your son is very fashionable
Your so old fashioned
Now all the younger
generation dress like that
Your so awesome Unlce Lim
Don't pretend to sleep
Finally your back
Why did you fall till this state.
Was not careful
Your son bought for you this
My son?
All these tonic is for you
This is your son's name card
The other day, Ah boy
took it, keep it properly
You win
Mommy, when can we go look for grandpa?
Mommy is very busy
New year, New years time
we go look for grandpa
Huh, so long..
Can you bring me to
meet grandpa next week?
Don't disturb mommy
See, you've made mommy typed wrongly
Next year's Chinese New Year I only
will have the chance to see grandpa
Year after will get to see
grandpa for the second time
Mommy, how long can people live?
Erm... around seventy to eighty years old?
What? Seventy to eighty
years old? So little
Grandpa is now Seventy years old
Every year I will only meet grandpa once
If its like this, I won't get
to see him more than ten times
What tem times?
That means I only get to see
grandpa for another ten times
In my Drawer
The second drawer on the right
Ya... ya... in that red color folder
and the other two aunties
They are vegetarian, we
have to be prepared, okey?
What Susanti?
Joey is missing? Isn't
she at music school?
Sis, have you spoken to her teacher
Susanti where did you bring joey too?
I don't know. Normally at this
time I will bring her to school
Now she is missing
Everyday she goes to music school,
why today will she go missing
I don't know..
Sis, are you giving Joey a lot of stress
Did she go to her friend's house
Lately there is so much happening, first
dad, now Joey, why is it like that...
What is happening
Don't be like that...
The doctor said, he still needs a
second check up, dad might be alright
Now the most important
thing is to find Joey
From Bukit Mertajam to Sungai
Petani, Gurun, Alor Setar, Arau, Arau
"Guang Fu Chao" Cantonese fried,
didn't you study when you were younger?
I asked to scratch Johor,
and where are you scratching
Is it here?
No... That is Pahang..
Asked you to study hard when your
younger, you went to play marbles
Ya, ya, you're the best
Is it here
Later its your turn, I'll help you scratch
Okey... okey...
Aunty, you have a good life
Your future daughter
in law can cook so well
Thank you thank you
A cup of tea from you daughter in
law, your eyesight will be brighter
Pretty, what I cant see clearly
The people here all are so kind and lovely
and the scenery is so beautiful,
I really like this place
If you like it here, why not just stay
You can help me take care of my son
, and also cook nice food for my mom
But I don't provide gas
Mom, don't scare me
Is it this place
Right right
Joey Grandpa
How did you come over
Does your mom know that you're here?
Joey, You want to scare
mommy to death is it
When did you learn to be so
naughty, running away from home
Did you know mommy was so
scared when you went missing
You want to scare mommy to death is it
You don't want mommy is it
Mommy also misses grandpa a lot
Didn't I tell you, that mommy will
bring you visit grandpa for new year
What ten times
Grandpa will have long life
ls Lam Ah Cai in
Lam Ah Cai, Someone's here to look for you
Your son is here
Its good that you came, young man
There will be no hatred
among father and son
Your son is here
Dad, Happy birthday
You unfilial guy, finally
you've realize your conscience
Lucky you came
If not I'll expose your
bad deed in the newspaper
Uncle Lam, Come over here, over here
See this, see this,
Uncle Lam is not married,
how could he have a son
Have you made a mistake
All the time he has been saying
he has a son at Kuala Lumpur
His afraid of losing
Both of you always quarrel, in order to
win, he made up stories to deceive you
Is it true
Very sure, Uncle Lam has
been staying here for ages
Whether or not he has a son, I wont know?
I also have no idea where
did he get the name card from
Mr Lam, actually your
father has really passed away
parents is not around when we want to care
Not around
Why did you come over, when
its such a long distance.
If I could make an old man
happy by being a son for a day
A bit tired is certainly not an issue
Your also very filial,
eventhough your pretty thin
Wrong, thin or not, is not
connected with being filial
Ya, your right, there is no connection
Its quite nice here
Just come over when your free
The cake is here
So powerful
I see paddy field, we are reaching
Sis, can you drive faster
You thought that this is a
sports car? How fast can my car go
My motorcycle is faster than your car
Why not you drive
No thanks