Greed (2022) Movie Script

This is the blessing
that we've been waiting.
This is a huge amount.
I don't have money to buy a ticket.
I'm sure.
This will be worth it.
I don't know.
A ticket is so expensive.
It's for the both of us.
If we win.
Why is there a leg missing?
It's yours.
No. Take it.
Maybe this time
our luck will change.
I hope so.
I want to leave this place.
- Me too.
- And get married.
My best friend and I will win today.
We will win the jackpot!
The jackpot will be ours!
Hey! I'm getting jealous of you two.
- Come over here!
- Of course, my love.
You're leaving me behind.
I'm telling you my love.
We will win.
I hope so, Jesus.
It will take us the entire day
for the trip to the store and back.
- But...
- But, it's okay.
It's okay, we will be back
with new cars.
I will buy a...
classy sports car.
And two cows.
I will leave our house.
I'll buy a house in town.
And will sleep all day.
I hope we will win.
This is a waste of our money.
Let's just save that.
You're right.
Let's go.
Hey. Wait. Wait.
Are you guys backing out?
Don't. It's a waste
of opportunity.
Instead of five tickets,
I'll just buy four.
I'll give you money to get one.
No, don't.
It's okay.
It's a big gamble.
Save your money.
What's wrong with you two?
We always share everything.
Just don't tell Dely.
And if you guys win,
you'll share some with me.
If I win, I will give you...
Twenty five percent.
No. wait...
Just fifteen percent.
No. I'll just pay for it.
Go ahead my love.
Pick your numbers.
What will I pick?
It's up to you my love.
You're the lucky one.
For me
Sorry, I cant invite you in.
That's okay.
I also don't want to see
your grouchy father.
Let's be patient.
I know.
Will you be the one to keep the ticket?
Of course.
Do you remember when
you lost your passbook?
Because that account is empty.
Okay. Hide it well.
I will.
Where's my kiss?
I was the one who painted
your shovel's handle, right?
I painted it red.
Oh, yes.
Because I always confused yours for mine.
Thank you again.
For letting me farm in your land.
What's wrong with you, Dadong?
How many times do I need to tell you...
That's nothing. Don't think about it.
Thank you, anyway.
I really hope...
something will grow here.
I hope so too.
More villagers leaving.
Poor animal.
I wonder who owns that?
It's my first time to see that here.
Maybe it's wild.
What if...
we sell it?
Let's go.
Slowly, it might run.
That's it.
I'm sure I'll have better luck now.
What's wrong with you?!
My tickets nearly burned.
Was that my fault?!
Are you joking?!
If these burn
how can we collect our win?!
You're such an idiot.
Why don't you use the gas lamp?!
Sto. Nino doesn't like the gas lamp.
He likes the candles. Moron!
And don't curse near Sto. Nino!
If you're back here on earth,
clear that table
so that we can have dinner!
How much did you earn today?
Why should I tell you?!
- Come on.
- Idiot.
Did you hide the ticket well?
You know what?
Maybe I should keep it.
Your nosy father may see it.
That will be tough.
Don't you trust me?
I trust you of course.
Are just going to leave?
I'm going.
If I leave.
I'll go to the city.
Far away from here.
I'll be a millionaire by then.
I'll just go to the mountains.
With Kichi.
That's all we want.
A quiet life.
Don't give up so easily.
Who knows...
one of us may win the jackpot.
The truth is, I don't really know
where to go.
I'll buy this entire land.
All of these will be ours.
What's our plan?
We can elope.
What will we do after that?
How will we survive?
Whatever happens,
we will be together.
I can sell this.
We can move somewhere else.
And be married?
And be married.
What we will earn from selling this land
will be enough for the both of us.
But, how about Dadong?
Where will your friend farm
if you sell your land?
Let's give him something.
It's just enough for us.
Even a tiny amount?
We will need every single cent.
This is for the Sto. Nino.
I placed my tickets beside him.
So that he will give me all the luck.
How about you?
Where did you hide your ticket?
I think Kichi tucked it in a bible.
Maybe I should have
done the same thing.
So that Jesus and all his angels,
and all his saints
will join forces
to let us win.
Why didn't you take
Tomi with you?!
We will win today.
I will buy you
a new dress and shoes.
Stop fussing.
I should have sold
rice cakes instead.
I'd be making real money!
You don't want a new dress?
Thanks. Just buy me a new car.
I'll buy two cars.
Two just for me.
You will walk back home!
No car for you!
No car for you!
Screw this!
You're bad luck!
I've told you
to bring flowers
for Sto. Nino everyday!
Did you do it?! You ass!
You should have prayed harder
instead of day dreaming and wishing.
Do you know how?
Do you even know how to pray?!
What do I care about your lotto...
and your prayers?!
Do you know what I'm praying for now?
To be home
so that I won't hear
your voice!
My prayer is that
I won't see your face!
You asshole!
Useless prick!
Screw you!
Five tickets.
Not even a tiny win.
We bought
and we didn't win.
Trust in God and persevere.
Did you check your ticket numbers?
It's really impossible to win.
We may have thrown
the ticket away already.
I wished we used the money
to buy food instead.
You're right.
- Okay.
- See you.
Hey, you're early.
I'm just about to cook.
I don't know.
It feels like...
the land is angry.
I saw Dadong earlier.
I felt sorry for him.
It's really impossible to win.
You know what?
We just wasted money.
That's exactly what I said.
But, try to imagine
if we won.
What will we do with that money?
An entire day in
a beauty parlor for me.
For me...
I'll buy my very own tractor.
And of course a grand wedding.
I just want a simple wedding.
No fuss.
No way!
What I want is
a hundred roasted pigs.
And about five cows.
And a ton of cakes.
We will never run out of it.
I just want one special cake.
I hope it was our ticket that won.
What if we won?
Right? What if we are the winners?
That will be awesome.
My love...
What are you doing?
I thought I saw
the numbers in the papers.
Six, twelve, thirteen
thirty four, forty two, fifty two...
These look like
the numbers I picked.
Where's the ticket?!
Isn't it with you?
It's with you!
I know it was just here.
Is it lost? Where is it?!
I put it here somewhere,
I tucked it here.
Maybe in my clothes.
Six, twelve, thirteen...
Thirty four, forty two, fifty two...
Oh my God.
Six, twelve, thirteen...
Thirty four, forty two...
Fifty two.
We won!
Let's stay quiet.
This is the best-smelling stench
Ive ever sniffed.
Its so sweet.
Let me smell it.
we need to go
to the lotto store.
So we can compare our numbers.
I'll write down our numbers.
We'll leave the ticket here
to be safe.
You're right.
We won.
We won.
Are you alright my friends?
Do you need anything?
We can't be obvious.
Let's stay quiet.
We need to send money to Manila.
For Kichi's sister.
Then, you need to buy another ticket.
Don't lose hope
until you win, okay?
So you can send more money
to many more sick relatives.
My friend!
My love...
We need to keep
our win a secret, okay?
Especially the ticket.
Yes. It's a secret.
Let's go.
We need to be quiet.
Life goes on.
We have enough time before
the lottery office forfeits the ticket.
Ninety days.
We cant trust anyone, okay?
Not even Dadong.
Why even Dadong?
Just because.
I will win!
I will win!
Dadong, your lunch is here.
I will win!
Damn moron.
You need to go.
I need to go home too before
they start looking for me.
My chickens used to just roam free.
Two are missing!
During difficult times,
criminality is so rampant!
My love?
Did you hide the ticket well?
Chapter four.
Verse nineteen...
And my God will meet..."
"all your needs..."
"according to his glorious riches..."
"in Christ Jesus.
What is that?
I tucked the ticket in your bible.
Philippians Chapter 4 verse 19.
Son of a...
Go ahead. Leave!
Buy your cheap alcohol
and many lottery tickets!
Of course!
Screw you!
Screw you too!
You're a moron too!
Here comes my jackpot.
My jackpot!
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
Please give me the jackpot.
I'm already suffering.
Give me the jackpot.
Hey, Dadong.
Are you okay?
You need to stop drinking.
Think of your health and your wife.
I will win soon.
I know that.
So we'll know when
we should get the money.
Give me money.
You ass! Earn your own money!
Screw you too!
You ass!
You jerk...
You animal!
You're an animal!
Screw you, you're useless!
Arent you going to fight back?
Screw you!
Useless dog!
What?! Do you want more?!
Screw you!
Huh? What?!
Do you want some more?!
I'm sorry. I wasn't able
to leave the house early.
It's okay.
You dont really need
to be here every morning.
But, I want to.
I've made breakfast.
Do you want to eat?
I already ate.
Dely left.
- What?
- She left Dadong.
Let's leave too.
Sell this house and your land.
I have some savings too.
Right away.
We need to decide right away.
Because we only have...
- Eleven weeks.
- Eleven weeks.
Sorry to barge in.
What happened to you?
Oh my God!
Have a seat, Dadong!
What happened to you, Dadong?
Watch your head.
I'm so sorry...
I need some money.
You can loan me even a little.
I promise to stop drinking.
I'll use it for food.
Yes. Of course!
Tomi will lend you money
even a small amount.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Don't think about the payment.
Are you planning for something?
We're planning to...
have a baby.
Nearly there.
Thank you again.
That was close.
Yes, for both the land
and the house.
Its still too much.
By the way...
How about Dadongs farm land?
If we agree on the price.
Original price for the land
and less 25 percent
for the house.
How are you my friend?
It's a beautiful day!
Two tickets.
Why the long face?
Today is your lucky day.
I hope so.
Oh, you havent heard?
The winner
is from this province.
Who knows...
the winner may even be
from your village.
Maybe the next winner
will be from the same place.
Just two?
Make it four.
Buy more my friend.
No one has claimed the jackpot yet.
Maybe theyre being safe.
Its a wise move.
Maybe its you.
If I was the winner,
I will get the money
on the first day.
You're so smart my friend.
Maybe you will get the next jackpot.
Make it five tickets.
You're really smart.
Are you sure
you don't know the exact place
where the winner is from?
How does one claim a win?
Can it be right away?
Is an identification card required
when one collects the win?
Can I have a piece of paper?
You can grab paper from the trash.
So you...
Are you getting a commission?
Your store?
We will get a very tiny sum.
You mean...
that will be deducted
from my win?
If you win
you will pay taxes
to the government.
I won't be getting anything from...
your win.
Damn government.
Thirty four.
Forty two.
Fifty two.
Maybe we should
give Dadong
even a little amount.
He's our friend.
So he can
stand up
and start a new life.
I'm not sure about that.
My love...
If we let one know,
this entire village will find out.
It will be messy.
We may get robbed.
Or hurt.
What's that?
- It's nothing.
- Let me see.
That father of yours.
We're leaving anyway.
Let me take a look.
I'm okay.
Hi, Dadong.
Aren't we looking dapper tonight?
Very classy outfit, huh?
All brand new!
New shirt.
New pants.
New flops.
That's not rubber.
It looks expensive.
Looks like your loaded.
- I have no money.
- Are you the winner?
Why don't you share your money?
I don't have money.
And I'm not the winner.
Why are these all brand new?
These are from my sister.
You must be the lotto winner, right?
Thirty four.
Forty two.
Fifty two.
Are those the numbers
you picked
in the lotto?
It's not me.
Why won't you share?
I have no money.
I was told that
the winner is from our province.
Most likely
from here!
Maybe one of our neighbors.
If it were me?
If I win?
I will share first
before I buy new clothes!
If I win,
I will share my money with you all!
We will renovate your store.
if one of you wins the lotto,
you should
give back to the community!
That's the right thing to do!
What are you doing here?
People in the village are talking
about a winner from here.
Dadong was with them!
What should we do?!
Maybe, we can...
I don't know.
Let's talk about it tomorrow.
Go. Father might see you.
Go, now!
Has it been claimed my friend?
Which one my friend?
6, 12, 13...
34, 42 and 52?
No one yet.
Screw this!
We are leaving, Dadong.
We will try our luck in town or somewhere.
I know carpentry.
Kichi can work as a seamstress.
We'll leave secretly.
Don't come back.
Give Kichi a better future.
And your future family.
That's absolutely right, Kichi!
One less mouth to feed
by my parents.
You sold your land to Fernando?
And your house too.
He's my landlord now.
I should have told you.
That's nothing.
My only wish for you both...
is for you to be healthy
and happy always.
I won't tell Kichi's father
that you guys eloped.
I wish...
If only one of us won,
you wouldnt be leaving.
This is for you.
That's enough.
If I was the winner.
I will give you money.
So you won't sell
your land and house.
These are all yours.
Take care, Dadong. Okay?
You take care too.
You guys take care!
When I was a kid, my father
took me there once
to sell the folks corn and rice.
I trekked there last week
to make arrangements
before we move in.
You can lie down here.
This is your best surprise yet.
Good morning.
This is Lita.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Thank you for your warm welcome.
And for letting us move here
to start a new life.
We offer to you our humble world.
Thank you so much.
Oh, by the way...
This is your receipt.
Do you have the keys
for the house?
Nobody in the hamlet
lock their doors.
You are in a very safe place.
That's alright.
We don't allow unmarried couples
to be together and live with us.
Its a sin in the eyes
of our Lord Jesus.
We want to get married
as soon as we're able to.
I can conduct a wedding
right now.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I can deliver you meat
and other supplies.
I wont charge much.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Nori.
Neighbors should help each other.
I want my wedding dance
right now.
Throw away everything inside.
I want it empty.
Clean it very well.
Yes, sir.
Here's half.
The other half, when youre done.
What are you doing?
We're safe here.
Even from wild animals?
Yes, even from animals.
Even the goats here are trained.
What's our plan?
Will you work?
Whats the point?
What for?
I'll farm
so that life will go on
until we can claim our win.
We need to be patient.
Are we getting the money
on the last day?
Or the day before that?
But, we dont know if
the 24th is the last day
or the day they forfeit.
I dont know either.
We need to plan this really well.
I'll grow my hair long
and grow a beard.
So, no one will recognize me.
I'll wear sunglasses
and I'll color my hair.
But, will that make you more obvious?
Won't you look more suspicious
with long hair?
Okay. No more.
My friend!
What is the date
June 24?
June 24?
That's the last day to claim the jackpot.
Last month's win.
Or else, it will be forfeited.
That's the last day for claiming?
June 24 is the last day
to get the prize.
Exactly what I said my friend.
It's impossible to win.
We probably ditched the ticket.
We need to send money...
We're planning to have a baby...
That's true.
We're eloping...
You outwitted me.
But, I will search for you.
And I will find you.
I'm smarter than you!
That's all good.
This is for the new bell.
Thank you to both of you.
It's the least that we can do.
The bell will ring at six in the morning,
twelve noon,
and for the evening angelus
Id like to formalize our arrangement
for the patch of land that I will farm.
This is too much, Fredo.
Just this.
Yes. Thank you.
Hear that? It's too loud.
Three times a day.
We are lucky to have
such friendly neighbors.
Especially Nori.
One day, Ill be pregnant
like her too.
Good day to you!
What's important is
they see me working.
That's all.
We need to be very careful
so that they won't suspect us.
Im so tired of farming.
I want a better life.
Look at these.
My hands are so calloused
and my back hurts every time.
Let's keep our eyes on the prize.
Just a little more patience.
Why dont you do
the farming for once?!
Lets see how far it will take you!
This is not the amount
that we agreed on.
I deducted one month
for your rental of the farm land.
Do you know where Tomi went?
Why should I care?!
Do we have to go to mass?
The priest rarely comes here.
When you
give alms
I hope you just give change.
What is wrong
with giving a little more?
We are about to get money soon!
What's wrong with you?
This place is our sanctuary.
Where did you go?!
Where did you go?!
There's no village nearby...
You may be in the mountains.
You gave birth!
Nori, when?
It's been two nights already.
It's a girl.
Isn't the hospital far from here?
Well, it's...
grandma who did it.
She's our nurse and midwife.
Thank you again.
I'm so tired.
I regret giving money
for that bell.
It's so noisy.
This will be over soon.
We will have a better life.
We're nearly there.
When we become rich,
I'll buy you a lot of that.
No need. It's just a waste of money.
I like these holes.
I was just about to make your lunch.
It's too hot outside.
I wish we have the money now.
Kichi, where's the ticket?
Where's the ticket?!
Why is it missing?!
Kichi? Why is the ticket missing?!
It's not here!
Are you accusing me of something?
Then, show it to me!
Where is it?!
What? You forgot where you hid it?!
No. I didn't move it.
Why are you angry?
Where is the ticket?!
We should always trust each other.
My love?
Screw you, Dadong!
Tomi. Kichi.
This is all your fault.
Exactly 14 days.
Weve been here
for almost two months.
About five days from now,
we should already leave.
I'm so sorry I got angry at you.
I have no excuse.
We stick together
and for each other.
Good morning.
Seedlings, for you.
You didn't have to.
Thank you.
Hard work bear fruits.
The land is here for us.
It offers itself to us.
We take care of the land
and it will take care of us.
If you need help with farming,
just let us know.
Yes. Thank you.
The community likes you.
And we will help you build your life
with us here.
Thank you again, sir.
Alright. We have to go now.
See you later, friend.
Six, twelve...
thirty four
forty two...
Is that a new list
of items that I need to buy?
Im so sorry for barging in.
The door was open.
This is your marriage certificate.
Here's your photograph.
Thank you.
Here's the fish.
Thank you, Nori.
Is there anything else Nori?
I wanted to ask if you both can
be the godfather
and godmother of my baby?
- Well...
- Of course!
Yes. Of course.
Thank you.
That was close.
You think she saw us
with the ticket?
Philippians chapter 4.
Are you impressed?
6, 12, 13, 34, 42, 52.
I've memorized it.
Make that sturdy, okay?
I heard that there are
animals roaming around
stealing stuff from different houses.
We're doing jokes now?
Want me to hammer your head?
We need to leave.
Let's not wait anymore.
We have some time
before the ticket is forfeited.
We can leave after
the baptism of Nori's baby.
Why did you have to say 'yes' to it?
We need to leave.
I'm pregnant.
I'm very sure.
I love you.
You are one month pregnant.
You should take it easy
and be very careful.
Because your pregnancy
may be problematic.
What should I do?
Stay at home.
Rest as long as possible.
We will leave after three days.
Early in the morning.
Would that be good for me?
As long as we take it slow.
I'll find a way.
Do you know...
Damn it.
If we take care of the land,"
"the land will take care of us.
Excuse me...
Do you have...
new neighbors here?
you know Tomi and Kichi?
Are there rich people here?
Water? Do you have water?
Miss! Water? I just want to have a drink.
Sit down.
Take a seat.
There's a stranger.
He asked so many questions
about the hamlet
and the names Tony and Betsy.
What does he want?
Did you see his face?
I didn't see his face well
I left him right away.
Here, drink water.
I'll come back later
and bring the fish.
Are you going somewhere?
No. We're just cleaning the house.
Do you need a carpenter?
My brother is a carpenter.
No need.
I can handle this.
You lied to me.
You know Tomi and Kichi!
I don't know what you want
and I don't know those people.
I want to ask you something.
I just gave birth. Have mercy.
Don't rape me.
I'm not a rapist!
that's full of supplies.
Now, it's empty.
Tell me. Okay?
Do you know Tomi and Kichi?!
Tomi is almost as tall as me.
I told you, there's no Tony
and Betsy here!
Tomi and Kichi!
Tomi and Kichi!
I said no!
That's Dadong.
It can only be him.
What is he doing here?
I have no idea.
But, I don't like it.
Let's leave tomorrow morning.
I'll speak to sir later.
Yes. Right. That's right.
It's impossible he knows.
But, why is he here?
The father of Ki...
of my wife is sick
when we left.
She's so worried right now.
We wanted to visit him.
We'll be away for three days
but we'll come back right away.
We will watch over your house.
- Hey.
- This is for you, sir.
Why is there always
an exchange with money?
Not everything needs to be paid.
- Thank you, sir.
- We are neighbors.
Thank you.
There's a stranger.
Is that the same person?
What does he look like?
I can't describe him well
because his face was dirty.
What does he want from you?
Tony and Betsy.
You should postpone
your visit to Litas father
until we sort this out.
It may not be safe for you both.
I will secure a ride for you
as soon as you can leave.
Yes, sir.
You're right.
Damn this life!
Coming here for nothing.
I knew it. Youre just here.
How are you, brother?
Where's the lotto ticket?
Bring it out.
Kichi is pregnant.
Don't hurt her.
We don't have a lotto ticket.
We left the village to elope.
You know that.
I told you that.
Screw you!
You can't fool me twice!
Screw you, Dadong!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
I swear.
That's enough!
Screw you!
Please, stop.
Screw you!
Screw you!
You wouldn't be able to buy that ticket
if I didn't convince you!
Those numbers...
My love!
Thirty four.
Forty two.
Fifty two.
You know those numbers, right?!
I don't know!
I really do not know!
Screw you!
Screw you two.
Do you think I'm an idiot?
You won the lotto!
My love...
Why won't you believe us?
There's no ticket!
We did not win.
"We don't have a ticket."
"We threw away the ticket." Shit!
We did not win!
There's no ticket!
You know that
our money was
from my land and house.
You knew that! I told you, remember?
Screw you two!
You are both liars!
All the angels and saints
cant hide your ticket.
Let's tell him.
Let's split the win.
He'll never agree.
He'll run off after he kills us.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't.
I give up.
Where is the...
Screw you, Dadong!
Make sure that I can't free myself!
If you will be free.
Please believe us.
There's no ticket!
There's no ticket
because you haven't claimed the money.
My love, let's give it to him.
It's useless now.
I don't want the money anymore.
Screw you!
Screw you, Dadong!
Screw you too!
June 24.
Why are your calendars
circled June 24?
June 24...
That's the first month
of my pregnancy.
Screw you, Dadong! Shit!
Bring the ticket out!
You're both liars!
No, Dadong.
You're mistaken.
That's a lot of money.
We can split it three ways.
- That's enough.
- You're so greedy.
I will find it.
Are you going to kill us?
Let's be quiet.
I don't want it anymore.
Someone will be here soon.
Our neighbor delivers our food.
There is still time for you leave.
We will forget this thing ever happened.
One stab will solve that.
You're like a brother
and sister to me...
We've been through a lot together.
This shouldn't have happened.
But, you are so greedy!
Where's the ticket?!
- Screw you, Dadong!
- Show me the ticket!
Please, stop it!
Screw you!
I taught you everything!
Screw you!
You ass!
Damn greedy!
- I may have a broken rib.
- That's enough!
- Too much complaining.
- Let's finish this.
Screw you, Dadong!
Did you hide the ticket?
Okay, good.
What should we do?
Let's go and bury this at the back.
Can you do it?
Too many questions.
What are we gonna do?
What will tell our neighbors?
Let's bury this!
Let's go!
Kichi. Not here!
Not in our land!
I don't give a damn!
We're leaving anyway!
Let's go! Are you disgusted?!
Come on!
Are you both alright?
I heard everything.
Don't worry.
We're all here for you.
We will help you.
Help? How?
Is that him?
Are you both okay?
I believe...
I know what's going on here.
This stranger...
He invaded our home.
He did this to us.
He tried to rob us.
You lied to me and to everyone.
I don't understand.
What... please tell us.
We barely survived from this stranger.
My decision?
We will share the money.
What? What money?
We don't have money.
There is a lotto ticket.
There's none.
You won.
No. We didn't!
That's not true.
No. We don't have a ticket.
There is no lotto ticket.
He's lying.
I saw them holding the ticket.
What you saw was a shopping list!
I know what I saw!
Is Nori lying?
What did Nori tell you?
Are you lying, Nori?
Do you all think...
my wife will lie to me?!
Tomas and Patricia.
Not Wilfredo and Lita Agosto!
Shit. There is still no rain.
We are not liars.
Nori is not a liar.
We all know that you are lying.
You made a liar!
I'm pregnant.
You are all good Christians.
Nori, you understand right?
Give us the ticket.
Share what you have.
It is better to give than to receive.
Okay. Okay! Yes!
We agree.
We will share!
The ticket...
It's in a post office box.
In town.
Let's go and get it together.
I saw Kich...
That woman...
I saw you holding the ticket.
That's a receipt from him!
I tucked it in the bible.
There is no post office in town!
There was never a post office there!
There you go.
They're admitting.
Where is the ticket?!
Strip them!
No! Please, no!
Give it to us!
Show it!
Thirty four.
Forty two.
Fifty two.
Are you hungry?
Spit it out!
Spit that out!
Give it to us!
Screw all of you!
Six. Twelve. Thirteen.
Thirty four. Forty two. Fifty two.
I knew it!
The winner is from your village.
I guessed it!
You are all so smart!
I know
it's for your security.
Let me hold this
while I call the main office.
Leave the ticket here.
Of course.
Take good care of that my friend.
That's for free.
Get some more.
That's free!