Green Dragon (2001) Movie Script

[man speaking English]
Get off the fence now!
This is for U.S. citizens only!
[all shouting indistinctly]
[inaudible dialogue]
[flashbulb bursts]
[phone ringing]
-[typewriters clicking]
-[indistinct chatter]
[man] Do you have any relatives here?
-[flashbulb bursts]
-[indistinct chatter]
[phone ringing]
-[flashbulbs burst]
-[phones ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
[phones ringing]
[ringing continues]
-[gunshots firing]
-[fan swirling]
[airplane engine whirring]
[man shouting]
[vehicle passing]
[birds chirping]
-[soldiers chanting indistinctly]
-[birds chirping]
[soldiers] One, two, three, four...
[chirping continues]
[horn honking]
[speaking Vietnamese]
I'm so worried. I came here not knowing...
[honking continues]
[speaking English] Welcome to America,
and welcome to Camp Pendleton.
My name is Gunnery Sergeant Jim Lance,
the senior staff NCO, in charge
of this camp.
At this time, I need each of you
to move to the Quonset huts
that you were assigned to.
There is one cot per person
and one locker per family.
-I repeat, I need
-[speaking Vietnamese] I came here alone.
-each of you to check-in,
-It's so sad without my family.
at the Quonset huts you were assigned to.
Do not switch huts at this time.
No one is allowed to leave this camp
without permission.
Anyone who speaks English,
please translate for the others.
Whoa, whoa.
[shutter clicks]
Lance Corporal, let's go.
[horn honks]
-[honking continues]
[Lance on bullhorn] Welcome to America,
and welcome to Camp Pendleton.
My name is Gunnery Sergeant Jim Lance...
[speaking Vietnamese] You go home first.
It's faster if I search alone.
[boy] Father, I am so hungry.
[girl] Mother, where are my clothes?
Honey, the milk is too bitter.
The baby won't drink it.
We might have to ask for sugar.
[man speaking English on radio] other related news,
today the 18th A.R.V.N. Division
and the Airborne Division of the South,
succeeded in holding off numerous assaults
from the North Vietnamese Army.
The battle is for the city of Xuan Loc,
located 40 kilometers northeast of Saigon.
This is the first time in a month
that the A.R.V.N. has seriously attempted
to halt the Communist offensive.
This is good news, maybe too late.
The A.R.V.N. had recently lost Da Nang
without a fight
and gave the N.V.A. little resistance
in Qui Nhon.
The N.V.A. offensive then continued south
to overtake Binh Dinh, Tuy Hoa
and other coastal towns
with little or no resistance
from the A.R.V.N.
An American commander today stated
that maybe we underestimated
the South's will to fight on their own.
The fierce stand at Xuan Loc
is a courageous effort for the A.R.V.N.
yet most experts believe
that it is too late.
Just 40 kilometers from Saigon
and no American support,
it's only a matter of time
before the N.V.A take control of Xuan Loc
and head for Saigon.
But while the shops
and restaurants may open
in Saigon as usual.
Many civilians are planning their escape
or just stirring their coffee,
endlessly waiting.
The fortunate few with U.S. dollars
and connections to the Americans
have been purchasing visas
for as much as 8,000 U.S. dollars.
For others, prayer is the only hope.
[speaking Vietnamese]
Why are you kids standing here?
What did I tell you?
We are looking for mom.
Mom promised us to meet in America.
You're right.
She told us to meet here.
But let's go eat lunch first.
Afterwards, I will help you find her.
Really? Because if I don't find her,
no one will be out looking for her.
Don't worry. She's okay.
Anh, where did you get it from?
Let me carry you.
[chattering indistinctly]
-Hey Tai! How are you?
I bet you your piece
that they are feeding us chicken.
How do you know?
Because I see the line is long.
Where did you get the bike?
An American soldier gave it to me.
I have a new business.
You can get whatever you want.
You know, I will help our people
make dreams come true.
Think about it.
Why did we bring gold here for?
How would you bring items in here?
[M.P. 1 speaking English] All right.
Let's go. It's your time. Come on in.
[speaking Vietnamese]
I will tell you a secret.
I know a cook named Addie.
He's my middle man.
Hey Tung, I have a watch.
Do you wanna take it? Come over later!
-[Tung] Yeah, I will see you soon.
-Hey, look again carefully.
Hey, why are you so strange?
Why are you ignoring me?
See? Is that right?
December 1972.
[speaking Vietnamese]
You know her?
[speaking English] Hey, Addie, my friend!
-You got the good?
-Duc, my man, I got you covered.
You come see me after lunch, all right?
[speaking Vietnamese]
That's Addie. He called me "my man".
Do you know what that means?
He is my friend. Don't be scared.
When you get a chance
you should practice English
with real Americans.
Remember, we're not living
in this camp forever.
Hey, how are you?
If you need anything, let me know.
-[man chanting in Vietnamese]
-[tapping wood rhythmically]
[M.P. 2 speaking English]
Sir. Yes, sir...
Yes, sir.
-[chanting continues]
-[tapping continues]
-[chanting continues]
-[tapping continues]
[owl hooting]
[speaking Vietnamese]
Please don't leave me here.
Can you bring my family and I with?
Don't speak nonsense.
I've brought you here,
how could I leave you?
[Tai moaning]
[moaning continues]
Yes, we will let you know soon.
-[phone ringing]
-Can you announce this message please?
Are you sure if this person left Vietnam?
I actually don't know.
Too many people request to announce
their family's names. We will try.
Oh, you can write a letter.
We will send it to other camps in America.
We have found many people that way.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
[woman on P.A.] Parents of Bui Thi Suong
arrived at camp last night.
Contact the Red Cross, area 4.
Parents of Bui Thi Suong
just arrived to camp last night.
Contact the Red Cross, area 4.
-[children chattering]
-Mom, please let me come with you.
Let me come, let me come.
[children laughing]
-[door opening]
-[baby crying]
[door closing]
Hey, look at the baby.
-Why did you say he can't have food?
-I already told you,
he was born in 1972.
So he is more than three years old.
He was born December 1972.
So only 28 months.
What? You are giving me food
or I will scream.
[speaking English] What's going on?
I want baby food for baby.
Why don't you give it to her?
What's the big deal?
Thank you. Thank you very much.
[speaking Vietnamese] It's because
of people like you we left our country.
[baby crying]
[man speaking English on P.A.]
no one is allowed to leave the camp
without a sponsor.
Anyone attempting to leave
without the proper authorization
will be put on probation
and possibly deported.
[woman speaking Vietnamese on P.A.]
Attention, no one is allowed to leave camp
without a sponsor.
Anyone who attempts to leave
without proper authorization,
will be put on probation
and possibly deported.
[man speaking English on P.A.] Tonight
at the outdoor theater,
we will be showing,
The Death of Captain Vasquez.
Showtime is at 8:00 p.m. sharp.
[woman speaking Vietnamese on P.A.]
Tonight, the outdoor theater
will show
The Death of Captain Vasquez
-Showtime is at 8:00 p.m. sharp.
-[shutter clicks]
Tonight, the outdoor theater will show
The Death of Captain Vasquez.
[speaking English] Hey, wait a minute.
[speaking Vietnamese] Showtime
is at 8:00 p.m. sharp.
[speaking English]
Is there something I can do for you?
Anything I can get you?
But maybe I could do something for you.
Do you realize...
that we put this place up
in less than 48 hours,
and that by the time the last porta-potty
is installed...
we're gonna be able to house
over 15,000 people?
And the thing I can't understand
is how we could do all this...
and mess up so badly over there.
Actually, there is something you can do
for me.
I have all these situations arising
with the refugees
constantly in the requests
and the problems.
Given the fact
that you speak both languages,
what would you say
to being my camp manager?
Job pays five dollars a day.
-Yes, I can do that.
If you show up at my office
at 0800 tomorrow,
we'll go over all the details.
-Oh. Jim Lance.
-My name is Tai.
Thank you.
[man on radio] And now news from Vietnam.
U.S. Army attach Colonel Wahle,
recently outlined four evacuation plans
for Americans currently in Vietnam.
-[speaking Vietnamese] Hey, look.
-Option one
and two were step-by-step airlifts.
Option three was a combination air
and sea-lift,
while option four, if needed,
will be a heliborne lift
from Saigon itself.
Americans in Vietnam were told to listen
for Bing Crosby's White Christmas,
-preceded by the weather report...
-[children chattering]
...and a reminder for all soldiers
to call home to their mothers.
This is all part of a coded message
for option four.
This message was played repeatedly today
on Armed Forces Radio in Vietnam.
-[woman chattering in Vietnamese]
-[sewing machine clacking]
-[women chattering]
-[chanting noise]
[women chattering]
[Addie] Hey, hey.
Are you one of those
everyone's talking about?
The ones who lost their mother?
Mighty Mouse.
I like Mighty Mouse.
-You mind if I sit down here for a second?
-[sewing machine continues clacking]
[woman speaking Vietnamese]
Honey, honey, come back here.
Where are you going?
[speaking English]
My name's Addie. You got a name, kid?
Well, the way I see it...
you don't have any friends here.
It might help
if you were a little more social, kid.
[woman speaking Vietnamese on P.A.]
Vuong Thi Le's family member just arrived.
Contact the Red Cross, area 2.
Vuong Thi Le's family member just arrived.
Contact the Red Cross, area 2.
[door opening]
[Addie] Hey, kid!
Come here for a second.
See you around, kid.
[children chattering and laughing]
[radio static]
[speaking Vietnamese]
How much are you betting, Tai?
Two dollars.
Let me tell you guys.
Actually, I have huge ambitions
in this country.
Me too. I am going to buy a Cadillac.
You know what I heard?
In America, they have to pay you
minimum wage of $2.10 per hour.
-Do they need a degree?
-Anyone can wash windows.
-Who can believe you?
That's the truth.
Someone in my tent told me so.
He has a nephew
studying abroad in America.
He washes windows every summer.
That's nothing.
More cards please.
My dream is bigger than washing windows.
-What are your dreams?
-Not sure.
Don't you guys see this mole?
Sooner or later,
it will bring me fortunes.
It doesn't bring love though.
I might open a place called
Little Saigon. Just imagine.
Our little community with all the shops
and Vietnamese restaurants.
It's like home away from home.
It sounds big and expensive.
Why think so big
while we are still stuck here?
We already lost everything!
What's more to lose?
Duc is right.
I'll be happy to even wash windows.
A little Saigon for Vietnamese people.
But no guarantee
we're gonna see each other out there.
They will spread us across the U.S.
Hey guys, listen.
[man speaking English on radio]
...after the last American was airlifted
out of Phnom Penh, the country's capital,
the Khmer Rouge arrived
and began the exodus of death.
Anyone with good clothes, soft hands
or a well-fed look
were shot and left to die
along the roadside.
In other related news...
[speaking Vietnamese] Turn the radio off.
Why do you keep listening?
So depressing.
What's depressing
is that we could have had the same fate.
Why did Americans abandon us?
Just let it go. It's over.
So stupid! What do you know?
Did you fight in Vietnam?
Do you still have family left behind?
Are you guilty of being here?
Didn't you listen?
The American are planning
different evacuation plans.
Directly evacuating from Saigon
is included. So stop worrying.
You know nothing.
Those are only precautions.
Our brothers will fight till the end.
-We'll win.
-Then what are we doing here?
You think they gave us housing
just to send us back?
What if I wanna go back?
I still have family over there.
-He's crazy.
-I'm serious.
I mean it, Tai.
Will they let me go?
-What about your wife and son?
-You're all traitors!
America is very rich,
it has everything.
But it doesn't have a taste of our blood.
[object clattering]
[door opening]
What are you doing, Hien? I'm begging you.
Please stop cutting.
Let's go see the movie.
I don't want to be seen with that whore.
Why are you doing that?
A whore does not need clothes.
-You should speak politely.
-Are you siding with her?
You're being loud again.
Still have money to pay for my silence?
What about her?
Too bad she doesn't know you're not
the rich man she married anymore.
Everyone knows you sneak out every night
with her. They keep looking at me.
-I'm so embarrassed.
-About what?
They are just looking at your clothes,
your make-up.
Look around. No one here
dresses up so fancy like you do.
You used to admire women with class.
Before the country whore stepped in.
Could you lower your voice?
She is my wife.
But I am your first!
I already gave you a child.
And about to have the second one.
You brought her whole family over.
And I have no one here!
Hien, you're six months pregnant.
I hope I lose the child, you bastard!
I am your wife.
She is just a country whore.
I'm not going to lose face.
Your second wife is a country whore.
If you get her pregnant, you must
leave her behind. Where are you going?
Or I will stay with both of your kids.
Do you understand?
Come on, Hung. There's a seat over here.
It's starting.
[man on screen laughing]
Brother, have you found mom?
Not yet. I will try again tomorrow.
Come on.
Lady, there's an empty seat there.
-[woman on screen in English] Wait.
[horses neighing]
-[gunshots continue]
-[man shouting]
[speaking Vietnamese]
You came here alone tonight?
Yes. My sister is with my father.
-Uncle, may I have some milk?
-Just hold on.
Would you like to go for a walk?
Come with me to find them some milk.
Alright then.
-[gunshots continue]
-[horses whinnying]
I can't believe I'm doing this.
I don't even know you.
I saw you the other day
arguing with a man at the cafeteria.
You were holding a baby.
It was last week.
I was babysitting other people's kid.
I didn't want to get upset,
but he thought he was above all.
How long have you been at camp?
Two weeks.
I came here with my father
and younger sister.
My family never hoped to get out,
but I prayed to the Virgin every night.
Now that wishes are granted,
my father just wants to return.
To be
buried next to mom.
He always carries mom's photo
in his wallet.
Why didn't he stay in Vietnam?
It's because of me.
I would not go without him.
-[children laughing]
-Kick it over here.
Only the children here
are oblivious of the pain and loneliness.
They are so free minded...
Except for Minh.
He is my nephew.
All he does is search for his mother.
I don't know what to do,
if his mom can't come over.
She probably can. Just keep praying.
All we have is faith.
-I'm sorry. Are you okay?
I'm working at the sewing tent.
If you'd like,
I can make a body for your niece's doll.
Thank you. Her name is Anh.
She would love it.
Do you like to listen to BBC
or Voice of America?
I try to avoid listening.
What are you planning
for your life in America?
I don't have a plan yet.
I'm just hoping for my brother and sister
to come here.
This can't be permanent.
America must have a plan.
Will they just lose?
[water trickling]
[sobbing softly]
[man chanting in Vietnamese]
[chanting in Vietnamese]
[vehicle approaching]
Hurry up. Something is coming.
[brakes hissing]
[door creaks]
[man] Brother! Brother!
[M.P. 3 speaking English]
Right this way people.
[Lance] Welcome to America,
and welcome to Camp Pendleton.
-[speaking Vietnamese] Welcome to America.
-[Lance] As you can see,
we're issuing each of you
a blanket or field jacket.
[speaking Vietnamese] Everyone
will be given a blanket and a jacket.
[Lance] Once you have gathered
all your belongings,
please follow the marine to my right,
and he will escort you to the chow hall
where you will be fed
before registration begins.
[officer speaking Vietnamese]
When starting to immigrate...
At that time, you will each be assigned
to your Quonset hut,
where every person will have one cot
and every family will have one locker.
Now I know you are all anxious
to be reunited with your families.
There's a bulletin board
at the Red Cross tent
as well as a team of Red Cross volunteers
to assist you in these matters.
Yet there will be plenty of time
for this once processing is complete.
This is a difficult task,
and we appreciate your utmost cooperation.
Thank you.
[speaking Vietnamese] We thank you
for your corporation.
[speaking English]
Lance Corporal, let's move them out.
[M.P. 4] Come on now. Let's go.
[speaking Vietnamese] Thank you.
Please line up and follow the marines.
[M.P. 4 speaking English] Single file.
Watch your step.
[M.P. 4] Right this way, please.
Right this way.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's the last
of our new arrivals for this evening.
At this time, I'd like you
to disperse back
to your Quonset huts and tents. Thank you.
[man chanting in Vietnamese]
[man chanting in Vietnamese]
[man speaking English on radio]
Earlier today, the fierce battle
-at Xuan Loc came to an end.
-[shutter clicks]
The A.R.V.N. defenders of Xuan Loc
fought bravely but were forced
to retreat.
And now with the N.V.A. within minutes
of Saigon,
defeat seems inevitable.
Morale is at an all-time low
and confusion surrounds Saigon
as President Thieu resigns
and is replaced by Tran Van Huong.
[indistinct chatter]
[speaking Vietnamese]
Uncle, when can we go over the mountains?
Soon. But we have to wait for your mom.
But why isn't she here yet?
She's coming soon. I promise.
Let's eat.
Do you have money?
-[Lance speaking English] Say cheese.
-No, no.
You shouldn't have done that.
It's bad luck for three in picture.
Well, what if a family only has
three members?
They never take any pictures?
[speaking Vietnamese] Don't do that!
Stop it.
[speaking English] Don't pee
on the Quonset hut.
[woman speaking Vietnamese]
We are so sorry!
[speaking English]
I'm learning Vietnamese.
I got the blankets you requested.
Here you go. Now listen.
It wasn't easy,
but I was able to move your file down
to the bottom of the list,
so it's gonna buy you some more time.
-Thank you, Jim.
Oh, uh, uh... let me ask you something.
I thought the Vietnamese liked fish.
Your fish has butter.
Too much fattening for us.
We like chicken.
In Vietnam, chicken is expensive.
[speaking Vietnamese] Fish is expensive
in America.
[speaking English]
Ah! Good.
[engine sputtering]
Oh... it's you again, huh?
If you want some fish, it's too late.
Are we gonna do this again, kid?
If you want something, kid, you gotta--
you gotta speak up,
you gotta say something.
You want something? Huh?
-It's your call. I got work to do.
-Mighty Mouse.
-You say something?
-Mighty Mouse.
[children chattering outside]
Don't tell anybody I brought you here.
This place is off-limits.
This is where I spend most of my time
when I'm not cooking for all of you guys.
Come over here.
When I first got here,
I saw this empty wall...
and I thought...
"What a waste it is."
So I started to paint it.
I don't think they'll mind, as long
as I repaint it when we're done.
So, you like it?
It's just a work in progress.
[woman on P.A. speaking Vietnamese]
Tonight, the outdoor theater
will be showing The Rocket Man.
For those of you using the library,
please do not tear the magazines.
[man on P.A. speaking English] Tonight
at the outdoor theater,
we will be showing The Rocket Man.
And for those of you using the library,
please do not tear out the pages
of the magazines.
Is there something wrong
with the way I look?
What you keep looking at me for like that?
You should mind your own business, kid.
For someone who doesn't open
their mouth, you know...
you talk a lot.
Yes, it's starting to look like you.
Who are you here with, kid? Hmm?
The man I saw you with,
is that your father?
Is your mother really lost?
Your mommy... where is she?
[speaking Vietnamese] Mother?
[speaking English] Is that
what you call her?
Where is your m?
[speaking Vietnamese] My mom
is in Vietnam.
[speaking English] Your m is in Vietnam?
[speaking Vietnamese] My mom
is in Vietnam.
[speaking English] You miss her,
don't you?
Got it.
I'm not finished with this yet.
Yeah, it's kinda funny.
Look at this.
I don't think I've had anybody ever laugh
at my drawings before.
Actually, I don't think I've ever--
I've never let anybody look
at my drawings before.
This makes you my first fan.
It's nice to meet you, fan.
What am I supposed to call you, huh?
I don't think that "kid" or "fan"
is actually that appropriate.
I'm Addie.
And you, you're...
[speaking Vietnamese] My name is Minh.
[speaking English]
It's nice to meet you, Minh.
Mighty Mouse.
No. I'm Addie.
No. Mighty Mouse.
I've been called many things, but...
Mighty Mouse it is, kid.
You know I think we need to get some kind
of secret handshake or something.
Here, put your hand up here like this.
Just like that, then you're gonna twist it
like that.
Grab it.
Slap and snap.
Thumb up in the air.
That means everything's okay.
[whispers] One second.
[clears throat]
That was good, kid. That was good.
That was good, Mighty Mouse. Come on.
Again. Yeah?
Slap, drop, boom.
Very good.
[water dripping]
[speaking Vietnamese]
You can't even look at me?
I don't dare love you.
-[man chanting in Vietnamese]
-[rhythmic tapping]
Last year, I met him in the city.
My family was very poor.
And he came to the country to marry me.
I thought about my family.
And about you.
But when the war spread to Duc Hue,
I married him
so he would bring my family to Saigon.
He did not tell me that
he already had a wife.
Two months later,
I became his second wife.
I didn't know you were married.
I had to take off ring.
Everyone at camp thinks that
I'm his little sister.
What about you?
Is your wife here with you?
I'm not married yet.
I couldn't love anyone else after you.
I got into business
and worked all the time.
What about you?
Do you love your husband?
A country girl is not taught
to love whom she marries.
[man speaking English on radio] Just
a few days after President Thieu resigned,
he has left Saigon and gone into exile.
Today in his first speech
to a desperate people,
President Huong warns
that Saigon could become...
[speaking Vietnamese] So strange.
There's nothing there.
[man speaking English on radio]
...this did not flow well
with the already panic-stricken Vietnamese
who are desperately searching
for a way out.
So there was a fight in the commissary
last night that I am none too happy about.
It seems that one of the refugees
was accused of being a Communist,
when he told people he wanted
to be repatriated.
What is his name?
-Quang Hai.
-Quang Hai.
Actually, we found out later
that he never wanted to come here
in the first place.
He just got caught up in the confusion.
So what we've done
is set up a designated area
for any others like him.
And, pending approval,
they will be shipped back.
He's got a war injury on his right hand.
What is beyond those mountains?
Actually, I really don't know.
Maybe one day we'll go together
and find out.
[brakes squeaking]
[speaking Vietnamese] These are
extra blankets you requested.
-Please distribute in your tent.
-Thank you.
[Duc] Hey, Tai!
How are you? Is there anything new?
I told you not to worry.
Let's start tonight.
I have to go to camp four.
The fishermen want a TV.
[speaking English]
Hey, how you doing, my man?
[speaking Vietnamese] I'm fine.
How are you?
[speaking English] Whoa!
You speak very good Vietnamese!
Let's talk business!
I got big profit for you.
[speaking Vietnamese] Look at my jacket.
It shrunk!
Only a bit left.
You said it was made in the U.S.A.
Give my money back.
[Addie speaking English]
Thought you might like those.
I got a lot more in my locker.
Last night I was thinking.
After you find your mother...
and you all leave this place...
I'm gonna do a little traveling myself.
Bang, bang, bang!
I'm gonna get as far away from here
as I can, you know.
China... Italy...
maybe New York.
I always wanted to-- to see the world
from the top of the Statue of Liberty,
you know, kid?
What's wrong, kid?
Don't worry. That's not me. That's not me.
That's an America you...
you don't understand yet.
It's bigger than those...
Sears and Roebuck's catalogs
they been giving you,
and those movies they're showing you...
and your Mighty Mouse comics.
Here. Let me show you something.
[speaking Vietnamese] Mother?
[speaking English] Yes. M.
Isn't she beautiful?
At least this is the way
I think she looked, cause...
I never actually met her.
Never seen any picture even.
She died when I was four, and that was...
thirty-three years ago.
[speaking Vietnamese] Father.
That's good old Pop.
That's the way he looked to me
when he packed his bags and left...
I was four.
This scar you asked me about,
my father put it there...
with his cigar butt.
I don't know if he put it there to...
punish me...
for my mother dying...
or to remind me of him.
One day he just...
he just got fed up and he left.
I haven't seen him since then.
Hold on a second.
Look here.
Little finishing touches.
Who is this with the...
butterfly on his nose?
Grabbing for it. Reaching!
All right. This one's for you.
[speaking Vietnamese] Big Brother,
I'm talking to you.
Why must you lie to us?
We kept fighting as you ordered.
Meanwhile in the city,
everyone was fleeing.
You promised me.
-[siren wailing]
-You would stay
with us and fight nonstop until we won.
You are a coward for being here
even before us. You know how many
brothers died for freedom?
You are a coward.
You are a disgrace for your country.
Let me go.
[M.P. 5 speaking English]
Get in the jeep! Now!
-[engine starting]
-[jeep departing]
[speaking Vietnamese]
Honey, it's cold tonight.
Let's ask for more blankets.
Okay, let me go ask.
[cricket chirping]
Why must you salute me,
when you shame away at seeing my face?
Because you are still a general, sir.
General of what nation?
When I was in my 20s,
I was a very idealistic man.
I joined the Anti-French Resistance.
But when the leaders revealed themselves
as the Indochinese Communist Party,
I surrendered to the Nationalists.
All my life,
I have only committed to one purpose.
To bring independence and democracy
to the Vietnamese people.
But in the end,
I achieved nothing,
but having been
betrayed twice.
Do you think Americans betrayed us?
That is not important anymore.
Because the result is the same.
But you didn't come here
to discuss politics with me.
What else?
General, I have a question.
My brother-in-law,
Captain Pham Van Cuong
was under your command.
Do you have any news of him?
Yes, Captain Cuong.
He was a brave officer.
I received news that he died
fighting in Xuan Loc.
I feel as useless
as an old uprooted tree,
that is so desolated.
I need to tell you two something.
I just heard the news
that your father
died in the war.
Your father
was very brave.
-[man chanting]
-[tapping wood rhythmically]
-[woman screaming]
[bell rings]
[speaking English]
We're gonna do something different today.
I'm gonna teach you how to paint.
You're gonna help me finish
this wall here.
Move this right here in the center.
And I'm gonna get you some paint.
I'm gonna set you up right over here.
Here you go, right here.
dip your brush in there,
then just paint whatever inspires you.
Just draw, just paint
whatever inspires you right
in there somewhere.
Very good.
Okay, that's gonna be your side
of the wall
and this'll be my side of the wall,
all right?
Looks great, kid. You're a natural.
[man on radio] Forecast is hot and humid.
Temperature is currently 105 degrees
and rising.
Are you a soldier who hasn't called home
in a while?
Well, your mother wants you
to call in home right now.
We have a special treat
for all you Americans left in Vietnam.
["I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"
I'm dreaming
Of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten
And children listen
To hear
Sleigh bells in the snow...
-[Tai] Where are you from?
-[students] Where are you from?
Thank you very much.
[all] Thank you very much.
- Of a white Christmas
-[indistinctly talking]
With every Christmas card I write
May your days
Be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases
Be white
[man on radio] It has finally happened.
Operation Frequent Wind,
a.k.a. Option Four has been realized,
and the inevitable has just occurred.
At approximately 1100 hours,
Vietnam time, April 30, 1975,
Communist forces entered Saigon,
the capital of South Vietnam.
The N.V.A. forces made their way
through the streets of Saigon
without resistance.
At 1215 hours,
a T-54 tank crashed through the gate
of the presidential palace.
We have a translated statement
of what was said between the two powers.
"I have been waiting
since early this morning
to transfer power to you," stated
President Minh.
A North Vietnamese officer had met
with the waiting President Duong Van Minh,
who had been appointed less
than 48 hours earlier.
He was accompanied
by his improvised cabinet,
ready to transfer power.
The North Vietnamese replied,
"There is no question
of you transferring power.
You cannot give up what you did not have."
And with that, the 10,000-day war comes
to an end,
and history is written.
Indeed, today is a sad day.
The streets of Saigon
are completely deserted.
The last of the Americans have left.
The Americans have lost the war.
In closing, we have a statement
recorded earlier this week
by President Ford.
[woman sobbing]
[President Ford] Today America
can regain...
the sense of pride...
that existed before Vietnam.
But it cannot be achieved...
-by refighting a war...
...that is finished as far as America
is concerned.
[crowd applauding on radio]
[man shouts in Vietnamese]
[speaking Vietnamese] Salute.
Vietnam, Vietnam
Singing since we were young
Vietnam, a word on the lips
Oh, my country, Vietnam
Vietnam, the name is the people
Vietnam is the final word when you die
Vietnam, Vietnam
Singing since we were young
Vietnam is the word on the lips
Oh, my country, Vietnam
Vietnam is the people
Vietnam is the final word when you die
Oh, beautiful Vietnam
Where sacred fire burns high in the sky
Vietnam will keep fighting forever
[sorrowful music playing]
It's all your fault! You abandoned us!
I'll kill you!
[woman screams]
Let me go!
Let me go!
[woman screaming]
Let me go! I will kill you!
Why did you abandon us?
You are uneducated!
[woman yelling indiscriminately]
[bugle playing]
I had no idea he was your father.
[bugle continues]
-[speaking English] Can I join you?
So you can't sleep?
It's too quiet.
-I miss the old man's knocking sound.
I have been thinking about what Thuy said.
And I realize that there was great loss
on both sides.
But I wanted to show you this.
It belonged to my brother
who died eight years ago,
and I've never had the courage
to open it since.
You see, it should have been me that died.
But I got hurt,
and they wouldn't let me go back.
So I pushed him to go.
I told him it was his duty
and that he owed it to his country.
So he went without question.
He even had honor and pride in his eyes.
I thought I knew my brother,
I thought we were cut from the same cloth,
but after I read this letter, I...
realized he wasn't like me at all.
Can I read it to you?
Oh, uh, that's him.
"Dear Unknown Grace...
I'm sorry I don't even know your name...
but I wanted to express my thanks...
to you for how well you fixed me up.
I'm all right now, and I will be returning
to my platoon first thing tomorrow...
but tonight I cannot sleep.
I'm so scared of returning to
the darkness of the jungle.
To the ambushes and
the smell of dead flesh.
To be honest with you, I'm scared
of dying.
I never wanted to come here.
I don't wanna be a hero.
[Jacob and Lance] But I also don't want
to return home.
[Jacob] For the last few days
I cannot stop thinking about you.
The thought of your black hair
touching me with its length keeps me awake
at night.
-[owl hooting]
-Your smile assures me
that tomorrow will come again.
Your soft hands parting the hair
from my eyes
have caused me to feel safe,
a sense that has avoided me
since my arrival.
I'll be brave and fight tomorrow.
[Jacob and Lance] Only so that
I can return and ask you for your name.
Love, Jacob."
You know...
he'd never even had a girlfriend before,
you know?
He was just a kid when he left.
[soft piano playing]
[speaking Vietnamese] Could you
get water for me please, miss?
Thank you, miss.
-[woman 1] How are you?
-[woman 2] My family is well.
I just met a lady
that traveled with my sibling
I already requested the Red Cross
to announce their names.
I'm afraid to be in my father's barrack.
I will request for you and Huong
to move into my barrack.
I can add you two to my family.
That's not right.
Our past is gone.
There's nothing else left.
Until we leave this camp,
it's very important that
we at least have each other.
My father wouldn't approve.
We are not even married.
Can we get married then?
Sister, we should go.
I need to go sign off
on my father's cremation.
Hey Thuy,
I promise
I will not let you down.
[speaking English] You know what we need?
We need some grooves here.
Something to get it shaking.
Let's get this thing rolling.
Get out the way
Papa's back on the scene
- Man with a plan, y'all
- Man with a plan, y'all
- He's a working machine
Watch him sweat...
Come on. Help me out with this.
I need some green.
One thing for sure
You know Papa understands
That man got to do a job
Just as good as he can
Get the brush, get the brush,
get the brush!
Ain't no sweat
He's better than the rest
[speaking Vietnamese] I have decided, Tai.
Staying here is a waste of time.
Hai, your calculation is wrong.
Your wife and kid are here.
Give your family a chance.
My parents are still in Vietnam.
My siblings are also there.
My son and I won't return.
-I won't follow you.
-Be quiet!
You go where I go.
We have been here for three months.
If you stay,
I will find a sponsor for you.
[children laughing]
[woman] Come over and get your blanket.
[helicopter thrumming]
I don't wanna be a refugee.
But you're a soldier.
They won't let you live normally.
It's probably rain season in Saigon.
You won't have a second chance.
Do you miss the rain season?
Have you lived in Da Lat
during the rainy season?
What if your parents are not there?
Da Lat is heaven for lovers.
I met my wife in Da Lat.
Do you remember the song
"Da Lat in the Rain"?
Forget about your rain.
Try to save your life.
Loving someone
Rain is missing someone
It rains all over the road
It rains inside of me
Is it so?
[wind instrument playing]
[speaking English]
I believe we got a Picasso in here.
-Where'd you learn how to paint like that?
Amazing! Look at it. Look at it!
[sighs] When I was younger,
I always dreamt that a green dragon...
would come and take me to find my father.
Maybe this dragon will help you
find your mother, Minh.
Oh, yeah, I forgot.
[paper crinkling]
Got something for you.
For you. Open it.
Go ahead. Look inside.
Look inside.
It's my favorite yo-yo when I was a kid.
Mighty Mouse! Mighty Mouse!
I think you should go.
Your uncle, he's gonna be worried
about you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Same Mighty Mouse time.
Same Mighty Mouse station. Pow.
[bird squawking]
[speaking Vietnamese]
I've been officially sponsored.
I will leave for Kansas.
In a few days.
Why are you quiet?
I'm pregnant.
Have you told your husband?
Not yet.
-I can't tell him.
-Why not?
He's your husband.
I'm only a second wife.
I'm not better than a helper.
Or a whore.
The first wife would have been sponsored
if it was not because of my family.
I don't want to cause more trouble.
I wish I didn't go to Saigon.
Everything wouldn't be this complicated.
You shouldn't blame yourself.
If not for you,
I wouldn't have even come here.
Just look at yourself in the mirror.
Don't you judge me.
It's important to me
that my siblings came to America.
My parents are old
and I don't have a job.
Both of us are the same.
Doctors, professors, lawyers,
it all means nothing.
When I first arrived,
I couldn't wait to leave this camp.
But now--
I must go. My husband is waiting.
Come with me. Leave them behind.
Then be with me.
-Luckily that old man committed suicide.
-[door opening]
Or I would have killed him myself.
You fucking bastard!
[man speaking English]
Settle down! Settle down!
Get him out of here!
[speaking Vietnamese] Fuck you!
You play with me? I will kill you!
[speaking English]
He's sitting right in front of me, sir.
I understand.
Yes, sir.
What happened today, Tai...
will not happen again.
I need you to keep your eyes
and your ears open
and report to me any Communist wrongfully
being kept here,
and those who may be of high risk,
and they will be put in designated areas.
Those men were not Communists.
-Their loyalties separated them.
-I don't care.
I will tolerate absolutely no violence
and absolutely no hierarchies
in this camp.
Everybody is to be treated equal.
Do you understand?
-[phone ringing]
I think your nephew...
might want these.
This man, he looks familiar.
His name is Addie Singer.
Worked in the mess hall as a volunteer
since day one.
No friends. Except your nephew, I suppose.
Anyway, all of these drawings
were found hanging in his locker...
when he was found dead
in his room this morning.
Some terminal illness
that no one knew anything about.
[phone ringing]
-Is that all, sir?
-One more thing.
How's the lady doing?
The one whose father died.
Just like the rest of us.
No special treatment.
I can only imagine...
just how difficult this must be for you
and your people.
But you need to know that...
we are trying to help...
and we are your friends.
I know.
Somehow, I just don't get that feeling.
You should try speaking to us
without your bullhorn.
[somber music playing]
[speaking Vietnamese] Have a safe trip!
We hope that you will be able to build
that Little Saigon.
-Have a joyful trip!
-Have a safe trip!
[speaking English] Duc, you better rock,
my man, or you're gonna miss that flight.
-You're a good man, Lance.
-You too.
-Thank you.
-Good luck.
[speaking Vietnamese]
Stay healthy and prosper.
You still owe me money, okay?
Don't be sad, okay?
[engine starting]
[speaking English] So...
what do you think?
Think it's about time for you
to start looking at rebuilding your life?
I can move your file to the top.
If you want.
You think.
[guitar playing]
[man on radio]
With the war officially over,
fifty-four thousand Americans
have lost their lives.
-Today, many families are still waiting...
-[humming continues]
for the return of their American heroes.
Experts believe there are as many
as 2,400 men
listed as M.I.A.'s and P.O.W.'s
in Southeast Asia.
[children chattering and laughing]
[children speaking Vietnamese]
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten, 11, 12.
-[man speaking English] Here you go!
One for you.
One for you.
[boy laughing]
[speaking Vietnamese] Let me share
the burden of your job.
You're busy enough sewing clothes
for people.
Besides, the job takes my mind
off of things.
Seeing him happy makes me happy.
I will forever regret
if his mother can't make it here.
Please don't say that.
I just regret...
I was only able to arrange three seats
on the airplane.
I was so selfish to keep one for myself.
She didnt say anything.
She told me...
leave the other two seats for the kids.
I don't know how to tell Minh.
I promised him
that his mom will come here.
Don't lose your hope.
But my hope is slowly dying.
[crowd cheering and applauding]
Maybe it's time we both leave the camp.
What about your dad's funeral?
It's past 100 days.
It's also good for the kids.
When their mom arrives,
they will let us know.
You sure that's what you want?
If you still want to marry me.
-[fireworks whistling]
-[crowd cheering]
-[baby crying]
-Honey, now that I already gave birth,
I want us to leave camp
as soon as possible.
I'm trying to find some help.
Don't worry. I need you.
I would need someone to babysit my kid.
I have recently written this song.
It describes my emotions
while reminiscing about my hometown...
with our new lives...
in a foreign land.
[guitar playing]
Oh, Saigon
I have lost you in my life
Oh, Saigon, my best time
Is no longer here
The only things that live inside me
Are memories
All the smiles wilting on the lips
Bitter tears in my eyes
Oh, Saigon, on the street,
Is the sun still shinning?
The old path, is the rain
Still pouring down
In the fall, are the leaves
Still falling in the park
Does the lover still walk alone
Is she smiling or crying lonely
Now, I'm just like a strayed animal
Day by day, every minute
The sorrow life of an exile...
[M.P. 6 speaking English] Excuse me,
ma'am. It's time for you to go now.
I keep calling your name
[speaking English] Yes, please,
can you come with me? It's time to go.
Oh, Saigon...
[man in Vietnamese]
Where are you taking me?
-[M.P. 7 speaking English] Come on now.
-[speaking Vietnamese] What happened?
[M.P. 7 speaking English]
Come on. It's okay.
-[speaking Vietnamese] Don't make us go!
-[M.P. 8] Come on, ma'am, we have to go.
[speaking Vietnamese] What's going on?
[speaking Vietnamese] Where are you
taking me? Please don't take me!
[M.P. 8 speaking English] Come on. Hey!
[speaking Vietnamese] -Don't make me go!
-I'm not going without the pastor.
[man shouting in Vietnamese]
I want to see my pastor!
-[M.P. 8 speaking English] It's okay.
-[speaking English] What is going on?
-What are you doing to them?
-[M.P. 9] We have orders to remove them.
[shouting in Vietnamese]
My son! My son!
-[speaking English] Let go of her!
-Get off!
Let go of her!
-[M.P. 8] Let go now, or I'll arrest you!
-Let go of her!
-[M.P. 8] Come on. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
-[speaking Vietnamese] Brother.
[speaking English] Come on!
[speaking Vietnamese]
I'm not going to leave you!
[M.P. 8 speaking English] Get her out.
Let's go.
[door closing]
The stars are dimming on the street
[vehicle departing]
But I still
Can never forget
[breathing heavily]
[speaking English]
I thought you were our friend.
Corporal, could you step out?
[Corporal] Roger that, Gunny.
I could have you arrested
for what you did.
Do you realize I put my career on the line
to save your ass?
You were not there to hear them cry.
My people just came from war,
and you just brought them back.
The moment you step foot in this camp,
you are on your way out.
This is not a home, Tai.
You could have told them not to do it.
You could have talked to me first.
There was absolutely nothing
you could have done.
-How do you know?
-I know because I know.
I know these people were never going
to leave.
I found three different sponsors
for every one of them,
and they all found a way to stay.
So, you come in the middle of the night
and grab them like animals.
That is my job, and those are the rules.
You always follow rules.
Now I have families who are afraid
to sleep tonight.
And I have 16,000 refugees right outside,
and 400 more that just arrived
this morning.
There is absolutely no space.
I give up my space.
I will help you build new tents.
-Whatever it takes.
-That is not the point!
-What is the point?
-The point is, this is a camp.
Those who get sponsors must leave
and that is final!
[phone ringing]
You know why they don't want to go?
I heard a lot of reasons.
Is one of the reasons
because they are scared?
They are afraid. Like I am afraid.
Afraid of how their lives
will be like tomorrow.
Afraid of never seeing their friends
and loved ones again.
As your brother was afraid.
You remember that...
don't you?
[door closing]
[children chattering and laughing]
[Minh clapping]
[speaking Vietnamese] Uncle...
I don't know when your mom will come.
Stop asking me.
I will let you know when she arrives.
Will I be forced to leave?
No, sweetie.
We leave whenever we want.
No one can force us.
it's not your fault
that mom is lost.
[speaking English]
What are you doing here?
I have something I want to show you.
It's a surprise. Come on.
[speaking Vietnamese] Stay here.
I'll be right back.
[speaking English] See you, little fella.
-Thank you.
[speaking Vietnamese] Everyone,
I saw America today!
And about cars?
On the beautiful road,
it's all fancy cars.
Did you see a Cadillac?
That's awesome.
Everyone has a car.
After that, I came to a big supermarket.
It was so big
that I kept walking for hours.
I was almost lost.
They sell everything in there.
Vegetables, fruits, everything.
But do they have "ot hiem pepper"?
Ot hiem?
But you can grow them here.
[all murmuring]
-Afterwards, I went to a neighborhood.
-Is that ot hiem?
[Tai] Houses are so clean.
They are all so huge!
And perfectly aligned.
You know what I liked the most?
We then went to get coffee
at a restaurant.
I looked out of the window.
I saw a guy who is about 20 years old,
who was cleaning a car.
I asked my friend,
[speaking English]
How much does he get for washing car?
[Lance] Two dollars and ten cents an hour.
That is minimum wage,
and they cannot pay you
any less than that.
[speaking Vietnamese] If they can't pay us
less than $2.10 per hour,
then everyone here could make it.
So we shouldn't worry
about life beyond this camp.
What I saw was the truth of this country.
We shouldn't be afraid.
We will be able to live. Right?
We will survive.
[crickets chirping]
We will be able to live.
I understand your tears.
I can't forget the day
my husband brought you home.
You made me feel old and ugly.
I knew I was out of time,
so I bored him another child.
But since the pregnancy,
he's lost interest and hasn't touched me.
I can't remember
the last time he touched me.
You came here
took away my right
to be a woman.
This might be cruel,
but faith has settled.
You can't leave camp with us.
But you said you needed me.
[owl hooting]
If we wait for your family,
it could take a few months.
I was left with no choice.
Fate has always been cruel to me.
Like our country.
But I can survive.
[Pastor] Living happily and faithfully
together under Father and sons. Amen.
Now you give the bride the ring.
Dear Thuy Hoa and Tai,
you are standing in a new horizon.
In this new horizon,
you've left everything behind.
Leaving your family
and your dear country behind.
You both only have love.
The love you two just vowed. Bless you.
I wish you both
with all the hopes towards the future.
With many hopes, your life will be built
upon a lifetime of happiness.
And God bless you.
Let's face each other.
To express your love.
[upbeat music playing]
This music's taking me high
High, higher and high
This music's taking me high
Higher, high
All you people to the dance floor
Come and have a good time
Room starts shaking, vibes are racing
This energy's high
Know you want my body
Know you wanna dance
Move just shake your pants
Disco light and move right
Jump on in this girl is taking me
High, high
Higher and high
[music stops]
[speaking Vietnamese] Brother Tien!
[speaking Vietnamese] I tried to stop her,
but she still wanted to search.
As the boats were pulling out,
she jumped off
and ran back to the city.
I had no choice
but to run after her.
A week later, after hearing her husband
had died,
we tried to escape one more time.
By then, her soul had
already left her body.
She was starving herself.
She lost faith in God.
One hundred of us
all shared a five-meter boat.
No one could bring anything.
No food, no water.
Just a shirt on your back.
I could only offer to hold her hand.
she squeezed my hand...
just to let me know
that she's still there.
A week later, people were dying
one by one.
Old people passed away first.
Then children.
Every morning,
people would wake up,
to see that their loved ones had
died in their sleep.
She was getting weaker and weaker.
Until one day,
she stopped squeezing my hand.
In order for the boat to speed up...
they had to dump
all the corpses into the ocean.
[speaking English]
Don't hold back out there, my friend.
How I can repay you?
You have done so much for everyone.
I'll tell you what.
You just promise me...
that you're gonna do better
than two dollars and ten cents, okay?
[both laughing]
-A little something to... remember when?
I will miss you, Tai.
-Lance Corporal.
-[Lance Corporal] Yeah, Gunny.
-[Lance Corporal] Roger that.
-Wanna do a photograph?
-[Lance Corporal] Say cheese!
-[shutter clicking]
[children laughing and chattering]
[speaking Vietnamese] Minh,
where's the photo?
I pinned it on the board.
So when mom comes,
she would know we were here.
Lance Corporal, take the jeep back.
-[Lance Corporal] Aye, Gunny.
-[engine starting]
Looking for an angel to carry me home
Hope that she comes soon
Can't wait to know
I'm tired and I'm lonely
Wanna go home
I can't wait to go home
I can't wait to go home
See the tear in the corner of your eye
The touch of your hair
As you kiss me good-bye
I long for your warmth
In the cold summer nights
So I can fly away
So I can fly away
Waiting for an angel
Hope it won't be long
Gonna find me a resting place
In my mother's arms
Waiting for an angel to carry me home
Home to your loving arms
Home to your loving arms
Angel, can you hear me? Answer my plea
Come down and take me away
With thee
Take my hand
Set me free
So I can fly away
So I can fly away
I'm waiting for an angel
Hope it won't be long
Wanna find me a resting place
In my mother's arms
Waiting for an angel to carry me home
Home to your loving arms
Home to my mother's arms