Green Fire (1954) Movie Script

Green Fire
Emeralds burning
Like true love
So rare
So thrilling to hold
Green Fire
Shining bright as a new love
Beware So precious a stone
Two hearts can be
Two beautiful jewels
But worthless
When wasted on fools
Who go searching blindly
For Green Fire
found in faraway places
Like love
And burning desire
There's magic
In Green Fire
Green Fire
Thank you, Father.
That's what I really call
saving a man's soul.
Are you American?
No, English.
The name's Rian Mitchell.
Thank you.
I ran into
a couple of horse lovers.
El Moro's men.
Even today our mountains
have animals
that do not walk on four legs.
El Moro?
If you just get me patched up,
I've gotta catch a boat
to the city.
He has a bullet wound.
Let's get him inside, Father.
How do you feel?
I'm not quite sure yet.
I'm Catherine Knowland.
Well, thank you
for putting me up.
Just a flesh wound.
You'll be fine
after a few days rest.
You were very lucky.
That's what I was thinking.
Senor Mitchell, I'm glad to see
you're with us again.
Hello, Father, you see.
All I needed
was couple of hours sleep.
Did I say something funny?
You were brought here yesterday.
You mean today is Saturday?
What time is it?
It's almost two. Why?
Oh, if I'm gonna
catch that riverboat,
I'm gonna have to get a move on.
You're not thinking
of leaving today.
Yeah, I have a partner
who worries about me
in the city.
But you're in no condition
to travel.
You will be wise to listen,
Senor Mitchell.
In the absence
of a local physician,
Catherine has become
quite expert.
Oh, yeah? So I see.
I haven't lost a patient yet.
Now don't go spoiling my record.
Don't worry about me.
One week
on that floating palace,
and I'll be as good as new.
Hmm, an iron man.
I'm surprised a bullet
could pass through you at all.
Now, this is really important.
Is there any way
of getting me to the boat?
Well, if you insist.
I'll get the Jeep.
You'll find everything you need
in the dressing room.
All right.
Shaving kit and some clothes.
There we go.
How's the patient?
He thinks he's ready
for the Olympics.
He looks like a man who's been
places and done things.
Don, weren't you and the men
going to shore up
the levee today?
Well, just give me a minute
to shore up my own levee.
A man can break, too, you know.
Sorry, Cathy.
We might as well face it,
we're getting deeper
in the hole all the time.
Well, now that we've hit bottom,
there's no place to go but up.
Oh, this year we're going to
have a fine harvest.
Things'll be just like
they used to be, you'll see.
Good try, Cathy,
but I still believe
coffee's best in a cup.
Say, on a terrace
overlooking the Mediterranean --
I'll get right to work
on the levee.
Oh, by the way, Father,
what happened to the shirt
I was wearing?
I'm afraid
there was not much left to burn.
But I thought
you would like to keep this.
Yes, I would.
Thank you, Father.
You have good news
for your partner.
Well, I'm alive, thanks to you.
That will please him, of course
but, I was thinking
about Carrere.
Carrere? What's that?
The mine, Senor Mitchell.
You found the lost emerald
mine of the Conquistadores.
Do you mean that?
That's only a bit of beryllium,
A piece of beryllium
doesn't mean to say
I found an emerald mine.
But you did.
What makes you so sure?
Because five years ago,
I too, found Carrere.
You're wondering
why I have kept it a secret?
The wealth
of the smallest emerald
could do much for my people.
But it could destroy them, too.
Turn brother against brother,
pour blood upon blood.
Oh, the history of Carrere
is not a pleasant one.
That is why I was hoping
you would not return.
Look, Father,
I've been all over the world
searching for the jackpot
that wasn't there.
Lasseter's Reef,
Opal Valley, Golden Horn,
you name them,
I've dug for them.
You know I'm coming back.
Pretty good fit, huh?
So I see.
Will you thank
your husband for me?
Donald's my brother,
Mr. Mitchell,
but, uh, I'll thank him anyway.
Is all this yours?
Must be quite a project,
growing coffee.
My grandfather used to say
there's nothing to it.
You just find a wilderness,
clear the land, plant the seed.
Watch over it while it grows.
Then, after five years,
if it hasn't been killed
by root borer, caterpillar,
frost, moss, drought or flood,
you've got a coffee bean.
I never knew.
From now on, every breakfast
will be an adventure.
Oh, I'm sorry!
Iron Man.
Come aboard, Senor Mitchell,
we are about to sail.
Well, I'll see you next trip,
You're coming back?
Sure. I've gotta return
the wardrobe.
That will make Donald
very happy.
Senor Mitchell, you will have to
come aboard at once.
Oh. Yeah.
Well, I've brought you
this far...
Every minute I get deeper
and deeper in your debt.
Medical care, transport,
outfit, and now, money.
You've got quite
an investment in me.
So I have.
I hope you're the kind of girl
who keeps an eye
on her investment.
You'd better meet me
when I come back.
Senor Mitchell,
if you are not on board at once,
you are not on board.
Will you?
You'd better go.
See you the next trip
up the river.
Mister, buy ticket,
Buy lottery ticket.
Maybe you win many pesos.
Please, mister.
Buy ticket. Maybe you win.
You know, what I like
about you, Dolores,
is the way you run an office.
Baby, heh!
Hey, you've been brushing up
on your shorthand.
You were gone so long!
You said only three weeks.
Mm. Well, now I'm back.
Were you true to me?
Oh, yes!
I do nothing.
Just wait for you.
Oh, that's a good little girl.
Now, where's, uh, where's Vic?
He's gone.
What do you mean, he's gone?
Gone. He left a message.
Don't worry, baby.
We need nobody here,
except you and me.
Uh, Dolores, just for once
will you be a secretary
and give me the message?
He said goodbye, he likes you,
you should drop dead.
Well, where is he?
Where did he go?
To the steamship office
to buy at ticket for Canada.
It is good riddance.
Now we could be together
all the time.
Yes, yes, of course.
Now, Dolores, you just catch up
on your sleep
like a good little secretary,
and I'll be back
in no time at all.
You will not go away again?
No, no, no.
This time it's for always.
Seventeen hundred,
eighteen hundred
nineteen hundred, two thousand.
The boat leaves in an hour,
Senor Leonard.
You are on 'B' deck, cabin six.
Thank you.
Give him his money back,
he's not going anywhere.
Lock up the safe.
Now, now, now, simmer down, Vic,
I know you're mad,
but I didn't--
Mad? Me?
Let me ask you, would be mad
if your partner took
the last 500 bucks
out of the kitty
to go climb a mountain?
Listen, you blithering
wart hog, I found it!
I found Carrere!
I hope you'll both
be very happy.
Perhaps you didn't understand
what I said.
I'm offering you
half an emerald mine!
Give him his money back.
Will you stop horsing around?
I'm going to Canada.
As for the emerald mine,
you can have my share.
Easy come, easy go.
It will be a few minutes, sir.
You know, I never saw a man
so anxious
to run out on a fortune.
Well, now you've seen one.
Doesn't money look good
to you anymore?
What looks good to me
is that boat.
You pigheaded old thing,
will you cool down?
Where did you get that shirt?
Oh, never mind about that.
That reminds me.
I checked your duds at the club.
You're too kind. Now,
will you take a look at this?
This happens to be beryllium,
not emeralds.
You call yourself
a mining engineer?
Where there's beryllium,
there are emeralds.
They go together
like ham and eggs.
What about a little thing
called money?
Well, now,
5,000 bucks would swing it
for labor and equipment.
Only five thousand, eh?
That's no problem.
You cash in your ticket.
I'll run it up in no time.
Playing Tejo?
My arm feels hot.
Senor Leonard,
we are ready for you now.
Well, like they say, chum,
this is it.
Yeah. Tell me.
What is in Canada?
The Manitoba Carbon Company.
You're looking
at the new foreman.
Carbon? You'll end up
in a straitjacket!
Be a nice comfortable feeling
after knocking around with you
for 12 years.
Regular hours.
Weekly paycheck.
Might even find myself a girl
and get married.
Now don't let's overdo it, chum.
Oh, the point is, Rian,
I'm tired.
I'm tired of gold dust
that turns out to be sand,
diamonds that turn out
to be glass
and emeralds that turn out
to be beryllium.
You're breaking my heart.
Go on, catch your boat.
No hard feelings.
You just put
an extra million in my pocket.
Meanwhile, you'll need
something for the rent.
So long, pal.
Ah, Rian,
it has been a long time.
A long time.
Will you cover that?
Sudden death, huh?
One throw.
One more, Rian?
Uh, uh, uh, some other time.
Any luck, Senor Mitchell?
Yes, and all of it bad.
Perhaps you would like a drink
of the house?
Vic, I knew
you'd change your mind.
No, the boat burned out
a bearing.
We're sailing at midnight.
Oh, I should've known.
A man goes crazy, he doesn't get
his marbles back in a few hours.
Give me another one, Pedro,
I need it.
Come on.
Arm got cold, huh?
You don't risk it,
you don't win it.
You'll never change.
Pedro, me, too.
She comes over here,
we buy her a drink,
the two guys resent it.
Words are exchanged, a fight
starts, we wreck the joint.
They call out the militia,
throw us in the cooler.
Midnight the boat sails
without me.
I just thought that--
Don't think.
Yeah, well, of course,
you're quite right.
That's exactly
what I was planning.
But you can't blame me
for trying.
You know, we've been together
a long time.
I'll be kind of lost
without you.
Not that you're any great shakes
as an engineer,
mind you, but...
Well, I got so used to
having you around.
You know, I really believe
you're on the level.
Heh, anyway--
But I'd like to have it
your way, pal,
but I'm afraid I've had it.
I don't know,
the old motor's kind of tired,
really needs a carbon job.
Hey, that's not bad.
You get it? Carbon job?
I get it.
I'm sorry.
Well, so long, Vic.
It's been a lot of laughs.
Well, what's your rush?
There's no point
in dragging it out.
Oh, come on,
I'll buy you a drink.
I got a lot of time to kill.
You wanna buy me a drink?
Yeah, I wanna buy you a drink.
For auld lang syne.
All right. Just one.
For auld lang syne.
Fill them up here, will you?
Be forgot
And never brought to mind
Should auld acquaintance
Be forgot
Pal, pal!
Should auld acquaintance
Be forgot And
auld lang syne
Here you are, chum.
Cabin six, B deck.
You're a real pal.
You got me on board
just like you said. I...
Forget it.
Oh, oh, uh, Steward, Steward.
My friend has had,
you know, couple of...
See he gets ashore okay
and no breakfast for me.
I'd better get you to bed, boy.
Yeah. Hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute.
I paid for a single.
Who's the other fella?
What's the difference?
It'll give you someone
to talk to.
Heh, you're a pal.
Always a pal.
Boy, the boat's rolling.
Haven't even left the dock
and it's rolling and...
When you wake up, baby,
don't forget
auld lang syne was your idea.
Ah, Rian.
You have come back.
Carlos, my friend,
I came into an inheritance
by way of Canada.
Sudden death?
All of it, my friend?
All of it. 2000.
Two thousand?
Looking for me, chum.
All right.
All right, where is it?
Come on!
Wait a minute.
Vic, feast your eyes on that.
Suppose you'd lost?
The point is, I didn't lose.
Don't give me that malarkey.
Give me the dough.
I'm going to Canada.
There's enough here to tear
the insides
out of that mountain.
Be practical.
Canada can wait.
This is what we've been
looking for all our lives.
Maybe I didn't
make myself clear.
The answer is no!
Emeralds, Vic, not carbon!
Just for a few months
on a mountain!
At the risk of being a bore,
the answer is still no.
N-O. No!
I must be crazy. It's the only
answer that makes any sense.
Believe me, Vic,
you made the right decision.
Well, if the emeralds
are as big as the mosquitoes,
we're in great shape.
Oh, you don't have to worry
about the mosquitoes
where we're going.
It's the sort of place
a man dreams
of finding all his life.
Hospitable people,
warm tranquil days, cool nights.
And the view...
Wait until you see the view.
Blonde or brunette?
We've been together
a long time, pal.
Ah, she's a blonde vision
of loveliness.
Yeah, she'll be waiting on
the dock just where I left her.
She makes all the others
look like lampshades.
Tell me, do you look for
the mountain first,
then the girl, or the girl,
then the mountain? Hmm?
I just thought I'd ask.
You know, how they
always seem to go together
like the chicken and the egg.
What now?
I don't know.
What's the matter, amigo?
I don't know.
There's something wrong!
Always they have come out
for their supplies.
I don't like it.
It looks very bad.
I'm going to shore
and find out what has happened.
Uh, wait a second.
Why don't you send the mate?
We'll go along with you.
Well, thank you, Senor Mitchell.
El Moro! El Moro!
Quick! Get under that hut!
El Moro seems to have
taken over.
Every hut's a booby trap.
Who is El Moro?
Hmm, didn't I tell you
about him?
No, you neglected to mention it.
Some other time.
What's he after?
Supplies, ammunition, hostages,
he's not particular.
Whatever he's after,
let's get out of here!
Tranquil, hospitable people,
I must be crazy.
You didn't exaggerate a bit.
She is a blonde vision
of loveliness.
'She'll be waiting for me
on the deck
right where I left her.'
Come on, let's get
this stuff unloaded.
Senor Mitchell.
There is Senor Ruiz.
He will take care of you.
Senor Ruiz?
What can I do for you?
Well, I want provisions
for 25 men for a month.
I can arrange that.
Then I want the men
and a couple of horses.
I can arrange that also.
We'll be working a mine.
It'll be mostly pick and shovel.
A mine?
Where is this mine?
It's the mountain above
the Knowland place.
What's the matter?
My men will not go with you.
Why not?
They will not go with you.
Well, how do you know?
I know.
Guess this just
isn't your lucky day.
Yeah, well the day is young yet.
Where are you going?
To church.
Gotta be a first time
for everything.
Hola, Senorita Knowland.
Senor Ruiz.
Well, if it's, uh,
about the men for the harvest,
I was not expecting you
until next month.
Yes, I know.
But, we ran short of supplies.
Well, I'm always very happy
to serve you.
Were there, uh,
any passengers for the village?
Uh, two meesters.
He's in church.
Who is?
The other "meester."
Oh, you must be
the partner he mentioned.
Vic Leonard.
You're Catherine Knowland,
who foolishly helped
to save his life.
He was a little, uh, surprised
when you didn't show up
to meet him.
Oh, the confident type.
Yeah, this time
I think he's overmatched.
Heh, yes, I think I will.
Ah, Senor Mitchell.
I will be with you in a moment.
You have played tejo?
I've been known to.
A wonderful game.
One day you and I
must oppose each other.
I have a feeling
we're playing right now.
Something is wrong?
You must preach
a powerful sermon, Father.
I mean, the one that keeps
everyone off the mountain.
Oh, that one.
Yes, it was one of my best.
What do you do,
threaten everyone
with fire and brimstone?
No, no.
I merely told them
the story of a man
who climbed a mountain
looking for treasure.
He was robbed and shot
by El Moro's bandits
and he would have been clawed
to death by a jaguar.
But for the hand of Providence.
Hmm, a real thriller.
It does seem to have given them
a measure of wisdom.
I wouldn't bet Sunday's
collection on it, Father.
Well, you see, there are
only two places in the world
where you find emeralds.
Colombia and Siberia.
And one of those
is a closed corporation.
What happens if the men
won't go to the mountain?
Then we're sunk.
For gold, you can go out alone
with a prayer and a pan,
but for emeralds,
you have to have manpower.
Hi there.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
I was trying to arrange
for a red carpet
and a brass band.
Ha, ha.
You two seem
to be getting along.
You didn't tell me
how charming your partner was.
I never noticed.
But what kind of a doctor
do you call yourself?
You haven't even inquired
about my side.
Well, I assumed
you'd be bright enough
to stay off bumpy roads.
Forgive me.
How is your side?
Well, I think it's gonna need
a lot of attention.
Look, uh, how is your
engagement book fixed
for uh, say, Saturday?
Saturday's fine, but,
will you still be here?
Why not?
Look, charm boy,
she knows, if we can't get
enough men to work the mine,
by Saturday we'll be halfway
back to the city.
Vic, you ought to know
I wouldn't let
a little labor problem
interfere with my social life.
Well, what are you going
to do about it?
I'm about to clear that up.
Your partner specializes
in getting his own way.
I'm the living proof.
Right now, there's a steamer
bound for Canada
with one empty stateroom.
All right, you're hired.
You're hired!
You, take off your shirt.
Take off your shirt.
All right, you're hired.
Heh. All right,
muscles, go on.
You're hired.
Not so frightened of El Moro
this morning, eh, Father?
Obviously, your sermon
was more powerful than mine.
Oh, I just used
a different text.
Greed is stronger than fear.
I offered a thousand pesos
to the first man
who found an emerald.
It is more than they would see
in a lifetime.
I wish them good fortune.
Ah, are you the one
that speaks English?
Yes, patron.
What's your name?
Manuel. All right,
Manuel, you're in charge.
Tell those boys to be ready
in one hour.
And get rid of these, huh?
Yes, patron.
All right, boys. All clear.
Back you go...
Make a nice paperweight.
Manuel, you got
the guards posted?
Yes, senor.
Phew. Well, another day,
another nothing.
Heh. Why don't you ever look
on the sunny side?
Oh, I do, I do.
It just eludes me.
Where are you bound for,
the opera?
You know,
I'm worried about you, Vic.
You can't seem to get your mind
off emeralds.
You mustn't let it become
an obsession, you know.
All work and no play.
Hey, we got a dinner date.
That's right.
Of course, if you had
the inclination
to work a night shift,
I'll make your apologies.
Ha, ha. Very funny.
Someone is coming.
Hello there.
Hey, you must be Donald.
Last time we met, you weren't
in any shape for introductions.
Heh. This is my partner,
Vic Leonard.
This is Cathy's brother.
How do you do.
How are you?
Thought you might like
some company riding down.
Well, that's very thoughtful
of you. Like a drink?
I'll, uh, just be a minute.
Better pack a couple
of toothbrushes.
Be too dangerous
to come back tonight
with El Moro on the loose.
Cathy's prettying up
the guest room.
Hey, that is not only
thoughtful, that is inspired.
Like to look around?
You bet I would.
Okay. Come on.
Now mind your head.
It's pretty low in here.
Wait a minute.
We'll get a light going.
There we are.
Quite a setup.
Most of it was done for us
by the Conquistadors.
That's the original timber.
It's been there hundreds
of years.
Of course,
we have to shore it up
as we go along
or we'll be wearing a mountain
or a hat.
See that rock formation?
See where the green shows?
That's what keeps
the miners going.
That's a sure sign
that emeralds are around.
Any luck yet?
What we've found so far
wouldn't make a trinket counter
at the five and ten.
Nature's pretty cagey
about her emeralds.
He hides them away
in little pockets.
Look. Like that.
I think she forgot
to leave one in that one.
Now, that's the trouble
about tunneling.
You can come within six inches
of a million dollars
and still walk out a beggar.
Of course, I could do better
if I could step-dig.
Yeah, you know, cut the mountain
down from the top,
layer by layer. You don't miss
a pebble that way.
Well, why don't you?
Why the...
The miner's lament.
Step-digging takes hundreds
of men and massive equipment.
All the same, Rian,
I'm betting on you,
even in a tunnel.
I only wish
I were up here with you.
What's the matter?
You lost your taste for coffee?
I've been a disappointment
about that to everyone.
The only son, family tradition,
you know how it is.
But it takes a green thumb
to run a plantation.
That's one thing
I didn't inherit.
You've got the right idea, Rian.
Move around, take your chances,
don't get stuck in one place.
Oh, don't get fooled
by all this.
This is a grubby life.
You take my advice.
Hang on to what you've got.
Well, I know, but--
Look out! Come on! Quick!
Hello, Vic.
This is one of El Moro's boys.
Well, what do we do with him?
Send him back.
Then he'll tell El Moro
that we're very well prepared
for anyone
who shows his face up here.
Manuel, better double the guard.
A lovely evening.
But it's a bit crowded.
I'd very much like you
to show me the plantation?
I'm sure Vic would enjoy it too.
Let me freshen that up for you.
Sure. Thanks. unh.
Uh, Father,
it might interest you to know
that Vic here is quite a student
on the religious movement
of South America.
Is that true, Senor Leonard?
Well, I, uh--
Oh, don't be modest, Vic.
He's got a whole library
on the subject.
One day we must have
a long talk, you and I.
Sure, Father, fine.
Well, there's no time
like the present.
Now don't you worry about us.
Cathy has promised to show me
around the plantation.
You two go right ahead.
Shall we?
Well, Senor Leonard.
As you know,
the historians tell us
that the Jesuits first landed
in Colombia in April of 1590.
If I were to tell you
that it was a month earlier,
would that surprise you?
That's a very tricky maneuver.
Oh, well, now you're not
going to tell me
Vic is a student
of the religious movement?
You know, he's brighter
than you think.
Well, it won't hurt him.
We'll let them wrestle it
through to say, 1890,
and then go to his rescue.
In the meantime,
there's all this.
A classic setting,
a man, a woman,
tropic night, beautiful river.
Oh, that's fine
except no one who lives here
thinks the river is beautiful.
The villagers call it
Mujer Traidora.
A Treacherous Woman.
Is that so?
Would've fooled me.
Well, not in the rainy season.
Why, without the levee,
there'd be riverboats running
up and down the plantation.
You haven't heard a word
I've said.
Of course I have.
I was just thinking.
About you.
It's an odd sort of life,
isn't it?
Don't you ever get lonely?
Yes, desperately.
I should think you do.
First of year I went
to school in California,
then the summers,
Father took us to Europe.
Oh, I see, but never here.
No, never here.
That's hard to believe.
I mean, you're under 50.
You're not altogether
Oh, heh.
Well don't get the idea
I spend my life
fenced in by the jungle.
I go to Bogota and Barranquilla,
and I have lots of friends.
And I've even managed to wangle
a couple of proposals.
You turned them down.
Well, I'm not exactly
panicky yet and, heh...
Well, there's always the chance
that Prince Charming
may come riding down
off the mountain someday.
When he does,
he'll find you're beautiful.
I take it you must be the expert
on the romantic movement
in South America.
I've wanted to do that
from the first day we met.
I've thought about you
all the time I was away.
I thought about you too.
That seems
to make it unanimous, hmm?
There's one thing wrong.
What is it?
I-- I just, I just don't want
to be a Saturday night girl
waiting at the foot
of a mountain.
I think we'd better get back.
I'm sure Father Ripero
is well into
the 20th Century by now.
If there's anything
you wanna know
about the religious
movement in South America,
don't hesitate.
Well, you never know
when that kind of information
may be useful.
One day you'll thank me.
Oh sure, sure.
By the way,
that's, uh, quite a girl there.
You thinking of going
in the coffee business?
That's not a bad idea,
maybe a partnership.
You know, put an emerald
in every can of coffee.
Kill the competition.
First, let's find the emeralds,
shall we?
You may not know it, pal,
but you struck it richer
down here than up there.
The homely philosopher.
Hey, give this one a bath.
Hey, that looks like...
Well, we could corner
the paperweight market.
Why, you old pessimist.
They're there.
We'll find them.
Well, we better find them soon
or I'm back
in the carbon business.
Only by now
they probably filled the job.
Well, we could put up a sign,
"Free Dirt."
Oh, I wish you
could have seen Vic's face.
Of course, he was quite right.
There was a lot of free dirt,
and most of it
was in our mouths.
Heh. Well, landslides
aren't very new around here.
Years ago,
there was one big enough
to change the course
of the river.
I bet it would take
more than a landslide
to change your course.
Well, it's taken me a long time
to get to that mountain.
Tell me something, Rian.
Sure, anything.
What keeps a man looking
for the rainbow all his life?
Well, if you catch a rainbow,
there's a premium on it.
There's premiums
on other things too.
Oh, you mean a place
to hang your hat.
Roots in the ground.
Something like that.
Well, it's not only the money.
It's the mountain itself.
There it sits, calm,
peaceful, like an iceberg.
The danger's hidden
beneath the surface.
It'll kill you
the first chance it gets.
You make it sound
as though it's alive.
Well, it is for me.
My father was a coal miner.
He spent half his life
down in the dark,
grubbing for pennies.
And then a cave-in
took the other half.
Right then,
I decided that one day
I'd go into a mountain myself,
but I'd come out rich,
not dead.
Do not move.
I am El Moro.
We have no guns.
Do his hands have to be tied?
We were wondering when you
were going to get around to us.
Take what you've come for
and get out!
I do not come to make trouble.
I wish to talk
to Senor Mitchell.
Quietly, not between gunshots.
What about?
The work you are doing
in the mountain.
It makes me happy.
Very happy.
Well, don't get hysterical.
Of course,
you do not understand.
I explain.
Tell him to keep back.
Geraldo, he is harmless.
You see, Senor Mitchell,
the mountain,
it is mine.
You don't say?
- You are surprised.
- I don't blame you.
It is a deed to the land.
It's been in my family
for many years.
Big surprise, no?
We talk.
With your permission, senorita.
As you see, Senor,
a very old deed.
I wish to live there someday
when I'm old.
But now I find
you are ruining my land.
But perhaps we can make
an agreement, see?
What kind of an agreement?
Very reasonable.
If this deed's legal,
our claim's worthless.
But I wish to be fair.
Without engineer,
the mine is worthless.
If he killed you,
who would find the emeralds?
Yeah, I get your point.
I am ambitious man,
Senor Mitchell.
I wish to grow.
For this, I need money,
a great deal of money.
So when you find
the green fire in Carrere,
we will share it.
We'll be partners.
There's only one thing
that worries me
about this ancient
family document.
The ink's hardly dry.
You say I am lying?
Yeah, that's right.
You were right.
It was carelessly done.
But it was one way to have
an agreement without bloodshed.
You see how quick
people are hurt?
No deal.
As you wish.
You are educated man,
Senor Mitchell.
Engineer, work hard,
you will find the emeralds.
And when you do,
I will know about it.
And then I come back
for my share.
I'll be waiting for you.
I couldn't sleep either.
El Moro meant what he said
about coming back.
I know.
El Moro doesn't worry me
half as much as you do.
Me? How?
Donald tells me
you're going to Bogota.
Only for two weeks.
To see anybody in particular?
Of course.
A coffee broker.
Age 73.
Wonderful time of life.
Now don't tell me
you were jealous.
The new Rian Mitchell.
It's an improvement over
the old one, don't you think?
Well, let me think
about that on the boat.
I'll miss you.
Two weeks isn't so long.
Fourteen days.
Only two Saturdays.
Now, are you gonna
keep clubbing me
over the head about that?
Saturday night girls
become a way of life
when you move around.
What is it?
Rian, I don't think
I've ever been in love before.
Not really in love.
I wouldn't want it to go wrong.
Why should it?
People want different things
from life.
Your way is to go
from mountain to mountain
because you feel you have to.
Well, mine
is to take roots here,
where I belong.
We're just too different.
You know, you're just like Vic.
You worry too much.
Good morning.
Yeah. Welcome home.
Anything on your mind?
Like what, for instance.
What about Cathy?
Look, Rian, I never said
anything about the others.
That's your business.
You know, Dolores, Connie,
that turkey up in Nome.
But this time, it's different.
Cathy's a nice girl.
I know that.
No lectures, chum, please.
Well, I just want you to know
that if anybody hurts her,
I might get the urge
to loosen his spine.
This sudden rash of chivalry,
is it on general principles
or do I detect a personal note?
Any law says
I can't like a girl?
No law at all.
Well, just remember what I said.
What's going on here, Roberto?
All right, keep it quiet.
Get me that light.
Now calmly, what's going on?
He tried to steal the reward.
He lies.
I found the stone.
Where? Where are they?
It came from there.
I saw it first.
Then you can have them.
They're worthless.
Now go on, get back to work.
And cut out this scrapping.
Go and fetch Senor Leonard.
Nice work.
It's a good sign.
It means they're here somewhere.
If only we could get lucky.
It's no use.
In a moment or two,
the whole thing comes down.
Vic, get back.
The whole thing will go
in a minute.
Get back, you fool.
You'll never make it.
Can you breathe at all?
Vic, you fool, get back, man.
When I lever,
push up as hard as you can.
All right.
Try it again.
Push up as hard as you can.
Now! Unh!
It's coming.
It's coming, Vic.
Come on.
Vic. Come on.
Straighten it up.
Put your weight on it.
How's it feel?
It's all right.
I don't think anything's broken.
Yeah. Except one
slightly fractured mountain.
Hey, I could do with a drink.
Incidentally, Vic, thanks.
If you're gonna cry,
I'll wait outside.
We got no time to cry.
We got plans to make.
What's the rush? The boat
won't leave for a week.
Who's talking about leaving?
The mountain wants
to play rough,
we'll play rough.
Rip it apart.
We'll step-dig.
I'll tear
that whole mountain down.
With what we've got left,
we couldn't cut butter.
Well, we'll find a way.
If you're thinking
about a mining syndicate,
they wouldn't touch
this operation
with a barge pole.
I know, I know, but, Vic,
we almost had our hands on them.
I can taste those emeralds.
Nothing's gonna
stop me now. Nothing.
Just, just give me time
to think.
I heard the news, Rian.
Tough luck.
Well, that's how it goes.
You can't win them all.
What are your plans now?
Well, there's only one thing
left to do, step-dig.
I thought you said that was
an expensive operation.
Yes, well, I'm just
on my way to the village
to get a message off
to a mining syndicate.
Mind you,
they'll want everything
except our our teeth.
But when you're slicing up
a king's ransom,
there's enough for everyone.
Well, it's a pity in a way.
Might have been
a great chance for someone
with a taste for adventure.
A man who'd gamble
on the big payoff.
Ah, but they're
a vanishing race these days.
Well, I better be on my way.
Wait a minute, Rian.
Uh. Look, kid,
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Will it keep till I get back
from the village?
Maybe there's no need
to go to the village.
I-- I don't get you.
If you didn't have
to go to the syndicate.
I mean, if you found someone
who'd take the gamble,
what kind of arrangement
would you be willing to make?
Well, Vic and I aren't greedy.
Anything within reason,
but what's the point.
Where do we find
this Mr. X?
You're looking at him.
Why not?
You say
there are emeralds up there.
That's good enough for me.
Heh. Oh, I don't know.
Oh, naturally, we'd like
to have you in with us,
but, well, we'd probably need
more money
than you could lay
your hands on.
More than 5000?
I'm afraid so.
Mining equipment
runs pretty high these days,
but thanks all the same.
Would 10,000 do it?
Ten thousand?
Well, anyone who put
in that amount
would certainly
be entitled to his share.
Then it's a deal.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
What's wrong?
We're forgetting
the most important thing of all.
I couldn't begin to step-dig
without at least 200 men.
And I understand from you,
you've got them all tied up
for the harvest.
Well, we better forget
the whole thing.
I'll dump the labor problem
in the syndicate's lap.
Heh. Pity.
Thought we had a great idea
there for a second.
I'll get the men for you, Rian.
All of them.
That's a pretty drastic
decision, kid.
What'll Cathy say?
Frankly, she won't like it.
But the plantation's in my name.
I make the decisions.
Cathy knows how I feel.
I've tried it her way
for five years,
and the place
has broken our backs.
Of course, you could make it up
to her a 100 times over
when we make our strike.
It'd be hard
for a women to stay mad
when she's looking
at a handful of emeralds.
Well, don't you worry
about Cathy.
I can handle her.
All you've got to do
is say the word.
It's a deal.
I'll have the men up there
in the morning.
Good luck, partner.
So long, Rian.
What do you figure?
Well, I think we'd...
we'd better not continue
this cut any further.
All this is slide area here.
Reached our limit, huh?
But if we make
our cut over there,
and bring the water that way
through the sluice...
Oh, I don't know. I still
don't like the look of it.
Senores, someone's coming!
It's Cathy!
You two must be very proud
of yourselves.
Cathy, I know what you're
thinking, but let me explain.
I'm not blaming you, Don.
I'm sure they made it
sound very attractive.
This was my idea.
Cathy, we own a third
of the mine.
It's a chance of a lifetime.
What about the harvest?
Without the men,
it'll rot on the trees.
But, but why these men, Cathy?
Certainly you can get other men.
There are no others.
And even if there were,
how would you suggest
I pay them?
Wait a minute,
you mean that ten grand
emptied the kitty?
It was all we had.
Nice going, pal.
Oh, Don, it's not too late.
Bring the men back.
If you don't, it's the end
of everything we've worked for.
Cathy, I've always said
if there was a way out,
I'd grab it.
For the first time in my life,
I'm doing something I wanna do.
You said nothing would change
your course, didn't you?
I know, I know, I waited
until your back was turned.
I was ruthless.
I said I'd get what I wanted
the best way I could.
All that may be true,
but I was not just thinking
of myself.
This is for all of us.
Oh you don't expect me
to believe that.
Emeralds, Cathy.
Try and think what that means?
Once we lay our hands on them,
I'll get you 20 plantations.
Oh, that's very generous of you,
but there's only one I want.
Oh, Cathy, stop thinking
like a woman.
You're fighting
a losing battle down there.
Why try and hang on there
when the rainbow's up here?
You're right, Rian.
I was thinking like a woman.
I was thinking of my grandfather
and how he hacked a plantation
out of the wilderness.
And my father
who made it his life.
And all that's gone into it,
love and feeling and pride.
Things you wouldn't know about,
things you can't buy
with your emeralds.
You've got quite a sister.
I'm sorry, Rian.
I really seem
to have made a mess of things.
Heh, sure, kid,
it was all your fault.
You're gonna drink
all your meals from now on?
Been working on a speech
in your honor.
Tough job, I'm not much of a guy
with words.
About all set now.
Let's hear it.
You stink.
The second time around, pal,
you stink.
Remember me?
Homely philosopher?
I'll tell you
what your trouble is,
you think you can do things
your way,
then put the pieces together
Well, you can't.
Are you finished?
Finished is right.
You're back to one partner, pal.
Easy, boy, easy.
Hi, heh.
I guess you wonder
what I'm doing here.
A little.
Uh, Cathy.
I don't know a coffee bean
from a vitamin pill.
But if I can help in any way--
You don't have to do this.
Maybe that's why I'm doing it.
What have you got to lose?
Only cost you room and board.
Okay, you're hired.
Oh, Vic, we're not beaten yet.
Tomorrow, Father Ripero's
going to get all the...
It's all right, keep going.
I heard every word.
Come on, I'll tell you
the rest over some coffee.
Knowland brand. Black.
Look, Cathy,
there's something else
I'd like to get off my chest
before I sober up.
It's about you, Cathy.
I, ugh...
well that is, I feel differently
than I ever thought
I could feel.
Well, that is, I...
Well, like I said to someone
earlier today,
who shall remain nameless, I...
I'm not much of a guy
with words.
Do you get what I mean, Cathy?
That's the way to make a speech,
no words at all.
I'll have that coffee now.
Senorita, senorita.
Not as many as I had hoped for.
Don't you worry, Cathy.
We'll make it.
I'm sorry, Catherine.
These are all
that could be spared.
But they say what 200 men
can do, they can do better.
Four hundred men.
The Padre's right--
Such faith has been known
to work miracles.
We're counting on that, Father,
but just for insurance,
give us a prayer with muscles.
Manuel, I think they ready.
Give a warning,
and let her go, huh?
Yes, patron.
Rian! I found them!
Rian, I got them! Rian!
Get back!
Looks like I'm stuck
in one place after all.
I found them, Rian.
I found an emerald.
It paid off.
Tell Cathy it paid off.
Grant, we beseech thee,
almighty God,
that the soul of thy servant,
may receive everlasting rest.
To the Earth which he dug
and from which he came,
is he now returned.
Cathy, I...
It's all yours now, Rian.
Patron, patron, patron, patron!
What do you want?
Forgive me, patron.
Manuel, didn't I tell you
to get these two cots out
of here days ago?
Yes, but--
Well, get them out.
But, patron, I--
Go on, beat it.
But, patron...
What is it?
Have I earned my bonus, patron?
Where did you find it?
Where Senor Knowland
was digging.
Come on.
It was the only one, patron.
Uh, tell the boys
to keep digging.
Cut away this whole section.
There's sure to be more
where this one came from.
And tell them there's a bonus
for the man who
finds the second pocket.
Senorita Knowland.
They're changing
her course again.
What do you mean again?
Well, the river used to flow
along the dry wash
at the foot of the mountain.
Well, what moved it
in your front yard?
A landslide upstream
in Grandfather's time.
There's another landslide now,
only this one's manmade.
Look at this.
It's shale from Carrere.
Fresh-cut timber from Carrere.
Keeps coming down that sluice,
piling up in the river,
the water has to cut around it.
Find a new direction like this.
And we're just coming
to the rainy season.
When that happens,
the whole plantation
will wind up in the Caribbean.
Well, can't we build
the levee higher?
It wouldn't hold.
There's only one thing to do.
We'll change the course
of the river,
send it back along the dry wash
where it used to go.
But that's impossible.
Not if we have a landslide
of our own.
What do you mean?
Blow up Carrere.
One good push
and that whole slide area
will be sitting down
in the river,
in the morning
this will be the dry wash.
It's up to you, Cathy.
We can make this hold
for the time being.
Let's get some coffee bags.
Get moving, Jose.
you cannot do this thing.
I'm sorry, Father.
But this is one fight
I can't win
by turning the other cheek.
If you destroy the mountain,
you will be destroying yourself
as well.
Uh, I'm sorry, Father.
Relax, Manuel.
It's only me.
Senor, Leonard.
You're coming back.
Yeah, heh.
I think maybe it's El Moro.
Well, you can't be too careful.
Hey, what's that?
Let me have your rifle, Manuel.
Your rifle.
Dynamite's still up
by the sluice?
Yes, senor.
All right.
Good morning.
I must speak to the guard.
They're letting anybody
in these days.
We've got business to discuss.
Argh, well,
I'm full up on coffee.
But go ahead.
Point one.
Your sluice changed the course
of the river.
Point two,
comes the rainy season,
the whole plantation will be
the biggest swimming pool
in Colombia.
Point three, I've decided
to do something about it.
Like what?
Like point four.
Dumping this whole chunk
of real estate
down in the river.
Ugh, fascinating idea.
Drop it in the suggestion box
on your way out.
The suggestion box is packed
with dynamite up
in the slide area.
Right now, Jose's waiting
on the top step.
Two minutes
after he presses the plunger,
this whole shebang is going up
like the Fourth of July.
I suppose you've thought
of dumping 200 men
into the river at the same time.
Oh, about that,
Cathy's giving the boys
their pink slips now.
Sounds like they're
on their way back
to the coffee picker's union.
Get back. Get back, you...
Get back. Go on, get--
Patron, patron, the mountain.
They have used all the dynamite.
I couldn't hold the men.
Jose ready?
He's waiting for your signal.
You see, Cathy?
We're not so different
after all.
We're both gutter fighters
when we want
something badly enough.
That's right, pal.
Now let's get our seats
for the big show.
You forgot one thing.
What's that?
Point five.
I'm staying here.
Are you crazy? This whole camp
is taking a trip.
I know that.
Don't mind me.
You go right ahead
with your Fourth of July.
You're gonna get off
this mountain
if I have to carry you off.
It'll be that way or not at all.
Vic, stop it!
Vic, stop it! That's enough!
I thought the only answer
was to fight back your way.
And I find I don't like it
down here in the gutter.
Ugh, I'm sorry, Vic, I,
I can't go through with it.
But, Cathy, look
what's coming up over there.
When that gets here,
you'll be out of business.
I don't care.
Nothing's worth having this way.
Okay, Rian, all of a sudden
it's the fifth of July.
disconnect the detonator
and come on back.
Si, senor.
Vic, I'd like to talk to you.
We've had it, pal.
We got nothing to say
to each other.
This will only take a second.
About the mountain,
I think maybe you got a point.
Go ahead, blow it up.
Are you kidding?
I'm all out of tricks.
Well, what do you know?
Well, we gonna stand here
gabbing all day?
We got some dynamiting to do.
El Moro!
Senor Leonard, it is El Moro!
Stay there!
El Moro and his men, over there.
Come on, come on.
Go on, get inside.
First aid kits over there.
Picked a fine time
to fire everybody.
Senor Mitchell, can you hear me?
I hear.
I told you I will come back
when you find the emeralds.
Now, we will do business my way.
What's your deal?
First, throw away your guns
and come out.
I know the senorita is there.
Come out
and she will not be hurt.
Do not trust him, senor.
We have a wounded man here.
Let the senorita get him
to safety and then we'll talk.
We will talk first.
That's what I thought.
We better make a break for it.
Too much open ground to cover.
What is it, Senor Mitchell?
Let's see if I can pick him off.
That was a very stupid answer.
Get down.
What are you doing?
Look, where exactly
did you plant that detonator?
Well, it's up there
by the sluice but...
Cover me.
I'm gonna try
to make my way up there.
If you're thinking
of blowing him off the mountain,
it won't work.
The whole camp goes with it.
I know, but I can keep him
pinned down from there.
Give you all a chance
to get to the horses.
That still leaves you up there.
I'll have two minutes.
The second I see you go,
I'll set off that detonator
and get out first.
Without covering fire,
you're a clay pigeon.
You got a better suggestion?
Yeah, why you?
You are no gazelle.
There's so many things
I'd like to say, Cathy.
Hey, about that timer,
you're quite sure
it is two minutes?
When I say two minutes,
I mean on the dot.
All right, I was just checking.
You ready?
He's made it.
Go! Go!
All right, let's go.
I'll wait for Rian.
Keep going.
Green Fire
Emeralds burning
Like true love
So rare
So thrilling to hold
My dowry.
Green fire
Shining bright as a new love
Hey, if you don't mind,
it's raining!
Two hearts
Can be
Two beautiful jewels
But worthless
When wasted on fools
Who go searching blindly
For Green Fire
Found in faraway places
Like love
And burning desire
There's magic
In Green Fire
Green Fire