Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone (2021) Movie Script

You realize this is
a very dangerous undertaking.
Mexican government
will have me hanged for this.
But your offer
was too good to resist.
A stargate pyramid.
Not a soul has been here
for five hundred years.
Geraldo Rivera,
himself, was denied access.
It is as beautiful
as I remember it.
That's funny.
I came to see you.
I have the one
who wants the power.
The one who would
carry your blood.
My mission will soon...
I'm glad your mother is pleased.
If there's nothing else,
I'd like my end fee.
- Your end fee?
- Yes.
My final payment.
The man would like
his final payment.
How much do we owe you?
$350,000 dollars.
A bit harsh, don't you think?
Girl I get tired of sleeping
Alone in my bed
Mornin' Charlie!
I've been trying To get back
But see I don't know how
There's no way to conceive
The right plans in my head
I just Can't hold them down
Ten miles.
And I can't shake them out
It's 6 in the morning
I'm still awake
My sleepless heart
Is torn up, babe
A love song's on the radio
But these words I hear
They're not for me, no
It's 6 in the morning
I'm still awake
A love song's on the radio
But these words I hear
They're not for me, no
I'm tryna keep up
Tryna move on
Beyond this pain
Before I break
Please give a warm round
for a man who knows who he is,
knows what he wants,
and knows how to get it!
The best regional
dealership owner,
five years in a row,
with 12,000 units
sold this year,
Mr. Jack Burton!
Well, now
this is a surprise again.
See, I'd like
to start with a joke
my daddy used to tell me:
So a deer,
he was grazing up on a hill...
- Charlie.
- Hey.
- That Jack is a hoot.
- Yeah.
- He wins it every year.
- Yeah.
And so...
We're headed over to
Jerry's Smoke House for drinks.
- Drinky-drinky.
- Come with us.
Do you still have
the same number from last year?
- Yeah.
- I'll text you, I'll text you.
I got to go.
It's good to see you guys.
Good to catch up. Bye.
And that's why
I have my fifth award.
- Schmuck.
Charlie, come on.
Let's go!
Come on, Charlie, let's go.
- Damn!
- Ha-ha-ha.
Ah, speak foreign
language, gringo.
Pretty much just feels good.
Charlie, don't...
That's wrong, man.
- Just go.
- I'm running late.
- I wore it for you!
- Don't say that.
That's weird.
Why would you do it for me?
I don't see the connection.
That guy's got
at least 150 pounds on you.
I know.
I got it.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah!
All right! Let's hear it.
For the Mayan Mayhem,
Aztec Avenger,
- Whoo-hoo!
You okay?
Hey, what...
-what's up with that?
What's up with that?
Good luck.
Oh, shit.
Take down! Take down!
Sorry. My bad.
Keep doing what you're doing.
Chus, man! Chus, man!
That was huge!
I'm gonna train you.
And that training
may save your life
- one of these days.
- That's a great idea.
Dude, I'm not a fighter.
You are.
What's up
with the bird food, man?
What's up with that?
I've been having this problem.
The doctors told me
if I try this:
eat clean, maybe it'll go away.
I've tried psychiatrists,
I keep having this nightmare
over and over and over.
The same dream
that you always had,
It's the same one.
Hey, have you talked to Karina?
Nope. Uh-uh.
How's your sister doing?
I don't know, man, I just...
I just
worry about her, you know?
If something
ever happens to me...
look out for her.
Of course, dude.
You don't have to... yeah.
Hey, sweet dreams, man.
Ha. Very funny.
I'm gonna get some rest.
Mr. Clark, banker
Bernie again on line one.
Mr. Clark, banker Bernie
again on line one.
Hey, Bernie!
How was Sainte-Tropez?
Listen, Charlie, this isn't
buddy Bernie calling.
This is banker Bernie.
And banker Bernie says
you're in deep
financial shit, man.
Now, the board's voted to
take the dealership from you.
They're gonna appoint
a trustee to run it.
Look, I'm about
to head over that way...
and check on your
projections and...
My God...
Our debt is choking us.
If we don't
come up with solutions,
we're going down.
- That's it.
- But Charlie,
how can we sell
when there's no clientele
even coming in the door?
We have no budget whatsoever
for our advertising campaign.
Look, Charlie, I know, okay,
I'm confident,
you believe in this team.
What you need
to do is give us a shot.
We talk about family here.
We talk about being united.
Charlie, you can have it all
or you can lose it all.
Hey, Karina.
I see you haven't changed much.
Still the same tantrums.
How are you?
Nana wants to see you.
It's important.
But is everything okay?
Not really.
Hey, hey! Whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop it!
Run, Charlie!
What do you mean, run?
Stay away.
I will hurt you.
Where's the stone?
What's going on?
Who are they?
And how can you fight like that?
All I can tell you
is that our lives are in danger.
The rest...
you'll have to hear from Nana.
Nana! Nana!
- Nana?
Charlie, your father
has asked that you stay here
while he and your stepmother
figure out some things.
But you can stay here
as long as you like,
this is gonna be great, bro.
- Who's this?
- This is Charlie.
Say hello to him.
He's gonna stay with us awhile.
Why do we let every gringo
on the block move in?
Ay, Karina.
Every family's
not perfect, Charlie.
Sometimes we just
have to make our own.
I didn't know
they were following me.
But I still kept my promise
to keep Charlie out of it.
Out of what?
Marco, you've been
hiding something from me
ever since we were kids.
Dude, I'm just tryin'
to keep you safe, bro, okay?
It's affecting my life.
- Stop it.
- It's affecting my business!
Stop the arguing. Please.
All three of you
are very special to me.
I've tried to keep you safe.
To prepare you
each in your own way.
regardless of what we want,
we can't do this without him.
Which is what I've been
saying from the beginning.
Enough with the riddles.
Talk to me.
Very well, Charlie.
Prepare yourself
because this will
sound impossible.
Millennia ago,
the gods came to Earth
and gifted humanity
with the greenstone
of immense power.
With it we were able
to build incredible stargates
to harness
the energy of the universe.
But that power to create
was also a power
that could destroy.
So the gods chose my brother,
my sister, and myself
and imbued us
with the stone's essence
to protect humankind.
We were the first trio of light.
Combining into a force
greater than ourselves.
But such power corrupts,
as it always does.
And my sister became obsessed
with not merely
serving the gods,
but becoming one of them.
When she was denied,
she sought her revenge.
She attempted
to steal the stone,
the source of our power,
and use it
to create a force of chaos.
My brother and I had no choice
but to confront her,
but we were too late.
The power
of the stone had consumed her.
And she was
pregnant with a child
to bring about the Apocalypse.
My brother and I could not
bear to kill our sister.
So we sealed her,
still pregnant,
in the catacombs
of the long lost Temple.
She was entombed there
for a thousand years.
And she was freed by an explorer
who had no idea
the evil he was unleashing.
Not just my sister,
but the child she bore, Drake.
The Maya Apocalypse made flesh.
Now the only way to stop them
is to form a new trio of light
to protect us all.
Charlie, I've kept you
from our destiny.
Your own destiny.
Because the three of us thought
you would not be able
to handle the responsibility.
I think it's time.
What do you want?
Well, well.
So this
is the Protector of humanity.
Let's see
what's in store for humanity.
Let's make this fair.
Let's go!
Where are we going?
To our secret sanctuary.
The force field
will keep us safe for a while.
The birds are going
haywire outside there.
Singing songs of love.
But there's no sweeter sound
than the voice
of the woman you love.
Zip it.
You're not going to go outside
- wearing those things, are ya?
- No.
No, no, they're not mine.
You might step in some cow dung.
Top of the morning to you,
mademoiselle Karina.
I'm losing my patience,
you need to tell me
-where I fit in to all this.
You remember that dream
that you used to have
when you were a little boy?
Yeah, I still have it.
Well, it wasn't a dream.
I've often wondered
why you woke up
on that night of all nights.
Was it an accident
or the Hand of Fate?
Either way...
the woman you saw was no dream.
She was my sister, Lechusa...
and she was there
for the emerald.
I sent her away for a while.
But she hit you.
I healed you
with the energy of the emerald
and to my surprise,
I linked you
to the power of the stone.
You are the green warrior
we were waiting for.
You are going to
complete the new
Trio of Light to defeat Drake.
But we have a very big
problem with Lechusa.
Now that she finally
found a stargate pyramid
and I'm the one
linked to the emerald,
if she takes me
and the stone to that place,
she would be able to transfer
all of the power to Drake
and transform him
into a higher being,
who will destroy all humankind.
Who's the gringo?
It doesn't matter.
They don't have
enough time to train him.
He's of no consequence.
We stick to the plan.
We find my sister
and the emerald.
We need you, Charlie.
We can't do this without you.
It's time
to start your training.
- Hey, let's try
and not level a city this time.
You're never gonna
let me live that down, huh?
Since we're all here,
like, for nothing,
let's have a drink.
These are
the Council of Masters.
They have helped us to develop
the powers we inherited.
Master Hung, Kung Fu expert.
I met him at the Forbidden City
when I was doing my research.
Yah! Hah! Hah!
Master Kane,
Master of Modern Martial Arts.
Trained by
Aztec and Maya shamans.
Master Gin, my brother
studied Drunken Boxing,
but only
learned the drunken part.
These Masters
are here to teach you
the basis of Martial Arts.
Each Master is here to help you
reach your full potential.
You will be the third...
fighting alongside
Karina and Marco.
As a team you will become
El Trio de la Luz.
In the process,
Master Gin will be your mentor.
The two of you
will be connected at the hip.
You listen
to what he has to say.
What he teaches you
will save your life.
I hope this was good enough.
put the dirt in the wheelbarrow.
take the wheelbarrow
to the lake.
A flat tire, really?
All right, now, cross the lake!
That's impossible.
I'll drown.
Impossible is a big word
used by very small men.
Don't make things
harder than they are!
I told you to cross the lake.
I didn't say anything
about the wheelbarrow.
Why do I, uh,
have to sleep in here again?
Joined at the hip, remember?
At least you could
clean up your crap.
This is a collection
of the finest...
- Crap.
- Shut up, go to sleep.
Hard on the outside
He very soft on the inside
You're up early.
How does this triad
of warriors things work?
How are we going to beat Drake?
Well, in theory the three of us
must take control of his energy,
redirect it
and shoot it back at him,
combining our three elements.
We are vessels of energy,
but not all access
is created equally.
So what does that mean?
Well, put it this way:
most people
who can use the power
can only store
so much within them,
like a small battery like this.
Others can store as much
as a tractor battery.
And then there are
the very, very, very few
who can store
as much energy as...
I don't know, the Sun.
So how big do you think
my "battery" is?
Hope it's big enough, Charlie.
Hey, Charlie!
Master Hung's
ready for you, come on!
It's that Kung Fu shit.
This guy was your corner man?
Oh, boy.
How 'bout that?
- Aye!
Hey, take it easy.
He's getting better.
He's getting
faster and stronger.
Get the stone.
We know where it is.
It's out of the city
at the countryside.
Lakes, water.
So, how do you feel
about all this
weight of the world
stuff on your shoulders?
Well, Nana seems
to believe in me but the...
The Masters,
they're a whole other story.
they believe in you, Charlie,
they're just
testing your limits.
You need to stop overthinking.
Just let go.
It's weight off your hips.
Snaps out the end of your fists.
Don't telegraph your stuff.
Left, left, left.
Good left.
Charlie, Charlie.
Hah, hah!
Green Ghost!
Business slow?
Looks like you started
to buy the cheap stuff.
Everything okay?
The oracle told me
where the sanctuary is.
At last.
We will send Moon Eyes.
She's the only one that can
deactivate the force field
with her special ability.
Gin, wake up.
She needs to rest now.
It's all we can do for her.
The connection
to the stone is strong.
Its loss is affecting her.
She'll adjust to it soon.
But far from the stone
she won't be able
to use her powers
so they will come for her.
Of course, the stone
doesn't mean anything
without my sister.
But we're halfway there.
Why did he lose, Gin, huh?
How could Nana be so wrong?
Physically, he's ready.
But up here...
he's not ready.
Well, the only time he's focused
is when he's wearing
that stupid costume.
What stupid costume?
You still don't understand.
This is about teamwork.
Why didn't you wake us up?
Believe in yourself.
The Green Warrior. Yeah.
Can't trust a man
that won't wake everyone up
when the end
of the world's at stake.
That kid of yours is a spoiled,
lazy, useless slob
and I want him out of here.
You've got to be kidding.
That's my son!
Charlie! Charlie, Charlie!
Nana! Nana!
For a guy who looks like
he's got it
all together on the surface,
you're a... a shallow well
of wasted potential.
Screw you.
Oh, yeah,
no, no, wait, I get it now.
Marco told me
how you ended up
on the doorstep.
Yes, Charlie, you were
abandoned when you were young.
And yes,
your father was an asshole,
but if the three of you
don't get things in sync
then this whole thing
was a waste of time.
And the whole world
will suffer your failure.
We need to move
Nana to a safer location.
It's only a matter of time
before they come back for her.
- The force field is down.
- And go where?
- Charlie?
- Hey.
He's not capable
of making his own decisions.
I'm not going anywhere.
Charlie, I'm sorry
I brought you into this.
It's not your fault, mijo.
It's mine.
I'm sorry.
I'm truly sorry.
I let you all down.
Oh, you planning
a pity party for one?
More sarcasm.
That's a real useful power, Gin.
You have no idea
what you're playing with.
The power you have inside you
can tear apart
the entire fabric of this world.
You say I have
this power inside me,
just show me how to find it!
The power is like alcohol.
Drink it sad, you cry.
Drink it mad, you fight.
Drink it happy, you make love.
You're all crazy.
I'll show you crazy.
Come out and play.
Hey, Dumbass.
Master Hung.
I thought you will
run away like you always do.
Turn around when you talk to me.
I've been waiting a long time
to face you again in combat.
Really? Look at you.
You are still stupid ass-face.
Yah! Yah!
Master Kane.
Nice outfit.
I hear great stories about you.
Let's see if they're true.
I'm going to kick your ass.
Why do you always
have to be so stubborn?
C'mon, mother.
Don't you know that mother knows
what's going on
in that little heart of yours.
And by the way,
you were getting
your ass kicked.
Now grab my sister.
Charlie, there's
someone here to see you.
- Thank you, Sergio.
- Can we talk?
Masters Kane and Hung
have been teleported away.
Drake took Nana.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm Okay.
I'm going to head on home.
You need anything
before I leave?
It's okay.
I'll take a little time...
to take care
of some family matters.
I'm going to turn
it around for you, Charlie.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Every family
is not perfect, Charlie.
we just have to make our own.
What are you doing here, man?
You're my brother.
Karina, Nana,
you're all I've ever had.
I would die for you.
All of you.
What's Mexican...
without Green Ghost?
Oh, hey, excuse me,
I didn't mean
to interrupt you two.
Since you guys
have kissed and made up,
we got to get you
out those gringo clothes.
It's going to be
a little bit difficult
to take you
seriously in that get up.
All right, well...
does that help?
Okay, yeah.
I don't need
no stinking machete.
I got this.
- Go!
- Hurry!
What are you doing,
Charlie? Charlie!
We don't have time for this.
I told Gin this was a bad idea.
- Arm, arms!
- Come on.
Ugh, Marco!
Wait! Zip, zip!
I've got this. Go.
- You sure?
- Go!
Watch out for my drink!
Bet you didn't see that coming.
Ladies, this isn't coffee break.
Let's go!
I'm glad you made it.
Interesting costume,
is that pistachio?
It's just green, you moron.
Come over here, gringo,
so I can kill you
and get on with it.
Get down there.
Come on, come on.
You still got it, Nana!
Come here, Charlie.
- Oh.
- Get up. Get up.
I'm finished. I'm done by.
I'm just an old man.
I've fought many a hard bottles.
I never doubted you, Charlie.
I was just pissed off at you,
because you doubted yourself.
Now the three of you must ignite
to connect your power.
If one of you does not ignite,
we will all die,
at Drake's hands.
- Charlie!
- Grab his legs.
- Got him.
- What now?
- Charlie?
- Come on, Charlie!
You'll never reach the power.
That kid
of yours is a useless slob,
and I want him out of here.
You're weak, you're nothing.
Nana! Nana!
This is teamwork,
the power of three.
Come on!
Come on, Charlie!
You failed, Gringo.
It's Green Ghost.
You did it.
It's time
to bring in the New Age.
Let me, please.
Come on, go, go, go!
Go, now!
All right, take this.
- Sorry, boss!
- Sorry, boss.
Wow, Sergio.
These numbers are amazing.
How'd you do that?
What's really
made the difference?
We created a family.
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!