Green Grow the Rushes (1951) Movie Script

There we are gentlemen here is our
territory 43,000 acres a vendetta
dommage and as you observe scarcely a
solitary acre of it under the plow quite
disgraceful where's this place Totten I
were supposed to be making wrong that
must be the church way over there in the
trees oughtn't we to consult the County.
Agricultural exec first after all we are
butting in on their job aren't where
unfortunately Fisher wick these masked
people refuse to recognize any authority
they claim to have some ridiculous.
Charter from some old King granting of.
Independence I believe that's correct
brother any other third to be precise of
course it has no legal meaning these
days the ministry is the supreme
authority here as everything else
nevertheless they persist with an
idiotic Charter they call the
corporation of the liberty of and editor.
March I think it might be tactful to
approach them in the first instance
trying to our fan depends on no sense of
humor as the basis for local page and
possibly but it interferes of the
property Kannamma negra cultural develop
of the country has occurred to you Finch
that in spite of the deplorable state of
their agriculture there are a number of
very prosperous looking residences in
these parts really could've battled all
the smuggling days no doubts precisely
it's very romantic
what are we contact first the chairman
of the corporation of the Liberty good
morning my man good bordick so we're
from the Ministry of Agriculture perhaps
you can help us I'm Customs and Excise
myself board of trade excellent and I'm
sure you can help us we want to know the
name of the chairman of the corporation
of the dippity of a tender demas.
Oh in you mean D but seven you mean.
Colonel Gill we must promise made this
cream scoop from the seams page then put
up a wall to keep the seal took a devil
of a lot of work and money and
generations of fellows that's nothing to
laugh at
oh I'm not laughing it's just the way my
face with me
everybody thinks that Oh let's... we the
king gave us our charter let us off a
few taxes allowed us to appoint our own
justices and so forth and that's why
it's called the Liberty and now these
white old Johnny's are going to tell us
how to family tell them you know there's
little point in my giving you an
interview young woman if you don't
trouble to write it down
I'm so sorry my leg upset you no no not
talk keep me need to oil it always
forget it amuses you doesn't it
how long have you been a reporter Oh
ages oh yeah how do you get on the.
Tomcats Lear the other time pretty well
he's my father
what hmm well well so your makeup thing
well you know I thought I knew your face
where have you been all these years.
Oh getting educated in Scotland merci
they wouldn't let me come home during
the war
great grown-up angel be getting married
mixing you know well that's the general
idea here.
Oh Oh plenty of time here why not not
why not indeed oh why not me please
well I think there's too much difference
in our ages
oh very true if I were only a few years
well what about young Sam ever odd too
what's the hold hands all the time I
can't be bothered you seem to be to be
unhealthily discriminating my dear oh I
hate missing about I won't get married
well haven't we better get on with this
yeah well what ball you want to know
well what's your plan of campaign if I
catch one of these mini Street beggars
this side of belly got I'll run him in.
Patras first oh that would make a
wonderful story it's almost like the old
days with the customs officer customs
officers what do you mean well this mob
guys used to bribe them didn't they oh
you can't do their sores Eenadu oh no no
of course not
oh that's all things dead and done with
as long ago that sausage a father saying
yeah bad business I'm here to be you
know I missed the smuggling oh well I
miss beginning
I think you're proof before publication
I think you my dad I've enjoyed our
little chat oh this is mrs. Bush who
rules the household how do you do this
is whiskey who rules mrs. Bush
hello whiskey you're a fine fella hello
my foot he produced six little chota
pigs in the linen cupboard last Thursday
night well thank you Ken Oh Gil good bye
good bye baby good bye
Too early burned open for half an hour
yet I don't want to drink
beg pardon I'm sure I have such a
monumental thirst myself I imagine will
you imagine wrong I'm looking for mr.
Wickes do you know what he is unknown I
expect he's down in the cellar watering
the beer mr. Wickes is a very honest man
I'm quite sure he isn't doing that are
you you know him and you better than I
know you
how are you anyway that's the sailor who
you'll just a girl
sailor and a girl sounds like a good
basis for a song or four well almost
anything you must have a drink I'm sorry
I don't drink with strangers dad I must
introduce myself my name is Hammond.
Robert Hammond
mine's Catholic me Catholic tom caffee's
daughter yes do you know it has a bit oh
no I want to find out all about rename
from London we're staying here amen
the bid wholesale isn't it please don't
be facetious this is most important I'm
a reporter I want to interview them
reporter one of those people go around
snooping huh that's a very rude way of
describing it
I don't like blue long noses especially
girls do I understand that you are
refusing to cooperate no no no not in
the least my idea of hell well of course
I can't answer for the others they are
an independent lot they they might
appeal to the corporation for instance
the corporation as you call it as an
exec stepped on is no longer recognized
by the stayed there forcibly but the
question is do the people recognize it
to which I can only answer they do
indeed for many of them the comes to the
corporation is the government that is
quite aside the point well then please
you said but you don't want to get
running for trespass to your Christmas
really I don't you understand the
functions were magistrates we are
members of a government sub Commission
and we still have the right to elect our
own magistrates mr. Finch that's one of
the few privileges remaining to the
council death and the power to seize
wrecks on the
beaches oh well we also have a charter
day with their little work on the land.
Colonel Gill what do all the able-bodied
men do with that time Oh
as always worth to do on the farm you
but the goal is the fiction betoken
they're here that I form I thought can I
go to is rather pet where you'll carry
on well did you see that cable going to
be terrific better can I have it all to
myself is that her in the reporter I
think that's quite likely thank you just
that I'll go duck shooting with you
tomorrow Latin
I'll get you company dad do you know a
man called Hammond Hammond Jeff's night
anyway what did he do the fisherman is
our banner run small solar overdrive he
better only dad the best of my knowledge
what is all this here falling for it
no of course not but it seems such a
funny man to be a fisherman don't see
why you know long ago when the sea went
back in the harbor dried up mm-hmm where
did the boatman unload their cargo into
puns and told about the creeks and the
marshes I believe it hey what's all this
got to do with a government staff.
Commission nothing having at all and
stop pestering me with questions I'm
I mind you're up already tomorrow
morning at 4 a.m. warm clothes and gum
boots a little bit of bug little sweater
of mine it'll be cold
I'll drop you hear me it's a good spot
it's a fire hi good two fingers in front
got your coffee
yeah right then I'll get along to my own
pitch enjoy yourself
All right lock chirps just in time only
90 minutes
If you come in here are so suit what are
you doing down there
mind your own business disconcerted but
it is my business very much my business
miss Meg nosy cuff Lee how did you but I
feel just the same if you come near me
something tells me I'm not to be trusted
with firearms better give it to me yeah
let's get hey you be snooping again have
I thought you'll Marsh follow this here
mm-hmm I've seen in that case you better
see it all in here don't worry I'm not
gonna walk you in
what's he know he's boxing wines and
spirits but I can see that for myself
but contraband that's right
I don't though that's what a story this
is one story you will not publish a new
is gonna stop me well in the first place
it wouldn't be news to most of your
readers oh how long has he been going on
at a guess I'd say five six hundred
years actually of course I knew he went
just an ordinate fisherman you newspaper
people are very astute well the more you
know now the better really oh why so you
won't follow me about any more I'm
afraid you've torn it now properly oh
well you see I became an accomplice
haven't I good lord
does that mean you're threatening to
become a permanent nuisance yes I'm
afraid of dad
Only captain bit alone good catch.
Britain yes the weather right stand down
never looking at this help very nasty
how's your cold mister you just decide
two years I've had it now is your miss
lemon this morning captain middle mr.
Ermenrih nutrish all for a bite to eat
and a cup of coffee no he hadn't order
word on that well we wasn't expecting
you so early no quarters on the OP oh
that's him coming down we told you
there'd be trouble nipping ashore for a
cup of coffee no good entirely my fault
mr. hood shouldn't go ashore you know
not the for inspection regulations have
customs out just so mr. Ewart nor the be
well well let's have a look at this
sketch of yours certainly get the cover
off read
mmm-hmm much the same as the last catch
fish mr. Hewett like sheep and
lily-white not pretty much the same yes
sir they do well that'll be all for this
morning good day captain bit old food
diary was do it I love this fish pee in
the house I think a couple of days how
long she drink about a week you it
hasn't smelled anything for years did
you do it all on the way back from the
marshes we did and it was a waste of
time fishing has to be taken seriously
all the features don't participate
everything in order Robert sighs I have
we detect a certain uneasiness in your
manner how about some coffee trade bring
two cups of coffee we were followed to
the Abbey by a girl
what sort of girl young girl quite a
pretty girl she represents a newspaper I
believe a lily-white I've been what I
told her which way the wind blew nothing
to worry about you the marsh girl it was
understood that if either of us ever got
mixed up with a lily-white in the
mineral business then we'd pack up and
go home we gave a solemn promise and him
very well once a considerable time ago
we was married to a lily watch me tell
me so far as we are aware and we still
own what happened she left us for the
quartermaster of the Buffs Nvidia
inferior fella what were you thinking
what did you do about it personally we
rejoiced any idea what happened to the
we heard she settled down somewhere in
the south with a herd of cows and the
quartermaster sergeant what's the model
of all this CV we look back on the
business with great surprise at
ourselves if everything was a man's own
that was we talked ourself into it we
told ourselves that we loved her and we
believed it
we endowed her with beauty of body and
soul greater than she or any other
living white could ever possess there's
men doing it all the time Robert
talking themselves up the aisle what
does the Lillywhite have to do nothing
nothing at all just sit tight and let
the fool talk well then when he's done
it then he spends the rest of his life
blaming her for not being what he told
us she was it's pitiful to watch Robert
pitiful that's the moral Robert I wish
padow wouldn't go wandering off on his
own he said something about a chat with
a coast guard for boys both he's fond of.
Coast Guard I wish I didn't find him
quite so chilly Oh a wheel from the.
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries oh
please come inside gentlemen make
yourselves comfortable gentlemen drop of
bandy beer I should say whoever heard of
brandy in these days thank you thank you
no mr. Witt did my Minister is not
satisfied that the farmers in this area
are making the best use of their land
what's it got to do with your Minister
you're not contesting the government's
interest in feeding the people I presume
very good thing the people are starving
poor devil now assuming you set aside a
certain number of acres for grazing is
there any reason why the rest of it
shouldn't be turned over and soon with
the example potatoes never touch him oh
why starchy
good morning coast guard uh-huh
I'm from the agricultural sub-commission
we're having a look round you know
what's her name
I'm fed her album out.
Pru dear Jillian well how'd you find
things in the Marshall Bank now they got
that's not quite what I meant I mean
your job I always like to contact them
out on the job but it kind of I'm sure
not at all is there anything wrong wrong
you seem rather angry you find it rather
dull out here I just have Dow well
boring show is there sitting alone here
or there you get a little work across
the basket
I am crash it's ratite oh your teeth
is he there is that bear wall to watch
I'm so very exhilarating pastime I
imagine there's a hole in mean I hadn't
observed one eye where the aspirin
support my arm it used to be hers
applause and of course there is a
fraction oh here's the flotsam mm-hmm
and the ship's OAB always be remarkable
I never realized something happening all
the time what with the sea and the ships
in the wall and the flotsam and of
course the smugglers bye Joe look at
that door a wonderful piece of Lake
Norman come along fish away this is not
an archaeological rembo sure
I'm Tony Sherman used to tie their
thoats to the churchyard wall in the old
days that was before the sea went back
of course
extraordinary health but hardly relevant
as a matter in hand no but still this
farm that we're going to visit must lie
at the bottom of the original harbor and
the sewage probably been officially move
don't go into details know I'm talking
come on come along fish a week seems to
be deserted nonce there must be somebody
about I don't intend to be put off
easily what do you want
ah mr. Bainbridge what do you want we
are the sub Commission from the Ministry
of Agriculture we already speak in the
farms in this area you won't expect mine
perhaps we can have a little talk
get open my land I beg your pardon I
said get open my land
we are here on government business mr.
Bainbridge if you don't get off my land
I shall of the Lord on your noses we are
here to investigate your ability to
found it holy
are you getting off my land or do I have
to drag
oh it's finally learned the law in this
country don't forget their own nation
stress who isn't it in the Charter if
you know and mentioned egg toss with me
again upon my soul I shall strike him
officials on Shawn what are you agree
now that doesn't make funny I listened
to you once before going three NASA.
Krauss's I'll clean up the cache it one
I think fit please yourself Joseph
Any girl
I'm glad you will come Robert I want to
told you eric has been here look at the.
Coast Guard you did something wrong
not yet but it's getting dangerous the
second suspect I thought he was being
kept out of it never being told a word
to my knowledge don't want to involve
the local officials we have too much at
well then it's this infernal
sub-commission they getting nosy that
fella brutal but super if ever I saw one
dropped in on earth yet this morning
being talking to Constable Pettigrew to
have a drink thank you
you know gonna call Meg coupling indeed
I do
Tom cup his daughter she followed us to
the Abbey last time I had to tell her
the whole story
blast it Tom wanted her kept down to
this she's all right
a real marsh girl now you know what this
means Robert he's all got to stop now
yes there's another shipment waiting in
the nets was too late to stop it
look how we leave it in the net seems
such a pity
I'd be some bottles of Napoleon brandy
among it genuine usually reliable I
judge ashamed to keep that in the sea
furlong won't do it any good now will it
I have to be the last for a bit
definitely the last
Well order now what he's doing
are going to be out there and I like
this they've all would I did you see the
barometer stole B it says
I know oil oh I got you on board not
I'm glad huh why well there's a sort of
funny broody feeling in the air if it
going to be the end of the world or
something sure it is the end of my
little bit of world anyway
what do you mean this is the last trip
what mm-hmm
that's wonderful guess what I'm getting
nicely involved in it that's the point
but I think it's me nobody ever lets me
do anything much better that way what
are you going to do now I haven't
thought go away somewhere I suppose and
what am I expected to do well now let's
I would suggest don't it I know pick
myself a nice young man get married and
settle down it's on the tip of my tongue.
Cynical without a drop at East window.
Plus how to do we went down to the last
year phenomena what with one thing in
another we are very depressed just now
we'd be obliged if you shut your trap
The punch in the gut already well it's
up to you then Robert you know the job
better than me I'll stay till you've got
you to show them cut back home don't
like to look at the weather now waiting
for a storm still diddle could ride a
hurricane I hope you're right.
It's not brandy to me
very unfortunate genus this is our last
ship and seeing as how we are very
depressed what we one thing another we
will fix your cooks to want to cook
screw for this is Napoleon
we will treat it with proper respect
Here we are we're interrupting this
program for a girl to be I don't want it
open anonymous a very medicinal deep
depression now situated uncommon define
chronic we agree so and now if you
gentlemen are ready we will continue
I'll repeat that a deep depression now
situated south of the lizard is moving
rapidly up the channel accompanied by
westerly winds of gale force and
abnormally high tide well it's a good
high tide anyway last time we was
scraping the bottom doesn't the left did
you ever hit anything like that before
And they shouldn't be long now I don't
like the feel of things Robert
how did he get here what's he doing
We would like full steam ahead
Busting bang bang if we was to give
one Anna skipper what a singie cartel is
no purposes leave six we could send it
off okay nobody wants
blue Robert Murphy coming right up here
state nearly get it going it well we
better get out of there
one little gold dump the stuffiness ta
run football
I'm gonna put in your eyes
in the bathroom
I'll come with you
made of coal Unsinkable powers
you again alright don't forget you on
his two sixes who's the stone balls I
couldn't get out when the tree tip
number three five so finally I just
couldn't get out poor darling I heard my
knee coming in for lifting nothing an.
Ethernet scratch now miss cubed over be
bound up here hold the torch
oh goodness sake relax I'm not gonna eat
you know what I said you've become a
permanent nuisance didn't I yeah
Nothing just my movies medal yes
who is it for you is this your bout it
is who think you can anchor here it
seemed a pretty spot and you are
protectors up with the police on you
there's gonna be trouble - we've seen
your face before somewhere I'll show ya
I know my rights
never in all my life I love the more
what's going on mr. bill how do we get
here that problem is at present
occupying our attention Fred
it would appear that we are in the room
no use of Biddle in rhyme
well the devotee of God - it looks as if
they've had is this the vessel in
question of course it is I mean it you
think there are half a dozen it might be
so mr. Bainbridge it might well be sir
it's an order of had there be no need
for huge amount mr. Bainbridge at this
state this is a very unfortunate
position to find yourself in captain
I'll have to take some particular name
little little fix the boat what place is
this Portnoy captain fixed abode pollen
oil or tin boy Gardel a fish us run fish
we haven't tried doable yet hello mate
let him you're disgusting you bright and
early right in the harbor in one other
yeah and poor my defense the night have
turned on mine started with my own eyes
I tell you mean Bainbridge's meadow high
and dry good daddy must be washed up on
that monster tie it wasn't anybody's but
it well all the cool on board if that's
what you mean alive didn't you order him
to get all pending reference of the
matter to the justices mr. Bainbridge
I have deemed it my duty to instruct
captain Biddle that the boat must have
no account be moved from its present
position a reporter I loved you work for
this the law is the law mr. Bainbridge
come what may.
Paulie this party religious past we are
the object of considerable amusement no
is he a lily-white
by the name of Polly she seems to know
she should she is our wife Oh morning
sir good morning in capsule well it's no
good asking you how you got in here the
question is how in Thunder you're ever
going to get out hello bill am I glad to
see you
the Colonel's right there what are we
going to do we have a matter under
consideration it will not be difficult
it's a question of building slipway a
watch slip way across the fields to the
seawall in with a system of pulleys
block Kentucky baby mr. Bainbridge is
the owner of our present Anchorage we
will go to some trouble to remove this -
tomato see waiting short you'll find
that he will yes you will find any will
why have you got on Bainbridge Christmas.
Mitch our fault not his surely Christmas
is once we had a wife by the name of.
Polly she left us for a certain
quartermaster sergeant good heavens you
don't mean a pudding redo room Great.
Scott these things are in the stands
you'll find that mr.
Umbridge will be pleased to build us a
flip when he as a Percy will which I
doubt who's going to pay for it no
matter of thumbs we propose to every
course to bottom ring why when this
finds itself in a foreign port without
the means to proceed elsewhere the
master is permitted to borrow money
ashore from any party on security of the
ship and its contents the maritime
contract known as bottom ray and who do
you suppose is going to advance money on
a land bound Rick we were thinking of.
Colonel Gil you were well and where's
the security in the hold you mean you
didn't dump the stuff overboard
certainly not we always deliver our.
Coggins will now leave you to talk over
the details we ourselves will visit mr.
Bainbridge seebik you are without
question the biggest scoundrel I've ever
met in my life
I've gotta get rid of that cargo at once
can't beat that Robert every nosy party
in the county will be hanging around
this Rick know she bothers get I'd
forgotten the sub Commission where
they've been buzzing around like horse
flies they must be kept away at all
what about the corporation can't they do
anything the bailiff sergeant who's he
the seizing officer the corporation all.
Rick's belong by charter to the
corporation of the liver kick come on my
ah we've come to have a little chat cap
which is the parlor sedan about the
removal last ship we would like to get
it refloated without delay you'd better
sit down let's talk it over and we see
it is the matter of constructing a
slipway the job should present very few
difficulties to an animation socialism
you mean I'm expected yourself to hit
the Bulge we understand one another we
will yeah yeah we take it that you
haven't yet discussed the matter with a
lady of those do I after pitch a shotgun
to you once we knew a fella like you
look like young talks like you a kid
pretty much the same he was a soldier
forms a kind of quartermaster sergeant
he took a fancy to a certain lily-white
known to it but a lot of himself to this
firm finally he got what he wanted in
the lily-white listen left deeply
devoted husband who are you to tell your
truth we weren't quite so mortified as
some folks thought we should all to abhi
no matter when you are ready to discuss
the construction of the sequani we
should be pleased to listen
We will have our breakfast now it's
excuse me make way for the baby patent
Hello hello ship ahoy do you want
oh pardon me are you the captain now
here's a sure
my name is Rigby I'm the bailiff
sergeant come again the bailiff Stargell
I seize vessels on behalf of the Council
of the corporation oh oh you do do you
if you let down the ladder I'll come
I look Chalmers idea was all this well
if you really want to know
it started with Henry the third we look
you go back to Henry and tell him to
mind his own business uh I'm afraid you
don't quite understand hello who's this
joker oh this is the sergeant of the
Oh Maurice Hart good morning he's come
to see the house on behalf of the
corporation oh uh hmm ha good man Ruby I
haven't wasted much time everything it
all up well no not exactly why what's
the trouble having a little difficulty
getting aboard sir Oh si I see it well
strictly speaking you should go aboard
of course but in the circumstances you
it must be a painful experience to the
crew you known but we don't want to hurt
their feelings they're naturally they're
a bit sensitive
yes sir I hadn't thought of that you
better sit tight down here and don't
leave anyone else come near the
corporation solidly behind Jeremy thank
you that every lost something sir I was
wondering would it be an order if I went
home to fetch a stool and a bite to eat
later on Oh surely Capital idea I'll
hold the fort till you get back you
better come along out thank you
that's astonishing
she must have been whipped over the
seawall and pumped down in the Old.
Harbor by the storm intercepting a while
not I think we should investigate it's
nothing to do with us
I've been checking up on one or two
things lately Finch I think it might be
interesting to go aboard oh do you think
it lettuce it's a trawler isn't it
we are the Ministry of Agriculture and.
Fisheries nothing induced me to stay
near this place without police
protection any well and I shall make it
my business to see that the customs and.
Coast Guard are advised you know fish
awake I wish I like Peru better ha ha
Robert might we inquire the purpose of
these activities now we got a ship that
liquor seated we already have the matter
in hand
we can't risk waiting why you build a
slipway sea pig go in here now and who
will play to refloat an empty vessel you
sure you're gonna want to refer to now
knowing our self as we do that is what
we're afraid of
why don't we get that hatch open get
down in the hold and start passing out
the crates
yeah you mean break open the crates
transfer the bottles into the fish boxes
now we gotta look sleepy we have much
time so fast and good this is a great
and grievous mistake gentlemen sorry
happened but it seemed to us to be more
practicable than a part of rare those
three right old lunches were here just
now on board good gang no but I don't
trust a brother hello Mac I can't do an
interview with your press Mariner the
we might have known make you can't stay
here why not I'm from the Indiana
but don't you realize the ship still
full of smuggling liquor yes I see
you're not to get mixed up in this gotta
keep away right away it's a bit late for
that now isn't it I brought you some
sandwiches there tomato you're a
remarkably cool young woman I know what
I'm about kennel girl yes I believe you
do well by the way I passed that old.
Coast Guard chat the Academy Lane I
think it was on his way here we said
this was a mistake
who are you hi Scott
what can we do for you you see the third
eirick she shall be shall we say longs
for the trade we are not aware of any
risks in this vicinity the lord shall we
change this boat is not serving oh I
think you are captain Biddle excuse me
sir could I put aboard this vessel
oh the ship has already been seized mr.
Yu it what's it you and what are you
sane or captain vigil don't blame us
miss you would blame the Board of Trade
that's right now peps up and get on with
my job you'll be in this racket you know
that every ship entering the British
forces driving the customs inspection
and furthermore any jobs and salvage and
tell which belongs to the board at
regular my foot listen if you interfere
with the regulation I excuse me ten
ships already see oh I got here first I
just went back to my school I see
they're looking in the right to go round
seating ships in with a third we
understand now look here nobody boards
that vessel while I'm here to prevent it
no will you that all promised ah well if
you stay I stay.
Will not shift a bottle so long as these
officials are kept under the boughs nor
when mrs. Finch Fisher winkin father
weathers large somehow we gotta find
means of removing the loss such as you
know there's one one you miss effects
staring me in the face the whole time
what you do with wake up you drink it
drink it
I'll kaga well that's the rub it need
half the male population of the liberty
and you still haven't got rid of the
officials under the bars or it can't be
done least of all tomorrow don't forget
his charge day and the first day had
pity sessions I get three-piece clever
girl now why didn't I think of that
petty sessions Robert all right there's
no need to rub it in are you game to
take a long shot
I'll try anything once good makes my
dear look me up the phone number of
constable pity rule the plain fact of
the matter is constable that my
colleagues were assaulted by this man.
Cambridge and the execution of their
duties do you wish to prefer a charge no
oh then we should be well within our
however we prefer to cultivate the good
will of the local farmers after all
we're here to try to help them whiter
no all we requires your presence for
protection will be there further visit
an inspection in the morning you can put
yourselves in my hands gentlemen ended
by the way are you keeping an eye on
that wreck that won't get away me that's
a good
when they take the opportunity to go
aboard her very good tip excuse me
Constable Pettigrew here now good
evening colonel yes yes I understand
What do you want just a little chat mr.
Bainbridge just a little chat with
reference to the matter of trespass
what's the game game mr. Bainbridge the
law isn't a gay the law is the law as we
all know are you trying to make a fool
out of me now why should I be attempting
any such cause of action mr. Bainbridge
all I say is if you was the party
trespassed wish to take action in the
matter then the law is at your disposal
same as everybody else what do I have to
do it's a question of laying and
information mr. Bainbridge and I've
taken the liberty of preparing the
necessary documents in your behalf
they're up at the station now if you
care to come I'll come up with you now
when I got is about mm-hmm Oh jump in
this is dead for glory day oh my god
young man in the girl
you mean happen yeah which way towards
the hammer I'll call our weakness get
down there once constantly Taylor Kosovo
here finest down there really this is
not the moment for pusillanimous a Finch
come along get off my leg I told you to
get off my land
get out oh no have a care I'll have the
law Rania if you will be until my man
trouble Evan I got trouble enough that
great meows eat me for night
and day a ship in need that pond off the
officials in the place captain Lander
now you again clear out all of you go on
get off my land of water take a fall
here we've come to investigate the
disposal of a quantity of fish mr.
Bainbridge what's that oh no you go no
I'm going aboard this ship this trip has
been seized by me bailiff sergeant of
the coastal delivered libertarian
federal states let me pass Salvage
belongs to the border traces reticulum
very curious bernessa sick mountain man
who'd want to poison your tax everybody
everybody in the place it's me they're
after I know they're poisoning me pond
water they all hate me I know but that
was going on down there
I know it's been done deliberate I'm not
a fool they've been after me for years
stop talking rubbish man you smell
anything very cool yes rather pleasant.
Pleasant - these are good as to fill
that bottle with water from the pond.
Porter that you should have a bubble
handy Prada Amos I believe in being
ready for any eventuality Finch.
Thank You Fisher wick I suggest you take
this straight away to the chemist for
analysis we'll hurry along this week meg
stop that at once I think it's a
brilliant idea
you've got rid of ten bottles already I
told you not to get mixed up in all this
oh don't make that bad all over again
you realize you'll cooked our goose
well pickled our ducks anyway I do not
propose to wait any longer this senior
minister released on comics
if this ship is plan to contain
contraband you'll all be held as
accessories and your pets will avail you
nothing nothing.
Oh were you looking to someone not
someone young man in my capacity as a
member of a government sub-commission I
propose to search this oh they have
should be good enough to conduct me
first of all to the main cabin nobody's
got no right to board the ship what's
been seized by the Coast Guard in a
proper manner according to the
regulation of this ship has to be put up
for auction and the proceeds credited to
the funds of the council yes I bet
enough to pile and all of you and take
your ship with you stay open leave me
alone Oh constable just in time good
morning sir
good morning gentlemen sir you've come
at last chance of all these men have
stuck to me from boarding this vessel my
colleagues and I've made an important
discovery is that so sir
well we must just attend to that matter
later later it's my duty to inform you
sir and these other gentlemen present
that a charge of trespassers been
brought note writer it's just a question
of serving out the summonses as lay down
one for you mr. Finch mr. Rigby
mr. Hewett and mr. Ahead now examine the
oh the hold mr. Potter if your peers I'm
friendly here catches the little stare
we weren't allowed to unnoticed no dad
no died well I shall not have to get the
hatch covers lifted can the door sir at
once yes Mr Hammond I've given an order
well a very timely appearance constable
thank you sir I hope your summons to be
served in you sir oh what a summons for
trespasser how there we are the justices
will be sitting shortly sir the matter
can be dealt with prompted the petty
session we've no time to lose come along.
Eppie this is outrageous
all in good time speak to the minister
all in good time
you'll have to answer this idiocy
it is a government servant living now
it'll be ready this afternoon Herr Sami
Ron Ron we've been summoned Christmas
that's all Christmas that's what I said
fish a week well and that goes for you
everybody please I think Wyatt nice and
what is it here it would appear that the
law has taken that assorted rabble of
bureaucrats into custody does that mean
you believe in magic as soon as we have
procured a slip by a few stars authors
chain tackle 20 fathoms of good rope
all of which your own mr. Bainbridge is
so obligingly agreed to provide we're
not fill them all we shall be forsaking
hard liquor until the frolic is afloat
again Cedric
yes I do you're sure you really want to
go away
that is our declared intention.
May it please the court a case of.
Christmas I wish to make a protest
before this fast is proceeded with I
have something to say Wow there now this
is a court of law
conduct yourself accordingly is it
really necessary to deal with all these
people in one ah for the purpose of
reading the charge or worship no well
then very well
the charge is that you pervert Finch.
Roderick Fyshwick Spencer Potter James
are kept.
Hubert suet and Edgar Rigby on Thursday
the 19th did knowingly commit a
precipice on the lands known as Old.
Harbor meadow the property of one Joseph.
Bainbridge do you each and respectively
plead guilty or not guilty to this
charge may I be permitted to speak now
certainly Lord so far so good pray
heavenly spit it out how long you think
we've got with a lot of rock and iron
aha you better go and start a moving.
Robert go down to the ship opening
Now after you say take all of three
hours but even our justices can't spin
out in case of tres purrs for three
hours Robert rather put your trust in
the bed of the mouse I feel better if
they begin to turn up get these photos
on court how much love is going on the
justices has to consider they beat out
an hour already
how much longer like be kept here like a
confit the bench is given considerable
time to this case since it would appear
to be without present at least as far as
the record of his court in July of the.
Year 1700 and 23 a writing officer of.
His Majesty's custom was hanged
he never following a conviction for the
theft of a sheep unfortunately we have
no other record of the trespass by
government officials be that as it may
however the laws relating to private
property are sufficiently well known in
this country there can be no excuse for
disregarding them am I going too fast
you not at all your honor
and that's our charger
You had enough I reckon I can have
another drop for the liberty Brotherhood
Robert is a very life conceptually the
man on the other hand there may be
extenuating circumstances as indeed the
defendants pleaded to it necessity there
are quirements of an official
investigation in the case of three of
the defendants under the pursuit of duty
in the case of the other three but it
will be remembered and it is actually
similarly it was offered by the
defendants at Nuremberg and what
happened to them what do we have to
decide in and it is the opinion of the
bench that trespass was indeed committed
brackets there what we have to decide is
whether the defendants presumed on their
rights as officials whether since those
certain authority should set an example
well they it does not behold them to be
doubly circumspect doubly circumspect
where did I get how many circumstan why
don't you pay attention I must request
and amis the Gerard important evidence
has come to light
what's that we've already heard the
evidence there is a ship in the harbour
however tied up hundreds of years ago
don't you collect any more now there may
be circumstances we're all positive.
Matson example trouble is caps coming on
won't let the others off the equal to
tell they said get really people what we
need is another
or no time
so the bench has decided to take the
most lenient possible you in the
circumstances to it that you are all
guilty of a lamentable breach of good
manners no more than that you're the
whore discharged but hold it hold it but
to avoid the possibility of the issue of
another summons the bench is prepared to
issue you all certificates about revoir
our key under the offenses against the
persons Act of 1861 and look only make
out six certificates of out of our our
key while that is being done the court
would like to take the opportunity of
complimenting constable Pettigrew how
long must we wait for these these
certificates goodness tears
you got this
all right give me one hey what are you
doing here I've got all about you I've
come to do my bit
not on your life you'll happen oh don't
be silly I can drink with the best not
here you probably can top it.
Oh maestro go and sit you better take
your chance
All right we want to say that one for
captain Biddle yeah ravishing
captain Biddle has got wider interests
ashore to attend to
our manners would approach a tome or a
win or more to win our right the other
ages is it for 49 where technically I
have another game I must have been a
hopeful sight you look wonderful tonight
thank you
get rid of this box
oh brother - a butcher's that I've been
fishing with all the liberty an idea
Five offensive enterprise
Which maybe go horseman so which horse
Sergeant and over that bottle just you
watch me Cedric as an official of the
government sergeant I order you to hand
over that bottle.
Get the carpet hmm we're leaving here ah
these people don't deserve to be