Green Lantern (2011) Movie Script

Billions of years ago...
...a race of immortals harnessed
the most powerful force in existence:
The emerald energy of willpower.
These immortals,
the Guardians of the Universe...
...built a world from where they could
watch over all of existence:
The planet Oa.
They divided the universe
into 3600 sectors.
A ring powered by the energy of will was
sent to every sector to select a recruit.
In order to be chosen by the ring,
it was said one must be without fear.
Together, these 3600 recruits...
...formed the intergalactic peacekeepers
known as the Green Lantern Corps.
Of all the threats the Corps ever faced...
...the gravest was an entity of fear
known as Parallax.
Only the legendary Green Lantern
Abin Sur...
...was capable of capturing
and imprisoning this beast...
...which he did on the lost planet of Ryut.
You are afraid.
- I mean, we go into this every time.
- It's not every time.
- No, honey. Think back.
- Think back. Think back.
I was fine the last time. I'm usually fine.
I'm fine with your work.
- Can I just tell you something?
- Of course you can.
- I'm scared, honey.
- Shh, shh.
Is everything okay?
Oh, you know how Mom gets
the night before a test flight.
But you're not scared, are you, Dad?
Let's just say it's my job not to be.
Good night, son.
Hal, you're gonna be late.
Good morning, Mom. Gotta go.
Dad! Dad! Dad!
- You think she'll break mach 3?
- We'll find out soon enough.
Hey, shouldn't you be in school?
Mr. Ferris raised the rear stabilizer.
Yes, he did.
The yaw rate gyros are calibrated,
but the pitch is off 2 degrees.
- I can live with that. How about the INS?
- Good to go.
- Okay.
- Johnny.
- Be sure to check the ignition sequences.
- No problem.
- We did, Carl, twice.
- Right.
And, uh, the gyros?
Did we do the gyro calibrations?
Hey, Carl.
Maybe Hal would like to join Carol
up in your office.
- The two of them can watch together.
- Come on, young man. Let's go find Carol.
Keep it warm for me.
- Hi.
- Oh, hey, Hector.
Hey. So, um, I have this book.
It's about the possibility
of life on other planets.
- Cool.
- Well, it almost has to exist, but...
- Hal!
- Hey, Carol.
Hector. You still wanna
trade Hot Wheels?
Well, look who's here.
Our future test pilot.
Jacket suits you, son.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey.
I keep telling Hector, books are fun,
but every once in a while...'s not such a bad idea to get
out in the world, right, Hal?
- Hey, Bob.
- The man of the hour.
Nothing like a first flight
to get the blood boiling, eh, Carl?
Dad, can we watch
from down in the field?
- Sure.
- Yes!
- You kids be careful.
- Stay with the engineers.
Go on, son. See it up close.
That's okay, Dad. I'll be fine.
Ferris Tower, Sabre One,
ready for take-off.
Request unrestricted climb,
flight level 450.
Yes! Yes!
Sabre One,
unrestricted climb approved.
On passing 10,000 feet,
contact Ferris Departure.
You're cleared for take-off.
Good luck, Sabre.
Whoo! Yeah, Dad!
Sinestro, I'm traveling at maximum velocity.
Tell Fentara I should...
Fentara is dead.
The planet's inhabitants?
Your mission to evacuate them
is no longer necessary.
It's just as it was on Talok.
Every life form destroyed
and their essence absorbed.
Traces of yellow power everywhere.
And the Guardians?
The Guardians are silent.
I've demanded an audience with them.
Abin Sur.
I'm badly wounded.
Heading to the nearest inhabited planet
for the selection process.
Tell the Guardians it's Parallax.
No. No.
Sorry, I gotta run.
Make yourself at home, okay?
There's, uh, water in the tap.
The Ferris Sabre I I I is state-of-the-art
of artificial-intelligence fighter planes.
It has all of the flying and combat
capability of a human pilot...
...but with none of the human error
that comes with it.
Carl isn't just blowing smoke
to get a contract, general.
Your staff, these contractors, my office...
...we've all been part of this
from the ground up.
Well, I appreciate that, senator.
But today the rubber meets the road.
We have a simulated combat situation.
Two Sabres against Carl's two best pilots.
Carol. Was gonna do a little flying today.
What do you think?
I think you're late.
Yes, but that's only because I slept in.
I used to sleep in. Then I turned 11.
Let me give you a little heads-up.
I've gone up against these Sabres all week
and they smoked me every time.
There isn't anything you can do that
they can't do better, faster...
...and without disappointing women
I, uh, think we both know that's not true.
This is exactly why I didn't want you
for this. My father did.
I would've gone with Jensen.
I'd have too, but unfortunately
he's busy not being good enough.
At least he shows up.
...this test today, it's important.
I'm gonna make you look good up there.
Don't worry, okay?
Now let's get these pants off
and fly some planes.
Highball, weapon check now.
Roger that.
- Good morning, Mr. Ferris.
- Morning, everybody.
- We about ready, Tom?
- Yes, Mr. Ferris. We are go for test.
Sapphire, cleared weapons hot
at the merge.
Ferris Test, Sapphire. Weapons are hot.
Fly safe, Highball.
Um, no.
Goddamn it!
Tom, what the hell you feed those things?
F-35s, what else?
Wakey, wakey, Sapphire.
You got a shot,
now would be a great time.
Easy, Highball. Just lining it up.
There's no way
we're taking these out solo.
Get over here.
Let's figure something out.
On my way, Highball.
Now stay right there and look real pretty.
Highball, did you just use your wingman
as a decoy?
Highball, those Sabres headed up your 6
can fly anywhere you can.
Then let's go somewhere I can't fly.
What the hell is he up to?
Coffin corner.
Highball, rules of engagement
set ceiling at 50,000 feet.
Yeah, because the Sabres will stall
if they go any higher, right, Tom?
And so will you.
Compressor stall. Compressor stall.
Um, I mean, damn it, Hal.
Your boy certainly
takes his job seriously.
Ailerons, Hal. Side to side.
I got it.
Keep it warm for me.
Going through 25,000.
Hey, you okay, Highball?
Yeah, just taking my victory lap.
- Going through 20,000.
- Okay, Highball, give me some roll.
Yeah, Dad!
Hal, do you read me?
Highball, you're approaching
minimum ejection altitude.
Highball, you're below 10,000 AGL.
Spin is unrecoverable.
Eject, eject, eject!
You're not scared, are you, Dad?
Let's just say it's my job not to be.
You stupid son of a bitch. You...
Stand down, Bob. It doesn't matter now.
It does matter.
Never mind that you crashed
a brand-new F-35.
You broke the rules of engagement.
You sacrificed your wingman.
And you blew the contract
this company was depending on.
I'm sorry. I thought this was a dogfight.
I was under the impression
the objective was to win.
No, the objective was to show
what the Sabres could do in combat.
And in combat,
no pilot is gonna crater his own plane.
I did.
Now you know you gotta boost the ceiling.
I showed you what they can't do.
You didn't have to make that point
in front of Air Force Acquisitions.
That's enough, Carol.
Since I'm gonna have to lay off most of
my company anyway, you're fired, Hal.
It's too late. I quit.
He's not fired and you don't quit.
You're grounded,
pending the results of an investigation.
Watch your back.
That's impossible, Bob.
- Tell me what happened.
- Controls locked up.
Don't give me that, Hal. You had a
window when you could've recovered.
Did you choke?
You wouldn't be the first,
but I need to know.
My controls locked up.
What the hell is all this, anyway?
What's with the ridiculous suit?
- I know your dad's been bucking for you...
- The merits of my career choices...
You're a pilot, and a good one.
Giving that up to fly a desk is bullshit.
I like it and I'm good at it.
Doesn't mean I'll never get in a cockpit
again. It isn't one way or the other.
That's the way a child looks at things,
and we aren't children anymore.
At least...
I just don't wanna see
someone I care about getting hurt.
Least of all you.
Choose well.
A test pilot's daring maneuvers
almost ended in tragedy.
Witnesses say pilot Hal Jordan
ejected at the last possible second...
...before his jet crashed
in the open desert.
He's the son of the late Martin Jordan...
...who was killed in his own
ill-fated test flight back in 1993.
We are told that Hal Jordan
is doing fine right now...
...though we have yet to hear
an official statement.
Hey, guys.
The incident has been a blow
to a new high-tech aircraft program...
Hey. How was work?
Oh. It was amazing, Jack.
Thank you for asking. Hey, Janice.
Just help me out here, because
I'm really trying to understand this.
- Mm-hm.
- Do you wanna be like him so bad?
- You just assume it's my fault.
- I talked to Carl.
- Oh. Heh, heh.
- You pushed the plane past its limits...
That's my job. It was an accident.
Everybody walked away.
Like your motorcycle accident
that put you in the hospital for a month?
I miss all this quality family time.
Good talk, Jack.
Where's Jason?
In his room.
Hey, it's Uncle Hal.
What's up there, ace?
This is the worst 11 th birthday party
I've ever been to.
No dancing girls?
What's going on...? Hey.
I'm fine.
I guess I got a little freaked out
or something.
It happens.
Not to you.
Look... don't have anything
to worry about.
You wanna know why?
Yeah, I may be a total screw-up
in every other part of my life...
...but the one thing I do know
how to do is fly.
You know, I used to know this kid.
Was a funny-looking little bastard.
One day, he's standing on the mound,
and he throws a perfect game.
That... That was me.
That was you?
Thought you looked familiar.
You were totally in the zone that day.
- I still dream about it.
- I bet.
Take it.
Close your eyes.
Go on.
...can you remember
exactly how you felt that day?
That's how I feel when I'm flying.
Like that plane is a part of me.
No, it's like,
no matter how bad things get...
...there's something good out there...
...just over the horizon.
I could really feel it.
Me too.
Hey, got you something, birthday boy.
Wrapped it myself.
Cool. It's an X-1, right?
It's a Starfighter. My dad gave me that.
Let's put it up.
What happened today?
I mean, when you crashed.
Not really sure, exactly.
Were you scared?
It's my job not to be.
You know, you're totally missing
your super-lame birthday party.
Beat it. Go, go, go!
I'm glad you're okay.
Me too, ace.
Get off! No!
Aah! No!
- Come on, stay with me. Stay with me.
- I'm gonna get you some help.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay. Okay, hold on.
Your name. Your name.
It's Hal. Hal Jordan.
Hal Jordan, I am Abin Sur,
protector of Sector 2814.
Okay, hey, listen.
We're gonna get you to a hospital, okay?
Okay? One that carries purple blood.
The ring... chose you.
Take it!
Place the ring in the lantern.
Place the ring, speak the oath...
- What?
- Great honor, responsibility...
I don't understand.
Breathe. You gotta breathe, okay?
All you gotta do is breathe.
Just breathe, okay?
Hey, hey, hey. No, no, no.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey. Come on, man.
No, no, no, don't do that.
Hey, now, don't do that.
Oh, come on.
X-97 systems check complete.
Come again?
Is that a spaceship?
Is it real?
It's real.
Did you see what kind of power source
this thing uses?
- Do you understand...?
- We can't stay.
- We can't stay here.
- What?
- Gotta go.
- What?
He wore a uniform.
I think he was a soldier.
He gave me this.
He proposed?
We're gone. We're gone, now!
They're gonna know someone was there.
Alien pilots don't bury themselves.
I couldn't just leave him there.
I hope this thing isn't radioactive.
- Yeah, well, you're the genius. You... Aah!
- Aah!
- Jesus!
- Aah! Whoa!
Got it!
He said that the ring chose me.
He said it was a great honor.
- Yeah.
- You?
Well, maybe on their planet
"responsibility" just means "asshole."
Let's hope so.
A great light has gone out
in the universe.
Abin Sur is dead.
Four of my Lantern brothers killed.
The inhabitants of two worlds
annihilated by an unknown enemy.
An enemy that possesses
the yellow power of fear.
We know it originated from
within the Lost Sector.
We know it grows more powerful
with each encounter.
According to Abin Sur's last transmission,
he seemed to know what it was.
His only words were, "It's Parallax."
We are aware of the threat.
We are assessing the situation.
While you assess,
innocent lives will be lost.
Let me take the fight to this enemy.
There is much of which
you are not aware, Sinestro.
If the danger is as great as we suspect...
What are you saying?
You believe this enemy can defeat us?
Guardians, if your faith in our power
has faltered, let me renew it.
Let me take a squadron of my strongest
Lanterns against this enemy...
...and I'll prove to you
our best days are not behind us.
Dr. Hammond?
Dr. Hector Hammond?
We need to ask you to come with us.
Did Adam put you up to this?
Get out of the car, please.
Dr. Hammond?
Dr. Amanda Waller.
I must apologize for the theatrics,
but the government does like its protocols.
Please, follow me.
Is that what I think it is?
An alien life form, doctor.
The first that mankind
has ever encountered...
...despite what the conspiracy theorists
would have you believe.
We want you to do the initial assessment
of its physiology.
My God.
Why me?
As a xenobiologist, your skills are
specifically suited to the task.
Beyond that...
...I'm not at liberty to tell you.
The eyes, nose, ears and mouth
are humanoid.
In the left anterior thoracic region
is a 10-centimeter wound...
...with jagged edges containing attached
cyanotic-colored coagulum.
Okay, all right.
Place the ring, then speak the oath.
The oath.
Because everybody knows the oath.
Used to sing it in camp.
I, Hal Jordan... solemnly swear... pledge allegiance... a lantern...
...that I got from a dying purple alien... a swamp.
The epidermis is magenta.
It appears transparent
and is extremely thin...
...allowing visualization of muscles
and individual muscle fibers.
"To infinity and beyond."
"By the power of Grayskull."
What the hell?!
If you can fly me 100 miles in the middle
of nowhere, you'd think that you...
In brightest day, in blackest night... evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might...
...beware my power:
Green Lantern's light.
- Everything okay in there?
- It's fine.
Well, can I come in?
Yeah, no, because we're...
Uh, do you wanna get a drink?
- Can we talk?
- Yeah.
We can talk and drink.
- My initial analysis.
- Thank you, doctor.
I don't need to tell you that the mere fact
that it's humanoid is extraordinary.
It's indicating a convergent evolution,
or perhaps a common ancestry...
...and the implications of that
are staggering.
I mean, where did it come from?
This could completely change the way
that the world views itself.
You imagine the way that the public
will react to this?
Um, but I know that
that won't happen. I do.
Like yourself, doctor,
I'm a seeker of truth.
But the people who pay for facilities
like this...
...have other priorities
and the power to enforce them.
So I keep it a secret.
People like us have to work
within the system, doctor.
We do the best we can.
Pick that up.
I, um...
I'm really sorry.
Did you just apologize?
You haven't been replaced by an alien
or something?
I'm good.
Ah. I'm good.
I'm good, totally good. Uh...
Do you think I'm irresponsible?
No need to answer. That's fine.
Hal. Ha, ha.
You look pretty.
And we haven't been in this place
together since...
...that night.
- You forgot it was my birthday.
- Did I?
That was also the night...
The first time that we ever...
...flew together.
You've been flying ever since
with anyone who'd get in the plane.
Oh, yeah.
- Oh, no.
- Come on.
- No, yeah, let's go.
- Dance with me.
- No.
Hal. No.
I really am sorry.
Oh. It's okay.
The contract isn't quite dead yet.
I told you I was good at this.
I wasn't talking about the contract.
I would've screwed this up. You know?
Even if I didn't go to the Air Force...
...I would've found some way to...
- You and me, I would've blown it.
- Yeah, is that what you tell yourself?
Mm. What do you tell yourself?
That you were scared
I was getting too close.
You know what I spent
my afternoon doing?
Worrying about you.
I went over every inch of the flight data.
There was nothing wrong with the plane.
- What happened up there?
- Thanks for the dance.
I told you to watch your back.
You cost us all our jobs,
you son of a bitch.
Bastard's been living off his old man's
reputation his whole life.
My face is just getting warmed up.
Have you concluded admiring yourself?
Well, your ring translator
is functioning properly.
Your mask will appear when protection
of your identity is required.
There is no need for it on Oa.
A talking fish.
Actually, my race is Xudarian.
Our DNA does somewhat resemble
your own ichthyological species.
I am Tomar-Re, protector of Sector 2813
and home to...
How do I know that?
The induction process.
It activates the ring's higher functions,
including a working knowledge base.
In truth, we were curious.
The process had never been attempted on
a species as young as humans before.
As you are the first to be chosen,
I've been sent to welcome you here.
And here is?
Welcome to Oa.
This planet has been our home
for countless millennia.
It was created for us by the Guardians.
There stands their Citadel.
They are immortals,
among the most ancient of races.
They made all you see
and are responsible for all we are and do.
Since time immemorial,
the Green Lantern Corps...
...has served as the keepers of peace,
order and justice throughout the universe.
To be chosen to join its ranks
is the highest of honors...
...and the greatest of responsibilities.
Yeah. Yeah, that part I heard about.
We're going to fly now.
- Fly?
- Absolutely.
All right.
I can do that.
Join me.
I can do that.
What is that?
It's the energy
that's generated from the Central Battery.
Its power comes from the will
of every living creature in the universe.
It, in turn, charges your lantern,
which, in turn, charges your ring.
Even your suit is comprised
entirely of energy.
What's with all the green?
Green is the color of will.
The Guardians harnessed will...
...because it's the strongest
source of energy in the universe.
There's so many.
The stars you can see from
your home planet on the clearest night...
...your sector is a thousand times larger.
And 3600 Lanterns,
each with a sector just as vast.
Lanterns, I've called you here
to this unprecedented gathering...
...because we face
an unprecedented danger.
Our four Lantern brothers
were killed by an enemy called Parallax.
An enemy we don't yet fully understand.
We do know it's powerful enough
to destroy entire civilizations.
Powerful enough
to defeat even Abin Sur...
...our finest warrior...
...whose light can never be replaced.
The Guardians have charged me
to lead a squadron of Lanterns... an assault on Parallax.
We will seek out and find this enemy.
And we will destroy it.
Alone, we are now vulnerable.
United, we are still invincible.
We have never been defeated.
Will we be defeated now?
It was for this moment
that we were created.
But I don't need to tell you your duty.
I don't need to tell you who we are.
We are the Corps! We are the Corps!
We are the Corps! We are the Corps!
Your will turns thought into reality.
To master the ring,
you must learn to focus your will...
...and create what you see in your mind.
The ring's limits
are only what you can imagine.
Do that again.
Now you try.
The ring will inform you
where there is an imminent threat.
This particular threat's name is Kilowog.
He'll be your combat training officer.
- Whoa!
- Never let your guard down, poozer.
Welcome to Ring Slinging 101.
Or as I like to call it:
The worst day of your worthless life.
The human. Ain't never seen one before.
- You smell funny.
- Ugh.
I smell funny?
Yeah, I heard about humans.
Think you're the center of the universe.
You want to be a Lantern?
You gotta commit to the Corps.
All right, poozer.
Let's see what you've got.
Your constructs are only gonna be
as strong as your will.
And your will is pathetic.
I'm gonna work you
and I'm gonna hit you...
...until your will is strong enough
to be worthy of the Corps.
Next lesson.
Ha, ha. Feel that?
It's the gravitational pull
of your average sun.
Makes flying through space
very dangerous.
The bigger you are,
the quicker you burn.
Gravity's a bitch.
Here, let me help you.
Remember, your enemy,
he's not gonna play fair.
Well, that's good advice.
Thanks, gorgeous.
...this is the human.
When I learned Abin Sur's ring
had chosen you...
...I said there had to be a mistake.
I see nothing to change my mind.
I'll take it from here, Kilowog.
The Corps is only as strong
as its weakest link.
And I will tolerate no weak links.
You understand me?
Are you afraid, human?
Are you afraid?
Don't do that.
Shall we?
A sword?
How human.
I do believe I smell fear.
I'm a Green Lantern.
I fear nothing.
Fear is the enemy of will.
Will is what makes you take action.
Fear is what stops you
and makes you weak.
Makes your constructs feeble.
You must ignore your fear.
When you're afraid, you can't act.
When you can't act, you can't defend.
If you can't defend, you die.
You reek of fear, Hal Jordan.
Abin Sur was a great warrior.
My mentor.
My friend.
You insult his memory
by wearing his ring.
I'm done. He's right. I'm only human.
We're not ready to defend the universe.
A few days ago, we thought we were
the only ones in the universe.
The ring chose you. It wouldn't have
if it hadn't seen something in you.
Oh, yeah?
Something you yourself don't yet see.
The ring never makes a mistake.
This time it did.
That until recently, we didn't realize...
...that many of these little critters that we've
been calling bacteria weren't bacteria at all.
They were an entirely different type
of primitive prokaryotic cell.
These little buggers, called archaeans,
are still poorly understood.
But might turn out to be
different from bacteria...
But might turn out to be as different
from bacteria as bacteria is from us.
Some call them extremophiles...
...because they live in the most extreme
environments on Earth, such as...
God, he's so boring.
...The boiling waters of a geyser.
What a loser.
- Michael!
- Huh?
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
Did you just call me a loser?
What kind of freak is this guy?
Class dismissed.
So how you been?
Been a while.
So you had a rough night last night.
Did you get her name, huh?
You need to get some sleep, son.
- Have a seat.
- What can I do for you, Dad?
Well, actually, you've already done it.
For me and for your country.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about you impressing
a whole lot of very important people.
Where did you get that?
I'm on a subcommittee
overseeing the agencies involved.
- Top-secret, of course.
- It was you. That's why they chose me.
Because of this, we're gonna be able
to get you a top post on the inside now...
...helping to oversee the operation.
There are scientists
that worked their whole lives for this.
- Mm-hm.
- People more qualified.
And less connected.
Don't be naive, son.
It's the way the world works.
You have to seize an opportunity
when it presents itself.
He'll never get it.
Just wasting his life away.
What an embarrassment.
Bill! Ha. How are you?
I'm terrific.
No, no, no. Just finishing up a meeting.
Got plenty of time.
With my own eyes I saw this creature
induce fear in our finest warriors...
...and then feed on that fear.
There's more.
We've tracked its trajectory.
Parallax is headed for Oa.
Never before has an enemy
dared attack us here.
You must tell me what you know.
Will has always been our sole weapon...
...against the forces of darkness
in the universe.
But as that power began to seem
...a great debate arose among us.
Should we exploit
another source of power... we had long since sworn
should never be used?
But the power of fear
was too unpredictable.
The chance of corruption too great.
And so we decided against it.
All of us, that is, except one.
Alone, this Guardian
entered the forbidden chamber.
He wanted to prove the light of fear
could be mastered.
His intentions were pure...
...but his hopes were naive.
Consumed by the yellow power of fear...
...the Guardian became the very evil
he had wished to destroy.
He became Parallax.
For the universe's safety and his own...
...Abin Sur was charged with
imprisoning Parallax in the Lost Sector.
But he escaped.
Feeding on the fear of others,
he grew larger, more powerful.
And is now headed here... take his revenge on you
and destroy the Corps.
Then we have no choice.
We must prepare to harness the power
of our enemy and fight fear with fear.
To protect our sectors,
we must be able to defend ourselves.
We must forge a yellow ring.
Watch your step.
- Senator.
- Senator.
Don't have to worry about me no more
I'm gone
I'm gone, I'm gone
Everybody get on your feet
You make me nervous
When you're in your seat
Rough night, huh?
How you doing?
What have you been up to?
- Same old, same old.
- Yeah. Me too.
Hal Jordan. Worst pilot I've ever seen.
Or the best. Not quite sure.
I've been called both.
- Glad you could make it, son.
- I was a little surprised I got the invite.
No, you're family, Hal.
There are thinkers in this world
and there are doers.
And you are one of the doers.
Yeah, but the thinkers
make what I do possible.
Wouldn't have a plane
unless someone thought it up.
Of course.
Excuse me, I need a drink.
- I gotta get back to work. This is work.
- Yes, sir.
- Nice to see you, son.
- You too. You too.
Yeah, my dad used to train in it.
I was talking about your dress.
Nice jacket.
Last time I checked,
you didn't even own one.
Yeah, I've been shaking up
the wardrobe lately.
Congratulations on the contract.
How'd you manage to pull that off?
I pointed out you only won because you
broke the rules of engagement.
And Tom figured out
how to give the Sabres more altitude.
So I guess in a way,
without even meaning to... actually did us a favor.
...I'm uncomfortable
with the word "hero."
Thank you. Thank you all for joining us.
Great evening.
Somebody very special I'd like to thank
for helping us to nail this contract:
My daughter, Carol Ferris.
Come on!
Congratulations, Carol.
I take one look at you, young lady...
...or at Hal Jordan over there,
spitting image of his dad...
- Whoo!
- You give us hope.
A toast to our future.
- Hear, hear!
- To the future!
We're in good hands.
Hector! Oh, my God! Hey!
- Congratulations. Um...
- Thank you.
Here's to you and Hal, the future.
Yeah, heh, I'm sorry.
I know it couldn't have been easy
growing up with your dad.
But, hey, you're doing great, so... Ha, ha.
I am. I'm doing great. Ha, ha.
- He's right, though. I'm not a doer.
- Ha, ha.
Although I did get to examine
an alien body recently.
That was very cool.
I can't tell anyone about it,
but, hey, you can't have everything.
Hector telling you another
of his science-fiction stories?
What the hell's wrong with him?
Can't keep his mouth shut.
You really do have
a creative imagination.
I apologize. We really must go.
- Good night, Carol.
- Good night.
Thanks for everything.
Bye, senator!
Get the crash crew here.
Our helicopter's going down.
Oh, my God.
What is that? What is that?
What happened tonight took place
in just a matter of seconds...
...but people will be talking about it
for years to come.
A helicopter careening out of control,
headed toward certain tragedy...
...when all of a sudden, a mystery man,
a hero, saves the day...
...incredibly diverting the helicopter
from destroying innocent people...
...and miraculously rescuing Carol Ferris.
The real question tonight is who is this
amazing hero and where is he now?
Start talking.
- A racetrack?
- Yeah.
That's the best you could come up with
for your first big appearance? Racetrack.
Oh, I'm sorry. Did I disappoint you?
I materialized a track out of pure energy,
saving hundreds, and you're disappointed.
I'm sorry about that.
No, I wanna see this stuff. Show me.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Come on, I wanna see this stuff.
I wanna see the outfit, the flying...
You gotta show me.
Hal, being your best friend's no picnic.
- It's for emergencies!
- You owe me!
Hal, I wanna see it.
Hold on to your glasses.
All right.
- You ready to have your mind blown?
- Yeah.
Here we go.
- Did you break it already?
- I didn't break it, okay? It's just...
It's out of juice. I have to recharge it.
Now pay attention.
Aah! Green!
- Wow.
- I know, right?!
Not bad, huh?
You're a superhero.
Don't they always get the girl?
Evening, ma'am.
Didn't get a chance to say goodbye.
Are you okay?
Uh, yeah, no,
I'm glad to have a chance to thank you.
Just doing my job.
No thanks necessary, miss.
No, it is.
You saved my life.
You saved all of our lives.
That was a very...
Oh, my Go... Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God! Hal!
- How did you know it was me?
What? I've known you my whole life!
I've seen you naked!
You don't think I would recognize you
because I can't see your cheekbones?!
What is this?! Why is your skin green?
Why are you glowing?
What the hell is with that mask?!
It came with the outfit.
Cool, huh?
So it all works
because of this magic ring? Ha, ha.
No, there's no such thing as magic.
Intergalactic green peacekeepers,
thousands of them.
- Ha, ha.
- But, no.
I'm not making it up.
I mean, when we were kids,
who'd have thought?
- I did, actually. I called this early on.
- Ha-ha-ha.
I said, "One day I'll be a
green space cop." Here I am.
Okay, so at the party, how did you
make that big green ramp thing?
Anything I see in my mind, I can create.
I just have to focus.
Happy birthday. Better late than never.
Okay, so how does it work?
They just, um, call you on your cell,
"Cat in a tree, downtown Milky Way"?
No. I don't think it works
exactly like that.
Well, technically speaking, um...
...I actually sort of, uh...
What do you mean? How?
Well, I mean, it's a lot like quitting
anything else, really.
I don't understand.
How do you walk away
from something like that?
Is that even possible?
Oh, I think we both know
I'm pretty good at walking away.
If for once you didn't quit something
you cared about...
...what's the worst that could happen?
Well, thank you.
This has been really something.
- I know I've made a lot of mistakes...
- Look, Hal, I'm not mad at you.
I feel bad for you, really.
You've been given so much so often.
And you just...
Good night.
Dr. Hammond?
There is something I'd like to show you.
Something I'm fairly certain
you'll want to see.
See you later, Mom.
- I love you.
- Bye, baby.
Physical contact
accesses mnemonic data.
I can see your memories.
Son, this is my fault.
But I'm gonna fix it.
We're gonna get you well again.
Whatever it takes.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We detected traces
of a second alien life form...
...buried within the body of the first.
You've been exposed.
I've never felt better in my life.
We know everything, son.
I've never felt better in my life.
To be chosen to join its ranks
is the highest of honors...
...and the greatest of responsibilities.
The ring never makes a mistake.
It's gonna be all right.
They just need to run some tests,
that's all.
Keep him under.
I only want what's best for you.
- Hector.
- Shh, shh.
Don't worry.
I only want what's best for you.
The ring, it chose you.
Take it!
The alien was one of you.
How did we end up so different?
Hmm? Hmm?
Sit down!
Now...'s Carol?
- That came out wrong.
- Please.
- I've made mistakes...
- Look, Hal...
I feel bad for you, really. Good night.
You're just as much of a failure
as I was.
And just as afraid.
...I used to fight my fear.
But now that I've tasted its true power...
...I'll never go back.
You wear the ring of the Lantern
that imprisoned me.
You will suffer the same fate.
Once I have devoured your world...
...I will have all the strength I need... defeat the Corps
and destroy the Guardians.
Let me get this straight.
This thing that's out there attacking
planets is connected to Hector?
Somehow it infected him
after it killed Abin Sur.
- Well, you're just gonna have to stop it.
- Oh, I'm just gonna have to stop it, huh?
Well, I tried that and I failed.
And the senator died.
I told you, the ring made a mistake.
Wait, go back.
How did the ring make a mistake?
The one thing that a Green Lantern
is supposed to be is fearless.
Fearless is the job description.
That isn't me.
So you're just gonna walk away again?
Explain this to me, Hal.
Please explain to me just once, why.
Because I'm afraid!
You don't think your dad ever felt afraid?
If he did,
he figured out some way to beat it.
Yeah, well, there's a word for that:
They said that the ring wouldn't have
chosen me if it didn't see something.
Something I don't see. Yet.
I see it.
I always have.
The ring didn't see
that you were fearless.
It saw that you had the ability
to overcome fear.
It saw that you're courageous.
Which you are.
Just like your dad.
The Lantern is a threat.
Eliminate him.
Our new weapon is ready.
Once I've mastered its power...
...I'll begin training the Corps
to do the same.
Though Earth will be lost...
...we'll be ready to make a stand against
Parallax before it reaches Oa.
Then the power of the enemy
will be ours.
At what cost?
- You dare enter this chamber?
- I need your help.
You gotta help me save my world.
I know that humans aren't
the strongest species, or the smartest.
We're young, we have a lot to learn.
But we're worth saving.
This new weapon of yours,
you can't use it.
Once you cross that line, once you've given in
to fear, you'll never go back. I've seen it.
Look, I know right now you're afraid.
You dare accuse the Guardians
of feeling fear?
Yes, I do.
That's exactly why Parallax
is beating you...
...because you're afraid
to even admit you're afraid.
I know.
I spent my entire life doing it.
You know, we have a saying on Earth.
We say, "I'm only human."
We say it because we're vulnerable,
we say it because we know we're afraid.
It doesn't mean we're weak.
Help me save my planet.
Don't give in to fear.
Fight it. Fight it with me.
Your words are compelling, young human.
But as immortals, we must measure
our actions over billions of years...
...and the fate of the universe.
We simply cannot risk losing everything
on the chance you might be right.
Then don't. Don't risk any more lives.
Just mine.
Let me go fight for my world...
...and I'll show you
that will is stronger than fear.
There is no way you can succeed.
You will die, Hal Jordan.
Then I'll die trying.
Good luck, Green Lantern.
I wouldn't do that.
Look closely.
She's beautiful, isn't she?
I loved her from the moment
I first saw her.
But she could never see me,
as you were always standing in the way.
But not anymore.
No! No! Don't! Don't do this, Hector.
I know how you feel.
Come on, look at yourself!
No, I know what it's like... not live up to expectations... feel like nothing that you do
will ever be good enough.
I know what it's like to be afraid.
Let me help you.
Hal. You've changed.
How wonderful that all it took for you
to grow up was the end of the world.
Now it's my turn.
And if I can't be like you,
I'm gonna make her like me.
And let's face it, once she's like me...
...then you wouldn't be very interested.
Hmm? Now, would you?
- Why can't you?
- Hmm?
Why can't you be like me?
Heh. Huh?
Let her go...
...and you can have it.
You can do anything.
Be anything.
Take it.
Let her make the choice.
Now bring her down.
I lied.
I lied too.
See, the way it works is... have to be chosen.
You have failed me.
Stay here.
No problem.
Your will is strong,
but not strong enough.
You are nothing without the ring.
You must move out of the area now.
Please clear the streets.
Clear the streets immediately.
You can never beat this. You'll die.
At least I can get it away from here.
- How do you think you're gonna do that?
- I don't know. I don't know.
Maybe I can outthink it or...
The dogfight, remember?
Those were a couple of jets.
Unbeatable jets.
The ring chose me for a reason.
This is why.
- Look, I'm probably not...
- Please don't. No.
This is a mandatory evacuation.
Everyone must clear the streets
Police emergency,
everyone must clear the street now.
Everybody off now! Now!
Go! Go!
- Run!
- Aah! Aah!
I feel your fear growing.
You will be dead soon.
In brightest day, in blackest night...
And when you're gone,
I'll destroy everything you ever loved.
...No evil shall escape my sight.
Your family, your home,
your planet will be no more.
Let those who worship evil's might...
The entire human race will be wiped out
because you, Hal Jordan...
...were afraid.
...Beware my power:
Green Lantern's light!
The bigger you are, the faster you burn.
Though his time
wearing the ring has been brief...
...Hal Jordan's defeat of Parallax will be
remembered as long as the Corps exists.
His actions are a reminder
of why the ring chose each of us.
To overcome fear...
...and destroy evil wherever it may hide.
As Lanterns,
we must fight with all our will.
Our wills haven't always been united.
It's time they were.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Can I train them or can I train them?
You're impertinent, Hal Jordan.
You're rash, volatile, opinionated.
It seems Abin Sur found another
just like himself.
Wow, I am never getting used to that.
My new job requires that I travel.
Be away for a while.
Away, never gone.
Can you take off the mask?
That's really cool. Ha, ha.
So, what happens now?
I'm gonna go look for trouble.
Of all the Lanterns
who have ever worn the ring...
...there was one
whose light shined brightest.
At first, his humanity
was thought to be a weakness.
And yet it proved to be
his greatest strength.