Green Lantern: Beware My Power (2022) Movie Script

[suspenseful music playing]
Jimbo, I need targets!
[footsteps approaching]
[gun cocking]
[both grunting]
[man] Hey! Move it, buddy.
You're blocking the door.
Sorry. Reflex.
What the hell's wrong with you?
Have a nice day.
[homeless man] Get off
me! You have to run!
The world will end in a flash
of light and you'll be gone!
You'll all be gone,
just like the others!
We told you to leave this alley!
And now, you pay the price.
[John] Stop!
You want to play bodyguard
for this garbage?
[all grunting]
I guess I do.
Then you're a dead man, too!
We're all dead! Everyone's dead!
Dead, dead, dead...
[gripping music playing]
[sirens approaching]
Police! Freeze!
You can't just go beating the
crap out of people, soldier.
We got a public disturbance.
Name's Stewart, John.
- Looks like he might be a vet...
- Where'd you do your tour?
I was in Iraq. That sucked, too.
[female cop] Mike, come here...
You're not going
to believe this,
but this guy's a
Medal of Honor winner.
Citation list a mile long.
Do we really want to risk getting
heat from social media or the press?
Go home, Mr. Stewart.
Stay out of trouble.
[alarm blaring]
[exhales] At last.
There you are.
[car door closes]
[sonic boom in distance]
What the hell?
[gasping for breath]
I found you at
last, John Stewart.
Who are you? How do you know me?
You must... You must...
Lay still. I'm gonna
take you to the hospital.
Poor bastard.
[clothes ruffling]
[Power Ring] John
Stewart of Earth!
Who? What?
[Power Ring] You
possess singular will.
Welcome to the
Green Lantern Corps.
[straining] Get off of me!
And what the hell is this now?
[Power Ring] That is your
Green Lantern Corps uniform,
Green Lantern John Stewart.
Alterations can be made.
No, no, no... I am
not hearing this!
[Power Ring] Green
Lantern John Stewart...
Stop calling me that!
Okay, great! Now
I'm talking to it!
[Power Ring] Contacting Green Lantern
headquarters on Oa for guidance.
Right. You do that,
and I'll do this.
[Power Ring] Contact
You are tasked with halting
five genocides in this sector.
Then you must stop
the Baelishian War...
Pound sand, ring!
I'm taking all the damn meds
the VA prescribes from now on.
[straining] And you are
getting off my finger!
Dammit! Why won't you come off?
[Power Ring] Standard ring
programming superseded.
Okay. Okay, okay.
Let's just calm down.
[deep breath]
Is there someone who would know
what to do in this situation?
Someone I can talk to?
[Power Ring] Affirmative.
Can you show them to me?
Stop! Stop!
You're gonna kill me!
[Power Ring] Are you addressing
me, Green Lantern John Stewart?
Who the hell else
would I be talking to?
[Power Ring] To avoid
future confusion,
consider addressing
me as "Ring."
What's that up ahead?
I mean... Ring, what
is that up ahead?
[Ring] It is called the
Justice League Watchtower.
All right guys, I have no idea
what's going on out in
galactic sector 814,
but it is definitely big and
the disruption is spreading.
It could even reach Earth.
We need all hands on deck.
Superman and Wonder Woman
should be back within a week.
Perhaps they will
have answers for us.
It's too bad Batman's pulled
one of his disappearing acts.
We're stretched
too thin as it is.
Alpha Defense Pattern!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Back off!
[thrilling music playing]
I have pointy ones, too.
Green Arrow, wait... look.
Are you a Green Lantern?
That would explain why he
didn't set off any alarms.
I'm not here to fight.
I just want to get
rid of this thing.
It is a Lantern Power Ring.
The Guardians didn't say anything
about sending a new Green Lantern.
Well, the Guardians haven't
said squat to us in like a year.
Power Ring, who was
your previous owner?
Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
Hal Jordan... is dead?
Who are you? How did you
get our friend's ring?
My name is John Stewart
and if I told you, you
wouldn't believe me.
Try us. We are the
Justice League.
We have seen a lot.
A lot.
A burning space
ship crashed by me.
I ran over to help and found,
swear to God, a
little blue alien.
And, he turned to dust.
Then this talking
ring flew on my finger
and now it won't come off.
Why would a Guardian
come to Earth
to deliver a Power Ring?
He's lying, that's
why. Hal's not dead.
This guy is trying to trick us.
Power Rings are
like my Tantu Totem.
They're not easily wielded
by someone unworthy.
Okay did you see how much
he sucked at using it?
Perhaps this is connected to
those disturbances in deep space.
Maybe we should go find out
what's going on out there.
We cannot leave
Earth unprotected.
And since the Flash
is also on a mission,
I am the only one qualified to
administrate the Watchtower.
I'll go. I got to get to the
truth of what happened to Hal.
You should take him with you.
No way. Hard pass.
Hard, hard pass. I don't
trust this guy one bit.
He seems totally sketchy.
You do realize I
can hear you, right?
Look, I'll check out
the crashed ship.
If it still flies,
I'll autopilot to Oa.
I'll get right in
the Guardians faces.
I'm sure they'll love that.
And if something has happened
to Hal, then we'll know.
But he stays here.
Uh, question, can any of
you get this ring off me?
I have witnessed Green
Lanterns take their rings off,
so it should be
possible, unless...
The ring's programming
was changed?
But these Guardians,
they could get it off?
They did create the Power Rings.
Then I'm going to this
"Oa" place with you.
You got a problem with
that, talk to the hand.
You know, the one
with the ring on it.
Hey! Watch it! Slow down!
[both groaning]
Terrible. On, like, all fronts.
This was a burning
wreck when I left it.
Now, it's like new.
Mm, yeah, it probably has some kind
of sophisticated self-repair program,
like nanites and what have you.
You seem to know
your way around.
Actually, I've never seen it
before. But Hal once explained to me
that the real measure of
any advanced technology
is how intuitive it is to use.
[powering up]
You think you can
fly this thing to Oa?
I... am not sure. Probably.
But what?
We need coordinates.
Talk to your Ring.
What do you mean?
Well, just ask it
for directions to Oa.
In fact, just tell
it to put them
into the ship's autopilot
and get us moving.
Ring, did you hear all
that? Can you do it?
Unlocking systems.
Coordinates set.
Um, let's go?
[captivating music playing]
[Ring] The Guardians were
among the first intelligent
forms of life in the universe.
When they perceived that
less evolved life forms
were often prone to
chaos and violence,
they decided a police force
was necessary to keep order.
These they called
Green Lanterns,
and their members were selected
amongst the alien races
for their intelligence,
and fearlessness.
Huh? [sighs]
Hey, look alive,
rookie. We're here.
So the Guardians are a prickly
bunch that don't much like humans.
- Because they've met you?
- That's good, but no.
Because, they think we're
too stupid to waste time on.
Please, don't prove them right.
[engine powering down]
[footsteps approaching]
Okay, so this is why they
haven't returned our calls.
[eerie music playing]
[Green Arrow] You okay?
Everything here is built
around that building,
like it's important
or something.
Maybe we'll find
some answers there.
Good. Nice to see
you're not useless.
I know this one.
He trained Hal into becoming
the greatest Green Lantern ever.
What happened to him?
He turned into an evil psycho.
I'm guessing they left that part
out when they gave the tour.
But, again, he trained Hal.
Look, it's not like I
haven't heard of Hal Jordan.
And yeah, he's pretty great,
but so were all these
other Lanterns. Right?
Holy crap!
[Console voice over speaker]
Hal Jordan is acknowledged to be
the greatest Green
Lantern in the universe.
In the universe?
[Green Arrow] Look what I found.
Ammo box, huh?
Correct. This is what Lanterns
use to recharge their Rings.
You'll need one.
I'm here to get rid of
this thing, remember?
Better to be prepared.
I'm going to see what else I can
find. Just stay out of trouble, hero.
Well, uh... that's something.
Well, all right.
[intense music playing]
Can't I leave you
alone for one second?
[Ring] Lethal force
is not authorized.
Lethal force is not authorized.
Lethal force is not authorized.
Lethal force is not authorized.
Lethal force is not...
You're killing her!
[gasps for breath]
[breathing heavily]
You should have finished me.
Why? We're trying to find
out what happened here.
You weren't part of
the Rannian attack?
Rannians? No no.
We just got here.
I'm Green Arrow. His
name's John Stewart.
Who are you?
I am Shayera Hol, warrior
of Thanagar, First Order.
Okay, well, let's
make a deal, Shayera.
No one kills anyone
for at least a minute
and instead we
exchange some info.
[Shayera Hol] These
are the last images
before the Oan security
net was disabled.
A Rannian ship.
It must have carried
one of their kill squads
instead of the diplomats
listed in the logs.
The evidence is in front of you.
Look, John and I don't
see eye to eye on a lot,
but he's right, we don't
know who was in that ship.
And why are you here?
He's just asking, not accusing.
My ship was destroyed in battle.
I came to seek aid
from the Guardians
in our war against the
honor less Rannians
but was too late.
[screams in frustration]
They will pay.
If you're seeking vengeance,
shouldn't you be sure you
have the right target?
You don't understand, do you?
[captivating music playing]
After years of bloody war, we
finally achieved the tenuous peace.
To codify it,
Thanagar and Rann agreed
to a joint project
led by Sardath and Banth Dar.
Zeta-Beam technology would be
harnessed to create a bridge
between our worlds and
boost both of our economies.
Banth, begin the
power up sequence!
[machine powering up]
[engine roaring]
[Shayera] Initially, the
project was a great success.
[cheering and applause]
[alarm blaring]
[alarm sounding]
Green Lantern to command center.
Are you doing another test?
I can't stop the emitter from
firing! We're locked out!
[Sardath] Green Lantern,
something has gone wrong!
What was your first clue?
[Sardath] You must stop
the platform from firing!
I'll try plugging it!
[Shayera] The Zeta force transported
the entire planet of Thanagar
into Rannian space, upsetting
the ecosystem of both planets.
Hal Jordan and millions of
Thanagarians died that day.
And the war criminal
Sardath escaped.
How do you know it
wasn't an accident?
And this ship doesn't
prove anything.
A true warrior does
not ask questions.
They do not hesitate.
They kill.
Kinda seems to me we should
talk to the Rannians.
The nearest outpost
is light years away.
We have a ship.
If you promise not to
attack us, you can come.
I shall accompany you
and I will not attack.
Unless threatened, insulted,
or menaced. Then, you die.
Well, she's fun.
What's this now?
I discovered the Ring
comes with a manual.
This exercise is part of
Green Lantern Corps training.
It's like a video game.
The kind of trouble we're
headed into is not a game.
You said you can get
that Ring off right?
Yeah. Seems I can now.
I thought you wanted
to get rid of it?
I do.
But you both need me to make
the ship go to someplace
where there might be shooting...
Well, yeah. I mean probably.
More than likely. Almost
definitely, actually.
So, until we can give this
Ring back to your friend,
it's better to be
prepared, right?
[Ring] Ring at
three percent power.
- Come on. Just when I think I...
- You have to recharge it.
Where's the battery?
Stick your hand in it.
It's not doing anything.
You gotta say the oath.
Oath? What oath?
Yeah. Repeat after me...
"In brightest day,
in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who
worship evil's might,
beware my power...
Green Lantern's light."
You're kidding, right?
No, I am not. Say it
out loud and proud.
"In brightest day,
in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who
worship evil's might,
beware my power...
Green Lantern's light."
[lantern powering up]
[Ring] Ring at
100 percent power.
Of all the hokey,
lame-ass things...
The Rannian scum have murdered the
Thanagarians sent to destroy them.
Mmm-hmm. You hear
yourself, right?
[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music playing]
Okay, everyone take a moment
and remember our manners.
Aw, crap.
Does everyone here want
to kill each other?
Think! We need to question him.
Of course, interrogation first.
Then, execution.
I don't fear death.
Get on with it.
We had nothing to do with this.
And we don't want to kill you.
Just answer our
questions, please.
This is pointless.
What can he tell us
that is of any value?
Maybe give him a
second to answer?
What was that bright light
that brought you here?
He's a Green Lantern.
Aren't they allies of yours?
They were until his people
Killed the Guardians.
The Guardians are dead? How?
First thing's first.
The bright light.
It was a Zeta-Beam.
They seem attracted to
me. I don't know why.
But when they hit,
they transport me
to different, far-reaching
parts of the galaxy.
I have little control over them.
Fairy tales and lies
can't undo the fact
that Rann destroyed Oa and
murdered the Green Lanterns.
No. Rann is allied
with the Guardians.
The Green Lanterns are
heroes to the Rannians.
If I can get to High
Command, I'll show you.
[scoffs] The only thing
this man could show us
is the fastest way to
the bottom of a bottle.
I know how I look.
But I'm Adam Strange.
You? You're the Night Flyer?
The Bane of the
Wingmen? Not likely.
Adam Strange is
dead, gone years ago.
Gone, yes. Dead, no.
A Zeta-Beam took me and I couldn't
figure out how to get back.
[Green Arrow] So,
how are you here now?
Random chance. Zeta-Beams
are unpredictable.
As are Rannian cutthroats.
Listen to me.
Rannians would never attack Oa.
Okay, then.
Let's go to your High Command
and see if you're right.
Our answers will
be found on Rann.
And so will my vengeance.
Great road trip crew
you've assembled, John.
Try not to get murdered.
[Ring] Test complete.
For a Bering that does not
want to be a Green Lantern,
you show some ability.
Just passing the time.
[distant explosion]
What was it that caused the
war between Thanagar and Rann?
Rannian treachery, of course.
Under a guise of a peaceful
experiment meant to benefit everyone,
they transported their planet
into our system to conquer it.
What do you mean
Thanagar transported?
You attacked our capital
city first and destroyed it!
That was the war you were
involved in years ago. Many died.
Since you've been gone,
it finally ended in peace.
And as a gesture of hope and
goodwill, we became allies.
Until your leaders tricked us
and tried to destroy
Thanagar for good!
So, we should leave before
either side sees us.
Not yet.
It's just a derelict
being yanked
into the gravitational
pull of a red dwarf.
[Shayera] It appears our
fighters did their jobs well.
Can you give it a rest?
I may be able to access
the main computer
with a scan of my DNA.
Oh, yeah, they... they love you.
[voice over speaker] It seems the
deities have granted me my wish.
To have the pleasure of
killing one more Thanagarian.
Wait! You are Kantus
of House Thrax.
A great and noble captain.
Am I so well known
to Thanagarian spies?
It's me, Adam Strange.
He's dead.
Scan me and see the truth.
We thought you died years ago.
I've been away. Now I'm back.
Then, the Thanagarian
is your prisoner?
Prisoner? You Rannian...
She's helping solve a mystery that
affects both Rann and Thanagar.
But we need your help. Can we
tap into your ship's computers?
I've disengaged the firewalls.
You're free to
scan our data bank.
Ring, download all relevant
information on the Rann-Thanagar war.
I'd especially like to
know why Rann attacked Oa.
What? Rann didn't attack Oa!
You lie! We have evidence!
It's too late for
all your accusations.
Soon all your kind will
be wiped out of existence.
What are you talking about?
Our greatest scientist is building
a weapon that will destroy Thanagar
and end this war
once and for all.
Sardath. Where?
Only a few key people know.
I'm not one of them.
This ship is doomed.
As captain, I intend
to die with her.
Ring, can you do anything to get
the battle cruiser moving again?
[Ring] Rerouting power to the
kevval engines is possible.
It may be enough to defeat the
gravitational pull of the red dwarf.
Provided the hull survives
the forces required.
Re-route all power.
Whatever you have to do.
Do it!
Rannian battle cruiser has escaped
the red dwarf's gravitational pull.
Now he can limp his way home.
[Kantus] I don't believe so.
Thank you Adam Strange.
Onward for Rann!
He's going back to the battle!
His ship is useless.
What can he hope to do?
A noble death in battle.
For everyone involved.
Let's get out of here.
Come over here.
We've made progress.
Are you two actually in a room together
without tearing at each other's throats?
Wow. Okay. Yes. Okay. All right.
What have you found out?
When the Zeta-Beam transported
Thanagar into Rann's atmosphere,
it caused catastrophic
climate disasters.
The planet survived.
And that's what started the war.
Now Sardath has
re-engineered the Zeta-Beam
into a weapon of
total destruction.
A planet destroyer.
We've got to stop him.
Any idea where they're based?
Unfortunately, no.
But we do have a lead.
We were examining the
data on the attack on Oa.
We discovered this.
[Green Arrow] It's
a Rannian ship.
You were right.
So I thought.
But when we examined the drive
signature it left behind,
something unusual turned up.
We found an exact match.
It was identical to
a ship that bombarded
the United Galactic Council
Headquarters years ago,
sabotaging the first peace talks
and killing several hundred people.
But that was a Thanagarian ship.
And that same ship's
signature was also found
at the scene of many
more unwarranted attacks.
Somebody is impersonating
both Rannians and Thanagarians
to cause your war.
It would seem so.
Strange and I calculated the
direction the drive signatures left
after many such attacks.
In each case, the ship
headed in this direction.
And if we triangulate
the escape routes,
they all meet here,
in this sector.
If we want answers, this
is where we find them.
Maybe your calculations
were wrong?
There's nothing here.
Spoke too soon!
I'm on the weapons!
Nice shooting.
Those guns are here to
protect something or somebody.
Bingo. A shielded structure.
I can't see what's inside.
There's only one
way to find out.
[Shayera] Artificial
gravity and oxygen.
Somebody went to
a lot of trouble
to build a hideout
in this asteroid.
Well, since they made it so
hospitable, let's go pay them a visit.
What was that you were saying
about this place being hospitable?
[dramatic music playing]
Do it! Kill him!
I've had enough killing.
[Sinestro laughs]
How odd. When it
comes to killing,
I can't get enough of it!
Drop your weapons
or this Green Lantern
becomes green slime.
While we're on the subject.
I think I'll
relieve you of this.
With your lack of experience,
you give new meaning to
the name "Green" Lantern.
Lights out.
[Sinestro] I wouldn't
try that again.
Next time, you'll be
reduced to a pile of ash.
You look familiar.
His name is Sinestro.
He's a Green Lantern
who went rogue.
If by "went rogue" you mean I
saw through the Guardian's lies,
then yes, I've embraced the power
of yellow energy and gone rogue.
The color yellow is the one thing
your ring power is useless against.
Yeah, the ring told me.
But I've been up against that
kind of barrier my whole life.
It hasn't stopped me yet.
Why don't you just kill us?
Because I may have
a use for you.
But don't worry, your
death is a viable option.
We could dig our way out.
[man] Good thing I've
got a head start.
I knew you were alive!
You're too stubborn to die!
You're a sight for
sore eyes, Ollie.
What are you doing here?
We came looking for you after
your ring turned up on his finger.
His name's John Stewart.
And this is Shayera
and Adam Strange.
The Rannian hero?
I wish we were meeting
under better circumstances.
So do I.
Apparently, your ring was
given to John by a Guardian.
So... you received my ring.
From what I heard,
they screwed up big-time by
choosing me as your replacement.
Oh, the Guardians
don't make mistakes
when it comes to
appointing a Green Lantern.
They've been doing it
for a million years.
They won't be doing it anymore.
Oa has been destroyed.
The Guardians are dead.
We think he disguised his ship as
a Rannian vessel and attacked them.
He's done even worse.
He sabotaged Sardath's
grand experiment.
So he started the war?
Why would he do that?
Because he's insane!
Sinestro thrives
on chaos and death.
Sure, I get that. But
how did you end up here?
And how did your
ring end up with me?
I was told rings only leave
Lanterns after they die.
Good questions.
I'll give you the quick
and dirty explanation...
I was asked to keep watch
on Sardath's experiment.
And while I was outside
with the science barge...
Sinestro infiltrated the base.
The experiment went
out of control.
I was pulled onto the planet before
it teleported with everyone else.
Before I passed out,
I released my ring so
Sinestro couldn't get it.
When I came to...
I was here. And I've
been here ever since.
As for my ring...
Well, It must have been found
by the Guardians and they,
in their wisdom,
chose to reassign it
to a worthy candidate.
I'll be happy to
give it back to you.
If I ever get it back, that is.
We've gotta escape.
Right. To stop Sinestro.
Odd as this is, Sinestro
is problem number two.
First we've got to get to Rann
and stop Sardath from using his new
Doomsday Weapon to destroy Thanagar.
Doomsday Weapon?
Sardath is going to use
Zeta-Beams as a mega-weapon.
He's trying it out
in a secret location.
Only the Rannian High
Command knows where.
Thank you for all
that information.
See? You were useful after all.
You should be proud. [chuckles]
You'll never get
your hands on it.
No matter how much of an
assault you launch on Rann.
Their defenses are too good.
An assault on Rann
to find the location of
their Doomsday Weapon?
What a splendid idea!
I'll get on that right away!
We really suck at
being covert operators.
Jordan, you said you were
on the verge of escaping.
I've been digging.
Judging from the warmer
temperature of the rock,
I think the controls
for the force field door
are powered by conduits
running through here.
If I can just get to them...
We turn off the force field by
short-circuiting its power feed!
I'm almost there.
But it's another foot of
rock to grind through.
Would an Nth metal knife help?
The hardest substance
in the universe?
Yeah, might come in handy.
[captivating music playing]
Lord Damyn, Lyssa,
ready the ship at once.
Dress it as a
Thanagarian cruiser.
They're working
on it as we speak.
Excellent. Rann will
never expect an attack.
The element of surprise should
yield a fruitful result.
He has my mace.
How rude. Allow me.
He's dead.
Serves him right.
I've never known you to
be indifferent to death.
Yeah well, months of being brutalized
in captivity will do that to a man.
And millions of
lives are at stake.
Let's get out of here before
the others leave that ship.
[Green Arrow] I'll
fire up the engines.
We need to get the ring.
The Green Lantern ring.
What? Come on. All you've done
is complain about it
and now you want it?
Between Hal and me, one
of us should have it.
We're going into battle.
We might need it.
We don't have time to
go back and get it.
Not necessary.
All John has to do
is will it to come.
It doesn't matter
where the ring is.
It'll find a way to get to him.
Close your eyes
and will it back.
But it's your ring.
Not anymore.
It answers to you now.
Close your eyes. Summon it!
Yeah, and Sinestro probably put
it with all of our other weapons.
See if you can
grab those up, too!
[music increases in tempo]
[dramatic music playing]
What? No! The ring!
Get it! Get it!
Ring, do we have enough fuel
to make a jump to warp speed?
That's wonderful.
Strap in, everybody.
This ship needs several
months in space dock.
Hull integrity diminishing.
Breach in five seconds.
I'm dropping us
out of warp speed.
We still have a long way to go.
Well, I'll drive as fast as
I can without the hyperdrive.
Sinestro beat us to
Rann! What do we do now?
Adam Strange calling
Rannian High Command.
Is this some kind of trick?
Commander Strange
is no longer...
[Adam] Jorson? Is
that you? It's Adam.
Are you still
terrible at Jaccarat?
By her Lady's Grace, it is you!
Open a window in the shield
for us to get through.
I'll explain everything
when I see you.
[Jorson] Sending
you coordinates now.
The window will open
for two seconds.
That's all we need.
Annihilate them.
[alarm beeping]
We've got company.
Hmm. As I live and breathe.
I never thought I'd
lay eyes on you again.
It's good to be back.
I'm sorry the circumstances of
your homecoming are so grim.
I have no idea why these Thanagarians
have launched this futile attack.
They're not Thanagarians.
What nonsense is your
prisoner speaking?
I am not a prisoner!
She's not and she's right.
We've uncovered a plot
by a band of rogue agents
to start and keep this war
going between our worlds.
They're the ones
firing on you now!
That ship is not
Thanagarian. It's disguised.
We never thought to check.
But if what you say is true...
We know about the secret weapon.
We have to stop Sardath
from using it on Thanagar.
And I need your
help to contact him.
Adam? Is it really you!?
Yes. I have to see you at once.
Don't deploy your weapon.
How do you know about...
Billions of innocent
lives are art stake.
It can't be used!
But my weapon is the only thing
that will stop the Thanagarians
from killing more of us.
And I have you to
thank for its creation.
It was the analysis
of your unique biology
that made it possible to
isolate your metagene.
I knew Zeta energy
always found you,
as though drawn to you.
I noticed that you were
born with a unique metagene
and that was my
first breakthrough.
I gained some control over
where the Zeta-Beams went.
Eventually, I was able to
amplify the phenomenon.
Now, I command vast amounts
of Zeta energy at will!
[Zeta-Beam charging up]
We've begun building
a charge large enough
to teleport Thanagar
into a supernova!
Rann will be forever safe!
I beg you not to use it.
You'll be murdering innocents.
I'm shocked to hear
such cowardice from you,
especially since
Thanagar was responsible
for the death of your wife,
my beloved daughter, Alanna.
If Alanna were alive,
she'd be ashamed to learn
that instead of trying to
find our daughter Aleea,
you've been using your time
figuring out how to kill billions!
How dare you!?
Thanagar nor Rann started
this war and I can prove it.
But I'll have to see you face-to-face
to show you the evidence.
I can't do that.
My location is a secret of
the greatest importance,
too sensitive to transmit,
even over a secure line.
But I can use a Zeta-Beam
to transport you here.
Fine. There are five of us.
[engine powering up]
Don't like that
transporter stuff one bit.
Sardath, in memory of Alanna,
I'm here to prevent you from
making a terrible mistake.
Your first Zeta
experiment was sabotaged.
It caused this war!
What are you talking about?
[alarm blaring]
We're being approached by
a Thanagarian attack ship!
Sinestro! How did
he follow us here?
Doesn't matter. Get
ready for a fight.
[guns firing in distance]
[Green Arrow] Hal!?
No time to be soft, pal.
[John groans]
Now I'll have the sheer delight
of destroying the last
of the Green Lanterns.
[dramatic music playing]
Damn you.
You gave me no choice.
My master will kill you all!
[breath trembling]
[both grunting]
Shot from behind.
Come on!
We've got to get to Sardath
before he uses the Weapon.
Good news. Sardath isn't
going to use the weapon.
He's handing over the CPU
containing the core of
his Zeta technology to me.
The code is downloading
to this storage unit.
The only other place where this
knowledge is stored is my mind.
Hal! What have you done?
What was necessary!
But there's still a
lot of work to be done.
Oh, you'll have to
do better than that.
Hal, what's wrong with you?
We had it all backwards. He
wasn't Sinestro's prisoner.
Hal was his master!
Right you are,
John. Right you are.
I have him to thank
for my transformation.
He was the stepping stone so I
could fulfill my true calling...
with these!
After the experiment
went haywire,
Sinestro infected me
with an alien parasite.
He called it the
Parallax entity!
He thought it would
bend me to his will.
But instead, it opened my eyes.
It filled me with new purpose.
For too long, I had been blind
to the corrosive effect
of war and conflict.
I saw clearly that I was the
one destined to change it!
I could be a better
Guardian than the Guardians.
There was no use
for them anymore.
After Sinestro saw
my truth and genius,
he became my main acolyte.
With this weapon, I can
fulfill my true purpose.
I can wipe the universe clean
and create a newer, better one...
Like a God!
Go. We'll be fine.
[Zeta-Beam charging up]
[sinister music playing]
I've set the Zeta-Beam to
destroy both Rann and Thanagar.
Make the choice and join me in
making a new and better galaxy.
My only choice is to
stop you or die trying.
Hal! This isn't you!
You're right.
The old me would continue a
useless fight against evil
as a Green Lantern.
But the new me is a god.
And I thought you
were my friend.
I am your friend, Hal.
Just listen to me and
stop this madness!
Try to stop the Zeta-Beam!
Why fight me?
Aren't I doing exactly what
you'd do if you were in my place?
I can see it in your eyes.
You hate what the universe
has become as much as I do.
No, you're wrong.
[sweeping music playing]
[Adam] It's locked. We'll
never get through on time.
Maybe John could use his ring.
No. It would take a billion rings
to put a dent in the Zeta force.
It can't be stopped.
But maybe it can be re-directed.
What are you saying?
Shayera, keep an eye on the
Universe for me while I'm gone.
You've made me realize
the Green Lantern oath
isn't just some silly rhyme.
It means something after all.
"In brightest day,
in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who
worship evil's might
beware my power...
Green Lantern's light."
What's happening?
I've finally
remembered why I fight.
And why, whatever price I
have to pay, I'm okay with it.
Maybe the Guardians
made the right choice
by making me a Green Lantern.
But killing you isn't the way.
John, the beam's locked in.
We've tried everything
we can think of.
But we cannot stop it from here.
John, you're too
soft to be a Lantern.
[breath trembling]
[powering up]
You're too late.
[sweeping music playing]
For you Alanna.
For a Rannian, he
was very brave.
Thanks for saving my life.
I had to kill my best friend.
I don't know how I'm
supposed to live with that.
We're all forced to do
things we don't want to.
We can't beat
ourselves up over it,
as long as we do them
for the right reasons.
Thanks for the ride, Shayera.
Now, there's just one
more thing left to do.
Rebuild the Green Lantern Corps.
[sweeping music playing]
I hope to see you
soon, John Stewart.
Thanagar will need a Green
Lantern to help watch over it.
[engine starts]
Congratulations, hero.
You're a Green Lantern.
How's it feel?
I'm starving.
Let's get something to eat
and toast our absent friends.
And maybe a few new ones.
[closing tune playing]