Green Street 3: Never Back Down (2013) Movie Script

Tell your boss, this happens again,
I'll be knocking on his door.
Go on.
Go on, son. Yes!
Ready for this, son?
Right, you want this?
Green Street Elite, that's who we are, mate.
Get up!
MAN; Finish him Off!
Why, what's happened?
I'm on my way.
DANNY: Come on, Joey,
show us what you got.
Double jab.
That's it.
Great, mate.
Harder, son!
JOEY: You and me, Danny,
we're a breed of champions.
Jab, cross hook.
Nice, bruv.
And again, come on.
Jab cross, up cross.
Yes, bruv.
Come on, Joe, keep your guard up.
That's power. One more time.
Cross hook, cross.
Come on, Joey, on your toes, mate. Let's go.
Jab cross, hook cross.
You're a fucking winner, son.
Keeping going like this,
you could be a pro one day.
JOEY: Pistol said I'm quicker than you.
DANNY: Maybe. Keep on
the straight and narrow,
concentrate on fighting, train hard,
you'll be a lot better than me.
JOEY: You gonna coach me in the ring, Dan?
DANNY: Yeah, I'll be in your corner, son.
You know it.
JOEY: I know we'll always be on top
cos you're watching my back.
I love you, brother.
Oh, God.
-It's all right, Mum.
It's just tragic.
- Poor lad.
-It's not a nice way to go, is it?
My sweet Joey.
Be all right, Mum.
I want you to know,
I am going to do everything in my power
to put away the people that did this.
He would have been
World Champion, you know.
Joey went pro?
Yeah, mate, he was flying.
- Not that you'd seen him fight in years.
- Oh, don't start, Mum.
He missed you.
- WOMAN: Lizzie, someone's at the door.
- I'll get it.
Come on, Liz, it's OK. It's OK.
I'm Gilly, this is Big John.
We were friends of Joey's.
We're just here to pay our respects.
Listen, why don't you come down
the Abbey one night, have a beer with us.
Anything I do, no, they bloody can't.
It's too late now.
Anyone important?
I need to clear my head.
Do you want to do one?
Sorry I didn't make it to the wedding, mate.
It's all right.
At least you got out of this shithole.
I told Joey the GSE
was a fucking mug's game.
Yeah, well, you left quite the legacy.
What boy wouldn't want to be a part of that?
I should have taken him with me, Vic.
It's not your fault.
So what happened to him then?
We don't have much intel on it.
What's that mean?
It means it's more organised now.
Hooligans done some pretty heavy sentences.
No one wants do to a 10-stretch.
Oh, come on, Vic.
You trying to tell me it's all stopped?
Look, they're not smashing shit out
of each other on street corners any more.
Right, and in the meantime,
my fucking brother's dead!
Yeah, well, the crime stats look good,
and that's all my guvnors
give a toss about, so...
Guess I better get down the Abbey then,
see what's what.
You'll do nothing of the sort.
What, you want me to sit round here
and do nothing?
Yeah, if you want me to lock up who did it.
- Shh.
It's all right.
I didn't think you were serious, Danny.
Why don't you come with me?
I won't turn my back on the firm.
Oh, fuck all that.
Why don't you concentrate
on real fighting and going pro?
Not fucking running around
bashing up people with the GSE.
It's a mug's game.
How can you say that?
That's your firm, Danny.
And I don't fucking want it any more, all right?
I want to get a real life,
wanna fucking make something of myself.
Yeah, Mum?
- Go on.
- Oh...
Come on. You take care of yourself, all right?
You, too, Mum.
Look, Joey, you can be West Ham
without being on the firm.
Why don't you come with me, all right?
We'll do it together, I'll train ya.
You're nothing but a fucking coward.
What the fuck's he doing? Let's go talk to him.
Two large brandies and a pint.
It's all right, Molly. This is Danny,
Joey's brother. He's just back for a...
Two large brandies and a pint.
All right.
On me and, uh, I'll have one as well.
How's the gym going up there, mate?
Joey never shuts up about it.
Tough bastards, them Celts.
Here you are, boys.
DAN NY: Thank you.
Ta, darling.
Raise your glasses
to the guvnor, Danny.
ALL: The guvnor, Danny!
Welcome home, mate.
How'd the funeral go?
That's none of your business.
- He was my best mate, Danny.
- Yeah?
You could've fooled me.
Joey's death hit us all.
Shall we find out how big you really are, John?
MOLLY: Knock it off, gentlemen.
It's all right, Molly, I've got it under control.
Yeah, I wish you fucking did have.
- You're bang out of order, mate.
- I ain't talking to you.
MOLLY: I think you should leave.
Everyone just calm down, eh?
Let's all take a couple of steps backwards.
Now, Danny, you're always welcome here,
mate. This was your firm.
But what is it you want?
I want to beat Tottenham.
Molly, keep these drinks
coming, darling. Come on.
ALL: (CHANTING) United! United!
Danny, what the fuck you doing?
You can't have that in here.
Says who?
What you fucking looking at?
I'll fucking see you outside, you wanker.
- Easy, Danny.
- You're nothing, West Ham.
I'll carve you like a kipper, you fucking mug.
You can't get away with that any more, mate.
Shove your bums up your arse.
Oh, you fucking want it?
Fucking hell.
Come on, out you get.
- What you doing?
Go away, old timer.
What you talking about?
Jog on.
I'm sorry about earlier, OK?
That was disrespectful.
I was bang out of line.
Better get you a drink then, ain't I?
It's Molly, right?
- Yeah.
- Cheers.
Keep the change.
Oh, thank you.
- DANNY: How we get on?
- Three-nil.
-(WHOOPS) Another three points in the bag.
- We keep going like this, we'll make Europe.
Yeah, shit on Man U on the way.
Um, can we have a word
out of the way, please?
Yeah, sure.
- MOLLY: You all right, boys?
- Drink?
GILLY: Yeah, get me something wet, John.
All right, Molly? Uh, can I have
four lagers please, babe?
Can you get us four shots as well
while you're at it, please?
I'm genuinely sorry for what happened to Joey.
Well, that's the problem, isn't it?
What did happen to him?
I'm glad your back, Danny.
We ain't the outfit we used to be.
I need someone to lead us back to the top.
Who did it?
I said, who fucking did it?
You don't think I want to get them
as much as you do?
Oh, you reckon, do ya?
How long you here for?
Let's just say I'm back.
BIG JOHN: What the fuck is that?
Gil, there's about 20 Spurs outside.
Look at what you've started.
Right, everybody up.
- Come on, West Ham!
You broke the rules, Gilly.
(GRUNTS) Come on!
I'll break his fucking neck.
Come on! (GRUNTS)
Fucking come on!
Listen, do me a favour,
keep yourself free tomorrow night.
All right?
ALL: J' Chim-chiminey, chim-chiminey
You must have really upset that lot earlier.
Well, sometimes an old-fashioned
straightener is the only way.
-(CHUCKLES) You having another?
- Yeah, please.
(I Chim-Chim Cheree)
- Hey, Molly.
- Yeah.
Could I, uh, see you sometime?
Reckon you can see me now.
Nah, I mean maybe go out for a drink.
Drink? I got all the booze
in the world right here.
- Fucking hell.
Nah, I don't go out with anyone from the firm.
Self-imposed rule.
Oh, right.
But seeing as you're here on holiday,
it's a bit different, right?
Yeah, course.
Come see me when you've sobered up.
Fucking state of ya.
I did what I needed to do.
I told you to stay out of it,
or you'll fuck up my investigation.
What fucking investigation?
What are you lot even doing down there?
- I'm trying, mate.
- Try harder!
Come on, I want you to
prove to me that you've still got it.
Come on!
- Gilly wants me to lead the firm.
- You serious?
(CHUCKLES) Oh, you're interested now,
ain't ya?
Felt good giving it to
them Tottenham slags though.
Stop it, or you're gonna
land yourself in trouble.
Look, somebody knows
what happened to my brother,
and the only way I'm gonna find out
is if I get back in.
DANNY: Fucking hell, Pete,
you're not dead yet?
That's Pistol Pete to you, boy.
- You're looking good, son.
- Yeah?
- Sharp.
- Still doing everything
-you taught me, that's why.
- Good lad.
That will keep you fighting fit
till you're an old bastard.
- Well, you're still here, ain't ya?
- Cheeky sod.
I'm sorry about Joey.
- How come you didn't come down?
- Well, you know me, son. I can't do funerals.
So how was Joe really doing?
I'd only ever seen one fighter better.
Morning, ladies.
- All right, Pistol?
- You all right, geezer?
Yeah. Anyway, feel free to use the place
as and when you want.
No, no, no, this is on me.
Here's your locker key.
You know where the showers are.
- Cheers, Pete. They working yet?
- Cold taps always have.
(SOFTLY) Oh, fucking hell.
GILLY: Here he is.
(I Ska music)
Molly, get Danny a beer, please, sweetheart?
Round of shots for us.
- Coming up.
- Thank you.
- So have you sobered up yet?
- Was I that bad?
No, I'm just teasing you.
You were quite sweet, actually.
Well, don't tell that lot, will ya?
It's our secret.
Oh, I knew I could trust you.
Molly, come on.
The boys are getting thirsty over here.
Molly, come on, darling.
On its way.
Go on, your public want you.
ALL: Cheers!
Come on! (SHOUTS)
Oh, she's all right. She's fine.
- You, I've had enough of your shit.
- Drink up, were off ski.
- Oh, great.
What's this prick doing here?
Easy, Danny.
All right, Jib?
Come on, boys, we're up.
- What the fuck was that?
- I'll show ya.
This is how it's run now.
What, everyone being pally?
Sounds sick to me.
You got nothing, Millwall,
you little fucking slag.
The rivalry is still there, still got our firms.
You know, what's the point
of fighting for nothing
when you get a serious bit
of hurt for your trouble?
There's been an agreement.
Keep it clean on the streets
and fight dirty underground.
We place bets, make money,
settle differences.
Run like the league, mate.
Points for a win,
and there is never a fucking draw.
Goes until it's finished.
At the end of the season,
the top firm's crowned league winners.
We haven't done too clever the last few years.
Can't handle this lot, Gilly.
These are proper fighters.
Can, with you back on the firm.
(CHUCKLES) I ain't that good.
Yeah, cheers for that.
My fucking leg!
Who is that?
Mason, head of Millwall.
Not seen him before.
No, since this went underground,
there is a whole new breed of fighters.
They've been top firm the last few years.
MASON: Into the fucking bin, boys.
- That's how you fucking do it!
Evening, young Gilly.
How's your training going?
If round was the definition of sharp,
you'd be world champ, Gil.
It's about how you fight,
not how you look.
- And you are?
- Danny.
Not the guvnor?
I thought you lived in sweaty sock land.
Yeah, got bored of the football up there.
(SNIFFS) Shit teams, shit league.
You lot would fit right in.
Sorry to hear about your brother.
That weren't cricket, that.
I'll find out who did it, and I'll fucking end them.
Good luck with that.
Gilly. Come on, boys.
We can do this, Danny, I know it.
Look, this isn't have 12 pints,
grab a pool cue and a knuckle-duster.
This is much more dangerous.
Just lead the way, and we'll follow.
What, you telling me
you can handle hours in the gym,
sweating blood and giving up the piss?
Whatever it takes, Danny.
All right, we start first thing.
Sod the Blues, Keith.
What the bloody hell's going on?
You gonna let me in?
Fancy a coffee?
I didn't come here for a drink.
Something's different about you.
(CHUCKLES) You're dangerous.
- I've got it under control.
- Uh-uh, not me.
DANNY: What made you
want to run this place?
Why do you ask?
- Seems a bit of an odd career choice.
- What, for a bird?
- Yeah.
- Hmm. You sexist pig.
(CHUCKLES) Come on, it's not exactly
your average boozer, is it?
Yeah, fair point.
You remember Ronnie,
who used to run this place?
Yeah, of course, yeah. Top geezer.
Yeah, well, he's my big brother.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
He runs a bar in Marbella now,
so left the Abbey for me to run.
I didn't think he'd ever leave here.
Yeah, well, an opportunity come up,
so he took it. Had no reason to stay.
So how did Gilly take over the firm?
Him and Joey were always
mad for West Ham, weren't they?
Mad for the firm,
just become the natural successors.
Well, the GSE ain't what it was, that's for sure.
Joey wanted to run it how you used to.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, it's all right.
(Billy's good stuff.
You know, he's loyal and he's tough.
They all follow him,
but he ain't no leader.
MAN: Lads, lads, lads.
Come on, please. Quiet please.
To our man Danny here, the guvnor,
he's going away.
Dan, I'm gonna miss you, mate.
ALL: To Danny!
Really? Fuck's sake!
- Come on.
DANNY: Right, on your feet. Come on.
Not going to get your breath back
slobbing of the deck, are ya? Get up.
First of all, well done for turning up.
Well, the biggest hurdle is getting off
your fat arse and out here.
If you can do that, you can do anything.
Now, as you guys know,
each firm enters a team of five.
I'll count as one of them.
I'll select the remaining four out of you lot.
And how you gonna do that?
I'm going to hammer you lot into shape.
Now, it will be the toughest thing
you'll ever fucking go through in your lives.
But if you do as I say,
then you might, you just might have
a fighting chance of getting somewhere.
You didn't answer (Billy's question.
To make a good fighter, first thing you need
is 100% commitment.
The rest is about your fitness,
your strength
and the ability to smash your opponent.
I will select my team
taking these elements into consideration.
- Can I get a say in this?
- No.
- OK.
Determination and heart
mean everything to me.
If you don't have that,
you better fucking go home now.
We are the Green Street Elite,
and we will be the number-one firm again.
Are you with me?
ALL: Yes.
- I can't hear ya.
- ALL: Yes.
- Louden
- ALL: Yes!
- Come on, you can do better than that.
- ALL: Yes!
- That's better.
- Sweet. Same time tomorrow, yeah?
- Oh, I ain't done with you yet.
- What?
Get back in line.
(WHISPERS) This is bollocks.
DANNY: Hurry up!
Right, get upstairs now.
Come on, move it.
Before you really give me the hump.
Move it, come on.
You'd better fucking get up there.
Morning, Pete.
Fucking antenatal class.
Get in a straight line. Face me.
Right, feet shoulder-width apart,
hands up like this.
Once you punch, come back to your guard.
Bend your knees. Plant your feet.
Nice and steady, yeah?
Keep your elbows in.
Keep your fucking hands up, Big John.
That's it, mate, get 'em up there.
Sprint! Go, go, go, 90, 90!
Move it! Come on, you lazy fucks, let's go.
Back and forward, that's it, side to side.
Keep your elbows in, the combinations
together now, one, two, three.
One, two, three. That's it.
- Hit through the bag.
- This one shoulder here, goes down there.
Yeah, don't fucking look at me,
look at the pad.
- And again.
- One more.
- Push.
- Go on, son, get it up there.
- Come on, Gilly, you fat bastard.
Great! Come on, Gilly.
DANNY: Too much fucking drinking, mate.
This is a flip. Get it right up,
get your hands right in, up, over.
MAN: Come on, bruv.
Come on, bruv. Come on.
Come on. Put your back into it.
Lift, man, come on.
- You got it, you got it, go on.
Flip it over. Come on, do it.
DANNY: Ten press-ups, quick as you can.
Bang 'em out, son.
Then back up here,
and the same thing again. Go!
DANNY: Push 'em out, push 'em out.
That's it, bang 'em out.
Don't fucking push it, snap it.
Right, now what you want to do is
jab, cross, drop, cross.
Get that fucking elbow in there, right, blocking
the punches as they're coming. Yeah?
You're withering, Big John.
You're getting smaller every day.
Come on, Gil, don't you fucking
push out on me now. Keep going.
Keep your fucking guard up.
Just fucking shoot me.
Put me out of me misery.
What can I get you, gents?
Three pints and three chasers, please, Molly.
Three orange juices, please, Mol.
GILLY: And after that...
We'll drink what we want, and we'll have
three pints and three chasers, please, Molly.
You'll have three orange juices then, yeah?
So when's the first fight?
- Don't know. Who we got?
- Newcastle, this Saturday.
Fucking great.
What, they never used to be
too much of a threat to us.
Yeah, they never used to be, but now
that firm's mainly made up of nutty squaddies
who need to let off some steam.
Bunch of fucking lunatics.
Squaddies are now football hooligans?
Yeah, well, now the risk of getting nicked
all but gone, you get all sorts.
You'll be telling me Old Bill are involved next.
Oh, behave.
The league is riddled with them, Danny.
We're out of the public eye now, mate,
there's no limit to who will fight.
- Does he fight in the league with Joey?
- No, not really.
What does "not really" mean?
I'm going for a piss, go and get the drinks.
- What's up?
- Vic, we need to meet.
No problem. Everything OK?
- Yeah. Give me a half hour, yeah?
- Cool.
- BIG JOHN: Here you are, Dan.
- Cheers, mate.
So I was smashing this bird the other day...
Hello, hello, hello.
- You prick!
Well, go on then, you twisted me arm.
I'll have a quick one with ya.
Hunter wants to see you.
He can fuck off and all.
I'll tell him you're out on a job then, shall I?
Nice one, Tony.
What are partners for, eh?
You know, something's dodgy.
I still can't track down the...
You'd have a much easier life
if you just left it alone.
All right? You're not going to get any points
round here for doing your job properly, Vic.
Danny's like a brother to me.
I can't stop until I find
the people that killed Joey.
Just watch out.
The guv is on you, proper.
I know, mate, I know.
-(SIGHS) See you later.
- See ya.
- Why don't you stay for another drink?
- Nah, I gotta get going.
Oh. Suit yourself.
Sorry, I've got a few things to do tonight.
I'll try and get back
when I'm done though, yeah?
Well, you'd better hope
I'll still be awake then, eh?
The entire fucking thing
is now held underground
by some big hooligan football league.
It's all starting to fucking add up.
- What do you mean?
- Multiple witness statements
have all confirmed large groups of people
entering the place where Joey was found
the night before.
I put money on it being
one of those underground meets.
Gets worse. (SNIFFS)
Off-duty Old Bill are fighting there, too.
What's Gilly and his lot saying anyway?
I'm working on 'em.
DANNY: Get up. One, two,
One, come on,
two, three.
Hold it, tWO,
I think you lads had better go home, hadn't ya?
You're finished. Thanks for turning up though.
Lads, tear this lot apart, yeah?
Ready for this?
You better fucking get yourself together.
This is what we trained for.
Let's do it.
Geordie cunts to win.
We're the team that is going
to take the GSE back to the top.
- We ain't ready for this.
- Now we get in there,
and we fucking go for it!
Punch straight through. Don't ever give up.
Let's fucking have it.
You fucking...
Fucking Geordie fuck!
We ain't fucking done yet!
We ain't fucking done!
it will only get better from here, men.
Not against a fucking ninja.
- Oh, my God.
Are you all right?
Listen to Danny. You do what he says,
and you'll come outjust fine.
- That was nice. One more time.
- He's the best fighter I ever saw.
- DANNY: Uppercut.
Keep it up. Good boys.
Come on, Gil, you fat bastard.
- And stop.
- Stop showing off, you prat.
PISTOL: Quicker!
VICTOR: Oh, for fuck's sake.
DCI Hunter won't leave me alone.
Come on, let's do one.
Something will turn up, all right?
- It's really nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
DANNY: Cheers.
PISTOL: Go on, son.
- Gotta learn the hard way.
Oh, East London!
MEN: Oh, East London!
Is wonderful!
Is wonderful!
Oh, East London is wonderful
It's full of tits, fanny and West Ham
I Oh, East London is wonderful 4'
Come on.
DANNY: Get his side.
That's it, bruv, take him down. Yes!
Don't fucking fuck it, fuck it up!
DANNY: That's it, lads.
They're fucking done for!
Come on, you Chelsea cunts.
DANNY: Nice one, lads. It's over.
We're shut.
Hello, gorgeous.
Where've you been?
Down the gym with the lads. Why?
What's the matter?
You can take your shit and all.
Do you want to calm down?
Get the fuck out.
Not till you tell me what the hell's going on!
I saw ya.
- What does that mean?
- With that copper!
What, Victor? Nah, look, he's an old mate.
Yeah, Well, he's still Old Bill.
It's not what you think, Mol, all right?
If there's one thing I can't stand, Danny,
it's a grass.
I'm not a grass.
- Get the fuck out.
- You wanna let me explain?
Go on. It's your last chance.
He's trying to find out who killed Joey.
And, yeah, I want whoever it was locked up.
But he ain't got the resources to do it alone,
so I'm helping him.
So you thought you'd just come in here
and lie to all of us?
What do you want me to say?
Oh, yeah, I like you lot.
Feels really good to be back.
In fact, I've fallen in love with one of ya.
Oh, and by the way,
I'm helping my mate who's a detective.
Yeah, I think that would have gone down
like a lead weight, don't you?
What was that about loving someone?
Oh, forget it.
You still lied to me, Danny.
I can't be with someone that I don't trust.
Mol, please.
I mean it, all right?
I've fallen for ya.
- I'm sorry.
- Mol...
You got a death wish being
round here or something?
Get in.
I'm not in the mood for you, Mason.
Unless you want me to put you
in the morgue, I'd fuck off back south.
I know who killed your brother.
DANNY: Why you brought me here?
Well done for bringing Green Street
back to life. Feels like the old days,
having you as our main rival.
You weren't around back then.
I was, you just didn't look hard enough.
It's the final meet of the season coming up.
It's you lot against us, winner takes all.
- Wasting my fucking time.
- Stop.
I can show you who did it.
I thought you'd better know.
MASON: Before our little meet on Saturday,
you fucking mug.
All right, Dan?
PISTOL: Easy, Danny, calm down!
Calm down, for fuck's sake!
DANNY: This piece of shit killed Joey!
- You fucking scum!
- PISTOL: Take it easy.
- Calm down.
- You fucking cunt! Let go of me!
- Calm down, son, calm down.
- All right, fuck off! Leave me!
- PISTOL: Calm down.
- Fuck!
- No, Danny!
You fucking... Gilly, you fuck!
PISTOL: Calm down.
DANNY: You scum.
PISTOL: Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Don't know how long you've got before
he comes down on you like a ton of bricks.
Can you really trust Danny?
- I trust him with my life.
- Is this really worth it, Vic?
- I mean, is he really going to give you a result?
DC Jones.
No, sir, I wasn't trying to avoid you.
If you just...
If you could...
Give me a minute, and I...
Yes, sir.
On my Way-
I'm in deep shit now, mate.
Let him speak.
You get one go at this.
So you'd better tell me the truth.
I didn't kill Joey. We were like brothers.
And what about that photo then, you lying...
Let him speak, Danny!
GILLY: As you've seen,
we hadn't been fighting fit for a long time.
When Joey was here, he was sickened
with how useless we'd become.
Me and the boys, we didn't give a toss
about the fighting any more.
Just wanted to get pissed up, go to the games.
- What you doing?
- Joe, what?
We got a rumble later, boys.
GILLY: Joey wanted to
make the firm great again.
Like when you ran it.
He insisted we fought, and we did.
But we looked like losers.
Like you said,
it's not street-corner violence any more, it's...
It's proper fighting.
And the only one
who could fight like that was Joey.
He sure could.
Joey got frustrated with losing all the time.
Went old-school,
started battering geezers in the street.
He even petrol-bombed Millwall's boozer.
(SOFTLY) He wouldn't do that.
Danny, he was out of control, mate.
He was breaking all the rules.
Oh, so he deserved
what happen to him then, did he?
No, of course not.
Joey convinced us to have a meet.
He had a way about him, guv.
He never stood a chance.
Come on, you cunt.
He was doing things with all the trimmings.
Come on!
You fucking little bitch!
MASON: Come on, champ.
Let's see what you got.
Die, you upstart cock!
MASON: Finish him Off.
We never stood a chance.
Look, there must have been enough
witnesses there to fucking put him away.
Mason's a dangerous bastard.
He likes to throw his weight around.
He's got a lot of power.
- MASON: Smile.
Listen, you fuck around,
not only will I fit you up for this,
I'll make sure your dear old mum gets raped
and murdered while you're doing bird.
Mason's Old Bill, Danny.
Why didn't you tell me?
All right? I would have fucking dealt with him.
He'd have fitted you up. He's a dirty bastard.
He told you it was me
because he knew you'd do this.
I got someone in the Old Bill, too.
GILLY: Yeah, I know you're mates with Victor,
and I know you're doing what you gotta do.
But the only way to end this
is by doing them properly on Saturday.
We finish it once and for all, together.
As the GSE.
I just want to say, guv,
I'm just trying to do my job.
Fucking state of you, mate.
What's the matter with ya?
I've been suspended.
You what?
Hunter pulled rank,
said I'd been failing to follow orders
and all that shit.
It's all over for me, Danny.
No, it's not.
Yeah, and how do you figure that?
It was Millwall that killed Joey,
and their head boy, Mason, he's Old Bill.
You what?
Yeah, so you'd better fucking
liven yourself up, son.
We're fighting them tonight.
We're gonna win this.
Come on, we'd better get going.
This is going to be one fucking night,
John boy.
Danny's gonna end Millwall
and Mason for good.
At least they get revenge for Joey though, eh?
Too right.
MAN: Night, Gil.
GILLYI Ta, mate.
Round of beers, Molly, luv?
- No, we're closed.
- What?
- Come on, everyone out. I'm closing early.
- See you, lads.
- MOLLY: All right. Good night, everyone.
Cheers, Mol.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not tonight, darling.
Very funny.
This is no place for a nice girl like you,
but I'll tell you what.
Once this all quiets down a little bit,
I'll show you somewhere that is.
- Oh, yeah?
- Oh, yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I run the Abbey, all right?
So any more shit from you,
and I'll be having a word with my boys.
You got that?
Get up, you tart.
Do you think this changes anything?
Who'd have thought, DCI Hunter,
head of Millwall?
You know me as Mason, and this is my world.
I'm gonna fucking smash your fucking face in.
MAN: Come on, you fucking muppets.
Come on, you, fucking your muppet cousin.
That's the spirit, come on!
Come on then, dig deep!
Fucking hell!
Come on, Danny, get up.
Yes, son!
You little cunt.
Come on!
You're fucking weak,
just like your mug brother.
His head split like a fucking pumpkin,
when I stomped on it.
Get up, son!
PISTOL: Danny, hit him!
That's enough, that's enough.
Danny. Danny, that's enough, son.
That's enough, that's enough.
Good boy.
Come on, lads.
Derek Hunter,
I'm arresting you on suspicion of just
about fucking everything, you piece of shit.
You took your time.
Thought I'd stop for a pint on the way.
Process this cunt, Tony.
Get them in, John.
So I guess you're going to be leaving
now Hunter's been put away.
Well, I was thinking of hanging around
for a while longer, actually.
Do you know how long for?
I don't know... For good?
Oi, listen up!
ALL'. a I'm forever blowing bubbles
a Pretty bubbles in the air
4 They fly so high
4 They reach the sky
4 Then like my dreams, they fade and die
4 Fortune's always hiding
4 I've looked everywhere
4 I'm forever blowing bubbles
4 Pretty bubbles in the air 4'