Green Zone (2010) Movie Script

Just a few seconds ago, another
huge blast has shake the city
Cruise missiles and air
strikes raining down here
in an relenting assault on Baghdad.
There is no doubt tonight
that war has begun
And the Iraqi capital is
experiencing shock and awe.
All right everybody, listen up...
It is a military storage site...
Intel has it that it's
possible nerve agents,
shocking agents, live packages,
chemical tip missiles.
morning so the site is secure,
Everybody stay focus.
This is it!
Shooting at 100 meters, sir.
We hear gunshots
front, 100 meters.
Move, move.
Who is the officer in charge?
Who is responsible?
For here I am.
What the hell do all these here?
This is the place of arms, this
mission is our highest priority.
Look, do not even have men
sufficient to draw a perimeter,
We have a sniper
here in this tower.
The high tower behind...
I do not have enough men
to go and ensure that tower.
Listen, say that agents
chemicals in this place, okay?
We have to move now...
These guys... do not even know that
is charging these people now.
I have to enter
Here, I will go.
Take your team now goes for you.
Come... listen,
this is the situation,
are 35 men who do not
even have secured this place,
so this is what is so far
weapons are in the
northwestern part of the complex,
there's a sniper in the tower there,
we will have to topple...
go ahead...
I need to
you three as knobs,
you are going to support us,
also you two.
Chief, I must speak
you, this is screwed.
Listen, this is a disaster.
There have been assured nothing,
think we should risk it.
No, no... I have no idea
what is happening there...
gotta go now.
- Kill calm.
- Ensures the team.
Move, move...
I want you back and you stay with
the shooters, they take you inside.
- Are you ready?
- Yes, sir.
Come on.
There's a sniper, where is it?
Is there... down the hall.
Okay, listen everyone...
The weapons are in this building
I need to find ways
enter through the back door
and get an angle
with that sniper
Take two more with you.
I need to cross this
corridor, need reinforcement.
When we get through,
let's go left.
Move, come on...
Move, move.
I got it, is in sixth
floor, southeast corner.
I'm going to shoot now, in
As you see... shoots.
Now, now.
Got it?
Got it.
Three out...
Come on.
Move, go, go...
Okay, take out the team,
I love them all well prepared.
Put it right...
No reading here, boss.
According cowboy...
Is this something old?
If it appears that leads
about ten years here.
Is this... site
weapons of destruction?
Head... Is there something?
It is empty.
Where did they get that information?
What can I do?
We are in the right place,
schemes are well...
Where did this?
"This came from the United Nations?
That's right, boss... is what we have.
Why the hell took
there was something inside?
That makes three times... Come on.
They listened to the head, come on.
Let's go.
Come... move along.
Saddam International Airport.
Helicopter will be in the middle.
How is everything?
A great day.
Yes, I finally got here.
Well, we like to have something
progress, that's important.
What about weapons?
I am also that,
we do everything we can,
find weapons, do not worry.
The world is watching,
want to know where they are.
Ensures first car, right?
- I want your kids to follow.
- Okay...
- Mark...
- What?
I need the source, I need Megellan.
Do you know how sensitive is it?
We have so locked that Megellan
not even think I can see it.
You're the one assigned by management,
Cannot you access your own source?
Do not worry, we're interrogating,
That takes time, that's first.
For the love of God, so far you
I have given all we have the type,
What do you want?
Neither want to hear from
you, I want to hear from him.
I'll see what I can do.
Welcome home, sir.
How does it feel to return?
You thought I'd see this day?
I am happy to return...
I call upon all Arabs to hold
liberation from tyranny...
Where is the colonel?
I think he's behind.
- See you later.
- If I'll see you there.
Nice to see you.
What happened to the information?
We do not get us far in that.
We need to talk, there was
nothing there, the place was empty.
Be careful, you
to have much trouble.
What do you mean?
We claim not to move
faster, now they blame us.
Garbage... information was not good.
Let's be realistic, okay?
not want to hear that in Washington,
all they want is
something to put on CNN.
Lord, we must talk about
this information was useless.
Now is not the time.
Room... standing.
Sit down, gentlemen.
We are here this morning to give the
General progress reports
and our plans for
the next 48 hours,
for that I give the word to the captain.
Welcome, sir...
Today we will inform you of the operation
will take place in the Baghdad area...
during the next 24 hours.
We continue with the main objectives
priority and that all Americans...
are eagerly awaiting the
news that we find these weapons.
We have a very detailed plan,
in coordination with the
allies... we have a good plan
top network involving
of reports of the U.S. and the UK,
so they are prepared to cover
all aspects of good news.
I have a couple of questions about
information tomorrow...
Are we sure this is accurate?
It is strong, is good.
What is the source?
It is a human source...
is solid, 100%.
Is it the same source that we have
everywhere we have reviewed?
Chief, what if we do this?
Talk later, give me a list
of all the places I've gone...
and make sure you have the
correct information next time.
The problem is not that...
is that there is nothing there.
High head, let's continue.
Wait a second.
Listen to what
must tell the boss.
According sir, I'll give an example...
We all went to a place
last week...
We had many casualties
ensuring the place...
we went there and found to be
factory toilets...
I'm saying is that there is no agreement
in what is in these packages
and what we actually...
There is a problem with
intelligence, sir.
This is what is boss...
These packages
more... are good.
We are not interested in
Where do they get the information...
Is that clear?
Yes, sir...
Well, let's continue.
Sir, as I said, the information
received this morning...
is strong...
The next stop Al Mansour, Baghdad...
say it is an underground warehouse...
We have many reports of activity.
Tell all be vigilant.
- I will watch the team.
- Yes, yes...
Martin Brown, CIA...
If I know, was at the meeting.
- Are you going to the store in Baghdad?
- If...
You are wasting your time...
carry a biological team
two months ago, there is nothing there.
This is my card
is right, this makes no sense...
the Iraqis do not fight, no weapons...
since we came here
We have not found anything,
there is something wrong here.
You have to discover it is...
If you find any
thing... has my number.
I'll take some pictures of it.
Take this.
Be careful, you idiot.
Lieutenant, the chief spoke, come here.
We will need a couple of guys
clean up this traffic,
we are too exposed
here, we must go forward.
Back, back...
Do not touch me...
Shut your mouth.
What's going on, Sergeant?
They are pulling the water...
We cannot do anything about it
we have to do is
move our cars...
I want to move the vehicles now.
Take them out of there.
Get away.
Yes, sir.
Old Palace of Saddam,
Provisional Headquarters
Okay, then we will
convention in the green tomorrow...
hope to have representatives
the three largest ethnic groups...
to discuss
different levels of power,
I hope you take Subaidi Ahmed
a leadership position...
Are you satisfied with what
we have so far?
I think we're well except...
the press that we have with this issue.
Okay, well...
let's leave that for now...
Subaidi not been here in 30 years...
It is the best man we have now
same to establish democracy.
Many people in Baghdad
do not even know who he is.
Well, our friend and
Officers are satisfied
with the information we have collected.
Subaidi has been
selling junk for years...
this type is not reliable, their
information is unreliable...
This is exactly what people
loses confidence by the agency,
you question every information we get,
we will not have any progress.
Do not give the country
a type not know...
reports from Washington.
All of us here are
Experts in the Middle East,
if you have a better idea,
Why do not you say?
We need the
Iraqi army to help us...
this country is plagued
ethnic divisions,
Saddam's army was the
All I could sustain this country.
We will not give that to the American people,
us we destroyed the Iraqi army.
Sure, well... still out there, are
looking for a place in the new Iraq.
They've waited a long time...
They did not want to follow Saddam
have good officers
might be worth reviewing.
Let me tell you something...
we spent much of the treasure
American and too many lives
to put this
General in the position...
Do you have any idea what
happening outside the green zone?
It is chaos, without a police...
revenge is coming every night,
people are asking for
Why cannot we prevent this.
Democracy is complicated.
If you dismantle this
country and leave out the army...
have a war
civilian in six months...
I guarantee it.
Okay, let's...
The information we have
is that Saddam is gone.
The Americans occupied the country.
We face tough decisions...
while our men
waiting for orders.
What is now determined
determine the future of Iraq.
What's happening there?
Chief, there is a place that wants to talk.
I will now.
What's happening?
What's going on, Sergeant?
He says he wants to talk to
something, I have no idea...
Stay on the ground.
Why are you doing this...?
Never mind.
Already I can stand?
Why do this?
Why am I thrown in the dirt...?
This is not fair.
Tried to relax but
this guy hit the ground.
Yes, I finished.
What is your name?
My name is Farhad Juss Alcaham...
I am here as a friend...
I have information, driving
about five minutes from here,
I saw some people... men
Saddam, people in suits...
they are gathered,
have a meeting...
I saw you and I do not know...
Calm down...
calm down.
Why should I believe you?
Think it's easy to come
and speak with an American?
Think it's easy?
I come here and see me all this
People here on the floor,
wanted to talk calmly...
and you are digging,
Why are you digging?
You have to talk to this
people, you know they say?
Do you think anyone can
put something in this place,
with all these people
watching and that no one knows?
It is not logical...
I'm here to help, okay?
Come with me... come with me.
- Okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
Chief, what are we doing?
I need the keys to his car,
Farhad, give the keys to your car.
Are my keys?
Chief does not believe this guy, right?
I think it tells the truth...
I want you to take the car
Farhad and get another one...
if we are in the hummers
come see us.
I want you to take these
four, bring me a Michaels here.
What's up, boss?
- Are you ready to start working?
- Yes, boss.
Chief, can we talk?
Our mission is here...
"Spend all day digging?
I think we're done.
This is the situation...
Iraq appeared this information
that here takes place a meeting,
may have objectives
valuable, so I want to review
I want to go in the car
Farhad Iraqi's...
You're going to cover the entire
Farhad time with shotguns,
the rest of the team will go on
another car, any questions?
Chief, how do we know it
leads us into an ambush?
We do not know...
put their damn faces of players.
- Well?
- Okay.
Okay, come on.
Farhad, do you?
We are being defeated. The
Americans are everywhere...
Traitor. You sound like a traitor.
People like you we
put in this situation.
"People like me?
You're blind.
The Americans are giving
power to the Shias and the Kurds.
We must fight now.
How do we beat the Americans?
Fighting before
is too late.
The streets are full of anarchy.
Violence increases in Iraq...
while the Americans try
of building democracy.
Eventually, they will
realize that we need.
At that time we will bid...
and then we will make a treaty
for the future of our country.
What if they contact us?
In that case...
According sergeant
I want to continue straight
on the next block is behind.
We should pause here...
this is the house.
Keep in mind that the
house on the southeast corner,
the big white house with the wall.
Attention is dating someone.
There is a gunman.
We have a man with a
portfolios and one with a AK-47.
We got it.
What we saw, head... we have it.
Silver BMW with three men.
I want to take the BMW in terms come
going to take it and then the house.
Now, now...
Nobody move,
outside the car, now.
On the ground, go, go...
Nobody move.
I see no one, where are they?
Understood, boss.
Come on.
Chief Speaks...
need a bag.
We need to cover something.
Head, all poured at the front.
Chief, this is Harry,
I need support right now.
Chief, you have to
something, I do not understand.
Calm down, calm down.
I do not understand, say something funny.
Tell them we need to
leave this room...
there is a body down,
do not let go.
Farhad brings...
Farhad, come here.
I do not understand, I gave the
information, do not want this.
Listen, I need them
ask questions for my...
Tell them you are my translator.
Ask... What is this?
He says he did nothing.
Ask him his name.
His name is Sayyed Judsan.
Sayyed Judsan, "this house is yours?
Is this your home?
Listen, tell him to better start
to answer my questions
or things are going to get very bad.
Ask him what it was about the meeting.
Chief, I just check
car registration
and it belongs to General Mohamed
At Laudien, the Jack of clubs...
Shut up.
Michaels, do you have those letters?
Give me a jack of clubs.
Is that the kind? "The guy behind?
Let me see.
- Is that?
- It's that I saw this guy.
Is this, I saw him down.
This is the greatest general of Saddam...
We do not know...
Do you know who is this?
Was it in this house?
Okay, time's up.
Ready at all, we went.
You must know the
weapons, come with me.
Farhad, I want you with me.
Michaels, bring it to the wall.
For the guy and bring him.
- Feel the wall.
- Yes, sir.
Feel those around.
Farhad Come here, I need to translate.
Tell him I want to know
weapons of mass destruction.
Do you know where are the weapons?
What do you know that? Ask...
Where are the weapons?
He says that only Al Rawi
know about these things...
that has a special program
personally supervised by him,
one who only knows the
truth of these things.
Okay, how do I find Al Rawi?
How do I find Al Rawi?
Can you protect your family?
If you protect your family
will help you find,
deliver its position.
Okay, we have a deal.
Ask for the book.
What is it? Are codes, diagrams, maps?
Ensure the area...
- Are you Miller?
- Yes.
- We will take them.
- Where?
A safe place... be alert.
They are mine...
Now, now...
It is my translator, my translator...
What the hell is going on?
I have an agreement with these guys,
I take orders now.
Calm down, we will.
Now he is blind.
What do they do?
Chief, what the hell is going on?
I got it, says he took a book.
Book, what book?
He said something about a book...
They have the notebook type, do not fuck around.
I do not know who is talking.
Take my hands off, asshole.
I have no damn book.
let's go.
Where is Farhad?
- Is he the lame?
- If...
He ran into the alley.
I thought I was being watched.
Where's my gun?
I gave the book, I gave the damn book.
Michaels, go with him
now, go, go...
Continue, remain.
Over there, look.
Down, down...
What the...?
Why do you run?
Why follow me?
Give me the book.
Give me the damn book.
What do...? He was
to return the book...
then came the helicopter and hit you
in the face, what I have done?
What should I do to make you believe me?
You have everybody back.
Let's go.
Come on.
What else should I do for you?
I gave the information and use...
wanted the book, had the
book and gave it...
Even used my car...
You know what it is to walk like this...?
even have my key.
What happened to your leg?
He's just starting...
I lost it fighting for my country...
Farhad, you gave me your information, I will give
a reward for what you did today.
You think I do this for money?
You think I do not care
my country? I see what happens...
Do you think I do not see what happens?
And now all those people
no water or electricity...
You think I do it for reward?
I do not believe this for me...
for mine, for my country,
for all these things...
I want more of what you want...
I want to help my country...
Who speaks?
Miller is the head, I
I think something that interests you.
No time for games...
so tell me what you have.
This morning I was face to
face with Mohamed Al Rawi.
"General Al Rawi?
If the jack of clubs.
We need to talk... I will be in
the pool at the Republican Palace.
On my way.
Sergeant... I have to talk to you,
we need to regain our
prisoner to find this guy, Al Rawi.
Will take care of them, please.
They leave the files
at their desks.
What will? Did you touch the
bell and use force...?
No, I will use the
book and get help.
What do you mean?
Jerry, why do we keep returning
without any of these places?
There must be a reason.
Chief, we have to do the job,
that's all... the reasons do not matter.
I care about.
With all due respect boss... no
I go with you on this.
Understood, I will divide the team,
take my team to Sergeant Perry,
your Report at the base, right?
Do you want a job?
A work... if.
Well, take your car and follow us.
At the Republican Palace.
There is a good time.
- I have waited long enough.
- I told you I do my best.
This is why I joined...
I put my reputation on
game with these stories...
I will not let me run to the side.
There are some serious issues
here that will not compromise
by a notice in a newspaper,
had a deal, I give to
Megellan and you give me anonymous.
That's all I'm tired of waiting...
and so is the newspaper.
Please help me find
Megellan, find someone to do so.
Can we stay a while, right?
What do you think
we come from? To drink beer?
I must talk to these guys,
you stay here awhile.
Can we drink beer?
Not one.
What happened?
We were digging at the site,
a local wine and told us that
was conducting a meeting
with valuable targets...
went home and found that the
type was right, Al Rawi was there.
Are you sure it was him?
we perform an action,
exchanged fire and got away...
This is a book that I took to this
type, was the host of the meeting,
was about to say
where was Al Rawi when...
appeared a few superiors.
Okay, where would they take him?
Because if I warrant
access this type...
get to Al Rawi.
The two arms are behind
of mass destruction, right?
It's more complicated than that.
For me it is not.
Okay, I'll make a call,
try to be able to enter...
There is an empty building to
Across the complex,
take off your uniform and report
in my office in an hour.
How did you get for
nose bleed you?
Long story...
You're the fifth, is the unit of
destruction weapons, right?
How do you know?
It is written in your rifle...
Lawrie Dayne, reporter
The Wall Street Journal...
How's it going?
You know... we have
found anything yet.
We'll find...
What are they talking about?
I cannot talk about it.
come here to talk to Martin Brown...
something must be happening.
You can ask him.
I ask you...
Do you think normal
continue to find nothing?
No, I think.
Someone told us that
were here, right?
If you think of anything... call me.
Take this into account.
New source confirms the program
Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
A senior officer whose
code-named "Magellan"
gave information about the program
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
"Magellan" identified
specific places...
Botulinum toxin at a
installation in Diwaniyah
...underground warehouse in Al Mansour.
...the precise details of the operation
remain highly classified.
Where is it?
Where is Al Rawi?
He can not engage
his family in this situation...
And to involve your family in this.
All I want is this
man and then you can go.
Where is Al Rawi?
Where can I find Al Rawi?
You know you tell me sooner or later.
I'll let you go if you give me an address.
Where is Al Rawi? Where is it?
The book...
He says they need the book.
Again with the book,
What's in the book?
He says he found...
says he has the names of
all hideouts of Al Rawi.
The boss Miller is here?
At the end of the stairs to the right.
Chief, I'm with the special unit
Pentagon intelligence...
did a great job in Al Mansour.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
Can I go with?
- Are you going to the Mets, right?
- If...
The administration appreciates the
work you do...
we must resolve this matter
of weapons to continue.
This type can be helpful,
told us some things...
said that you took away a book.
All I had was
I gave it to Martin Brown...
ask if he has it.
It's a great guy... but
takes a long time here,
has many crazy ideas...
Look, I do not want to push Martin
bus but he did not like what we do
the guy is a dinosaur, you and
I have to think big.
There is an opportunity
here for you, Miller.
I know that Martin can help
but you're something else
Standing can help you.
We're doing something good here,
re going to build this place...
We will need help.
Take this into account.
Do it.
And if you hear something about
this book tells me.
Your friend's special agency
Pentagon came to me.
Yes, that...
His unit is what gives all the information
of weapons of mass destruction.
Do they have to Megellan?
Who is Megellan? You
ever seen it?
No... I have enclosed Hansull well,
that is why we
to discover what happens.
Here's the deal... I reviewed the book,
Baghdad has some directions...
hopefully in one of these
places is Al Rawi,
the book probably
used to locate it.
Are we ready?
Not yet, we're waiting
military support.
Press again, I get
everything in the book.
What do you think was the meeting?
What would speak if
you just invaded?
Do you think Al Rawi want to fight?
If we do not offer it will.
Should we do a deal?
Should we do a deal with the jack of clubs?
What are you doing here?
Take several weeks here, what are you doing?
I came to find weapons and save lives...
and I have not found anything,
I know why.
There are no easy answers...
all we have
are tough decisions...
Want to know what happened to the weapons?
You have to find
Al Rawi and bringing it here
he will tell us the truth of the
arms and give us the opportunity
to restore this country
without bloodshed.
You want the job or not?
- Yes, I love you.
- Okay.
That would be without them knowing.
Use it as an excuse to gain entry.
Take a million dollars in cash.
Tell him that the money is yours
if you give us what we need.
Tell him, to keep the mouth
closed until the bring.
I'll get with your family
the end of the week.
You want to tell you not to talk
with American interrogators?
That's it.
That will be difficult.
Do not be naive.
Miller, the Pentagon
rejected your transfer,
...I sent back immediately.
Wrong side.
We got to move.
How the hell do you play?
Read and understand everything.
This is very important and your
and the generals screwed.
Martin, the CIA confirmed it.
Got it.
Stay away from all this.
Use local staff
is of paramount importance.
Stay close.
I come to see Abdul Barrah.
- Let me see.
- Who is he?
My translator.
Hands up.
Watch this.
Is my cell phone.
Take them to the hall 1.
That is not necessary.
Is required.
I wish I had a conversation
classified with the prisoner.
Understood, I'm out.
Have you left rotting here?
Let's see if this is enough.
Sergeant, he has given us
valuable information.
Appear to have a
Sayid prisoner named Hamsa,
...he can recognize
for me, bring it here, identify it quickly.
Need an order for that.
I have an operation
simultaneously, and my team out.
I have to do now.
- How much to take?
- Two minutes.
- Is that all?
- Yes, please.
Well, friend...
We identify a prisoner.
Hamsa, arise.
Call a physician, call it.
He says why he does this.
He says the general did everything
As requested at the meeting.
What meeting?
What meeting?
Said Jordan.
What do you mean?
Are you ready?
We will eat in 5 minutes.
Where is Mohammed Al Rawl?
Do not know.
We need to talk.
I'll call you now.
What do you have?
I read your articles, you said that a seller
of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction,
...met with some officers
Americans before the war.
I need to know about that meeting.
Please, I can not
discuss with you my sources.
Did you meet him, you know who that is?
Of course not, by God
is an Iraqi officer.
How did you know that telling the truth?
Because the contact
a reliable source.
- Reliable?
- Yes.
Have you ever gone to these places?
Have you been to any of
them Diwenea, wheat?
There's nothing there, the information
Magellan sucks.
Who is the agent?
Not discuss that with you.
For God so we are at war.
Well, at least tell me how step.
How someone like you
writes something that is not true?
Tell me. What do you know?
Look, one day called me
...was a top official in Washington.
He said he had a story about
truth about Saddam's WMD programs.
So we met, he
the report in my hands.
All information.
Can not verify it?
He was a high official, had
access to the reports.
All he said was not
tell the location of the meeting.
- The place?
- As if committing the source.
Was in Jordan, no? It was.
You can have
one million dollars.
I have the information.
The culprit is Magellum.
- No time for that.
- I guess not.
Try to do.
They met officials in
Jordan said the same of Magellum.
- That's more than coincidence.
- Maybe, but it makes no sense.
I promised not to do something in Jordan.
What if I said something I did not want to do?
What if I said there was no WMD?
I wonder how this all,
give me everything you have.
It all makes sense,
...because our
teams found nothing.
Perhaps we are seeing
this the wrong way.
It is a theory.
You have no proof.
Do not be naive.
Mr. Mohammed al Rawl was
Jordan on 5 February 2003.
That is 3 days before
that Magellum issued.
Check all that.
Lord we have a trace of
Defense Department that day.
From Washington to Jordan.
Reported an attack on a
safe house of Al RWAL.
Are hunting down Al Rawl not
want them to leave the troops.
I have to get to another safe house.
Where is Mohammed Al Rawl?
Where is he?
Even if I knew would not tell you.
- All clear?
- Yes, sir.
I need to translate.
I have a message
to General Al Rawl.
I have to see him tonight.
He calls Mr.
I got it, Amalik Sahir, one
men of the Rawl.
- Where is he?
- I let go.
It sends a message that I
would be at the station tonight.
If I is delivered
vivo, we have evidence.
And if you speak, tell the truth about WMD.
When you see him offer him anything.
If you get well maybe we can do.
Will you meet with al-Rawl? You know
what he did to this country?
We just want to save lives.
Some people believe that the
can stop an insurgency.
Come to the station alone.
Check everything, we have no support.
Watch what they do, look what happens.
I just need to do your
work tonight, Freddy.
Qasim killed.
They came for me.
But an American soldier saved me.
Want to see sir.
Is this the treatment we have waited?
American Friends forces
major attack in Iraq have entered.
In the battle of Iraq,
...the United States and
their allies have prevailed.
It's Fred, we have a problem.
They killed my agent told me
it was an American soldier,
...killed him and nobody said anything.
- Where is Miller?
- Wait.
I need them all
tracked, all right now.
Go west to Adabi.
Reached in 12 minutes.
He will meet with the Rawl, the
son of a bitch this way.
What do I do?
Babe will take you to where it is.
And when you find him, kill him.
What about Miller?
Use your head, not slip away.
I want to make the announcement.
- Now?
- Just do it.
We identify the
objective, Mohammed Al Rawl.
It is to kill, no prisoner.
We're coming.
The Council called a meeting
press, something big.
This is the season, there's a couch.
Attentive, go there, give me
...then follow me.
Shut up and follow me.
I go down the west aisle.
Sorry for the haste,
...we have an important announcement.
This continues our commitment to
eliminate the tyranny of Saddam Hussein,
...and our commitment to transform
Iraq into a modern democracy.
He signed an order to remove
Iraq's military forces.
This Order dissolves all
...and paramilitary forces from Iraq.
Ministry of Defense Information,
...Intelligence and National Security.
All officers, soldiers and military
are released from their duties.
Any military operation is canceled.
Also dissolves immediately
Iraq's army.
At the end there will be changes
in the Middle East.
- Got it?
- Yes, I see.
Almost touch, almost...
Now, now...
We need help...
- What is your position?
- At the station.
They left in two vehicles.
Hell, they do.
I'll kill soldier today.
Who are you?
General, my name is Roy Miller, I am
American Army officer.
What do you want?
I came to give himself up.
General who was in
contact with an American officer, the days before the war.
It was going to say anything
on Iraq's WMD program.
What programs? There are none.
I told him, we left after 1991.
The government told me that you
confirmed that the programs were active.
Lying about what you
said, that's why we're here.
And he wants to verify the story.
His government wanted to hear lies.
They wanted Saddam out, and made
exactly what to do.
That's why we are here.
So you have a message for me?
General if you come with me,
...there are still people in
Washington to work with you.
People will understand that
need the Iraqi Army, maintain this.
So that their
disarming the military government?
Leaving us with nothing.
Why disarm our
country piece by piece?
Risk my life by saying,
...the truth about WMD.
Tell the truth and be just fine, so they say.
All is fine, Mr. Miller.
Americans are coming.
Quick, come the Americans.
Why are you really here?
Should I set up?
Me know now, there
many to kill me.
You must come with me, will get nothing if
fight against us.
You must come now
before it's too late.
He believes the war is over,
...because they are in Baghdad.
You will see, has only begun.
The Americans are here...
Kill him.
We need more men.
Go with Amir.
Over here, General.
I have something, two hostile.
One more.
Shoot the Americas.
We must get rid of the helicopter.
Shoot the helicopter.
We will take the market.
I cover my back.
I have them.
Over here, sir.
Stop right there.
Sure this is what
want in Washington?
Put the gun.
What the hell did you do?
You cannot decide what happens here.
Go away, go home.
Close this area,
soldier will go home.
While you can.
It's a new beginning for Iraq.
The end of tyranny and
the beginning of freedom.
How long will
American forces?
As needed.
Copy of my report, I wanted
giving it personally.
- Thanks, "about Al Rawl?
- Yes.
Hear about this.
It is a very strong language,
But what you want with this?
Do you think anyone will listen?
- Is what he did.
- What say?
It was invented to achieve what
wanted Magellum invented.
Not that talk.
When you said that in Washington
if they knew he was lying,
...nothing ever happened.
That does not matter, ADM does not matter.
How it does not matter? Of course it matters.
The reasons why we
War is always a matter.
Do you know what you did?
What will happen the next time you want
that people trust us?
Miller will not return, we win.
This is unacceptable.
If you do not like, go.
Please sir, please.
Will not be ruled
by an American puppet.
Iraq should be governed
by a real Iraqi.
Let's get the story right this time.
See attached.