Greenland (2020) Movie Script

[machinery whirring]
[workers chatter]
Hey, boss. What are you
still doing here, man?
- I thought you were taking off early.
- Yeah, well, I'm trying to.
Why hasn't
the concrete pour started yet?
The first truck blew a hose in the alley.
They're fixing it now.
It's always something,
Why don't you just
take off, man? We got this.
No, no. I know you do,
but I gotta sign the invoice.
Just sign it now.
I'll hold on to it until we're finished.
All right.
Thanks, Bobby.
But you still call me
when it's done, okay?
- You got it, boss.
- All right.
[male radio host] ...stack of papers here
with headlines, but I can promise you,
the only thing people wanna
talk about today is this Clarke,
this interstellar comet.
You know, they are saying this'll be
the closest comet flyby in history,
which means we're gonna be able to see
this thing even in bright daylight.
- [female radio host] It's amazing.
- Yeah.
[female radio host] They only
discovered this thing a few weeks ago.
NASA's saying it appeared out of
nowhere from a different solar system.
This is just...
- You scared me. I didn't hear you.
- Sorry.
[pants, sighs]
- What time is it? I thought we said 7:00.
- Uh... Um...
I finished work early.
- I can hang downstairs if you want.
- That's okay.
I'm done.
How many miles?
- Five.
- Five. Good.
Is the party still on
for tomorrow?
Are you kidding?
Nathan's invited
half the block already.
How's he doing?
He's okay.
- How long is this gonna be awkward for?
- [chuckles]
I don't know, John. It's not like
I'm trying to make it that way.
'Cause if you're just
doing this for Nathan,
- I'm not. I'm not.
- I... I don't...
I'm not.
All right.
I'm just... just checking.
It's just gonna take
some time...
and some effort
from the both of us.
We can do this, Ali.
[clears throat]
All right,
I'm gonna go shower.
I'll call Deb, and I'll
tell him to come home.
- Will you make sure he washes his hands?
- Yeah.
- [door closes]
- [sighs]
- [birds chirping]
- [boy chattering]
- Dad!
- [laughs] Hey.
- I'm glad you're home.
- Me too.
[water running]
Are you still liking
this drafting table, kiddo?
Yeah, I can draw
really good on it.
- Yeah, I see that. Wow.
- [water stops]
I like this one.
Come here.
[both grunt]
God, you're really
a great artist, bud.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- So, how's school?
- Good.
Yeah? Your teachers
talking about this thing?
Yeah. Mr. Williams said Clarke is
like a big snowball, but made of gas.
Asteroids are made of farts.
Okay. I got it.
[both laugh]
No. Clarke is a comet,
silly, not an asteroid.
Oh, a comet. I didn't know
there was a difference.
Comets move faster,
like, way, way faster.
Did you know that Clarke was
from a different solar system?
Which is why they don't
know much about it.
Ah. Well,
now I know two things.
That you and comets
are made of farts.
- No, you are.
- No, you are!
No, you are!
- No, you are! Come here.
- [shrieks]
[both sigh]
How's this thing
working out?
- Is it better than the shots?
- Way better.
What's the matter, buddy?
Is Mom gonna
make you leave again?
Your mom and I, we got
some things to work out.
But no matter what...
Look at me, son.
I'm always gonna be
your father, all right?
I'm never gonna leave you.
I love you, kiddo.
Scientists continue
to study Clarke,
the interstellar comet
discovered only weeks ago.
Unlike most comets
or even asteroids,
which move much slower
and are easier to track,
this particular comet
is not a singular body,
but made up of hundreds
of pieces of rock and ice
that have broken up
over millions of years.
In fact, Clarke's
fragment trail is so long,
the end stretches beyond what
astronomers can actually see.
In other news,
Wall Street's...
Nathan, come on.
The Dow Jones closed
down over 2.5% today.
Can you help me?
- All right, what do we got?
- Fractions.
- I thought you were good at math.
- I don't like fractions.
They're hard.
Well, it's okay for it to be hard,
because fractions and math are important.
You think your dad can build
skyscrapers without being good at math?
- You wanna build skyscrapers like me?
- Yeah.
Come on.
I'll give you a hand.
All right. So, which figures
are divided into equal parts?
[continues, indistinct]
Guest room it is.
[door closes]
- Cool binos, bud.
- I don't see Clarke.
Maybe he's still sleeping.
...developments overnight.
Some of Clarke's larger fragments are
now expected to enter our atmosphere.
According to scientists, when the
largest fragments get closer to the sun,
they heat up and they expel jets of
gas, changing their trajectory.
Yes, but they're also saying not to worry,
that these things won't hit the ground.
They're gonna burn up as they
pass through our atmosphere.
But I bet you,
it's gonna make one heck of a show.
Hey, John!
Welcome back, amigo!
- Hey, Ed. How you doing?
- Good.
- How are things?
- Good.
- Still coming over later?
- You know I'd never miss a free meal.
Oh, I know that.
See you in a bit.
Hey. We're gonna need
some more beer and wine.
Can you go to the store for me?
People are gonna be here in an hour.
- Now? I'm just about to start the grill.
- Well, I need to get ready.
- People are gonna be here soon.
- [sighs]
Okay. Okay.
You need anything else while
I'm there? Just so I know.
All right.
get some more hot-dog buns.
And, um, some mustard.
We only have the spicy kind.
[John] All right, kiddo.
Can I get a toy?
If you listen and hurry.
Where are they going?
I don't know.
Look! There's Clarke!
Looks pretty cool, huh?
All right,
let's hurry up.
Hey, Nathan, come on.
All right.
Some Bud Light...
Can we get juice boxes,
All right.
- Which one do you want?
- Oh!
I like those ones.
So then, those ones.
[alarm blaring]
That's loud, Dad.
What is it?
Must be an AMBER Alert.
- [steady beep]
- "Presidential Alert"?
[steady beep continues]
- [beep ends]
- [cell phone rings]
[ringing continues]
[male recorded voice] This is a
Presidential Alert. It is not a test.
John Allan Garrity,
you have been selected for
emergency shelter relocation
with Allison Rose Garrity,
Nathan Beckett Garrity.
You are allowed one personal bag.
There are no exceptions.
Please have
Allison Rose Garrity...
...Nathan Beckett Garrity
standing by
for more information.
This is not a test.
All right. Nathan, come on.
We gotta go.
- But you said I can get a toy.
- We'll get one next time. Come on.
That's right.
It's a rewarding experience.
- [laughter]
- [man on TV, indistinct]
- [man 1] There they are.
- [man 2] About time, man.
- Sit over here.
- [chattering]
Hi. Hi.
[man 1] Hey.
Good to see you again, man.
You too, Kenny.
Hey, Deb.
Hey, buddy. it heads
toward the Atlantic...
[Ed] You're just in time.
One of the first chunks is about to hit.
- [Nathan] Clarke is gonna hit?
- [Ed] Only part of it.
Don't worry,
it's going into the ocean.
Dad, come
and sit with me!
Yeah, I just gotta go
talk to your mom for a second.
- Where's the beer and wine?
- In the car.
Listen, I just got one of those
Presidential Alerts. Did you get one?
No. It's probably just a test.
Can you get the stuff?
No, Ali.
I don't think it's a test.
They said our family's
been selected for shelter.
I think something weird
is going on with this comet.
But the news said the fragment thing
is falling somewhere near Bermuda.
Then why is half
of our military on the move
with a ton of planes
in the sky?
[Ed] Hey, John, here it comes.
You guys, get in here.
Now, splashdown off the coast of Bermuda
is expected in just a few seconds.
A number of scientists say
the dispersive wave distance,
it's unlikely
to cause a tsunami...
Did you take a unit
for the popcorn? Do it.
...but it will give us the largest
impact since the Tunguska event of 1908.
That's when a meteor
slammed into...
- [Nathan] Look! There's Clarke!
- [Ed] Looks pretty cool, huh?
Spectacular first images here.
- Would you look at that?
- These are coming to us live.
This is the fragment actually
entering the lower atmosphere.
- Five, four...
- Five, four...
- ...three, two...
- ...three, two...
And impact.
where's the explosion?
[Kenny] It's a chunk of rock.
Rocks don't explode.
Tell that
to the dinosaurs.
We are still waiting
for the first images
of the actual splashdown that's
expected in the Atlantic Ocean.
- [Ed] What was that?
- The earlier footage showed...
[birds squawking]
- [screams]
- [grunts]
- [car alarms blaring]
- [rumbling continues]
Nathan! Come here.
Everybody okay?
- What was that?
- You guys okay?
I think it was
a shock wave or...
We now are getting word
that the fragment,
it has hit the state
of Florida, central Florida,
with the impact's epicenter
reported just outside Tampa
stretching to Orlando.
And that fragment,
which scientists are estimating
was the size of a football stadium,
has apparently sent a shock
wave felt as far as 1,500 miles.
Uh, I have to warn you, there are no
words for what you are about to see.
These are disturbing,
disturbing images.
They are coming to us from a
local news helicopter in Tampa
as well as an
overhead weather satellite.
- [news crew member 1] Whoa.
- [news crew member 2] What?
Mike. Mike, turn back!
Mike, turn...
[Ali gasps repeatedly]
[woman] Oh, my God.
Wait, are some more pieces
gonna hit?
Bear with us here. We don't have much
more information than these images.
[alarm blaring]
Unfortunately, we have lost contact
with our affiliate in that area.
- [Ed] What is it, John?
- [steady beep]
It's a Presidential Alert.
The estimates of the trajectory
were obviously way off and we are...
Why did your phone get it
and not ours?
- [John stammers]
- [newscaster continues, indistinct]
[male recorded voice]
This alert is for
John Allan Garrity.
You have been selected for
emergency shelter relocation...
Dad, your name is on TV.
...with Allison Rose Garrity,
Nathan Beckett Garrity.
No one else is allowed with you.
There are no exceptions.
Bring one personal bag
to Robins Air Force Base,
Warner Robins, Georgia,
at 9:45 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time.
Your QR code for identification
has been texted to you.
[cell phone dings]
Please confirm you are
receiving it by pressing one.
Maybe we got the same
message on the TV at home.
But why did
only John's phone get it?
Present the QR code
at Robins Air Force Base
for flight clearance
by 21:45 hours.
[Deb] Another one's gonna hit us.
I know it.
Let's go. Let's go, Ellie.
I wanna stay with Nathan.
- Move, Ellie. Go.
- Mommy.
Let's go take a walk.
Let's just take a walk.
[newscaster] Unfortunately,
we don't have any more information
than these images that you are seeing.
We have lost contact with...
They said one bag each, but I don't even
know what I'm packing for. Hot, cold?
I don't know.
Hot, cold. Both, I guess.
- Where's his insulin supplies?
- Cabinet, top-left corner.
Remember to get the cartridges
from the fridge.
- Is this gonna be enough for a month?
- A month?
A month, a year.
We gotta be prepared, Ali!
Oh, sweetie. Hey. Hey, look at me.
Everything's fine.
We're rushing 'cause we don't
wanna miss that plane. Okay?
We're all gonna take this trip,
but we're all gonna be together.
All right, kiddo?
What about Grandpa?
Hey. We're gonna call him
from the road, all right?
...aftermath of the Tampa
impact. Tampa is a city of...
Oh, my God.
...just under 400,000 people.
That's everything from upstairs. Hey,
you almost ready? We've got a long drive.
Give me the bag
for the insulin.
- The bag, the bag, the bag.
- Yeah, okay.
- Where's Nathan?
- I thought he was with you.
The degree of devastation
is indescribable.
Come on. Let's go.
Look, the sky is on fire.
All right, let's go, kiddo.
Come on.
Okay, we're good?
We can see it from here?
John, John, John!
Oh, God.
None of them got called.
Two days.
They got it all wrong.
There's a shit-ton
of fragments on that thing.
They're saying that one of
them is a planet killer.
Now they've grounded all
non-military flights. What do we do?
I don't know, Ed.
[scoffs] Come on.
I don't even know if this
shelter relocation thing is real.
That's bullshit!
And you know it!
I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry. It's just...
Just please give us a call if you
find out anything when you get there.
Like where we can go
to be safe.
You know I will, Ed.
Good luck. Good luck.
[woman] Wait.
- Wait!
- [sobbing]
[Deb] Stop!
Oh, God.
- Wait!
- John, stop.
- Wait!
- [sighs]
You can take Ellie! Please!
We can't take her, Deb.
You can take Ellie!
- Maybe we should.
- No, Ali, we can't take her.
- Ellie!
- Deb, I'm sorry.
We can't take her.
I am begging you!
Deb, for Christ's sake,
get out of the way!
- John.
- Ali.
No! [whimpers]
We can't take...
- No! Coward!
- [John] Deb, I'm sorry!
- No!
- [Ali] John.
- Allison. Allison.
- [Nathan] Ellie! [sobs]
- Please, open the door!
- [Nathan] Ellie!
I'm sorry, Deb!
What if it were Nathan?
What if it were...
I'm sorry, Kenny.
- No.
- [sobbing]
John, we gotta go back!
Ali, we can't take her.
- But why?
- What?
So we take her
to the air base,
and then leave her standing there
alone when they turn her away?
He's gonna call. He's gonna call us.
It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fine.
[female newscaster] While more
impacts are expected around the globe
- as the Earth spins on its axis...
- [cell phone beeping]
Stupid call won't go through.
I hope my dad's okay.
with millions of calls,
leaving already desperate people
with indefinite hold times.
- [shouting]
- [clamoring]
All over the country, people
are buying out grocery stores,
stocking up on supplies.
That didn't take long.
There are unsubstantiated reports of some
citizens receiving Presidential Alerts
with instructions to report to
military bases around the country,
having been selected for transport
to classified emergency shelters.
- Does that say where they're taking us?
- No.
All it says is the shelter locations
are classified. There's no information.
I don't get why
we were selected.
There have still been
no official statements
from the White House
or Homeland Security.
What is going on?
Many speculate they've been
withholding information
to avoid causing mass hysteria
so that they may relocate those
selected for shelter first
before the inevitable collapse
of our nation.
[horns honking]
[Ali] Oh, no.
Look at the highway.
My God.
[honking continues]
Wait, what are you doing?
Going another way.
Be careful.
- Damn it, John!
- Sorry, Ali.
All right.
I think we're good.
[male newscaster] Clarke's fragments,
now estimated to be in the thousands,
continue to impact different
regions around the globe
with little to no warning
at all.
While many of them are smaller in
size, causing minimal damage,
some fragments are large enough
to take out entire cities,
like Bogot, Colombia,
just minutes ago.
- But what has space agencies concerned...
- [John] Finally. they try to gather more data
is one fragment now identified
large enough to cause
an extinction-level event.
This particular fragment is estimated
to impact Earth within 48 hours.
Local law-enforcement agencies and
first responders are overwhelmed...
Do you think all these
people were selected?
What if there's not
enough room for everybody?
Let's just get in there
[chattering, shouting]
[airplane passing overhead]
- Jump. Okay.
- All right, guys, we gotta go.
But you hate planes.
All right, kiddo.
I know.
But sometimes you just gotta suck it up.
Push through, right?
Even when
you're super scared.
- [tires screech]
- [horn honks]
Can you do that with me,
Yeah? [kisses]
All right, we gotta go.
All right? Let's go.
[shouting, clamoring]
[man on PA] Only selectees
will gain entrance.
Get your QR codes ready!
[man on PA] If you were not
selected, do not approach the gate.
[shouting continues]
[guard 2] Stay back!
Only selectees
will gain entrance.
If you were not selected,
do not approach the gate.
Are they letting people in?
It's okay, kiddo.
[scanner beeps]
If you were not selected,
do not approach the gate.
We were selected!
We were sele...
- [man] Oh, shit!
- [shouting stops]
Did another one hit?
[shouting resumes]
Hey, we were selected!
Excuse me.
Excuse me, please.
Coming through.
Excuse me.
Let's go!
- Keep going.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.
- We were selected.
- Selectees only.
Hey. We were selected!
I need your ID
and bar code.
- [John] There.
- [scanner beeps]
Hangar 33 for in-processing.
Go now.
All right.
Take my arm. Let's go.
Group Charlie 4,
go to transport 56.
- [officer] Keep moving!
- [John] Let's go, guys.
[officer] Have your IDs
and your bar codes ready.
[woman] Your wristband is your personal
identification. Do not remove it.
- [Ali] Thank you.
- You will not be able to board without it.
[officer 2] Come on. Let's go.
Keep the line moving.
That's yours.
- All right. This arm here.
- [Ali] Can you help him?
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Um... guys?
[soldier] Put the discarded
items by the wall!
Take your personal belongings
and put them into this one bag.
If it doesn't fit, it doesn't go.
No exceptions.
[helicopters passing overhead]
[soldier] Take your personal belongings
and put them into this one bag.
If it doesn't fit, it doesn't go.
No exceptions.
Put the discarded items
by the wall.
Take your personal belongings
and put them into this one bag.
If it doesn't fit, it doesn't go.
No exceptions.
Sorry, one bag?
We have three bags.
One per family.
Keep moving.
- Keep moving.
- Okay. All right.
- Sorry, guys.
- [soldier 2] One bag per family. Let's go.
[soldier 1] ...personal belongings
and put them into this one bag.
If it doesn't fit, it doesn't go.
No exceptions.
All right. Let's just
pack as much as we can in.
Okay. Um... Grab some
pants, shirts for everybody.
[John] Yeah, yeah.
I'll put Nathan's stuff in the
backpack to keep it separate.
I got your blanket, okay?
We'll put it in here.
- [John] Put his pants in there.
- Make room for...
That's a shirt for me.
- John?
- Yeah.
Where is his medicine?
I put it in here. It's gone.
What do you mean,
it's gone?
- It's gone. It's not in there.
- It's in there. You put it...
Nathan, did you go
in your backpack?
I wanted my blanket.
Oh, God.
He must've dropped it
in the car. Shit!
What now? What do we do?
Hang on.
Please, please, please.
Hey, excuse me.
Excuse me.
How long
till our plane leaves?
Fifteen minutes.
Twenty, tops.
Okay. Okay.
- I'm gonna go... I'm gonna go get it.
- Wait, what?
What, are we just gonna
leave his insulin?
- I have the wristband.
- John.
I'll meet you on the plane.
Just text me
which one you're on.
- [soldier 3] Keep moving.
- [Ali] It's okay.
He'll be right back.
We're gonna put this
in here.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go.
No, I need to grab
something from the car.
I have my wristband.
Can I get back in?
Yeah, go ahead. Go.
All right.
[airplane engine whirring]
You know what?
Come here. Come here.
Hey! Excuse me.
Look, I know my husband
just talked to you.
He's going back to the car
to get my son's meds.
- Can you make sure he gets on our plane...
- Meds?
It's just his insulin.
Sergeant Ruiz?
What's the problem?
What's up?
It's okay.
I just explained to him.
It's just for his insulin pump.
It's not a big deal.
You know what? Forget it.
It's fine. We don't need it.
That's not the issue,
Don't worry about it. We'll use the shots.
It's not a big deal.
- Line one, we need an escort.
- What?
Look, we have the bracelets.
We were selected.
Follow me,
please, ma'am.
No, no, no. Why?
Ma'am, I'm not asking.
Let's go.
It's okay.
[car alarm chirps]
- [man 1] Come on. Hurry up!
- [man 2] Over here!
[woman] No, Captain,
I don't remember giving the order on that.
No, tell me something,
how is there a problem with that manifest?
I signed for it myself.
Then I will come down there and check it.
I'll be down there in five.
- The kid's diabetic.
- Don't touch him.
I'm sorry.
You should've been informed.
Anyone with a chronic condition
can't be on the plane.
It's just diabetes.
His condition should've
been flagged at screening.
If I hadn't said anything to the
guard, he'd have no idea he had a pump.
There's nothing I can do
about that, ma'am.
[sighs] You can pretend
that you didn't see it.
- Ma'am, I didn't write the rule. Sorry.
- Then ignore it!
What if this
was your family?
My family wasn't selected,
99% of armed forces
We are all volunteers here
just doing our jobs.
I'm sorry.
I am.
But please...
His father, my husband,
is on one of those planes right now.
What am I
supposed to do?
This is Breen.
Yeah, I'm looking
for a passenger.
Ma'am, what's his name?
John Allan Garrity.
John Allan Garrity.
Chalk 33?
Yeah, his son was flagged.
Thank you.
They're looking for him.
Thank you. Thank you.
[helicopter whirring]
[airplane passing overhead]
Do not run. Move in an orderly
fashion to your designated aircraft.
Have you seen a kid? He's age seven.
He's wearing a gray hoodie.
And his mom is dark-haired.
She's about 5'7".
I've seen a lot of kids, sir.
Please keep moving.
I need to know
if they made it on first.
- Do they have bracelets?
- We all have them, yeah.
Then they're on
one of these planes.
Are you sure they're all
going to the same place?
Yes. Now go.
Everyone keep moving
in an orderly fashion!
[female soldier]
Do not run!
Thank you, Lieutenant.
- [handset settles in cradle]
- [Breen sighs]
Ma'am, they're boarding.
There's nothing more I can do for you.
No, no, no. Come on. You can go on
one of those planes and look for him.
There are dozens of planes with
over 2,000 passengers crammed in.
- I can't hold them up for this.
- Are there phones? Can I call?
I don't know
if there's any phones.
- Where are these planes going?
- Shelter destinations are classified.
Look, ma'am, this is an emergency
operation with a lot of moving parts.
I am just in transport.
I wish I had more answers for you.
What am I supposed to do?
- I'm very sorry.
- Stop, stop. No, no, no!
Ma'am, I need you to step this
way, please.
[airman] Everybody sit down!
Let's go, let's go!
Everyone sit.
Everyone find a seat. Sir, find a seat.
We're ready to roll.
I'm trying to find my wife and kid.
They're on this plane.
I need you to sit down.
We gotta get wheels up.
Everybody find a seat. Sit down, sir!
Find a seat. Let's go!
[line beeps]
Come on.
[machinery whirring]
Hey. Hey.
Hey, how'd you get on?
What do you mean?
I was selected.
Yeah, I know.
With those.
No, it's my son's.
He's diabetic.
Yeah, so is my sister's kid,
and they turned him away.
They said no illnesses.
Do you know somebody
who can help us?
[door clanks]
Hey! No, wait, wait, wait!
No, open that door!
- Open that door! No!
- [airman] Whoa, whoa!
What are you doing, sir?
Get back in your seat.
- Get back in your seat!
- You gotta let me out.
I've gotta get to my kid,
please. I beg you.
You get off this plane,
we are leaving without you.
That's okay.
Just let me off the plane!
- Thank you.
- [machinery whirring]
Thank you.
[man on PA] Perimeter breach!
Perimeter breach!
- Ma'am, step this way! Somebody help her!
- [guard] Perimeter breach!
- Move, move, move!
- [alarm blaring]
[guard] Security breach!
It's okay.
Come on. Let's go.
[man on PA] Perimeter breach.
Perimeter breach. Runway three-three.
All security forces
to runway three-three.
[shouting, clamoring]
- [soldier] Go, go! Runway 33!
- [soldier 2] Maintain the perimeter!
Backup to runway 33!
[soldier 3] Follow me!
- [woman 1] Let me on that plane!
- [woman 2] Let us on!
- Please take us!
- [man] Let us on!
- Drop your weapons!
- Drop your weapons!
- Drop it!
- [bullet ricochets]
[soldier 3]
Stay there! Get on the ground!
Drop your weapons now!
Hey! Everybody get out!
There's fuel leaking. It's not safe!
[soldier 4]
Get on the ground!
Go, go, go!
[gunfire continues]
[line beeps]
Is that Dad's plane?
No, honey.
See, there's other planes.
He's not on that one, okay?
We'll find him. Come on.
Come on. Hold my hand.
- [shouting]
- [screaming]
- [soldier 5] Get out!
- [soldier 6] Hurry! Don't stop!
Let's go! Move back!
- Hey, sir, don't stop!
- Hey, hey, hey.
Stop and listen! I need to find my wife
and kid. Did they come through here?
Sir, I remember you.
They declined your son.
Your family's not out there.
Keep moving back.
Move back!
- [explosion]
- Go, go, go.
[car alarms blaring]
Oh, shit.
Stand over here,
away from the glass.
Come on! Over here!
Are you okay?
Let me see.
Look at me.
Are you low?
[device beeps]
Hold on,
let me find your meds.
Your dad must have them.
Okay. Look at me.
All right,
we've gotta find a pharmacy.
Here, take that.
If we don't find Daddy,
we'll go to Grandpa's house, okay?
I'm just gonna
send him a message.
- [clamoring]
- [guard] Stay back!
Oh, shit.
[line ringing]
[line beeps]
[sirens wailing]
Okay, there it is.
All right. You've gotta
stay really close to me, okay?
[glass shatters]
[shouting, screaming]
[metal clanging]
[tires squeal]
Get what we need and get out
of here as quick as possible.
Here. Okay.
Come on.
Kneel down with me.
Give me your finger.
You're such a brave guy,
you know that?
Oh, Jesus.
You're at 300.
Let's get you fixed up.
Okay. Uh...
[people chattering]
- [woman screams]
- [gunshot]
[shrieks, pants]
[looter] Come on!
Everybody out! Come on!
- Get out!
- [gunfire continues]
Get out of here!
- Move! Get out! Get out!
- Get the hell out!
- Everybody out now! Let's go!
- Get moving!
- Move!
- Move, bitch! Get out!
We're just gonna go
as fast as we can, okay?
Just stay low.
Stay next to me.
Come on, now.
Come on, come on, come on.
[Ali screams]
Let's go! Come on!
Just grab it all!
Come on, keep moving!
- [gunshot]
- [Ali screams]
No, no, no!
Oh, my God!
No, don't look.
Don't look.
Oh, my God.
Here, stay with me. Stay
with me, right next to me.
[gasps, pants]
- Please! Please.
- [sobs]
- Please.
- [looter] Move!
My son's
only seven years old!
Move it, move!
Come on!
- [sirens wailing]
- [glass shattering]
Hey, hey!
Are you going up north?
Please, we need a ride.
- Are you going up north?
- Get in the car.
[man] No, no, no!
No, we just need to get
up near Lexington.
Get in the car.
I'll take you as far as
Knoxville, but that's it.
Thank you!
Get in, get in, get in!
- Come on. Get on in, son.
- [Ali] Okay.
[tires squeal]
- [woman] My God. Could you hear gunfire?
- [man] Yes.
I just started running.
I turn around, and there was an old
woman who'd been in a wheelchair.
- They just killed her.
- Oh, Jesus.
I watched them. I thought
they were gonna shoot me.
- [man] I'm sorry, hon.
- All right, there you go.
- You're okay. Okay?
- Okay.
- Are you okay back there?
- [Ali] Yes.
Thank you so much.
It's like there's no chain of command.
Nobody in charge.
Everybody's running around
with their heads cut off.
- [cell phone beeps]
- Shit.
We'll get to Knoxville,
get on a flight.
Yeah, if we can get there
before they take off.
And if they let us through.
I mean, that stupid lottery.
You know the government
knew about all this,
and all they did
was pick the rich fat cats.
[scoffs] Damn.
Hey, is your son,
uh, is he hungry?
- We got a sandwich here.
- [woman] Oh.
You know what? It would be really good
for him to eat something. Thank you.
We got a turkey sandwich, sweetheart.
Does that sound nice?
- [Ali] Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
What do we say?
What do you say,
Thank you.
Well, you are welcome, pal.
Are you two out here
all by yourselves?
Uh, no.
My husband, um...
We got separated.
He's on a plane.
A plane?
Ralph, they're wearing those
bracelets that we saw on the news.
Y'all got picked?
Why aren't you
on that plane with him?
My son, he has a medical condition,
so they wouldn't let us on.
Oh, what a shame.
That's a damn shame.
[siren wailing]
d That saved
A wretch like me d
[helicopter whirring]
[tires squeal]
Hey! Hey!
No, wait! Wait!
you stupid piece of shit.
[hip-hop music playing
in distance]
[people chattering,
[cell phone rings]
- [gasps] John?
- Hey, Ali?
Can you hear me?
Oh, thank God.
Ali, are you okay?
John. Did you get my text?
Hey, Ali,
I can't hear you.
- Hello?
- Where are you guys?
- Are you at your dad's?
- John, if you can hear me...
- I can't hear you.
- ...please meet us at my dad's.
- That's where we're headed.
- Ali...
- [line beeps]
- [groans]
[line beeps]
- Is that Dad?
- Yeah, that's him.
- Where is he?
- I don't know. The phone's not working.
- I wanna see him.
- I know.
We're gonna meet him at Grandpa's.
It's okay. He's gonna meet us there.
laughing continue]
- [explosion]
- [woman cheers]
[all cheering]
[woman 2]
Kiss my ass, Clarke!
[man] Come on, guys. Everybody in.
We gotta get moving.
Hey. Hey!
Excuse me.
- Where are you headed?
- North.
- How far?
- Canada.
Can you take me
to Lexington, Kentucky?
It's on the way there.
but you gotta get in now.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
[engine starts]
So, what do you do?
What do I do?
They're selecting people
based on their professions.
Like my mom, she was selected
because she's a doctor.
I'm a structural engineer.
I build buildings.
We definitely need those.
Hey, I'm John.
Good to meet you.
You as well.
You as well.
So, if your mum got accepted,
why are you not with your family?
I haven't spoken to my
family in seven years.
I found out about all this
through my sister.
Yeah. Me and my mom,
we had our issues.
So much for holding
grudges, right?
What about you?
I don't like flying.
Thought I'd walk.
I lost my wife and son
at the military base,
and I'm trying
to meet up with them now.
All right, look.
So my boy Manny
that's driving,
he knows some pilots
in Canada.
That's where
we're all headed.
They're giving some people
rides to the shelters.
But the shelters are classified.
How do they even know where they're going?
They've been tracking the
military flights to Greenland.
You should come with us.
Nah, thanks,
but I gotta find my wife
and family in Kentucky.
So find 'em and meet
up with us after.
We're taking off
from Osgoode.
It's a small city
right across the border.
How do you know
you're even gonna get in?
Only one way
to find out, right?
You know, it's gonna be tough
getting that far north,
all the way up to Lexington.
I mean,
it's crazy out here.
Are you sure you don't wanna
just come with us?
You know, get on a plane?
I already tried that. It didn't work,
so I just need to get to my dad's.
Oh, okay.
Ralph, what is it?
I just... I can't...
I can't believe all them
soldiers at the airport,
that they would
turn that boy away.
I mean,
with a face like that?
[woman] She already told
you that's what happened.
Yeah, well, maybe...
maybe if he had some
different family with him...
- [turn signal clicking]
- What are you doing?
Wait. What are you doing?
Why are you stopping?
Look, your husband, he abandoned you.
But you don't gotta worry.
I'm gonna get your son
to safety, I promise you.
I'm gonna get him
on that plane.
- Ralph. Wait.
- No. You don't have to...
Where are you going?
Oh, my God!
- [screams]
- [Ali] Get out of the car, quick!
- Ralph.
- [Nathan] No!
[Ali, Nathan
breathing heavily]
- [Ali] No! No! No!
- [banging]
- Unlock it, Judy.
- No.
- Judy, unlock the door.
- No.
- Don't unlock the door!
- God damn it, Judy!
- Unlock the goddamn door!
- [Ali] Don't do it! Don't unlock...
- [screams] No, no!
- Come here. I don't wanna hurt you.
No! I'm not coming!
Get out of the car.
Come here! Get out!
- Come here. I don't wanna hurt you.
- [Nathan screams]
- Get out of the car. Come here!
- Mom!
Get out of the car!
- [screaming continues]
- No!
- Kid, stop it! No!
- Don't take him! No!
- Stop!
- Don't take him!
- Mom!
- [Ralph] Stop it!
- I don't wanna hurt you, okay?
- [Judy] God, I'm so sorry!
- No! No! Mom!
- I don't wanna hurt you, okay?
I'm gonna take care
of your son, I promise.
- Lock the door, Judy.
- Don't take him!
- No, what are you doing? Open the door!
- [Nathan screams]
Nathan, open the door!
Open the door!
[screams] No!
Stop! Stop!
- Stop, stop, stop!
- [horn honking]
What do I...
Where are you from?
I'm from Atlanta.
Not what I'm asking.
Where were you born?
What does it matter?
What matters is
you don't deserve that band.
All right, listen.
You're gonna give it
to me.
It wouldn't do you
any good.
It's got my name on it.
It wouldn't work for you.
You're gonna give me
your license too.
I don't want any trouble.
- Come on. All right, listen.
- [metal scraping]
Give me the goddamn band.
I'm not giving you
the band.
Come on, fellas.
Guys, he just said
that it's not gonna work.
[man 2]
Stay out of it!
[all grunting]
[woman screams]
[grunting continues]
- [thudding]
- What the hell?
[woman] Oh, my God,
they're fighting!
- Pull over!
- I'm trying.
Watch out!
[tires screech]
[no audio]
[muffled panting]
[both grunting]
[grunting continues]
[man 2]
Just give us the band!
[John panting]
[shouting continues]
- [bone breaks]
- [man screams]
- [grunts]
- [thuds]
[breathes shakily]
[breathing heavily,
Need ride?
- Where are you going?
- Aeropuerto.
Aeropuerto in Knoxville?
- S, Knoxville. Okay?
- [woman] S.
[Judy] This bracelet is broken.
It's not gonna go on.
Well, find something.
Find a rubber band or something.
- Just figure it out.
- [clattering]
Don't you worry.
It's gonna be okay.
You're gonna see your mom
again, okay?
What did you do?
What did I do?
I gave us a chance.
I gave that boy a chance.
Oh, shit. Okay.
[helicopter whirring]
Okay, okay, okay.
[Judy] Okay. Hold on.
Let me get this thing.
Just rubber-band it,
Now you listen to me.
You wanna see your mama again,
you do exactly as I tell you.
When them soldiers ask you who we
are, we are your parents.
You understand me?
Do you understand me?
Just do what he says
and it's all gonna be okay.
All right. Come on.
Let's do this.
- [shouting, clamoring]
- [honking]
[guard] Selectees only!
Bar codes or wristbands!
When we get up there,
show your bracelet.
And you show 'em yours,
and you don't say a word. You hear me?
- You hear me? Don't say a word.
- Just be easy, Ralph.
Back up. Back up.
[guard] Let's go. Let's go.
[Ralph] Coming through.
We got bracelets.
We got bracelets here.
Coming through.
We got a bracelet here.
We've got bracelets here.
Coming through.
We got bracelets here.
Coming through.
We've got a bracelet here.
We've got bracelets here.
Coming through.
You can't come through.
Selectees only.
Selectees only. Hold on.
Selectees only, please.
Show him your bracelet.
Sir, what about his?
- It's right here.
- Okay. Let me see.
That's my son.
That's my wife.
Show him your bracelets,
your wristbands.
- Okay. Go through. Go through.
- Come on, Judy. Let's go.
Hey! Wait, wait.
What about yours?
I need all three.
Look, that's my son,
my wife.
- Sir, somebody stole mine earlier.
- [Judy mumbles]
I'm telling you, sir.
Somebody stole
my bracelet earlier.
- This is my boy, and this is my wife.
- [sobs]
Please. Please.
Okay. Let me go
talk to my commander.
They're not my parents.
- No. This is my son, I'm telling you.
- They took me from my mom.
No, he's just scared.
This is my son.
- He's nervous right now...
- [Nathan] No, I'm not.
I'm your mama.
He's just scared right now.
He's scared.
- Give me your wristband.
- No, no, he... This is my...
[Judy] This is the bracelet
for the family.
No, no, no. Listen.
- He isn't yours.
- They're not my parents!
- Security!
- No, no, no! Please.
Let's get him on a plane!
Let's get him on a plane!
- No! That's my son!
- [Judy] Wait!
He's only seven.
He needs to get on a plane!
- [Ralph] Check his bracelet.
- I got you. It's gonna be all right.
Okay, we're gonna figure this out.
It's okay.
- Let me see your wristband, bud.
- [scanner beeps]
Says you've been rejected.
You don't look too good,
big guy.
Are you sick? It's gonna be all
right, all right? Don't cry.
Come on.
Let's go figure this out.
[singing in Spanish]
[driver sighs,
speaks Spanish]
- [horn honks]
- [helicopter whirring]
What's going on?
[driver] No s. Aeropuerto
still a long distance.
- No, no, no.
- I have to go.
[driver, woman
speak Spanish]
[horns honking]
[chattering on radio]
[woman mutters]
Excuse me! Coming through!
Coming through!
Excuse me! Coming through!
Excuse me!
My son... A man and a woman,
they took him.
They said something about
coming here for a flight.
Ma'am, I can't hear you.
They took my wristband.
You probably scanned it. Nathan Garrity.
We've had hundreds of kids
through here.
Look, maybe try the FEMA camp
across the street.
[sirens wailing]
[siren blares]
Move! Move!
You need to fill out
this consent form.
The soldier at the checkpoint
said you might have my son here.
- You need to wait in line.
- Listen to me!
You need to wait in line!
- I need to find my son.
- We're doing our best.
He's seven years old! He was taken from me!
Somebody just listen to me!
Ma'am. Please.
Come here. Talk to me.
- What's going on?
- I'm trying to find my son.
He's seven years old. He's diabetic.
He was taken from me.
Somebody said
he could be over here.
I'll help you find your son,
but you need to calm down. Follow me.
Let's check
the pediatric tent.
- Where? Where?
- Right here.
- This one?
- Yes.
- You see him?
- [Ali] Uh...
- No, he's not in there.
- Let's try around here.
[baby cries]
You see him?
No, he's not in here.
- How about here?
- No, he's not here either.
It's okay. It's okay.
We'll find him.
Check this one here.
[gasps] Nathan! Nathan.
- Mom!
- Oh, honey! Oh, my God. [sobs]
Look at me.
Oh, baby.
[sobbing] I'm so sorry!
Oh, my God!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'll never let that happen again.
I'm so sorry.
I'm fine, Mom.
He's a remarkable young man.
- You're Allison.
- Yeah.
He's type one diabetic.
I've gotta check his levels.
He told us.
We checked his levels twice.
Gave him some insulin,
new pump.
If I can get you
to sign this release form,
I can move you guys
into a family tent.
[Nathan sobs]
No, um... we're going
to my father's.
I lost my... I lost my husband.
We're gonna find him.
I'm so sorry.
Where does your father live?
In Lexington.
Near Lexington.
Okay. Maybe I can get you on a
military bus heading in that direction.
And I also put together a
week's supply of glucose tabs,
and insulin,
and test strips, so...
I wish I could give you
more, but it's all we have.
[sobs] Thank you.
[gasps, sighs]
...see on camera at this moment,
but the city is mostly burning...
Governments continue to struggle
to contain the social chao...
...again, this livestream
video that's gone viral.
We have to warn you,
these images are disturbing.
[man filming] All of
downtown is on fire, man.
Check it out.
There's another one.
- [people chattering]
- [woman screams]
Wait. Is that coming
towards us? Wait. Holy...
Yo, run!
Yet another shocking image...
- [interviewee] Sometimes they come down...
- [newscaster] Wow.
[interviewee] They come out of
nowhere, you know? There's no warning.
- We're just trying to keep up.
- [newscaster] Yeah.
[interviewee] And, uh...
having in the back of our head
that tomorrow we're...
It's all gonna be for nothing.
[breathing shakily]
[grunts loudly]
[cell phone chimes]
Now it comes.
[man] What a load of shit.
[man 2] Looks like I'm gonna have to
dip into my savings for this next round.
[man sighs]
You're alone.
Where's Allison?
- Where is she?
- I was hoping she'd be here.
Why are my friends stuck here
babysitting me
while my daughter and grandson
are out there alone,
and I'm here
with no way to find them?
We lost each other at the airfield,
and she left me a note to meet her here.
[sighs] Fuck.
[man 3]
Maybe we should go.
She told me you were
moving back in.
Let me guess,
you had another fight?
We both want the same thing,
okay, for them to get here safely.
So why don't we try
to work together?
Did you try the landline?
Go ahead. I tried
about an hour ago again.
Keeps going
straight to voice mail.
Or you get that
stupid government message.
[grunts] God, you would think
technology would work in emergencies.
What happened to you?
- Nothing.
- Come on.
It's been a long day.
Just want 'em back.
I just...
[Ali] Okay, there's a pay phone there.
Let's try that.
[phone rings]
Hello? Where? Stay there.
Stay right there.
- Where are they?
- Down the road. Let's go.
[both groan]
[John sighs, breathes heavily]
I'm sorry, honey.
I tried. I tried.
I know. It's okay.
- How you doing?
- Good.
Yeah? Here.
Come here.
How you doing? Okay?
Thanks for looking after
your mom, bud.
[breathes heavily]
Hi, Dad.
- Hey, sunflower.
- [Ali cries]
[breathes deeply] Oh.
Come on, honey.
Let's get you guys home.
Come on.
[crying continues]
All right, welcome. You hungry?
What do you wanna eat?
- Pancakes.
- Pancakes. Syrup?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- No.
- No.
- No. I forgot.
- We don't have enough insulin as it is.
- I have his medication here.
- You do?
Yeah. It was out of the fridge for a
long time, but it should still be good.
Thank you.
[Ali's dad]
You remember where this goes?
- What do you want? Some water?
- Some water, yeah.
Way to go. All right!
- This good?
- Yep! Perfect.
- "Perfectomundo."
- We should check the news.
What do you think?
[newscaster] At approximately 8:47 a.m.
Eastern Standard Time tomorrow,
the largest fragment from
Clarke is expected to land
somewhere between
North Africa and Europe.
Space agencies tracking
this fragment are predicting
an extinction-level event
to extend around the globe,
giving the limited number of
people chosen by their skill sets
the greatest chance
of survival.
Here again is the classified
footage discovered earlier today
showing the sophistication of five bunkers
near Thule Air Force Base in Greenland.
[John] They are in Greenland.
Built during the Cold War
in case of nuclear fallout...
- He was right.
- Who was right?
...the bunkers are self-sufficient
with underground water tanks...
Just this
really good guy.
...hydroponic seed farms,
medical supplies and oxygen generators.
- A lot of good that'll do us now.
- The footage is older than me.
Who knows
what shape it's in?
At least here
we'll be together.
What are you doing, John?
There's another way
for us to get there.
- Where?
- To Greenland.
There are pilots going
from up in Canada.
They're taking people.
They're not military.
Look, it's just over
12 hours to Osgoode.
But we can do it in nine.
And then it's another six to
eight hours for the flight.
We can make this.
My bracelet. What if they don't let us in?
They've already flagged Nathan.
Honey, it's our only chance.
Now listen. We can either stay
here or we can give it a shot.
But if we give it a shot,
I swear I will get us into those bunkers.
But if we're gonna go,
we gotta go now.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay. Let's do it.
- All right.
Nathan, let's get ready.
We left some clothes in the guest room.
What about the pancakes?
I'll make 'em. Don't worry.
They're on their way.
- [water running]
- [Ali] Okay, Nathan.
Go ahead,
take your clothes off.
There you go.
All right, step in.
Shampoo's over there.
Grab that.
Okay. Go ahead.
Wash yourself.
Good job.
- Okay. Hurry up.
- [sighs]
- Hey.
- [horse blusters]
You need
to pack some clothes, Dale.
We barely have enough time
as it is.
Ah, somebody's gotta stay
and watch Beck.
Mary'd kill me
if I left him.
Man, she spent hours
in here.
Now I can't separate the smell
from my memory of her anymore.
[chuckling] God.
Hay and horse shit.
this isn't some storm
you can ride out.
I don't fold
when things get rough.
I know you guys' marriage
was on the rocks.
Every marriage
goes through shit.
Every marriage
goes through shit.
That don't mean you get to
jump into another woman's bed.
You're right. I did.
And I'm gonna have to live with
that for the rest of my life.
I'm not expecting
your forgiveness, Dale.
But if I get one thing right,
I'm gonna get my son
and my wife into that bunker.
Please come with us.
Why are you being
so stubborn? Just come.
You know
you'll die here, Dale.
Of course I will.
Today, tomorrow, 10 years from now,
don't make no difference to me.
My Mary went to heaven
in this place.
And when the good Lord's ready
for me to join her,
I'm gonna be right here
in this place too...
bags packed.
[horse whinnies]
[John] Nathan!
- Hey. Kiddo, are you hurt?
- [whimpers]
- [John sighs]
- [Ali] How close do you think that hit?
Anything hit you?
That was close.
[panting] All right,
we gotta get out of here now.
Take my truck.
It's got a full tank of gas.
[Ali] Hold on, hold on.
Let me get your booster.
[Ali] Up you go.
Take care of them.
I will.
I know you will, son.
[door closes]
When will I ever see you
again, Grandpa?
- [mutters]
- Grandpa...
Yeah, pretty soon.
All this blows over, I'll come
up, visit you and the polar bears.
Polar bears?
Well, yeah. You're going
to the North Pole, right?
Say hi to Santa for me.
[whispering] Tell him
I'm still mad about the coal.
[door closes]
I-I love you, sunflower.
I love you too, Dad.
Mom would have been proud.
Of what?
You finished the house.
- [chuckles]
- [laughs]
[engine starts]
[Nathan] Bye, Grandpa.
[distant rumbling]
My friend Teddy says
your life flashes in front
of your eyes when you die.
I think it would be better if
it did that while you lived.
That way, you could see all
the good memories and be happy.
I like that idea a lot.
Me too.
How'd you get to be so smart?
[female newscaster] World leaders
scramble to create makeshift shelters
as Clarke's largest fragment,
already deemed a planet killer,
is on target to hit
less than 15 hours from now.
- Other elected officials are...
- [click]
[male newscaster] The number
of missing is up to a million
after the Tokyo impact
earlier today.
- [John] Jesus.
- [click]
["Tell It Like I Feel It" by
Johnny Summers playing on radio]
At least they're going down
with the band still playing.
That's true.
d I don't care if
The whole wide world knows d
d I wanna tell it... d
Do you remember
the first time you met my mom?
Oh. [chuckles]
She was wearing a kilt!
How could I forget?
She wanted you
to feel at home.
She did make me feel at home,
that's for sure.
Remember she had me try
to do the Highland fling?
- [laughs]
- Like I know how to do the Highland fling.
[song continues]
Ah, she was a good woman,
your mum.
I heard you talking
to my dad in the barn.
I'm just as much to blame
about us.
No. No, Ali.
No matter how bad it got...
I crossed a line,
and you didn't.
[Ali] Listen.
I'm right
where I wanna be...
with you...
and Nathan.
[John] Ah, great.
This is... [sighs] This is the
only highway north within 50 miles.
[helicopter whirring]
[people shouting]
[man on PA] Please remain calm
and stay in your vehicle.
Please remain calm
and stay in your vehicle.
We're working as fast as
possible to clear the highway.
- [man] Is the road blocked?
- Yeah. It's a crash.
What is it?
What's going on?
- A train derailed across the highway.
- [alarm blaring]
[male recorded voice]
This is an emergency alert.
Small molten debris expected
to fall in upstate New York...
- Isn't that where we are?
- Yeah.
Seek shelter immediately.
Do not stand in the open.
[Ali screams]
- Seek shelter immediately.
- [both gasp]
- [screaming]
- [John] We're getting out of here.
Oh, my God! John, go!
Come on.
Small molten debris...
[Ali] Get down on the floor!
[horns honking]
They're hitting everywhere!
Get in the back!
Cover Nathan!
I'll try to find shelter!
[Ali] Get down!
Get down, come on!
[male recorded voice
continues, indistinct]
[people screaming, clamoring]
Stay down!
There's a bridge. Hang on.
We've gotta go quick!
Come on. Quick, quick, quick.
All right? Let's go.
Quick, quick, quick!
Come on!
[John] All right. Come on.
All right. Go up under the beams.
Okay. Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Come on!
Where are you going?
Hey! Hey!
[shouts, groans]
- It's okay. It's okay.
- [sobs]
Hey. Come on, man! Wake up!
- Come on!
- [driver groaning]
Okay. Let's get you
outta here.
Come on. [grunts]
[distant booming]
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
[woman on radio]
This is Rochester, New York.
Everything south
of our location is on fire.
Anyone out there?
Anyone make it?
If anyone is listening...
[sighs] "The third angel
sounded his trumpet,
and a great star, blazing like
a torch, fell from the sky.
And they called it Wormwood."
My thoughts and prayers
are with all of you.
[male newscaster] We're
cutting live to Yuri Leonov,
who is about to give
NASA's formal statement.
[shutters clicking
on broadcast]
[Leonov clears throat]
Good evening.
At approximately 8:47 a.m.
Eastern Standard Time,
uh, Clarke's largest fragment
will land near western Europe...
Do we even have enough time?
a series of events.
I don't know. We got just over six hours.
Yeah, we can still make it.
The nine-mile-wide fragment,
larger than the asteroid
that killed the dinosaurs,
will destroy most of Europe
upon impact,
causing seismic events that will
generate 1,000-foot-high tsunamis
and 900-degree surface winds traveling
faster than the speed of sound.
[voice breaking] Within hours,
all of the continents will be on fire,
as the impact's molten debris rains
down from the upper atmosphere.
Like the previous,
uh, extinction event,
this will kill more than 75% of
all plant and animal life on Earth.
Turn that thing off.
Where the hell is
this airport?
What is that?
Is that it right there?
They're taking off!
No, there has to be more.
Let's go.
Hang on, Nathan!
- [engine revs]
- [tires squeal]
[tires squeal]
[wheel rattling]
- There! There.
- Shit.
[tire rubbing]
- We're catching this plane.
- Are you going on the runway?
[engine revving]
[John] Hang on! Hang on!
- He's turning around! John!
- It's okay.
- He's coming right at us!
- I know what I'm doing.
Stop. Stop.
[John] Come on, now.
Come on, now.
[sighs] Told you.
He looks pissed.
Wouldn't you be?
[engines droning]
[John] Hey.
What the hell
are you doing, man?
Listen, my... my wife and my kid,
we're trying to get to Greenland.
You're going there.
We were selected.
We're already at capacity.
There'll be more planes tomorrow.
Or there won't be
a tomorrow! Come on!
I put everyone in danger
if I take you!
Then take
my wife and son.
I can't risk it.
Then we're not moving,
all right?
We're staying there,
and you're not going anywhere!
Okay, I can take the kid,
maybe your wife.
No! We all go!
You're gonna take all of us!
How much do you weigh?
Uh, 180, 185.
Come on!
205, maybe 210.
I'll be driving to Greenland
at this point.
But get in. No luggage!
And move the goddamn truck!
- I will.
- Thank you!
Go, guys. I'll go.
[Ali] Okay,
try to find an empty seat.
Sorry, everybody. I am.
Here. We can put the kids on our laps.
Make some room for you guys.
- [Ali] Thank you so much.
- No problem.
[John] Thank you, guys.
Thank you so much.
Hang on. Okay.
You should re-dress that.
Looks bad.
There's some burn butter in there. Gauze.
Peroxide. A few painkillers too.
[John] Appreciate it.
[no audible dialogue]
What do you see?
- Dad!
- [John groans]
Whoa, buddy. He's still
a little bit hurt.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
I love you too, kiddo.
How are you feeling?
[sighs] But we made it.
Hey, there it is.
I see it! I see land!
Look. See it?
[passengers murmuring]
[John laughs] Yes.
[Nathan] Look at the ice.
[John] What do you call that?
- [Nathan] Glacier! That's the glaciers.
- Yeah! Good.
- [thud]
- [passengers exclaim]
- You okay?
- Yeah.
It's okay.
It was just a bump. Okay?
- [distant explosions]
- [passengers chattering]
- [loud thud]
- [passengers shout]
Nathan, come here.
Get up here with me.
- [chattering continues]
- It's gonna be okay.
[Ali] Oh, my...
[Ali] Oh, my God!
[engines rattling, whining]
[engines sputter]
- [alarm blaring]
- [copilot] Oil pressure light's on.
We're losing power.
[engines rattle, stall]
[wind whistling]
Dual engine failure.
Let's try for a relight.
- Power level's flight idle.
- Confirmed.
- Prop levers, feather.
- Confirmed.
- Going for airspeed.
- [electronic voice, indistinct]
[wind whistling]
Generators off.
- [man on radio] All aircraft.
- Confirmed.
Clarke's biggest fragment is
close to entering the atmosphere.
- Condition lever on.
- All airspace closed. Land immediately.
[screaming, chattering]
[wind whistling]
Try it again.
Right engine starter, engage.
- Engaged.
- Yes!
[engine cranks, sputters]
[engine starts]
- Shit. I still don't have enough lift.
- [electronic voice continues]
Left engine starter, engage.
I got nothin'.
We're going in hard.
Cut the engine. Fuel valve off.
- [chattering]
- [engine stalls]
[shouting, screaming]
[passengers gasping, sobbing]
I don't wanna fly anymore!
No, it's okay, baby.
We're on the ground now.
Okay. Come on. Let's go.
You guys go. Take him.
I'll go see the pilot.
- [Ali] Okay.
- Sorry.
Come on. Jump.
[man on radio] All airspace
is closed. Land immediately.
Clarke's biggest fragment is pinpointed
to hit western Europe within minutes.
Wherever you are,
seek shelter.
This is a recorded message.
Good luck, everyone.
Okay, hang on.
Let's get you outta here.
- [grunting]
- All airspace is closed. Land immediately.
- [man on radio continues, indistinct]
- Go.
- Look.
- [airplane approaches]
[man on radio]
All airspace is closed.
Okay, good.
We're at the airport.
Clarke's biggest fragment is pinpointed
to hit western Europe within minutes.
Wherever you are,
seek shelter.
This is a recorded message.
Good luck, everyone.
Where are the pilots?
Look. It's snowing.
That's not snow.
That's ash.
All right.
Listen up, everybody.
I saw a military plane land
just over here.
It's at least a mile away.
We gotta go.
Come on. Let's go.
There! There they are!
- [man] Help us!
- [Ali] Hey! Hey!
- [men shouting]
- [siren wailing]
- [woman] Look, look! They see us!
- [John] Come on.
[vehicle approaching]
Let's go!
- The big one's gonna hit any second.
- [coughing continues]
Hold on!
[siren continues]
[soldier] Come on, come on.
I got you.
- [John] Take him.
- Come on, little guy. I got you.
Oh, my God!
Okay. Guys, let's go.
Go, go. Go on.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Keep moving!
- [male voice on PA] Blast doors closing.
Blast doors closing.
[crowd clamoring]
Blast doors closing.
[soldier 2]
Let's go, let's go!
- Go, go, go!
- Blast doors closing.
Blast doors closing.
- Blast doors closing.
- Inside! Let's go!
[man on radio] Yes, sir.
The impact shock wave will
reach us in one minute 20.
Go! Let's go! Let's go!
[clamoring continues]
Let's go! Let's go!
Go, go, go!
Move, move, move!
Keep moving! Keep moving!
- [man 1] Brace for impact!
- [man 2] Brace for impact!
- [woman] Brace for impact!
- [people sobbing]
Where are the flashes?
What flashes?
Before we die. The flashes.
- Listen to me, son.
- [sobbing]
It's okay.
Your mom and I love you from
the bottom of our hearts, okay?
We're right here
with you.
So it doesn't matter what happens, okay?
Because we're together.
- Okay, you hear me? You hear me?
- Yes.
And we're always
gonna be together.
- So there's no need to be afraid.
- [rumbling]
We're right here, okay?
[man on PA] Thirty seconds.
Down. Get down.
[rumbling continues]
[chattering, screaming]
I love you.
You're my life.
[rumbling continues]
- [people screaming]
- [crash]
[man on PA] Fifteen.
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four...
[static on radio]
[switching radio frequencies]
[man on radio] CQ. CQ.
This is Greenland station.
Is anyone receiving?
- [warbling on radio]
- CQ. CQ. CQ. This is Greenland station.
Is anyone receiving?
This is Greenland station.
Is anyone receiving?
[warbling continues]
[woman on radio]
Greenland station?
This is Helsinki one-nine.
The signal is weak,
but we read you.
[machinery clanks, rumbles]
[people murmuring]
[alarm blaring]
[clanking continues]
[warbling on radio]
[man on radio]
We copy, Helsinki.
It's sure good
to hear your voice.
[man 2 on radio] CQ. CQ. CQ.
This is Sydney station.
We can hear you as well.
The ash is finally
clearing up here.
We can almost see the sun.
- [murmuring continues]
- [man 1] We read you, Sydney station.
The ash is mostly gone
here too.
And still no signs
of radiation.
[loud clank]
We've just opened
one of the blast doors.
It's been a long nine months
[wind whistling]
- [people gasping]
- [man] It's all gone.
[woman] All gone.
[murmuring continues]
[Ali] That a bird?
[John] I don't know.
[woman] Look!
- [man 2] There!
- [chattering]
[birds squawking, chirping]
[man 1 on radio] All clear.
[chattering continues]
[man 3 on radio] Greenland
station, this is Fairbanks station.
How's the weather out there?
[man 4] CQ. CQ. This is New Delhi, India.
We are here.
[man 5] Five-by-nine,
five-by-nine, Sao Paulo. Over.
[woman 2] Five-by-nine.
This is Moscow station. Zdravstvuyte.
[man 6] This is Buenos Aires.
It's good to be alive!
[woman 3] This is Beirut.
Hello, this is Beirut. Can you hear us?
[woman 4] Greenland station,
this is Kathmandu, Nepal.
- We are receiving you.
- [overlapping radio chatter]