Grey Lady (2017) Movie Script

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
Man: Here we go.
Come on, Dierdre honey,
catch me.
Everybody come on in.
Everybody get in here.
Let's go.
Let's get your picture.
Come on, here we go.
Let's go.
- Everybody say cheese.
- Smile.
Together: Cheese!
Where do you go
when I'm not with you?
That other world.
Your little escape.
Let's go!
Oh, my god.
- Yeah!
- Let's go!
Your card.
Whose quote is this?
I'm good.
Let's just go get the bad guys.
I'm hungry.
Me too.
Hey, let's just go to the
airport and fly away somewhere.
There's no shame
in stepping back for a minute.
Not yet.
Just have to connect the dots.
I know, but when you step back,
you see them better.
It's Marty.
911 just called homicide.
I'm patching you in.
Ma'am, repeat that, please.
Some guy keeps calling me...
Calling me Diedre Doyle.
He's using your sister's
name, Doyle.
You two want to check that out?
All right, have
the uniforms standing by
until you hear from us.
Please hurry!
I'm scared.
Okay, ma'am, this is
detective Maggie Wynn.
The call's coming from
the Hambly gallery
at 14 Hampden street
and Southie.
He says he wants a date.
I mean, Diedre Doyle,
isn't that the teacher
that just got killed?
We're on our way.
Stay calm.
Ma'am, are you sure the caller
said Diedre Doyle?
- Please hurry.
- Stay calm.
Is there a room you can go to,
a safe place, a bathroom,
a closet?
Is there anything else you can
tell us about the caller?
Did he have a distinctive voice,
an accent?
We're approaching the building
now, ma'am.
- Almost there.
- We're right at the...
Woman: Help!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Please help me!
Help me!
Please don't!
Somebody, please!
Ma'am, it's all right.
It's all right, ma'am!
We're the police.
It's all right.
No, please, no.
We're the police.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Go, I got this.
It's all right. It's okay.
It's okay.
You'll be fine.
You're okay.
We're here now.
Everything is fine.
Thank you... So much!
Maggie! It's a trap!
Nice catch.
Yeah, I played a little soccer.
Are you in love
with her, too, darling?
With our island?
I don't really know her.
Can you see how she opens
her arms to us?
She's waiting for us.
On that roof, that widow's walk,
that's where all
the women waited
for their men to sail home.
Is there someone
waiting for you?
That's not true.
The Grey lady is.
That's what we call her.
This is for an opening
at an art gallery.
Please come.
You too, darlings.
Tell your friends.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, duchess.
Man: Okay, yeah, sure.
How you doing, man?
My name's Johnson.
How'd you know I was coming?
Your commissioner
called my chief.
Can I?
So, Jim.
Can I call you James?
People call me Doyle.
Why? Were you ex-military?
I'm marines.
I just don't like my first name.
Well, neither do I.
It's Julian.
So, where you staying?
Come on, tell me.
I'll show you the way.
So, my commissioner called, huh?
Got a problem with that?
So, this is the weather here?
Fog one minute, rain the next?
Oh, yeah.
It's the Grey lady.
You know, she's, uh,
she's a woman,
so she changes her mind.
And over here on your right is
the safe harbor guest house.
This looks like
a working vacation.
You must be a detective.
Station's right in town.
Why don't you stop by,
have a coffee?
Chief's waiting to meet you.
I'll walk back.
Miss cash will help you
get settled.
Room's at the top on your right.
Boxes you sent are in there.
Toilet's broken.
Use the bath down the hall.
If you come in late, tiptoe.
Other guests might arrive.
Cold breakfast and hot coffee
available all day.
Help yourself.
- Mr. Doyle.
I'll get your bags if you smile.
Come on, you're on Nantucket.
Johnson: Doyle?
Doyle, it's me, Johnson.
The chief wants to see you.
I did not see that gun.
Come on.
I'll wait for you in the car.
Right up there is the bank,
the drugstore.
Those roads up there take you
to other parts of the island.
There's a catholic church,
post office,
and down there's
a movie theater.
And this is chief Maguire.
Chris Maguire.
How you doing?
Well, I wanted you to see
the heart of the island,
and this is it.
Main and federal.
You got people from all over
the world coming here.
All colors and creeds,
and peacefully.
We want to keep it that way.
Sorry about your partner
and your sister.
You lose people like that,
you lose...
Pieces of yourself.
There's a lot of good people
on this rock.
They'll help you heal.
When we were in the military,
we saw...
A lot of dark human behavior.
Come back here, and it was good.
Commissioner Daley's office.
This is Doyle returning
for the commissioner.
Man: What are you doing
on Nantucket?
Same thing you should be doing
in Boston...
Trying to find the guy.
You're in direct violation
of my order.
You don't find him, I will.
I'm pulling your badge
and suspending your pay.
You know I don't care
about that stuff.
Find him.
Woman: 911.
What's your emergency?
Hey, what's up?
Marty, they locked me
out of the database.
You said they wouldn't.
- They had to.
I want you to run
two names for me.
Dolores Doyle, known as Lola,
and Elizabeth Doyle,
known as Beth.
- I can't do that, pal.
- Why not?
Because you're off the case
and I'm in charge.
Listen to me, Doyle,
I don't want you doing
anything stupid.
You're balls deep in this.
Well, I'm not gonna stop,
The rose & crown. She'll open
back up in a couple days.
Detective Johnson...
Is expecting me.
Go on in.
Oh, Mikki.
How are you?
Very good.
Where are ya?
Nantucket, chasing down a lead.
Listen, Mikki,
I found uncle Tim's
old homicide report
in the Boston archives.
- Yeah, so?
- He never found who did it.
- Oh, it's no big mystery.
It was the mob.
You know they questioned
my father?
Yeah, so was I.
So was everybody
in the neighborhood.
Big deal.
Case closed.
Do you know what happened to Lola?
She fell off the map.
Mikki, does rose & crown mean
anything to you?
Jimmy, why are you poking
around in this?
Does this have to do
with your sister?
You think Lola might've come
back to the island?
She may know something.
Mikki, I got to go.
Please let me know if you hear
anything about Lola.
What's Lola's last name?
Doyle is d-o-y-l...
Yes, I know how to spell
your last name.
I think that's because
I'm Irish.
Can I see that picture?
This is her in 1984,
that's my father,
his brother, me, sister,
my cousin.
That's Brant point, right?
Yeah, he was stationed
out there, coast guard.
Lola's my aunt,
so do me a favor.
Check if there are any other
Doyles living out here.
Cousin's name is Beth.
All right, that's in the works.
Is that your father?
Lola's husband.
So, it was a mob hit.
Come on, man.
You're coming with me.
Where are we going?
It's Friday.
We're gonna hear some music
and have a drink.
Or three.
You play guitar?
No. That's why you'll need
the drink.
- Jimmy.
- Mikki.
- What now, Jimmy?
- One more question.
Let's say the mob didn't do it.
Any chance Lola was so pissed
at my father,
she's sending people to hurt me?
You're more wounded
than I thought you were.
Keep your eyes open.
Say your prayers.
- You okay?
- -No.
I could really use some help.
Of course, yeah.
Excellent, thank you.
- The chicken?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Didn't make enough chicken?
- I don't know, I hope I did.
A lot of people here.
I, uh...
Thank you, lords and ladies.
I just got this.
Your aunt Lola was here
about a year ago.
We have DUI fingerprints
that match a marriage license
she got here in 1982.
But, uh, there's no record
of her living here now.
Any other Doyles?
We sent the picture off
to my people on the cape.
They're gonna digitally age her.
Man: What do you think
you're doing?
Get your hands off my wife!
- Ex-wife, pal.
- And you!
- What are you...
You're an embarrassment.
Nice to see you again.
Is the Grey lady
treating you well?
- Not bad.
You look, my son, dismayed.
These our actors
are all but spirits
and are melting into air,
to leave not a rack behind.
Be cheerful, sir.
We are such stuff
as dreams are made of.
And our little lives
are rounded with a sleep.
Good night, duchess.
Not a duchess for long,
I'm afraid, darling.
What did that mean?
Her husband...
2x4 in the suit over there...
Is divorcing her.
I'm gonna jump in on this tune.
You hungry?
Ribs are great.
I got to make a phone call.
Marty, don't be a prick.
I need you to check on
those two names for me...
Lola and Elizabeth Doyle.
Call me back.
I need your help.
Want to play?
No. Thank you.
We rode over on the boat
Oh, yeah, right.
You were talking to that woman,
the art lady.
You were drinking a bottle of...
You dropped it.
It didn't break.
Your friend has fast feet.
God, I love it here.
So beautiful everywhere
you look.
Oh, my phone.
Go play, honey.
Now my impatient brother's
wondering where I am.
They're all yours, Anita!
Oh, thanks a lot.
See ya.
- All right.
- Diedre.
- Down!
- Doyle!
Doyle, we got a 911.
We got to go.
Come on, saddle up!
That's the car from the party.
The duchess' car.
This is her road.
She have a pulse?
I'm gonna back this car up.
This is Johnson.
We have an unattended death
at creek road.
EMT has already arrived,
but stand by for possible
full team response.
- Copy that.
No, please, no.
A rose...
And crown.
The rose...
And crown.
crossed your face just then.
What is it?
We need to talk.
I don't think it was
an accident.
That wound, similar to the cuts
on the two Boston victims.
I never read about any cuts.
We didn't release
that information.
My Boston guy's here.
My partner's back,
my sister's back.
Ladies and gentlemen
the duchess' back.
- Hey, what's up?
- How's everybody doing?
Hey, good to see you.
Good to see you.
What's going on?
Johnson: Doyle, listen.
We've only had three murders
in 25 years here.
Chief has just declared
this one an accident.
He's not gonna want to tell
the people of this island
there's a murderer on the loose,
especially when maybe
there's not.
these wounds are linked.
I need to find my aunt.
I'll help you.
It's a list of all the people
that were invited
to the barn party.
Cops arrest people,
people get angry.
There must be 1,000 people out
there who want to kill you.
What's your question?
Why don't they?
Why would they kill someone
you barely knew,
like the duchess?
Let's find out.
Doyle: Detective Johnson said
you'd be good to talk to.
I'm trying to find a woman
named Lola Doyle.
I'm not finding anybody
by that name in our records.
I'm sorry.
The rose & crown.
Where does that name come from?
I don't know.
It's some old English thing.
Excuse me.
This wouldn't have happened
if you called me earlier.
Is it true our guy
followed you over there?
You find anything out
about my aunt?
Listen to me,
you persistent prick,
we never had this conversation.
She left Boston in the mid-'80s,
never remarried,
ran a truck stop motel
in Trappe, Pennsylvania.
We lose her trail two years ago.
What about my cousin Beth?
Well, we got her in foster homes
in the '80s.
Psychological counseling,
JUVIE court docs.
Nothing on her after age 14
when she was committed
to the Massachusetts psychiatric
treatment center.
Hold on.
Excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Do you know this man?
Yeah. Tony Ramos.
He used to cook for us.
You know where he lives?
Over on Alan's way.
Thank you.
Got to go.
Whoa, Doyle, wait.
Doyle, what aren't you
telling me here?
Can I help you?
Is Tony here?
I'm Tony.
I'm looking for a woman
I thought you might know
from the rose & crown.
Her name's Lola.
I saw you with Johnson.
You a cop?
Let's check inside.
Well, look at it!
- Put it in, baby.
- Hey, hey, listen up.
Listen up.
This gentleman's a cop.
He's looking for someone
named, uh, Lola.
Lola Doyle.
Somebody named Lola.
Going once, going twice...
- No.
Three times.
This lady I don't know.
That's me in the middle.
Yeah, I knew Lola.
She's dead.
You sure?
I'm sure as shit.
I went to her funeral.
- When?
I don't know, last Christmas.
She hated Christmas.
It's kind of ironic 'cause
she loved the north pole.
I'll say.
She was my aunt.
She had a daughter.
Her daughter ever show up here?
Not that I know of.
She leave anything behind,
any belongings,
anything I can take a look at?
I didn't know her that well.
Hey, deal me out!
I gotta pee!
Your lady friend there.
What's her name?
Tell Angela I'd like to visit
my aunt's grave.
Ask her to call me and let me
know where it is.
Deal me in.
- Johnson.
- Hey, man.
Do me a favor and check the town
death records for a Lola Doyle.
And anything you got on...
Angela Franco.
I'm sorry!
Lola, look at me.
Look at me, Lola.
All right, now get inside.
Billy Macleod.
It's a boarding house.
- Come on.
- Stop!
Stop it. No.
Nobody will see them.
Yeah, I've heard that before.
Not from me.
Excuse me.
I'd like to buy that painting.
Okay, good.
Excuse me.
Uh, would you like
to meet the artist?
Yeah, is he here?
This is the artist.
Melissa Reynolds.
This gentleman just bought
"the lady in the bath."
Oh. That's great.
Thank you.
It's one of my favorites.
I'm sorry.
I thought this was an opening
for Billy Macleod.
It is. That's me.
I'm Billy.
I'm a sculptor.
You saw my work coming in.
But it's also a group show.
Anyway, I like your painting.
Hey, listen, we're gonna go
celebrate after this.
You should come with us.
I can afford dinner now,
thanks to you.
Take credit?
Oh, we do.
Oh! Oh, my god!
Oh, my god, I am so, so sorry.
Oh, my god, whose is this?
It's mine, and it's $5,000.
No, she's messing with you.
Come here.
This is Clara.
She's my friend.
She's the artist.
- Please, you have to let me...
Don't worry, don't worry.
It was an accident.
Don't worry, but thank you.
I feel terrible.
It's ruined.
I'll tell you what.
We're going for a couple
of drinks afterwards.
How about you buy me
a couple of pints
and we're all set, okay?
Yeah, we're going over to crew
at the end of straight wharf.
Come on.
Join us.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I never bought
a painting before.
What was it about mine?
I liked it.
- Can I...?
- Sure.
Don't drop it.
I never make
the same mistake twice.
So, you got a girlfriend?
I did.
She, uh...
Passed away.
So, I-i guess I still do.
I understand that.
It's hard to know what your life
would've been
if somebody had lived.
So, you just make it up,
and it's perfect.
But no one can compete with that
because it's impossible to find
somebody that good.
So you just end up alone.
You speak from experience?
I am well traveled.
How about you?
Grew up in Boston,
bounced around with my mother's
family various places...
And then moved back,
joined the police force.
I'm well traveled for a cop.
You know, they say the real
journey lies within.
Hard for cops to be spiritual.
I would think
that's the only way
you could make sense, though.
This is so disgusting.
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
Tastes pretty good to me.
Eli. Eli!
Eli, wait!
This is not
who you can be right now.
Beth can't help us, okay?
Beth can't help us.
We need Eli.
Let me see.
I love you.
So, if I ask you to do something
like tonight,
it's not because
I'm not listening.
It's because it's important.
Come on.
Hurry, it's cold.
I know that tonight was hard,
but you did good.
Who was that woman
that he was talking to?
She has lots of friends,
and they could be useful.
Friendly fire,
just like the duchess.
We plan and we execute,
and we remember
the divine example.
One day our lord returned home,
he found his mother crying.
His father had been murdered.
His thirst for revenge
was unquenchable.
Revenge is good.
Five-fold revenge
is better.
But what about Lola?
She ruins everything.
We'll find her first.
He'll lead us to her.
But the order
has to be followed.
God's chosen order will be.
He gave us this mission,
and we have the will
to carry it out.
First his blood, then his love.
And then the friendly fire.
How do you feel?
What's your name?
I'm Eli.
And who is Eli?
I am the lord Parashurama.
I am am the god of revenge.
Doyle: Billy, thanks
for talking to me.
No, no.
Thanks for talking to me.
Melissa said you were there
when they found the duchess.
How long you know Melissa?
Uh, I've known Melissa about
eight years, I think.
We went out a few times,
but I'm not her type.
She's very spiritual.
Beautiful, really.
I'm not.
What about Clara?
Clara? I love Clara.
Look at her.
Apparently I'm not
her type, either.
Why won't she look at me?
Oh, man,
she... she can't see.
She's legally blind.
At this rate, I'm gonna have
dinner for us in a few minutes.
Happy hunting.
Thank you.
And the duchess?
How'd you meet her?
I cook for her.
Did a couple of dinner parties
at her house.
Yeah, the duchess treehouse.
Her husband's the financial whiz
out of Chicago.
She collected art, so I invited
her to the gallery.
Johnson: There's no death record
for your aunt on Nantucket.
All right, then please check
on the name Angela Franco
and find out where she lives.
All right.
Roger that.
- Great.
Whoa, hey!
No, no, it's okay.
Probably just her panic thing.
- You okay?
- I got panicky.
Melissa, take a deep breath.
It's okay.
- I'm fine.
It's just... it's okay.
I thought...
Remember when I found that...
That woman under the ice?
I thought I saw...
I thought I saw her hand.
It's probably just a broken oar.
Of course it was.
It wasn't a hand.
I'm... I'm crazy.
Billy: I think we have enough
scallops for dinner.
Why don't we get out of here?
Shall we?
Oh, god.
See you at dinner.
You too, Doyle.
Don't forget.
- Bye.
All right, see ya.
My friend ginger lets me
paint here.
Come on, let's get warm.
Here you go.
Nantucket Pearl.
I'm gonna get dressed.
Feel free to look around.
There's some tea.
And help yourself.
Doyle: So, how'd you get
to the island?
I, uh, I sailed in
with a boyfriend.
Jumped ship, met Clara,
and I just started hanging out.
You know, paint houses
and making art.
Anyway, after a while,
we opened up the X gallery
with Robert and Billy and Kasha
and Sanchez and a whole bunch
of other friends
who just didn't really fit into
the whole commercial art scene.
What kind of tea do you want?
Um, I don't know, surprise me.
How about you?
What brought you here?
Came once with my father and
my sister when I was a kid.
My aunt and uncle
used to live here.
So, I'm trying to find her.
Here's your tea.
I'm, uh... I'm changing.
I won't look.
I've heard that one before.
Not from me.
Let me ask you something.
Are cops afraid of anything?
This about that panic thing
out there?
How long you had that?
Uh... Couple years.
Since my mom died.
What's it like?
You think you're gonna die...
And then you don't.
What triggers it?
They tell us in the academy
you run from fear,
you give it power.
So, is that what you do?
You face things?
I try.
You got to go.
Yeah. Sorry.
It's okay.
Go and, uh, face your fear.
But not through that door.
That's the water.
That way.
Thanks for the shellfish.
It's Nantucket Pearl.
Johnson: You were right
about the duchess.
Wasn't an accident.
Who's that?
A friend.
Here. They digitally aged her
like 25 years.
Does that look like the woman
you saw with Tony Ramos?
Angela Franco.
Her car's registered to him.
She lives in the condo in front.
Angela Franco.
That's angel frank.
Yeah. Why? Does that mean
something to you?
Frank was my father's name.
Amputation always goes
so much better
when it's computer assisted.
Help me!
we don't have that luxury.
We're gonna try this again.
Now, just nod when you're ready
to talk about Lola.
Shut up!
Doyle: Tony!
Open up.
I know you're in there.
I'm looking for Tony.
He just, um...
Can I help you?
Tell Tony to call me.
Man: Tony,
who's that guy in there?
I'm coming over.
Are you okay?
Go get 'em.
Go get 'em!
Oh, my god.
It's Lola!
Eli, stop!
Eli, get in the car!
Eli, stop!
Not now, Eli!
Eli, get in the car!
Lola: Beth?
What are you doing?
What the hell?
What are you gonna do,
call the cops?
Eli, get in the car!
Get in the car!
Tony: Angela! Angela!
Lola: Tony!
Great. Yeah, okay.
See you tomorrow. Bye.
I've got a job in the morning.
- Great.
- Over on Hulbert Avenue.
An Eric something or another.
Says he wants
a holistic massage.
So, why don't you let me
buy you lunch after?
How about the white elephant?
Cool. Sounds good.
See ya.
Have you ever gotten a massage?
Clara's the best.
No. Well,
not professionally.
You having fun playing
Sherlock Holmes, Mr. detective?
You know, he never said,
"elementary, my dear Watson"
in any of the books.
Line from the movies.
Listen, Billy,
I got to tell you.
You're on a short list of
persons of interest
to the local police.
Now, I know you didn't kill her,
but did the duchess speak
to any strangers,
anybody she didn't know
at the barn party?
I could really use your help
on this one.
You want my help?
She'd still be alive
if it wasn't for you.
I looked into you today.
I know all about you.
I know all about Boston and
your partner and your sister.
Who's next?
Why'd you leave?
I'm not good company right now.
Okay, that's fine.
Can we talk?
So, uh, why are you really here?
'Cause Billy told me
all kinds of stuff.
He said that...
That you got suspended
from the Boston police.
I'm on leave.
Because of your
partner's murder?
I'm not allowed
to investigate it.
But you are anyway.
It's also true that I was shot
with her gun
and she was shot with mine.
Some people think that I did it.
Did you know she was pregnant
at the time?
Before Maggie died...
She said two things.
A rose.
A crown.
Besides the restaurant,
does that mean anything to you?
Um, there's a shoal out there
called the rose and crown.
It was named after the ships
that were wrecked on it,
and I think the restaurant
was named after the shoal.
The duchess called the island
the Grey lady.
Is that 'cause all the fog?
But I'd like to think
it's also because...
Not everything here
is black and white.
Even the people aren't always
what they seem.
Do you want to come back
to my place?
Just to talk.
It's the cottage on the beach
over next to sail's baskets.
There's something
I have to do first.
I'll meet you there.
You got balls coming back here.
What happened?
It's nothing
that we can't handle.
That guy earlier, you were
with him in Tony's house.
Who was he?
I don't know. Why?
I want to talk to Angela.
Not tonight.
You tell Angela to call me.
We have the card
you left here before.
Found Lola.
- Yeah?
Well, guess what.
I found your cousin Beth.
She escaped from
the mass psych center
18 months ago with some guy.
I'm gonna take this.
You have a description?
Even better.
I got a visitor's photo.
He looks military.
Buzz cut, full BDUs.
Looks like he just stepped off
the front lines.
That's him.
Let me ask you something, okay?
Why would this guy be killing
your sister and Maggie
and people you barely met in
Nantucket like the duchess?
Listen, I don't know.
I'm not sure.
I'm coming over there.
Melissa: And Maggie?
You really loved her,
didn't you?
I still do.
The night you bought
my painting,
I had this image of someone
surrounding you,
protecting you.
What do you mean?
My mother, she used to say that
sometimes when people die
violent deaths,
they linger in this life
looking for peace.
We can't hold on to them.
If you love somebody,
you have...
You have to let them go.
I've tried.
If Maggie's still around,
how come I can't feel her?
Because you're like this.
You're not open.
In your heart, do you know
who killed her?
I think it might have something
to do with my family.
The hand that holds the hand
later holds the knife.
Man: Lola, look at me,
look at me.
Lola, it's gonna be all right,
all right? Now get inside.
Go inside. It's all right.
I got this.
Boy: Dad?
Where are you?
Let me, uh, help you with that.
Just... Down this way.
Sorry it's a little...
Chilly inside,
but I'm renting, and...
That's... I haven't
figured out the heat.
So, how did you hear about me?
The lady at the guest house
where I was staying.
Oh. There you go.
Can I get you some coffee
while I... I get changed?
Oh, do you have herbal tea?
I'll check.
Which guest house is that?
The Carlisle.
Oh, you must mean Sally.
She's a really good friend
of mine.
She's an absolute dote.
Is that an Irish accent?
Beautiful cork.
Lots of us came over here
when we were in college
just for the summer.
I fell in love
and ended up staying.
How's about you?
Are you happy here?
I don't know that I'm
ever really happy.
I guess I just do
what I have to.
I want to watch.
Go upstairs.
Can I get you some honey
in your tea?
That'd be great, thank you.
Why are you dressed...
Say something, Eric,
you're... you're, uh...
You're scaring me.
We're going for a boat ride.
Woman: Stop!
You're gonna kill him!
You're gonna kill him!
Eli, stop!
Eli, there's a way to do this!
Let me do this!
Don't ever touch me!
Don't ever touch me again!
Eli, put the gun down.
Eli, put the gun down.
Hey, Clara, just calling to
remind you about lunch.
I guess I'll see you at
the white elephant at 1:00.
All right, see you then.
That's his girlfriend.
I'll be there instead.
Eli, put the gun down.
This is her number.
Call her when I tell you.
Tell her to pick up Clara
from here.
Mr. Doyle, have you met your
new upstairs neighbor, Eli?
Not me. Her.
Oh, hi.
Yes, we've met.
I moved in yesterday.
You must have been out.
I need a three-letter word
meaning zero.
- Nil. N-i-l.
- Duh.
I love puzzles.
You'll be sharing the bathroom,
Mr. Doyle,
so please put the toilet seat
back down.
I have a brother.
Nothing shocks me.
How about this clue?
17 across.
"The liquor used
in a whale's orgasm,
a Cape Cod drink.
Five letters."
I didn't know whales
had orgasms.
Oh, yeah.
Try vodka.
Love to.
Got some?
- Johnson.
- A body has just been found.
White female, 30s.
And, Doyle, there's a word
cut into her back.
You sure it's a word?
Yeah. The word "why."
There's the woman
who found the body.
Did you get through
to your friend?
What's her name?
Post a couple of your men
to watch our backs.
It's my guy,
he may have set a trap.
Whoever did this
may still be around.
Keep your eyes peeled,
make sure no one approaches.
It's stressful, you know?
If you really want to know,
this is really stressful.
I've never seen
a dead body before.
They're here.
You in place?
Yes. Get ready.
Oh, my god.
Her name's Clara Burke.
She's Melissa's best friend.
I have to warn her.
- Hello?
- Melissa, hi.
This is Eric cook,
Clara's morning massage client.
I know that she was planning
on meeting you for lunch.
She's wondering if you could
just pick her up at my place.
225 Hulbert Avenue.
Okay, okay.
Uh, 225 Hulbert ave?
- And she'll be waiting for you.
- Okay, thanks.
- Hey.
- It's me, Doyle.
I know.
I saw you called.
I was at the studio.
- Where are you now?
I'm at the white elephant now,
but I have to go pick up Clara.
What do you mean?
Oh, her morning client called
and said she needed a ride
from his place.
What's the address?
Uh, 225 Hulbert?
Okay. I want you to walk
to the water right now,
look to the right
past the hotel.
My place is the safe harbor
guest house.
Wait, I have to go get Clara.
Please do as I ask.
It's me. I'm a cop.
My place is the safe harbor
guest house.
I want you to ask for miss cash
and sit tight.
There's been another death.
We'll send a squad car
to pick you up
and take you to the station.
We'll take care of Clara.
Why don't you just tell her?
I don't want her
to have a panic attack.
20 minutes.
I want you to be safe.
Call me if there's any problem.
Perry: What do you mean
you lost her?
I'm almost back at the house.
Find her!
I've got her.
Pull the boat up to the town
ramp at children's beach.
Clara, I can't pick you up,
so, um, I'm gonna send a cab
for you, but call me.
Call me when you get this.
Melissa, hi.
I thought that was you.
I met you at your art gallery.
I was the one who spilled
the wine, remember?
A-are you looking
for Doyle?
Yeah. We... no.
Miss cash, actually.
Oh, I just gave her
a ride to town.
Can I... can I give her
a message?
Um, no.
I need to make a phone call.
I'm sorry to hear about Clara.
You don't know?
I just heard about it in town.
What?! They found her
body on the beach.
She was... I'm so sorry.
She was killed.
The police are investigating.
This morning.
Murdered this... this morning.
No, no.
I thought that you knew.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my god, are you all right?
Come... come here.
I can't...
I can't... I can't...
I'm so sorry.
Come here and sit, sit.
I have to send help.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, god. Oh, my god.
Oh, god.
I think someone's
trying to kill me.
I think...
No, no, no.
I think whoever killed Clara,
I think he called me!
I think he called me
this morning.
I think... oh, god, he just
called me this morning.
I'll call the police.
No! No!
No, no.
Just come sit down.
- Is she all right?
- I don't know.
- I know her.
- I'll call for help.
Melissa, it's Heather.
Change of plans.
Dump the boat.
The car will be here.
I don't think so, Mr. Doyle.
I'll call 911.
No, no, no, I want you
to take me with you.
Okay, okay.
Kids, back in the car now!
I'll come with you!
Hey, Nantucket. This is Kate
with your local forecast.
We've got a nor'easter
moving in as I speak.
Now, I want to make sure you get
this prescription filled.
I will.
Thank you, Tim.
Did you call the police?
- Yes.
Doyle's meeting us at his place.
I'll drive you there.
Oh, uh, my...
My... my phone.
No, no, no, no, I found it.
It's in our car.
I called my brother.
- Hi.
- Hey.
This is him.
- Oh, hi.
- Let's go.
Melissa, this is Perry.
- What's Lola's last name?
- Doyle.
Doyle is d-o-y-l-e.
- y-l-e.
Yes, I know how to spell
your last name.
He's spelling my name.
Well, check it out.
What if the circle on the back
of the duchess is an "O"
and today's word, "why," that
he carved on Clara's back
stands for the letter "Y"?
And the number 1 on
Maggie's back is an "L."
And this 3 here
is a backwards "E."
You got it.
But we got to get this guy
before he gets to "D."
I want you off my island.
Until then, I just talked
to your commissioner.
You will do nothing to further
this investigation
without my permission.
Now, do you have a problem
with that?
This might be your island,
but this is our case,
and this guy right here
is a good cop.
You carrying a weapon?
You have been judged
and found wanting.
What does that mean?
Writing in the other room.
Phrase in Sanskrit.
Maloney, you stay with me.
Doyle, go with Johnson,
get your files.
Check it out.
All right, listen up.
I want a full briefing
in my office in one hour!
Let me see it.
- Melissa!
- I got her.
She left the cottage hospital
20 minutes ago.
What'd she check in for?
Panic attack.
Some "friend" told her
about Clara.
Had a name?
Didn't give one.
Caucasian, blonde, in her 30s.
They also said Tony Ramos
had visitors yesterday...
A man and woman
looking for your aunt.
They cut off his finger.
It's them.
This is father Richard Riando.
I've got a woman here who gave
me your phone number.
- Is it her?
- She's in there.
At least I think it's her.
I'll keep watch out front.
We got 15 minutes
before the briefing.
You lied to me.
You said you weren't Lola.
And because of that, a friend
of mine was killed today.
Come on out!
Hands where I can see them.
No, it's Tony.
For this finger,
I'll cut off his head.
When you go after them,
you call me.
And you, tell him
what you told me.
So, it's Beth, right?
After your mother died,
your father and I became close.
My husband was an animal.
Your father was an angel.
He saved me.
Girl: Mommy?
- What?
- Frank, get up, get up.
It's Beth. Come on, get up!
- Mommy?
Mommy, I'm home!
- One second, baby!
Mommy will be right there!
Hi, baby!
There you are.
How's my girl?
How was school?
What's going on, frank?
Look, Tim, let's go outside.
Piece of shit.
Dude, you're drunk.
You don't want to be doing this.
Come here.
Stay here, okay,
and protect your baby brother.
Tim, stop!
Tim, listen to me!
Tim, stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
You'll kill him!
Tim: Bitch!
With my brother!
With my fucking brother?!
I'll kill you!
What have I done?
So, Beth is killing people
to get back at my father?
For killing her father.
She wrote about it.
The doctors said
she... Disassociated,
but she's...
I don't know what she is.
You have no idea
how much she hates us.
Look at that picture.
That day at the beach.
Look what she did to our family.
"Five fold misery.
What he hath done
must be done to him."
That's not what the Bible means.
They've twisted it.
Beth and...
and her brother, Perry.
He was just a baby when Tim
died, don't you remember?
She raised him, not me.
I couldn't.
When was the last time
you saw them?
Hadn't been for years.
Then last year,
she tried to kill herself.
He came back to save her.
She tried to do it again,
so now he does what she wants.
They burnt my place down,
so I ran away.
I came back here.
I hid.
And rose & crown?
Was a place that Tim and I
used to meet.
I had some earrings made,
and I gave them to Beth.
Why didn't you tell me
about them?
I've never told anybody
I didn't know how to.
I'm a drunk, Jimmy.
I killed your uncle...
Not your father.
I stabbed him.
I saw my father with the knife.
I saw him.
He was choking me.
I couldn't breathe,
and I grabbed for something.
I didn't mean to.
Jimmy, I'm so sorry.
Sorry for your sister
and your partner and...
Find Beth.
And you tell her...
You tell her that I did it.
I killed him.
You tell her the truth.
Johnson: Doyle.
We got to go.
If I tell you something,
you promise not to hurt them.
You promise me, Jimmy!
Man: You got five minutes.
Just grab every box you got.
Can you help me?
Johnson, you got this?
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Go get your files.
Are you looking for Melissa?
Oh, don't be silly.
I'm completely covered.
Come in.
This is hers.
Oh, yes, it is.
Take it.
Uh, she left it in my car.
I... Took her
to the hospital.
I was the one who told her
that Clara was dead.
Poor thing.
Where's Melissa now?
I've been trying her.
At a girlfriend's.
Uh, Heather something.
Grab me a towel, and I'll get
dressed and show you.
Help me out.
It's slippery.
A rose.
I'll be down the hall.
Johnson, my cousin's
here, back room.
Watch the fire escape.
- Just arrest her.
- I can't.
They've got Melissa.
This looks like... I don't
know... some kind of puzzle.
I remember.
You like puzzles.
Want to ride over with me?
Oh, I'm sorry. I can't,
but I'll be happy
to draw you a map.
I know exactly where she is.
I got to use the bathroom.
Don't forget to put
the toilet seat down.
Johnson! Eli Morrison.
She's out here on foot.
I got her car keys, wallet,
and cellphone.
Let me know when you have her.
- Where you going?
I'm going to find Melissa.
Mr. Johnson!
- Hey!
Someone stole your car!
Doyle: Tony.
Did you get my message?
Tony: Yeah, brother.
I'm here and so is he.
Should we wait for the cops?
- No.
We can handle this.
- He's up there!
- You okay?
Listen, I want you
to head up that side.
I'm gonna draw his fire
over here. Come on.
I'm not here to fight!
Okay, go!
I have a message
from your mother!
I saw her today!
She told me a story!
You think you know the story,
but you don't!
It all ends here!
No more lies!
- Okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Just in case.
If they catch you,
they will kill you.
At the end of the pond.
Second you get service,
call the police.
- Okay.
- Go!
Hey! Hey!
Your mother tried to make me
promise I wouldn't hurt you.
I couldn't make that promise!
I got your girlfriend!
If you move, I'll kill you.
Drop your gun.
Drop it!
Where is she?
You're gonna watch her die
like you watched my father die
when you stabbed him.
It's my name you're spelling.
Carve it on me!
Don't move!
My father didn't
kill your father.
Your mother did.
She told me!
She wanted you
to know the truth!
- Liar!
- Hey!
No. No.
No. No.
It's melting.
What is?
What is?
I see him.
No. No.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
I can't.
He's my brother.
You're my brother.
It's true.
Your mother told me
today in church.
You're my father's other son.
Melissa: Clara wanted her ashes
to be scattered in the sea,
but she also wanted a grave
in the ground
to share with friends.
So, let us all put something in,
something... Something that we
need to let go of
so that we can start
a new beginning.
Just like she has.
Billy: Okay, let's all raise a
glass to our favorite Irish lass,
and we'll toast to the sweetest
girl that ever lived.
Let's get out of here.
If you're around, Maggie...
pay me a visit.
A long one.
I brought death to this island.
I'm sorry.
I know you are.
Do you think you can forgive me?
I can.
I do.
I have something for you.
This is your father's
old camera.
There's film in it.
I think it's time you got
to know him.
So I can see what he was like?
Oh, he was happy.
We all were.
So, where do you go from here?
I became a cop because of what
I thought my father did.
Wanted to even things.
Turns out I didn't have to.
Well, you're free now.
You can do whatever you want.
When Eli was dying out there,
what did you say to her?
I said a prayer.
I didn't want to kill her.
I know.
You did it for me.
I'm sorry.
You should come back here.
I'm gonna miss you.
Tell you what.
If you want to come back,
you toss this penny
over the ferry
over at that light house
by Brant point.
It's good luck.
Turn around.
Well done, Mr. Doyle.
Sorry for doubting you.
At times, I doubted myself.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Couldn't have done it
without you, brother.
Thank you.
You know you got a little
something on your face there?
What's that, a little dirt?
No, it's a smile.
Be well.
Now what?
Man: Okay, here we go.
A penny for you, a penny
for you, and one for you.
Remember, guys, wait until
we pass the lighthouse
before you throw them.
Come on, Jimmy!
Come on!
We're gonna miss it!
- Come on, Beth.
Take my hand.
Hurry, hurry.
Jimmy, Beth, come on.
Here's a penny for you
and one for you,
and remember, you guys, wait
until we pass the lighthouse.
- Come on, get her a penny.
- Come on, for what?
All right, when you see
the lighthouse, make a wish.
Make a wish we come back.
- Kids.
- Throw it over!
- Say goodbye to the coast guard.
- Bye, coast guard!
- Goodbye, Nantucket.
- Bye, Nantucket.
I love you!