Grey Zone, The (2001) Movie Script

You have anything to drink?
Are you drinking there?
- Cover his head anyway.
- Do as he says.
And what is this?
Get back down there.
We knew him.
- Get back... inside, both of you.
- I'd like to stay.
If they notice we're up here, you'll
wish you were him if you don't already.
We don't need the doctor.
Go! We don't need you.
He's dead.
I said he's dead.
He's alive.
If he's alive,
I'm treating him.
Did anybody tell you
to get him?
I didn't need to be told.
Did anyone say
"Go for the doctor"?
There's no point in arguing.
You see.
Do it.
No! Please, no!
Easy, now. Easy.
What he wanted, that's all.
Don't come for me anymove.
Ask me for nothing.
That's easy.
Make sure
they get his number.
Thank you.
Take the pack.
They're Hungarian.
I like our cigarettes.
It's shit tobacco.
I like ours.
What they need to do is invade Turkey
and then you'll taste a cigarette.
Get going.
You trust the Poles?
What do I care?
The Poles.
They don't trust the Poles.
They don't trust anyone in Number 3.
I can't say.
I'm Hungarian.
But you're here.
So because I'm
with the Poles?
Rosenthal's worried. He's gonna say
that we don't have the time.
I know, we don't have time.
They wait for lulls.
- Lf the front...
- That's not gonna happen for us.
- No one really knows that...
- Never.
There's planes almost
every day now.
Not for us.
The Russians get 10 km from here we're
the first to go right out to the pyres.
Everyone keeps saying that.
Believe it.
You're dead already, either way.
It's just a matter
of deciding how.
You have gold?
Of course. So I say?
Tell him it's not happening
is what you say.
Get back and tell them.
Move it out!
It's all a way of putting it off.
Do you need to be here?
Every day counts.
They've been on just as long
as we have. They could go before us.
- I don't understand him.
- He doesn't decide.
He goes along. As far as
I'm concerned... he's no different.
They'd heard
about the old man.
- Who?
- Abramowics.
- What'd he say?
- That... he'd heard.
- Have you told anyone?
- Everyone knows.
The Doctor had no business
there. A man takes pills.
Why are you two in here?
We're nearly finished.
Inside. Yes, nearly.
- But not completely.
- I suppose not.
So I ask the question again.
Three of our men
were shot this morning.
What business is it
of yours?
We're gonna need replacements
and Hungarians.
That's not your problem.
You say we're lazy or disrespectful, but
don't leave us the manpower for the work.
Moll shot Lowenthal,
one of our strongest men.
- You want things to go fast?
- Lf it's my neck.
We're going to be moving...
Why do you want to do that?
We're thinking of a reprieve.
Our group is happy
to remain here.
Why kill us now? We're
the best kommando you've had.
Did I say kill?
We both know
what we're saying.
So I'm a liar.
You're what you are.
It's not my decision.
Of course it's your decision.
No one is
to leave their areas.
You're telling me it's not
you're decision?
No one is to leave
their areas.
- The Doctor leaves.
- The Doctor is different.
There've been people
in the zones.
We haven't been.
We know what we see.
You're to keep with your units.
Each to each building.
- The bribes are taken.
- Nevertheless.
But we're going
to need replacements.
Get back inside!
Or I'll be replacing you.
We missed you this morning.
Missed me?
- The data are on your desk.
- Good.
We've arranged for more forms.
You should have said.
- I'm sorry we had to ask.
- Please.
- What about the lenses?
- They're on the way.
You are an astonishing
Thank you.
- That's not easy for you to hear.
- It isn't.
Something in you knows that our
situation is unique.
And as a scientist, you are
as true a one as I've known.
You understand
that when I'm sure every cell in your
body tells you to do otherwise.
They do.
This isn't our war.
Not mine.
Nor mine, I can assure you.
But to allow this all
to go to waist.
I understand your position.
Clearly, you do more than that.
As you wish.
There is no meaning.
We're going to be increasing
the volume of our research.
I shall need more staff.
Then you shall have more staff.
- Pardon?
- You want to say...
- It's...
- Yes?
We had discussed last time.
Of course.
This gets you anywere
in the camp.
- You wait until now?
- Me?
- This is too wrapped up.
- I got it that way.
- From whom?
- I never saw her face.
Where's Tsipora?
Where is she?
And that's all I know.
I'd never seen her before.
- But they have her.
- I said that's all I know.
There's no way they don't.
I know Tsipora. They won't get
a thing out of her.
It doesn't matter.
The point is keep going.
They'll find us like they found her
and until then we get in.
It's hard to guarantee
how much we'll get anymore.
This is a chain.
You find another link.
I just said we did.
We found a stupid link.
So what's the trouble?
You don't walk out
of there everday.
I do plenty more than that.
This isn't a contest.
Then don't make it one.
I'm prepared for anything, Dina.
- And so am I.
- You should be.
So, is there a problem?
If they find us, what do they
do with the rest of our group?
You're risking your own life.
Why should we risk theirs?
You both act
like we put everyone in here.
I don't make you do anything.
Be like them, both of you.
That isn't
what she's saying.
The whole barracks will be punished.
They'll be before they're killed.
Just like us.
What's the fucking difference
when you're dead anyway?
We made the choice,
they haven't.
I'm not listening
to this anymore.
Make sure these get into the cart.
How many bodies are there?
You see, that's good.
The more bodies the better.
Get it?
I'll just take these two.
Is she right?
Of course she's right.
What have you been thinking
for the past two months?
I just wish I could slap the shit
out of her is all.
Ist ein problem?
Ist ein problem?
Kine Problem.
I feel sorry for the world
if we don't win the war.
It's your position.
Men are tribal.
We'll end that.
There'll be one one tribe.
No war.
There've been wars
within your tribe.
Rhoem? The Night
of the Long Knives.
You know a good deal
about Germany.
That, of course,
was a putsch.
What's the difference?
A putsch is not a war.
It's a kind of war.
It's a putsch. If it meant war,
the word would be unnecessary.
Why have two words
for the same thing?
I'm German, you're Hungarian.
I should think I'd be the authority
in this room on the German language.
Of course.
In spite of your obvious
Of course.
There's a rumor around the Number 3
Crematorium there'll be a rebellion.
The Number 3?
That would involve the First.
That would involve all 4, originating
with the Poles in Number 3.
What would I know?
They think we're going
to kill them.
Don't you always?
This is the best kommando
we've had.
You let them kinow that.
They don't trust me.
You're their doctor.
I'm their doctor
but they know what I do.
What do they do?
They work under gunpoint.
I won't tell them
what I don't believe.
That we'll let them live?
That you'll let any
of us live.
What happens to you has little
to do with me.
You're treated well.
Better than anyone.
You should let us know.
- They're not going to...
- lf you hear anything.
That's all.
Did you ever consider, Herr
Oberschaarfuhere, that these
headaches might be related...
Yes? the increase, lately,
in the level of cargo.
Go on.
What I see in the courtyard, if
I just crack the window for some air.
Anyone would have diifficulty.
You shouldn't be looking
out of windows.
- I'm only suggesting...
- Yourjob is to diagnose.
If I get upset, if my head aches,
it's because I drink too much.
Then don't drink so much.
That's right,
I won't drink so much.
But that too should stay
between you and me.
- I would never...
- That's right, you would never.
Because you're just
as disposable as I am.
- Herr...
- I don't care! Shut up!
I don't care.
We're each of us a part of it.
Once any of you decide
to live this way.
And you especially.
Yes, Herr Oberschaarfuhrer.
Once you make that choice.
About half are in.
Max, you'll botch this.
We don't have any choice.
It started with them.
So a bunch of Poles
from Number 3 get to decide.
They get to stall it until it's right
for them, and it's our people.
Who is our people?
On the fucking trains.
- Because they're Hungarian?
- Yes.
That's because Hungary's the only
country with any Jews left.
But that's your reason?
If we were burning Polish
Jews you wouldn't care?
If we were burning Polish Jews
we wouldn't be waiting.
What's another week
to these guys?
Another ten thousand Hungarians?
They don't care about us.
We're all after
the same thing, Max.
It doesn't seem like it.
Here he is.
It was hell getting over.
How is it over there?
They're locking us all in.
- Who said?
- Lopkowitz.
They're getting ready
to liquidate another section.
Which one?
I'd guess one of the Czechs. Better for
them, anyway. They're all starving.
Give me some vodka.
What's this?
Hungarian wine.
We got it in today.
Any gold?
They haven't come back yet.
Look here.
Check out the diamonds.
- I was gonna get it smelted, but...
- But what?
Smelt it.
Looks like we got some god food in.
Smoked oysters, meats, a few cakes.
We should do alright tonight.
We hear you got
more machine guns.
- Who told you?
- Hoffman found out.
- Were you gonna tell us?
- Of course.
Doesn't seem like it.
He just said explosives.
Why do you think I came?
Because Hoffman told you
to come.
No. I told Hoffman.
They were left inside the fence by
the partisans. And twenty grenades.
Who has them now?
We do.
So we don't give any more of ours,
you guys are better off now.
When did we ever need
from you?
So what's this business
about waiting?
- We have to re-coordinate.
- Why?
I don't like the way
you talk with me.
You don't like
the way I talk?
I don't like
the way he talks.
Wait, you don't like the way I talk?
It's difficult to understand?
Why are we re-coordinating?
- We have more guns.
- We had guns.
You think the partisans aren't
wondering why we've done nothing?
You think the women aren't wondering
with the powder they've got in?
- The machine guns.
- So?
Wait. Who? Us?
You think you think
we'll escape?
With guns.
So we kill more of them.
Destroy three of the crematorium.
And get out.
Is that what you're after?
If I get the chance,
fuck yes.
You tell them, if this is
about escape, we're out.
How can you speak
for all of us?
You gonna speak for yourself?
Are you serious?
What, you're gonna go back
to your normal life?
Forget that. The point
is it doesn't make any sense.
You live to tell.
You're not going to live.
You won't make it to the Vistula.
Others have made it.
Others from the camp,
not from the kommandos.
They'll give up on someone
from Buna, or the camp,
but not anyone who's been
inside the crematorium.
What we could tell they'll
turn Poland upside down.
If we want to accomplish anything,
it has to be one thing.
One end.
And that's the machinery.
You've got to tell them this.
And there's no time left.
Do they know that?
Kommando 8 lasted
three months and a week.
Not with this kind of cargo.
Even Moll admits...
Moll's not going to tell you.
And with them locking us in,...
Do you hear this?
You don't even speak German.
What the fuck does
that matter?
I speak enough.
And I speak Yiddish.
- You speak Yiddish?
- From the Poles.
You heard from the Poles!
Shut up!
Mussfeld told me they
are gettting ready to move us.
No group has lasted more
than four months.
- All he's saying is...
- I know what he's saying.
We could be massacred waiting,
like every other group,
thinking we're different.
Which'll be worse even
than trying to escape.
We can tell them
we can work this out.
But it has
to be the crematorium.
Then they can do whatever they want.
You can run to hight heaven.
But after we've done
the buildings.
I'd like a bottle
of that wine.
Give us the necklace.
Oh, c'mon.
It's good wine,
you fucking Yid.
You won't get that smelted and it'll be of
no use. We can get something for it.
- Two bottles.
- Fuck you.
Hoffman, give him two bottles.
Be careful.
They're liars.
What are they gonna lie about?
He wanted to keep the necklace.
He thinks he's going to live.
We're a fucking diversion.
These are Jews.
You keep saying that, Simon.
You trust Jews anymore?
No one would make it?
Suppose even you do.
Do you want to look anyone in the face
if any of your family's even alive?
What you've done
for a little more life.
For vodka and bed linens.
Anja, listen to me,
you're gonna die anyway.
We're dead.
They'll find the powder.
Don't say anything.
No matter what they do.
Don't say anything.
I love you.
This process of disinfecting is of
vital importance to your health.
One louse can kill you.
Cleanliness brings freedom.
You're all fine.
The quicker you get undressed, the
quicker you'll be cleaned, settled,
and reunited
with your families.
Filthy liar.
Remember the number of the hook
you hang your clothes on.
He's a liar.
I can't believe it's
Jews doing this.
He's lying everyone.
He's a liar.
Stop it.
You should listen
to your wife.
Think what you want to think,
but don't cause trouble.
- I'm causing trouble?
- Please.
Look me in the eye and tell me
I'm not gonna be killed.
Hang your clothes on the hooks and keep
them separate from your neighbors.
I'm gonna die, but I'll have lived
longer than you ever will.
You're dead already.
Be quiet. You think you're
gonna change something?
- That's right, what does it matter?
- At least I'll die with my dignity.
- Morris.
- Stop it!
At least I'll die
with my dignity.
How'd you get through
with here with that?
The watch, is what.
They'd have killed your whole car.
What does it matter?
See what you've done for yourself
now? Give me he watch.
Give it to me.
You're bathing.
Why do you need the watch
in there?
Get it from me after
of the Nazis will.
- Do as he says, Morris.
- We always do what everyone says.
I'm not giving you anything.
You're attracting
more attention.
Tell me, tell me I'm gonna live,
you fucking Nazi.
Tell me I'm gonna live.
Morris, give him the watch.
He's a liar, everyone.
These Jews are all Nazi liars.
And now he wants
to steal my watch.
- Give me the watch!
- No.
All I want is the fucking watch!
No! Give him the watch!
Alright, let's keep it moving.
Remember what hooks you hang
your clothes on.
The hooks are numbered. You'll need
to return once you've showered.
Keep your shoes tied together by
their laces so you don't lose them.
The sooner you shower, the sooner
you'll be fed and reunited.
Move it, move it!
Keep moving inside.
Move it!
Move it! Move it!
Do you want a drink?
No, thank you.
- You have work.
- Yes.
Always so young.
Adult siblings move away
from one another.
- How's it going?
- Alright.
He'll make twins?
With German women?
That's the goal.
What's this?
A gall stone.
What are you keeping it for?
He takes an interest
in such things.
- He collects them?
- I suppose.
In jars?
That's how I'm giving it to him. What
he does with it after is his business.
So, have you heard anything?
Heard anything?
- I mentioned last time.
- I told you...
They don't speak to me.
You found your wife and daughter.
Who told you?
Does it matter?
I don't suppose.
You've been several times.
Brought blankets, medicine.
In C-camp, is it?
- He gave you a pass.
- Yes.
What did you think
of it over there?
Did you tell them
what goes on here?
Of course not.
Do they have any idea?
How couldn't they?
Everyone talks.
- You denied it.
- I did.
It's best.
They're going
to be liquidating C-camp.
Who said?
Cuts in administration.
There's not enough food.
In the next two weeks.
We dispose of food.
The order is the order.
The entire section.
Two weeks?
That's what I said.
I'll speak with...
What does he have to do
with who stays and who goes?
What does he have to do...?
Because he gave you a pass?
I can assure you it
won't be allowed.
It will be easy to save them.
If there is an uprising
in this camp there will be a massacre
that will far outweigh
anything done to us.
These men will suffer.
That's a strange remark.
We let them live.
For a time.
Even if I...
they don't.
Someone will speak.
I want to know you'll help me.
If I'm spoken to.
Whatever you hear.
As for your wife and daughter,
we must go to KZ Administration
and get them transferred.
Find out which are
the safe convoys out.
They're sending some west
to the munitions factory.
Have them volunteer.
They will be chosen.
It's safe?
I'm telling you I will make it safe.
That's what I'll do for you.
They must keep it a secret,
- Lf everyone volunteers...
- I know.
They save themselves,
that's all.
Just like you.
You and your gall stone.
Your gall stone of a Jew.
How did you get the powder
from the plant?
How did you get the powder
from the plant?
It doesn't matter how they
got the fucking powder.
What we need to know
is where it's headed.
I'm asking her that.
You think I don't have ears?
You're asking her where it came
from. It came from the plant.
The plant wants to know.
Of course the plant wants
to know.
They should have wondered
that before it happened.
You'll kill this one, too before
she tells us who has it now.
Where was the powder headed?
Where was the powder headed?
This is what you want?
You're going to kill me anyway.
You won't be so lukcy.
We will do worse to your entire
block, after we're done with you.
Why don't you just gas them?
Revive her.
I got the girl.
You two got a date?
I said take the fucking body.
Why are you up here?
There's a girl...
I said what are you doing
up here?
There's a young girl on that cart
who survived the gas.
She's still breathing.
She'll be burned alive.
We're taking this one.
What do you mean, taking?
I mean taking the body.
Let me get the hair.
I said we're taking her,
hair and all.
If she leaves with hair,
I need to know why.
She's a twin.
What's the trouble?
I need this body
for the Doctor.
So let him get the hair.
What is it with you people?
We're taking now, with the hair.
If she's a twin,
where's the other one?
The other one was caught
before she got on the lift.
And why was she killed?
I thought they were taken alive.
Are you saying I'm lying?
I've kept this unit alive
nine months.
What do I care?
So you're alive.
We're all alive.
We're all shitting gold.
Make your fucking point.
I don't want trouble.
If you want trouble, send me down
to the Doctor with her head shaved.
Take her. What do I care.
Help them.
No, we've got her.
I said we fucking have her.
This will foul everything.
It's blood on our hands.
It's a goddam distraction.
And what do we do with her?
We figure that out.
We'll have to hide her.
And not just from them,
but from some of us, too.
We do not have time
to be dealing with this.
She was inside.
It'll be and she'll never make it.
What are you thinking?
I'm not going to kill her,
Just think think if they found her
in the barracks, which they will,
because you'll never keep her
without it'll be worse.
How can that be worse?
Worse for her.
what they'll do to us.
She's not even conscious. She goes
the way she would have gone.
Meet us at the store room.
I can stop you, Max.
Stop me, then. Do it!
You know we're not killing her.
Where's Schlermer?
Down the corridor.
Where's she?
He won't bring her in until
he talks with the Doctor.
Why? Get him.
Who's gonna watch?
What's to watch?
There's no one in the hall.
He won't let anyone near her.
You'd better get her in here.
I know what you think.
It's not the same.
He's scared.
We'll put her on this table.
If anyone were to find out...
I know.
We're not murderers.
I know that.
We're sorry.
I hadn't been here long enough.
- I'm talking about...
- I know what you're talking about.
- Of course.
- It doesn't mean I'd act differently.
I've aborted suicides before
and would again.
- I understand.
- Anywhere.