Grigris (2013) Movie Script

Grigris! Grigris!
Hey, Grigris.
- Bravo, cool!
- The cash, the cash!
What's that look for?
That was amazing!
When you dance, man,
it's awesome! I tell you!
Did you make much?
No, not enough.
Not enough?
The hat was full, wasn't it?
No, they were old notes. It's...
Ah, I see. Old notes? Right!
Y'know, this guy,
he's my main man, right?
If you ever try to rip him off,
I won't be happy.
Got it?
Got it?
Get up, it's prayer time.
Let him sleep.
He's got his whole life to pray.
Do what you like, Ayoub,
but my son, he has to pray.
Pray! Pray! Pray!
Do you take me for a fool, or what?
You shouldn't smoke so much.
Yes, miss?
I've come for some photos.
Identity photos?
No, photos for a modeling competition.
A model?
Souleymane, help her. Please.
A model!
Aren't you the dancer?
- What's your name?
- Mimi.
I warn you,
they want rather special photos.
Move to the left.
Right a bit.
- Is that okay?
- Yes, perfect.
That's good.
Thanks for this. It's gorgeous!
Good afternoon.
Thank you.
You know,
you're like a son to me.
Everything I own is yours, Souleymane.
I'm leaving you my studio.
I know you'll make a great photographer.
Nowadays, everyone's a photographer.
Photography's done for.
I want to smoke.
light my pipe for me, please.
Light it, please.
what's the matter?
The hospital wants 700,000 francs.
700,000 francs?
Damn! Can't you see I'm busy!
What do you want?
I need money.
You think I've got
a money-making machine?
Ayoub's sick.
So what?
He's not your dad!
He's your mother's husband.
He's not your problem.
Ayoub is like a father to me.
How much do you want?
Thirty thousand.
Twenty thousand! That's all I can manage.
Thank you.
I've come for my photos.
I look stunning!
How did you do that?
Thank you.
They're sure to take me now.
What kind of name is Grigris?
A good luck name!
My real name's Souleymane Dm.
I'm from Burkina.
My mother's Chadian.
My dad's French, but I never met him.
I have to go.
Where do you live?
No, the brakes don't even work!
No, the brakes don't work!
Okay, tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.
Tomorrow at 4:00!
Can't you see I'm busy here?
Moussa! I need work.
You see those guys there?
They've got their two legs.
That work is dangerous.
You're a good guy. Right?
Sell fruit! Shine shoes!
Forget it.
- No, Moussa.
- What?
- Look at me!
- I'm looking.
I saw! I saw!
- Can you swim?
- Yes.
It'll be all right.
Here's the prescription.
I haven't a penny left.
Come on! Come!
What's up, babe? Come on.
Earlier, you thought I was gorgeous.
Why don't you want me anymore?
Stop it!
You Want me to beg?
Darling. Come on!
I don't want to.
What's wrong?
Come on, darling!
Hey, what's going on?
Cool it!
What's up? Cool it!
I don't want to fight!
Show some respect!
Grigris, come dance with me?
D'you want to come with me, huh?
You know, I like you.
I like you, you know.
You're not like everyone else.
You're not like the others.
You, you're different.
I like you being different.
Where you going?
On form?
This is Grigris, okay?
He's gonna work with us.
So, we've got a new guy with us.
He's my man, right?
It's his first crossing.
So I'll go with him.
Say the Al-Fatiha!
Say us a prayer.
Don't panic, Grigris!
Pull him over here! He's drowning!
I'll untie his jerry cans.
He's a jerk, he's not up to this.
You said you knew how to swim!
As soon as we're out of here,
you're fired!
Hurry up!
Move it, move it!
Come on, pull!
Watch out, the police are coming!
Okay, let's go!
This is not a job for you.
You're fired.
You can't do that to me!
Get off me.
Get off.
You're fired.
That was great!
I loved it.
Totally crazy.
Here, this is for you.
It's my number.
You'll call me?
You promise?
Sort the coins into tens.
Count out loud.
Out loud!
That's right.
Someone's at the gate.
Put them away! Quick!
What are you doing here?
Never ever come to my house, okay?
What d'you want?
If you can't speak, leave!
Moussa, give me a second chance.
You? A second chance?
When I asked can you swim,
you said yes.
Right? Yes.
I take you to the river to work-
Look at me when I'm speaking!
I take you and you sink like a rock,
damn it!
This is a business. A business, right!
You want a second chance?
Please, Moussa. I know how to drive.
You know how to drive?
With that dead leg, you can drive?
If you mess up,
if you ever show me up again...
I'll never be a model.
It'll be all right.
They turned me down.
They said I'm too fat.
Do you think I'm too fat?
D'you want to come to my place?
It's hot, huh?
You're not hot?
Who's that?
Why do you do this job?
She's got to eat, Mimi.
You think she does it for pleasure?
Moussa, the police are on my tail.
What do I do?
I said right behind me. What do I do?
Got it.
In my arms!
Good job, man!
You did well, there!
You drive like a pro.
Good work!
Perfect! Perfect!
Know what?
I know I can count on you now.
I love that smell!
Tonight, I'm treating you!
Is that for me?
How are you?
- Who's that?
- My girlfriend.
- She's your girlfriend?
- Yes.
She's everybody's girlfriend.
Grigris! Stop!
Follow her and you're fired.
Girls like that, they've been around.
Even I've tried her out, see?
Everyone's tried her.
If you want a woman get a real one,
not one like that.
Leopard-skin! She looks like a whore.
She is a whore!
Drop it, man.
If you're with me,
it's 'cause you're all right.
She's trash, the pits, right?
The pits.
Here, cheers, man.
Hey Lili! That's great.
Come on.
Cheers all the same.
You see, get serious!
You're my man.
They're bringing you a fork.
You're struggling there, right?
Lili! Cheers!
Come on, cheers!
- Angry!
- Very angry.
Over here.
- Have you come to pay your debts?
- No.
How is Ayoub?
Not good.
What do you want?
I've got gasoline.
- Gasoline?
- Yes.
Come inside.
Good luck!
Count it if you like.
It's fine.
I deducted what you owed me.
Thanks very much.
All this cash!
All this cash! All this...
The police...
They beat me up.
They took the gasoline.
They took it all!
All of it!
Where are the cans?
Where are the cans?
I said where are the cans?
What did I say? What did I say?
The jerry cans, you guard them!
The cans, you guard them!
How many were there?
How many?
How many?
- Loads!
- Too many?
Too many?
Too many? You sure?
Look at me!
If you're messing,
if you're lying to me,
if you're lying to me, Grigris,
I'll kill you!
I'll smash your head on this hood!
Got it?
Give me the keys!
Fuck off!
It's Moussa who sent me.
To prove your innocence,
you've got to swear on the Qur'an.
Good morning.
You're here at last.
- Is this your witness?
- Yes.
- What's your name?
- Ahidjo Moussa.
This is Grigris' witness.
Here is the Holy Qur'an.
He who commits perjury,
will suffer damnation.
Go ahead and swear.
In the name of Allah,
I am telling the truth.
Damn me if I am lying.
Traitor! Bastard!
Move it.
I've got a surprise for you.
He talked.
Get out!
Get in.
Get in the car.
Get in!
Disappear! Scum!
Get out!
Get out!
Move it!
You've got two days.
If you don't return the gasoline,
Moussa says to kill you.
Shit! What happened?
Did Moussa do this?
Why don't you report him?
Let's call the police.
We've no other choice.
Look what he did to you!
He's a brute.
Why did he do this?
Can I sleep here?
But I won't be back tonight.
I ran into Moussa.
He hit me.
He knows you're hiding here.
He'll kill us both
if you don't pay him back.
Why not call the police?
What's your plan?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
You think you can stay here forever?
I'm not your mother!
- I'll miss you.
- Me too.
Take care.
You too.
If they come, swear you'll say nothing.
- Trust me.
- You know nothing.
Are you okay?
I've missed you!
You came at last!
- How are you?
- Well!
Fantastic! You haven't changed!
- I'm so happy to see you.
- Me too.
All's well?
- Darling!
- Let me introduce you.
Fifi, my best friend.
She's like a sister to me.
Are you well?
Welcome to our village.
I'm Mimi's husband.
You didn't even invite me
to your wedding!
How's your husband?
The men are in the fields.
They'll only be back after the harvest.
- And the children?
- They're all here.
Why did you say I-
we were married?
Hey, you!
Tell me it's okay!
- It's delicious.
- I'm so glad.
It almost picked something up,
then pfft!
It always lets you down
just when you want to listen.
But without a radio,
you're completely out off here.
At times I miss the city.
But I'm happy here
and get to sleep at night.
Do you love him?
Does he know?
Does he know who you are?
Then don't ever tell him!
With men, you never know
what tomorrow will be.
What's up?
- Fatim, peace be upon you.
- Upon you too.
Are you all right?
When was your last period?
Dunno. About two months ago.
I never knew my father.
I don't want the same for my kids.
I can't keep it.
I'll be the father of your child
and you'll be my wife.
But I'm a whore!
Do you understand? A whore!
Here, you're a woman
just like any other.
Sooner or later,
you'll resent me for my past.
Calm down!
Never mind.
You are our sister.
We welcome you into our community.
Your presence will swell our numbers.
We thank you for choosing our village.
The baby you are carrying is our joy.
Accept these gifts.
Thanks, thanks.
- I'm your princess?
- Yes.
- I'm your sunshine?
- Yes.
- I'm your life?
- Yes.
- You'd do anything for me?
- Yes.
Then say, Mimi, I love you!
Go on!
Why won't you ever?
Are you afraid?
Grigris is great. He loves kids.
He's so good with them.
If only our men were like him!
Our men, what a joke!
He hasn't even got a paunch!
What's up?
Can't you sleep?
I was thinking of my parents.
Don't worry. It'll be okay.
Fatim, have you seen Grigris?
Is something wrong?
What are you doing here?
Get off him!
Fatim! Help!
Get off him!
Women! Attack!
Women! Help!
Come quick, everyone!
Let him go!
Back off!
This has nothing to do with you!
Go back to your own business!
Back off!
Are you going to let him go or not?
- Leave him alone!
- Mind your own business!
Leave him now.
It's our secret. Till the grave.