Grim Woods (2019) Movie Script

Good morning, campers.
This is DJ Rockin' Roxy
coming at ya!
I hope you all are having
fun on the last day of camp.
It's been a great summer.
The weather outside today is
wonderful, it's very sunny.
Make sure you put on
your sunscreen.
Just wanted to let you
know that tomorrow
pickup time will be
at two o'clock,
so make sure you get lots
of rest tonight.
And I'm very, very happy
that I had all of you guys
out here at camp this year
and I hope to see you again
next year, it's been a blast.
So this is Rockin'
Roxy signing out
for the last time this summer.
That girl is on my mind
Since the first I
saw her face
Thought I would forget
- Dwayne, buddy,
what's going on?
What're you doing up
here all alone.
- I just don't feel like
going outside.
- Aw, come on.
You gotta open up to me.
You know, we're boys,
we're buddies.
Dwayne, you know what I mean,
- I haven't made
friends this year.
- You haven't made
friends this year.
I saw you talkin' to the
boys just a half an hour ago.
Let's go down stairs
and try to enjoy
the last couple hours
together that we have.
What do you say?
- Okay, I'll give it a chance.
- That's what I like to hear.
- Come on, guys, it's lunch!
- Ha!
- Oh my God!
What're you doing?
- What are you doing down here?
- I'm working.
Some of us actually get paid
to work around here, you know?
- That doesn't sound familiar.
- To you, Jody, I
didn't think so.
What if someone sees us?
- There's no one around.
- Still doesn't mean we should
be doing it here though.
You know?
- No?
Are you sure?
- Don't do that.
- It's nothing I
haven't seen before.
- Jody, I...
Hey, come here!
- What are you doing down here?
You're supposed to be
with your group.
- What do you got there, Stacey?
- I found it.
- Can I see it?
- What is it?
- Jesus.
We're gonna have to
hold on to this, Stacey.
- Give it back to me.
- Stacey, you can not keep this.
It's inappropriate.
- This isn't fair.
- I'm gonna take her
back to her cabin.
- It doesn't have to be fair,
- Hey, Natalie.
- Hey.
- Are you smoking?
- Eh, blame it on the
family genetics.
- Those things will kill you.
Can I have one?
- Sure.
- Yeah, all right.
- I didn't know you smoked.
- Yeah, I used to all
the time, so whatever.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Hey guys,
look what I got.
I know what we're doing tonight.
- What the fuck is that?
- Meet us down at the campfire
after the kids go to bed.
We have a little light
reading to do.
- Do you wanna go?
- Hell yeah, I'm in.
- Yeah?
You gonna go?
- Yeah.
- Okay, okay.
Mike, what is that?
Where'd you get that?
- You excited to read the book?
- Kinda.
If Michael's there.
- What're you talking about?
- He's in love with you.
Like obsessed, wants you
to have his babies level
of crazy in love with you.
- Okay, that's a little much.
- Hey, Michael and I need
couple friends.
I think it's great.
- Wait, you're a couple
now, officially speaking?
Is that what we're calling it?
- Well, we're working on it.
He'll come around.
- Okay, you tall freakazoid.
This is the story about
two camp counselors
At Elmwood
Camp, camp Elmwood
Sitting by the fire at camp
- Hey!
- About time you
girls showed up.
- Shut up, we made it.
- Natalie, you sit right
here next to Frank.
- Now that we're all here,
I'd like to turn your
attention to this.
"The Book of Nightmares."
There are some seriously
freaky shit in this thing.
child abductions,
I don't know where it came from
but prepare yourselves
for the creepiest night
of your lives.
- I can't wait!
- Who wants to read first?
- You should go, Mike,
this is your night.
- If you insist.
This one looks good.
It's called, "The Clown."
- Honey, come on, let's go.
Hey, Riley, come on in.
- Hey, Mr. Woodward.
How's the move?
- Well it's a work in progress.
It'll be nice once we
get the furniture here.
The kids are loving the
big, open space though.
Hey, what took you so long?
- I was just checking on Eric.
- Hey, Mrs. Woodward.
- Hi, Riley, are you all ready
for your big night of
- As always.
- We'll be back by midnight.
Eric's asleep for now.
And this is what I'm really
exciting to show you.
You can keep an eye on
them from the TV room.
We had this new app installed.
Come on, I'll show you.
You can watch the
kids from here.
Just hit 263.
- If you hit 222,
all the movies you
could possible dream of.
Keep an eye on him.
He hasn't been sleeping
great lately.
He had another minor
episode last week.
Brittany's in her room.
Make sure she's in bed by nine.
- Got it.
- Thanks, Riley, you're
doing me a huge favor.
I'm kind of in a lot of hot
water right now with the misses.
- You get that package?
I saw the delivery guy
come by earlier.
- I did, thank you.
- Well, good.
I'll keep an eye on it for you.
You don't have to worry.
You folks deserve a night
out after everything.
- Thanks, Jim.
- Yeah, you have a good night,
- That's our little Picasso.
It's going to be worth
a lot of money one day.
Don't listen to any of
her excuses, by the way.
When the movie's over I want
her in bed for the night.
- Rules are rules, I've
got you covered.
Do you have any salt and
vinegar chips?
- Ha, we do we have any
sel et vinaigre?
- Really, John?
20 minutes you leave
me out here?
- I didn't ask you to
come out here and wait.
- I hope you know what
you are doing.
- Relax, honey, I've
thought of everything.
Besides, the cops are
watching the neighborhood.
We need this.
- Brittany!
- I'm sorry.
- All right, missy, how
much longer is that movie?
Your dad says as soon
as it's over...
- You just got here though,
can I stay up?
- No you can't because if
you're up past midnight
you'll turn into a pumpkin.
- Stop it!
Stop it!
The movie just started, do
you wanna watch it with me?
- Can't, kiddo,
I've got a super important
paper due tomorrow morning.
What's with all this
weird stuff?
No wonder your brother's
freaked out all the time.
What the heck is that?
- What?
- It looks like there's
something sitting in your closet.
- Oh, that's just Freakshow.
- Freakshow?
- Freakshow, he's my friend.
He protects me at night
and tells me stories.
- So he's your doll then?
- Sort of.
- Okay then.
You are one sick kid.
- What?
- Nevermind,
I'll be back in an hour
and then it's lights out.
God, that thing is creepy.
- Freakshow?
Is that you?
- Hello?
- Hey, are you still
coming over?
- Why, what's the rush?
You miss me?
- No, actually,
there's not a single part
of me that misses you.
Not even a little.
What's taking you so long?
- I'm waiting
for my mom to go to bed.
She's still up.
- Oh, you rebel.
Well hurry, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Your my only...
- What?
- Brittany.
She has this freak clown
and now she's trying to
scare the crap out of me.
- What's the clown's name?
- Freakshow.
- Freakshow the clown?
That's so lame.
- Just get over here or
I'll hate you for life.
- Give me 20 minutes.
- You better be here.
- Freakshow!
- Brittany, what're you doing?
- I'm looking for Freakshow.
He left my room before
tucking me in.
- Don't be ridiculous, you're
just trying to scare me.
- No I'm not!
He's playing hide-and-go-seek
and you're it.
- Brittany,
Brittany, it's time for bed.
- I'm not going to bed
until I find Freakshow.
- This isn't funny!
We're going up to your
room and I bet you
Freakshow is right
where you left him.
Are you playing
tricks on me now?
- I told you he's hiding.
- That's it, I don't care
where your Freakshow is!
It's time for bed!
- No!
- Just go to bed!
- You're no fun!
- Brittany!
- I need to find Freakshow!
- No, Brittany!
- No, I won't go to
sleep without him.
- I'm warning you!
- Not without Freakshow!
Not without Freakshow!
- That's it, I'm
calling your dad!
- No.
- Mommy?
- Dear Lord, Eric,
what're you doing up?
- I heard noises.
- Brittany, see what you did?
That's it, movie's over,
go to bed now!
I'm definitely calling your dad!
Come on, Eric.
- Where's my mommy?
- Don't worry, she'll
be home soon.
- Is the Boogeyman here?
- No, Eric, there's no just
thing as the Boogeyman.
- Hey, Riley.
Oh my God, what seems to
be the matter?
- Ha, anyways, I don't mean
to interrupt your night out.
- Don't worry, Laurie
bumped into a couple
of her book club friends,
so I'm just sitting here
talking to the wall.
- It's not problem.
Brittany was acting up
earlier and woke up Eric.
- That kid, I tell you,
I am going to...
- That's fine.
I got her to bed but I
threatened to call you,
so I'm calling you, I guess.
- Don't worry, I'll deal
with her when we get home.
- She's never been that
way with me before.
She was going crazy
about her clown friend,
how he was missing.
- A clown?!
Riley, go upstairs and
get the kids now!
Take them across the
street to my neighbor, Jim!
I'll call you there.
- Wait, Mr. Woodward,
what do you mean?
It's just...
Don't ask questions, go!
- Oh my God.
We need to get the
hell out of here.
- That's the most heartwarming
hello you've ever given me.
- I didn't!
- You've been talking about
this guy's pool all week.
- You get Brittany and
I'll get Eric.
- Why are you whispering?
- Just do it!
- Watch out for the
killer clown.
- Eric, Eric, wake up.
- What's going on?
- We're going over to
your neighbor's house.
Don't you wanna see Uncle Jimmy?
- No, I'm tired.
- No, no, come on, it'll be fun.
Come on, kids, let's go!
- Run!
- Hello? Hello?
Please help, we're
inside the Woodward house
and there's someone
trying to kill us.
Please help us!
- I'm scared!
- Don't worry.
There's no way he can
get through that door.
There's a window.
- I can fit through, I've
done it before.
- What're we waiting for?
Let's go!
- But Riley.
- I gotta get you out first.
Holy mother of God!
Run, kids!
Run to the house!
- No!
- Get help!
- Let's go call for help.
- Riley?
Come on, come on, don't die.
Come on.
Get up.
- Mom, the Boogeyman
came to our house last night.
- Okay, honey, it's okay.
- Where's Daddy?
- Daddy's just gone over to
check on Riley and her friends.
He'll be back real soon,
I promise.
- The cops say that
they're on their way.
- Was it him?
- Sounds like it
- Goddamn it, I told them that
psycho was gonna come back
and not leave us alone!
How does this keep on happening?
What's going on?
- It's okay, Laurie.
- We have to go over there.
- No, no, it's too dangerous.
I already told John.
- I don't care!
- Look, let the
police handle it.
They'll find him.
You've got nowhere left to hide.
- You idiot.
This one's gonna cost you extra.
this is Officer Bradley,
car 176.
We got two bodies.
Better send in the coroner.
No sign of the suspect within
the immediate vicinity.
Contact supervision
and get them down here.
- Copy that, car 176.
Sending assistance.
- I'm getting too old
for this shit.
- Mr. Woodward!
Mr. Woodward!
Wake up!
Bobby, breathe!
Bobby, don't leave me!
- Good evening, sir,
could I speak to
Laurie Woodward?
- This is she, did
you catch him?
- Ma'am, we looked in the house.
There's no sign of
the babysitter
and we found two dead bodied.
- John?
- Can you come with us
to the station?
We have a couple of
questions about Riley.
- Why, do you think she has
something to do with this?
Is she involved in some way?
- We found a note written
in lipstick in the house.
- Well what did it say?
- "Now nothing and no
one can get in our way."
Does that mean anything to you?
- No, that's impossible,
it couldn't be!
- Come with us down to the
station and fill out a
We'll do everything in
our power to help you out.
Laurie, don't worry, we're
gonna get to the bottom of this.
- It's not a cop!
Get out of the car, the
cop's a killer!
Get out of the car, he's
gonna kill you!
It's him!
Get out of the car!
- Let me out!
- Okay, this is wrong, we
shouldn't be doing this crap.
- Chill out, Frank.
- I'm chill.
We should not be messing
around with this book anymore.
- Are you kidding me?
This is the greatest thing
that's ever happened to us.
This thing is amazing.
Look at it.
It's a relic.
- So, are you okay with this?
- I mean, it's kinda
creepy but I'm having fun.
- So you wanna stay?
- Yeah, we have to see
how this plays out, Frank.
- Come on, Frank, just sit down,
we're moving on to the next one.
Natalie will protect you.
- What the fuck did you
do that for, Frank?!
- Jody, no!
- It's fine.
It's not even hot.
- Oh, it's still perfect.
They really knew how to make
these things back in the day,
didn't they?
- Okay, are we ready to
keep going now?
- I really don't think that...
- Can you just try and
have some fun, please?
- Yeah, I guess.
For the record, I mean...
- For the record, we get it.
Can we keep going?
- Yeah.
Yeah, proceed.
- Okay, thank you.
Jody, it's your turn to read.
- I don't know about you,
but I see some sparks
flying over here.
- Just read.
- Okay, story time,
boys and girls.
This one's called "The
Gypsy's Curse."
- I think we pretty
much killed it.
We rode every ride twice.
You beat me at every game
at least once.
Home time?
- I think you're
forgetting one thing.
- No, no, we did the bumper
cars, the Ferris wheel.
- Uh-huh.
- I hate to tell you
this, I think that's it.
- Oh, I hate to tell
you this honey
but how will I ever know
that you're really the one
unless the great and
powerful Olga tells me so?
- You're kidding, right?
You don't believe in that crap.
- Oh, sorry.
We'd like two fortunes told,
- Only one.
- What?
- Only one at time.
- What did he say?
- I think he means only
one at a time can go in.
Is that right, only one?
- Is correct.
- "Is correct."
Did you get that?
- Yeah, I'll go in first
but depending what she
says in there,
I might be going home
alone tonight.
- Aw, don't be mean.
I'll just hang out with Lurch.
Good luck.
So, you got any hobbies?
- You sit.
You sit.
- Are you Olga?
- You sit and Olga will
tell you all she sees.
- Okay, I'll sit.
- Good, good.
A tea for you, my dear?
- Yes, please.
- Is boyfriend of
yours man outside?
- Yes, Kyle.
- Please, no need.
Olga sees all.
- This is fun, thank you.
- Now, we get to the
bottom was what you seek
and what you seek is the future.
- I'd love to hear
anything you can tell me.
Do I become a lawyer?
Do Kyle and I end up together?
- In time, child, in time.
- Sure, what do we do?
- First, the future is
not for free.
Five dollars, if you please.
- Oh, of course.
- You close eyes when
I tell you but first,
I will teach you to see.
- Is that how you
see the future?
- Close your eyes, child.
Olga sees all.
Now, take in a deep breath
Breathe in as deeply as you can
and let go only when you must.
I see a very beautiful woman.
She is bearing a red coat.
- My mom.
- Yes, child.
She is holding a tiny
baby in her arms.
On this day, she knows love.
- I miss her so much.
- I see no man in this picture.
Where is your father, my dear?
- He left us before I was born.
He didn't want me.
- You must forgive
yourself for this!
The sins of the father
do not belong to you!
- I know, I'm trying.
- The happiness you seek...
- What do I have to do?
- Close your eyes dear.
- Sorry.
- The boy that you
bring here today.
- Yes?
- Is a good man, he is
very good for you.
But I see wings of
steel in the sky.
Are you going on a trip?
- New college in the fall.
- When you leave, your
relationship will suffer.
He does not want you to go.
- I know, he keeps
forgetting pamphlets
for our college at my house.
He says he's happy for me but...
- He loves you very much.
- I know he does.
- Is not so simple.
When you go, it will be
too much for him.
- What are you saying?
If I go, he'll leave me?
- The only thing that is clear,
my child,
is that you have many big
decisions ahead of you.
- Will we stay together?
You need to tell me.
- No.
- What?!
What is it?!
Tell me what you see!
- Olga does not like
what she sees.
- Please, you have to tell me!
I want to know!
- Olga is not certain that
you want to know this future.
- Just tell me what you
see as you see it!
I want to know my future!
- I see clouds of darkness
in your future.
You will feel pain like
no other will feel pain.
In place of joy and love,
you will only experience
hardships and a broken heart.
When you leave, the
love from this boy
will quickly evaporate.
You are cursed for a
life of despair.
You will feel the shame
of an outcast.
Born into a harsh and
cruel world,
not knowing idea of love.
This is what awaits you.
There is no hope for you
to avoid of the collision
course of the life
that you have been born into.
- Please, no, there must
be something you can do.
I must have some sort of
choice in this.
- Olga is afraid that
it is too late for that.
Your future is smeared in black.
There is a curse above you
that lives above you forever.
This is your path.
- What is this, some sort
of joke to you?
I want my fortune told!
A good fortune!
I paid the money.
- We do not have a decision
upon our future, my dear.
- Fuck you, Olga!
I'm done!
- Hey, my turn now.
Was it good?
What'd she say?
- Can we go home please?
- What happened in there?
- Can you just take me home?
- Okay.
What'd she say?
- Nothing, I
don't wanna talk about it.
- Well, did she
something bad about me?
Because I feel like you're
throwing anger towards me.
- Just stop asking.
I just don't wanna
talk about it.
- Hey, cheer up.
It's supposed to be for fun.
You don't actually
believe that shit, do you?
- Well, yeah, I
was excited to go in there.
- Hey, can we just chat
for a second?
- I don't really feel
like talking.
- Text me later?
- Don't!
- What the fuck?
Hey, Rach.
- Join us as we journey
through space and time
and unravel the secrets
of the universe
to discuss the most
pressing matter
in the scientific world to date.
That time travel is sick!
- Sick!
- It is real, it is totally
amazing and it's possible.
You know why?
Because Stephen Hawking says so.
- Yeah, he did.
- Yeah, he's like smart.
He reads books and stuff.
- I wish I could.
- So the government
knows it's real
and are they gonna tell us?
No they're not.
Because what're we gonna do?
We're gonna cheat the lottery.
We're gonna avoid taxes
and we're gonna skip
out court dates.
All you need to do, take
a rocket, go to space
faster than the speed of light,
turn back around, come
back the other way.
Boom, back in time.
So, in conclusion,
Stephen Hawking's my boy, time
travel is real, we got an A.
- Boom!
- I hope we get an A.
- Great job, guys.
Well, that was interesting.
I think we've gone through
just about everybody.
So that leaves...
Lydnsy, are you all set?
- Thank you.
I chose to do my project on
the homelessness problems
within our city.
Just last year, there was
approximately 11 thousand
883 people living in the
risk of homelessness.
This is obviously a hug
problem for a lot of reasons.
Many of these people
can't find proper jobs.
They struggle day in and
day out to make ends meet.
I need to, I need to be excused.
- Hey!
You can't be here!
- What?
- It's private property.
- Where's Olga the Oracle?
- Show was last night,
- I know but I really need...
- You really can't be here.
Hey, Igor, sometime today!
Move it!
- Lydnsy!
I know you're in there.
What the fuck is going on?
Let me in now, please!
Babe, what's going on?
Why are you avoiding me?
You gonna tell me
what's going on?
Come here.
What's going on?
Are you okay?
You wanna tell me
why you're not answering
my calls or texts?
Whatever it is you're
going through,
not matter what it is,
we'll make it through,
I promise.
I didn't come here for
this, babe, I'm sorry.
- What?
- What's happening to you?
- What do you mean?
- You're just different.
- No I'm not, Kyle.
It's just me.
- I don't if I believe that.
- No!
- I can't do this, I'm sorry.
- Kyle!
- They're coming to get you,
- Stop it!
You're ignorant!
- They're
coming for you, Barbara.
- Stop it!
You're acting like a child!
- They're coming for you!
Look, here comes one
of them now.
- Are you tired of
paying high rent?
Are you tired of making
your landlord rich?
You deserve a methodical,
beautiful new home.
Call me, I have a deal for you.
Debbie Philips at 555-7698.
This key can be the key
to your new home.
A new life, your new home.
- Good afternoon, Debbie
Philips office.
How can I help you?
Certainly, yeah, we
can book you in
for a consultation with
Debbie anytime.
Debbie, honey, there's a walk-in
over there looking to buy.
- Hello, my name is
Debbie Philips.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, okay.
Would you like to come
into my office
and perhaps I can
help you there.
It's a work in progress
but the view aint too bad.
And what exactly were
you looking for today?
- What did you do to me?
- Excuse me, I'm...
Are you okay?
- I came to see you a
few weeks ago
and you told me about my future.
You said that there was a
black mark above my head
and that terrible
things would happen.
Why would you say that?
- I'm not too sure what
we're talking about here.
I did nothing to you.
You're gonna have to leave.
- You have to help me.
- I don't know what
you think has happened.
I did nothing to you.
You're gonna have to leave.
- Stop lying!
- It's just something I do.
It's a character.
It's a joke, it's just in fun.
I haven't done anything to you.
- You have to help me, please!
- I don't know if I can.
- I can't keep going
on like this.
- If I do this, you have
to promise to leave.
- Do you really
think that this will work?
- I don't know.
We're gonna give it a shot.
- Can you?
- What?
- Can you do the accent please?
- When you sought the future
there was a black mark
that rose above your soul.
Doomed, a life of despair.
I wash you of the curse.
I ask your permission
to give it to me
as if it was yours to give.
- Please, take this from me.
- You have been cleansed
of all of your woes.
Take this mirror.
Do not open your eyes
until Olga tells you
so you can see what
Olga has done.
And now you may open yours eyes
to see what Olga has
done for you.
- It's me!
I'm back.
How much do I owe you?
- Today, the future is free.
- What'd you do with the hat?
- I never want to talk
about this again, Darryl.
- Why not?
It's a majestic hat for a
majestic lady.
- Goodnight, Darryl.
- Okay.
Have a goodnight, I can lock up.
Counting points
For their friends'
parents that they knew
Why won't you work,
they said
Not what we do
- You okay over there, Frankie?
- No, I gotta take a piss
but I don't wanna go alone.
Oh, fuck you guys.
- Frankie's afraid of the dark.
- Fuck off, Mike!
- Bye!
- Boo!
- Oh, fuck!
Jody, what're you doing?
- Relax, relax, it's
just a joke.
- Jesus.
- So, how about Natalie?
- What do you mean, how
are things with Natalie?
Nothing's going on with
Natalie, that's the problem.
- Well, if you'd stop
being such a little bitch
and step up to the plate.
- Oh, I'm a little bitch?
- Yeah, you're kinda being one.
- No, no, no, no, I'm
not gonna fucking go back
to this stupid fucking fire
with this stupid fucking book,
this evil book full
of human blood,
all these sketches and
drawings and bullshit.
No, you know what?
Fuck you and everything
else that you're saying.
I'm going to the camp
and this is it.
It's done, we're done.
- Natalie did mention she
was kinda hoping
you guys might hook up tonight.
- This one's called
"Siren's Call."
- Hello, friend.
- No.
No sprechen...
- Of course, of course.
Welcome my friends.
What can I help you with?
- We're looking for a
place to stay.
This is the inn, right?
- Of course.
Weary travelers are
always welcome at
- Right.
So we can grab a room then?
- Yes, yes.
This way, this way.
Yah, yah.
I have a double available
with two bunk beds.
Is that all right?
- Sure, works for us.
- Okay.
Then let's get you signed in.
- You got any pubs around here?
- We do.
Of the "Wobbly Pub" in English.
It's right next door, actually.
Thought it might not be exactly
what you're looking for.
So, where are you
gentlemen coming from?
- Michigan.
- She speaks!
- Michigan.
Americans then.
What brings you all the
way to Delft?
Maastricht is only an hour away.
- We just came from there.
We're hitchhiking to Amsterdam
but our ride isn't
leaving until the morning.
- I see.
Delft is a nice place
to stay for the night.
We might be small
but we have a lot to offer.
- I'm sure it does.
- Yah.
Here is your key.
And let me show you
to your room.
This way.
This way.
- Thank you.
Okay, I'm bored.
- You're always bored.
- Come on, we're not gonna
stay in here all day, are we?
- What else are we
supposed to do?
This town's a speak on the map.
- So?
Let's check it out.
Get into some trouble.
Have an adventure.
Come on!
- Hey!
What the hell, man?!
- I'm sick and tired of
you texting Devon!
We're supposed to be
single on this trip.
- Oh, I'm sorry I broke a
pact we made two years ago.
- That's not the point.
We're supposed to be
living the dream.
Backpacking through
Europe with each other.
- Who's dream?
'Cause I'm pretty sure yours
is just "Europe Trip" on repeat.
- Come on, guys.
- Listen, Sam and I have
been living the dream.
We've checked out ruins,
castles, museums,
festivals, hell, we've
even tasted wine in Tuscany
and beer in Munich.
What more do you want?
- I just want to bang whatever
story I can tell people
when I get back.
Nobody gives a shit
about castles.
- No, you don't give a
shit about castles!
- And you don't give shit
about anyone other than Devon!
- You've really got a
problem with him, don't you?
- No, mu problem is with you!
- All right, that's enough!
Let's get out of this place.
Sitting in a hotel isn't
gonna be any more fun
than checking out
what's around here.
Come on.
- Fuck.
- You owe me a new phone.
- Fuck you!
- It's in very bad
taste to touch
another person's room set.
That is why it's behind glass.
For you to see and not touch.
- I didn't know.
- It's all right.
They're out for people to be
curious and ask questions.
Now, what can I help you with?
- Pub you were telling us
about earlier.
Is it open yet?
- Yes.
Okie dokie.
Let's go!
This way.
This way.
Come, sit.
I will get you a round of ale.
- This is pretty shit.
- Hey.
Hey, are you American?
- Mind if we sit with you guys?
Your English is way
better than these people.
- Come take a seat.
- So,
what brings you to
the Netherlands?
- The dream.
- Graduation.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- From what, like college?
What program?
- Electrical engineering.
All three of us, actually.
- We're in the same class.
- Oh, congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Just the man I wanted to see.
- I see you have met the Hills.
This is, don't tell me.
And Texas.
- Hey.
- Oh.
I have something.
I heard a strange
ringing outside
and found this.
- Thank you.
- I don't know who "Baby cakes"
but I fear he is
dying without you.
- Baby Cakes?
Baby Cakes, seriously?
What the fuck's he call
you, "Snuggle Sammy?"
- Hey!
- You're not man enough
to drink this.
- I don't need to be man enough.
- Give it back.
- This is viking brew.
How dare you insult
their ancestors.
- Oh, Viking.
That sounds, like,
so romantic.
- What?
- Yeah, Sigurd was telling
us some old legends
before you guys got here.
- Like what?
- Oh,
tales of viking raids
and young love stories.
- Love stories.
I get enough love from her.
Hey, Sig, why don't you
tell us something
a little more interesting?
- And what would be more
interesting to you, Mr. Briggs?
- Something scary.
Something violent.
Do you have any cool viking
ghosts laying around town?
- No.
Our ancestors feast in Valhalla.
there is a rule in town.
We do not enter the after dark.
- Why?
- If you do, you'll
never return.
- But why?
- There are rumors,
some say they are dark dwarves.
Others say they are the
children of Baba Yaga,
or the doctors of the
Goddess Hel.
But everyone agrees,
something lives in that forest.
And it is out to kill.
- What do you think it is?
- Lorelei.
- What's that?
- Their name means
"murmuring rock."
Beautiful women
who sing with even more
beautiful voices.
They live in the river
and the lure those who
enter the forest
to their watery grave.
- Drown people?
- Why do birds sing?
Or snakes bite?
It is in their nature.
- So you really believe
that there are evil women
in the forest right now
waiting to kill someone?
- Why do you think we are
now here at this time?
There is strength in numbers.
- Get up, get up, get up.
- What the hell, man?
- Get dressed, we're going.
- What?
- I'm going to check
out the forest.
Guys, we're going to the forest.
- No.
- Guys, come on, this is it.
This is my story.
If you go right now, I promise
I will not ask for another
adventure this whole trip.
And I'll tell you how
I landed Eric Spinner.
Oh yeah.
- How far do we have to walk?
- Far enough until I can prove
that the Loreleis are real.
- Five minutes feels like 20.
Are you kidding me?
It's almost 3:30 already.
- Weird, that's not the time.
We've been walking for
fifteen minutes already.
- Oh great, so numb
nits did break my phone.
- Hello?
- It's okay, we're not
gonna hurt you.
I mean it, we're not
gonna hurt you.
Are you okay?
- I thought you were
one of them.
- One of who?
- The evil that lingers in.
- You mean the Lorelei?
You saw them?
- I heard them.
I heard something.
It's true!
I don't know what the
hell they were
but they were chasing me.
- Then where are they?
- They must've stopped
when I got on the path.
- Maybe you should just
stick with us then.
We could all head back to
town together.
- Back to town?
- Yes.
Evil thing or not, this
girl's scared and it's late.
We should all turn back.
Besides, you got your story.
- The fuck I did!
- You found a beautiful
woman in the woods.
What more do you want?
- Fuck that!
You found a beautiful
woman in the woods.
I'm going to get my
fucking story.
- Come on!
Austin, stop!
I can't leave him to
just walk around alone.
Listen, it really is safer
if you stick with us.
I swear.
We'll head up the trail
with him until he's happy
and we'll head back home.
You'll be safe with us.
- Fine but we need to
stay on the path.
- We'll stay on the path.
Come on.
- This is bullshit,
I'm going back!
- What?!
- We've been at this for hours!
Whatever Austin's looking for,
he's not gonna find it
in the fucking woods.
- Sam.
- No, I'm going!
- Wait.
Just let me...
- I'll be fine.
I'll take the path back.
Really, it's not like there's
any actual monsters in here.
- Just go catch up with Austin
and I'll be there in a second.
There might not be any monsters
but there's still animals.
- Have we seen any?
I'll be fine.
So you go hit on your
new girlfriend
and I'll go talk to
my boyfriend.
- Fine, fine.
Then I'll catch you when
we get back then.
- Yeah, so like noon, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
- See you then.
- Cool.
- See ya.
- See ya.
- Jason?
Austin, I swear to God if
you're trying to scare me
I'm gonna break your legs!
- Sam.
- Who?
You scared me.
I was just following...
Where are you going?
I shouldn't be doing this.
- So how do you know
these two anyway?
- Well, Austin I've known
since my first year at MUS.
Sam, I met in our final year.
I'm Jason, by the way.
I didn't get your name.
- Halldora.
- Halldora.
Whoa, that's an interesting name
for someone without an accent.
- My family's from
the Netherlands.
- And you're not?
- What is he looking at anyway?
- Sam and I have had
great years.
I mean, phenomenal years.
Both of us top of our
classes, great catches,
job offers before graduation.
- Not so much?
- Yeah.
I think he's hoping to find
his glory here in Europe
and just didn't live up...
- Sam?!
What the fuck?!
- Sam?!
- No, it's a trap!
- What?
- The Lorelei, they're
luring us off the path.
- That's ridiculous.
- Think about it.
Your friend went back
towards town.
How do you think her
phone got here?
- Sam?!
- Stop yelling, they
might hear us.
We need to split up.
Jason and I are gonna
head back towards town
to see if she's still
on the path.
You go forward and see
if she's messing with us.
- Yes sir, El Capitan!
- You think that was
a good idea?
- No but it was the
only idea I had.
- Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
- Sam?
Fuck, Halldora.
Halldora, what the
hell you doing?
We have to get back.
- I warned you...
of the evil.
Forget your friends.
Will you stay with me?
- Whatever.
- Did you enjoy your sacrifices?
- Yes, we always do
under your care, Sigurd.
Inga and Katla are very happy.
They'd like to give you
another gift.
Perhaps something to go
with your rooms.
- I need no gift.
- Not even the
flowers I bring you.
- Only because they remind
me of you, my darling.
- The sun is coming.
- I will have another sacrifice
for you tomorrow night,
another set of Americans.
- Go then.
The more we eat, the
more I get to see you.
- Of course, anything for you,
my darling.
- Nice job.
- Well, I'm gonna go get
us some more firewood.
- All right.
- Michael, wanna join me?
- What?
- Michael!
- No!
- Oh yeah.
All right, guys, see ya.
- We'll be right back.
- Do you wanna read one
more before they get back?
- Yeah, you can.
- Okay.
This one's called "Summer Camp."
- Nope, no, no.
No, pick another one.
- Oh, come on, it's perfect.
Just listen.
"Four summer camp
counselors out in the woods
"reading from the book
that ruins childhoods.
"They're lost out there,
alone and exposed,
"where they'll end up
tonight, God only knows."
- What?
- "They better start running,
she's coming for blood.
"In a flurry of crimson,
"the forest will food."
That was Jody!
- What do you
think happened to her?
- Oh my God!
- Oh, fuck, where is she?
- Jody!
- Jody!
- Mike!
- Mike!
Hold on, Natalie,
she's over here.
I can hear her.
Natalie, holy fuck.
- Jody?
- Oh my God.
Okay, we need to get help.
- Jody, what happened?
Frank, what're we gonna do?
- It's okay.
- It's not okay, Frank.
- What is this?
This isn't a game.
Where is Mike?
- He's right here, he's
happy to see you.
The book was mine.
You should've let me
hold on to it.
- Stacey, did you do this?
- Come on, you've
read the stories.
You're all having so much fun.
- This is fucked.
This is so fucked.
- Thank you, Frank, for
your eloquence.
Very perceptive of you.
- No.
- It was all just in good fun.
- No.
- Well, I didn't realize
it was all in good fun.
Well, you're good to go then.
Sorry about your friends
and all the killing.
- Are you serious?
- Fuck no, Frank!
Unfortunately, we're gonna
have to kill you too.
- Run!
Let's go this way.
Maybe we lost her.
You okay?
- Just let us go.
- Stacey, please.
- Let us go!
- Please.
- Excuse me, are
you a counselor here?
- Yeah, I am.
- Hi, my name's Clint Burrell.
I'm looking for my son,
Dwayne, have you seen him?
- Dwayne.
- Yeah, he's been
here three weeks.
You should know him.
Do you not know all
the kids that are here?
- I'm sorry, sir, he's
not on this list.
- What?
What do you mean he's
not on this list?
He's been here for three weeks.
What kind of Mickey Mouse
outfit is this?
You should have his
name on that list.
- Sir, it's my
first summertime working here
and I'm trying to do my best.
- Excuse me, I'm looking
for my daughter.
Stacey Smith.
- Yeah, cabin five.
- Oh.
- How can you know where
her daughter is
but you don't know
where my son is?
Who else can I speak to who
might know where my son is?
- Everyone else is at the camp
getting the kids
ready right now.
You can come with me right now.
- Yes, I'll come with you.
You show me, I'm not
happy about this.
- It's just awful, isn't it?
I do hope they find
those poor souls.
- They can't have
gotten very far.
The search party's been
out all over the property.
- I'm just happy our girls
are safe, don't you think?
- I try not to.
- I'm gonna have
to find a new summer camp
for Stacey for next year.
- Michael!
- Natalie!
- Seatbelt, eh.
What you got there?
- Hmmmm?
Oh, it's just a book.