Grimm (2003) Movie Script

I can't sleep.
I'm cold.
- As if that's the worst!
It is the worst!
Get in bed with your brother.
I'm so hungry.
- We don't have anything.
But I'm hungry.
- We don't have anything!
Are you asleep?
Move over.
Is mum not coming?
Do we have to go this far?
Not that small stuff.
There are big branches up there.
A cow!
A cow!
Dad! Jacob!
Stay where you are!
How do we get home?
- Home? He abandoned us.
Abandoned? Why?
Because he couldn't handle it.
Because he's an asshole.
And what about mum?
A letter from mum.
Dear Jacob and Marie,
Go to uncle Ramn in Spain.
It's warm there.
He can help you.
Kisses. Mum.
Is that it?
-Yes. And the address.
As if it's around the corner!
A light.
- Where?
Jacob, I can't go on.
You have to keep going.
- I have to sit down for a moment.
It's freezing. If we sit down,
we'll fall asleep forever.
I'm so tired. I'm so hungry.
Do you want to die?
-No, I want something to eat.
Marie, damn! Come!
You're eating my favourite dog.
They killed Donar.
We saw a cow in the forest.
I told you to look in the forest.
The girl will go to sleep.
I have to talk to the guy.
I can't satisfy my wife.
The girl's asleep.
You have to sleep with my wife.
- What did you say?
You killed Donar.
You owe me.
Is he coming?
- He's coming.
Get undressed.
Get undressed.
Get rid of that.
Is it that bad, jerk?
You're not on top of the devil.
You're on top of my wife.
He's limp.
-Make it hard.
There she is.
And hurry up now.
- Don't harass him. Or it won't happen.
Oh, little boy... Oh...
Jacob, what are you doing?
Marie, help me.
- Get that girl out.
Do your best.
Why is this happening?
- The boy's doing a good deed.
Can we go now?
But why?
I did it, didn't I?
Yes, too well. You made her horny.
Tomorrow again.
Jacob, you can't do that.
It's too dangerous.
At worst, he'll be unconscious.
If you get this on your head, you're dead.
He's a farmer.
- So what?
They're strong.
I'm not getting on top of
that witch again.
Jesus, Jacob.
- Run!
Give me that.
No, I'll throw it out.
-Are you crazy? Give it to me.
I don't want a gun.
- It's a pistol.
I don't want a pistol.
We're going to look for work.
We don't need a pistol.
A moped.
- A moped? But I'm hungry.
Isn't Coby here?
We don't know any Coby.
This is Coby's spot.
- She's dead.
They took her away yesterday.
What do you want?
A hand job, a blow job?
- I can do that.
But I don't want any problems!
Is it ever going to happen?
Put your money on the bed.
My money's in my pants
and my pants are at my ankles.
So I have to bend over.
- Slowly.
Is he dead?
We can't be sure.
Hold a mirror to his mouth.
If he's alive, it will fog up.
- Do you have a mirror?
There's a mirror there.
It's not working.
We have to get away from here.
Help me.
- My God!
He's dead.
- I told you.
Jesus, ten bucks!
You killed somebody for ten bucks!
Not on purpose!
Jacob, let's go to an organisation.
There are organisations where you
can have a bath and clean clothes.
There are organisations
that help people.
Where are we going?
- To Spain.
See how we look?
We can't go to uncle Ramn.
- Why not?
He's our uncle. We can explain.
- Not me.
We'll have to.
- You might not see the problem, but I do.
Don't be so difficult.
Marie, please.
- I don't want to look like this.
I want a bath and new clothes.
- Impossible. We don't have anything.
Yes, ten bucks.
Marie, this is not going to work.
Be supportive.
I'm nervous, but I'll do it.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Give me your clothes!
I can't.
- You must. Take them off.
Take them off or I'll shoot.
- I have to go to a funeral.
I don't care.
Take them off.
Do you want to die?
Please, don't.
I'll give you anything.
Count to 50 before you come out.
Count. One, two, three...
-One, two, three...
Are you still angry?
Come to me.
Get out.
The regulations say ten minutes.
Ramn who?
- Ramn Casero.
He's dead.
- Dead.
- A year ago.
Are you aunt Pilar?
- What?
Are you Ramn's wife?
- Ramn's wife's dead as well.
Dead as well?
- Dead as well.
Both dead?
- Are you deaf?
- How what?
Dead how?
- In an accident.
Ramn Casero was an asshole.
He was our uncle.
- Uncle Asshole.
Do you have some money?
What do you want to do?
- Buy a roll.
Do you want one too?
- No.
Jacob, you found it!
My brother, Jacob.
-I'm Diego.
I really had to insist to
get your sister to come along.
If you were worried, that's my fault.
Want a drink?
Yes, please.
Yes, a glass of wine, please.
-Sit down.
You were gone all of a sudden.
- I left an address, didn't I?
Why didn't you wait?
- We waited. But you didn't show up.
But you're here now.
He's a surgeon.
And you?
I'm nothing.
Come in.
And Sofia.
Marie, please sit down.
Jacob, your chair.
Very well. Let's sit down.
My sister, Teresa.
Ah, gazpacho.
This all goes into the gazpacho.
In Holland, it's cold
and the soup is hot.
In Spain it's hot
and the soup is cold.
Teresa isn't feeling very well.
What's wrong with her?
She's ill.
Jesus Christ!
What's the name of that stuff?
-Carlos Primero.
How's your head?
Carlos Primero.
Friend and devil.
What's the plan?
What's the plan?
Do you mind if we speak
Dutch for a moment?
Are you in love
with that airhead?
So he's an airhead?
-Yes. Strange, huh?
Strange language you're speaking!
No. Airhead.
- Airhead.
I'm... an... airhead.
Stop it.
- I'm an airhead.
Very good.
I have to go.
If you want anything, ask Luis.
I'm an airhead.
And now what?
- What do you mean?
Jesus, Marie!
What do we do now?
-As if I know!
What an idiot!
Come, we're going.
- What?
I can't watch this.
It makes me sick.
Let me go.
- Marie, please.
Let's go. This is a mistake.
We don't belong here.
We? You don't belong here.
- Go away if you don't like it.
I have a husband.
A husband? He's a creep.
He's no good.
Fuck off. Get lost.
Go away!
What's happening?
-Nothing. We were arguing.
What about?
- Nothing special.
What about?
What about?
Something from the past.
I'm warning you.
She may be your sister,
but she's also my wife.
My wife.
Do you understand?
That boy is a pain in the ass.
Do you hear me?
- Yes.
A pain in the ass.
Everything will be solved.
In my way.
What's with you?
It's a dance, asshole, a dance!
To raise morale.
That's no way to treat a woman.
Excuse me.
Are all the Dutch like that?
I'm going to bed.
How long are you going to wait?
- What did you say?
I asked how long
you're going to wait.
What's behind this door?
Good morning, seora Marie.
We have a bathroom for that.
Are you going to make
yourself beautiful?
The guests will be here
in half an hour.
Marie, it's very important to me.
I prefer hunting birds.
A bird that hovers in the air,
seemingly weightless.
One bullet and it becomes
a heavy falling object.
I find that beautiful.
And what I like the most...
Don't listen.
What I like the most,
are seagulls.
They're so still in the air.
Nice to shoot at.
She's from Holland.
They like animals there.
I even heard they
do it with them.
Don Felipe...
Did you think about
my proposal?
Sofia, don't be shy.
I'm Jacob, Marie's brother.
And this is Sofia.
- We already know Sofia.
Luis, drinks please!
Maybe Sofia should go to bed.
She has to get up early.
Doesn't Sofia get a glass?
Sofia's tired, Jacob.
A glass for Sofia.
To Spanish oppression!
Go to bed, Sofia.
What's the problem?
- We have guests, Jacob.
Don't you want to understand?
- Jacob, can I please go to bed?
- Please.
Good night.
- Good night.
Sofia's a maid.
And maids don't mingle with guests?
Can this dog mingle with guests?
- It's not a maid.
To the Middle Ages!
Leave the room now.
Do you have shit in your ears?
Get up and go!
An incident.
It's time,
don't you think?
This guy deserves it, Diego.
Help me.
I'll help you.
Good morning, seor Jacob.
Why did Sofia leave?
She wanted to go back home.
- Why?
Go see Marie.
She's ill.
A little flu.
Marie, wake up.
She's not waking up.
Good morning, darling.
I feel so weird.
- You slept for a very long time.
Where's Jacob?
-He left.
How do you know?
- His moped's not there.
I'll check his room.
-No, sit down.
Eat something.
Luis will check his room.
I'm looking for myself.
Let Luis do it.
I'm going myself.
-Luis will go.
I'm going myself.
- Please, Marie. He's gone.
What's happening here, Luis?
What are you doing?
To check Sofia's room.
- There's nobody there.
Don Diego!
Where's Jacob?
-Luis, where's Jacob?
Where's Jacob?
Just tell me if he's still alive.
Please, Luis.
Tell me, Luis.
Everything's alright.
How are you?
So so.
Where's Jacob?
Far away from here.
Is he dead?
- Yes.
What will you do to Marie?
She has to die.
-Shut up.
Do you want to keep her
prisoner forever?
Put her to sleep quietly.
Jesus, Jacob!
Wake up, wake up!
Jacob. Wake up.
We have to go!
Drive, please. Drive.
Go now!
What did he do to you, Jacob?
- What do you think?
Your husband...
I only have one kidney left.
Because I tried to save you.
Jesus, Jacob...
Jesus, Jacob. That helps a lot!
Jacob... please.
What are you doing?
Admit that you were wrong
about that fucking Diego!
Admit that you were wrong!
I was wrong.
- I don't hear you.
I was wrong!
Come to me.
Don't be like that.
Lay down.
Jesus, Jacob.
We have to put alcohol on it.
It disinfects.
Don't move.
That's not alcohol.
- It contains alcohol. Here, 14%.
It's eggnog, Marie.
- It's all there is.
The date. Look at the use-by date.
Damnit, Marie. 1986.
- There's always a margin.
The windscreen wiper fluid.
Under the bonnet.
Jacob, this is going to hurt.
It's not going well.
Take it easy.
I'm going to die, Marie.
Where did you get that idea?
Sleep well.
I'm so thirsty.
white beans
You have to eat something.
You have the flu.
When you feel better,
we have to leave.
Is that necessary?
- Yes, it's necessary.
It's itching.
- That's a good sign.
That's enough.
I'm going for a ride.
- Yes.
Don't go too far.
It went very well and then it
reared up, as if something scared it.
Did you see anybody?
Jacob, wake up.
I want to go.
We're going.
Calm down.
What's wrong?
He's dead. That's all.
Jacob, let's go.
-He's just dead.
But how?
- From old age. A disease.
I don't like it here anymore.
Oh, my God!
Jacob, go look for the donkey.
- Now?
The donkey will be alright.
- Please.
Everything's fine.
It's windy. That's all.
Please look for it.
Marie, this might come as a shock.
I saw Diego.
He's coming here.
He's probably already here.
- It was him. With a gun.
Let's leave.
- We can't.
You can't just walk outside.
Why do you think he's here?
How should I know?
- He's here to get his wife.
You're his wife.
And he wants to kill me.
Jacob, stop!
Jacob, can't we go?
What do you want?
- Don't I get a kiss?
I want you to go.
I'm leaving.
But with you.
Where's Jacob?
Why isn't he dying?
Under the veranda.
Bunch of idiots.
Who keeps a donkey in the house?
Dutchmen! Do you know what kind
of pets they keep in Holland?
Monkeys, snakes, pigs.
In the living room,
in front of the TV.
I want to go home.