Gringo (2018) Movie Script

Mr. Rusk?
Mr. Rusk.
Mr. Rusk.
Boss, are you there?
out of curiosity,
what part of hold my calls
couldn't you wrap
your head around?
I'm in a meeting.
I'm sorry. It's Harold,
and I think that
there's something wrong.
Harold? Uh...
Put him through.
Harold. What happened, buddy?
Why didn't you come back
with me and Elaine?
I've been taken.
Elaine, Elaine,
I've been kidnapped.
Turn it down.
Turn it down.
They have got
a gun to my head!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
What are you doing?
Calm down and explain,
as clearly as you can, what's going on.
I am somewhere in Mexico
with a gun to my head!
I don't know
how much clearer I can be!
Holy fuck!
Harold, it's okay,
we're here. Um...
Ask what they want.
What do they want?
They want five million
wired to an account.
Or they're going to hang me
from a bridge!
Five million what, pesos?
- Pesos? Dollars!
- We're so fucked.
Walk Riley.
...and snow
continuing to linger.
Everyone in Chicago
is complaining,
and I say, hey, come on,
let's turn it around.
- I love you.
- Mmm.
- Say hi to Stu.
- I will!
Maybe the beach holiday
will have to wait.
But I must get a second car.
Bonnie keeps bringing it up.
Shit. Bonnie is the one
that's killing you.
I mean, look,
don't get me wrong,
I know you love her and all,
but your wife's
the reason that
that's all fucked up, okay?
The loans,
the insane office space.
She's got one client.
She should be working
out of your garage,
not leasing space
at the damn Franklin Center.
Listen, as your accountant,
I have to tell you,
she's dragging you
in some deep water, Harold.
Like bankruptcy-deep.
So, are you saying
that I am cash poor?
No, I'm saying
you're poor-poor, nigga.
Plus, word on the street
is that Promethium is about to
be gobbled up by Powell or AFT.
If there's a merger,
you could be looking
for another job.
I haven't heard
anything about that.
Look, man...
I do taxes for half
the Powell brass,
and this shit is real.
Stewart, Richard wouldn't
do that to me.
He's my friend, okay?
Richard has a vanity
license plate, Harold.
He does push-ups
in his goddamn office.
Richard would do that to you.
Good morning.
Promethium Pharmaceuticals,
how can I help you?
Harold! Man, it's 9:20!
You're late again!
What do you call this?
- I think that's all, Mr. Rusk.
- All right.
- I'll see you at the game.
- Sure.
Get in here.
I had to do that.
Everybody knows we're friends.
I can't give you
special treatment.
Sorry, Richard.
Lake Shore was crazy
this morning.
Sit down.
Hey, Mia, I'm thirsty.
You ready
for this game tonight?
Those Benson-Smith cocksuckers
are begging
for an ass kicking.
I am gonna give it to them.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Yeah, and then tomorrow,
you and me are gonna have
a little fun in Mexico.
Elaine and I are gonna
join you on this trip.
You're not the only one
who could go
for a little sunshine.
This is because
of the missing inventory.
Look, I plan to speak to Sanchez
to get to the bottom of that.
No, Elaine and I
will speak to Sanchez.
We just wanna check on
a few things down there.
I need you to put
all the Mexico files in this,
and give it to Elaine.
Yo, thanks, buddy.
is everything okay here?
It's just I heard a rumor,
something about
a possible merger.
Harold, listen.
When you needed a job,
and you came to me,
I said, if you stuck with me,
your life is gonna look
like a rap video. Right?
And haven't I always
looked after you?
I give you an incredible position
as Operations Supervisor.
- I handed you the Mexican assignment.
- Yes.
I give Bonnie a job
designing my loft,
and she has fuck-all
for experience.
That was generous.
Trust me,
fucking be patient, man.
And everything's
gonna get revealed.
Why don't you
reveal it to me...
Have I told you
about the two gorillas?
I read it in this book.
Two gorillas, right?
And every day,
they get fed carrots.
And every day they eat the carrots,
no problem.
Chomp, chomp, chomp.
So delicious.
Except, one day, the handler,
he gives one of the gorillas
a banana,
and the other guy
still gets his carrots,
and he doesn't wanna
eat the carrots.
You know why? 'Cause he's seen
the other guy eat the banana.
You know what I'm saying?
Eat your fucking carrots
'cause I have
your back, right?
And then you're gonna be
dick-deep in banana
before you know it.
Right? Rap video.
Mia. Hungry.
Receipt's in the bag.
- Okay, thanks.
- Thanks.
Wow. All of that
without professional training.
That's good, man.
You don't have to be
a dick about it!
All right.
Spunky, I like it.
You'll get far.
Hey, stranger.
Nelly. What you doing here?
You disappeared on us.
Thought about Monty's
offer yet?
Yeah, you can't come in here
talking about that, all right?
I'm... I'm working.
Yeah. You seem super busy.
Yeah, well, these babies don't
polish themselves, all right?
So, are you in or out?
I can't. It's too dangerous.
Oh, come on, Miles,
don't be a pussy.
You can do this.
Really not that hard.
Right. I really appreciate the pep talk,
but it ain't happening.
But it's just
a couple of pills
from Monty's friend
at some lab,
so he can figure out
what's in it and make his own.
All you gotta do
is bring them back.
It'll be easy.
Plus, it's a free trip
to Mexico.
What more do you want?
Right, so I'll be
like a little drug mule.
Perfect, I'll write you
a thank-you note from prison.
Okay. Fine.
You don't want 20 grand,
that's your business.
20 grand?
I thought you said it was 10.
Yeah, it was. It's 20 now.
For real?
- For real.
- Hmm.
Oh, and you can bring
Guitar Shop Barbie with you.
What was all that about?
- That.
- Oh, nothing.
Ever been to Mexico, babe?
- Richard.
- Hey, listen,
my lunch meeting
ran a little long.
I'm not gonna make it back
to the office before the game.
So do you mind grabbing my bag
for me before you leave?
- It's under my desk.
- Okay.
All right.
I'll see you at the gym.
Hey, sorry.
Just had to deal
with something.
Hey, Mia. Richard asked me to
grab something for the game.
I know,
but not everything needs to make sense, Tony.
Scotland Yard is in England.
Who the fuck can explain that?
Now you're just
fucking boring me.
Can I ask you about something?
I'm gonna give you
some advice.
You listening,
Tony Tones? Good.
Stop crying,
go down to unemployment,
start acting
like a fucking man.
That's a foul. Foul!
You're kidding me!
How's it going at Richard's?
Do you have any leads
on other clients?
Stu's a little worried.
He was saying
that your office space
might be costing
a little too much.
Nothing. It's fine.
I still don't understand
why she gave us her tickets.
I told you,
she's going on tour,
she needs me to pick up
something for her mum.
This way.
- What band is she in?
- Please.
Just be happy we got
a free trip out of it.
I'm happy, of course I am.
I need to piss.
Hold this a sec.
Look, relax.
It'll be fine, all right?
- Fucking hell, mate!
- Sorry.
Easy, tiger.
There it is again.
What is that smell?
Fat Willy's barbecue.
I always bring it for Angel.
Here you go.
Allow me to introduce
our co-presidents,
Mr. Rusk and Ms. Markinson.
A new app. Amazing.
You know what else is amazing
is actually learning
a foreign language.
Yo quiero Taco Bell, huh?
That's sensational.
Can we get the fuck
outta here?
- Welcome back.
- Hey.
This is Celerino Sanchez,
our plant manager,
and Roberto Vega,
his right-hand man.
All right,
so you we need to talk to.
You, we don't.
My office is this way.
- Sorry.
- No problem, Harold.
Please have a seat.
- Thank you.
- Harold,
just sit this one out,
and I'll come
get you after, okay?
Holy fuck.
Do they not sell
condoms down here?
Okay, Sanchez.
Do you wanna tell me
what that is?
- It's an inventory report.
- That's right.
What do you think
it's telling me?
Sir, you have to understand...
Oh, just answer
the question, Suarez.
- Sanchez.
- Okay.
The report is telling you
that the inventory is light
as I am still selling
your product to Seor Villegas,
as you requested.
We told you to cut him off.
With all due respect,
that's not the way it works.
Uh, that's exactly
how it works.
I make a product,
I decide who to sell to.
You get to decide if you want
a future with the company...
Again, con todo respeto,
if I don't continue
to deliver,
I will have no future at all.
When you needed money,
you asked me...
When we needed money, we asked you
to sell some product off the books,
and not say
anything to Harold.
Now, we don't need money.
We're telling you to stop.
I really don't see what is
so difficult to understand-o.
it's a sensitive time
- for the company now.
- Yes!
We're gonna have some people
coming down here,
and they're gonna
look things over.
And we wanna make sure that
everything is in order.
I understand,
but Seor Villegas
is expecting
his usual shipment.
The Black Panther
is not someone to mess with.
You can't scare me with tales
of the big, bad cartels,
all right?
- I know how things work.
- Not in Mexico.
Well, as far as I'm concerned,
we're not in Mexico.
This is an American company
making an American product,
and I'm telling you,
in American,
to make sure
that the inventory's right.
Yes. I mean, if you can
take care of 35 kids,
I think you can handle
one drug dealer.
- No?
- Comprende?
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Gracias. Adis.
Have a nice day.
Harold, let's go.
just so you know,
the inventory thing
worried us.
That's why we came down here
to speak to Sanchez,
just to make sure everything
was on the up and up.
- It's no reflection on you.
- No, certainly not.
You know we value your work.
I was starting to think
it might be something else.
Well, you're hearing things.
He's hearing things.
Harold, when I was
in junior high,
a rumor went around that
I let the lacrosse team
pull a train on me in
the Dairy Queen parking lot.
I hated the lacrosse team.
They were the biggest
bunch of WASPy,
turtle-dicked ass pirates
I ever met in my entire life.
- Here you are, seor.
- Thank you.
And I'd rather give
that waiter a rim job
than eat at a fucking
Dairy Queen.
- What's a rim job?
- It's when...
Don't believe
everything you hear,
is probably
the point here, right?
You're gonna be fine.
We're not selling the company.
All right?
I'll be right back.
I don't think
he knows anything.
- I almost feel bad for the guy.
- Right.
Someone should put him
out of his misery.
No, I mean literally.
Someone should literally put
him out of his fucking misery.
You can go.
I will see you maana.
But when they married
each other, she was a fatty.
She was, like,
50 pounds heavier than she is today.
I was like,
"Don't do it!"
Fat people are so funny.
- Gracias.
- You wanna come to my room tonight?
Yeah, I'm really tired.
- Hey, buddy.
- What did I miss?
I'm gonna check some e-mails,
and maybe hit the sauna,
after I punch out
a little CrossFit.
Then I'll see you guys
in the morning.
You sure?
Do you...
You know,
I'm gonna crash, too.
It's gonna be
an early flight, so...
- That's it then.
- Good night.
What is your problem?
You just fucking left me.
Someone should
put him out of his misery.
No, I mean literally.
Someone should literally put
him out of his fucking misery.
when the sale goes through,
that's the last you're gonna
see of Harold Soyinka.
He is on the 86 list.
Maybe they're gonna
give him severance,
but I just think they're gonna
fucking clean house.
His wife
must be a real winner.
Actually, she is.
But when they married
each other, she was a fatty.
She was, like,
50 pounds heavier than she is today.
Richard is supposed
to be my friend.
- It's unbelievable!
- Just unbelievable!
You have
every right to be upset.
I swear...
I know I'm not supposed to
touch the mini-bar,
but I'm going to do it!
You know,
I don't even care anymore!
I'm doing it!
I'm having the Merlot!
I feel horrible.
I should've told you
to your face.
What should you have
told me to my face?
- The e-mail.
- What e-mail?
Just go ahead
with what you were saying.
No, no, no.
What should you have told me?
You know the invisible
gorilla experiment, Harold?
Why is everyone talking about
gorillas all of a sudden?
There's this video, right?
Some people in black shirts,
some people in white shirts.
And you have to count
how many times
the people in white shirts
pass this ball back and forth.
This person in a gorilla suit
walks in the middle
of the group.
The experiment
is whether or not
you're so focused
on the ball
that you miss the gorilla.
You would've been part
of the group that missed it.
Missed what?
I'm having an affair.
I'm leaving you.
That's what the e-mail says.
You didn't notice the gorilla.
the affair is the gorilla?
What is the ball?
Is our marriage the ball?
I don't know what the ball is.
I'm not supposed to be
looking for gorillas, Bonnie.
I'm supposed to be
watching the ball.
That's my job.
Why am I always getting
screwed for doing my job!
Tell me who it is.
I want to know!
Who is the gorilla, Bonnie?
- I'm sorry.
- Bonnie!
You have reached
the voicemail box of Bonnie.
At the tone, please record
your voice message.
- Still not answering.
- What?
Not like him at all.
I'm not waiting
for this dipshit.
Can you just get in the car?
No wait-o for dipshit-o.
Yeah, we're gonna...
I go to look?
- Yeah. Can you?
- Okay.
- Okay, seor.
- Perfect.
You want a room.
Yes. Yes.
With TV?
Uh... Fine. Yes.
Three hundred.
Come, come.
My name is Ronaldo,
and this is my brother, Ernesto.
Just tell us
if you need something.
Okay. Actually,
do you know where
I can buy a cheap phone?
Uh, yeah,
just across the street.
I just don't get it.
- There's nothing to get, babe.
I told you,
Nelly's just a friend.
You gotta let it go,
all right?
Live life to the fullest,
and leave setbacks behind.
we can lead pharmaceuticals into the future.
Alleviate. Initiate. Innovate.
With Cannabax.
Medical marijuana is already a
multi-billion dollar industry.
It's already up and running
in 20 states
and the District of Columbia.
If you've got a card,
you can legally rip a bong
in the Lincoln bedroom.
All right, look, guys, now,
legally speaking,
isn't this right on the line?
Well, it's on it,
it's not over it.
There's a reason why
we set up the lab in Mexico.
You could be operational
the moment the laws open up.
Marty, you really wanna let
AFT take this from you?
You're gonna be staring at their tail
lights for the rest of all time.
The future of marijuana
is this pill.
You know this product
is revolutionary.
You know that by the time
everybody else catches up,
we will have
established a brand
that can
never be usurped.
Think Pfizer and Viagra.
They got there first.
There ain't no second.
Most people will tell you
Buzz Aldrin
walked on the moon.
But even a complete retard
will tell you
Neil Armstrong did it first.
And do you know
why he went first?
- He was mission commander?
- Hatch opened on his side?
He went first because he pushed
Buzz Aldrin the fuck out of the way
and seized history
by the ball sack.
That's the story
schools are afraid to teach,
but that's what happened.
I'm satisfied.
I'm still not sure about this.
Oh, Jerry!
The club is closing!
We've been dancing all night.
It's time to go home
and fuck.
- Easy, Elaine.
- What, Richard?
Nobody dances all night
unless they wanna fuck.
And Jerry here wants to.
He's just being shy.
I have a gun to my head.
I have a loaded gun
to my head!
I've been kidnapped!
I have
a loaded gun to my head!
So, you guys understand
what to do?
- Yes? Comprende?
- Yes, yes.
Does he comprende?
Okay, good.
Richard Rusk's office.
I need to speak to Richard!
I need to speak to Richard!
- Mr. Rusk?
- I said hold my calls.
Mr. Rusk.
- Yeah. Oh, yeah.
- Yes. Fuck me.
Mr. Rusk.
Yeah, right?
Mr. Rusk? Boss, are you there?
Oh, shit.
Mia, out of curiosity,
exactly what part
of "hold my calls" couldn't
you wrap your head around?
I'm in a meeting.
I'm sorry. It's Harold,
and I think that
there's something wrong.
Harold? Uh...
Yeah, put him through.
Where are you?
Why didn't you come back
with me and Elaine?
Richard, I've been taken!
- Taken?
- Elaine? I've been kidnapped!
They have a gun to my head!
I have a loaded gun
to my head!
No! What are you doing with that?
What are you doing with that?
No, no, no! No! No!
Try and breathe,
calm down,
and explain as clearly
as you can what's going on.
I'm somewhere in Mexico
with a gun to my head!
How much clearer can I be?
Harold, it's okay, we're here.
- Um...
- Ask what they want.
What do they want?
They want five million
wired to an account.
Or they're going to hang me
from the bridge!
Five million what, pesos?
Pesos? Dollars!
Harold, how exactly
did they arrive at a number
like five million dollars
for a person in your position?
You didn't tell them about
the K&R policy, did you?
They came to the hotel
and kidnapped me.
- I had no choice!
- God-fucking-damn it!
- We're so fucked.
- Jesus Christ!
- Shh!
- The number one rule
about having the fucking
insurance policy
is never tell anyone we have
the fucking insurance policy!
Did you not
attend the seminar?
He set up the seminar.
No! Por favor!
- Jesus Christ.
- No!
Really fucking hamstrings
our bargaining position.
You know that, right?
I just told you
they're going to kill me!
Yes, bargaining!
I'm in business!
That's what I do!
You walk through warehouses,
put little check marks on boxes.
- That's what you do!
- Don't be mean.
What about the policy?
You're going
to have to tell him.
Harold, I'm just
gonna spit this out.
There is no policy.
We had to make cutbacks.
Uh... Fuck.
There was a lot going out.
We didn't have
a lot coming in.
I had to let the policy lapse.
You kept sending me down here
with no insurance?
butjust for a little while.
Why didn't you tell me?
What a fucking crybaby.
There's not enough time
in every day
for us to tell you all the things
we do not need to tell you, Harold!
No! No! No, no! No!
Fucking Mexicans!
- Harold?
- Richard!
All right. Hey, listen.
Harold, I am gonna get you
outta there, I swear to God.
Harold, listen to me
right now.
You tell whoever's got you
that there's no deal
unless they come
way down on the price.
- What?
- Yeah, la cuenta...
Just... Harold,
can we call you back?
- Do you got a number?
- Richard. Richard.
No, I need to speak to legal.
Richard. Richard,
don't leave me...
I'm gonna get someone in here
who speaks Mexican.
No, Richard!
Don't leave me here! Richard!
- Can you call us back?
- Richard! Richard!
Gracias, guys.
Well done.
Five million dollars for
someone in middle management.
Do me a favor,
shut the fuck up!
You with your whole fucking,
"Hey, Elaine,
I got the perfect guy for us!
"My good buddy, Harold Sinka!
- Soyinka.
- "He's gonna fucking be perfect for the job.
"He won't ask any questions,
"not gonna cause
any fucking trouble."
This is a fucking clusterfuck!
Just stay focused.
I am focused!
What do we do now?
Do we call the cops?
Would it be such a bad thing
if he didn't come back?
What are you talking about?
We are not leaving Harold
in fucking Mexico!
That's crazy!
You're the one who said
put him out of his misery.
I say crazy shit all the time!
I don't mean it literally!
But you said "literally"
put him out of his misery.
Oh, my fucking...
I meant
not "literally" literally.
"Literally" is something
people say now!
- It doesn't mean a fucking thing!
- Okay.
They're going to be inspecting
the plant tomorrow,
and if they find anything off,
this whole deal is shot.
And I don't need to tell you what's
gonna happen if the Feds catch
fucking wind of any
of this on any level.
We are completely fucked!
I know a guy.
Oh, here we go again.
You know a fucking guy.
No, I know a guy who might be
really good for this kind of thing.
- Extraction...
- Jesus Christ.
Special Ops type things.
This is really bad timing.
Fuck this. We've got this.
Richard, we fucking got this.
We're a team.
Look, why don't I come over
to your loft tonight.
We'll just...
I'm not in there yet.
I'm still
at that boutique hotel.
You told me last week
you moved in.
Did I tell you that?
Did I...
I'm gonna make this call.
I gotta just get this thing
sorted out.
But if I change my mind, I'm gonna give
you a call, which I probably will.
But I'm, you know,
maybe just...
Yeah, so, yeah,
I'll read that.
Good meeting.
- Mia.
- Mmm?
Get my brother
on the phone, now.
Oh, yeah, Mitch?
Yeah, one moment.
- Hey, Rich!
- Mitch!
How you doing, bro?
How's... How's Nepal?
Haiti. I'm in Haiti.
- Haiti? No, I knew that.
- How is it?
It's a fucking mess
is what it is.
But we're doing what we can.
Well, you're doing
God's work, so...
No, the earthquake
was God's work.
This is something else, man.
You're seriously
all religious-y and stuff?
It's not religious,
it's spiritual.
And I don't mock your dirty
little money-grabbing,
corporate life.
No, it's not... Dude,
I'm not, swear to God.
It's just, I hear through Mom that you've
turned over a new leaf, and it's great.
Mom's right.
I've been good.
I've been doing good things with my life.
I have a new path now.
My mercenary days are over.
Look, what do
you want, Richard?
You only ever call if you want something,
so let's get to that part,
the greedy part,
the selfish part.
All right. You wanna help people, right?
You wanna help people. Help me,
and I will make it
worth your while.
And then you can build these
people a school house
or a fucking Gap,
whatever the fuck they need.
You know, might I remind you that
you were sent there six months ago
to make a diplomat disappear.
You want me
to fucking kill somebody?
Have you lost
your fucking mind?
Hey, man...
Did you not hear a thing I just fucking said?
I don't wanna...
I don't want you to take
anybody out for me.
I'm just...
No, I need you to bring
somebody back.
- What phone is that?
- Hmm? Work gave it to me.
Hey, look, that's that guy
from the room next to ours.
Nice suit.
Why would somebody
wearing a posh suit
be staying at our shit motel?
Miles, he has that like shoulder
holster gun thing under his arms.
Maybe he's a cop.
Or he's like a FBI guy.
Or, no, a DEA guy.
Yeah, he's a DEA guy
on the trail of
some big drug thing,
and he's about
to bust somebody.
Oh, yeah,
somebody's going down!
All right, let's clear off,
shall we?
But I haven't finished
my margarita yet.
You can get one later.
Babe, we're in Mexico.
They brush their teeth
with tequila.
Let's do one.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Are you crying?
I'm sorry.
Did you not smoke every girl in every
fucking pageant you ever entered?
That's what I thought.
You're a winner, Elaine.
You've always been a winner.
- Who's daddy's blue-ribbon girl?
- Hmm?
That's right... I am.
I'm a blue-ribbon girl.
Now, get your shit together.
Go handle your business.
Richard, it's me.
No, no, no. Shut up.
Shut up and let me do the talking.
Hola, shithead. Better.
Hola, shithead, it's me.
Shut up.
And I know
about all these people
who are going to lose
their job, including me.
And I know that you and Elaine
are having sex.
Richard, you are a bad person.
You know what happens
to bad people?
Bad things.
Bad things happen to bad people.
So you can take your carrot
and shove it up your
motherfucking lying buttocks
because I can have bananas.
Harold Soyinka
can have all the bananas.
I'll have my bananas.
Oh, God.
- It's that weird number.
- Don't! Don't touch it.
- You think it's him?
- Just don't think about it.
God, I'm such a shit.
Bonnie, stop singing
sad Harold songs.
Honey, how many times do I have to tell you?
Guilt is for losers.
Now, you want something,
you go after it.
You fucking
make it happen. Harold?
He just never understood that.
Now, I'm sorry,
he is a nice guy, but,
you know,
never fucking grew a pair.
So, it's that simple.
I know.
Thank you.
- Who could that be?
- I don't know.
- Surprise.
- Oh... Elaine.
So I see
you moved in after all.
Uh... Yeah.
Who do we have here,
Do you have a name?
It's a deaf girl.
She's adorable.
Bonnie, Elaine.
Elaine, Bonnie.
Bonnie is my...
My interior decorator.
That's interesting,
because I thought you said
Harold's wife
was your interior decorator.
Now I see why you wanted
to leave him in Mexico.
- What?
- Elaine.
Would you show me
your stomach?
'Cause I am super curious.
Excuse me?
Richard here told me
you were a little fatty Patty
back in the day.
Isn't that right, Richard?
You know,
I've always wondered,
what do they do with all that
extra skin?
Listen, I don't know
what is going on...
That's right,
you don't know anything.
And you certainly
don't know this guy.
And I bet you don't know
what I had on the plane
to Mexico yesterday.
I don't care
what you had on the plane.
The petit filet.
Four glasses of champagne,
and Richard's cock in my mouth
in the First Class bathroom.
It's... Bonnie, she...
Come on, Riley.
Now, what do you say we
christen this fucking place?
Live by the rules,
that is what my father said.
Work hard, respect the rules,
and you become rich in America.
Then you can come back home
a great success.
One hundred percent bullshit.
- Bullshit.
- Just the other day
Richard invited me
into his office to play chess.
He wanted to show me how much he had
improved since we were at college.
So he's playing white,
and he begins with F-3.
I respond with E-5.
What does
this crazy man do? G-4.
Can you believe it? G-4.
All I have to do
is move my queen
to H-4, checkmate.
But did I do it? No.
Why? Because I had
my father's voice in my head.
"Respect the rules."
As a rule,
you do not defeat your boss,
especially when you want
a promotion.
That is the story
of my time in America.
Play by the rules?
Are they your friends?
Where is this other bar?
Seor, dnde...
Dnde the other bar?
I need the bathroom.
Amigo. Amigo,
I need the bath...
Monarch butterflies
go through
four generations each year.
The first three generations
hatch from their cocoon state
and live for up to
six weeks,
but the fourth generation
continues to live on
for up to six
or eight months,
so that they can migrate
to a warmer climate
and birth a new generation
in the spring.
They are one of
the great miracles of nature.
- I've gotta go, baby. Sorry.
- What?
If you want to take pictures,
you can do it.
What the fuck?
Babe, how many butterflies
did you need to see? Really.
- What are we doing?
- What?
Why are you with me?
Here we go.
I'm serious, Miles.
Why are you with me?
I don't know, Sunny.
Why are you with me?
That guy looks
like he needs help.
Well, hopefully
someone will pick him up.
That's the guy
from the plaza.
The one with the shoulder holster?
Stop the car, Miles.
- I'm not stopping the car for a fucking DEA agent.
- Stop the fucking car, Miles!
You okay?
- Sunny!
- Oh, my God!
Are you all right? Sir?
Sir, can you hear me? Please?
Sunny, don't touch him!
Oh, God, he's...
Help me, Miles.
This is good. This is good.
Right, we're here.
- Mr. Rusk?
- What?
I was just wondering
about Harold.
What about him?
Well, he didn't sound
so good yesterday,
and he didn't call in today.
Is he okay?
Mia, a simple quiz.
The job of a receptionist
is to A, make calls,
or B, answer them?
- B?
- B, yeah.
Hey, is this everything?
All company policies...
...contracts, leases, travel
and insurance riders.
Okay, great. Hey,
great game the other night.
I'll be
in the conference room.
No more interruptions.
Yes, sir, Mr. Rusk, sir.
Keep that up, you'll
passive-aggressive yourself
straight to
the unemployment line,
then you'll have plenty of
time to worry about Harold.
- Hello.
- Rich, it's Mitch.
Mitch. Hey. Oh, thank God.
Tell me you found him.
I've tracked down dictators
in caves, Richard.
I can find a guy
in middle management.
Miles will be back soon
with your painkillers.
Those are gonna make you
feel a lot better.
Listen, you are very kind,
but, really,
I will be okay on my own.
I think you ought
to have someone
just keep an eye on you.
You're really beat up.
I'm Sunny, by the way.
I never met anyone
named Sunny before.
Well, I never met a Harold.
So we're even, Steven.
You know, if you Google
the name Harold,
it's the most common name
with the least amount
of famous people
associated with it.
Well, why don't you
go by Harry?
There are a lot
of famous Harrys,
like that magician
with the water tank.
- Houdini.
- Yeah.
And Harry S. Truman,
the president.
And lots of singers.
Harry Potter, obviously.
I love Harry Potter.
I've read every single book.
- Harry Soyinka.
- Yeah, I like that.
Okay, it's official, I'm gonna
call you Harry from now on.
I 've got Jerry on line one.
- Hey, Jerry!
- Elaine!
I heard AFT was crying
when they got the news.
Guess they felt like they
danced with you all night, too.
Someone's gotta
go home alone, right?
Unless you're into threesomes.
Elaine, so anyway,
been going over
our departments.
A lot of redundancies.
Fire whoever you want.
Well, the problem
might be right at the top.
With me and Marty,
we're not gonna need both you and Richard.
Have you guys
talked about this?
Hey, Jer, how about
you and I get together
for a drink tonight?
Bat a few ideas around.
I don't know.
Well, well, yeah. Okay.
I'll have my secretary get you
all the information.
- That's great.
- Great.
Hey, Elaine...
Relax, Richard.
It's under control.
This is a midnight run.
Let's just talk about
the money later, okay?
Richie, we'll talk about
the money now. All right?
You tend to have a faulty
memory where money's concerned.
None of
your business bullshit.
One million for the ransom,
200 grand for me and the Haiti kids.
A million dollars.
A million dollars
for Harold Soyinka.
This is like paying $1,000
for a Whopper Junior.
Yeah, well,
think of it as karma
- for banging his wife.
- Great, Mitch, just...
- A million!
- Just go do whatever you do.
All right.
He'll be on the next
plane to Chicago.
I know that whatever
happened to you
is none of my business, but
is there anybody
that you need to call?
My wife just left me.
What about friends?
There's no one to call.
I like the way
you talk, Harry.
You have a really cool accent.
Are you Jamaican?
- No.
- Oh...
I'm Nigerian.
I don't know
much about Nigeria,
except once I got an e-mail
from a Nigerian prince
saying that he would give me a
ton of money if I helped him out.
You didn't send him
the money, did you?
'Cause you might have been
sending it to my uncle.
Your uncle does that?
Like try and steal
from people like that?
Yes, he's one of those people.
He tried to get
my father to join him,
but he would not.
Now, my uncle
has lots of houses, land,
sport cars and a yacht,
and my father is a poor man.
The world
is upside down, Sunny.
I don't think it pays
to be a good person.
I mean, look at you.
You seem to be a good person.
Do you have a sports car?
Do you have a yacht?
I don't need a sports car
or a yacht.
Well, I'm glad you didn't
help my uncle pay for his.
I think you're wrong, Harry.
I think the world
is just fine.
I think it's some of the
people in it who are wrong.
Trust me,
I have good instincts.
I make bad decisions,
but I have good instincts.
You'll see, things are gonna
start to get better for you.
Harry! What's going...
Okay, okay, okay.
What? I don't understand!
In your face! In your head!
Chinga, your head!
Okay, okay, okay.
- Put it on!
- Put it on!
So I couldn't get paracetamol,
but I did...
Richard sent me. Let's go.
What about the ransom?
Why didn't they pay
the ransom?
Who gives a fuck
about the ransom?
I'm gonna have you back in the
States in time for dinner.
- Sunny.
- Miles?
- Miles!
- Sunny?
Miles? Miles!
- Sunny!
- Miles, I'm in here!
- Thank God. You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine! Are you okay?
Yeah. What time is it?
What? I don't know.
Oh, no.
Oh, fuck.
- I've gotta go. Um...
- What?
I'm really sorry, babe.
Go to our room, lock the door.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be back soon.
- Professional.
- Ah, s.
Harold, come back here!
Stop! Shit!
Excuse me!
The genius wakes.
riddle me something, shithead.
Why does a man run away
from someone
who's saved his life? Hmm?
You don't know?
Harold, who are these two?
They are tourists
from the motel.
Really? You sure?
What about those two assholes?
They run the motel.
They run the motel?
You weren't kidnapped,
were you?
You set this up yourself.
On the one hand,
I am surprised
you had the balls.
On the other,
this shit show can only be
the work of a fucking amateur.
Why did you do it? Money?
Revenge 'cause
he was banging your wife?
You... You didn't know?
Oh, shit.
Try not to take it
too personally.
I thought he was my friend.
Remember the story about
five years ago,
a woman in Pennsylvania
kept a black bear as a pet.
She looked after it, fed it.
And then one day,
it mauled her, you know?
She's shocked!
I mean, she thought
they were friends.
But it's a fucking bear,
We're gonna need
a couple new passports
after that incident
at the airport.
Who would you wanna be?
I'm gonna let you choose
your own name.
You're forging passports?
This is a magic box,
my friend.
I've been 25 different
people in my life,
and the 200 grand
I'm getting for your ass
is going right
into my little account
in the Grand Caymans.
- 200 thousand?
- Yep.
Is that all I'm worth?
No, no. I was authorized
to go as high as a million.
Richard's gonna be so happy
that he doesn't
have to pay it.
He's such a greedy fucker.
So, they don't know
you have me?
No, not yet.
Why would you settle
for 200 thousand,
when you can make
more than double that?
Oh, Harold.
- You wanna go for the ransom?
- Why not?
You've already
done the hard part.
You have me, you have
the off-shore account.
Look at me.
I have no job to go back to,
no wife.
Why do you think I ran?
I cannot go back to Chicago.
My life there
has been a complete lie.
You're waking up, Harold.
I like that.
That's a lot of food packs,
medical supplies.
All right. Done.
You have a deal, my friend.
But you can forget
about a 50/50 split.
I could kill you right now,
tell them that
you're still alive,
and blow off
with the whole million.
But I'm not gonna do that,
Harold. I've changed.
Freedom, huh?
80/20, 'cause I like you.
You got an underdog thing
going on, Harold.
Reminds me of the Haitians.
- What is that?
- It's an injectable microchip.
- I need to keep track of you.
- I won't run again.
I promise I won't run again.
Harold, I can't
take the chance.
Ahh! I don't like needles!
It's gonna be okay. Look away.
Please, please, please!
No, no, no!
It's over.
It's over, man. Shit.
this is really fun.
So glad you made that call.
- You called me, Jerry.
- You're right.
Hey, here's a toast.
To Neil Armstrong.
You know, it's been
a great night, Jerry,
but we should probably start
talking some business,
don't you think?
Oh, let's relax, Elaine.
Business isn't going anywhere.
I was thinking maybe
we keep it personal tonight.
Dance till the club closes,
if you catch my meaning.
You dirty dog.
Okay. All right,
well, let's have a look at it.
Let's see what
you're working with.
I am catching
your meaning, right?
I'm not gonna...
I'm not... I'm not.
Go on, Jerry.
Just toss it
against your thigh.
No one's looking.
Look, you take that baby out,
and if I like what I see,
I'll let you
take me home tonight.
But if I don't think
it's up to snuff,
then, well, we start
talking business right now.
What do you say?
Let me tell you
why you don't need Richard.
This is fantastic,
Mitch. Really impressive.
it's not my first rodeo.
It's Richard.
Get out of the frame.
Don't say a word.
Hey. Hey, Rich. Listen, man,
extraction's looking iffy.
I don't want
an extraction anymore.
Good. Good, 'cause a deal's
the way to go.
There's not gonna be
a deal, either.
What? What do you mean?
It seems that while we dropped
the kidnap
and ransom policy,
there was another policy
that we overlooked,
corporate life insurance.
If Harold were to
end up dead
while conducting business
in a foreign country,
this would pay out
$5 million
to the corporation.
Yeah, well, that's...
That's not a deal I'm willing to do.
Don't start with any of this,
"I'm not gonna take
anyone out for you!"
Okay, just relax. Just relax.
And I will give you
one million reasons
to kill this guy.
Really? One million?
It's not enough.
What about two million?
You fucking pig, Mitch!
Oh, come on,
it's for a good cause.
Think of someone
other than yourself for once.
Just wire the money, shithead,
and you have a deal.
Did they double it
to two million?
They did!
- Great! Great.
- Yeah! Yeah!
You're very good at that.
Yeah. What do you say
we hit the town to celebrate?
Yes! Yes,
we need to celebrate.
- Fiesta!
- Yeah? Fiesta!
- Join us!
- No, I'm good. I don't dance.
- Come on!
- No, Harold,
I won't. No, Harold.
No, I don't... I don't dance.
I'm here to see Mr. Vega.
Hey, gringo,
you're late.
Oh, fuck,
that was too good.
You know,
I really feel like things
are turning around for me.
- Yeah?
- Thank you, Mitch.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
All right.
Harold, there's something I have to tell you.
Richard's my brother.
Richard Rusk?
Yep, unfortunately.
- Fuck!
- Ah...
Can't fucking do it!
Why have you got that out?
What are you doing?
It seems Richard's company
wants to claim
the insurance policy money.
No, no. No, no, no.
Richard said
they have canceled it!
They have canceled the policy!
No, your life insurance
policy, Harold. So...
- But I thought you liked me.
- I do like you.
No, no, no. But you said
you liked my whole
underdog thing.
- I love your underdog thing.
- Mitch, please.
Look, I made a deal
with Richard,
that if I sacrificed you,
- I can help...
- You want to sacrifice me?
- ...thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of underdogs.
- You want to sacrifice me.
You understand? Harold...
Oh! Lord Almighty!
Harold. Shit.
Dear Lord. Please, God,
save me from this man.
Please, I beg you.
Help me in my moment of need.
Please, Jesus. Please.
Harold, nobody's coming
in your moment of need.
You really believe in God?
Of course, I believe in God.
What kind of person
does not believe in God?
Me! I... I don't.
Well, I mean,
I guess I kinda do,
but not in a life or death
situation, Harold.
You know,
I'm looking for something,
but something more...
More reliable, you know?
Yeah, I mean, sure,
I tried reading the Bible
a couple of times, but...
I mean,
the Old Testament, Harold.
You can't take
that shit seriously.
And the New Testament,
I mean...
You take the Bible seriously?
- Of course.
- Really?
Like the whole thing
with Peter and Judas.
Remember? So Peter
denies Jesus three times.
Three fucking times, man!
Now, Judas,
on the other hand,
yeah, I mean,
he fucked up.
He sold Jesus out,
all right?
But he felt bad about it.
He hung himself, man!
He felt guilty!
He had a lot more
fucking character
than fucking Peter.
I mean, Peter.
How do you get
behind a religion
that demonizes
a guy like Judas
and makes a saint
out of a guy like Peter?
one was a man
who had a crisis of faith.
The other one sold his soul
for his own gain.
So you have to ask yourself,
which one are you?
Excuse me, man.
Okay. Here.
Nelly said it'd be easy.
It is.
Getting out of here isn't.
There's one exit,
and security
checks everything.
Mate. Mate!
How the fuck am I supposed
to get out of here?
It's okay. I have
a little plan. Come on.
Nelly, you fucking bitch.
Come on.
Let's take the sad song
and make it better.
Hello, Harold.
Put this on.
When you get outside,
you go to your car
and don't look back.
Follow me.
Let's go.
Sunny said
you were fucking DEA.
The gates! The gates!
Where are you?
What the fuck?
Angel! What the motherfuck?
Harold, I need you to be
very calm right now.
You understand me?
My name is not Angel.
I'm Victor Cruz.
I'm with the DEA.
I infiltrated Villegas,
and then your buddy Sanchez
showed up,
so I infiltrated Promethium.
You know, you work
for bad people, Harold.
- You speak English?
- Yes, I speak English!
Go, go, go, go!
What is wrong
with these people?
On the side! On the side!
He's coming up on the side!
I don't think
he can survive that.
You okay, buddy?
Are you okay?
You saved my life, Harold.
I need your help.
I can't go back home.
There's nothing
for me there. Nothing.
Please. Please.
You know, people disappear
all the time, Harold.
You died here tonight.
You understand me?
I understand.
This has everything
you'll need
to bring down Richard Rusk.
Have a great life, Harold.
What the fuck?
You know,
this was a tough situation,
but these were very dangerous
people you were dealing with.
And I was so scared.
You did the right thing
here today.
- Richard Rusk?
- Yeah.
I have a warrant
for your arrest.
Give him the ball.
After an intense,
six-month trial
which saw
long-time business partner
Elaine Markinson turn state's
evidence against him,
president of
Promethium Pharmaceuticals,
Richard Rusk,
was given a 15-year sentence
to be served
in Genesee Federal Prison.
The verdict,
which took the jury
less than four hours
of deliberation,
brings an end, and perhaps
a small measure ofjustice,
to the shocking and tragic
tale of Harold Soyinka.
You know, my dear friend,
Harold, would still be alive.
I mean, Nigeria,
Chicago, Mexico.
I'm surprised the guy
lasted as long as he did.
Richard Rusk!
Adam Riley!
Michael Cody!
John Axelrad!