Grizzly (1976) Movie Script

Now, this area is pretty much
the same way it was
when the Indians
wandered around in it
That's because of this country's
national parks system centers
It's so much in the the national park system
to protect the wildlife,
the forest from thousands of campers coming here
every year
Now, I know that my opinion don't mean too much
but, I think if we get any further encroachment on
these park areas
we're going to destroy the natural beauty
of what you are looking at
If the government could somehow manage
to protect these areas,
we just might be able to keep this difficult,
completely American landscape like this forever
Never thought you'd make it!
I would'nt miss a Kelly briefing
for the world
Alright. This is the largest
post-season crowd we've ever had
There's no way with this crummy crew
that we're going to handle them
What Kelly's concerned about is we got more backpackers
pitching tents than raccoons in the woods
now everybody goes out on patrol
There's no way we can keep an eye
on all those backpackers!
We'll just have to do the best we can
Okay, everyone knows where they're supposed to go.
So, so let's deal with it
My apologies.
I'm going up to R4
You know, maybe the two of us should go!
It's really loaded up there, Kell'
Hey, come on
I can use the help
Well now, see, Hayes called in sick
So I'm going to need Gail here
to help hold down the fort
We tried!
- Look, I'll talk to you later for dinner
- Okay
Okay girls, keep it moving
Even though the season's closed,
but that's no reason to lit out
If you get any complaints about cold food
I want to hear about them right away
What are those?
Unpaid bills, I believe
Aw, I must have put them in the wrong drawer
I'll take care of them right away
And I've been looking over the wine list
You know, you haven't been charging
nearly enough
Look what you've been paying!
I know what I've been paying
Well, good wine at reasonable prices
brings the customers back
and they've been coming back
I know you've had a really good season, but ...
Allison. For the last two weeks
you've been trying to help me run my business
That's not true
Dad, every man needs
a helping hand
You told me that you were coming up here
to shoot pictures of the changing seasons!
Well, I did. I am.
That's what I've been doing
Yeah, well keeping check on how your old man is doing
is not going to help you meet your deadline
I only got maybe a third to go
I mean, maybe thirty or forty more photographs
I got my publisher's note.
He'll wait
Why don't you write a how-to book
"How to avoid responsibilities"
Oh hell, I was supposed to meet you
Kelly, I'm sorry
Well, let's go
See you, Walt
It was really sweet of you to come and get me.
I really appreciate it
I should be angry
I mean, I said I'd take you around
but, I just might be needed
I'm an important person around here
Guilty as charged
You know what the problem is?
The problem is you're spoiled
And.. your father did it
How long have you known me?
Oh, a few weeks
Then, why don't you just reserve judgment.
I mean, spoiled is a pretty heavy word
First of all, I don't feel spoiled.
I feel needed
I mean, Dad's taking a lot more
than he can handle so..
I feel just a bit torn between career
and father
You know, I think your father can handle
his end
It's yours you should be worried about
Somehow I always manage to get it together
At last
-We're here
We must have walked 10 miles today
We got to do something with this
I want to sit down and get out of these boots
I feel a lot better
What's that?
Theres something out there
Hey. You scared us
Sorry, I didn't mean to
What can we do for you?
Stay out of trouble
What kind of trouble?
Well, just don't take any unnecesary risks
This is a pretty tricky area
How long you girls going to be up here?
We're leaving shortly.
Right after we eat
Don't forget to check-in at the ranger station
before you leave
Don't worry,
we'll be down before it gets dark
Come on, boy
Well.. better be moving.
It's going to get dark pretty soon
You're right
You start on the tent and I'll get the fire
Okay, but I have to go first
Whenever it comes to cleaning up
you always have to go
Ha, ha
I'll be right back
You never stop shooting, do you?
Most of what I shoot I don't use.
Wrong angle, wrong light
Wrong faces
No, the faces are never wrong
every face tells a story
Oh yeah?
What story
does this face tell you?
You're desending..
You hide everything behind
that tight jaw
One day it's going to break
See, it's cracking already
How you doing, Tom?
Hey. Where you going?
Up to R4.
Got a couple of missing girls
Come on..
They said they'd be down before dusk.
They have'nt made it yet
Ah, they're not going to make it.
The sun will be down in a little bit
-Hey, you want to go up with him?
-We'll follow you, go ahead
They were back there, past the shack.
Maybe a hundred, hundred fifty yards
Let's walk on in
Hey, hold it Tom.
I'm going to check out this shed
What the hell..?
Find anything?
How about you?
No, nothing
How far down are you?
Ah, about quarter of a mile from the shed
There's just nothing here
I can't tell wether a bear came through or not
Well, keep looking
Roger, out
We better keep looking
You all doing a hell of a job
You find anything?
-No sir, not a thing
All right. Keep at it
Remember, we're probably not looking for a full body
Kelly.. what the hell's going on?
A bear
He attacked and killed a girl
That's all we need. A killer bear on the loose
Well, there were two of them.
We haven't found the other one yet
Reckon she made it out?
No, too much blood around here for that
Well, what you want us to do?
Look, I got a bunch of guys up on the western slope
So ah, you guys go on up north
He just might go back up country
Allison.. Where are you going?
Back here to get another angle on the cam
Okay, but don't go too far
Hey, Kell..
-Parker and I came up empty-handed
Well, look.
Get 'em back out there
Nobody sleeps until we
get that son-of-a-bitch
Hey, come on Kelly, you can't...
Tom we got a killer on our hands,
now no excuses, please
It was a big one alright
It seems to me..
the girls came across the cub,
got too close,
and the mother attacked
They didn't find any sign of a cub
They didn't find a sign of the bear anywhere
Well, she ate
and buried the rest of her meal for later
Why would she come down?
She came down for food
Oh shit. We hauled them up
to the high country last season ...
There is more than enough of food
and fish for them up there
Maybe she had enough fish
Hang on to your sick, Doc
It's not sickness.
She was hungry enough
to eat two women
Bears don't eat people
This one did
Hallitt, do me a favor
Just put it in writing for me
Who's ah.. going to contact the family?
Me, I guess
Why the hell wasn't I notified?
Well, obviously you got the message
I had to hear it on the goddamn radio
Hey, I'm glad to hear that uh, you turn it on these days
If youll excuse me, gentlemen
Aw, thats okay, Hallitt,
I was just leaving
I want to see that report on...
Okay, lets hear it
What the hell happened out there?
One of our bears got lonesome
It wanted a little action
Its not funny
Not supposed to be
What are you going to do?
Well, I've got men out on the field
I put R3 and R4 off-limits to campers
And I think we can contain it in that area
This time,
you keep me informed all the way
And when this thing is over with
I want a full investigation
What kind of investigation?
We have a responsibility to the public.
I mean it's my head
This bear is supposed to be in the high country
That's where we put it
Two possibilities..
Either he came back..
or you didn't do your job
No way
We tagged every one of those bears
Arthur Scott knows
every bear that's in this forest
No way he could have missed one
Okay, then Scott's the man I want to talk to
Now, you get him on the wire
and get his ass down here
I hope I'm not talking to myself
I read you... loud and clear
We interrupt this program
to bring you a special news bulletin
Two young women were savagely killed last night
by what the local authorities believe to be
a large bear
Michael Kelly, ranger in charge of operations
orders all backpackers in the high country
to evacuate the area immediately
Campers in all other areas of the park
should not venture
in the upper regions
until the rangers are certain the bear
has been apprehended
and the areas declared safe
If anyone should see this animal
please contact your local authorities
or the park ranger service immediately
Stay tuned to 1060 NEWS for further up-to-the-minute news bulletins
If Scottie is not in the office, where is he?
I was on the field..
You mean you...
won't connect me or you can't connect me?
Well, you listen to me you little..
I've got 2 girls, aages 19 to 20
broken to the bone
So don't give me any of your bullshit about regulations
Now, you get Scottie on that field phone
or you're going to be in the unemployment line tomorrow morning.
You get that?
Yeah, I'm still here
Sit down
No.. no...
What the hell's the matter with you down there.
I gave strict orders..
Who is this?
It's Kelly, Scottie. Kelly!
Kelly, do you know what you just did?
I had a whole family of deer up here
I've been following them,
living with them
and you scared them off
What happened?
Its a bear.. killed two girls, but..
a funny thing happened
is that he buried one of them
But bears do that anyway
They cover their kill in a shallow grave
Then they go away.
They come back later and finish eating
Look, Kittridge is holding you and me responsible, so..
just pack it up and get your carcass
here as fast as you can
Who's Scott?
He's a naturalist attached to this department
You know,
I think he knows every bear
in this forest personally
You guys really love what you doing, don't you?
Yeah.. I do
I really do
It sure has changed my values around
Changed your values?
How Kelly?
I had a perfect plan for fame and fortune
So what happened?
I took a shortcut
I married this beautiful lady
Just by chance she
was filthy rich
Trouble was, we were both mercenaries
And after a while, I just wanted out.
I couldn't take it anymore
You left?
Well, it was a little more subtle than that
I made believe I was having an affair
Got turned around
So I sold all my holdings.
Gave to the Salvation Army,
and became a ranger
That turned her off
You're lying , aren't you?
What do you think?
I really don't care
Well, were down in Area 3 already.
I dont think hes going to come down this far
These woods are so damn thick
you can't see anything anyway
Yeah, he could be hiding anywhere
Well, one thing's for sure
He's not around here
why don't you go over and take a break
I'll go up to Powder Ridge and check it out
and be back in fifteen minutes
Good. I'm going to set my feet in the stream
Have another drink?
When will I stop remembering?
It should tke about 25 years
Jesus.. Poor Tom
He liked her,
didn't he?
There's something I'm not doing!
Sure, you're not killing the bear
I don't think I'm cut out for this
You know what I enjoy?
Giving lectures around a campfire ...
showing slides ...
Taking long rides in the woods...
Watching the animals
For a man who thought of himself a mercenary
you did pretty fine
Oh yeah. There is a killer bear out there
and I'm sitting right here crushing ice cubes in my mouth
Where the hell is that damn Scott?
He'll be here.
And there's nothing else you can do but wait
Oh yes there is. Except I'm too paralyzed
is what it is
You better have another drink
How about another ice cube?
You know Don, I want to thank you for helping us out
Sure going to make finding that bear a lot easier
Maybe's got some kind of favorite cave
No, the reason we can't find him is..
he's moving
And he has a few million acres to cover his tracks
Well, if it goes near a clearing
we might just pick him up
Can you get this thing any closer?
No.. negative
Too much downdraft today
It might push it into the trees
Feel like I've been.. wearing these things permanently
Have you locked into any of its patterns yet?
You know, bears got patterns
Patterns, yeah patterns.
He likes women.. keeps moving
-Sort of like me ...
-Always trolling
Yeah, yeah
What about that fillly you been riding?
Oh.. I didn't know it was that way now
No offense, my man
Hey.. take her down.
I think I see something
Oh boy! That might be our baby
Hold it, Kelly!
Are you crazy?
What the hell are doing up here?
Trying to find your bear!
Well youre supposed to be down at camp.
Kittridge is been all over me!
You better tell him that man
that bear is not one of ours
- You sure?
- Positive!
Well you.. still should have come on down
Why? I can do better on my own
You almost got your tail shot off!
Hee hee. Almost!
Well, if you ain't a big bag of grits
What the hell you'd done
if you had caught that big brown?
It isn't a big brown
It's a grizzly!
There ain't no grizzlies up here
I used to hunt these woods for years.
It can't be a grizzly
Come on Scottie, they were killed off
years ago. Big bounty hunt, remember?
This one survived
I.. I'm telling you.
It can't be
I'm telling you we got a grizzly, and thensome
Guys, I'm a little bushed
Can I hitch a ride back with you?
Yeah, come on
You know, the average grizzly, he's about 7 feet tall
Some are shorter
This one here is at least 15 feet
Oh no. Maybe in Alaska, just maybe,
but not down here
Right here.
I just checked the claw marks on the tree
Now, that means
he's established his territory ...
The whole damn forest?
What you talking about is unreal
Wait, I got a little more ...
According to the depth of his paw prints
he weighs over 2 thousand pounds
You boys want a bite?
Look Scottie.
You may be some kind of authority on all this
but what you talking about
is science fiction, a fairy tale!
Science? yeah.
Fiction? no
See the only known grizzlies that large
were called Arctodus Ursus Horribilis
And they were the mightiest carnivores
in the Pleistocene era
Well, when was that?
About a million years ago
Ah, he's a mere baby then!
Ah well, he was a mighty ancestor
that managed to hang in there
What the hell is a million year old grizzly
doing here?
He's looking for food
They were.. strictly carnivore, those things
They sure do love meat
Well, in that case let's get the hell out of here
Stay away from her!
Stay away
Somebody, help
Alright people, step back
Let's go now.
Go on back to your campsites
We got it here.
Go on back
Come on now.
Get those kids out of here
Let's go.
The show is over, come on
Everybody back to your campsite.
Let's go
Keep it moving.
That's it
Mr. Walker?
You can ride in the ambulance
Sally loved me, mister
She really dead?
Come on
What the fuck happened?
You said it was in the heights!
I said that?
Well, it came down
Kelly, this is your baby,
your responsibility
I wash my hands
Yet this is your park,
Mr. Director!
This is your area
So it's your bear
It is not the case
You have not done your job, Scott
You are wrong,
was a grizzly killer on our hands
Scott, you're mad
running with these costumes
There are no grizzly!
Scott. Come, let's go
Kelly, I want the fucking bear!
Send me the Washington reinforcement!
To make it a scandal?
Listen, let campers
hang their food,
bears the feel,
end of story!
Here, it's different!
This monster eats his victims!
I have to say,
Four people were killed,
then stop these ridiculous quarrels
You have enough men available
Do your job or I'll take care!
Yes. of course
-If theres a bear out there Im going to get him
-Not if I get him first
You be careful
You got the ammo, Charlie?
Yep, I got plenty
We'll flush thet old-boy out
Easy boys, easy.
Don't get rambuctious
Damn dogs
What the hell are they doing out here?
They're probably looking for your bear
Who opened up this forest for the hunters, huh?
You know that those clowns they're going to shoot
everything in sight
Well, let them.
They might get that old bear for us
Yeah, including some of my rangers
Let's head back
Sheesh! What claws!
My God!
There are chairs in this room
I will not sit ...
What do all those hunters out?
I have no choice
You just opened
hunt all the animals of the forest
My instructions are clear,
they hunt a bear
It's not a bear,
it is a grizzly
It's not the same thing
A bear is a bear
A bear is not necessarily a bear,
believe it
You have now
a band of drunks outside
These are not professional hunters
That I can not help it,
there are always a few freaks
I want them out of my forest
This is not your forest,
These woods are full of campers
Not in R3 and R4 sectors
You think they are
on marked trails?
There is no danger
I'm done with it
I have a question for you
Why are you on my back?
I'm glad to hear you say
You are a rebel
There is no room here for the rebels
Listen up, Kittridge ...
While glandiez on your fat ass ...
I invested this forest
No, you listen to me!
These hunters are in my area
And I take care of them
as I see fit
Try and stop me!
Scottie, wake up
- Tom?
- Yes
- You okay?
- Fine
Bastard got a hold of a hunter.
He managed to get away
Where is he?
Over at the clinic
He's really beat up
He was also one lucky hunter
Okay, let's go
Hey Scottie. Will you take that over
to pick up his stuff
Load in some extra rifles.
We'll need em'
I was feeling unloved
Well, so was I
Glad you stopped by.
We're just getting ready to take off
I'm coming with you
Look, it's a butcher shop out there
and you just couldn't handle it
I couldn't?
Alright, maybe I couldn't handle it
Look, I'll stay out of your way
Honey, it's not safe out there,
and I don't want to see you get hurt
I mean, for both our sakes
Is that a line that's supposed
to make me feel grateful?
I don't feel like playing little boy-girl games
You just said the wrong thing!
Right, well just pack it up.
You're not coming with me
Damn, Kelly!
I'm glad you see it my ways
This just might be that old Grizzly's cub
No way
It's possible
Hey. Hey listen...
That thing might come in here after that cub
Lets get him outta here
Hes right.
Put him back in the wood
Hey, I got an idea
Well use this cub as bait
Well take it back in there.
Find us a clearing..
We'll go in the blind..
When mama comes back...
Its a lot different from deer hunting
Yeah, that damn thing fights back
Hey, we gonna have to hold the noise down.
Damn thing won't come around
Whose stupid idea was it
to use that cub as live bait?
It was mine
Now, thats the kind of bait we need to use, Kelly
It really doesnt make any
difference anymore, does it
Anybody see it happen?
Nah. She just grabbed up the cub.
That was it
We know one thing for sure
What's that?
Our grizzly is a he instead of she
Now, how the hell you know that?
You been peeking?
Don't have to.
Only the males are cannibalistic
They'll eat a cub if they are hungry
Yeah but..
does that help us any?
Sure does.
He's going to retrace his route
That means he's going to come back
the scene of his crime
So then, he ah..
could still be around here
He could be listening to us right now
Well, if that's the case
maybe we can flush him out
Can we help?
Yeah, but we go by the book
Everyone follows orders
Call the shots, mister
What's your name?
Okay Pat. You and the rest of the guys
go up the north ridge
That's ah.. Pinto Pass
I know where it is
Alright. We're going to spread
and hold the line at Culvert Basin
Now, if he comes down ...
That's were he's coming down
Hey listen!
You ole boys come down that ridge
and make like a war party.
Make a lot of noise, will you
Maybe that crazy will head towards us
Alright. We'll expect you to be in place
and ready to go at, ah..
-Well, let's get with it
Tom, you're not going to be coming with us
You're not leaving me out of this, man.
No way
We're not leaving you out of anything.
I'm assigning you to Arrow Tower
Don't do me any favors
Look, I can handle myself down here
Look. Cool off and listen
Now, you know how thick it is down there
Now, from up there
you might be able to spot it.
And you might get a crack at it
Yeah, and I might just get left out
of all this damn thing
You're not going to be left out of anything
Wish the hell it would hurry up
and get daylight
It won't be much longer
It's still a little bit chilly this morning, though.
Ain't it?
Sort of cool for this time of year, anyway
- Come on
- Alright
Let's go
Let's keep it quiet, okay
Kelly, I 'd like to have the first shot
Well, I can't promise you that
See, we got a grizzly out there
that's at least 15 feet tall
Weighs maybe 2, 3 thousand pounds, right
I want to capture it
You what?
You want to capture it?
That's right
He's not kidding
I've been developing these
brand new tranquilizing shells
Oh Christ...
That shell won't penetrate
a hair of its chinny-chin-chin
Not trying to kill him with it, mister.
Just want to put him to sleep
Oh yeah well.. that's fine.
But first you got to knock him down.
That baby won't do it
We'll see about that
I sure hope you ain't out there alone
You're liable to become its friends
I figure, that old grizzly's hungry
by now
For a while. I told you he just ate the cub.
I doubt if he's hungry now
Oh yeah?
Well, that was merely an appetizer,
my man
I figure that old grizzly got his taste
for human flesh and he's eating
nothing else
That's pretty ridiculous
It is, huh?
Well, let me tell you a little story, boy
A long time ago this tribe of Indians
came into these woods
They's was all laid down with the pox, uhh
something I can't remember..
Anyway, this herd of grizzlies
smelled them out
They come in, they ate 'em
They tore them all up
Little children..
the sick.. everybody
There's a few braves just
healthy enough to go out on the hunt
They came back..
and the grizzlies turned on themed
So, they had a new situation
A whole herd of man-eating grizzlies
was just parading around
tearing up the Indians
That's pretty hard to believe
Unless you happened to be one of them Indians
I can still root him out my own way
Hell, I can look like him..
I can smell like him
Now, give me a chance.
Let me go in
You got a dime?
I'm going to call his mama!
I mean, does your mama know that you're running
around out here in the woods trying to act like a bear..
smell like one.
You scratching around on the ground like one?
I mean, does she know that you're making
a damn fool of yourself..
you're chasing something about the size
of a V8 Cat with teeth?
You know, I think your mama would be a little disappointed
But not nearly as disappointed
as she would be if she had you for a son
Who spotted him first?
You get a crack at him
But I don't want
you going out in those woods alone
Post, here
You see anything moving out there at all?
Only your hunters tearing up the forest
Well, keep looking.
He has to be out there someplace
It's the grizzly!
Hold on Tom, just hold on.
We're on our way
Come on Don
We're there.. we're almost there the bear thing is being handled?
Okay, I guess.
I mean, they kept the bear away from here ...
if that's what counts
I surely feel sorry for that
poor forest ranger, though
Yeah, I think we all feel the same way
I'm sorry
So am I
Is there anything I can do?
No, he had a family
Send some flowers
I've got a plan
But I need time and men
Kelly, I'm not...
Just listen to me
He got Tom here
Now, his first..
his first killing took place up here
He circled and killed..
circled and killed..
He circled and found and killed Gail here
And he circled again,
got behind us..
..and killed Tom
Now, I think he's gonna continue heading down
looking for human food
That thing seems to..
..know what we're thinking
Now, I'd like to get the jump on him this time
A grizzly is an animal, Kelly.
Don't give him human qualities
He's not even listening to you, Kelly
See, he doesn't understand that we're dealing with a..
..highly intelligent beast
Will you take that sandwich outside and eat it
Close the park
and give me another crack at it
There is no need.. to close the park
Do you know that there are more..
more reporters out there and TV cameramen..
..than there are animals in this goddamn circus
I invited them
You invited them?
I want them to see the kind of clean,
thorough job that we are capable of doing
You're kidding!
We have five dead people.
One raving, almost dead man
And you call that.. clean?
We are doing everything I...
You know, I just figured you out
You don't give a good goddan if we
get that grizzly or not
As long as you get your press
so you can go to Washington and
get one of those nice dark brown plastic offices
Get out!
Well, you just lost your office
'cause when I'm finished with you..
..there's not gonna be anybody there
waiting to shake your gooshy, bloody hand!
You are finished, dismissed, removed!
In your...
Does not
the weight of the world on your shoulders ...
They are not wide enough
Yeah, I mean ...
What they know these fighters?
The rangers know hunting
You know what, Scottie?
You know the real kick
I could do with this property?
Finally, if it was a private property ...
I would divide while plots
Do what you want
If you want to give up,
That's your problem.
Scottie, do me a favor
Go back home
I have this grizzly
You heard me
Stay out of the forest
What for?
This is not just a job for me
The forest is like home
I love it and I'll find it
You're crazy, completely crazy
It's possible
Meanwhile, you can stay here,
and whining about your little pride
Not to mention your Scotch
I'm going to find our ursus horribilis
Robert, you stay close now.. you hear?
Do you hear me?
Yes, Ma'am
I am lone...
Everyone goes?
That includes the press, mister
Park is closed
People have a right to know
Oh, you got your story
The story is about greed
I do not want him to go to Washington
I'm feeling sorry for myself
Hey, that's a good lead line for the story
Well, your hands aren't clean either, pal
You and your cameras made it so exciting..
so attractive..
We tell like it was
There's only one person
who can tell t like it was
And that's little Bobby
He's alive?
Part of him is
If we get him to the city hospital in time..
..he will...
It feels like Nam all over again
That special excitement
Ah, we'll get him this time
You think so, huh?
Well, I don't got a choice
Hey listen, I wanted to thank you, ah..
I'd be in over my head without your help
You getting it
If this ain't all ironic
Now, in Nam I had about 100..
..maybe 200 Gooks
We called them Gooks
so it wouldn't get personal
But it did get personal, anyway
So I stopped counting
and tried to stop caringe
You know.. I don't kill nothing no more
Not even a fly
Made myself that promise
I'm sorry
No, sorry ain't necessary
It's my choice.
I could've said no
Where's Scott?
Ah.. he went out to ride on his own
He's crazy
You know, that boy is weird
What makes you think
this old bear booted back up country?
Well, what we know about grizzlies.
They don't like to stray
This one made it into town
I call that straying
No, I think he is just lost
He wants to go home where it's safe
We gonna help him go home?
I got one
No. That Army Rem you got
ain't gonna get what we need
This here is 30.06 with a K4 scope on it
for fast shooting
You gonna need it
Hold this, will you
I wish my mom had taught me
how to tie a knot
Just take it over there somewhere
You get kinda downwind.
That old bear might smell us now and won't come on after it
You could help
Ahh.. that mother's heavy
HoHold it right thereld it right.
I am holding it right there
Don, would you...
Lift? What do you think I'm doing?
Come here, sweetheart
I'll going back to get the rest of the gear
I'll start on the blind
Right here. He's on the run
We lost him
We were right behind him
I don't know about that
He's gone
Christ! We must have run a mile
Only thing to do is to go back to.. the copter
Aw.. son of a bitch
He figured us out
He took us out and then circled back
That's what he did
Just like, ah.. a couple of his toys
We are
You know, he could circle back and try again
Well, don't even say that.
We gotta try and get some sleep
It's too late for hunting now.
Let's go on back to the chopper
Are you sure you wanna take the first watch?
Oh, ah.. by the way...
..just in case you should fall asleep..
..and feel a wet snout on the face..
..whatever you do don't move
..and don't kiss it back because it ain't me
Hah.. that ain't funny
You know.. you're right!
Kelly.. come in Kelly
This is Kelly, Scottie
Where the hell are you!
Never mind that. Just listen to me
I found a partially eaten buck
That must be one that we gutted
What are you talking about ?
Never mind. Where are you?
I think it was our that was our grizzly
that was doing the eating
Where the hell are you, Scottie!
What do you want.. topos coordinates
No, a street and zip will do
I'm above R4 and Zone 821
Okay. Stay there
No. Listen, on second thought
get the hell out of there
He might be coing back
for the rest of his meal
That's just what I'm hoping for
Look. I got a roll.
I'm going to put a rope around his neck and haul
him through the woods to where you fellas are
With any luck our friend is going to follow
I'm leaving right now.
I'll meet you halfway
Disseminates details
and tell them to pick him up
..goes up and down like some kind of yo-yo
I'm getting ready to kill again and can't hardly wait
I kinda liked that old boy
You know, when I was kidding around with him
I never meant him no insult
I know
You know, Don.. two were a lot alike
Let's have another look at that grid map
Right there. That's were he's going
Back to his first kill
It's incredible!
He's programmed.
Like some kind of damned computer
How? Why man?
Hell, I don't know
Why do salmon swim back upstream
where it all began?
You're getting kind of close
Have faith, brother!
Ooh man. He's really moving
Let's give the son-of-a-bitch
a run for his money
I think we lost him
I see him. I see him
It's a mother-lovin runner
Just takes one rocket.
We'll get that damn launcher and blast it
Set her down
You sure?
Yeah, let's go in after him
He's tired, he's scared. He needs to come back out
Oh shit..
Aargh.. Kelly..