Grizzly Rage (2007) Movie Script

[bear roars]
[hard rock]
You can't always pick
the dark you find
Maybe I wasn't
what you had in mind
I can love you,
I can love you,
I can love you a lot
I can love you,
I can love you,
I can love you a lot
I'm here
And I wonder if I'm lost
'Cause I can't seem to understand the way I feel
[horn honking]
To be home
To be home
Yo, G.
Who's my boy?
Huh? Yeah.7:00 on the dot.
Yeah.Thank you.
Living large.
I swear to God, I put away
half a keg last night.
Only half a keg, bro?
Shut up.
Where'd you guys end up?
I have a vague recollection
of playing
Super D.B. Zed at Mackenzie's.
Dude, it was Hot PXL,
and it was at Martino's,
but well done.
God, the fast
and the furious wars.
Why? Where'd you end up?
We actually hit
Kirby's party,
and then, um, we wentskinny dipping off the pier.
Sorry I missed it.
Thing of beauty.
No, dude. I totallycalled that last night.
First come, first serve.Sean!
God, you suck.
[Sean]Let's make tracks.By the way, nice speech.
If youthis the season of hope--
It is often
so only in the sense
that our elders
are hopeful about us.
For no age
is so apt as youth
to think its emotions,
partings and resolves
are the last of their kind.
Dude, what does that mean?
I have no idea.[laughter]
Goodbye empire
and hello world!
[all whooping] [hard rock]
[Woman]You can at least move your seatup a little farther, dude.
Babe, I would love
to move further. I'm gonna
be on the frigging hood.
I don't have a problem
with that. Anybody else
have a problem with that?
Works for me.Shut up and drive.
Do or die, baby.
[horn honking]
Yo, hand that over.
The music's making me thirsty.
Yeah. Turn it up.
Are we there yet?Ask me that one more time.
Are we there-- Ow, bro![slap]
Easy, boys.
When do we eat?
How can you even think
about food?
When is he ever not
thinking about food?
When I'm thinking abouthow hot your mom is.
You leave my mom
out of this, bro.
Ladies and gentlemen,
a moment of your time.
Since we've already partaken
of the of the four-wheeling
of Cash Creek last summer,
I say that we just drive
the extra hour
and hit Saranac Grotto.
Dude, that's awesome.
Are there even
roads out there?
Oh, yeah.
Well, Martino and them
went out motocrossing there
a few weeks ago.
Say that once
you get past the gate,
a bunch of old trails.
You know, I think that we
should just really stick
to the original itinerary.
God forbid we should deviatefrom the original itinerary.
Yeah. All for the grotto,
raise a mitt.
Dude, I am so in.
Wes, come on, bro.What do you say?Come on, Wes.
Guys, you know that placeis, like, gated upfor a reason, right?
Ever consideredcolonic irrigation?
No, but can you tell me
how yours went?
Actually, pretty well.Thank you for asking.Yeah?
Dude, come on. Let's do it.What do you say?
Okay, look, normally-- normally,I would agree with you.
I would. But seeing as how
we just graduated,
I say that for today--
for today--
we make the rules,
so I'm in!
[Men whooping]
We got a rumble in the jungle!
Well, okay, lets rumble.
Do it, baby.
Let's just do it.
It's wild, man.
Two months from now,
I'll be at Ryerson,
Findley will be at UBC,
you and Stover
will be at U of T.
It's like the end of an era.
If you don't stop,
I'm gonna start crying,
and you're gonna start crying,
and Zeke and Ziphead
are gonna start crying.
We did it up right, huh?
Yeah. Los amigos.
Los amigos.
Welcome to the Grotto.
Rise and shine, kiddies.
Head 'em up, move 'em out.Oh, man!
Get going, cowboy.
You guys know we can
get arrested for this, right?
Can't run with the big dogs,then stay under the porch.
All right, buddy.Good to go?
We're good to go.
Open sesame.
Lets saddle up and ride.
Start your engines, baby.
Oh, dear.Start your engines.
[Woman]Take it easy, though.This is no trespassing.
Did you hear something?I didn't hear nothing.
[engine starts]Nope.
I feel the need--
I feel the need for speed!
Do it![whooping]
Whoo!Hell on wheels, baby!
The bomb!Hey, Ritch,
I think it was a right
on Main, big guy.
Okay, okay. Right turn.[whooping]
[hard rock]
Drive careful!
We're not stopping,
right, pal?Yeah.
Who's your daddy?
Who's your daddy?
Oh!Hold on, hold on, hold on!
Oh, God, I swear,
I'm gonna throw up.
Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God, oh, my God!
Ritch, you're my daddy.
Ritch, you're my daddy.
Oh, wow!
Dude, look out!
Ritch, Ritch, Ritch, Ritch!
[steam hissing]
Oh, I don't believe this.
Oh, my God.
Everybody okay?
[Woman]What was that?
Son of a--I can't believe this.
Oh, God.
What the hell is that?
It's a bear cub.
What's a bear cub
doing out here?
Dude, that's a grizzly cub.
Okay. We gotta go,like, now.
If that's a grizzly cub,
there's a real pissed-offmama grizzly real close.
It's dead.
Okay, well, we gotta
do something then.
Like, what can we--
what can we do?Well, I don't know.
We can't just leave it
sitting here in the middle
of the road, right?
Radiator's cracked.
What are you doing?I'm gonna bury it.
Chill.Dude, are youout of your mind?
I don't really think
that you know what
were dealing with here.
We just killed a bear cub.Okay. And that sucks.
It sucks,but it was an accident.Just shut up.
An accident that never
really would've happened
if we had just stuck
to the original itinerary.Just shut up.
Don't tell me to shut up.
[bear roaring, distant]
Move. Move.Dude, leave it!
[roaring continues]
Dude, come on.
Dude, come on!I'm coming, I'm coming.
Hurry up, bro.Let's go, let's go. Hurry up.
Okay, move, move, move, bro![engine grinding]
Let's go.Are you kidding?
Ritch, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Dude, move it!
[grinding continues]Ritch, come on!
I'm trying!It will not be happy.
[bear growling]
Oh, my!
Ritch, come on, now, dude.
Let's go!
I'm trying. I'm trying.
Dude, you're gonna flood it!Don't do this.
[engine starts]
Yes!Come on. Let's go.
Hurry up.Let's move, let's move!
Hey, I'm stuck.Let's go.
The tires are spinning!Come on. Let's go.
Hurry up.[bear roaring]
The thing's coming!
Turn the wheel!
Oh, man.Yeah. That was too close
for comfort.
You do realize you're going
the wrong way, right?
You want me to turn back?
Guys, we need to call somebody.Who we gonna call?
Who we gonna call? A park rangeror somebody to help.We can't call a park ranger.
There's no one out here.
And if there was,
we'd get arrested.
Yeah. Well, maybe that'swhat we deserve.[beeping]
Oh, no, don't do this.What? What's wrong?
The engine's overheating.
Okay, dude, can we deal
with this later?
Yeah. No,the engine will seize.
That's awesome.You've gotta be kidding me.
Lets go.I'll keep a lookout.
How long is this gonna take?I don't know. A few minutes.
Wow, we're gonna need
all the water we got.
Who we calling?I'm calling for help.
Good luck.[beeping]
Damn it.
Nice planning. Hey, genius.Here you go.
That it?That's it.
We're gonna need more.
You see anything up there?
I got nothing.
[liquid bubbling]
[bubbling continues]
[bear roaring, distant]
[roaring continues]
Wes, the bear! Wes!
Wes, get out of here! Wes!
Ritch! Ritch!
Ritch! Ritch!
[groaning][roaring continues]
Ritch!Let's get the hellout of here.
[Ritch screaming]
Ritch![screaming continues]
Let's go.Ritch.
Let's go.Ritch.
Get in the car.Where's Ritch?
Get in the car!Where's Ritch?
Get in the car!Where's Ritch?
Get the hood.What do you think I--
Let's go, let's go.We gotta see
what happened to Ritch.
Get in! Get in!I can't--
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
[engine grinding]
Come on, come on, come on.
Son of a bitch, come on![engine starts]
No, we can't leave him.We can't leave him, Sean.
We have to--I don't believe this!
I don't believe this!
We have to go back.
Dude, we can't go back.
Oh, my God, look out, Sean!Okay, okay.
Sean, we have to
go back for Ritch.Dude, we can't go back!
Ritch is dead, okay?
What are you--Turn around!
[clamoring]Get him off of me!
Get him off of me!
Turn around! I said we have to
go back! We have to go back!Get off!
What are you doing?Turn around!I said we have to go back!
Let go. Let go. Let go.We have to get Ritch!Turn around!
Wes!Turn around the car!
Man--Look out, look out!
[yelling][Woman screaming]
[yelling, screaming continue]
[Woman coughing]I can't feel my head.
What the hell's
your problem, man?
You shouldn't have left him.
You shouldn't have driven us
off the damn road.
I told you guys.
How could you just leave him?What was I supposed
to do, man?
Did I not tell you--
Shut up! Shut up!...that we never
should've come here?
Everyone gets it.
You're a genius,
and we're
all a bunch of tools.
Can everyone
please shut up
till we figure out
what the hell
we're going to do?
Oh, shit.
You okay?
[chuckles]My head is cracked open,
my best friend is dead,the car flipped over,
and, no, I'm not okay.
Oh, my God, what are we
going to do, Wes?
We wait for help.Wait for help.
God. Help from who?
Nobody knowsthat we're out here.You know that, right?
Somebody will
figure it out.
[chuckles]Yeah, they're gonna figure out
that we went to Saranac Grottoinstead of Cash Creek, right?
Look at me!How is anybody evergonna figure that out?
You know whatthe only way out of here is?
On our own two feet.
Now, you coming?
What is this place?
[Wes]You think we can winch itback on the road?
Only one way to find out.
Woke up like yesterday
Scallywags and history
You need more,or are you good?
Pull up! Pull up!
Come on, come on, come on
We're gonna drop the bomb
We're gonna
prove 'em wrong
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on
We're good.
Riding on to town we go
Fat man, little boy
You guys ready?Yeah. Ready.
All right.
One, two, three.
[engine clicking]
We're gonna make 'em pay
Pop the hood.
[hood clanks]Okay.
We're gonna prove 'em wrong
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on
Battery cable's off.
The battery cable was off.
Good? Try again.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on
Yeah.All right. One,
two, three.[clicks]
Come on.
Here we go.
Okay. Keep it straight,
keep it straight.
keep the wheel straight.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Darkest day in history
Come on, come on.
Here we go again
Here we go. Here we go.Keep it coming.
Keep it coming.
[creaking continues]
We're on a mission
Come on, come on, come on!
We're gonna make 'em pay
Come on, come on, come on
Okay, keep going.Keep going.
We gotta drop the bomb
A little further, guys.
Come on, come on, come on
Get up, get up, get up,get up, get up.
Almost there. Almost there.
We're gonna prove 'em wrong
Come on.
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Yeah! Yeah!Whoo! Good job!
We're gonna prove 'em wrong
So long, so long, so long
All right.Let's start it.
Here it goes.
[engine grinding]
[grinding continues]
Oh, God!
Try again.Come on, come on.
Come on!
Try again.
Damn.The battery's dead.Great.
You don't have the first idea
what you're doing, do you?
So, are you okay?Yeah. I'm fine.
It's, what, 15 kilometersto the highway?
At least, bro.
Probably jog ona couple hours.
Wes, come on.
I really don't think
that's a good idea.
Look you've gota concussion, okay?We need to get you looked at.
I'll go.
I'm on it.
Okay, dude.
We both know I can outrun you
any day of the week.
On top of which,
you have a pretty crappy
sense of direction, man.
All right.Give me your cell.
You know what?
Maybe if we just stick here,
somebody may show up.
Are you sure?
Yeah.Just hold down the fort.
if you run into it,
don't look it in the eye.
Just stand still,
talk to her quietly,
let her know thatyou know she's there.
Once you've done that,
back off slow.
If she charges you,
drop into a fetal position,
tuck your elbows
around your face,
try and stay
perfectly still.
If she thinksyou're dead,
then she might
leave you alone.
Back with the cavalry.
Hey, Sean.
Los amigos?
Los amigos.
Drain me of my future
Till nothing else remains
You'll get yours in the end
Trusting in love's weakness
I'll shoulder all the blame
You just
were meant for this
I feel it in my veins
I'm lost,
where is the rain
Hopin' that I'm all
I need again
Out here in the cold
Scared and alone
Searching for the will
To carry on
Achin' to belong
Smilin' as you robbed me
Of all my self-esteem
I wanted more from this
Than you could ever dream
I'm lost,
where is the rain
Hopin' that I'm all
I need again
Out here in the cold
Scared and alone
Searchin' for the will
To carry on
You okay?
Achin' to belong
Are you okay?
What were we thinking?
What were we thinking?
A bunch of freaking idiots
come up here
like we own the place.
What are we
gonna do now?
What are we gonna
tell his parents?
Drain me of my future
Till nothing else remains [gasping]
Okay. Just relax, okay?
[gasping continues]
It's okay.Easy in, easy out.
Come on, Wes. Breathe.
[coughing]Good. That's good.
Slow. Slowly.Slowly, okay?
Slowly. Slow.
[breathing relaxes]
Hopin' that I'm all
I need again
I saw him.
Scared and alone
Flying through the air,
The will to carry on
Achin' to belong
He looked so scared.
Achin' to belong
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.
Achin' to belong
[heart beating loudly]
[heart beating loudly continues]
[bear roaring]
[brush rustles]
You know, when we left
Ritch back there,
for a second,
I thought that you were actuallythe one who was dead.
And then...
Sean was, like, yelling at me
to get back in the jeep
and everything.
And just, like, things
were just happening so fast.
You know what I mean?
I wanted to do something.
I really wanted
to do something.
It's, like,
how come I didn't, you know?
Maybe Sean's right.
Maybe if we'd stayed,
all four of uswould be dead.
What the hell happened?Oh, my God!
[breathing heavily]
Hurry, Wes!
It's okay. It's okay.Hang on, buddy.
Hold this to his thigh.
Hold that to his thigh!Okay, okay!
[screaming]I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!Oh, God!
[sobbing]Keep it there.
Hang on, buddy. Hang on.
Hold him still.
Almost there,
almost there.Okay.
Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!You're going to be okay.
It's okay. It's okay.It's okay.
[bones cracking][screaming]
You're killing him!I gotta get it tighter!
It's okay. It's okay.
[bones cracking][screaming]
Stop, Wes!It's not tight!
Just hold him!
There. It's done.
It's done.
[Sean panting]
Is he...He's unconscious.
Why is this
happening to us?
Why is this
happening to us?
Why is this happening to us?
I might be able to getbetter reception up there.
Are you kidding me?
That thing killed Ritch,
and look what it did to Sean.
This is insane, Wes.
There's gotta be
some other way.Stay with Sean.
Hold it, okay?
Hold it.
It's tasted blood,
and it's not going to stop.
And he's going to dieif we don't do something.
Be back
before you know it.
No, no!
Damn it!
[yell echoing]
[bear roaring]
[roaring continues]
[roaring continues]
Did you see it?Get in the car.
Did you see it?It's out there.
Just get in the car.
What's wrong
with your leg?Nothing. Just blood.
I guess it was just
a matter of time.
We live in the mostprivileged country in the world.
Our luck was bound to run out
sooner or later.
And this was supposed to be
the beginning of everything.
Hey, you know,I was thinking, um,
do you remember that partythat uh-- that Ollie had?
Well, I actually borrowedmy mom's Volvo that night.
When we started to get intothe shooters and all that stuff,
I figured I'd just leavethe car there and walk home
and come back and get itin the morning.
But, of course,the second I'm out there,I'm, like,
the last thingthat I wanna do is walk home
and then come back
and get it in the morning,
So, I'm coming
down the driveway,
and the first thing that I do
is back straight into
a parked car.
But the kicker is
that instead of getting out
and dealing,
I, uh-- I just hightailed it
out of there.
And it turned out to besome neighbor's car.
You just wish that you,like, said something,
or did something
at that moment.
I just kept putting it off,
and, um,
eventually, I just figuredit would be betterjust to leave well enough alone.
And I just--
I just really regret that.
Why are you telling me this?
Maybe we're being punished.
[thud][Lauren screaming]
Stay down!
Don't move! Stay down!
[screaming continues]
Get out of here!
Stay down.
[screaming continues]
Leave us alone!
Leave us alone!
[Lauren screaming]
[screaming continues]
Guess I'm on deck.
Lauren, you've got a concussion.
If you push yourself,
you could--
you could pass out.
You got any better ideas?
Bro, right here.
Right here, man.
It hurts, man.
I know, bro.
I know it does.
[crying continues]
I got lost.
It's okay. It's okay,
Sean, all right?
Chill out. Take it easy, man.
Just breathe, all right?
Just breath, man.
Just breath.
[muttering]Just breathe. Breathe.
Try to relax,
all right, man?
Just take it easy, okay?[breathing relaxes]
There you go.
Lauren? Lauren?
I'm right here.
I don't wanna lose my leg.
You're not gonna loseyour leg, man, all right?
We're gonna get yououtta here, okay?
We'll get you outta here.
I saw a bear trap.
[labored breathing]
You saw a bear trap?
It was, like,
a kilometer down,
in some buildings.
It was on a wall.
You think it'll still work?I think so.
Easy, easy. Sean.
Take it easy, all right?
Just take it easy, man.
Stay with me, man, okay?[gasping continues]
Right here, bro.
Hold my hand, man.
I just wanna go home, man.
[crying continues]
[crying stops]
[Lauren crying]Sean.
[crying continues]
What are you doing?Help me.
[both grunting]
God, what are
you doing, Wes?
We're going
for the bear trap.
[thunder rumbling]
We were pretty much going
uphill the entire time.
We'll try
to coast back down.
We gotta do something.
Help me push.You ready?Yeah.
[grunting continues]
[thunder continues]
We're slowing down.
Get ready.
Okay. Push, push![grunting]
Keep pushing, keep pushing!
Are you okay?I'm fine. Just keep going.
Watch out, Wes!
[branches crunching]
No, come on, come on!
This is gonna slow us down.
Come on, come on,come on!
[thunder continues]
You know what?
You stay here.
I'm gonna go see what's what.
Are you kidding me?
Come on. With that leg,you'll only slow me down.
I'll be careful.
[bear roaring]
[roaring continues]
Get in the car.Get in the car.
Hurry up.Get in the car.
[growling continues]
What's it doing?Oh, my God! Sean!
What are you doing?
Get in the front.
Get in the front!
Come on!
Come on!I'm right here!
Come and get me!What are you waiting for?
Come get me!Come on!
I'm right here!
Come get me!
Come on!
Come on! Come here!
Come on!
I dare you, come on!
[roaring continues]
Come on!
Lauren, get out of there!Get out of the jeep!
Lauren, go, go, go, go!
Oh, my God.
Okay. I want you
to get out of here.
Wes, what are you saying?
Look, I want
to distract it, okay?
She's drawn to blood.I can use my clothes as a decoy.
I think that we shouldgo back to the cabins
and see if there's some weaponwe can use or something else.
You need to get out
of here, okay?
Come on, you bitch.
Wait, Wes.
Los amigos?
Los amigos.
Come get me!
I'm right here!
Come on!What are you waiting for?
Come get me,you son of a bitch!
Let's go!I'm right here!
Come on!
Come on!
Come get me!
[growls, sniffs]
[sniffing continues]
[breathing heavily]
[bear roaring]
Lauren? Lauren!
Come and get me.
Lauren! Lauren!
[bear roaring]
Are you okay?
[roaring continues]
It's okay.
It's over.
All right?
It's all over.
I can't believe we made it.
I can't believe we made it.
It's okay. It's okay.[roaring continues]
You did it.
Let's get outta here.
[door rattling]
[rattling continues]
Run! Go, go, go! Run![screams]
Wes! Get up!No! Just keep going!
Get up! Let's go!
Come on!Keep going! Keep going! Go!
Just run!Keep going! Run!Get up, Wes! Get up!
Please! Get up! Get up!No, Lauren! Keep going!Keep going!
Get up, Wes, please!
It's coming!
[Lauren screaming]
[bear roars]
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