Guardian (2024) Movie Script

'The only reason that we live on earth
is because of our parents'
'My parents are no more today'
'Today I am treading a new path
as 'Producer' which is the proof that..'
'My parents are present in spirit
to guide me - Vijay Chandar'
'Let go of my child'
'Don't harm my child'
'My child means the world to me'
'Suresh Menon
Pradeep Rayan'
Sriram Parthasarathy'
The spirit we were waiting for so long
That very same ferocious spirit
is under our control now
'Motta Rajendran
Anil Siddu'
I have bottled the blood
of those who killed that girl
Shobana Pranesh'
'Hearing the 'mantras' we chant now'
The spirit will come
in search of that blood
If we trap that spirit
in this crystal stone
'The 2 halves will merge as 1 stone'
Whoever offers blood to this crystal stone
And possesses it
Whatever he or she orders
or thinks will come true
If this crystal breaks, DEATH!
A perilous death will follow
Chant without stopping, start
'Om! I bow to our Creator Lord Vishnu'
[repeated as chorus]
'In Lord Shiva's third eye true'
'1000 eyes can be visualized'
'2000 faces can be perceived'
'Hands 3000 can be seen'
'Millions of pores like a silk screen'
'Ball of fire in his breath
that billows from his mouth'
'In his left hand
a beaded garland'
'In His matted hair aglow
the crescent moon as halo'
'Like rain torrential'
'Myriad spirits dwell'
'Om Mother Goddess Bhairavi'
'Praise be to Goddess Kali'
'Ferocious avatar of Shakti'
'Rudra Kali the ferocious mother
who sprung from Shiva's hair'
'O Omnipresent always
Shower Your Grace'
'Tie this enemy tight'
'Let this foe not show her might'
'Imprison this spirit yearning for revenge
in a crystal stone so she cannot avenge'
'Ye spirit as big as a mountain
Come into this stone; hasten'
'Ye demonic spirit, harken
Into this stone, descend'
'Spirit on a revenge seeking spree
Enter this crystal; in captivity'
'Lend me your ear
Come and rest here'
'Of my own accord'
'I will appear'
'Of my own accord'
'It is coming
for the blood'
'Of my own accord'
'I will come'
Don't stop chanting
"300 times if you pray daily
when every time you inhale duly"
"Even if you check your horoscope
before you start your day; with hope"
"Can a life branded unlucky
be changed to become lucky?"
"Can luck ever be
bought with money?"
I got the cycle you wanted, dear
Appa, cycle is missing!
Someone has stolen it!
I told my friends happily
I've got a new cycle for my birthday
Now my gift is gone!
Your cycle got stolen?
Didn't I tell you that day?
You are unlucky
"A girl with no luck is she
Unlucky lady!"
"Her problems accompany
One too many"
"Whatever she lays her hands on
goes down the drain; devastation"
"Cursing her with words so vile
entire society sends her into exile"
"She went to the temple to pray
But an atrocity made her its prey"
"Thinking God will listen to her pleas
she broke the coconut; it hit the priest"
"In life she has faced hurdles countless
whatever she does boomerangs endless"
"Fate hit her; making her bleed
Lady Luck abandoned her indeed"
'See you'
"Luckless lady"
"Unlucky lady"
'Sad indeed!'
"If she wears a gemstone ring auspicious
will Lady Luck smile on her instantaneous?"
"If you tune in to time, tarot, horoscope
your luck will turn is your dear hope!"
"Unlucky girl, this pretty chick
No room in her life for luck or kick"
"Honey in the lion's mouth salivating
In search of luck, this deer is sprinting"
"No help or hope has she
of scooting to safety"
"I weep my heart out wearily
Whole city is mocking me merrily"
"One day Lady Luck will favor me surely"
"Luckless lady"
"She has no luck, this lady"
"Luckless lady"
"She has no luck, this lady"
"Luckless lady"
Students, I asked you to do
a creative, new experiment yesterday
- Has anyone done it?
- I have
I have done, sir
I'll show you
What have you done?
- I have discovered fire from water
- Whaaat?!
You can get fire from water?
- Yes
- How is it possible?
- Show it to me
- Sure, sir
Ammonium Nitrate 4 gm
Sodium Chloride 1gm
Zinc powder 10gm
Add everything together and mix it
Then add water 2 drops
First it will emanate smoke
- Super!
- Yes
1 minute, listen
You can only use this
as a trick in a magic show
This is of no use
Our discovery should
have utilitarian value
No other go, my internship
is only in Chennai
Hope I get a job
at least over there
Aparna, 1 minute
Wait, I'll be back
Pray to God before you go
'See you'
'Nn ho'
"Luck-less lady"
'This is my life story, doctor'
'Nothing I wished for was fulfilled
right from my childhood'
'I never got whatever others did
without even lifting their little finger'
'I am so unlucky'
'It is continuing right up to
the job phase in my life'
'So is this your problem?'
- Who is Priya?
- Me, sir
Go in
- Hello?
- Well prepared?
Hear me out, this is your 4th interview
'I know you are capable'
'But the one who interviews you
won't know that, right?'
Please speak confidently
without messing it up
This is the only vacancy in our office
Good job, decent salary
Don't miss it
Okay, di
There aren't any companies left
in the whole of India
Let's see, fingers crossed
Depends on their questions
Bye, talk to you later
- Is this your 1st interview?
- Yes, sis
Don't worry
Be confident
Whatever the question
answer boldly, okay?
Sis, I am college topper
Hey! Aren't you Corona batch?
No, 'ka
You passed, writing the exam from home
easily able to copy, right?
You're acting pricey
because I asked you, eh?
Don't take a dig at me, sis
Take a look
if you don't believe me
'He has scored more than me
in all the subjects'
'I am positive now I won't be selected'
'I might as well save my face and leave'
Good, all the best to you
I'll be back
Who is Aparna?
Go in
Do you know why
the Leaning Tower of Pisa one of the best
architectures in the world?
Yes, sir, because
The center of gravity is a little tilted
AT 90 or 60-
'Or may be'
Okay...okay, relax
Have some water
Are you okay?
Okay, do you know we are one of the best
architecture and design companies
- In the world
- Of course
- Why?
- Hahn?
Sir, K Constructions
Because cement is very good...strong
They use bricks
Er...hammer and-
Why do you wish to join our company?
Whichever bank I apply for a loan
this company tops the list
So if I work here
I can avail a loan easily
How about the date of salary, sir?
I'm sure I'll be paid
on 31st of every month?
Otherwise, even if it's 1st evening
No problem
Okay, we'll get back to you
Thank you
Thank you
Good job, great salary
Why did you blotch it?
I asked them when they will pay my salary
They sent me out
because I asked them
You won't reform at all
Hang up now
'This is an usual event
in everyone's life'
'It is more frequent in your case'
'Don't blame yourself
as being unlucky'
No, doctor
That isn't my problem
Unbelievable incidents are happening
in my life for quite some time
Like what?
'When I was doing my final year undergrad'
'Along with my friends
as a part of my internship'
'I had gone to a construction site'
'That incident happened then'
We are damn unlucky
Everyone got their internship
within the city
They sent us to
this back of beyond forest
Forget it
We know this already
Whom should we meet here?
Aren't you students
from KSR College?
Yes, sir
- Everyone in the list is present
- Yes, sir
We have 10 engineers in our site
Split into twos and work with them
'Ask me if you have doubts
Don't disturb anyone'
- Okay, sir
- You stay right here
- Wait for the engineer
- Thank you, sir
Aaah ouch!
'Whoever offers blood
to this crystal stone'
'And possesses it'
'Whatever he or she orders
or thinks will come true'
That rod flew in mid air and
halted in front of my eyes, doctor
The moment I set my eyes on it, immediately
The rod fell to the ground, doctor
You saw the rod
and it fell to the ground?
I can't believe this
Even I can't believe it, doctor
That's the truth
But after that incident
whatever I say or think
It just materializes
in the same way, doctor
That's a good sign
We go to a temple and pray to God
for our wishes to be fulfilled
'How can that bother you?'
It happens, doctor
But in a weird way
In what kind of weird way?
'Good job'
'Decent salary'
'Why did you mess it up like this?'
Somehow I should get that job
I have to get it
'You blabbered
in that interview'
How did you get appointed then?
That's exactly what puzzles me too, doctor
'Till date my sincere efforts'
...have not paid off at all
'For the first time in my life
I got what I asked'
I thought Lady Luck
was smiling at me
And I went to work
That's when something incredible
happened in my life
Whatever you told me already
is incredible by itself
What happened more unbelievable than that?
'Uncle, I am not in violent mode'
'I am in silent mode'
I need to make hot tea
You talk to me later
What is this, bro-in-law?
You're brewing tea with hands
that beat a man to a pulp?
My heart aches hearing that
'All this is only till I get married'
Then I'll just have a ball!
Don't worry about anything, buddy
I'll find a good dancer as bride for you
Jam the hall with all our rowdies
and get you married in sweet splendor
You jam the place
flies will swarm all over
- Bye
- Bud...buddy, liste-
Is your brother-in-law
a notorious rowdy?
Then what? He's senior rowdy
and I am junior rowdy
Come and enquire in my area
Aiyaiyo! They will tell you
we are holy terrors!
Then why serve tea here, 'sir'?
Are you married?
- 4 children
- Shouldn't I enjoy that status?
Parents don't want
a rowdy for a son-in-law
Then how can I have a child?
That's why I want to work
in this office for 1 year
Get married and as soon
as I become a father
Return to rowdy job, got it?
Rowdy sir, why don't you kidnap
a bride and get married to her?
The girl I marry and her family
should not know my rowdy side
As far as they are concerned
I'm a pure family man
- Oh! Family man?
- Then what? Dobermann?
Look at your pot belly?
Like a trash truck!
Scoot or else I'll make
jelly out of your belly!
Giggles at girls
Mocks and maligns me
Useless belly-mouth fellow!
'Didn't you promise you'll marry
as soon as you get a job?'
I will tell you myself, ma
When I broach the topic of your wedding
you hang up the next instant
I can't talk for too long over the phone
If my project manager gets to know
I'll be in a royal soup
I'll talk to you about this later
- Hang up now, ma
- Madam
- What is it?
- Take a cup of tea
I don't drink normal tea
Do you prefer brandy then?
I asked if you want a tea that's a brand?
Try it, madam
There's no tea in this cup
That's also tea
'White gulab jamun'
Do you come here to work
or talk over the phone?
- Azhagu
- Yes, madam
Collect all the phones
- Keep them in the locker
- Okay, madam
Give me your phone
If you need to talk to
our client, use the landline
Both of you come to our boss's room
Why is she calling us to MD's room?
Pcccht! Aparna
She is a horrible female
She has sacked so many
without any rhyme or reason
Aparna, our client likes
your interior designing work
Go to this site and
coordinate with the engineer
- Lavanya, go with her
- Okay, ma'am
Prestigious project
Both of you don't mess it up, okay?
Okay, ma'am
I have planned this area
It should be completely
a see-through area
'With glass'
The length is supposed to be
calculated from that area
'So that the plinth will be'
'Why are you staring?
Who are you?'
Call the engineer
I am the engineer!
So because you're the engineer this how you'll check out the girls
who come in front of you?
Hello! I haven't come to your office
You have come to my site
Do one thing
Call your chief
Then you have to talk to me!
Do you know who I am?
Of course
Architect who tells where
the furniture needs to be placed, right?
Listen to what I say
and follow my instructions
Otherwise I will make sure you are sacked
Let's go
Why are you standing here jobless?
Hahn? That too you are
giving them wrong instructions?
Cement, gravel, sand
Do you know how to mix them?
Do you know the mixing ratio?
Hello! You don't tell me
how to do my work
You attend to your work
I'll take care of mine
Don't try to correct me, okay?
The sole reason you're here
managing so many workers
- Me
- 'Broken record!'
- My design
- 'So you think'
You got this job only because
this design was approved
Oh! Okay, madam, okay
I'll do as you say
Hereafter ask madam's permission
even if you're laying a single brick
Okay, madam?
Rest assured, you can go
Please leave, madam
Do a proper job or else
madam will be annoyed
Step back a little
- Okay?
- Perfect
My God! Hey!
What are you both doing?
Can't you see for yourself?
We are measuring
You mean to say you got
only her to help you measure?
You didn't get anyone else?
- You have work to do
- What's up with you?
Go, all you have to do is
set up the furniture, right?
Plenty of time for that
Please go attend to it
Did you come to work on this site?
Or work with the site engineer?
Come on
Hey! Are you out of your mind?
How can you smoke in the work place?
Madam, from now on I swear
I won't touch a cigarette
- Don't know what her problem is
- How can you throw it here like this?
What is someone stamps on it?
'So that will have the support, okay'
Aparna, give me your bike key
I need to go to the hospital urgently
What happened?
My mother isn't well
Okay, you take care
I can manage here
So I need the 3D design
of this entire space
Whatever the emergency
won't you pick your damn phone?
How long will I wait for you?
Are you coming
to pick me up or not?
Hey! Sorry, di
You know my situation, no?
Amma depends on me completely
'I am on the way to the pharmacy'
Can you take a cab home? Please
Okay, I'll book an Ola cab
'Thanks, di'
'Hello, anna
I booked your auto'
I have to drive 6 km to pick you up
That too, after 6:00 p.m
you won't get a cab in that area
'Cut the call'
Anna, will some other auto come this side?
Very soon someone will
be murdered in that area
Ambulance with its siren wailing
will be there to claim the corpse!
Don't miss it
Get into that
Anna, can I get a taxi or auto here?
You have to walk up to the main road
- Main road?
- Yes
Which way should I go?
That's 16 km from here
16 km?!
'Near Chennai with access to airport,
railway station, hospital, bus stand'
You can't get a cab here
I'll drop you
I've booked already
It will arrive in 10 minutes
What? Ambulance?
I'll drop you
'I knew Prabha earlier'
'I never thought I will run into him again'
I fell in love with him
when I was in college
'Every time I see him, an unexplainable
surge of joy filled my heart'
'But that hope didn't last long'
"You cast a spell on me"
"Mesmerized me completely"
"You cast a spell on me"
What are you looking at?
When we listen to a good melody
we enjoy the experience, right?
That's how I feel
when I look at you
Am I a good song?
Or okay song?
You are 'repeat' mode!
Can listen 24x7x366!
"You cast a spell on me
Mesmerized me completely"
"From head to toe within
you sent me on a dizzy spin"
"I swear you have done something to me"
"Once every second truly
you shattered me totally"
"You bestowed on me somehow
pain of death while alive, love"
"My beautiful sweetheart
Is this right on your part?"
"I was wondering why on earth I was born"
"I kept asking Lord Brahma; all forlorn"
"You gave me the reason to live and love"
"My heartbeat; my treasure trove"
"My dear soul, my heart of bliss
Why do you kill me like this?"
"You love me to eternity
like no one else can, dearie"
"Your love sends within me
a rush of adrenalin delightedly"
"I freeze within you
of my own accord anew"
"My purpose of life begins now
thanks to you, my true love"
"I want to spend 24x7 with you
for decades continuously, my beau"
"You cast a spell on me
Hypnotized me totally"
"From head to toe within
you send me on a dizzy spin"
So easy to tell from her face
she loves you
If you make the first move
she will say yes 100%
- Really?
- Hey!
She's in a different league altogether
Move it, dude
Go and try your luck
'How do I begin?'
I can see you are in love
But why aren't you expressing it?
Who told you?
No...that's what I think
Nothing of that sort, go
"I have never felt love earlier
Why do I love you so sincere?"
"I want to live with you
forever and a day"
"I go to pieces all because of you duly"
"I sense my femininity thanks to you daily"
"I fell in love with you blindly"
"I wonder what got into me?"
"Why on earth did you heap
this feeling on me so deep?"
"Why did you pluck me
so urgently; so gently?"
"Let's live, love, globe-trot far and near"
"I don't need a world without you, dear"
"You transformed into a river in spate
Why did you enter my life as my soul mate?"
"You broke my barriers with your love true
Like my breath filling my heart's alcove"
"Your love sends within me
a rush of adrenalin delightedly"
"I freeze within you
of my own accord anew"
"My purpose of life begins now
thanks to you, my true love"
"I want to spend 24x7 with you
for decades continuously, my beau"
"You cast a spell on me
Mesmerized me completely"
"From head to toe within
you sent me on a dizzy spin"
"You cast a spell on me"
"Mesmerized me completely"
"Hypnotized me totally"
Whatever I wish for
I'll never get it
I didn't want you to
leave me like everything else
That's why I asked you not to smoke
- You still won't listen to me, right?
- No, Aparna
- Sorry
- I don't want to see you again
- Sor-
- Get lost!
In this whole world
You must be the only man
who preferred cigarette to his girlfriend!
I don't think that now
Why haven't you got married yet?
I don't know
I walked away in a huff stupidly
What happened to your sense?
Why didn't you come
in search of me?
If something or someone
we love leaves us
It means we are not worth
that product or person in our life
That's why I maintained my distance
In fact
- I'm not lucky
- Huh?!
Who said so?
'Look how I get even with you'
If you make the change
as per this layout
- Please come for 1 minute
- 1 second, I'll just be back
'What happened, bro?'
New tune suddenly?
You pounced on me yesterday
Today you flipped
and changed completely
But he hasn't changed one bit
Instead of thinking he should change for me
I realize only now, true love is
accepting him as he is're saying you are in love?
That's what I think
If it happens, I'll be happy
Then, you are getting married soon
Come, let's go and eat
No, I'm not hungry
Hey Prabha! 1 minute
I need to go home urgently please
Drop me please
- I have an important work
- Please, go
- Try to understand
- Go...go
Bye, Aparna
Hey! Are you okay?
- What happened?
- Why did you push me now?
I didn't push you
I'm not dying to come with you
Go, take Aparna
I'm going, leave me alone
- Let's go, Aparna
- What happened?
How did she fall down?
- Why is she angry?
- Not angry
She just played a prank it seems
Let's go
'Just as my life was sailing so smooth'
'Unexpectedly Prabha's amma
got hospitalized'
How's my mother now, doctor?
Your amma needs to have
a heart transplant within 48 hours
Otherwise it will be
very difficult to save her
So it is near to impossible
to get a heart in such a short time
You try your level best
Don't worry, Prabha
Let's share our requirement
to all our friends and hospitals
Let's be positive
'Hi Lavanya'
I have asked all the doctors I know
They said it is very difficult to
get a heart within 48 hours
I'll call you back
Prabha is calling me
Prabha, what is it?
My mother is dying slowly
in front of my eyes
I don't know what to do
We have a lot of time left
We can hope for a miracle
'Tomorrow morning'
Your mother will be back to normal
after her heart surgery
Trust me, it will happen, okay?
You stay strong
I'll accept anything you say
But being in the medical industry
let me tell you this
It's highly impossible
Somehow Prabha's amma should
get through this and become healthy
Please, God
8 months back
Within 2 hours
A heart surgery was performed
Did you read that News in the papers?
'Woman's life saved in nth hour
in 2 hour heart transplant'
'It's true'
All that is okay
But how do you believe it happens
because you insist and predict it?
In the beginning just like you
I didn't believe I was predicting it either
But believe me
An incident happened
to make me change my mind
'A football match was
sponsored by our company'
Now it is obvious
our team will win
'Prabha was leading our team'
'But the opponents were very mediocre'
'Prabha is a skilled football player'
'He was able to score goals easily'
'Opposite team couldn't keep pace with him'
'I felt the game will be more interesting
if they could increase their score too'
As if he can hit a goal!
Fat hopes for that buffalo!
I somehow feel
within the next 10 minutes
He will win scoring 4 consecutive goals
No way, my dear
Not a chance in hell
'He is doing a Kathakali dance!'
'This is football, man'
- Hey!
- Wow!!
'Is he an ordinary man or a demon?'
'What force!'
Not everything I say comes true, doctor
Whenever my heart and mind
synchronize genuinely
Only those wishes come true
You know there's a connect
between nature and our mind
If you pray to Mother Nature
she will fulfil your wish for sure
But that happens to 1 in a million
Why can't you be
that unique person?
- That's good, right?
- No, doctor
Behind every thought and action
I wished fervently to happen
A bad incident happens too, doctor
You should have told me that first
I came to know only 2 days ago
whatever I think comes true in reality
My dad is unwell, ma'am
My younger brother hasn't got a job
If you sack me at this point of time will I manage to pay
my loans, hospital bills, etc?
Boss is my boyfriend
You complained about me to him!
Ma'am, because you took the credit
for the project I spent hours on
I lost my cool and spoke rashly
Then go and ask him
He'll give you a job, go
- Please, madam
- Get lost!
- Akka?
- Yes
When will you come home?
I'll be late
I have been sacked, da
I'll talk to my boss and then come
I'm there for you, don't stress
'Whatever it is, we can handle it'
Call me when you are ready
I'll pick you up
Be brave, chin up
- Any intentions of falling in love
- I'm committed, bro
You called me 'bro'?
Where are you going now?
Boss said there are some corrections
in the plan, want to find out what
Find out, his plan is to 'correct' you!
Usually he'll book an OYO room
You are beautiful too!
I wanted to hook an IT girl
and lead a hi-tech life
No success so far!
- Prepare yourself
- You first practice!
You are spilling your coffee
Look at him, reminds me of an old goat!
'2 days back, we handled a huge project'
They called for a meeting
as they were satisfied with it
Hey! Congrats
First time your interior design
was completed successfully
- We've got a huge project
- Thank you
Well! Guys
If I am a successful founder
in front of you today
The reason is
Your managing director
My younger brother Edwin
He's my hope
Having prepared a super project
for our company
...she has got us
a prestigious contract
Our project manager Indumathi
What's this?
Last 5 years
Her success ratio is 100%
'If all of you as employees here
follow her sincere footsteps'
Our company will be #1
'Got it?'
That's it, guys
'Let's wind up'
This has become a habit of hers
She has the boss eating from
the palm of her hand and tramples us
Forget it
This is creative work
I can outshine my own creative best
Are you saying I should
zip my lips about all this?
What will you achieve by asking, Lavanya?
She is the Project manager
She'll cooly say
quit if you are unhappy
She's the reason I didn't get any promotion
She cut the increment that was due
along with my salary last year
2 of our best employees scooted
unable to bear her torture
Hey! Why don't you become Project manager?
As long as she is in this office
how can that happen?
She has tortured so many people
She won't be around for long
Pccht! She will leave soon
'Leave this world?!'
'My words were rash and impulsive'
'Whatever followed next
I never expected, doctor'
'Hey! What happened?'
Oh God!
- 'Why did she do this?
- Don't know, da'
'Are you saying she committed suicide
because you said so?'
Madam, whatever you predict is coming true
You were right about the winning team
the other day in the football match
'Then you predicted
Indumathi will leave soon'
She left this earth once and for all
You have some power within you, madam
Something bad happens too
behind all the good events in my life
It struck me as true
only on that day, doctor
Didn't I tell you I got a job, doctor?
I had a sudden doubt
and I checked my certificates
'In the interview I attended'
'Marks scored by the candidate next to me
got exchanged with mine'
Didn't I tell you my boyfriend's mother
got a heart miraculously for her surgery?
'There was a car accident just outside
the hospital she was admitted in'
'One of the victims was
found to be brain dead'
That patient's heart was transplanted
for my boyfriend's mother
Listening to all that you have said so far
Are you telling me what really transpired?
Or did it happen because you said so?
I don't know which of these two is true
No, doctor
If I say something
it will definitely happen, doctor
Let's assume what you are saying is true
Look at this plant here
If you say so, will it grow
to a height of 6'?
Yes, doctor
What is it?
Why are you getting nervous?
Something I said about to happen, doctor
What happened?
Why are you crying?
I went to our MD's room
I believe you wanted
some modifications in the design?
This particular area
Why is it hidden in this design?
Is it the fault of the design?
Sorry, sir
Looks like designer's fault
How can Indumathi who is least qualified
be the Project manager of our firm?
You don't know, eh?
You have all the qualities to be
in that post and if you 'adjust' willingly
You can fill her post with pleasure!
Let's go
Hey you! You'll sack
your employee as you please
She will be conveniently
asked to meet you
If she comes into your room
will you misbehave, da?
'Hey! How many fathers and brothers
like you I would have come across?'
Where will you stand finally?
Money talks
How much do you want?
You crossed your limits with my sister
Wait and watch how I get thugs to bash you
Hey! Do whatever you can
Aren't you well mannered enough
to knock before you enter my room?
What crime did I commit
for you to bring her in here?
You think girls can be taken for a ride?
How could you, sir?
How did you have the heart to do this?
What are you harping on?
I just hugged you
We come from a middle class background
'So you think we'll put up
with whatever you do?'
If we study well, hone our skills and
get a good job in order to come up in life
You think a girl can climb up the ladder
only if she 'adjusts' to your needs
Call yourself a man?
This is my office
'This is how I am'
Work here if you want to
Or else just walk out
Instead of leading a disgusting
immoral life like this
You deserve to die
Excuse me, doctor
'Managing director of K Constructions?
'You are adding water like drip irrigation'
'Add water and mix well
Only then your kidney will do its job'
He made me drink
so early in the evening
Who is he, bro-in-law?
Troubled you in the morning
I asked him how much will it cost
to finish off someone?
He wants 5 million it seems
Who is the target?
Ex politician it seems
I know a glam doll
She is a pro at it, uncle
Not minding the fact
I am your sister's husband
You are being so frank with me
I love you, darling
Forget that, uncle
- She is one of a kind
- How?
If she enters our business
we can become rich and famous
You want to close shop on being a rowdy
and make a killing in this business?
With my 6' height, won't my image be ruined
if I tuck in a money bag under my armpit?
Baldie bro-in-law
I'm thinking of rags to riches
You're stuck with a damn bag!
So sorry
Even for our rowdy business
- She is ideal
- Why do you say so?
If she curses someone to die
that person is dead the very next minute!
She told a female to
jump from the top floor
- And that fool did!
- Really?
She can kill anyone
without any weapon, uncle
Are you serious?
Exactly the kind of female we need
Listen to this, uncle
She has cursed my boss today
and told him he is better off dead
Either today, tomorrow or day after
he will end up as a corpse
Don't joke, my dear boy
I swear her words come true, uncle
She has never missed once
Think of the devil!
She is calling me
Put it on speaker mode
- Yes, madam
- Hello, Azhagu?
I called up our boss
He didn't pick my call
Where will he be now?
The whole of this week,
he's going to our new site in OMR
You can meet him there, madam
I'll manage
The incident is not tomorrow or day after
It is tonight and right now
You can see a 'live' show
- Crooked mouth fellow
- 'I am ready'
Yes, doctor
I had a patient in my clinic now
She says your brother's life
is at risk because of her
Doctor, how can you believe
what a random patient tells you?
She isn't a random patient, Stephen
Aparna works in your company
'I am worried
her words may come true'
Caution your brother to be careful
Okay, doctor
What is he puffing
at this time of the night?
Will you bring a crooked mouth
for such 'events'?
Didn't get anyone else?
I have a reason for everything
If you remove his 'puff'
he will huff his way up!
We can shift the blame on him
and make a grand escape!
- How's that?
- Goat-brain!
- You are the perfect con man!
- I'm a pro, dude
Hey Babu
Time is ticking
Is he coming or not?
He'll definitely come, bro
This is his usual route
Hello, anna
What is the problem between you
and our office staff Aparna?
Nothing serious, bro
I can handle it
I have my doubts about her
Get back home right away
I'll send our boys to enquire
It's a piece of cake, anna
I can deal with her
Hey! Will he come or not?
'Bro, the chap in that car'
- He is the scoundrel
- 'Get in'
Get in...get in
Start the auto, bro
Speed up, camel-mouth fellow
Sir, stop...stop
That's Aparna, the girl
in the yellow 2 wheeler
Is it so? Then you are bang on
about a deadly incident tonight
You are as slow as a tortoise
after a surgery! Speed up
- Bro
- Faster
'Speed up'
That's Hi-tech Arumugam
'Push the pedal on the metal'
Bro, don't let him escape
'We have to kill him tonight'
- He should die tonight
- 'Faster, bro'
'I'll kill him now'
Call MD
What is it?
Sir, those men in that auto
are out to kill you
You think you can pay thugs to kill me?
I came to save you, sir
Save me?
Sir, your life is in danger
Please be careful
You're planning to have me killed?
You won't see the sun rise!
Sir, don't halt
- Drive on, sir
- Cut in and halt in front of his car
Get down
Get down and kill him
- How dare you follow me
- Sir, look behind you
- Sir
- Kill him
Kill, don't let him go
- Hey! Don't
- Move out
- I'm telling you to move
- Don't, please
'She's saving him instead of killing'
I'll call the police
Clear out now
- 'I won't let you touch him
'He's got a gun'
- 'Get in
- Start the auto'
I'll bury you alive
Who do you think I am?!
Sorry, sir
Sorry, Aparna
I misunderstood you
- Sorry
- It's okay, sir
You take care
Go home safe and sound, sir
You went overboard on her jinxed mouth
You wasted my precious time
How is her prediction coming true?
Trust me, somehow it will happen
'I must apologize to Lavanya'
'Not a problem
I'll talk to her'
'First go home without any mishaps, sir'
I told you so
Her wishes always come true
- Did you witness it?
- Yes, it's true
Let's scoot from here
'No office tomorrow
Our boss is dead'
'Drive to the wine shop
Let's celebrate'
Why does it happen
like this for me alone?
You would've done something in your life
which has triggered these events
'You might have forgotten
to share it with me'
'Introspect on it'
'That can be the solution to your problem'
'Why did I bring this crystal home?'
'Is it the reason for all this trauma?'
'All my problems started
only after I brought this stone home'
'What is inside it
that's so powerful?'
'That can be the solution to your problem'
'If this crystal breaks, DEATH!'
'A perilous death will follow'
Is this evil energy
acting on all my thoughts?
Only if this exists
it brings trouble
Don't harm me
I don't know you
'Please go away from me
Leave me in peace'
'O' God, our family deity'
'No longer should there be any work
for this knife and blood'
'We should not go
to the police often either'
I want to change my job
For this job to be
a smooth sailing one
That girl Aparna should
agree to the agreement
O' Lord, bless my uncle to become
a notorious rowdy like Bin laden!
Hey fool!
We are just rowdies
Painting me out to be a terrorist
- Idiot
- Sorry, uncle
God, ignore whatever he said
- Bless me, Lord
- Somehow protect us
My dear boy, I am starting
my 2nd innings trusting your words
- Will this turn out good or not?
- Don't stress, uncle
All we have to do is show the photo
of our target to Aparna
Ask her to curse this man to die
chapter closes for him
- Easy matter
- Brilliant!
Hey! Start our new business
Hello, who's speaking?
'Hello, can't hear you'
'Why is the line so bad?
Hello, can you hear me?'
- You do the honors
- Okay
Hello, send the photo
of the person you want murdered
It will cost you
1 lakh for 1 murder
Transfer 50% advance through Gpay
'You want 10 thousand?'
'We have boys in my home town
ready to kill for just Rs 500'
Even in our nearby towns boys are ready
to kill for booze and 'biriyani'
'Don't think our Tamil Nadu policemen
are idiots twiddling their thumbs'
They have fixed CCTV cameras
in every road, junction, nook and corner
The very next day after the murder
they will ensure the murderer confesses
And push him behind bars
'Can you do it or not?'
We have our own specific rules
We will murder if all parameters fit
Otherwise we will return your advance
Bravo, 'mapillai'
Heard that voice of experience?
Rough and tough like sand paper!
Our act will be 100% brutal
Wastage guaranteed
No evidence to follow any lead
- Come with faith certified
- Go back satisfied
'Get lost, bluff masters!'
Bro, they have killed your brother
- What are you saying?
- She murdered your brother
Don't...torture me like this
'Please leave me alone'
You want me only when
good things happen to you
You don't want me
when bad news comes your way?
I have to kill a few people using you
I can't help you
I can't kill anyone
I can't bear to see
a person writhing in pain
And dying in front of my eyes
Stop possessing me please
'Get out of my body, I beg of you'
They deserve to die
Do you know the pain of dying?
"Am I the sea, my love for you endless?"
"Are you treasure I look for continuous?"
"Am I your lyrics and inspiration?"
"Are you Tamil to be sung with dedication?"
"Like the flute gives us music
knowing the wind's direction intrinsic"
"You play 'mother' so beautifully
You feed me joy unconditionally"
"Like cool drizzles of rain
join the river again"
"You are my only bond so true"
"All I want is you
to live my life anew"
Hey little beauties
I have a question for you
Whoever answers superbly
...will get a soooper gift
If God stands before you
and tells you, 'just for one day'
'You can become
whomever you admire'
Whom would you like to be?
Only 1 day
- You?
- Wonder woman
Wonder woman, huh? Why?
I'll use all the good powers I have
And save good people
from the wicked ones
Wow! Clap for her
Very nice
Very good
What will you do?
I have to become amma and
my amma should become my baby!
Because after my daddy left us
My amma is finding it
very difficult to take care of me
"You are my divinity
I search for daily"
"When I fall down, wilting
your motherly arms are waiting"
"In life's stream prevailing
like a paper boat sailing"
"Half way through in despair
to drown, is it just or fair?"
"Through your eyes' vision
I will realize my destination"
"Through your words innocent
I will understand my world 100%"
"My child, you are more a mother to me"
"God created you with motherliness duly"
"My godsend daughter
My life and love forever"
"Am I the sea, my love for you endless?"
"Are you treasure I look for continuous?"
Good evening, family and friends
On behalf of D4 Pharmaceuticals
I welcome all of you here
'You know'
Thyagarajan, Stephen, Dr Rudran
We are the 4 partners of this firm
36 companies like this
The reason for their success
is your support
'That's why we are
hosting this party, enjoy'
Why is your husband wearing
an old fashioned pair of glasses?
Your husband alone is wearing a suit
that doesn't suit him one bit!
'Look how the doctor's wife
is taking a dig at me'
That's the way my wife likes it, right?
"Days and nights of my life
at the tip of a sword and strife"
"The will to live surfaces in me
looking at your face, sweety"
"Shall I lock you, my treasure
in the safety of my lids secure?"
"Protect you from everything
1000 reasons and more, darling"
"If your shadow fades away, dear
my life will be nothing, I fear"
"Ruffling your hair with my hand gently
By hugging you tight lovingly"
"Your kisses rejuvenate me
like a mother feeds her baby"
"Peacock so graceful
with feathers beautiful"
Why are you always
watching Telugu songs, ma?
Amma's mother tongue is
Telugu, dear, that's why
What about mine?
You're a Tamilian, dear
Then, teach me Telugu
[Kannada] Namasakaram
Good evening
[Kannada] Our auditor is very prompt
- Lamb ready for the slaughter?
- Look at you, suited up!
We will do the needful!
- What, Meera?
- Sir
I need to tell you
something very important
This is party time
We anyway meet daily?
We can talk tomorrow
Our company's new auditor
- Very sincere
- Greetings
Thank you, sir
Who is she?
Poor female!
Leaving her family behind
in Andhra and eloped with a guy here
Her husband left her
after they had a baby
But instead of going back
to her parents and her city
She is determined to
make a life for herself here
Come here
Shall I teach you about
'bad touch' and 'good touch'?
- Yes
- Okay
- If someone touches you here?
- NO!
'I don't subscribe to your activities, sir'
You are promoting a nonexistent company
You are procuring funds
from abroad as investments
You want me to transfer it
into your account illegally
Wrong, sir
This is a grave blunder
Someday soon the Govt
will nab you for this crime
'You will be counting bars'
So will I for no fault of mine
Wrong, my dear
You are our auditor
Your job is to audit and ensure
it works to my advantage
'I pay you a fat salary only for that'
I decided long ago not to work
in a fraud company like this
As far as our company rules go
only your entry here is in your hands
'If anyone wants to exit'
The decision is in our hands
I am well aware how villainous
the four of you are, sir
One day or the other
you will be caught by our Govt
I can handle whatever problems arise
You won't be troubled or targeted
No, sir, I'll vacate within a week
I'll hand over the keys to you
I have to go to pick up
my daughter from school
You are angry now
No decision turns out right
if taken in a rash frame of mind
I'll give you 1 week grace time
'Give me a favorable decision'
'You had some issue
in your previous firm'
'Sorry, madam
I don't know the reason'
'Your profile is rejected'
- 'Sorry, ma'am
- High risk'
'Sorry, your profile in block list'
'Your profile doesn't meet our criteria'
'Can you get a No Objection Certificate
from the company you worked in?
Are you thoroughly confused?
What gall on your part to defy us
and look for a job elsewhere?!
'You think we'll let you off so easily?'
'Look here'
You had better come back
and do what we order you to do
- Otherwise-
- Amma, what are you thinking?
Nothing, dear
When is your last exam?
- 3 days
- Okay
When you are done with exams
let's go back to Andhra
No, we don't know anyone in that place
We don't know anyone here either, dear
No, ma, I am scared of a new city
Let's not leave this place
Don't be scared
Amma will always be with you
- Okay?
- Okay
That's my girl!
Okay, sweetypie
"Will she come? I wait eagerly?"
"Will she come? I wait expectantly"
Here it comes
- Sir, where are you?
- Busy downloading
Stop, stop right there
Not in my hands!
Go ahead, tell me
Don't call me hereafter
- What is the matter?
- You are in for an IT raid
I got this information, sir
- To my house?
- Not your house, sir
Your auditor's house it seems
'Take precautions, sir'
She has all our files
Sir, our society looks up to me
Income tax raid, police case
or my name in the newspapers
I have a reputation, sir
It will get spoilt
Not only you, sir
We have a good reputation too
If my wife gets to know,
she'll rip me apart
Wait, I say
We are discussing a serious issue
How can you sit quiet, sir?
We got a prospective investor for 5 billion
- 500 crores?!
- Raid at this time
They will go back for sure
She will point her finger at us for sure
Let them come as planned
Let the raid take its course
But they should not get
any proof whatsoever
Okay, go
Amma, did you forget
tomorrow is my birthday?
You promised to buy me a cycle
So sad, I forgot
Okay, when you come back
from school in the evening
You will see a brand new cycle
at our doorstep, okay?
Have fun
Nice day
Fly high
- Finished your fond farewell?
- Yes, ma'am
- Ma'am, can you do me a favor?
- Tell me
Can you drop my daughter
at tuition class this evening?
- Okay, sure
- Thank you
'You know what?'
My amma is getting me a new cycle
Don't you know?
Tomorrow is my birthday
Will your amma get you
whatever you ask?
Sure, look up above
She will even buy me
that plane if I ask her
That's such a lie
My amma always buys me whatever I ask for
'Because my amma loves me sooo much'
'Good evening'
'What's this, dear?'
Decorations dazzle our eyes
Looks like you are very happy
My daughter's birthday
I want to celebrate
after midnight
- Wow!
- I am arranging everything, sir
We were passing by your house
You make the best coffee ever
'We thought we'll drop in
for a cup of hot coffee'
I hope you'll make coffee for us?
Sure, sir
Sir, coffee
- Meera
- Sir?
You promised to be loyal to me
when you joined our company
Will you do me a favor?
Sir, even now I am loyal to you
I'll definitely comply, tell me
Then die for me
What are you saying?
I don't understand
Why, sir?
You are epitome of goodness, my dear
You coolly snitched on us and
celebrating your child's birthday in style
I didn't-
Should we get caught
and be counting bars in a cell?
Hey! Why did you hit her in mid sentence?
'She was about to say something'
It's okay, get up
Won't you snitch on us if IT officers
threaten you holding your daughter as bait?
My child is my life, my breath
Then you'll snitch for sure
You deserve to die
I did not tell anything to anyone
They are safe with me
If you want, you can
...take it with you now, sir
Don't hurt my child or me
Leave us alone, sir
Even you are evidence
What do we do with you?
'Answer that call'
Hello, amma, all the children
have been picked up by their parents
Why haven't you come yet?
I'll be there soon, dear
Wait for me
'Your birthday, right?'
I'm buying a cake for you
'I'll see you soon'
'Okay, ma, buy a cake
and then pick me up'
I want to distribute chocolates
to all my classmates
Buy a box full of candies too
In this world
Even the tiniest insect
Has a place to live
My child and I will somehow
Go to some place
no one can find us
Allow us to go, sir
'We want to live, sir'
I promise not to
...whisper a word
to any living soul
Spare us, sir
Don't kill us
'Don't kill me, sir'
Knowing I would have bought
all that she wished for
My daughter will be
expecting me eagerly
Allow me to lead
my own life, sir
I have to pick up my daughter, sir
Poor child of mine, sir
'The spirit we were waiting for so long'
'That very same ferocious spirit
is under our control now'
'I have bottled the blood
of those who killed that girl'
Wrapped with the wind
Diluted in the deep sea
That spirit is roaming around
in rage here just to kill all of you
God help us
Do something to save our lives, swami
- Redemption I know
- Do it immediately
It can't be done right away
Next Full moon night
We should conduct that ritual
'We need blood from the 4 of you'
'I was struggling to escape
from that magic crystal'
'That soothsayer had imprisoned me
in that crystal which you brought home'
'I need your help now'
Have another peg
'We are strangers to you after all'
He's our brother too
You have done such a rush job
without telling anyone
We are proud of our lineage
If a mere female can kill
my brother who is too young to die
Do you want me to invite
my kith & kin for the funeral?
We are not just business partners
Personal life included
Your feud is ours too
'Your foe is ours as well'
This murderess and
whoever her allies
I will bury them before sunrise
I've already sent my boys
I will bury them in the same spot
my brother is resting now
'Lord Ganesa, I don't know
if my action is right or wrong'
That girl is a victim of injustice
I have decided to help her
Isn't she the one
we are looking for?
- Hello?
- Where are you?
Near my brother's grave
My boys have brought Aparna
In 5 minutes I'll chop her head
and send you a selfie
Don't act in haste
First you and the boys
leave that place immediately
'Why, doctor?'
I asked her if a plant in my office
will grow to a height of 6' just for fun'
She said 'yes, it will'
I come here and see
it is 6' tall now
'I don't get you, doctor'
'She is possessed by a spirit'
She is not an ordinary girl
Let me check her power
'Even if you hide in a temple'
I won't hesitate to kill and bury you
This area belongs to me
How dare you manhandle me here!
Chop her head now
Who are you?
Why do you want to kill me?
You want to know who I am, eh?
Die without knowing
why I am sending you to hell!
- Hello?
- 'Sir, I want my husband killed at once'
'Cost is not a criteria'
- You want your husband killed?
- Yes, sir
- Why, madam?
- 'He snores loudly at night, sir'
'I can't bear that noise'
Snoring is motive for murder, huh?
Chee! Hang up, you moron!
How can you say
this is a reason to kill?
If snoring is reason to kill
Then my sister should have
killed my brother-in-law 15 years ago
Disconnect the call
There's no justification for murder
You should speak softly to our customer
'We got a call'
Respond gently
Hello, whom do you want killed
and what is the reason?
'Sir, some fellow drops in
to my place, after I go to work'
'I'm worried our family bond
will be shattered'
- 'He has to be killed immediately'
- Sooper!
His request is just and reasonable
- Will Aparna agree?
- She will
First fix the amount
and transfer via Gpay
Listen you can't bargain with us
like you do with eggplant!
Are you ready to pay half a million?
'I can pay you 5 lakhs
as advance deposit, sir'
'Balance 5 lakhs I'll pay
as soon as you murder, sir'
- 10 lakhs, huh?
- 'Total 1 million'
- He's saying 1 million
- Then what, buddy?
This is a herculean task
and he's quoting just 10,000?!
Ask him for 10 lakhs
You had an Anglo-Indian aunty as mistress
Did you learn at least ABC?
10 lakhs means 1 followed by 6 zeroes!
1 million?!
Imagine what kind of hell
that scumbag has put him through!
Azhagu, ask for the victim's photo
Even if we are aiding and abetting a crime
let us take up a fair first project, bud
Fair and square
We are okay doing your project
Send us the photo
'I have already sent the photo, sir'
'Accused photo is yet to show up'
Photo is rotating like a ball
He would have had a ball I'm sure
Oh God!
What a disgusting level
you have stooped to!
We get your photo
as our 1st assignment
When did you go there?
Sorry, 'mapillai'
We were told 'Keep safe'
during lockdown
That's why I decided to 'keep' her!
Aiyo! Oh gawd!
Akka! I pity you,
my dear sister
'Mother Teresa Orphanage'
- Come...come with me
- Let go of me
I have sweets for you in my room
My amma has taught me
good touch, bad touch
- Come
- Don't touch me, get lost!
No one will care if I hit you
'You are just an orphan'
Are you teaching me how to touch?!
You get only bad touch
from now on, understand?
'Propriety of conduct leads to greatness;
has to be guarded more precious than life'
Anna, please serve some more for me
I am very hungry
'Rice is over, dear'
'You are feeding us
when we are starving'
'Bless you with a good life, dear'
- Sir
- 'Send the next patient in'
She is already inside, sir
No one is here
'She entered your room, sir'
You are not Aparna
Who are you?
Don't you recognise me?
Can't you recognise me?
You deserve to die
Didn't you promise
to take care of my child?
At least did you make an effort
to find out where she is?
I'll go, find her
and look after her
No need
She is safe where she should be
You go where you should actually be
Don't harm me, please
I begged you that night
just like you are doing now
Without an iota of compassion
didn't all of you kill me?
'Get up'
'Won't you snitch on us if IT officers
threaten you holding your child as bait?'
'Answer, di'
'My child is my life, my breath'
Now you will die
Don't kill me
Please spare me
Can we see the doctor?
Please wait for a while
A patient is already inside
Do you want your doctor
to be alive or dead?
Ask that patient to come out
What are you saying?
Show her the knife, uncle
Only then she will oblige
'Sir...sir, please go inside'
Please don't hurt me
'Please, listen to me'
'Please...please, don't kill me'
'No, don't, please'
'We wanted her to sign the agreement
but she has sent him to hell'
'He's dead, uncle'
Let's escape this way
'My husband has been killed
in the most unfair way'
'Oh gawd!'
Sir, these 2 men have run out
of the doctor's room with the weapon
'These 2 accused have plenty
of cases piled on them'
I am sure only they have killed the doctor
'If we nab them
we'll get to the bottom of this'
You investigate with the leads you have
- We'll use our methods to do the same
- I'll take leave, sir
Madam, it isn't as easy as you think
to give our children for adoption
There are many formalities to complete
I'll ask the authorities
and let you know
I am just a person
in-charge here, madam
Then will you give me permission
to take the child out just for tomorrow?
Okay, ma'am
Gun shoot...gun shoot
You want to go? Come
'Aunty, push'
Would you like an ice cream?
Choose the flavor you like
I don't want ice cream
Because everyone says I am unlucky
If you buy me an ice cream today
who will buy for me tomorrow?
That's why I said 'no'
'Didn't I say right then
you are unlucky?'
You are not unlucky
You are most lucky, okay?
Bro, 1 cone
Here, child
Sorry, Prabha
I was on my bike
That's why I couldn't pick your call
Look, that's Aparna over there
Are you able to see her?
I can see her crystal clear
I want to know if only we can see her
or can everyone see her like we do?
- Let's test it
- Okay
Brother, 1 minute
A girl in a white shirt
is standing over there
Can you see her?
- Ouch!
- Mad or what?
I can see that beauty white as snow
You think I'm blind as a bat?
- Will you take me to a new house?
- Yes
Will you get me new dress and new toys?
Yes, sweetypie
Will you buy lots of chocolates for me?
Why are you asking me all this?
Because all my friends here
Such promises were made to them
And they were taken away from here
That's why I wanted to know
I'll be here tomorrow
to take you home
- Okay?
- Okay
Be good till then
- See you tomorrow
- Bye
If I tell you something
you won't get me wrong
Tell me, ma
Aparna's mother spoke to me yesterday
She wants to talk to you
Please call her
Just call her
Okay, ma
- Hello?
- Prabha
- 'Yes, aunty'
- You are okay with this?
For what, aunty?
Aparna has been rejecting
all the grooms we saw for her
'Only now I know she has rejected
all those grooms with you in mind'
Would you like to marry Aparna?
Yes, aunty
'Let me talk to your mother'
1 second
'You start all the preparations'
'My husband and I will
visit you next week'
Okay, very happy with this good news
See you soon
Good morning, madam
Why did you call me here?
How much do you charge
per killing, madam?
- Charge, huh?
- Yes, of course
How much do you charge
for killing a child?
How much is it for an adult?
Tell much?
Oh gawd!
What a stinging blow!
You are a 'super power girl' madam
Sky is the limit to pay you
Please specify, madam?
How much, madam?
Take that 'apartment' paper
Bonehead! That's 'agreement' document
Look, madam
We can strike a deal
You get 60%
We get 40%
What is your deal?
The three of us can start
an online business together
You get the major share
'White gulab jamun, say yes'
Madam, you 60, me 40
Uncle, 'gulab jamun' is getting annoyed
Explain to her clearly
in a simple manner
Madam, look at this photo and
all you have to say is 'die'!
You get a single payment
for that single word of yours, okay?
Clear out of my sight, idiots!
Madam, your mimicry is too good
That sounded just like me
Sooper, madam
Show us 1 person in this list
We'll bring him in front of you
Tell me
Tell me the truth
Aren't you mere mercenaries?
You killed my friend Abi and Dr Rudran
obeying her orders, right?
We didn't kill them, sir
She killed with her eyes, sir
With her eyes?
She has supernatural vision, sir
If she looks at someone
and curses 'you'll die'
He or she will pop off
the very next second
If her words can kill
then why did she come in person to kill?
Are you pulling a fast one?
We know from A to Z!
Then why are you asking us?
I agree we are rowdies
We'll accept the crimes we committed
We didn't kill the doctor
That girl Aparna is the culprit
Then why were you hounding her?
- Sir, she's a glam-doll superwoman, sir
- Yes, sir
We wanted hard cash
using her power, sir
Your assumption of her is wrong
You cannot lay a finger on her
'She is a wonder woman'
I caution you not to go
anywhere near her, siiiiir!
Then you have to bring her to us
Kidnap her?
Wretched fellows!
When you abducted us
She was right there
Why didn't you do so then?
They are lying, sir
No one else was there
other than these two
Sir, I swear on my wife
She was standing right in front of us
Yes, sir
I swear, sir
I don't know how you are connected to her
The 3 of you are in my hit list
Your wife means the world to you?
'If you don't obey my orders I'll kill her'
'She should forget previous night
and not carry it forward'
Are you doing it even during the day
not satisfied with just every night?
Your secretary keeps texting you
I didn't tell her to forward
She is doing it of her own accord
Fat hopes you are Hrithik Roshan
You'll have fan mail spamming your inbox!
Fandom was before I met you, dear
I am true blue faithful to you
after we got married, I swear
Trash your bloody promises
Only because our girls wanted-
You want a baby brother!
Chief, why are you in this tearing hurry?
You asked us to bring her
and you followed her now
She is a stylish glamdoll, sir
She is super hot, no?
Not satisfied with texting her
you sent these riff-raffs to kidnap her?!
I don't know you
Who are you?
Chee! Get lost, hustler!
I asked you to follow her
Not snitch to my wife
Your wife is maligning me!
- 'Coming or not?'
- I am coming, darling
That girl is inside
I'll buy her a feast and make peace with
Any day salads are good for your health
Always you can have it
You shouldn't avoid eating veggies
What is your name?
Good evening, sir
Order please
Regular order
You usually order 65
For madam?
- You want anything?
- Green chilli 'bhajji'
'1 plate chilli fritters, non spicy'
- I ordered for you
- You want some tomato?
Buddy, that girl's taste is so mediocre?
- Why do you say so?
- Then what?
She has such a handsome boyfriend
'She's drooling over that pregnant fellow'
Let's call sir and inform him
- Problem quickly solved
- First do that
- We'll have icecream outside for dessert
- Okay, pa
Pick my call
In the table opposite yours
That girl is looking at you
without even blinking once!
Opposite table?
'That girl in white dress, sir
Check her out properly
That's the girl you want, sir
Didn't you ask us to
bring a girl by tonight?
That same girl isn't even
taking her eyes off you, sir
This is a different matter, dear
Oh! You have another
'matter' as your mistress?
This is a different miss-
'She'll sleep miles away
from me for no reason!'
'Now miles will become many yards!'
'This female is giving me
the most lousy looks!'
'Who is that child?'
Uncle, did you see that god-awful face?
Yes, I got the shock of my life
My stomach is somersaulting
Let's escape from here
Aparna, I brought you here
to speak to you in private
'Aparna, where are you looking?'
'I wanted to discuss
something important with you'
Is this kid more important
to you than me,huh?
She is MY child
You expect me to roam around with you
instead of being with her?
Don't eat it
- Why, pa?
- Chicken is bleeding
- It's bleeding
- 'How can the chicken bleed?'
That's tomato sauce
You are scaring our girls
Eat quietly without creating a ruckus
- Sorry
- Don't be drama king!
I'll the washroom
You enjoy your food
It looked like blood to me
- Hello?
- Sir
She isn't a killer like you said
Or a wonder woman
like we thought
She is a spirit
- Ghost?
- Yes, sir
- She is possessed, sir
- Yes, sir
She tags a child along with her, sir
- Child?
- I've sent her photo to your number
Looks like she will kill your partner
Save him from her clutches
'Or else she will kill him, sir'
Sir, let go of my wife
Release my sister, sir
I am sure I saw blood, not sauce
- Meera
- 'Aunty!'
Aunty, shall we go home?
I'm feeling sleepy
Shall we?
Let's go
Get in...get in safe
You go first
This is a different call
Please get inside
- Stay in the car, I'll be back
- Go, your dad is mad!
- 'Hello?'
- Partner
'I am terrified, partner'
I can see Meera in the mirror
She is strangling me
I'm scared I'll be killed
I can't even pee properly, partner
Relax, Thyagu
Be calm
Don't panic
Stay put at home
I'll be here in an hour
Don't forget
I'll be waiting for you
'Mother Teresa Orphanage'
Take good care of her
I'll come within 2 days
and take her with me
'Okay, madam'
Aunty, will you come back
for me definitely?
Day after tomorrow is my birthday
Even my mother said she will
come for me and left me
'But she never came back'
'I have been waiting for her
for such a long time'
At least will you come back for me?
'I'll be there soon, dear'
'Wait for me'
'Your birthday, right?'
'I'm buying a cake for you'
'I'll see you soon'
I will come back for you
definitely, my dear
Sleep happily, sweet dreams
Come in, quick
'That dead female has come to get me'
'If I manage to stay alive
for just tonight'
'That's enough, God'
Come...come in
All of you stay right here
- Sleep well
- Okay, pa
What is it, dear?
Why are you so flustered?
I can' won't understand
You...tuck the girls into bed
- Goodnight
- Okay, dad
'Why are you locking the door?'
First I have to tie the amulet
that soothsayer gave me
I don't know where I kept it
Maybe in the 'pooja' room
'How is Meera's photo on my wall?'
Who is it?
Who is there?
Who is it?
Who is here?
'Answer me'
I will-
'You are epitome of goodness, my dear'
'You coolly snitched on us and
celebrating your child's birthday in style'
I'm your dad, dear
You are not my dad
Murderer, die!
I'm not your wife Manju
Meera, I say!
Why are you doing this to me?
You know how desperately
I begged you that night
Did you spare my life?
'I did not tell anything to anyone, sir'
I beg you with folded hands
Don't harm my wife or children
Don't kill my daughters, please
She has taken one more life too
'O Thou who is always
in Union with Lord Shiva'
'Give me the power of attraction
and fascination, o' Noble One'
[holy chant]
'Praise be to the 3 Goddesses
The feminine forces of our Universe'
'O Thou who is always
in Union with Lord Shiva'
She is about to die
How can a girl on
the brink of death get married?
'May you be destroyed
May you become null and void'
'May you become nonexistent
And be consumed by the flames this instant'
[exorcising prayer]
'Praise be to the 3 Goddesses
The feminine forces of our Universe'
This is sacred water derived
from several sacrifices and oblations
'You leave her body and
exit of your own accord'
'The more days you dwell in her body'
She will melt into
a slow and painful death
'Do you want to be the reason
for the death of an innocent girl?'
Your act is over with this
You are an ordinary force
before my spiritual energy
You had better exit from her body willingly
'Praise be to the 3 Goddesses
The feminine forces of our Universe'
[holy chant]
'Amma, I am scared'
'You should never be scared
Amma will always be with you'
'I will take control of you
Make sure you perish hitherto'
'If you don't come out of her body'
I will kill your child
Come out
Come out
'Don't hurt my child?'
'Spare my child's life'
'Don't harm my child'
'Spare my daughter'
'My child'
Before sunrise I will nail her
and tie her in Chottanikkara temple
She will not return
'She cannot come'
Place this in your prayer room
Tie this amulet on your wrist
No spirit will come near you
How many times will you kill a girl?
Even after she is dead
you are behaving so atrociously
I will kill you without fail
In what way are you and I connected?
After all you are a young girl
If you kill my partners
You think I'll let you go scot-free?
You are the reason for everything
Whoever opposes me
This is their fate
Go to your grave
'Bury her alive'
You thought I'll be scared
if you return as a spirit to torment me?
Try your luck now
Aren't you dead yet?
How did you come here alive?
Why are you laughing?
Even Meera as a spirit
could not kill me
You are just an ordinary girl
'You think you can kill me?'
How dare you!
Savage brutes like you should die
I am not Aparna
I am Meera
Everything is ready to nail her in
You can come now, swami
Do you think she is in here
surrendering to my holy chant?
You are wrong
She is in here complying to my order
due to her love for her child
It is a sin to imprison such spirits
It is a grave blunder
to our profession
What do you plan to do, swami?
What audacity!
'Did you think women are
mere logs of firewood?'
To burn and bury!
Your mother hasn't come yet, dear?
She should be here any minute
Wait here, dear
How are you related to this child?
"Like the flute gives us music
knowing the wind's direction intrinsic"
"You play 'mother' so beautifully
You feed me joy unconditionally"
"Like cool drizzles of rain
join the river again"
"You are my only bond so true"
"All I want is you
to live my life anew"
subtitled by rekhs
subtitled by rekhs
calibrated at APInternational
"You are my divinity
I search for daily"
"When I fall down, wilting
your motherly arms are waiting"
"In life's stream prevailing
like a paper boat sailing"
"Half way through in despair
to drown, is it just or fair?"
"Through your eyes' vision
I will realize my destination"
"Through your words innocent
I will understand my world 100%"
"My child, you are more a mother to me"
"God created you with motherliness duly"
"My godsend daughter
My life and love forever"
"Am I the sea, my love for you endless?"
"Are you treasure I look for continuous?"
"Days and nights of my life
at the tip of a sword and strife"
"The will to live surfaces in me
looking at your face, sweety"
"Shall I lock you, my treasure
in the safety of my lids secure?"
"Protect you from everything
1000 reasons and more, darling"
"If your shadow fades away, dear
my life will be nothing, I fear"
"Ruffling your hair with my hand gently
By hugging you tight lovingly"
"Your kisses rejuvenate me
like a mother feeds her baby"
"Peacock so graceful
with feathers beautiful"