Guddu Rangeela (2015) Movie Script

Check! Check!
Guddu Rangeela and party
welcome all of you.
Let's start with the program..
"and as per tradition,
we begin with."
Guddu's joke.
Once a man went on a
world tour, to London.
He arrived in London.
And, while roaming
around he needed to pee.
He stood before a wall
and started peeing.
Suddenly...'the London
Police arrived.
They arrested him and took
him to the police station.
Anyway... he got out of
there and arrived in India.
Here he noticed that
anyone can pee anywhere.
He noticed Ghanta Singh peeing
in front of a huge wall.
He walked up to him and said..
"Singh sir.."
"doesn't the police catch
when you're peeing?"
To which Singh sir replied.
"No... one has to
do it by himself."
That's the end of Guddu's joke.
But coming up next is..
Yours, truly...
Mirpur's Kumar Sanu.
One and only item".
First, heartiest
congratulations to..
..Lambardar Chaudhary Nafe
Singh's son Vinod Singh..
"for getting a visa to Kenya."
I wish that the lads from our
area keep getting visas..
"and they keep throwing
such visa parties."
What else could one ask for?
So let's begin, with a
modern devotional song.
And the song's called
"Mata's Email".
So how much money does
that Lumbardar have?
Not much...
He was all show, no go.
His wife though was hot.
But his safe was dry and cold!
Around 10-12 kilos oi gold..
"and 5-7 lakhs in cash.
That's it.
Did you check properly"
..or were you busy inside?
Why're you being jealous?
You could've joined in.
There was room for two.
That's all he has.
...we'll pass the information
to Pujari tomorrow morning.
Why do we always pass on
the information to Pujari?
We can do the looting too.
I've told you a thousand times.
Dont you get it?
I dont want to commit a crime.
I see.
Can I ask a question?
What's this that we're doing?
If it wasnt for the case..
..l wouldnt be doing
this job either.
And your greed will get
us killed some day.
This isnt greed.
We do all the hard work.
We do the research.
And pass the information to Pujari?
And what do we get?
Jack squat.
Think about it, bro.
If we do this job ourselves.
"we can be millionaires
in a month."
And when the month's over?
They'll put so many bullets
in your backside...
...youll never even
be able to sit again.
A little hard work and information
gets us a square meal.
Learn to be happy.
When will you think beyond
the one square meal?
Why cant we be gangsters?
Come on, I'll make
you a gangster.
Bro where are you taking me?
You want to be a
gangster, dont you?
Hold it.
Take it.
See that man?
- Shoot him.
- He hasnt done me any harm?
Why would I shoot him?
Why? Scared?
You're a gangster, aren't you? Shouldn't
make a difference who you kill.
Shoot him.
- Shoot.
- L..
I'll shoot him. I'm serious.
Think again, Rangeela,
I will shoot him.
Shoot! Gangster.
Keep it.
You win, I lose.
You always do this to me
whenever I talk some sense.
No guts..but wants
all the glory.
Lambardar Nafe Singh.
From Palawaas?
Believe me, hes a gold mine.
His boys got a visa
and hes going abroad.
The guy's loaded.
I've never seen women
decked with so much gold.
At least 40-50 kilos of gold.
And cash...
Not a penny less
than 2.5 million.
Youve been making really
tall claims these days.
Remember that incident about
the doctor from Ambala.
"Pujari... hes loaded."
"He eats in a silver platter."
"Sleeps on a bed made of gold."
But I didnt get a single
penny when I raided his home.
Took four boxes of Crocin,
and they were also fake.
This is a sacred place. Atleast
you shouldnt lie in a temple.
What's this? 10,000?
- Pujari, that's too less.
- Give it back.
Sell your information
to someone else.
No no...
Its OK, we accept.
And yes, raid his mace
between 10pm and 11pm.
That's the time when the
power supply's cut.
And listen, dont get too
trigger happy and shoot.
The Chaudhary has
a number of guns.
' Maradona.
'Messi-baba' .
This is there too!
Hand me the trishool.
The triangle.
Give it to me.
Mangey Ram, what are you
doing here with that candle?
You tell me what you're doing here.
This is my heist.
How can this be your heist?
I paid 10,000 rupees
Guddu Rangeela.
"for giving me the
information of this house."
Oh hello! Pujari... l
paid them 50,000 as well.
Now get lost.
Here comes the 3rd one.
Now who's coming?
Khayali, who sold you
information of this place?
Guddu Rangeela. I paid
them 20,000 rupees.
Now, Run away you two.
Listen..I paid them too.
You both, get lost.
You think this is a tea party.
Get lost, and you too uncle.
You two get lost.
You two get lost.
..because I paid the highest
price tor this information.
Get lost!
Hands up.
"I paid them too" that they dont
squeal about my wealth.
Bloody rascals. Hands up!
Arghhh! Guddu Rangeela!
Come in.
- I hope no one saw you coming in?
- No.
Here you go.
That's 80,000.
Look, Rangeela...
...l know you very well.
I wonder where you get
all this money from?
But lady justice is not
taking her blindfold off.
The decision could be
against our favor.
Dont blame me if
anything goes wrong.
What are you saying?
Blame you?
Youve done so much for us.
Youve been fighting our
war for the past 10 years.
You didnt even let
us get revealed.
Just tell us how much money you
need, and we'll arrange for it.
If we lose here, we'll
approach the higher court.
We'll do what we can.
The rest is His will.
Whether He makes us win or lose?
Greetings, sir.
Where are the boy and girl?
We nabbed them last night
at Sonipat Bus Depot.
And according to the
Council's decision..
"we chopped the boy up last night,
and dumped his body in the canal."
And the girl?
That's the problem, sir.
The girl belongs
to our community.
The Council's decided ..
"that her own family
will have to kill her."
But I dont understand why,
Amichand is falling weak.
He says she's his
only daughter.
And what about the
humiliation she caused us?
And the Council's decision?
That's exactly why we
called Don Billoo here for.
Billo sir.
Billo sir.
Careful..the girl's
father has a gun.
- Chote!
- Yes, brother.
Dont come forward,
or I will shoot.
Listen to me, Amichand,
this wont benefit anyone.
I'll shoot...! I'm serious.
What will you get by
shooting me, Amichand?
I am here to talk with you.
Believe me...
...we'll do as you say.
Come on... hand me the gun now.
Come on.
Shes my only daughter.
I was blessed with her
after praying for years.
Shes just a kid, and
she made a mistake.
How can I strangle
my own daughter?
The Council's gone crazy.
I know, Amichand. I know.
Be strong.
Your daughter's
like my child too.
What to do?
There have been many instances.
"when the Council had to
take stern decisions."
"to preserve the norms
of our society."
Everyone loves their child.
Last year, when your daughter
passed her 12th exams..
..l brought a cake for her from Rohtak.
Think about it, Amichand.
Your daughter was
missing for a week..
..with a boy that belonged
to an interior caste.
Shes tarnished everything.
Now... we'll have to clear
this blemish, Amichand.
One has to sever the
limb that goes bad.
Almighty Lord Shiva has given you
an opportunity to earn merit.
What merit will I earn by
killing my own daughter?
You know the Council's
decision cannot be averted.
If you dont do it,
someone else will.
Hail Lord Shankar!
This isnt right, Gulab Singh.
Earlier the inspector would cordially
invite us to the police station.
Why treat us like
terrorists now?
You see... my
father used to say.
You have to save all your
'NO's for the house.
And 'yes' for your work...
Sir said arrest and
I arrested you.
We always send him his share.
So why did he need to arrest us?
I wasnt even allowed
to nish my lm!
The inspector's been
suspended, Guddu?
Well... in his drunken stupor
"the inspector sent an
MMS to the DSP's wife.
Madam replied, "This
is not the way."
The inspector thought
she's flirting back.
He sent her a love-letter
along with an blue lm CD.
He was saying, "What has
happened, Gulab Singh?"
I said, "You and your
extra-marital affairs."
I was going through
some old les.
16 burglaries in six months.
And the investigation proves.. both performed in each of these
houses one day before the burglary.
Sir... were just ordinary
orchestra party players.
Sir... were just ordinary
orchestra party players.
You two sing less... and
make others dance more.
But, sir...
I'm not in the mood to thrash
anyone today, early in the morning.
Just had a prayer
meeting at home.
I just got posted here.
Paid 5 million to get
transferred here.
I had to mortgage my wifes
jewelry to arrange the money.
I promised to give her back double
before the next Karwa Chauth.
You make some contribution too.
Pay me one million... and continue
with your singing and dancing.
Or else the police will
have to do their job.
But, sir... what can the
police do without evidence?
What can the police do?
You fool... you should better be
asking what all can the police do.
The police can recover a CD of
Ghulam Ali from your pocket.
"and brand you a terrorist."
Take your photograph
outside a beauty salon..
"and prove you're a pimp."
You know what baby powder is?
We can recover a packet
from your pocket.
"and make you a drug smuggler."
What's more... we can match.
- But hes dead.
- Who knows?
Have you seen him?
Look... I've an opportunity
in both my hands.
Either you pay me one million..
..or I'll accuse you for
all these 16 burglaries.
"and get the Bravery Award
from the Commissioner!"
Now you decide what
you want to do.
Good day.
Now leave.
This way. Come on.
What can the police do?
Where will we get one million?
I dont know.
Welcome, mister.
You took longer than expected.
"What the"
I told you we were
making a mistake.
Now be prepared to get shot.
Look, Pujari, I
know you're angry.
Lower the gun and I'll
explain everything.
Why dont you
explain us as well?
And... dont forget us.
He was the only one missing.
Now explain to them all.
Look... its not
like you all think.
What else is it?
It's exactly what you
all think it is.
We duped all of you!
Do you want to get us killed?
Have you lost your mind?
It was an emergency.
I needed money.
You wouldnt have lent
me even if I had asked.
So we sold the same
information to all three.
You can shoot me if you like.
- But shoot him rst.
- Rangeela.
- Because this dumb idea was his.
- What are you saying?
I am hungry. I will die
only after I nish lunch.
Rangeela! Bro!
Bro, why are you
leaving me alone?
Listen to me. Cold hearted man!
What about you, handsome?
Pujari, theres a bottle of pickle
behind you. Just hand it to me.
The lime one.
Dont forget, my
names Rangeela.
If you try to mess with me..
I'll shoot once, but for the rest of
the six months youll exhale smoke!
And my names Guddu.
Even if I dont shoot you.
For 6 months youll
also exhale smoke...
Bro, I am sure...
Someones squealing on us.
We'll have to nd out who.
- I know who.
- Who?
- Gora Bengali.
- Why that.
Where do you think
you're going, Bengali?
What did you think?
You can escape after
squealing on us.
I swear... I swear
I didnt do it.
I quit my job as a
police informer.
- Dont lie, Bengali.
- I swear on my kids.
Now I handle Underworld's PR.
Being a Police informer
is much more risky.
One information and the
entire gang comes after you.
Even the Police cant dare to
touch the Underworlds informer.
Why were you following us?
I've a job for you two.
- It's a proposal.
- Dont lie, Bengali.
I swear on my kids.
Would I falsely
swear on my kids?
What's the proposal?
Look, Rangeela, I'll
be frank with you.
You two are stuck in a big mess.
Inspector Ajay Singh...
is a corrupt officer.
And I know... you dont have
one million to give him.
"But... I've a job for you two"
"through which you can earn
a million in two days."
A million in two days?!
What's the job?
It's simple.
You just need to pick up
something from one place.
"and transfer it to another."
Look, Rangeela, dont
get charged up.
First hear me out.
You see... theres a girl you
need to pick up from Chandigarh.
"and deliver her to Delhi.
That's it."
Look, Bengali, we
dont do kidnappings.
You dont have to kidnap her.
It's like this, I've
a client in Delhi.
Hes a big-shot business man.
His daughter lives
in Chandigarh.
"The girl's deaf and mute"
"and she teaches at a
school in Chandigarh."
But she... has fallen
for some useless boy.
Her family tried
everything they could..
"but the girl doesnt
seem to agree."
With no other options left,
her family xed her marriage.
Now I've taken the contract.
"to deliver the girl
to her wedding."
That's all.
How much are you getting?
Two million.
One for you... and one for me.
Come here..
We'll do this job. Say yes.
"Say yes?"
It's a kidnapping after all.
Guddu, we wont kidnap anyone.
Then what else will you do?
Go to jail...
...get blamed for 16 burglaries.
And what about the case?
If we get locked up, who
will defend the case?
Take my advice for once.
Just say yes, we dont
have another option.
When do we leave?
Tomorrow morning.
Do you like Salman or Shahrukh?
Yes, Bengali?
...Did you do the job?
The job's done.
Weve just left Chandigarh.
We'll be in Delhi in
a couple of hours.
- No, no... dont come to Delhi yet.
- Why?
Theres a problem.
The client's haggling
over the price.
What are you saying?
Yes... we'll get the money late.
Until then we'll have to keep
the girl somewhere safe.
Shes not a packet of opium
that I can hide away.
Where do I take her?
I know..take her to Shimla.
I know a guy there.
He'll give you a place
to stay for few a days.
- Look, Bengali, you're just.
- Dont worry. I am there.
You will get your money.
Yeah, but. It's only for a
couple of days, Rangeela.
You can comfortably live here
for the next couple of days.
I've made all arrangements
for your food.
Liquor... weve got
imported, have fun.
Whose house is this?
It belongs to a foreigner lady.
She comes down here
once in 2-4 years.
I am the caretaker.
Your name?
Shes getting away.
Stop. I'm doing it.
Pull your hand in.
Stop, or else I will shoot.
Stop or I'll shoot.
Shes deaf, how's she
going to hear you?
Get down there.
Stop the car!
This is an insult to us.
- We should've shot her.
- Are you crazy?
Shoot a girl?!
- You didnt tie her properly?
- No I tied her properly!
You two are back?
Bengali... was making
such tall claims.
He said you two were like
'Jai-Veeru' from 'Sholay'
You two failed so pathetically.
Couldn't even handle
a single girl.
What's she doing here?
Where else would she go?
Acting smart, are you?
Tell me what's going on here,
or I will blow your brains out.
Dont shoot him
inside the house.
I dont like bloodshed
in the house.
She isnt deaf and mute?
Why? Dont you like me talking?
I can answer your question.
But Bangali's asked
me not to do so.
How about some breakfast.
..while we're waiting for him?
Do you eat omelets?
- Why did you run in the rst place?
- She was testing you two.
Like 'Thakur' in 'Sholay'
But you two failed, sorry!
The Sessions Court today acquitted
Billoo Pehalwan of all charges.
..regarding a 10 year old case in
Mirpur which involved the Council.
Let me remind you, Billoo Pehalwan
was accused of murdering two people.
Human Rights worker
and Lawyer BP Gupta.
..whos been defending this
case for 10 years now..
..has decided to appeal against
this verdict in the district court.
Do you know what you're saying, Mr.
Now that the court
case is over..
..l should make
Billoo a Minister?
You do know about his
image, dont you?
I want to give a clean-image
government to the people.
I want to encourage educated
and honest people.
"and not goons like him."
- But, madam..
- No it's or buts.
Frankly speaking, I would throw
people like Billoo out of the party.
Including them in the cabinet
is out of the question.
Youre making a mistake, madam.
We might need Billoo again
during the elections.
"If only your father
was alive today"
..he would've denitely
understood this.
Times have changed, Mr.
Look, at any cost... the government's
image should remain intact.
That's all.
Anyway, let's keep all
this aside and have lunch.
Come on.
Look... l dont like
twisting words.
I'll tell you the entire story.
So you already know...
she isnt deaf or mute.
But she teaches children
that are deaf and mute.
That's true.
Shes from a rich family, true.
But her family is miserly.
But this girl...
she's ambitions.
When things couldn't be
sorted the right way..
"we had to use other means."
With God's grace...
she ran into me.
We made a plan.
The girl agreed to be
kidnapped willingly.
I knew it... somethings wrong.
- Come, Guddu.
- Were not doing anything wrong.
Were only helping the girl.
It's social work.
To hell with your social work.
Pay us our share and
do whatever you want.
What will you do with the money?
Dont be so
sentimental, Rangeela.
We'll get at least 100
million as ransom money.
100 million?
20 million each.
Our lives will be set.
Tell me something, Bengali.
Anyone could've done this job.
Why us?
Good question.
Now finally, youve asked
the right question.
I've known you two for years.
You two are rascals.
Make shifters.
But you two are honest.
It's hard to nd such honest
people in this business.
And what's more important.
You share an old connection
with this girls family.
Which family is she from?
Her name is Baby.
And she's Don Billoo's
sister-in-law, Rangeela.
You were all praises
about them, Bengali.
Can they do the job?
100 percent.
I've carefully
selected these two.
Don Billoo is their weakness.
You see..
When crime gets a
personal touch,
it becomes passionate.
Who is it?
- Uncle.
- Rangeela.
Bless you.
- Daughter-in-law.
- Hello, Uncle.
- Look whos here.
- Guddu!
Look at him. How are you, Guddu?
Your sister-in-law.
Take her blessings.
- Hello, sister-in-law.
- It's okay.
- Go get some sweets.
- Yes. Fine.
Be back soon.
- Are you two okay?
- Yes.
Rangeela, you two
shouldnt have come here.
The villagers are very angry.
And everything that was
published in the media..
..has added to their rage.
The Council held a
meeting yesterday.
They have decided
to kill you two.
Uncle, I have married Babli.
And inter-caste marriage
is not a crime by law.
Our case was even brought
up in the Parliament.
The Chandigarh High Court has
given us Police Security.
How can anyone just kill us?
No, sir...
This is the community's
internal problem.
The Law shouldnt interfere.
But were their security
given by the court.
I'll ll your backside
with bullets.
Even your children
will be born of metal.
Go and sit there.
I'm sending tea and
snacks for you. Go.
Come on.
They will never accept
this relationship.
Were a family of musicians, and
they are upper caste people.
They are here.
Kashiram, open the door!
They wont spare you. Leave.
I say run. Rangeela,
take care of my Guddu!
Go, go!
They must have run out the backdoor.
Go kill them.
Come on.
Look, hes trying to run away from there.
Catch him.
Don Billoo. Don Billoo!
Lawyer Sir, Rangeela speaking.
We wont appeal in
the High court.
We'll have to settle
this outside the court.
Happy birthday, Don Billoo.
Happy birthday, Don Billoo.
The number you're calling
is currently switched off.
Please call again later.
The number you're calling
is currently switched off.
Please call again later.
The number you're calling
is currently switched off.
- Chhotey.
- Yes, brother.
When did you last talk to baby?
Around 5-6 days ago.
What happened?
I wonder where she is.
Her numbers unreachable too.
She was saying "I'll definitely
attend brother-in-laws birthday".
She was also talking about some
special gift for your birthday.
Special gift?
Well then... call up at Chandigarh,
and nd out what's wrong.
- Yes.
- And listen.
Dont get too drunk.
First call her and inform me.
Come on.
Baby, where are you? I'm sure
Baby didnt make it, Don Billoo.
" Who?"
Who's speaking?
Baby didnt come to your party.
Shes angry with you?
- Why?
- Because...
...she's in our custody.
Do you know... who
you're talking to?
I do.
But you dont know...
who you're talking to.
What do you want?
I'll call when I decide.
Happy birthday.
I told you nd out
about Baby, didn't l?
Very good morning.
Your brother-in-laws heart
skipped a beat last night.
Rangeela can do anything
once he makes up his mind.
He called him from inside
Billoo's own house.
Just watch... your brother-in-laws
going to dance to our tunes.
"In fact, we can even
turn him into a rooster"
"and he'll crow every morning."
That reminds me of a joke...
Shall I tell you?
Fine, if you insist so
much, I'll tell you.
Once a hen went to
a shop and said..
"Give me two eggs."
The shopkeeper replied,
"Dont you lay eggs?"
The hen replied, "Yes, I do."
But my rooster said, "Why spoil
your figure for two rupees?"
I must admit one thing.
Youre really shrewd and crafty.
What a charade.
You dont look so dangerous.
Even you dont look
as stupid as you are.
What the".
Youre exactly my type.
Listen. Can I ask you
something frankly?
Go ahead.
- Will you tell anyone?
- Say it already?
Will you give me some... ahem?
Have you seen your face?
Hello, sir. Come.
Greetings, sir.
Move Back.
All the goons, thugs,
chain-snatchers, gangsters.
..l rounded up
everyone last night.
In fact..I even got
small-time crooks.
Sir, can I say something.
God's blessed me with a short
body but a cunning brain.
My experience says
it's not one of them.
Excuse me, sir.
Weve traced the
kidnapper's location.
What the".
This call was made
from your home.
Is there a traitor
amongst you sir?
Heres the dictionary
of the Underworld.
- Sir..
- What have you got?
I dont understand this case.
Someone kidnapped one of
your family members?!
These are really dark times.
Come to the point.
Dont worry, sir, they
will be apprehended soon.
You just relax and watch.
Find them soon... or else
you wont survive either.
Move Back!
Hello, Shimla Apple store.
Give the phone to Rangeela.
Yeah, Bengali.
Rangeela, the place
is burning up.
The rascal's in a bad condition.
He hasnt slept all night.
Hes making the police
run all around the city.
I say..the iron is hot.
Before they nd any clue
about it, strike hard.
Fix a meeting for the
ransom and get the money.
What happened? What
was he saying?
He was saying, the iron's hot,
and we should strike now.
Fix a meeting for the ransom.
Hes right.
Make the call.
I suggest that we'll
take his money..
"and also shoot him."
We wont get the money
so easily, Guddu.
Somethings wrong.
But, Everything's clear now.
What's wrong now?
That's the problem.
Were sc here, and
you're humming a song.
What are you?
She must be humming
to hide her tension.
You see..
"Why would a scoundrel like
Billoo, who cares for no one" 100 million for a
cheap b like you.
Tell me the truth.
What do you care?
Mind your business.
Am I talking to you?
Stand there quietly.
Rangeela, stay in your limits.
Guddu, give him a tight slap.
He should see stars
in a single blow.
How dare you slap me?
3 years ago my sister
got married to Billoo.
But my sister was never
happy in that house.
My Father left no stone
unturned in the marriage.
He fulfilled all their
demands for dowry..
"and gave them all
that he could."
But Billoo would bother
my sister for dowry.
He would beat her up.
And he would bring other women
in front of my sister, and".
And one day suddenly we heard
that she committed suicide.
I knew it was a lie.
She was murdered.
"Because within a year
of my sister's death"
..Billoo married the Aggarwal
Builder's only daughter.
That was the moment I decided..
"to avenge my sister's death."
Recover all the money given
in dowry with interest.
I got in touch
with Billoo again.
And started visiting
his home more often.
I have many videos
of his sleaziness.
If this CD is leaked, his
political career will be over.
But Billoo was
growing suspicious.
He was trying to convince
me to come back.
But I knew I couldnt
face him alone.
That's when I met Bengali, and".
You know the rest.
He will pay 100 million for this
CD, not for this cheap b
You turned out to be one
of those emotional types.
I was thinking otherwise.
That rascal has...
...ruined all our lives.
You know...
...he burned my father alive.
If it wasnt for Rangeela.
I can't imagine what
would've happened to me.
But after meeting you I
feel, Rangeela is right.
Our time has come.
You'll catch a cold.
Here, take the shawl.
My 100 million.
What's the news?
They called asking
for the ransom.
How much?
100 million.
Where did they call you?
Chandigarh Rock Garden.
The real fun will begin now.
We'll teach them a lesson..
they'll never forget for
generations to come.
Those two rascals will
regret they were ever born.
I want to fly to Rock
Garden right now.
Why do you think theres two?
Normally there are 2-4 people in a gang.
That's why...
You didnt say two or four.
You said..
"Those two rascals will
regret they were ever born."
Why did you say two, you oaf?
I just guessed..
Where does the code
belong to, Chhotey?
That's Shimla's code.
But, you're from Kolkata.
Who's there in Shimla?
I ordered some apples
for my family.
Must be his number.
You see, because my
father's unwell.
How odd. By now we should be reaching
Chandigarh to receive the ransom Rangeela!
Why should Bengali
be calling now?!
Answer it.
- Shimla Apple Store.
- What's the rate of apples?
Which ones?
Kinnori are Rs. 145 per kilo,
and Manali is Rs. 165 per kilo.
Hello? Who is speaking?
I told you it's the
apple store's number.
"By the way, If you want to
order some for yourself"
..order the ones from
Manali, theyre very juicy.
Don Billoo... we've traced the
location oi the second call.
It was from Shimla.
Now you're stuck Obama!
Break his leg!
I dont know anything.
Youve made him
look like a ghost.
But he still hasnt
said anything.
Please believe me, sir.
I've worked so many
years for you.
I swear on my kids.
I've worked so many
years for you.
Will you speak up?
Guddu. Rageela!
Come on, surround the place.
Check upstairs.
Check inside. Come on.
They ran away.
I told you...'they weren't
going to wait for us here.
Everyone, go out!
How's the movie, my
dear brother-in-law?
I've waited really
long for this.
I wont spare you without
taking my revenge.
Get that.
And ii this CD'S leaked..
..the CM will never let you
set toot in the Parliament.
And it's not difficult
for me to get to the CM.
After all, I am her MLA's
only sister-in-law.
I knew it... This had
to be your plan.
The day I get my hands on you..
..l will skin you alive.
Remember, I wield the power
oi Lord Shiva's third eye.
Every time it opens, there
will be destruction.
What if theyre holding
Bengali on the top floor?
We'll send him a message.
"Sorry..not reachable".
Bengalis one of us.
We cant leave him to die.
We'll take him back with us.
Think about it again.
- There must be an army inside.
- Only half.
The other halfs gone to Shimla.
Fine... come on then, let's go.
- Where are you going?
- Let's go.
I am going inside, and
you, will wait by the car.
I am coming along too. I
am not a kid anymore.
I can get Bengali
out of there alone.
- Alone?
- Of course.
Fine, then you go and
I'll wait by the car.
Fine... l am going
alone, brother.
Go already. Until you go, you
can't really come back can ye?
Bengali. Get up.
These people will kill me.
Save me.
I am here for you.
Come and sit on this.
Come.. careful.
Where do you think you're going?
What exactly are we
trying to do over here?
Whose phone is this?
Losing your phone
can be a real pain.
You lose all the numbers.
- Whose is it?
- It's mine.
Take better care
of it next time.
Who are you?
Youre holding my hand, sir.
What are your intentions?
Let go, and I'll tell you.
See this.
"Once I press my nger"
..your brain would be
lying on the floor.
You made a big mistake
pointing that gun at me.
Well. . Answer this.
If you shoot someone
on their backside.
Where will he sht from?
The new hole or the old one?
How about I shoot you and see?
No, I'll shoot yours.
Wait, if you move he dies.
Tell me, Guddu... left
nut or right nut., no, right.
Youre confusing me now.
Another minute, and they
wouldve shot you in the bum..
"and mopped the floor with you."
Who do you think you are?
You think you're some superman?
- And I am some kid.
- You are a kid.
And you will always
be one for me.
If you like raising kids, go
adopt one from the orphanage.
- I will slap you.
- What youll slap!
Shut up!
Have you two gone crazy?
Dont let them escape.
Are you here to rescue
me or get me killed?
More people are coming in.
Settle your stupid tight later.
First save yourself.
What the...
The rascals dug up his
entire backyard no?
- Did they insert the ENTIRE rod?
- You think this is funny.
Its killing me.
Your condition reminds
me of a joke.
Shut up.
I'll tell you if
you're insisting.
Just Look...
Bengali... listen.
Once a lion had
terrorized a village.
Many great hunters came, but they
just couldnt kill the lion.
The villagers were worried.
One day Ghanta Singh
arrived in the village.
He said "l will kill the lion".
The villagers asked "But How?".
"Many great hunters tried, but
they just couldnt kill him."
"He devoured all of them."
Ghanta Singh said
"It's quite simple".
"Make a replica of a cow and
leave it in the jungle."
"l will sit inside the
statue, with my gun."
"The lion will
think it's a cow."
"As soon as he shows
himself, I will shoot him."
The villagers made a
replica of a cow..
"and left Mr. Singh
in the jungle."
The entire night passed,
there was no trace, neither of
the lion nor of Ghanta Singh.
The villagers went in the
jungle searching for him..
and noticed the cow's statue was
broken and lying on the ground.
They got Ghanta Singh out
of the statue and asked..
"Singh sir, what
happened to the lion?"
To which he replied "To
hell with the lion".
First tell me... who untied and
left the bull free last night!!!
Left the bull untied.
Careful you rascal.
Sorry. Sorry.
Youre laughing after
a very long time.
Where do you get all
these jokes from?
Hey... l dont get them from
anywhere, I make them up!
Theyre all original.
Can I ask you something?
I's not.
I'll ask you something nice.
I swear.
Go ahead.
Will you have me?
Have you run out of condoms?
- Shall I get a pack for you?
- You are still awake?!
I threw it away myself.
Are you sick... or
did the girl say no?
I dont feel like that...
towards her...
Youre in love.
- Huh?
- Love.
- Will you marry her?
- Yes, please. I will.
I'll think about it.
Rangeela, when you fell
in love with Babli..
..did you feel something
in your heart too?
You know, those strange feelings, like
needles pricking your whole body?
Sleep now, it's quite late.
Look at him sleeping so soundly
while weve been running around.
Pull his blanket off.
Hey hero..
Hey.. Come on, get up.
Scared to see us?
Son, the police even found Saddam,
you think we cant nd you.
The rest of your gang
is sitting in the car.
What do you want to do?
No, no, no... dont even try.
We dont have any
orders to kill you.
But we do have the orders to beat
you to an inch of your life.
Dont force me to do so.
Bring him along.
Stand up.
Have you informed sir, that weve
arrested the tourists in Shimla.
Yes, I called him.
Come on.
- Gulab Singh..
- Come on.
Gulab Singh, I have to
go to the toilet. What?
I have to go urgently,
please tell your sir.
He wants to go s.
Nothing doing.
Sir, the pressure's building..
Please explain to him.
What do we do?
Let him go, two men
accompany him.
Don't you have anything
else to do in the morning?
Why dont you eat laxatives?
And if youve a bad stomach,
just eat two bananas.
It will jam your system, wont
even let any air through.
Hold on.
Keep singing while
you're inside.. that we know
you're still in there.
Dont try to do something smart?
My names Gulab Singh.
And I'm the boss!
Theres no fun in singing alone.
Let's play 'Antakshari'
'Antakshari'. I'm a
Antakshari Champion.
Sing from Guddu.
- M?
- Yeah!
Sing from "H"!
Now sing from G.
Guddu. I will start
counting now.
Guddu... 2!
Sir, Guddu's escaped.
Sir! Hes run away!
Catch him.
- Come up.
- Come on.
Heartiest congratulations to
all the newly wed couples.
Greetings to all the elders.
And love to the children.
This group marriage will help. mending the image of our
community that's been tarnished.
Sir... theres bad news.
We had Guddu Rangeela in
our custody in Shimla.
But they escaped.
There was shooting.
We ran after them, but.
We'll catch them, sir,
you dont worry..
Hello, Billoo? How
are you doing?
Just face me once, and I
will whoop you like a dog.
I have something
similar on my mind.
The day we meet, you will
have no place to run.
Anyway, I called to give
you a wedding invitation.
- Whose marriage?
- Your mothers marriage.
Baby's getting
married...'to Guddu.
Youre the brides family,
so you must give dowry.
Bring 100 million, to
Narkhandha's Hatu peak.
Day after tomorrow morning.
Come alone.
If you try to be smart, we know
how to skin someone alive.
What the".
First do his odd jobs, and
then get slapped by him too.
That's the fact.
It's alright, sir.
He pays us also.
I admit... were
corrupt, dishonest.
We live for no one but ourselves.
I admit to everything.
But don"t we have
any Serf-respect?
Of course we do.
People swear on my reputation.
Which means my self-respect.
And you rascal! You were
busy singing in there.
Did you go there to sing?
- Sorry, sir.
- Sorry.
I made a mistake.
But I won the competition.
You know... it felt like
he slapped me, not you.
- Stop talking nonsense.
- Honestly.
- Shut up.
- Okay, sir.
That's Lawyer Gupta.
He was defending the
case against Billoo.
He is.
Who's that with him?
That's the cinema hall guard.
I had brought Guddu Rangeela
to the police station.
"from the cinema
hall he guards."
Apparently hes some distant
relative of theirs.
That old man... Guddu Rangeela's uncle.
Whose uncle?
I just told you.
Guddu and Rangeela!
When were you going to tell
me such an important detail?
- Why didnt you tell me?
- No one asked.
My father used to say..
.. if you speak
without being asked..'re self-respect
goes down the drain.
Your father was
absolutely right.
- Listen to me.
- Yes sir.
Sir, no problem.
It hardly matte rs.
Lawyer sir, hello.
How are things?
I am sure you know this lawyer.
And this mustached guy is
Guddu and Rangeela's uncle.
Now I understand their story.
That's not even their
real name, Don.
I told you this was
something else?
I told you this is not about the
ransom, it's something else.
You thought your brother's
just blabbering.
I am sure youve
understood everything now.
Uncle..tell me the
names oi your boys.
Guddu's name...
Guddu's name... is Gulshan Ram.
Son of...
Son of Kashi Ram.
Kashi Ram.
And Rangeela?
Rajesh Ram.
- Husband of..
- Babli Hooda.
- Village?
- Mirpur.
I must admit, Lord.
You work in mysterious ways.
A ten year old mistake has
raised its head again.
- Listen...
- Yes, brother.
I slapped you, didnt l?
It's okay.
Now slap me.
No, sir. What are you saying?
- Slap me.
- I cant do it.
Slap me or I will shoot you!
Sorry, sir.
One has to pay for the
crimes he has committed.
Chhotey, call an urgent
Council meeting.
And get ready to go to Punjab.
But what about them?
Bury them.
Will you..
Will you make me do
all of your work?
Hello, uncle.
10 years ago, I helped you.
And now her times up.
Is everything ne?
Sir..take everything we have,
but spare my daughter.
Sorry, uncle. I cant make
the same mistake again.
What are you doing here?
We called Billoo.
Wheres the money?
My Brother didnt
give me any money.
- Did you come here to die?
- No.
Brother has sent this.
Let me know if it works.
That's Babli!
- Babli's alive?
- Yes.
They are standing right there.
It's all about fate, Rangeela.
Destiny can be really
confusing sometimes.
Neither you nor I can die
without settling our scores.
Consider this as a warning.
Not a letter or a telegram.
Come soon.
Babli's waiting for you.
Sir... you're have the trump
card now, and you will win.
But those two are rascals.
Do you think they will come?
The calf is in my custody.
Those two cows
will have to come.
Excuse me, sir.
My heart says something
isnt right.
- Sir..
- Quiet.
Think about the reward, not
the means of reaching it.
If he hears you, even your
children will be widowed.
Let's go.
Children ...widowed?
Excuse me, sir.
My respected Council members.
Today Billoo's
standing before you..
"to solve a 10
year old mystery."
Take a good look,
she's the same girl.
Babli Hooda, who eloped with
a different caste boy..
"and tarnished our reputation."
I shot her.
And the bullet even hit her.
But it was my bad luck
that she survived.
When I went to the
hospital to kill her..
..her father's money
made me weak.
I let her live...
...and lied to all of you.
I said I killed her
and buried her alive.
I am your culprit.
The Council trusted me...
...and I broke that trust.
But look at the
Almighty's divine play.
He gave another chance
to a sinner like me.
Babli and her husband...
Rajesh Ram, aka Rangeela.
"are alive."
In front of all of you,
I solemnly promise...
that I'll hang these
two dead bodies,
from that tree in two days..
..or bow down in front
of all of you in shame.
Bro... Baby's calling.
Wait. Speak.
- Did you reach?
- Yes, I did. I am waiting for him.
Look, do just like I said.
And be there on time.
And remember, one small
mistake can ruin everything.
I know, hes a rascal.
He can do anything.
Hes already done
what he had to.
Now it's our turn.
Look after yourself.
Were prepared, Rangeela.
Weve got all the stuff.
Just tell me...
when do we attack?
How long have you been
in this business?
Do I have to tell you that?
Here come the bloody orchestra?
Where are your instruments?
Wheres Babli?
Youre in a hurry to
meet Babli arent you?!
Dont worry, she is safe.
Handover my sister-in-law.
Or else you will regret it.
- Chhotey.
- Yes, brother.
He's also a manly man no?
Many talk of Robin hood who
never shot with his bow.
Rascals, I will shoot you
two at the village square.
People dont call me Don
Billoo the Lion for no reason.
Can I ask you a question?
Did your mother have to go to the jungle,
or did the Lion come to her house?
People of Mirpur, these
are your culprits.
This is the consequence of
going against the Council.
"We'll punish them so severely"
"that their future generations
will think twice.."
..before breaking the
norms of our community.
Glory to...'the Village Council!
Glory to...'the Village Council!
Glory to...'the Village Council!
Glory to...'the Village Council!
Glory to...'the Village Council!
Forgive me, Babli.
I couldnt protect you.
High Court's order, police...
. . government...
...they all failed.
What should I blame you for?
I looked everywhere for you.
You could've given me at least
a sign that you're alive.
I was dead that day.
I didnt have the power to
sacrifice my entire family.
They threatened to
kill you as well.
So I was leading a life
of anonymity far away.
"The Council, with everyones consent...
sentences these two to death"
"for breaking the norms and
rules of our community."
"And... we forgive Don
Billoo for his mistake"
"and thus give him the
responsibility to nish this job."
Bravo, uncle.
The council's must feel proud..
"after sentencing innocent,
unarmed people."
Hey girl!
That's all youve
done until now.
Uphold the community laws.
But when a 12 year old
kid is gang raped..
..where does the Council
disappear then?
When daughters are burnt
alive for dowry.. your elders
shower flowers on you.
When a unborn child is killed in
the womb, because it's a girl..
"what do your
village-heads do then?"
The village council are meant
to be fair, and ensure justice.
This is a bunch of cowards!
And for hiding their
weakness and".
Kill the girl. Kill her.
How's everyone?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello, madam.
- Hello, President.
- Hello.
- How are you, Billoo?
- I'm well. By the grace of Lord Shiva
I can see that.
Come inside, I want
to talk to you.
You too.
So Billoo, what's
all this charade?
Are you worried about the
party's image or not?
I am worried about my
communitys tradition.
I've a CD of your
tradition and norms.
What if the CDs leaked?
The council will clobber you.
And the government's reputation
will be tarnished as well.
Youre lucky that
I've the CD with me.
All this is hurting the
image of our party.
Do you know what the
Delhi media calls you?
The Taliban of India.
They can call me
what they like...
..I've sworn in front of 120
village councils, to kill them
I cannot go back on this.
So you wont listen to me?
Do you know who
you're talking to?
You will regret
it all your life.
It's the question oi
the Council's image.
Dont interfere.
Many CMs came and went.
It's not too long before
the Parliament elections.
What it the councils disallow you
from entering these streets...
If you dont have the post, you cant
do with your clean image... isnt it?
What do you want?
I want those two dead?
Fine, kill them.
But not in front of everyone.
Do it secretly. And I
wont say anything.
Come on.
I told you...
...l wield the power oi
Lord Shiva's third eye.
Every time I use it, there
will be destruction.
Baby, why are you
hiding at the back?
Come in front.
Come meet me.
Won't you give your
brother-in-law a hug?
Come on.
I told you... the day I
get my hands on you..
..l will skin you alive.
...I've prepared the
furnace for you.
At 2000 degrees.
It will melt all your bones.
I've endured much more
in these last 10 years.
Fine, then you can
endure a little more.
- Chhotey.
- Yes, brother.
Shoot the girl.
Which one?
You will shoot my only
sister-in-law, you fool!
Shoot Mrs. Rangeela rst.
Come on.
Get back.
Come on.
Stand up.
Our armys here, bro. Run!
Couldn't you have come earlier?
Give me the gun.
Gulab Singh, why
arent you shooting?
I dont know which
way should I shoot?
This way or that way?
Billoo wont spare us.
You think Billoo will
be spared alive?
Theres very little
chance of him surviving.
Sir... l say... lets
get out from the back.
Or your kids could
be widowed too.
Guddu, their numbers increasing.
Climb up and shoot them.
You two hide at the back.
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
Guddu, careful.
Are you okay?
If you hold me so tight...
...l will seriously really die.
Brother, take a look..
Have I lost a lot of blood?
Hey, stop-
Where are you coming from?
- Gulab Singh?
- Yes.
Recognize us?
Guddu Rangeela.
Let me search you.
What's this?
Hocus-pocus. . Talisman.
Witchcraft in one pocket.
"and condom in the other."
I didnt understand this, Guddu.
This isnt so difficult
that you didnt understand.
Ghosts and wives
are unpredictable.
You can run into them anywhere.
What a great man.
Condom in one pocket
and witchcraft in the other.