Guermantes (2021) Movie Script

JULY 14TH 2020
I hate this song, I can't even listen.
Same here.
- What's wrong?
- You missed the committee.
- What do you mean?
- She was off.
I had the morning off.
Did you hear?
The show's cancelled.
- No show?
- It's cancelled.
They voted not to.
What the hell?
We're not performing.
It's the director's decision.
No, it's not.
The committee decides.
- No!
- Yes, we decide things.
Some members aren't in the show.
But the committee didn't agree,
and a deciding vote...
- How did Eric vote?
- It's anonymous.
We should know
the administrator's position.
He requested the committee's opinion.
Don't you have anything better to do
than trying to waylay a woman
who only laughs at you?
You know,
it would be a joy
for your grandmother
if you'd stop being
the laughingstock of the building.
It's a shame for you
to be cooped up here!
Given how much you need strength
and willpower.
The Guermantes' doormat
is in very bad shape.
You're too noisy!
We hear you onstage!
Yes, but we're rehearsing.
Why discuss this now?
Wait until when we're done.
Why rehearse for nothing?
We're not!
Around Combray,
where we'd spend our vacations,
there were two ways for walking.
We'd go out a different door for each.
Depending which way we'd go.
The Msglise way,
or Swann's way,
because we passed by Mr. Swann's
to get there,
and Guermantes' way.
Denis has Cyrano...
- Cool!
- Rest assured.
They're doing Cyrano?
Denis agreed to a Covid-friendly show.
- Masked?
- No, distanced.
For once a kiss is dangerous,
and we distance.
In Combray,
as a teenager,
I'd dream of Madame de Guermantes.
I'd dream that she'd take
a sudden fancy for me
and, in the evening, holding my hand
we'd pass
by her vassals' little gardens.
She'd show me...
"Along the walls".
Too much noise.
She'd show me along the walls
the red and purple flowers
and say their names.
These dreams reminded me
that because I wanted to be a writer,
it was time to decide what I'd write.
But when I questioned myself
and tried to find subjects
to which I could impart
a philosophical meaning,
my mind would stop functioning.
I'd see before me the nothingness.
I'd feel talentless,
or hindered by a mental defect.
I then realized I was like all men,
that I'd age and die like them,
and that I was among those
who had no gift for writing.
We take the risk.
We decide if it's worth taking.
If something happens,
the responsibility...
Rehearsing never hurts.
Julie, you're on!
Chill out, chill out!
The show's cancelled!
I don't care, let's rehearse!
We'll talk later, come on!
He's right, let's go.
Go, Julie.
Why ridiculous?
We've already rehearsed
like this before.
Like the band on the Titanic.
Let's not forget
what the committee said.
Did you vote for something?
We voted to cancel the show.
That's not the committee's decision.
I'm with Stephane.
What's even the point of the committee?
Now that's a question we should ask!
So true.
Mickael, as an outsider,
what do you think?
I'm not afraid of dying.
I'm practicing.
- Understand it's cancelled?
- Yeah.
So stop playing!
Sorry, Christophe,
but have you seen or heard from Eric?
Because a decision was made
this morning
in committee.
Some committee members
mentioned it backstage.
So that's why the cast
is a bit on edge.
- So you stopped rehearsing?
- Yes.
So I'm telling you
even though it's not my job.
It was decided
by theater management
and the committee
that Guermantes won't be performed
as scheduled.
It's been postponed.
But you really should talk with Eric.
Well, as of right now,
I haven't heard anything.
I must say I'm a bit confused.
Having you all come up to me
and stop the show doesn't seem
well thought out, or legitimate.
Especially given the context today.
We're all here to work,
we know we had to stop in March.
It's been tough.
We're far from ready.
But we decided from the start
to keep rehearsing.
- Some of us, like me, want to.
- Wait.
It's pointless now.
Wanting to or not
isn't the question.
What matters is
they decided to cancel.
So for us it's weird
to keep rehearsing now.
And worse, you didn't even know.
No, I'm aware of the discussions
concerning Eric
and theaters more generally.
Like, if shows will resume in September
and in what conditions,
what it'll be like for the audience.
But I figured
we had a few days to rehearse, so...
you're no more clairvoyant than me.
Who knowswhat next week brings?
Actually, we are more clairvoyant
than you, sorry if it hurts.
The decision about performing
isn't Christophe's to make.
Calm down, Sebastien.
Here's the story.
No audience, no performances,
just rehearsals.
Whether or not we rehearse
is within my purview.
And when we spoke...
Once we hear it's cancelled,
why keep rehearsing?
There's no goal.
There's no opening night.
We're not performing
so why even consider it?
We can't pretend we don't know.
Stopping rehearsals
resulted from a decision,
and we don't want you
judging this decision.
That's how things work here.
I understand.
This is how you work.
Cool, it's an actor-run theater.
This just means that your committee,
not to meddle...
The actors play a part
in decisions made here.
Some do, others don't.
We just found out.
The committee has 8 actors in it.
Out of 60.
8 members of the committee
are elected and appointed.
They're meant to represent you.
Christophe means who among us.
Sebastien, Serge...
Julie, you and Elsa.
At the Comdie-Franaise,
the committee decides.
They can overrule actors, fire them...
Come on, Serge.
You said you were okay to rehearse.
Today you say the committee...
I defend their decision.
I'm speaking as a member.
You act like you didn't know the rules,
but you did.
You invited me, I don't belong...
You act like you didn't know
there's a committee.
I find out this morning
you decide if we rehearse,
even though we're working together
and you wanted to work with me.
But it's your call too,
since you decided
not to adapt your show
to the protocols
of the present situation,
whereas other directors agreed to.
I admit it, I'm not very adaptable.
My goal is to direct you,
not to adapt you
to God-knows-what situation.
Look how close you guys
are standing to each other.
And that kind of show
holds no interest for me...
Anyone there?
It has nothing to do with Proust.
So let's not be slaves
to current events
we can't do anything about.
Like it or not, we are.
It's a legitimate topic of discussion.
It's legitimate since I asked
if you wanted to rehearse.
Claude and I spoke.
Claude said to be careful
with some scenes,
which was the case.
I even suggested
you rehearse with masks,
but the idea that we create a show
that's enslaved to,
or adapts to the situation,
makes no sense to me.
We totally agree.
That's obvious.
- No performance, so what do we do?
- Keep rehearsing.
We have a few days to rehearse.
Don't you think...
even just for yourselves...
don't you think it's not that crazy
to rehearse just for yourselves?
Just for us, just for me.
Even if there's no audience
coming to clap.
To do it because we've been working
for months on this text,
on this show,
and we'd like to see it through,
even if it's just for us.
For me in any case...
I think it'd be a gesture
that would be for us...
a little treat.
I totally agree.
Let's do it!
So we're rehearsing, then?
How about Villeparisis?
Let's do Villeparisis,
since we're behind on it.
How does it go?
Pain in the ass.
It's me.
Listen, I'm whispering
because everyone's still on stage.
Here's the story.
some committee members
came to see us during rehearsal,
and told us
that performances are cancelled.
And you want to know
something terrible?
I'm totally thrilled about it!
It's awful of me, I know.
And besides, I always have
a hard time with this text.
Read me the beginning.
The way we had it before, in March.
Everyone's asleep
in the big apartment.
The counter-symbol thing, right?
I have to go, the director will be mad.
He's already in a bad mood.
It'll make him angrier.
Can you imagine?
So much drama.
Okay, I have to go.
Hugs and kisses, all over.
Sweet kisses all over, everywhere.
Talk later.
Check this out.
Should I sit here?
It's my trailer.
No one's seen it.
Don't tell anyone.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- It's just the trailer.
- Relax.
It's not color corrected.
It's not mixed either.
Oh, she stars in it.
- I find her a bit...
- Really?
I mean, she's fine...
We're the same age?
Could you make less noise?
Can't stay there, kiddo.
I'm going down.
No, it's fine.
What I really like is,
you put yourself out there.
I like that.
My young neighbor!
Hello Mm.
Palamede for you.
As you go into society now,
you must come see me sometime.
It's a bit complicated.
I'm often out, you'll have to write.
But I'd rather tell you now, quietly.
I won't be long.
You wanted to talk to me?
I wanted to tell you some things
but I'm not so sure now
whether I shall.
They may be the starting-point...
Don't touch him like that.
It's too much.
You really have to...
to use the boom
to bring him closer to you.
So Romain, actually,
I think that, when you guys leave,
you should be on the other side.
And you'll make little signs to Romain
to bring Stphane over to you,
little by little.
All right.
This is the first time...
So the idea is to make him
turn around to me.
He's more interested in Saint Loup
and Madame de Villeparisis.
All right, that works.
Shall we?
Let's start over.
I suggest,
if you don't mind,
Dominique and Sebastien,
that you stay in role.
I wanted to tell you some things,
but I'm not so sure now if I will.
They may be the starting-point
of inestimable benefits for you.
But they may also bring
into my existence,
at my age when one values tranquility...
Okay, stay like that.
May I, Romain?
This is how you can grab him.
I'll give you a signal.
Then you block him here.
We need the boom there?
It drives home the idea
that you're reeling him in.
This really isn't theater vocabulary.
It's not theater vocabulary,
it's your own.
It's cinema.
We have to integrate it, but I will.
But what's not bad is that
it lets you act less theatrically.
- We'll have an audience at some point.
- Exactly!
I just mean that your conversation
is a tete-a-tete.
It's sort of like an aside.
With the boom,
you can speak softly and not project.
So it's not just a movie gimmick,
which is what you're implying.
It's something that, when you act,
should help you try out new stuff.
I ask myself whether
you're worth all the bother.
And I don't know you enough to say.
Keep going...
I wouldn't want...
You should signal
when they get to this mark.
No, you signal Romain.
And Romain will turn him around.
Oh, I see...
You have to let Romain get over here.
I'll go back a bit?
They may be the starting-point
of inestimable benefits for you.
But they may also
bring into my existence,
at my age,
when one values tranquility,
much wasted time and effort.
I ask myself whether
you're worth all the bother.
This cord isn't long enough.
- With all your movements.
- You're right.
Do we have the right cords?
For the guitar?
Do we?
- No, we're fine.
- All right.
Go ahead.
And I don't know you enough to say.
You must know yourself a bit.
Are you worth the bother?
I'd never want
to put you to trouble, Sir.
But rest assured
it would be a great pleasure for me.
I'm very touched
that you've taken notice of me
and want to help me.
Those words mean nothing.
Nothing's more pleasant than...
Hold on, this is when...
I'm in the middle,
and you have to go around me.
Yes, right... You're the pivot.
I've already gone between you.
Is that what we did?
Is that what we did?
Where is he?
- Why do this?
- Do what?
We know we won't be performing.
We'll perform it someday.
You don't get it, Stephane.
Next season's booked.
Then it's Moliere year.
Eric always figures something out.
We saw in committee.
The show won't ever be done.
What'll we do?
The rest.
We'll do Invalid, Cyrano, all that.
- They gave me Ragueneau.
- You're Ragueneau?
- Not Laurent Stocker?
- I'm replacing him.
He's doing a film.
I'm doing a favor.
I didn't plan on Ragueneau.
Easy for you...
It's stopping...
Decisions here aren't made
based on my other roles.
You know it.
And you did lots of shows last year.
Has this ever happened
at the Comdie-Franaise since 1680?
Well, not that I know of.
A show that doesn't exist!
A ghost show!
You look exhausted.
We are!
A little, yeah.
You didn't relax during lockdown?
During lockdown, yes.
But afterwards...
it's draining.
I let out everything I'd bottled up
over two months.
- Did you stay in Paris?
- Yes.
I worked on the play.
No, I'm lying.
It was impossible to work.
- On anything.
- On anything.
Go to Cabourg in the end, Stephane?
- So?
- Disappointing.
I found it cold.
I was expecting something warmer.
The hotel was very cold.
Everything I imagined from Proust,
I had an image in my head,
and it was...
The beach,
the promenade is nice...
but not what I imagined.
It's Eric.
I'll take it.
No, we were rehearsing,
but we should talk.
Yeah, it was surprising.
I thought we could rehearse.
Here already, angel?
I'll go and change.
Who's he?
All good, Christophe?
I'll be here tomorrow.
Come, whoever wants to.
And whoever doesn't,
it's your call.
JULY 15TH 2020
- What?
- Your turn.
Don't you see?
She can't hear anything.
Come, have some water.
Let's try again.
Give me the water.
Don't put up a fuss, just try.
Doctor said it's important.
- Gently.
- I am being gentle.
There we go.
Don't worry.
We'll do better next time, don't worry.
There we go.
Doesn't that feel better?
Easy does it, I'm almost done.
It's fine.
We'll stop.
Everything's fine.
Look how pretty you are.
I just got the sad news, I'm so sorry.
Excuse the shirtsleeves,
but I wanted to be the first
to offer my condolences.
She is...
She was...
a remarkable woman, discreet,
you must miss her terribly.
I know how losing
a family member feels,
especially a grandmother.
We think we're ready for it.
I think you're mistaken.
But it's just as devastating.
Our young neighbor, who looks so upset.
Don't hesitate if you need help
organizing the funeral...
Oriane knows a florist.
She makes superb arrangements.
Anything you can think of.
It's just that Madame Amde isn't dead.
She hasn't died yet.
Hasn't died yet, all right.
There you go.
my offer for the funeral still stands.
I was too hasty,
but don't hesitate to ask.
And send my regards to Marcel.
- Thank you.
- And please excuse me.
- Of course.
- For this hastiness.
It happens.
We'll laugh about it one day.
It's amusing.
Apologies for the shirtsleeves.
Don't worry about it. Thank you.
You can leave me now.
It's over.
Okay, we're done.
I'm done.
Turn around,
don't watch me getting dressed.
I want to go.
Help me! I can't go out like this.
I can't go out naked!
I need some air.
Too many people here.
You're wearing that?
Going out like that?
- All good?
- I want my costume.
No, all is not good.
It's too much.
Everyone hovering over me like that!
We said we'd socially distance.
We said if we got tested...
Christophe, it's not against you.
It's the situation, it's...
At some point, it's too much.
I want to go out.
Take a break.
- Can I get dressed?
- Sure.
I'll go out for a walk.
So we have some time?
Go on.
You know, Claude,
it'll be hard for you to rehearse
if they can't be around you.
I know but all of a sudden...
I'll be fine.
I just got anxious.
I can't put them any further away...
No, I know.
Is it the nudity or...
We can talk about that if...
It's fine... it's nothing.
Are you sure?
That's fine, not all the way up.
We're running a bit late.
Is this a real break?
I don't know, ask Laurence.
15 minutes?
15 minutes?
I have to make an important call.
Can we have a real break, 25 minutes?
And make the next one shorter.
Take 25.
Want a puff?
Hello? It's Julie.
I can't talk for long
because we're rehearsing.
But I had to speak with you now
because I've made a big decision.
I've actually decided to leave you.
To stop.
To stop working together.
That's not what I mean.
The 20 years I've been with you
are really
20 very, very important years
in my life.
I was very young when I started
and a lot of things have happened
in my life since.
I've gotten so much out of it.
I feel like I've given a lot too.
But we've reached a point...
It's like we've covered it all.
I'm not the first person who,
after 20 years,
decides to move on.
I think it's healthy to move on
at a certain point.
I'm not doing this
because I don't love you anymore,
but because I do love you,
and it has become hell
to love a person who hurts me so much.
Yes, I'm angry.
I wasn't before, but now...
Yes, I'm angry.
I'm angry, it feels like a break-up.
It's really weird.
You're the one
who's transferring onto me...
It's not me.
What do you mean, the money?
I have to pay you?
It's the same rate on the phone?
Now I've heard it all.
No, nothing.
I'll send it to you.
I'll send you a check.
Cash, yes. Jesus...
If only I could have started writing!
No matter how I approached the task,
as with my efforts not to drink,
to go to bed early, to stay fit,
whether with enthusiasm,
with method,
with pleasure,
in depriving myself of a walk,
enjoying a healthful hour,
making the most of a day of illness,
what always emerged in the end
was a virgin page,
undefiled by any writing.
I was but the tool of habits
of not working,
that had to express
themselves somehow.
If I tried to go to bed early,
to drink only water, to work,
these habits grew restive.
They adopted strong measures.
They made me really ill,
I had to drink more,
I didn't sleep for nights,
I couldn't even read.
I vowed to be more reasonable,
less wise.
Like a victim
who lets himself be robbed for fear
of being murdered.
My aunt?
- Yes?
- I heard you refused Robert's woman.
You won't miss much, she's a horror.
No talent, and grotesque too.
How do you know her?
She performed in my house,
I'm sorry to say.
Did she really?
She came to recite,
with a bunch of lilies,
and more on her dress.
Basin, see who she is?
I can guess.
Not from a grand line of actors.
You can't imagine anything
more ridiculous.
Droll, even.
I can't fathom
why Robert loves her.
I know it's no use to talk about it.
We can fall in love with anybody.
That's the nice thing about love.
- It makes it mysterious.
- Mysterious?
I must confess,
that's a bit beyond me.
Yes, love is very mysterious.
You can never know why
you love someone.
It may not be why you think.
You just can't explain
other's choices in love.
Still, I'm shocked
he likes someone so silly.
What about Swann?
It's not the same thing.
Odette was a kindly idiot,
but never silly, and very pretty.
You never thought so?
She had some nice points:
pretty eyes, good hair.
She's horrible now, but she was lovely.
Not that it made me feel better
when he married her.
- She was charming.
- Behave!
As for Robert's
girl... Stop!
You'd die laughing.
She actually wanted me
to build a staircase in my salon.
And she announced
she'd lie flat on her stomach,
on the steps.
Her words were truly unimaginable.
The play was The Seven Princesses.
The Seven Princesses?
Dear, what a snob she must be!
Know it? Good for you!
I know one of the seven,
quite enough for me.
Imagine, barely one sentence,
and then she stopped.
She didn't say another word
for a good five minutes.
I politely hinted to her
that this might seem unusual.
Stop it!
And she said:
"You should always say something
as if you were just composing it."
If you think about it,
that really is monumental.
Stop it!
I really think
the Villeparisis salon scene
is catching up
with the Guermantes one.
I find you all very,
very good in it.
I'm so glad...
He said it. He
said we're good.
I don't say you're good very often.
Maybe because we aren't?
It's hard to tell actors they're good.
It's one thing to ask you
to redo something,
like "step over there",
but the idea
of being positive or negative,
saying "good"...
It doesn't come easy to me.
- Just if we're on track.
- Exactly.
You can even do two opposing things
that I both find good.
It's never "not good".
Just different.
Some directors have
a very precise idea,
they never stray from...
It's not a power play with actors?
Sort of.
Precise ideas
often just mean lazy directors.
It means they're not attentive
to what's going on...
in theater rehearsals
or during a film shoot.
I think it's dangerous for them
to think they're smarter than actors.
I agree.
- You want a chair?
- I'm good.
To go back to what I was saying,
since we stopped in March,
we only had 3 weeks.
I also think we never got to the point
where you really start
to nail things down.
That's why I'm asking you
to keep rehearsing.
If ever we do perform this show,
we'll have to start over.
And I know some of you will be gone.
It'll be a different cast.
It will be a different show
we want to do.
So, it's...
it's a bit strange to have a show
dead on arrival.
But I think working a few more days
would be a way
of keeping your characters alive.
How I can do another show
knowing I didn't do this one?
I can't start something else
without finishing this.
It might not be a coincidence.
Lots of Proust projects
never saw the light of day.
I mean, in film.
Visconti went location scouting,
but never ended up shooting.
Losey had Pinter write a script,
and never shot it.
Maybe we can tell that story.
We gave up.
That's why we didn't do it.
You're rewriting history.
Given what's going on all around us,
people want to rewrite history.
No one wants to be a part of all this.
It's more than depressing.
It's ruining all of us.
It goes beyond
the simple fact of whether...
you avoid, or your body avoids...
this damn bug.
It goes way beyond that.
So if we accept the fact
that we're doing a "barren show",
we may find beauty in it.
But the beauty is barren.
It gives no pleasure to others.
I understand the beauty of the gesture,
but I think it's futile.
Maybe the beauty
is in the futility, but...
it's frustrating.
But it's not the same for you and me.
I mean, I know there are directors
who keep coming to the shows
after the premiere,
but for me, it's a drag.
You finish on opening night?
I want no more involvement.
- You never come back?
- For the actors.
I hate being with...
and this is horrible...
I hate watching you
with an audience.
- Okay.
- I feel like...
I like it more
when you only do it for me.
- You're jealous?
- A little.
I find you very exhibitionist.
I don't get how you can give strangers
what you gave me.
Strangers who jeer, cough...
And when they clap, you all smile.
Not my thing.
Julie, Mickael, tablecloths!
We have everything.
Are we in the way?
We need two.
It'll take me a second.
We can't set the table.
I know.
Looks nice.
Want a beer?
Go ahead.
What did you order?
Lebanese, I think.
There they are, at last.
Four of them.
We're hungry!
Why didn't we eat out?
Good question.
A little water, to rinse it out.
Thanks for letting me know!
Really nice of you.
Where were you?
In my dressing room for two hours.
No room for me to sit!
Really sorry.
It sucks.
Here's to you, Flo.
To Proust,
who won't be turning in his grave.
Even you didn't tell me!
Everyone get some?
Who wants to die?
Can someone give me a fourth beer?
A beer for Anne!
More wine for me.
No corset, Stephane?
He might not need it.
Claude, can you show your photos?
Go easy on the sarcasm, pal!
It's Laurent.
He's one of my favorites, really nice.
Is that Laurent?
- Prick up your ear.
- Go on.
I overheard Julie,
she said
she's leaving the troupe.
What? That's crazy.
It's true!
- Really?
- Yes.
Dominique just told me Julie's leaving.
How awful!
What're you doing?
Hear what I said?
Understand what I'm saying?
What are you doing?
You're completely...
Sure, I'll sit down.
- What?
- Are you going to see Elsa now?
Aren't you being overdramatic?
I said, she's leaving the troupe.
What's wrong, hon?
What's up with her?
It's cuddle hour!
It's that time of day.
You're right, you have to live.
So she sent in her letter?
I don't know.
Hear that Ju...
- Your film!
- No, the trailer.
- The title?
- Origin of the World.
Really? Cool.
She's leaving us.
- Who?
- Julie.
Better to quit than get fired.
Usually trailers show the whole movie,
here at least
you're left wanting more.
- Forget it.
- No, it's great!
Forget about it.
It's great.
Some other time.
Hold on, we'll go say hi to Julie.
What haven't I eaten?
What's this news?
What news?
Did you say something nasty about me?
Who told you?
No one told me, it's just that...
I heard you on the phone before.
What are you talking about?
A little while ago,
you made a call below the stage.
And what exactly did you hear?
What's this about?
I heard you wanted to leave the troupe
that after 20 years
you're ready to move on...
You're way off.
That's not at all the conversation
I had down there.
Must we really discuss this?
I was telling my shrink
that I'm leaving him.
And you fucking thought
I wanted to leave the troupe.
Find it funny, Seb?
Sorry, but for me it's really...
it's really hurtful.
And you find it funny.
Which means you really believed it.
Not at all!
- Jeez, I went there to be alone...
- She's staying!
It's just weird.
She's dumping her shrink!
Feels like I got fired!
You're right to dump him.
Here to see Serge?
He's over there.
Look, an angel.
This is Leolo,
for those who don't know him.
It's French.
Want a beer?
Time for dessert!
I'll take a pass.
Come on.
Tell everyone goodbye.
I don't feel like going back.
See you tomorrow.
Serge's cake!
Steph, can you pass me the wine?
And the pastries?
Anne, you wanted one of these?
- She's drunk.
- Don't step in the Lebanese!
Don't step in the hummus!
I wanted to say thanks
for everything you've done for me.
We did nothing, now sit!
Because I think...
the sky is rarely so dark...
and I love you all.
We love you too!
Yeah, it's Yoann!
She's going to sing.
Boogie woogie!
There we go!
I'm gonna cry.
In a theater
Place de Clichy
There was a movie
By Polanski
Not Chinatown
But Cul-de-sac
The one with
I kissed you
Near the Drugstore
I love it!
Like it? Really?
It was raining hard
Then you came
The same evening
To 49...
Rue Rochechouart
We loved each other
All night long
While talking about
Everyone has their one take.
- Did you show Denis?
- No.
Others will get jealous.
That Higelin tune
You disappeared
Into a taxi
I no longer remember
which company
Friends, I'd like to make a toast
without a glass...
to a wonderful team...
I hope I've been...
up to par as Proust for you,
I know I'm not...
Anyway, thanks to you,
thanks to Christophe,
I try...
I try to do it justice.
Thanks, everyone.
I'm heading back in.
I'm old, I'm going to bed.
In my dressing room.
I must tell you, boys and girls,
the dressers
closed the dressing rooms.
I'll find a spot in the theater.
There's my bed. It's waiting for me.
What are you doing?
Setting up the bed.
Want some help?
I'd love some.
For where?
Stage right.
We can't run with boots!
- How's it going?
- Fine.
- Getting away from it all?
- Yeah.
I'm really pissed off.
We rehearse for 2 months,
we split up for 2 months,
we delay the premiere, we start over,
and now we cancel?
I have Cyrano, it's a big deal for me.
I have my movie...
Everything's happening at once!
What the fuck?
Just for fun.
Yeah, but...
It's a lot on your plate.
I'm exhausted.
Cyrano's big, your film too.
Apparently Cyrano's still on.
With masks?
They'll move your nose...
further down.
If we rehearsed Guermantes
and I memorized 2,000 lines
for nothing...
You'll act the Duke one day,
but you may be too old.
Should I feel better now?
Let's go!
Come on!
Quick, it's heavy.
The Government will speak clearly
or give up
what is their essential prerogative.
Their hogwash no longer suffices!
We must find judges for Dreyfus.
That'll be easy, because
although we in France
like to slander ourselves
and to believe or let others believe
that to hear the words
Truth and Justice
one must cross the Channel,
which is often
just another way to the Spree -
there are judges outside Berlin.
Then I link them.
But once the Government takes action,
will you actually listen to it?
When it bids
you perform your civic duty,
will you listen to it, support it?
Will you not stay deaf
to its patriotic call?
Laurence, come!
Anne, where you going?
I'm walking alone.
- I'm walking alone.
- But where?
- Everything's fine!
- Coming back?
Should we come along?
- What's that?
- My patch of yellow wall.
Your what?
Bergotte, Vermeer, View of Delft!
Right, Bergotte the painter.
No, Bergotte's the writer.
- Elstir's the painter.
- Of course.
- Didn't read the book?
- I did.
Show's cancelled, but still.
What's the yellow wall?
Bergotte, the writer, is at his place.
He has a big lunch,
eats lots of potatoes.
He feels sick on the way,
thinks he's having trouble digesting.
So he gets to the museum,
comes across the Vermeer.
He sees the little patch of yellow wall,
he's blown away.
He says to himself:
"What grace, that patch of wall.
I'd give all my books for that."
All his books for a patch of wall?
He'd really have done that?
I'm telling you.
What next?
He has a stroke.
- He dies?
- Yes.
He dies a few days later.
Won't we be cold?
What's that lotion?
You should try it. Have some.
- Just a dab.
- Here.
That's a whole coconut!
It's good stuff.
Smells like coconut too.
Just rub it in like this, it's great!
It's amazing because...
I'm all greasy now.
You use it every night?
It's nasty, yuck!
Everyone does.
Everyone puts on coconut before bed?
You sure about that?
Good night!
Come on, stop.
Don't be a princess.
Go to your bed, I have my own way.
So come with me.
Come on, stop.
We already stole china for our picnic.
We put it back.
The upholsterers will be mad.
I want to sleep.
Fuck, Imaginary Invalid props!
- Who cares?
- Stop!
It's too risky!
And you scratched the armrest.
Daniel's chair!
You're just paranoid.
Not here, it's the crew's locker room.
They'll see we stole props and sets
to squat here.
We'll be really comfortable,
especially with this.
What do we got here?
You have nice feet.
Isn't Berthe from your time?
Will I be able to make this work?
You have to puff on it.
Don't bogart!
First drag.
Watch out now.
She'll either laugh or cry
her eyes out.
Here we go.
Weed makes me want to kiss everyone.
Now you're warned.
Not bad.
The perfumed night, nature,
to speak in vain love-letters.
Look up but at her stars...
I think you're clean enough.
That's fucking nasty.
Nasty! Poor little thing.
A noble love exists,
made sad by each pretty word we say.
Jesus, go to bed already.
What's the scene?
The balcony.
Good night... and good luck!
Wash your hands?
When we feel that in us...
a noble love exists.
A love?
Eric's wine's so gross.
Made sad by each pretty word we say.
- I forgot to try Stephane's technique.
- What's that?
He said he has a big spoonful of oil
before getting drunk.
I forgot to.
If you puke, go outside.
Or else I'll puke too.
We've got a fine young man
at our feet.
More like we're at his feet.
Grandma's leaving now.
I'll go join...
I didn't notice.
Sorry to be a bother.
Something worries me,
I'm sure you guessed.
I thought it was nice
that you wanted to see me.
What's the matter?
Is that Madame de Guermantes
in the photo?
Yes, it's my aunt.
Do you know Oriane?
How funny to see her there,
because we live in her house now.
Does she know I know you?
No idea. I haven't seen her in ages.
She's in Paris now.
I hear she thinks I'm an idiot.
I doubt that.
Oriane's no eagle, but not stupid.
You know that,
I don't care if you tell people
how much you think of me.
I'm not conceited. But...
if you could let
Madame de Guermantes know,
even exaggerate, what you think of me,
I'd be very glad.
If that's all it takes,
it's not difficult.
Why do you care
what she thinks of you?
I'm surprised you don't understand.
You don't discuss pleasure, you give it.
If you were to ask me for something,
and indeed I only wish you would -
I wouldn't ask you to explain.
Allow me to go even further.
I have no desire to know
Madame de Guermantes.
But just to test you,
I should have asked to dine with her.
You'd have refused.
I would have accepted
and I accept.
In three weeks, next time I'm in Paris.
We shall see.
She probably won't want to.
I'm most grateful.
It's nothing.
No, it's everything.
Now I see
what kind of friend you are.
Whether what I ask you
is important or not,
disagreeable or not,
whether I really care or ask as a test,
it doesn't matter.
You say you will do it,
and you show the fineness of your mind
and heart.
You know the lady I just spoke of?
You know who?
Come on, you take me for a fool?
Would you give me a photo of her?
All right.
You want her photo?
So that's why.
For a photo of her.
And to think we won't perform this.
I'm great with boots.
You are!
Separating us!
No fun otherwise.
Amazing, right?
Now I'm in my hut.
And you're in yours.
But you'll wake up before me.
Stop, you're a pain.
In Arles, where the Aliscans are
When the shade is red
under the roses
Beware of the sweetness of things
And the weather's clear
Speak softly when it's of love
By the graves
I talked about New York
and Paris
In songs about my life.
Everything I said
has fled
By the river, Juliet,
you would stroll,
with the ring-seller from the metro
Everything I said
has fled
Over time, love comes undone
Winter goes and we change the tune
Everything I said
has left
What are you doing there?
Listening to you sing.
Been here for long?
Been here all along.
Weren't you going home?
- And?
- I didn't.
Can I come up?
Come on.
I can crash the party?
Of course.
Your singing was nice.
I'll bring my bed.
You were able to sleep there?
Yeah, it was comfy.
Off by myself.
No more music?
What should we do?
We're good.
Let's snuggle?
Yes, let's snuggle.
Good night.
It's like a trap.
And always the same taste.
That of myself.
I've known ruined actresses,
always wondered
if becoming a monster was inevitable,
becoming a character despite oneself.
Deep down, I'm a wounded idealist.
I really thought it was going to last.
I thought when it was...
I thought that
when things were going strong...
if we cared about it, worked on it,
it'd last longer.
At one point, someone gets fed up.
Then one gets fed up
with the other being fed up.
And it sucks...
when one finds out the other's fed up.
I should keep quiet because...
Look, this one's in love.
And I'm not?
You're in love too.
You're a dad, it's different.
He's not even a dad yet.
I might never be.
Do you guys think love can last?
We're aging.
That's the big question.
No one's waiting
for Christian to get there.
Especially since I'm always on stage.
I doubt people say:
"When Laurent's on stage,
to make things more..."
"we can maybe..."
The triangle. Work on it.
Not a bad idea.
Got your text handy?
Go get it.
- Let's try something.
- I'll get shoes.
Not bad at all.
Goddammit! Pain in the ass.
Go ahead.
We can't work here.
This is a stage, not a dormitory.
Embrace me now.
No. What?
You say "sir".
You're starting?
I flubbed my line.
Embrace me now.
- But...
- Very brave.
- Tell me.
- I'm her brother.
- Whose?
- Hers!
You're her brother?
Much the same... fraternal cousin.
- She told you?
- Everything!
- Does she love me?
- Maybe.
Glad to meet you, Sir!
What a sudden change of heart!
Forgive me...
He is fair, the villain.
That's what got me thinking.
About what?
Well, he says it.
Of course, it's obvious.
- You see?
- He says it already.
He's... struck by...
He thinks he's fair.
- He finds Christian beautiful.
- Yes.
The fact he finds a man beautiful,
and says so,
and in the 19th century...
It's true, he says it first.
That's right.
Ah, Sir!
If you but knew my admiration.
But all those noses...
I take them back.
Roxane expects a letter tonight.
I have a simple soldierly wit.
But, with a women, I'm silent.
Their eyes, when I pass,
show kindness to me.
Won't their hearts do more,
if you stay?
For I'm one of those men, I fear...
who cannot tell their love.
Well, it's clear.
If they'd taken greater care
when I was made,
I'd be one who knew
how to persuade.
Oh, to be able to say things with grace!
"To express..."
To be able to express things
with grace!
To be a musketeer,
with handsome face!
He says it a lot.
To be a musketeer,
with handsome face!
To be a musketeer,
with handsome face!
Roxane is precious, and I'll surely...
disillusion Roxane.
Had I but such an interpreter
to express my soul!
I need eloquence.
That I'll lend.
If you lend me...
your charms that conquer every glance,
together, we'll be a hero of romance.
How so?
- Why are you laughing?
- Because...
Keep going, it's fine.
How so?
If you lend me your charms
that conquer every glance,
together, we'll be a hero of romance.
What do you mean?
It sucks standing up.
- What?
- Come on.
Sit down.
To be a musketeer,
with handsome face!
Roxane is precious, and I'll surely...
disillusion Roxane.
Had I but such an interpreter
to express my soul.
I need eloquence!
- Too tight.
- What's wrong?
Keep going, just don't crush me.
I need eloquence!
That I'll lend.
If you lend me your charms
that conquer every glance,
together, we'll be a hero of romance.
How so?
What do you mean?
I can't, I'll have the nose.
I can't do that with you.
I felt you were ready
to explore the scene.
- I enjoyed that.
- We're not done.
I'm beat.
Good night.
You like making me run, don't you?
I've been looking for you all night.
See? We're at the Marigny.
I was hoping you'd come.
Have you been following things?
We're a little lost.
You coming?
Come and help me.
I miss you.
What you up to?
Not much.
- Running lines?
- I'm good.
- Come.
- Where?
- I'm sleeping with Genou.
- No, you're not.
- Want us to sleep here?
- Come.
Without a blanket?
We don't need it, come.
On my fur.
Who were you talking to?
No one.
Sure sounded like someone.
JULY 16TH 2020
We were already at a point
when the epidemic had started.
The outside world was devoid of people.
You didn't go into the streets.
Or go down the major avenues.
But since I went to work every day,
the Paris I saw was deserted.
Nobody around.
A few ghosts wandering about.
And the hospitals... packed with people.
And not the usual people.
It was like an...
unending explosion.
Very calm.
The contrast was incredible.
Deep silence
and simultaneously in the rooms,
there were hundreds of patients,
all sick with the same thing.
We'd never seen that,
and I hope we'll never see it again.
Those long, silent, empty hallways...
with the occasional nurse or aide.
The hushed tones in the room...
The mad hunt for oxygen...
And us, covered in protective gear,
so that we don't catch the virus.
It was a historic moment because...
the hospital got very organized.
It was "beautiful".
I don't know if that's the word.
There was a beauty
in how people got organized,
how they cooperated with each other.
Without tension most of the time.
Obviously, people were tired,
and it was hard.
But there was a meaning to it.
It was around then
that I got in touch with you.
I was thinking...
we can't let this happen
without bearing testimony.
We can't not give meaning to this.
We can't go on...
without bearing testimony
to what's taking place.
We were in the emotion of it.
In pure emotion.
That's why I called you.
We were in pure emotion,
you deal with emotion.
The question is what do we...
That's why I'm sorry
you didn't come.
To get a sense of what was going on
on a human level.
But with a perspective that isn't ours.
when I go into a patient's room
which I do every day -
for me, it's extraordinarily banal.
Since what happened, do you feel...
It's been two months now.
You're talking about when we spoke.
Was it April?
Beginning of April.
Since then,
do you feel something's vanished?
It's vanished
because the moment vanishes.
We all have our own take on the past.
We can rewrite our story, embellish it,
we can add emotions
that we didn't feel before.
And turn it into legend.
And turn it into legend.
Or turn into a narrative...
that isn't from history,
but from the present.
We're on the ugly,
dirty side of the illness.
It's sort of uncanny
because our job is to care for people.
How can you express that
when you're a doctor?
Patients will tell us
what they experienced.
It would have been nice
to have these conversations.
But ultimately,
to make it more
than the experience itself,
something you can tell others,
or that you share...
Who will ever be able to do that?
How's it going?
- That was nice.
- Yes, it was.
So nice.
Come on, we'll go inside.
Watch out for my...
I wanna puke.
You okay?
What are they up to?
Why are my Charlus chairs there?
Croissants with your coffee.
- How are you?
- I'm fine. You?
Slept like a log.
A crispy one.
I'm dieting.
On a diet?
- No diet.
- Doesn't it show?
You asleep?
Cool, sure.
Have you seen my bag?
Have you seen my bag anywhere?
- What?
- My bag.
Have you seen my bag?
What's it look like?
I wonder if I put it...
Who put the ping-pong table here?
- Social distance!
- Fuck off.
No more hugs? You're the worst.
I mean, we're rehearsing.
Yes, it's me.
I saw.
I saw that you called.
My battery was dead.
Well, we...
rehearsed a lot, and...
No, I'm sorry, I didn't do it.
It isn't easy, actually.
We rehearse but...
with no idea about what'll happen.
No idea if we're performing.
We're still rehearsing.
3 more days of rehearsals,
we're still rehearsing.
We're not having fun!
We're rehearsing, working...
I slept here
because it was more convenient.
We spent a great night, that's all.
I have nothing to be ashamed of.
I hate shame.
What do we do now? What?
I agree, it's ridiculous.
Love ya, take care!
Hello, Dominique!
Rehearsing a tragedy?
Rehearsing a tragedy?
Anyone have the ticket office keys?
Thought you were Sebastien.
Fine, Sebastien.
He was hitting on me.
I left him in the theater.
Left him in the theater? Idiot!
What time is it?
It's 9.
Gilles brought croissants,
pains au chocolat...
We've got coffee, we've got it all,
all for you.
- Jeez!
- What?
Weren't you and Leolo
on the down low?
We were.
I have to take this.
I don't know what I'm doing,
I'm like...
Sometimes it's great.
A godsend. It's wonderful.
You're great together.
He's 30 years younger.
- Who cares?
- I care. I'm big on numbers.
He's devastating me.
He brings me so much,
he threw me for a loop.
About stuff I vowed to stop,
places I vowed never to go back to...
And I'm going full speed ahead.
I'm scared, scared, so scared.
Scared to be destroyed.
I'm scared...
not that he'll dupe me,
he's not the type.
To open up, to regret it,
to get destroyed by tiny things.
The other day he went to see a friend.
I was distraught, for a whole hour.
Everything takes on importance.
I feel like each time I get into a...
What are you doing?
You woke me up, keep on talking.
How are you?
- Were we loud?
- A little.
Gilles brought croissants.
There's coffee.
- Keep going!
- I'm going. I'll leave you two queers.
How unsubtle!
Unsubtle... but so beautiful.
Love you.
Here you go.
We have some stuff
to say to each other.
No, don't start.
I found my glasses but not my bag.
Have you seen my bag?
No, I haven't.
I didn't feel it coming.
Ever happen to you?
Yes or no?
Don't try it on me.
Try what?
This whole thing.
Okay, listen.
With Elsa,
you can spin it however you like.
Just don't try it on me.
Try what on you?
Just don't try it.
Try what?
Who is this kid?
There's an age difference.
Yes, I know.
How do you explain it?
Think I pay him?
I pay for love? I'm too old?
- You said it first.
- Because you thought it.
That's not my thing.
I'm not rich like you.
Come on, just own up to it.
Own it. Who cares?
- You piece of shit.
- Why?
For thinking that.
That's not cool.
It's obvious!
- Why would he be interested in you?
- Shut up.
He's a little shady.
When you both came to dinner,
I thought he was kind of...
The look he gave me...
For 200 bucks, we could have had fun.
So I had doubts.
I'm too old, too ugly?
No, he's a cute little hottie.
So what?
Cute little hotties can't love me?
What do you do to be loved?
What do you rely
on? Your face?
Your reputation? Your roles?
His name is Leolo.
I think he loves me.
I think he loves me.
And that I'm in love with him.
So you're talking
about the man I love.
Stop it!
Either we're truthful or not.
I'm being truthful.
So take that as a given!
Let's stop here.
Go on, you can trust me.
Look out, he's here!
Second step.
Third step.
Fourth step.
You love tributes to Moliere.
You say it's the summa of theater.
A little old school.
We suggest another tribute.
A tribute...
A tribute to Marcel!
What intellect restores to us
under the name of the past,
is not the past.
Not bad!
It is thus that egoists
always have the last word.
Regret is an amplifier of desire.
What's admirable
in the happiness of others...
is our belief in it.
I live in a sanctuary,
in the middle of a spectacle.
France is going through a terrible,
perhaps fatal period.
how can you ever forget
a person you've always loved?
The Guermantes' doormat
is in very bad shape.
And one!
And two!
And three!
Are you invited to Lady Israels'?
Thank God,
I don't know her. Marie-Aynard
does. I never knew why.
I confess I once knew her.
Then I cut her off.
She's one of the worst,
and doesn't hide it.
We've all been too hospitable,
too trusting.
I'll never go near anyone
of that race again.
We shut our doors
on our old country cousins,
but opened them to Jews.
Now we see how they thank us.
Does Robert agree?
I have an adorable son.
Young fool that he is,
he says many mad things.
Speaking of Robert,
have you seen him?
- Dominique!
- Her line.
Dominique, your line!
I have a line?
But I said it.
She says she did it.
- Balbec!
- Robert here!
We're fine, Yoann.
I haven't heard from Robert since Balbec.
He's so busy, he has so much to do.
Speaking of the Saint!
How delightful! What a surprise!
Social distancing!
- How are you?
- Now that's how one...
- How one...
- Forgets one's aunt!
Never! Are you kidding?
He's not well, a bit tired...
Let me finish my line.
A bit tired, and he might feel better
if he saw you more.
He admires you immensely.
Hello, Madeleine.
How are you?
I see you in the morning.
So good for one, a walk.
Goodbye, my sister!
Goodbye, my nephew!
I've had enough.
You have another line.
No chair with my name?
Are you seeing
Madame de Saint-Ferreol?
Your friend doesn't talk much.
Would you please tell her
not to expect me to dinner?
I'll stay at home
now that I've got Robert.
Would you also be kind enough
to tell the staff
to buy...
to buy those cigars that Robert likes.
They're called Corona.
Who is Madame de Saint-Ferreol?
Darling, you know very well.
Vermandois' sister.
She gave you that nice billiard table
you liked so much.
I had no idea
she was Vermandois' sister.
My family knows extraordinary people
called Saint-Ferreol.
Balls, victorias...
Fabulous lives!
- Can we talk?
- Of course.
Mama, can you wait for me?
Say it to my face.
Mama, can you wait for me over there?
I'm with my friend.
Come to dinner as thanks
for introducing me to your aunt.
Yes, when?
When you are free? Tomorrow?
If you like. You say I'm being
nice to you, but it's not true.
My aunt said you avoid her.
She's even wondering why.
You're leaving, Robert?
You know, darling,
what you're doing isn't very nice.
The one time I get to see you.
Nice or not, that's how it is.
Goodbye, Mama.
Poor boy, I'm sure I hurt him.
Because, you see, sir,
mothers are very selfish.
Is that her notebook?
Found it in the wings.
I was so glad, flattered,
interested to talk with you.
Thank you!
Why did you all vanish?
Are you crazy?
Relax, I just found your notebook.
I can't believe it! Who does that?
I'd never do that.
I'd never rifle through
someone else's stuff.
What's the big deal?
Because it's despicable!
Why does no one else
find it despicable?
You think it's okay to go through
other people's stuff?
You should apologize!
I'm on every page of it, naked.
You could have asked!
Is he naked here?
He's not naked!
Maybe you feel naked!
For two months...
Can I talk to her please?
For two months
I've asked what you're doing.
"Nothing, I'm not doing anything!"
Don't act stuck up and annoyed!
Join the group!
What does it matter if I desire you?
I wouldn't be the first!
So why humiliate me about it?
You play on it.
You're so thrilled
that everyone desires you.
Everything humiliates you.
It's humiliating to be made fun of.
Sure it's humiliating.
You're the pain! You are!
I don't give a shit!
You're a pain, you're mean.
You're so mean, Sebastien.
Unbelievably mean.
Go get her, Sebastien.
This obsession with meanness!
Isn't it beautiful?
It's my first time...
We're here to eat sole.
Let's go to the Ritz!
Remember, Marcel came to the Ritz
to eat sole and drink beer.
I'm not sure they'll let us in.
Wait a sec.
If you stay here,
and wait for my signal,
I might have a connection.
You've got connections?
Stay here and wait for me.
Elegance, poise.
Don't give me a bad name.
I'd like to come back.
Wait here, wait for my signal.
They look like my brothers.
In that painting.
All three in the closet.
That's where they put us...
when we misbehaved.
Not me, though.
I was always...
the good boy, the polite one.
They called me the gem.
They did so much stupid shit!
I never did, but with them
it was stupid shit nonstop.
Stealing cars.
Breaking into houses.
I always tried to be...
different, you know.
To be different,
to do things differently.
Yet at school
they always told me the same thing.
"You'll end up like them. The same."
And ever since I've lived in Paris,
ever since I'm...
at the theater, it's the same.
Anyone at the Comdie-Franaise
could remind me
my brothers did stupid shit...
and I'll end up like them.
It won't change.
You got dressed?
Will we see each other again?
I don't think so.
So you just wanted
to screw an actor and basta?
Maybe I did.
Want me to leave now, or...
Sorry, it's...
it's not a good time for me.
And I'm not very hospitable.
I'm unable to be hospitable.
You're awful.
I'm not awful.
You're an awful actor, sorry.
An awful actor, yes.
You're so not convincing.
I prefer that you go.
Can I give you a hug?
Come here.
A little more...
He's too big.
I'll just read you a short passage.
Yeah, a tiny one.
And you listen.
Are you ready?
I'm kind of squashed.
Our friendship
has run out of words here.
It's no longer strong enough.
But our past obliges me
not to let you commit such stupid,
mean and cowardly acts,
without trying to stir your conscience,
and to make you admit,
despite your pride...
You didn't choose it randomly!
Not at all.
Now be quiet.
So it's text to be reflected on.
I'll keep going.
Despite your pride,
or to feel,
what is useful for your good.
You can spend the night here.
When you said you'd stay for dinner...
I give in!
- I can stay?
- Yes, to sleep.
No breakfast, though.
I'll keep reading.
You're a student,
not a member of the troupe.
So good.
So good.
Enough butter?
- No regrets?
- A little more lemon?
Sounds incredible.
Don't forget the carrots.
Can I have a little?
Smells like butter.
Thanks, Stephane.
I want some.
We're missing...
Rebecca, Claude, Dominique,
Gilles, Florence, Serge, Loic.
- Seven.
- Mickael, eight!
What do you think, Yoann?
- Let's call them?
- Let's!
Sounds like fun!
And say what?
To come join us at the Ritz.
- No.
- Why?
Eight in a room
is embarrassing enough.
So what?
No, seriously.
I trusted you, not cool.
Not cool for them.
We're like sardines!
There are already 8 of us.
We should've gotten 8 rooms.
Is that Flo?
- Where are you?
- At the Ritz!
I'm not far.
Come on over!
Take a taxi.
- No!
- Stop!
- Okay, I'll...
- Room 203.
Where are you?
At the Ritz!
Laurent's mad.
I'll be blacklisted.
- We have a suite.
- 203!
We're in 203.
Tell them Laurent sent you.
No, stop it!
- Bring Leolo!
- Of course.
You guys together now?
Don't come in shorts!
You good, Loic?
I'm fine. What about you guys?
We should've called you before.
It's been crazy,
but working's helped us
get a grip and keep things
nice and relaxed.
Christophe was caught off guard.
He knew about the committee,
but not that the administrator decides.
We explained it to him.
It wasn't our...
It's not our call,
even if the committee validated it.
So he was taken aback
to realize it wasn't his call.
Elsa, last I heard
was that it was cancelled.
I called everyone, no one picked up.
- I'm calling Christophe.
- I'm calling Dominique!
- Christophe too?
- Yes.
Christophe Honor?
Christophe! We're at the Ritz!
Get your ass over here!
You fill our heads with Proust crap!
We're eating sole.
Laurent got us a room.
All is forgotten.
We don't hate you.
No grudges, come.
It sucks not being there.
Honestly, it's tough.
It's tough
and we still have work to do.
He was here...
Is that Loic?
Hold on, Anne and Julie are here.
Hello there!
Is that Julie?
It's just that...
It's not that easy being here,
not seeing what's up with you guys.
It's nice to hear from you.
No one's picked up for 3 days.
Now that I've reached you,
I feel like...
you're all wasted and teasing me.
That's not true.
Go and clean out the minibar!
Love you all.
Love ya, Loic.
Love ya!
- See, I told you!
- Who is it?
They're here to complain,
the maitre d'htel.
It's the next room over,
we're making a racket.
Eric! Don't open it.
Who is it?
It's Flo!
Glad you made it.
You hear everything out there.
Glad you made it.
Close the door!
Close the door!
This is a blast!
Jumping on the bed now?
In a relationship, it's easy
to destroy someone.
You just have to...
You get them to love you,
then you destroy them.
You get them to love you,
then get off on destroying them.
That's not it, I disagree.
It's more subtle.
That would mean you're manipulative.
A total sadist.
Once hurt, you may want to hurt others.
Like you're primed to suffer in love.
But destroying...
destroying someone
is like annihilating them.
Not necessarily annihilating,
damaging rather.
Either way, they can't start afresh.
Does suffering destroy?
It changes you.
Does it destroy you?
Sometimes you don't change.
You just do the same bullshit
all over again.
Sometimes you think
you've completely changed tack,
and then much later,
you notice that
you're doing exactly the same shit.
You think you changed tack, exactly.
And if you've suffered too much,
do you think you can ever love again?
Of course.
A real miracle.
How do you know?
Because it's just pride.
What do you think, Leolo?
- What's this about?
- Love!
What about it?
I love love.
Isn't that self-confidence?
Hurt pride heals by itself.
But when you're destroyed,
when your self-confidence is shot,
what can you do?
I love wrinkle cream.
I'll take a few.
Some people won't fall in love again.
For sure.
There are people
who never allow themselves
the chance of meeting someone.
To protect themselves from future hurt.
They don't want to risk
being destroyed again.
That's real destruction.
No longer taking the risk
of being loved.
And of being destroyed.
They can no longer love or be loved.
You can't handle suffering.
- All alone?
- Yes.
You can't love someone fully.
You can't even...
be there for them.
What do you mean?
After a while, it becomes about you.
Your happiness, your enjoyment.
I haven't been nice with you.
We only met once.
It's not about that.
It's about stuff...
I said to Serge about you.
Like what?
In a relationship,
rough moments are par for the course.
I thought you couldn't be interested...
in a guy like Serge,
it seemed so unlikely.
I thought you were an escort.
And I apologize.
I am an escort.
- Just kidding!
- Dummy.
You put some on at night
or in the morning.
It nourishes your skin.
I never do this kind of thing.
I have no routine.
You're young, you've got time.
I have no choice.
I'm stealing this, it's perfect.
I liked how he wasn't direct.
Meet first...
I'm the opposite.
How was yours?
Truth is, I felt...
very alone.
And then when it ended,
and we could...
go out again,
I was super horny.
I needed to fuck.
Some random hookup.
See you.
Just as we were discovering sex...
the other person's body
suddenly became a threat.
- Because of AIDS?
- Yes.
We couldn't...
You couldn't have sex
without thinking you might...
catch something
or give something to someone.
So it was...
a brutal time to endure.
Lockdown took me back to then.
That was beautiful!
You were amazing!
You sing really well!
Come on, enough.
- Once more?
- It was just for me.
I'd like to hear it again.
Wasn't it beautiful?
Pack up, we're going.
Let's head out.
We can't leave him like that.
Strapping young lad.
I'm sleeping at the Marigny.
I'm going there too.
Still as stone.
Bye, Marcel!
You'll sleep well tonight.
Sweet dreams.
Good night, Marcel.
JULY 17TH 2020
It's locked?
No night watchman?
Over there, too.
I found some blankets.
Hey! We said one person per bench.
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
Not sleeping?
Are you?
Obviously not!
Draw me if I go in the fountain?
Are you serious?
The little patch of yellow wall.
The little patch of yellow wall.