Guiding Emily (2023) Movie Script

This will be...
An everlasting love
This will be...
The one I've waited for
This will be...
The first time
anyone has loved me
Oh, oh, oh
I'm so glad
You found me in time
And I'm so glad
That you rectified my mind
This will be...
An everlasting love for me
Oh, ho
Loving you
Is some kind of wonderful
Because you showed me
just how much you care
You've given me
the thrill of a lifetime
And made me believe
You've got more thrills
to spare, oh
This will be...
An everlasting love
Oh, yes, it will now
Love, love, love...
Love, love, love...
-[Mark] Hi, guys!
-[Steph] Let's go!
[Mark] Hi!
Ah, look at them.
They're perfect!
[Garth the Pup]
I met Mark
when I was eight weeks
and two days old.
How do you know which ones
would make good guides?
You know what?
We-we can't really tell
until they're older.
I noticed Mark right away,
but he was too busy watching
my brothers and sisters.
Right now, all I care about
is that they're playful
and healthy,
and then we'll let
the puppy-raisers
work their magic.
I don't know how they do it--
raise a dog for two years,
and then give it away.
These pups
are only eight weeks,
and it's already killing me
to say goodbye.
But you know what?
I do have one new volunteer
who lives close-by,
and I want to find
that perfect pup
for her to raise, and...
I think it's gonna be...
...This little guy.
Right here.
And that's how I found out
I was going to be a guide!
Pretty cute, bud.
Yeah, look at him.
He's curious...
but calm,
for a puppy,
and even though
he really wanted
my attention back there,
he just sort of patiently
waited for it the entire time.
Way to go, Garth!
Good job!
I like that name.
Hey, uh, one last question--
how reward-oriented
is Garth?
If by "reward-oriented"
you mean "will he do anything
for food?"
Oh, yeah.
Garth's your man.
Well, Garth, my friend,
I think you and I
are gonna get along just fine.
I was so proud
to be selected as a guide.
I just had one question.
What's a guide?
[panting] Uh, I'm stuck!
Oh, he is not gonna make it.
He's totally
gonna make it.
You know...
I can hear
both of you, right?
-Connor, hey, babe--
you make it to the top
and ring that bell,
I'll take you
to the Chip & Bean Cafe.
You're not fooling
anybody, baby.
"Go to the Chip & Bean Cafe"...
it's already on your list.
It is?
[laughs] What can I say?
The sound of a pencil-scratching
something off a list--
happiest part of my day.
You and your lists, Emily.
-You and your lists.
Almost there.
Come on, come on!
-[bell clangs]
All right, hang on.
You ready?
-All right, coming down.
-Give me a sec. Give me a sec.
All right, go!
Coming down.
So out of zero to 10,
just how impressed are you?
Zero is on the list?
[chuckling] Zero's on the list.
-[Emily laughs]
You're a very funny lady.
You did it.
I believe I'm owed one donut.
-I believe you are.
You just gotta get out
of that thing first.
[Connor chuckling] Yeah.
Mm, maybe two.
With sprinkles.
Sprinkles do not
go on donuts.
That's not a good idea.
Hey, Matthew.
You want to come with us?
Oh, thanks, Em.
Uh, maybe--
maybe next time, yeah.
Okay. You sure?
Yeah, yeah.
You guys have fun.
All right, see ya.
-See ya, big fella.
Thank you, Zeus.
is a little tradition I have
with every new puppy
that I place nearby.
It's called...
a "peanut-butter pupcake,"
and it's gonna
blow your mind.
Now, you don't want to eat
the whole thing,
but you can have a...
a little taste.
Oh, yeah! How's that?
I am going to inhale this.
-[laughs] Yes.
-Oh, hey, little buddy!
-Just look at that guy!
-He's so cute.
[phone ringing]
Here's to ringing the bell.
To ringing the bell.
Thank you so much
for trying something I love.
Of course.
[Mark] Okay, that's no problem.
-Oh, shoot.
-Oh, oh, oh!
I'm sorry, buddy!
I wish I could
give that to you,
and I would,
but it's just not good for you.
I think you might have a new
little friend there, Emily.
Make a distraction
so I can get him in my bag.
Come here. Hello!
-You are so cute.
-Okay, buddy.
Yes, you are.
[gushing] Yeah. Yeah.
[laughs] Oh, no.
He's so cute!
[chuckling] Oh...
Hi, buddy!
That was the first time
I saw Emily--
...And it was the last time
she saw me.
Good morning, everyone!
Happy Friday!
Uh, corporate says
we're now supposed to say
"Happy Fri-yay," but...
[scattered grumbles]
...I made the executive decision
never to speak of that again.
Hey! Oh, just a reminder,
I have a hard out
at noon today.
I blocked it
off on the calendar.
Did you really schedule
a dentist appointment
on a Fri-yayafternoon?
Okay, come on.
What? I think it's cute!
No, actually, um...
Connor and I are going away
for the weekend.
No electronics.
Can you believe it?
Ooh! Leaving early
and surrendering his phone?
That's true love,
right there.
Okay, I know what
you're all thinking,
and no, you may not start
an office wager over when he...
breaks down, finds a phone,
and checks his messages, okay?
Not gonna happen.
What is everyone else
doing this weekend?
Nothing, nothing at all.
Potato day.
-Potato day? That's so good.
-Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I'm gonna work on those
automated test cases Saturday.
Absolutely not gonna be
doing that on Saturday.
-Yeah, I am.
-No, we're gonna find
time for you to do it next week,
because you don't
work on the weekends.
Nope, we don't work
on the weekend here, okay?
Not the dream team.
Okay, let's start
with customer defects.
What do we got?
they're really betting on me?
-Of course they are.
What's everyone saying?
Well, Gina's the optimist.
She thinks you're gonna make it
all through the weekend
without electronics.
[Connor] Thank you, Gina!
But Drew's
way on the other side.
Yeah, 'course he is.
He thinks
you're caving tonight,
but you better not,
because we have couples massage.
-Oh, yeah!
-You ready?
-Yeah, I'm ready.
All right.
Let's get outta here.
Okay, so remember,
besides training,
a minimum of 30 minutes
of exercise every day.
-Plus, you want to take him
to at least one class a week
with the other dogs
in the program,
and it's a good idea to set up
some play dates with him,
but no "dog park" scenarios.
The main goal here
is just basic training
and socialization,
so take him with you
everywhere you possibly can.
Got it.
Okay, and above all else...
[both exhaling]
You're gonna be great.
You got
all the training materials,
and I'm just
a phone call away.
We got this!
Yes, you got this. All right.
Time for
the "Day One" picture.
Come on, Garth.
-Okay... that's for you.
Hey, buddy.
All right,
squeeze in with your mom.
Oh, perfect.
Say "treat."
Nice work, mister.
I'm gonna go find
a ball for him.
Okay, Garth.
Katie here is in charge now,
all right?
This is gonna be your home
for the next year or two
while Katie gets you ready
to become a guide,
so you be a good boy,
all right?
You listen to her.
Oh, and hey...
stay off the furniture, okay?
You talk to him
like he understands you.
Ah, Garth's a... a special boy.
I think
he understands quite a bit.
Mm... peanut butter!
Oh, uh, one more thing.
He's exceptionally
food motivated.
Okay, good to know.
Like... exceptionally.
New rules about where we eat,
effective immediately.
Probably a good call.
[chuckles] Oh... oh, okay.
I'll leave you to it!
[Connor] So, if your mom
invites her cousin,
my mom is gonna want
to invite all of hers.
All right. How many cousins
are we talking about here?
Uh... [mumbles indistinctly]
Maybe 20?
And their families.
[sighs] Oh, my god.
Seriously, we should just elope.
[chuckles] Yeah.
So you keep saying.
But I am
my mom's only child.
She's gonna want
the big party.
Yeah, I'm my mom's only child,
and she wants us to be happy.
That's because your mom
is a reasonable human being.
She is.
I'll talk to her.
Thank you.
Eloping is still very much
on the table--
you can tell your mom
I said that.
Use it as a fear tactic.
[both laughing]
You know, we could just hire
a wedding planner
to help
with all this, right?
What? Pfft!
We don't need that.
We don't need that.
I got my lists.
Oh, yeah.
Um... hey, you know what?
We should, um,
we should check out
before we go on our hike,
so we can just
take off right after.
And... I would be happy
to drive back
so that you can
check your messages.
Ah, you know me so well.
Who loves you?
This girl.
Come on, come on, come on!
[laughing] I'm coming.
How you doing?
Oh, man, I wish I could
blame the altitude
for how winded I am, but...
Man, this really
is beautiful, huh?
Look at that.
okay, uh...
...decision time.
According to this map,
we could turn around
and call it a day,
or we could hike
around that way,
to find an easier spot
to climb up,
but that's gonna take
an extra 30 minutes or so.
Why can't we climb up that?
Uh, we could, but...
you don't think I can?
Okay. No, no, no!
No, I see how it is.
-All right.
All right, you know what?
H-how do you feel
about helicopters?
I feel pretty good
about helicopters.
-Oh, you do?
'Kay, 'cause, you know,
when you break your leg,
that's the only way
you're getting out of here.
Okay, okay.
-Watch this, baby.
-Don't hurt yourself.
-[grunting intensely]
Oh, wow, like a spider monkey.
Hey, three points of contact,
Always. [grunts]
Here we go!
All right, fine. You know what?
I stand corrected.
I'm right behind you.
-[crying out]
[woman over P.A.]
Nurse Franklin,
please bring a wheelchair
to Admitting.
Nurse Franklin,
wheelchair to Admitting.
[groaning groggily]
[Connor] Hey.
[Martha] Okay, okay.
You're okay.
Shh, shh.
Baby, baby, baby, you're okay.
Mom? Mom, I can't see.
Yeah, you've got bandages.
You had surgery.
I'm gonna show you.
I'm gonna move your hands
That's it.
I had surgery?
Yeah, baby,
I'm right here, on your left.
I got you.
Can I have water?
Can I have a water?
Water, yeah.
[Emily] I need water.
On your left hand.
There's a straw
at the top, okay?
Just take little sips.
There you go.
[Mom, Martha] Oh, Em,
you should leave that in.
What happened?
Uh, we went for a hike.
Do you remember when you, uh,
you had a bit of a fall
and you hit
the back of your head?
There's my patient!
Emily, it's Dr. Anderson.
How are you feeling?
I don't-- I don't--
I don't know.
When do my-- [stammers]
When can I--
Can I take these off?
Two to three weeks,
if all goes well.
Do you understand
what happened?
We were hiking?
Wait, and then, um...
I think a rock hit me.
The impact of the fall caused
what is known as
post-traumatic iridocyclitis.
It can heal completely
over time,
but there can also be
long-term complications
that may occur.
What do--
Permanent eye injury,
increased sensitivity to light,
blurry vision.
We've operated.
Now we just wait to see how much
of your vision you get back.
[chuckles nervously]
so there--
I could--
I'm gonna be okay?
I don't make guesses, Emily.
We just wait
and let your body heal,
and while that happens,
you need round-the-clock care.
Your focus needs to be
on resting and sitting still.
I really don't sit still well.
A few more steps to a seat.
Turn and-and face me.
Now just like a half-step back,
just a bit.
Yeah, that's good.
-There you go.
-Ease-- ease down into it.
I'm good. I'm good.
I got it. I got it.
All right.
[Connor exhales deeply]
So, I guess I just...
[uneasy chuckling]
You know, you could, uh,
you could watch
some television.
listen to some...
Look, I gotta take a meeting,
but I've arranged to work
from home most of the time,
so I'll be here.
Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
I think, um, I'm just gonna...
rest for a little while.
Mom? Mom.
Yeah. yeah.
Hey, where are you?
Yeah? I'm here.
Yeah, hey, guys.
[deep breath]
It's gonna be
a tough couple of weeks,
but I am gonna figure it out,
and then...
and then we're gonna be fine,
Yeah, we got this.
Yeah, we got it.
-We got it.
-Of course you do.
-Right, Mom?
-Of course you do.
[Steph] Go to place!
This is what I know so far--
this bed is called "place."
When Katie tells me to,
I'm supposed to sit here,
but those are my toys
over there,
and I really love them.
Being a guide means I sit...
a lot.
I don't like sitting,
but I like the food part.
[song plays on phone]
-[phone chimes]
-[music shuts off]
[clicking power]
-[hits floor]
[sighs] Come on.
Not my charger.
Ah-hah, yes!
Are you a soda or a beer?
I'm taking you both.
We'll see what happens.
[contents rustling]
Not chips.
Ha! Yes.
[devastated sigh]
[can rumbles]
[Connor] I'm home!
[sighing deeply]
[hushed, tense]
I have been here, okay?
I just got called into
a customer meeting,
and it went on
longer than expected.
[hushed] You were gone
for six hours, Connor!
You left her
without food or anything.
Why didn't you call me
or any of her co-workers?
Because HR knows she's out,
but she hasn't told her team.
She doesn't want them to worry.
You know how she is.
She won't ask anybody
for anything.
-What's with the pasta?
She thought
it was a bag of chips
because you left it
on the counter,
and she had a soda and a beer
in her hands
because you put them
beside each other in the fridge
and she couldn't
tell the difference!
Okay, I know
I need to do better, okay?
I just-- I don't see the point
of rearranging everything
when she's gonna be able
to see in a week or two.
Picking up your shoes
is not "rearranging
everything," Connor.
It's accepted adult behavior!
Mom, Mom, come on!
you know what I don't like?
I don't like being the person
other people talk about
in hushed voices.
I'm sorry, babe.
We're sorry, honey.
We're just...
trying to figure out
what's best for you.
Okay, but you know,
I am a grown woman, okay?
I lost my sight temporarily,
not my decision-making skills.
You guys, you need to include me
in these conversations.
I'm sorry, babe.
And I'm sorry.
I-I should have been
more dialed in around here.
It's fine.
Emily, honey,
I know you want to live here
or in your own apartment
while you recover,
but you can't.
You have to be with someone.
Maybe it makes good sense
for you to come home with me.
Maybe it's not the worst idea.
I'll come down every weekend.
We can video-chat.
We can talk on the phone
every night.
There you go.
Nice breeze.
I'm gonna get you
some water, okay?
[weeps softly]
[crying hard] Oh...
Oh, god.
Hey, you've reached Emily.
Leave a message.
Hey, Em. It's me.
Just, uh, wanted to check in.
You haven't been in,
in a while.
Um, so I was gonna go
for a climb next weekend
down at Pelby Park,
if you want to join.
Call me.
[water gurgles]
[bee buzzing]
[eagle calling]
[door creaks ajar]
Fresh lemonade.
"Squoze" it myself.
Thanks, Mom.
You don't have to wait on me.
[songbird trills]
Do you know what bird
that is?
[same bird sings]
No, I don't.
All the hiking
and camping I've done,
I've never learned
the-the bird songs.
They're so beautiful.
Well, that sounds like
a great project
for when you can see again.
[crow caws]
Well, that's a crow!
I know that one.
Yes, that's a crow...
headed straight
for my veggies!
You're not welcome here,
you pest!
Yeah, you tell 'im, Mom.
This way.
Okay, this way.
This way, this way.
Oh, Garth.
[Garth yaps]
What's in your mouth?
Come here.
[Mark] Hello? Anyone home?
How's Garth doing?
Oh, okay!
Any questions or concerns?
-Let me guess--
the training's right on track?
Instant obedience?
Oh, yeah!
Yeah, no problems at all.
[both chuckling]
Well, it's a good thing
he's so cute.
Yeah, that definitely helps.
[light knocking on window]
-Drew, what's going on?
-Where's Emily?
Uh, she's just...
taking some time off.
She'll be back soon.
She's not at her apartment.
She's not here.
She hasn't returned my texts.
It's been three weeks.
Something's wrong.
Yeah, no, she's...
she's okay, Drew, okay?
Just trust me.
I've watched a lot of
unsolved mystery shows, Connor,
and most of 'em
start this way.
you're serious.
Sorry. Um...
Why don't you come in?
I'll tell you what's going on.
All right?
[waves gently lapping shore]
[wind chimes tinkle]
[gravel crunches underfoot]
Is someone there?
It's me...
Zoe, from next door.
Next door?
Uh... Miss Irene?
If you're nodding, uh--
doesn't work for me.
-You gotta say words.
My mom and I moved in
with Grandma after the divorce.
Oh, okay.
Hi. Uh, I'm Emily.
Uh, Grandma made some soup.
She said to tell Miss Martha
that she used
the last of the veggies
Miss Martha gave her.
Um, you can leave the soup
by the door.
I'll just bring it in
when I go.
It's directly
under the door handle,
against the house.
That is fantastic--
exactly the kind of instructions
that make sense to me.
Thank you.
Are you blind?
Uh, not forever... I hope.
Uh, how much longer?
I don't know.
I was supposed to get
these bandages off a while ago,
but there have been
some complications, so...
I go to the doctor
in a few weeks,
and then I will know more.
Are you gonna get a dog?
[chuckling] No. Why?
Oh, you mean like a guide dog?
Are you nodding again?
Sorry! Yes.
Yeah, I think the service dogs
are for people
with the challenge
for the rest of their lives,
but my issue is just temporary.
Knock on wood.
Well, when you can see again,
you could get a dog anyway.
[chuckles] Sounds like
you really like dogs.
I do, but it's a non-starter
at Grandma's house.
[phone chimes]
Is that your phone
or my phone?
It's my mom.
I have to go
set the table for dinner.
Nice to meet you, Zoe.
Can I come again sometime?
Sure! Yeah, I'd like that.
See you, Emily.
Hi, Emily.
I-it's Drew, from work.
I brought junk food.
[phone concierge]
Thank you for the snacks.
Do you want
to send the message?
[enunciating] Yes!
You could just talk normal.
No, I could just say--
okay. Yes. Yes.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-[message whooshes]
-Did it work?
[phone chimes]
There it is. There it is!
-It's there?
[gasps in delight]
This is so awesome!
-[relieved chuckle]
-Yeah, it is.
Thank you so much.
I can't believe
I didn't think of this,
but I-I really, really
appreciate it.
It's gonna be so helpful
until I get my vision back.
Hey, what time is it?
Um... ask your phone.
That's right.
-I don't-- I don't need anyone.
I only need myself now.
I don't need you--
-...Or anyone.
-[chuckles] Hello, Phone.
[phone concierge] Hi.
What time is it?
[phone concierge]
The time is 7:15.
Drew, you've been here forever!
Don't you have
better things to do?
Yeah, no, I don't know.
-No, yeah, I should go.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, my pleasure.
This is amazing.
Yeah, it's cool.
Hey, listen, um...
do I have your permission
to tell the team?
th-they are worried.
I really rather you didn't.
I don't want
people to feel sorry for me
or make a fuss.
It just doesn't feel good.
Yeah, it's just
when people, uh, don't know,
they assume the worst,
...and it's been bad for morale.
-Yeah, of course.
Yes, of course,
you should tell them.
Great. Okay, thanks.
All right!
-I'll see you later.
-Thank you...
-Yeah, no problem.
See you!
Hello, phone.
Text Connor.
Texting Connor.
I love you
more than tacos.
Do you want
to send the message?
[message whooshes]
[phone rings]
-[chuckles, beeps phone on]
-Hi. Yes.
Yes, that was me,
all by myself.
I can text now.
I'm officially a texter.
Man... your mom's been gone
a long time.
She must have had
a lot of errands, huh?
I do not believe
that she is running errands.
Oh, okay!
I get it.
Way to go, Martha.
[both chuckle]
-Well, if that's the case...
No, that's okay.
It's just, um...
ahem, you gotta warn me.
-"Warn you." Okay.
Okay. Well, Em...
I'm gonna come in,
I'm gonna kiss you
right on the lips.
[laughing] Okay.
So prepare yourself.
-All right.
-You ready?
Hey, you wanna grab a bite?
Like, out?
I'm sure your mom
is an amazing cook,
but you gotta be sick
of kale kabobs
and broccoli bites, right?
I mean, a bacon cheeseburger
sounds pretty amazing.
Yes. Yes, it does.
I just, um... tsk.
I just, the bandages
are so awkward,
and I just don't
want people to stare.
Hey, you look beautiful.
-I'm not joking.
-You do.
I'll tell you what.
-Give me your hands.
Give me your hands. Stand up.
Wait. Hang on, hang on.
There we go.
Anybody stares at you,
I'm gonna glare at them
in the most intimidating way
possible, all right?
Mm. With your angry eyes?
Oh, both my angry eyes.
[chuckling] Both of them?
[exhales heavily] Okay.
Let's go. Take my hands.
Here we go.
-Little step.
And then a big step
right here!
-[he growls]
-[she cries out]
Let's go!
We'll get that shoe later!
[bag rustles]
[clip clacks on counter]
[bag rustles]
Ooh... I like chips.
[sighs reluctantly]
Okay, I'll give you
a little corner of one
if you promise not to tell.
Do we have a deal?
-[clattering and clanging]
-[buzzing indistinct chatter]
[phone rings]
They also have
a guacamole burger.
They have a guacamole burger.
Too messy. I could wind up with
a green shirt and not know it.
[loud laughter at nearby table]
Two ice teas.
Thank you.
Ma'am, yours is just above
your utensils on your right.
Ah. Thank you.
-Have we decided?
-Yeah, I think
it's just bacon burgers
for both of us.
-Anything else?
Uh, actually,
can I wash my hands?
I'd like to wash my hands.
Where's the...?
Behind the bar area.
Would you like me to show you?
Uh, no, we, uh,
we got it, thank you.
[Emily] Thank you.
Okay, hon,
just grab my arm.
-You got it.
-There you go. Okay.
Now, walk ahead forward
for about four more steps.
There we go.
And there's a step coming up...
-and step.
-Oh. Yeah. There it is.
There you go. You got it.
You got it.
Three more.
-Doing good.
We're gonna walk
straight ahead.
Bathroom's coming up.
-Here we go. You're good.
And if you reach out
with your right hand,
you're going to hit the wall--
...And slide it down...
and there is the door.
Okay. Thank you.
[phone buzzes]
Adam, hey.
[over restaurant din]
What's that?
Uh, hang on...
yeah, real quick. Okay.
[water running]
Come on.
Come on.
-[water running]
Come on.
[sighs irately]
[buzz and din of restaurant]
[louder] Connor?
[louder] Connor?
[shoulders thump]
[bristles] Sorry.
[nervously] Um...
[louder] Connor?
Oh, come on.
it's Lindy, your server.
Do you need a lift?
Yes, please. Thank you.
My arm's just right here.
Okay, thank you. Thanks.
We're just gonna
approach three stairs.
Three steps here...
Okay. Perfect.
Sorry, I'm not...
I'm usually really independent.
I hate this.
[Lindy] I get it.
Okay, you're just--
Hey, sorry.
That was really important.
It was really loud in here.
Um, there's a chair
on your left.
Yeah, you got it?
Just slide in there.
Thank you.
Okay, you're good?
Your food should be out soon.
Actually, um, can you just
pack that up to go?
Babe, we just got here.
[tersely] Please?
[Lindy] Of course.
[background din, indistinct]
[people laughing loudly,
baby crying]
Aren't we supposed
to take him inside?
Oh, Garth has focus issues,
and that's
too much stimulation...
and he has to finish
all his vaccinations
before he can be
around other animals.
I'll wait with him here
while you run in
and get what we need.
Aren't we supposed
to socialize him?
We are,
and I know you want
your friends to see him,
but it is too crowded in there,
with a lot of other dogs.
It's like putting him
on varsity football
when he's still trying
to figure out
how to throw the ball.
Trust me, Alex...
if we don't rush him,
we'll be able
to take him anywhere soon.
-[dog huffs]
-[Garth whimpers]
Leave it.
Good boy!
Any questions?
[Emily] Hey, did you end up
finding a club you liked?
Is that a shrug
or are you shaking your head?
Kind of both.
What's the problem?
There's this girl, Abby.
-She's super-nice,
and she invited me
to join her club.
Sounds terrible so far!
It's a rock-climbing club.
Ohh! You should do it.
You should do it!
you were rock climbing
when you went blind, right?
And you're... you're worried
that that might happen to you?
A little bit, yeah.
Oh, Zoe, Zoe! No. Listen, hey.
What happened to me
was a total freak accident...
and my retinas detached
because of
a pre-existing condition
I didn't know I had.
I mean, I could have slipped
on an icy sidewalk
and lost my vision.
It wasn't anybody's fault.
Well, they're going
to this rock-climbing gym
after school next week.
I might go.
It's called "Crag X."
I love Crag X!
I used to climb there
all the time.
The guy that owns the place,
he's, um, just, like,
the nicest man in the world.
You should go.
[car approaches,
engine shuts down]
-Is that Connor?
-[car door shuts]
Uh, let me check.
Oh, yeah.
-I'll see you later!
[laughs] Okay, Zoe.
Hey, Em.
Hey. Hey, babe.
How was the drive?
Not a whole lot of traffic.
-Good. Hey, I want to talk--
-So listen, I need to talk--
Oh. [chuckles]
[awkward chuckle]
Ladies first.
I'll, uh, I'll come, sit down.
Are you coming over here?
So, you know,
I was just talking to Zoe,
and she-- she's thinking
about joining
this rock-climbing club,
but she's all worried about it
because of what happened to me,
and it occurred to me that...
that maybe you blame yourself
for what happened...
i-it wasn't your fault.
It could've happened
at any time.
Thanks for saying that, Em.
I feel like I should've
told you that sooner,
and I'm sorry that I didn't,
babe, I don't blame you.
I promise.
It wasn't your fault.
I appreciate that.
What... What's up?
well, I-I got some news.
That promotion
that I was waiting on, it...
it came through.
That's great... right?
[bemused chuckle]
Why do you
sound so sad about it?
They asked me to take over
the Tokyo office.
How-- uh, how long?
At least two years.
babe, I-I can't--
I can't go to Tokyo.
I'm still recovering.
My job, and...
I know.
You know--
[darker] You know?
So the decision is just...
You're just--
You're just choosing
to go to Tokyo without me,
is that what you're saying?
[voice shaking]
I cannot see your expression,
so I need you
to say actual words right now.
I couldn't say no.
To your job?
[chuckles sadly]
You couldn't say no
to your job...
but you have no--
you have no problem
saying no to a future with me?
-You need to not be-- [sobs]
I can't talk to you right now.
I really need you to leave!
I cannot have you
here right now!
Can you please go?
[sobs] Oh, g...
You look very dashing, Garth.
Big day. We're going
to the medical center
to drop off
Auntie Janet's flowers.
Ready? You ready?
Okay, let's go.
[Garth] I'm ready
to show off my new vest!
[phone line ringing]
Hey, you've reached Emily.
Leave a message.
You ready for this?
I just, uh, I'm just thinking,
if I can see after,
I could just drive us
home, right?
O-or I can drive,
and you can enjoy
looking out the window.
[Emily laughs]
Yeah, that's...
that's maybe a better idea.
I know,
but I have something for you.
-[bag rustles]
Comfort chips...
in case you get
to feeling nervous.
You found my secret stash.
Well, without your vision,
you're not nearly as slick
at hiding things from me...
[Garth] That was
the second time I saw Emily.
I hadn't seen her
in a long time,
and something was different.
She smelled good--
just like those potato chips
that Katie hides from Alex--
but she smelled like
something else, too.
She smelled... scared.
[Doctor] Okay, Emily...
keep them closed
while I finish.
[Emily] Okay.
Wiping them now.
[exhales nervously]
Now slowly open up.
The room is quite dark,
so you may not see much
at first.
I... I don't see anything yet.
How about now?
I'm not--
I'm not-- I'm not
seeing anything.
I'm not seeing anything at all.
-Okay, calm down.
-I'm not seeing anything at all!
Look right at me.
What do you see?
[shaking] I don't--
I don't see anything.
Nothing! I don't see anything.
-Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!
-I'm here. Emily, I'm here.
[sobbing] I can't--
I can't-- I can't see anything!
I can't see anything!
[sobbing] Mom, Mom, Mom.
[birds singing]
[defeated sigh]
[waves lapping]
[birds singing]
I called Zoe to come over.
She's been asking after you.
-There you go.
Oh. Here she is now.
Zoe, come on in!
I'm gonna get you
another pillow.
Can you close that door
behind you, dear?
The breeze is too cool today.
Here you go, honey.
Oh, your sunglasses.
Hi, Emily.
Hi, Zoe. Hey, how's it going?
Here are your sunglasses, dear.
They're just to your right.
I want to get you some water.
Can you come and help me, dear?
[Zoe] Sure.
[Martha] I want you
to give Emily a glass of water.
Here you go.
Would you like one?
-Yes, please.
-Okay, let me get you one.
[Zoe] Will you wear sunglasses
all the time now?
I don't know.
And what about getting a cane?
I've seen those.
Zoe, I don't--
I don't know. I don't know.
[Zoe] And a dog!
You could get a dog,
like we said.
Where's Connor?
What are you gonna do
for work now?
You know what?
I'm, um, I'm sorry.
I just need to go lie down.
[Martha] Emily?
Do you want a hand?
[shakily] No, I don't want a--
I don't want a hand.
Garth, I'm home!
Sorry you couldn't
come with me,
but the lady from the bank
is allergic.
[Garth] Katie, you're home!
I had so much fun
when you were out!
Oh, Garth.
[Mark] Okay.
I think we got your crate fixed
with some bungee cords there
until you get
a new Houdini-proof one,
so stop me when I get to it--
yes, Garth is totally normal.
Yes, you are raising him
just fine.
Yes, he's still a puppy,
and all puppies, by definition,
are totally goofy.
And yes, he's on track
with his training.
I'll take "E"--
All of the above.
[both chuckling]
You're doing great.
Someday, it's all
just gonna click for him.
Maybe give him an extra run
in the morning,
more than you already are.
Guys like Garth,
there's no "off" switch
Okay, bud, I want you
to take this.
See, when you're a guide
living with a blind person,
you're gonna have to carry
a lot of things for 'em.
[Garth] I think I was
starting to understand
what being a guide meant.
I was training
to be someone's new eyes...
someone like Emily.
I swear this little rascal
understands me sometimes.
[Garth] That's it!
I'm gonna be Emily's guide!
I'm gonna be
the best dog ever!
Excuse me?
Hi. Can I help you?
Are you Matthew?
Uh, maybe.
Matthew who owns the gym?
Yeah. How can I help you?
[phone buzzes]
Call from Matthew.
I'm planning to run
into the library real quick,
pick up some new books.
You want to come?
We could get you
some books on CDs.
You know,
you can do that online now.
You don't have to go in.
Well, it's fixing
to be a beautiful evening.
No reason not to go out
and enjoy it.
[doorbell chimes]
[thumps cupboard shut]
[doorbell chimes twice]
[shouts] Hey, Emily!
It's Drew from work!
I brought you a desk!
So I glued Velcro everywhere--
the headset, speakers,
laptop, external keyboard.
Um, ahem, I got I.T.
to configure
a voice-activated system,
so you can use it
like your phone.
-I put the cup holder here--
-Drew, I need--
-...So you don't have to worry
about knocking over your coffee,
and the company's agreed
to upgrade your mom's Wi-Fi.
[snaps] Drew, I just--
I need you to stop.
-Can you stop?
Please stop helping me.
I... I cannot work.
Do you get that?
I cannot work.
I cannot even get off
the front porch by myself.
Yeah. No, now you can't,
but you'll learn how to.
I'm not going to learn how,
because I am permanently blind!
That is what
I'm trying to tell you.
I am done.
It is over.
I am done.
Okay, uh,
can I say something?
[sighs] Of course you can
say something, Drew.
All right,
so you always tell us
that we can only work
with what we know, right?
And so all we know right now
is you're blind...
and so that's what we know,
but accepting help from others
seems unavoidable
unless you just want
to sit here forever...
Oh, god. Okay...
...Which seems boring.
I could actually
use your help with something.
-Okay! What do you need?
Um, there's a letter
by the door.
-Please don't get up yet.
And I need you
to bring it to George or to HR.
Either one works, okay?
-George or HR, all right.
What is it?
It's my resignation letter.
[wind rustles]
[geese honk]
[gravel crunching]
Who's there?
So you're sending a child now
to the gym to check up on me?
[laughing] Matthew?
I missed you.
Aw, I missed you, too...
so much.
Hey. Come on.
Let's go for a walk.
We got a lot to talk about.
I can't. I can't.
Uh, how much did Zoe tell you?
Well, a fair bit.
[clears throat]
So I spent the better part
of last night
looking up all of this up.
Looking all what up?
"How to help my blind friend."
And I learned
how to go on walks.
And since Zoe says
you live on this couch now,
I figure it's a pretty good
place to start,
so give me your hand.
What you're supposed to do
is walk behind me half a step,
Whatever my body does,
your body will
instinctively adjust to.
Let's give it a shot.
I don't feel comfortable,
Matthew. I don't...
Can you just stay here,
and we can talk here?
Em, you're not gonna
spend the rest of your life
on this porch.
All right? I know you,
and I know you can't sit still
for very long.
[sternly] So get up!
I'm not leaving
until you get up.
[exasperated chuckle]
You're really pushy!
Fine, okay?
But I'm only saying yes
'cause I'm starting
to make a permanent indentation
on this couch.
[chuckles] Come on.
You're supposed
to flip the cushion, you know?
Oh... thank you.
Let's get you off this porch.
You ready?
-Okay, so just follow my lead.
[breathes deeply]
[Emily] I, uh, I can't see
much more than "dark"
and "a little less dark."
Sometimes, I think
that I might maybe see a shape.
What else? Uh...
Ah! Yeah.
Connor slipped on
the whole "in sickness
and in health" thing,
so, uh,
that was super fun for me.
Uh... oh!
I had to quit my job
because I can't do it anymore.
That's me.
What's been going on with you?
[Matthew laughs]
How do you expect me
to compete with that?
I would really like you to try.
Okay, let's see.
Uh... [chuckles]
Well, okay,
how about this?
A good friend of mine
stopped coming to the gym.
I texted and I called,
but nothing.
I figured maybe
she was mad at me
for some reason,
which is strange,
because if I'd have messed up,
she would've
just yelled at me,
and we would've talked it out,
because that's what friends do.
Went by her apartment.
Her car was outside,
but no answer at the door,
which was mildly devastating.
I'm so sorry, Matthew.
I've just been
so lost in the dark.
Oh, oh, oh.
And as if I didn't have
enough to worry about,
this sassy middle-schooler
walks into the gym
and tears into me
for not coming to visit you.
Oh, man!
Fortunately for me,
she was a talker.
Understatement of the year!
Can you just
make me a promise, Emily?
Just promise me
you won't vanish again?
Yes, I promise.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[bird calls]
[bird calls]
Do you know what that bird is?
I keep hearing it.
-[bird calls]
-Yeah, it's a wood thrush.
"Oh, it's a wood thrush."
You say that like
I should know what that is.
Well, I feel like
you should know what that is!
-I don't-- Why?
-Let's go find him.
[both laughing]
Well, that's the most amount
of walking I've done since...
At least we got you
off the porch, right?
-Now how do your legs feel?
-[chuckles] Good! Actually...
-You know what? Pretty great.
They're gonna hurt
tomorrow, though.
-Pretty sure about that.
I'm sure mine'll hurt, too.
[laughs] Right.
But I'm gonna have to go, so...
-If you need anything,
just please text me or call me
yell really loud.
it looks like you might
have bigger problems.
Hi, Emily.
It's Drew from work...
and a few others.
[Emily] What is this?
We came to talk to you.
[Drew] I didn't hand in
your resignation letter,
because I couldn't,
so I asked Gina to do it.
I straight up refused,
immediately, no,
so I asked Dinesh, Chen,
I asked everyone.
No one would
turn your resignation in.
So... you can't quit.
We're not the dream team
without you.
Okay, stop!
Guys, I love you all for trying,
but this is ridiculous.
You can't stop me
from resigning.
But if you want to quit,
you have to figure it out
on your own.
That's right. You gotta do it
by yourself, because I called
the school for the blind
not too far away from here,
and they said
that you can return to work
and be just as productive
as you were before.
-You just have to man up!
-...Woman up.
-Person up. Boom!
-There you go.
So I am going to put
this delicious chocolate donut
on the south-eastern part
of that table,
and that's the last treat
we're gonna bring you
until you do something positive.
Call the school.
We love you. Come back to work.
We miss you.
You're not the boss of me!
Garth, where are you?
[Garth barks]
Garth, what are you doing?
[horrified] Skunk.
Come inside.
[Garth] Okay. Bye, new pal.
Garth, I take back
everything I said.
You are the best boy ever.
Skunks may be shaped
like friends,
but they do not
act like friends.
Skunks are not friends--
got it.
Good boy.
[Emily sighs]
[umbrella creaks]
[rustling in breeze]
[bird calls]
Hello, phone.
Call Matthew.
Calling Matthew.
[line ringing]
-Hey, Matthew.
Think you could
take me somewhere?
[woman] Emily Main?
-Uh, yes, hi.
That's me,
and this is Matthew.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
-[Matthew] Nice to meet you.
-I'm Julie.
Are you ready for your tour?
Follow me.
[Julie] That's almost it.
Like I said,
when you start,
the emphasis
is on "O" and "M"--
Orientation and Mobility.
-And we go at your pace.
Ah, there's one last room
I'd like to show you.
Three steps up,
and on the right.
One, two, three.
And I'll just pop in first.
This is... a practice room.
This room is full
of all kinds of things
to help you.
-Check... this out.
Right in front of you.
Mm-hmm. Um...
It's fabric, right?
[Julie] Mm. It is.
Do all the pieces of fabric
on this page
feel the same to you?
yeah, they're the same.
But they aren't.
There are subtle differences,
but your fingertips aren't
trained to detect them yet.
These kinds of tools
help our fingers
get ready
to learn Braille.
I'm sorry. [chuckles]
These are--
These are truly different?
You're not just-- you're not
just messing with me?
[chuckles] I know!
I couldn't
feel the differences either
when I was a student here,
but I got there eventually,
and so will you.
Wait, hang on. Um...
You were a student here?
I'm blind, Emily.
I lost my vision
five years ago.
Hang on. But you just--
you just gave us the tour.
I live a pretty normal life.
I... have my own apartment.
I cook.
I date.
I even went skiing last winter.
[chuckles in disbelief]
Hang on.
do you think that--
that I could do that, too?
I do... because I did it.
[chuckles, overcome]
How about
we go get you enrolled
and then fit you
for a white cane?
[sobbing] Okay. Mm-hmm.
I think Zoe just wants a dog,
and her mom said no,
so she's leaning
pretty heavily on me.
Lots of people
swear by their dogs.
Yeah. Why don't you have one?
My three cats and I
took a vote,
and I lost--
[laughs] That'll do it.
Okay, Emily.
We've been doing this
for almost two months now.
Time to cut the cord.
What do you mean?
I'll meet you
back at the school.
What-- What?
Wait. Wait-wait-wait!
I can't-- I can't...
Yes, you can.
Rely on your cane.
Listen for the sound shadows.
You know the drill!
Julie, come on!
[exhales deeply]
I'm right here.
[Julie] Thanks.
[under breath] Okay.
Does she know when to stop?
She's walking into the roadway.
It looks like she's gonna
walk into the road.
Just give her a minute.
[cane clatters over rough path]
[Matthew] Oh, oh! She's...
Okay, she's okay.
She stopped.
She found the path.
Oh, that's an obstacle.
Oh! She fell.
She'll be okay!
[Matthew] Should I--
I should help her.
[Julie] Wait.
Let's see how she handles it.
She needs to figure it out
on her own.
If you jump in to save her
every time she has a setback,
she's never going to regain
her independence.
[Matthew] Okay.
Okay, she's back on track.
Nothing's gonna stop her now.
So do you want
to grab some lunch
before I take you home?
Yes! Yes, and I know
exactly where I want to go.
Oh, yeah?
I want to go to The Marina,
because I've got
some unfinished business.
Well, let's go finish it.
[chuckling] Okay.
-Closing the door.
[Matthew] Three steps coming up
and a railing on your right.
-Got it.
-You should know that.
[Emily] Okay.
Okay, Garth...
this is your nemesis--
[brake engages] entire building
full of foods and smells.
Are you ready for this? Huh?
You ready?
[Garth] I'm ready!
Let's go.
I would love to have
a serious conversation
with whoever invented syrup.
[Emily chuckles]
Oh, hey!
I remember you.
I'm Lindy.
I was your server
last time you were here.
Hi. Hi, Lindy. How are you?
Oh, directly behind you--
back wall, three steps.
That's super-helpful.
Right? They put it
10 feet from the sink,
and they wonder
why the floor is always wet.
[Emily chuckles]
Did you notice my new cane?
-I did. Very nice!
-Oh, Emily's here!
I wonder
if she knows about me yet,
that I'm gonna be a guide--
her guide...
Garth, down and under.
Good boy!
Em... over here.
Uh, so this is Lindy.
She-- well, we go way back.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you also.
[aside] So...
I see the cane isn't the only
improvement you've made.
[Emily chuckles quietly]
It's this way.
All right.
Oh, Garth, settle.
It's okay.
Oh. Can you please
control your dog?
It's okay. He's quite friendly.
Let go of the leash.
Let go of--
-Jasper's leash, please.
-What's going on over there?
I think someone's untrained dog
is going after a service dog.
Garth, stay!
Hey, what's going on?
Jasper has every right
to be here.
He's my support dog.
Really? Because his vest
says "service dog,"
so which is it?
It's the same thing.
[Katie] It's actually not.
Ma'am, I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.
Come on!
Garth... it's okay.
Come on.
You sit. Sit. It's okay.
I'm so sorry about that.
Are they okay?
Yeah, I think so.
You know, I'd like
to buy her lunch.
Could you bring me the tab
when she's done?
Oh, that's so kind of you.
Oh, absolutely.
That was really kind.
[Martha] All right,
here comes the car.
[Emily] Okay, let's go.
-[Martha] Emily--
-Mom, it's fine.
-I need to--
I need to do this
at some point.
Three steps...
and then two steps down.
Okay. Three... Got it.
-Oh, there it is.
Yeah. Now, are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure. I'm sure.
The car's gonna take me
straight to the office building,
and then it's just
gonna be great.
They're gonna be so surprised.
They are.
-All right, you in?
Shutting the door.
-You got this?
-Got it!
[exhales deeply]
Um, I'd like to stop
at the Chip & Bean Cafe
on the way to the office.
Sorry. Pardon me.
Hey, girl with the cane.
What can I get for you?
There's no one else
in here with a cane.
Can I get a dozen assorted
muffins and donuts, please?
Yeah. Sure thing.
Coming right up.
-Be right back with that.
Where's Gino?
Uh, he's on vacation.
I'm his nephew, Carlo.
I don't recognize you, though.
I'm Emily. I used
to come in here all the time,
but I haven't been back
in a while.
Welcome back.
I'll pack those up for you.
Thank you.
[cane clatters over asphalt]
Thank you.
Okay. We can go.
Who are you?
Thought you were my ride.
Call Mom.
Calling Mom.
[realizing] The muffins...
Do you think he's ready?
[Garth] I'm ready!
All right.
Let's do it.
[oncoming dog barks]
Garth, leave it.
Good boy!
Drew is working
from home today...
so let me...
dial in.
Something isn't working.
Good morning, Drew!
Happy Friday.
Oh, hey. Oh, okay.
There you are. Yeah.
Hi, hi, yeah.
Good morning, good morning.
So, hey, guys.
I-I have a surprise.
Um, okay, so look who's back.
Here. Come here. Come on in.
[all gasping and exclaiming]
[team applauding]
Can they see me?
Yeah, they can see you now.
You can wave.
Okay. Hi!
Hi, everybody.
You all look wonderful.
Truly beautiful people.
Gina, I love what
you've done with your hair.
So nice of you to notice!
Okay. Okay, just before
we get started,
I just want to show Emily
the app that I made her.
-All right?
-You made me an app?
Um, uh, yeah. It's--
It's called Emily's To-Do List.
It's a voice-activated app,
and so--
Wait, what?
Yeah, we can add items
to each other's lists,
Show her the best part.
And so here we go.
So put your thumb
to the bottom-right side...
-Okay. Right?
-...And you press here.
Scratch "Go to meeting"
off the list.
Scratching "meeting."
[pencil scratching paper]
-Oh, that's so good.
-Is it good?
-Oh, it's so good.
-Yeah, it's cool, right?
That sound is so good!
Yeah, I love it, too.
-I love it! Thank you!
-You're welcome.
Oh, my gosh. You guys!
Just thank-- thank you.
Yeah. Oh, yeah.
And thank you all
for welcoming me back.
I know that I'm--
I'm just remote,
and part-time for now,
but, um...
I am so happy
to be back.
[staff applauding
and cheering]
[applause continues]
I miss you!
Mark says you can understand,
so let me explain this.
[Garth] I'm listening.
You have to prove yourself
before you can graduate.
Besides, there's someone
you know
waiting to see you.
Let's go see!
Okay, here we go!
Test time.
Remember Lindy?
I saved you the same one.
Oh, thank you.
I love your dog.
Can I pet him?
Garth, go behind.
No, sorry.
You can't pet Garth right now.
He's working today.
See his vest?
It means he's at work right now,
and we have to let him
do his job.
Okay? He's very important.
Okay. Bye, Garth.
[Garth] Now was the time
I needed to be
the best dog ever.
Garth... down and under.
And sit.
-So far, so good.
Look at me!
I'm a champ.
[Lindy] Enjoy.
Good boy!
How did I get
the best boy ever? Huh?
[Fred Astaire]
You're Anna Karenina.
Shall I throw myself
under the train?
Is that Audrey Hepburn?
Yeah, and Fred Astaire.
I guess your mom was
streaming it. I'll change.
No, no, no!
You don't change the channel
when Audrey's on.
Are you kidding me?
Okay. Is that a guideline?
No. It's a rule.
Like hard and fast,
for everyone--
-Oh, it's a rule. Okay.
-...Till the end of time.
Uh, okay, so let's see.
Um, well, it's Audrey Hepburn.
She's looking gorgeous,
and Fred Astaire is dashing,
as always,
and she's holding
a really cute dog.
A dog. Hmm.
Oh, he's going in for a kiss!
She was slightly reluctant
at first,
but it looks like
she's accepting it.
You may never know
that kiss again.
-You may never know love again.
-[pauses TV]
Um, are you gonna narrate
the whole movie to me?
Well, many films
have audio description built in,
but this one doesn't,
so, yeah, I'm just gonna narrate
the whole movie to you.
-How else
are you gonna know
what's going on?
[chuckling] Okay.
-You sure? Okay.
-Yeah, I'm sure, yeah.
Marcel, make her look sad.
Put some tears in her eyes.
All right. Uh...
There are tears in her eyes.
Um, let's see. He went back
behind the camera.
[film stops]
Why am I narrating?
Yeah, why are you here?
Why'd you bring pizza?
Why are you narrating?
Why are you helping me?
Uh, because you're my friend...
and I love you.
Are you sure?
Now, Joe--
Oh, that dog she's holding
is so cute.
Oh, my g-- W-- Pause!
[annoyed] What?
-Dogs again?
-Yes, dogs--
You're dropping
more hints about dogs.
It was a cute dog!
You know what?
I'm gonna--
I will talk to somebody
about a dog, okay?
Good, because, um, you have
a meeting on Monday.
10 a.m.
I'll pick you up.
[words catch]
Oh, my god.
[both laughing]
[turns movie on]
[film continues]
No, no, not too much steam!
[Garth] Oh, boy.
Oh... something's wrong.
Alex kept giving me
big hugs this morning,
and I got bacon
at breakfast,
and now Katie's putting
all my toys into a bag.
Okay, Garth.
Time to go.
Let's go.
-[Mark] Careful here.
-[Emily] Okay.
Okay, so, Emily,
I'm gonna turn you over now
to one of our volunteers.
Her name's Olivia,
and she's here
with her dog, Cody.
There they are.
Hello, Emily.
-It's so nice to meet you.
Why don't you put your arm
on my shoulder?
-Okay? Found me?
All right, Cody, forward.
I'll wait here for you.
So, normally,
he's trained on the left...
-...And you hold the harness
-and the leash in that hand.
But just for today,
why don't you be
on the other side,
just-just while
you get the feel of it?
-All right.
Uh... good?
-Got it.
All right. Cody, forward.
Oh... oh, wow!
It's so much faster
than a cane.
Wild, right?
We can actually walk at
a normal speed, thanks to Cody.
Is there an obstacle
coming up?
-Yup. Wait for it.
[laughs] Wow.
Oh, this is amazing!
Um, is Cody
your first guide dog?
He is.
Do people try to talk to Cody?
Oh, yeah, all the time.
I was approached by this guy
after class,
and he wanted to pet Cody,
and then--
and then he went on
to talk to me
about his dog,
growing up,
and then, oh, my gosh,
get this--
so he pulls out his phone,
to show me a picture...
I swear, I could have heard
his face turn red
when he realized.
[laughing] That's hilarious.
So what's been the worst part
about this for you--
besides "all of it"?
[both laughing]
Worst part?
probably the public restrooms.
Oh, right?
Public restrooms.
I mean, the great thing
about Cody is
is that he can take me
to just about any restroom.
That he's been to before,
No, just about any restroom
in-in any building.
His nose knows.
He can get me
to a restroom safely
back and forth
every time.
[exhales, shaken]
Yeah? Yeah.
Where'd you go?
[sighs sadly]
Sorry. Uh...
Sorry. I'm just...
I-I'm... I can't imagine
being able to use
a public restroom like that.
[deep breath, exhales]
It's the little things, right?
Yep, I totally understand.
Although, before I sell it
to you too hard,
I suppose you should know
that, half the time, Cody
takes me to the men's room.
Wh-- [laughs] What?
And of course, if there's
no Braille on the door,
well, in we go.
Oh, no. You're kidding me.
Nope, I'm totally serious.
Forward, Cody.
So this happened just last week,
and the guy inside
was all wound up
until I reminded him
that it's not as if
I can actually see anything.
[both laughing]
He likes the smaller bone
at night,
but in the morning...
That's great. Thank you.
Uh, I want
to give you something.
Good boy, Garth.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Emily's here!
Oh, yellow lab,
coming in hot!
-I'm finally a guide!
[Garth] Hi, Emily! Hi!
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no. He's so lovely!
What's his name?
Oh, hi, Garth!
-I missed you!
-Whoa, Garth!
Let her know
how you really feel!
-Don't hold back.
-If I--
If I join the program,
uh, is it possible
for Garth
to be my guide dog?
I'm afraid not.
There's a long waiting list,
and there's never enough
puppy-raisers like Katie here.
it can take years.
No, I get it.
Oh, Garth,
you're gonna
make someone very happy.
Yes, you are!
It was nice meeting you.
-You too.
-You too.
-Garth, this way. Garth.
[Emily] He doesn't want to go.
[Katie] Let's go.
This way.
-[Garth] Go?
-Bye, buddy.
Go? Oh, no, no. Wait, wait.
I'm supposed to be with Emily.
He really liked you!
Oh, my goodness.
He licked my face.
-Do I have slobber?
No, you're good.
-No? Okay.
-[both chuckle]
I need you
to make me proud, okay?
I need you to take
what you learned
and make someone else's life
[voice breaking]
...and I want you to know
that even though
I'll raise more puppies...
...none of them will
replace you in my heart.
You'll always be
in my heart, too.
Where are we going?
How are you doing?
Just some allergy.
-An attack of allergies.
Is it dusty in here?
[Matthew] When are you coming
back to the gym?
[Emily scoffs]
Don't laugh.
You've always loved to climb.
Matthew, I can't climb.
It's like driving.
I'm never gonna do it again.
It's not safe for me.
Don't say that.
Oh... here you go.
Have a seat.
I figured
you would say that, so...
I made this.
It's something
I saw on the Internet.
[laughs] What?
-Here, give me your hands.
Feel this.
What is this?
It feels like Legos.
[both laughing]
It's the south wall at the gym.
You can feel
where the holds are placed
and memorize them.
[sighs] I can't.
Absolutely not.
Emily, I'm...
I'm not changing the south wall
of the gym
until you come back
and climb it.
[scoffs] I--
You're not a quitter.
That's not the Emily I know.
I'm just...
I'm not that Emily anymore.
You are so much stronger now.
And just to be clear,
I'm coming right back, okay?
[Drew] Guys, I'm gonna dial in,
in case Emily calls.
[loudly] Emily's not calling,
'cause she's right here!
[gasping and cheering]
And I got muffins!
I can take those from you.
It's Gina on your right here.
-Oh, hi, hi.
-[overlapping greetings]
Hey, Emily, it's Drew.
It's Drew.
Hey, hey.
Uh, table's on your left.
The chair is gonna be
on your right.
Okay? I got you.
-Got it?
-Yeah, yeah.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-All right.
All right, everyone.
Let's get started.
[Garth] Oh, yuck.
[Mark] Huh.
Well, Garth, I-- I've been
hearing some rumors and...
I gotta be honest,
they don't exactly paint you
in the best light,
and I'd love to hear
your side of it.
You see, the vet's telling me
that you're--
you're totally fine,
but my crew is saying
that you can't remember
any of your commands
and you're not interested
in trying.
Then I heard your meeting
with your new handler--
yikes, I heard that
that did not go well at all.
Buddy, have you tried these?
Now, that is good.
I mean, that is like
really, really, really good.
Are you sure
you don't want to try?
For the first time ever,
I had no appetite.
Okay, bud, I-I'm gonna
level with you, okay?
The problem is,
is if you can't do this,
then we'll have to rehome you...
and you won't be a guide.
And we can't send you
back to Katie,
'cause she's about to start
raising a new puppy,
we'd need to find you
someone else,
someone new.
No way.
[excited] Emily? Where?
-Okay, I hear you.
That's what I'm talking about.
Yes, yes, yes!
Yes, yes, yes!
Thanks, everyone.
It's Gina on your left.
So great to have you back.
Thank you.
Hi. It's Drew.
Drew, I wanted to tell you--
thank you so much,
just for everything
that you've done
to help me
get back to work.
I could not have done it
without you.
Thank you.
Yeah, uh, well.
You're the best manager
I've ever had,
so it was also
very self-serving.
Well, thanks anyway.
I wanted to ask you.
So the apartment, um,
two doors down from mine
is opening up.
Mm-hmm? Oh.
And the best part of it is
there's an exercise area
for dogs,
-so, when you get your dog--
-Oh, my god.'ll have a place
to run around
and, you know,
would do what dogs do.
Uh, turns out that might be
a few years from now,
Oh. Oh.
And as much I would love
to do this,
it sounds amazing,
I'm not sure
I'm confident enough
to be on my own
without a dog yet.
-[phone buzzes]
Call from Mark
from the Guide Dog Foundation.
Um, speaking of which...
hang on.
Hold, please.
Hey, Mark. What's up?
Hey, Emily,
are you at home right now?
No, I'm at the office,
but I'll be back
later this afternoon.
Okay, I'll pop by
a little later on,
if that's okay with you.
Okay, see you then.
Hey, there!
Hey, is that Mark?
[laughs] Hi. How's it going?
-Good. How are you?
Good. Hey, um, so I wanted
to try this little experiment,
so can you do me a favor,
and don't say a word?
[both laughing]
-Just trust me, okay?
I'll be back
in like one minute.
-Okay. Okay.
-All right, I'll be right back.
Okay, Garth, come on, bud.
Let's go.
[Garth] Emily?
Who's that?
Garth, is that you?
Is that you, bud?
Oh! Hello, my boy!
You're so sweet. Hi.
Oh, my goodness. Hi!
Okay. Okay, um...
using his name,
I want you to tell him
to "S-I-T."
Garth, sit.
Good boy!
Good sit.
I-I know how this sounds,
but I think
that Garth has decided
that you... are his person.
I only just met him
a couple of days ago.
I know, but he's acting
like he's known you
his entire life,
and I have no idea
what's going on
in that doggy brain of his,
-I think you can
start your training
a lot sooner than you thought.
[chuckles] Yeah.
-You hear that, buddy?
Do you hear that?
You're gonna be my buddy.
[Garth] O.M.G.!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Oh, thank you.
Your official guide!
I'm so happy!
-Comin' in for a hug.
I know, it's so amazing!
I know. He's my little
puppy soulmate, right?
So amazing.
Hey, uh, I hear there's a...
south wall that needs climbing.
You serious?
-Let's get geared up.
Okay. With your right hand...
-There we go.
-Thank you.
Just get these over here.
Yes, Emily?
remember when we were watching
that Audrey Hepburn movie?
Yeah, when I told you
I loved you, right?
Can you...
clarify that position?
Sure. Um...
you're my favorite person
in the world and...
...I've been in love with you
since the day I met you.
[breathlessly] Oh.
Am I alone in this?
You are not.
I'm comin' in for a kiss.
Are you good with that?
I'm good with that.
Now get up there
and ring that bell.
-Okay. Go.
All right.
Here you go.
And two. The rest is yours.
[clears throat] It's good.
Let's go, Em.
I memorized
this Lego board.
I got it.
Here we go.
Okay... left hand, 12:00.
Left hand. There you go!
[laughs] Okay.
How close am I to the top?
[Garth barks]
Ha! Thank you, Garth.
Come on. Here you go.
There you are!
Emily, you did it!
[triumphant laughter]
You did it!
-You did it!
-We did it!
That was amazing.
Do you hear that?
[bird chirping]
It's a...
Bright yellow.
It is.
[laughing] It is.
[Garth] And that's it.
That's the story of how
I became Emily's eyes...
and she became
my entire world.