Guilt by Design (2019) Movie Script

15 years ago
a serial killer
was here for psychological assessment
His crime was robbing a cop's gun,
injuring two cops,
and restraining a psychologist
Goddamn cops, they're all useless
You're also useless
You all listen to me
I have a gun
I want a car, get me a car
Has the negotiator arrived?
He's almost here
- You move and I'll kill you
- Calm down
I'm here to help you
Look at me
I'm done, he's all yours
Don't move, don't shoot
Put the gun down
- Put the gun down,
- Put your hands behind your head
I'm telling you, gun down
I really want to know
just what happened in there
The look on that guy's face...
I'll never forget it
Back then he was known as Dr. Xu Lisheng,
the most powerful hypnotist alive
Now he's a juror in this case
Every cop alive
knows what he can do
But 10 years ago
his wife got depressed after giving birth
and overdosed on sleeping pills
Since then
he's stopped practicing hypnosis
With him on the jury
we've really lucked out
"Master hypnotist, Xu Lisheng"
"Doctor Xu World-Reknowned Hypnotist
Exclusive Interview (2008)"
You've upended our traditional
understanding of hypnosis
Dr. Ky, can you really hypnotize someone
without them noticing?
What if I'm skeptical,
can you still hypnotize me?
I've been staring at your glass,
you just took a sip
Did you actually drink it?
Are you sure I didn't hypnotize you to do it?
Did you really hypnotize me?
Just kidding, that was a joke
But whether someone's skeptical or not
If you find their key point,
you can hypnotize them
Hypnosis is a complex art demanding constant study
So, what do you mean by "key point"?
It's a "hot button that triggers a hypnotic state
Some people react to a color, sound or word
Others react to a certain tune, or object
Everyone is different
Dr. Xu, as the world's top hypnosis expert
Surely you've considered using hypnosis
to satisfy your own desires?
Never, I absolutely would not
I study hypnosis to help others
Not to control them
And also: we should never be hypnotized by desire
- Good morning Professor Xu
- Good morning
You dyed your hair blonde again
All your body's strength
will flow from the top of your head to your
and out from your feet
Take a deep breath
When I count to three
Everyone will fall asleep
What happened?
Why was it turned off, Professor?
We haven't finished watching it
Is this kindergarten?
You all keep watching that old video
Don't you get bored?
This class is on Personal Psychology
not Hypnosis
C'mon, Professor, teach us about hypnosis!
Alright then
So, do you understand the essence of hypnosis?
It is care, caring for others
It was originally
used to treat emotional disorders
and mental illness
If you think hypnosis is just a trick
you can use to manipulate others,
I need to exercise extreme caution
But Professor, you're not a very cautious person
Actually, I'm
more cautious than when I grade your papers
Stop joking now
Show us, Professor
Yeah, show us
Ok, then
Now, I want to ask everyone
to not picture a green elephant
Do NOT picture a green elephant
This classmate here:
What are you thinking about right now?
A green elephant
I wasn't picturing the color green ...
Then please write down the color you pictured
Don't let anyone see it
Let's all guess
what color he'd pictured
Ah, it's hard to guess
C'mon, just give us some hints
Judging by what I see,
what he pictured was
the color pink
Please show everyone the answer
Guessing the color you'd pictured
was actually
quite easy
If everyone is truly enjoying this
we can continue with this lesson
But only if you're genuinely enjoying it...
because I really didn't hypnotize you
Ok then, let's begin...
The sensational trial of the murder
on the Lin family yacht
officially opened today
Defendant Lin Ziying
is suspected of murdering her uncle
Lin Jiawei, Chairman of the Lin Group
The Defendant is the largest heir
to the Lin family fortune
It appears this involves a fight among heirs
The entire Lin family has shown up for the hearing
Stepping out of his car
is the family's senior elder,
the uncle of the deceased, Lin Guoquan
Beside him is his son, Lin Baiming
Although there were no witnesses, the authorities
have nonetheless decided to prosecute Lin Ziying
Lin Guoquan, who's now
acting Chairman of the Group,
has expressed his support for this decision
This highly controversial case
will, per standard judicial procedure,
be submitted to a 7-person jury for a ruling
Defendant Lin Ziying is hereby summoned
May I ask the Defendant
Are you the person in this photograph?
These photos
were taken after the deceased knocked me out
He threatened me
He'd demanded I meet him
on the yacht alone that night
He wanted me to give up
my late father's 18% shareholdings in Lin Group
He didn't want me to receive the inheritance
and become the Group's largest shareholder
I tried to grab the photos back right away,
but he hit me with an ashtray and knocked me out
You say the deceased knocked you out
But how do you explain the fact that
your hands were stained with his blood,
and the fruit knife also bore your fingerprints?
This recording is the verbal confession
the Defendant made at the scene
You personally acknowledged at the time
that you used the fruit knife to stab the deceased
Is that correct?
On the day of the crime,
was it you who recorded
the Defendant's verbal confession?
May I ask, did you, in accordance with
the rules and procedures for verbal confessions,
read my client her rights?
Your Honor
This is the recording
of my client's verbal confession
that was made by Detective Lu Peirong
According to Police Department procedures,
detectives must read suspects their rights
But from this recording we can confirm
that Detective Lu failed to do this
I hope Your Honor
will listen to the recording marked
as Exhibit D018
and then rule that the confession
recorded by Lu Peirong is invalid
Quiet in the court!
I hereby declare
that the Defendant's
confession recorded by Detective Lu
is inadmissible
The jury should ignore it
Brother-in-law, did you get hot and sour soup?
I sure did... How did Yinyin do in her race?
- Yinyin
- Dad, didn't you say you'd be back?
Yes, I'm here, I'm here
He's here?
Good, he's home
Beautiful girl, stop your pouting
Look, Auntie made you a tableful of good food
Give me a smile!
I'm home!
What's wrong?
Did you lose?
But you've still made the finals, right?
Uncle believes in you
Once the finals start
you'll be sure to come in first
Ok then
Since this is such a predicament,
let's eat some hot and sour noodles
and vent a little
Thank you, Dad
Let's eat together
You eat too!
How about we do a brain teaser
If you get it right, then I eat
If you get it wrong, you eat
Ok then
In a 100 meter race
At the starting line when you hear
"On your marks,
get set..."
What comes next?
I have to think this through...
Then what is it?
the answer is...
First comes BANG, and only then comes GO
Come over here, let me give you a hug
Remember, don't get discouraged
Just go for it, ok?
Phone again
Tomorrow... let me see
You still want to eat, let her eat
You're leaving already?
Got an appointment with a client tomorrow
How's the new job?
Not too busy
Sol can come keep Yinyin company more often,
lighten your load a bit
That's great
Thankfully you're able to spend time with her
These past few years have been tough for you
Uncle, you're leaving so early!
Yeah, lots to do tomorrow
Ok then
The race finals are on the 29th
The 29th... I have to be in court
So you'll miss it again?
That's the last court hearing
Don't worry
I'll take a day off to cheer you on
It's late, how come you're still up?
Listening secretly to music...
Let me have a look...
Another gift from Uncle?
He's really spoiling you
Uncle says
this watch will be helpful for my training
Take a look, it also has a GPS
You can find me anytime, it's so convenient
Yeah, and most convenient is it
keeps you up all night
secretly listening to music
What song are you listening to?
If you listen to this stuff
how can you fall asleep?
Hurry, get to sleep
Classical music again, so boring
According to statistical evidence
113 of the time,
when making important decisions,
people are affected by music.
That's also to say, so long as you have a need,
if you choose the right music
it will certainly be of use to you
The bracelet's color is fading
Makes sense, it's been almost a year
Ok then, I'll make another
to give you on Father's Day
You hurry up and get to sleep
Otherwise I'll bite your butt
Get to sleep
Good night
My headaches have stopped,
your method really works
If you stick with my method
It should give you good results
But if you want
I can find you a hypnotherapist
If it's someone else, never mind
If he doesn't do it right, I'll get hypnotized
and he'll cheat me out a few billion,
then what'll I do?
Next week's the 25th anniversary party, you going?
I've been told I'm getting the Top Alumnus Award
I need to warn you
Don't make a fool of yourself again
by flying your helicopter there
Don't be so flashy
Good morning Boss
Good morning Boss
I think you look better in stockings
You're so vulgar
How have I been friends with you for so long?
How could you not?
I'm just so charming
By the way, how'd my goddaughter do in her race?
She's into the finals but still a bit nervous
Trust me, she'll be fine
She's so good, she'll definitely win,
and we can go celebrate at my restaurant
Let's see what happens... I'm heading out
I'll see you out
No need, you take a break now, 'bye
The boss will come down later
You'll take care of the driving
Then have two colleagues
go ahead to the restaurant to prepare
- Understood?
- Understood
You can't keep thinking about that old injury
Thank you, Captain Yang, for making a special trip
What for?
I'm serious
Have you thought about what
I said to you last time ?
If you decide to come,
our boss will certainly welcome you
I'll think it over
What's to think about?
Old Zhou's coming
Which Old Zhou are you talking about?
Our former army unit's Old Zhou, remember him?
Why not come?
Old comrades all together, it'd be great
Before my sister died
she wanted me to look after Yinyin
Do you still remember?
You're 30 years old
You need to think about your future
Boss has come down
Thank you
- Go then,
- bye
8 billion
Now that Lin Jiawei's dead,
no one can prevent the Defendant
from inheriting 8 billion
and becoming Lin Group's new Chairman
That night the Defendant was the only one
who had contact with the deceased on the yacht
And also, the knife bears
the Defendant's fingerprints
and the blood of the deceased
This shows that
this 19-year old we see before us,
this seemingly pitiful Defendant
is actually a vicious criminal
who wouldn't even spare her own uncle
A Killer
That is why
we should find Defendant Lin Ziying
guilty of murder
The prosecutor says
that my client
murdered a person for 8 billion
This is ridiculous,
because my client
is the legal heir
to the inheritance to begin with
She was threatened with nude photos
by the deceased
and even suffered a wound
It's she who is the victim
There are no witnesses for this case
All the accusations are questionable
I hope that each member of the jury
will listen to your conscience
and find my client
not guilty
Members of the jury
you may leave now
to begin your deliberations
You'll be completely sequestered
until there is a verdict
Serving as a juror is a sacred duty
I ask that everyone makes for this case
a fair and just ruling
With him on the jury
we've really lucked out
How can you ensue that he'll help us?
If you get him to do this,
I'll give you a billion
I'm leaving now
How dare you do this?
All it was was killing one person
Did you have to do it yourself?
You really disappoint me
But Father
Manipulating the jury is very serious
Then do you want to turn yourself in?
This case
may not end up ruining Lin Ziying
What would you do then?
But, I'm worried
You didn't seem worried when you killed him
"Lin Ziying will be sentenced today"
"The Defense: She'll likely be
acquitted and released"
"Lin Group's stock continues to fall,
the final verdict may be the key"
Hello? Yes Dear,
Yes, buy 4 million
She'll definitely be acquitted
The stock will triple when the news come out
Just listen to me, buy it now
Professor Xu
Here are the books you lent me
Finished? So fast
I must admit that I missed them though
Now you can stop missing them
I agree more with Freud
We can talk more about this next time
Great, after the case is over
See you around
Mr. Liang
Your daugther?
She won a track race today
My daughter just got into college
Her grades are good, but not her health
I've been a social worker for so many years
Now I know why they say peace is a blessing
A happy family is the most precious thing
True, we all need to be happy
This is the cartoon I watched yesterday
The dinosaur roared and roared...
Doudou, have you seen Xu Zhongyin?
She went to the changing room
Contestants for the 4 x 100 relay
Please come sign in
Yinyin, are you in there?
Excuse me
Professor Xu
Yes, who am I speaking to?
I have your daughter
If you want her to be safe
you must follow my orders
Why should I believe you?
Now everyone, let's get into the chamber
Hand over your phones, please
No rush
You can enter now,
- no magazines, please
- Remember,
if you call the cops
I'll kill her
Hey, Mr.
Professor Xu
- Time to go in
- OK
Once you're in there go to the loo
and take the micro-earphone from the toilet tank
Then I'll tell you what to do
Don't play tricks with me
If you don't want your daughter back?
Just call the police
Do that, and she's dead
The number you dialed
has been transferred to Xu Lisheng's voicemail
The shipment has arrived, where should we put it?
What are you doing? Stop the car
Where's the bathroom?
Go straight, then turn right
I'll be locking the door shortly
No one will be allowed to leave
If anything comes up, ring the bell
and let me know
Ok, thank you
What do you want?
I need you to hypnotize the jury
so they will find Lin Ziying
guilty of murder in this case
The six jurors were carefully selected
That paper lists out their
backgrounds and weaknesses
Make good use of them
"Fang Huishan, 25,
crippled in a car accident when she was 15"
"Feng Xianhui was the driver's lawyer..."
You can't fool me like that
Everybody's here?
First, thank you for choosing me as jury chief
There is no time limit for our deliberations
But all must be present throughout the discussions
It is clearly stated in the law that
at least 5 votes are required
for a final verdict
So I hope we each rely on our conscience
and give the Defendant a fair judgement
Any objections?
Then let's get started
First of all, let's see where we all stand
Then we can focus on our differences
If there's already a 5-vote consensus
there'll be no need for further discussion
I think we should respect
every differing opinion we may have,
so the minority can have a chance
to persuade the others
Do you agree?
Then let's start voting
First please raise your hand
if you think the Defendant is guilty
Raise your hand if you think
the Defendant is not guilty
Why didn't you two vote?
There're too many issues in doubt
I can't decide in such a short time
What about Professor Xu?
I want to refrain from voting for now
Because once everyone has
voted one way or the other,
the discussions will become entirely subjective
Sir, do you know your tail lamp is broken?
This is a driving violation
Sir, your driver's license has expired
Please show me your ID
Attention all units
illegal car race on Qingshan Road
One passenger has been injured
Vehicle's headed towards Tianying Road
All officers nearby be alert for
suspicious vehicles
Control, suspicious vehicle moving
from Wetland Park
to Tianci Road, calling for backup
What's up, Yang Kai?
I'm in trouble
I'm sending you my location now, come meet me ASAP
Boss, we got rid of him, what's next?
Search her
This girl has a GPS in her watch
Get rid of it?
Not yet
I don't think there's sufficient evidence
There's no reason for me to vote guilty
- Xu Lisheng
- And HK law places freedom
above unjustified confinement
- You dare play tricks on me?
- This case doesn't...
- Do you want your daughter to die?
- even have any witnesses
And the Prosecution's arguments are very shaky
Based on...
Dad, help!
...the key concept of presumption of innocence,
I think...
Excuse me, I have a stomach cramp
So ll think
the court should find Lin Ziying not guilty
Don't touch her
Don't touch her
Let's see
How long can your daughter hold her breath ?
What are you doing?
No, stop
You must hypnotize them within 90 minutes
Ok, I'll do whatever you want
But I need to speak with my daughter
every 30 minutes
No way
Then at least let me ask her a question
every 30 minutes
What's your question?
What did she give me
last Father's Day?
What did she give her father
last Father's Day?
Understood, asking her now
A bracelet
90 minutes
If you dare hurt my daughter
I'll turn the rest of your life
into living hell
Professor Ky, are you OK"?
I'm fine, let's continue
Mr. Zhou
Please explain why you think she's guilty
Her lawyer is Feng Xianhui
He's Hong Kong's most expensive lawyer
He's good at winning cases
by finding loopholes in the legal system
It's obvious Lin Ziying chose him
because she's hiding something
So what you mean is
Lin Ziying is guilty
because she hired Feng Xianhui?
She'll go to jail
Feng Xianhui has used illegal tactics
Feng Xianhui was the driver's lawyer...
in 1993
- He..
- Mr. Zhou
You've said so much
But I'm not sure what it has to do with the case
I also have issues with Feng Xianhui
In any lawsuit, facts always come before procedure
But the minute Feng Xianhui appeared
He cited procedural errors
to invalidate Lin Ziying's confession at the scene
Does that mean
even he isn't sure he can win this case?
Ms. Fang
Your finger
Excuse me, I'm going to get a band-aid
Let me help you
When'd you start?
Start what?
Biting your finger
I'm sorry
Maybe it's just my occupational disease
Have a cookie
It'll help you relax
It'll taste better heated up
But don't forget to keep an eye on the time
Do you smell the chocolate?
The scent
makes you feel relaxed
Very comfortable
Very relaxed
Very comfortable
As time passes by,
the scent gets stronger and stronger
Smell it again
When did you start biting your finger?
Will you ever walk again?
Did the driver go to jail?
Did Feng Xianhui help that driver?
Is Feng Xianhui helping Lin Ziying?
Is Lin Ziying guilty?
Ms. Fang
Are you ready?
Then let's continue
Yang Kai
Come over here
- Are you ok?
- Go!
Where's the vehicle ?
Excuse me
Did you see a black vehicle
pass by just now?
Not that I'm aware of
What do we do? Call the police?
There are more taxis
than police cars in HK, right?
Can we use your control channel?
This isn't legal
What's the plate number?
There were no fingerprints on the boat
Only fibers from a rag
which was different from
the other rags on the boat
Seems someone's trying to cover up
the presence of a third person
It's a setup
Lin Ziyin owns billions
Would she need to kill someone on her own?
Ms. Liu
You wouldn't kill someone
No one would look at nude photos of you anyway
What'd you just say?
Just saying, don't be angry
Lin Ziying is around 19, and she's pretty
She'd get mad if someone took nude photos of her
It'd be understandable if she killed out of rage
Besides, she's even admitted
that she stabbed the deceased
Sorry, but the Judge has already said
the confession submitted by Lu is invalid
Even if the confession's invalid
Lin Ziying is still untrustworthy
Ms. Fang, I don't quite follow you
Lin's two statements were contradictory
First she said she stabbed the victim,
then she denied it
Even though Feng got her confession invalidated
It doesn't change the fact that she was lying
If she didn't kill anyone
Why bother to lie?
5 Justices of the Peace
have attested to Lin's moral integrity,
which proves her credibility
Are we the ones judging this case?
Or some random Justices of the Peace?
- What's wrong?
- What's going on?
What happened?
Is there anything wrong with the adaptor?
I'll go check
It's powered off for sure
Get the staff
Anyone here?
Ok, you go ahead
What are you looking at?
Go open the curtains
Powered off?
I'll get someone
What does that mean, Boss?
SOS hovers round the street corner before sunset
You ask who I am
Steps so tired and broken
Why not stop and rest
Wash away your burden
Au Lisheng
That's it?
No more?
That's it
Nothing else
Hovers around the street corner before sunset
Is this a signal?
Useless, it won't be sent out
It's time
What was the theme
of my daughter"s last birthday party?
What was the theme of your last birthday party?
Purple, purple balloons.
Purple balloons
The power's back
Everyone return to your seats
Here's some new information
We just found out that May and her husband
have purchased 4 million
of Lin Group stock options
Please continue
Someone just said
Lin Ziying may have been framed
In my opinion
They'd have left the body on the yacht
if they wanted to frame her
So why'd they drop it in the sea?
I don't think the murder took place on the yacht
Look, according to the police report
It was at sea at the time
The yacht was the only place
they could maneuver on
Couldn't there have been a second yacht?
Who can guarantee there was only one yacht?
Any witnesses?
I also think Lin Jiawei...
- ...didn't die on that yacht
- You've purchased a lot
This is the only way to explain it
- There are several doubtful points in this case
- What do you mean?
That's right
Looking for this?
If Lin Jiawei did die at the crime scene,
where's the blood?
You're in the corrider of the Court
Handing the phone over now
You can't bring the magazine in there
Oh, ok
Take a good look at that financial magazine
"If Lin Ziying becomes Chairman,
the Board will collectively resign
If Lin Ziying is acquitted
- "The Lin Group will face collapse"
- The Lin Group will collapse
In which case you'll lose everything
If the body was dumped in the sea
There should be blood on the deck
But blood can be wiped off
The body was already in the sea
Of course they'd have to
clean the blood from the scene
Mr. Chow, in the Inspection Bureau's report,
besides no mention of any bloodstains
there's no indication that the deck was scrubbed
Are you all right?
I'm alright
This cannot be you
You've not shed a tear
This is the water area of this case
The yacht was found
near the Tung Lung Island lighthouse
The body was found
on Tung Lung Island's beach
That day the tide was flowing from east to west
If the body fell into the water from the yacht
it would have been carried west
It couldn't have floated east to Tung Lung
So what you mean is
the Deceased couldn't have died on the yacht?
In my judgement,
after Lin Jiying fainted
another boat sailed up to Lin Jiawei's yacht
And after Lin Jiawei boarded
the murderer killed him
and then
dumped his body on the beach of Tung Lung Island
I think Lin Jiawei
died on that other boat
Go ahead, say whatever you want
Mr. Zhou
Chen Yongxi has a doctorate in Geography
Actually I think Lin Jiawei
willingly followed the murderer to the other boat
So they knew each other?
The Lin Group has athree major factions
Though the Defendant has 18% of the Group's shares
the Deceased's wife has 15%, and
Lin Guoquan and his son have 13%
Everyone is a suspect
So what you mean is
Lin Ziying holds the most shares
and therefore is the prime suspect
As for the testimony and motive
Any other opinions?
Mr. Chairman
I think we've discussed enough
May we proceed to the second vote?
Since Professor and Mrs. Feng have yet to vote
I doubt anyone opposes this motion?
You have 3 minutes for further consideration
I hope everyone will vote this time.
What's wrong?
The toilet. Keep a close eye
Keep quiet
Let's go
This way
Be careful
Careful, Yang Kai
Boss, the guy found us
But we finished him off
You took care of your comrades back in the day
but we caused your discharge
I can finally repay you now
You must live
You hear me?
The third question:
"On your marks...
Get set..."
The next is...
The answer is "BANG" Then GO!
Time's up Professor Xu
Please return to your seat
Is everybody ready?
Let's vote then
Raise your hand if you think
the Defendant is guilty
You're voting "guilty" now
Haven't you always felt Lin Ziying is innocent?
Don't mess around
This is the High Court
We're not children playing some game
Mrs. Liu, it's fine for you to change position
We must respect all differing opinions
But May, I'd like to know the reason
why you've changed your vote
You don't need to ask May
Why not just ask Professor Xu?
I just saw May and Professor Xu
under the table
talking furtively
The Judge has said no private
discussions are permitted
What did you two talk about ?
I think our discussion has been very weird
We all know the evidence is insufficient
But we voted guilty one after another
And May's been the strangest of all
I suspect someone
is manipulating the jury
You mean
you suspect Professor Xu?
May and I
had no private discussion about the case
You misunderstand
I think Yongxi might just be guessing
To be honest, this result
surprises me as well,
since we all had many doubts
Professor Xu, can you please explain?
Jury decisions usually turn on three elements:
motive, forensic evidence and testimony
Now motive and evidence are fully established
So I vote guilty
Then can you explain the autopsy report?
It's written clearly that
the Decedent was stabbed
in the heart by a sharp object
from bottom to top
But the knife bore only
the Defendant's left hand fingerprints
from a backhand grip
The wound in the heart was 6cm deep
Lin Ziying couldn't possibly
have killed him from this position
It's actually quite simple
Just imagine that
this is the knife
We're on the yacht
I'm Lin Ziying
You're Lin Jiawei
You've already been stabbed in the abdomen
If I strangle you from behind
then I could Kill you
Yongxi, are you all right?
Don't surround them
Step back, make some room
Allow me
Yongxi, I'm Mr. Liang
Undo the buttons. Make him comfortable
Someone's passed out
How's Chen Yongxi doing?
In the ambulance, He'll be ok
But the issue is
He can't remain on the jury
I want to know
what happened just now
Then you should ask Professor Xu
Chen Yongxi said
he saw May and Professor Xu talking privately
He approached Chen, made physical contact
and then the incident occurred
We didn't...!
Your Honor
I think they misunderstand me
So did anyone actually see
Professor Xu having private talks with others?
I understand that
in the course of deliberations
disagreements often occur
I hope everyone can stay level-headed
and mind your behavior
Though you're now short one juror
at least 5 votes are still needed
to reach a verdict
I hope you will promptly
recommence your discussions
Thank you
So, everyone
I'll be straight
with you now
There's so much at doubt in this case
it's impossible to find the Defendant guilty
So, I agree with Mrs. Liu
Of course if anyone has new evidence
feel free to try to persuade us
That's right, let's take our time
I don't mind that, and after all
If we can't reach a final consensus
the jury will be disbanded,
but my conscience will be clear
Sir, you just suffered a seizure
Do you have any medicine with you?
Hello? Is this Yang Kai?
This is Xu Lisheng's friend Chen Yongxi
Only ten minutes to go
You're still missing one vote
I need you to do something for me
Professor Xu?
Is your stomache really that bad?
You never mentioned this before
Do it if you want to get paid
Don't forget that note
What's wrong?
Nothing. It's fine
Just knocked the kettle over
What happened?
- What is it?
- Something exploded?
Evacuate, now!
You go first
It's smoking
- Move,
- Professor
- I'll push her wheelchair
- You stay
- Come on
- Professor
Which way?
Left or right?
Straight, then right
Did you write that note?
What's going on?
Someone's threatening you?
Tell me... I'll help you
My daughter's been kidnapped
You've got a daughter as well
How old is she?
Now, please
Try to imagine
If you were me,
what would you do?
You'd be desperate to save her
Give me your vote
Vote Lin Ziying guilty before 3 o'clock
...So that's how you save your daughter
No, Lin Ziying is innocent
Time's almost up
Look at your watch
Imagine... at 3 sharp your daughter will be killed
If you were me, what would you do?
Of course save your daughter, vote Lin guilty
Either she's convicted, or your daughter dies
No, Lin Ziying is innocent
Your daughter's also innocent
If you can't even save your own daughter
you don't deserve to be her father
Now what's going on?
Just changed to another chamber
We're just about to vote
Stand by for my good news
Mr. Chairman
I think we're all ready
We can start the vote
Has everyone thought it through?
Then let's vote
The result is 5 to 1
Hurry, wrap it all up
It's all fine now
Thank you, Dad
It was all my fault
I'm greedy
Greed is not your fault
Your fault is inexperience
Embezzlement is such a minor thing
Do you really have to Kill for it?
The court's almost ready
Please wait here
I've already done what you asked
When will you release my daughter?
After the court has adjourned
leave with my men,
then you'll see your daughter
If you don't let her go right now,
why should I trust you?
You're not in a position to bargain
Then I'll just go confess now
Haven't you had enough fun?
Before court reconvenes
take my daughter to Wesson Tower
I need to speak to her
After the sentencing
release her immediately
I'll need to make a video call
to watch her enter the lift alone
If you keep your word
I'll leave the court with you
That's fair, right?
I'll keep you company
Keep an eye out
Keep it short
My girl
Are you OK ?
Dad... I'm fine
I'm at Wesson Tower, I'm so scared
Where are you exactly?
Don't be scared
Listen to me
When they release you
take the lift alone, and look for Godfather
He'll take care of you, understand?
OK, but Dad, I really want to see you
Me too
I miss you so much
You've won the title
You're amazing
So tonight
I'll take you to
Godfather's restaurant to celebrate
You still remember where it is?
My good girl
Remember, keep your cool
Just like
when you play brainteasers with me
A 100 meter race
When you hear
"On your marks... Get set...
Then what?
The answer is BANG, then GO
Dad, I understand
Good girl
All rise
Do you have a verdict?
May I ask if your verdict is unanimous?
It is not
By a five to one vote
the jury found the defendant
Judgement is now pronounced:
Defendant Lin Ziying
is acquitted of murder charges
and is hereby released
Court is adjourned
It's been good working with you
- Here, let me help you
- Thanks
Mr. Xu
I have no idea what you did
But I know you're a man of conscience
Just changed to another chamber
We're just about to vote
Stand by for my good news
Mr. Chairman
I think we're all ready
We can start the vote
Those voting guilty, please raise your hands
Au Lisheng
Your daughter's going to die
Take her away
Bomb!! Go
Just go. Go
It's alright
"Yang Kai, we've got Yinyin,
prepare to board the helicopter
Au Lisheng
Don't even think of getting out of this court
The parking lot
Hua, he's in the parking lot
Copy that
Are you hurt?
Don't move
You ask who I am
Why not...
Hua, where are you?
You ask who I am
Steps so tired and broken
This cannot be you
Come out
You've not shed a tear
Come out
You've forgotten me
You ask who I am
Steps so tired and broken
Why not stop and rest
Wash away your burden
Imagine floating in the sea
Empty your mind, freely flow
Now just close your eyes
and slowly sink below
My girl
My dear girl
I was so worried
Are you alright?
I'm fine
Good girl
Thanks for everything
Hey, we're all family
Thank goodness you were here to help
Hey, I was so bored
it was driving me nuts!
Ok, let's go
Dear girl
How'd you know about my condition?
When you gave back the book
I saw your medicine
Sorry I made you have an attack
It's alright
Thank you
Let's have a chat when you're free
Freud, right?
Let's go home
Tycoon Lin Guoquan is wanted by the Police
for kidnapping and obstruction of justice,
but remains at large to date
Earlier, the Police arrested
his son Lin Baiming
who has been implicated
in the Lin Group murder case
And Zhou Xiong, one of the jurors
in Lin Ziying's trial
is under indictment
for accepting bribes and obstructing justice